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C is for Hank

It’s been a tough couple of years for our Blueshirts, and it’s been even tougher for the Garden faithful. Every thing this proud franchise has worked for since its existence seems to be unraveling before our eyes, yet we’re too loyal of a fan base to look away.

The end of the 2009-10 campaign was a microcosm of the whole season. Had we won just one or two more games, this may not have happened, but our hearts were torn in two watching our Rangers fall in a shootout. There was no emotion in their game, no heart: just empty eyes all around the bench. The only emotion we saw from our team was the anger and frustration of our goalie Henrik Lundqvist, an anger that should’ve fired up the rest of the team but didn’t (not even Torts could wake this team up). Where are our leaders? Where are the Rangers we once knew?

There are hundreds of things wrong with this Rangers team. They need more offense, better defense, better coaching, and better management. Yet, the one thing they need more than anything is a true leader – a leader who embraces his team, his city, and is not afraid to carry both on his shoulders. In 1994, the Rangers had four of these caliber players (you know who they are): Leech, Graves, Richter, and Messier. They were New York, and they were true Blueshirts; they bled red, white, and blue. It’s no coincidence that they’re numbers are forever immortalized in the rafters above our heads at the Garden. These guys were our guys. They had the “it” factor, and they knew what a proud franchise this team is.

Where are these types of players now? Well, while we may not have four of them, there is one person that shines and plays his guts out in EVERY game. Whether or not the team in front of him is alive, this man plays his heart out through thick and thin, just like the previous mentioned players. This man is Henrik Lundqvist, and the only thing missing for him is a capital “C” on the top right of his sweater.

How many times do we watch games and think, “What more can Henrik do?” This man has stood on his head for this team numerous times, so much so that he is physically and mentally drained by the time March comes around, and it’s so frustrating to me that the players in front of him can’t do the same back.

Chris Drury, your time as captain is up. Give Hank the “C”, because he can handle the pressure and the spotlight that Drury obviously can’t. This is something that is long overdue! The man is becoming a legend in New York, but if we’re not careful, he may become more appreciated somewhere else. Why give him the C? Not only does he have the numbers to back it up, he is the embodiment of a Ranger and a true leader. Plus, Henrik knows what it’s like to win a championship — he’s been there. Hank carried a whole country on his shoulders during the 2006 Olympics, proving that he is born for this opportunity.

Hank loves this city, and the city loves him back; we believe in our goalie, and he believes in us. This city deserves a new hero, and Lundqvist can be our red, blue, and white knight. So, listen up John Tortorella: it’s time for a change. Make this a proud franchise and dominating force once again. Make Henrik Lundqvist — our franchise man and New York hockey’s sweetheart — the 26th team captain of the New York Rangers, and let him lead our team the way he deserves to.

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  1. Good post, yergs!
    The ‘Nucks started that trend, I don’t why the Rangers can’t do it.

  2. Beautifully written yergs

    Precedent? I may be mistaken about this, but wasn’t Montreal’s great goaltender Ken Dryden also captain of that team?

  3. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    The Rangers problems run deeper than who wears the C.
    A winning team has many behind the scene leaders , players who come up big in the clutch like Hank, but the rangers seem to live or die with the success of Hank , you depend on one player.

    One of the biggest problems is the coaches Doghouse.
    A player makes a gaffe and has a place in the doghouse, not a healthy way to inspire confidence and a winning attitude in players.
    What the doghouse does is, foster an attitude of under achieving for fear of making a mistake and losing ice time
    but instead gaining a seat in “the chateau bow wow” as JD used to say.

    So , the whole organization is out of whack , from the owners on down.
    The trouble is the rangers organization has always been a mediocre entity. 4 cups in 80 plus years .I understand not all professional teams win with the frequency of Montreal, the Yankees, Celtics, Lakers, Steelers etc.
    So, the rangers are what they are until their turn comes around again, but , this regime of owners , gm and coaches

  4. We need a leader who believes in us?

    Lundqvst believes in us?

    What does that even mean?

  5. 9pb2001

    Thanks for the heads up…Bill Durnan indeed – I didn’t know it had gone back that far. I recall him well…big guy…ambidextrous..outstanding goal tender in an era when many goalies were ah, “tiny” by comparison.

    You know speaking of female hockey fans…when I was early on dating my wife, Took her to a hockey game at the old New Haven arena to see the Blades play. She sat there in the hustle and bustle and noise, and seemed a bit lost. I made mention of a great move with the puck that a player made, and she replied “what’s a puck”. I replied that it was that little back disk on the ice. She still looked perplexed, and she finally said that it’s a fast and furious game, but what is the object of the game?

    I then explained in detail. Then a bit embarrassed she let on that she didn’t have her glasses on, never saw the puck,
    only the constant dashing around the ice and banging each other around. (Almost broke a beautiful courtship then and there with my insane laughing,)

  6. Some story, Fran. Bet you your life together deserves a book. My parents will celebrate 59th anniversary this year. The number is difficult to even imagine, but they both agree it all went like one memorable short moment.

  7. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    nicely written

    morning to you (and everyone else)

    Just read the witt tweet again and oops!! Islanders are buying him out…HMMMMM!
    Just for CCCP, we should sign him as soon as they do to a prospal like deal!

    Have a great day to the fishing heads out there and everyone else, off to work.

    Later assens!

  8. Is Lundqvist not already a/the de facto leader of the team though? I’m not particularly averse to the concept, but I can’t imagine it would have much of an impact on results.

    As maligned as Drury is (and I’m not his biggest fan either), he does play hard. To me, a lack of talent and organisational foresight is holding the team back more than any huge deficiency in leadership.

  9. ilb
    Are you posting from your fishing boat? My hat off! Celebrating my B.Day with myself late, I notice you were still on around 2 or 3 AM. That requires really good health, dedication and spirit, my friend. Kudos.

  10. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    IIRC goalies dont become captains because of all the interruptions/explanations/captain stuff (for lack of a better term) that needs to be done by a captain, and goalies usually prefer to be in rhythm in their net.

  11. Good morning all! Geez, do you guys ever sleep!?

    yergs, excellent post. ilb tells me I missed a typo, sorry, but that’s what happens when you make mama post/read after midnight :) I’ll fix later, but right now it’s off to enjoy a glorious day, which I’ve already overslept in.

    ilb, your post last night brought tears to my eyes…say hi to the fish. All 3 of them :)

  12. Goalies should never wear the ‘C’…don’t they have enough pressure on them? didn’t vancouver regret doing this with Luongo? This would be a terrible idea, but good job on the effort.

    -mao jr.-

  13. Onepoint, good point about the coach’s doghouse. Torts is personally responsible for the Rangers not getting the one point needed to make the playoffs due to his season-long need to punish players first, and not put the players needed to win the game on the ice, in order to prove he was in charge. This egomaniac puts himself first, and proves it in every press conference. He’d rather destroy a player’s career than admit he made a mistake.

  14. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Nice post Yergs! I wouldn’t mind seeing the C on Lundqvist, if it doesn’t distract his goaltending, and he wants it. Drury sure isn’t doing anything with it. He’s the worst Captain in a long time.

    I think Sather purposely cuts the heart out of Ranger players with his high salary mercenaries taking the place of home grown “true-blue” Rangers. Then playing hardball with the yutes to keep the salaries down. Sather and Tortorella are the ones killing the spirit.

  15. Goalies are not allowed to be captains of their teams this is in the NHL rulebook.

    Rule Book Section 2 rule 6 subsection 6.1

    No playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be
    permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain

    This is why they had trouble in Vancouver last year with trying to name Luongo Captain

  16. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    Worst Captain in awhile? Why? Because he doesn’t score alot of goals?

    If that’s your sole reason, I can buy it. But you can’t tell me guys don’t respect him in the locker room. He lays it on the line night in and night out, doing whatever Torts asks of him, including going out on the 3rd and 4th line and killing penalties.

    Effort is not the problem with Drury. And no he’s not the yeller or screamer, and his interviews are boring. But he leads by example with his play. He just doesn’t score enough for most of you to like him.

    NY likes the brash, loud talking guys like Jeremy Shockey, or the smooth talkers like Joe Namath, or for guys to flat out bleed for us like Messier.

    Jagr was a great player for us… but a great captain? He didn’t even want the ‘C’. Then he took it after management pressed him, and sure he joked with the media, and scored goals… but did he lead?

  17. Gift of Gab,

    Dont you EVER insult the Jaromitrio like that! Got it?! Did he lead? He carried the team on his back and his juicy rump game in and game out. At 35+ years old, he was the best player on the team, and made everyone else around him better, except for Gomer. The guy laid his body on the line every game, even after nearly being decapitated in the 2006 Olympics by Jarkko Ruutu.

  18. do not want my goalie to be captain. however, Drury is not the guy either. Drury is a complementary player. iow, he should be getting a 3rd line salary, and playing a checking line role, and NOT be the captain mainly because he is NOT a communicator. I don’t want a silent sam , a dour sam, a sour sam to be the leader of this team. I want an upbeat communicator with a personality who also outworks everyone on the ice to lead the team

    Dreary was born without a personality

  19. Doubled- yup. Durnan rule. Introduced after 48 season. That’s why Luongo wears small C on his mask, not on his jersey.

  20. The truth is, we have very little knowledge of what is really going on in the locker room. And who is the true leader. Few words come out, get blown out of proportion by media and after that even more so by us, fans.

  21. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    I don’t care who the capt is.
    And the point is for the rangers it doesn’t matter.

    The goal is to win the cup, so if you think that by making Hank the capt is bringing the cup you’re wrong , they don’t have the talent .
    It isn’t that they have the talent but lack the direction and leadership. They lack all three.

  22. Look at the Rangers ’94 roster. I count 11 guys that had previously been to the Cup finals one or more times.

    As much as it makes for great copy, one player does not carry a city or a country.

    Successful teams have multiple leaders as well as players that don’t need to be lead, they know what they need to do – regardless of the size of their role.

    Be it just be a guy who’s a healthy scratch most nights – but doesn’t bitch, practices hard and will be ready if called upon.

    The core of this team is young. Of the vets how many would you consider a strong personality AND a positive presence? IMO this looks like a very tough team to ‘captain’.

    The team is full of players that that are hitting the point where they are considered (young) veteran players. They’ll need to collectively take ownership of the team.

    I personally think the ‘letter’ thing is overplayed. As much as I respect Drury, his personality might not be the best for this team if you’re looking for Knute Rockne-like speeches.

    But for a young team I think his professionalism, selflessness and leading by example will serve them well in the long run.

    ilb- good point,yes, much of what we ‘know’ is assumption

  23. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    Jagr wanted the team to revolve around him Tim. That’s not leading.

    I like Jagr, i love the offense he brought, i like that he wanted the puck all the time. But that is not leading, that’s looking out for yourself.

    Made everyone around him better? I don’t quite agree. Certain players benefeited from being on his line, but there were no breakout players because of Jagr.
    Only complimentary players.
    Players to help Jagr score goals.

    I can think of a word for that…. Selfish.

  24. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    gift o
    agree with you 100%. Been saying that same thing for a long time. You will take a lot of heat rounds here though for speaking the truth about jagr, so be prepared!

  25. Someone posted a tweet by GCaggiano the other day

    On his website Greg Caggiano has an interview he did with former General Manager and current Senior Vice President of the Detroit Red Wings, Jimmy Devellano

    GC: What’s your opinion on Lundqvist?

    JD: Oh he’s fine, but you have to win playoff rounds to be great *. You can’t dump that all on his shoulders, and I’m not trying to do that, but you have to win playoff games to get the proper praise, as the best way to put it, like the Brodeur’s have done and even Chris Osgood for what he has done over the years.


    Now I’m not trying to bash Hank – I like him. I want him as my goalie, but let him win something before we make him a knight , a king or a god.

    * He said ‘great’ but meant ‘elite’.

  26. Jagr led by caring and trying. he gave it his all, i don’t know about anywhere else where he was knocked but here he was a real leader…in my opinion.

    You need a captain like Messier or Jagr who can lead in scoring too because they understand the game more than other guys and demand everyone try to play up to their level.

    Now we have a bunch of guys playing at Drury’s level.

  27. Who cares aboot the Cpataincy. Leaders don’t need a stupid letter to lead.

    We have more problems than the Captaincy. With all the money we’re giving out, how is Sullivan going to have enough money for his monthly hair gel? These are issues that *need* to be solved.

  28. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    no, I didn’t. Not sure if it was all time players or just from current nhl players (saw a little of both when mama asked for them). after doing the conference alignments, just didn’t have time to do the roster.

  29. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!) on

    I have to head back to work, so if you tell me the criteria for the roster, I can try to do one later this afternoon!

    Off to work again, later assens!

  30. No problem.

    lol Just yesterday it hit me “WTB is Amberlamps?” Google is great, found it in 7.7 seconds.

    Too funny

  31. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    When Jagr wasn’t on the ice…we sucked.
    That’s not making players better, that’s putting all your eggs in one line(basket) and hoping for the best.

    2005-06 was the best season for Jagr as a Ranger, he went for 54-69-123.
    Straka 22-54-76
    Nylander 23-56-79

    That was also the flash in the pan year for Prucha where he scored 30 goals, then never did it again(i know i know healthy scratch)

    After the top line, there is a big dropoff in points and production.

    So the only thing he was leading, was the stat columns.
    Let us not forget… HE DIDN’T WANT THE ‘C’.

    You can defend him all you want, i’m not buying Jagr as a good captain.
    Great individual player… that’s where it stops.

  32. Dale Weise-

    Last 5 years

    Swift Current Broncos -WHL 3 seasons, goals scored 4, 18, 29

    Step up in level to Wolfpack AHL 2 seasons, goals 11 and 28 last year

    Have to love the consistent progress. For a 4th round hard-nosed, energy guy with size – this gets me excited.

    A guy that doesn’t accept his grade as the limit to his potential, perhaps.

    I’m looking forward to see what this season has in store for him; what he has in store for this season might be more appropriate because IMO he’s someone who’s taking control of his future.

  33. ilb

    Your folks were right on. We were just two depression age kids who found one another and it was us against the world.

    We were both broke, but working. ( the things I did to make a living)…the worse was walking through the swamps of lower New Jersey with an 80 lb tank of crude oil on my back and hip boots spraying the swamps to kill mosquitos. Easily the pits of all the jobs I ever had..paid well though.

  34. Fran- Your wife to be let her vanity get in the way trying to impress you, missed a good game. lol good story



    Like I said, I think the captain thing is a bit over played/over hyped. I’m not denying the importance of leadership. Making players better- both Straka and Nylander had some of their better statistical years while being towards the end of their careers, no less. Should he make the back up goalie better too. I don’t know. Just saying, could anyone ever live up to the legend that is Messier, ( And I love Mess and I’m not a HUGE Jagr fan)

  35. And you know what, being that this Captain thing is such a big deal to so many fans – Messier should somehow come out and casually make a statement minimizing his ‘Captaincy’ stressing the leadership within the team. It could lessen the burden of future ‘C’s’. He’d be putting the Rangers before his legacy, but practice what you preach. Realistically it would probably just add to his ‘cachet’ anyway.

  36. Like someone else said, Jagr led by caring and trying, putting his body on the line every night. Yes, there were some nights he took off, but that was because of his age. Same thing with Jeter today. He takes some games/ABs off, probably due to injury/age.

    Jagr did make everyone on his line better. You can’t blame Jagr for the team putting all their proverbial eggs in one basket with his line. You just can’t.

    He did indeed make his linemates better. He made Nylander, and we saw what Nylander has been without him. Jagr was not just about scoring, but also distributing.

  37. Messier set a standard for captaincy in, um, the year that shall not be named, that because of unique and amazing circumstances will never be able to be matched again.

    It’s obviously an important role (as are the A’s I might add) but it’s also a very amorphous one….how you define a great captain depends on so many things, but ultimately, it’s not what we think but the players on the team, ours included.

    So my ultimate intelligent answer to the question of captaincy is, who the hartnell knows…:)

    Off for now…see ya later….TA!

  38. Nylander was as fun as it gets on the SO. Slowly serpentining? in for the strike. I don’t recall how did Jagr do in SO’s? Anyone know??

  39. LMAO @ Jagr and SO. He wanted as much to do with it as with his girlfriend’s parents.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , Captain is a big deal. Only in hockey is the Captain the pure focal point of the club. The captain leads by example or has a boisterous voice in the dressing room. A captain is the player BETWEEN the coach and the player. The captain in hockey usually goes to the guy who cares about the team the most.

    Jagr cared and he carried us. What else should he have done?
    When the coach says whos doing the shoot out, only the captain has “pull” to say anything about it.

    Does Hank care about the Rangers or is it he cares about his Win loss record? Peeps say Hank cares so much but all I see is a selfish goalie who was drafted in the late rounds that bitches about his defense all the time. His “weak” or “soft” goals are HIS fault. Don’t mix up his anger for passion and caring cuz last time I looked NO goalie likes being scored on. How dumb is it when yer Captain lets in a few weak goals then gets the hook?

    The “C” belongs on a young vet. I’d say Duninsky and let him “ride” with it. The C would do wonders for him , I’m willing to see if it does.

    ddeb , the Captain is the first one to touch the Stanley Cup .

  41. The goalie is the last person who needs to have a C. They need 100% concentration on the crease and stopping the puck, not having to think about skating out to argue a penalty with the ref. And how do you have a captain sitting on the bench when the back up goalie is in for a few games??

    Now having said that, I do agree that on many nights it dis seem like Hank was the only player who cared to give total effort for 60 minutes.

    I’m on the fence about stripping drury of the C. As obvious as it is that he really does care, I think it’s just as obvious that the game has passed him by and he can no longer lead by example. I think callahan is a really good candidate or dubi if his game progresses to a higher or more consistent level.

  42. Greg, Greg, Greg. For somebody so unrelentingly positive towards everything Rangers, your ongoing distaste for Lundqvist is more than a little bizarre.

    “Bitches about his defense all the time”? Really? Aside from the time he lost that shutout in Tampa and when he pulled himself from a game – which were both dealt with pretty quickly and were hardly a big deal – I can’t think of much that fits the description over five years. Nor do I remember him not accepting responsibility for weak goals (unlike Maaarty…)

    Even if he did just care about his stats (which I seriously doubt), I’m guessing there aren’t many games that he wins that the Rangers lose. But I haven’t checked the stats on that one.

  43. Greg-

    Working backwards.

    Don’t tell me anyone cares more than Drury.

    One of the reasons he’s not a dynamic personality ( besides the fact that he’s not naturally a dynamic personality) is because he cares and he feels responsible that he hasn’t gotten it done. IMO

    ‘Player between the coach and the player’ – I think he has the respect of both

    Leads by example – blocks shots, gives his all never complained regardless of being demoted

    My captain would not crave to be the focal point.

    boisterous, NO

    How come no one ever mentioned Gabby as a Captain?

  44. *Devils Fan Busted By FBI For Being a Russian Spy*

    It makes perfect sense that a fraudulent character would be a fan of the Devils. That’s the New Jersey Devils, and the perp just got busted for being a Russian spy.

    His name is Mikhail Semenko and he is a 28-year-old Seton Hall graduate who loves the New Jersey Devils, Ilya Kovalchuk and trying to become a Russian spy. The FBI nailed him during a sting operation which recorded this phone call:

    “Could we have met in Beijing in 2004?” asked an undercover FBI agent, that was posing as a member of the Russian government.

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    Semenko was busted in what the FBI says is one of the largest espionage takedowns in recent U.S. history.

  45. LW3H
    Wasn’t there some stuff about Shanahan giving Hank a lecture about not complaining about the team to the press a few years back?

  46. Speaking as a fan from 1962 to date, after reading this article, my conclusion is that you are hardup for material.

  47. Who is CR9? Isn’t is possible that there’s another Jaromir lover that appreciates his fine derriere?

  48. 3CP – Are you a US citizen? Do you swear you allegiance to the United States of America? (bonehead honor, crossed fingers don’t count)

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Callahan has Frolov’s #24!!! ” … says Greg L.
    July 31st, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    The “C” belongs on a young vet. I’d say Duninsky and let him “ride” with it. The C would do wonders for him , I’m willing to see if it does.

    greg – this is your worst post ever and that is saying something. the guy was a holdout and he’s not even a good player. trade dubinsky .

  50. BlueBlood
    Don’t remember (and can’t find) anything specifically – maybe around the time of that Tampa game? – but could well have happened. I’d still maintain anything like that has been few and far between and pretty much restricted to his first couple of years in the NHL. Greg’s characterisation certainly ain’t the player I recognise.

  51. LW3H

    Can’t find it either, maybe I hallucinated it. Either way, it would have been early in Hank’s career – agreed. I also don’t think it matters who has the C – Hank and Avery and Rosie supposedly called a meeting last year and what good did it do? Got to have players who care about the team and are willing to follow a leader. Also think its possible that the temprament of Torts could be deflating and hard to live with for some guys. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

  52. Stephen –

    I don’t get it , I’m trying to hear ya but Dubi JUST turned 24 and is 3rd on the team in scoring. WTF is your problem with him ? Spill it. Be Specific.

    Have you looked at that draft?

  53. the fact that anyone ANYONE could be so bold as to want dubinsky to be captain says it all. why just because we drafted him. sorry the sooner he is traded the better.

    when i see posts like gregs the nose picker will reply. i certainly do not want that holdout as captain of my team.

  54. Olga Folkyerself on

    An arbitrator set Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Antti Niemi’s salary at $2.75 million on Saturday. The Hawks offered the arbitrator $1.5 million and the Niemi camp came in at $4 million, according to sources familiar with the case.

    Half way between. The NHL doesn’t need an arbitrator, they just need a calculator.

  55. i play in a B league in Houston and I was stripped of my captaincy and league gave it to my goalie. bad idea. fool does not know what he is doing/ can’t even stop a curling stone.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky is the ideal choice for Captain . I’ll give you a reason doofus when you tell me why we should trade an elusive power forward whos dominates the puck in the other teams zone. A forward who will fight and will hit. He is what a NYR Ranger should be!!! Messier held out …Dubi may have held out but hes here and should be the top choice as captain.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LW3H , yeah im a little hard on Hank . He is homegrown and I’ll try to ease up on him.

  58. HockeymanRangers on

    Very very good write up yergs, one of the best so far. Well since Carp has been out of coarse, the blogfather. (bow bow) I really like the idea, Hank is no doubt a leader and would be a great Captain. Yes they need to improve in other ways but a lot good things happen when you start playing with some heart, and Hank just might be able to get the boys to do that. I have never liked Drury as a captain, and he might play better if you took the C away from him. Yes I would really like to see this happen this year. What are the chances???

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah doofus , I do find myself laughing when you say trade Dubinsky . Its actually quite funny to be honest . I don’t like you picking on CCCP as you do but the way you pop in a say ” trade Dubinsky” is a riot. You don’t upset me , I see you as a court jester type.

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Olga , seriously now…WHO CARES what Chicago has/is or ARE doing. WRONG blog. Did you screw up and post on the wrong blog!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thats a riot!!!

  61. OLga …

    I said the same thing last nite about NHL arbitration.

    They always just “split the difference” – I dont get why anyone even bothers to go to arbitration at this point.

    And a bigger issue is why does it take the arbitrator 2 days to do that simple math?? RIDICULOUS !!!

    I got $500 bucks that says the Kovalchuk Arbitrator just makes the Salary 6 million a year for the full 17 years … Cap Hit stays the same for NJ and the 6 million a year gives calls Kovalchuk “bluff” about playing out the entire 17 year contract

  62. Ah, the usual late night fun here begins early I see. I feel bad for the summer weekend guest bloggers :)

    On that note, the infamous Ukranian fisherman doctor himself…ilb….is up tomorrow before the blogfather comes home.

    Greg…why dew ewe insite peeple sew? (ha ha ha!!!)

  63. Setoguchi is going to be the next Cheechoo – 65 points 2 seasons, down to 36 points last season.

    Luckily for SJ this was his contract year and they only had to pay him 1.8 to re-sign him

  64. greg doesn’t want the rangers to ever win the cup if he wants dubinsky as captain. trade the bum now. the team will never win the cup with him.

  65. Ah, somerset, I was thinking you about when I read this post earlier, re: Hankk

    “Even if he did just care about his stats (which I seriously doubt), I’m guessing there aren’t many games that he wins that the Rangers lose. But I haven’t checked the stats on that one.”

    I read stats, I think, “somerset!”

  66. Mama,

    I hope it was not my comment about you hooking up with Avery that drove you away last night? If so, sorry.

  67. And nobody is going to respond to this:


    Who is CR9? Isn’t is possible that there’s another Jaromir lover that appreciates his fine derriere?

  68. um, Hank has one k in is name, I’m aware.

    np, you and Olga must be related. “fire sather” “trade dubinsky” yada yada yada

  69. Mama, its funny you say that right after I make a post about Setoguchi’s stats …. what great timing

  70. well, my baby daughter cant stop coughing in her sleep and woke up again … I’ll be back later peoples

  71. yeesh. good luck friend, and what a good daddy, off to tend to little somerset!

    all, niters…..see ya tomorrow. enjoy your late night gibberish. TA!

  72. on the flip side — without this type of player, the rangers are becoming less important to me. There is no one I am really respecting as a man on this team right now.

    Hank is as close as it gets, but even he isn’t feeling True Blue these days. I think its because he’s a goalie (and not Richter). Helping a team to not lose is not the same as helping them win.

  73. Russian spies, cr9’s secret identity and an argument to give a goalie the captaincy. Ahh summer, why dost thou mock me.

    Are olga and/or orr around? I’m buzzed and need someone to argue with.

  74. there are more russian spies than devils fans

    the devils fan/spy bought a 17 year season ticket, but Bettman ruled it violated league rules.

  75. Thanks for the comments guys, it’s really interesting to hear what you all have to say! While I firmly believe that Hank could lead this team, Dubi would not be a bad choice. I still think he has a lot to learn about being a leader and being a team player in this league. In due time though, i definitely believe he can be captain. Thanks again guys, and thanks Carp for this heck of an opportunity!

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yergs , ya did a good job even though I do not agree.

  77. chuk schreier on

    A golaie can be the captain of the team he is just not allowed to wear a letter on his jersey that is why Luongo wears the C on his mask

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