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Note from Blogmama: Good morning all! Before we get to our last guest blogger as Carp’s usual extended summer date with Mr. T comes to a close, a couple of things:
1) Thanks again to all the guests for pitching in, writing great stuff, and keeping the Report rocking during the July hockey doldrums. I had a great time myself, as usual, but will happily cede the reins back to my buddy, who, by my count, owes me about 100 Walter’s hotdogs, 17 curly fries, and 25 chocolate shakes.
2) Thanks to all the boneheads for supporting our guests, and nice to see a whole bunch of new ones! Stick around for when season starts why don’t you?
3). Thanks to ilb, but just so you all know, I had nothing to do with the content of this post (oy). He made me do it, I swear. The man treats fish more gently than he did me involving this post. ilb, you’re an opex, but spasibo :)

P.S. I’m so glad it’s August! On my Ranger calendar page for the month, guess who I get to look at for the next 31 days?

I now you give the uniqueness that is ilb, who wanted to remain under the radar, but I wouldn’t let him. Ha! I can be stubborn, too!

Under the Radar
I want to talk about things that often fly under the radar.
For example, do you know what the best fruits are? In terms of combined nutritional value, antioxidants, vitamin C content etc? The starfruit is arguably number one, followed by guaba. But number three? Wait for it … As rated by Nutrition Magazine, watermelon! This one flew under the radar, eh? Eat watermelon, folks, and be happy.

I asked Mama to edit my post and eliminate all my Russian interpretations of the English language, but she wasn’t allowed to edit the content. I can be stubborn, and she knows. So I’m going to mention that she often flies under the radar. She does this on her own time. Just for the love of the blog and our team. And she makes it work, oftentimes when Carp has his meetings (ahem), and when the place gets a little too … gibberish.

But we are here to talk hockey. So I thought I’d throw in a few things that fly under the radar. I’d like to mention, this is only my personal perception, so keep your shineboxes for better occasions. Please?

The best player who ever played this sport? TGO, period. And period again. The best hockey player overall (combination of leadership, toughness, goal scoring, passing etc.) It’s a toss between Messier and Gordie Howe. But the best pure goal scorer who ever played? He flew under the radar. Valeri Kharlamov. I was lucky enough to watch him play in his prime for years. He could score from anywhere, using his shot, speed and stick handling.
The best goaltender who ever played? Roy or Brodeur? I’d say this one flew under the radar. Vladislav Tretiak. He played for 16 years and his resume includes three Olympic gold medals (and one silver), 10 World Championship gold medals, Canada Cup etc. He retired at 32 because he wasn’t allowed to play in the NHL after he was drafted by Montreal. He’d also had enough of Tikhonov.
Two players flew under the radar during that famous game 6 against the Devils. Messier got all the credit and spotlight. But there were two better players than him: Kovalev and Leetch. In that order. No way that epic game ends the way it did without both of them.

Another thing I think needs to be mentioned is something that keeps happening quietly, but may have a serious implication on us, the hockey fans, when the new CBA is being negotiated. I will use Sean Avery as an example.
I’m sure everyone remembers the “Avery Rule.” But what apparently flew under the radar is that the NHL amended the rules within 12 (twelve!) hours. Even though it was suggested that it was with NHLPA’s blessing, nowhere did the NHLPA come out with any statement that it was endorsing the rule, or disagreeing for that matter. Do you think 12 hours is enough time to come up to an agreement between two parties AND publish the new rule? Maybe…
But then, within seven months, still in 2008, right after Avery’s infamous remarks regarding “sloppy seconds” things escalated. The NHL suspended him without a hearing, apparently violating the CBA. Here’s what Paul Kelly, then the director of the NHLPA, said in a statement:
“The PA believes NHL commissioner Gary Bettman handed down a summary suspension before the hearing, constituting a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. The CBA suggests for off-ice discipline a hearing must take place before action is taken. The NHL suspended Avery on Tuesday, preventing him from playing in the game in Calgary. Action taken, without a hearing.”

The NHLPA eventually did file the grievance. Avery asked the NHLPA not to do that.
The point is, the NHLPA doesn’t have enough weight when it comes to dealing with the NHL. The commissioner is a bully, and he knows very well that the NHLPA is weak. They have no leadership at the moment. The players do not even show up for their meetings in meaningful numbers. Guess what? They will lose. They will be looking at much less percentage of gross revenue, more escrow etc. For us, the fans, get ready for another looong off season in a couple of years.

And the last thing I’d like to mention that has been flying under the radar this off season is our beloved team. Because what they are doing isn’t allowed on 7th Ave. The phrase that describes it isn’t in the vocabulary of Mr. Dolan and all the corporate ticket holders. Admittedly, New York is a difficult stage to pull this off. But we real fans are entitled to use it. So I’m going to call it the way it is. We are in a full REBUILDING MODE. And that makes me happy. They said at the beginning of off season that they will not go after any big names, will give the youngsters their chance, and continue to do that. I’m not willing to give Sather any more credit than he deserves, and perhaps he has no choice at the moment. And every day I’m afraid they will do something dumb. But so far, so good. That also requires our support. We have to be willing to wait. We have to stop begging for unnecessary trades. Let’s just enjoy the game, enjoy our team and watch what develops. This team needs their true fans. Not the flashy ones who buy the most expensive tickets and rarely show up to watch the game. Or the ones that show up with their expensive clients but without any hockey knowledge. They need us. The real fans, who often fly under the radar.

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  1. Shhh… Don’t wake up the boneheads, Staal. FYI, you should say FIRST first and tan read it next time:-)

  2. Than, not tan. Been up since 5:30 fishing. One of the better fishing days I’ve had this year. My brother is very happy.

    Some disturbing news, boneheads. My son drove up to join us for the weekend yesterday. He brought his new girlfriend. Well, she is a diehard Devils fan. So is her all family. The good news is that his girlfriends usually last for 4-6 weeks, so she should be on “waivers” by training camp. It’s a shame, she is a nice girl.

  3. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    morning and also to the rest of you!! Loved the post! Can I still beg for necessary trades??? (I kid I kid)

    caught the laurel last night, so don’t try and deny it!!! Great job btw on blog supervision and organization during the carpinator’s absence.

    According to this link, rangers and staal are still far apart. I hope resigning girardi didn’t cost us staal some how.

  4. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    sorry to do this ILB, but I still think we need to trade rozy or girardi and pick up a FA d man for the d corps to progress.

    off to work, later assens!

  5. awesome post ilb!! hey about watrmelons, i eat one every day!!! i sware. i have eaten a whole watermelon for the last 3 weeks straight. i lost 10 lbs and peed a whole lot!! haha im serious man that cracked me up when u said it was healthy. now im gonna eat 2 a day!!

  6. so far, this is my 3rd favorite post. mine from last year being first!! then whoever did the mza post, then yours. cr9s is good too. but everybody did good.cwgatti, mickey and yergs,cynar, 26 yr old thomson and everyone. i want doodie to do a guest blog. about 94. haha j.k dood

  7. Good job ilb.

    Some additional stuff from Wiki (no not that one), with some paraphrasing done

    Inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame in 2005; to date, he and Vladislav Tretiak are the only non-NHL players in the Hockey Hall of Fame inducted as players, and the only two players who played exclusively behind the Iron Curtain.

    Valeri Kharlamov died in a car accident at the age of 33.

    In 1980, the ‘Miracle on Ice’ Olympics:

    After giving up a goal in the last seconds of the first period to let the US tie it at 2-2, Soviet Coach Tikhonov immediately replaced Tretiak with backup goaltender Vladimir Myshkin. a move which shocked players on both teams. Viacheslav Fetisov later identified this as the “turning point of the game.” Later Tikhonov called the decision “the biggest mistake of my career”.

  8. I don’t mean to be overly critical. I know English is not your first language, but I think that should be ‘gibberishy’.

    I may be wrong though. :P

  9. Good morning, Ilb! Excellent post!

    Miss you Ilb, mama, da big and little Wickys, Grabbywaffles, etc. Hope your summers are lovely so far!

  10. ilb, i think he just unintentionally stepped into our inside joke. that’s one reason I laughed so hard, I knew you’d respond to that!

  11. Ilb

    I too agree with you to a certain extent about Kharlamov, and with hold judgment only due to the appearance on the scene all too briefly by Bobby Orr, who not only dominated the ice, but changed forever the role of the D men in the game.

    By the way, is Kharlamov’s name pronounced with a hard K like Ku Klux, or with a phlegm laden khhhhharlamov?

    I also Hearken back a few years prior to the K man to another potent player for the old CCCP teams by the name
    of ( and be patient about the possible error in the name spelling of Vzevelod? Bobrov.) He gamboled around the rinks like a loose cannon and filled the nets of the opposition, like it was a HOh Hum,activity. .

  12. bull dog line on

    disagree on 2 things. Kharlamov was great, but I would have to put Lafleur, Bossy, Brett Hull, and Kurri above him as pure goal scorers. and I do not believe the Rangers are in rebuilding mode at all. would not have signed Frolov if they were rebuilding, they would have left that spot open for a rookie. also resigning Prospal is not a rebuild move.

  13. ilb
    Very well written, balanced and thoughtful piece. Not like I agree with every point, but it’s not needed, in contrary, – it creates healthy (like watermelon) discussion. Original, creative, excellent job. Molodec.
    In unrelated, but inspired by your post: funny, I have a feeling Kovalchuk likes #17, because in his cocky/arrogant way he identifies himself with Russian Greatest and most loved(as you remember of course, Kharlamov was#17) .

  14. fran
    Kharlamov(Kh- pronounce like Horror,Horizon),It is Vsevolod(short Seva)Bobrov.
    And you are right…as usual.

  15. NYR 1979
    “Yo ilb I hear watermelon is good for you’re libido.”
    Moreso for your bladder,…proven. ha-ha.

  16. Mama – you mean you didn’t really think that was really, really funny? :( ;)

    Regarding the ‘Avery Rule’, I commend both parties -they quickly addressed an issue (appropriately IMO) without silly posturing.

    For Avery’s part, he was thinking out of the box and what he did was within the rules at the time, but does anyone have an issue with the ‘Avery Rule’?

    It was bizarre, unprecedented and entertaining at the time but would anyone want to see that all the time?

    I think your point is more about the imbalance of power between the NHL and the NHLPA but it kills me when people suggest that Avery is a marked man.

  17. Fran – gamboled? Another one of your $10 words that I have to look up? – I kid and I love your stories, you’ve seen some good stuff and thanks for sharing

    4everanger- lol interesting 17

  18. 4ver

    Thank you for the observation but you do me too much honor…right I seldom am, but streams of consciousness I have aplenty and I tend to wander afield in my musings, and when put to print they do not always compute, as the saying goes…but I keep interjecting when a thought passes my way, and just such an instance happened as a result of our discussions here re: great scorers. My general impression, without checking any stats, is that all of the great scorers, seemed to have relatively short shelf lives. There were notable exceptions of course, but there was a period not so terribly long ago when LaFleur could hardly hit the ice without popping in a key goal ( or several), and the silent ghost Mike Bossy was a very casual skater but an almost automaton when it came to sniping.

    Lanny McDonald, the great Max Bentley ( before your times),
    Darryl Sittler, Frank Mahovlich, you folks who run the stats,would it be interesting to discover how many years of ferocity these great shot makers played and the amount of goals they rang up in relation to their on ice years of service? I know Gordie had a phenomenal record of playing years of service, but weren’t most of his goals scored over a relatively short time frame? Same with Rocket and other notables?

  19. Patrick Hoffman on

    Just wanted to tell all you guest bloggers that you’ve all done a terrific job.

    You folks make this one of the best Ranger blogs to visit so keep up the great work everyone!

  20. bull dog –

    Bossy, sick, sick numbers and consistently, although over a short career. And an Islander -did you have to bring him up.

    Bossy and Lafleur, both big smokers IIRC.

    Wow- Hull ‘averaged’ 76 goals over a 3 year span then he dropped off into the 50’s. Loser

    Thanks dog

  21. btw

    when rating scouting and player choices remember that Bossy went # 22 in the draft, and most of the folks around Montreal felt that he was too, ah, spindly, anemic,lacking in musculature, not NHL material, etc, and those physical considerations were for the most part right; he was on the shaky side, but there was some gift that he had, and instinct for the goal and the relative hand eye coordination to make it all work. Today if he was coming up, it may well be that he would have been passed over for all those same reasons.

    So what is the lesson to be learned from this?? Never give up too soon on what looks like a one trick pony, for he might blossom into …Grendel.

  22. So who is the greatest American born hockey player?
    Hull – born in Canada, I won’t count him.
    Modano? LaFontaine?

    I may have posted this before but when my Dad was sick with cancer a friend of his somehow got Pat LaFontaine to call, wishing him well.
    He’ll forever be tops in my book for that.

  23. richter won game 6. he gets little credit for it apparently

    best usa player. chelios followed by leetch

  24. Bull dog- signing Arnott or Demitra would be against rebuilding. Signing Frolov for one year, cheap, gives their kids more time to develop and creates a more competitive environment.

    How much of Kharlamov did you see? In his prime?

  25. Was going to include Leetch, didn’t for the sake of not being a homer. Figured someone would mention him soon enough. On what basis do you pick Chelios over Leetch, longevity?

  26. Fran- there were better goal scoarers than Bobrov in Russia. Firsov, Polupanov, Maltsev. No one had better hands than Kharlamov.

  27. Ilb2001
    Bull dog
    Absolutely agree. Painful Rebuilding on the way. Besides, Frol is just 28 and it is his first different team in NHL – classic “change of scenery” and a lot of things to prove, we have more than 50% of chance to be pleasantly surprised and 0% risk (which is the same percentage with throwing in borderline NHLready youth).
    As for Kharlamov, he was so unique – you just can’t characterize him like a pure scorer (and he was), but I lived long enough to watch him from his rookie days till the tragic end and lucky enough to watch a lot of HNL and I understand shakiness of comparison but for me he is closest Russian version of Gretsky-the most creative, watchable, complete (speed, vision, shot, hands)player on ice, I ever saw. He was a literally breath taking guy to watch in every game and if you add his unusual humble personality, you will understand his well deserved godlike status in soviet hockey public of that era. (and it was even more obvious, considering he was playing for years with a truly brilliant great players: Petrov, Michailov, not to mention Soviet United Team, full of super talents like Maltsev( one of my favorite, closest to Kharlamov by style, Jakushev, etc.)In short – in All Stars Teams he was always a shiniest Super Star.
    Sorry for my long excurse and panegyric to this wonderful man of my past hockey youth .

  28. Panegyric? WTB speak English will ya? ;)

    Some of us missed out on seeing a lot of great players, no doubt.

    Take pleasure in the rebuilding, seeing talent blossom right in front of you (hopefully).

  29. chelios because i didn’t want to seem like a homer either and longevity. there is noone born in the USA i would take over leetch.

  30. Funny thing about Sean Avery. His supporters, to a large extent value him solely as an agitator. (Mama being the obvious exception)
    Myself, while not his biggest fan (primarily because I don’t think hockey has been his #1 priority) thinks he has the ability to be more than that. He has skills beyond being a prick.

  31. Dedebene
    Thank you for such sophisticated critique (o-ops, sorry-not an English again, my bad – is it better?)
    For exclusively English speaking, born with Britannica in cradle, highly Eton educated, hockey fan:
    “A panegyric is a formal public speech, or (in later use) written verse, delivered in high praise of a person or thing, a generally highly studied and discriminating eulogy, not expected to be critical.”
    Good learning dedebene. Tutto bene! (Italian)

  32. side show sean on

    not much. watching the yankee game and hanging out. was checking out some yankee prices. plenty of cheap seats on ebay for possible arod 600th. also catching up on some of the ranger banter radio shows. just about 4 of them more and i’m up to date.

  33. wicky – no offence to you or the “writer” of that “article”, but I feel like I have significantly fewer brain cells now than before I started trying to read that.

  34. wicky, when do ever not work??

    3 things I really hate…
    laundry, paying bills, losing ranger games.

    if this were season, I’d have possible hat trick today. blech.

  35. 4everanger-

    I hope you know, I kid. ????????

    Stephen/side show sean –

    You have no problem with him cheating?

  36. who cheated?? not who I think you’re talking about I hope!

    btw, haven’t done this in a while, but serious adorableness at sister blog (click my name above if you’re new…)

  37. side show sean on

    just like history being made. i’m not a big arod fan but still like the history. most players in last 10-20 years have cheated with some exceptions i think like jeter. pitchers and hitters.

  38. That is cute Mama (sorry I’m not new but I cliqued your name anyway.)

    Is it anyway or anyways? Most people say anyways but that doesn’t sound right to me. I need your professional opinion.

  39. Wicky – that article is one of the most stupid articles I’ve read in a long time. This guy thinks he has all the answers. Sure, that’s why he probably flips burgers for a living instead of being the GM of a hockey team.

    If the guy wants to be taken seriously he needs to learn to proofread, he needs to lose the attitude that he knows all and everybody else is stupid and, finally, needs to not be a hypocrite. First he says what a stupid stat plus/minus is, then later, to make his point, brings up plus/minus stats for Potter and Lisin. What a dope.

  40. 4ver- No worries, I love sarcasm, although it’s sometimes harder to catch when written

  41. perhaps I’m wrong, but note to mr controversy (wicky’s bleacher post): don’t post late on a Saturday night. nothing good, obviously, comes of it.

  42. phew? You’re content with ARod being called a cheater?

    Arod? Cheater? You mean Texas Ranger Arod, right?

    Yankee Arod is the classiest player any league has to offer. And New York Yankee ARod never used any drug. Texas ARod made a mistake, like all human beings, and New York Yankee ARod apologized for his err in judgment, unlike the biggest juiceball of them all, David Ortiz.

    Forgive me for this rant, I am in a terrible mood today, and seeing “arod, phew” from the classiest of the classy just infuriated me.

  43. Call me crazy (cant wait to count how many posts under this just say crazy) but I’m looking over a Roster with Marc Staal and McD included and Redden excluded and ……….

    I like this team.

    1. I’m expecting big years from AA, Dubi, Cally, Gilroy, and MDZ – since most of them are either sophomores or in a contract year

    2. I think BOO is gonna mess some people up, especially right out of the gate since I’m sure he has read about his “Ridiculous Contract BS” – I feel bad for the Sabres and Islanders who we play the first 2 games and Toronto for the Home Opener – They are gonna get the Boogeyman’s wrath

    3. A more rested Hank

    4. Another (mostly) injury-free season from Gabby

    5. A Frolov with a “Chip on His Shoulder”

    6. A Biron with his terrible puck handling skills that will give me a heart attack, but at least it will hopefully only be for about 20 games or so

    7. Some Classic Avery Antics

    8. Watching a bunch Vinny Prospal goal Celebrations – I hope he has a big year, because I wanna buy a Prospal Jersey

  44. somerset, love that post! especially the obvious number…:)

    Tim….whoa buddy. I said phew cause I thought you all were talking about my guy for a moment, that’s all. Not gonna debate ARod (we have a blog for that!) and thanks for the “classy” comment, and I’m sorry you’re in a bad mood :(

    But, and I don’t say this lightly, bravo for taking on mama in a classy way, even though it was a misunderstanding :)

  45. Sorry, Mama, for the misunderstanding.

    However, I’m more pissed off at ddebened for the original comment, and now even moreso for the Andy’s father’s piss comment.


    90% of players in baseball cheated. Texas ARod aint the only one. He came to NY, righted his wrongs, admitted to his mistakes and moved forward. WHile Red Sox David Ortiz has remained silent on what he tested positive for, for over a year now. After he “promised” to find out.

    The last thing New York fans – Yankees, Mets, or Rangers – fans need to do is call ARod a cheater.

    Why? Because we would all be lucky to half the man ARod is – and I aint talking about his money.

  46. Attack Marc Savard. There’s a real cheater. He gets hit like the thousands before him, and the thousand that will get hit after him. And he holds pity party poo poo press conference to insult the guy and not accept the guy’s apology. If that aint cheating and classlessness, I dont know what is.

  47. Somerset-you’re crazy. So am I though. I may not be as optimistic as you in terms of all those points coming together, but I do like the team. And the directions it’s going.

    That article wasn’t written by wicky, so give him a brake. But talk about having a bad day, sheesh. The guy who wrote it needs antidepressants. Mrs is driving back so I read it on iPad. That’s the first time I can tell my wife it isn’t her fault for me being nauseous. Just to start with, his cap number is totally wrong.

  48. ilb, ha! Say hi to mrs. ilb for me.

    Tim, it’s all good. take deep breath and say, it’s only sports, then go take tiki for a nice walk :)

  49. Please ignore the bad things I’ve said today. There must be a full moon, because I feel off-the-wall crazy – and I don’t know why.

    Ya know what LW3H, Im going to say this once in a rational frame of mind, and probably never say it again. I truly think Savard is a classy person/player who did get cheap shotted by a known cheap shot artist. I, though, dislike players of a certain team which shall not be named, and also dislike the action of holding a pity party press conf. to insult a guy who apologized – whether the apology was contrite or not. I can, however, understand Savard still being angry at the guy and not being ready to accept an apology.

    Have a good day all, and once again, please forgive my stupidity.

  50. Tim/CR9 – you’re a bright guy but I have to laugh at how you forgive players on your teams while condemning players on other teams for lesser sins

    loyalty is one thing but how about some objectivity

    I’m not trying to antagonize you, just saying

  51. sorry, im laureling.

    ddebened – they’re my teams. that’s the point. I defend my teams. every Rangers fans should defend their team, no matter what. that’s what loyalty is.

    and for objectivity, Arod, Clemens, and Giambi never used with the Yankees. However, that’s the way the media portrays it. Only Pettitte used, and then only twice, to try and heal an injury.

    I’ve met Andy and talked with him about his faith. He is, without a doubt, one of the classiest men this world has to offer. He made a mistake, and he acknowledged and apologized for it. That’s more than David Ortiz ever did.


  52. Tim, if everybody here apologized for “stupidity” regularly, our hits would beat out Yankees blog 3 times over :)
    go for that tiki walk, it’ll do wonders….

    well, it’s definitely Sunday in the summer….:) what is it you say Cross Check, save me from thouselves???

  53. Good, thinky stuff there, ilb. And I twentieth the sentiment that Mama has (yet again) done a fabulous job holding the fort in the blogfather’s absence. She deserves all the chocolate shakes she wants :)

  54. Hey Mama, honestly don’t know who this Kovy guy is. Don’t mean to be rude but looking at your ‘Kitty bath time’ post you have some pretty masculine arms – I luv ya anyways.

  55. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    for all who read the article…. Like I said there was a topic for everyone in the article (didn’t say you would enjoy it). I thought most of it was gibberish as well, but I do think girardi should have been let go. My apologies though to everyone who lost precious minutes reading it.


    I am actually off of work for two days finally (after 7 in a row). So now I can do work around the house!

  56. The vascularity and Brachioradialis threw me, sorry -thought I was being cute but if she’s a trainer she’d probably take it as a compliment

  57. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    100 and here it is…..go slatipuss go!!!

    RT @KatieStrangNYI: The #Isles have officially bought out the last year of defenseman Brendan Witt’s contrac

  58. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    he’s costing the isles about 1.3 mil this season (I think) and 800k next year, Slats needs to get in there and pay him a mil or so for a couple of seasons to add some needed grit on the blueline.

  59. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    of course he is 35 I think, so that may change my mind a bit….let me re phrase this a bit….we need someone who plays like witt on the blueline (unless it is a very reasonable deal, not sure i would commit to a 35+ player)

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb , Vladislav Tretiak never flew under the radar. He was feared world wide and was touted as the greatest. He was so good he made the Hall of fame and his status is legendary. Tretiak was on a Russian team that dominated and he was mostly the focal point.
    Tretiak’s famous handshake with Gretzky is still shown as a time when the Best player in the world faced off against the best goalie in the world . Ken Dryen (I idolized) was the best to me but in reality Tretiak was “The best”.

    He was super -elite!!!

    BTW Good job , I knew ya had in in ya!!!

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at Mickey place :

    ” why the ( Carp) is my (Carp) mouse not ( Carp) working!!!!
    I ( Carp) pay good (Carp) money to have this (Carp) happen!!! Now… ( Carp ) ,Where is my (Carp) coffee (Carp) now!!!?? “

  62. Witt’s more like a -35 player than a 35+ player…

    Someone who plays like Witt did 5+ years ago, maybe. Someone who plays like the Witt who just got dumped by a team with one of the worst defense corps last year (and I have a hard time believing it was purely a financial move given the Isles cap floor situation)? No thanks.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at Mike’s place :

    ” yeahhh ( looking in the mirror ) you teh man mike!!!!” ( flexing his pecks wearing is super tight Bonehead tshirt ,one hand eatting a watermelon.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at Cr9 place :

    ” not as bubbley as Jaromirs but it’s still hot!!!!” (Tim looking in the mirror in a thong gone wrong!!!!!)

  65. No trolls today? Maybe I should post more often :-0. Scratch that…

    Thanks eveyone for your kind words. One thing I can tell I realized: thank God I don’t have to do it for a living!

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at Blogmomma’s :

    “Awwww he just piddled on the floor ….” ( she gives the puppy a doggie treat and says , ” Thats a good boy!!!”

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAA I better quit while im ahead!!!

    everyone loves a good roast!!

  68. Greg- you are dead on with MAMA (ahem, that’s how you should spell it btw). Except she doesn’t have dogs, only cats.

  69. Greg, are you spying on my when I’m at work? Cause that’s pretty much dead on for me when I first get there. LOL. Morning person I am not.

  70. lmfao

    Mike –
    flexing his pecks wearing his super tight Bonehead tshirt ,one hand eatting a watermelon.

    not as bubbley as Jaromirs but it’s still hot!!!!” (Tim looking in the mirror in a thong gone wrong!!!!!)

    Yes, keep going Greg

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I dunno what got into me guys . I figured if I stopped at Mickey , then she would have felt singled out so then I thought of our good buddy Mike teh man!!!

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This blog has tons of Characters with Character and its fun to poke fun at each other once in a while.

    ddeb , yeah I can see mike doing it right now!!! HAHAHAHAHAA youse guys are a riot!!!

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at Carp’s place:

    ” Good Morning Sally!!!!” ( 5:00am Our beloved Carp shouts out loud as he pops up from laying in bed ,rubbing his eyes as his wife is next to him muttering to herself why the (Carp)is he always calling me Sally? )

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Its funny , cuz ive made over 20 bets in the last 3 years here ,complained about the bloggers ,I whined that I lost the beard contest ,had numerous fights with others having them call me a stuiped idiot who can spell worth a Carp. I never went to the bonehead popalooza nor am I on the face book group. I dont live in Ny or ever have I seen a Ranger game. I have never wrote a guestblog and I had Sally once wanna pound me out for calling her boots ….umm you know.

    Funny I haven’t ever been banned or booted outta here!!!

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I love this placeeeee ahhhhhh!!!!

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at the Wickys:

    ” What do we want for Christmas ..everyone ????” ( Xmas eve at the wickies place as everyone is snuggled up to the fire with a hot chocolate as wicky is placing out the milk and cookies . His whole family reponds at the same time ,
    ” ..a hard hitting crease clearing defenseman dad !!!” )

    Wicky just smiles.

  77. Monday morning at Greg’s place. Bell rings. “Hi, I’m your new English teacher”

    Greg: “You better be good! The previous one must’ve been “stuiped” I took private English lessons for three years, still can’t spell carcillo!” :-)

    We love you, Greg!

  78. Anyone ever have Three Olives Cherry flavored Vodka? Wow- I’m mostly a beer drinker but it’s some nice stuff. Ummm , yeah I know it’s late and it’s a Sunday, so call me Olga.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    awww ilb , I didn’t do you out of respect for today is yer blog-day bro!!! It is yer day bro …today your day bro!!! Twas funny you making a reference to me and my weak spelling . Is it really that bad guys!!!!?? Highlariously hilarious!!!

    hmmm ddeb , no catch phrases ,no bad spelling ( some weak copy/pasting ) your kinda under the radar ’round here. Your contributions are always spot on too .

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …yeah everytime ya see Carp saying goodmorning sally , everyone will be picturing Carp quikly sitting up in bed yelling it like he was in a crazy dream or something !!!

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Life at CCCP’s place :

    ” I must break you .” ( CCCP calmly tells his wife in a Dolph Lungren voice to put down his coat cuz he’ll hang it up himself!!!! )

  82. First term “under radar” I heard serving in soviet military in special anti-aircraft division during Vietnam war .It was about F-4 Phantom which could fly as low as 100 ft. above the ground and was literally under existing radars at this time. Our task was to test totally new complex against it and to train so-called “advisers” who were going to Vietnam to help Vietcong to fight…life is strange.
    Ilya, you trigger so many associations, hockey’s and not. LOL .
    Good night everyone and thanks for good blog day.

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ilb- a very thought provoking post! Kudos. although I think you are russian your judgment a little.

    Sorry I’m late tonight. I just got back from my usual Sunday drive. And before all you smart guys get started- I do not drink and drive!

    I alternate. ;)

  84. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    Wow! How many conversations are there? You can really play mix n match with the last 10 posts or so…

  85. Ilya

    Great thread, man! I totally agree with you…you know…about the watermelon! Watermelon is my favorite thing to eat!

    I wasn’t a hockey fan back when they played…even if i wanted to i just wasn’t old enough…which is a shame, but Valery Kharlamov, Vladislav Tretiak, Boris Mikhailov, Vsevolod Bobrov (a super human) and Lev Yashin… are some of the greatest Soviet (and the World) athletes…names that cannot be forgotten!

  86. Life at Greg’s House—

    His entire room is covered with posters of Gretzky and posters of Saskatchewan…

    Greg is standing by the mirror wearing Zherdev’s jersey and nothing else…

    [to a mirror] “Would you crosby me? I’d crosby me. I’d crosby me hard.”

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Been blogging on the blog , boggled by bloggers who blog on the blog ‘s blog so they can blog on booze.

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I can’t believe ya making me larf over here CCCP !!! HHAAAA!! ewwww thats kinda gross man ..Crosby!! good one!!

  89. 4ever- How crazy is this world? Yes, life is strange. All disputes should be settled on the ice!

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    Life at Greg’s house-

    Mom: Greg, did you take your medication today? No? Well then you will just have to stay in your room handcuffed to the radiator again. You can play on the computer though. You can’t get in any trouble that way.

    Greg: Make sure you get me up for school tomorrow, Ma. I missed the short bus 3 times last week.

    Hi Greg! Up late again?

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ve been hitting pop flies out to the Mets outfielders all afternoon, just to see if those dumb as Saskatchewan…

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Boogaard was born in Saskatchewan.
    ( beuty sentence)

    I have to admit …the handcuffs make it hard to type . It was the short bus who was late , cuz im always on time!!??

    Greg loves CCCP more :)

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Btw , Chicago’s team is BORING .

    Rangers have new players and new rookies to watch .

    Chicago has subracted players.

    Chicago ( not being bias) is a joke and honestly I care care two Shizzles about that Garbage club . No disrespect to the champs but when you unload that kinda will NEVER REPEAT CHAMPS.

    ILL bet you $50 Chicago won win the cup .

    You ‘d be a fool to take that bet.

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    That they WONT win it . Ever again till you die.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    I knew it. Just saying “Chicago” to Greg is like poking at a badger in a cage with a stick.

    Look at him go!

  96. Olga – I’ll be a prick

    Your post the other day:

    Challenge 2- FIRE SATHER. This is the critical first step. Replace him with Shoenfeld. Then take the Chicago Black Hawks, move them to NY, and replace Niemi with Lundqvist, Byflugen with Avery and Versteeg with Dubinsky. Keep Tortorella and have Messier stuffed and put in the MSG Lobby wearing his beloved #11.

    Byfuglien and Versteeg aren’t Blackhawks any more. Just saying.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, Mama’s instructions were that we had to have Lundqvist, Avery and Dubinsky on the team. So I had to get them on the team somehow, without losing any more Chicago players. Byfuglien and Versteeg were already gone, so Avery and Dubi were their replacement.

    That’s what I meant.

    Wouldn’t Mess look good hanging in the MSG Lobby for all time?

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    Todd White? Is he going to be the 35 year old first line center we never wanted?

    And another of the Rangers Yutes gets on the bus to Hartford…

  99. He’s got a large cap number for only having one good season recently. Maybe they want Redden, but his is so much more. You have to figure on some money going the other way if this is true.

  100. Chris Says SELL SELL SELL on

    mirtle Thrashers centre Todd White has been traded to the Rangers, according to @Russotrib.


  101. Greg

    You are one of a kind bro! You should be a comedian!

    Funny story – which I’ll repost tomorrow – a few weeks ago, i had just picked up dog poo in the house and was walking to throw it way, i stopped to look in the mirror and admire myself, and my then gf, now ex says “Look at that sexy guy carrying dog shit around” to poke fun that I was admiring myself!

  102. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    he had 73 points 2 years ago….did he centre kovi there? I wonder if saltipuss is trying to find a centre for gabby on the cheap?? Just wondering. I wish he would have got valabik from them as well!

  103. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    this in

    Watch for Rangers cap dump , allowing the space to sign M.Staal and UFA Willie Mitchell…very interesting, it could be bye Rozsival

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    Todd White was a part of the Ottawa Senators Non-Cup Dynasty. Redden should be happy with the news.

    Wow! Drury type stats! Future Captain?

  105. Why would anybody say Roszival is gone? It’s surely Redden.

    And why is salary heading Atlanta’s way?

    Also, is Willie Mitchell any good? What position?

  106. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    I hope it isn’t redden, i’d rather rozy go and still bury redden!

  107. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    if it’s dubi someone call 9-1-1 and get them to the picker’s house (i’m sure it isn’t dubi)!

  108. Olga, huh?

    Who is Todd White? Is he any good? I just saw that now? Does Roszival seem like the type of player that would fit with White’s former team?

  109. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    mitchell is a d man that hits…WELL. He can also play a pretty gritty game, but is coming off of a concussion. played for the canucks, and I think he is the one that leveled toews or kane last season of the hawks with that big centre ice hit!

  110. so, assuming the guy is signed to play, that means

    Staal/Girardi as a pair

    MDZ and Gilroy as probables. And Roszival and Mitchell.

    We got Eminger earlier, so he or one of the others would be a 7th Dman

  111. we have way too many forwards right w/o MZA and potential youth (which at this point i highly doubt that any of them be on this team)… it has to be a forward going the other way


  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mitchell is coming off of a concussion? Wasn’t Boogaard the same damaged goods?

    Sather has been visiting the scratch and dent sales already. I think Slats is rebuilding Hartford with Ranger yutes.

  113. Olga Folkyerself on

    I hope it isn’t Dubinsky going. Nose picker will be all over it, right up to the elbow.

  114. Plus we also have the Mcdonagh sp? kid.

    So this is definitely, thankfully, the end of the line for Redden. I guess I can still be won over by Roszival. I always thought Roszi had skill shooting the puck, and if he was not so afraid to take a hit, he could be a pretty good CREASE CLEARING dman. Is it possible that Glen Sather has figured out how to get the team on the right track.

    Somebody else mentioned it the other day on my guest post, I dont remember who, but they were 100% right. The Rangers really need an identity that needs to be stuck to.

    Sure, we’ve had some great players in the past decade, the Jagr and the LQ, but there’s never been any consistency in any building of the team. Maybe this is the start.

  115. This will be good move for #nyr and Todd White. White’s good, versatile player. One has to think former #mnwild GM Doug Risebrough endorsed.

    Ok, so White is a center. We already have Dubi, Anisimov, and Christensen. Even Aves centers. Is it possible that Bostonian Boyle is on his way out the door?!

  116. Kinda late for trade news, no? What’s the matter? Sather suffers from insomnia?

    Some people count ship to fall asleep…

    Sather trades someone.

  117. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather trades in his sleep. He doesn’t count sheep, but he does get fleeced.

  118. unconfirmed speculation on the Todd White deal is that Atlanta are taking on salary (from Joe Fortunato).

    If Todd White is a $2.35m cap hit then that only leaves a few options (unless its a multiple player deal): Roszival, Redden or Drury (or recently signed Dan Girardi, but thats unlikely). Also all 3 have some sort of NTC, the 2 R’s can list 8 teams they cant be traded to apparently, did Roszi forget Atlanta?

    Without White Atlanta have 17 players signed and are $5m below the cap floor at $38.4m although i’d imagine they have their own internal cap in the $45-50m range so won’t be taking too much on.

  119. Good morning, boneheads!

    Can’t find anything about who’s going back. Everyone seems to think it’s a salary dump. White is a center who can also play left wing. He is 35 and entering his last year of a 4-year deal. He will make $2.6M this year and his cap hit is $2.375M. His contract doesn’t qualify for 35 and above.

  120. …another reason ATL would sound like a good fit for Roszival is that he is due $4m and $3m, but carries a higher cap valuation ($5m per) so that would help them get above the cap floor without taking on the matching payroll.

    White on the other hand has a $2.6m salary but a $2.35m cap hit – the opposite of Roszival.

    After all this watch it turn out to be for a 3rd round draft pick and/or a minor leaguer or something!!

  121. Tim

    It wasn’t that Rozi couldn’t shoot…it has always been that he DIDN’T shoot, he lofted shots at the net…there has always been a noticeable timidity factor in just about everything he did. I believe it was Jagr factor.

    He became so enthralled by the presence of Jagr that he lost all inclination to shoot hard from the point ( or anywhere else for that matter,) because he was always trying to locate Jagr ( wherever he happened to be). It was painfully obvious..many times he had a great bead on the net, and you could see his head swiveling around looking for the great man. He never got over it.

  122. Justa thought on NTC’s:

    If you have a limited NTC and can name 8 teams you dont want to play for do you:
    a) list the 8 worst teams in the league (ATL/NYI etc)
    b) list the 8 teams with the worst travel schedule (LA, SJS, DAL etc)
    c) list the teams in the worst places to live for you/your family
    d) list the teams in cities without major international airports (CBJ, BUF, NAS)
    e) list the teams in cities with the worst weather


    For me its a) without a doubt, but who knows what factors into it?

  123. Morning all!

    Todd White, eh? Can it be Redden going the other way? Please, oh please!!

  124. Sather trades for an over-the-hill, 35 year old center that scored a whopping 7 goals last season. Yup, put him on the top line because there’s no one else in the organization that can take the #1 center spot and score with that frequency.

  125. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Well It wasnt Rosi or Redden, but Sather Dumping baby Brashear who did nothing here, and Rissmiller who we never shoudl have signed for Todd White is nto a bad trade

  126. HA HA … I told you Brash was going to the ATL – Not to be racist, but they are stocking up on black players to appeal to their audience

    Actually, it’s a good PR stunt really

    Awesome trade by Slats !!!!

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather continues to trade much better than anything else that he does. I can’t believe he dumped Brashaear’s cap hit. White is headed straight for the minors. In terms of dollars, the Rangers will be paying 200k more, but our cap hit will drop by 1.3 million. Small move, big impact.

  128. i think this trade makes it even more obvious redden going to hartford…
    brashear was taking up 1.4 million in cap space even though in hartford while rismiller was not counting against the cap
    and the rangers took on 2.6 million in White. Unless the Rangers plan on sending White to Hartford where he wont count towards the cap, the Rangers are going to have even less cap room with no way Redden can fit.

  129. Thanks Doodie for explaining why we would trade 2 for 1 for a 35 year old to go into the minors. It’s a cap thing?

  130. Just like any great team, you build with kids, and then add a superstar, at that point, you get close enough to give them the “taste” of success. Then you add one other superstar/leader, and win the whole thing. This team is probably a year maybe 2 of getting the first taste, so probably 3 till they really make some noise.

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