Today’s quiz (updated)


There are two anniversaries approaching which began a total transformation of the Rangers’ landscape.

One of them is tomorrow, July 15. The other is Aug. 28. Can you tell me what happened on either of those dates?


Reached out to some former Boneheads about guest posts. Sam Weinman (over in Scotland for the Open Championship) and Jane McManus (now at ESPN-NY) can’t do it. But they both said to say Hi to you guys.

Josh Thomson, 26, will do one. I will have the schedule posted later today or tomorrow.

Also asked my former sports editor — don’t want to use his name without permission, but he was in the big chair back when I was hired in the late 1970s and he was also the Rangers beat writer who gave me my start and so graciously gave me the opportunity later to do it on a full-time basis — if he’d be interested in posting. He lives in Florida and told me he’s “the Delray Bonehead.”

How about that?


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 4 P.M.: The Rangers just announced they’ve re-signed minor-league forward Brodie Dupont.

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  1. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    The only happy anniversary is June 14, 1994 , all the other dates are useless.

  2. I know I’m right about messier. The only thing I can think if for 8/28 is my wedding anniversary and for some strange reason my mind goes blank after that???

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carped again! You think you’re tough, picking on an old man?

    This clique is ganging up on me!!!!!

  4. I believe August 28 is when Colorado matched NYR’s offer to Sakic. It’s also my wife’s birthday. You win some, you lose some…

  5. bull dog line on

    Messier resigned with the Rangers on July 13, and signed with Vancouver july 28. I might have them backwards, but those are the dates.

  6. Sorry my bad…messier came back to nyr as free agent 7/13/2000

    only things for 8/28 is bathgtes b-day and Jan hlavac signing…guessing neither of those are the answer

  7. something much, much bigger on July 28. Not that Daniel’s wife’s birthday isn’t big.

    Izzy, maybe you’d like to pick on somebody your own age.

  8. With the dearth of information regarding ‘He who must not be signed’ there is some good news…

    Tomorrow is the start of National Rabbit Week in Canada!

    July 15–21. To pay tribute to the rabbit for being a great companion to humans as a house pet. Recognition should also be given to any rabbit that has done something special to help mankind (e.g., saved someone’s life, visited patients at a hospital, etc). The public should be informed during this week on the proper care of rabbits and the problems with buying an “Easter” rabbit. For info: Melvin Rabbit, CP 157, Place du Parc, Montreal, QC, Canada H2X 4A4. Phone: (514) 849-0888. E-mail:

    (Thanks Carp for the proper acknowledgment of my wife’s big day)

  9. Didnt know anything was wrong with your brother, ilb, but now that I do, I hope he fully recovers.

    How are you doing jpg?

  10. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    happy bastille day to any of you who care!!

    Flyers gave gagne permission to talk directly to teams.

    Love the fact henry is going to the red bulls.

    Man, eaten alive by mosquitos helping a lady change a flat tire last night…..driving me NUTS!!!! (I know, short trip)!

  11. thanks for asking CR9.

    in a weird place since i’m babysitting someone else’s dog this week. it’s a nice, very needy dog but i feel kinda of bad because i’m just not too much in the mood to be constantly around one right now.
    (update for those new here…my Newfoundland suddenly took ill a couple weeks ago and died the next morning during surgery.)

  12. ccbg, as we like to say, that’s more like a putt than a drive.

    But nice job helping the lady change the tire.

    can’t give you another “way to go” bull dog, so how about an “atta boy”?

  13. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    well, i’ve tried posting a link to wtih a recent dubi interview video, but it never makes it. So there is one out there folks!

  14. Adam

    Despite reports to the contrary, Sather and Carp are not negotiating for a guest-post spot. Sources report that Carp was overheard saying Sather is not in the running, never was, never will be.

  15. as far as today’s quiz…

    in regards to Mike Keenan, weird that it’s being brought up today since i was discussing him last night.

    my point about his departure is that i don’t think we would have won a second Cup with him as coach due to how he used the players and room. seemed to be a struggle to keep it together in ’94.

  16. although it will give them cap relief, the flyers seemed like a different (and better) team with gagne in the lineup.

    if we were to get him i would rather it be a deal that involves another team. would not like to see any of our players traded straight to philly.

    on a side note, isn’t it amazing how blair betts finally found the ability to score goals when he changed uniforms. yeeeesh!

  17. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I’m probably in the minority here (big shocker) but I think campbell did a good job of coaching, the team really went downhill after he was let go!

  18. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I actually think one of my fave ranger teams ever was the one with ulfie and the little ball of hate on it.

  19. jpg, I agree,a repeat would have been difficult if not impossible because of his broken relationships with so many players, not to mention Neil Smith.

    But it started a house of cards falling: The compensation trade of Lidster and Tikkanen for Nedved, the tip of the iceberg.

  20. wicky, i’ve been saying that for years. he certainly had plenty of faults as a coach, but hard to argue with seven playoff series in three seasons, in a very difficult spot taking over the defending champ, after the coach bolts, the captain holds out, and a lockout!

    Still the best coach they’ve had in the last 16 years.

  21. Carp
    i was going to mention that


    but i’m very very tired and wasn’t sure i had the facts right.

    i never understood that trade. if it’s compensation then we should have just received a player or players or picks or $$. i’m guessing the league was admitting it was tampering but didn’t want it to go any further. still, it would have been nice to have kept Tik.

    was it Lidster who looked like Jerry Seinfeld?

  22. You are not alone, Wicky. Campbell was a good coach, better at that than at waht he is doing now. Good work helping that lady. So much for goon!

    Izzy- the question waas a coninuation of that famous Mandelbaum episode, I’m sure you know.

  23. I cannot understand what all the furor is over the possibility of a “clique” or two so what? What does that have to do with each one’s individual posting.

    If there is an actual clique, it hasn’t made any difference in my estimation as to how info is passed or received.

    Sounds like a tempest in a tea pot as the saying goes.

    Sort of like ” the elephant labored mightily and brought forth a mouse.”

    For new posters here, I have a very simple solution for you,should you be among the easily offended folk who are
    voicing your concerns. It’s all OK. Speak your piece and let the chips fall where they may.

    You may recall the late great cartoonist Al Capp, who gave the country those wonderful Dogpatch people and Li’l Abner.
    He didn’t last long among the politically correct crowd, because he offended EVERYBODY. And gleefully. You notice you never see any recreation or continuance of his cartoons…………..Sadie Hawkins day, the people of Lower Slobbovia,( which took in every country with a ‘Stan” in their title. And he puled no punches about the way he viewed the “peaceniks” …I recall an instance where a college scraped a few hundred dollars together and asked him to speak before them and he did. Then one of the Ivy league groups asked him what he’d charge and he said several thousand dollars. They were aghast and asked him why so much more. Here’s in his own manner not a direct quote but pretty close: “There’s no way I’d come up here and talk to a bunch of Commy pinko bed wetters like you for anything less.” And they paid it! And he let them have it. And they ate it up.

  24. Yes, very Seinfeld-ian. The compensation case came down that way because Nedved was so highly regarded … they didn’t feel Keenan for Nedved straight up was fair.

  25. Izzy
    Great, me too. Let’s see. We have already 2 lines. I have 2 wingers (6’2″ and 6’1″ 224 and 210lb respectively)and center-5’2″ (139lb.).What do you have to offer? Our team needs help this season, desperately, don’t they?

  26. Carp, just how close was Messier to sitting out the banner ceremony? Why did that negotiation turn so acrimonious?

  27. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    and finally healy, my fave ranger back up ever, involved from the bench and gravey holding his own guy and helping hold johnson to protect lucky luc.


  28. that’s an awesome video … I wonder if that’s what led to Matt Johnson’s cheap shot during the regular season that pretty much ended Beuk’s career. I don’t remember. I probably wasn’t in LA for that preseason game and I’m sure it wasn’t televised.

  29. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    4ever- I have two sons that are forwards (Center and Rt Wing)and I still play defense on our roller hockey team. We played Ice Hockey too, but there is a lot more cement around here than ice. Especially in summer. I also have a lovely daughter that could beat the carcillo out of any foul mouthed fan in the rink. :)

  30. Carp,

    I’ll never forget when news came across WFAN that Keenan was using citing the Rangers not honoring his contract and was declaring himself a “free agent,” I was on my way to a roller practice in Stony Brook, needless to say, my 13 year old self could not focus at all and got yelled at for most of it.

    I also remember a few days or whatever it may have been later when WFAN had announced the Nedved for Lidster and Tikkanen trade was the “compensation” for Keenan bolting to the Blues. As big of a fan as I was of Nedved, we definitely got the worst of that deal.

  31. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    yep that shot on beuk and the one domi put on ulfie were two of the most cowardly shots I have ever seen (along with a muller slew foot and boyle’s slew foot).

  32. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Keenan coming back to MSG is an abomination. I don’t care if he coached us to a Cup, the way he bailed out during the playoffs makes me think the Rangers won in spite of him, not because of him.

    Like Lindros and Brashrear wearing Ranger Blue. An ugly, ugly sight.

  33. I also wonder, despite him winning the Cup, how many players truly want to play for him. Izzy is right, in spite of could the real reason. I think most of the players hate him and have no desire to play under him, Cup be damned.

  34. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I also read that Ted Sator was another little tyrant as a Rangers Coach. Without the Cup win, of course…

  35. Carp,

    when will you let me know if I should send you something for a guest blog?

  36. Carp,
    Help me with one of my favorite quotes of all time.

    Keenan: “Heels, what’s the difference between me and al Arbor?”

    Healy: “Four rings”

  37. Izzy
    It’s amazing, because power center (5’2″) I referred to, is my daughter, like yours – ball of fury(Fleury, without drinking problem).Being from northern part of former USSR and having crazy me, my kids learn to skate before walk.

  38. Keenan desperately wanted the Rangers job back when Messier returned in 2000, yes Carp? Couldn’t have been worse than Low

  39. your answer below

    Sather came to Town –

    from Wiki

    “Glen Sather is the most successful coach in Oilers history. Under his leadership the team set several NHL records, including most team goals for and holding several spots in the best winning seasons ever. They won 3 President’s Trophies for best league regular season record. Their playoff record was even more impressive, winning 133 games and losing 82 en route to five Stanley Cups in six Finals appearances. In 1985–86, Sather won the Jack Adams Award as the league’s best coach. Teams he has coached for a full season have only finished out of the playoffs once and had winning records 8 out of 11 seasons. He currently stands tenth in coaching wins in NHL history.
    Stanley Cup Champion 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990
    Outside of the NHL, Sather has been instrumental in building Canadian national teams for the 1984 Canada Cup ( tournament champions ), the 1994 Ice Hockey World Championship ( Gold Medal winners ) and 1996 World Cup of Hockey ( Finalists ).
    Sather was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1997.”

  40. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    this next clip makes me think of a couple of issues with the current rangers…

    first, you go after our offencive star, and we will go after yours….renney understood that, torts doesn’t get it.

    second, dubi is a good young player, but no leader. Shanny sees a guy (physical thug type player) go after our star, talks the talk, then walks the walk at centre ice. Dubi, sees a guy do the same thing (carcillo piece of carcillo), talks the talk in the box and…….does nothing. I think dubi is a good young player, but at this point he is NOT a leader and is no where near the type of player Graves or Shanny ever was even at the early stages of their careers!!

  41. jpg

    that is very weird and dont feel bad, you not wanting to be around the dog is fully understandable.

  42. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Gagne would help the Rangers a lot but the cost might be too much to bother, and there is still a matter of the cap issue. They need to waive Redden to pay Staal. So who gets waived/traded to pay Gagne?

  43. Would love Gagne, but dont think Flyers would trade him to division rivals, secondarily, and to the NYR, primarily.

  44. Tank The Season on

    CR9 – I think the whole “Atlantic Division teams are forbidden from trading with one another” thing died with the inception of the cap.

    Gagne has a NTC. If he’s willing to go to the Rangers, and Sather is willing to give the Flyers whatever they’ll agree to take in exchange for him, it’ll happen. The Flyers are dealing from a position of weakness as 1)Gagne has a history of injuries worse than Gaborik and 2) They MUST get rid of him (or Carter, or Briere, whom they’d prefer to keep) to get under the cap.

    If the return is Gilroy and a 2nd rounder in 2011 (of which we have two) that’d be worth it to me.

  45. The Flyers are dealing from a position of weakness. The NEED to get rid of Gange. The Rangers should only take him if he goes on waivers. Or, for a couple draft picks. Not 1st-3rd rounders. The Rangers are better off without him if they have to pay.

  46. I wouldn’t even give them Gilroy for Gange. Gilroy has just one pro season under his belt. And that is at the NHL level. VERY FEW players endure that grind the first year. Gilroy isn’t MDZ, but he needs another chance. Especially if Redden gets taken out back. . . .

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Gagne seasons missing 10+ games: 4/10
    Gaborik seasons missing 10+ games: 5/9

    Historically, Tank, you’re wrong.

  48. cw, hah. I don’t remember that one. I do have some Healy’s Greatest Hits though.

    Adam, he wanted it in 2000 and he wanted it again, even moreso, when they hired Trottier. Would have been a better hire than both of those, even with the baggage.

  49. I dont think any of these potential trades are going to happen just yet – the entire market seems to be waiting for Kovalbron to sign before commiting to trades and any other free agents – even the Kaberle sweepstakes are on hold waiting……..waiting……..bored now, just frickin sign for the Kings so we can all move on please!!!

  50. Since Philly likes goons so much, can we trade them Brashear for Gagne so they can bury him in the minors?

  51. JPG-
    Sorry to hear about your dog. I’m a regular reader, but I must have missed that one. I know it’s tough. My wife and I are still mourning the death of our French Mastiff back in October.

    Also, Lidster was the Jerry Seinfeld look-alike. : )

    “Despite reports to the contrary, Sather and Carp are not negotiating for a guest-post spot. Sources report that Carp was overheard saying Sather is not in the running, never was, never will be.”

    Funny stuff!

    Carp- Any chance of getting Walt MacPeek as a guest? He’s always been one of my favorites and I know you got him last year.

  52. Now, now, Ack. We don’t gang up as a clique anymore. We must be more rational with our distribution of shine boxes.

  53. I’m impressesd guys. I couldn’t tell you what month July 15 was in.

    Jason nailed that first one in 6 minutes.

    Nice job bull dog as well.

    Wicky- no good deed goes unpunished. Way to go Brooks Laich!

    and regarding your Dubi comments -rubbish! My Blog Goon friend named ZzZz might have to go Shanny on you. ; )

  54. ok carp, i just went and read bull dog got the quiz right. keenan declared his free agency and i had one of teh coolest b days in history. i got a remote control car, some hockey gear(new stick,pucks,balls,a net,rollerblades) i also got nhl 94 for the genesis!!!! what a great b day, thats the only one i rememebre specific gifts i got. best was the rangers wionning teh cup a few weeks prior. wore my black n white nyr stanley cup 94 hat every single day in school too.

  55. You’re right Carp, my apologies. Please excuse my misuse of the handing out the shineboxes.

  56. Grabby

    Sounds like a tough situation – hang in there bud -stay strong

    Happy Birthday, if I don’t catch you.

  57. Vitaly,
    At least they’re not cold by the time you get back to your seat. Excuse me, gotta go, I think there are crumbs dropping down the back of my neck…

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Vitaly, I hear Wang is threatening to get his sprinkles from Kansas City if they don’t get approval for the Lighthouse project.

  59. Orr-

    Bigot, mentally cracked or some combination of the two it’s still kind of sad to hear someone’s life destruct in 3 minute bites.

  60. hahah right on carpy!!!

    ddeb-thanks bud. my uncle(dads brother) came over today and him and my dad just left to go do some work on my uncles new deck and hes gonna put a fence around it and some other things. good to have him get out of the house and let off some steam. poor guy has 6 months till he gets his pension but he had all these plans of going to disney with his wife(which i was gonna take my daughter to when they went), taking her all over the country to see the grand canyon,las vegas, back to nyc to show her where he grew up in brooklyn, and of course manhattan . i hope God gives him some peace. because i cant. nobody can. all i can do is talk to him and try to comfort him. im tellin ya, if one more person dies in my family, were gonna fall apart. this has been the worst year and a half beginning with my grandpa(fathers dad),2 uncles(moms brothers), an aunt,stepmother, and one of my cousins back in ny. my grandma has cancer. so were droppin like flies. and im sorry for bringing this into a hockey forum, i know this is not the kind of stuff to be discussed ehre. im not trying to draw any sympathy. just feels good to get things off my chest to you guys. you guys are all like a 2nd family here. awesome people. all of youse,. and we have to get the bonehead prospects out west(me,wicky,greg,tonylinda,and others) out to the next bonehead gathering.
    i have to meet all of you and especially greg. the guy is an out of this world personality for sure and loves his rangers. im sure wed all have a few laughs after he gets a few beers in him.

  61. Carp,
    That quote from Healy is in the book “Losing the Edge”, by Barry Maisel. I lent the damned thing out a few years ago and I never got it back. I collect hockey books. The only problem I have is lending them out.

  62. mike, nothing wrong with bringing that here. there’s a lot of compassion and good wishes and prayers among the otherwise-nutzo Boneheads community.

    Hang in there, bud.

  63. mike, First off big hugs to you. Secondly, I know what you are going through seeing your dad like this. I’ve seen my own father deal with those same emotions over the past year and they never get any easier to deal with. All you can do is try to cheer him up whenever possible and try to help him establish some sense of new normalcy whenever he’s ready to try that. It’s more about just being there for him now than anything else.

  64. Mike –

    Don’t be sorry- stay strong, be there for your Dad and I hope things get better for you and your family.
    The ‘heads’ will be here for you.

  65. That MZA link someone posted the other day was pretty impressive. And he IS only 22.
    Have to think there’s a good chance he could be 5′ 8″ 170lbs once he fully matures. lol
    But seriously never underestimate what heart and desire can overcome. He certainly looks like he has the skills.

  66. stay strong my friend….I sure as heck hope you have a tremendously tremendous birthday tomorrow….Happy Birthday!!! (first? :)

    and remember, bonehead love worked for ilb’s brother so hopefully it will for you too!

  67. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    If you need anything bro, you know how to get a hold of me!!!

  68. Two things:
    1). Sympathies to Mike. You never have to apologize to this group for getting things off of your chest. I went through a similar string of events last year. It gets better.

    2). Why don’t we try to get together for a game or two in the future. If you guys go out for a beer or two before the game, drop a time and place here on the board and maybe we can put faces to the names.

  69. any trades today of a certain number 17. no not kovalchuk i’m talking about the nose picker.

    maybe tomorrow?

  70. Orr-

    First two times trying to load Sather:

    “An error occurred” — how appropriate!

  71. Czechthemout!!!! on

    So It did not take Sather that long to have his “you lie” moment this year. Just days after telling Andrew Gross that “we are looking to give the kids like Stepan,Grachev” a chance to play. He is in negotiations to bring in another brittle washed up has been who will probably get between 2-3 million a per on a two year deal and stand in the way of a kid like Stepan or Werek from making the team regardless of whether or not that kid deserves it.

  72. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Nose picker

    I have a better idead. Why don’t we trade you to another blog instead.

  73. nose picker
    Your repeated chew so old and distaistful even for you.Swallow what you pick already and shut up. And stop whining, you poor moose surrounded by boneheads’ wolf pack.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hockey Talkey !! " … says Greg L. on

    Hey Mike , you taker easy man.`Hang in there and be strong for him . You wear yer emotions on yer sleeve and never worry ’bout sharing with us !!! Yer our buddy Mike!!!

    HUH ,whaaaaa someone bashing Dubi ( ty ddeb)…Wicky , was that youuuuu??

    Give Dubi a break, hes only 24!!!! He is our toughest goal scoring forward and no one cares more than he does.
    It takes time to mature .Look at him when hes scores. He looks amazed!!! He is still young and will grow more this season.

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