White + Frolov = parade?


Uh, no.

Hi kids. First of all, I didn’t get a chance to say Hi yesterday. We got back from a short trip and found a small lake in our basement from a leaky water heater (some call it a hot water heater, but if it’s hot, why are you heating it?).

So we had to get that fixed on short notice. Then came the news of the Brashear trade.

What did I miss while I was away? Anything interesting in the Comments section? Did everybody behave?

I want to thank all of you who guest-blogged the last two weeks. I didn’t get a chance to scroll every comment board, but I did read each day’s post. They were all fabulous, really. Thought-provoking. Good discussion starters. A few of them were above-and-beyond good.

And special thanks again to Blogmama for running the asylum, and to Josh, 26, for stopping by.


Now, on to the two big moves I missed. I’m withholding judgment on Frolov because, well, that’s probably the smart thing to do. You can’t say what this kid is going to be this year because it’s not possible to know.

When rumors of his signing began a month ago, a lot of us, me included, said, “Zherdev.” Well, we don’t  know. Because even if he turns out to be Zherdev, we didn’t know what he was going to be from season to season, week to week, game to game, shift to shift. That’s why he’s gone.

Some people are excited about the idea that this guy scores 20 goals every year. Well, yeah, but Vinny Prospal scored 20 last year. Chris Higgins scored 20 once. Olli Jokinen scored 20. A lot of players can score 20 if given the ice time (I anticipate that even the captain might get 20 next year). There’s nothing remotely elite about scoring 20. And the Rangers have, and have had, a lot of players with 20-goal potential, depending on where they play, and how many minutes.

If Frolov plays with Gaborik, he’d better get more than 20. Ditto Christensen. The Rangers need offense. From everybody. And especially from their top-liners.

I’m not predicting anything on this date, though.

As for the Brashear good-riddance trade, that was a piece of genius. Really. It was a win-win for both teams, Atlanta will give him the boot and eat the cap-hit, but it will have more cap space because of this move.

Todd White — who played with Gaborik a bit in Minnesota, and who can play wing or center, and who can play both ends of the ice and the power play — might turn out to be a Wolf Packer. If so, the Rangers slash even more off their payroll. If not, if he becomes an offensive player again, then for less than a million more than they paid Brashear, they get a contributor without giving up much at all.

Again, I’m not predicting that White will go back to his 73-point form, because he did that playing with Kovalchuk. I’m saying there’s very little risk in having a guy like him around, and if he’s not good enough, then he goes to Hartford.

Good move all around.

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  1. Carp-

    Do u really think White is not going to make the team? Trots a repeated time and time again that he wanted to get deeper up the middle. I can’t see him not making the team unless he’s really has a horrible training camp or is hurt. I think this might end Brian Boyles career here though. What do u think?

  2. Was it you who I was rehashing old Russian players? I do recall Maltby, did he go to Detroit with that slam the Wings made with that trememdous line of Larionov Makarov? and was it Krutov? The husky guy who ate his way out of the league?

    I watched those guys in awe with their passing game, intricate high speed passing right on the team mates sticks,
    they knew where each other was almost by instinct…I’ve never seen a better line in this league. What a steal by the Wings, they got Fetisov and Konstantinov ( the guy who got paralyzed) and yeah they won the cup. If I’m not mistaken wasn’t Maltby a center ( did he wear # 10)…my memory dims, but anyone who missed watching that trio play missed something great.

  3. Jon, I don’t see it that way. If White is their fourth-line center, then he’ll be in Hartford, his number off the books. But sure they hope he’ll be good enough to play on the first two lines. There’s no downside. And if they dump Redden and have all that cap space, they can keep him around and see what he becomes before making a decision.

    and I hope you meant Torts, not Trots.

  4. Carp-

    Just a quick question.(btw I am the kid that interviewed you for Rangers Tribune a few months ago) Anyway, with all of these centers now on the team after the White trade, where do you think Artem Anisimov will fit in? I do not think he should be on the fourth line like last year because he is too talented for that. He has skill and should be given time on the third line at the very least. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I guess they keep Boyle around for his size. Maybe his game will get some more grit this year, who knows.

  6. Nick, I think they see him centering one of the top two lines.

    Dan, Boyle was a pretty effective PK, and if he adds some nasty, he could be a valuable guy. No harm keeping him around to see if he develops.

  7. You know what, I kinda like that there are all these guys that can play center or wing on the team. Gives them some flexibility for when someone doesn’t perform or gets hurt. Remember how thin the team was at center when both Drury and Dubinsky went down last year and they signed EC to have someone to put there. With all the guys that can play either position, they won’t have to go outside the organization to find someone if/when that happens.

  8. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Frolov scored 35 and 32 (not 20) in 2 of the last 4 years.

    I’m just saying…like you, I will withhold a prediction…but he is more likely to score more goals than Drury, Higgins, Jokinen, and Prospal…

    Also, he may play on a different line than Gabby in order to get two scoring lines going.

  9. Hey Carp

    I dont fully understand, how does this move save cap space if brash was in Hartford?

  10. And this one … I know, but all the stories I read pointed out how he scored 20 or more goals every year. Well, 20 isn’t enough, in my opinion. They need him to approach 30 or more.

    max, I am not an CBA expert, but Brashear’s $1.4 counted against the cap no matter if he was in NY or Hartford because it was an over-35 contract. If White goes to Hartford, his salary comes right off the books.

  11. Max, Brash was on an over 35 contract and as such his full salary counts against the cap (after the 1st year-odd CBA rule) whether he is in the AHL or the NHL. White’s deal is not an over 35 so he can be waived/sent to the AHL and his number would come off the cap.

  12. I think for all the “genius” in Sather trades…They are always cover ups for terrible mistakes. So a sucky signing causes a “good” trade…If the moron would just sign good players, there would be no need for the “good” trades.

  13. Welcome back Carp,

    In a somewhat unrelated note, what are your thoughts on the Kovalchuk contract and it’s rejection by the NHL? Which side do you take on the matter?

  14. I’d like to see Arty given a shot at first line duties with Frolov and Gabby, although that could be a bit of a reach and its possible that both Arty and Frolov and given the 2nd line with someone like the Hobbit as RW leaving Prospal and Christy/White to partner Gabby. You could then have an all-American line of Dubi-Drury-Cally and a 4th with Boogy, Prust, Boyle etc…

  15. I don’t think White even wears a sweater next year. If he is healthy, can show ANYTHING in camp, he gets traded for a bag of pucks. It’s so funny how the holes in the CBA just keep popping up. This is a trade to curcumvent the cap. A pimple on the butt of the KOvy circumvention, but circumvention none the less.

  16. Carp – do you think Sather is done tinkering now? Surely he’s called Mrs Slats and told her to iron the plus fours and the Pringle jumpers?

  17. Tim, is that you?

    Duker, thanks. I think the NHL has an agenda here. The agenda being to close any legal loophole in the CBA/salary cap.

    UK, you never know what’s going on behind the curtain.

  18. cw – i wouldnt be surprised to see a rule added to the next CBA about maximum deviations in salary over the course of a contract or maximum length.
    I’m sure the owners will want some change to the over 35 rules too and cap hits on buyouts.

  19. Don’t worry Mama. He carps you out of love! Who could not love the one and only Mama – 26 years old.

    It is I, Carpsie!

  20. Carp:

    Are there any rumblings on Stepan making the team? Obviously time will tell and his performance in camp will ultimately determine what happens. One would think the trade for White makes it harder for him to make the team. Would be great to see him make it and boot one of the older guys.

  21. zzy, haven’t been around enough to hear rumblings, but I’m sure they’d love for him to make it. On the other hand, they won’t force him onto the team if he isn’t ready. Again, if they bury Redden and have cap space they can keep extra bodies around when the season begins.

  22. Dubi/Stepan/MZA as a third line. Drop Drury to the 4th line to play with Prust, Boogard, etc. I could live with that if the first 2 lines are:

    Frolov/AA/Callahan (he’s not a second liner, but might be the best option there to keep the lines balanced0

  23. I’ll take the hug Tolya! I need it today! On a brighter note, Im very close to finishing the necessary steps at the courthouse to change my name to Jaromír Jágr

  24. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all

    First of all with the playdoh nature of our blueline, I cetainly hope slats is not done tinkering. Especially with willie mitchell still available.

    I also would rather not see all of our grit in one line. I know this is ILB’s favorite thing so…

    1st line – not sure about left wing, avery has success with talented line mates (see jagr) and would give gabby a bit more room, but I don’t thing torts is smart enough or humble enough to put him there. Fro makes sense, but then there is no grit on that line unless there is some at centre, i don’t trust dubi enough for grit at this point and he is probably better at wing, but…………….


    2nd line- aves has to get more minutes period, it is ridiculous he doesn’t….torts is an idiot…fire torts!!!!!


    3rd line- the P line….it just sounds right


    4th line- with the guys on this team, the idiot coach has to roll 4 lines, he just has to. Players need to be distributed so there are effective players on each line and specialty team players (PPers and PKers) are distributed evenly to have fresh players in every situation.

    boogey-pick a centre( boyle,EC,white)-cally

    course if white is the 70 plus point guy of a couple of seasons ago, he is probably on the first line and this whole thing is just blown up….so never mind and forget the whole post……Except the Pee line because it’s just funny to say!

    I posted my opinion on the d in the last thread

  25. I think our offence will look like:
    Frolov Prospal Gaborik
    Dubinsky Anisimov MZA
    Avery Drury Callahan
    Boogaard Christensen/White Prust

  26. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    think, not thing…..not that it matters because forget that whole post

  27. Coach Beeblebrox on

    How do we know Drury is not playing on the 4th line? How do we know Prospal is not on the 4th line? How do we know Christensen is not on the 4th line?

    The point I’m making is that Tortorella has used all three of those players on the 4th line at one time or another already. So why not again? In fact it was Drury’s stint on the 4th line last year that sort of woke him up, if only for a brief moment.

    I’m not sure we can reliably call the lines yet. I know people love to do it, and I’m one of them. But at this point there are so many unknown factors, even I can’t bring myself to bother.

    Given the amount of fodder on this team, the only thing we can probably count on is that Anisimov will be given a fair and long shot at a bigger role, including perhaps the #1 power-play unit. There is still no center who has distinguished themselves in that fashion.

    I don’t believe for a second, that a guy like Christensen is safe. If Stepan comes into camp and blows the doors off everyone, Christensen is just as easy to send to the AHL as anyone. His contract is not big, he was a waiver wire player several times before, we don’t know he really has turned some corner. He looked better yes but so solid he’s a lock? No way in heck.

    We just don’t know what is going to shake out. A guy like White, on the surface does not appear to have a chance to make this team. He does not skate nearly well enough for Tortorella’s system. That might be exposed right away, and he might be gone. On the flip side, he might look good and stick.

    Drury on the 4th line, actually makes this team very deep. And this whole the “captain can’t play 4th line” idea that I’ve seen tossed around is absurd. There have been several. In fact Tim Taylor was an excellent captain and 4th line penalty-killer.

  28. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    for what it’s worth, i think knowing how torts is the lines will look more like what 4ever posted.

  29. Just wanted to throw my pennies in on Frolov. He was being punished basically in LA for at least the last 2 years. The coach constantly took him out of situations were he could make an impact. I know I being positive about this because I’m a Ranger fan, but I think Frolov, and Gabby will be fighting (in a good way) to see who gets to 50 goals first. Frolov can be an elite player given the right situation. He is at the perfect age to break out, and mature enough to not to get down about things during an 82 game season. So I just wanted to say watch Frolov break out this year but the problem will be paying him next year. He is an elite player just coming into his own. He was young on the LA team, and when he was just starting to get better they basically tried to bury him apparently because the coach didn;t like him. Watch out Ranger fans Frolov has something to prove and we are gonna have fun while he does it. Lets just hope we get a better center for him by the time the season starts.

  30. Lame: “Now, on to the two big moves I missed. I’m withholding judgment on Frolov because, well, that’s probably the smart thing to do. You can’t say what this kid is going to be this year because it’s not possible to know.”

    You can say that about any player.

  31. You slant on the Frolov signing reminds me why I haven’t been on this blog in months, and that I’ll take even more time away from this attitude. Do you watch west coast games? Have you ever seen Frolov play?

  32. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    I agree with coach, the guy who captained the oilers for several years was also a 4th liner and I can’t think of his name…..mid to late 90’s……..

  33. wicky
    It is not, that he is an idiot, just his ego much bigger than MSG and Penn station together which make his picture blurry and his acts impulsive and often unpredictable even for himself, but with irrevocable consequences.

  34. Coach Beeblebrox

    Can we be somewhat realistic here. Drury is not going to start the season as the 4th line center, either is Prospal. What value does Drury or Prospal have on the 4th line??? The making the team deeper is a completely flawed argument. The 4th line barely plays so why would you waste guys like Prospal or Drury getting few minutes 5 on 5????

  35. Cynar

    I share your optimism regarding Frolov!

    But don’t forget who’s coaching this team… It’s the same guy who put Kotalik on blue line on PP and then punished him for making a mistake which completely shattered player’s confidence.

    I’m sure Torts will put Frolov in situation where he can excel, just as he did with Kotalik on PP…but if Torts start punishing players again instead of encouraging them…i dont know…Russian players don’t respond very well to punishments

  36. comparing Drury to Buchberger is not fair. Just b/c he has scored 25+ goals like we expected, doesn’t mean he is a 4th line player.

    He is too important of a player to see limited icetime even strength.

  37. Look, Drury may not be on the 4th line, but if he IS, that means we have depth on the team and that is always a good thing. Also, Drury is not the kind of person/player to sulk if he IS there, I think we’ve seen enough of him to know this at the least.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, this move actually makes even more sense for Atlanta than you had discussed. They are expect to buy out Brashear, thus saving them ACTUAL dollars, which is much more important to them than cap space since they will come nowhere near the cap ceiling. Really, Sather found the perfect trading partner. He continues to pull of great trades.

    Say what you will about the guy, but almost every trade he has made starting with the half-price Jagr for Anson Carter has been gold. The exceptions are his deadline deals from 2009 and the Pascal Dupuis trade from 2007.

  39. Carp you forgot Todd White who can also score 20 goals!

    I am very happy we got Frolov at a decent price. Strong on the puck. He’s also capable of scoring 30+ when not buried in a stacked lineup and/or has more icetime.

    Put him on one of the top lines and he’ll produce 20 and more!

  40. Leethhalloffame
    And you have a better solution? Like how to complete the whole team this of season with all All Stars players and get rid of all ballast in one shot.
    Do NOT fire Slats, before he cleans all his previous carsillo the way he start this season.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh wait. Nevermind. He did a terrible job with the firesale trades, which came AFTER he got Jagr.

    So, in sum, he’s made great offseason trades, and occassionally does well ahead of the trade deadline, but usually flounders at the deadline.

  42. exactly…he got nothing in return for trading almost the entire team! absolutely nothing!

    and at the same time trading players must be a lot harder than just signing available FA..and yet Sather is much better at trading! How the byfuglien you explain that?!

  43. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally?

    IDK. Sometimes I think Sather makes a deal with the devil and that FA signings are his punishment. That’s my best guess.

  44. hey ORR

    drugs are not Buh-ad, M’kay? lol

    Drugs = best friend…they always there for you! :)

    i love South Park, btw.

  45. Doodie,
    In effect all his trades just cover up monster mistakes, its a wash, a zero…He still sucks. Imagine if he made good free agent signings and trades…
    I wish I had a job like his…
    Imagine…patient walks in feeling ok…I adjust them, they feel crappy, and my response is…”next visit I’ll get you feeling how you did when you walked in today!”

  46. The rangers need balanced scoring. I would like to see more than just the 1st line scoring on a regular basis. I suggest Frolov and Gaborik play on different lines.


    I really think Zuccarello-Aasen is huge wildcard for us. If he can be as important as Prucha was for us his rookie year then we can have a very potent offense.

  47. For those of you who don’t come here often I got a good idea don’t post then and stay away longer if you don’t like opionioniated writing. I said it was an opionion (JO)and I read alot about Frolov hence MY OPINION or couple of cents. CCCP I’m definetly trying to be optimistic, to many occasions to put this team down over the last coupld of years. If everyone took the time to read about Frolov a little I believe most writers feel very good about him as a player, and his downfall was not getting along with the coach. That could very well be a problem here CCCP and like you said Russian players don’t always take well to punishment. He’s a good player, and can turn out to be a great player given the right situation.

  48. what is the point of drafting and developing young players if they are just afterthoughts every summer, pushed aside for journeyman crap like White and Christensen

    apparently Hartford is more important than NY to Sather

  49. From what I read Frolov has some of the things that could make a player not just good but great. I know we heard all of this with Kovelav but we can all hope.

  50. oleo, totally agree with Gabby and Frolov on different lines. Spread out the top-end talent that the team does have and hope it makes the lesser talented players better. If that makes sense.

    Avery/Dury/Cally… I know it’d worked in the past, but goodness is that line tiny.

  51. what forward prospect is getting pushed out by Erik Christensen or Todd White????

    “Plus, nobody should make the mistake of thinking that we’re closing off opportunities for the kids,” Tortorella said. “They’re going to get their chance.”

  52. “Plus, nobody should make the mistake of thinking that we’re closing off opportunities for the kids,” Tortorella said. “They’re going to get their chance.”


    Nobody should make a mistake of actually believing Torts.

  53. oleosmirf – I like those lines, specifically the first line that reunites Prospal, Dubinsky and Gaborik. But I gotta agree with Carp…if White is on the Rangers(which I think he will be), he’s going to be playing one of the top-two center positions…

  54. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Did you forget that Drury was on the 4th line last year?

    What you are not understanding, is that nothing has been decided. You don’t know how Drury is going to look in camp, maybe he looks even worst than last year. Maybe he starts to make Tim Taylor look good. Why is that impossible?

    Are you denying the reality that Drury was on the 4th line last year? Because it did happen once already, so how can you call that possibility “unrealistic”?

    Did you forget Tortorella’s speech about how Drury was going to have to get used to his redefining role?

    Drury on the 4th line is not impossible or unrealistic.

    A lot of unlikely things could happen. People are way to engrossed in their personal assumptions. We don’t know that Grachev and/or Stepan are not ready. We can say all we want how Grachev only scored 12 AHL goals, or looked lost at times. We can say all we want that Stepan is not ready. But we might be wrong, just as we might be right.

    Heck, we still don’t even know what the roster will look like. For all we know Slats is working on a blockbuster deal for Bobby Ryan. :) (that was a joke in case you get all upset about how unrealistic you feel that is)

  55. It’s one thing to listen to what Tortorella SAYS, such as
    everyone being given an equal chance to succeed and make the team, or not, but try and recall that he said almost the same thing at the beginning of last season, but did he hold true to it? I think not. The same static lineups were installed, and if his idea of an equal chance was what then occurred…don;t hold your breaths.

    Practically NONE of the hopefuls were given much ice time ( and this at a time when the vets were not producing at all for the most part, yet they were consistently out there
    ( such as Redden indeed). So…..hold fire till we see the whites of their eyes bulging from their heads waiting for ice time.

  56. “Did you forget that Drury was on the 4th line last year?”

    Wasn’t that for one game, and he scored a goal that game, and was bumped up to the 2nd or 3rd line?

    Just because we got White, and EC doesn’t nesseccarily mean that prospects are out of the picture. It just gives them competition. If our prospects can’t beat out a bunch of scrubs like them, then what are you going to do? Clearly they’re not ready.

    But, they better be ready!! I don’t want to go into this season without rookies. NYR hockey needs some excitement, cause so far it’s just depressing.

  57. By the way, Did anyone see that Eva Mendez release a sex “tape” today?

    I heard rumors aboot it, and got so excited, but she released a video of some kind of commercial of her selling sex tape. It’s supposed to be the strongest tape in the world.

    It’s a pretty funny video.

  58. Apparently Brett Favre is retiring for good. Schyeah. I’ll believe that when I see it. Or when pigs fly.

  59. I just got back from Vegas, K.C and St.Louis and wanted to thank all you boneheads who tuned into my show when Carp was on, you guys truly rock. Not as hard as the Blog father himself but you peeps rock nonetheless.

    Skillz To Pay The Bills & A Lack Of Will To Make Fans ILL :

    Check Out the Alexander Frolov For Dummies Video


  60. Doodie, while I’m not in the habit of defending the pres/GM, I think his ’09 deadline deals were fine. You could argue the draft pick, but the players he gave up were not coming back, so he didn’t give up much at all, and he improved the team at that moment for that playoff run … which ended with an epic choke.

  61. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    End of the day, I personally want this team to win. If white and prospal give the club a better chance to win night in and night out, they should be in the line up. If stepan and grachev give them a better chance then they should be in the line up. At this point, kids should earn their spot (unless they are a prospect like tavares or stamkos or someone like that, that is ready now). A journeyman in the NHL may be a journeyman, but they have been a journeyman IN the NHL. I do not want a guy to get a roster spot just because he has a huge contract (redden) conversely I do not want a guy to get a roster spot just because he is a young homegrown prospect either. Who ever deserves the spot should get it period. Vets should earn their spots as well.

  62. My reasoning to put Frol on first line based solely on his unanimously admitted, major strong side-ability to strongly deliver puck to the offensive zone and hold it along the boards – doctor’s prescription for Gabby to get in a position and score. Hard working Prospal, having already developed chemistry with Gabby , strengthen this trio even more. That’s besides all 3 are undisputed immanent score threat. Being REALLY dangerous (not just Gabby)this line will take a lot of attention and tired efforts from opposition, which will benefit the 2nd line, young and energetic Duby, Artie and hopefully MZA in terms of the secondary scoring, playing their next shift super up-tempo. That’s my philosophy of secondary scoring, not dispersing potential scorers in different lines for sake of it; they have to work with suitable players in balance in lines to produce.

  63. Please leave Favre alone, everyone. A player who beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl is an example of everything that is right with this world.


    You haven’t given me my hug, you big lug! Dont worry, I wont touch your ass! :)

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I had a big problem with the draft pick, but as far as Morris is concerned, Maloney got to hand pick guys that he knew and wanted. He should have been able to at least squeeze out a prospect in addition to Morris.

  65. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Drury was on the 4th line for longer than one game, it was probably more like 10 or so. And yes he scored a few goals and was promoted back up to centering Avery/Callahan to no avail. Fact is, the best games Drury played last year were when he was on the 4th line. He had more energy for the PK, and made more of his icetime.

    Chances are, oleo is right and he does not start on the 4th line. But we just don’t know what the future holds. So to lock anyone in any role is premature.

  66. Amaizing, people became letargic – no activity for a hour.
    Even CCCP, the most controversial postman can’t fire up?

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Welcome back Carp , lots of Threads to read!!! I even have a “life at Carp place” 2 threads ago!!! Mickey was swearing like a trucker ,Cr9 has evolved into Charzard..I mean Tim!!
    Bloggers were bashed only one day by me , boy did I get a reaming out by the only person whos sucked. I was nice but other were a little rude ( trolls). 20 goaLS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL if My main man Boogaard gets 20!!!!! Ummm I don’t really wanna explain that one Carp…

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , did you touch my azz? I thought I felt you touching my azz!!??? ( Night at the roxbury )

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz
    Man, you always exceeded my expectations and turn on lights. Not to mention you’re my inspiration in English. Truly.

  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ty 4ever , Im trying not to freak out till the season starts . I see more positives on here and alot of peeps are seeing the “big picture” These are the reactions I get when I see these teams score..

    Toronto , Are they up now on the Devils!!??
    Dallas , turn channel .
    Philly , Losers scrores again?
    Azzlanders , Tavares , you poor fool!!
    Buffalo , Yawn!!!
    Montreal , Shut up already you spazmatic fans!!!
    Carolina , He sure looks like Marc!!
    Florida , BORING!!
    Chicago ,Kane again ..who cares really?
    Detroit, Aww I was hoping for them to get shut out!!
    Edmonton , Pathetic goal (turn channel)
    Vancouver , Still can’t figure out which one scored!!??
    Phoenix , Go Prucha!! This games a joke.
    Calgary , who else YAWN ,Iginla again.
    NJ , BOOOOOOOOOO!!! you guys..( channel change)
    Boston , Who cares , really?
    Pittsburgh , Tankers!!! Can’t win untill ya tank a few seasons eh??
    Atlanta , “click” channel already changed.
    Ottawa , Alfie you suck!!!
    Washington ,Puck hog hogs it again.
    Tampa , Nice goal Stamkos ,hope yer legs breaks befer our game with youse.
    Colorado , BORING ,yawn “click”
    San Jose , Still no Joe scoring huh?
    St.Louis , Damit , Jd come home!!!
    Nashvile ,Nice goal song..very country.
    New York Rangers , ALRIGHT!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOO!!!! yes , yes ,yes , ( fist pump) YEEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! ( post on blog ” Ranger rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!” sweet goal!!!!!! Ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    SCORESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH man !!!!! You other team suck!!!!!! You c an all eat a bag o Carp!!!
    ( wipes sweat from brow) Good goal , boys …GOOD GOAL!!!

  72. So i just bought two tickets to the Spanish Super Cup (soccer) game between FC Barcelona vs. Sevilla FC in Barcelona on August 21st! So excited! buuahhhaaaahaaaa

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Is Rangers Management really that bad?

    Let’s say the NHL and the NHLPA never came to an agreement and the league went on strike for 5 years.

    The NHL employed “scabs” or scrubs to play out the games and crown an eventualy Stanley Cup winner. Lord Stanley wanted the best team in hockey that year to claim it. He never said anything about scabs not playing for it and its just for NHL’ers .Its not.

    Now saying that ,How many of youse would still cheer on the scabs? I would. There wearing NYR jerseys so Im cheering on Joe blow or whom ever we have. The fact that a Stanley Cup is in place , the games are real.

    Ownsership knows that if we are playing scabs , NYR fans will still support the team , so why did they pay so much money for free agents all those years if they really didnt need stars to fill the Arena?

    Ownership is like a rich parent to us. They spoil us by buying us everything even though its not the smart thing to do. The Rangers Management has always came to the plate for us .Getting Holik was suppose to be a treat. Getting Drury and Gomez was supoose to put us over the top and all these moves failed. You can’t blame management for trying. I love this team cuz I know that management cares. They really do , other wise why would they spend so much on us when they really dont have too ? …we’d watch ’em anyways.

  74. Interesting spin, Greg..About our management, that is. Got to give it a good thought. I wonder what Olga has to say about it..

  75. Actually, they mentioned Carcillo, but he wasn’t officially on the list, and I *could* understand that, since he’s only had aboot four seasons in the NHL, as opposed to the others on the list who have been in the league longer. But, they didn’t even mentioned Rutuu.

  76. I have to agree, ORR. Barnaby was my all time favorite agitator. And with some BIG heart.

  77. Orr

    Ruutu is more of a cheap shot artist than agitator.
    Carcillo is more a bully than agitator.

    Difference with Avery is, when he agitates, he’s usually the underdog going after somebody bigger or better than him.

  78. And as for Barnaby, I used to have a password to my accounts that was “barnamatt” after Barnaby. This is when we had him.

    And he is also very intelligent and speaks with diction when on ESPN. I know, it’s a shock that ESPN hires anyone with intelligence.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Ilb if all management wanted was to “line thier pockets” they would spend NOTHING and save cash . Gate reciepts will always be there so the cheapest thing is to do nothing. Us fans want them to do nothing ( trades /free agents) so in all actuality Management is getting a break by actually saving money.

  80. I agree with you, Greg. They are willing to spend. And probably don’t have to, the tickets would still be sold. Yankees are willing to spend too. But they, most of the time, know how to spend.

  81. i would never want the Rangers to spend like the Yankees do. Watching the Yankees just isn’t enjoyable unless they are playing the Red Sox or a team that is somewhat near their level.

    I love that the NHL has parity…

  82. How can anyone watch MLB? Everyone is on performance enhancers.

    If someone loves baseball so much, then they should watch women’s softball, or something like that.

    I like how the chicks pitch. I always crack up for some reason. It’s so 1940’s robotic.

  83. OMG, you ladies are going to be upset. I was watching a TV show and some guy says “You’re a girl. Of course no girls like hockey.”

  84. Goodness, late nights here are always so, um, amusing…

    Sorry for the delay in this, and I’ll repost tomorrow for those who miss it, (and care :) Thanks to everyone who really took part and had fun with my “guest” post Thursday.

    But, in the spirit of the sister blog, since the sister blog is being shut down, I think I’m giving my book awards (cat and dog!) to Sally and ilb … my earliest and most consistent sister blog supporters.

    Tim…you came later but are a great supporter. We’ll talk right?!
    Winners, send your address to lbabcock@lohud.com.

  85. nose picker, has to be one of those mental midgets who laugh at their own jokes fifty times when it wasn’t funny the first time. Reminds me of that annoying chick who thinks their smart, witty, sexy with their pierced nose, over-bleached teeth, orange tint tan ,raggedy hair extensions, , wears Gucci boots (even in the summer), cooking organic gourmet meals, and “good lookin”, right honey? And you must have a sexy web camera dance on you-tube, right?

  86. Mama,

    Now Im mad! ;)

    Seriously, though, ilb and Sally were at the great P&C long before I, and they deserve it! I only wish I’d found out about the site long before I did. Stupid, stupid, stupid me! And now it’s gone :(

  87. CCCP

    I’m sure your ass is awesome, but Im saving my hands for the next Boneheadfest; hoping I can take a picture with Avery and grab me some of that!

  88. damn ORR…130 pounds! i cant even remember when i was 130! lol


    My ass is awesome…but you will never know it! ;)

  89. Today is the day… CAPalchuk is going on trial! Cirque du NHL!

    How much dough could kovalchuk chuk if kovalchuk could chuk the dough?

    Damn, i’m clever!

  90. How much dough will Kovalchuk chuk and will Lou chuk Kovalchuk if his cap hit gets to high?

    Question is if the NHL wins the case will Kovalchuk co-operate with Lou/NHL to restructure the deal and lose a few million of his $100m target or will he demand his $$ and expect Lou to take the cap hit?
    I’ll bet Lou is regretting that Rolston deal right now! (and trying to shift Elias, Zubrus or Langenbrunner)

  91. bill –

    I have front row of the 200’s, which is tha same as the 7th row of the 100’s (they’re mushed together) – $95 a pop is face – interested? I do need to sell off a few

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