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So when did you realize you were a Rangers fan?

First of all, sup Boneheads, both silent and vocal. We all want to see the team do well, and hopefully win, at least for me, another Cup in our lifetimes. How the team moves from where we’re at now to where we want to be is a topic worthy of serious debate. Some want us to go all in with youth. Some want us to “release the Kovalchuken!!!!!” into a Rangers jersey on MSG. Most want something in the middle. Me? I’m just glad Sather didn’t go trying to sign everything in sight. We filled obvious holes in FA with Biron + BOOgaard. How much we paid them can be debated till opening night, but they were holes worthy of being filled.

But today’s post isn’t about that. It’s about when you first realized you were a Rangers fan. I grew up as a black guy from Flatbush. Hockey wasn’t exactly the thing to watch in the fall, to be honest. That was Knicks season. Time to beat Jordan season. Time to destroy Reggie Miller season. That was my thing back then. Both my cousin and I had a Sega Genesis, and one day I borrowed his NHL ’94. I wanted to try something different. I remember playing the the New York Rangers against the Penguins, and #11 getting  into a fight with someone from the Penguins. After that, I was hooked! I slowly began learning about hockey, then realized that I could simply watch the game on TV instead of reading about it. I learned about Messier, Graves, Beukeboom, Tikkanen, Kovalev (my personal favorite) and other fan favorites. I started casually watching games during the regular season. But then the playoffs started.

To be honest, I don’t remember much about who we played in the first and second rounds. But I remember playing the Devils in the conference finals. I remember Messier with “The Guarantee”, then going out and making good on his promise. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he made that guarantee . He could’ve said that he was re-creating MSG from scratch with popsicle sticks in one night, and I would’ve believed him after his performance that night. Side note: I did not realize until making this post that Ed Olczyk was on that team. Now back to our regular story. I remember the announcer screaming “Matteau, Matteau!!!!” when we finally beat Brodeur and were making our way to the Finals.

If I was a casual fan up to the conference finals, I became a full fledged FANATIC when the Finals arrived. I refused to miss a game. I can still see Richter in my head stretching his right leg with everything he had to stop Bure on the penalty shot in Game 4 I watch that clip now and still feel a tingle up my spine. Side note: Its funny how Leetch, headed back to his blue line, basically just gave the puck away to Bure to start that sequence. Really hope Del Zotto doesn’t learn THAT from him.

I taped Game 7 of the series, and still watch it from time to time. I remember the feeling that came over me when the final horn sounded and everyone literally went crazy. That’s when I knew I was a fan and I’d be forever hooked on hockey. I’ve stayed a loyal fan, even when I moved away. So glad my cousin bought/rented/“acquired” that game.

So that’s my Rangers fan story. What’s your “I knew I was a Rangers fan when….” story?

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  1. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Nice post and memories!

    I honestly cant remember. I grew up in Long Beach which was once the Rangers practice ground and few Rangers used to live there as well (I went out with Pete Stemkowski’s daughter once and knew Brian Leetch’s wife.)

    So it just seems like being a Ranger fan was always part of your life.

    Now living in Paris it takes an effort to continue to follow them. Makes you realize how lucky you once were to be surrounded by hockey.

  2. Good story, Joekuh! Thanks for sharing.

    My story overlaps two countries and many years. Maybe I’ll send it to Carp one day to fill in for one of his vacation weeks.

  3. I was a Ranger fan the day I first heard my uncle Mike mention the name RANGERS. He was my hero, and anything he liked, I liked. He liked the Giants, I liked the Giants. I didn’t even know what the hell Giants or Rangers were!!! But I knew my uncle played hockey, and that was enough for me. Unfortunately, he was killed a few years ago, and not a day goes by when I don’t think of him. And i always think of him EVERY time I watch a game. I miss him for sure.

    But that is how I fell in love with the Rangers. It’s like having a hot girlfriend who gives you nothing but trouble. You love her, but she makes things really tough for you.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I knew I was a Rangers fan when Mark Messier spoke in the press conference that he was traded to the New York Rangers from the Edmonton Oilers . I have had enough of Sathers trades and I knew if Messier went there was the place to be. Messier later left to Vancouver and I hated him .My true passion is always NYR first , players and management second.

  5. My Grandparents lived in Long Beach and I became aware of the Rangers who lived near by(Pete Stemkowski). Then I found out they were bradcast on channel 9. Watching them I learned of Eddie Giacomin, Rod Gilbert & Vic Hadfield I was hooked. Thanks for the memories Joekuh, good subject. This why I like guest bloggers a different perspective everytime.

  6. I remember 67-68 as the season it all kicked in….I would have been 6 turning 7 in 67….I remember Orland Kurtenbach the tough guy, Phil Goyette my then favorite….I remember they didn’t have jerseys that small, so My mom took me to a place on Nostrand avenue and Farragut road, they made me a blue sweatshirt with the Diagonal Rangers and number 20 on the back…. The letters were black iron on, but who cared. Watching black and white games on channel 9. Playing roller hockey with my first pair of Chicago skates till the metal wheels wore to the ball bearings in 89 school yard….sticks worn to toothpick thin.

    I tell my boys now, you can like any team in any sport you want…but if you like Hockey it’s Rangers or get out…. I could live without all my sports teams for a while, but never without the New York Rangers.

  7. 16 years later, you cannot beat up Leetch for giving away the puck at the blueline in game 4 of the finals. He was our Conn Smythe winner, and without him it would be 70+ years of waiting. You need to forget this one error.

    Became a fan after going to my first game at old MSG in April of 1967. It was the last game of the 1966-67 season. The Rangers were destroyed by the Black Hawks 8-0, and Bobby Hull scored a hat trick. As a seven year old, I remember what a scary place the old Garden was. The seats were almost straight vertical, like the upper deck at old Yankee Stadium. I remember how loud the booing was in the third period, and I’ve been a die-hard fan since.

  8. Oh yes, and open Ranger practices at Skateland in New Hyde Park were the best.

  9. Leethhalloffame on

    I also started watching and got hooked on the Rangers on channel 9 when I was a kid. I go back to the likes of Phil Goyette, Reggie Fleming, Bob Nevin, and even Glen Sather, living and eventually dying with them all – they never won a thing. But I was there with my then 11 year old son when they won the Cup in ’94, and nobody can ever take that spine-tingling memory away.

  10. I had no choice in the matter. I was basically born into being a Ranger fan. Between my father and my older brother….i was also born a Met and Knick fan.

    I fondly remember as a little kid watching all of the NYR away games on channel 9. Seeing the team in their home white uniform was foreign to me, until I was old enough to go to the home games with my father and brother. My favorite player during that era was Anders Hedberg. I have vague memories of all the hoopla surrounding his arrival to The Rangers. My father was a big fan of Phil Esposito when he came to New York, simply because he was a fellow Italian. My brother was just a complete nut-job when watching the games. Oh god…the conspiracy theories he’d come up with whenever they were losing were epic.

  11. I had a third grade letter writting assignment to write to 2 New York sports teams. I chose the Rangers and the Islanders because at the time everytbody was playing street hockey in my neighborhood and I really got into the sport but had no favorite team. The Rangers sent me back a letter along with a signed team photo and stickers. The Islanders didn’t respond at all. It goes to show you what a good PR team does. I’ve been a die-hard ranger fan ever since.

  12. This is such a clever stratagem, guest hosts..and the fun in reading all of your individual backgrounds. that old Garden wasn’t scary to me – it was home. I never liked the present one because of the flatter sight lines. But – you have to they give ya.

    I only got down from New Haven in the late 40s early 50;s periodically, and friends that I met up there who were officially known as the ” gallery Gods” used to decide who got to sit where. They always treated me to front row railing seats, but who ever sat – no one! Because they Rangers farm club in those days was the New Haven Ramblers of the AHL I was an honored guest. I recall one time a New York fan moved into a seat that they had held for me, and when they saw him they yelled ” hey!gedoudadare”_ ( and he got). I thinks that perhaps it was in payment for my getting one of their esteemed members who used to train in to New Haven periodically to see the farm hands, and I had connections at the old New Haven arena on Grove St ( now a parking lot for the past 30 years).I’d get him thru charge. ( The Garden balcony fee in those days was …are you ready for this? – 85 cents.)

  13. BTW Rangers also had a very fine team in the old ECHL called the Rovers, and wore the same as Rangers except that where Rangers wore blue, Rovers wore Red, and vice versa. They played on Sunday afternoons, and it was a treat to go to the Rovers game in the afternoon, and then Rangers that night.

  14. It wasn’t till Wayne Gretzky went to the Rangers that I became a Ranger fan.

    I missed out on ’94 and the team has pretty much sucked since he retired, but the passion of all you Ranger fans keeps me hoping and believing.

    Having some kids from my home state of Alaska and kids from Alaska colleges is also pretty cool.

    I am a Ranger fan for life now.

  15. I dont know carcillo! on

    I became hooked during the playoff run of 1979, jd stood on his head, and the rangers beat the heavily favored islanders.Then beat montreal in game 1 of the stanley cup finals, and led 2 zip in game, and i thought holy carcillo they can win another cup, but montreal swept the rest of the series.Been bleeding rangers blue ever since!!

  16. It was ’83 and I was 9. My dad took me to a game. My favorite player was Pavelich. Hooked since then. Hockey is #1. All other sports are a distant second.

  17. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    Morning ILB and all!!!

    thanks for the post joekuh, good job!

    this link is for you (and everyone else), sorry I didn’t get you a link last night!

  18. The White Plains Batman on

    It was 1989-90 that I became a fanatic with this team. Watching Leetch and Patrick on the power play, rooting for Richter standing on his head when he was brought up full time, and rooting for guys like Turcotte, Kissio, and later Nicholls and Gartner. I always say that the 89-90 version of the team was one Leetch ankle injury and one John Druce away from going who knows where. They had a very good record against both the Bruins and Oilers that season.

    Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback yesterday. It took over 7 years but I finally had my first article/column/etc. posted somewhere.

  19. My first Ranger game was in 1965 (i think). I knew I was a Ranger fan when I asked “when’s the next game” Been a fan ever since.
    I asked my kids this question today. My son says he knew he was a fan when he first opened his eyes & looked at his Dad in a Ranger jersey.
    Rangers Rock – win or lose !

  20. My dad took me to my first Ranger game when I was 9 years old in 1960 at the old MSG which was between 48th and 49th street. I was hooked on hockey and the NY Rangers from that moment on. I always had dreames of the day they would win the cup, that I would drink out of it with the players in the locker room. Well never say dreams dont happen. In 1994 I was hired by the NY Rangers during the Stanley Cup Finals for additional team security. It was on that night that the dream I always kept on having became a reality. If you were to look at the picture that is shown with Adam Graves drinking from the cup I’m standing right off his shoulder with a suit on and curly hair. A day I will NEVER FORGET.
    I now live in Las Vegas but with Direct TV I never miss a game. Sometimes Tivo has come to my rescue.

  21. Thanks for sharing Joekuh well done.1979 For me when the Rangers beat the islanders,to make it to the Cup.I was in the 6th grade I remember listening on the radio and flipping out when we won.Ron Greschner scoring the first goal on a slap shot in game 6.Why isn’t his number retired?potvin sucks.LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I could be wrong, but i think I became an actual Rangers fan when I saw Messier choking Blake.

    Up until that point I was just a Shanahan/Jagr fanatic, and really just watched hockey games without rooting for any specific team. I liked the Red Wings, but only for Shanny, and Yzerman. I didn’t have much emotion when they lost in the regular season, so I wouldn’t call myself a Red Wings fan at that time.

    Anyway, put Jessiman on a line with Kane, and Toes, and you’ll have an amazing line!

  23. wicky (Give Prust the "C") on

    that was a great fight, the one simon took on all the fishies. simon was great!

  24. true blue mike on

    “being a ranger fan is like having a really hot girlfriend. You love her, but she makes things really tough for you.”

    lmfaoo what a great quote. I became a Ranger fan like 5 years ago when i started watching hockey, and i honestly don’t think their is anything i am more passionate about then the Rangers.

  25. All the Edm guys who came to NYR and success. Messier, Graves, Beuk, etc

    Sather helped the Rangers more when he was in Edm than since he became GM here.

  26. “You saw that there were some teams taking advantage of guys in New York; you could see that just watching highlights. That probably won’t be happening as much now”

    Quote from Booger. Looks like the bloggers here are getting in his head. If he thinks he’ll actually make a difference on the ice, then he’s pretty fuggin delusional.

    This guy just needs to fight every game, and stay in the box for majors, and not minors.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im saying that at BOOGAARDS price…he makes more a difference then Drury.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Over -priced for BOOGAAARD , waaaa waaaa peeps who whine about over-paying a guy who only plays a few shifts….cry me a river and i’ll go swimming. How do ya expect to land anyone? Ya have to pay to get guys that are NOT from our system. He is the best at what he does .Having Boogaard the Rangers have someone in a Rangers jersey who strikes fear into people other then Gaborik.

  29. Booger isn’t going to block shots and fall dramatically on the ice.

    At least Dreary adds comedy!

    And I bet if Booger tried to chew his mouth piece, he would drool all over his jersey, unlike Dreary who manages to contain all that saliva without escape.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    You of all people should realize the importants of tough guys ..right? Yer name oviously shows it. BOOGAARD is better then ORR ,Better than Brashear. He is not useless. I can’t agrue this point cuz I know you’ll change yer tune once the boogyman first skates onto the ice. Remember how you use to feel about Colton ORR…well this guys gonna make you feel like YOUR the champ. Prust will be more important now and Mcilrath will be another who comes in with a mean attitude. Get it? Mean attitudes are comming in.
    This is a good thing.

  31. Prust has talent. Let’s not put him in the same boat as Booger.

    Booger, Orr, Brash*t, none of them are talented. All they can do is fight. Enough said.

    By the way, Orr had four goals last season, and one of them was against Broduer on a breakaway, hahaha! Booger hasn’t scored a goal since either 06 or 07. I’m with Team ORR!!

    But, they’re all fuggin useless and overpaid. Should have signed that drunk McGratton for cheap.

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Not Boogaard . He aint useless . OK bet time. Time to put yer $$ where yer mouth is. No talky talky bets ….this is for straight cash . One day you can pay me when I win.

    Boogaard nets 5 goals this year comming up. $20 american buddy …thats like 9 chili dogs or whatever youse eat over there.

  33. I may not remember it, but my Ranger-fandom began the day I was born to a mother wearing a Rangers T-shirt in the hospital. Yes, the first family pictures from my mom, dad, and me – their new baby daughter, had my mom wearing Ranger gear. So I grew up with the Rangers – there was no realization. It was just a given that I was a fan.

  34. You’re on, Greg. I say he doesn’t reach five goals by the end of the season.

    That’s a pretty risky bet, considering he hasn’t had a single goal in the last 3-4 seasons.

    And he is useless! You probably haven’t seen him play. He adds nothing but majors.

  35. Good post Joekuh-

    Funny how you’ve gotten many that probably read often but seldom post, to tell their stories.

    You said your introduction to hockey was through Sega Genesis. I’ve never been much of a ‘gamer’ (maybe, Intellivision or Coleco head to head football lol), but I have to think that ‘Kovalev’ could do some sick things video game-wise (and probably a bit more consistently than in real life).
    Just wondering, any chance that’s what caused you to draw a liking to him?

    Eddie Olczyk – one of the ‘Black Aces’

    Nice touch with the added links.

    LOL – Channel 9 – yep, do you remember Bowling for Dollars, you could win some big bucks.

    Great stories guys!

  36. Ohhh yeah, I just remembered that I actually got into the NHL video game for the sport.

    I remember hating hockey when I was a kid. On Christmas my dad tried to get me to watch a NYR game, but it was putting me to sleep, and I just got an X-Men Sentinel toy from this crook named “Santa”, and I just wanted to play with that.

    It was an awesome toy. It shot it’s foot, and it’s hand, and you can fire a net or a plastic energy beam with the other hand, and it would light up and talk. I had countless battles with that thing. You could also take the whole chest off, and hide a toy in there. Woverline and co. were failures each battle!!

    Then I turned 16 and it became boring.

    I kid, I kid, that was a while back. I can’t even remember what year. It might have been 94, cause I do remember the first complete hockey game I watched was game 7 of the Cup finals.

  37. Greg- Wait…. Are you saying that once upon a time you were an Oilers fan???? Say it ain’t so!

  38. Good evening all! Joekuh, love the post. You poor thing, you come to the team in ’94 and must have had such high hopes for the future! But I’m glad you stuck around..

    funny thing about these kinds of memories, you get a sense of everyone’s ages :) I, of course, am 26. (not 27 carp).

    Blueshirt, while I can empathize with this comment…”Makes you realize how lucky you once were to be surrounded by hockey.”…given what you’re surrounded by everyday, forgive me if i don’t cry in my cafe au lait for you..:)

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Bets on , 5 goals or more…I can’t wait to see if hes put in front of the net on the PP ( mayyyybe he might be put there fer a goal or 5 !!!!

    Yeah ddeb , I was . My brother still is .

  40. A lot of great stories today, I think we are growing as a blog. Smart way to fill the void during offseason.

    Jessiman is now paying for Chicago? FIRE SATHER for letting him go :)

  41. If Booger is in front of the net on our PP this year, then you know nothing has changed, and we’re stll the same garbage team from last season that can’t score goals, and has a pathetic PP.

    With your $20, I think I’ll get an Orcherd Chicken Salad Sub from Subway, a six pack of IBC root beer, a bacon ranch chalupa from Taco Bell, a few bottles of Brisk Iced Tea, and see what I have left after that.

  42. GregL- sorry, Boogie can’t stay in front of the net on PP. The pucks will never get through..

  43. ~ Joekuh, Joekuh, Joekuh ~

    Mama- very true about the age thing

    Greg- WOW- just WOW! My world is crumbling. At what point do you go turncoat on the Rangers?!?

  44. I knew I was a Ranger fan…as a kid I lived on Long Island from 73-75 and the Rangers were on TV every Friday night, Big Whistle and all. My family thought i was crazy to watch hockey, my parents were both southerners. My brother and I would play hockey in the street, I was Phil Esposito and he was Tony (he was a Hawks fan).

    Yea, I’m old…ish. I did see Gordie Howe play in person tho, in the WHL with his boys on his line. Funny, he had a defenseman on his wing.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , as a kid I collected hockey cards and played goalie with Potatoe sacks stuffed with old jeans as goalie pads. I played shinny everyday and got into hockey ..religiously. My step dad and I would always watch hockey Night in Canada and with no team in Saskatchewan ,I was forced to cheer on Montreal cuz I really liked Ken dryden. I watched Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito in Chicago and then Boston ( but I was really really young). I was really a big fan of Montreal cuz of Dryden and Lafluer. Everyone retired from Montreal and my Step Dad said to watch this kid Wayne Gretzky ( I was around 13), he was a rookie …I was hooked . Losing to the azzlanders hurt in 1983 final . My first hate of that franchise.

  46. Orr-
    Turn off that Transformers movie and drop the chalupa – oh, that’s not a chalupa, eehhh
    j/k dude

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , Ive been a fan for 19 years …I don’t think Im going anywhere .

    ORR, You count yer winnings but I can’t wait to start counting goals!!! Even Voros potted a few at the start…Ilb , yeah he may block a few but he’ll score a couple as well!! ( hopefully)

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Lets go Rangers!!!!!!!!!

  48. MAMA-

    ..just killed a man
    Put a gun against his head
    Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead
    Mama, life had just begun
    But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away..
    Mama, ooh oh oh ooooohh..

  49. DD, My Chalupa doesn’t crack and fall apart when I pick it up ;)

    As for the Trasnformers movie…as long as it’s the 1986 animated movie with the class Stan Bush songs “The Touch” and “Dare”

    I hate the carppy Michael Bay movies. And I’m no longer a Fox fan. My number one spot could have gone to Katy Perry, but I just saw a picture of her smoking a cigarette.

    You know who I never realized was so hot? Shakira. Columbian godess, super flexible, ridiculously hot. A little on the short side, but no big deal.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb, haha !!! I know , I know…. quite the shocker but I was not BORN a Ranger fan . I choose the Rangers over other Canadian teams like Montreal and Edmonton. Believe me , as a kid even Toronto was forced on me but I did like watching Darryl Sittler and bunny Laraque.

    The Rangers never won anything and no one sold anything around here that had to do with the Rangers. I was in the dark and the only team that ever got publicity was the Islanders . At One time ( I was maybe 10) I thought Why is there even another team in NY besides the Islanders? I was too young to understand that the Rangers were here first ..then The Islanders. I ignored any proper thought and just cheered for Gretzky and Messier . I only had hockey Night in Canada so my choices were limited. I have celebrated 5 cups with Edmonton and maybe 3 -4 with the Habs . When Messier was traded , I was done with cheering for any team in Canada cuz Im from a province that doesn’t have a team. I wont cheer on rivals of my Football team so I’ll never cheer on another Canadian team. Im 100 pro Rangers and im quite proud to say it when ever anyone asks.

  51. Orr-
    Who told you about my chalupa??

    Holy Crikey, ‘The Touch’, googled it, listened to it and was gunna say that has 80’s all over it. Then I saw it WAS from 1986. How did that gem slip by me??

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I never lived in Edmonton . Sask baby , all my life!!! Home of Gordie Howe!!!!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    wow ddeb seranating Momma with Queen…impressive.

  54. CW-

    If he can be healthy when called upon, play reasonable defense, and throw some body checks in addition to punches – I’ll deal with the fact that he’s overpaid.

    (Note the Oxford comma – I just learned that — never stop learning.) :P

    Greg – You’re dead to me. Talk to the hand. ;)

  55. Greg –

    just bustin’ berls -obviously if you were going to ‘jump ship’ you could have chosen better than the ‘Titanic’.

  56. Greg wasn’t always a Rangers fan?! I’m dumbfounded! And disappointed..I want the T back.

  57. Who had a Mylec Air-Flo? (Raises hand) They sucked.
    Maybe OK for a ball but we used a roll of electrical tape as a puck. Couldn’t lift the fugger.
    Wood was the deal even if ended up with a ‘toothpick’ way to quick. You saved the wood for games.

    ‘Another One Bites the Dust” was our undefeated roller hockey team theme song.

    We rocked! LMFAO

  58. BTW – That’s why I’m an expert on hockey – I was on an undefeated roller hockey team at age 15.

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! Noway Ilb , yer never getting it back MUHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

    ddeb BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Im alive …..Im not dead …BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO peeps who think I dont love my Rangerssssssssssssss!!!!!!


  61. JOEKUH,
    You absolutely killed it with this point! Original and fill of imagery as I am sure we all started thinking back to our first Ranger memories. I became a Ranger fan, because my grandfather was a Ranger fan. I am old enough to remember the last year of the Montreal dynasty, but I remember watching the Islander dynasty with him..and how we rooted so heavily against them!! lol …he lived on the island, so really only time I could watch games was there because as we all know Brooklyn got cable tv about a hundred years later. I can remember listening to sal ‘red light’ on the radio, and how electric the game was over the radio back then. Later I would play ice hockey thru high school and colllege cemented my love for the game. We watched games together right up to his passing. Thanks for bringing back good memories!


  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "BOOOOOOOO !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Who fricking geust post this thing anywayzzzz….geeeeze . Good job though!!!!


  63. ThisYearsModel on

    I recall becoming a Rangers nut at the end of the 1968 season, when CBS televised the last game of the regular season, a Garden match against Detroit. The Rangers needed a win and Montreal loss, and needed to score 5 goals. They won 9-5 and Montreal lost to Chicago 10-2, and they were in. I used to listen to marv Albert on the radio, and watch a 30 minute Rangers highlight wrapup show on channel 9 on Saturday morning. I have been hooked ever since.

  64. mao, always though your handle was interesting:)

    Greg, you know I’m a believer! Want to guest post buddy?! We have 2 slots open….

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Goosefrabba mommaa …im ok now. Too mushhh emotions . Dam geust post and ddebs fault . Ilb’s fault too . They knew they were teasing me!!!!

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ummm Momma …Top 3 peeps who should NEVER do it and im probally rank #2

    #1 ORR
    #2 ME
    #3 Cr9

    I see Cr9 is on the card…OMG thats a must see. Ive been perty hard on the guest bloggers and I’d prob be torn to shreds if I did one so ty but no thanks.

  67. Greg- It’s done, kaput – it will never be the same again. ; )


    You could be my ‘Fat Bottomed Girl’ and I’ll be ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy’ but just don’t ‘Play the Game’ because ‘(I) Will Rock You’

    Should, I need to seranate you some more?

    Please, take this in context. : )

  68. Wow Greg, that’s gonna go down as the most awesome entry in the Greg WORDTIONARY HALL OF FAME!

    Goosefrabba beats geez whizzle sticks by a mile!

  69. ddeb…”context” taken :)

    Greg, cool, but “I’ve been perty hard on the guest bloggers and I’d prob be torn to shreds if I did one so ty but no thanks.”

    exactly. so, as a regular, as I’ve said before, be respectful of those who do put themselves out, OK?

  70. Yeah, baby, Im on the card! It will be a must see! It will touch on many topics, of which I’m sure you all can imagine!

    Hope everyone has had a good day.

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Umm Momma Goosefrabba is from the movie …with Jack Nicholas and the guy from Happy Gilmore . Its the word they used to relaxxxxxx . So that not my word . I only take credit for my original stuff , thats not mine.

    ..Now im thinking…..of the perfecttttt Blog entry and its a dooozy . May take some time to create the senario but you may not approve cuz its a little off the top. I need ORR’s email too for it . Yeah who knows maybe one day ?

  72. I’ve appreciated everyone’s guest post, especially today’s Joekuh. Always great to remember fond memories!

  73. ilb

    Tuesday. Not Wednesday. Whatever you do, DO NOT call in sick Wednesday. Wednesday, you hear me?! :)

  74. ORR, true, and that’s fine….I just ask that regular heads be respectful of those who do….it ain’t easy. And I thank all who have posted as guests….great job and thanks!

  75. I remember drinking saccharin sweetened iced tea while watching Islanders -Rangers playoffs over my friends house.
    I don’t know what was harder to swallow.

    Byfuglie,- Geez whizzle reigns supreme

    Greg- guest blog -a chance to redeem yourself!

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I have to be honest with the blogger momma. If they sucked , I have to tell them . I respect them but not when they post the garbage cwgatti did. Hes not here so he probally wont see this but yeah , his sucked . If Cr9 ‘s sucks , I’ll be the first to tell him. People need honesty and Joekuh one was clever and good.

    ddeb … Im inocentt I tell ya , im inocent!!!!

  77. That’s not kind at all, Greg, to insult cwgatti. Everybody has done a great job. The only one that I have no problem with being insulted is myself!

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I may have been guilty for Ranger909 not posting his….GuLp!!!

    I saw him on xbox360 and gave him a voice message like… ” better not Firetruck it up cuz I’ll let ya know…” But then I said it will be great so I didnt like bash him or anything.

  79. Greg, yeah, Happy Gilmore is my cultural reference…:)

    Friends, back off! You are ticking mama off…all opinions etc. are welcome here, on Rangers topics, but I really ask for respect of the guests, especially from those who who admit they don’t want to put themselves out there…

    Gee whizzle sticks!!

  80. I honestly believe that everyone’s post was a good quality so far. different topics, all well designed. And everyone needs to be respectful. Or try to do it yourself. I can’t believe no one did the “lines” yet :-)

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    If someones geust post is bashing the Rangers or is super negative …I warned Carp , Ive had enough and anyone who goes down this path is well warned that I will not hold back. You stab the Rangers as a blog entry ( see cwgati) Im gonna refer to it as a piece of Garbage.

  82. I’m a U2 fan- that said, No Line on the Horizon, why didn’t this stuff get played more – what a great album

  83. I just decided what I’m going to do after I retire. I’m moving to Saskatchewan and I’m to open the store that sells second hand sense of humor. It looks like I’m going to do exceptionally well… Love you, Greg..

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    CR9!!!! CR9!!!! CR9!!! CR9!!!! OMG seriously , he made the cut!!!! You made the cut!!!I really think this is yer time to shine!!! Ive been a fan of yers and even though I do not agree with all the girly Jagr talk …I think you have tons to offer and yer guest post is gonna ROCK!!!! Don’t let me down buddy , be yer self and dont hold back. Remember , be yerself cuz that what we want. I never thought you or I or ORR would ever get this shot….It is exciting!!!!

  85. Pasta!? Penne, rigatoni serve it up! Oh. sorry Mama I get easily jealous. ;) We are, we are …

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb is god . After what he did…I owe my life to him !!!

  87. Oh, boy..One store may not suffice.

    Speaking of sense of humor- where is Olga? And Hugo? for some reason they always appear together. Are they married?

  88. Thanks Greg! I’ve always been a fan of yours as well. I shall not disappoint! Believe me when I say this, you will have shivers down your spine reading my tribute to New York/diatribe against another city ;)

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    …come on Momma that was a emotional song , what are ya trying to do to me…

    The first game of the season im gonna have goose bumps!!!!

    Cr9 , I ment every word !!!

    CCCP is lurking around ya know . Is he really Chuck Wollery?

  90. Greg, want goose bumps. hit ilb’s link..

    ilb, Brilliant! can’t tell you how many reasons that one gets to me :) great choice and thanks!

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooney goo goo gus !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I already did momma ….nice but I wanna see a New York One . I haven’t even been to NY !!!!

  92. ilb, no clue to who she is, but great find!
    is she married to McSorley…she mentions him 3 times and wears his jersey :)

    and the title is, um, priceless.

  93. Growing up I wasn’t a big Bruce fan. My class started a petition to have ‘Born to Run’ as the official state song, I signed it dispassionately.
    It’s funny how time changes things- maybe an association with ‘better times’. Because I like him now. He’s local, was actually right behind me at the local Borders once.
    I’ve run into him randomly probably three times.

  94. Jim Cuddy, Paul Coffey and Marty McSorley in one video. Do you think that McSorley could still show some of the young goons how to fight?

  95. I became a Rangers fan during the 1991-1992 playoffs when I was in 8th grade. First they beat the Devils in 7 games, then they lost to the Penguins in 6. Both series were rough and tough.

  96. I love my ‘s don’t I? ‘Better times’ suggests the song ‘Better Days’ – I kmow the difference.

  97. ddeb, you must be a Shore guy…or was? No offense, really, but..”I’ve run into him randomly probably three times.”

    I hate you…:)

    ilb, hated him. but yes, he could.

  98. ORR, and all, I had the great luck to be backstage (many times…too long a story to explain) at Bruce shows, and once, at the Meadowlands, after the Devs won, they had the Cup backstage.

    I was enraged. But I got a pic of me kissing the Cup by the Rangers line in ’94…Everybody has his faults. But I thank Bruce for that moment, for me….hey, he’s a Jersey guy….

  99. ddeb…ha! no problem with you as “shore guy”. just assumed you live/d there if you met him so many times….

    now, the situation is a different deal.

  100. I saw him -didn’t say I met him- when he was right behind me in line I blew him off – although I knew he wanted to meet me, I didn’t introduce myself :)

  101. ddeb….yes, I have “shore” friends who had similar experiences….sigh, not me yet…

    ORR, that’s a good one, but not the same….

  102. I spoke with Andy Pettitte about his “Power for Living” spirituality a long time ago. Lived near the great Lawrence Taylor as a kid. Live near Monica Seles now!

  103. Greg, No offense taken. You have a right to your opinion. I wrote 3 different blogs for my guest spot. I thought the Dolan/George post was my strongest of the three, so i rolled with it.

    I never expected to be slammed by an Edmonton Oiler troll, but if you are gonna put yourself out there, you have to be ready for the criticism.

  104. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    I know this post is already carped, but i appreciate all the nice words. Also appreciate all the silent boneheads that posted up on this thread. dde, I liked Kovalev because he was a lot like me: all the talent in the world, but a headcase, LOL.

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