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We Will Win Tonight

“I’m going to take my talents to South Beach…” With these words, LeBron James shocked not only the basketball world, but the sports universe as a whole.

Now, ‘heads, you might be asking yourselves what this has to do with the Rangers. Allow me to clarify things for you. In the months and weeks leading up to LeBron’s “Decision,” there was rampant speculation by the media as to where LeBron would choose to play. Many reasons were bandied about ranging from money, loyalty, championships and friendship, to even the big stage of New York, but the one factor Lebron should have focused on was the perception of his legacy. And if ever there was a poster boy for the influence of that perception, Mark Messier is it.

Messier won five Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers, one following the departure of Gretzky and the preceding four while shouldering the burden of leadership, allowing Gretzky to mature into the legendary player he became. However, Messier is remembered in the sports world for winning a mere single Stanley Cup with the Rangers and is known as the greatest leader the NHL has seen, being the only player to captain two different franchises to a Stanley Cup. Why? Because it occurred in New York and it ended the Rangers’ 54-year drought without a Cup.

How did Messier become the sole proprietor of the 1994 Stanley Cup when the Rangers had other great players on that team, including Conn Smythe-winner Brian Leetch? The answer is simple: Messier stepped up on the biggest stage — like Joe Namath did with the Jets — guaranteeing victory when the Rangers needed it the most and then living up to his word by fulfilling that promise with a hat trick in the decisive third period.

Had Mess stayed in Edmonton, it is likely that he would be beloved in Canada but largely unnoticed in the USA. However, because his success was attained in the biggest city in the world, that one Cup coupled with “The Guarantee” changed the ultimate perception of Messier’s legacy. With his leadership and performance in that fateful spring of ’94, Messier became the King of New York, something he might have had to abdicate had LeBron chosen the Knicks and ended their long drought.

It is the prestige of Messier’s legacy that the current Rangers need to use to their advantage. We have been hearing that Messier is being groomed to take over the Rangers’ general manager job. This transition needs to be expedited with the utmost alacrity. While Messier’s promotion would provide a huge upgrade in the competence department, it would also bring something else the Rangers have lacked since Messier retired … cachet. Many Knicks fans were recently horrified to hear that Isiah Thomas was used in an unsuccessful final attempt to convince LeBron to join the Knicks. What they failed to realize is, Isiah — inexplicably, given his track record — has cachet with the younger players in the NBA. Those players — whether we fans agree with this assessment or not — look up to him as a leader, father figure and role model. It is this quality that Messier can bring to the Rangers when attempting to lure players to New York.

What player would not want to make a mark in New York when being courted by the man who exemplified how the city treats a conquering hero? Who better to teach leadership to the young, up and coming Rangers than the man the NHL named their Mark Messier Leadership Award after? With the media relegating the Rangers to non-contender status in the near future and the fans tiring of management and ownership’s ineffectiveness, who better to rise again to lead the Rangers in an attempt to restore relevance and respect to their franchise in a city dominated by baseball, football and basketball, than the Captain himself?

While LeBron may be remembered for taking his talents to South Beach, Messier will forever be known not only for “I guarantee we’ll win tonight” but for actually making it happen! If Messier can rejuvenate the hopes of Rangers fans and produce another Stanley Cup for this franchise, his status would be elevated beyond a king, to a god. If anyone could live up to such lofty expectations, Messier can.

Who knows, maybe Messier can lure the Jaromir back! :)

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  1. Finally, a good take on why Messier is even in the front office. I never thought about his recruiting skills. But, if the NYR are serious about a youth movement, why do they need a recruiter? I think the Messier role is nothing more than cronyism, and is symtomatic of the disfuctional ownership. I like Mess. I wish him the best. But I still view this move as a good ole boy hire.

  2. . . . .and there is no question that he would be a respected hockey man.

    I dunno, I am on the fence on this hire I guess. If Yzerman can do it, I am sure Mess can too.

    Ugh. Thanks for a blog that has me completely torn between my cynicism and loyalty to one of my favorite players of all time.

  3. bull dog line on

    I agree CR.
    Messier is the only logical choice when the time comes replace Sather. he understands the pressures of trying to win in NY, and knows how to win in NY. plus he is well respected in hockey circles. The only thing I will disagree on is having to sell NY to free agents. Lebron did not have any adults in his circle to steer him in the right direction. the NHL drafts these kids when they are very young, and they seem to get the proper guidance through family, and there agents. the Rangers have never had a problem getting free agents to come them, the problem has always been the right free agents.

  4. don’t get me wrong, i love messier just as much as the next guy but I don’t think he’d make a very good GM.

    just doesn’t come across as an intellectual and to be frank I’m not sure he is smart enough to handle the job. There is definitely a role for Mess in the front office but GM? not sure that’s a great idea.

  5. Mess may not be an intellectual, but he is well spoken. He is certainly no fool. I think his strenghth is a certain standard of excellence. But, the culture is so poor at MSG, I don’t think Messier’s legacy can overcome it.

    It’s wierd. In most sports, the best players make the worst coaches/executives.

    I guess we will see. . . .

  6. bull dog line on

    I do not agree with any of what you said. what does being an “intellectual” have to do with being a GM? you need to be able to see talent and evaluate it. bring the right players to your team. you worried about the cap and contracts? thats why teams hire cap guys, and contract guys. Messier would be the best guy to be the next GM of the Rangers.

  7. there is more to being a GM then just recruiting and acquiring players. I’m certainly not against Messier but i’m not so sure he can handle the other aspects of the job.

    i really hope i’m wrong though…

  8. I’m also on the fence with Messier.

    I always felt he ran certain guys out of town, and I (maybe incorrectly) thought he had a say in acquiring certain players that were horrible trades, especially in his later years.

    As far as 1994 and the gaurantee, it’s unfathomable that someone would go out on a limb like that and then back it up with a natural hat trick. I still can’t believe it 16 years later…

  9. for example when you are building a roster you need to factor in not just the salary cap of the current year but the years down the road. you need to factor in the raises of your current RFAs and potential RFAs.

    its like all those fans here who wanted kovalchuk. they didnt realize how it was impossible b/c of next years cap situation. that didnt even cross their mind.

    then you have to work the finances and the draft and scouting and player development and coaching. There are so many things a GM is responsible for that we don’t even realize goes on.

  10. Matt,
    Exactly. That is a feat that has to be considered the biggest “stand up and deliver” in the history of sports.

  11. bull dog line on

    that is why most, if not all teams hire guys who’s job is the salary cap. if you think all GM’s manage there own salary cap you are mistaken, they hire capoligist.
    the Devils, who’s cap is worse then the Rangers, figured out how to sign Kovalchuk, so I don’t buy that argument either.

  12. Good post, CR9. I mean it.

    I’m used to seeing a different feed of that game. And every time I hear:”Do you believe it? DO YOU BELIEVE IT?!”, it brings tears to my eyes. Messier, imo, wasn’t the best player in that epic game. Kovalev was. But his “guarantee” was enough to bring out the best from Alex and Brian.

    In terms of his GM abilities. I have no reason to doubt he can be a good GM. But he has to earn it first. By paying his dues around the front office, working with Clark, maybe spending some time in AHL, being around Jim Schoenfeld. Sather isn’t the best tutor.

    Interesting take on his recruiting potentials. He is clearly an icon amongst young players. But the relationships between the GM and the player are different than player-captain or player-coach. Not sure, it may or may not work.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  13. Two words- Cameron Hope. One of the better capologists in the league. He does the numbers. For this year and many years ahead.

  14. ilb2000 – my sentiments exactly on Messier…Do I think that will happen? Nope. The minute Sather steps down, Mess will run this franchise. That’s a typical Dolan move: All hype, not a single thought about results. The question is will Messier be good as a GM? He had an eye for players certainly. And there was some speculation he was whispering in Smith’s ear for a lot of those moves in 1994. But then again, he was the reason the Rangers ditch Nedved and Zubov at their prime for ‘being too soft.’ On another note, it seems like the Rangers are starting to amass ‘Messier-type’ players in the draft. McIlrath is a perfect example. Not stating it as fact, just sayin’…

    William – If we can agree Frolov was signed to skate first line, then why would the team put a streaky, marginal waiver pick-up at the most critical position outside of goalie? Prospal or Dubinsky…off chance AA ends up there, but not from the get-go. EC I don’t see rising about third line…and absent those top line minutes he got last year, his stats will suffer and fans are going to see him for what he is: A guy with lots of talent who never put it all together and is now basically an AHL retread.

  15. yes, but hiring a capoligist is one thing. theres alot of what if scenarios involved. for instance, your capoligist tells you, if you get rid of this player through a trade you can sign a certain player youre after. now in 5 years down the road, it will cause problems with certain players needing raises. ok, but thats years away,and you dont know who will stay or go, and you cant tell the future, so is that gonna stop a gm from signing a potential top 5 guy to get them a cup. like chicago and their cap. there is always ways to circumvent the cap and its taking a chance. thats where the gm comes in. sure, he mayb be told what would be the most responsible course of action but if they feel they can get a player(s) to win them a cup, at the expense of possibly losing a key guy down the road, theyre gonna take that chance.

  16. btw, good job cr9. thank you for taking this seriously. i commend you. so happy this wasnt a jagr love fest!! seriously, good job buddy

  17. Good morning all! Excellent job CR! Bravo….

    I’ll just say this, I’d rather have Mess with us than with any other team. And I’m glad he’s still a Ranger.

    Speaking of caps, maybe we need to “cap” the blog after a certain hour of night :)

  18. I’m sure I’m in the minority but I don’t want Messier as the GM. Running a hockey team is a business, an organization is not a team. These days, GMs need business acumen which is why you have professional GMs in other sports – hockey is the exception, where its still an old boys network. Messier is great but shouldn’t be the GM, head of player development sure. The quicker the Rangers move away from the current model the better.

  19. i think prospal will center top line definitely. at least to start. him or aa especially because a fellow countryman to play with in frolov could help him become a more prominent player on the team. duby looks like 2nd line. and maybe wing not center. we have lots of centers. either way, the lines will be changed after the first period of game 1 anyway lol.

  20. Mama- that’s a very good point about Messier..
    Mike- capologist would never tell GM which player to sign and for how many years. But he is here to lay out in front of the GM all different scenarios and options.
    JJP- agree. There is nothing wrong with some of those guys going into business and getting a degree. There are plenty of those in NY.

    Mama- I find the after hours RR the most entertaining place to read in AM. No cap, please!

  21. bull dog line on

    Messier did not run Zubov out of town, that was all Campbell. Messier loved Zubov.
    as far as the 94 deadline moves, it has been well documented that was the only time that Keenan and Smith got along and worked together. Keenan wanted tougher players, better playoff players. thats why Amonte, and Gartner were traded. as good as they were offensively, they were on the softer side. Anderson, Matteau, and Noonan were all much tougher to play against that Amonte and Gartner.

  22. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yes to a great write CR. And yes to Messier taking over GM, even though the owner does not give a crap about this team. Mes might just be the one that can teach these guys to play with some passion for NY. I say at least give him a chance to see how he does, he can’t be worse than Sather. But is that even possible with anyone.

  23. Good write up CR.

    I don’t know if any of us can say for certain that Messier will or won’t be a good GM. My hope is that if he is anointed the position then he will surround himself with people that have more experience in areas where Messier does not (most likely in the administrative duties of the job).

    One thing that I think Messier will bring the role is a clear vision of what he wants the franchise to be. Ultimately that is what the Rangers have lacked since the lockout. They’ve had talent, certainly not as much as say the Penguins of 2-3 years ago and the Capitals right now, but every year seems to be a proverbial shifting of the paradigm for the organization. I think in this case, a little bit of tunnel vision is what the team needs.

    As for the salary cap, I don’t think there is one team in the league that doesn’t have at least one contract on their books that they don’t regret. The Devils have Zubrus and Rolston, the Islanders have DiPietro, the Penguins have Kunitz, the Flyers have Briere (good playoffs this year but not worth his cap hit for his regular seasons), the Caps have Nylander, etc. The point is, that trying to assign the proper value to the 20-some odd players that will count against the cap when they are at various stages of their respective careers is far from an exact science.

    Throwing optimism to the wind and hoping that the Rangers continue to unwind their existing toxic contracts while not adding any more for at least this season and next, they will be in a very reasonable cap situation in 2 years time after Drury and Rozsival’s deals expire.

    And that is when the organization will be at somewhat of a crossroads. By that time they should have a good feeling of what they have in their crop of younger players; will Dubinsky and Callahan have shown they’re worthy of inheriting leadership roles, will Staal and Del Zotto mature into top 4 quality D, will McDonagh/Stepan/Kreider have shown they can compete at the NHL level, etc? It is at that time I would like to see the Rangers find which they are going to take the club.

  24. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    Good write up CR. What you had to say about Isiah is especially interesting.

  25. From SNYRBlog…

    Torts – “We didn’t make the playoffs last year. That should be explanation enough for why there are jobs and roles to be won. Guys will have to earn their ice time and their spot in the lineup no matter who they are.

    “Plus, nobody should make the mistake of thinking that we’re closing off opportunities for the kids,” Tortorella said. “They’re going to get their chance.”

  26. Thank yyou for the post and vid., I attended that game, the only 94′ playoff game for me, a friend who worked on wall st. called last minute to meet in the parking lot, it was a wing and a prayer that I got in. It was a boring game and I remember the debby fans were very hostile in the begining they realy thought it was there comming out party !! ha . When the tide turned with that Kovy goal at the end of the first and continue into the 2nd period, well it was needless to say the most magical/historic game I attended in my 25 years of going to games. To this day I still don’t know how I didn’t get my ass kicked the way I yelled at the debby fans leaving the game before it was over and over I was total a- hole to them, relentess. ahhh good times.

  27. I would like Larry to explain how exactly they are going to go into the season with $6.5-8M cap space after signing Staal, dumping Redden and disposing every single contract that counts against the summer cap. Brashear, btw, still counts. Even if all he does is deliver pizza for Drury’s place. My estimates are not even close to being that optimistic.

  28. Nice piece CR. I think Mess will make an excellent GM, he has had some time to watch Slats and Schony do it, he will have plenty of connections throughout the league from his time as a player and i have no doubt there will be a “capologist” and/or a specialist on the CBA as part of the front office team, that is if there isn’t already. I dont think its a job for an intellectual, you have to have hockey knowledge and a vision on how to build a team for the long-term, most importantly you need to be a leader – one thing about the guy no-one can doubt!

  29. ilb – i tried that too – i cant see it. Capgeek has us at $1.44m under the cap with just Staal to re-sign, but not including McDonut ($1.3m) or Stepan ($830k) or Weise ($800k). NHLnumbers has us at $2.34m with the same as above but no MZA ($850k + $900k bonus).

    The only think i could think of is if we demoted Redden and paid Staal $4m it would leave us able to pick up a $6.5 – 8m player at the trade deadline…

  30. ilb, Larry got habitually beat up at the bus stop on the way to school and spent too much time in the nurse’s office and not math class.

  31. “Plus, nobody should make the mistake of thinking that we’re closing off opportunities for the kids,” Tortorella said. “They’re going to get their chance.”

  32. Morning all!

    Excellent post, CR. And seeing that vid gives me chills no matter how many times I see it.

    I’m on the fence about Messier as GM. It could be a very good thing or it could blow up in everyone’s face. I think something positive in his favor will be his willingness to face the press, something that Darth never does.

  33. The Messier guarantee is probably the most downplayed guarantees of all time in sports history. Football players and basketball players may make guarantees but they are just talking smack and are wrong well over half the time.

    Mess meant business and it puts chills in my spine today to think of that game.

  34. “don’t get me wrong, i love messier just as much as the next guy but I don’t think he’d make a very good GM.”

    He must have had some say in MDZ, no? Why not give him a chance.

  35. I’m not on the Mess bandwagon either. I don’t trust him as GM. I just get a bad vibe when I think of him becoming GM.

    It’s like in “The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring” in that scene where Isildur [Messier] kills Sauron [Sather] and the Elves [NYR fans] are expecting him to destroy the ring [the one ring to rule all bad seasons], but instead of destroying it, he decides to keep it.

    The point of this story is, if Messier becomes GM, then Frodo [MZA] will have to kill him, or at least score 40 goals!

  36. Messier is basically a glorified intern. Im sure he spoke to McDonagh and Stepan to get them to turn pro but i think its ridiculous to think he’s had any input in who gets drafted or who makes the team.

  37. When I picture Messier as a GM, I see more ridiculous trades like the Ferraro, Laperierre, LaFayette and Norstrom deal for Churla, Kurri & McSorley. UGH!

  38. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    excellent job on the post.

    don’t know how you managed to do it, but you successfully correlated LOTR and hockey, nice!!

    morning (and to the rest of you as well).

    I would love to see mess as coach just so he could get pissed off at one of the players and just give him the “stare” from the bench. Seriously though, I agree with what some of you are saying that he is getting the GM job regardless.

  39. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    What the crap? frolov and boogaard take less money to sign with us?? Next thing you know slats will go out and get a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man or something. Bizarro world in rangerland!

  40. First time poster long time reader. Attended my first game in 1969 and been hooked ever since. I would like to see Messier have a more prominent role in his apprenticeship before I would feel comfortable with him as GM. I still have nightmares from the reign of Phil Esposito as GM and having a former star in that role sounds eerily familiar. Perhaps a few years as an assistant GM would help.

  41. I’d like to take this occasion to thank you fine folks for nominating me to be one of your guest hosts, but I must admit that I simply do not have the technical expertise at moving about the PC environment. I’d be lost at even attempting it, for I can see that you all have the better of me in this venue. But I am humbled by your offering none the less. You have to realize that I’m much mucn older than just about all of you….and you know the old saw about teaching an old dog new tricks?? Yep – it’s true. I wouldn’t know the first thing about the procedure.

  42. Another good post, good job CR. Mess will be fine wherever he is. He exudes professionalism and commands respect. If he ever makes it to GM, at least you can sleep knowing the man would give anything to help this team win. Seems like having a GM that can relate to the players is a plus as well. Give him the tools he needs, and he will try to his last breath. What else can you ask? Can he really be worse than Slats?

  43. Good point, Joetex. I forgot about Phil Esposito. Let’s hope Messier isn’t rushed into the position before he’s comfortable.

  44. Coach Beeblebrox on

    oleo::: RE: Messier

    My friend, you could not be more wrong. Mark Messier is one of the most intelligent hockey people I’ve ever known. The man is a genius, a total freak of nature. And if you think his new role is a “glorified intern” you are kidding yourself.

    Messier is calling more shots right now than you know. You may choose not to believe me now, but trust me the truth will be known eventually, because Messier will be the next GM. There is not even a question about it.

  45. fran,

    If you know how to use email and can type up something in a Word document (both of which are relatively easy to do and someone can show you how to those in little to no time), then you can send in a blog. None of the guest bloggers are putting up the blogs, technical-wise- it’s Carp and Mama doing that for us.

    And count me in as one who would LOVE to read a blog from you, with all your memories and stories of players and games that I never had the chance to see myself.

  46. I wonder if a Souray for Redden trade could be possible?? Edmonton has a boatload of Cap Space (and will continue for the next couple years during their re-build process) and Renney was instrumental in us signing Redden in the first place.

    Souray is a detriment to the Edmonton Team after openly criticizing the organization so they HAVE to move him and Both players do have NTC’s which could make it a little tough to maneuver

    If we could pull a straight up trade that would be awesome, but I have a feeling a low risk prospect or pick would have to go there way as well

  47. Nice post CR. Have to say, bringing up Isaiah and Messier, that if the Knicks had really known what they were doing, they would have recruited Messier to go out and visit Lebron and recruit him. Different sport, yes, but the circumstances for Messier and Lebron were eerily similar and Messier is the one superstar who could have truthfully been able to tell Lebron what it was like or would be like to win a title in a NY town that has been starved for one for decades. That and clips of the parade, the City, highlights of the Cup run of 94 – those are the kind of parallels that Lebron would have bought into or at least would have been able to see. Instead they sent the mottley crew out there!

  48. Well thanks again Mickey for that vote of support. I’ll give it a try and see how it comes out. sometimes I hate to mention things that I was privy to in person back in those early days…for example, If you ever get a chance to see that Stanley Cup final game between Montreal and Boston, with Sugar Jim Henry ( excellent goalie) in the Bruins nets, and the great Rocket Richard…he was a power skater with a homing finder for the net, and he wasn’t a slick skater, but he’d just as soon go thru guys as around them, and that goal he scored to win the cup in overtime, was incredible. He skated out to the side boards, and got blasted – blood running down his face, and he circled the D, pulled Henry out and scored, and he didn’t even remember it – he was concussed and skating on instinct. Henry was bloody too ( few if any helmets or masks in those days.) and the Photo afterward of Richard and Henry shaking hands immediately after the goal being scored was priceless. Two great warriors respecting one another. Someone should try and find copies of that photo and if possible a film of it being scored. Awesome.

  49. I would like to thank everyone for their compliments. I figured by lauding Mark Messier, I could not go wrong! Laurel was a great help along the way. And to clarify one thing, when focusing on his legacy, I always felt the only two places for Lebron were Cleveland or New York, in that order.

    Peter H

    Yes. I was exchanging emails with Laurel last night, and I said that the Knicks should have used Isiah to begin with – not as a last ditch effort – as well as other New York legends, like Derek Jeter and Mark Messier, to recruit Lebron. But when Jim Dolan is your owner, you can only expect ineptitude.

  50. Somerset – the Frolov signing and the contract numbers being mentioned for Staal pretty much secure the fact that we will expose Redden to waivers, we cant take any salary in return unless Roszival or Drury are moved too.

  51. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Souray for Redden does not really solve any cap problems for the Rangers. Now with Frolov, they have only something like $1.4 million left to sign Staal, so Redden has to be waived in order for them to get in under the cap after Staal is signed.

  52. That was an interesting post for sure.

    Somehow I think Messier must feel really dirty being mentioned in the same blog as Isaiah Thomas. . . .

  53. If we are over the cap already, does this mean Redden is ASSURED to go down? I thought he was gonna get a chance to redeem himself.

    I don’t get it.

  54. I suppose guys like Messier and maybe Reggie Jackson would have been good recruiters for Lebron. Established stars brought in to resurrect downtrodden franchises and end title droughts.

    Then again the Dolans probably would have cared even less with what happens to the Rangers had the Knicks snagged Lebron.

  55. Great post, Tim! I totally agree with!

    Vision, Leadership, Accountability! Messier for GM!

    Just read Larry’s article about Frolov… I have a good feeling about this signing…Frolov has a lot to prove and maybe he’ll be able to break the Russian player stereotype.


    Also, quotes from Torts…are those from last year? Cuz they sure sound all the same to me!

    blah blah blah… earn your spot…bubbles bubbles…

  56. cwgatti

    lol @ Messier feeling dirty :)


    Dolan could not care any less about the Rangers than he does now.

  57. I don’t know CR, I don’t think we’ve seen the depths of how evil a man Dolan can be. He’d probably move the circus back into MSG at playoff time and force the Rangers to play their home games in Nashville or something.

  58. What year was that, fran? I think they only way I could see that would be on the ‘Old’ games that the NHL Network sometimes shows. I’m too young to have seen it in person. :)

  59. Messier is not only known in the sports world for being a Ranger. That’s ridiculous. And he showed a ton of ego and poor team consideration for many years after the Cup.
    I admire the heck out of him as a player, but not nearly convinced he should be the Rangers GM. Gretzky couldn’t coach, and Messier couldn’t get many other players to be as tough as he was. Doesn’t always translate.

    As for LeBron, what an ass.

  60. Fran- if you use email, just write your post and email to mama either as an attachment or plain email text. She will know what to do with it. After all, she is a umnaya devochka!
    If I can help with any of the logistics, my email

    In terms of our cap. Just to make it clear. $6.7M includes $5.94M summer cushion. They can sign Staal at any point now and not worry about the cap. It is clear that some salary or salaries will have to be dropped before the season begins.

  61. “What the crap? frolov and boogaard take less money to sign with us?? Next thing you know slats will go out and get a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man or something. Bizarro world in rangerland!”

    Peep our #1 draft pick. He’s supposed to be Beukesque

  62. I dont understand. The purpose of the post was not ’94. It was Mark Messier and how he can help the current Rangers. How do you mention Messier without ’94 or how do you mention the benefits Messier can bring the Rangers without mentioning ’94?

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    CR9, I’m not saying it was bad. It was good in fact. It’s a good comparison.

    It’s just that it seems that everyone’s post in this second week has mentioned 94 in some way or another.

  64. Doodie

    Paul’s post 2 days ago about MZA did not reference ’94.

    However, I understand your point. But in defense of others that have talked about ’94, as a Rangers fan, what else is their to talk about/reminisce about other than ’94? Should we reminisce about what a dirtbag Dolan is or what a weasel Sather is. :)

  65. Doodie, did you read that LB article? If yes, do you get how he came up with $6.5-8M cushion going into the season. I can’t come even close to those numbers even after dropping Redden and all other permanent Hartford dwellers.

  66. Tank The Season on

    In all fairness, Gretzky probably would have had a better coaching record if his team had any money to spend. Phoenix was a no-star team for most of his years there and he helped a lot of their good young players along that they’ve got now. They were good last season because Tippett inherited those young guys from Wayne.

  67. Coach Beeblebrox on

    cwgatti::: RE: CAP

    Right now (according to cap geek’s records) we are $1.4 under the cap. So unless Staal signs a one year deal worth, $1.4 (which we know won’t happen) the will be over the cap.

    Depending on what they get Staal for (most assume between $3.75 and $4.5) it will put them over by some amount.

    If its the high end (for argument sake) and Staal gets $4.5, they will be $3.1 over the cap.

    Now, most people are pretty certain that McDonagh is going to make the cut, which adds in another $1.3 million. So now they are going to be $4.4 over the cap.

    The only way to shave $4.4 million is to dump Redden, Rozsival or Drury. Now we can be fairly certain that Redden is going to be the one to go, he’s the most useless, and he offers the most cap space with one move.

    Rozsival’s cap hit is $5.0 million, so he would barely open enough to get by. Drury has a full NMC so he’s not going anywhere. Dumping Redden’s $6.5 million will give them $2.1 million of cap flexibility.

  68. We gotta win this race. Anyone have a heavyset aunt? I have an Aunt Bunny, and when she fell down the stairs last week it looked like it was in slow motion. I swear it took her like 45 minutes to fall from top to bottom.

    That was for you CT.

  69. I wish I had time to guest blog this time. I am so busy with my summer job that I can barely get on the computer. I have been checking in and reading though. I was first against getting Frolov, but I after watching some video of the guy, and looking at some LA message boards, I am not that upset about it. He is still young enough, and definitely has the talent. What I do like about him is that he has some size, and doesn’t seem to be afraid to take a hit, go in to dirty areas, or crash the net. I think it will be a good pick up for us.

  70. LOL, I had one of my interns watching that for the first time in his life last week. He was laughing so loud and even snickering because he was trying not to laugh. It brought so much joy to my grinch sized heart that I even cracked a smile that day.

  71. Nasty’s Intern’s Parents: So what did you learn at your internship today?

    Nasty’s Intern: Filth/flarl/flim/flam/filth….

    (parent’s make phone call to Nasty)

    Nasty’s Intern’s Parents: YOU CANNOT SAY…

  72. So, no real news on this blog (even when stuff actually happens) until the rabble are done inflicting fan fiction on the world?

    Got it.

  73. Can we say 49? Instead of 94? ;)

    Zeus, guest blogging is NOT fan fic. In any way, shape or form. If it was, this would not be a family friendly blog. Now, if you would please step over to the next line to receive your shinebox, we’d all be pleased as punch.

  74. OH, and ilb, I am up for Friday.

    Mama, I should have something to you later today :)

  75. Good job CR,and I like your little jaromir wish at the end.

    Kudos to cw and his Messier feeling dirty comment!

  76. Phil… I think Christensen is best utilized when he plays with better players… he was given the opportunity last year with the exact same centermen on the team… why will that change now? I think anything is possible before the season starts… but I can’t see them re-signing him to play in the NHL and not play with Gaborik… just my opinion.

    Put up these interesting stats late last night, just wanted to share them again:

    Interesting notes looking up some stats just now:

    Dubinsky finished 7th in hits in 2008/2009 and 15th in 2007/2008.

    I can’t stand that the Shootout is such an important aspect of the game now but… Christensen has another value that we didn’t get to see too much of; shootouts. Christensen is 9th all-time in total shootout goals, 18. But his shootout percentage is even more impressive as he’s 18 for 35 51.4%… that’s the second highest percentage for players with at least 26 attempts. Toews is the leader, 14 for 26 53.8%.

    Speaking of Shootouts… the Rangers, Oilers and Bruins have played in the most with 65 games going to the skills competition. Rangers are 2nd in wins with 37 (3 teams tied with 39)… here’s where it gets interesting; Rangers are 2nd in total attempts with 239 but are only 19th in the league in shooting percentage. They’ve given up the most shootout attempts in the league at 239 but ARE 2ND IN SAVE %!

    Imagine how many more wins… and valuable points in the standings if they had more guys finish than just Parenteau, Nylander, Sykora, etc… ok… spewed enough…


  77. “From SNYRBlog…

    Torts – “We didn’t make the playoffs last year. That should be explanation enough for why there are jobs and roles to be won. Guys will have to earn their ice time and their spot in the lineup no matter who they are.

    “Plus, nobody should make the mistake of thinking that we’re closing off opportunities for the kids,” Tortorella said. “They’re going to get their chance.””

    now we will see if Torts lives up to his word. I think that contract realities will play too large a role in who gets what, and that is the biggest sad reality.

  78. Nice job CR!
    There’s only one way to find out if Mess can handle the GM job- fire Sather! Really, though, we’ll never know unless they try it. I’d like to see it. Whether he has the smarts or not, who knows? One thing we all DO know is that Messier will CARE!

    PS- “utmost alacrity”. Wow! : )

  79. Can someone please explain to me how this is fan fic? It’s nowhere’s near to fan fic. Now, if you wanted actual fan fic, I could list a whole lot of sites where you can it, but this is FAR from it.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I’m maybe a little bit bias but that guest post was my favorite. It was well constructed and was enjoyable to read. Im a big Messier fan so maybe im bias but it gave me chills reading and watching it. Im glad to see Cr9 you realize Messier true importance here and I respect your thoughts. Don’t listen to others about the 1994 part cuz you hit it right on the head.If there ever was a 1994 post , your was the one to read. Your guest post indeed was my favorite .( even better then CCCP’s)

    Now on another note GOOOOOOOOO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wohoooooooooooooo wese gonna fly!!!!!! This team is super sick , fast young, awsome!!!!!!!

  81. Thanks Tolya!

    Greg, your post gave me the chills!

    I really want to know what Olga and Hugo have to think. I know he is against the Mess as GM, iirc.

  82. Count me as a Messier sceptic. Completely wishful thinking, I know, but if Sather ever, ever leaves, I’d prefer a completely fresh start, wish no ties to the Sather regime at all. So no Mess, no Schoenfeld.

    And Messier’s work with the Canadian World Championship team gave the impression that he also has far too much loyalty to the old Oilers boys club.

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CTB , you wanna bet Mr tough guy that BOOGY gets a goal? $10 he scores one this year….

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “has far too much loyalty to the old Oilers boys club.”

    Messier is loyal to his friends . Why wouldn’t he be ? His loyalty is with the Rangers and always will be. Winning that cup in NY is bigger than any cup he has even won. Believe me , I was there.

  85. Um ok Greg. Are we defining this year as “2010-2011 season” or the remaining calender year of 2010?

  86. ilb, True, but I just hate when people knock fan fic. It’s uhh, personal, imo. Also, I’m bored as (editor’s note: she meant hartnell) and need something to do. LOL.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Guys , never dis 1994 cuz if we would have lost it…then 1994 would be the “What If” year… we won in game 7 man !!!!! NO SHOOT OUT either!!!!! 1994 is a good thing. Never forget it even if yer sick of it. That year we had respect …sure felt great!!

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CTB , this season comming up. Playoffs included , Boogy will score a goal . Ive got $10 saying it will happen…you in?

  89. Greg – I’m not suggesting he isn’t or wouldn’t be loyal to the Rangers. More that his coaching staff was full of Oiler connections and/or family members. Not necessarily wrong, but it smells of the same approach Sather has taken to the job for the last 10 years. I’d rather see a complete change in direction.

  90. LW3H

    I see your point. It is a point that has been raised a few times before, but Messier is very different from Sather. Sather is a senile old hack. Sather burned bridges with a lot of different teams. Messier has the respect of others within the game, and still understands the game and what it takes to win. *crease-clearing d-men!*

    Let me give an example that will never happen, but it is a noticeable difference between Sather and Messier.

    Let’s say that Crosby becomes a free agent. Messier goes to Crosby and says:

    “Listen, Sid, you’re beloved in Canada for the gold medal. You’re beloved in Pittsburgh. But if you win in NY, that’s greater than anything. It’s far more significant to be beloved by New York than even an entire country – in this case, Canada. Look at me, Sidney”

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on


    #1 More ice time playing in NY . ( Our teams always rolls 4 lines and whom ever is the best get the most ice time)

    #2 May get reunited with Gaborik for a few shifts. ( Voros poped in a few ,if he can… )

    #3 could get parked in front of the net on the PP a few times. ( His big body could tip in something!!)

    #3 his salary is larger so he may wanna pop in a few goals.( Being paid 1.7 million is no small chump change , hes gonna wanna score a couple)

    #5 Enforcers seem to always score in NY . ( Prust and Shelly scored goals at the end of the year when other players couldnt buy one)

    Boogaard was born in Saskatoon . So was I . I love this guy now!!!!!!!

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mickey…omg!! This has never happened!!!

  93. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    for you guys referencing torts’ statements, we’ve been duped!! Well I have anyhow. I was glad when he got here. I thought he was going to line guys out and the rangers were going to be much tougher as a team. Instead he has done the opposite. He punishes players that play with an edge or that take physical penalties and apparently has them scared to stand up for each other for fear of losing ice time due to the subsequent penalty punishment from the coach. He is like president oba….oops, no political talk, and tells you want you want to hear in statements but really has no intention to do what he says.

    It makes me think of the whole avery conversation. Avery could be such an asset to the team (showed it with renney). But torts doesn’t give him the ice time he should get and just can’t seem to get past whatever problem he has with avery. I worry about avery getting stuck wtih 10th forward ice time and he should be getting 6th or 7th forward ice time. This team would be better without torts as coach IMHO.

    FIRE TORTS!! (too soon??)

    Unlike torts, I’m actually willing to see what he can do this season and give a clean slate. Which is what I have a feeling is the exact opposite of what torts is giving his players.

    is that spy cute or something??

  94. Greg,

    I’m inclined to think that 4 years is a long time to go through a scoring drought and that an odd bounce is likely to happen where Boogaard will somehow wind up with the puck on his stick in a scoring area. But I also think he’s going to be a healthy scratch when it’s apparent that the guy offers nothing else but the occasional fight. So I’ll take that bet for the season and theoretical playoffs.

  95. ZOMG, I just realized what I typed. I am SO SO SO SORRY, Carp and Mama. Please delete that.

  96. There is NO excuse for that. So sorry everyone. Mea culpa, mea culpa. And 200 lashes for being dumb and stupid and ignorant.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Bad bad girl!!! I saw it and fainted!!!

  98. Now I’m worried about you, Greg. Ignoring the dubious nature of a couple of your reasons (and the non-existence of #4), “Top 5” implies you think there exist *more* than 5 reasons in total. Can you do 100?

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “theoretical playoffs” whaaaa??? That hurts , easyyy with the quotes man !!!! Ok bets on and in american bucks too!! Your a brave man cuz you do see my logic here…

  100. Boogaard has never scored a PP point in his entire career. I doubt he gets put on the PP with Torts.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah I typoed #3 , I over looked it I thought.

    100 reasons? …Im only beting 5 goals on most bets so I only have to vision 5 reasons .

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I ‘d bet you he does get atleast one crack at it but I don’t wanna seem to betty betty , hahaha!!

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO CARP!!!! MIckey was BAD!!!!!! ooops sorry for ratt’n ya out but hes gonna see it. Momma’s gonna newsss paper you!!!
    Carp might ban you. Geeze , I can’t believ ya did that!!!

  104. Greg, I already sent an email to Mama about it. Apologizing profusely. If I am banned, I will accept it humbly and without argument for that is truly the worst thing that I could have done sans actually killing someone.

  105. 5 goals Greg? Are you making side bets? The payoff on 5 goals has go to be tremendous. Who’s making your books for that one?

  106. And I cannot believe I did that either :(

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, insensitive and just plain dumb. That is what it was.

  107. Calm down all. Mickey doesn’t get papered cause she immediately realized her error, and e-mailed me her mea culpa and asked for deletion…..I’ve “edited” her comment to include the proper term :)

    however, she will not get any treats tonight.

  108. CTB, I would, but I broke a cardinal rule and it bothers me to no end that I would something so callous and rude and again, dumb.

  109. Thanks, Mama, for not banning me!

    I can live with no treats for one night.

    Again, sorry all.

    Time to fly though.

  110. Mickey

    Relax. It was an accident. You didnt offend anyone – or at least I would hope that didnt offend anyone. :)

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LW3H , hahahaha thats highlarious!!! Ummm yeah CTB , ive made a few yesterday too but the greed is getting to me. I need to stop before I try calling Boogy and ask to be his personal trainer!!! Hmmm If he was born here then his parents have to live here in Saskatoon….nawww I dont wanna be a bug.

    (((Mickey))) all is good.

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    So Momma ( aka Catwoman), If puppy piddles on the floor and then looks at you and cowers cuz he know hes bad…does puppy get the newspaper?

  113. hi all…my friend got tickets in sec. 427 for this year…does anyone know about this section? it’s next to a suite and he was told it isn’t obstructed,but if anyone knows for sure i’d appreciate it….thanks

  114. Just for Greg and some light interest, I thought I’d check the career goals-per-82 games for every player last season who racked up 100 PIMS and played less than 8 minutes a night.

    Not especially scientific (a few small sample sizes etc), but perhaps Boogy will have a few hurdles to overcome to threaten the 5 goal mark this year…

    Colton Orr: 2.01
    Cam Janssen: 0.80
    Brandon Prust: 4.28
    Jared Boll: 4.89
    Darcy Hordichuk: 3.42
    George Parros: 3.69
    Raitis Ivanans: 3.51
    Rick Rypien: 6.71
    Krys Barch: 3.14
    Paul Bissonnette: 4.39
    Jody Shelley: 2.44
    Eric Boulton: 3.59
    Brad Staubitz: 4.00
    Derek Boogaard: 0.64

  115. Holy carcillo LW, you’re besting somerset as the official RR numbers guy! I admit, don’t know much specifics about Rypien….should we be making him an offer :) almost 7 goals!

  116. Rypien’s much more in the Prust mould than a heavyweight like Boogaard – i.e. he’s under 6’0″ and can actually play a little bit. He had 19 and 22-goal seasons in junior. Boogaard never scored more than one.

    I’ll leave it to wicky to post some Rypien fight videos.

  117. richter was the best player that game

    July 28th, 2010 at 8:19 am

    I’m used to seeing a different feed of that game. And every time I hear:”Do you believe it? DO YOU BELIEVE IT?!”, it brings tears to my eyes. Messier, imo, wasn’t the best player in that epic game. Kovalev was. But his “guarantee” was enough to bring out the best from Alex and Brian.

  118. Blue Seat Horror on

    In today’s NHL Messier’s second goal would have been disallowed and he’d be in the box for tripping…

    Messier would then have responded by scoring 4 goals in that game.

  119. Just wanted to stop by to thank all of you who have been wishing me luck finding a job, and trying to keep my spirits up since December 28th 2009. I actually start a ‘contract’ job tomorrow, ( and no, it has nothing to do with getting rid of Slats!!) I have no idea how long it may last, but all i know is i am no longer unemployed! Thanks again for everything ‘Heads!

  120. LMAO, just read the “Bank President” email, had no clue what mama was talking about..

  121. Blue Seat Horror on

    Avery and Frolov are going to be on Knicks Night Live tomorrow night (8 pm est).

  122. Woah …. easy there Mama … I ‘m still the king of Statistics around here !!!!

    BTW, could I do another “Pro-Sather Rant” guest Blog like I did last Summer or are all the spots closed??

  123. At least you wont have to worry about me bringing up ’94 so Doodie’s head doesnt explode

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im starting to become a real huge Boogaard fan!!!

  125. Blue Seat Horror on

    Greg, If Boogey scores his 5 goals this year you should use your winnings to open the NYC chapter of the Derek Boogaard fighting school for kids.

  126. somerset, July break is full, but Carp has lots more (sigh) time off coming, so save the Sather love and gather those stats!

    All, I’m calling it quitters….behave! Ta til tomorrow :)

  127. Blue Seat Horror on

    wicky, I’m sure once the program airs the Rangers will post the Avery and Frolov bit on their site.

  128. Mess already has godlike status and Gm wouldn’t elevate him he’s already Henrik is the King and Lebron can suk it *** making crotch chop****

  129. ORR

    i think sex crazed Russian spy Anna Chapman and Brooklyn Decker are nothing special. One is a typical looking Russian girl (from Moscow) and the other is a typical looking butterface model.

    I like curvy voluptuous girls…so the models dont really tickle my pickle, if you know what i mean.

  130. People forget…the dramatics of game 6 in Jersey were made possible by Keenen sticking Alex Kovalev on Mess’s line. That one single move swung all the momentum in NYR’s favor. Kovalev came up huge in that game.

  131. Olga Folkyerself on

    I also have some serious reservations about Messier as GM. It seems a tall job for someone with no GM experience. Maybe he’ll be OK, maybe not. But as long as Sather is President, or involved with the Rangers at all, the organization will still have that old man smell, that you find in older nursing homes. You know what I mean?

    FIRE SATHER! and maybe Messier will work out.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolovachuk!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Olga ,Cr9 wants your input on his guest post. If ya stop rambling about your lover Sather you can stated an opinion someone wants.

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