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Good morning all! Good morning, Sally!
Just like last summer, before he left for his long meeting with Mt. T, and me with you for two weeks (oy, July blog management!), Carp badgered, um, asked me, if I’d post a post this week, and I just can’t say no to the blogfather, so here I am. (I’m certainly no “guest” though, so I took that out. Blogmama perogative.)

But what to say, what to say? Not even going to try to match Mitch or Paul on prospects, CR snagged Mess, and you all have covered most of the major topics and news. And besides, is there really anything left to say about Staal?? So, to keep your summer-addled, hockey-less minds sharp, I thought we’d just have some fun. (Of course, you’re also free to talk about anything else, as per usual, and we will post new news if by some miracle there is any, but if you’re up for it….)

Now, obviously this first idea doesn’t work in reality. I’m aware. But we talk so often about divisional rivalries, and what a pleasure our division is, and how certain teams are going to come out of their divisions based on their rosters to make a Cup run, I thought … what if you could remake the league? What if we didn’t have to worry about Philly and Jersey and, ugh, Pittsburgh, but say, Detroit or, better yet, the Blue Jackets!

So, Challenge 1: Remake the NHL’s team groupings to your liking. Who’d you like us to play less, or more? If you don’t want to do the whole league, just remake the Eastern Conference, or just the Atlantic Division. But remake something, involving the Rangers, naturally. And explain your rationale.

Challenge 2: Build your own Rangers. And don’t just go by star power, please. From anyone now playing in the NHL, or prospects, who do you think would work best together to make the ideal Cup-winning, great to watch, in-your-dreams dream team? No capologist skills needed, no salary worries. But here’s the real part of the challenge: You must keep Hank, Dubi and Avery. (That’s my fun). So choose your lines. You can have a back-up goalie, but lines without the other two don’t count.

If any of the challenge answers particularly inspire me, you can have the book about cats I got sent in the mail that’s been sitting on my desk for months, courtesy of the sister blog! [1]

In closing, thanks to all the guests so far, and to the ones coming (MickeyM tomorrow, Yergs Saturday, and ilb Sunday). It’s hard putting yourselves out there, I know, but Carp and I sure appreciate it, and so do most visitors here…TA!

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