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Hi Boneheads. Today is my family reunion/golf outing.

It is the one day all year where, even if the Rangers get Kovalchuk, Crosby, Ovechkin and Byfuglien I will not be updating this post.

(well, maybe if they get Byfuglien).


So you guys can discuss the day’s happenings, or lack thereof, in the comments.

I’ll see youse late tonight … or maybe tomorrow.

Fore right!

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  1. after watching Gaborik singlehandedly carry this team up until the Olympic break, im not sure id prefer Ilya.

    Gaborik came to NY and has his best season in his first year here. How many big name FAs can you say that about (in any sport).

  2. oleosmirf

    Jaromir Jagr had one the best years of his career (and that says a lot) the first year he came to the Rangers, at 34 years old.

    Second best goals total – 54

    Third best assists total – 69

    Second Best Points Total – 123

    All of the above PLUS breaking more than one Rangers single season records. That is pretty damn good, if you ask me.

  3. “This team will be fun to watch?” Really?

    For the Flyers perhaps?

    It’ll be fun watching when which one of those visor wearing nancyboys has to answer the bell to Boogaard

  4. Jagr was amazing for us and we all know he should have been brought back, damaged shoulder and all. Gaborik might not be that good but what he did last season was amazing as well.

    i dont think Kovalchuk is the kind of player who can carry a team similar to other great scorers like Hossa, Heatley, Semin etc.

  5. 17 days!!! is he walkin from jersey to la?? is he in iowa yet? so maybe another 30 days he’ll be in las vegas. so expect an announcement in early september.

  6. ““This team will be fun to watch?”

    Bwahaha. Was last year fun to watch? Nope. Same team!

    “It’ll be fun watching when which one of those visor wearing nancyboys has to answer the bell to Boogaard”

    Yeah, it will be fun to watch a Flyer destroy a Ranger, and Booger takes a penalty trying to retaliate, and then we lose the game on that go-ahead PP goal.

    So much to look forward to this season. NOT!

    Actually, I do look forward to seeing Del Z, Gilly, Artie, McDonut, etc. That’s aboot it.

  7. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    That was jagr’s first full season here that was pretty frakking good, he was nothing special with the partial season (old rules) and certainly was nothing special in his “leadership” season.

    I just hope AA keeps his head up!!!

  8. The White Plains Batman on

    I think he’s walking from his birthplace of Tver to LA the rate this is going.

  9. well over his last 2 seasons he averaged 83 points, a point per game in the playoffs, got the rangers passed the 1st round (with fairly weak teammates) both times and gave every one of his linemates career seasons…

    thats nothing special i guess…

  10. Yeah, it’s going to be a short career for Artie if he doesn’t learn to keep his head up.

    Jagr is the best. He should have officially retired a Ranger.

    How many Rangers can half ass it and still manage to score 70-80 points, and then turn his game up for the playoffs?? Nobody! Not even Butt-Chin.

  11. Jagr had balls of steel too. I didn’t miss a single game in his career with NYR.

    He even tried playing through the separated shoulder in game 2, until he was hit hard. I think he missed game 3 though.

    Love Jagr! Hate Jagr haters!

  12. Jokelund thinks the Rangers are up to something. Ha. I think it is just the fact that Cigar puss was out shopping for a new humidor.

  13. well another Rangers move is a given. If Redden really is going to HFD that’s about 6 mil in cap space (after Staal signs).

    i have no idea, i just hope its a good move…

  14. Uh oh … Eklund says we’re “Up to something” – which means it’s safe to say nothing will happen for a week or two now

    Damn, I was hoping for a trade for Sharp. WE do have that additional 2nd rounder.

    Sangs for Sharp … not a bad trade

  15. the last time something big was goin down we traded voros and took on salary.


  16. a trade is happening, i have no idea who is coming or going but I cant see them waiving redden and going into the season with idle cap space…

  17. Orr,
    somer means that the extra 2nd rounder is from the Sangs deal. So Sangs+ Sharp.

  18. Somerset-
    Don’t know if you got my message in the last post. It took me a while before I was able to check out your band. Here’s a re-post:
    I just wanted to wish you luck with the reformation of your old band. I listened to the songs. You guys sound really good. I’m not crazy about that style of vocals, I’m more old school metal where the guys sang like women, but I really liked the music. I think if I tried to play my drums with that kind of energy, I’d probably have a heart attack. I admire the guys that can play today’s metal. Anyway- best of luck to you guys!

  19. Mike-
    Let us know when Kovy gets to Iowa. That way, we’ll know he’s on his way out west and we won’t have to worry about it anymore. : )

  20. Hey, leave Kovalchuk alone. He’s got three kids. One of them is a very young infant. Do you think he has time to deal with this $8-9 mil per year negotiation crap?

  21. Kovalchook has three kids??? He’s married???

    What’s the point in signing in LA then? I thought he was single and wanted to get in on some celebrity action.

    Then again, why would he want to put his kids in danger while living in Jersey?

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    IMO, SchmEklund always writes the Rangers are up to something. I figure it ups the number of hits on his site. Remember, he said the rangers were in on Kovy too.

  23. The White Plains Batman on

    Just a reminder; the 2nd rounder for Sangs is actually Washington’s 2nd rounder Carolina got in the Corvo trade so it’s most likely going to be a very low 2nd round pick probably like #55-60.

  24. Jagr + CCCP + CR9 = so happy together

    I kid, I kid

    Don’t know how anyone can hate on Jagr

    Learn me that coat check story before you check my coat CCCP

  25. Just saw the local Blockbuster is shutting its doors. How quickly did it’s time come and go? I guess Netflix, On Demand etc. saw to its demise.
    From Wikipedia – “they were opening one store every seventeen hours.”. Probably an exaggeration but still..

  26. It’s aboot time Block-bust-er is closing down. Nobody rents from there anymore. Especially with Netflix, etc.

    Me? Well, I illegally download my movies, and tv shows! Bwahahaha!! But, I do spend a lot of money on external hardrives to store them, to be fair.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    “This team will be fun to watch?” Really?

    For the Flyers perhaps?

    It’ll be fun watching when which one of those visor wearing nancyboys has to answer the bell to Boogaard

    ““This team will be fun to watch?”

    Bwahaha. Was last year fun to watch? Nope. Same team!

    “It’ll be fun watching when which one of those visor wearing nancyboys has to answer the bell to Boogaard”

    Yeah, it will be fun to watch a Flyer destroy a Ranger, and Booger takes a penalty trying to retaliate, and then we lose the game on that go-ahead PP goal.


    The Flyer suck azz and they are going DOWN. BOOGY is gonna scared everyone on the FLYERS. BOOGYMAN is better than Colton Orr , sorry buddy ,hate all you want but this aint no Brashear. This guy will EAT Colton ORR . Your name needs a change cuz Colton ORR is a punk complared to BOOGAARD. face facts.

    Fran started all this by saying “Really?” He and ORR must be having thier period cuz last time I looked the Rangers are gonna be fun to watch!!!!

  28. This team will be depressing to watch. How long before Hank desides to have his own one hour special on TSN called “The Right Decision”

    Greg, even if you think Orr is a push over, Shelley isn’t. Haha, and you said so yourself when he was a Ranger.

    All these words seem to come back to bite your ass when it comes to enforcers, hahaha.

  29. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I’m not sure what “special leadership” is either. I just stated jagr didn’t do anything “special” offencively (compared to his career numbers) during his “leadership” (wearing the “C”) season. Just stating a fact, wasn’t saying he was a bad human being or anything.


    don’t think anyone here said they hated jagr, I could have missed some posts on him I guess, but didn’t see it!

  30. im excited to see how long it takes for aasen to get prucha’d. or brashear’d. dont see him making the team and if he does i think he gets injured a few games in. what is he 160 lbs?

  31. ok carp, new poll. which rookies or prospects make the team?? i say mcdonagh and mza. grachev and stepan both make next years squad

  32. I don’t get it… what did you expect from Jagr? Were you waiting for him to pull a rabbit outta his crosby on every shift?

    He was honest, HE CARED A LOT for this team and his teammates… scored bunch of points, broke bunch of records… brought us back to playoffs… He led the Rangers to their first 100+ points season for the first time since 93-94 season…I mean…all of this info is out there…not hard to find it. He had 27 playoff points (10 goals) in 23 playoff games with the Rangers. That’s not productive? This is not taking responsibility aka leading by example aka LEADERSHIP? I mean… What else can one expect from a 35 year old player?

    He didn’t want to participate in a shootout…so what’s the big freaking deal? Is it better to go out there knowing that you suck at it (see Gaborik) and still do it and take a chance from someone else who could actually score in the shootout?

    …I just don’t get it.

  33. im expecting big things from Zuccarello

    regardless of his size, he’s not some egnimatic Russian like Zherdev or Lisin. This kid goes all out with a nose for the puck, plays with an edge, has determination, has good vision, great speed and has a great shot.

    i see no way this kid isnt starting on the top 3 lines, opening day…

  34. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I didn’t say anything about the shootout and at this point really do not care. Sorry I’m not impressed with jagr’s leadership…I’m just not. He is a great sidekick (see mario and 2 cups), he is not a good captain (see any team he has captained and 0 cups). This is the problem I have with everyone that over values jagr, just like they over value home grown prospects in some cases. If everyone said wow, jagr was the top scorer on the rangers for a few seasons and is one hell of an offencive player. Then I am 100% in agreement! That is a totally accurate statement.

    I just disagree on his “leadership” qualities and abilities. The guy admittingly did not work hard all the time, not even close to all the time. It isn;t like he took the occasional shift off. He rarely played D, he rarely played three zones. Everyone takes it easy occasionally, sure, but I do not think that the amount of 3 zone play and “time off” he took is exactly leadership material. Again, this is just my opinion!

    To me leadership isn’t JUST doing what you are good at (that comes natural). In jagr’s case, the guy was so supremely talented offencively that 95% of the other guys couldn’t do anything close to what he could offencively and they knew it. So go be a leader and drill some guy with a hit several shifts in a row, or go do something else out of “character” that a guy on the bench says wow, look at jagr doing that , I CAN go out and do that!

    But none of you that think jagr is the penultimate leader will agree to that because you know jagr would never do it, so it can’t be legitimate captainly or leadership quality when it comes to him….ridiculous.

    I would rather have an iggy or vinny lecav in their prime as the captain of my team over a jagr in his because they did it all and led by example in all aspects. I understand jagr is not that type of player, but in saying that, it is the exact reason i would not want him as my captain and why I do not think he was a good one.

    Great first ballot HOFer, but not a great leader!

    For what it is worth, I don’t think gretz is the greatest player of all time, the greatest OFFENCIVE player yes, but not the greatest player!!

  35. I dont want to start anything, because I have the utmost respect for Mario, but one might argue that Mario was Jaro’s sidekick. I mean, I didnt see Mario win anything sans Jagrific! Here’s the thing that sets Jagr apart from Mario imo. Jagr came to the world’s biggest stage as the only real offensive talent on our team and made everyone around him better. see: Nylander, Straka On top of that, Jagr had to the face the referees every game and the challenge of being raped every game by opponents like Big Hal Gill who would commit penalties against him and not get called for the penalties. Let me know when Mario faces the same adversity and thrives anyway!

  36. The Hobbit hasn’t even played a single NHL game yet and you’re saying he’s not going to be like Zherdev or Lisin? How do you know?

    I’m sure people said Zherdev wasn’t like some random player, or Lisin wasn’t like some random player before they played in the NHL.

    I’m hoping for everyone’s sake that this kid is at the very least an even smaller Callahan, or else hearts will be broken.

  37. And yes, I am aware Mario retired because of his cancer, but also partially due to the hooking and holding/grabbing that became the NHL.

  38. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    mario didn’t win anything without jagr that I am aware of, but the fact is mario was the captain and thus the “leader” and jagr was not. Subsequently jagr won nothing as a captain and mario did. When jagr had the opportunity to captain a team himself and lead it, he didn’t get anything. Not even after the lock out and the “jagr rules” era beginning.

    It cracks me up that some of you just can not handle the thought of jagr not being a good captain. Everyone acts like I said the guy was a douche bag or just a horrible player period. I have said nothing of the kind.

    Just because he is your favorite player or one of your favorites, doesn’t mean the guy was perfect at everything he did for christ sake. He was a bad captain, so what. He is a first ballot Hall Of Famer and one of the greatest offencive players in league history. Was he the only bad captain in the history of the league, hell no, not even close.

  39. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    gretz won cups with messier and mess wasn’t the captain, but mess went on to captain 2 teams with out gretz to the cup. I’m just saying perhaps jagr was a better wingman than flight leader (sorry all you zoomies out there).


  40. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I like jagr, just because I think he was a bad captain, doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy. One of my favorite jagr moments is when he was with the pens and someone went after mario and jagr was swinging his stick at the guy like he was wielding a bat. atta boy!

  41. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    kings are signing players left and right today, they just extended 4 more guys.

  42. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I wonder if they are sorting things out for you know who???

  43. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    oh well, have a fun and safe night everyone!

    Good night elizabeth!

  44. wicky

    I never said you that you said anything badly about Jaromir. you are entitled to your opinions.

    But since he became a Ranger, I developed a blind loyalty to the guy, as I do with most NY teams. He could murder someone, and I’d defend him; that’s the way it is for me!

  45. orr

    you can view games from 3-6 years ago on the frisk tigers site. his last 2 seasons there he was embarassin the opposition. made em look like practice cones.

    w/ modo he was very good as well. and the second season he took full advantage of having forsberg and naslund on the team. even his first year there when he was on a line w/ sundstrom and scroder they were dominant.

    theres not a lot on youtube but the frisk tigers site w/ the game recaps youll see for yourself. hes got great vision and was worth the risk. we gave up nothing but money for him.


  46. Mister Delaware on

    I don’t think holding, hooking and grabbing gave Mario cancer. That would be insane.

  47. It doesn’t matter what the Hobbit did with some Frisky Tigers, or Modo. People are jumping to conclusion with this kid as if he’s the next big thing.

    He could be another Nicky Z, a ton of talent, but enigmatic. You just don’t know because he hasn’t played a fuggin NHL game yet.

    It will be pretty hilarious if he’s prucha’d all season long because he’s just too inconsistent and/or lazy.

  48. Zuccarello put up better numbers in the SEL then Sundin, Forsberg, Naslund, Alfredsson, Zetterberg, Sedin twins ever did.

    that has to count for something…

  49. Orr

    Zherdev took shifts off and never played with any tenacity. Zuccarello is not that player…

  50. umm, yeah, i think it was obvious that i did not say you acquire cancer from hooking and grabbing….

  51. “Zuccarello put up better numbers in the SEL then Sundin, Forsberg, Naslund, Alfredsson, Zetterberg, Sedin twins ever did.

    that has to count for something…”

    In my opinion it doesn’t. I’m not interested in what this kid has done in any league not named “NHL”.

    It’s all worthless to me until I see him play for a month or two.

  52. Check this out from SNYRangersblog…

    “Bobby Ryan has turned down a five-year offer for $5 million per season and has said he doesn’t think he should be paid more than the team’s stars, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, who make $5.3 million per season”

    How aboot that? Is that class or what? I wont say anymore, there’s just no need.

  53. who we talking about? mza? why cant he help us? i dont know anything about him but his size… perhaps a marty st. louis?

  54. TR, I’ve seen youtube clips. So what? Just because he dominates a league means that he is automatically a good player? Just because Forsberg, Sundin, Sedins, etc failed to put up the numbers that he put up in that league, that automatically makes him at ther very least half the player that they all are? No, no, no!

    Weren’t people here saying that a number 1 overall pick doesn’t mean that the pick is automatically a superstar? I’d think this case would be similar.

    My whole point to this is, he hasn’t played a second of *NHL* hockey, so you can’t say he’s going to be good, bad, great, or he’s the opposite of Zherdev, Lisin, etc.

    It’s all premature!

  55. Orr

    That’s very understandable – it being premature.

    But one can compare his performance to the performance such as Sundin, Sedin, and others in a different league. Does not mean he will be as good or even half as good as the comparisons, but at the very least, it provides a somewhat accurate means of comparison.

  56. Sundin, Forsberg, and all those guys had size, and phenominal talent. This guys talent at the NHL remains to be seen, and he’ll never have the size those guys had unless he takes a new kind of Viagra that extends the whole body. So, comparing him to them is completely unfair, and just makes no sense on any level.

    Just because he put up better numbers than them can easily mean that the league was not as good as it was when those guys were playing. That’s all.

    I wont buy into the hype, not for a second. In fact, I say that he’ll be in Hartford on opening night.

  57. orr

    if you watched the sel or get leagues then youd know they were defense first leagues

    but you dont

    so now for future reference please dont talk about draft picks, the farm team, ohl, ahl, echl, qmjhl, khl, etc. because since you dont watch any of those leagues and they dont matter to you your opinion means nothing.

  58. TR, So, because he managed to put up such good numbers in “defense first leagues”, that means he’ll be just as good if not better than all those great players, or he’ll outplay every last prospect in camp and make it straight to NYR.

    Ha, gimme a break.

    I bet my right nut that there isn’t a single person here who have heard of this kid, or seen him play. Anyone who says otherwise is just BS’ing, and trying to act like a know it all.

  59. ok so are you saying that im acting like a know it all?


    greasemonkey script activate!

  60. all praise sather on

    he seemed to do alright at the olympics, against some top notch competition, on a poor team. if you can handle yourself at that level, plus in the SEL, against some pretty good players, chances are you’ll be a solid contributor at the NHL level. He won’t carry the team on his back on the way to the cup. But he’s young, and he plays hard on every shift, he will probably put up 50 points this year, barring injury. whats not to like about a player like that who you get for nothing but a small cap hit?

  61. Blueshirt in Paris on

    MZA cant be good since he wasn’t rated top 10 in his draft year. lol

    Dont pay attention to what some people say, they have an opinion based off noting but still think its the word of god.

    Fact is you can make an educated guess on how a person should perform at this level. What do you think GM’s and scouts do? throw darts? Go to a fortune teller?

    of course nobody here can see the future so you cant say with 100% confidence but the same applies for every player. How do you know Cally will score 20? Past performance tells you, estimation tells you. Thats not to say he wont score 10.

    There is data out there that can show you the expected drop off/adjustment coming from the SEL to the NHL. That plus his past stats tell us we can expect him to do ok in this league. Is that a guarantee? of course not, but there is not such thing as a guarantee. And dont tell me because of his size he cant do well, plenty of small players have done ok.

  62. Jagr

    Name from the past. Great player in all areas. Dominant on the ice, could control the puck for incredible time periods,seemed to make better players of his wingmen, but mesmerized his D men into God like hero worshipers. And this was his problem. None of them would move independently without waiting to see if they could dish the puck off to the great man first. He made zombies out of Roszival and Tyutin.

    Played with pain, and always tried to give his best efforts, but stayed on ice far too long and messed up the line changes for the coach frequently. A one man gang.
    Could they use him now? your call. Would he try a comeback here? Who knows…has a chicken got lips?

  63. MZA wasnt rated mainly because he’s from New Zealand and no one knew of him.

    I did watch him play during the Olympics, and he was the only player on his team that I remembered their name. He stood out like a sore thumb because of his robust syle of play. The kid never gave up on a play.

  64. and to even mention Zherdev and Lisin in the same breath as MZA is way off base. They are completely different types of players. Just from what we’ve seen from the olympics alone, MZA has more spunk and tenacity in just his pinky finger then the likes of Zherdez and Lisin combined.

    Its pretty obvious certain people are making statements about players they clearly know nothing about. If you knew anything about MZA….Zherdev and Lisin shouldn’t come to mind. More like Gionta, St.Louis, Cammalleri and Fleury.

  65. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Agree Blaze. i made the comment about draft ranking since so many people seem to think that the top rated person is the best, second rated person the second best and so on…so therefore MZA cant be good without doing a little research themselves. The state their opinion without every having watched him or knowing much about him. just that he came from nowhere and is small.

    Bottom line is he is a kid playing with adults. SEL is not a garbage league and he dominated it. Even his TOI compared to no other forward.

    I dont expect him to come over here and dominate but I would not be surprised given the right amount of playing time to put up 20 goals. And on our team, 20 goals could make a huge difference.

  66. Norway….not New Zealand. half asleep when i typed that. the Hobbit and watching Flight of the Conchords last night has my brain twisted in knots.

  67. snyrangersblog.com

    according to arthur staple of newsday kovy wanted to become a ranger but it wont happen and he will be a king we would assume in the next 48 hrs.

    kovy wanted to be here but rangers eveidently passed. thoughts?

    i would have liked a 3 yr deal for 24 mil but we all know he wants min of 6-7 yrs and i say at the point no.

    im torn as you could see.

    will there be other ufas over the next few years once dru and rozi are up in 2 years that will provide the offense kovy provides. thats the million dollar question. who could we get to play along the kids as they develop.

  68. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, my neighbor said he was at his family reunion/golf outing yesterday in New Paltz. Same reunion?

  69. Zuccarello, was signed to play in the NHL not HFD. HFD would do nothing for him as he is coming from a league that is better than the AHL.

    If he can’t make the team out of camp, then he probably will never make it in the NHL but given his skillset and his non-stop motor, i can’t see him not making the team…

  70. Zuccarello is on a 2-way contract, so there is a possibility that he could start the season in Hartford but I doubt it.

    I’m sure they told him to add 10-15 lbs of muscle and come ready to compete for a spot.

    I see him a healthy scratch some nights to “watch and analyze the North American came from the Boxes” … but other than that he will be in the top 6.

    I have a lot of confidence in him from what I seen in the Olympics. Torts is gonna love his tenaciousness.

    I also thought Patrick Thoresen played well for Norway (he finished with more points than MZA) and was gonna get another shot at the NHL this season.

    I thought Hnat Domenichelli was gonna get a contact too from Switzerland, but than realized he’s like 35

  71. Hey Carpy, hope you had a wonderful time at the family reunion yesterday! Always a fun thing.

  72. “MZA cant be good since he wasn’t rated top 10 in his draft year. lol”

    I have no idea if this comment was directed at me since I didn’t even mention MZA getting drafted or not.

    My main god damn point is that he HAS NOT PLAYED IN THE FUGGIN NHL!! So you can’t say he’ll be this way or he’ll be that way. To even compare him to a St Louis is hilarious, and even a Gionta as well. You get all this from watching him play in other leagues, so you now get an idea of how well he’ll play in the NHL? It’s all speculation. My whole point aboot the draft was that people on this blog have said that even if your team manages to get a 1st overall pick, it doesn’t mean that the kid will be a superstar. So, the same should apply for any prospect signed by a team.

    I’m not saying that the kid doesn’t have talent, and he was a waste of a signing. All I’m saying is that he hasn’t played in the NHL yet, so I’m not going to say how good he is, and how he’s as good as this player, and he’s not like that player, and blah, blah, blah.

    “Zuccarello, was signed to play in the NHL not HFD”

    Then why did they sign him to a two way deal?

  73. The White Plains Batman on

    The ideal situation would be for both Zuccarello and Weise to make the team with the two rotating with Bogard for who stays in the lineup. I still think they need to add one more cheap mid level guy a la Stempniak or Afiniganov and dump Avery, but he’ll start the year here.

    I’d hold out on Kovy, he’s awesome but it isn’t the right time to get him. Go for a center next summer and call it a day.

  74. hahah damn look what i started with this whole mza thing. i actually am not going to praise him or denounce him as a player bcause i havent seen much of him. i know he was great in teh olympics. hes someone that shouldve played well because he is a player who would draw interest from the nhl and of course hes gonna give it his all for his country. i just cant say “well, look at parise or st louis”, when comparing him. hes coming to a league that is much more physical and i can just see him coming here and saying”oh carcillo”, what did i get myself into??’ and who cares about forsberg and naslund. of course at 22 hes at the point where he can skate circles around those old farts. i say he does make the team, and he does have a decent season. nothing like 50 points though. cmon. at best hes gonna start out on either the 2nd or 3rd(most likely) lines. if he scores 50 points i will ask tony for a shinebox for 2 weeks and say thankj you sir may i have another.

  75. It’s disappointing that Kovalchook wants to be a Ranger, if the rumor is true. I would have prefered to sign him over Gaborik. But, to be fair, I really didn’t think that he wouldn’t re-sign with the Trashers.

    I’m not in favor of signing Stempniak, and especially not Afinagenov. And I think Aves if worth keeping around until his contract is up. Then let him sign a multiyear deal with Vogue, GQ, Teen Beat, Cosmo or what ever the fugg.

  76. “hes coming to a league that is much more physical and i can just see him coming here and saying”oh carcillo”, what did i get myself into??”

    Exactly. For all you know, he’s just not ready, and even if he’s “too good” for the AHL, he’ll have to go there until he’s ready. NOBODY KNOWS!!!

    By the way, Mike, in honor of you I’m going to officially replace my “the” with “teh”. I like that.

  77. signing Stempniak or Afinogenov (Kotalik Jr.) makes absolutely no sense at all. ill take Zuccarello or Wiese any day of the week over them…

  78. orr- haha its my keyboard man. for some reason if i type slow its fine, but when i type fast it comes out as teh instead of the. im done trying to go back and edit every “teh” so i leave them there l,ol.
    dont get me wrong, i tyhink the hobbit will be on the team in october. i just dont think hes gonna be this good this fast in his first year playing against better and bigger competition. the olympics is different. the emphasis is on talent. im just not ready to annoint him as this future star yet. he could come out with some momentum and have a great breakout season, but this team has 1 player teams have to isolate. gaborik. if zuccarelo has a prucha type first season, you can garauntee they focus on him and neutralize him too which wont be hard. what happened with teh next sean avery? jamtin? gone, or ambuhl? huh? who? or heikkenen? bye. i just gonna have a wait and see attitude before i expect all these great things

  79. Exactly, Mike.

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, whether or not King TR thinks it matters or not, which is hilarious. Some choose to make this kid out to be the biggest thing since condoms, and others wont buy into the hype.

  80. but i will say, tr-808 is usually very spot on when it comes to prospects and rookies. i will at this point trust his opinion and if he says hes that good, he probably is. i just dont wanna get my hopes up too much because of what happened with prucha. who scored 30 freakin goals his rookie year. he was also bigger and he took some punishing hits and kept on coming back for more. if mza with his low center of gravity can be shifty and not get destroyed like prucha, then he’ll have a chance. but why does he have to be so damn small???? one good forearm shiver from pronger and hes officially an advert on teh boards

  81. but also the way the team is heading, we arent giving any spots away to aging vets in place of a prospect. so in teh case of prucha, his spot was given to shanny. he still scored 22 goals that next year. i hope they keep their word when it comes to that.

  82. Orr

    you have every right to be skeptical however to say that he could be an engima like Lisin or Zherdev is not fair.

    it doesnt matter what league you come from, he played all out and with an edge, i dont see how coming to the NHL will all of a sudden make him stop playing with passion on every shift

  83. Blueshirt in Paris on

    ‘best thing since condoms’, ‘all these great things’

    uh are we seriously that bad that the possible promise of someone scoring 20 goals elicits those descriptions?

  84. ORR
    your viewpoint about MZA is understandable, but superficial. I am old enough to watch Russian best players before open(for Russians)NHL era, “just” in Russian Super League. And let me tell you, there was always no doubt among hockey specialists (north Americans included) and regular fans, that guys caliber of Larionov, Kasatonov,Fedorov,Makarov, Mogilny,etc.,etc., were not only ready for, but will shine in NHL and they did. It was not only they dominated on russian scene, but each of them had their unique combination of speed, hockey vision, set of skills which was VERY VISIBLE regardless of where were they play. Same may apply to others IMHO, don’t you thing? Where you are right – final judgment is to see in first 10 or so. But probability that Zuccass is a real deal is high.

  85. Oleo, I think it is fair, because he hasn’t played an NHL game yet. I’m not saying he will be exactly like them, but it it’s not far out of the realm of possibility. Anything can happen. You never know.

    “uh are we seriously that bad that the possible promise of someone scoring 20 goals elicits those descriptions?”

    You didn’t like that one? Well, Mike got a kick out of it, so that’s good enough.

  86. 4Ever, Like I’ve said, a lot of these guys that he’s getting compared to that has played in his league, or similar leagues, they all have size. This guy is midgety. That would be my biggest worry.

    His skills are visible, and I wont argue that he has talent. But, I’ve been saying this for a few weeks, I just don’t understand how anyone automatically asuumes he’ll be this breakout star, and he’ll go straight to the top line, etc. I’m just not buying what anyone’s selling, and wont until he proves he can play at this level.

  87. Orr

    if you want to argue that Zuccarello is too small to play in the NHL and he cant produce at this level or get that space here then fine but to say he will be lazy, not play defense, take plays off, not hustle and have a low hockey IQ like Zherdev is not debatable. whether you play in the NHL, AHL, CHL, ECHL, Europe, NCAA, or in high school, intangiables like those dont change when you switch leagues.

    Zuccarello is praised for his intangiables, and despite not playing in the NHL you can be 100% sure the effort level will be there…

  88. ORR,
    BTW,MZA before Sweden already played in NHL, it is Norvegian Hobbits League.

  89. Obviously his size isan issue. Especially when he becomes a scoring threat and opposing teams start playing physical and nasty against him. It’s much more difficult to avoid physical contact on smaller rink, so it remains to be seen whether he can play at the high level. Having said that, he’s got enough skills and some grit. Many NHL teams were willing to take a chance on him. Because of his age, according to IIHF agreement, his contract is two way. Very little risk.

  90. I thought I was being more realistic than pessimistic.

    Oleo, I’m not saying that he’s too small for the NHL at all. This “new NHL” is perfect for guys with his size. But, small forwards always worry me.

    And I can’t stress this enough, I’m not saying he’ll be lazy, take plays off, not play defense, etc. I just wont put all these expectations on him. I can’t judge him until he actually plays in the NHL, and so should everyone else.

    If this kid turns out to be nothing special, then half this blog will probably be filled with depression.

  91. ORR! Bring The Amberlamps July 18th, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Well stated post.

    I, though, will remain on the side of the constant optimist in terms of mza being a marty st. louis type. especially with tr’s rave reviews of the kid.

  92. I wont side with TR, unless he has proof that he’s feeding the kid superman pills. Then I’ll know that this kid will have a *huge* season, for sure.

    By the way, CR. There are topless pics of MZA on google. I thought you’d want to know, ha.

  93. ok, lets put it this way. is the signing of mza not just for his play in the olympics and sel, but is it because sather doesnt think grachev or kreider or any other kids are ready? stepan is ready i think, but will they bury christensen? or boyle? maybe. but was it because slatipuss really thinks this guy could be a st louis type player. not necessarily production, but similar skill and able to thrive in teh league while being midgets. i think its the former. he wanted a guy to possibly take one of teh top 6 spots incase of a trade or one of teh kids wasnt ready yet. i dont see him becoming anything special here. just my opinion. and yes the nhl is vastly different from any other league. theres guys like papsmear who rock the ahl, but just are missing something needed to play at such a higher level. the thing with guys like that, is thres only 1 or 2 “future stars” or even top 9 nhl fwds for every 10-20 that we sign or pick.

  94. btw, im willing to bet on it. if mza scores at least 20 goals, 40-45 points, i will say” tony, get out my shinebox, thank you sir may i have another” for the whole 2011-2012 season. and i will love evry minute of it. if he scores 19, i’ll still do it. i say he plays half a season before being traded to phoenix for derek morris

  95. That’s a good idea, Mike. Instead of all this back and forth carp, we should lay down some bets.

    I say he wont be as good as everyone expects him to be, and some say he will. Give me some stats, and lets all make a bet, and come up with the details.

  96. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    why don’t you bet one of your….oh wait, you already lost one of those!!!! (sorry, I had to)

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    Wicky ,buddy ..great point. Tough arguement on Jagr.

    Jagr was a great Captain for us. Why? Cuz he lead us . He put us back on the map. He is a special player. Highly skilled that should get special treament. Jagr had class,respect and he knew when to “float” ..If Eric Lindros was as smart as Jagr ,Mario and Gretzky he would have lasted longer. Special “Elite” players Wicky know when to take nights off. Jagr knew playing hard against Nashville would make him weaker for the up comming playoffs. Players who carry teams on thier back CANT AND SHOULDNT go all out every game, Captain or not. Its the other players turn to lead for the Captain to not go all out and to have the others play hard cuz great players make everyone better. If Marian Gaborik didnt have such a strong start and middle , he wouldnt have had a weak last part. If he was smart like Jagr he would have been strong at the end. Any player who sees Jagr take shifts off , know it thier turn to turn it up. Jaromir Jagr , better Captain then Drury ever could be.

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    Wickyyyy ,Wayne Gretzky now.

    Greatest offensive player of all-time but not greatest player overall? Huh? Whaaa?

    Wayne Gretzky would be first to admit he is ;

    #1 puny and weak

    #2 Not really that fast

    #3 Can’t hit

    #4 Can’t fight

    #5 Can’t score on break aways

    #6 Not very strong or powerfull skating

    #7 so so at shooting ( great slapshot)

    #8 Not really vocal ( more than Sakic)

    #9 His defense wasn’t the best either

    #10 Wayy too small for the NHL

    So Wicky , to say he wasn’t the greatest , sure he didnt seem to be. How can a puny kid from Branford become the greatest player when he has all these flaws?

    The brains, hockey sense, passion ,patience and the abilty to make everyone around him better ( im getting goose bumps just thinking about it ) , his shear domanace with the puck. Wayne Gretzky being such a puny weakling was scoring at a pace higher then any pure athelte. He made stars of Glen Sather, Messier and Kurri . Messier grew watching grez. Kevin Lowe watched. Wayne gretzky is by far the greatest player to ever live Wicky .Its just a fact.

  99. all praise sather on

    so when gabby exploded during the first half of the season, he should have been smart enough to throttle down a little, and start resting up for the stretch run, which may or may not have mattered? was that a serious post?

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    Gaborik was tired . Make yer own conclusions.

  101. Tank The Season on

    For those of you waiting for the Rangers to make their next move, be reminded that we won’t get a new player who makes $ until Staal is signed.

  102. Tank The Season

    both parties know that Staal is coming back, they dont need to wait for him to sign. I dont see what Staal has to do with anything…

  103. “so when gabby exploded during the first half of the season, he should have been smart enough to throttle down a little, and start resting up for the stretch run, which may or may not have mattered?”

    He couldn’t afford to “throttle down” because the team sucked, and nobody was scoring. He was the only goal scorer on the god damn team. What the dumbass should have done is skip the Olympics, especially since he was injured. But noooo, he had to play for his garbage team that couldn’t win a Bronze medal at the very least.

  104. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on


    Bro, I don’t really know what to add. it is obvious that some of us are just going to have to agree to disagree about jagr. Did his first post lockout season help us? Absolutely! His point total was great. You can’t argue that and I’m not. But that point total was pretty inflated considering his last 6 season avg of 87 pts per season. You can attribute the bigger point total to the NHL over emphasizing the new rules first year post lockout. His point total dropped from 123, to 96, to 71. He had a great first year and I loved having his points every year on the team, but the thing is he didn’t carry anything or anyone as captain. If not for the avery trade, we would have not made the playoffs during jagr’s 96 point season (speculation on that, but most here, whether you like avery or not, would have to agree with that).

    You brought up drury (I said nothing about him) and we all bag on him and his salary (if he made 3 mil a season most of us wouldn’t complain). over his first 3 full seasons with the rangers drury’s point total has dropped from 58, 56, to 32. A 26 point drop over 3 seasons. Jagr’s was a 52 point drop over 3 full seasons. OMFG, not only would drury be in negative numbers but he would be crucified even more on this blog (if that was possible) if he dropped 52 points over 3 seasons. It is just so hypocritical by the jagr fanatics on this blog.

    Let’s spin it a different way, jagr scores more points than drury, so the drop might be unfair to compare on point total because jagr has more to lose. Makes sense, so let’s do percentages. Jagr’s dropped 42% and drury’s was 45%. Seems pretty even to me, but drury is lambasted and jagr is the wonderful captain??? Makes zero sense man, zero sense! It’s garbage! Facts are facts. With jagr as captain we have 0 cups. With drury, we have 0 cups. Seems as far as captains go, drury is not any better than jagr and jagr is not any better than drury. let me put it another way..

    as captain drury=jagr

    Jagr was a great offencive player on the downside of his career when he got to the rangers. That is just what he was. It is not taking anything away from his hall of fame career, but it is absolutely ridiculous to treat him as a savior/great captain, because he wasn’t. Great offencive player, great career, nothing special at all as a captain, not any more special than drury is, not any less.

    As far as gretz goes, well again, agree to disagree. 100% hands down the greatest offencive player to ever play the game. Most people are enamored with statistics, measureables, tangible things. So most people go with stats and gretz had the best. I do not disagree with any of your points about him, but he may not have accomplished as many of those things if he didn’t have kurri, mess, coffey and so on supporting him. Once gretz left that supporting cast, he did nothing, mess won without gretz and with a couple of different supporting casts. Mess was a more COMPLETE hockey player than gretz ever was (Mess definitely developed his hitting, fighting, and do whatever it takes to win attitude from gretz because that is how gretz played right?? No way my friend, no way! Two players with completely different playing styles and mentalities).

    To me hockey is an all encompassing sport. There is way more to the game than just goals and assists. Mess was a complete hockey player in every way. He could and did do it all on the ice. There is no doubt IMHO that he was the greatest player to play the game up to this point.

    He is also the best type of player to be a captain on a team. That can lead on the ice in various ways, not just with scoring or blocking shots. A captain that can lead scorers to score, hitters to hit, and nasty guys to play nasty. It is why I would take vinny lecav, iggy, rick nash, chara, or even mike richards as captain over drury or jagr any day.

    I did not say I wouldn’t take jagr on my team, just not as captain!

    Guess in the end we will just have to agree to disagree like I said earlier!

  105. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    With that being said, I had a very long long day at work, so I’m out!

    good night jim bob!

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