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We now return to our somewhat regularly scheduled programming. Our topic today, for however long you stay on it, is the glue guy, the teammate who stands up and jumps in to help you, no matter what. Along those lines, before we get started, a shout out to my glue guy, who prefers to take no credit here, but stood up and jumped in to help today.
So, what you have here is a partially edited, paraphrased and directly lifted post, a team effort if you will.

The glue guy: vital yet under valued
How great is it to know that no matter what happens, you have a teammate who will jump in against anyone, whether they are over matched or not, to help you. Because you are their teammate. It is invaluable to a team. It’s what makes a leader, especially in the only sport where fighting isn’t illegal.

Guys like Prust and Avery (yes, Aves) and Gravey and Beuke etc. (or Eager from the Hawks, or Orpik or Malone or Colby Armstrong, you get the gist) are really under valued and vital.

A hockey leader has to honor a code to be physically present at any time if necessary. It is why (so our poster believes) guys like Jagr, Leetch and Gretzky, while amazing Hall of Fame players, will never be as good a captain as guys that will answer the bell like Mess, Mike Richards, Iggy, and so on. Hockey players just respond to that type of leadership better because it is a major component of the game itself (talent is obviously still very important).

Look at the roster of any Stanley Cup team and you’ll see a couple of stand-up guys who were vital to the success. Think of Talbot’s fight with Carcillo the year the Pens won, for instance. Talbot was way out classed in the fight, but was willing to go, and that turned that series around.

These guys may not be the best skaters or most offensively gifted or skilled players, but they never hesitate to lay their butts on the line. They go out there and drop their gloves against anyone, because that is what a stand-up/glue guy does.

Take Voros for example: He took beatings, but always went back for more because he is a teammate and stand-up guy. Most fans don’t appreciate that kind of loyalty to another, all they care about are fancy goals or saves.
(Note from me: I like this last line cause it kind of channels Springsteen :)
Every shiny sports car has a dirty engine under the hood.

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  1. Great post! Those are the guys that are most beloved by fans, imo, and yet, rarely have the most talent on their own teams.

  2. I’m hoping Byers and Dupont add that kind of depth behind Prust,Avery this year. And Sauer on D, if we can evict the fat cats.

  3. I disagree 100%. The last 5 SC winning Captains Toews, Crosby, Lidstrom, Neidermeyer and Brind’Amour dont fight.

    In fact Drury has fought more in his career than all of them…

  4. There is a big difference between fighting and sticking up for teamates. Brind’amour, toews and the like def do that and even crosby has had his fare share of uppity moments

  5. DD, your post brings Prucha to mind. A mighty midget of a player who played with energy and supreme effort every night and threw his 170 lbs. at everyone with reckless abandon. Yet, when he was plastered into the boards nearly every game I can’t remember anyone coming to this guy’s defense. I wish we could take Prucha’s mind and put it in Boyle’s body.

  6. i am talking about where it says guys like Leetch, Jagr, Gretsky couldnt be great captains.

    you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself to be a great leader and the last few Stanley Cup winners have done it with relatively “soft” captains.

    Role players are important but to say a captain needs to be gritty in order to win is crazy. To me carrying a team on their back, getting the job done on the ice and being vocal in the lockerroom is what defines a great captain…

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Steve Yzerman, Guy Carbonneau, Joe Sakic, Mario Lemieux.

    Jerome Iginla, Mike Richards, Zdeno Chara, Dustin Brown.

    Yeah, I’m not buying this “soft captain” concept either.

  8. I think you have to show that you are willing to do the dirty work and actually DO it to be a good captain. Doesn’t mean that you have to do it ALL the time, but I’d say 90 percent of the time.

    And, I would NEVER call Leetch a ‘soft captain’. Quiet and reserved, most definitely, but not ‘soft’ at all.

  9. Excellent team work!
    For some reason I’m not surprised that our “glue guy” didn’t want to take any credit. Doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.
    I happen to agree- team toughness is only possible if you have guys on the ice who are willing to show it. Every time. That’s how you teach your young guns to stick together. Your teammate gets hammered, you stick for him, ask questions later. Captain or not.

    In terms of our “glue guy” who helped today- I only have one issue with him. If he only knew how to change diapers :-)

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t call Voros a “glue guy.” Glue guys play. Voros was the team jester.

  11. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    Put it this way. You could never question Voros for lack of effort. Fans appreciate that.

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Shanahan was a good glue guy for us. He stood up to Brashear when he was running anything in blue. He was a team leader, too. There was a lot of talk at the time to give him the “C”. If he had been a few years younger, and around NY for a few more years, he probably would have gotten it.

  13. sure you needs gritty guys to step in but not everyone needs to be like that.

    you need a good balance of skill players and gritty guys.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I appreciated the effort, but I would have appreciated an effort to get a decent hockey player in the lineup more.

    He is a strong candidate for worst post-lockout Rangers player. I’d say it’s between him and Hollweg.

  15. THE reason that Voros was around was because of Darth, I’m sure we can all agree on that. The reasons WHY he played still make me scratch my head though.

    Mama, got’cha. I’ll send later this evening, need to make it sound cohesieve, ya know. LOL. Thanks!

  16. >>…It’s what makes a leader, especially in the only sport
    >>where fighting isn’t illegal.

    Why do the fighters get penalised if fighting isn’t illegal?

    Anyway, at the end of the day, I’ll take the leader who can go out there and score the timely goal or make a timely defensive play over those glue guys any day.

  17. >>Who remembers Todd Harvey?

    Wasn’t he referred to as “Heartbeat Harvey” or something to that effect?

  18. Todd Harvey was all heart. How about Mathew Barnaby? He’d fight anyone. Does anybody remember him fighting Peter Worrell? Matthew laid his gloves on the ice first, just to assure that Worrel knew he was going to fight him. I was hoping they turned the ambulance on outside, ready to go…

  19. Classic, Doodie. I remember saying to myself: “Man, stay the byfuglien down!”

  20. Todd Harvey and Matthew Barnaby… Ahh, those were the days. How about Roman Ndur, who may have been the worst defenseman I’ve ever seen.

  21. bull dog line on

    worst Ranger defensemen ever, was, Dale Puritan. after that, it is Staal. jk.

  22. Worst dman – Dave Karpa

    Ulanov wasn’t that bad! lol

    And I am NOT getting into this “if you don’t throw your fists around you’re not a leader” BS! Does Lidström throw ‘em around much? Thanks! Good post anyway…

    P.S Jagr did stick up for his teammates and himself…check the tapes!

  23. bull dog line on

    kind of remember Jagr hurting his shoulder doing something like that. Jagr was not soft by any stretch.

  24. No WAY . Leetch was a “soft” captain. He played hurt, went all out every game and ( when needed) would play the body.
    and yes, I miss Barnaby and Harvey too!
    ps- i was at the game Roman Ndur scored his first goal. It was a 1-1 tie against the Capitals. Guess who got the other goal? Another 6-7 pair dman in Enrico Ciccone.

  25. What? No mention of Marek Malik as worst defenseman? Doesn’t anyone remember the human pylon?

  26. Remember the good ol’ days when we all used to say “Malik is ruining Roszival’s game! Renney needs to take him off the top pair, so Rozi can be free to play with someone who wont drag him down”

    Haha, funny!

    Redden = Worst d-man EVER in Rangers history. I don’t care who came before I was a fan!

  27. Jagr was not soft by any stretch.


    Some people on here would argue that… i guess every opinion counts.

    I think one of the important characteristics of being a leader is to be honest…and Jagr was honest.

    Chris Drury…not so much.

  28. Don’t forget Sister Christian Backman. He wasn’t that bad, but he always took retarded penalties. The good thing with him is that he always had a knack of taking a stupid penalty and/or causing a goal against, but always came back with a big goal in that saame game.

  29. Lefebvre was a freaking JOKE!! little baby wanted to go home! I hated that guy to no end!

    btw, i have Rich Pilon playing on my NHL 10 team, and the guy is a monster! i swear! He’s the hardest hitter in the game! lol

  30. Lebreve AND Quintal both wanted to go home. If you never wanted to be here, why the byfuglien did you sign the contract in the first place!

  31. Wow! First Megan Fox marries someone I’ve hated for the last 13 years of my life, and now she’s going to be in Eminiem’s music video for one of his retarded rap songs!!

    It’s official! I’m over Megan Fox!! She’s going out of her way to piss me off!

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t want to include Ozolinsh in that group because of two reasons:

    1) Too small of a sample size. He only played 40 games.

    2) The year they traded for him, he did actually surprisingly well. No one was going to confuse him with all-star top 10 all-time great shut-down defenseman Marc Staal when it came to playing defense, but they guy put up 3 goals and 11 assists in the 19 games he played during that second half of the 05-06 season. You can’t complain about that kind of production, regardless of how poor the defensive play that accompanies it is. It was the following year when he was absolutely garbage, but he only played in 21 games, so who cares.

  33. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    It seems the movement in today’s NHL favors gritty players as Captains. There are always going to be exceptions, but there are more scrappy captains today than there was 10 years ago.

    Except for Crosby… he’s a punk, and punches people in the anus while they are being held by someone else.
    No class, he’s a diver, and a cry baby. I don’t understand the obsession with this clown.

    Canada’s freakin’ golden boy.

  34. Gift,

    ” I don’t understand the obsession with this clown.”

    Oh…maybe it’s his 51 goals and 109 points. I don’t know, but it might have something to do with it. The guy is the most gifted offensive player in the game. That’s probably what the obsession is all about.

  35. “i would also put Alexander Ovechkin on best NHL captains list…”

    best players list but idk about captains. did you see him get shut down in the playoffs trying to do everything by himself?

  36. The funny thing about Crosby is that it’s the league and all the teeny-bopper girls who like him. And Penguins fans. The rest of us could care less about him and while we might admire his skills, we’re just so sick of him getting shoved down our throats that we backlash against it and hate him.

  37. CCCP,

    oh yea i saw him and another rangers classic the other night in the game…Mike Keane.

  38. MickeyM,

    perfect example was opening night at the garden we are playing the Sens, and the crowd out of nowhere starts chanting “Crosby Sucks!” He is such a douche!

  39. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    Cross Check,

    I wouldn’t go as far to say he’s the most offensively talented player in the league. He may not even be top 3. I don’t even think he’s the best player on his own team… I think Malkin has more skill(though his numbers weren’t as good last season.) Malkin had 113 points in 08-09 to Crosby’s 103.

    Ovechkin in my opinion is the most talented, and plays a hardnose game, which i respect. AO has better moves, more speed, and a MUCH harder shot than Cindy.

  40. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    AO had 109 points also last season… you don’t see the NHL or Bettman kissing his behind.

  41. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    I hate him because he’s too talented a player to be a whiner, diver, and sucker puncher.

    He talks alot of crap, pushes Lundqvist (who called him a baby for diving) and then wouldn’t fight Dubinsky.


  42. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    Ovie has had 4 seasons where he’s scored at least 50, and a season where he scored 65.

    Crosby has scored over 50 ONCE. and that was last season.
    Ovie has never scored less than 46 in a season,
    Crosby had seasons of 39-36-24-33-and 51 goals to date.
    Ovie has had 52-46-65-56-50.

    269-183 goal advantage in Ovies favor in the same time span.

    I rest my case.

  43. Boy, it’s so slow here, I’m gonna promo Stanley on the sister blog just for the hit! (and your enjoyment of course)

    even if I were a teeny bopper, and I sure ain’t, I wouldn’t like Crosby. Just don’t do it for me. Now, Aves….:)

  44. noonan
    “i would also put Alexander Ovechkin on best NHL captains list…”

    best players list but idk about captains. did you see him get shut down in the playoffs trying to do everything by himself?

    Even the best of captains get shut down…

    Ovi is young and still learning how NOT to be selfish… but he is definitely one of the best hard hitting, monster goals scoring, big play-making toothless captains in the league!

  45. Crosby is like any other person who’s been told since they were 8 years old how special they are and has everyone fawn all over him. He’s like a spoiled rich kid. Only difference is that he actually DOES have talent. In scads. If he would only not be such an immature jerk about things (or have him shoved down our throats every 2 seconds), it’s possible that we would at least like him a little bit.

  46. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    you guys did a nice post (good and controversial). thanks for the effort.

    worst d-oh man ummmmm…….popovic or mali, i guess malik (sister christian get honourable mention)

    glue guy-hands down gravey!

    back to work folks, later!

  47. Rich Pilon. His skating skills and pivoting ability would make Malik a virtuoso figure skater.

    OV is the most gifted player in the league. perfect combination of skills and strength.

  48. …now I’m having a big hot cup of coffee! in about 5 minutes i can start demolishing walls around my apartment!

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Pilon was awful, no doubt, but at least the guy would throw down. Ditto for Purinton and Cairns.

    I still maintain LeFebrve.

  50. LeFebrvre at least was ok during the fist season here (1999-00?) Pilon could maintain the same efficiency even if he played without his skates on.

  51. You’ve got to be kidding me. This blog has a Tolya and an Ilya.

    That is ****** awesome! I love those two names! If either of you look like the Jaromir, let me know, we can make plans – if ya know what I mean! :)

  52. Tolya, um, sometimes, yes :)

    CR, I’ve met them both. They don’t. But both cute as buttons!

    For what it’s worth, never was a big fan of LeFebrve as a Ranger either. Yes, he got his Cup, but was on a lot of teams in a relatively short career, and we got him at the end of it. (hmmmm. and he end up in Hartford. this is starting to sound eerily current :)

  53. I think CCCP already has permanent plans. Bet you Ilya is even further away.

    LMAO @ myself. Every time I say Pilon, I imagine that ugly leg fracture that happens often during skiing accidents and MVAs named the same. I won’t provide the link, it’s pretty gross looking.

  54. Ah, well, not everyone can look like the Jaromir! Still love the names anyhow!

    Quick story, a few years back, a couple former clients of mine from the Czech says “you look like our hero” and I respond “your hero? are you hockey fans?” and they say “yes, his name is Jaromir Jagr”

    And I respond “I appreciate the great compliment, but there is only one Jaromir Jagr, and I do not look like him. He is also my hero”

    I DO NOT look like the Jaromir. I can only wish that I did!

  55. He’s marrying a woman after he just announced he had a baby with someone else, and he has exclusive custody of the kid.

    wow, some back story there I bet.

  56. CR is marrying Irina Shaykhlislamova from Bashkortostan, Russia?? Very interesting! She’s good looking…bet you she’s very hairy! lol


    Yes, unfortunately, but i am taken. Sorry! :P
    I’ll provide some pictures via FB later…

  57. Bashkortostan Republic is a part of Russia. Ufa is the Capital. Predominantly Muslim population.

  58. Is it me or is it time for training camp already? Let’s do some lines, folks. Are they inviting Matt Maccarone to attend the camp this year again?

  59. Shaykhlislamova…she even has word Islam written in her name… Muslim girl posing half or completely naked?? Oy vey iz mir!


    She kind of looks like the gypsy girl from movie “Cygan” :)

  60. mao, yes, every day an adventure here :)

    OK, I now respectfully request an end to discussion on Ronaldo’s bride-to-be. Really.

    btw, anyone got any news on the (sorry to bring it up) Kovy dealio? I’ve been working from home sick today while spending time with you knuckleheads (ha! haven’t said that in a while) and haven’t had a chance to investigate.

  61. here you go guys. this was gonna be my guest post

    I’m glen sather, I spend money faster than words come out the mouth of marshall mathers
    And your lives couldn’t get any sadder, I’ll never be over, I’ll be gm till earth turns into a supernova. And it couldn’t get any badder, I can get you madder faster than dunkin donuts makes me fatter. You need a new gm like I need a new bladder; badly, but sadly I’m going nowhere fast, so enjoy this trip through mediocrity while it lasts, cuz time flies, boy does it go fast, I tried to go after Ilya Kovalchuk, even offered him a bonus rubber ducky just to play pucky, but you’re stuck with me, I fly like a butterfly, sting like a bumblebee, Smoke so many cigars that my lungs keep on tumbling, and my stomach is growling. Players call me wantin six million dollars! Are you kidding me? What a steal, with a couple more dolan dollars I’ll even buy you some veal, pinch me because this dream can’t be real, and either I’m impenetrable or I just got drunk from drinkin this whole bottle of red bull. I got my wings, look at me!, I’ll run out and sign Wayne gretzky? Retired, what is this that you are sayin, are you playin, are you drunk? Cuz I am, who else would write Wade Reddens contract with a big purple crayon?

  62. nice article on the Ranger prospects.

    apparently Grachev and Stepan worked great together at the camp they had

    and of course Mc Donagh on d

    and Kreider and McIlrath for the near future

    and a surprise named Pashnin, a Kasparaitis style hitter with a personality, who will be available after one more year in the khl. he is 21

  63. ilb, I am no fan of the Post in general, but that was a really interesting story. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. And what’s with this quote?!

    “We are extremely disappointed that the NHL has decided to reject the contract of Ilya Kovalchuk. The contract complies with the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement,” Lamoriello said in a statement. “We will have no further comment until the process outlined in the CBA is complete.”

    I am once again confused.

  64. Gift,

    I didn’t say he was the best player. I said he’s the most talented offensive player.

    I think Ovechkin is a better all around player, and there may be others that do more than just score goals, but for offensive talent I think Crosby is the best in the league.

  65. Guys like Prust and Avery (yes, Aves) and Gravey and Beuke etc. (or Eager from the Hawks, or Orpik or Malone or Colby Armstrong, you get the gist) are really under valued and vital. You left out Callahan,and even Dubi

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    I heard he came apart at the seams, and eventually committed gluicide with a hot glue gun…

  67. Gift of GAB-orik

    It’s a sweet release to read your words about Sid…I’d chime in with more vitriol, but I promised the hockey gods I’d STFU about his dumb ass until next season, provided the PlayPens got eliminated from the playoffs.

    On another note…anyone read what Sather said about Kreider? Holey Christmas…the kid is ALREADY 217 pounds…and he’s only 19…and he’s maintained his speed?!? Man…this kid’s going to be playing at 230-plus once he’s in the NHL. That is some seriously good news…

  68. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    long day and an early start tomorrow, so good night erin!!

  69. I’m sleeping with a mouth piece. I’m totally Patrick Kaning it right now.


    Anybody post on this blog using Firefox?? For some reason it hasn’t worked for me in weeks, as if I was banned. I have to post on AOL.

  70. good first part them you tried to somehow correlate Voros ..???? I hope thats a joke .. i dont hate the guy but to mention him in the same thought as Graves ?? even Avery and Prust are a strech..

  71. ORR

    i’m using Firefox right now…works fine for me… but why are you using AOL? you don’t have the Explorer?

  72. Tank The Season on

    Rumun Ndur was pretty terrible. Remember Brad Brown? He was spoke of like “future captain material.” I think we traded him to Chicago for Michal Grosek. Remember HIM? LOL.

  73. If that kid’s name is actually spelled Kreider, then it’s a Germanic name and should be pronounced Kryder. But if the diphthong is Krieder it should be pronounced Kreeder. But knowing the brain dead policy of many sports announcers they’ll screw up the pronouncing at the git go, and mess it up

    Just as they do so many French names. ( Calling a guy with the name Boucher BOWCHER instead of Booshay.) Now and then a relatively bright one comes along and learns the correct pronunciation,…but all too seldom.

  74. Phil – i just read the thing on Kreider, i know its the official site so some things have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Speed and size are great as long as he has some skill and can score, otherwise he’s just another 3rd liner.

    Pashnin is the one who really stood out at that camp, judging by reports, and he cant play for us till next year at the earliest.

    I really like the way Slats talked in that interview about growing a core of young players, but you know in the back of his mind he’s looking for a way to spend money on UFA’s to keep Dolan’s tickets selling

  75. Rumun Ndur played for my local team (Coventry Blaze) for a couple of years – he managed 24pts and 227PIM in 64 games in 2007. He was always popular with the fans here and had his own little fan club, mostly because he was willing to drop the gloves or deliver a big hit to get the team and crowd going – not captain material though, way too reckless for that.

    I think there’s much more to being a captain than just standing up for your team-mates, its about personality, will-to-win, effort, inspiration, timing and being able to take pressure off guys.

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