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Guest blogger: Cynar

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Silence is Golden

We all know the same old story. When are the Rangers going to make a big splash in free agency? Well maybe this year we stick to our guns and try to see who makes the team, and we don’t bother with any UFA’s. Is that a good thing, bad thing, or are we still hoping to make some kind of splash?

Well, No. 1, it appears one way or another that Kovy is off the market. I can’t see the Rangers getting involved here even if they wanted to. The Rangers would have to move Redden or Rosival to have any hope of landing Kovy. Of course moving both of those guys would be a great off season even if they got a bag of pucks in return.

One thing I think would be a great idea is for the Rangers to try and sign Mike Modano. I know we have Prospal, but Modano and Prospal splitting time, would make a decent first line and both can definitely feed Gaborik the puck. Modano would come cheap, but again after signing Prospal, I’m not sure the Rangers would do this.

Another available player is Marc Savard. The Bruins are begging for a taker. I believe why he hasn’t been dealt yet is that no one is sure he has or will recover from his concussion. I think that’s pretty obvious, but the Bruins aren’t asking for much, so that has got to be what’s going on. Should the Rangers take a chance? Remember the rumor about why the Rangers moved Savard to begin with. He supposedly had a bad attitude, and wasn’t very good in the locker room. Has he changed?

Gagne is a goner, but it would have been a nice pick up. Even if he is often injured it would have been nice to add some kind of scoring. We are in need of some scoring and although I thought it would be nice to pick up Modano, he is not the only answer. So we may wind up making no moves whatsoever. We appear to be heading in the direction that some of these young guys are going to make the team, and management thinks they can solve some of our scoring problem.

Which brings me to this next topic. If the Rangers were to move Redden in a package do you think it would be worth it to move Dubinsky? I know he’s one of our young guns, but he seems to be lacking in the fact that he can’t play the No. 1 center. His scoring is okay, but he seems like a 20 goal a year guy. If we could move Redden would you include Dubinsky for the sake of moving Redden? We probably wouldn’t get much in return, but we could finally lose Redden. This is a deal that I would do, considering all the other prospects we have, and considering some of them appear to have better scoring ability. So if we were to break our Silence during this trade deadline, this is a deal I would do. Would you consider a move like this a successful off season? Is this move a good move? A decent move? Or a move that you wouldn’t even remotely consider.

When I started out the question was is Silence Golden? Are the Rangers going to sit back and run with the roster as it is? Maybe we make a minor splash, kind of like getting Eminger. One thing is for sure Sather is trying to run things differently but is differently really a good thing right now? We’re running out of options as far as UFA’s, would we dare to do another Sakic move? Right now it looks like Sather is in fact sitting tight but keeping the feelers out there just in case. We need to sign Staal, but other than that unless some trade that knocks his socks off comes along, we may do nothing this off season. Doing nothing is not a bad thing. One good thing is apparently there is a plan to take care of Redden which that in itself is a big deal. Like I stated early moving him, or losing him in some way is a home run of an off season. Just remember Sather is the one who stamped that contract and he can always do it again.

So maybe the Silence is Golden.


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