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Silence is Golden

We all know the same old story. When are the Rangers going to make a big splash in free agency? Well maybe this year we stick to our guns and try to see who makes the team, and we don’t bother with any UFA’s. Is that a good thing, bad thing, or are we still hoping to make some kind of splash?

Well, No. 1, it appears one way or another that Kovy is off the market. I can’t see the Rangers getting involved here even if they wanted to. The Rangers would have to move Redden or Rosival to have any hope of landing Kovy. Of course moving both of those guys would be a great off season even if they got a bag of pucks in return.

One thing I think would be a great idea is for the Rangers to try and sign Mike Modano. I know we have Prospal, but Modano and Prospal splitting time, would make a decent first line and both can definitely feed Gaborik the puck. Modano would come cheap, but again after signing Prospal, I’m not sure the Rangers would do this.

Another available player is Marc Savard. The Bruins are begging for a taker. I believe why he hasn’t been dealt yet is that no one is sure he has or will recover from his concussion. I think that’s pretty obvious, but the Bruins aren’t asking for much, so that has got to be what’s going on. Should the Rangers take a chance? Remember the rumor about why the Rangers moved Savard to begin with. He supposedly had a bad attitude, and wasn’t very good in the locker room. Has he changed?

Gagne is a goner, but it would have been a nice pick up. Even if he is often injured it would have been nice to add some kind of scoring. We are in need of some scoring and although I thought it would be nice to pick up Modano, he is not the only answer. So we may wind up making no moves whatsoever. We appear to be heading in the direction that some of these young guys are going to make the team, and management thinks they can solve some of our scoring problem.

Which brings me to this next topic. If the Rangers were to move Redden in a package do you think it would be worth it to move Dubinsky? I know he’s one of our young guns, but he seems to be lacking in the fact that he can’t play the No. 1 center. His scoring is okay, but he seems like a 20 goal a year guy. If we could move Redden would you include Dubinsky for the sake of moving Redden? We probably wouldn’t get much in return, but we could finally lose Redden. This is a deal that I would do, considering all the other prospects we have, and considering some of them appear to have better scoring ability. So if we were to break our Silence during this trade deadline, this is a deal I would do. Would you consider a move like this a successful off season? Is this move a good move? A decent move? Or a move that you wouldn’t even remotely consider.

When I started out the question was is Silence Golden? Are the Rangers going to sit back and run with the roster as it is? Maybe we make a minor splash, kind of like getting Eminger. One thing is for sure Sather is trying to run things differently but is differently really a good thing right now? We’re running out of options as far as UFA’s, would we dare to do another Sakic move? Right now it looks like Sather is in fact sitting tight but keeping the feelers out there just in case. We need to sign Staal, but other than that unless some trade that knocks his socks off comes along, we may do nothing this off season. Doing nothing is not a bad thing. One good thing is apparently there is a plan to take care of Redden which that in itself is a big deal. Like I stated early moving him, or losing him in some way is a home run of an off season. Just remember Sather is the one who stamped that contract and he can always do it again.

So maybe the Silence is Golden.


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  1. Good post.
    I was thinking Madano as well, because he would obviously be a 1 yr deal that would buy the time NYR need to develop the kids. If the NYR were truly rebuilding, then this would be a good temporary move to make that transition.

  2. Greg,

    No offense taken. You have a right to your opinion. I wrote 3 different blogs for my guest spot. I thought the Dolan/George post was my strongest of the three, so i rolled with it.

    I never expected to be slammed by an Edmonton Oiler troll, but if you are gonna put yourself out there, you have to be ready for the criticism.

  3. bull dog line on

    your joking on Modano right, and why would you include Dubi in a deal with Redden when you can just send him down in september?

  4. Just 1 year? Not crazy. Most likely will not happen. We are ASSUMING Redden gets demoted. I am not so sure that is gonna happen. If the NYR are so disgusted with Redden, why didn’t they waive him? If you wanna move Redden, he has to be packaged. It’s all crazy talk, yes. What you are seeing here is MSG’s ineptitude more than Wade Redden’s ineptitude.

  5. bull dog line on

    waiving Redden during the summer would have been for the purpose of buying him out, not demoting him. buying him out would not have been much of a cap savings. so you wait till september and send him to Hartford. Modano is done, has been for years. you guys are talking about signing him and having him split time on the first line. that is just silly.

  6. I never mentioned 1st line time at all. I know the NYR are thin at center. Patrick Sharp isn’t coming. Savard isn’t coming. I would prefer to hope that one of the kids could do it. Or our current 3rd line center (I mean) 1st line center EC can do it.
    Doesn’t matter. There is no fix at 1st line center for the NYR next season. . . . .unless BRAD RICHARDS deal goes thru!!!!

  7. bull dog,
    It will be interesting to see how the Redden saga unfolds. I say 70% chance he stays with NYR
    20% chance he goes to Hartford
    10% Sather trades him to Calgary.

    Thank God for Sutters!!!

  8. bull dog line on

    I would prefer the Rangers actually gave a chance to one of there prospects to fill the hole a center. and it is a big hole. why not force feed Stepan,or challenge Anisimov. no more 35 and over retreads.
    I think Redden is as good as gone to Hartford. the Rangers can no longer justify his presence on the roster. but Calgary sounds good to me.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cwgatti , the only troll here is you rolling from the Blueshirt bulletin . Did your subscibtion run out? You act the fool , I’ll put you in yer place.

    …I’m trying to read cynars post!!!

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good post, Cynar.
    I’d say no to Modano. He is done. His presence doesn’t make the team more competitive than it is now. I’d rather See AA get a chance.
    Redden situation isn’t that clear to me yet. As much as we all say that he is gone to Hartford, I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion. He will fight for his spot and, I’m afraid, Sather would be willing to give him a chance for obvious reasons. Just to save his face. But I wouldn’t give up Dubinsky just to trade Redden.

    I still don’t think they are done for this offseason. They will look into a move or two to make this team more competitive. As long as they don’t trade any young assets, I’m ok with that. And if some unexpected youngster screams for the spot, we have enough cheap signings to rid of.

  11. HaHA!!!

    Greg is an Oiler troll!!! What the hell could be worse than that?!? When guys change their favorite teams, it says a lot about their integrity (or lack thereof).

    Anyway, enjoy the blog.

    I have been reading Spector’s blog and all of this KOVY/CBA business is setting us up for another lockout. This one could be uglier than the first. How can you lose an entire season and not get that right?!?

  12. Cynar,
    I think your logic of trading Redden and a player of value makes more sense than buurying him in the minors. The precedent that would set would be bad for the NYR in the long run. I could see Toronto trading with us here. Maybe Redden & Dubi for Jeff Finger. Something like that. TOR needs to dump Finger, we need to dump Redden, Redden’s deal is worse so Dubi would be the compensation so to speak.

    Again, I don’t claim to have the answers, but I could see your suggestion of the package deal with Redden being the most likely scenario.

  13. bull dog line on

    trading away a good young player as “compensation” for taking the contract of Redden of the Rangers hands makes no sense. as I said before, and will say again, why do that when you can bury the contract of Redden in the minors come september.

  14. bull dog line on

    and with your idea cw, you are going to take back a bad contract in return, plus trade Dubi, I think that is a bad idea.

  15. People are just dying to get rid of Dubi. I have no doubt Sather will be unable to resist the temptation to package Dubi in a deal few years down the road. Then in 5 years time, we’ll all be scratching our heads wondering, “how and why did we let Dubi get away?”…especially when he hits his prime and performing quite well while another team is reaping the benefits.

  16. im sorry but signing Modano makes no sense. First of all, we already have a pretty much set team. Drury, Gaborik, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Prospal, Avery with Prust, Zuccarello, Christensen, Wiese and others competeing for the final 2 spots in the top 9.

    If we were a true playoff contender then sure Modano would be a great 3rd line center but we are not.

  17. and just b/c Dubinsky wont be as good as Richards or Carter doesn’t mean you trade him.

    He’s probably a high 20 goal scorer and a 55-65 point player, who a plays a gritty physical game. I don’t understand the hate or why we need to “dump him”

  18. I don’t buy the concept that sending Redden to Hartford would somehow send a bad message to future free agents considering coming to New York. It’s the nature of the beast in a cap world. Anyway, if the message is that the organisation won’t tolerate gross underperformance or rapidly declining skills/effort, I don’t see that as a bad message.

    And the pretty callous treatment Uncle Lou has given to his players in similar situations (Vishnevsky, Mogilny, Malakhov, McGillis et al) hasn’t seemed to deter players signing there a whole lot.

  19. Shorter duration and less $$$$. I didn’t claim to have the answers. I was just speculating a little bit. I would imagine Sather is going to have to do something. I like this post regarding Modano. I think that is a more logical move. A one year deal to who ever. If the NYR are really committed to youth, they are gonna need insurance and leadership to get the kids over the hump.

    Anyway, good day to all.

  20. chrisdotgordon on

    Do not – I repeat, DO NOT – trade Dubinsky just to erase a previous mistake. So he’s not a number one center, that’s not why he was drafted. He scored 20 in 69 games last year. That’s 24 over 82 games. If he stays healthy and avoids the prolonged drought, I predict 30+ goals this year. Plus, he’s a good skater, an agitating presence, a big body, and a supremely coachable kid (not to mention a Ranger fan). Don’t cut off our nose to spite our face.

  21. they should trade him while people think he has the potential you do chris. after this year his market value will go down.

    so trade him now.

  22. Here’s a quote from Torts regarding Dublowsky…

    “My favorite thing, and what I tell anyone who asks about Brandon Dublosky is that of the 20 goals he scored last season, 17 of them came with the Rangers down one goal, the score tied or the Rangers up one goal. All key situations that show he is scoring when goals are needed the most. We have all been waiting for Dublowsky to jump into the player we saw the flashes of as a rookie playing with Jaromir Jagr, a shift to the wing and more experience could lead to that for Dubiowsky”

    And a qupte from good ol’ Dreary.

    “What’s the old saying – the only thing worse than a mistake is not learning from it?” Drury said. “We have to take the crushing disappointment of being a shootout goal away from the playoffs and turn it into a positive, which is that we know what it takes and what we have to do to make it happen.”

    In other words, he has not let the shootout loss ruin his summer.

  23. That’s the risk you run the prospects and young players. We all laugh now, but there was a time where the Flyers were willing to trade us Forsberg for a package including Montoya who they really liked.

    That’s sports.

  24. Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

    It’s time for a new approach.

    Modano? One of the all time best American-born players, no doubt. Not a knock on him. But at this point, why?

    Why give up something (other than money) to get rid of Redden?

    If Dubinsky ends up being ‘just’ a better than average second line guy the team is stronger because of it.

  25. Reading yesterday’s comments…slightly unnerving to discover Greg is at least 25 years older than I thought he would be. And I’d like a piece of the “no way in hell Boogaard scores five goals next year” gambling opportunity too, if it’s open to others.

  26. ddebened
    July 25th, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    If Dubinsky ends up being ‘just’ a better than average second line guy the team is stronger because of it.

    but he’s not. not even close

  27. Trade Dubinsky? Here’s a young, talented power forward who wants to be a scorer. Last year he rented a rink in the offseason just so he could practice his shot. He got twenty goals and I see no reason why he can’t get 30 this year as his yield curve continues its ascent. To me, he has all-star written all over him and I can’t possibly see trading him away unless you get greater value in return. Other than Kovy who else is out there?

  28. Here are a couple of great songs:

    This is for when a season ends and you feel like depressed for weeks thereafter – i.e. 2001 World Series – Time To Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli

    This is for when your team faces adversity and you need a spiritual lift: Chances – Five for Fighting

    I guess my youtube links would not go through.

    Anyways, have a great day all. TA! (Yes, Mama, you will be forced to share TA! from now on. I have taken a strong liking for it) So, TA!

  29. “Trade Dubinsky? Here’s a young, talented power forward who wants to be a scorer”

    Everyone on NYR wants to be a scorer, but that doesn’t mean they want to remain Rangers if a bigger contract is out there.

    Anyway, I’m watching the Sport Illustrated 2010 special in HD. Fuggin phenominal!

  30. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    morning all and nice post cynar!!

    did anyone see what burnsides from ESPN said about the KHL?? It is priceless! (not really a fan of the guy, but I don’t hate him either. Just thought it was hilarious). I’ll try and find it and then touch on this trade/waive/redden/modano/dubi thing! (yes it was a warning)!

  31. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    ok, so here is the burnsides quote, it is the last sentence that is the riot (and more than likely true):

    We saw somewhere that the defection of Evgeni Nabokov to the Kontinental Hockey League might be seen as a coup for the top Russian league (which has now expanded into Europe with the inclusion of a Slovak team). Not long after Nabokov signed with St. Petersburg, Pavol Demitra followed suit and signed with Yaroslavl.
    How will the NHL continue to survive without men of such incredible intestinal fortitude? Just kidding.

    If anything, their departures reinforce that the KHL is merely the last stop on the train of last resorts for the troubled, aged and mentally weak.


  32. Well, what an arrogant d bag. At least we know he isn’t referencing Jagr when he says “troubled” and “mentally weak”

    “Aged” Yes.

    Great post, Cynar!

  33. Thanks for all the great comments on my post!!! As far as the Dubinsky thing, he’s been on the team for a couple of years, I don’t deny his heart, but yes it would be a trade to erase the whole Redden(1 ton packback the team carries)thing. I’m not sold that sending him down, or whatever really helps in anyway. He will fight for his job which at this point is all we ask for. Show some fight!!! I would do anything to skate like these guys and play in the NHL, have you forgot you get payed to PLAY a game Wade. Anyway thanks again guys, and I will try to keep stopping by.

  34. Ooops I meant to say the Dubi has been on the team for a couple of years, and the reason why I say him, is we have guys like him, even some of the new guys. He’s a player we should get outta ever draft. I don’t think he has shown he can be more. I mean I chose him over Callahan, because Calli truly uses the body, and can score 20+ just like Dubi. Yes Dubi is a center, but I think we should have someone like him coming up so if we could truly remove Redden completey maybe we could get back a player who just needs a change of scenery and play on our 2nd line, or at least 2 pair of D. Again just my opinion.

  35. i like duby. hes fine. he actually got more goals and points in less games last season. i dont get what the problem is with him. almost everyone on the team sucked last year. he actually was one of the better players.avery was bad, jokinen,drury, kotalik, higgins,boyle,brash,lisin,redden,roszival were all horrible. then you have gilroy being a disappointment, AA was ok,but produced less than what we all thought he would. cally was good but looked stagnant at times(could be playing alot of pk and having dru as his center), then ya have duby,prust,Ec girardi and staal who had decent seasons, and the only really standout players were hank,DZ,gabby and prospal. i know some of those players are gone now, but if the only reason to hate duby is because he held out, then ya might as well hate staal too. so what? if he was from another team, sather wouldve had no problem giving him the 1.7 mill he got. wow hes really killing cap space isnt he!!!

  36. CR9-

    Thumbs up on the SB/AB song – surely a moving song

    Five For Fighting song, eh nothing special, IMO.

    Funny that I never caught the name until just recently, duh!

  37. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    OK, now the running topic.

    I don’t think getting rid of dubi to get rid of a contract is smart. I really think redden is going to be in htfd come the season opener. The thing is, I really think we DO need to get rid of a forward if we are going to get gabby any kind of scoring help and still get a young guy in the line up (if one is ready). So if we did make a trade for a centre (richards would be great IMHO) then you have to figure it will be a big contract d man and one of dubi, cally, or AA. Not because I want one of those 3 gone, but yo have to give to get and you need the roster spot for another forward.

    Moving forward (pun intended), If we sign an UFA like frolov or whomever, we still have a roster spot issue so, it still wouldn’t shock me to see a forward moved at some point for some blueline help regardless of who is or isn’t signed.

    the blueline…… opinion here, but eminger, MDZ, mcdonut (shocked if he isn’t on the big club because I think that is the only way he was leaving school), staal (over priced for sure, but there), and girardi (i’d trade him) are 5 of the top 6. I think the 6th guy might not be on the roster yet. I feel that slats is going to do one of a few things…..he is going to sign mitchell in the next few weeks once he is ready, trade for souray later on (a rozy and one of the forwards mentioned earlier kind of thing), try to sign a guy late and hope he doesn’t get semenoved again and let camp sort out who is 6 or 7, or I guess stand pat and rozy is the lsat guy of the group and gilroy is on the outside looking in perhaps!

    I’m just speculating here of course! If i’m sather, I make two deals before the start of the season. Clearing out 2 d spots (not including wade the blade) and one forward spot.

  38. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    not done yet, just had to take a parental break here folks, so bear with me.

    No to modano, he is either going to detroit or minny, with a slight outside shot at the chicago olgas (sorry had to). I don’t think he has any real interest in coming here, but I could be wrong.

  39. ddeb –

    Yep about SB/AB. You’re entitled to your opinion on Chances! However, the ‘Chances’ song is lot more moving when watched with this youtube clip from ESPN. Yes, I am giving ESPN credit, as they actually have decent College Football coverage.

    The 1:35 minute mark is where is gets emotional.

    And the 2:50 minute mark is a Nebraska Cornhusker guy that looks exactly like Marion Gaborik.

  40. I don’t dislike Dubi in anyway. I’m just saying his game is replacible, he doesn’t do anything that we shouldn’t already have in some youth coming up. That being said if we do something to move Redden or trade to get some scoring then Dubi I think would be the most replacible, and tradeable guy we have. Calli is tradeable but he has shown a little more in the way of using his body, and scoring. I think he has a little more upside. How about Washington supposedly trying to move Semin? I would trade Dubi, and Redden for him in a heart beat. Not that Wash. would take Redden, but at leat Dubi, and something else. What do you guys think?

  41. it would be stupid to trade Dubi just to get rid of Redden who you can simply send to the AHL.

    and may I remind you that Datsyuk had only 27 goals in about 10 more games than Dubi. you are vastly underrating his performance. he was +9. the only area where I would like to see vast improvement is PP points and more consistent aggressiveness.

    also, he was moved around constantly from center to wing, thus hurting his consistency

  42. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    ok, I said if I was slats, I would make two trades…one to dallas and one to rangers west (edmonton).. In those deals we acquire Richards (number one centre) and Souray (they get rid of a guy who wants out and we get rid of a guy or two we don’t want). We lose/get rid of girardi, cally (i picked cally because he has a higher cap hit than AA or dubi), brash to edmonton and rozy and byers (maybe one other guy like gilly or someone to get it done if necessary) for richards. I would like to point out that draft picks or something could be used in these deals as well, but I just am not going that deep into it, but you folks get the idea!!

    I would then go out and sign mitchell.

    That would make the roster as follows:

    hank and biron

    staal (guessing he signs for about 4.5 per), souray, mcdonut, mitchell (guessing he gets 3 to 3.5 range), eminger, mdz, and valentenko or someone similar (ericsson……….etc) as 7th D. who ever is 7th will see ice time with potential injuries to souray or mitchell (i hope not, but realistically possible).

    gabby, richards, dubi, avery, prust, EC, MZA, AA, prospal, weise, boogey, and drury are your top 12 and boyle is 13th.

    That is 22 players with around 1.5 to 2 mil in space still available(depending on staal and mitchell contract amounts) to have a bit of flexibility and a 23rd player. If gilly isn’t traded, and the salaries are close, he could be the 23rd, but you get the idea. Our team has better offence with richards, and better PP point with souray and more physicality with souray and mitchell on the blueline.

    There is certainly flexibility (especially if we trade) to improve this team and it will probably be necessary if we want to sign a UFA forward like frolov to clear a forward spot like I stated earlier, but I’m just speculating and maybe we will not do anything else, but I had to do something while the kids were in the pool!!!

    Go ahead, tear me up!

    PS……the guys that were in my trades from our team feel free to divvy them up however to get those trades done, you get the idea though!

  43. Not that Dubi is the be all/end all – he still has a lot to prove. But who do we have that is even close to Dubi in terms of size/physicality and skill?
    Does he need to bring it more consistently? – for sure.
    It really amazes me how differently people see the same picture.

    most replaceable?? WTB

    It wouldn’t be stupid to trade Dubi to get rid of Redden, it would be asinine

    My pompous, arrogant rant is over :P

  44. Souray no way. other than his slapshot, he is another Redden in his own zone.even the last place edm want to get rid of him. and he is very injury prone. and Mitchell is coming off a severe concussion that kept him out since jan 16? that is another big risk. he has not proven he can play again.

  45. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    I’d take souray over rozy any day. And he is far better than redden (not that it would take much). If souray made 2 mil less per season the oilers wouldn’t want to get rid of him so bad and he wants to leave!

    Mitchell, I should have put as long as he was medically cleared, but I figured you would all just draw the conclusion that the rangers (my hypothetical situation here) would not sign the guy if he wasn’t fully cleared. And before anyone says it, if anyone here understands the long term effects of concussions more than me, I not sure who it is. So please don;t start explaining head injuries and things to me, it isnt necessary!

  46. I don’t want rosival and redden either. I prefer young Rangers developing, not old mercenaries. that formula has not worked in NY lately (see Redden).

    let McDonagh get the ice time. and next year it will be the kid who is a clone of Kasparaitis, Pashnin. and then McIlrath when he is ready.

  47. YOu know I’ve been following these posts for some time now, and I find a peculiar trend when it comes to Dubinsky. It almost seems that the feelings about him are practically personal in nature and are only marginally reflected by his overall performance. Perhaps I’ve misread things but that’s the way that the pattern goes. He’s this, he’s that, but note how many times, the criticism drifts into the personal range. Attitude etc. How can one determine one’s attitude when it’s their performance on ice that matters, and on this moribund team from last season, who would want to be judged by their behavior on a team that was collectively as a team, woefully inadequate in just about all departments. Their play on ice was the biggest indictment of their attitude, if one wants to call it that, but even that is suspect.

    I always had the idea that Dubi was a very fine player who somehow failed to live up to his promise in general, but then again, at what point was the ineptitude of the team a cause for some of this failure on his part? Same holds true for some of the other lesser performing folks. Drury gets pasted daily in this blog, but take a look at what he does on ice, defensively, in his fearless shot questioning his courage – not by a long shot.

    My I suggest that the folks suspend judgment on some of these kids, until the management straightens out the system, and the coaches really start earning their pay as coaches? In short – give the kids a break.

  48. comparing the goal totals only. Datsyuk is a better all around player no question. that is why I pointed out that he did not score that many more goals than dubi, which the blogger was unhappy with a 20 goal a year guy.

    he wants to get rid of a guy who scored 20, but is interested in getting a guy who scored 10 or a guy who scored 14

  49. Torts mentioned that Dubinsky is scoring when goals are needed the most. May I remind you that he led the team in GWGs-5. He would already flourish on a better team and has’t reached his potentials. No reason to trade him to get rid of someone’s contract. You can use picks or AHL.

  50. {{{3 IN ONE}}} are you out there?

    Have you seddled on a team yet?


    Pick a team any team.

  51. Afternoon folks!

    Mama- sent you an email.

    I just don’t see why you trade Dubinsky to get rid of Redden when all signs point to Redden being buried in Hartford.

  52. You don’t trade Dubinsky to get rid of Redden unless you can get back something of value. Which likely ain’t happening. If that happened, it would just be more mismanagement.

  53. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    I think drury is going to have a better goal scoring year than last year by about 10. It wouldn’t shock me to see him get 25 this season (still not worth the contract).

  54. Dubinsky increased his goals by over 50% from the previous year while playing 13 fewer games. He turned 24 in April.

    Guys, it’s going to take patience and discipline. We’ll need to find satisfaction in the little steps. There will be plenty of anguish along the way – but we need to stay the course.

  55. Koivu of Minn just got signed to a 7 yr, $47 mill extension

    and he scored all of 22 goals last season and 20 the previous season.

  56. Wicky – I have that feeling about Drury as well. I can see him having some chemistry with MZA possibly. Maybe less PK duties. Regardless I think he’ll score more.

    MZA + Drury + Cally = Smurf line

  57. yes let us compare dubinsky to datsyuk and koivu.

    trade the guy he is a joke

  58. I have a feeling our team is going to be pretty good this year. Without Redden, and with our youth, and most importantly, with another year under the belts of MDZ, Cally, Dubi, Artem, etc, this could actually be a better team than last year.

  59. Nose picker- very insightful.

    CR9- yes, they can and should get better. But that requires good coaching and team structure. Torts is a key. Does he have it? I was always surprised that he doesn’t want more than just one assistant. Does it mean that he has no desire to listen to anyone else’s opinion or does it mean he doesn’t want to confuse the players? If the coaching staff shows they are capable, we may have a better team this year.

  60. Where’s my favorite Urler fan? come out, come out wherever you are! Heck I almost got a BWI last night – think you’d have shown your wishy washy face by now!

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on


    BOOGAARD scores atleast 5 goals!!!! LW3H ,I gots ORR at $20 so Im gonna have to maybe $10?

  62. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    I agree, torts is huge in this. If he lets avery play his game and gives him 6th or 7th forward minutes. If he lets guys take physical penalties at times to prove points. If he keeps line combos consistent. If he rolls 4 lines. Lot of ifs, but if he does those, we might be ok depending on a couple of TBD roster adjustment.

    I wish they would bring in ulfie from the coyotes to coach the D.

  63. There he is, ‘3 In ONE’ -still love ya bro’.

    One of the things that I find baffling is how relatively passionless/emotionless this team was considering we generally think of Torts as being quite the opposite.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Silence is Golden , thats a good point. Nice going Cynar !!! Dubinsky is gonna have a break out year so I really do not wanna see him moved.

  65. Greg – I’m almost inclined to fly out to Sasquatchawan myself and hand you the $10 if that happens.

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , I live in SASKATCHEWAN . Edmonton sucks and I cant speak French Canadian .

  67. Good evening all!
    Really, who is going to buy/trade for Redden? At his salary? I’ll eat a Sunday newspaper saved for your worst noses if that happens (no offense cynar, loved your post….seriously. Discussion and thoughts among heads is always interesting)

    Mickey, got your e-mail, sent one back.

    Yergs, still waiting to hear from you…see Carp’s note above.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Comeback player of the year ?….Wade Redden!!! You heard it here first!!!! HAHAAHAA!!!

  69. Mama

    If you saw my note above about pushing my comment through moderation, please dont. I made four of the same posts, all awaiting moderation, then just took the youtube links out and it went through.

    How are L, S & C today?

  70. Greg- It seriously hurts me to to think that someone I thought was the ultimate Rangers fan… the true bluest Rangers fan, is a frawd. :(

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tanks Momma!!!

    LW3H , AMERICAN BUCKS BABY!!!! I’d never peddle my fake cash and Im no Welcher!!!

  72. CR, yes, I’ve learned that happens….too many links gets you short-stopped…it’s a spam prevention thing I think.

    L, S & C are grand today, thanks!

  73. I keep reading trade Dubinski but not for who only mentioning players who are better that your never going to get or who he is not as good as yet. Both Datsyuk and Koivu have played longer and cost much more. As far as burying Redden in Hartford would be detrimental to signing free agents could be a good thing or it could mean don’t sign a big contract in NY and suck!

  74. No to trading Dubinsky, even if it’s to get rid of a bad contract. Dubi is still maturing and can grow into a beast. I see no reason he and AA can’t push each other into top line centers. The one who falls short either moves to wing or gets traded. A lot depends on stepans initial impact. If stepan steps right into the top two lines then dubi or AA become huge trade pieces.

    Im actually really excited for these next two seasons. We hopefully get to see a few kids really step up and flourish and we see the albatross contracts start to go away. I think if the kids are as good as we hear then we can be real contenders with one or two real smart trades.

    Now, if all the kids turn out to be Hugh jessimans and we sign more past prime players to huge deals then it will be another dark decade…but I for one see winds of change blowing from MSG.

    Grachev, kreider, stepan, del zotto, mcdonough, mcklraith, weiss etc….I think the future looks brighter than it has in a long long time.

    I saw an interview yesterday with Curtis granderson from the yanks and he had a huge smile the whole time and the general topic of conversation was to alwaysbe positive, always half glass full and don’t dwell on the negative. There will always be down times, bumps in the road, adversity. But a positive outlook will help you from drowning in the misery.

  75. So am I not in on the bet? Even though I was joking at first, I’d like to bet that Boogaard scores less than 0 goals with us.

    Meaning he is directly responsible for more goals put into our own net (like an own goal in soccer) than the opposition’s net.

  76. Dubinsky –

    Some nights he is all over the ice, others he has a tough time getting in the flow of the game and isn’t involved. But overall, I think Dubinsky’s game has improved quite a bit over the last couple seasons.

    He is big, which Richards is not, he will fight, where Richards won’t and he is a Ranger draft pick.

    Duby is one of those players that when he is on, he is on and very difficult to move off the puck. His fighting Mike Richards on a regular basis gives him high praise in my book and makes him a true Ranger and should not be moved for a marginal #1 center like Mike Richards.

    Stepan, Kreider, Dubinsky, AA, Grachev, Bourque, Weiss I think is an excellent young offensive core to build around and then tinker with when the team has established itself.

    Going out to get Mike Richards will not make this team a Cup contender. Going out and getting a Vinny would. So if you want to move Duby for Vinny then I would start to listen.

    But in all honesty, this team needs to build and give its youth the chance to lead the team. Right now I am looking forward to watching the kids get some ice time.

  77. who mentioned anything about trading duby for mike richards??? first, that would never happen, and 2nd, i’d take mike richards over duby. hes simply a better player.

  78. its pretty clear that none of these guys like vinny lecav, kovalchunk,demitra frolov,sharp,BRAD richards, mike richards, richard richardson, richie rich, or any old richard head are going to be signed. were sticking with the kids this season. the worst case scenario is we lose alot and get a great draft pick. who knows, but all i do know is more kids are being given the best chance i have seen in a long time. no huge signings in teh first month of free agency should tell us that were basically done with maybe 1 trade or signing left. i would like modano for 1 year though. at least he might rub off on our young players.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Been away this weekend. Great post by Joekuh yesterday. My only gripe is that he says he was playing NHL ’94 on Genesis when #11 got into a fight with the Penguins… but there was no fighting in NHL ’94. This was famously documented in the movie Swingers in the attached clip:

    You must have been playing either ’92 or ’93. 93 was actually known as NHLPA ’93, as the NHL did not sign off on the licensing of their team names or logos, and teams were only known by their city names. If you pay attention to the game being played in the clip, that was also NHLPA ’93, despite their discussion about the removal of fighting.

    If you were playing NHL Hockey (aka NHL ’92), there would have been team names and logos, but no player names, as the NHLPA did not sign off on the game. So teams had full rosters with the numbers of all the players, but no names. You also couldn’t edit lines as a result.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , I’ll take that bet…$20!!! sounds good? American of course.

    ddeb , im the biggest Ranger fan in Canada , thats all I care about. I’m sorry I let ya down and if you saw me as a true Blue Ranger fan , then I have done my part. I want everyone to appreciate the Rangers for I was born in a place where there is NO NHL . I love hockey and have adopted the Rangers for 19 straight years. I am proud to be a Ranger fan and thats all I care about.

  81. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    mike richards?? I think we were talking brad earlier, but I could be wrong (I was talking brad anyhow).

    Twitter link from earlier I forgot to post, sorry:

    New York Rangers talks with Alexander Frolov agent

  82. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    I think mike richards is one hell of a player and I agree with orr, I would swap dubi for him any day!

    grabby, how the hell are you?

    Is it a bad sign if we did sign modano, that he would be by far our best centreman??

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ..I sure hope Boogaard don’t get hurt!!!!

  84. Maybe Booger will pull a Brash*t and forget that he gets paid to *FIGHT*!!

    New York Rangers talks with Alexander Frolov agent”

    That’s not good. Say no to Frolov. Might as well have signed Nicky Z.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR $20 – 5 or more goals for Boogy

    Lw3H $10 – 5 or more goals for Boogy

    Cr9 $20 – 0 goals for Boogy

    Let’s just say I have a few shares in BOOGAARD!!!

  86. I think CR should get $30 since he’s taking the biggest risk. Del Z can fire a slap shot and it can go off Booger’s face and into the net, and he could end up with that one goal all season.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    hehe shhhhh ORR , no interfering .

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Less? huh? Less then zero is…zero?

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Requirements of a guest blogger :

    #1 Straight Jacket

    #2 Hatred of Sather

    #3 Bonehead cetificate

  90. Greg – You’re nuts about Boogaard. You do realize he’s NEVER scored more than two goals, not even in Juniors? I would bet you any amount of money that he doesn’t do it next year with the Rangers. The guy is 28, and while I hear he’s taking skating lessons with Datsayuk or someone, there’s just simply no way a guy goes from a marginally talented goon to scoring five or more goals…it hasn’t and never will happen.

    Cynar – I would personally lynch Sather from the Garden rafters if he even thought about trading Dubinsky just to get rid of Redden. But he wouldn’t. No GM would. You don’t deal an asset to rid yourself of a bad contract, unless you’re in a cap situation where you could lose an even greater asset from your club. Even in that case, you don’t trade a guy like Dubinsky for nothing…if anything, you trade him for prospects and keep Redden…That’s sort of what the Hawks did with Ladd and Byfuglien.

    As for Modano, I gotta kind of agree with the sentiment here. The game has passed him, and really there’s no fit for him with the Rangers, save for helping school the youngsters. If they’re going to sign a center, then it should probably be Comrie, who at least is a better option than Christensen at top-center.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    phil , I understand yer logic.
    So ya wanna bet too .

    $10 he scores 3 goals or more this year!!!

    you said never more then 2 , so ..i say Three or more Jose!!!

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's get the season started!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LMAO!!!! its soooo true!!!!

  93. I didn’t realize how much Madono’s game had declined. I will agree with everyone here if he’s game had declined that much. The only thing that he could have done, which is what I was thinking, was picking his brain for the youngsters. But who knows what their gonna do now. The problem with Redden that unless you trade him your stuck with him. My only thought with Dubi is that he is replacable with the talent down below. In that case the trade would be for the sake of the money. I brought it up in the blog because I thought it would make for good back and fourth banter. I guess it worked. Thanks again everyone.

  94. Well maybe we can trade ‘nose picker’ for a new left nut, Orr – even if you don’t need it.

  95. do people remember how we gave up on Savard years ago? Then he looked like he would fizzle elsewhere until he got his game together? Dubi is still young yet… I don’t want to lose him. He has something special. He needs someone to play with. When Torts was pressuring when he first replaced Renney Dubi was turning into a star. Then we went back to playing like Renney again.


  96. Mao, haven’t you ever listened to that 80’s Cinderella song called “Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It Signs With Another Team Because The Guy Wants A Lot Of Money”? Classic power ballad.

    I don’t know, I just have a feeling that Dublowsky is just trying to mooch off of Gabby as much as he can, and when the time’s right, he’ll go straight to the team that offers him a big contract, and he’ll leave us in the dust unless we come up with more, and severely overpay him.

    I just can’t trust the kid. I trust Cally, Hank, and guys like that, but I don’t trust him!!

  97. Cynar

    I agree with you about Modano…I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, but it seems that no one else agrees.
    Strong skater good puck carrier.. just what Rangers lacked so often last year.

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard on the PP??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If Boogaard scores I win cash!!!!

    ORR owes me $20 if Boogaard scores 5 or more this year.

    LW3H owes me $10 if Boogaard scores 5 or more this year.

    Cr9 owes me $20 if Boogaard scored 1 or more this year.

    Phil owes me $10 if Boogaard scores 3 or more this year.

    Playoffs included in all bets.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard on the PP??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ooops wrong place!!! next one ahhh

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