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  1. This place is quiet -someone needs to say Kovalchuk.

    Or maybe Kovalschmuck, Kovalskunk or Kolalchuken

  2. Rangers should definitely go after Gagne.

    Contract year, motivated, will probably want to get revenge on former team, injury prone to open a spot for a Kid if necessary

    Sounds good to me.

    I’d trade a 3rd rounder and a low-grade prospect OR just our additional 2nd round pick.

    No one’s gonna offer the Flyers much since they are desperate and Gagne has a NTC so he has all the leverage

  3. 4everanger
    July 14th, 2010 at 6:38 pm
    nose picker
    Your repeated chew so old and distaistful even for you.Swallow what you pick already and shut up. And stop whining, you poor moose surrounded by boneheads’ wolf pack.

    SEEMS to me you are whining one. i’m just here to say my piece. if you don’t like it tough.

  4. Ilya > Gaborik

    The names were Greg and Linda’s fun -not a knock him as a player, although I wouldn’t want him given our current status and his demands

  5. As a regular at both the Banter website and the Radio show, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, Carp!
    While I only occasionally post here, I always read your stuff, and often read the boneheaded comments ;-)

  6. LMAO @ ‘heads up, Carp!

    Mike- hang in there, bud. And keep your dad busy- sounds like that would be the best medicine at the moment.

  7. * Gagne $5.250 million
    Games 58
    Goals 17
    Points 40

    * Chris Drury $ 8 million
    Games 77
    Goals 14
    Ass. 18
    Points 32

    * i beg to differ too.

  8. I know you said it on purpose, but I couldn’t resist a chance to be corny -but what’s the other word? – with an a?

  9. I once told a woman I coined the phrase, “Pardon my French.”

    If I could get Gagne at a reasonable rate, I’d do it. I know he won’t play a whole season, but when he plays he’s on the first line … for one year. He’s an exceptional and underrated player.

  10. Hmmm. We have math and language class tonight I see.

    Why does The Mouth’s site have Carp being on at 8? and there’s a show on now that ain’t Carp that’s supposed to go for another 1:48…..I am so confused.

  11. Anybody going to watch the ESPY’s?

    They added some NHL awards to include Hockey players more.

    Sure to be some babes there tonight. Ashely Greene will be there. She’s a personal fav of mine.

  12. paulg in sunrise on

    We need to have so you think you can dance wednesday night extra blog hour(s) – only time i can do this without any issues from the wife.

    So Gagne for a pick (Carolina’s second next year – which was Washingtons so it is a late pick) is just right. Rangers could easily make room plus its an expiring contract like Jokinen – cluld be a tradeable chip at deadline.

    Rangers should still find room for Kovulschmuck.
    Gilroy gets no love, but he will be much better this year and he should be kept. Rangers may have the youngest D in league by start of season – which is fine – Hank is supposed to be the best (top 5) – add Kovi then rangers have chance to actually outscore someone.

    Lots of yound D in pipeline – Vets are Girardi and Staal (redden to minors trade rozi) I like it

    I wonder if the Yankees will wear the more breathable cotton uniforms next home game

  13. Censored, indeed! WTB?? LOL

    Kovalchuk is right behind Ovechkin…That is why you should spare no expense in acquiring him.

  14. but the Rangers aren’t giving in to his ridiculous demands so its not happening.

    i mean dont get me wrong i want the Rangers to give him a 37 year contract too but luckily common sense is prevailing…

  15. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I love the blueshirt banter show where they said we waaaaay overvalue cally and dubi because they are homegrown….so true!!!

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hockey Talkey !! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO yes we would have been able to do what the Flyers did Mouth!!!! We lost in game fricking eighty two man , come on!!!!! It was close!!!!!!

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hockey Talkey !! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOO this guy with mouth is a goof . Get lost punk!!!

  18. bull dog line on

    Stephan Matteau, and Pierre Turgeon, both played in the Little League World Series. so where do they stack up against Drury.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hockey Talkey !! " … says Greg L. on

    wohooooooooooo Carps on Radio ….NOW!!!

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hockey Talkey !! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOO game 82 in PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hockey Talkey !! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOO we aint heading for misery!!!! NO MORE bashing or im gonna pukeeeeee!!!!

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    still thinking ’bout the Carp dying part HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    “did he die?” …awsome!!!!

  23. ha. check out the online comments on the site…mcilrath rocks (not)obviously reads the blog…:)

    I’m guessing so does costa the crazy greek given his Johnny Dangerously reference….

  24. mah sauces! mah sauces! lol

    its something that happen to come up. its a rumor right now. not true from what people know.

  25. i have to say, my favorite seinfeld moment is ‘i’m sorry, that’s incorrect. the correct answer is moops’ :)

  26. let me rephrase that.
    its a rumor and no one i know can confirm it.
    that sounds better.

  27. cr
    i dont know anything about that. wish i had some “good news” on that, lol.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    What did he say Momma ? I can’t scroll or do anything on that crazy chatt place.( mcilrath rocks guy)

    Seinfeld sure got popular , I remeber Jerry starting out as a comedian and when his new show came out…I took a pass. Wasn’t into his comedy but ive seen parts of the show and thought it was silly. Never seen a whole episode and all these quotes are new to me HAHAHAHA im soo outta touch!!

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    I go KOO KOO for KO KO VALCHUK!!!!!


  30. there’s a clip on you-tube somewhere, cant find it. Mouth was interviewed by NYR.com, and he spoke in his normal voice. its actually pretty funny to hear because so soft spoken when acting normal. The voice he does on the radio is him stuck in schtick coma.

  31. Greg, he said carp should get carp’d (evil man!!!) nobody but Report readers would use that phrase or know what it means. Even though it’s on t-shirts throughout the land :)

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA Carp got Carped!!! ( Micilrath rocks said)

  33. Huh, now he just posted boneheads rock….I am again confused.

    That ended awfully suddenly!

    APPLAUSE FOR CARP!!! Great show buddy.

  34. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    me thinks you misread “he said carp should get carp’d (evil man!!!)” or it was a typo.

  35. carp n mouth- you guys are great!! carp u had me rollin with some of your stories on muck n trottier, sather and whoever. carp, you should have your own show man. you got that sarcastic kind of way when you describe things or people that is just comical. and i could see who some of teh posters there were regulars here. mcilrath rocks??? ohh gee wicky, i didnt think that was you, lol. cccp wasnt there though.

  36. great job carp.


  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Talkey Hockey !! " … says Greg L. on

    Great job Carp , you should guest blog here next week!!!!

  38. ahh ok mama. i saw t there last week, but maybe he used a different name. dbmaven i know comes here and some others used different names im guessing. all hilarious posts. i miss ny. hearin carp and mouth talk makes me think of home. the people here are like a bunch of drury clones. dull!!!

  39. You right, Blaze. He really lost some weight. Perhaps he is preparing his body for the next year. That way he can accommodate a lot of Drury’s pizza in CT.

  40. reddens a good guy. he is definitely not half the player he used to be, but hope he does get his act together if he is indeed on the powder. ruins ya completely. changes your personality, your looks, your health, and definitely loved ones.

  41. Wow. I don’t know why it is, but he sure is a lot thinner. Perhaps he’ll be faster now!

    but mike, you get such great corn!

  42. 1994 champions edmonton rangers on

    i heard a rumor that paul mara is in talks with the rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……hope its true

  43. i wont miss him for anything, but if theres one thing wade did i will remember is decking chris clark and knockin him down with one punch. hes so quiet ya dont expect that from him.

  44. actually mama, iowa supplies more than half the countries corn and soy bean production. im not sure why, but iowa kicks ass in growin corn,soy beans, and pigs!! ohh man theyre pork chops , ribs,(especially big country ribs), and ham(the butt) is awesome!! haha but yea other than that it sucks here!!

  45. Would someone provide a link to The Mouth’s site so I can listen to Carp’s interview? TIA

  46. I won’t either mike, but I do kinda feel bad that a guy like him, at his age etc. is going to end his career in hartford. Now, I don’t feel the same way about Bash at all!

    OK, all, time for me to go. Great job again Carp. Sorry for filling up your in box tonight :)

  47. mara? yes!!! we can resume the paul mara/bunyan beard growing contest/picnic!!

    no geez i hope we dont sign him unless rozy is a goner too. mcdonagh will never make the team then, or gilroy either.

  48. and fyi, carp doesn’t come on until about an hour and 15 minutes into the show…

    wicky, this does not count as a laurel. I was assisting a fellow head…..:)

    OK, wait for it….TA!

  49. Mama, thx but ddeb is to brilliant as Boyle is to tremendously tremendous

    Lol Grabby – I was gonna mention soy beans, I think most of the corn is for feed though

  50. go to blueshirt banter radio. thats the site you can hear carp and mouth

    ddeb- yes it is mostly for feed. feeding all the cows and pigs so i can make awesome ribs and steaks!!

  51. I not big on pork but when I was out there I remember having a kick ass tenderloin sandwich.

  52. ddeb- its really not that bad here. i just miss ny so bad. now if cost of living is what it is here in iowa, i’d be back in a ny minute baby. but since ive been here 5 years now, it is startin to grow on me a little. not alot. just a little.

  53. Mama

    Thanks. Long time since I’ve been called a ‘head’. Feels kinda good… come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind a trip down memory lane.

  54. That Mara rumor is BS. We already have too much D-men. Once Dredden goes to the minors, McDonut most likely fills in. It’s his roster spot to lose at this point.

    Then there’s Mr. Seven, Emginger.

  55. see ddeb, thats the thing. they have great beef and pork, but theres not much culture here. i mean, no italian food, no chinese food( a few chinese buffets but theyre not that good. its fine for them cuz theyre used to it, but i am dying for a slice of ny pizza. or a chicken parm hero. im serious when i sy the closest thing to good pizza out here is digiorno!!

  56. i wish he couldve straightened out and been the pp qb and reliable vet we thought he could be. hes just not good anymore. the game has passed him by. all these kids hungry to start a career have way more motivation than him and it shows. i do feel kinda bad too mama. but then i realize hes getting paid 6-7 million bucks a year and i say, who gibves a carcillo!!! so screw ’em. he had 2 years to do something. he didnt. bye. id change sathers diapers for a fraction of what redden made last year alone!!!

  57. Maybe we should FedEx you something once and a while.
    I’ve heard of former New Jerseyans that had Taylor Ham/Pork Roll sent to them by friends. We can send you some cannolis or something.

  58. Tank The Season on

    Mara can come back any day of the week. IMO he should have worn the “C”. THAT is a guy who gave a carcillo.

    Waive Rozsival too and get Mara and we are golden.

  59. Tortorella got rid of Mara b/c he was too slow…he’s not coming back nor are they waiving Rozsival.

    Rozsival might not be worth a 5 mil cap hit, but he is still a top 4 d-man on most teams in this league.

  60. all praise sather on

    i had heard back when redden was in ottawa that he had a problem with…that would surely explain the dramatic decline in his motor skills. and at $6.5M a year he can afford a crapload of it

  61. I did show up for the radio thing…but i was late…my bad. I used the same name i use here…i registered last week! Yeah, I know…I am pretty cool!


    Did you call me Tolya? Where did you here that? Say my name again! I like it :)

  62. Can I believe my eyes?

    Here I thought that I was the only one in the area who appreciated Mara for his playing ability.

    It’s refreshing to find that there are indeed some connoisseursof the D, still around.

  63. fran- wicky likes the mara type of d man. stay at home, physical, and sticks up for teammates. team players like him are always well liked. everybody loved mara here for his leadership and character. he may not have been able to score as well as the rest of the d men but he was respected more. i garauntee you he may not be a torts guy, but he also wouldve killed carcillo for beating gabby up. and torts wouldnt have said anything to him about it either or hed get mauled by the mara bear

  64. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Kovalchuk and the Kings have nearly agreed on terms. I have a friend at the LA Times, they are very close. Expect an announcement soon. They are working out some incentive options and are still looking at length of terms. But Kovalchuk left LA with the idea that a deal would be done.

  65. hey, its my b day!! ohh damn gotta work today. wouldnt it be great if your birthday was an automatic day off of work? hopefully kovy signs today somewhere and so the superstar demitra can finally sign here. the final missing piece to put us over the top.

  66. well coach, i’d like to see your friends credentials ok. u cant just spew info like that out here and not reveal your sauce!! j/k. thank god!!! finally but its still not over yet. today would be a great day to sign an over the hill vet whos injury prone like gagne or savard or demitra!! ohhhh baby i also cant wait to see what that christensen kid can do on the top line! i bet he scores a whopping 8 goals this year.

  67. LI RangerFan on

    Fran – I am totally with you on Paul Mara. Ditto mike-ia’s comments as well. Not flashy by any means, but a steady defenseman who has a role and does his job well.

  68. Good morning, boneheads!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    I hope that Kovaldreck issue resolves soon.

  69. I only liked Mara for his beard and the fact we got rid of Aaron Ward by trading for him. I would rather give our youngsters the experience of playing 3rd pair D than signing him again…

  70. lirangerfan- i remember mara really took on a more of a leadership role his 2nd season here. he was ok when we got him for ward, but its funny he was much better and torts got rid of him, yet hes exactly the type of player we needed last year. i know he wants the d to rush the puck up and join the offense alot, but how many goals did we give up last year watching staal try to play out of his element and lose the puck at our blueline only to be scored on? some guys are just good at defense. we dont expect del zotto to do what volchenkov does right? he hits which is good, but hes not exactly a defensive whiz. he is good at offense. why couldnt mara who was jus missing that one element to his game, be on teh team instead of rozy? or redden. theyer both slow skaters too. and mara probably wouldve gotten 5-6 goals. what did redden have? 2? torts is gonna get alot of credit in my book if redden gets demoted, but he shouldnt have dumped mara liek that.

  71. Mike – happy birthday!

    …and yes i agree there should be a law granting you a paid day off on your birthday (or nearest working day to it for when it falls on a weekend or holiday)

  72. Contract aside, Rozsival is much better than Mara. There really is no debate.

    Some of you guys need to realize that there is more to defense than hitting people.

  73. uk- id rather they just signed mara instead of eminger and have him be our 7th d man/vet presence. mara did take some dumb penalties at bad times though. just like redden n rozy. but at least he had some passion to be a ranger.

    ilb- thanks buddy! im 29 today. man that sounds much better than 30!!! im still a good player in my prime. not a prospect like orr and 909, but not a wily vet like tony or fran, onecup. when i get to be chelios age i will probabaly be here still. ive been at this blog for about 2 years now. holy carcillo maybe more idk. it was when orr got kicked off bb and oleosmurf was there too. i also saw greg. then i started coming here when they made it a pay site. and mostly everyone else too. ohh man i remember orr was like a little avery on the keyboard man. he was trash talkin duby and jess and anybody who challenged him. hes actually calmed down a bit. lol

  74. thanks uk! its just another day, but im still in my twentys!!! geez time goes by fast when you get older. i wish i was 17. i actually miss high school. i used to play some good hockey back then. havent played for years. especially in iowa. nobody owns a hockey stick. they play frisbe golf here! carp might like that actually

  75. Morning folks!

    Happy birthday, Mike!

    Sounds like I missed a good interview with the blogfather last night, will have to catch up on it later today.

  76. rozy is better all around player contract aside oleo. but how much better? 4 million bucks better? thats the only issue is his contract.

  77. mike

    BB was a great place but unfortunately they needed to make it a paysite. I went to Zipay’s blog until Newsday became private. Most of them migrated to Andrew Gross’s blog which I comment on sometimes.

    Jess Rubenstein now that is certainly a character I will never forget…

  78. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Mara? Paul Mara? The guy that Tortorella chased out of two different cities? No way in heck do they go after Mara.

  79. a player’s cap hit is completely irrelevant unless them being here prevents the team from signing someone else.

    if the Rangers waive Redden, they will be able to afford any player they want (except Kovalchuk). If the Rangers really wanted Kovalchuk that badly he’d be here. The Rangers have decided Kovalchuk wont help them enough now so they will go young and avoid the eventual cap problems in the future.

    Next season Rozsival is only due 3 mil, so a team with lots of cap space like PHX, ATL, STL, COL etc. will gladly take Rozsival off our hands should we find ourselves in need of that cap space…

  80. carp,
    you we’re cracking me up last night. you had me rolling when you were talking about muckler.

  81. Tank The Season on

    The rumors go that these players from Ottawa were “problematic” off the ice: Heatley, Redden, and Emery. Note how they are all gone.

  82. Coach Beeblebrox on


    And thus the problem Rangers fans have with Rozsival. He’s not as bad as some make him out to be, but his contract is bad. There is no reason to panic and trade Rozsival, he’s a decent player who makes too much. Technically the same could be said about Drury.

    If Drury was making $3.0 a year, he’d be an excellent 3rd/4th line center, PK player, and captain. Not unlike Tim Taylor was in Tampa Bay. Tim was a 4th line center and captain. So too could Drury be. But at $7.5 million a year, Drury hurts.

    If Rozsival was making $2.75 a year like Girardi, he too would be easier to take.

  83. LI RangerFan on

    @ Beeble – I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the Rangers go after Mara, particularly with Tortorella the coach. The discussion was more about guys like Mara and his style of play are missing with the current D roster.

  84. i understand that the contracts dont match their production but lets say Drury and Rozsival both magically had their cap hits cut in half.

    what would that do for us really. the only player we cant afford is Kovalchuk but even if we had the cap space we wouldnt sign him anyway b/c it makes no sense given the nature of our team…

  85. Good morning all…


    I enjoyed listening to your appearance on The Mouth’s show last night. You mentioned Redden’s exit interview and how it was a pretty clear indication of Tort’s and management’s opinion of his play. I don’t recall reading anything about that. Can you provide more insight?

    LI RangerFan

    Agree 100%. They need one or two mean SOB’s on the blueline. It’s sorely missing.

  86. Blueshirt in Paris on

    That’s the thing with Rozi, he isn’t a 5mil per year player..but now he wont be paid as one, just a cap hit..but someone is signing those checks and you have a choice of trading him and a prospect and getting back a 5mil player and playing that player 5 mil…or keeping Rozi and prospect and paying him 7mil over the next 2 years which is more in line to what he is worth.

    Not only is there a Cap but also a team budget. He might fit better in the budget then he does in the cap.

  87. mike, happy 26th birthday. at my first-ever fulltime job, they did give you your birthday as a paid day off. It ruled.

    Phil, I guess you haven’t been paying attention. Just kidding. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that he will not be here in September … unless he has an unbelievable camp.

    nyrcc, it’s a great comedy subject: Muckler.

  88. Coach Beeblebrox on

    LI Ranger:

    I’m not sure Mara is the guy you’re looking for, even in theory. He’s not as tough as people seem to think he is. He acted tough because the Rangers needed him to, but that’s not really his comfort zone. People seem to forget that Mara was drafted as an offensive defenceman. That was his thing. Renney asked him to be that tougher presence but that was not really the ideal.

    The Rangers have always lacked toughness on defence since Sather too over. He does not believe in toughness, he believes in puck movement. Most of us do not agree, we all want to see some toughness.

    The simple fact that people think Mara was “tough” is hysterical. It only shows how lacking this team has been on the blueline in that area.

  89. Because of Gagne’s NTC and reluctancy to want to waive it … I totally see him screwing over the Flyers by saying he only wants to waive it to play here

    What could the Flyers do?? How could they avoid a firm stance by Gagne only wanting to come here??

    Put him on waivers?? where the Islanders could claim him and he still stays in the division, plus they get no compensation

  90. Coach Beeblebrox on


    If Drury and Rozsival had their cap hit cut in half, it would allow Sather to add something. Maybe not Kovalchuk but something like Frolov. The cap is probably protecting Sather from himself more than anything.

    I’m with you. I’d rather them just bring in all the kids ASAP, and see what sorts out. Then, and only then, if they feel they need help they can look for it.

    Kovalchuk is not the answer to everything as some Rangers fans seem to think. But if they demote Redden and leave that cap space open until the deadline, then if this team is in a position to make a move to get better they can do it.

  91. When Drury’s contract is up in 2 years, I absolutely see the Rangers re-signing him for 2-3 million a year to be a “mentor and captain” for all the kids we will have in the lineup at that time.

    He does play really hard, he seems to really care about being a Ranger, he is just paid WAY too much money right now

    If Rozy was even making just 3-4 million it wouldnt be that bad. He has been a pretty consistently decent player for us for a bunch of years now

  92. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Gagne is an expensive cap hit, even if its only one year. No teams are going to give up much to get him. My guess is he ends up out West to some team like LA with lots of cap space, and the ability to overcome his loss when he gets hurt.

    The Rangers are already packed with forwards. One or two that deserve to make the team will be in the AHL as it is. Adding in a guy like Gagne who cannot stay even a little healthy would be a mistake.

    There is a good chance Gagne ends up re-entry waiver deal like Avery.

  93. Coach Beeblebrox:

    the Rangers have more than enough cap space to sign Frolov right now as long as they waive Redden.

    now signing Frolov makes no sense whatsoever but even if they wanted him, they could have him right now no problem…

  94. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I dont see Gange clearing waivers the first time to even get to re-entry waivers.

  95. Coach,
    Gange will not clear waivers the first time. He will be picked up. Re-Entry will not be an issue. I could esily see Sather snagging Gange. Every team in the league knows Gagne is a gonner. Why trade for him?

  96. By signing Zherdev the Flyer’s put themselves in a difficult situation and it seems Gagne is the fall guy. Sure, Zherdev has offensive talent, but the guy is inconsistent, SOFT and only contributes in one zone. Can anyone explain this move? I’m baffled.

  97. Based on what we’re seeing now anyone else think the CBA will have some sort of renegotiation clause in it for guys who arent living up to their contract?

    Look at the teams who are handcuffed by under-performing vets on big untradeable contracts: NYR (Redden, Drury), Chicago(Campbell, Hossa), TB (Vinny), Edmonton (Souray), Ottawa (Spezza), and probably loads more.

    Its obvious that owners/GM’s have trouble policing themselves so i would expect something about renegotiating, use of NTC’s, maximum terms etc..

  98. cwgatti

    Gagne wouldnt even reach the Rangers at 10. The Islanders or Leafs would pick him up for sure.

    If i’m the Rangers I would give up a 3rd rounder for him. I understand the health concerns but he can help this team make the playoffs with very little effect on the rebuilding process or he can be flipped at the deadline for more than what we gave up.

  99. Coach Beeblebrox on


    I agree Frolov would be a waste, but its just like Sather to be wasteful. And they are already on the cap and they still have to sign Staal. Redden will have to be demoted just afford Staal, there would not be enough left for Frolov I don’t think.

  100. Ah Oleo

    I seldom disagree with folks outright, but I think there’s something that you’ve overlooked about Mara…If he was brought here for extra scoring power, there was precious
    little opportunity for him to do it, for he was seldom on for PP ( that was always that great scorer Roszival who brought along that candy cane wrist shot of his from the point,)
    yet in the few instances where Mara did get some PP time he exhibited a low hard and accurate slap shot that far exceeded anything that Roz could emulate. Even Tyutin had no really good shots from the point…only now and then did he unload anything with some fire behind it.

    And Beeble?

    you claim that Roszival was a better D man than Mara, …….
    au contraire mon ami…in fact you must look long and hard to find someone that isn’t better than Roz..( is that the Rangers club house door breaking down by all those GMs seeking his services…hmmmm? )

    To begin with, he is averse to bodily contact with anyone at all, probably has some anti bacteria hang up; and when he gets pressured he is just as likely to hand the puck to the opponent as to keep it from harm’s way. For a top of the line D man he is unusually shy. And oh does he retain the copyrights on that deadly wrister from the point…you know, that arcing flutter ball that he feels will lull the goaltender to sleep with.

    Yes…I cannot rest easy til I see his name on the roster again. ( gulp.)

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