Guest blogger: Josh Thomson (age 26)


Because, at my age, I could not possibly understand this team with the same depth as many of you, I have opted to share my favorite Rangers memory:

The day? May 27, 1994.

The background? I was 26, an eighth grader at George Fisher Middle School and a budding hockey fan.

The setting? My parents basement in Carmel.

Hockey, in all its splendor, only began to appeal to me a couple years earlier, slotting just below a few others on my fandom radar. I’d toggle between Ranger and Knick games all winter as both teams proved they were juggernauts worthy of our attention. The ’93-’94 Knicks prepared for a trip to the NBA Finals behind Patrick Ewing, John Starks and a few sharp elbows. The Rangers — a little history in their sights — stormed toward a Presidents’ Trophy with Mike Richter, Mark Messier and Brian Leetch swirling around Garden ice in their absolute primes.

But even the hockey season trudged on, I remember knowing enough then to know this: the Presidents’ Trophy meant nothing. I probably started following hockey closely two years earlier in what registered at the time with me to be a colossal flop: How could the best team do so poorly in the playoffs? The 1991-92 Rangers were bounced by Pittsburgh (a team, with a superstar, I absolutely hated) with hardly a whimper.

To be fair, looking back I didn’t understand the singular importance of momentum in hockey. Sure, other sports weren’t foreign to a team enjoying a hot streak, but the best teams seemed to always win the NBA, NFL or MLB playoffs. Even college basketball, with the UNLVs and Dukes kicking tail every March. So if the 1991-92 Rangers were the best, why the @#$% didn’t they win?

With the lesson learned, I looked toward the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs with a cynical eye. Did I listen and watch? Absolutely. I remember straining to hear a scratchy radio in the dark as Howie Rose (ironic to think it now) sent the Islanders off to a date with Mr. T. It probably only lasted that (very short) series for me to say, screw it, I believe again.

The day Game 7 of the conference final finally arrived, I spent the school day daydreaming about the game, watching time creep along like a row of newborn chicks crossing the street. If I asked a question in Earth Science that day it may have been the ubiquitous, “Are we there yet?”

Friends of mine were pumped for Game 7, too, and one of them, John Gug, hatched a plan: I would invite him and another friend of ours, Bodo, over to watch in my basement. To this day I’m not sure why or how my house and my little sports war room was chosen. Or how I played the role of bystander in its selection. But the details hardly mattered. The idea appealed to me and that was that. A quick chat with mom after I came home from school that day confirmed it: the viewing party was on.

My friends showed up later that afternoon and the games began. In my house, my brother and I formulated dozens of games from nothing. A personal favorite among me and friends was hockey played with wiffle ball bats wrapped in electrical tape, one of those stuffed indoor basketballs (wrapped in duct tape), furniture as goals and full-on checking. You may be surprised to learn this was never my mom’s favorite indoor game, although she occasionally allowed it. So we mostly played when no one else was home.

On this day, bastardized Thomson hockey played Third Eye Blind to Game 7’s Springsteen, a poor opening act for a legendary main event. Of course, we had fun; Game 7 turned out to be just that good.

As you know, Mark Messier delivered the Rangers back to Garden ice by guaranteeing Game 6. But Game 7 became something to behold on its own.

As eighth graders we were easily distracted by games of our own, watching the Rangers and Devils play deeper into night as we passed time with various modes of basement destruction nearby. But the longer it went, the more focused we became. With every minute we swung a bat or bounced a ball less. The Rangers led 1-0. The Stanley Cup was minutes away, then seconds. We were ready to share one of those awkward moments of spontaneous hugging like Rocky and Apollo in Rocky III, the Sistene Chapel of awkward male celebrations.

Boom. Not so fast. The Devils scored with 7.7 seconds left. A freshly sharpened dagger was stuck into our hearts in the cruelest moment of my sports fandom to that date.

“This wasn’t basketball,” I thought. “Teams just don’t score in the final seconds!”

Right after Valeri Zelipukin scored, it was like our ol’ friend Ira K. Doom slipped through the garage door and stretched out on the couch with his feet up. Did Ranger fans believe their team could win? I sure didn’t. Imagine the 30, 40 or 50-somethings who had never seen them win the Cup.

Heck, I was only 26. It could’ve been worse.

Still, the next 20-plus minutes of hockey tortured us, each chance bringing fans closer to heaven or hell and nowhere in between. When the Rangers finally won as Stephane Matteau poked one past Martin Brodeur, my friends and I had our Rocky III moment. I believe I still clutched the bat in one hand. Whether it hit something or someone while I flailed around celebrating I still don’t know. Or care. It must have. But the Rangers were playing for the Cup!

I don’t even know how long it took, only that the identity of the goal scorer was a mystery at first. For those of you tuned in on the radio, you knew. Matteau played 16 total seasons but his Game 7 winner is the second sentence on his Wikipedia page only because they listed his name and birthplace first.

Despite my Bart Simpson-like qualities, my sports fandom has felt like Groundhog Day. The buildup, the company, the agony and the ecstasy turned May 27, 1994 into a unique day, one I’ll never forget.

Of course, at my age, it seems like only yesterday.

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  1. Now Sather has to work on getting rid of Brash’s Cap Hit and this would be an excellent off-season.

    NYI, Col, and ATL all still need to reach the Cap Floor ….. Sather make some phone calls

  2. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Somerset – I agree

    all about dumping the dea weight and re-signing staal

    Resiging Staal shoudl be first on the to do list
    THen find a taker for Huggybear
    Then once camp starts, say hello to HArtford and buses mr. Redden

    Successful offseason – complete!

  3. The background? I was 26, an eighth grader at George Fisher Middle School and a budding hockey fan.

    You might wanna edit that…. 26 is a bit old for 8th grade

  4. RickyM/local fan – it’s none of your business why Josh has that there. why don’t you discuss the devils on a devils site…

  5. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    so resignign staal to a 4mil per contract and subtracting Redden leaves us with what? $1.5-$2.0 mile cap space?
    Plus the space if MCD makes the team?

    Me likey!!!!

  6. The Legend himself!

    Excellent story…26 years in the making! Reading it, I felt as if I was in that basement as well! Well done, Josh!

  7. Ahhh, the memories. I walked on air for weeks in 1994. Hope I get to do it again.

    TSN has posted our signing of Frolov “The New York Rangers made it official on Tuesday, announcing they had agreed to terms with free agent forward Alexander Frolov on a one-year deal worth $3 million.”

    The link…

  8. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    You know what stinks? People that hide behind anonymous posts. Good post Josh!

  9. First of all CR9.. Obviously ALF is someone else. He claims to be a fan of BOTH teams. Not the case here.

    Second.. Since you’re all discussing the Devils here (again!!) I feel the right to partake in this.

  10. Guest bloggers stink/nose picker/what/why and so on is the same person…he’s here for one purpose…to stir carcillo!

    People like him is like a painful zit deep inside ones a$$…you want to get rid of it but you just can’t reach it!

  11. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
    Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine,
    Memories, memories…

    Augh! I HATE that song!

  12. Josh,
    It is incredibly good writing for such a young kid. Just one unrelated question: any problems with female teachers in 8 grade?

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    stink/nose picker/what/why and so on is the same person

    People like him is like a painful zit deep inside ones a$$…you want to get rid of it but you just can’t reach it!

    CCCP- his real name is Lance Boyle…

  14. Gift of GAB-orik ( Rangers going International ) on

    Josh exists in a universe where time does not. He goes through life forever stuck at 26…. wait…. are you a vampire Josh??

  15. RickyM2
    “… I feel the right to partake in this.”
    The only right you have here is to remain silent!So, please obey!

  16. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Do we still need a #1 center? I don’t think EC is the answer. Does Prospal move to the middle? That would be a good line, but puts all the eggs in one basket.

  17. Good memories, Josh!
    Nice to finally see you here. You should do it more often though.

  18. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Doodie::: RE: Dubinsky

    I didn’t mean to say that you said all those things, I was just putting together all the things people are saying. A lot of people want to trade Dubinsky because he’s not that #1 center.

    But as I said, who ever said he was going to be? I’ve never read it here, or anywhere. Heck, he’s not even a center anymore, so anyone still thinking that must be thick or something LOL.

    I just can’t come to grip with the mentality of wanting to trade him, because he has not fulfilled some phantom potential that, that person has bestowed upon him. I know you see how silly that is, what amazes me is that not EVERYONE can see that.

    Are people going to want to trade Anisimov too, if all he ever becomes is a 3rd line 40 points center? Is Kreider doomed to failure if he’s not the next Mike Gartner? Is Del Zotto on the market when he’s not Zubov?

    I don’t get it. I always thought Sather was wrong, but some fans are proving him right.

  19. Happy to have Frolov to hopefully actually score some goals — but he seems to have a personality and a sense of humor. Foresee clash with Torts who prefers blind obedience and no talking.

  20. Speaking of memories- I played tennis against Zelepukin in West Orange, I believe it was the summer of ’99. I remember he was already playing for the Flyers, but still had many Russian friends in the area. Kicked his MZA and loved every moment of it. Was one of the most satisfying wins of my life, I still remember the score and some points.

  21. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    ilb- did you punch him in the face for scoring with 7.7 seconds left?

    Missed Opportunity!

  22. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I don’t get it. I always thought Sather was wrong, but some fans are proving him right. -Coach B.

    Sather is wrong. One or two idiots can’t change that…

  23. We have actual news today and Josh, 26, and we’re picking silly fights (no pun intended). ? I have a shirtless pic of MZA if that will help us move on……

  24. Gift of Gab…u had drury on the 2nd line in prior thread…i thought it is kind of established that drury’s role has been diminished which seem to benefit him. Call me a commie rat, but I’m liking the direction of this team. I think this season going to made or ruined by Tort’s…if they are allowed to forecheck heavily and press, they can be a surprise…sit back and play the role of moat in front of a castle, and we see the same… MZA looks so talented, but I agree 100% with Orr, he has to show same against NHL talent…that said, he can be a force, minimally, on 2nd line PP and aggressive forechecking on PK…did he play PK in sweden? Friends in Sweden just love him…either way will be exciting to see him make it, and I think he does.

  25. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Speaking of idiots and Sather, did anyone else hear about the Rangers fan from Saskatchewan that wanted to go to NY to kill Sather? They caught him in Buffalo NY. The cops asked him why he was still in Buffalo and he said “because that’s where the end of the line was…”

    Where’s Greg?

  26. I love the stories from 1994.

    My favorite story was watching game 7 v. the Devils. I was so frickin’ tired from working and my excessive partying that I fell asleep during the second intermision. I woke up in the middle of the night and had no idea who won. No internet. I call my hockey buddies in the morning and they told me I missed an EPIC game.

    That’s my story. Thank god for MSG Network and the NYR futility since then. I have seen it 100+ times since!!!!

  27. if i may offer my 1994 Rangers story…right after we won the cup, soundgarden played a series of shows at the NY Armory in gramercy park area. The temperature was like 150degrees and it was standin room only…we were being pushed by the crowd up against two people in front of us, and they both had to be taken away from stage. So there I am with my best buddy right in front of stage with just a small area separating stage. Every time Chris cornell stops singing I keep chanting, “LETS GO RANGERS, LETS GO RANGERS!” (if you remember, that was a common thing nearly anywhere in NYC for that month)…so after nearly a half hour of this, Chris finally succumbed in a gracious way….he made a speech about me annoying him (jokingly) came over..shook my hand, and said to the crowd, “congratulations to the NY Rangers on their Stanley Cup victory!”…place went bonkers! Needless to say, I stopped chanting during the pauses between songs! ROFL

  28. Frolov’s main move is to back in from the corner to the front of the net while controlling the puck, similar to a b ball player posting up his defender and backing in while dribbling.

    I am glad it is only for one year. it looks like the kids will once again be pushed aside this season, because they cannot be put on the 4th line, that would not be developing them properly, so it is unlikely that many kids will be getting regular ice time up front. I don’t like that.

  29. That’s how I envision our offence coming season:
    “Dominating” Line:
    Frolov Prospal Gaborik
    “Junior Energizers”:
    Dubinsky Anisimov MZA
    “Proven Midget’s” Line:
    Avery Drury Callahan
    “Intimidators” Line (with shy center):
    Boogaard Christensen Prust

  30. Tank The Season on

    Would anybody have taken Stempniak over Frolov? Are we assuming Kariya is old + done?

  31. Our AHL kids, are on the borderline of NHL readiness, unless show something phenomenal in a camp, should still play in Hartford which is not necessarily bad thing. You don’t want to move ’em not being totally NHL ready just for the sake of “youth development” with a risk of losing self-confidence for a long period of time.

  32. Stepan, Grachev for starters.

    why sign Stepan to a pro contract if you are going to then bury him in the minors. he would have been better off in college another year. he did not sign to be riding the ahl bus

  33. Hullo all! Been away doing other things like job hunting, which is entire job full-time job unto itself (blech).

    Great post, Josh! That 26-year-old mind is still sharp after all these years- good to see. Although it’s odd to think I was in 8th grade that same year and can’t remember it as well as you do. ;)

    I really do like the Frolov deal. He’s another highly skilled and creative forward, something this team desperately needs. It will mean Stepan and Grachv spend the year in Hartford, but I think that’s a GOOD thing for both the team and the players.

  34. oh, so it’s ok to just throw Mc Donagh in at the toughest position, defense, but it’s not ok to throw a forward in? sorry, that does not wash.

  35. Not a horrible summer for Sather, I must say. He’s made some good moves-Boogard’s contract notwithstanding, but my issue is with the number of years + the annual salary, not the player or his role on the team. The only left to do is sign Staal and then ship Redden to Hartford.

    I’m willing to go to battle with this team. There IS talent there and with the team being mostly the same as last year, I believe there is chemistry that is already there instead of having to rebuild it all over again. Plus, Hank getting less work is a GOOD thing.

    Torts is the wild card in the whole equation. IF he can set lines and stick to them AND roll all 4 AND not blow a gasket everyday, this could be a good year for the team.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    “why sign Stepan to a pro contract if you are going to then bury him in the minors. he would have been better off in college another year. he did not sign to be riding the ahl bus”

    Disagree strongly. The AHL is a MUCH higher competition level than the NCAA.

  37. Geaux Strokeyerself on

    Kinda geigh but can’t hate ya for posting…the 26 and 8th grade thing still is confusing me…obvious typo but how????

    sometimes i think you all get together and scrapbook or go to turkish baths together…not hating, just sayin

  38. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on


    i wasn’t listing line combos, i was just listing forwards as they came to mind.

    EC-Drury-Artie-Boyle-Dubinsky-Prospal… they can all play center. I was stating that there is a log jam of forwards for 9 spots on the top 3 lines. Drury is NOT going to be paid 7 million to rot on the 4th line, especially since the success the AA/Prusy/Shelley line had.

    AA is not a 4th line center, neither is Drury. And with the kids seemingly ready to jump in… SOMEONE is expendable, and probably trade bait.

  39. So if Frolov + re-signing of Staal = Redden to Hartford, it’s tough to say this isn’t a nice little coup for Rangers fans so far this summer. The Boogaard signing is still a bitter pill to swallow but the prospect of relegating Redden to riding buses is music to my ears.

  40. agree with jim. why is it ok to play McDonagh but not a forward??

    he is right about that

  41. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    The Kings moved quick to replace Frolov, just signed Ponikarovsky.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    “And with the kids seemingly ready to jump in…”

    Big assumption. Grachev seemed anything but ready during his AHL campaign last year. Weise and Byers appear to be nothing more than 4th liners. Stepan has yet to lace up skates next to a professional.

    Let’s wait until training camp before deciding whether any of the kids are ready.

  43. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    Grachev had a great camp, as commented by just about everyone who attended, including a few Rangers beat writers.

    He’s had a year to get more adjusted, and more comfortable, and he’s a big body.

    and i said ‘seemingly’ for a reason… we don’t know if they’ll make it or not… it still doesn’t erase the jam up of forwards they have, particularly at left wing.

  44. Folks, Frolov signing for one year is a great bridge deal. If any of the above mentioned kids comes through, EC is gone. Even Prospal can be used sparingly, if need to. Boyle-ditto. He makes the team more competitive, not bad for the environment when you develop your kids.

  45. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    if he gives us 25-35 goals this season i’d be thrilled. $3 million is a great signing, sure beats one trick Kotalik.

  46. According to Izzy, we need to go to Buffalo and bail out Greg. Where is Sally?

    On second thought, maybe we should leave him in line….:-)

  47. I’m thinking Boogaard is going to get paid $1.6mn to eat all the free popcorn he wants 50-60 times a year.

    This is why I think re-signing both EC and Prospal was a bad a move. Not so much because of the cap hit but with the current line up for the forwards, there’s very little chance that even the kids that have a very strong camp will be on the NHL roster when the season begins.

  48. ilb, good point on Vinny. I have a feeling that if the kids shine and show they can handle the bigs, he wouldn’t make a stink about being 3rd/4th line, reduced minutes and the occasional healthy-scratch. He doesn’t srike me as the kind to whine about that type of thing ala Redden last year. Plus, the reduced minutes would be a good thing for him, imo.

  49. difference is the Rangers believe McDonagh is ready right now and probably was ready last year too. Stepan is most likely going to the AHL just like pretty much every other NCAA player that isnt a top 5-10 pick but you will definitely see him this season.

    If Stepan is ready then he will be here. He certainly isn’t “getting buried in the minors” whatever that means. There is no way Erik Christensen is preventing him from being a top 9 forward should he earn the spot. If the kids are ready they will play.

    Grachev on the other hand probably needs another full season in HFD. He was flat out awful the second half of the year last season and was losing minutes to ECHL guys Derek Couture and Ryan Garlock. He has the talent but he needs a lot of work. even with a stellar camp he is going to have to put up points in HFD to get a callup anytime soon.

  50. and why is MZA being automatically penciled into a spot instead of Stepan? in the world jr tourney, Stepan was a better player, and certainly a better leader. both were very good, and Stepan was better

  51. oh, so you want us to take the rangers mgmt opinion on all this. the same rangers front office that gave us higgins and kotalik and brashear and redden and drury and etc etc

  52. I don’t necessarily agree that there’s no room for Stepan, Weise, MZA and the other forwards listed. The list of top 12 is almost the same top 12 that didn’t make the playoffs because most of them can’t score. I’m sure the spots will go to the players that give them the most offense and not just because they are veterans. If Weise, Stepan, MZA, or anyone else steps up, they have to be given the chance to play. If they don’t step up, then some time in Hartford won’t be the worst thing for them, except that they would have to play with Redden.

  53. Frolov signing adds competition – could help push Dubi (assuming he’s at LW)

    I think the Rangers are trying to avoid positions being handed to guys. Whether it be to add to their drive, minimize pressure in some cases or just as insurance.

    They aren’t in too deep with the guys they’ve resigned though, they’ve kept flexibility.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    MZA wasn’t in the world juniors this year. He has been playing professionally for some time now and was in the Olympics and IIHF World Championship.

    You sure you didn’t mean Kreider?

  55. no, I got the tourneys mixed up. that’s right, it was the olympics where i saw him. so that comparison is not correct

  56. Blue Seat Horror on

    This signing is a win-win for Frolov. If he does well this year, he can cash in in the NHL next year. If he tanks, I’m sure that $20mil/4yr deal will be waiting for him in the Kinda Hockey League.

  57. gaborik will score even more this year. I say that because he will be able to stand at the right hand corner of the net and cash in on passes and rebounds as Frolov does his backing in routine from the left corner. any player who shoots left and stands on the right corner of the crease will have a field day on garbage goals this year.

  58. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    As it always does, who makes the varsity team will depend more on who can be sent down without having to clear waivers than on level of talent. Sather holds on to his recent FA acquisitions as if they were platinum filled…

  59. “gaborik will score even more this year. I say that because he will be able to stand at the right hand corner of the net and cash in on passes and rebounds as Frolov does his backing in routine from the left corner. any player who shoots left and stands on the right corner of the crease will have a field day on garbage goals this year”

    Odds are Gabby will get an injury that slows him down at some point this season. He’ll have similar numbers, if not less.

    Poor guy has nobody to play with. It’s like dating a girl with no arms and legs.

  60. Blue Seat Horror on

    Maybe Drury should be playing with Frolov. He used to be a pretty good garbage man once. Naah.

  61. team slovakia takes precedence over the Rangers in gaborik’s agenda. at least it did in Feb

  62. Blue Seat Horror on

    No Team Slovakia for Gaborik this year…unless the Rangers miss the playoffs again.

  63. Despite the fact that Gaborik and Frolov are opposite sides of the ice I’d vouch for them playing on separate lines at 5 on 5 during most of the game. Put them on the same PP unit and on the same line when the team is down a goal late in the game but it was the lack of support scoring that really hurt the Rangers last year. Also it forces teams to focus on another line than just Gaborik’s.

  64. Does anyone else think that having Frolov is going to help Gaborik immensely? I remember a bunch of games last year where teams would completely key in on Gabby and he barely had any room to breathe, and teams could get away with that defensively because no one else on the ice could do any damage for us. Frolov is probably good enough to be counted on for 25-30 goals, which is more than you can say about anyone Gabby played with last year. I feel like he’ll help give Gabby a little extra space to work with, and that’s all Gabby needs to do something dangerous.

  65. we can forget about Grachev making the team out of camp. Thats not happening regardless of how he plays.

    Stepan and Zuccarello are the only potential top 6 forwards with a legit shot at making the team next season. If both players deserve to make the team it is 100% possible for them both to be in the top 9 and that’s assuming everyone stays healthy…

  66. ORR…Just saw Inception this past weekend. I thought it was really good and YES, I’ll agree Marion Cotillard is quite a hot woman. Not sure why everyone is all confused over what it’s about…I thought it was pretty straight forward. Although if you miss a few minutes while hitting the bathroom you might miss something crucial.

    As for the Frolov signing…if we had any coach other than Torts I wouldn’t be worried. Torts hasn’t got all that much patience and showed amazing balls by blasting Gaborik for not producing while showering Chris Duh-Duh-Drury with praise for putting his skates on in the right order.

    No expectations going into this season…I hope the kids get a chance to shine. I hope Hank isn’t exhausted by February. And I hope this team can somehow be entertaining on a nightly basis.

    Entertaining for a good reason, that is. lol

    Still…With Sather here, we’ll only ever be a mediocre franchise. Caught a replay of the 1990 Cup Final Game where the Oilers beat the Bruins. 20 years ago….SOOOO long ago…

    And the LAST time Sather was relevant as a GM in this league.


  67. I think the EC, Vinny, and now Frolov are all GREAT signings. All are short, all are affordable, and any/all can be traded EASILY if the kids can step up. I think this is just insurance in case the kids can’t do it. If Frolov takes advantage of the change in scenery, he may get an extension after Jan 1.

    I think it offers flexibility that the NYR need.

  68. A signing like this must bumm some of these prospects out. I hope they use it as motivation, and don’t slip into deep depression and try and make friends with Dredden in camp.

    Say *no* to drugs!

    Or in the words of Mr. Belding…There’s no hope…in dope!

  69. reading the blogs Kings fans are not happy. they lost out on Kovy, then Gagne, then sign Poni to replace Frolov, and that is not going over very well so far in posts I read

    I don’t blame them. Ponikarovsky is a poor choice. he could not even play well with malkin and Crosby

  70. Christensen was a great signing. He is insurance in case none of the prospects are ready and they could get a big name FA as well as any injuries.

    Also brings some versatility and offense to the 4th line (when Boogaard doesn’t play that is.

  71. Does anyone else see Avery being the odd man out here? I dont see how he fits into the lineup unless hes centering the 4th line with Prust and Boogaard/Weise.

  72. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Too bad this signals the end of any chance that Grachev had of making the team.

    That said, it is not a bad fact,I wish Sather paid him 4 million this year, just to make sure Redden is not on the roster. As for Stepan,I think if he outplays EC he will make the team.

  73. I hate the EC signing. He offers nothing. We have Prospal, Dublowsky, Dreary, Artie, and Boyle.

    I’d rather have Boyle on the 4th line.

    I didn’t like how this little brash*t acted this summmer either. Like he thought he was going to get a raise from another team. Fool!

  74. Iceplaya, I say Boyle is the odd man out. If Stepan, Grachev, Hobbit, or anybody has a good camp, then I imagine they bump EC to the 4th line [where he belongs] and Boyle goes to Hartford.

  75. CCCP
    July 27th, 2010 at 1:09 pm
    Guest bloggers stink/nose picker/what/why and so on is the same person…he’s here for one purpose…to stir carcillo!

    People like him is like a painful zit deep inside ones a$$…you want to get rid of it but you just can’t reach it!

    sorry dick tracey don’t quit your day job. guest bloggers stink is not me. not sure but i’m willing to bet that both the poster mentioned above and myself agree on one thing. that cccp is a loser. i’ll drink to that.

    oh yeah and trade dubinsky now

  76. The Rangers at the moment are around $6.7M under the summer cap. Plenty of room to sign Staal(or match any potential offer sheet) and still have some to spare.

  77. Blue Seat Horror on

    I would rather see Grachev and Stepan spend a year developing together in Hartford. Let them have success, log big time minutes, build confidence, and chemistry on the Pack’s first line, and maybe have a taste or two of the NHL through call-ups.

    Next year there will be plenty of roster spots up for grabs. I’m all for seeing the kids play, but I’m also a big fan of proper development and this Frolov signing alleviates pressure to force youth into the line-up too soon.

    It’s very hard to say this, but…Kudos to Sather for showing restraint with Frolov’s contract length. He’s very good at signing players who have been painted into a corner by their ex-clubs. (He’s also great at signing players who have painted themselves into corners and can’t get out, but so far so good this year…fingers crossed.)

  78. Frolov cant be that much of a defensive liability since he averaged about 1:30 on the PK last year for the Kings.

    After reading this, I really, really love this signing.

    No One should be comparing him to Zherdev.

    Stepan and Grachev will be paired up next season in Hartford to build Chemistry.

    MZA will DEFINITELY be on the team – He may be a healthy scratch a bunch if he struggles, but he is making the team.

    I think Boyle is a goner, and Weise makes the team to rotate in with Prust, Boogaard, and “whoever is on Tort’s S**t list at the time”

  79. Blue Seat Horror on

    Maybe I missed something.

    I’ve seen alot of potential line-ups mentioned, but NONE of them mention Pavel Velentenko, you know the defenseman not named McDonagh the Rangers got when they ripped off Mon…er, traded Gomez to Montreal. Is he flying under everyone’s radar, or has he been dismissed as a blue chip prospect?

  80. As far as comparing Frolov signing to Zherdev, Kotalik etc.
    Remember, we gave up nothing. He is a talented potential 30 goal scorer, 28 year old, 6-2, 208 lbs. Who signed a one year deal at $3M. He is going to play for his next NHL contract. I’ll take my chances. And, no, he isn’t blocking anyone from playing. We have plenty of other insurance players to move to AHL.

  81. i find it interesting that McDonagh does not have to go to Hartford to “build confidence and chemistry”. or MZA.

    just Stepan and Grachev. gee, how discriminating a stance that is.

    i don’t buy it because i don’t buy the Sather bs.

  82. Fire Sather, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

    McDonut, and MZA are not “definitely” making the team. How aboot we wait for training camp before we decide who’s ready and who’s not. Remember Staal had a great camp in his first year, then the following year he had a bit of a disappointing camp? Point is, you never know what will happen.

    All I know is Dredden is *definitely* playing in Hartford. And Avery is *definitely* powdering his face with that Estelle Loader makeup carp before and after games.

  83. Sather made a point of saying Frolov can play “either wing position”. If Grachev shows he’s ready they’ll find a place for him.

    Guys are going to have to play hard and produce.

    We’ll probably see our share of line shuffling again- especially early on while things sort themselves out.

  84. “i want as many kids in the lineup as possible”

    Speaking of Michale Jackson…

    How did that Home Alone kid, Macauley Culkin go from being molested by Michael Jackson, to exploring the Mila Kunis cave??

    Amazing. Talk aboot a bounce back story, defying all odds. Who cares that he hasn’t had a decent acting gig in a while, he has a babe!

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    Blue Seat,

    Valentenko was never a blue chip prospect. He also ran back to Russia and signed a 3 year deal there 2 years ago. Even still, he has barely cracked the lineup at Dynamo (although this may be due to injuries, but I have no confirmation either way). He was a throw-in on the deal. I doubt he ever comes back to North America.

  86. I agree, Orr. the rangers did not even make the playoffs last year. thus, I want to see open competition for all jobs. that means to me that if a kid is as good as, or better than, a vet he gets the job due to last year’s failure

    but all I read is that so and so is penciled in here or there, and this kid and that kid need to go to hartford, sight unseen, before any camp competiton even has taken place. mostly on the word of and leaks from the mouth of sather.

  87. Blue Seat Horror on

    Camp won’t tell you who’s ready. Camp will tell you who has the most energy in the first month, and who wants to make the biggest impression AT THAT MOMENT.

    Camp WILL tell you who’s not ready.

    My apologies to Stepan and Grachev for discriminating. My point was not to say anyone should be here or there, but to say I’d rather see the Rangers prospects, all of them, develop chemistry, stamina, and confidence so that when all of this season’s one year contracts expire the Rangers don’t have to overpay for UFAs and will have a better class to insert into the lineup. And might actually have a (gasp) team, instead of a group of individuals who wear the same colored shirt.

  88. Exactly. Avs fans said last season that O’Reilly needed some time in junior hockey before making the NHL. Then boom, he’s playing on the Avs, because he looked great in camp. And he fit in well with them.

    Nobody knows anything!

  89. Somebody’s getting traded, maybe 2 or 3 guys…for draft picks. So who’s tradeable at F? The guys I like, of course. This is why I don’t get a jersey with a name on it. Or else my closet would be full of Janssens, Turcotte, Gartner, Sundstrom, Kovalev, King, etc. jerseys.

  90. dde- early on while things sort themselves out? We are talking Torts here. Beginning of March, perhaps?

  91. Blue Seat Horror on

    Doodie, thanks.

    What I heard about Valentenko running back to Russia was that he couldn’t support his family on a minor league salary so he took an offer from the KHL to make ends meet. I think he’s supposed to be in camp with the Rangers this Sept. I know he had shoulder surgery last season and when he finally came back he only played 7-ish games but could never find out why only that much.

    I’m not on the Valentenko bandwagon, just haven’t heard much about him other than that he was a bruiser.

  92. Don’t forget about Pashnin who seems to be headed here next year, and Kundratek. We gots prospects up the wazoo!

  93. I was a little off with Rangers cap room.
    From LB twitter:

    “Including Frolov contract, Rangers have approximately $6.8M remaining under summer cap. Team is not in distress regarding Staal.”
    about 4 hours ago via web.

  94. good point Orr about the Avs. they had 3 teenage centers and were in the playoffs in a tougher conference

  95. There needs to be more positive posts then there usually area around here… I mean we’re still a month and a half from camp even opening… can’t the negative nancies wait at least until the games begin to throw crap all over this team?

    Christensen will not be centering the 4th line… the Rangers didn’t re-sign him to play 6-8 minutes a game. They needed someone to make plays from center and there were no UFA’s they could get on the cheap. I think Christensen is a good enough player for right now, and they can work on upgrading the center position as time goes by since Defense and Goalie are in good hands for a while. Besides, Erik played well and showed some heart with the shoulder injury nobody knew about.

    Frolov can be a monster on this team. I think with the right personnel, he’s going to produce… this isn’t anything like the known player signings of the last several years (minus Gaborik).

    Zherdev when drafted may have been touted more as he was a #4 overall compared to #20 for Frolov… but Frolov has been the better producer… and less of a Russian enigma than Z…

    This is no way another Zherdev/Kotalik/Higgins signing… GREAT not risk move by SATHER… yeah I said it…


  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " What a night in Jail!!! " … says Greg L. on

    No NO NO NO NO it was not me that was thrown in a Buffalo Jail. I didnt know there were other Ranger fans in Sask ,hahaa . Actually Sam Klassen plays for the Blades over here and two more guys from here are on the JR Rangers!!!

    I am not pro-Sather nor am I anti-Sather …I am ( hehe aunty Sather)just here for the Rangers thats all. I had a beef with Sather years and years ago wayyy before he was our GM. He Gm Canada and the letter I wrote in the paper….well you guys saw it. I Bashed him but WONT aslong as he on our side…kapeashhh? Its called L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " What a night in Jail!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Josh , I read it all!!!! Thanks for giving us a little insite on the legend we call “Josh , the ageless wonder” Keep up the good work , what ever ya do ’round there…we all love ya buddy , your like Robin and Carp is Batman!!!
    Laurel…we never forgot about you!! ( nice post on Frolov)
    You can be Catwoman ,Laurel!!!???

  98. William, all NYR did was sign Frolov, Biron, and Booger. That’s not much of an upgrade from last season, and other teams have got a little bit better. So I think everyone has a right to be negative.

    This team is not impressive on any level. Luckily they’re in the Leasern Conference, so miracles can happen, but this is NY we’re talking aboot. There’s no such thing as miracles here.

  99. Oh, good, Greg. I can stop collecting money from the boneheads. It was going to pay for your bail. Or should I just hold on to it for a while? I think you will need a lot of it to pay for all your Boogard bets

  100. like Josh, i watched the 94 playoffs in the basement…but i did becuz my sister in law wouldn’t stop talking and she knew nothing about hockey and pronounced “Rick-ter” as “Rich-ter”!!! i coulnd’t let that ruin the best moments ever!!!!!

  101. Well, the season is a funny thing… who would have thought the Rangers would have been a sub .500 team at home. A place where they are typically in good shape from year to year. On the contrary, they were 20-16-5 on the road. There were 3 playoff teams last year who were under .500 on the road. I expect they’ll be better at home this season. They went 8-4-2 in their final 14 games at MSG…

    It’s not always about what you add… as that hasn’t been working for them too much. But the important pieces get a year wiser… new blood surfaces and starts to make contributions and perhaps push players already here to play better. Or allow management to make a mid-season move which I really feel is coming to this club at some point down the road.

    I think Hank not being overworked and no Olympic break… and relying on Biron to get you some wins in his absence is going to really help the team improve.

    I think that with the good chance Redden isn’t on the opening day roster will be a huge benefit to the team no matter how you slice it…

    This team will be better… I know other teams in the east have made some good moves… but it’s not like the Rangers were completely outclassed last season. They can play some good hockey when things fall right. Health and some new blood will make this team better this year.

    Of course… nobody knows how it’s all going to shakedown… we’ll just have to wait and see… I think there’s plenty to be optomistic about. Just sign Staal and sit Redden and there isn’t much more left to do other than empty the puck bag and go at it!

    Peeps need to be more positive is all I’m saying!


  102. ilb – and if there’s any money leftover maybe you can buy Greg an Oilers hat and tee shirt.

  103. Well said, William. The truth is, just as before the training camp we never know who will make it, similarly, we will never know which team is better until the season is in full flight. No matter who was signed by which team. The way the Rangers are going this offseason so far, there is room for optimism.

  104. Torts on April 14, after the Rangers were beaten for the last playoff spot—

    I wasn’t crazy about the room,” Tortorella said after the franchise’s first playoffs miss in five seasons. “I’m not indicting [captain] Chris Drury or [alternate captain] Ryan Callahan or the leadership group, but I think some people need to be weeded out.

    “I’m not talking about the core players, [but] I didn’t think we had a strong room and I still don’t,” Tortorella said. “We have work to do there. When we traded for Jody Shelley, everybody told me he had good character. We don’t have enough.

    “It can’t be the coaches being in there all the time. The last thing I want to do is indict Chris Drury because I love the guy, but I think some guys need to be bumped out.”

    Tortorella did not name names, but the inference is that Wade Redden figures prominently in the conversation. Redden, who played on the third pair all season, has four years remaining on his contract at an annual $6.5-million-per-cap hit.”

    since he would not mention Redden and Avery, it seems that those 2 are the biggest targets of Torts wrath this coming season. their behavior in the room not endearing them to Torts.

    both could be goners come sept

  105. A little off topic, and not… Dawes is currently bought-out of Calgary and no longer property of any organization…

    I remember quite a few people being pissed about trading him away and that the Rangers would regret it and that Sather F’d-up…

    Not on that one he didn’t…

    …also of note… Kotalik was also waived… and Higgins is now a Panther, just in case some readers hadn’t been aware.


  106. Redden was at least somewhat implied in this, at least that what most of the press felt. Avery, on the other hand, may be your own imagination.

  107. Didn’t mean to end that last post before adding… Jokinen re-signs with Calgary… so the Rangers basically got the rights for Prust for nothing. Really like his game.


  108. “There needs to be more positive posts then there usually area around here… I mean we’re still a month and a half from camp even opening… can’t the negative nancies wait at least until the games begin to throw crap all over this team?”

    saw this post,and decided to paste something I just posted at another board…..

    For myself, I’m not expecting much the upcoming season and perhaps the next. I look at a signing like Frolov, Prospal and Christensen as a stop gap until the kids are ready to make the jump, and at the same time waiting for contracts to expire (Drury, Redden, Brashear and Rozsival). Sather is also filling immediate needs with signings like Boogard, Eminger and Biron. Under these set of circumstances he’s trying to ice the best possible team in order to at least sneak into the play-offs, which will appease Dolan. Also, giving our kids the much needed experience the play-offs can offer.

    We’ve been drafting just fine the past 3, 4 years. I have complete faith in Clark, regardless of our draft position.

    I’m another person who flipped out when they picked Dylan McIlrath. But with each passing day, I’m liking the pick more and more. He could very well fill the one need this team has desperately lacked since the day Beukeboom was forced to retire. We’ve not had a defensemen of that caliber roaming our blueline since Beuke. McIlrath has been spending the entire summer in NY working with Reg Grant. Previous draft picks have been offered to do the same, with most of them opting to train in their hometown for the summer.The kid seems to be a solid citizen.I’m pretty certain we’ll be hearing a lot rumblings from the WHL about McIlrath. He’s going to have solid year with his development if he continues to commit himself on and off the ice.

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " What a night in Jail!!! " … says Greg L. on

    William , tons of positive. Main thing….is our young guys are OLDER!!! This team is beuuuty . I love it so far. Young euro’s everywhere!!!! When’s Jagr comming back!!???

    Biron is a GREAT goalie. Hes really good. This is the first time I actually like our back up. Hank better look at himself instead of blaming his defence cuz if he has a sucky game again…in goes BIRON!!!!

    ddeb , Im wearing a Ranger cap ( backwards) right now. Oilers cap!!!??? Thats funny . Ya really wanna know how I feel about that place? Cuz if ya get me started ….but actually I really don’t care . I have to face my brother “loving them so much” The Oilers are a joke and are a bunch of losers. Thier football team is 0 -3 and sucks. I love Sask and have a dislike for Alberta( Edm,Calgary)and BC ( Vancouver)Me and my brother we have bragging right for the year when either team wins. Edm vs NYR is a huge rivary around here …

    Ilb , tanks but BOOGAARD is gonna flouuuurishh in NY. IM gonna be “dancing in the streets” playing in my $$

  110. blaze… that’s a good attitude to have about it. There are things to keep our heads up about.

    and as far as this season… I do think the personnel on paper at least has improved the club… and throw in the removal of one or two players and it’s even better. This team was a shootout goal away from getting in the playoffs and who knows… as we saw, anything can happen when your goalies play and the pucks go in…

    I think this team is definitely building still for the future (and as much credit needs to go to Slats and Co. as blame has)… but can also compete this season. We’ll see!!


  111. I’m also very excited to see what a HEALTHY 25 year old Callahan is going to do on Garden ice this year…

    Can’t wait!


  112. Biron and the word “great” in the same sentence is hilarious.

    And I love Hank, but gimme a break, this guy is in his 20’s. If he can’t play this amount of games at his age, then he”s going to have a very short career. Broduer is pushing 40, and is fat, and he has no problem playing that amount of games, and avoids injury. He burns out by the playoffs though.

    Biron is nothing special. Put a solid D in front of him, and he could be decent, but we don’t have a solid D.

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " What a night in Jail!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Notice I never said he was “Elite”? Biron is great , hes fricking awsome!!! He is a steal . Hank get tired cuz he has to do all the work. Fat Marty has help. Quality guys in a quality system. Marty is the product of a good system and in a system like that..he can play till hes 50. Hanks in a run and gun and lost where we begun system. He is DOOMED to all the naysayers . Hank is over rated and needs a cup run to ever claim the tag “elite”

  114. Well written, blaze. Have you thought about guest blogging? I’m sure Carp will need more help during this summer. Another person I’d like to post as guest blogger is Fran.

  115. Blue Seat Horror on

    William, I’m not sure what you mean by no positivity. There are plenty of people here who are POSITIVE that the Rangers are composed of nothing more than a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners.

    Orr, in your list of additions from before (Boogard, Frolov, Biron), you missed MZA. Not proven NHL yet, but still an addition.

    There’s alot of potential for this team, if they can just stop hitting the post and instead start putting the puck in. They need glasses, like Wild Thing from “Major League.”

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BLAZE and FRAN , I second the motion..sign those two up!!!

  117. most here said that Dawes was a coward. he chickened out along the boards in Boston to cost the rangers a game and that was it for him in the eyes of many.
    good riddance.

    but there was one poster who said he would be an allstar in Calgary. that guy has not been heard from lately, just like Dawes.

  118. ZzZz suggested that Laurel be Catwoman … which is a name we really should have come up with long ago. I like it even better than Blogmama.

    Great job, Josh. Don’t be a stranger.

    Good evening, Sally!

  119. Horror, I don’t count MZA. He hasn’t played in the NHL so he can either suck, be average, or be good.

    Greg, weren’t you bashing Biron non-stop when he was a Flyer and Islander?

    Biron isn’t great. He was never great. At one point he was a capable backup, but now he’s the typical backup goalie that will give up 2-3 goals one night, then 7 goals the next. And he’ll have a pattern of that. I’m not sold on him at all. I’m not sold on the majority of this team.

  120. William, I love your positive attitude!

    Greg, I am the cat woman! (have you not seen sister blog with Stanley and Cup, yeesh!)

    blaze, excellent link. gee, wonder if the league will adapt the “avery rule” for off ice language on him.

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on


    We know yer not going to Hartford .

    We know you wont stand to be demoted.

    We know you are the same overpaid guy.

    We know your familly is yer only fan.

    We know your still a Ranger .

    We know you’ll never play another game for us. Ever again.

    We know your jersey will not be retired from us.

    We know people still like you in Ottawa.

    We know we can’t afford you. Never could.

    We know Torts was refering to you in his comments.

    We know you are expendable.

    So WAKE THE FIRTRUCKUP and have a press conference to announce you are retiring or better yet leaving ( buying out?) …and ride into the sunset and maybe sigh with Ottawa for the league min .

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Laurel= Catwoman , beuty!!! Doesn’t Josh make a great Robin!!! Im impress Josh wrote as much as he did . Josh being a huge Ranger fan is the coolest thing ive heard all day…oh yeah , we got Frolov!!!


    Ahhhh I said it!!!

  123. CR, I did, check yours….

    Greg, back in my day, the early 1800s, when I was 26, I had a bigger crush on Robin than Batman. But Batman and Catwoman were the original “Sam and Diane” (if you know what that means) of early TV.

    Don’t you just love the image of Josh, 26, doing the man hug in his basement during that game??

  124. Couple things…first, there’s NO comparing Zherdev to Frolov. Two WHOLLY different players. Second, on Stepan: I’ve got no problem with him starting off in Hartford. He’ll be the team’s top-line center and will eventually punt one of the Ranger centers out of a job. Third, the Frolov signing didn’t doom Grachev’s spot on the Rangers. Grachev was going to spend the top of the year in Hartford anyway.

    William – I gotta disagree with you about Christensen. The guy was picked off waivers to be a stop-gap until Drury and Dubinsky got back from injury. He played decent, but by no means well enough(or consistent enough) to break the top-two lines. In fact, I’d say Anisimov was better down the stretch than EC. So think about it this way: AA and Drury are two of your three centers…and assuming Dubinsky is now on wing for good(something I don’t necessarily buy), Prospal moves to center and that means you’re left wings are Frolov, Dubinsky(or Prospal) and Avery…right wings are Gaborik, Callahan and MZA…That makes Christensen an insurance policy if Prospal/Dubinsky at center doesn’t work; if MZA is a bust and Frolov is moved to RW; or if someone gets injured. EC is perfect for the Rangers, since they can sit him intermittently with Boyle and don’t have to worry about stunting the growth of either.

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sounds like The Rangers have a plan…

  126. fargin sybil…

    I am so looking forward to the actual SEASON and to see which of you were right, and which, um, weren’t. Remember, we have all your posts forever!

    May I just say, LGR!

  127. im with ORR

    only good thing with frolov is come march at the deadline being thats its a one yr deal he gets moved for a pick.

    biron and great u must be on drugs william.

    biron was awful last year and our d is marginally better then the isles.

    he sucks. would rather hedberg and shelley at there combined money then biron and boogey. both sets make 2.5 total

  128. Blue… Not saying there haven’t been things worth griping about, cause there certainly has… just stating in my opinion how no matter what, since the internet, there are still too many Rangers fans with mostly negative responses to the state of the team. Just wish there was more positivety in posts is all.

    Phil… Christensen wasn’t great, but he wasn’t unproductive… and he seemed to not mind playing along Gaborik and providing oportunities in the offensive zone. He had 8 points in the Rangers 7-1-2 final 10 games. He was re-signed for a pretty fair amount, but I still think it’s to play Center with Gaborik… I think it’s possible that it could be Prospal, but I’d bet on Christensen between Gaborik and Frolov unless there is some other personnel change.

    Eric, I never said Biron was great… go back and read it again with your glasses on. I said we could rely on him to get us some wins in Henrik’s absence… which I would feel more confident in his ability than a Valiquette or a young Johnson let’s say…


  129. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    Just got home and this sucks……found out Jack Tatum died. He was my favorite all time player. I tried to play safety in college just like he played, even in practice (guess that is why my teammates never liked full contact drills). His omission from the NFL HOF is a disgrace!

    Where ever you are right now Jack, hit somebody!!!

  130. wicky

    and on espn, all they did was make his death about the paralyzed New England Patriot. They didnt talk about how great he was, but rather about the Patriots.

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thats sucks Wicky!!! Sorry to hear ’bout that.

    William , don’t mind Eric , ever sinse he got Married , hes been a grump and one of the most negative guys on here. We all wished him the best on his honeymoon …then he started comming in here acting like an azzcramp.

  132. FB heads, speaking of what Septemous said (boy, I’ve been holding off all week saying that) see what Kristin posted.

    Greg, oh Greg….

    RIP Jack Tatum. People were talking about him in my office today, too.

  133. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nicky Z , your history . Done kaput . I hope you suck this year . Im riding on the Frolov TRAIN …..hop aboard my fellow fans ,bonehead,bangwagon jumper,haters and trolls……Hes in da HOUWSE!!!!!

    WHO? you ask?

    The music is telling you that we are in for something big.

  134. conspiracy theory on

    cr – sometimes you’re a real jerk. not as much as you used to be and then you go back to the future.

  135. Paul G in Sunrise on

    Whoever said it – i agree – i think avery is an easy top 9 forward spot open for a “kid”.

    Frolov signing is nice!

    Prust can play center too right? 4th line boogy, prust, byers/weise maybe

    1994 – rangers won the cup 9 days before my 21st birthday, so i was unable to ahhhemmm drink that night.

    not that anyone cares, first real rangers memory was sometime in the mid 80’s. Pelle Lindburgh had already killed himself in an illegal porsche 969, but Hextall was unreal. “blue seaters” started the drive a porsche Hextall chant which my dad never let me shout, he thought it too disrespectfull. but he loved the potvin sucks whistle. then two goons aka flyer fans dressed in full flyer gear, jerseys black pants and white full face goalie masks started to walk the cat walk above the “yellow seats” our section. a wave and water fall of beer, popcorn, hot dogs sodas started from the blue and even green seats. the two fans were promptly escorted out for causing a riot. I had been to games since “i was born” said my folks, but the 80’s were my first real hockey memories. that may have actually been 8th grade for me josh.

  136. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    Nope. They would mostly just say stay away from wicky, he brings the hat! A few guys called me the missile, but wicky was always my nickname. I was always in great shape because of all the stadium stairs I had to run for lighting the offencive guys up during practice.

    to answer your question earlier about byers, he can’t fight. Most people constantly joked about voros sucking as a fighter, he probably lost about 75% of his fights. Byers has lost 100% he has had in the NHL.

    Can we PLEASE stop referencing the booger contract? He might be overpaid by 300k or 400k . GET OVER IT!!

    Now my hot button topic form the past few days. Why do some of you INSIST on burying avery on the depth chart??? It is just ridiculous!!! Let me help you guys out with this a little bit…

    Let’s compare him to cally (who should not be higher than avery on the depth chart!!) Now, I like cally, he has heart and work ethic, but is a bit more physical version of drury, and that is it.

    Over the past three seasons cally has:
    210 games played
    90 points
    124 total PIMs
    +2 combined over 3 seasons (still hate that stat) one minus -12 season
    is a cap hit of 2.3 million for us
    16 plus minutes avg per game

    Over the past three seasons avery has:
    167 games played
    86 points
    425 total PIMs
    +12 combined over 3 seasons (and yes still hate that stat) never a minus season
    is a cap hit of 1.9 million for us
    14 plus minutes avg per game

    You guys are nuts if you think cally deserves to be ahead of avery on the depth chart (and so is our dumb assen coach). He is a better value than cally is dollar wise. He has equaled cally’s point total in 43 less games, has a better +/- than cally (hate the stat), and has done it with basically 1 and a half minutes less ice time per game!!!!! Torts needs to get a better clue to the asset he has (and perhaps some of you need to as well).

    The last part of this post was brought to you by catwoman!!

    Josh, nice post, thanks!!

  137. Ha Ha – The Kings signed Poni for 3.2 million !! – talk about a desperate move. Not a drastic over payment, but a desperate one all the same

  138. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    yes, sad day!! Too bad most people just focus on the negative (sounds familiar here)..the stingley hit.

  139. Paul G in Sunrise on

    i don’t think anyone would argue with Avery’s value, except Torts. and because torts sees no value, his roster spot is up for grabs.

  140. Hey, wicky, j’taime tu sais, mais…don’t credit your posts to moi….OK mon aimie…. et meow!

    and btw….TA!
    P.S. I got the French right, right?

  141. wicky…got your e-mail. You win…:) I’m laurel’ing all over the place.

    ok….really…been a great day here. See you tomorrow.
    wicky, bon soir!

  142. side show sean on

    yes avery better than callahan.

    now i’ve seen everything. care to ask his coaches and teammates who has more value.

    callahan heart and soul guy. avery cares more about the nightlife and fashion.

  143. Aves might have a little bit more talent than Cally, but he’s nowhere near the player Cally is. Cally cares aboot the team, and Aves doesn’t. He already proved that after he said he “Bled blue”, and then two months later he goes straight for the big contract with Dallas.

    And I crack up when people bring up that dumb record. That “record” took a beatdown last season.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, cause he’s entertaining, and he can show up with a few big games here and there. But, I wont give two brash*ts once he’s gone. The only reason I like him on the team is because we’re paying half price.

  144. agree with Paul G. it does not matter what we think of Avery. Torts does not like him, no matter how much he pretends otherwise, his original comments before he coached the rangers gave it away.and imo he is on a short leash with torts

  145. btw, I also believe that Cally is much more valuable to the Rangers team than Avery is.

  146. I think Avery has value for sure… I think it’s diminishing though over time. However, Callahan’s value is much different and I think more important.

    Callahan isn’t the alternate captain for nothing. He finished 3rd last season in hits with 285. He finished 4th the season before in 2008/2009 with 265 hits. He plays very important penalty killing time and defensive shifts late in games. Blocks tons of shots and skates 100% all the time. Not to mention he plays on the powerplay and contributes his equal share of points.

    Interesting notes looking up some stats just now:

    Dubinsky finished 7th in hits in 2008/2009 and 15th in 2007/2008.

    I can’t stand that the Shootout is such an important aspect of the game now but… Christensen has another value that we didn’t get to see too much of; shootouts. Christensen is 9th all-time in total shootout goals, 18. But his shootout percentage is even more impressive as he’s 18 for 35 @ 51.4%… that’s the second highest percentage for players with at least 26 attempts. Toews is the leader, 14 for 26 @ 53.8%.

    Speaking of Shootouts… the Rangers, Oilers and Bruins have played in the most with 65 games going to the skills competition. Rangers are 2nd in wins with 37 (3 teams tied with 39)… here’s where it gets interesting; Rangers are 2nd in total attempts with 239 but are only 19th in the league in shooting percentage. They’ve given up the most shootout attempts in the league at 239 but ARE 2ND IN SAVE %!

    Imagine how many more wins… and valuable points in the standings if they had more guys finish than just Parenteau, Nylander, Sykora, etc… ok… spewed enough…


  147. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    Yep, I agree with you guys…all those player only meetings cally called. It was very leader like the way cally called those………..oh wait, never mind!

  148. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    It is sad because I really like cally, I also like avery. Every player/coach do not have the same relationship. Torts has a problem with avery (torts has a problem with a lot of guys). Avery is waaaay more effective when he isn”t being restrained by the coach in one way or another. Avery excels with ice time.

    I put that post up to show that avery is every bit as talented and no less valuable to the team than cally is. Half the people think avery is 3rd or 4th line material. If that is the case so is cally. And if talent means nothing and it is all about heart and soul (which avery displays far more than most), then some of you need to start backing up and checking your posts about voros, who was a heart and soul player.

    You way of judging and categorizing players should not waver from player to player just because you like one guy and not the other. If heart and soul matter and talent isn’t as important, then all of you that are pro cally for those reasons were heartbroken when voros left because that is what kind of player he was. right? Just what I though… guys are just ridiculous and full of crap!!!

  149. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    side show bob
    yep, you got it, I know nothing about hockey and you on the other hand seem to be the resident expert!

  150. Does anyone think Columbian accents are sexy?

    I’ve been talking to this chick, and one minute that accent is really getting to me, and it’s sexy, but then I’m just so fuggin annoyed, and I’d rather have Dreary tell me his life story.

    Anybody know what I’m talking aboot?

  151. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov vs Zherdev ..I can't wait!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Better not scew it up Cr9 , I’d say you should rate everyones cute-ness!!!!

  152. RIP Jack Tatum,
    I read his book “They Call ME Assasin” when I was a kid. I thought he was crazy, but he was a pretty bright guy and I think he had some success in the business world. I don’t know how I remember that. . . .
    I thought he was from New Jersey, but I could be wrong. When I was a kid growing up in Tampa (before the Bucs were in the NFL) I used to see a lot of Raiders games on TV. He and George Atkinson were the scourge of the league. He will probably never make the HOF. The only safety that was as physical than Tatum, and actually has a HOF resume would be John Lynch.
    But Tatum was a devastating, game changing safety for sure.

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