Bye, bye, Brashear (updated)


Just got back from vacation and got this from the Rangers … which many of you already know about:


In exchange for forwards Donald Brashear and Patrick Rissmiller

New York, August 2, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the Rangers have acquired center Todd White from the Atlanta Thrashers, in exchange for forwards Donald Brashear and Patrick Rissmiller.

White, 35, has skated in 635 career regular season games with the Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators, Minnesota Wild and Atlanta Thrashers, registering 140 goals and 239 assists for 379 points, along with 226 penalty minutes and a plus-21 rating.  The 12-year NHL veteran has reached the 20-goal and 50-point plateaus three times, and has registered 75 career multi-point performances.

In 2008-09, White established career-highs in games played (82), assists (51), points (73) and power play goals (12) as a Thrasher.  He led Atlanta in assists, tied for the team lead in power play goals and ranked third in points.  White reached several career milestones that season, including his 500th career game on November 2 vs. Florida, his 300th NHL point with a goal on November 28 vs. Nashville, and his 200th career assist on February 8 vs. Philadelphia.  He also recorded a career-high, nine-game point streak from March 6 vs. Montreal to March 21 at Tampa Bay, tallying 10 points (three goals and seven assists) over the span.  White finished the season strong, recording 28 points (eight goals and 20 assists) over the final 26 games.

The 5-10, 195-pounder skated in 65 games with Atlanta in 2009-10, registering seven goals and 19 assists for 26 points, along with 24 penalty minutes.  He recorded four multi-point performances, and posted a three-game assist streak from November 22 vs. Tampa Bay to November 27 at Carolina (three assists).  White also skated in his 600th career game on December 12 vs. Montreal.

The Kanata, Ontario native originally signed with the Chicago Blackhawks as a free agent on August 27, 1997.

Brashear registered one assist and 73 penalty minutes in 36 games with the Rangers this past season.  He also skated in 27 AHL games with Hartford in 2009-10, recording two goals and four assists for six points, along with 25 penalty minutes.  He signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2009.

Rissmiller skated in 69 AHL games with Hartford and Grand Rapids this past season, registering 20 goals and 27 assists for 47 points, along with 26 penalty minutes.  He signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2008.


MORNING UPDATE, 10:43 a.m.: Versus warning, Versus warning. Just got this from the Rangers:

The New York Rangers announced today that the start times for three of their 2010-11 regular season contests – Tuesday, November 9 vs. Washington, Tuesday, February 1 vs. Pittsburgh, and Monday, April 4 vs. Boston – have been changed to 7:30 p.m. The original start time for each game was 7:00 p.m.  All three contests will be nationally broadcast on Versus.

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  1. Welcome back, blogfather! Hope you had a good vacation.

    I love this trade just for the fact the Brashear is GONZO.

  2. NYRanger4Life on

    this is what I just posted on another blog:

    Eeeh – addition by subtraction, I suppose.

    White is nothing more than a 3rd line center. At his advanced age, I’m not sure he’s got the wheels to keep up with Gabby or Frolov unfortunately.

    And seriously, enough with all of the “he’s going to take a roster spot of a kid” talk. Grachev, Stepan, etc aren’t ready to make the team this year — and playing 4-10 mins a night on the varisty squad would stunt their growth.

  3. Is this the same Sather we’ve grown to loathe? It sure seems like an almost total about-face from the Ranger philosophy of the past ten years!

  4. Hate to say it, but Sather did a good job. Brashear’s salary was going to be on the cap anyway so he was able to get a usable player for just a million more than Brashear’s $1.4 million. At the very least, the Rangers can turn around and stash White’s salary in Hartford and carve about $2.4 million off the cap.

  5. “The Thrashers placed Brashear on waivers and intend to buyout the remaining $1.4 million on his contract.”

    “It was an injury-plagued season for White, who missed the last eight games of the season and underwent surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder and torn labrum. He also suffered two knee dislocations during the season. In 65 games, he had 26 points (seven goals, 19 assists).”…te-to-rangers/

    more than anything…I’m glad to see Brashear & his over 35 contract off our books. It was just dead space. And to be rid of Pissmiller all-together is the cherry on top.

  6. More evidence that Redden is going to Hartford. Likely Dolan said “if you are going to bury someone making $6 million in Hartford, then you’d better get rid of any other mistakes you’ve got there.” As Rissmiller doesn’t count against the cap this actually costs the Rangers cap space but overall is a good move and keeps Dolan happy especially if White works out at all.

  7. welcome back carp!! missed ya big guy. hope u had great vacation.

    good trade by slatipuss. white will be used on the pp with gabby. im pretty sure hes gvood on the pp. if we can improve in that area, which i think we will with frolov and white, plus mdz possibly becoming even better of a qb, then we should be at the least a more fun to watch no matter what. the biggest thing i couldnt stand the past few years was how horrible and predictable our pp was. it needs and should be improved or were gonna be scoring 1-2 goals a game again!!

  8. I’m confused. The Thrashers can buy out Brashear, but we couldn’t? Can someone with more CBA knowledge than me explain this.

  9. Welcome back, Carp! Nice tan :-)

    Are you kidding me? How did he pull it off? We just got rid of $1.4M ($1.3M if in Hartford) dead wood that would count against the cap no matter what. White is done and unless he comes out and looks like OV in training camp, he is going to be assisting Ken Gernander in his endeavors in Hartford. And our summer cap hasn’t changed either since Rissmilller still counted against it.

  10. MickeM- we could buy him out too. But his cap would still count because of his over 35 contract. It still counts for Atlanta, but they care more about what they actually pay, not the cap hit.

  11. NYRanger4Life

    My comment wasn’t specifically about this trade, I don’t think anyone’s going to have a problem with this trade. It just seems like now they have 14 players who players fighting for 12 spots before you even add any of the young guys. I’m not arguing that its for better or for worse. I just thought it was funny because Sather finally comes out from hiding and does an interview with Brooks talking about how these young guys have a real opportunity this year to make an impact. It just doesn’t seem drastically different than most other years to me.

  12. 4 generations 4 cups on

    uhh, Todd White had a career year in 08-09 with 73 points, I believe. If this isn’t a steal, for garbage (literally) im not sure what constitutes a steal.

  13. Ohhhh. Ok, that makes more sense now. Basically we cared about the cap and they didn’t. Got it now. Thanks, ilb. :)

  14. 4 generations 4 cups on

    I honestly wouldn’t count on this guy going to the AHL one bit. How is he LESS capable than a Brian Boyle on the 3rd line? We’re stacked at center, we know this, even if he plays wing, he can put up points and is a very good player who had literally 1 bad year.

  15. Hopefully, White likes the town of Hartford.

    Sather sure can be great at cleaning up his mistakes. I’d prefer it if he stopped making so many of them, though.

  16. 4 Generations,

    He might be somewhat more capable than a Brian Boyle, but he is also a lot more expensive than a Brian Boyle.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    He will likely end up in Hartford or on the 4th line. Don’t worry everybody, all is still well.

    Sather continues to trade much better than draft or sign UFAs.

  18. So Sather spent $200,000 more to (A) maybe get lucky and find a servicable player for one year or, if not (B)send him to Hartford and remove the Brashear cap hit, leaving him more room that may be necessary to sign Staal.

  19. Is White’s Contract considered Over 35 or is it not because he signed his deal before he turned 35?

  20. Holy CARP, that’s FANTASTIC!!!! How the hell did he pull that one off? Why does Sather always end up looking like Jekyl & Hyde? It’s like my friend use to say “He’s the dumbest smart person I know”.

  21. Evan

    White’s contract is not a 35+ contract. He can be sent down to Hartford along with his cap hit.

  22. what a great move…had 70 points 2 seasons ago. could be our #1 center in NY or in HFD…

  23. White is on his last year of a 4 year deal. It’s not a 35+ contract so it doesnt count towards the Cap if he’s sent down.

    Honestly, I think Boyle is a goner

    I told you Brash was going to the ATL – Not to be racist, but they are stocking up on black players to appeal to their audience – Maybe they go after Laraque too ??

    Actually, it’s a pretty good PR stunt really

    Awesome trade by Slats !!!!

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I expect White to be a healthy scratch, a lot. Sort of like this year’s Voros, except he can actually occassionally play hockey and doesn’t have a second job at Gleason’s Gym.

  25. If White can add a little offense to the team, that would bode well. I have a feeling that Boyle is going to have to have a spectacular camp to make the team.

  26. Oh goodie, Versus telecasts. It just wouldn’t be an NHL season with Joe Beninati and his all his wonderful turns of phrase.

  27. Doodie …

    I think you are right on. White is going to be the equalent to a Veteran 7th D-man but on Offense.

    Maybe he chips in on the Offense a little?? Maybe he adds so leadership to the room??

    and the funny thing is we get YOUNGER in the deal !!!

  28. I love the trade, as long as White is playing in Hartford.

    We already have EC and Boyle. This guy might have put up some decent numbers in the past, but wasn’t he centering Kovalchuckles?

    Send him down!

  29. From Darren Dregers’ Twitter: E. Johnson. 2 yrs with Blues. 2.6 AAV ..5.2 Mil total.

    Is Marc Staal better than Erik Johnson?

  30. Tank The Season on

    Erik Johnson if I remember correctly had injury issues which prevented him from playing as many games as Staal.

  31. Erik Johnson missed a whole season bc he injured his knee getting out of a golf cart a few seasons ago

  32. Wonder if Niemi winds up in Washington, with a significant raise but still less than the arbitration award.

  33. Can see it now… your 2010-2011 Chicago Blackhawks… who look nothing like the 2009-2010 Cup Champion Blackhawks. But, hey, we still have Toews, Kane, Sharp, Keith and Seabrook… so that has to count for something, right.

  34. Haha, I didn’t even consider that we would be trading Brashear in this move. As we have seen over and over again, Sather can make up for his bad signings with some brilliant trades. Although, in this case, it sounds like two mistakes for one. It’s amazing, though, that Sather has traded both Voros and Rissmiller in the past month in the last year of their ridiculous three-year, $3 million contracts, along with good ol’ Brashear. We have McDonagh instead of Gomez, and Sather got rid of Kotalik and Higgins in the same deal last season. He’s a tricky bastard!

  35. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Godd trade as long as White is waived or buried in Hartford. Last thing we need is another scrub taking a spot away from Stepan,Grachev,etc… To all those posters who constantly parrot the “he not ready just yet this year” crap. How do you know? None of you have seen the pre season yet (unless younhave a crystal ball) so will all of you stop talking out of your ass and reserve judgement on theses kids until they at least play some games?

  36. Welcome back, Carp!

    There’s some sweet adorableness over at P&C today – in case anyone needs some cheering up!

  37. Sather still pulls one out of the bag every once in a while doesnt he? We got rid of an over 35 contract and a $1m per year minor leaguer for someone who might play #1C or #4C or in the AHL depending on how he looks in September.

    With Staal i think Slats will wait until either his agent produces an offer sheet (and match it) or until the last minute before start of camp and remind him of how fans soured on Dubi a little – its a case of who can out-wait the other….

    One thing i did read last week about a #1 center was something Frolov said when asked about playing with Gabby and possibly with AA and it sounded like that had been mentioned as a possible combination that Torts was willing to try.

  38. Blackhawks are stupid to just walk away from Niemi for nothing. They should have at least held onto him for a trade chance, since the cap number is not horrible. And they could just choose to buy out Huet instead. Niemi has to be going to Sharks or Flyers, right?

  39. Johnson is better than Staal, despite the fact that the guy gets injured getting out of a golf cart! ahaha! He’s more offensive, obviously.

    He’s better, in my opinion.

    And….he’s American! USA USA USA!! I wish the Olympics started again this winter.

  40. So Orr,

    What do you think Staal is worth then if EJ go 5.2 spread out over 2 years?

    I also agree with you.

  41. Niemi is good, but he’s not the kind of goalie you have to bend over backwards with your balls tied in a knot to hold on to.

    They have a solid D, who knows, maybe Turco does well. I’m not a Turco fan. Huet is going to have to step it up.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    “How do you know? None of you have seen the pre season yet (unless younhave a crystal ball) so will all of you stop talking out of your ass and reserve judgement on theses kids until they at least play some games?”

    I think we have seen more than enough of Grachev to say he needs more time. He was barely capable in Hartford and faded BADLY down the stretch.

    I bet the Sharks are kicking themselves for signing Nittymaki when they could have had Niemi had they waited a bit longer. I think he isn’t a UFA for long.

  43. Don’t think the flyers have the cap room for Niemi, unless they make moves to clear room. I’m assuming he gets at least $2MM per for a multi yr deal.

  44. 4 generations 4 cups on

    I think that Tampa will be able to sign Niemi, but i think it’d be an interesting twist of fate if he landed in Philly.

  45. I thought the offer that Slats offered originally was fair. #3.5 per season, for I think four years it was?

    I liked that offer, but I guess it’s not going to happen since he apparently turned it down.

    Staal needs to take his pin-head out of his poop loop and just re-sign.

  46. i say Chicago is in for another long run w/o a Cup! 61 years isnt that far away…

    at least we’re 16 years closer to 54 now lol

  47. Erik Johnson’s previous contract was $850k base with a $2.85m annual bonus – so he’s making less per year than he did on his entry level contract? I guess without offer sheet rights your negotiating from a week standpoint?

    Based on the $2.6m per and that its only 2 years long (ie not eating into any of his UFA years) i would say Staal is still looking at $4m per, but his case would be even better if he could attract an offer sheet, but give Slats credit as he made a public statement saying he’s going to match any offer sheet, so if you are another GM it would be a waste of effort even talking to Staal.

  48. Todd may have a year or two left in him. I’m trying to read Thrasher boards to see what they are saying.

    Looks like that 73 point year was an aberration. An aging albeit solid centerman with some offensive touch. Not as bad as I thought. We lost a little more cap space if he stays with the big club.

    Of course this deal was only necessary because Sather is a giant screw-up as a GM.

  49. Funny how the CBA works. With this trade and after they buy Brashear out, Atlanta’s cap hit will increase by minuscule $25K, but they actual payroll will decrease by almost $700K

  50. White is over the hill, did not play well last season, BUT they got rid of 2 headaches, so it was a good deal.

    and how about the Hawks walking away from their SC goalie? they have been dismantled from deep team to solid stars and a bunch of 500k fillins and old man Marty in goal

  51. I wonder what the Hawks’ opener / banner raising will be like. Only 3 guys there will have actually been on the Cup-winning roster.

  52. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    Win a cup with you, then let you walk as a UFA for under $3 mil a year. That’s gratitude.

    This could be the biggest dismantling of a SC winner i’ve ever seen.

  53. RangersSteven on

    The Thrashers fans call White “charmin” based on how fragile he was last season. White can buried in the minors with no hit, his contract was signed before he was 35. This is a great move in that for nothing else, we got someone who might actually play for two pieces of ______!

  54. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all (welcome back carp)

    Just wanted to say thanks to mama and all the guest bloggers for doing a great job while the blogfather was away making golf balls swim with the fishes!!

    I do think this seals redden’s fate to htfd. Great move by slats. Like I said last night if the year white had all his points was with kovy, then maybe slats is looking for a guy that can play with gabby. Either way great move by slats. We have drafted well the past few seasons (especially this last draft and yes I know gord does the drafting for the most part) and slats has made some good trades.

    If white got 70 pts with gabby (big IF) then we pay 2.6 mil for a first line centre….weren’t we paying gomer about 7 mil for the same thing? Just curious??

    Tooo bad we couldn’t get valabik also!

    on spectors blog he said this deal was basically two teams doing each other a favor.

  55. Tank The Season on

    If there was ever any doubt, the Blackhawks are officially the Florida Marlins of the NHL.

  56. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    White apparently can be sent to Hartford, and his cap hit will be erased.

    I think it’s premature to assume he’ll play. This could have been simply a salary dump by both teams.

    Brashear has an over 35 contract that can’t come off the books, as far as i’ve seen, White DOES NOT have the same type of contract.

  57. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    From TSN’s report on the Brashear trade,

    “Several reports indicate that the Thrashers plan to buy out Brashear’s $1.4 million contract once he clears waivers.”

  58. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    uh oh, here we go again!

    Peter Forsberg is practicing with MoDo and is telling Swedish press he feels good and wants to play again

  59. ThisYearsModel on

    I think White will be dispatched to Hartford and Redden will remain with the Rangers. I don’t believe that Slats will actually waive Redden.

  60. Good riddance, but Sather doesn’t deserve credit for getting rid of Rissmiller 2 years later and for signing Brashear in the first place. Wonder if money changed hands from Cablevision to Atlanta on the side? Why would they bother to make this trade?

  61. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    still don’t know why calgary made the trade last season, don’t know why the fishies traded niemi to us for a 6th round pick. Doesn’t matter, slats pulled it off so glass is half full!

  62. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Someone has to go to pay Staal. Someone making more than $5.0 million just to be safe. So one of Redden, Rozsival or Drury are going to have to go.

  63. Welcome Back Carp –

    THIS IS AWESOME! Only because we get rid of that piece of ^&^%* Brashear – seriously, other than the Redden deal, this was the WORST signing in many years – I said it last year and I will say it again. They bring in the goon that bashes and cheap shots one of the best forwards we have playing (wow – you sure are a tough guy hitting a player skating towards the bench you *** &^%&), and send him to Phily and sign this piece of trash. (And we all know how well that trade worked). What happens: Betts has a break out year – good for him – and we are left with …. NOTHING.
    Good bye and Good riddence – dont let the door hit you on the way out – on second thought, hope it hits you hard and kicks your fat #%$ all the way to Atlanta!

  64. I think its possible Redden and White are both in Hartford next season. They could both be sent down, and that would open up room for the Rangers to re-sign Staal and have some wiggle room to sign another player-if necessary.

    I see the lineup shaking out like this…
    Extra fwd would be Brian Boyle and maybe Byers

    Del Zotto-Girardi
    Extra D would be Eminger/Gilroy

    I think the third d-pairing could turn out different depending on how McD and Gilroy do in camp. I also think if Grachev or Stepan have an amazing camp then Avery and Christensen’s spots could be taken by rookies.

  65. Sure would have been nice to dump Redden in the deal, along with the other two. That would have solved all our problems.

  66. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    i still think at this point girardi was way overpaid and staal should get what girardi was paid (yes, staal is far better than girardi). if staal gets 5 mil, he is simply overpaid by about 1.5 mil at this point and that does not do anything at all to address our lack of physicality on the blueline and puts us 1.5 million less cap space to do anything about it.

  67. old harvey jersey on

    Does anyone think Slats signed Brash last year because of the Marty McSorley incident? McSorley was a good soldier for Slats and so he signed Brash for a few years at a couple mill to help that situation? As this deal and dumping gomer last year show, the man is pretty good at back room deals.

  68. As much as we complain about Staal/Girardi being overhyped and not necessarily a top D pairing ala Keith/Seabrook, I’d sure like to see them stay together as a D pairing. Especially if Rozy stays around, which I think he will. Girardi/Del Zotto did not work at a pairing and while Staal/Rozy worked well, I believe that Staal/Girardi and Rozy/Del Zotto would make for stronger pairs. Thoughts?

  69. How Erik Johnson signed for only $5.2 million is beyond me. Here’s a good quote from a smart dude:
    Recently, Blues GM Doug Armstrong told the Post-Dispatch: “Our younger players, when they’re coming out of entry level, they’ve all progressed, but they haven’t been defined. By taking contracts at shorter term, you allow them to grow and make a fair-market value moving forward.”

  70. “How Erik Johnson signed for only $5.2 million is beyond me”

    Maybe because the kid has class, and wants to prove he’s the player everyone expects him to be before he signs a contract he’s not worthy of.

    Same with Bobby Ryan. The Ducks were ready to pay him more than Getzlaf and Perry, and he told them that he doesn’t think he should make more than those two because they are the best players on that team.

    Fuggin class!!! Makes me want to cry.

  71. Tank The Season on

    Forsberg is done and buried. The guy will be an awesome coach some day, though.

  72. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    orr, good point about ryan and EJ.

    Don’t know how legit this guy is, but he was one of the first I saw on twitter to break the white trade, here is a recent tweet from him:

    The New York Rangers are NOT and I repeat are NOT done dealing, only about $455,000 in cap space open, need to sign M.Staal.

    we are about to find out if this is a superstar league (kane, toews, etc) or a supporting cast league (burish, ladd, etc) with the hawks basically losing all of their supporting cast (8 players so far) since winning the cup!

  73. aw, poor Brashear. I feel bad for the guy that he didn’t work out here. Dislike his hit on Betts, but feel bad for nearly being murdered by Boston Bruin Marty McSorley. Probably the reason why Brashear turned into the dirty player he did. Have a good one, Brash, we hardly knew thee.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Don , finds a home!! " … says Greg L. on

    See ya Brash.. we ‘ve had some fun . Shared a few beers …talked Carp ’bout Torts and exchanged a few laughs.
    Brashear should be an actor cuz he was good at pretending to be a fighter. Like an old retired Mike Tyson , Brashear just didn’t have the killer instinct he used to have. If you look at the true life span of a fighter , Brash was pritty much at his ropes .As big and bad as Tyson was …once your killer instinct is gone …you are done.

    Derek boogaard is getting up there too. Do we have another old retired fighter playing out his years in the NEW YORK retirement home? I would say no . Boogaard was born tough and living in Saskatoon as a teen he sure took his lumps. He made it to the NHL and he appreciates his role. He loves his role. He embraces it. Boogaard fights less cuz hes proved he’ll knock yer block off if ya mess with him. This doesn’t mean Boogey wont hit or try to score. Boogaard needs ice time , plain and simple. With the Rangers empolying the likes such average players in the past and giving them ample ice time ( betts ,ect..) I can’t see why boogaard wont get a few extra shifts in certain situations to make us fans “awe and oooohh”.

  75. it wasn’t Burish and Ladd as much as it was Byfuglien and Versteeg who lifted the Hawks depth-wise in the playoffs of those who are gone

  76. oh my god. the saddest thing i saw yesterday.

    Let me preface this by saying I absolutely LOVE Mike Tyson. Never fortunate enough to meet him, but always felt for the guy, and always pulled for him to turn his life around…

    I saw Entourage yesterday, and Tyson was in it…..And I’m pretty sure that his baby daughter – the one that passed away due to a treadmill accident at the age of maybe 2 or 4, with Tyson out of town – was in the episode of Entourage.

    :( Life is too short, folks. For many things. To blast Sather, to blast Brashear, to blast any New York team.

  77. CR9
    Marty McSorley was born in Ontario. He played nearly 1000 games in NHL and only 27 in Boston. Is Brian Leetch a Boston Bruin too? He played 61 games for them.

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Don , finds a home!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh btw , The Rangers have MORE CHEMISTRY then the Stanley Cup Chicago Blackhawks!!!!!! HHAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahhahahahaaaaaa!!!!

    GO RANGERS !!!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yeah baby , you heard me , Da Rangers will be in Da howwwseeeeeeeee!!!!

    Na na nan an heyyy jude.

  79. I don’t know, Mickey. White to Hartford helps remove the Brashear money from the cap, something they could not do without the trade. So if that, plus another body to Hartford (say Gilroy) is roughly enough to sign Staal ($4.2 mil give or take)then this guy MAY factor in Redden being banished or not.

  80. Tim, I thought his kid that passed away was only a few months old? I didn’t even think aboot that when I watched that episode.

    Byfuglien was pretty good in the playoffs, but he wasn’t anything special. He was more of a physical/agitating presence than anything else. They can live without his 14 goals.

    I still think they’re a playoff team. As for winning back to back Cups, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I only say that because it hasn’t happened in a few years, when the Wings did it.

  81. Greg, Boogaard is 28. I wouldn’t call that, “getting up there.”

    Tim, Sorry, but blasting buffoons like Sather and Brashear is among one of the good things about being a sports fan.

    White better be destined for the minors unless he’s here to take the place of Christensen. Nice choice there – between Christensen’s 8 goals and White’s 7.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Hawks respond to losing so many role players. I’ll say now that they won’t repeat, but they’ll still be one of the better teams in the league.

  82. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    I didn’t mean those guys were the most important I just listed those two instead of all the guys that were gone!

    as far as our blueline goes i would like to see it consist of the following (not in any specific order).. MDZ, staal, eminger, mcdonut, a physical pick up via trade or free agency (bieksa, mitchell, sutton, or a similar guy) and one of the following (gilroy, girardi, rozy, valentenko, niemi) and then another of those guys being 7th D man. I have redden in htfd obviously. I think over the next couple of seasons mcilrath and pashinin replace eminger or the physical pick up if it is an older pick up or the guy from the group if it is gilroy, girardi, or rozy!

    Just what I would like to see though, you know an opinion.

  83. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    star players get you through the regular season, role players win you the cup!

  84. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    see mama this is what happens when I am off work…..way to much opinion/info for everyone!

  85. Byfuglien was a key guy in both the Vanc series and the Sharks series. he scored the GWG several times. he was outstanding many games of the playoffs. and that big hit he put on Pronger, nobody has ever hit him like that. he is also versatile, can play wing or defense, and can fit in on any line

    in the regular season, no, I agree he is an inconsistent regular season player who goes to sleep too often. and his conditioning is suspect. however, they will miss his size in front of the net in the playoffs. they have no replacement for him. Bickell is nowhere near as good.

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    The Rangers lost Keenan and Tikkanen to the Blues after the 1994 cup run . Thats tought to take . Here we had all of Keenan’s horses and men and no King Keenan!!!?? Look at us now . Takes years to get back to respectability. Chicago lost its jam and its #1 goalie. Worst dismantling of a team sinse Pittsburgh ditched Jagr,Kovalev,Lang and others to attempt to shed salary and rebuild. The way Chicago tore its team a apart …would not hold well in NY ,thats for sure.

  87. You don’t really think that Redden is going to take this assignment to Hartford. Why he’s gonna charge right into that front office and put Sather in his place! Not only that, but he’s gonna lay out just how he expects to be used, and how much ice time he’s gonna get, and who he’s paired with.
    I mean he was a key man on D last season, and he’ll be first to let everyone know it.

    I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if he punched Dolan and Capt Drury each in the mouth. So take that Ranger rooters.

  88. Not hold well in NY? Greg, we’ve been dealing with pretty crappy teams in the last few years and it held well with the owner…he even kept his beloved GM!

    Towes, Kane, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Sharp, Campbell…That Hawks team is still better than Rangers!

  89. Another thing, Byfuglien put up great numbers in the playoffs, but a lot of those games were multi goal/point games. He was invisible in probably half or more of those playoff games, including a lot of the Cup Finals games.

  90. bull dog line on

    sorry for the delayed response on Kharlamov. back in the day I was a bit of a hockey nut, so I followed all hockey, russia included. did I see him play as much as you? doubtful. but i did see him play about a dozen times, and twice in person. I remember him really well from the summit series where he was probably the best player on the ice until Clarke broke his ankle. I also remember him from the 74, or 75 trip where they played NHL teams. 2 games stand out to me. the one against the Flyers when the russians walked off the ice after a hit I think on Kharlamov. and the game against the Canadiens, that is still to this day one of the best hockey games I have ever seen (a 3-3 tie). you seemed like you may have been insulted by my response, so I just wanted say that that was not my intention. I thought you had an interesting topic, and wanted to comment on it.

  91. “Towes, Kane, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Sharp, Campbell…That Hawks team is still better than Rangers!”

    Yup. And don’t forget Bolland, Hjalmarsson, and the man with the most boring name in the history of names! The man, the myth, the legendary legend! Defenseman, #32, John Scott!!

  92. ORR

    its not like Byfuglien was the only player Chicago was depending on to score on regular basis the way NYR depends on Gaborik… most of the goals if not all scored by Byfuglien were game breakers aka clutch goals (no, i don’t think he went to Mr. Pizza clutch school for boys) Byfuglien came through every time Chicago needed him most…that’s why they drink champagne from the Cup and Rangers keep dreaming of one.

  93. also, with Turco’s puckhandling ability, the Hawks will have the strongest d corps in the league at getting the puck out of the zone quickly and to the forwards. they already had the best d corps at puck movement, and it just got a boost from the roving goalie

    Turco’s puckstopping has gone downhill though in recent years

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    If we let Mike Richter walk right after we won the cup …This franchise would have went balistic!!! I’ts like Tampa ditching thier goalie after they won the cup…STUIPED!!! Chicago lost its starting goalie for nothing.

    I love being a Ranger fan.

    #1 Great Goalie

    #2 Gaborik

    #3 Tough guys ,Boog ,Prust and Bras…(nope hes gone!!!!)

    #4 Young up comming stars in Stepan ,Kreider and Grachev comming.

    #5 Young already stars in Delzotto and Staalsie.

    #6 Torts , watching torts is fun and always a joy. His interviews are legendary too!!

    #7 Ranger fans are wild and crazy ( thats why I belong!!)

    #8 Curious about Assen Zuccarello

    #9 Our team has losts to prove and Im on the bandwagon.

    #10 Last thing I love about being a Ranger fan is watching all this drama and stuff play out . Exciting time is now for sure . Hank isn’t getting any younger!!!

    Frolov is gonna take #25 or maybe 71 ?

  95. Blue Seat Horror on

    By letting Niemi walk, Chicago is basically saying they think they could have won the cup without him.

  96. long day at work

    read all the posts

    so for essentially 900k white at 2.3 minus brash 1.4 we potentially have a number one center.

    heres my take if white proves hes ready and has a big camp then for 2.3 mil he better be playing top 6 minutes. if hes just avg then as larry brooks suggested they should waive him instead of him making 2.3 to play on the 4th line.

    either way good trade because it gives us options.

    number 1 center or more cap space.

    bad trade

    number 4 center with a 2.3 cap hit

  97. bull dog line on

    I seem to be in the minority here, but the only way this is a good trade is if they traded for White with the sole purpose of sending him to Hartford. otherwise you have an over payed over 35 crappy center.

  98. the hawks made the right move in walking away from Niemi. he would have become a UFA after this season if they took the arb deal, and then they would have been in the same situation a year from now. they could not afford him next summer even more so than this one. so, might as well move on now. after all, he is not a proven goalie longterm. he was a 2 month wonder who had the huge benefit of playing behind a very strong deep team and strong d corps. yes, he had some excellent playoff games, and he had some weak ones too. but he is not a kid, he is a late bloomer, and he just is not worth giving up a key player like Sharp to make room for his money demands.

  99. Niemi is already overrated just for winning the Cup on that team. He’s a solid goalie, but he’s far from a “Richter”. Hawks don’t have one, and probably wont for a long time. They’ll have to count on free agents, or Huet for the next few years.

    I do agree, they have a strong defense, and defense is what wins the Cup.

  100. Huet is a goner. Bowman has already made it clear that Huet will either be in Europe or the AHL next season, they need to get him off the cap just to ice a team this year.

  101. Well, one thing we do have here in large supply is supporting players. Of any age, size and salary lol

    I don’t believe that Hawks are completely sold on Niemi being a #1 goalie.

    Bull dog- wasn’t insulted at all.

  102. I was in the pool! on

    Somebody look for a discarded pod! This can’t be the real Glen Sather. Great deal! How about Brashear playing 27 games in Hartford and only having 25 penalty minutes!! That’s 3, 4 or 5 fights in 27 games. I guess the piece of Carcillo got his money and laid down in Hartford just like he did at MSG.

  103. ilb

    In all seriousness, I referred to McSorley as Boston Bruin Marty McSorley because he was with Boston when he sticked Brashear across the head.

  104. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    well sutton is gone, scratch him off that list I had posted earlier. Ducks signed him for 2 mil this year and 2.25 next season.

    bull dog
    I have no problem personally if he can play like he did 2 seasons ago with kovi with gabby this season. Not sold on any young guy (meaning grachev, stepan, etc) being ready to make the roster from the get go at forward except maybe weise. Mcdonut should make it at D this season. Not sure how it is a bad deal even if he plays 3rd line. If he deserves to play on the big club he will and if he doesn’t he won’t.

  105. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    welcome and thanks!

    I agree with joel, huet is a goner ala redden….welcome to the A

  106. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    via twitter:

    #nhl #blackhawks have $3.1m in cap space with 18 players signed and Huet assumed off the roster

  107. bull dog line on

    sorry wicky,
    but I am not excited about a 35 year old journeymen center joining the team. they already have a 28 year old journeymen center, in Christensen, on the team. this move does not make them a contender, it just puts another roadblock in the way of the younger players that may be ready.

  108. i can’t take it no more…need to stop work for a second and comment

    CARP welcome back.
    hope you had a nice relaxing vacation
    nice job to all the guest bloggers
    glad to see
    these brashear and rismiller out of here for someone who
    may help
    while it’s too easy to complain about the brashear signing and the salary and all that
    i never understood all the complaining about rismiller.
    he only cost a million and i thought he was going to be one
    of those 3rd or 4th line grinder types
    until it turned out that the majority of our team
    were 3rd and 4th line types.

    never developed a deep dislike for rismiller. seemed like an okay player when he was elsewhere.
    many of you know i’m not a fan of sather’s work but
    signing rismiller for just a million didn’t seem to rank up there in developing a high degree of rage.

  109. from the facebook page:

    can see it now: Todd White centering Marian Gaborik and Derek Boogaard. Call it “The Risebrough Line.”

  110. Orr

    I just looked it up. His daughter was 4 years old. Im nearly 100 percent sure that was her. How sad. She looked so cute in the episode too. It really shows how short life is, and life should be appreciated. :should take my own advice:

  111. J - Fire Sather on

    Let us look on the brightside, if the Rangers had traded Brashear for a sack of potatoes it would have been a solid move for the team.

  112. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on


    bull dog
    not sure if I’m excited, just not going to be negative at this point. He is in the last year of his contract and may or may not fit here. If it was a 3 year deal, then I would agree 100% with you. The fact that we do not know if any of the forward prospects are ready (and none of us actually know, we just have opinions) he really isn’t impeding anyone or taking a roster spot away from anyone, hell maybe EC doesn’t get a spot. No reason to gripe about something we don’t even know if it will happen or not.

    Like I said, if he earns a spot (key word earns) on the roster and out plays a kid, good for him and us. if not, enjoy the A or long term injury list (if that is possible).

    Not trying to be disrespectful here, just I think a lot of people are overreacting and being negative about things for no reason. It isn’t like any of our prospects at forward are tavares and a blue chip sure thing and we give a spot to white over them (if white even gets a spot).

  113. Maybe we waive and buy White out like Atlanta is doing with Brash. Helping each other out of a jam as it were.

    But it really did make my day to receive a text msg from the rangers at work this morning announcing the trade. 9:15 Monday morning, what a start to the week.

  114. Hey all, was swamped at work today so time to comment….

    Someone asked me today if I “was happy” about the Brash trade. I almost spit out my coffee :) Happy? No! Elated!!!

    Tim, yes you should :)

  115. Blue Seat Horror on

    This is a great depth move. Addition by subtraction. The worst case scenario is that they’ve condensed two roster spots in Hartford (Rismiller and Brashear), into one spot (White OR Christensen OR Boyle). So more room to develop young talent.

    The best case is that White has a comeback season and puts up a point per game while feeding Gaborik. Vinny Prospal can vouch, Gaborik can do good things for players wishing to have a comeback season.

    Plus, if Prospal follows his own established pattern, he’ll have an off season.

    So who knows what will happen, but I can’t wait to see. I’m looking forward to seeing some players fighting for spots and since accountability didn’t seem to work, now there will truly be less spots available than we have players. Earn it you slugs!

  116. rissmiller was playing with the red wings famm club. he was not taking a spot from a hartford guy and was not impacting the cap here in new york

  117. um, no time to comment..

    also, sister blog friends, thanks for all your support, but I’m retiring from there :( so get yer kicks while ya can!


    and I hate to say it,but this Puddin’ was NOT my*t*fine!! SO LONG pillowhands!

  119. Frank Sinatra wannabe performing in park outside my window. Shoot me. And “Summer Wind” used to be on of my fave songs. Can I trade him to Atlanta?

  120. Man, I can’t type tonight. Long day. I think maybe a ta is in order. Later heads! Hi Linda! Thanks for that picture on my WORK computer!!!

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo ,TIM

    Keep this up Cr9 and your new “Tim” personality will be a hit!!! A super nice guy ….until BAM!! you have a bad day and wanna kill someone by beating them with boston cream donut!!! So beware!!! Actually good advice would be to sign in as Cr9 when ya feel like attacking Boston or dreaming up some consperacy. Then when you feel all lovely dovey ya can come as “Tim ” the guy everyone loves. You could even incorperate the “Jagr” love in yer Tim one cuz we really dont want you to be not being yerself. All hot N all!!

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    If anyone wanted to see what “life is like” at MickyM, Mike ia, Carp ,Blogmomma,Cr9 ,CCCP and the wickies…go to yesterdays thread …there a life at my places done by CC” Freddy Kruegar” CP too!!

  123. Blue Seat Horror on

    Oh yeah, forgot about that Rismiller to Grand Rapids thing. Still like the trade.

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    The beuty of the Blog Linda is that ya never miss anything!!! Ya just read past posts and yer back!!! Late commenting is what this place is about. Its never too late to state an opinion or join the party late when everyone is gone. Blog it up , bash away..we are all here for you. Blogin and Bash !!!! Ding dong Brash is gone!!

  125. i noticed on teh rangers website they had rissmiller splitting the season with hartford and grand rapids. ive never heard of that before. if he was still rangers property than why would he play for the redwings farm? players can be loaned in the ahl or what? lol. say the wolfpack has a full roster then rissmiller can either sit or choose to play elsewhere? i know theres 29 ahl teams so 2 teams share a farm team right? but yea somebody explain this to me please.

  126. CCCP – I wouldn’t discount the Hawks too quickly…they’re going to have a very tough team next year with the likes of Jack Skille joining(former 7th overall pick)…plus this kid Kyle Beach(11th overall)could be on their opening day roster…Corey Crawford had some very respectable play in the AHL last year and will likely platoon with Turco, if Huet is dealt…plus they have Jeremy Morin(Team USA standout in juniors) in the wings…Look to see guys like Dowell, Bickell and Kopecky to take up some of those ‘roll’ positions…AND they got Stalberg, who could very well erase the memory of Versteeg in Chicago lore…as much as I like a player like Byfuglien’s ilk, he’s somewhat one dimensional and would have required WAY more money to keep on the roster than he was worth. In truth, his size is his game, and that only gets you so far in this league.

    Jordan – If Prospal plays center, I think you’ll see it on first line between Gaborik and Frolov. I would be surprised if Christensen rises about third line, now that Todd White is in the mix…but who knows on this club?

    Also…I doubt you’ll see Torts breakup the proven tandem of Girardi and Staal…but you’re on the right wave length with those other pairings.

  127. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    So this years moves will be expunged next year on the sather merry go round

  128. Greg, when did you post the life? I, regretfully, must go see, but no energy to track back. Is there a link?

    onecup, we’ll win the cup this year then expunge the team. Welcome to Detroit!

  129. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    for the love of all things sacred….noooooo to kaberle. Not another soft d man!

  130. Blue Seat Horror on

    onecup, one good thing about most of this year’s moves is there be no expunging necessary because most of this summers contracts are only for one year.

    Could it be (gasp) that Sather is finally allowing the youth to develop like he’s said he was going to do for the past decade?

    Someone said to look for the pod that replaced Sather, but I say look for the pod that replaced Dolan. Maybe this summer there will be no big “splash”…which usually translates to our hopes for the future being cemented in a big contract sized bucket and tossed into the Hudson.

  131. I think it’s like the Castros….Fidel is not in charge but pretending to be, and Raul is running the show and not taking credit. (Does Slats have a Raul?)

    Something’s up….let’s see how season unfolds. TA!

  132. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather is just like a cat in the litter box. He dishes up these turds, like Brashear, Rismiller, Gomez, Higgins, Kotalik Kalinin and on and on. Then he covers them all up with another litter box trade and everyone says “Good Kitty, Good Kitty”.

    Well, someday, someone is going to clean out the litter box and uncover all of these buried lumps and they will say “Jeez… What the heck was that cat eating?”

    Blogmama- it’s a bad kitty story… :(

    Oh, yeah- FIRE SATHER, Linda!

  133. Holy carcillo! Just caught up on last night and Greg’s “life” posts….LMAO!
    but ilb was right, I have cats (bless the litter box) not dogs….piddle, puddle, poodle (inside joke :)

  134. paul g in sunrise on

    Sather has not lost a trade yet. Free agent signings are really hit or miss. Half liked Gomez and half liked Drury, but no one really hated it that I can recall. Gaborik was a great pick up. Voros did not hurt at the size of his cap hit. Brasheer, Rismiller, Kotalik and Redden were horrible. Rozi is a good defenseman, yes he needs to shoot more and is over paid by about 1-1.5M, but he is okay. But Sather always gets the better of the trade and I think you might all agree.

    What is White’s cap hit versus Sharp’s cap hit…does White and Dubinsky for example equal Sharp cap hit????

    I like Dubi for the record but just curious.

  135. You can add this one to deck/dock list, mama :)

    Did someone mention Kaberle? I knew his name would come up sooner or later. Please, don’t give Slats any ideas…Don’t even mention that name here.

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Any franchise who dumps its starting goaltender and its main role players after they have won the cup should be shot and peed on !!! Looks like we’ll be seeing more of Olga cuz the Hawks have no one left to cheer for. Discracfull Organization.

    Yeah momma , the situation with you was a special someone bought you a puppy for yer birthday and you were too kind too say no. You had this puppy and I was discribing “life at yer house” with yer new puppy!!!!

  137. paul g in sunrise on

    so in fact a White/Dubi does kinda equal a Sharp. As a two for one (both expiring contracts) and trying to fill out roster does this make sense for BH? Sharp (2yrs) is solid, maybe more sniper than passer at center though. Maybe White, prospect (not named Stepan, Kreider, Grachev) and the Carolina 2nd rounder. Or do the rangers keep looking in fillenes basement for 1st line centers.

  138. paul g in sunrise on

    you think girardi said to sather:

    “I am twice as good as redden so i should get at least 1/2 what you pay him”

    You think the Staal situation is any different?

    Bachelorette finally so I get unfettered access to blogs tonight

  139. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    They are beginning to look like the Chigo Blawks. A bunch of pieces missing…

    I hope Niemi doesn’t end up in Philly. That would be ironic, No?

  140. greg – you do know why chicago got rid of all those guys. something called the salary cap

    paul- its not carolinas 2nd its washingtons which carolina had at the time.

  141. paul g in sunrise on

    oh – so its going to be rather late in the round is what you are saying

    I just keep looking at the roster and think that a real top 6 foward is needed. White cannot be expected to be that guy can he?

    with pending cap space and the ability to trade a younger less expensive maybe upside talent, could a top 6 forward be available in trade?

    who could it be? Sather usually gets something, but who is available if not Sharp

  142. sharp is not available. chicago let niemi walk in order to keep sharp.

    nobody is really available who would make a difference. they should have gone for kovalchuk and worked on getting a center next year.

  143. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rangers 2010 6th round draft pick Jesper Fasth, scored a goal in Sweden’s 5-3 victory over Finland in today’s exhibition game at USA Hockey’s National Junior Evaluation Camp.

    Ryan Bourque and Chris Kreider will skate against Fasth and team Sweden tomorrow.

  144. Tank The Season on

    AHL players can be loaned to other teams – that’s why Sean Avery played for the Wolf Pack when he was still Dallas property.

  145. i think we should dump White and pick up Afinogenov…

    Frolov – Dubinsky – Afinogenov line could be as good as bread and butter!

  146. So the real question remains: How will the NYRangers manage to bush-league this season?

  147. The poor guy sounds so excited to be coming here…even though he didn’t get a call from Sather…or Torts….or any of his new team mates…

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    BlueBlood , this was a fans reaction in Atlanta on that site you showed :

    ” Todd had to go, if for no other reason that he reminded us how bad this organization has been for 10 years+. Now he joins Holik, Rucchin, Ruman Ndur and the other in our mediocre (at best) past. Didn’t matter what we got back, as long as it wasn’t Wade Redden. I guess this means Dudley is not a lap dog after all.
    If White thinks we were hard on him, wait till the Ranger fans get ahold of him. Yet another nail in Glen Sather’s job status in New York.”

    Funny , no one wants Redden . Heyy Didnt we have Ruchin and Holik?

  149. Don’t act like that CR9. It’s just a city. A city with people, like you and I.

    LOL! How’s that Greg?!

  150. There’s a movie coming on soon on one of the HBO channels.

    It’s called…


    starring Dom Deluise, not Sean Avery. Hmm…

  151. What an idiot I am. I had Sean Avery’s 6 pack abs on my mind.

    I meant “not Martin Brodeur”

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tim , I love it. The regulars will know its you and the trolls who dont know anything will be fooled!!!

  153. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    we had Ruman Ndur as well!!??? That post is sick . Im embarraseed to have the same feelings as a Atlanta Thrashers fan!!!!

  154. Todd White is NEVER playing for the Rangers. NEVER. This is a move to get players off the payroll/cap. This is a move to help get Staal signed. A little more cap room $$$ to line Marc’s pockets.

  155. I think he’s going to get a chance, but i think it will be a battle between Christy and White, with Arty as an outside chance, for the #1C role.

    A quick check on capgeek and i can see the buyout for White is $641k this year and $866k next year – or would Slats just bury him in Hartford if he cant crack the top 2 lines?

  156. Sorry boneheads if this is repetitive since I just don’t have the time to read all 233 entries (welcome back, Carp!) but in reading some posts, it makes me sick that there are some (Dolan) people out there who are somehow praising Sather for this move!!! He did a good job? You know where I’m going with this; he corrects another one of his many bonehead moves (and that’s not a compliment by calling him a bonehead) and we say, good job by Sather? Eeee-yuch!!! Just threw up in my mouth…..excuse me….

  157. dolan people? he did do a good job with this trade. not like he got over on the thrashers but he im glad he got rid of brash. white can be put in the ahl without hurting us and brash couldnt. win for us. why complain about it?

  158. Morning all!

    I like the deal even more this morning. Does Charmin need help packing his bags? I’m available to help do that. :)

  159. White’s just a year removed from a 70 point season. So why not give him a chance to see if he can click with Gaborik, and if not, then he goes to Hartford. Win-win situation all around.

  160. i know where ya comin from artie, and i dont like sather or dolan either, but dont get “sick” over some people here because were not gonna kill the guy over a move like this. all i know is, sather stuck to what he he said and did not trade or let go any prospects who have a nhl career in front of them. overall, we have a better and still young team than we did last year. ok so potter and sangs are gone. but we cant hold on to all of them. im not very happy that each damn 1st rnd pick from 03,04,06 and 07 are now gone, but the later rounds have been decent, and generally, there are more top prospects either making the team, already on it or will be in teh future than we have had in awhile.

  161. Tank The Season on

    I don’t think Todd White will get a sniff personally. Still, he’s capable of putting up the same numbers as Drury for 1/3 of the cost.

    It’s such a shame that Drury will never live up to his contract, he is a lifetime Ranger fan.

  162. exactly mickey. and nobody ehre is lovin staher at all right now. its just that when the guy does something good, some people still bash him. after all, hes just an old fart who needs to retire. thats my biggest complaint with him. he is trying to correct his mistakes and has done ok this past summer and even last year during teh season with higgins and kotalik. as far as i see it, white can help the pp and be a good character guy in teh locker room. if he doesnt make the team, he will definitely help some young guys in hartford. the guy seems liek he loves ny and is really happy to play for us. i know thats just not good enough but at least hes somebody who will most liekly not hurt any chances of rookies making the team, and if they arent ready, then he can fill in this season. or part of it. also, white and frolov are just one year deals. no big gamble

  163. ilb, I will gladly make him a meatloaf and give him the instructions for cooking it since it will mean he is gonzo.

    Nope, not being a pain, just an au bon pain.:P

  164. holy hell sorry for all the typos. i let greg borrow my keyboard. he spilled yoohoo on it. im gonna have to put plain milk in his lunchbox for school from now on.

  165. mike, the one year deals are the whole key. I honestly think the organization is unsure about whether Grachev and Stepan are ready for full time NHL duty so they are hedging their bets by bringing in White and Frolov on those 1 year deals. IF Grachev and Stepan show they are ready, then having White and Frolov around make the team deeper all around. And if they are not ready, then there are already proven NHLers within the organization who CAN play with the big league team while they mature down in Hartford.

    I do believe that even if Grachev and Stepan are not ready to start the season in NY, they will be there at some point.

  166. birdwatchersanonymous quote:
    “Overall a nifty bit of work by GM Rick Dudley of providing opportunities for young players and working towards contending on a budget.”

    Basically they traded for a cheaper buyout and can use the $800k they saved in the swap/buyout to pay a youngster to play and added some veteran depth in Rissmiller, who is in his final contract year.

    From our point of view we gained a little cap flexibility as Brashear was a $1.4m immovable object (where were Colton Orr’s fists when we needed them?)

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