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(Editor’s note: You can read Mitch Beck’s reports on the Hartford Wolf Pack at his blog, Howlings.)

Ever since the New York Rangers ended their last campaign, team president and general manager, Glen Sather and head coach John Tortorella have repeatedly stressed that they want a younger group for the 2010-2011 season.  Front and center, or front and right wing as the case may be, is 21-year-old Dale Weise.

The 6-2, 206 pounder from Winnipeg, Manitoba had his second season of professional hockey in 2009-2010 in Hartford. Weise’s improvement was stellar and he went from being virtually unknown to spending the final week of the season on recall in New York and is the front runner of all the Hartford prospects to make the leap to the NHL.

In Weise’s rookie season, while playing minimal minutes, the 2008 fourth rounder (111th overall) put 11 pucks past opposing netminders while helping out on 12 others while adding 64 PIM over 74 games. In his sophomore year as a pro, Weise put 28 lamp lighters in the net while adding 22 helpers and 114 PIM onto his tally sheet.

Coming from out of obscurity and without the pressure that a high draft pick would face certainly helped Weise’s ability to adapt to the next level. “My whole life I’ve always kind of fought the odds,” Weise said. “I was never a high profile player. I was a late (draft) pick coming into junior. I kind of worked my way up my first two years there and every year I got better. It’s just who I am.

“If you look at my pro game I had a so-so rookie season. I came back in my sophomore year and really had a good year, so I put a lot of good time on and off ice in the off-season and I think I’m ready for the jump.”

Weise started his second season by being asked to lead the Rangers’ prospect squad in the Traverse City tournament as the team’s captain. That team featured Ethan Werek, Ryan Bourque, Evgeny Grachev and first round pick Michael Del Zotto.  “It’s always an honor to be asked to be a captain. Any time you get that leadership put on your shoulders you pick up a little something,” he said. “I think I was focused on making sure that everyone was comfortable and that we could jell together as a team. What I learned most as the captain out there was that you have to be the peacemaker.”

Confidence has never been a problem for the young pro. The experience in Traverse City gave him momentum that he carried into the new season. “I didn’t know what kind of role I was going to play. In my rookie year I didn’t really play a lot,” Weise said. “I didn’t really know how things were going to play out, but with P.A. Parenteau getting called up and then injured (concussion) I kind of got an opportunity to play more and get on the top power play unit so that obviously helped.”

“I set the goal of scoring 25 and once I got rolling into the season I kind of thought I could push 30. I think if I had played the last week of the season I probably would have.”

Over the last week of the season when he was called up to New York, Weise picked up an appreciation for the level of commitment that it takes to make it to the NHL. “Everyone is faster there, bigger and stronger and everyone can play there so I picked up what I could at practice and it’ll take a little bit of time to get used to it,” Weise said

Weise has not taken the promotion lightly and is committed to not only make the team out of camp but to stay there and have a good rookie campaign. “I got a personal trainer that I go to five days a week,” he said.” We’re working on a lot of conditioning and strength training and I’m just starting to skate now. I’m up to two or three times a week now. I’ll be coming to camp a bit early and just get ready to play.

“I’m going to see it the same way that I did my first year in Hartford. A guy who’s going to start off on the fourth line and fight tooth and nail to get more ice-time and do whatever it takes to work my way up the lineup and hopefully get a regular shift and stay in the lineup every night.”

Fans who haven’t seen Weise play yet will certainly be excited about the player who he thinks his game most resembles, “I think fans will see that my game is a lot like Ryan Callahan’s,” he said. “I think we’re similar in the way we play. We’re both kind of crash and bang players who can put the puck in the net. It’s the way that I am now and the way that I think I can be at the next level too.”

Weise thinks that there are a couple of other guys to watch for apart from some of the more media friendly names currently in Hartford. “I’ll take a moment to pump the names of some of my close buddy’s tires,” Weise said. “One would be Justin Soryal. He’s a talented fighter. He takes on anybody. He’s 6-2 and 215, pretty small by heavyweight standards. He gets in there and crashes and bangs and has a little bit of offensive flare to him.  One year at Peterborough (OHL) he put in 26 goals, so I think he can play.

“Another guy that I’m excited about is Devin DiDiomete. He’s a more talented version of Ryan Hollweg. He’s a real good agitator. I think he’ll be in the NHL someday.”

So how does a young player like Weise feel about all the talk about the Rangers getting younger? “Obviously you have to be excited about it, but you can’t read too much into that,” he said. “You have to go in and put your best foot forward and earn it. Nothing’s going to be given to you just because you’re a young guy. But I’m pretty excited about the opportunity.”

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  1. Mitch, thanks for an entertaining and informative read. It certainly has ‘pumped my tires’ for the upcoming camp and pre-season!

    Delighted to see the NHL grow some teeth by rejecting the Devil’s attempt at circumventing the Cap agreement. Back to the drawing board for Lou. Real pressure to redo this deal and minimize the impact on future signings.

  2. I can’t see how the NHL can nix this Kovy deal. They let Hossa’s deal go through. In typical fashion, the NHL loses an entire season and can’t even prevent holes in an agreement that was a year in the making. Disgraceful. If I am Donald Fehr, I put together a new Hockey league. The NHL was better when they only had 6 teams. How hard would it be to go back to the original 6, and have no salary cap? A new WHL if you will. Because there are 20 NHL owners who have no business owning teams, that are bringing down the whole house of cards.

    The NHL is a JOKE!!!

    Any league that has Ryan Hollweg in it, and no Jaromir Jagr is a f***ing embarassment.

  3. Mitch,
    Great post. We need more info on the prospects. Maybe Sather is determined to stick to his word and let these kids earn spots on the team.

  4. Only the NHL front office is allowed to find loopholes for their own benefit. See their various Sean Avery rules or Colin Campbell’s “interpretation” in his random discipline handouts. The owners were the ones who wanted the ridiculous salary cap system, so let them suffer.

  5. Good read, Mitch. Thanks for doing this for the boneheads. I bet you very few of us knew any details about Weise, except that he might be close to joining the Rangers. I like his attitude. I visit the Howlings occasionally, but probably not as often as I should. We need to ask Carp to let you post here more often, if it’s ok with you, of course. I gather you are not a big fan of Beninati either?

  6. Good luck to NHLPA trying to fight NHL decision regarding Kovalchuk contract without their official leadership. I also wonder how much Lou really wants to fight it since he didn’t seem to want to give such a contract out. It’ll be interesting to watch. One thing is becoming clear- folks, buy all hockey DVDs you can now, brace yourself for another lockout in two years.

  7. Good morning all! Excellent post Mitch, thanks. cw, I’m with you, bookmarked…and ilb, too, kid does seem to have a good head on his shoulders. Seems very “weise.”

    So, the other drama continues. sigh. Someone remind me of Hossa’s exact terms. Were they really as ridiculously ridiculous as Kovy’s?

  8. Mama, Hossa signed 12 year contract at $63.3 mil. He’ll make $59.3 mil over the first 8 years and $4 mil over the last 4 years. Similar, but not as long and not as blatantly low salary as Kovalchuk’s.

  9. LMAO @ more talented version of Ryan Hollweg. That would be my mother. She just turned 82 in May. God bless her.

  10. LW3H
    July 21st, 2010 at 7:48 am
    A more talented version of Ryan Hollweg? Is that even possible?

    is it even possible that there is anybody who isnt more talented than ryan hollweg?

  11. great post mitch. ya know, i always think of the big 3 stepan, kreider and grachev making the team this year, but i can see weise definitely making it. i didnt know he had 28 goals last season. thats impressive. im kinda hoping grachev does about teh same this year after having a crappy rookie year.

  12. Thanks ilb.

    Here’s one thing that has been ticking me off about the Kovy deal, among others. When everyone keeps saying there’s no way he’d play for so little money at the end. First, I don’t think there’s any way he’d got that far, but regardless, if that were the case…WTB? The previous $99 jillion he made earlier isn’t enough to live on??
    Lord, sports salaries just burn my butt.

  13. Good, informative post, Mitch. I’ve had my eye on Weise for a while now. He came to camp in 2008 with a bang and even looked good back then. I considered him a dark horse to make the team then. I saw him again in pre-season play in 2009, and he looked every bit as tenacious. Sadly, I’m not sure if there’s space for him in NY right now, thanks to some of the AHL dreck that was recently signed; Christiansen and Boogaard to name two.

    DiDiomete I can’t see making the NHL…maybe as a fringe fourth-liner…but who knows? Maybe he’s improved…But Soryal is one I could see making the jump. Solid player, tough as nails. It’s a shame he wasn’t given a chance to be the team’s enforcer. I’d wager a bet that he’s less of a liability on the ice than Boo(and his $1.6 million contact…blech).

  14. Hey all!

    So Kovalchuk’s deal was rejected by the league? Pardon me while I lmao. It’s too perfect, just too perfect.

  15. BTW, great entry Mitch. I’ll admit to knowing nothing about Weise, but sounds like he’s got a good head on his shoulders and isn’t afraid of hard work. I hope he makes the team this year.

  16. Mitch,
    Great post. We need more talented writers working our local hockey teams. The newspapers are cutting and the true talent is down too a few. Soon all local hockey sports will be writen through the Associated Press. Thanks for doing it as I assume you dont do it for the money. P.S. I think that it was a bad move by the NHL TO KILL the Kovy deal. He will now go to the KHL, and the NHL will loose another star.

  17. I think it is somewhat reasonable to believe although unlikely that Marian Hossa could be playing in the NHL at 41 years old.

    I find it impossible to believe that Ilya Kovalchuk is going to be playing in the NHL in 2026 at the age of 45.

    basically the contract is set up so Kovalchuk can bolt to the KHL or retire after 11 of the 17 seasons and that certainly circumvents the salary cap…

  18. Blue Seat Horror on

    First the neutral zone trap and now this Kovalchuk deal, which is taking CBA abuse up a notch from the Hossa and Pronger deals, and is going to accelerate the downward spiral toward another work stoppage. Captain Lou is bent on ruining the best sport in the world.

  19. Great job as always Mitch – you the man especially for Hartford and the Wolfpack. Excellent story and great post!

    I think any Devils fans claiming the league hates the Devils need their heads examined. Lou Lam basically wrote the CBA and then was essentially forced by his bosses to circumvent it. And to stand on precedent alone is not enough because truthfully those opther deals probably should not have been allowed to stand – they went completely against the spirit of the CBA and the Cap and the whole point of the NHL reviewing those deals (Hossa, Pronger, IK) is that they are supposed to shoot them down and close off those loopholes. Truth is that the cap hit should not be averaged but should be whatever you are paid that year. Real simple. Plus I think the declines at points in the contract were too steep – at some point we were talking about signing Shanahan to a 2 year 5 million dollar deal that would pay 4 mill in year one and then 1 mill in year 2 and you cannot decline by that much.

  20. And Lou Lam has done exactly what it took to make a team in an already overstaturated market successful and sustainable. If the Devils go for a stretch where they are not good at all, their attendance – already pathetic considering their track record of success – would be so small they would never survive around here. The league and Bettman love Lou because he is the model for how to survive in a market where you have no business surviving, and every move he’s made is designed to help the Devils survive.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    More talented than Hollweg? Does that mean DiDiomete is better at taking major penalties for boarding or dancing lie a buffoon in the lockerroom?

    As I recall, those were Hollweg’s only talents.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, FAIL for Devils getting contract rejected.

    This arbitration should be VERY interesting.

  23. I think saying Kovalchuk’s contract is a more extreme version of the salary shenanigans exhibited in the Luongo, Hossa, etc. deals may be true, but not terribly material in terms of the rules of the CBA. Drawing a line in the sand somewhere between 41 and 44 years and specific salary drops is arbitrary. If the league had set a precedent by banning those previous deals, they might have a case. But they did not and will have no grounds to defend themselves in front of an independent arbitrator. Let’s not forget the arbitrator would be someone not employed by NHL or NHLPA interests.

    Hockey rodent has a good write up of the topic here:

  24. Kov contract v. Hossa contract -17 years v 12. Hossa contract was arguable. Kov contract of 17 years is clearly out of line. Does anybody think he will continue playing for 17 years?

    Youth on the Rangers. Great ,want more of it unless you end up with a record like the Islanders. The guys who play will have to be able to put the puck in the net.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Mitch, good read, although I have to say there were a few too many euphamisms, i.e., lamp-lighters, helpers. I felt like I was reading a Joe Begninati transcript.

  26. rcm,
    I don’t see a line in the CBA between the legal Hossa contract and illegal Kovalchuk deal.

  27. Doodie, I have to hand it to you. You called this possible contract voiding weeks ago.
    And keep up the good fight on Staal. Some of us are willing to admit how overrated he has become.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Darren, I agree with you. The first thing Kovalchuk’s side will say in the arbitration is “why us?” The NHL can hoot and holler all they want, but they can easily be backed in a corner by having to draw an arbitrary line at some point: one that does not exist in the CBA.

    The NHL’s only argument as to how this contract is intending to violate the CBA would have had to been centered around something like the Supreme Court’s former definition of obscenity: “I know it when I see it.” Problem is, this contract isn’t particularly worse than Luongo’s or Hossa’s. In fact, if you look at it in terms of percentages, it’s about the same.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m really interested to see how this all plays out. It’s the first of it’s kind.

    Either way, this contract will be the basis of a new provision in the CBA, no question.

  30. Lou shold avoid arbitration. Redo the deal to a realistic time span or pass on the deal.

  31. I can’t see how the NHL voids this deal. It is obviously circumventing the cap, but there are other deals that are similar (though not in magnitude).

    I am no lawyer, but I can’t see how they single Kovi out. Any lawyers out there that care to chime in?

  32. And after all the hoopla, how does another team sign him? I think they just void those stupid years at the end. He gets his $100 mil, either way.

  33. 17 years and 12 years is a huge difference.

    it is at least arguable that Hossa can play at 41…Kovalchuk at 45…ridiculous.

    i mean lets say Hossa retires at 39 with 2 years left on the deal. That at least is acceptable. Kovalchuk will bounce to Russia the second his salary drops…

  34. No way Lamoriello should avoid arbitration. Kovalchuk and the Devils have agreed so he’s not going anywhere and during any arbitration process, Lamoriello can work on the rest of the Devil’s roster and any contingency plans. The worst thing an arbiter could do would be to make the Devs and Kovalchuk scrap the deal and start over.

  35. Bettman should make an emergency amendment to the CBA:

    As of Oct 1, 2010 all contracts are for straight money, straight terms, with a limit of 5 years. That gives all 29 other GM’s a chance to screw up the CBA (and their teams)without crying.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    If they eliminate those last 6 years his cap hit becomes almost 9 million a year, which I’m sure they are not interested in for 11 years.

    If they kill the last 7, his cap hit will be like 9.5.

    Should be interesting. I think his contract is upheld.

  37. cwgatti,

    In legal terms, as hockeyrodent points out, any distinction between the Hossa and Kovalchuk deals is arbitrary and capricious. It would not stand up in court. There are instances of arbiters trying to find the “spirit of the law,” but between Hossa, Luongo, and Kovalchuk, it would be nearly impossible for a respectable lawyer to objectively find a distinction.

  38. Doodie,
    I agree completely. They will lop off the last 2 years of the deal as a good will gesture, and he still makes $100 mil. That is how all will save face, and the NHL can go back to being a popular as bowling on TV.

  39. Arbitration. How can an arbitrator say 17 years of playing time is reasonable?
    Did Lam agree to arbitrate or is this still up in the air. Or maybe they are just saying ,set a date, and we will redo before arbitration.

  40. A few points:

    I am better than Ryan Hollweg.

    The posting today did nothing for me. As for any teams prospect reporters, they all think their team has the best prospects and everyone in the system will someday have meaningful NHL jobs. Fact is, while this team has done better at integrating prospects into becoming good 2/3/4 line players, we haven’t had the success other teams have had with terms of prospects.

    Last point, the Kovalchuk thing won’t pass, even with an arbitrator. His contract is like a prison term. 17 years but can get out in 11. Does anyone think Kovalchuk will be making a difference on an NHL team, more or less a KHL team at 40, not even 45. This is an obvious “work around” of the CBA and while it may be “in the rules,” it really isn’t done in good faith. Hossa has a deal that still pays him 2 million in each years of a contract of his 40 and 41st year. Still a fair amount of money. Kovalchuk is making less than a million in the last 6 years of his deal. Would anybody expect Kovalchuk to accept a deal based on the last 6 years of the deal that has now been cancelled by the NHL? No and that’s why it didn’t pass and won’t in arbitration. Have fun in Russia Ilya!

  41. Thanks Darren,
    Rodent is good. I believe that whole wholeheartedly. Still a black eye to Bettman wouldn’t you say? I can’t believe they didn’t see this coming when they were writing the damned CBA?!?

    Bettman makes $6-8 mil a year?!? FOR THIS?!?

  42. paulieplatypus on

    Hey Mitch, welcome to the peanut gallery! Love your web site, I’ve been reading your Howlings postings for a long time now. No one does a better job of covering the Rangers farm system(s) then you do. Please!!! keep up the good work. Also, I was just wondering how the Wolfpack Cheerleader that you wrote about a while ago was doing? Any word on if her health condition hopefully improved?

  43. Mitch, you should post here more often. Most of us have no idea who the hell these kids are.

  44. rcm and Jason,

    You’re subjecting your own opinions to the Kovalchuk situation. Hossa, Luongo et al have contracts that are very proportional to Kovalchuk’s. That Hossa and Luongo are making 750k and 1M in the latter years of their deals is immaterial. Do you really think the difference 200k and 450k compared to kovalchuk’s deal is significant to the players? Those amounts are great for most people, but these guys operate on a different scale. I would say that Kovalchuk has nearly the same odds of playing at 40 as Luongo and Hossa do.

  45. I want to thank Carpy for the opportunity to share this story with you guys. I do appreciate all of the compliments and even the couple of constructive criticisms. I have to admit that I had to look up who Joe Beninati was.

    I think some of you are being a little hard on Devin DiDiomete. He’s not Wayne Gretzky. He’d tell you that. He’s a talented hard -working kid who gives it his all. I happen to agree with Dale in that I think he has a good shot at making it the whole way. He just doesn’t seem to fit well with Kenny G’s plan in Hartford. Don’t be surprised if he makes a big impact this season. He’s recovering right now from hip surgery and probably won’t play till November, but he’s the kind of player that the Rangers talk about needing but don’t really have…bangers. He reminds me of David Clarkson when he was in the minors.

    Paulieplatypus…she’s doing much better…I just spoke to her the other day…

    Once again, thanks for the kind words… Maybe Carpy can put up a link so you guys can visit HOwlings more often… (Hint, Hint) :)

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    “In legal terms, as hockeyrodent points out, any distinction between the Hossa and Kovalchuk deals is arbitrary and capricious. It would not stand up in court. There are instances of arbiters trying to find the “spirit of the law,” but between Hossa, Luongo, and Kovalchuk, it would be nearly impossible for a respectable lawyer to objectively find a distinction.”

    First of all, while it may be arbitrary and capricious to a layperson, as a lawyer, I can tell you, that standard means absolutely nothing in court. It’s only slightly more stringent than finding a rational basis.

    Second, Rodent’s assumption that arbitrary and capricious will be the applicable review standard is just conjecture. It might be rational basis. It might be more stringent, such as reasonable basis or strict scrutiny.

    Third, it’s not a court, it’s an arbitration. Arbiters are not bound by the rules of law unless the arbitration agreement specifies a legal jurisdiction’s laws to be applied. Furthermore, such a restriction is usually on procedural laws (such as the rules of civil procedure or evidence) and not substantive laws. Moreover, even if an arbitrator is bound by substantive law but decides in a way that appears not to be in accordance with that law, courts rarely intervene and reverse an arbitrator’s decision.

    Next time, instead of taking some silly website columnist’s word on a legal issue, just wait until you see official commentary from lawyers.

  47. paulieplatypus on

    Hey cwgatti! Just a little advice for you and the others on this site… You would feel much better about the Rangers if you stopped reading the Rodent’s postings. Same said for Larry Brooks!

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    I agree with Jason. There is such a thing as acting in good faith. I really don’t think these bloated contracts are engaging in good faith, even though I agree they are not against the rules.

    What they are going to do is create a problem when it comes time to negotiate the new CBA because any parties that feel the current CBA is being abused will be less likely to yield on any of their stances next time around.

    The current CBA expires in 2012, yes? Good. Plenty of time to find something to do with all the extra time we’ll have that winter. I’ve always wanted to write a novel…

  49. Good post Mitch. I hope Weise makes the team and blossoms into a top 6 power forward over the next couple of years, god knows we need one!

    As for Kovalchuk it is similar to Hossa, Pronger etc.. in that it tails off, but it pushes the boundaries of decency much further: the low salary period is much longer and the salary barely at the league minimum (which by then i’m sure will be higher than that). Even Lou himself admitted it is CBA circumvention but that owners wanted to do it.

  50. cwgatti,

    Np. And definitely a black eye for the NHL and NHLPA. I think Lou Lamoriello was one of the key authors of the CBA so he’s also to blame. Gary Bettman should have caught the gaping holes. Hard to believe he graduated from NYU Law and Cornell Industrial and Labor Relations

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Mitch, they aren’t knocks on DiDiomete so much as knocks on how he was praised by Weise.

    Being compared to Ryan Hollweg is not something you should hope for as a hockey player.

  52. Doodie,
    Easy there. I am well aware that arbiters are not bound by law, only the standards agreed to by the parties involved. In this case, the collective bargaining agreement. Furthermore, hockey rodent was within his rights not to specically cite rational and reasonable scrutiny as his full post actually addresses a deconstruction of any such line.
    Next time, ease up.

  53. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Tom Fool::: RE: STAAL STAAL STAAL!!!

    Okay, I’m going to put this entire Staal debate to rest once and for all. Its ridiculous.

    I think without question, everyone can agree that Staal is a top-4 NHL defenceman. Some of us believe he is a #1 unit guy, others are arguing he is overrated, and is really a #2 unit guy.

    Well guess what? WHO CARES!!! This is a debate of morons, of which I have been prominently featured. I’m a moron, that’s a given. I’m a full on Beeblbrox. “Overrating” someone from a #3 to a #2 is not even worth debating. And if you believe he’s top even a #2 unit guy, well go buy Hockey for Dummies and come back in one year – NO SOUP FOR YOU!

    Obviously, this entire debate is dumb, because we are arguing the minutia of a #2 versus a #3 guy.

    If Del Zotto becomes the next Doughty (and I believe he can) this fact will push Staal down to the #2 pair on this team, because he and Staal play the same side. And most coaches want their most offensive defender, on the #1 unit. So someone who plays the RH side (Girardi?) is going to end up on the #1 unit.

    If Gilroy turns into the next Leetch (which he won’t) then he would move up to the #1 unit, making Staal the #1 LHD.

    Is everyone with me so far?

    So clearly, in the NHL, the top 60, or 120 guys, are all going to be somewhat fluid and interchanged quite often.

    Staal is 23, he’s still going to get better, he still may have totally untapped offensive potential. We’ve all seen the flashes of brilliance by him with the puck, and we all want to see it more. We’ve also all seen him play Ovechkin like a demon, and lose his grip on Cammalleri.

    We have to remember that this kid was pushed into a #1 role (whether he is or not in the perfect scenario, he IS #1 on this team right now) at a young age, and he’s done incredible. He’s been the rock, on a defensively challenged team, that alone is impressive enough. He’s done this with ZERO veteran leadership to look up to (cough-cough-Redden)(excuse me) and the kid is well worth the money he’s asking.

    When people toss around terms like “elite” or “premier” in terms of an athlete, those terms are always fleeting. They are almost always opinion, but they can be based on fact. Certain stats have been presented, clearly placing Staal’s level of ability, within the top NHL defenders in certain categories. Areas that cannot be quantified, are opinion, and nothing more. If American politics has taught us anything (not really) its that you CANNOT move people off their preconceived notions. You can’t change opinions, at least not very often. Some will put him in the top 20, some in the top 60, some outside.

    The point is, Staal is what he is. A really good all around defenceman who does nothing spectacular, but does everything really well, and has shown signs of having more untapped skill. Staal is NOT going to be some Scott Stevens thumper, a dominating and frightening force. That’s not his game. That my friends, is why they just spent a #10 overall pick on a kid named McIlrath. He’s the kid that the anti-Staal (get tougher Staal) crowd is looking for.

    Del Zotto-McIlrath could very well be the #1 unit of the future. McIlrath plays the RH side, he’s a RH shot. He going to be a top 4 guy. But Staal will still be here, and we will appreciate it.

  54. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    thanks for the post, it was a great read!

    thanks for the clarification

    I agree with CW. Make it for straight money against the cap. I have no problem with the 10 year deals or whatever. If the numbers break down like this (for example) 12,12,12,11,11,11,11,7,7,6 million per season, then the cap hit each year should be the same.

  55. Wouldn’t an arbiter rule arbitrarily?

    Who the hell knows how they will rule?

    Re: Rodent. I am banned from his site for correcting him, so I have no love for the guy, but he has thoughtful takes and should be respected for such.

  56. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    nice post. Just because someone says staal needs to play tougher doesn’t mean they are anti-staal!

    If I say MDZ needs to work on his conditioning to be better over a full NHL season, does this mean I am anti-MDZ??

  57. wicky,
    I am proposing a 5 year cap to all deals,

    $50 mil deal? $10mil,$10mil,$10mil,$10mil, $10mil

    THAT’s IT!!!

    It seems to me, that would be “COST CERTAINTY”!!!

    No defered payments, no front loading, no ridiculous long deals.

    give me an application for the commisioner’s job!!!

  58. I just Redden'd my pants on

    Just a point I thought was interesting…

    A team can only secure insurance on a contract of 7 or less years.

  59. paulieplatypus on

    Hollweg was a great 4th line “role palyer”, when he was not checking opponents from behind. Which I admit willingly he did way too often. But Hollweg is a very good skater, with lots of speed, who has a talent for throwing an incredibly hard check. Like when he checked Chris Simon so hard that it knocked Simon’s brain right into fight or flight mode… Obviously Simon instinctively stood his grouned. Anyway, if Didiomete is like a Hollweg without the bad penalties??? I’d love to see him play on our 4th line.

  60. 4 generations; 4 cups on

    Lol, Eklund reporting that the Rangers are looking to trade Gabby to the kings to get Kovy. This whole thing sucks now, and I wish that moneychuk would sign somewhere without making the cap circumvention 100% necessary

  61. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I just like the idea of straight money for cap hit, period.

  62. paulie,

    I’d rather see Brandon Prust playing the left side on the 4th line but that’s just me.

  63. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    i think ladd may be going to arbitration. He would be good for our team I think.

  64. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    of course, not sure where ladd would play, we seem to be full of forwards.

    I’d rather see prust on the 3rd line and torts roll 4 lines.

  65. paulieplatypus on

    All I’m asking is, how does one usually feel about the Rangers after they read a Rodent posting or a Larry Brooks article? They could have all the talent in the world, but they seem to sap all the hope out of anyone unfortunate enough to read what they write!

  66. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Doodie – Loed your post blwoin up Rodent’s supposed”LEgal expertise”

    I am jsut so glad that all this koalchoke crap has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Rangers.

    Imagine if this was us?

    So glad it isn’t

    And Mitch, great Post!!

  67. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Larry Brook i s a bi-polar moron. I dont care how respected he is. HE changes his views more than any writer I’ve ever read covering a single team

    and Rodent, is well a rodent, so you cant ever really care what he says

  68. DC Rangerfan on

    Hockeybuzz- reports big trade rumor of Gaborik being dealt to LA in order for the Rangers to sign Kovalchuk

  69. 4 generations; 4 cups on

    I’m personally happy about the fact that the Devils wont be able to have a stacked arsenal of their first 2 lines in kovy, arnott, langenbrunner, parise, zajac, elias. He will not be able to sign in NJ, the reason it happened was just because of the low cap hit. This will be fun to watch.

  70. Blue Seat Horror on

    Jason, I like Prust alot, but I want to see if he can maintain the level of play he demonstrated for the Rangers for a full season. To the best of my knowledge he wasn’t as strong a player on Calgary. I hope he can be the Prust we all quickly adopted because he was a force. (Aside: hate to say it but I think he’d be a good replacement for Avery if Avery gets short leashed and neutralized by Tortorella again.)

    Paulie, Brooks seems to outright hate the Rangers, while Rodent at least occasionally observes good things about them. I enjoy the Rodent’s wit, though you’re right. Both seem terminally frustrated.

  71. Why in the hell would the Rangers trade a scorer (Gabby) to sign another scorer (Kovalchuk) when they desperately need BOTH scorers?

    (not saying I want Kovalchuk, in fact I don’t, but the point is the same- why trade one scorer for junk to sign another scorer when you need all the scorers you can get)

  72. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    At the end of last season, when torts rolled 4 lines, and prust got more regular minutes, he showed he could be a good player (he got mostly 4th line minutes in calgary). I think he is easily a 3rd liner with his ability and deserves to play there.

    Off to work and thanks again mitch!

  73. Eklund is just so impeccably bad. Someone linked from his own site posted the following this AM, which is completely made up wishful thinking:

    “Based on the Kovy deal now in the abyss and him technically being a free agent, what now? Even though one has to figure the league and team find a way to save face, especially after the press conference today, could the Rangers deal Gaborik to LA, maybe for a Jack Johnson, then as mentioned by comments on my prior blog, turn around and deal Rosi, Gilroy and a pick to Dallas for Richards, demote Redden and have the cap room to sign Kovy and re-sign Staal? Unlikely, yes, feasible, maybe. Personally, as I said previously, would rather Gabby and Kovy here in NY, but of the team could find a taker for Drury, all of a sudden additional cap room becomes available to be spent as only Sather likes to do.”

    Next thing you know, Eklund posts this:

    Another rumor that just broke is the Rangers are considering trading Marian Gaborik to the LA Kings and signing Kovalchuk. Very interesting rumor indeed. We all remember Gaborik had wanted to play in LA going into last summer’s UFA period prior to signing in NY.

    Not that we need proof but please people this discussion should go no further.

  74. >>…Devin DiDiomete…a more talented version of Ryan

    I enjoyed reading the piece, Mitch. I’ll be spending the rest of the day trying to decide if a comparison to Ryan Hollweg is a good or bad thing.

  75. Joe Beninati – don’t know how answered but he does not only versus nhl games but also Wash Cap games. So if you see a Cap slant you know where he is coming from.

  76. cw, you’re practically Greg-like today!

    Mickey, nice to see ya!

    Coach, liked your post. Not many folks here take credit for being a moron :)

  77. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    The bar for the guest blogs keep going higher and higher…keep it up ppl!

  78. Forget about the rumors. Kovalchicken is radioactive now and Debbiesland is more like Alamo desert.
    Well deserved IMHO.

  79. >>Larry Brook i s a bi-polar moron.

    Goodness gracious, can we disagree with the man without attacking his intelligence or mental health? Is it really so hard to show common respect to another human being?

  80. Tank The Season on

    I am a lawyer also. I am familiar with the procedures talked about. Here is my take what will happen:

    Deal is reworked. Devils deal with a $7M cap hit instead of a $6M one. NHL tucks tail and runs before they get embarrassed in an arbitration or elsewhere. Saving face through compromise is what will occur.

  81. Good inside info Mitch, hope to see more. Too much info from the kids in Hartford is on the negative side…what they can’t do, how mediocre they seem….forgetting that the AHL is a whole lot slower than NHL,and a lot more forgiving.

  82. @NHLSourcesSay The Kings have offered the Rangers Williams, Teubert, and a farm player for Gaborik.
    14 minutes ago

  83. Larry Brooks may change his views, but at the same time things change in hockey too. Day to day. He also is a very thoughtful writer. With one of the most reliable sources to report. You may not like his style, but he doesn’t deserve to be called names. Rodent can be negative often, but he knows hockey and is very entertaining. Gives me migraines often, but I enjoy reading him.

  84. But since you guys seem to be seething over our players, we have this excellent bargain you can have, his name is Brian Rolston. 5 million a year for a guy with soooooo many years of experience is a gift. Take it slats!! lol

  85. Who are Williams and Teubert? Are they any good?

    We better try to dump Drury or Roszival with Gaborik if their salary cap has enough room… (Redden is immovable)

  86. cwgatti,

    Thanks for the kind words. But you were not banned for disagreeing with me. Nobody is banned for disagreeing with me. It’s just a popular excuse for people to use when they get booted to make me look bad and unjustified in the bamnation.

    You were banned for posting a message on behalf of another poster who was previously banned for taking multiple identities on my forum. You were aiding a banned poster. That is a no-no. If you wish to discuss this, P/M me on my board and I’ll give you the link where you ran afoul of the law.


  87. Sorry, didn’t complete my previous post. Was going to write a few words about Ek, but I started to hear mama rolling the newspaper :-)

    Can any lawyers help us out here- how is Kovalchuk a FA? The moment NHLPA files their grievance, it’s still in place until the issue is resolved. So who would even start talking about signing him elsewhere, let alone preemptively trading Gaborik to do so?

  88. ilb

    Im no lawyer. But I thought the NHL rejected it? By that, I thought they voided the contract. If the contract is void, he is a free agent.

  89. CCCP…

    I go where the Devil’s news is.. There seems to be a lot of talk about the Devils here. So, I, as a devils fan, would like to participate.

  90. On Monday, some idiot wrote……..
    “…..the league can make some noise but, in the end, won’t affect the deal. If they were going to make a stand, they would have already [with the Hossa contract].”

    Oops, that would be me. Nevermind.


  91. Ricky/Local Fan

    There is no such thing as a Devils fan. A Devils fan simply does not exist. :)

  92. Rodent,
    I have enough of my own opinions to fill the blogosphere, damned good ones, why would I quote someone else? Are you sure you don’t have me confused with someone else?

    I can’t log in to P.M. you.

    Maybe we can resolve this amicably. I am actually trying to kill a rat that has been going after my bird feeder. Maybe we can work things out and I will spare the rat. I have a humane trap. Maybe I will just let him go at the dump instead of killing him.

    Ball is in your court.

  93. the Rangers are not trading Gaborik especially for that joke of a package they “offered”.

    if they want Gaborik they must give up Braydon Schenn, Wade Simmonds and one of Hickey, Drewiske, Voynov or Teubert

  94. Rangers vs. Islanders November 13th 1979 Video

    Rangers first game againstIslanders after ousting the Isles in the 78-79 semi finals.

    MSG’s first broadcast from the Coliseum in the regular season.

  95. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Blogmama – Glad to be seen and thanks for the hello!!

    JBytes & Ilb2001:

    Give me a break!!

    Larry calls out our coaches, our players, our owner and gm (Even though those two deserve it) all the time.

    Why do I call him a moron? Becasue in a matter of one week he went from saying how the Rangers need to save cap space, build from within, then in the next breath says we should do everything in our power to sign Kovulchoke.

    I’m sorry, but at least Carp has the balls to say what he thinks, and sticks with it. Not like wishy washy uncle larry, who moans and cries about how the Rangers are always huge spenders and it never pays off, then changes his tune for his column so he can get his reader hits up on the Post’s website.

    Respected or not, great sources or not,
    the guy is a M-O-R-O-N

    And I have zero respect for a person who cant even simply speak the truth.

    Mean what you say and say what you mean, or shut the hell up.

    LB should take some pointers from Carp, and Andrew Gross, and a few other of the REAL Ranger beat writers.

  96. Doodle Machetto,

    So quick to criticize, yet no alternative offered.

    How an arbitrator will rule has zip to do with how the NHLPA would argue their case. What I wrote in the rant is how the NHLPA would approach a justfication of the Kovalchuk deal, that precedent was set by the NHL’s acceptance of the Hossa contract.

    Can you identify a single mistake in my logic regarding how the NHLPA will argue the validity of the Kovalchuk signing?

    Put another way… what possible other premise could the NHLPA use to argue the validity of Kovalchuk’s deal?

    Or are you saying the NHLPA will not take this to arbitration in the first place?


  97. The first or second post here had a link to the Star-Ledger article on Kovalchuk. I started reading the posts there and a fan is trying to organize a protest in front of the NHL office for this Saturday. Their plan is to meet at the Rock and take the train to the city. I love the genius thought process – who do they think will be at the league office on a Saturday in late July to hear the three of them that actually show up?

  98. I’d let Kove play for the Rangers for free before I went to that damned place.
    The ROCK?!? Newark?!? YUCK!!!

  99. RickyM2(Moron too, as well as your alias a.k.a.RickyM/1, Local/Fecal/Suck all, etc. “fan” . You’re all (multiple personalities) cordially invited to your own, owners inflicted Debbies comedy club and stay there. Good luck with no-ending saga and enough toilet paper after all.

  100. actually if the Kings want Gaborik, they can have him for the right price.

    Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds for Gaborik? then sign Kovalchuk…genious

  101. CTBlueshirt July 21st, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    So how can the Rangers get an arbitrator to void Redden’s deal?

    How, you ask? By changing our names to the Boston Rangers, and claiming that Redden held a gun to Sather’s head during negotiations. So the contract was made under duress.

  102. I can only guess that by “pessimistic” folks are referring to my game rants where I write about underlying or fundamental problems with what I see on the ice during a game, even if it’s a victory.

    Point of fact: Each and every time I have written that NYR was “winning for the wrong reasons” and a significant downturn was about to happen it absolutely did – always within 2-3 games of my prediction. And I have repeatedly backed it up with numbers.

    The way my detractors paint the picture you would think my critical rants were CAUSING the Rangers to lose on the ice.

    Hey. If my posthensile tail is that powerful, then perhaps y’all SHOULD be reading the rants so you can make book and pay off that mortgage.

    Look. If folks want an upbeat/rose-colored-glasses NYR take, then you should definitely avoid the rant page. I won’t sugar-coat what I see. And my feelings won’t be hurt if you never visit.

    However, if you want objectivity in the face of blind rah-rah you hear from Joe Micheletti, then visit the rant page and render your own opinion. I promise satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back.

    OK, I’ve got chores to do. Gotta move on now. Been an interesting visit.


  103. actually the rock is a beautiful building and great to watch a Rangers game…i went to games 1 and 5 of the playoffs in 08, 90 bucks a ticket to sit 10 rows behind where the Rangers shot twice…

  104. GCBlue, Ha!

    ilb, why would I roll a newspaper then? btw, Casey is posted at sister blog.

    ne tron’ gavno, ne zavonyet??? hmm. that’s tough to find on the interweb.

  105. ilb, you hit the nail on the head with this one and I totally agree!

    “So who would even start talking about signing him elsewhere, let alone preemptively trading Gaborik to do so?”

    Seems insane even for Darth to talk about trading his only offensive weapon when no one has a clue how the Kovalchuk thing will work out. To go in another direction- if the Rangers were going to trade Gaborik in order to clear the cap space to sign Kovalchuk, why would they want until now to do it when they could have do this at any point in the past 3 months? Clearly, this is the delusional work of Eklund.

  106. Devil’s fans are so funny. They win a few Stanley Cups and still feel like they have small peepees.

  107. Doodie Machetto on


    They will argue it is arbitrary and capricious if arbitrary and capricious is the standard for review. For all you know, the standard of review for the NHL voiding a contract could be lower (such as rational basis), or higher (strict scrutiny). As such, an argument of arbitrary and capricious could be insufficient to overturn the NHL’s voidance of the contract.

    Further, you stated that such an argument would hold up in court. I was pointing out that first, they are not going to be in court, so what holds up in court is irrelevant; and second, their arbitrary and capricious argument may not hold up in court because that standard is such a low burden of proof that if the NHL can make a colorable argument to distinguish this from Hossa (scope of this deal is larger, payout over the final years of the deal will likely be less than league minimum, etc.) that a court may determine that their voiding of this contract was not arbitrary and capricious. In fact, in light of the warnings issued after Hossa’s contract, they could claim that the rest of the league was on notice that anything more aggregious than that would be voided.

    I’ll even add something else. If this went to court, the standard would not be arbitrary and capricious. It would be a review of whether the NHL is breaching it’s labor agreement with the NHLPA. Either they are exceeding their authority under the contract, or they aren’t.

    Point is, don’t go state legal issues as if you know them, because frankly, you don’t.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, I dislike both your website and that of the Hockeybird.

    Get a job, punks.

  109. I can’t possibly imagine why Drury has a no trade clause and Gaborik wouldn’t.

  110. im sorry but if you can trade Gaborik for premium talent and then go out and sign Kovalchuk to replace him, its an absolute steal.

    chances of it happening are less than 1% but even if you prefer Gaborik like I do, you cant even argue that Kovalchuk + whatever you get from Gaborik is better.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    Gaborik isn’t getting traded unless Kovalchuk has already agreed to terms. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

  112. TR-808,
    Cool pic. I see Kovy, but is that Sather and Torts waiting to abduct him?

  113. That whole Gabby getting trade is so much BS. Why would you trade your best player to replace him with the same player only more expensive? We can’t even pull of deals that MAKE sense.

  114. There’s no way Kovalchook would sign with another team. He’s already said that he’s a “devil for life”. After making an embarrassing statement like that, there’s no turning back.

    Hacklund is such a tool.

  115. Doodie Machetto

    well yes, i would assume Kovalchuk and the Rangers would need to have an agreement…

    if you could get Schenn and another one of their NHL ready prospects/current players then its a no brainer.

  116. “4everanger July 21st, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    RickyM2(Moron too, as well as your alias a.k.a.RickyM/1, Local/Fecal/Suck all, etc. “fan” . You’re all (multiple personalities) cordially invited to your own, owners inflicted Debbies comedy club and stay there. Good luck with no-ending saga and enough toilet paper after all.”

    Without us, what would you be talking about today???

    1997 season????
    1994 cup win????
    Sathers big trade for “McCue”????
    The big re-signing of Girardi????
    More Marty fat jokes??

    Face it, you need this, or you’ll fall asleep. I’m here to help out. Making sure people get BOTH sides of the story. There is more talk about the devils and their players here, than on the devils blogs. Who’s obsessed with who?

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    “More Marty fat jokes??”

    I think he does so badly at MSG because he’s too busy thinking about the Prime Rib Sandwich.

    “There is more talk about the devils and their players here, than on the devils blogs.”

    That’s because the Devils don’t have any fans.

  118. trading Gaborik is completely unrealistic, i am just saying that trading Gaborik for Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds and essentially Ilya Kovalchuk makes us legit contenders.

  119. Rodent

    I’ve been moaning for two seasons now about the overall lack of fundamental hockey skills displayed by ranger team with the so called coaching staff that they have. I’m sure you’ve groaned about the sloppy and unprofessional passing game displayed all last season, those hiding along the baords instead of venturing to the blue ice in front of the nets, the dump and stroll that passes for an “attack”. Pucks never stick to their blades, they just deflect off ( can’t anyeone on this team properly receive a pass
    ( assuming that what they got was a pass and not a hysterical ridding of ones self of the puck). Terrible cross ice diagonal long passes from their zone, and watch it intercepted by the opponent without ever reaching the target receiver. And instead of clearing their crease, the swordsmen jump into the action at goal mouth ( you know, the jabbing and poking contest they they engage in with the enemy at the doorstep)..Malik special they were.

    Let’s see if there is any change this season.

  120. >>The ROCK?!? Newark?!? YUCK!!!

    Whoever coined the term “The Pebble” is a comic genius.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    Is buying someone else’s used jersey gross?

    To be clear, I’m not talking about a game used jersey. I’m talking about one fan buying another fan’s jersey to wear it.

  122. Doodie Machetto,

    Not if you wash it really good, and its from a smoke free home.

    I wanted a white liberty rangers jersey and that was the only way you could fine them

  123. Doodie Machetto,

    What’s with this “holier than thou?” nonsense?

    I have scanned the rant page a dozen times and cannot find what you claim I wrote: “would stand up in court”.

    The word “court” does not appear anywhere in the rant. Yet you quote me as having written it.

    Here’s the problem I have with your critique. You (as so many others) do not read what I have written. You put words into my rants that are simply not there and then rail against what you claim I have written so as to disparage me.

    This rant was carefully crafted paragraph by paragraph to take the Everson article in a different direction:

    Everson referenced the Ovechkin and DePietro contracts as “precedents”.

    My rant is clearly directed at refuting that approach. I mention Everson multiple times. How could you miss it?

    I stated that a better approach for the NHLPA would be to select the Hossa and Luongo contracts as precedent because those were the ones with long out-years for tiny cash.

    In what way is that the wrong information?

    In fact, I challenge you here and now to identify a single paragraph that is “wrong”.

    Your post assumed I made claims which I never made. Evidently, you skimmed my rant and skewed it to your preconceived notions of what I wrote.

    Furthermore, I wrote BOTH positions. Look in column 2 and you see my take if the arbitrator rules against NJD. In that case, I advise tweaking the Kovalchuk deal to resemble the Hossa deal and then challenge Sixth Avenue to show the difference.

    So you show me one paragraph in my rant that is wrong.

    In point of fact, Lou Lamoriello himself has stated precisely what I wrote: That somewhere between Hossa’s deal and Kovalchuk’s deal there is a threshold that was breached.

    He cited the very baseline I did. I just didn’t know he did until reading today’s coverage.


  124. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    boo girardi??

    Just for the sake of comment here, my two cents i suppose. I do not for a second believe the gabby to kings thing for many of the reasons already stated, but IF it did happen, jack johnson better be coming this way or no deal!!

  125. I was trying to scare CCCP. I think I may have succeeded.
    I’m off for a free dinner. Taking a break from you Bickersons….I’m not a lawyer and don’t even play one on TV, fyi.

  126. By the way, I apologize to Mitch and Carp for any steerage of attention away from Mitch’s entry. That was not my intent. Got carried away defending myself against what I feel to be unwarranted and unobjective attacks.

    As always, Mitch LOVE your work.


  127. Doodie Machetto on

    I saw court there. You may have deleted it since for all I know. I’m certainly not going to check again because I don’t want to give you the hit on your webpage.

    However, I stand by what I said. Your use of the arbitrary and capricious standard is without merit and applied incorrectly.

    I also stand by what I said about disliking both your website and Hockeybird’s. Neither of you are funny, neither of you deserve another minute of my time.

  128. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    ok, back to work!!

    I’m very upset that the rodent has taken the thunder out of my posts (Just kidding all)!

  129. Rodent,

    Could part of the problem with the Kovalchuk contract and not the Hossa or Luongo contracts be the fact that while those two are making considerably less than the cap hit like Kovalchuk, Kovalchuk’s contract has him at 25k above the league minimum in the last four years as of this current CBA?

    Bringing up Ovechkin and DiPietro’s contract by anyone in this matter is rediculous since there is still a lot of money at the tail end of both of those contracts.

  130. The Devils or the NHLPA cannot win any grievence. The rules clearly say that a team cannot offer contracts to circumvent the salary cap.

    All the NHL would have to do is say, when was the last time a forward in the NHL played a game at an age of 45? Gordie Howe? The oldest I can recall is Claude Lemieux at 43, Mark Messier at 42, Igor Larionov at 42.

    I believe the Blackhawks also circumvented the cap but at least they can use those examples as a precedant for Hossa’s 12 year deal so it is at least reasonable but Kovalchuk’s contract is just a scam. Even though I dislike the Devils, I think it is a very commendable decision by the league…

  131. Rodent,
    Don’t worry about Doodie’s criticism. You have your following. I am banned and I still read your rants. Doodie is known to not finish what he starts. He probably didn’t finish reading your rant entirely. He has yet to find 25 bona fide better defensemen than Marc Staal after claiming to be able to find 60.

    So, keep your chin up. And I have yet to kill your furry brethren, so you still have a chance to make amends for banning me. I will give you until tomorrow, or the rat gets it.


  132. CCCP

    correct but he was a defenseman. When was the last time a forward played until he was 45?

  133. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    oh my god hockeybuzz is such a joke

    “Another rumor that just broke is the Rangers are considering trading Marian Gaborik to the LA Kings and signing Kovalchuk. Very interesting rumor indeed. We all remember Gaborik had wanted to play in LA going into last summer’s UFA period prior to signing in NY.”

  134. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon)
    July 21st, 2010 at 11:10 am
    nice post. Just because someone says staal needs to play tougher doesn’t mean they are anti-staal!

    If I say MDZ needs to work on his conditioning to be better over a full NHL season, does this mean I am anti-MDZ??

    just because i want dubinsky traded does that make me anti dubinsky

  135. CAPalchuk will NOT play until 44! After 10 years in NJ and NO Cup he’ll run back to Russia to cash-in on a 6-7 million dollars a year contract from KHL and everyone in Russia will be jumping for joy celebrating the return of the star! Sad, but true.

  136. How old did Messier play until?

    Claude Lemieux played a handful of games right? And maybe some in the playoffs.

    Not sure if the arb judge would look at precedents of other players playing past 40, even if he did it would be awfully disingenuous of the judge to pick a handful of players versus thousands of active and former NHLers (you can even limit that to players that played for 10 or more years in the league) that all hung up the skates before 40 let alone 44.

    But a reference was made to the landmark case on obscenity, it will be hard for a judgement to rest on “I can’t exactly define what circumventing the cap is, but I know when I see it”.

  137. thank you Darren

    that would mean if the Devils “anticipate” Kovalchuk will be the 2nd oldest forward and the 3rd oldest to play in an NHL game. that’s impossible to the sell.

    The Blackhawks however can claim that Hossa at 41/42 is possible based on the precedent set by 7 forwards in the last 7 years (Messier, Andreychuk, Lemieux, Larionov, Roberts, Oates, Recchi).

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    “But a reference was made to the landmark case on obscenity, it will be hard for a judgement to rest on “I can’t exactly define what circumventing the cap is, but I know when I see it”.”

    If it was good enough for the United States Supreme Court, why can’t it be good enough for an NHL arbitration?

  139. no matter how the ilyagate is resolved,the devils are gonna be on the hook for 6 mil for 17 years….that’ll kill ’em starting in about 7 years wheh ilya is beginning his unavoidable decline…he’ll make our redden deal look enviable…well,a little anyway….go rangers!!!!!

  140. Ilya at $20 million a year for 30 years is still better than Redden’s current contract.

  141. Doodie,
    The US Supreme Court is definitely a very respectable body. But there are plenty of ideas that have been “good enough” for it at one point or another but that have not withstood detailed scrutiny. “I know it when I see it” was, after all, amended by the Miller Test.

  142. an nhl league source is saying that the fact that the no-movement clause in Kovalchuk’s contract expires following the 2016-17 season might be the tangible evidence the league needs to prove that the deal is circumventing the cap.

  143. Doodie

    idk what Potter Stewart and the obscenity test has to do with NHL arbitration but if you must, obscenity was redefined by the Miller Test in the 70’s

    the “i know it when I see it” is obsolete…

  144. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hmmmphhhfttt I break the Kovey story and I get no accolades. geeezeee . Oh well its only Kovalshmuck .

    Weise , eh ? Yeahhhh now ya got us boneheads all drooling over anutha guy …goood!!!

    Cr9 , no way in ‘el im gonna let this slip “I hate to do this, but if Boston made this contract deal, there is NO WAY the nhl looks into it, let alone rejects it.” and ” The better the Devils are, the harder for the Bruins to come out of the East next year! Rangers will not win a Stanley Cup until Sather is gone anyways, unless they luck into it. It’s possible.”

    Cr9 , what were you on last night!!!??? Talk about stuiped things to say. U are more anti-boston then pro-Rangers. You just proved it. If we win a cup with Sather , Im gonna throw dog feses on ye lawn!!!!

  145. Greg

    Don’t piss me off. I am more pro-Rangers than you! Got it?! We can win the Cup with Sather, but it is incredibly unlikely. The guy is a joke who is still living off his Cups with the Oilers.

  146. Radulov, Danny Markov, and Brad Richards are all on the NYR radar right now. There is a reason for our glut of blue chip Dmen.

  147. For the record: Gaborik has a “Limited No Trade Clause”… with no public details…

    That being said… no way he gets traded…

    …and I still think Kovalchuk will be a Devil.


  148. Are you still talking about Gaborik trade BC? Just so we can sign Kovalchuk? Michael Jackson is more likely to sing our national anthem during the next home opener at MSG than that trade being in place.

  149. cwgatti

    is this the same source that told you Brad Richards was 100% going to be a Rangers last year???

  150. ilb

    There is still a part of me that hopes that Jackson is still alive, and faked his own death. Not likely, but possible when you have money. Sort of like the Tupac conspiracies!

  151. CR9- well, in that case, I suppose, that would be the only way Gaborik trade could happen :-)

  152. rodent

    doodie is a know it all who has an exaggerated sense of self importance. don’t take anything he says seriously

  153. Coach Beeblebrox on

    I’d trade Gaborik to LA, but I want Kopitar back, otherwise the conversation ends.

  154. Blue Seat Horror on

    Too bad the league can’t exercise a no movement clause on contracts over 10 years in length…as in whether the guy retires, goes to the KHL, or is demoted to Hartf…the minors, his cap hit doesn’t come off the books.

    Sorry about that Hartford thing, I typed demoted and started thinking about Redden.

  155. Tank The Season on

    Brad Richards won’t be traded unless at the deadline this upcoming season – The Stars are getting new owners.

  156. tell you what though Radulov would be a great pickup. I could see Sather pulling something like that off…

  157. Wouldn’t it make sense: Girardi for Radulov? I thing Girardi got too much $$$, but didn’t he pair nicely with Tyutin?

  158. Carp, thanks for having Mitch as a guest today. Great blog
    Mitch. Mitch I enjoy your blog immensely.It was nice to see the Rodent make an appearance. His is one of my favorite websites when I need a dose of reality. Rodent and Olga confirm the lack of hockey skill on this Ranger team. I’ve been a fan since 1968 and the team as comprised last season had less basic hockey skills than any Ranger team I’ve seen since then. Passing, position & defense are foreign to them.
    I love watching old games from the 70’s & 80’s except I keep repeating “why can’t they play like that now?”

  159. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , NO I DON’T GOT IT , got it?

    We take a POLL right firetrucking NOW!! Your love is hating BOSTON first and loving the Rangers second.

    BTW ,The Rangers will win or with out Sather.

    …you already pissed me off anywayz so good. I expect more outta you.

    Doodie vs Hockey Rodent!!!

    Doodies words -conjecture,stringent,jurisdiction’s beats Rodents only word – preconceived . Good job Doodie!!!! Nice to have some legal aid helping out.

  160. Greg

    I dont need a poll to know that I care more about the Rangers. I’ve dedicated my life to the Rangers and other NY teams. Can you say the same?

  161. I’ve even taken my fandom of the Rangers to becoming a fan of the Scottish League team Rangers…

    And a hater of the Scottish league team Celtic.

  162. Sorry ilb. I’ll leave it right here and go no further, out of respect for you.

    Already have a baseball team with New York in the name, and Kitchener who? lol

  163. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh Yeah , HOCKEY RODENT ….Thank for dropping by. Your welcome here anytime!!! Just remember we are very cynical over here. Its not all Ranger love ya know. It can be brutal. Ive fought tooth N Nail to get some love ’round here but all in all…this place rocks!!!

    Carp hates the Rangers , It pizzes me off to no end and he thinks we have no talent. See? We get alot of scrutany ’round here. Doodie is such a negative guy , who knows if he even watches hockey anymore? We have peeps who constantly bash Sather…oh BTW Marty is soooo fat , he sweats kool-aid.
    Ya see we got it all!!!! My bone head t-shirt ..ty to ILB!!! Means im a bonehead for life , maybe i’ll even out live Josh???

  164. To make it clear, I view the Scottish league rivalry between Celtic and Rangers as Boston versus New York, with both also having the names of a Boston and New York team. btw, Celtic are playing right now at Fenway Field on NESN

  165. and I would not trade Girardi for Radulov. no reason to give your #2 d-man for a guy the Predators will never use…

  166. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , My life is dedicated to the Rangers and only them. I am not a fan of the Yankees ,nor do I like the Knicks . I hate the mets . You try collecting Ranger stuff in the middle of Canada…its perty hard but ive done it. Ive bleed Rangers and only Rangers .I cheer for the Rangers not because they are from NEW YORK. I cheer the Rangers cuz I love the franchise. Period. Only them and my Roughriders ( CFL) but I love Rangers more. The New York Rangers are the greatest organization and for you to bash them , I wont take it. Who give a flying CARP if you like all New York teams…have at it. I like the Knicks and the Yankees , I do but I dont care if they win. You are a NEW YORK fan , Im a NEW YORK RANGERS fan .

  167. If you look up the word “winner” in the dictionary, there is a portrait of Chuck Norris aka Walker, Texas Ranger

  168. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Colton Orr wont win anything ( on a loser team)

    Coton Orr wont win any fight against BOOGAARD .

    Colton Orr wont buy anything ( too poor)

    Colton Orr wont do anything ( benched)

  169. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah , Staal is beuuuuuuty!!!! Ty Coach!!

  170. paulg in sunrise on

    I like radulov – been thinking he would be great – Nashville owns him i thought.

    I like filatov – he is with Columbus – he could be had also maybe

  171. Orr- it’s Filatov. Besides, Torts is awaiting Grachev’s arrival for yelling purpose.

  172. Sather is only capable of signing the rejects of other teams. And Tortorella isn’t exactly drawing in good players either — he wants young players because he can more easily scream at them. If Kovalchuk would rather sign in NJ than NY, things are even worse than we think.

  173. ha ha ha ha! Carp, are ya having a great vacation? I sure hope so! that’s 4 at Walter’s!

    Rodent: never apologize for steering off topic here. Steerage is practically our motto. and thanks for your comments today.

    CCCP, oh, you should be!

    Just curious. With the new debating pairs here lately, who misses ORR and Salty ? :)

    All, disagree all you want, but from one blog to the others, a modicum of respect please…we are a peaceable welcoming land here, right?

  174. paulg in sunrise on

    I am a regular reader of the rodent and howlings – like them both – thx guys for good info and good reads

  175. paulg in sunrise on

    the only deal i am desparate to see sather make is redden anywhere for a bag o’pucks or a skate sharpener.

    any trade made will subtract a coveted youngster, just my guess

    avery been real quiet this summer – no vogue or fashion ads…nothing

  176. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Ranger rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , yeah I only brought him up cuz ya said the Rangers wont ever win hahahaa . Low blow ? Awww ya know I like Colton Orr .He just wearing the wrong jersey. Plus yer using his name so he is “fair game”

    Cr9 , come here….Give CCCP a big long soft wet kisssss!!!!! I read what ya wrote last night and it tweeked me cuz if ya cared fo The Rangers so much you would LOOK PAST the Sather issue. This team is bigger then him .

  177. bull dog, don’t know why, but that simple post gave me a laugh.

    Greg, CR’s a Ranger fan. He has Boston issues, yes :) but he is a Ranger fan. That I believe.

    Any new word on the Kovalhartnell contract?

  178. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Rangersssssss!!!!!

    Fat Marty is soooooo fat it took him ages to cut down that mesh from the net !!!!! Remember? He was so tired and his fat fingers swelled up and he couldnt cut anymore!!!!

    New Jersey plays a team concept and to handicap the franchise with a selfish player is really really funny .
    I do feel sorry for them now after reading what someone wrote earlier. Kinda pathetic that even winning doesnt bring in the fans. Seriously , they should sell that team to Hamilton or somewhere where they actually support thier team , instead we have thier fans ( NJ devils) on our blog cuz they simple have no one on thier own blog. Its sad . The Rangers lose more then the Devil but yet the Devils still dont have a following. See , Rangers are #1 and anyone other team is second best. Winning or not. Sather or not. Win or lose , This team is favorite in the world.

  179. ThisYearsModel on

    Enjoyed Mitch and Rodent today…….and Blogmama, as always. I hate the offseason.

  180. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Momma , Cr9 is a Rangers fan . I know he is. Thats why I bust his chops. If I didn’t care , I wouldnt get get so offeded cuz I know he means well.

  181. Mama, my guess is that we will have some news tomorrow. NHLPA will decide whether to file the grievance. They have until Monday to make that decision, however.

  182. >>Texas/Kitchener/Walker Texas/New York Rangers wont win anything

    All right, but what about Glasgow Rangers?

  183. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Rangers will never win the Cup with Slats running the show.”

    ORR? We agree on this 100%. Now don’t get all mushy on me. will ya?

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!

    Where’s Linda?

  184. ThisYear, I agree with you, on all levels :)

    Greg, you, you….you tick me off sometimes, but I do love ya!

    ilb, sadly, I think this saga won’t be solved so quickly. and if it is, the discussion won’t be. sigh.

    Lots of folks said this earlier, and I fully agree. A yearly salary is your yearly salary, and that’s what goes toward the cap. Should be simple, right? It’s fair…and nobody will agree to that. Not the NHL or players, and shame on them all.
    The CBA has become joke.

  185. generally speaking on

    “Trashers walked away from Clarke Mac Arthur.”

    I wonder if Mac Arthur told the Thrashers,

    “I shall return”

  186. Mama, thanks for defending me!


    I’ll try to put this as short as I can. By saying the Sather thing, I am merely limiting my expectations for the Rangers. I only have so much energy to give on sports. As the years have passed, I have worn down. I slept for 16 hours a day for the 2 weeks following Game 7 Celtics/Lakers. That’s literally how much it took out of me. And even though my expectations of the 2010 Rangers are limited, I will still watch every game and hope they outperform my expectations.

  187. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    ok, just got home and hold on……..

    cw, richards is on rangers radar? He should be! Radulov??? Not sure about that guy. Now is this danil markov we are talking about? If it is sign him yesterday slats, he is a very similar player to volchenkov that will absolutely level you if he gets the chance!!!

    he did say that as he was wading into the team whirlpool!

  188. Olga Folkyerself on

    MacArthur also said “Old Thrashers never die, they just get traded away…”

  189. All, just curious…if you wanted to guest blog, but don’t want to for whatever reason (hey, it’s hard, I get it) what would you want to discuss? Other than Staal….:)

    don’t want to share here…e-mail me at Please put Report or Carp or mama :) in the subject line…

  190. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Take his keys away! Make MacArthur Park! (singing) He’ll never have that recipe again…

  191. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Olga , try to ditch Hugo so we can have a good time !! ( wink wink)

    Umm Cr9 I feel a little weird you calling me Greg and Im calling you Cr9?? Hard to really be seriously here when im talking with a guy who has the same name of a calcium cleaner!!!!

  192. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I just don’t have the time to do it at the moment, but would love to at some point. I would talk about the difference between a goon and an actual hard hitting physical crease clearing d man (kidding folks). I would honestly talk about how role players and stand up guys are the keys to success in the NHL.

  193. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    on that note, Going to watch the movie “the losers” and think of the devils.

    good night john boy!

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sorry Greggie! You and I are in-com-pat-a-bull:)

    CR9’s name is a problem, and you are fine with talking to someone named Folkyerself?

  195. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    You should hear Hugo’s version. He has pipes too. Sewer Pipes…

    He stinks.

  196. I’ll call you zzzzzzzzzzzz from now on.


    CR9 is the Cristiano Ronaldo! So call me Cristiano, or Tim!

  197. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Whoooohoooooo!!!! so you say theres a chance…..

  198. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Hey, Yukon! I resemble that remark! If I want any carcillo from you, Alaska…

  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ” CR9 is the Cristiano Ronaldo! So call me Cristiano, or Tim!”


    Huh? whaaaa??? seriously? Is that someone you like or is it yer name? I was just gonna call ya gus.

    Yo T , insane is only for the sane HAHAHAHAAHAHAA!!!

  200. Olga Folkyerself on

    who’s more insane…CR9 or Greg?

    That’s not a toss-up. That’s a Throw Up…

  201. CCCP

    what was that for? what did I do this time to be considered insane?

    Im a bit crazy for sure, but not insane!

  202. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    easyyy , whoaaa easy Olga Im not the one who singing at 4 ‘O clock in the morning .

  203. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Cr9 , what a guy …CCCP starts in with you? What did you do?

  204. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , Cr9 I of all people have never called you crazy.

  205. Hugo Folkyerself on

    (Singing ala Sinatra)

    Rangers in the night
    exchanging glances
    Wondering in the night
    What were the chances
    we’d be sharing a Cup
    Before the season was thruuuuuuu

  206. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Awww Now T , is calling me names!!!! Momma ban him for tonight!!!!??? He needs a time out. A break so to speak too.

  207. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah the name “folkyerself” is borderline ban-able. It actually goes against the rules on this site. I wont get it “pulled” from here cuz I like the fact you still come here cuz its “the place” to be. I appreciate Ranger fans .

  208. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    …um Cr9 , thats not you. Your not “T” yer Tim as in Tim Hortons donuts and mmm coffee. I was talking to CCCP . That mean looking Freddy Krugar guy who always sneaking ’round and ya never know when he’ll turn up!!!

  209. ThisYearsModel on

    Rangers in the night
    They never back check
    Rangers in the night
    Torts is a redneck
    Rangers in the night
    Slats has contempt for you

    Rangers in the night
    Out of the playoffs they are
    Rangers in the night
    And all the fans were doomed upon the first hello
    Little did we know
    Cup was once in 6 decades
    Broken hearts the other days……and…..

  210. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on


  211. wicky, great….!

    the rest of you, niters…..geez, can’t wait to catch up in the morning. Haven’t said this on purpose so far this week, but TA!

    Poll: Kovy’s deal will be done by ????

  212. Olga Folkyerself on

    You can’t have me banned! The Folkyerself name has a long and distinguished history. Folkyerself’s have been at many of the country’s greatest events. My great-great-great uncle Gowan Folkyerself was there in Philadelphia at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He didn’t get to sign his name, but his meaning was very clear to King George…

  213. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    Olga, don’t forget South Carolina Senator Yuall Cain Folkyerself who voted for secession from the Union in 1861. Old Abe Lincoln sure understood that vote!

  214. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Tarp we Crust !!! " … says Greg L. on

    BAN HIM , BAN HIM!!! Don’t go to sleeeep Momma!!!!! He comming after meeeee!!!!

    seriously now Freddy , yer creeping me out man.

  215. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    let me know if you got it. I went a little more into it than I meant to, sorry!!!

    Hope it is what you were looking for!

  216. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Wastin’ away again in MSG-aville
    Searching for the next Ranger’s Assault
    Some people claim that there is Dolan to blame
    But I know, it’s Glen Sather’s fault

  217. CCCP ,
    You owe me big time, don’t you think? Isn’t “Forever Ranger” the same as “a Ranger for life!” in terms of low intellectual property? Only thing is my “forever” is shorter your “for life” b/c I’m much older. So,you are forgiven,my never sleeping friend.Good night.

  218. Olga Folkyerself on

    Is it 4 ever anger? Because if it’s Sather you’re talking about- I’m with you…


  219. HA! 4everanger

    i only added it to sort of make fun of CAPalchuk after “a Devils for life” comment! I’ve been on my laptop all day and had it here since last night… tomorrow morning, or later on today to be exact, I’m going back to my regular self…i like my regular self better anyway! :P

  220. Hugo Folkyerself on

    (Singing- Devil Woman – By Kovalchuk)

    I told Bettman about it
    I Told him about a great sin
    Lou Lam cried and forgave me
    Then Lou took me back again
    Said if I wanted my freedom
    I could be free at 44
    But I don’t want to be
    And I don’t want to see
    Bettman cry anymore

    Oh DEVIL Contact
    DEVIL Contract let go of me
    DEVIL Contract let me be
    And leave me alone
    With a $100 million or more

  221. Someone mentioned Glasgow Rangers…..I’ve heard it said that when it comes to crime, Glasgow is one of the most dangerous places in the world for safety. True?????

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    I was aware that the obscenity test had since been amended. Hence, why I referred to it as the “former” test:

    “The NHL’s only argument as to how this contract is intending to violate the CBA would have had to been centered around something like the Supreme Court’s *former* definition of obscenity: “I know it when I see it.” ”

    emphasis added.

  223. My apologies,
    I said Radulov when I meant Filitov. . . . .I hope everyone knew which wayward Russian I was speaking of.

  224. Coach Beeblebrox on

    No need to worry folks. Sather has said he will retire when he’s 117 years old. So we only have to stick it out for another 40 years or so.

  225. Good morning, boneheads!

    There is no Russian name Filitov. It’s Filatov.

    Who was scheduled to guest blog for today? I forgot.

  226. Morning.

    Goodness you guys were insane last night. Who’s been handing out the crazy pills? And more importantly, where can I get some?

  227. Oh, and Mama, I would love to blog here! Give a little bit of the female sports fans perspective up top. Not that you don’t do a fabulous job of it yourself :)

  228. “on that note, Going to watch the movie “the losers” and think of the devils”

    The Losers was a really good movie. I thought it was going to suck, so I didn’t consider seeing it, but I saw the brash*tty Nightmare On Elm Street movie, and it was raining outside so I snuck into “The Losers”. That Zoe Saldana chick has a sweet body. But, she has a bit of a butter face, in my opinion.

    Chris Evans was funny. That guy better play a good Captain America, or else I’ll send CR9 to his house.

    Anyway, anyone see on TSN, the Isles immediately shot down rumors that DiPietro was severely injured in a car accident?? Haha!

  229. ehh, im actually ok with sather for right now. yea, its too little too late, but at this point with the 3 bad contracts still here, he might as well stay for a few more years, maybe 2 just to set up messier or whoever with a good core to build around. as far as signings and trades go, he’s been fine the past 2 seasons. getting ocho cinco,mza,gilroy,gabby,prust,mcdonagh and then drafting dz,mcilrath,grachev,stepan,kreider,,werek,thomas, and even role players like byers,soryal,bourque,weise, kundratek,pashnin,niemi… and other lower round draft choices who could pan out. im glad he didnt just sign anymore kotaliks or higgins this year and maybe if he sends redden down, what more could we possibly want this year, realistically? hes sticking to a plan for once, and if there was a time to fire sather, it was after his redden/rozy and dru/gomer signings that turned out to be a quadruple bust!!! if that didnt get him fired, idk what will. but we got rid of gomer, it looks like reddens gone too soon, ya got rozy who isnt that bad really, and can be dealt, and dru who really has gone downhill since coming here, and i have no doubt he would do much better in a smaller market team, but if hes the only bad contract left after this year then big deal. were not making the playoffs this year or next and if we do, then great, but i think losing with a roster that we have now, and will have in a year or 2 is much better than what we were losing with beforte(old overpaid vets looking to retire here), we can add to that further with another top ten or even 5 pick, keep drafting well, and then sather can step down. like i said, what good is it to fire him now? he will probably still be president of the team when mess is gm, and you can say well he’ll still be pulling the strings. well, if that happened now, then you can bet on that, but you give mess 2 years to learn more, and then kick slats out he likely wont have to have his hand in anything major when mess has some more experience.

  230. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    909 was supposed to guest blog today…..which reminds me, I need to start writing mine now.

  231. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Good morning all,
    Been some weeks since I posted (and I know i’m about to get Carp’d), but I wanted to say it’s nice to see guys who rarely get anything right about the Rangers’ and their future bashing “The Hockey Rodent” who seems to always be one or two steps ahead as far as analyzing and predicting the team’s development, playing style, and win/loss fortune. Go-go-gadget blog-muscles!

    Rodent, I really enjoy your blog! Please keep up the good work.

  232. I am not as embarrassed about the spelling as I was having the wrong guy. I said Radulov when I meant Filatov. So bust away.

  233. LMAO, doodie! Good find. Ha, he is Russian. Filitov is more Bulgarian name, but you are right that one was born in Russia.

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