Cupcakes are not just for Islanders


But they started it all.

I know you guys discussed this a lot yesterday, but for those just joining us, here is the viral craze about NHL cupcakes.

Be aware that, as with anything viral, some of it is inappropriate and some of it contains some language that we don’t use here (right boys and girls?).

Most of it, though, is pretty darn funny and clever.


I’ll stop back in later on. By the way, yesterday we posted the schedule of guest bloggers for next week. I haven’t heard from all of you guys yet. Just want to make sure you saw the schedule and you’re OK with it.

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  1. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    ….to wish all fellow boneheads a good Friday morning!!!!

  2. LI RangerFan on

    Like the cupcake comment about Patrick Kane: “made with alcohol…and is available for 20 cents” :o)

  3. Viral? Contains some inappropriate language? I thought I knew viruses pretty well. They don’t speak. :-)

    Morning, boneheads!

    Fran, your assessment of last year’s PP is spot on. But do you think it’s a lack of personnel or coaching issue?

  4. LI RangerFan on

    Ilb, you are absolutely correct that the PP issues are a combination of personnel and coaching. It seemed to me from watching last season, there were many instances where the PP unit almost looked as though they were fearful of taking chances (due to repercussions from Tortorella, possibly?). It also never seemed as though the PP had any cohesion, other than a few brief plays.

  5. Johnny LaRue on

    Sure, I like a cupcake every now and then, like everybody else. You know I like it when they have a little cream on the inside. It’s a surprise. That’s good. Plus the chocolate ones are good, too. Sometimes I just can’t even make up my mind. A lot of times I’ll mix the two together, make a vanilla fudge.

  6. The Wade Redden cupcake. Very expensive, soft and delicate with some white powder sprinkled on top.

  7. Do we really have to harp on Redden and this unfounded rumor of drug abuse? I bet 80% of the NHL players abuse alchohol. I bet another good portion abuse steroids. I bet Redden does not use performance enhancing drugs!!!!

    I don’t know where I am going with this. . . .

  8. Good morning all.

    LI RangerFan, your observation “It also never seemed as though the PP had any cohesion, other than a few brief plays.” applies to the team’s play in general. They looked disjointed and out of sync more times than not. The PK was the only part of their game where they played as a unified unit. I increasingly blamed poor coaching more than lack of effort. If things continue like this I can see Torts being fired during the course of this season. I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion about Torts and his performance. He certainly could stand some lessons on how to conduct a press conference. If his behavior when being asked reasonable questions by the press is any indication of his relationships with the players this team has problems deeper than getting a crease clearing D-man and more scoring.

  9. The Carcillo Cupcake. Looks like carcillo, smells like carcillo, tastes like carcillo, because it IS carcillo. What you see is what you get.

  10. cwgatti- agree on Redden. It’s an accusation, and a serious one. As far as I’m concerned, it’s also poorly substantiated.

  11. Cwgatti, I like how you can’t stand unfounded rumors of Redden’s drug habit, then turn around and claim that 80% of the league is abusing alcohol. Way to be consistent.

  12. The Joe Thornton cupcake: its big, expensive and looks great but is not available in April & May (apart from in our Pebble Beach store), instead its replaced on the menu with:
    The Dustin Byfuglien cupcake: its big, not too expensive and is popular in our Chicago store, but will be sold out by end of May and replaced with:
    The Jonathan Toews cupcake: its vanilla.

  13. just heard rumoer Kovalchuk > Kings

    i said it once and i’ll say it again it’s the Kings or the KHL

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Boston needs to shed salary. I read that if they can’t find a taker for Savard or Thomas, they might demote Michael Ryder.

    If you could take Ryder or Gagne on waivers, which would you prefer and why?

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Best possible outcome: Redden gets sent to Hartford but refuses to report. We can void his contract and get the cap AND the money off of our books.

  16. What is Valentenko’s status?

    Read where his KHL contract was going to be terminated and his agent said he would be attending prospect camp. He didn’t as far as I know.

    Has he not been released from his KHL contract yet?

  17. I really wonder what Redden will do if and when he’s demoted. Find it hard to believe he’d risk voiding a contract that would pay him gobs of money over the next four years, just as long as he shows up to work.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree Adam. I think he will report the first year for sure. I think eventually though, he may just refuse. Four years of riding the buses? He may decide it’s not worth the money.

    Truth is, if he were signed for 1 mil, he could probably draw a lot of interest from around the league. It’s the other 5.5 that’s the problem.

  19. Tank The Season on

    The Redden off ice rumors came from Ottawa fans and also applied to Emery and Heatley. Stemmed from a comment one of the Sens writers wrote after they lost in the SC finals regarding the need to get rid of certain veteran players whose off-ice antics were a “bad influence” on younger players and that Redden, Emery, and Heatley were the ones whom they got rid of.

    No drug use was ever substantiated or else they would have been suspended by the Sens.

  20. i know for a fact that one of his former Ottawa teammates used the white powder. I know a guy that claims he’s seen it firsthand and its well known in the Halifax bar scene.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I know a guy that claims to have seen firsthand the president, Osama Bin Laden, and an alien play a game of poker. Doesn’t mean it happened.

    It’s well known in the Loch Ness bar scene that there is a giant monster living in the river. Also doesn’t make that true either.

  22. Gift of GAB-orik ( THANKS 'WHAT' FOR HIS PROMOTION ) on

    is it Oct. 9th yet?

    The offseason cupcake…. after awhile it just goes stale.
    The mini-camp cupcake… some of those you see will be shipped to Hartford in a few weeks.

    The Glen Sather cupcake… it was put together with parts from older more seasoned cupcakes, it’s over priced… and kinda smells like a cigar.

  23. Gift of GAB-orik ( THANKS 'WHAT' FOR HIS PROMOTION ) on

    The Izzy cupcake… is it better than all the others??

  24. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    Rangers Stanley Cup-cake— made once every 54 years.

  25. If Redden won’t like riding buses for four years…there’s always KHL! I bet you he’ll be the top Dman in the entire league…probably be second in scoring…right behind Marcel Hossa!

  26. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on



    go 2048-49 Rangers!!!

    (it better not take that byfuglien long!)

  27. Adam Z.,
    Ummm. . .read what I wrote. I said I “BET” 80% abuse alcohol. If you read it, it is obvious that I am saying something that can’t be substantiated.
    Ummmm. . . .that wa the point
    Only a fool would question my “consistancy”. Unless they don’t understand context. If that’s the case I will bust out my 6th grade grammar instructions for ya.

  28. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    settle down boys… have a cupcake. Or some PED’s.

  29. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    CCCP cupcake…

    Come in

    Takes awhile to get though… they gotta ship out from Moscow!

  30. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    haha sorry man!

    Note to self, contact factory in Moscow… move to Ukraine.

  31. And another thing about claiming they have proof or inside knowledge of players and their vices:

    Your beloved Rangers may have the same issues. I seem to recall a certain retired # was “rumored” to have been under the influence and seriously injuring himself. But of course that is blasphemy because he is a hero.

    But the goat is a surefire coke addict?

    These guys are people. All of whom have flaws. Let’s keep it to substantiated facts, not Canadian bar talk.

  32. Redden, with his set of skills, reputation, beautiful socialite wife and avid salary appetite is SO Ready for KHL. Someone in charge, make him an offer he couldn’t refuse and please, take him to the Russian vastness!

  33. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Bonehead Cupcakes- Old,, tasteless, dry, salty, disagreeable, sometimes bitter, but I still like them for some reason…

  34. Things you learn inadvertantly’

    While watching the “Vintage Games” on NHL Center Ice the other day, it was a run of the Islanders Vancouver playoffs
    which was very interesting.

    First off, I’d forgotten just how hideous those old Canucks uniforms were ( yellow with that ridiculous huge V down the front of the jersey) ugh…but the refereeing was very suspect throughout the game. Potvin for instance committed a number of blatant fouls that were not called,
    ( holding ,tackling, tripping and interference.He got away with murder.)

    The goal tenders: Billy Smith and “King” Richard Brodeur…

    Not a single butterfly was seen conducted thru that entire game. Both goal tenders stood their ground, faced the shooters, and left little or nothing to shoot at..they knew how far to come out to cut the angle, moved laterally with a sliding step, and always, stick on the ice, glove poised and pads stacked both feet together and facing shooters. Tough to beat.

    Billy smith used his stick in that goal mouth like a saber,
    and at one time, Stan Smyl was trying to get in the crease, and Smith threw a round house with the stick and caught Smyl right in the face, ref standing right there – no call -Smyl went nuts with the Ref, and rightly so. ( The blood on his face was very notable.) The ref just stared at him. Wow.
    Other things noted ..Bossy was deadly as a shooter from within the attacking zone, and he was strange in that you never noticed him. I think partly because he wasn’t that great a skater, not very fast or that good on his feet, but like Heatly he had a way of “showing up” at the right time, seemingly from no where, and bingo – red light.

    It was really a terrific game, but what mayhem allowed on the ice. A long forgotten pair on Canucks, that I recalled well, Ivan Boldirev, the former Blackhawk, and Harold Snepst
    The helmetless warrior. That was really a very good Vancouver team, even though they did look unsettling with those suits. Isles took the game, but that refereeing! Not today would that have happened.

    Really brought back some memories.

  35. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    The Brandon Dubinsky cupcake… had to hold out being baked for lack of dough.

  36. Gift of GAB-orik (Any newbies to gang up on??) on

    the Lundqvist cupcake, your back will hurt from carrying the rest of the cupcakes.

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mark Messier cupcake- Shipped to Vancouver for 3 years and came back old and stale.

  38. Marty Brodeur Cupcake – Loaded with saturated fat.

    Esa Tikkanen Cupcake – Ebid rabada teepu na!

  39. Larry Brooks cupcake – you’ll never eat it cause the bully at the bus stop is going to take it away from you.

  40. I’m cracking up at these cupcakes posts.

    Ryan Callahan cupcake- kinda on the small side and sometimes misses on the taste, but everyone loves it anyway

  41. The Illya Kovalchuk cupcake….
    comes from Russia, over-priced and everyone is hesitant to take a bite

  42. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    These stupid cupcake posts – Freaking retarded!!

    Kind of annoying? they were stupid the first time some idiot posted it on twitter and are even more retarded now that everyone is making up there own

  43. here we go again on

    now we know from an nhlpa investigation costing millions that former union head Paul Kelly, who actually knew hockey and was a reasonable and intelligent leader, well he was railroaded out of the job by 3 jerks, Andrew Ference, Matt Stajan, and dan Hamhuis, 3 clowns who are not even top players and are all overpaid

    and after this season there may be another work stoppage because these 3 idiots have brought that confrontational jerk from baseball, Fehr, to run the nhlpa.

    enjoy this season coming up, it may be the last before the league players shoot themselves in the foot again.
    it is all chronicled at;_ylt=AsAPO5BmPpZwX9J1Yg4ZgXx7vLYF?urn=nhl,256456

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