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Good morning all! Good morning, Sally!
Just like last summer, before he left for his long meeting with Mt. T, and me with you for two weeks (oy, July blog management!), Carp badgered, um, asked me, if I’d post a post this week, and I just can’t say no to the blogfather, so here I am. (I’m certainly no “guest” though, so I took that out. Blogmama perogative.)

But what to say, what to say? Not even going to try to match Mitch or Paul on prospects, CR snagged Mess, and you all have covered most of the major topics and news. And besides, is there really anything left to say about Staal?? So, to keep your summer-addled, hockey-less minds sharp, I thought we’d just have some fun. (Of course, you’re also free to talk about anything else, as per usual, and we will post new news if by some miracle there is any, but if you’re up for it….)

Now, obviously this first idea doesn’t work in reality. I’m aware. But we talk so often about divisional rivalries, and what a pleasure our division is, and how certain teams are going to come out of their divisions based on their rosters to make a Cup run, I thought … what if you could remake the league? What if we didn’t have to worry about Philly and Jersey and, ugh, Pittsburgh, but say, Detroit or, better yet, the Blue Jackets!

So, Challenge 1: Remake the NHL’s team groupings to your liking. Who’d you like us to play less, or more? If you don’t want to do the whole league, just remake the Eastern Conference, or just the Atlantic Division. But remake something, involving the Rangers, naturally. And explain your rationale.

Challenge 2: Build your own Rangers. And don’t just go by star power, please. From anyone now playing in the NHL, or prospects, who do you think would work best together to make the ideal Cup-winning, great to watch, in-your-dreams dream team? No capologist skills needed, no salary worries. But here’s the real part of the challenge: You must keep Hank, Dubi and Avery. (That’s my fun). So choose your lines. You can have a back-up goalie, but lines without the other two don’t count.

If any of the challenge answers particularly inspire me, you can have the book about cats I got sent in the mail that’s been sitting on my desk for months, courtesy of the sister blog!

In closing, thanks to all the guests so far, and to the ones coming (MickeyM tomorrow, Yergs Saturday, and ilb Sunday). It’s hard putting yourselves out there, I know, but Carp and I sure appreciate it, and so do most visitors here…TA!

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Eastern Conference


    Coyotes ( we love the Jr Rangers)
    azzlanders (love beating them)
    Oilers (Sathers old team)
    Nashville ( easy team)




    Western Conference







    Looks like the Rangers have an easy cakewalk to the cup !!! (HEHE)

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gretzky(R)Messier(R) Jagr(KHL)


    Iginla(Cal) Toews(CHI)Kane(Chi)

    Staal (Pit) Staal(Car)Boogaard(NYR)I need 5 goals!!!!

    Not dressed : Avery,Dubinsky and Hank .

    Staal(NYR) Pheneuf (Tor) – love the drama!!!

    Chara (bos) Delzotto(NYR)

    Boyle (SJ)Neidemayer(ducks)

    Goal :Kippersoff (Cal)

    (R)= out of retirement

    Great job Momma , it was fun!!!

  3. Ha! Should’ve guessed..Of course it’s mama’s post today!

    Well, in terms of your assignment. It took me all of 3 min to make that decision. LEAVE IT THE WAY IT IS! Are you kidding me? #1: Can you imagine playing against BJs, Atlanta, Toronto etc. and only see the Islanders, Devils and the Flyers every so often. What kind of season would that be? What would MSG sound like without those teams coming over. Who would fill the Mausoleum? And were would our rivalry with the Devils be. Isn’t your heart pounding the morning of each of these games? Don’t you want to see Carcillo’s mza get thrown around the ice. I’m staying were the team is now!
    #2; I can build the perfect team in 2 min. But imagine for a second being, let’s say, a Yankee fan? What kind of thrill do you expect? If I knew in October that we are certain to make the playoffs, why even bother watching the games until April? I like the direction this team is going now. Add one tough D-man and we are good to go! My team, I’m not changing it.

    PS. Changing the management wasn’t a part of today’s challenge.

    PSS. Can I have a book about dogs instead? :-)

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ….hope Mickey doesn’t swear in ‘er guest blog , that would be embarassing!!!

  5. Greg- cut it out, man..Stop rubbing it in, the poor girl is probably still shaking.

  6. And speaking of rubbing it in. Did you read my post? So who is the loyal fan now, eh? You want to change OUR team? You don’t like the way they are anymore? I’m utterly disappointed….
    Where is Messier with his Kleenex? I need a bunch.

  7. Greg- where are you, bro? Please don’t do anything dumb. I don’t need to be blamed for your suicide….I wouldn’t be able to live with that. Greg? It was a joke…Hello?

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb , Messier is our #1 center , even outta retirement he’d be better then Drury. Momma said dream team so I took the best players who are playing and put ’em on the Rangers!!!

    Phenef and Avery together!!!

    Staal,Staal and Staal!!!

    I like yers cuz its saying ya like our team. Thats cool!!! I like our team too. I like ’em all!!!

    I know ,I know …i’ll lay off ( Omg can you believe she said that!!!!???)

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Messier cried cuz he has passion . If I retired from the Rangers ..I’d cry too. Seriously , I’d be so emotional .
    Messier felt so great and loved by everyone , that he cried.
    Wow , emagine bawling in front of thousands of people. He really must have cared , didnt he . The feeling he felt is what living life is all about.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb , are you :

    #1 Firefighter?

    #2 Doctor?

    #3 Lifeguard?

    #4 Poison control agent?

    #5 carbonmonoxide detector ?

    #6 A policeman ?

    #7 Coast guard ?

    #8 Councellor ?

    #9 Nurse ?

    #10 Safty helmet maker ?

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Next poll , Which one of those is Ilb?

  12. Here’s food for thought. Forget divisions as they are usually constructed. Make groupings .


    The Original Six division:


    The Second Wave – divide into two divisions:


    Dallas Stars (were MInnesota North Stars)

    The WHA:

    Phoenix (was Winnipeg)
    Carloina (was Hartford)
    Coiorado (was Quebec)

    The Newcomers also 2 groupings:


    Minnesota Wild

    These are not necessarily aligned as divisions for the purposes of standings but instead are groups that are used for scheduling. What if we went to a format where each team plays 4 games against each of the teams in their grouping, and then there was seeding and a tournament at the end of that period. In the tournament, nobody is eliminated, the losers play the losers so everyone has an equal # of games. Then everyone’s records are saved for end of the year playoff purposes, but they also reset to zero and the second portion of the season uses different divisional alignments, say the old Patrick Division/Norris Division etc alignment from the 70’s and do the same thing, and distribute the teams that weren ‘t around then accordingly. The the third portion of the season would be free-for-all, where the groupings are made according to who you played the least so far. This would accomplish several things: it would raise the intesity of the regular season with a tournament mentality sprinkled in all along, it would likely continue to slant the schedule towards teams with their natural rivals while still having you play everyone when the free-for-all section of the season is included. Then at the end of the year the final standings are East/West and the top 8 teams in each conference make it.

    I don’t know, what do youse think? Take it to Bettman?

  13. i already know what ilb does for a living, hes a
    Snake Milker!!!

    If you ever get bitten by a poisonous snake you’ll be grateful these people know how to work with animals. They are responsible for getting the venom out of snakes to make the anti-venom. Be honest, which one of you thought that snakes had actual milk glands?

  14. Morning all!

    Greg, I already said I was sorry about a zillion times. Can I not be reminded about my colossal screw up yesterday? Tis a new day and I felt like carcillo all the rest of yesterday for doing it. So, again- a new day, a fresh chance,eh?

  15. As for remaking the league… I kinda like the way it it now. I wish we could swap Pittsburgh and Detroit, mainly because I’m sick and tired of seeing the Pens so much and I really like the Wings. I’d love to see the Hawks in the East, too. Maybe a 2 for 1 deal- the West gets the Pens, we get the Hawks and Wings. Or 2 for 2, we can send the West the Habs,too. That way the Rangers would only have to play them once a year in Montreal instead of getting hammered up there several times.

  16. OOO I like this challenge so I’ll make my first blog post of the summer!

    Challenge 1:

    I say make one small switch:

    Atlantic Division:
    NJ, NYR, NYI, Phila, & Boston. On top of that, if the Islanders ever move, move DC into the picture.

    I think the above makes sense because they are sport rich cities that hate each other throughout all professional sports. Also, they are all the major northeast metropolitan areas. And finally, I think the Rangers deserve one original six in division rival. Not three in one division, two in the west, and the Rangers by themselves playing patty cake with two local teams wasting their time in the NYC area and two Pennsylvania teams.

    Pittsburgh just doesn’t belong. I hate hearing this small market Carcillo about them. Fine, then go be in a division with small market buffalo. Pitt is so really far out there. Practically Ohio. Which brings me to another point: Pittsburgh has only one other sport:football. And where do they play? The NFL Central. So I think they should switch and with Boston and play Buffalo, Montreal, toronto, and ottawa. Besides, they are a lot more natural rival with Buffalo (I know they lose the Philly rivalry, but just because they are in the same state doesn’t mean they are so close together that they should go in the same division!). I’ll think up of my Rangers team and get back to you all on that!

  17. I used a very bad word, mike. Very bad. Thankfully, Mama edited it for me and was cool about it, so I’m still around :)

  18. Peter, I really like those groupings, but the format would be too complicated for the league. The original 6 division gives me the chills though. I wish there were more original 6 games and that the league would promote them more. It’s such a cool aspect of the league’s heritage and something that makes the NHL so unique compared to the rest of the leagues. They are losing out on such a huge marketing chance there, but then again, this is the league that crams Crosby down our throats 24/7.

  19. Mickey – Since when did that become a *very* bad word? :)

    Here is my change of division. It doesn’t matter, it can be any of the divisions, but only in the Western Conference. I really want that cat book, so this has to win. You all can figure out why this is the division construction.

    Red Wings
    Black Hawks

  20. I wonder how Linda’s first day is going?! 5:45 in the morning is when she had to get up, yuck!

  21. Hockeyman Rangers on

    My only suggestion for the Mama is the NHL needs to cut back on number of games in a season. I think the season is to long. I would like to see the end of the playoffs in early May. So maybe cut 20 games?? Something like that?? No don’t get me wrong I could watch hockey every night all year long (well except when American Pickers is on the History channel great show) so I am cutting myself short but,
    1) These players put themselves out there 3 or 4 games a week, I wonder after their careers are over how do they even walk.
    2) I am also curious if they did shorten the season would players stay on track better. With them knowing there is so many games some may say ” tonight I don’t have hit as hard or play as hard b/c I still have 50 more games left”???
    3) It gives teams to much time to catch up with other teams, you can have a partial crappy season and still make the playoffs.
    I don’t know I could be worng here and like I said I know I am cutting back on a sport that I absolutly love and many other but quality is better than quanity. NO?????

  22. Greg

    ur right. Messier is a god among men. only real men are not afraid to cry :) When I see those ceremonies for the greats, I tear up along with them. I cant tell you how much I cried when the Yankees won the 2009 WS. It was the longest 9 years of my life.

    I figured ilb for a doctor, but didnt actually know. That’s awesome ilb. It must feel very gratifying getting to save lives!

  23. Relax with saving lives, folks. It was in the context of preventing GregL from committing suicide. Sheesh, did you all forget your sense of humor along with the umbrella?

  24. Change the league line up? OK, here goes (you did say anyway I want right?). I’ll take the liberty of changing the playoff format too. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s not allowed but a man can dream…………

    Division A:

    Division B:
    Everyone else

    Winner of Div A (ha!) plays the team from Div B. with the worst record against the Rangers during the year. Div A always has home ice advantage of course.

    Give me that and I’ll take the team as is (yeah, even Redden).

    After the Rangers win just ONE cup – which still could take a while – you can go back to the way it was.
    Too desparate? Yup, one cup in my lifetime is not enough.

    Mama, you have my vote for next NHL commissioner.

  25. I like the original 6 division.
    Then make another 4 divisions.
    5 division winners seeded 1-5 in the playoofs.
    Next 11 point leaders make the playoffs seeded accordingly.
    This way, no one gets left out of the playoffs because of division/conference luck.

    I am trying to figure a way to get that original 6 division to be exempt from salary cap, but that may take another blog!!!

  26. congrats lindzo on the job!!

    mickey, i just saw the post and lmao i almsot did that a few times myself!

    ok, i like the divisions teh way they are, i do like pauls original 6 division though. my ranger team(active players only) would be:


    staal-del zotto


  27. CR, around here it is. In RL though, it’s not.

    I’ve thought a little about this and I’d love to start my team with Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook and Kopitar.

  28. Coach Beeblebrox on

    I though this place was something far different from what it is. Talk about inmates running the asylum. I like debating with a few folks here, but what is the obsession with the orchestration? The Rangers just signed a pivotal UFA, someone who is going to get top six minutes for the next 82 games (at least) and what do I find here? Fantasy hockey.

    Not enough people here talk about the Rangers.

  29. Go back to how the conferences were in the 80’s and first half of the 90’s. Two division in each conference, top 4 for in each division make the playoffs, first 2 rounds of the playoffs are the division semis and division finals. As a slight twist, the East has 16 teams, the West has 14.

    Eastern Conference

    (New name/Adams)

    Western Conference


  30. Coach

    Never heard of having fun? We’re still 2 months away from the beginning of hockey, and we discussed Frolov the other day. We can’t know any more than we do already until the preseason begins and we see how Torts shapes the team.

    And NOBODY calls BlogMama an inmate running the asylum. She’s a beauty queen running the asylum. Got it, pal?

  31. “Guest bloggers schmuck”- no need. You’ve been dead for awhile. But you seem to be the only one who doesn’t want to attend the funeral.

  32. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Talking about the Rangers is fun. That’s the only reason I come here. Silly me.

  33. i would first get rid of a couple teams, and then move a couple more teams to the north where hockey matters. bring back the winnepeg jets.

    next i would shorten the season by 10-15 games. idk how these guys play hockey for 82 games a year. very impressive. shortening the season will make each game more important though.

    on to the restructuring…one eastern conference, one western conference. each conference has 2 divisions of 7 teams. the schedule goes like this…

    play each team once home and home…so thats 54 games. then play your division another time home and home…so thats another 12 games. in total thats 66 games. i would also name one division the Patrick division.

    this will clearly never happen but i hope you can all enjoy an new idea

  34. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    morning ILB and all!

    A challenge from mama!! Nice!

    I am off to work for the day so my participation will have to wait.

    Remember, the kings are looking for a d man, maybe we can unload rozy or girardi!!!

    Later assens!

  35. i really like the idea of swapping pitt with Boston. maybe move Montreal into the east too with say washington and you have a sick 7 team division. NYR, NJ, isles, Philly, Boston, Montreal, Washington.

  36. “Not enough people here talk about the Rangers”

    Yeah, I’m with you! I wan’t to discuss Frolov for the next two months, and Staal’s contract, and Booger scoring goals, and blah, blah, blah.

    What’s there to talk aboot that hasn’t already been constantly discussed?

  37. Doodie Machetto on




    The only guy out of position is Boogaard.

  38. You don’t want to put Boogaard on the off-wing? Give him a better chance to break that 4 year drought?

    Is he on the PP on that team? His 6’8″ frame could be an effective screen.

    Otherwise Greg L is going to be owing half the people on the blog $10.

    I kid, I kid Greg.

  39. my dream team would not include dubinsky or avery. any championship type team would have no use for either. otherwise it would be an exercise in futility

  40. I thought the Leafs tried the ‘let’s beat everyone up’ thing last year and it failed miserably. Doodie’s lineup would sure make for a fairly entertaining game though. Just not sure if that would be entertaining for us or the opposition.

  41. Got to be out of pocket for a while all, so continue on. Will check back later. Post all your news and views (well, Ranger-related anyway) and I’ll see you on the back nine (no, I’m not meeting with Mr. T. I just like saying that).

  42. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    I got an idea we can discuss. Rule changes.

    I for one think Icing should be as international rules go, and be when the puck crosses the line, not the touch up icing.

    Also, i’d get rid of the trapezoid… if a goalie wants to venture out and play the puck, he should so do at his own peril. Not saying they should be fair game, just allowed to move around back there if they want.
    Trapezoid=Stupid rule.

    High sticking should be an automatic double minor, regardless of blood

    boarding should be a major penalty

    instigator penalty for fighting should be tossed out.

  43. nose picker

    did you forget our last cup team that had players like esa tikkanen and glenn anderson?

  44. Guest bloggers stink
    “Just kill me now. I’ve had enough”
    With pleasure! Just give us an address

  45. I’ll go the other way… I would put all Original Six in our division. I would move Debbies, Filthys, Crapsburgh and @sslanders to the Western Conference, this way maybe we’ll have a chance to play any one of the for the Cup! The rest of the NHL…I don’t care!

    Boston Bruins
    Chicago Blackhawks
    Detroit Red Wings
    Montreal Canadiens
    New York Rangers
    Toronto Maple Leafs

    My dream team? Hhmmm…good question…it would probably look something like this…
    Lines in no particular order.


    Mogilny – Federov – Bure
    Krutov – Larionov – Makarov
    Ovechkin – Datsyuk – Kovalev
    Kamensky – Malkin – Kovalchuk


    Fetisov – Kasatonov
    Konstantinov – Zubov
    Gonchar – A.Markov


    V. Tretiak
    H. Lundqvist

    Healthy scratches:

    Avery, Dubinsky, Prucha

  46. Good morning, mama! Sorry I haven’t been around at all… been busy working, moving, and getting all my wisdom teeth pulled! So much fun!

  47. the orig 6


    the 67 expansion

    LA–Sharks (to replace Seals)–Dallas (to replace North Stars)–St Louis–Pitt–Philly

    the mix div


    the north div


    the south


  48. the orig 6


    the 67 expansion

    LA,Sharks (to replace Seals),Dallas (to replace North Stars),St Louis,Pitt,Philly

    the mix div


    the north div


    the south


  49. CCCP- are you kidding me? He is our best shot blocker!
    How ’bout- thank you very much, muchas gracias and let them throw in spasibo. Now we are talking!

  50. Would he waive his NTC for LA though? It’s so far from his pizza joint in CT, which is his #1 priority.

  51. Drury for Schenn or Doughty would be nice. Heck, I’d take any of their D prospects. They are more loaded at D than we are.

  52. and the fact that Torts said he is not happy with the room and the leadership. I know he defends Dreary, and absolves him, and says he loves him, BUT if there is trouble in the room then Dreary as Captain has to take some responsibility for that. it is his job to step up and get things together. an old bag of pucks for him would be more than enough

  53. SCX- I think he’d be ok. Brashear is handling all his deliveries at the moment and it looks like Redden will be assuming the managerial responsibilities very soon.

  54. Scx. when NYR go to LA to play the Kings, Dreary has literally a whole section for his friends and family. It’s a huge cheering section. He has a vacation home there, so I imagine LA would be on top of his list of teams to go, as far as his personal life goes, it would be a pretty easy adjustment for his wife and kids.

    And it would be smart for him as far as hockey is concerned. LA is winning a Cup before we do.

  55. In the spirit of the day, I”m going with my favorite all-random Rangers Squad (non-94 edition):

    Ogrodnick-Kisio-B. Mullen



  56. On that gcaggiano’s website. i like his line combos
    Line 1: Prospal-Christensen-Gaborik

    Line 2: Frolov-Anisimov-Aasen

    Line 3: Avery- Dubinsky-Callahan

    Line 4: Boogaard-Drury-Prust

    Scratches: Brashear, Boyle, and Weise

  57. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    that Kopitar contract is BRUTAL. $6.8 against the cap until 2016!

    Drury has 2 years left on his deal at $7.05. So if you’re LA, and not happy with Kopitar, you look to make that deal. They could probably use a veteran calm influence.

    Sather would be the dope to do that deal, thinking “well i’m saving $200k a season!” forgetting laying us into another horrible contract for 6 years.

  58. LA has Handzus, and Modin, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted Dreary. But, that contract sucks.

    “Line 1: Prospal-Christensen-Gaborik

    Line 2: Frolov-Anisimov-Aasen

    Line 3: Avery- Dubinsky-Callahan

    Line 4: Boogaard-Drury-Prust

    Scratches: Brashear, Boyle, and Weise”

    Is this guy serious? Weise a healthy scratch? Yeah, like that’s really good for his development. And *IF* Aasen is good enough to make the team, he would be on the 3rd line with Dublowsky, and Avery. Cally gets top line minutes because he ears it!

  59. Why does everyone keep putting Dubinsky at center when Torts has clearly stated over and over again that Dubinsky is playing left wing. It really bugs me.

    A line of Dubi- AA- Cally could do some damage.

  60. Kopitar is 22 year old and is already considered a premier power forward in the league. He finished last season with 81 points. Why would they move him? Let alone for Drury.

  61. TR-808
    July 29th, 2010 at 1:23 pm
    nose picker

    did you forget our last cup team that had players like esa tikkanen and glenn anderson?

    i don’t think sean avery and brandon dubinsky should be in the same sentence as those two guys, multile cup winners and one of them is in the hall of fame. so which one of avery or dubinsky makes the hall of fame?

  62. Orr, how exactly does Callahan who scored less goals, less points and is a less productive player at even strength earn his ice time over Dubinsky?

  63. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    7 million for a 30 goal scorer…. sounds familiar.
    he is young… definate upside… just don’t see the logic behind LA moving Kopitar for Drury.

    I think it’s mostly wishful thinking for some.

  64. Wow, I just threw Kopitar’s name out there as a joke, since there’s no way LA would part with him (at least not for Drury).

  65. Blue Seat Horror on

    League restructuring:

    Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa, Florida, Phoenix, Nashville, San Jose, Colorado, and Columbus all move to Canada. Don’t care where. That’s the Gretzky Conference.

    Anaheim moves to Hartford and get renamed to the Whalers. Pittsburgh to Kansas City and Bettman’s office gets moved to their locker room right next to Cindy’s locker. That’s the Brooks Conference.

    Dream Rangers team:

    I’ll tell you Oct. 9th.

    Rules changes (for Gift of Gab):

    – Agree no more instigator. You actually receive a penalty if you don’t stand up for your teammates (just kidding).

    – All-Star game is the Winter Classic.

    – No points for OT or shootout loss. Only 1 for shootout win.

    – No preferential ranking for winning Division when playoffs come. If you win your division you’re in the playoffs, but ranked based on your point totals. None of this 1-2-3 stuff.

  66. Orr, I think we are stuck with EC as the #1 center unless a trade is made for someone better or he plays so awfully that the team has no choice but to demote him.

    Then again, EC could just be a placeholder until Stepan tears up the AHL and then gets promoted midway through the season.

  67. side show sean on

    are we stuck with avery or is there any chance he can be traded or buried in hartford.

  68. i think the best way to go about our “unsatisfied” guests is to just block them from visiting this site…you know, eliminate all the urges of coming back to this horrible place!

    1 vote up

  69. cccp – this is the united states not a communist country. freedom of speech and all. as long as somebody does not use profanity or otherwise goes against the terms of service their voice should be heard. you seem to try to stifle peoples legitimate points of view just because you don’t agree with them. if you do not like someones point of view you should skip their posts. or get your shinebox. your choice.

    having said that. trade dubinsky now.

  70. wow. hehe!! go get ya shinebox!!!! cmon it sounds so cheesy . make up something else. the whole shinebox bit is played the fugg out.

  71. Bet those poor people in North Korea are slitting their wrists about not being able to read somebody posting (nothing but) “trade dubinsky now” seven or eight times a day…

    God Bless America!

  72. bull dog line on

    i’m torn on Frolov. on one hand he is an offensive upgrade and will probably score 20 or more. on the other hand, does he put the Rangers over the top, or just keep them close to eighth. if it is the latter, I would rather have Grachev score 10 and get a year under his belt, so at least they are moving forward. i am not sure Frolov moves the orginization forward, I think he just keeps it status quo.

  73. ranger909 – I’m not sure who gcaggiano is, but he obviously doesn’t know a thing about hockey or the Rangers.

    First, NO WAY is Drury going to be centering Boogaard and Prust, and Christensen centers the first line…Simply NO WAY.

    Second, every time Tortorella opens his mouth about Dubinsky, he says the guy belongs on the wing. That’s where his future is as a Ranger.

    Third, Brashear has seen his last game as a Ranger, PERIOD. He might throw on a Wolfpack jersey, but he’ll never suit up for the big team. He sealed his fate last fall, when he complained about his ice time, yet stunk up the ice every time he stepped on it. Rule number one: If you sign a money deal with a team, you don’t go to the media and bitch about your ice time not even halfway into the season. This is especially the case if you’re a useless POS like Brash.

    Forth, all the comments so far about Frolov have suggested the first-line LW position is his to lose.

    And lastly on a speculative note, I really doubt EC will be centering first line…REALLY doubt it. Torts refused to break up Prospal and Gaborik last year, meaning Vin is probably going to move to center…UNLESS…Anisimov or Stepan show their ready for such a gig.

    Bottom line: Those line combos suck the big one.

  74. nose picker

    referencing the attitude and “grinder”
    if i wanted to mention that they would be hall of famers i would have done so

    have a good day

  75. Nose picker, side show, huh, what, at least and whatever else is on your drop down menu- what point of view are you referring to, exactly? That any of your multiple personalities ever offered? Of any miniscule value? The best point of view you ever offer is when you cut and paste someone else’s post before typing your genius text. All of you and your personalities ever suggested would be best described by my Spanish speaking wife as “la misma mierda”.
    You sole purpose of being here is to irritate people. Unfortunately, you have. A few of us. So, I would suggest that anyone here just ignored you from now on. Boneheads, the moment we stop responding, that mole will just slowly disappear. Last time I’m talking to you.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Heyyy Comic book guy , and the guy who says geust bloggers stink…Atleast when I said someone sucked , I never hid behind a name. Cowards deserve no respect so anyone who uses a fake handle your words mean nothing. Absolutly nothing. Momma , I ‘m really thinkin im the front runner here ( hope wicky doesnt beat me later when he does his!!)..That cat book autographed by the Catwoman would be Hot!!!! I really liked this division that I put :



    Lets see cindy get outta this one.

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Toliks- ear aches go over to polish it in a hurry?

  78. ZZZ I like the Ducks, Sharks, Penguins together, but would add a few, and change the division composition to 7 each:

    Red Wings

    BTW, how do you spell “Detroit?”

    Maple Leafs

  79. oOPS…substitute the Panthers for the Predators…the Predators could belong to both divisions, so 8 each

  80. ilb

    glad to see you and your blog police friend cccp are done with me. i don’t think very highly of either of you anyway. i do like some of the others points of view so think i’ll stay awhile if you don’t mind.

    talking in foreign languages is rude wouldn’t you say.

    have a nice day and oh yeah trade dubinsky.


  81. Greg, I just realized what you’ve been saying for awhile lol..Callahan does have Frolov’s number. 24. What number does he choose? ‘Cause I hope Ryan isn’t planning to give up his. Hmmmm…

  82. But the Boogyman also wore #24 with the Wild! Surely Greg has him stealing the number (possibly five times) from both Callahan and Frolov?

  83. hope Frolov wears 13.

    enjoy the guest blogs,and the shoeshiners that get dealt with as a result.

    LMAO @ Mickeys fbomb and at Greg fainting as a result..priceless

    Orrsy good call on DJ King,he will be a menace,as will newest Isle Jeremy Yablonski,dude is a beast in the AHL.

  84. la misma mierda= the same crap!!! anyway, ilb and cccp are blog old timers. they have been here a long time and are intelligent guys who love hockey and are 2 totaly tubular and radical dudes!!!

  85. Can anyone believe its been 16 yrs.

    Glad Slats has had a good offseason, but this organization better stay on track so its not another half century.

  86. Mike, I’m with you, the shinebox quote used to be funny, but it’s way too played out.

    Gotta come up with something new.

    How aboot calling someone a “horse manure smelling mudda-fugger” like Pesci said in “Casino”

    I can go with that.

  87. Good evening all! Well, hmmmm….

    Tolya, I’m off the train.

    nose picker, TA is trademarked.

    To all who got into the spirit of the day, I salute you! And it’s been interesting and fun reading, but I’m just catching up so will peruse more closely tomorrow for the sister blog prize winner! And, ilb, I actually found a dog book too!

    Are Aves and Frolov actually going to be on Knicks Live? I’ve got it ready to go, but if they’re not, that wasted hour is gonna tick me off.

    P.S. Retire the shinebox if you will, your call. Newspapers remain in play…..

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wild places , I love it!!! Thats a perty sweet few ya added. Thats a beuty set up!!!

    Foe anyone who dosn’t like the shoneshine reference…

    Email me @

    Yeah ILB #24 !!!! Thats my geust post fer starters , then yer job …Number 24 is boogies too!!!! Callahan will keep it so what number does Frolov/ Boogaard get? I am not betting on this one . My broker has seized all assets regarding any other bets.

  89. Pesci said a few usable things in “Goodfellas” too. I bet you we can find a suitable substitute. Mike’s suggestion sounds like a goo start anyway.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nawww shoeshine box is pure RR !!! Its like stop saying Carcillio , or to stop talking Sienfeld . You take away what makes this blog tick and ya get a Carppy blog. Carppy is another . Come on guys , holey Hell!!!! is that too old too?? Fricking game 82 in a bloddy shoot out!!!???? OMG that did hurt.

  91. CCCP interesting dream team, but isn’t it a bit unbalanced? Way to heavily overloaded with Irish.

    Those bog jumpers don’t play hockey anyhow.

  92. Holy hell is never old. In fact, nothing Seinfeldian is ever old…

    huh…huh! I like your positive attitude! I think that may have been posted, but I just went through every one again…some are so dead on, some just pathetic reaches…but my all time favorite is AO and Jaws!! Priceless….

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP’s team was cool . The KLM line was a nice touch . Krutov thought? HAHAAAA wasn’t he the only one who was too fat to make it in the NHL?

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW Marty is still fat !!!! ( do I hear a devils fan comming?)

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Frolov VS Callahan : who should get #24 ?

    #1 Older guy ?

    #2 More goals /points over all ?

    #3 longer contract?

    #4 more superstitious one ?

    #5 dosn’t need a new identity ?

    #6 Guy whos gonna have more ice time?

    #7 Most paid

    #8 Has a “letter” eg “A”

    #9 Homegrown player?

    #10 Whom ever Messier says!!!

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    #11 Guy whos been in the league longer?

    #12 Longest serving Ranger?

    #13 whom ever had it first on the team ?

  97. huh, I didn’t get the full part of the link you posted, but I know the actor you’re talking about, and I choose Aves…

    btw, you’re much more agreeable as huh….even nose picker is growing on me….but … pun intended…pick one of the three (no my math is not wrong) and hang around why don’t you as one.

  98. Hey, shout out to Yergs….yer up Saturday dude….need yer post by tomorrow. Please send to by 5 p.m. tomorrow, or let me know at that e-mail if it will be later so I can tell you where else to send it….but I would like to have a Friday night…OK?

  99. side show sean on

    thanks blogmama but have different names for different topics. despite what a couple think, the ones outwardly criticizing the guest posters are not me or nose picker or huh. easy enough for you to confirm.

    no sean criticism this time due to your nice psot.

  100. bull dog line on

    I see the clique is at it again, they have been offended so the offenders must go. the only thing missing now is Kelly Kapowski sticking her nose in.

  101. Kings lost Matt Greene for three months. They may need another stay home d-man. Should Slats try to sell them Rozsival? :-)

  102. bull dog, oy, not it at all. come on.

    side show (excellent choice for your response by the way, I am starting to feel RR karma with you :)…I do know, and I did confirm….:)

  103. So, did anybody but me watch the teaser end of Knicks Live?

    Two things.

    Frolov is Fro apparently.

    Then, this quote from Aves, after Trautwig asked what we can expect of him this year.
    Aves said, after a pause, “I’m gonna be back to be the old Sean Avery, so I can tell you that…A lot of people are going to have their hands full”

    Don’t think Trautwig meant this to be heard on mike, but you could hear him say, “Jesus.”

    I’m so happy right now.

  104. Darn, missed it. Sounds like he admits he wasn’t himself last year. Well, in order for him to achieve that, Torts has to unleash him first.
    Can Frolov speak English, mama?

  105. And TA! is trademarked by Mama, but I and I alone have implied oral consent (see what I did there, not express written!) from Mama to use…


  106. What’s all this talk about retiring the shine box?
    I can’t take.
    I’m going to get the papers, get the papers.

  107. Yes, ilb he can, and as I may have said here, or maybe just on the FB heads page, I was right…Fro’s looking real good….:)

    but yes, Aves comments were quite, interesting :) loved it! (really, am I the only one who watched!!)

    CR, um, I have told ya before, too, TA is tradmarked :) sorry!

    GCB, it’s all good. Keep the papers in the box….

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Post the link again to the replay of the Avery and Fro interview someone plz.

  109. Greg, tried, but can’t find yet…only promos online….should have watched or DVR’d like mama…:)

    really, only like 3 minutes, and the quote I gave you was the best. Though, they did show him and his classic Marty meeting….Traut asked something like, what do you think about you’ve just seen (on the monitor) and Aves just laughed.

    Sweet 16!

  110. I watched it too Mama I knew they would probaly have them on at the end after it all it was Hockey Night Live”

  111. Laurel
    It’s amazingly perfect. What a surprise – are you studying Russian at Virtual Moscow University?

  112. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    Ok, so long day at work, here are my division alignments (I will have roster with current players shortly).

    option one (nhl expands back to winnipeg and Quebec and the fishies move to KC.

    North conference (had real problem with division names….obviously)
    original 6
    nyr, bos, mtl, det, chi, tor

    van, edm, cgy, min, wpg

    njd, Que, ott, phi, buf

    South conference
    col, la, ana, sj, phx, dal

    kc, stl, clb, pit, was

    sunny d
    nas, car, fla, tb, atl

    option two (current teams)

    van, edm, min, cgy, chi

    ott, tor, mtl, bos, det

    nyr, nyi, njd, phi, buff


    col, phx, la, ana, sj

    dal, clb, stl, atl, nas

    pit, was, car, fla, tb

    I like the north south set up instead of east west because it makes travel fair.

    criticize away!!

  113. Czechthemout!!!! on

    I watched it too. Let me tell ya one thing. Torts needs to calm the cluck down and let Avery be himself. The team and Avery will be both better for it!

  114. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    guess I am going to have to skip the line up portion, too much stuff going on right now. I assure you though, it would not look like what “huh” seems to think it would!

  115. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    I didn’t get to see it either…LINK PLEASE, but I agree 100% with czech!

  116. All, sorry to you who missed it :). But to new and oldtimers here, thanks for a great day….and for your excellent comments…and challenge answers!

    prize winners tomorrow!

    MickeyM up tomorrow..she read my mind :)

    TA! (copyrighted fyi)

  117. fran

    Thanks, i like my dream team too! sorry about all the Irishman…i wanted to include some Canadiens but…couldn’t find any! :P


    Krutov did make the NHL… he played 89-90 season for Vancouver… i wanted to include Kharlamov or Mikhailov but decided to go with players that played or had something to do with NHL

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    OK. Challenge 1- eliminate 9 teams- (Fla, Atlanta, TB, Phoenix, Dallas, Nashville, Anaheim, Columbus, Islanders) Reconfigure the 21 team league into 3 conferences of 7 and make the schedule evenly balanced, Everyone plays everyone home and away twice. (80 games)
    No more 1,2,3 division leader preference. Since it’s a balanced schedule, rank the top 8 best teams in the league, and 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, etc. This will keep interest until the last day of the regular season. Any team could be playing anybody and, any team has the possibility of playing ANY other team in the finals.

    Challenge 2- FIRE SATHER. This is the critical first step. Replace him with Shoenfeld. Then take the Chicago Black Hawks, move them to NY, and replace Niemi with Lundqvist, Byflugen with Avery and Versteeg with Dubinsky. Keep Tortorella and have Messier stuffed and put in the MSG Lobby wearing his beloved #11.

  119. The White Plains Batman on

    Washington should be in the Rangers division. For as much as I hated those Rod Langway, Kevin Hatcher, Al Iafrate teams, they had a pretty nice rivalry with the Rangers in the mid 80s-mid 90s and met in the playoffs four times 86, 90, 91, and 94. Ovechkin vs. Staal is always fun.

    I think Detroit and Pittsburgh should swap conferences.

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sergei Makarov was the shizzle!!!

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Callahan has Frolov's #24!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Blaze , thanks!!

    Sather said that were getting BOOGAARD on the ice more .

    So as I assumed we would. Boogy hasn’t scored cuz his last dumb team didn’t wanna play him . Under-utilized he was.
    Boogaard is fast becoming one of my favorite players . Frolov seems like a smart vet .I like him too!!! This team with the NEW “OLD” Avery , BOOGAARD ,Gaborik,Frolov,AA , and maybe even Grachev is gonna be fun to watch. I can’t wait!!! New York Rangers are sooo cool they place on ice.
    Oh yeah don’t forget Delzotto!!!!

  122. Even though there weree no big splashes, I am pretty psyched about this offseason and getting into training camp.

    The Key additions: Boogard, Biron, Frolov, Eminger, Mcdonagh, (McIlrath, Stepan, McCue).

    Re-sign: Girardi, Prust, Staal?

    Losses: Shelley, Auld, Redden?

    I think with Biron and Frolov we pick up at least 6 more wins.

  123. Peter

    I really like that idea, it is so natural that it would be ideal. Then it would look like the old days ( and being fond of the mystique of the old days in the old Garden, i can think of any other arranging for the remainder of the league, because they really have no history to speak of.

    And who to have? Well I am surprised at the number of unsigned free agents still flapping in the breeze

    I’m so disgusted with the Mets they only give me further anticipation of the opening of the season here. I’m all ears ( er…eyes.)

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