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The female sports fan (hockey included)

I’m going a little off the topic of the Rangers here, but they’re here, just in a round-about way.

One of the most interesting and fun aspects of being a part of the family here at Ranger Report is that I’m one of only a handful of females, or “blogettes,” if you will. It leads to some unique exchanges at times. Yet, I’ve never felt disparaged because of my gender and, in fact, I’ve always felt welcome here. That has not always been the case, whether in an on-line forum/blog like this or in person at a bar or any gathering.

I’ve been a sports fan for most of life and the reactions I’ve gotten have ranged from puzzled to insulting to welcoming. Those are just from the various guys I’ve encountered and known over the years, which is what I want to focus on. And for the record, this is NOT going to be a post where I bash guys; I just want to talk about my experiences as a female, self-proclaimed sports nut.

When I was younger, I was just a baseball fan (the Mets in particular) and for the most part, the reactions I got were of the ‘awww, how adorable’ kind. At the time, those comments never bothered me, but then when I got to high school, I became a Rangers and hockey fan. That was when I started really getting into the games, learning stats and which players were on various teams and becoming more knowledgeable about both hockey and baseball. By my college years, I was a full-fledged sports nut and could keep up a conversation about anything sports related.

That was when the more “interesting” comments began cropping up. There has never been anything particularly negative said towards me when I mention that I’m a sports fan. More of the surprised reaction is what I get, especially when I start arguing with a fellow fan about why the trap was bad for hockey or why Player X is not a good fit for the team. It’s after those types of conversations that I would get a negative reaction and I attribute that to the fact the guy in question was hurt that he lost a sports argument with a girl.

It’s the other reactions that I get that both annoy and surprise me. Those are of the ‘you only like sports because of the guy’s look/bodies’ or, in other words, the accusation that I’m just a pink hat fan.

Nothing could be farther from the truth in my case. And I suspect in the case of the other “blogettes” here. We are sports fans because we love the sports themselves. We love seeing a breath-taking combination of passes on the PP that results in a goal, we love to see the tough guys on a team get into a scrap, we love to see the punishing open field hit on a receiver, we love to see the simple beauty of a well-turned double play. We can talk sports with the guys just for the sake of talking sports with the guys. Because we actually know the sports and can recite the stats and argue about line combinations. We LIKE doing these things whether they are in a bar, in our own living room or on a blog such as this.

And if we happen to mention out loud or notice that a certain player is good looking? Well, we’re still red-blooded females, and not dead, and we’re not going to ignore that just because we are sports fans first and foremost. I consider that an extra perk of being a female sports fan and one that I do not plan on giving up anytime soon :)

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  1. Mickey

    Its all good !!!!!! Be of the male gender, I find it refreshing to find a woman who can talk sports and watch the games with spirt. Makes for a better body check after or during the game ;)

  2. Good work, MikeyM!

    I remember our May gathering at W77. I’ll tell you, probably 50% were girls and they knew hockey as well, if not better than some of the guys. Especially after a couple of beers.

    And don’t get me started on some male “fans” that come to the Garden with their clients..

  3. Thanks for the kind words, kurt and ilb.

    I wanted to go for something a little different here, plus it’s a rant that I’ve had for a long time so getting this opportunity to blog here seemed like the perfect forum. None of it means I don’t love you guys, though :)

  4. hey mick, good post. uhh ilb, her name is mickey!like mickey mouse. im mikey!! haha. anyway, my sisters a big ranger fan too. she might not know the game itself as much as me or most other fans, but she does love it. she has even been to more games than me, which is sad, because i refused to go to any games after 99 and before 05. ok i went to 1 and it was horrible. i still loved the team, the garden, everything, i just couldnt be bothered spending money to watch what sather had put on the ice. still watched on tv every game that i could. my vsister would tape the games when i was at work, then my gf did and my ex wife too. tivo is awesome. but my sister got all 4 ranger jerseys, home and away plus the 3rd liberty jerseys, and got every player on the 01-02 team to sign it. she loved malhotra. huge crush on him. i soon realized that the whole time she was a fan back then was to stalk manny malhotra!!! talk about betrayal!!! well, anyway my sis and her husband moved out to iowa also, and i got her husband into hockey, and i got her to learn the actual game and now she is finally a real ranger fan!! now i know all you blogettes here love the rangers just as much as the guys do. its great having some around to keep us boys in check and to share your passion for the team. although we may have to keep u in check sometimes too micky;). tbh, i wish there were morfe female hockey and sports fans. we gotta grow the popularity of teh sport and we need you blogettes to do some recruiting!! haha, j/k. but keep your passion for the game and if any guys give ya any carcillo, you can sic us boys on ’em!! but i think you can do just fine by yourself. i read your posts and for the longest time, i didnt even know your were a girl. just goes to show it doesnt matter about gender. or ethnic background. diversity is what makes this sport great. both on the ice, and in the stands.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Females can have “perks” . Us guys do. Ever watch us guys watch Ladies tennis? Im perty sure were watching legs not a great rally!!

    Nice to see the female side and I think this guest blog is original and it also give us a little insite. I enjoyed reading it and I think ya did a sweet job.

    I also commend ORR for not flirting and being all pervy to the ladies. He really is a gentleman.

  6. bull dog line on

    this team still needs a center. would love to see Stepan get a real chance on one of the top 2 lines. though it seems as if EC is going to handed that opportunity.

  7. and of course youre gonna think of hockey players, ummm a little differently than us guys, its natural. well maybe cr9 can relate. as long as you ladies dont go into detail about what you wanna do to certain players.

  8. bull dog line on

    EC, AA, Drury, Boyle, and Prospal are there centers going in. do they dare make Drury the 4th line center penalty killer. I think Boyle fits that role better. with that group of centers, it really should not be to hard for Stepan to make the team.

  9. i would hate for EC to get the top spot over AA or stepan. but i think for the early part of the season, there wont be any real set lines and i think AA, EC, and prospal will all be tried there. stepan could still be a year away though bull dog. i think he’ll start out in hartford, and will see him get promoted at some point even just for a few games. Ec had some chemistry with gabby, so thats the only thing going for him. if any of teh rookies make it, i think its gonna be mcdonagh,grachev and mza. who knows, i just hope the young guys do their best to make it and really force sathersa hand here.

  10. bull dog line on

    you could send Boyle down,and move Prospal back to wing. that would open up a center spot for Stepan. I am not as high on AA as most. I think he may max out as a 3, a good 3, but a 3 nevertheless.

  11. mike, that is a great story about your sister! It’s pretty awesome to have something in common with a sibling other than family. My brother and I are the same way- we’re both huge Mets fans and it’s a great way for us to connect.

    Want to know a secret? I used to co-host a sports talk show with 2 other guys and we used to have the best time sitting around and just talking sports, doing a little smack-talking. I miss that show, it was so much fun.

  12. oh and mike, I promise to keep my thoughts on what I want to do to certain Rangers players to myself ;) Let’s just say that I wouldn’t turn them away if they showed up at my place, lol.

  13. Bull dog- Stepan will get his chance. That’s why I think EC signing was a good move. He tried to sign elsewhere, but came back right away. He now has a guaranteed contract at $900K per for 2 years. But his spot isn’t guaranteed. Good insurance signing. They will certainly give Stepan a good, long look. If he isn’t ready, there is no reason to push him in the line up.
    Disagree on AA, though. He may turn out to be one of the better two-way 2nd line centers in the league. Jere Lehtinen type. That’s why Dubinsky is slated to go on the wing permanently, which most of us on the blog have been suggesting for some time.

  14. MickeyM- be careful what you ask for! Some of them do read this blog, ya know :-)

  15. I know, ilb. Consider it an open invite then, lol. I make a darn good meatloaf so at least I can feed them if they do show up. :)

  16. Unless he has a spectacular camp, I don’t see Stepan making the team right away. A little pro seasoning won’t hurt him. Neither will getting the chance to play with Grachev, who doesn’t make the team either. I think they want to see Grachev put up better consistency in the AHL before bringing him up.

    Not a bad twosome as first call-ups later in the season.

  17. Ha! I was talking about real, honest to goodness meatloaf- with actual ground beef and peppers and stuff. It’s really good, if I can brag a little bit. ;)

  18. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    very nice post (a little tame though, I was waiting for expletives….I kid)

    thanks for the avery/frolov link on the last thread

    morning (and to the rest of you)

  19. FiveFootZero on

    Great post. I may not post often, but read multiple times a day and check the Facebook page often. Being a female, and knowing the sport as well as I do, it is a bit intimidating for some guys (my husband included), but after they get past that, its downright fun. My love of the game is intense. My husband plays, I started last year, and my 8 year-old son plays travel hockey as well. Can’t wait for the season to start already!!! Nothing like being in a cold hockey rink at 6:45am on a cold December morning!!! I’ll take it any day over sitting and watching a little league game.

  20. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Mikey – Great post

    and to be honest, I never even realized you were a lady until you said it in your post.

    Goes to show you your a more knowledgable Hockey fan than alot of the dudes!!

  21. Thanks,wicky! The very ironic thing about the whole swearing thimg is that in RL I have the mouth of a sailor. I’ve just learned how to temper it online :) Truefax

  22. bull dog line on

    In my list of the Rangers centers, I did not have Dubinsky, but the truth of the matter is he is the best center on the team. so the Rangers best center is playing wing. makes perfect sense to me.

  23. FiveFootZero, I didn’t know you were a woman, so *highfive*! Us ‘blogettes’ gotta stick together :) I love that you admit to being intense about the game. I’m the same way- don’t bother me during a game with silly questions is how I see it. I wish I could play, but I can’t even skate. I went once, back in college, and pretty much spent the entire time on my backside, lol. Haven’t been skating since.

  24. DenverRanger on

    Mickey, Its never too late to learn how to skate and play. Just become friends with a hockey coach and usually their willing to teach you.. I know I teach my friends how to skate and play.. The more people who start playing hockey the bigger the sport will become.

  25. ThisYearsModel on

    Reminds me of a story. I was living in Denver and had season tickets to the Avalanche during their cup years. One playoff season, they had bands in and playing during intermissions. So, I experienced a few songs by Quiet Riot. I was at the game with my 9 year old son. The lead singer, Kevin Dubrow was dressed as hair band lead singers did in thise days……… shirt and thight spandex pants. During the second song my son turns to me and says, “Dad, how come the singer is wearing a cup under his tights? He won’t get hit by a puck during intermission.”
    Ireplied that I didn’t know, maybe he was just being careful and tried not to laugh the entire remainder of the game.

  26. Denver, good idea! I didn’t think of that. Now to just find a hockey coach willing to do such a thing…

  27. FiveFootZero on

    Mickey…High Five to you too!!! Skating is SO much fun. If you’re a member of the Boneheads facebook group, check out my pics. A bunch of us hockey moms from my sons team started going to a clinic on a dare from my husband…one of the coaches runs it. It’s a blast, and you’re out there with GUYS who can’t skate. Me, I’ve been skating since I’m 3, but it’s a whole other “ball game” on hockey skates. Once you get it, you’ll love it. And as long as you have the proper equipment and padding, falling is no big deal. And now I know the reason why during practice my son lays on the ice after doing sprints…it FEELS good!!!

  28. Five Foot
    My son’s a bit older but I gotta agree about mite hockey. There’s nothing like seeing an 8 yr old (who you have to pry out of bed with a crowbar on a school day) leap out of a warm bed at 4 a.m., without an alarm or shout from dad, to pack his gear and travel an hour for a game at 6 a.m. at a frozen rink in the dead of winter, purely for the love of the game.

    My son’s games are mostly at night now, but I miss those mornings.

  29. DenverRanger on

    Five Foot & GCBLUE
    I agree with you both, growing up playing hockey since I was 4 in New Mexico (I know they do have ice there), the best times were the early morning practices or games. I was never too tired to be on the ice. It was never too cold, to early or too late.. Playing 5 games a day was no problem. As I got old instead of 5am practices it was 11pm or 12am ones.. But still it was some of the best times in my life and now coaching kids to play is almost as good (except the want to be out there playing)..

  30. In seeing the Avery and Frolov segment and the interviews they did afterwards and in the spirit of this entry, I am putting early dibs on Fro. He’s adorable and his English is really good.

  31. FiveFootZero, I am a member of the fb Boneheads page, so I will definitely check them out.

    You’re all making me want to go learn how to skate right now. It’s too warm out for that, lol.

  32. Dear Mickey M

    Congratulations. Wonderful posting and review. And now I
    sit here with my bare face hanging out, and recalling my dismay at the prior noted “Cuteness standard” being applied to players. As I read your posting you brought me back to a few years earlier when I was teaching three of my grand daughters how to catch, throw and hit a base(soft)ball. It
    was a vexing period, but I perservered, and they all became pretty good ball players. I could never quite understand why girls threw the way they did, but then one day I tried throwing left handed and found myself throwing exactly like they were., and I could not reverse the process.
    I took a “lesson learned” from that – but they did overcome it – and hitting also. They are all in college now, and pursuing careers, but they still look back fondly at the memories of how Grandpa taught them to to play and become successful at base(soft)ball. Memories. So sweet they are. Lord love you Mickey M, and I for one offer my best wishes for your continued following your love of the games. You couldn’t have better choices. And I take back everything I offered about the “cuteness effect”.

    I have six granddaughters ranging from ages 20 to 9 all gorgeous and brilliant…(take after my wife)…56th anniversary coming up in February. The march of time.

    I tell you folks when I go up home to Ct for a cisit and they all get together, my wife, 3 daughters my daughter in law and the grand daughters, I sometimes find my self undergoing an estrogen aftershock.

  33. Brendan Witt on waivers (again) according to Mirtle’s Twitter. I think wicky should donate $5 to Greg’s Boogy Goal Fund for every team that passes on him.

  34. Girls have cooties!! :P

    Good post, Mickey! To me a sports fan is a sports fan…a guy or a girl or even a bear! If you know what you talking about you get credit!

    P.S. Sally’s in for Dubinsky!

  35. FiveFootZero on

    GCBlue…yes, you are correct in that I have to peel him out of bed on a school day for 7:45am, but for game days, 4:30am, in the dark, he’s WIDE awake and ready to go. We are in our 3rd year with the same group of boys/parents and I am so grateful that we have such a nice bunch. We had 3 boys move up to Squirt this year (they move up a level once they reach a certain age) and we are all so sad to see them go. I cannot wait until October, when Mite hockey starts again (Ranger’s hockey too), so that I can be the crazy Hockey Mom that I am!

  36. Awesomely awesome post, MICKEY! Very different and creative! Don’t ever give it up, you red-blooded female! One of the perks indeed!

  37. I’ve mentioned this before, but there is some seriously ridiculousy hot female Rangers fans living in Carolina.

    Everytime we play the Canes in Carolina, there’s always babes in NYR jerseys. I wonder why they go to Carolina. What’s so special aboot that place?

  38. c’mon ORR…its the Carolina, man!! You know…where the…uummm…wild Buffalo run and the, you know…sun goes down! am i right? :)

  39. Five Foot
    Enjoy it now. Mites and squirts are really the best years. The game is still pure for the kids. It gets crazier when they reach pee wee and the checking starts. Not easy the first time a little guy gets gets his bell rung by a 5’8″ 12 yr old who looks like he drove himself to the game. Plus many kids eventually get fed up with the looney parents who by then, have sunk tens of thousands of dollars into travel teams, tournaments, fund raising, private coaches, etc. and have delusions of grandeur that junior is going to the NHL – if he would only “SKATE”!!!.
    Unfortunately, a lot of kids burn out and never make it past bantam. And it has nothing to do with the game.

  40. fran, Thank you for those wonderful words and memories. I’m so glad you taught your grand-daughters how to throw a baseball. Neither of my grandfathers was able to teach me as they both passed away when I was quite young, and my father, bless his heart, tried, but it never quite took with me. We can still sit together and watch a game, thankfully, whether it be a MLB game or my nephew’s little league game. He’s a Yankees fan, though, so subway series games are quite competive between us.

    56 years for you and your wife? Congrats and many, many more to both of you!

  41. CCCP, I thought you were beyond the ‘girls have cooties’ stage? ;)

    I might have to ‘talk’ with Sally, see if she’s willing to loan out Dubinsky for a day or two a month. I think we could work out something amicable to both. :)

  42. Thanks, CR. I don’t ever plan on giving up my love of sports, it’s too much a part of me!

  43. Applause, applause, Mickey! I’ve been a sports fan all my life, especially hockey, baseball (which I played) and football. I’m older than most of you on this blog, so it wasn’t cool in my day to know more about sports than guys. You were treated liked a leper. I’m glad to say that I have seen a change and it’s for the better, as far as females being able to hold their own with their male sports counterparts.
    Oh, to you fellas who say we oogle the male sport species, have you heard of Jenny Finch? How about Anna Kounakova? I’m sure you’ve given them a look or two.

  44. This sentence should have read:

    I’m glad to say that I have seen a change and it’s for the better, as far as females being able to hold their own with their male sports counterparts and being accepted for their knowledge of sports.

  45. FiveFootZero on

    GC: Thanks…I am all too aware of the burnout, saw it in my 20 year-old nephew. Played AAA through high school, 2 years of college with NO hockey, and now he misses it again. My son is on the ice during season 4 times a week (2 practices, 2 games). The day he wakes up and says he doesn’t want to go is the day we don’t go. I love him more than the game, and am determined not to be one of “those” parents. My 4 nephews played, and I’ve seen pretty much every type of parent. It’s about having fun first. And yes, I am dreading the PeeWee days…my son, even though he plays, is the most non-confrontational kid you’ll ever meet. Although, I have to admit I’ve seen him do some things behind the play that made me ask “is that MY kid”?

  46. itshabout, thanks! I’m glad to hear there are ‘older’ female sports fan out there. Not that I didn’t think there wasn’t, but confirmation is always good, yknow. :)

  47. LOL, Mama! We should start our own show on the NHL Network…. women who love hockey and the men who just do not get it (or do, in many cases)

  48. Great post, Mickey :)

    I’ve also heard a variety of responses to my being a female hockey fan and it seems so crazy to me that it’s sometimes assumed that we’re in it solely for the sweaty athletes, or that it means we are manly in some wrong way. I can assure everyone that I am all woman and that when I got hooked on hockey following my first live game when I was 8 (Rangers vs Nordiques at MSG), that it had nothing to do with being a puck bunny! First and foremost, it was something that I could have in common with my Dad. Second, graceful skating combined with aggressive brutality appeals to my sense of irony.

    I read the blog daily but haven’t posted in the comments much because I did get some awful male-chauvenistic responses in the past. That was before the blog was turned over to Carp, though, so I’m happy to see that the women who post here now don’t get that same BS. And for any guys still harboring those nasty comments, don’t be fools. How happy would you be if there was nothin’ but 18,000 men at the next game.

  49. Aww, thanks nutgirl! The whole ‘sweaty athlete’ thing is just a bonus, is how I see it. If the guys can oogle female atheletes, I can just as easily oogle a shirtless Hank. Fair is fair, I say!

  50. Orr,

    There are a lot of Rangers fans in the Raleigh area. They moved to the area for business reasons. One that I know of in particular is IBM. There are a lot of northern transplants that were transferred by IBM to their Research Triangle Park facility.

    When the team first moved to Carolina they played in Greensboro for two years and there were usually more Rangers fans there than Hurricane fans.

  51. FiveFoot, We could totally do that, too! Just need to find out who to pitch it to.

  52. Five Foot
    With all that family in travel hockey you’ve probably seen the video already but in case you haven’t, look up “The Magic Hockey Helmet” on YouTube.
    If they haven’t seen it before, play it for the parents at a team meeting. Better yet, have the kids play it for the parents – that’s what we did.

  53. FiveFootZero on

    Hey GC: Nope, never heard of it. I will most definitely look it up this weekend. Thanks!!!

  54. Johnny LaRue on

    I see all these women at hockey games, but I have never actually met a female in real life that likes hockey. Must be a rare breed.

  55. We have a lot of fans in Florida too. I always here the “Potvin Sucks” chant every game in Florida.

    Anybody think Tampa might make the playoffs this season? They have a pretty decent team. If Gagne stays healthy, and Lecavalier has a bounce back year, and Stamkos, St Louis, and Malone have similar numbers from last season, they could be a pretty good team.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    If I were Kovalchuk, I wouldn’t even think of signing a Russian deal that long. Who knows if their league will even be in existence then?

  57. Doodie Machetto on


    That’s great toots. Now how about you make me a sandwich?

    I kid! I kid!

  58. tampa will finish ahead of the rangers without a doubt.

    tamps makes the playoffs mark it down

  59. Exactly, Mickey! It’s a nice bonus but I don’t care how gorgeous a player is when I’m screaming at him to move his skates, keep his head up, or shoooot the damn puck.

    ORR! there are a lot of Rangers fans in Florida but I always thought they did the Potvin Sucks chant there because he was the Panthers color analyst (until he got fired before last season). It was always hilarious to hear him sigh or pause in his ramblings when the crowd got it going :-D

    Sure, Doodie, I have some vintage Jagr Peanut Butter and Kasparaitis Krunchers Pickles for your sandwich.

  60. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think I’d be more interested in women’s sports if they did their post game interviews topless like male athletes do ;)

    Seriously “blogettes” (MickeyM’s word, not mine), thank you for sharing an interest. You may not know how valuable you truly are, but hopefully your significant others do.

    Speaking as one who is regularly accused of “abandoning the family” during hockey season I whole-heartedly tip my hat to you.

    One thing Mickey, and all who get steamed when faced with a negative response to being a female sports fan. It’s not an indictment of your fandom, but of the intelligence level of your commenter.

  61. hey Johnny LaRue!

    first off, love the name. use any crane shots lately?

    as far as your comment about women liking hockey
    unless you’re being sarcastic then you need to pay better attention to this blog where the women are knowledgeable.
    my wife and sister are Blueshirt fans.
    sis as long as me.

  62. Cheers to all of you who just want to talk hockey and NYR! hockey with other fans :)

    We may have our girly moments…giggling at the thought of Lundqvist TWINS…naming the cat Kiittymaki…but the women that love hockey, love the sport of it.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ladies who wanna cheer on the Rangers is cool but to call Hank “Cute” and another player hot…does make me wanna puke.
    When I wanna date …I go to a dating place ( I never do) when I talk hockey /sienfeld , I come here. To find out my Rangers are making ladies squeemish ..thats grosss man.

    If ladies wanna be taken seriously then they have to cut out the cute Carp. It makes no difference if Dubi is cute or not. No difference at all. When ya start judging atheletes cuz of the cuteness just means yer bored with the sport. Thats why guys watch Tennis , to see the ladies cuz tennis is boring.

    Cr9 is the exeption in this case ( I can’t explain him)

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If we didn’t have any ladies showing up and if Momma wasn’t around ..this place would be an all homo Ranger Blog . I appreciate any Ranger fan cuz you like my team!!!!

    Ive noticed , yes the ladies do know hockey and its really ,really cool. Guys just love that.

    Nutgirl said she starting liking hockey cuz of her dad. To like what he likes . That is the best!! My daughter not into hockey but she knows my team is the Rangers. Good for you nut girl , I bet you got a really proud poppa!!!

  65. Hank is sooooooo cute!! soooo adorable!! i just want to sprinkle him with chocolate sprinkles and eat him alive! He’s name should be Henrik Smuckqvist!

    Right, Greg?

    By the way, tennis is a great sport to watch! nothing boring about that sport!

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG , I was sure it was Cr9 posting that…I looked up and saw CCCP!!!????? OMG now I do wanna puke!!!!

    Hank is not so cute when he acts like a goof and smacks his stick on the ice after he lets in a softie.

    NO NO NO NO NO players are cute!!!!! Thats gay talk. Gay is ok for you or me but when it comes to hockey players , the pritty boy is not the ideal player. Look at Fat Marty :

    His head is huge ,His eyes are beedy and he looks like a shmuck . AS ugly as he is …hes a hockey player. With Hank , I dunno know if I wanna score on him or make out with him…geeezee!!!

  67. Greg and Mike

    you guys are too much! I am certainly not bored with hockey, or tennis. I just appreciate beauty in both men and women! Got it?!

    And if you think I’ve gone into depth on what I’d like to do to some players….believe me, I haven’t. Tolya is on the right track with chocolate sprinkles; Id like to get Messier, Henrik, Jaromir, and Avery in the same room, strip off their clothes and …………………………………………….

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BARF!!!!!! Puke!!! RALPH!!! Vomit , throw up ,regergatate ,toss my cookies and spew all over my keyboard!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

    BOOGEYMAN , you getting more ice time in NY here …practice man…talk about practice!!!!

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …actually talking about our players like that is bannable ..isn’t it Carp?

  70. what?!?!?! you’re trying to get me banned Greg? WTB! Let’s kiss and make up Greg! How aboot that!

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , I’d never wanna do that…ya had a great guest post . Better then CCCP’s. Yeah , sure everyone remebers his and wont yers. I will. Im gonna use the header as a header one day. Im gonna predict a win in the up comming season. Im gonna give out a Greg L gaurentee!!! Im not gonna waist/ waste my game too. Im gonna deliver when we need a real victory!!!

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW , this Frolov losing his number to Callahan really has me puzzled. Whats going on!!!??? I wanna know what number Frolov is!!!! What if we wanna make a jersey with his number on it!! COME ON !!!

    YO FROLOV …I know yer reading this.

    Pick yer F N number already!! Wait. Maybe callahn will Offer ya his?

    YO Callahan , come on dude …make the call to Frolov!!!
    I ‘d say Frolov gives you a gold watch or something!!!

  73. The fate of Ilya Kovalchuk’s disputed contract with the New Jersey Devils could be decided by the end of next week.

  74. NHL and the NHL Players’ Association have agreed to an independent arbitrator and that the hearing is expected to start as soon as next week.

  75. MickeyM
    Exellent topic,emotional and very well written.
    Today is my Birthday and let me consider it as a little gift. Mind you?

  76. The New York Islanders acquired defenceman James Wisniewski from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a conditional third round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

    Good signing for isledorks, I have to admit

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    4everanger , its yer birthday!!! Alright!!!!! Thats cool!!
    Happy Birthday to you.

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nose picker , no trading Dubi cuz he is not replaceable.

    Seriously , who is better than him that is reachable? nobody.

  79. Happy Birthday 4ever!!!! Hope it’s a great one for ya!!

    and nice work Mickey potty fingers!! been a sports fan since i was very young, discovered baseball first,then football, then hockey! nothing better, and hockey is life. Too bad the man is not a big sports fan, but he’s slowly getting into hockey.

  80. That search for an arbitrator took much less time than some predicted. I suppose both parties want to get it over with. The decision has to be made no later than 48 hours after hearing. I think the contract is upheld, both parties walk away. NHL made their point and will use it during the next CBA war.

  81. Hey, Linda! Hope everything is going well at your new place. I think the man is already more into hockey than you think.

    Greg- did you really call tennis boring? Sorry, I respectfully disagree. Do you play?

  82. I got 20 bucks that the arbitrator deems Kovy is to be paid 6 million a year, every year of the deal.

    So this way it proves that he isnt going to retire early and the Cap hit stays the same for the Devils

    Where do you get a job being an arbitrator?? In too many cases, the decision is always to “split the difference” between what the player is asking for and what the teams is asking for

    It seems, all you need is an understanding of basic Math to be an NHL Arbitrator

  83. greg we missed the playoffs with him we can miss the playoffs without him.

    trade dubinsky now

  84. Question ????

    Who would trade Bobby Ryan’s rights for Marc Staal’s rights ??

    … I would – I think McD i eventually going to be better than Staal, plus we are supposed to have some really good D prospects coming up the pike.

    We could use the scoring, and with the exception of a few talented Offensive prospects, we are still missing that 1st line talent O-man that Cherepanov was supposed to be

    I would make that trade, and sign a cheap, veteran UFA D-man like Exelby, Hnidy, or MA Bergeron for depth to cover my butt in case McD is not ready

  85. Johnny LaRue on

    jpg, I know there are women on the blog and at games, etc. My point was that no women I personally know have the least bit of interest in hockey. I must be hanging with the wrong crowds.

  86. somerset- I’d be very surprised if that happens. It’s ( the contract) deemed legal or he tells them to shorten the duration to the longest one currently approved by the league. If its latter, the cap goes up for the Devils significantly and they may have to reconsider.

  87. Fairfield Prep on

    In Order to Start another Battle,

    Being that i went to High school with Drury, I think that the pounding he takes on the ny blogs is killing him. Like it or not, disagree or not, Drury is the type of guy that gets effected by the weight that has been placed on his shoulders..That being said, the only line configuration that I haven’t heard about is Frolov-Drury-Gaborik..First line..Makes the best sense if you think about it..He wins face offs, goes to the net, nobody can dispute his defensive awareness, and frolov and gaborik should be able to take care of the rest…not to mention, the rest of their lines would seem to make more sense…Another note, all of you Hockey Gods that are in love with Dubinsky/callahan..stop treating them like they are Toews/Kane…Crosby/Malkin…Datsyuk/Zetterburg…Richards/carter..the Rangers have nothing in their system, they haven’t since weight and Amonte and look what happened to them.

  88. Ilb ..

    The main problem the NHL has with the contract isnt the length (Dipietro signed one for 15 years), but its the drop-off of salary at the end,aroung the retirement age.

    Again, Diepetro’s contact is a tad shorter than Kovy’s, but DP’s has the same salary throught the entire length of the contract

  89. Oh, and Brendan Bell is UFA – he would be a nice, cheap depth D-man and he is only 27 years old … Maybe he finally “wakes up” and starts playing to potential now that he is in his prime years

  90. Thank you guys for nice words and wishes.I need Zdorovje(health), like you wouldn’t believe.Thank you.

  91. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Olga. Tsk, Tsk!

    Can’t live with her, can’t strangle her in her sleep with a pillow.

  92. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dominick Moore signs with his seventh NHL team. He’s not playing hockey, he’s trying to collect all 30 NHL Jerseys…

  93. Olga- true, but he is being paid for his collection. We have to pay just to get one.

  94. Greg LMAO –

    “Boogaard is fast becoming one of my favorite players”

    Funny what having $500 dollars invested in a guy can do.

  95. only 6 weeks until the Rangers prospects play in the Traverse city tourney. that basically starts the new hockey season

    oh, and btw,

    trade nose picker now. not Dubi, but the annoying poster

  96. when dubinsky gets traded my work will be done here.

    sorry but others have their 1 subject of interest. example wicky with wanting 3 crease clearing defensemen

    by the way jim dolan. if you could sell the team that would be nice too. i’m not exactly a big fan of yours either.

  97. nose picker
    Difference is Wicky is reasonably positive and you are unreasonably negative. And that suck,big time… for everyone annoyance. Capish?

  98. 4ever

    on the contrary i’m positive i want dubinsky traded. it will improve the team.

  99. hey czech

    yeah you called the wanting jagr out of here correctly. how did that work out the last couple of years. maybe you should get the book hockey for dummies it might help your knowledge. let me know if i can help. see i can insult you too

    July 30th, 2010 at 10:57 pm
    Arse picker-

    You really need some professional help

  100. nose picker
    that’s in your twisted mind. The only positive in you is test for total craziness…

  101. orr has it right 4ever

    his name should be dublowsky. you were sold a lemon and told it was a mint condition car.

  102. Ilb – In normal salary arbitration, the arbitrator agrees with the players demands or the clubs, IINM.

    Will this process allows for creativity/compromise on the arbitrators part, or is it yes or no?

  103. this nosepicker is nothing but a trouble maker. he used the name celtics to piss me off. and the only reason why it did was because I thought it was a NY fan doing it. But its obvious that this nosepicker is a red sox fan. LOL @ the Celtics and Kendrick Perkins nosepicker!

  104. no i did not go to fairfield prep.

    not from boston either. been there maybe twice in my life a long time ago.

    enough about me. trade dubinsky

  105. That’s all he wants- attention. Not that difficult to see. And you are all giving it to him.

  106. ilb – you don’t mind if i call you ilya do you.

    i thought you were ignoring me.

  107. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you want to get rid of a nose picker, wave a handkerchief in front of him. They are scared to death of them…

  108. ilya wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed on everything. sorry if i have opinions different than your own.

  109. nose – Have you ever expressed opinions(under any name) that agreed with someone that were positive? ( I think you agreed with one of my posts as ‘side show sean’, but they were negative)

    Who is your favorite player on the Rangers? Why?

  110. hank and gaborik. obvious reasons.

    staal of the young guys. just plays the game.

  111. did i agree with people yes. not sure if i posted. if i did probably did as huh or what.

    agreed on the mcilrath pick that wicky wanted.

  112. ilb, mama was having a life for bit :)

    ddeb, LOL…

    All, too many posts to respond to individually, but…

    happy birthday 4ever!

    nutgirl, welcome, and stay!

    Greg, as always, oy….

  113. “If you want to get rid of a nose picker, wave a handkerchief in front of him. They are scared to death of them…”


  114. Mama,

    There’s a rumor floating around that you bagged yourself Sean Avery. Is this true?!

    Were you out with Aves tonight, you …….. ……?! :mad:


  115. nose – you realize that’s a joke and you gotta laugh at yourself sometimes right

    So you shared the same manlove for Jagr as CR9?

  116. not in the same way. i liked jaromir jagr the player. do not look at him the same way cr9 does. liked messier and leetch and the 1994 gang too.

    which is a joke the handkerchief? yeah no problem with that one. olga can be pretty funny.

  117. Hey, I love Jaromir the player too. The way he glides on the ice. I could always tell Jaromir on the ice, without even seeing his number. All I did was look for his big delicious juicy rump and Id know it was him.

  118. that’s why he doesn’t watch football. too many hankies thrown. also why he doesn’t call Henrik hankie

  119. I was busting chops. Jagr was a good Ranger, obviously not in his prime but I like what he gave us.

  120. well you can pick your friends and pick your nose but don’t pick your friends nose

  121. liked straka

    like callahan too of the young guys.

    very hopefull on kreider and stepan but one is still in college and other should get more experience.

  122. Thanks for the kind words and support all! Nice to know I made some people think and reminisce. :)

  123. I want to see Stepan now, but we need discipline and not rush a guy if it will hurt their development. But he may be able to handle it even if there will be bumps in the road.

  124. see i have some good things to say about some guys.

    don’t let it go to your head but you are one of the better posters around

  125. You did awesome Mickey. The best kind of Rangers or New York fans are the lady fans. When a team – especially a hockey team – can attract true female supporters, it says a lot. I bet there are not any many message boards of other hockey teams that have female fans on them. Why? Because New York is the greatest city with the greatest teams in the world!

  126. Most of you: This is why I stay away late night off season.

    ilb, off having a life for a moment sorry!

    nutgirl, welcome!

    Greg, as always, oy…

    Rest of you, yergs is up tomorrow with excellent post.

  127. Yes you do, don’t be afraid to post more of them!

    Don’t buy into the clique conspiracy theory. Treat people like you’d like to be treated and don’t feel like an outcast.
    Don’t worry my head couldn’t get any bigger anyways. :P

    But thanks

  128. thought he’d be better than he’s been. don’t dislike him like many here. looking forward to contract ending though.

  129. Stephan-

    Drury’s a player that rises to the occasion, he’s smart and opportunistic but he needs to have talent around him to bring out his best, (who doesn’t play better with other good players but I think he ups his game more than most)

    regardless he will give you his all

    I think MZA and Drury could be nice

  130. Was talking about life with my brother. Haven’t done it for long time. Funny how we take things for granted. Last time we had that type of conversation was decades ago. Until now, when he got seriously sick.

  131. With both McCue & Boogaard not too many teams will take advantage of us this season. A line of Avery, Prust and Boogyman. Can’t wait. Frolov move a keeper

  132. Stephen this Ilb is a pretty good guy- he might save your life some day. Heard something about a phone booth and a cape.

    This CCCP guy too – good people- even though he’s former KGB
    don’t let the name scare you – we always have eye on him

  133. like prust too

    dde – those 2 guys think they are blog police and leaders of the clique.

  134. Dde- Drury can be very important player on a contending team. And some of them would take him right now, his contract be damned. It’s just that we are not contending, but trying to build a winner. That’s why his contract looks so outrageous- it blocks their flexibility. He does what he is paid for well, it’s just that he is being paid too much to do that. Not his fault.

  135. ilb – that’s very touching about you and your brother and about a talk about life. I hope that your brother recovers, and quickly.

    on another note, can someone check and see if it is working for them? it’s not for me.

  136. Dde- yes, he is better. Full recovery expected. We are at my upstate place at the moment, he talked me into taking him fishing. I couldn’t say no, screw the medical advice. He is my older brother.

    NP- that’s your imagination, no we don’t. I also don’t buy that clique notion at all. Apparently you can talk hockey like everyone else. Good to know. I’d love to talk to every single representative of drop down menu if they talk the way you did now.

  137. Stephen – Don’t know what you’re basing that on, regardless I suggest a fresh start . It’s so easy to take something the wrong way or out of context on a blog.

  138. great to hear good news about your bro, Ilya

    i wanted older brother, but ended up being the youngest of three…with two sisters! But its not bad…they’re great sisters! One has two sons and the other one has two daughters! How cool is that? Feeling a lot of pressure lately to have kids of my own… hopefully, soon.

  139. have you guys read this one?

    Blackhawks ran out of cash, didn’t profit despite Cup

    “In a follow-up interview this week, Wirtz said that the Blackhawks ran out of cash several times last season. Each time, he received a memo, known as an internal capital call, in which the team requested money from Wirtz Corp., the Blackhawks’ parent company, to cover operating expenses. And at the end of the season, Wirtz said he double-checked that the playoffs did not cover those losses; the franchise remained in the red, the team’s accountant told him.

    “We have multiple businesses and obviously we want every one to stand on its own,” Wirtz said. “And what you don’t want to do is manage one business from the profit of the other one.”

    But Wirtz pledged he would never revert to the penny-pinching ways of his father.”

  140. Well, CCCP, if you stay up on the blog until 3 am, having kids may become a tough proposition :-)

    I think I better go catch a few hours of sleep. Local bass population wakes up for breakfast around 5:30 lol.

  141. Thanks CC.

    Maybe you’ll start the process towards a child in Spain next month!

    Ive got 3 brothers, im the 3rd. Always wanted a sister, but my ex-sister-in-law and current sister-in-law are phony asses, and my younger bro’s gf is also a phony ass.

  142. HA! true, but i’m home alone right now… the better half is visiting the mother-in-law… im enjoying my free time with some fine American “Maker’s Mark” bourbon whiskey! Delicious!

  143. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    best of luck with fishing tomorrow and the time spent will be priceless!!!

    the rest of you assens have a great night! I have to be up in 4 hrs for work.

    good night erin!

  144. CCCP how old are your sisters? ;)

    The Black Hacks didn’t make money last year? wahhhh?

  145. lol yes

    what a terrible time for the yankees blog to die. today is trade deadline day :(

  146. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nice to know the Black Hawks weren’t driven by money. Ran out of dough but still won the Cup! :)

    Dolan could take some lessons…

  147. CCCP – gotta lift that 2 . no wonder you guys couldn’t beat us to the bomb silly typographical errors

    2 times the speed of light just doesn’t cut it. :P

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP said ” as soon as i got here the place went quite…”

    umm CCCP , the correct spelling is quiet . geeezeee , I thought I was spelt bad.

  149. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I thought I spelt bad * (typo)

  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , nice Dr Phil work tonight!! Now only if you can get Olga to stop acting the “Chicago fool”.

  151. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    wow , nose picker has a personality ,Cr9 is gone personal with Tim ( Tim Hortons coffee mmmm), T ( CCCP) needed my help ,ddeb is drunk and getting deep into peeps heads,ilb is speaking russian to CCCP…wow what a country.

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Pssssst Brash …you there still? Yeah I know , I know our talks have gotton farther and farther ( cough ,cough) and I’m thinking im hangin with Boogy now. (Here take some more)
    I’m sorry bud but Boogy has more to offer. Boogyman and I come from the same place …he’s the shizzle now. Im pulling for him to get some PP time and a few shift with Gaborik. Times are tuff Brash ,I just had to move on.

  153. Greg-

    Lie on the couch, get comfy – now tell me what was the first time that…

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Alaska ? Isnt that a part of Canada ? How can the states own places like hawaii and Alaska …thats cheating!!

  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s pretty darn early here at 3:45AM. Drink up, you Alky’s.

    I love the smell of booze in the early morning! It’s later now than it’s ever been before…

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