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1) Because this is bigger, in sports today, than anything else that’s happening, including the All-Star game: Rest in Peace, George Steinbrenner III.

2) Back to hockey and the Rangers and the blog: I am always amazed, when we do something like the guest blogging, how many readers we have who don’t comment. I’ve gotten tons of responses from Boneheads who want to do guest blogs who say they never or rarely comment.

3) I forgot to tell youse last week, a friend called and invited me to play golf at Centennial in Carmel. He was playing with Colton Orr, who lives in the area in the off-season. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it … unfortunately not only because, you know, kinda like golf, but because I could only imagine the stories I might get from the former Rangers enforcer who should still be here.

4) Can we kind of try to keep it a little more civil around here? I don’t mind a good argument, but do we really need the name-calling? And is there anything more asinine than the threatening physical stuff? Geez, are you suffering from blog muscles, or what?

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  1. And Carp, if you still need people, I had been planning on emailing you, but uh, have not gotten around to it yet. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.:)

  2. I think the big question is whether Zuccarello Aasen is Enver Lisin or Petr Prucha. If he can be like Prucha was his first 2 seasons as a Ranger then I think this team changes dramatically.

    If we can get that production from the hobbit then it gives us 3 very deep lines with at least 2 20+ goal scorers on each of them.

  3. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on


    you are the Dion Phaneuf of this post. Though unfortunately, Elisha Cuthbert is not your consolation prize.

  4. I really, really doubt that Mats Zuccarello Aasen is going to “dramatically” change the Rangers.

  5. Dan LD

    IF he is the real deal then yes he could. Just look at Prucha’s impact his 1st 2 years here…

    Im not talking about going from last to first here but could he get us from 10th place to 7th place…I think so…

  6. Really sad news for every sports fan today…He knew how to build winner.

    Agree with Carp- we are all entitled to different opinions, but that doesn’t mean it has to become personal. Childish and it has very little to do with the nature of this blog.

    George W. Bush (or whoever hides behind the name )- your post at the end of last thread, left half an hour after it was closed- is pathetic and cowardly.

  7. 4generations; 4 cups on

    LOL PHYSICAL THREATS?!?!? Cmon guys for real? Ima beat u up over da blogspaceee!!!!!


    Rangers need to stop signing people and start grooming their draft picks like Stepan, Kreider, McDonagh. Lets be real.

  8. Prucha had one thirty goal season, which was great. It was Jagr though, not Petr Prucha, who made that team what it was. Straka and Nylander were impact players too, but they didn’t carry the team.

    If MZA has a great year, then that’s awesome. But what I’m saying is, the likelihood of a 5’7″ undrafted kid from the Swedish League single handedly raising the performance of the team is kind of unlikely. It would be great, and I’d be excited, but also pretty surprised.

  9. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    If you look at our forwards who are signed, we have 12 players total on the roster as of right now:


    So for hypotheticals, lets slot the line-up in no particular order:


    I’d say the only one who isnt a lock is Stepan, but the brass and Torts seem pretty high on him.

    My question is, who is demotable or who has a spot to lose if a youngster has an enormous camp?

    You’d have to think that if Grachev impresses in camp he’s not going to be playing on the fourth line right??

    Weise and Byers dont get a crack unless an injury occurs.

    So is this our forward roster for next season? or will Sather make more trades?

    And if he does who is he trading?

    Avery is here on the cheap, no one wants him, so he’s not goign anywhere
    Dubi and Cally aren’t being moved
    Artie is homegrown and is progressing, he’s not going anywhere
    Drury is an imoveable object
    Prospal, EC and Prust all just got resigned
    Boogaard is the tough guy

    To me it only leaves Boyle as a question? but I just dont see him being traded or sent down to make room for 5 minutes a night for Grachev or any other player.

    To me, Im fine with another year of progression, even if it means missing the playoffs. IF the onyl move the tomato faced one makes from now til camp is deomting Redden, I will gladly declare this a successful offseason.

    You cant buy a winning team, you BUILD a winning team. And it does take time


  10. Even as a Mets fan I’ll pay my respects to the Boss. Many have tried to imitate his ownership style and no one has brought the success to their franchise that he did.

    And just remember, George likes his chicken spicy.

  11. Mikey
    Are you discounting one or two healthy scratches? I don’t think anyone on the 4th line (as you have it) is guaranteed a spot night in – night out. And if you wanted to get Grachev some minutes, you could easily slide anyone on your 3rd line down to the 4th on any given night.

  12. Dan LD

    you are missing my point…what im saying is right now we are probably right where we were last season. If Zuccarello Aasen were to have a great rookie season like Prucha did in 2005 then it has a huge impact.

    im not saying he is more important than Gaborik or Lundqvist or what Jagr was for us. What I am saying is if he (or some other rookie) gives us an unexpected great season then it probably puts us in the playoffs, ceteris paribus of course.

  13. Mikey

    I believe a trade will go down that changes the current roster but for now, i agree but I see Zuccarello Aasen instead of Stepan. Stepan has never played a full 82 games season like they do in the CHL. He will def get a chance but I don’t see him being ready for the NHL right away, let alone top line center.

    Avery-Drury-Zuccarello Aasen

    Yes i believe Christensen will START the season as the top line center but eventually Anisimov will take over. Obviously injuries will happen and I see Stepan and/or Grachev making their debut sometime this season.

    As for the defense, if no other moves are made i see both Redden and Rozsival returning and Gilroy starting the year in HFD if McDonagh is deemed ready. If we make a trade that doesnt involve Rozsival, then i believe Redden is gone.

  14. Leethhalloffame on

    Too bad George never bought the Rangers. I suspect we’d have a few more Cups by now.

  15. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    damn right we would… he wouldn’t stand for that garbage!!

  16. First Bob Sheppard & now George. Very sad news for longtime Yankee fans. And if I were Yogi Berra, I’d be watching my step very closely for the next week or two.

  17. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I think George was smart enough to know that if you split your passion between 2 loves, neither prosper.

  18. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    He should hang out with Betty White… then he’d be fine!

  19. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    RIP George- he should have been the MSG owner. We’d have another Cup, or at least a powerhouse team every year. George knew HOW to spend money. No, we get stuck with Dopey Dolan and his sidekick, Senile Sather.

  20. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Girloy would have to go through waivers if he is called up no? If that is the case I dont see him starting in HFD

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I understand some of the comments are frustrating and asinine, but that’s a step above juvenile blog threats. Wow… I will admit, i’ve stopped reading some of the comments because they are so, umm, lacking hockey-IQ. Oh well… hopefully June 24, 2011 brings some cheer for us all.

  22. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    hopefully June 24, 2011 brings some cheer for us all.

    Did Sather announce his retirement date? That’s the only cheer I expect in the near future…

  23. Blogmama, huh?

    Big Stein. My favorite line from all the episodes of my favorite show, via Jerry’s answering machine:

    “Jerry, it’s Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, call me back.”

  24. Carp

    physical threats? i hope you weren’t talking about my offer to hit the you know who across the face with a dirty shoe? It was nothing but a joke…but if it’s a problem, then we can step outside and talk like a man! i kid i kid!! c’mon… :P

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Watch it! You might be the 11th person heading back to Russia.

  26. RIP George Steinbrenner. Great point Bubblehead, he was committed to the Yankees and did whatever it took to make them successful. I think 11 pennants and 7 world series wins qualify as VERY successful. For owners with split loyalties (specific one to remain nameless) just because YOU CAN doesn’t mean YOU SHOULD!!

  27. old coach 92 on

    Great story today about Mike Del Val. As someone who taught at Woodlands with him in the 70’s and 80’s I can attest that he was everything you and the folks in the article said he was. One more thing about Mike: He loved to eat apples. He loved them so much that if you left a particularly nice looking one in the teachers room fridge and Mike saw it, it might not make it until lunch time. Also, there would be no evidence because when Mike ate an apple, he ate the whole thing – core, seeds and all.

  28. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Best Steinbrenner on Seinfeld: (singing)’Heartbreaker, lovetaker, jewel-maker, won’t you press my suits for free”

  29. FiveFootZero on

    I’m female (5’0″ tall, or I should say short…hence the name)…so Elisha wouldn’t thrill me at all.

  30. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Uh I didnt think it was based off contract but games played/age…Ill have to check

  31. I think Paris is right, Gilroy would have to clear waivers this year. His contract (and I think it’s a one-way deal) only has to do with what he gets paid – some salary in the minors as with the big club.

  32. Blueshirt in Paris on

    A player 25 years or older who plays in one or more professional games in any season shall be exempt from regular and re-entry waivers for the remainder of that season.

    Sounds like waivers for Gilroy

  33. By playing style and stature Zuccass = young Theo Fleury. Will need Linda(ros)type in line to prosper. Who?

  34. True Fans

    LMAO! Good one! I completely forgot about my Russian comrades! Hey, if Carp wants to sponsor me to go to Russia…i wont decline :)

  35. “OY!!! i just saw they are looking for a new freecreditreport.com band! WTB!!!”

    Now that’s tragic!

    The new band should change some of the lyrics around, like so…

    “I was getting depressed from all the stress I was feeling watching NYR hockey”

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you are [insert insult here]. I am going to [insert threat of physical violence here] you!

  37. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    glad you are back and all is well!!!

    IMHO, even though we just signed EC and prospal, slatipuss would be an idiot for not trading them in a deal that would improve the club.

    I think I did one of these last summer, but here is the way I look at “trading” players (I’m only talking about players that we are pretty sure that are on the roster and I’m not including prospects)

    Not tradeable for various reasons (contract amount or length, brings something to the team most other players can’t, no one else would take them, etc) MDZ, drury,avery, gabby, prust, boogaard, biron (plenty of goalies still available is why he makes this list).

    Special circumstance hank. Now I do not want to trade hank, I want to put that out there right now. But if we are not going to even try to win the cup in the next few years, why not trade the guy in his prime (while relatively still healthy) and get mega assets for him. Besides he deserves a chance at a cup, and if we are going to “rebuild” and not try to bring in players to win the cup in the next year or two, do the guy a favor and trade him. If we are going to actually make moves and try and win the cup, then he moves to NOT TRADEABLE.

    If it would REALLY improve the team, they are gone…staal, cally, AA, Dubi (i’m still not as stoked about this guy as some of you, but he is a good player)

    It really doesn’t matter one way or the other to me (they are ok, but there really does have to be someone better out there or in the system or i’m just neutral on them) gilroy, boyle, prospal, EC, eminger (I know, he just got here, so i’m neutral)

    Trade them for something, anything girardi and rozy.

    look for a genie and a magic lamp redden and brashear.

    Did I miss anyone??

    Mtl resigned lapierre, smart move!

    A little blurb form spectors hockey this morning that might be of some interest (just specualtion I’m sure):

    SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak reports Sharks GM Doug Wilson intends on shopping around for another defenseman in the wake of failing to sign away Hjalmarsson from Chicago. Wilson wouldn’t suggest which blueliners he’s interested in citing the league’s tampering rules but Pollak listed Toronto’s Tomas Kaberle, Vancouver’s Kevin Bieksa and the NY Rangers’ Marc Staal as potential trade candidates.

  38. Public Question:

    What kids make the Opening Night Roster?

    State name and short reason.

    I had thought that Bobby Sanguinetti was going to have a shot this year, before the trade.


  39. my mistake, Gilroy is 1 way contract (one way contract only means he gets paid the same) but he didnt need to pass waivers last season, i dont see why we would this season.

  40. Seamus

    I dont see Grachev making the team, he was struggling mightly last season in HFD especially towards the end. I think he would need to show consistency at AHL level before coming up here.

  41. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I thought your were Ukrainian?

    How goes it my friend?

    sorry about the previous post of mine, but tolstoy wasn’t available!

  42. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I don’t see grachev either. I heard the same thing about him struggling in htfd. Mcdonut probably has the best chance then maybe stepan (organization seems very high on him) or weise (guess they wanted to see him late last season just couldn’t find a way to pull the trigger).

    Everyone else seems to be a career minor leaguer like byers or sauer at this point or too young yet like keider or mcilrath or one year left in Russia like pahinin (who I think would have a great chance of making the club if he did not have that last year in Russia)

  43. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    oops, add aasen to my list with mcdont (I forgot about the little guy until TR mentioned him)

  44. 4everanger

    let’s just say i have PhD in coat-checking and masters in dirty shoes!


    Think again…but yes, i was born in Ukraine

  45. i think MZA makes the team. i think he will have strong camp and his play making skills will get him the nod

  46. basically Kovalchuk’s mom wants him to stay in NHL b/c his children will have more opportunity there.

  47. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Wicky, I’ve been traveling a ton this year. sometimes with internet, sometimes without. Hopefully home for a few weeks. maybe i can get friendly with Mr. Maxfli… I havent swung a club in anger in quite a while.

  48. Blueshirt in Paris on

    oleo, I explained why above…guess you missed it.

    A player 25 years or older who plays in one or more professional games in any season shall be exempt from regular and re-entry waivers for the remainder of that season.

  49. thanks oleo, i was starting to copy and pastet into a translator program and its just hilarious how the translation comes out!

  50. i think Zuccarello Aasen and McDonagh make the team with probably Byers coming north as an extra.

  51. well I guess Gilroy isnt being sent down then!!!

    although I would not be suprised if he dealt at some point before training camp.

  52. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    unless they trade away 2-3 vets, I just dont see any more than one rookie making the team.

    So long Redden. No way you wear NYR Blue this year.

  53. yeah to what oleosmirf said… Ilya’s mom, wife and sister want him to say in NHL and win the Stanley Cup… His mom doesnt believe that Ilya is in Calofornia and insists that he and his family is in Miami right now (he has a house? / apartment in Florida) His mom also doesn’t trust the KHL because there is no guarantee that they will pay him because things can change pretty fast in that league.

    i like this part…i translated it to the best of my abilities

    Q: – Did you know that “New Jersey” has offered Kovalchuku the contract for 17 years?

    Kovalchuk’s mom: – Yes, i heard about it. In general to play for “devils” is very hard. They have very rigid discipline. But my son has easily joined the structure of the team. When I arrived there, i spoke with Lu Lamorello, the general manager of “New Jersey”. He has told me: «I am not surprised at all by how good of a player Kovalchuk is.But by how good of a person he really is».

  54. SeamusO,

    MZA – He makes the team for sure. Fact is, he lit up SEL, which is probably a close third to the KHL as the league closest to the level of the NHL. Some have said ‘well he might be the next Jamtin,’ but they fail to realize this guy carried his team in the Olympics and was roundly respected in SEL. Also if you watch some of his goals, you can see he’s got a great release and superior accuracy. He may not be more than a 50-point scorer in the NHL, but he’ll be there, that’s for sure.

    McDonagh – the kid would be on his way back to Wisconsin if he had even a thought that he wasn’t making the Rangers. If it were between toiling in Hartford and getting a chance to lead his club(plus earn a degree), he’d be a Badger right now. He came to rookie camp specifically to watch the competition and get a sense for how he fit in. When he realized how far ahead of the rest he was, he told his coach ‘no hard feelings’ and signed. NTM…the Rangers have no one of his caliber on the back line. This guy’s snarl makes Girardi and Staal look like pansies(and that’s not to say they are)

    Stepan – I’m somewhat on the fence about this guy, since a lot of pundits think he’s heading to Calgary in the WHL for his final year of junior eligibility…but seeing Step play in the frozen four, I think he’s ready for the NHL. And I’m sure he’ll at least get a 10-game tryout before they decide whether to send him to juniors for a year…bottom line: He needs to outplay Christensen, which is not exactly tough to do…He WON’T be in Hartford though, I can tell you that…again…if he thought he didn’t stand a chance to make the team, I could almost guarantee he’d be back in the NCAA…I have a feeling Christensen was signed as an insurance policy for Step, should he look out of place.

    Who will NOT be making the team: Grachev…too young…needs more time…Wiese…no room, but he’s ready for a role…Byers…thank you Boogaard…Sauer…sorry, but we’ve got McD.

    That’s my take.

  55. Q: – «Thrashers» offered Kovalchuk 12-year-contract worth $101 million

    Kovalchuk’s mom: – No one else made such offer to him! But Ilja *does not pursue the money*. He wishes to play for a normal club. Any way you put this but, it is the most important contract in his sports life. Many in his place would try to break the bank. But Iljusha (Ilya) aspires to win Stanley’s Cup.

    As my daughter Arina says, «What is Gagarin’s Cup – nobody in the world knows about it. What is Stanley’s Cup – everyone knows». There is you argument to remain in the North America.

    But the most important thing – Ilya wishes to go to the strong club which will contend for the Stanley Cup. If Ilja did not think of it, he would remain in “Atlanta” …

  56. What is the Gagarin’s Cup? Sounds like something from Clash of the Titans.

  57. Phil

    I agree on McDonagh and MZA although im not so certain Stepan is ready for the NHL. besides guys drafted in the top 3 like Toews and Van Riemsdyk you dont see many NCAA forwards making the jump straight to the NHL.

    I know Jess Rubenstein says he should go to the WHL but then again he loves the WHL especially his Portland Winterhawks so he is a little biased there I highly doubt Stepan left Wisconsin to play in the WHL. I think he starts his pro career in the AHL but it would not suprise me if he made the team…

  58. I think McDonagh and MZA will both make the team, Stepan will only make the team if he is able to play on the top lines (ie push Christensen down to 3rd line). I think the only way Boyle makes the team is if Stepan doesnt and Eminger looks to be #6/#7 D so no need for Sauer just yet.

  59. cccp

    and who would know that? loved that part of the article. not many people know.

  60. UKRanger

    I dont see anyway Boyle doesnt make the team at least as a healthy scratch. His cap hit is extremely low and if he isnt on the 4th line, why wouldnt they keep him as a healthy scratch?

  61. Eh, I still think it’s something Harry Hamlin and that mechanical owl had to fight Medusa for.

  62. lmao Carp. i am living in the state of Sybil today… the weather is freakin bizarre! it was pitch black out about 15 minutes ago, lightning/thunder/sheets of rain…now the sun is out. another 15 minutes and we could be under a tornado warning…oy vey

  63. I mentioned that piece w. Kovys mom the other day, got laughed.

    Tnx for posting.

    Btw lots of talk LA-IK still not seeing eye to eye.

    And while I’m here, was never a big Steinbrenner fan, but Dolan should look to him to see how you go from circus-like laughingstock to world champ and icon.
    As much as anything, Steinbrenner did it thru FREE AGENCY!

    Get me KOVALCHUK!!!

  64. “Release the Kovalchuken”
    You gave me my laugh for the day, Linda. I actually thought we were going to get through the whole post without mentioning “his” name. Didn’t make it.

    By the way, Carp- I see you want to keep things civil around here. You wanna c’mere and say that? : )

  65. TR,

    Was that from Dmitri somebody-or-other, NHL russian correspondent from Yahoo Sports?

    Cause I’d heard it quoted the other day but couldn’t track it down anywhere. Just went to your link but can’t read russian!

    BTW, the funniest Steinbrenner-related moment from Seinfeld is easy, but it came from George’s father, when they thought George was dead.

    He finally sees Steinnbrenner in court and his first words are, “How could you trade Jay Buhner?! He hits 30 homers and has got a rocket for an arm!!!”

    hahaha…. hysterical.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    My favorite Seinfeld Steinbrenner moment was when hewas negotiating the trade of George for all chicken concessions.

  67. oleosmirf – good point, i always forget about the prucha’s. I guess at $525k its good to have a cheap option in the press box instead of the $1m “people’s champ” every game.

    Will LA call Kovy’s bluff? He seems to be holding out for that big $10m x 10yrs payday but i think the 2014 Olympics and new CBA are weakening his negotiating position, that and the lack of visible competition.

  68. rod

    pavel lysenkov wrote the article and conducted the interview.
    the internet is a series of tubes.

  69. k, thanks CCCP. Interesting way to back-channel your thoughts into the media during a multi-million dollar negotiation. Have your Mom do it!!!

    BTW, when I heard LA-IK III wasn’t going well yet again I called everyone I knew and sent out some notes.
    Just received one back that really got my attention, though it’s not good at all in terms of the Rangers trying to swoop in last minute and nab Kovalchuk, it may bode well for the future.

    Basically I was told IK didn’t even respond the an NYR offer structured to fit their cap needs.
    But here’s the thing, exactly as I got it.

    “Sather may still be the GM, but Messier is THE most powerful force right now. And Messier doesn’t blink.”

  70. Anybody get the feeling that Kovi might pull a Mat Sundin and stretch this out? Maybe even wait until after training camps to make a decision? After camps, teams can dump salaries in the minors (ala Redden to Hartford) to free cap dollars that they don’t have now, plus judge how badly they might need him after seeing how their kids perform and if any kid earns a spot or not.

    Not to say the Rangers should or would go after Kovi, we’ve all debated that to death. But if he waits he may bring more teams into the mix (maybe even the Rangers and/or the Isles) and drive up his price. Seems like his options are pretty limited now and he’s may not be getting the asking price. Is there any harm to waiting on his part?

  71. Rod

    Thanks for the Seinfeld clip. Check out this interview with Jerry Stiller talking about the character development of Frank Costanza, George’s father. Good stuff.

  72. You mean the Jane McAnus thing?

    somebody posted a link to an article on LT’s trial, and that was the writer’s name.

  73. rod

    no im asking about these “notes” that you get.

    lets say the rangers DO sign kovalchuk. what happens next?
    have they already signed staal?
    if so how much is left over in the bank to sign kovalchuk?

    in your “notes” i hope there is something about the salary cap because to me, none of this adds up.

    show me how this works.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    The writer was Jane McManus, not McAnus. Jane was a writer here for a little while before moving on to a previously undisclosed location. ESPN New York is apparently that location.

  75. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on


    were we dusting off our science books again?

  76. TR,

    Not 100% sure what your asking… it did mentioned the cap, saying, “was told IK didn’t even respond the an NYR offer structured to fit their cap needs.”

    I don’t think it is going to work, all signs I’ve seen are currently “No” when it comes to IK-NYR. As far as Staal, I think they know exactly what it’s going to take to sign him.

    If you’re getting a what I think you are, it would go to something I mentioned only briefly but never had the chance to get into before the flame wars heated up.

    Yes, I think the Rangers felt vulnerable to Staal receiving an offer sheet (whcih Sather spoke about recently), as they can’t officially lop off Redden’s $ until camp.

    So in that sense, if I understand it correctly, signing Kovalchuk would have made Staal something of a sitting duck.
    not that they wouldn’t match but – any offer sheet likely being very generous – it’d probably push their budget to the limit.

  77. Blog,

    What typo? You guys are confusing the hell out of me.

    The ESPN writer thing?

    Mis-read it, didn’t mis-type it..

  78. “It better have been”?

    What is that, some kind of threat?

    and HELLO! Blog is your screenname! Just like people call me “Rod” (amongst other things).

    I can’t make a mistake?!

    why don’t you check yourself.

  79. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    Don’t know if anyone posted this or not yet, but everyone’s fave flyer is back!!!

    Flyers retain Carcillo’s physical services http://bit.ly/9hMXCU

  80. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    my friend you are WWAAAAAYYYYYYY barking up the wrong tree!!!!

  81. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    yes, I heard the flyers were trying to get it done yesterday for your birthday!!!

  82. Coach Beeblebrox on

    RE: Stepan – He is NOT going back to Jrs, he will be in the NHL or AHL, I’m not sure which “pundits” are saying this but they are dead wrong. Stepan did not give up another NCAA season to ride a bus in Western Canada. The concept is laughable. He will be in the AHL waiting for an injury.

    RE: Grachev – Those who think he’s a “long shot” need to think again. Obviously you did not see any of the recent camp because the kid was flat dominating. He was a literal man against boys out there. 6-4/230, the kid is a moose than can skate lights out. He’s darn near NHL ready as we write.

    I’m not saying they both make the NHL off the hop, but rest assured the are the first two on call to the NHL.

  83. Wow, Coach, thanks (actual hockey talk?!).

    Same thing I said on Grachev, cannot wait to see this kid in pre-season. He was dealing with some issues and not completely physically mature last year. That sure seems over now.


    Is that supposed to mean something to me?

    I’m not going to be threatened by anybody. Listen, for the last time, you guys are one crack from being back in the information wilderness.

    I just gave you some PRIMO stuff on the NYR front office and there’s nothing but these wise-ass remarks coming back, that and the never-ending curiosity with WHERE I get it from (which is none of your business) rather than the important hockey-based info it is.

    Smarten up.

  84. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    OMG- Rod you’re going to see the world’s largest newspaper real soon…

  85. Rod,

    it should, she holds special powers. Maybe if you weren’t so arrogant and condescending, people would be more apt to respond more favorably to your posts.

  86. Izzy,

    What the hell does that mean?

    That DID IT. OVER & OUT.

    You are NOT serious Ranger fans here.

  87. Johnny LaRue on

    From 1973 to 1982, Steinbrenner ate the exact same lunch every day. “Co-stan-za!”

  88. Coach:

    Grachev had 12 goals last season in the AHL. Now I know he could have gotten stronger and is in better shape this time around, but how can you be so sure he is that close to playing at the NHL level after a so-so rookie year in the AHL?

    I’m not down on the kid, just think he needs to show he can score more than 12 goals in the “A” before making the jump.

    Anisimov had 37 goals his second year in the “A”. I say let the kid stay in Hartford and get 25 goals, get some confidence and continue to develop before bringing him up too early.

    He’s a young kid.

  89. rod

    id watch what you post here. it may come back to haunt you. dont misinterpret the font, im most certainly not being nasty or unkind. im just offering some words of advice from someone who is a little more connected than you.

    most people here can vouch for my connections. ill leave it at that.

  90. Special Powers?!!! OMG!

    Are we talking like “Bewitched” here?

    I OBVIOUSLY made a wrong turn coming here.


  91. if Coach is thinking Grachev is ready, he should get his shot. Could be an interesting start to the season. They are going to have some compelling decisions to make during camp

  92. Um, Rod, what is means is, if I see a former colleague’s name typed in an offensive way, I do in fact get to call it into question and clear up the matter, among other things.

    Methinks it’s not your info that people remark on, but your delivery (i.e. see post above).

    That’s all I’ll say for now. That and I’m looking forward to Grachev, too. Cheers!

    hey wicky, ARF! thanks all.

    Gotta run, but I’ll sure check back later!

  93. The Flyers resigned Carcillo… I can not wait until Boogaard knocks the snot out of him this season.

  94. we all know there are posters here with ‘sauces’ and ‘information’ that have proven golden in the past. the differences is, they don’t act like a brianboucher when they present it.

  95. Blogmama,

    I said I made a mistake, which I did. I just glanced at it and thought the guy was making a dumb reference between the cause of LT’s trial and the writer’s name. I’m sorry.
    I’d never make such a stupid attempt at a joke anyway.
    I also said I was leaving forever, and I am. NOW.

    Thanks for the calm and reasoned demeanor.

  96. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    How many times is Rod gonna say he’s not coming back? get lost already if you want to be gone. jeez.

    It’s too bad he’s going to miss his food order consisting of a hamburger platter with french CRIES, and his ice cold WHINE-ken to wash it down.

    Ciao buddy.

  97. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    ” When will then be now?”


  98. rod – this blog is a popularity contest/clicke. have to kiss the tushes of a few people and maybe they’ll let you stay. they also like to gang up on newbies.

  99. Rod,-Mr. Rude
    I didn’t see your invitation here, obnoxious, bad-mannered prick.
    No soup for you, bah, bye!

  100. if one is going to be rude, disrespectful or argumentative, whatever happens is brought on by themselves.

  101. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    If someone takes issue at how they are treated, they should first look at how they act, before immediately assuming it is someone else.

    Either that, or don’t be so sensitive.
    Everyone has opinions, and are entitled to theirs.
    It doesn’t mean everyone is going to agree.

    And if your ego is that fragile, and you can’t handle a healthy argument, then don’t post, and don’t waste yours or our time.

    Popularity contest? haha if you say so.

  102. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    yea there is a little pile of carcillo on the floor that could use some mopping up.

  103. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I personally enjoy people who hide behind their handles, and gripe about not being in the ‘in crowd’. I imagine it’s the same people who were social outcasts in school.

  104. LMAO @ popularity contest. Maybe we should start using our pictures.

    CCCP- great job translating. From her tone I gathered that she might think that she is still in charge, but the reality is that he will do whatever he wants.

  105. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    We can have an awards show!

    My vote for most likely to defect to Russia and create a new more distinguished vodka is- CCCP!
    My vote for most likely to show up first for the awards show and think he’s better than everyone else- IZZY!! (mean it with nothing but respect man!)
    My vote for most likely to golf rather than show up- CARP!
    Most likely to grope Lundqvist in public- CR9!
    Most likely to create a facebook fan page about the gathering and link us all to it TIE- DOODIE AND TR!
    Most likely to carry Ranger pride outside of NY… well it’s a tie between LINDA and MIKE IN AZ!
    Most likely to predict his own absence from the awards… SEAMUS!!

  106. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Children, children! Remember play nice or you do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.

  107. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    “go to the box and feel shame” was one of my favorite quips on sportscenter when they covered hockey. Which of course, is like 42 seconds a day during the season.

  108. this is 1 group i’d never want to be a part of the in crowd. the in crowd likes to pick on newbies and fall all over themselves in insulting people when they smell blood. the bullies from school if you will.

    people come here to read hockey and its a darn shame when a newbie gets bullied into leaving.

    no i’m not rod, just calling it as i see it.

    even have self appointed sargeant of arms in ilb, cccp, wicky, gift of gab and a couple of others

  109. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Me, I always liked “Freakin’ Chrysler plant, here I come!” No?

  110. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    well we certainly don’t want anyone that doesn’t want to be here. That being said ‘what’, you are free to express your opinions and thoughts about hockey, the rangers, or whatever else you see fit.

    I fully enjoy thought provoking conversation, just not provoking conversation, as there is a difference. We are passionate about our team, and our ideas, and sometimes we get more engaged in a topic than others.

    Don’t take it so personally, and trust me, we’re not going to be waiting for you by your locker to give you a wedgie and stuff you in it.

  111. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Or how ’bout: “My arm go comes up then the game stop then start up.” N’est-ce pas?

  112. just saying its never a good thing when people gang up on 1 person. tends to make it worse. any one cornered (person or animal) will tend to try to fight their way out of it. the ganging up is like adding a match to gasoline,

  113. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Bulling on the blog: “Against the rules. You know, you’re stupid when you do that. Just some English pig with no brains, you know.”

  114. nose picker are ‘what’ and ‘huh’ some more of your aliases?

    But you’ve never posted anything other than anti Dubi remarks.

    Why is that?

    nose picker

    “BECAUSE I USE OTHER NAMES FOR OTHER THINGS. like side show sean, etc”


    Greg ZzZZ

    nose picker , what are the ect..?


    nose picker –

    “there are/were a few

    some names i see from my drop down menu (not all inclusive)

    brew wins – to tweak cr9
    nose picker – to tweak the dubinsky love fest
    side show sean – to criticize avery
    conspiracy theory – also to tweak cr9
    first – for the few times i’ve been first
    orrs evil twin – if i want to post a fake trade

  115. Gift, don’t forget Greg in that Ranger pride outside of the tri state area, he lives in the wilds of Canada, and he’s the most optimistic person on this blog by far. He’s got hope and enthusiasm to spare.

    locker stuffing and wedgies are NOT permitted. But if your name is carcillo, you CAN bite

  116. wait, orrs evil twin to make fake trades doesnt make sense, seeing that orr the original makes fake trades all the time , and some people think that’s evil! lol ;-)

  117. Gift of GAB-orik ( NEW SARGEANT AT ARMS!! ) on

    This isn’t the Sarengetti, we’re not on safari, nor are we a pack of lions.

    the only time we ‘gang up’ on someone, is when that someone goes over the line, and disrespects to blog community to which we choose to be a part of. The key word there was CHOOSE.

    Some of us haven’t always been nice, to which apologies are issued, we like to keep it civil.

    So choose to be here, or choose not to be. And choose a name, or choose to be a poser.

    It’s up to you.

  118. Gift of GAB-orik ( NEW SARGEANT AT ARMS!! ) on

    LMAO Linda!!

    let that be a lesson to us all… don’t put your fingers in Carcillo’s mouth!

  119. 909, i bet the ladies are lining up to have their potential mother in law rule their lives as we speak! oy vey lol

    the serengetti!!! wow gift, you are full of surprises today. but what did make a good point, if you feel under seige, you’ll lash out.

    usually the ganging up takes place if one of the blogettes are besmirched or attacked, most of the gentlemen here do not take kindly to that.

  120. ugh, the Mouth of Carcillo…wait, a great horror movie title for sure! a life size turd with teeth! aye aye aye

  121. Gift of GAB-orik ( THANKS 'WHAT' FOR HIS PROMOTION ) on

    i was just looking over the Boneheads W77 gathering… and if my eyes don’t deceive me… is CCCP drinking Heineken?? A russian and a german beer? I can’t process such an image! haha

    in regards to ‘what’s post and thoughts, indeed lashing out is a normal response to insult, or ‘gang attack’

    and two wrongs don’t make a right. But two Wrights did make an airplane.

    on a serious note… any and all of us should be free to express our views without personal attack, but understand that any statement made via the blog is subject to argument, agreement, or other assorted reactions. If someone doesn’t like what you say, or agree, don’t take it personally, make an intellegent argument to support your stance!! we love good conversation!

  122. Gift of GAB-orik ( THANKS 'WHAT' FOR HIS PROMOTION ) on


    crap! sorry guys, correction duly noted! with so much support outside of NY i get confused!!

  123. >>… the in crowd likes to pick on newbies and fall all over themselves in insulting people
    >>when they smell blood. the bullies from school if you will.

    I’m still not quite sure how an adult would let him/herself be bullied on an online forum. Does it have anything to do with having an inferiority complex?

  124. And where is the blog goon when we need one?

    I guess “what” is right, we do get too defensive when someone says something against the regular. But from what I remember, it is usually prompted by a person resorting to personal stuff. Instead of engaging in an intelligent argument, it sounds like: “All you always say is..”, or “you only care about…” etc. Gift is right- it is a two way street. But any argument can certainly be resloved by just sticking to civil discussion.

  125. Rod Gilbert II on

    Hey guys. Unlike Rod Gilbert I, I promise if I say I’m leaving, I’ll actually leave. You heard it here first!

  126. I’ve often wondered at the mindset of posters who get personally snotty with others for the opinions. Sometimes, people have the facts and present them as such, and I find them helpful and comprehensible. I willon occasion make observations based largely on my own experiences and memories ( which go back a long long way to the Chuck Rayner, Edgar Labrade Rangers years, and Rocket Richard and Bill Durnan, and Sid Smith and Max Bently on Leafs( oh what hands and feet Max had), but I sometimes get dates wrong or even some situations were not totally accurate, but hey, that’s what a back and forth dialogue is for eh?

    If someone gets snotty with me, I simply read it and carry on…I never respond. I’ll hold a colloquy with anyone at any time, about things that I know or things that I believe, but if I’m corrected……….I go by the schcol of thought that nobody’s perfect. And the names that are called to one another are sometimes ripe with caustic, but many of them don’t come near to the names that a lot of posters give themselves.

    To me it’s all great fun, and very enlivening, and it’s doubly so when so many of you know each other personally. Makes for great and amusing reading. Keep it up – I love it.

    CCCP..Do they still speak Russian in Russia? ( And one of these days I’m gonna try Borscht.)

  127. jbytes

    no its human nature. this place is a clicke like ,many other places around. when a newbie gets ganged up on they tend to lash out and the cycle continues and worsen. nothing to do with inferiority complex. i am sure that plenty of good people just stopped after two or more ganged up on him or her.

    dd – what huh and nose picker know each other pretty well. very observant.

  128. Fran- you have to stop using Gaelic in your posts :-)

    Yes, they still speak Russian in Russia, but they also speak Russian in Ukraine, Belorussia etc. As well as their own language. Borscht is a Ukrainian dish, btw.

  129. ilb, but every now and then, there’s a fork in the road! ;-)

    nice post fran, as usual! can i borrow your ‘ripe with caustic’ phrase?

  130. a little off topic but it might make some of your laugh… this was actually in the Daily News…

    “Being a swordsman has cost Tiki Barber his job as a pitchman.”

  131. I lov reading this blog and I do so everyday even though I don’t post much this is the BEST Rangers blog ever i’m proud to be one of the “silent” boneheads and I lov the NEW YORK RANGERS so there!!!

  132. From LB twitter:

    Post-game night of Munson funeral. George and I had been feuding for weeks. He approached me, said “Life is too short for this petty stuff.”
    about 8 hours ago via web

  133. cccp


    Now you see what you can learn when you ask a few simple questions. This blog is not only a Hockey seminar, but a trip thru customs and styles of foreign lands. And the more
    questions I ask…the more learned I become. ( Ye.ll not be larnin Gaelic from me fer sure… I once asked my Grandmother to teach me Gaelic, and she said…’DON’T EVER TRY TO MESS WITH GAELIC. It’ll mess you up fer the rest of yer loife”


  134. High school all over again on

    Count me as another person who comes to this blog to talk hockey but is getting pretty tired of it being run buy this ‘it’ crowd with their inside jokes. Really feels like high school.

    Yeah Rod maybe wasn’t the nicest person but this ‘it’ crowd isn’t really the warmest welcome. And in truth he talked more hockey then all of them put together.

    Yeah yeah, I know what comes next…if you don’t like it then leave. I probably will. It wont be any sweat off anyone’s hockey pucks I know, but I think you will see more people start to leave unless this goes from being a hang out for the ‘cool’ people back into a hockey blog.

  135. Yeah

    it’s probably a good thing that a clamp down was put on the vituperation that has been appearing in the blog.

  136. omg…bunch of little girls came out to cry a freaking river! whats wrong with people? this is a community…don’t you get it? the only way to communicate is through POSTS! so what that some of us have stronger bonds with each other? since when this isn’t allowed? Why are you all complaining??

  137. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m glad you all have settled down. Now I feel safe to share with you some news I got from a very reliable source.

    This is exactly how it was worded, I swear…

    “Sather may still be the GM, but Messier is THE most powerful force right now. And Messier doesn’t blink.”

  138. Blue Seat Horror on

    Linda, Thanks for Kovalchuken. I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes.

  139. Coach Beeblebrox on

    vogs: RE: Grachev –

    His 12 goals last year were less than he should have scored. But for whatever reason, Gernander was not using him as he should have been. I like Kenny, but last year seemed like he was more worried about winning than he was developing. Grachev should have been on the #1 PPU, and the #1 line if they were serious down there. Grachev nearly made the Rangers out of camp last year, he was the final cut.

    Anisimov needed more time in the AHL because he was more physically immature. He was barely 190 pounds last year. But he came into camp this past year at 204 and much stronger in the upper body. His tearing up the AHL was great for his confidence, but has he been 230 pounds he would not have needed that second AHL season.

    Grachev is physically powerful right now. And since he’s a wing, he can be insulated more at the NHL level. Its much tougher for a center to make that leap, but as a winger you can be green and still be good.

  140. Blue Seat Horror

    are you sure it was worded exactly like that?

    Now…not to stray away from hockey (this is a hockey blog, indeed), from now on, i will add some hockey stuff to each and every post of mine

    I Love Hockey!

  141. lmao @ blue seat, and you’re welcomed. i’m glad you liked it, CT gets part credit, he brough up Clash!

    do we start calling Mess Darth Messier yet??

  142. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    sorry had to step out a while and now have to go into work for a bit….did I miss something???

    All I did was give the guy a little friendly advice!

  143. what/nose picker etc-

    My suggestions:

    Don’t feel unwelcome here -you are.

    Settle on one name. Do it.

    Understand there will always be someone with a different opinion —don’t take it personal and try not to make it personal.

    Try to offer some positive stuff- I’m sure you have it in you- what Rangers do you like?

    Don’t let yourself get bullied by Blog Goons like -Wicky (just kidding)

    Most ‘inside jokes’ are probably because your not here long/often enough.

  144. what stands up for the downtrodden on

    hey at least i told you some of the aliases. can’t stick to 1 name though. different names for different topics. also like to read the hockey talk when there is hockey talk

  145. Teams are signing small parts of their teams-Montreal, Columbus, Vancouver etc. Nothing major. ‘Til the big fellow signs. Ir’s really getting annoying. Is it really pure greed?

  146. Who knows what his deal is.

    Maybe he wants to sign a long term deal with a team he’ll win multiple Cups with.

    That can’t be a decision that takes a week.

    Or maybe he really is a greedy piece of carcillo.

  147. some people only come here for hockey talk, which is the foundation of the blog, and they want no part of the gibberish, friendships and off topic conversation that goes on. That’s fine and I don’t know of anyone who does NOT respect that reason.

    To those folks, please do not hold it against those of us who come here for the hockey and everything else smorgasboard offered here. There are a lot of people here who are friends outside of the blog, and that is very apparent, especially during the season, or if its someones bday or wedding or other life event. Personally, i try to welcome new people and, if they want, try to explain some of the lunacy so they don’t get that ‘left out’ feeling.
    Sometimes I miss people,so sue me lol.

    The blog is what we all make it. If you don’t want the closeness, there are plenty of incredibly knowledgeable, friendly people here who will keep it to just the basics. And if you want it a bit more, uh, odd, just jump on in.

  148. Gift of GAB-orik ( THANKS 'WHAT' FOR HIS PROMOTION ) on

    leaving work all, g’nite, and talk hockey, enough high school talk and hurt feelings!!

    If Kovalchuk signs tonight i’m playing lotto.

  149. good question ilb. it’s been 13 days. maybe he was expecting more public offers. maybe he’s waiting for a behind the scenes team to make a staggering offer. or maybe he thinks by prolonging this, the closer to camp we get, the more money he will get because some team will feel the pressure. who knows… only the Kovalchuken knows

  150. dde



    Main Entry: vi·tu·per·a·tion
    Pronunciation: \(?)v?-?tü-p?-?r?-sh?n, v?-, -?tyü-\
    Function: noun
    Date: 15th century

    1 : sustained and bitter railing and condemnation : vituperative utterance
    2 : an act or instance of vituperating
    synonyms see abuse

    fran gets the $20 word of the day award for sure

  151. what the…

    “…just saying it’s never a good thing when people gang up on 1 person…” unless it is Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Sather or any of your aliases.
    Your Blog Police Sergeant – Big “newbabies” Bully.

  152. Why are my comments “awaiting moderation”? what did I do that was so bad, besides point out the obvious? I didn’t attack anyone personally…nor did i threaten anyone. But yet, the people who actually did those things are still free to post.

  153. ahh wait.. I think i know what happened……

    this was my original post, but without the links I posted. I think the links are what caused the post not to go through.


    “An enema is what this blog sorely needed. Its been veering way of course for quite some time. Nice to see people taking a step back and reevaluate.

    anyone else here counting the days until Traverse City opens? I am currently in the throes of hockey withdrawal.”

  154. Yes…Linda.

    I did post some links. I shouldn’t of reacted so poorly. My bad.

    I’ve posted links in the past. Never had that happen before.

  155. maybe someone’s watching whats going on after all the activity earlier blaze. it does happen every once in a while though :-)

  156. Line combos, people, please! No j(g)ibberish!

    Speaking of gibberish- Fran, if you find an authentic Ukrainian place that serves borscht, also try “green borscht” (aka “cold borscht”). And if the place is a real deal, ask for okroshka. It’s somewhat similar to green borscht, but it’s based on kvas ( Ukrainian drink, the closest to it is root beer- CCCP?). Admittedly, the latter is an acquired taste. The clue is to find an authentic place. I’m not sure where you are located ( you seem to have traveled a bunch), so you may need to come to NY. But if you do, let me know. I’ll treat you to all of the above. In exchange, you’ll tell me all your old hockey stories from the past. Bet you I’d be sitting with my mouth open all day. You seem to have a few of those.

  157. >>just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you

    And just because they’re after you doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid.

  158. I’m over and (under) whelmed by tonight :)
    Ria, thanks, and keep reading! July’s always a tough month :)

    Too many posts to respond to individually, but I just love this blog.

    However, two shout outs:
    1) as a word person, anyone who can not only spell correctly but use properly in a sentence — colloquy and vituperation — is OK by me. Just don’t cross me :))))

    2) all: read Linda’s post at 8:06. She’s said it before, yet it’s still right as rain as always.

    p.s. wicky, it doesn’t count as a laurel unless I say ta. and ta “for now” doesn’t count….

  159. Tank The Season on

    Apparently Kings are done talking to Kovalchuk, for real:


    The dude wants $$$$ which the Kings won’t give.

    Please don’t let Dolan and Sather get deluded into thinking that paying him what he wants is the answer.

  160. Blue Seat Horror on

    Nothing is done until the Kovalchuken signs somewhere.

    Only The Shadow knows what hockey team lurks in the heart of Ilya Kovalchuk!

  161. Tank The Season on

    Eklund’s latest propaganda is that the Sharks want to dump Joe Thornton so they can sign Kovalchuk.

    I’d go on record as saying that I’d give Thornton a shot. Depends on what they want for him.

  162. As of now, LeBroom looks pretty benign comparing to Ilya. He may end up in KHL after all.

  163. Blue Seat Horror on

    Tank, I’m pretty sure Eklund has a dartboard for every team that lists its biggest players and where the dart lands is who’s on the trading block. His E rating refers to how closely the dart lands to the bullseye.

  164. Good job, Ria. Welcome to the unsilent Boneheads.

    Mama, you stirred the pot. Well done.

    fran, that’s not only the $20 blog word of the day, that might be the all-time Rangers Report word. I may have to ask everybody here to ante up a buck or two.

    Biggest word I know is mayonnaise.

    Not counting Carpiniello.

  165. hey guys, n gals. hows everyoenb doin today? i see we had another fun filled day. without hockey, we are starting to kill each oher!! personally though, im ok with having a few months off from hockey, especially with how the rangers have been. plus my family cant stand me during hockey season. im too “stressed out” they say. they love when hockeys over so they can see how im doing an spend time with me. lol. geez, i watched every game, most games from other teams, the olympics, the playoffs, and joined the boneheads fantasy league!!!wheres mako btw??)_ i am here reading the blog for updates,news and bs from all my buddies. only thing left to do is come out for next bonehead fiesta/picnic. definitely gonna make it this year. wheres sally,mako,truefans,staalwart,nasty,shoryuken on redden,and of course kaspar been??? and some others i havent mentioned. beth? olga,hugo?

  166. Blue Seat Horror on

    ilb, thankfully LeBroom was much more of a circus, which is why I like the NHL better than the NBA. When teams start talking in the billions and lining up Puff Daddy, or whoever, to convince a player of their endorsement and branding strategies for them, eh, starts to dilute the team concept. Maybe I’m naive, but at least the NHL doesn’t publicize it if it happens.

    Maybe Snoop Dog could step in to convince Kov Dog to sign somewhere and Versus could air his decision.

  167. bull dog line on

    its time for the Rangers to swoop in on Kovalchuk with a 1 year deal. much like Hossa with the Wings.

  168. Night ‘heads. Maybe things will start moving tomorrow in NHL, so we can talk lines again.

  169. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    Kovalchuk!!!! I go koo koo for koo valchuk!!!

    Wicky , thats exactly right . Hank is a playoff goalie. With him , we can’t rebuild. I want him to stay but if we are rebuilding..he has to go for a #1 draft pick and prospects. We had some very bad luck in the draft having our #1 pick pass away. We got lucky in landing Hank so high up. If we sell /Trade Hank for picks and prospects …we could be righting a really bad wrong. I dont want Hank to go but …Some peeps say we dont have a chance at all , Carp included. So why keep the guy? I say keep him and make a run , but others do not agree but yet they wanna hold onto this “franchise goalie”

  170. ddeb, you are a man among men…also, awesomesky.

    Carp, funny, and I rarely cook…

    Blue Seat…I agree. FYI, my Dad, who was raised in Cleveland but hasn’t lived there in forever, still keeps up with his old teams. And he thinks verrrrry little about Le…well, to paraphrase Auntie Em from The Wizard of Oz…”For too effing long I’ve been dying to tell you what I thought of you! And now… well, being a Rangers fan, I can’t say it!

  171. awww. dang Greg, we usually always agree! I say no to trading Hank, but build what’s in front of him! you really want to see him win with someone else who has a better D?

    OK, wicky and all, been a long day. TA!

  172. Linda – All that the Kovalchuk crisis needs is some good theme music.

    Geez, I didn’t realize how close we are to the cap already. I hold out hope for Sather trading Brashear for someone else’s semi-bad contract and being able to use that player. Redden should be afraid, be very afraid. It also feels like MZA could be sent down because of the cap and being on a two-way contract.

  173. aww spider don’t say that about MDZ..besides, it’s still a relatively long way off. who knows what will ultimately happen :)

    real TA….!

  174. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    HOLEY HELL , what a display today!!!!

    Rod , your bad. You deserved it man.

    You have no respect,No class and you think its OUR treat to have you here??? Your not a bonehead yer a knucklehead .
    I gave you a welcome gesture the other day. You said nothing and continue to fight over what garbage you bring to the table. You need to stop acting the fool. You disrepected Jane but spelling her name like an azzhole. Then you disrespected Momma!!!]

    You disrespected Momma and you got the wrath of the blog. This place is nice when you show RESPECT . You sound like a guy whos clammouring for the scoop. I wanna hear ’em then Ill deside who is full of Carp. I have followed hockey for over 35 years and have I never seen a blog like this one. We are the best , #1 …Even nerf herders from BB are here.

    New York Rangers , Greatests club in the world . Thats right Yankees take the seat over there.

  175. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah , supercalafragulisitalladosious!!!!!

    Now ya know the longest word Carp!!!

    BTW , NO messin with Momma again…..ROD!!! She”l newspaper yer nose faster then we can get the shoe shinebox!!!!

    Email me Rod @ shinemyshoesshoeboy@yahoo.ca

  176. Where’s does Kovy go from here? Devils…KHL???? His options are pretty limited from pricing himself too high with-in the market.There’s no way he should be paid Ovechkin, Crosby money. He’s more in line with a Gaborik type pay scale.

  177. I have a feeling Kovalchicken will blink and sign with LA on their last offer.Wonder- who paid for his tickets and stay in LA?)He doesn’t have a pocker face thou…

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wow! A verbal gang bang today and I wasn’t in on it? All I can say is you don’t see me posting using other names. Why change when you’ve already got a great name? :)

  179. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb , you were saying to Gift of Gab …yeah Mike from IA , Tony AZ andddd im from SASK ( lots of Rangers prospects!!)

    Linda , as you are a year older you have been on fire today!!! Great posts with lots of mature statements. yer ” Kovalchuken!” and ” don’t act like a brianboucher when they present it.” were great . Youse da woman!!! Oh yeah ty fer mentioning me being from outta state too!!

    Ria , yer silent but not forgotton . People read yer posts and know yer true Ranger fan . People like you make me feel happy and I smile : )

  180. Hey guys! How are the great ‘heads?

    Olga? Are we anywhere closer to hatching a plan to FIRE SATHER!

    How are my favorite posters, Gift of Gab, ThreeCP, Linda, and Mama?!

  181. Olga Folkyerself on

    I bet when they tear apart Steinbrenner’s couch, they’ll find more than that in change….

  182. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    OLga , get lost you fake Ranger fan!!!!

    Chicago sucks hahahaha , OUR prospects are better and we didnt even become BOTTOM SCUM to do it!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    You are here …because you deep down know yer wrong for shunning this organization. You my fiend are a fake fan who only comes here to be disgruntled . You shut th’el up about our GM and any of our players. Stay away from our site cuz last time I looked it said RANGERS REPORT .

  183. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    WAIT A MINUTE ….fine , I’ll be civil .

    Ogla ‘ol pal …im sorry for lashing out at you and Im going to take a calm approach to this. Your Chicago statement yesterday is why I just freaked out. New Day …New start.

  184. Olga Folkyerself on

    Buzz off, Greg. Sather is a loser. Look at his record since he got to NY. Then get a life.

  185. Greg

    You gotta stop with this attacking people because they have a second favorite team. And that’s coming from me – I love your enthusiasm and love for the Rangers.


    Im sure this will draw insults, but like every great human being, Mr. Steinbrenner made mistakes and treated some people poorly. But Mr. Steinbrenner and Mr. Sheppard were 2 of the greatest human beings that will ever grace this earth. I mourned today the loss of 2 larger than life men who were heroes and role models to all.

    And shame on ESPN yet again for calling Mr. Steinbrenner a jerk today. Shame on Chad Finn for making jokes at the expense of the great man. And for a guy that I thoroughly dislike, props to Pete Abraham for actually acting professional and writing many unbiased and great things about Mr. Steinbrenner – though he threw in 1 or 2 digs.

  186. And the worst part is, I feel partly responsible for his death. I made a joke yesterday to a friend: “I want to see ESPNs lack of professionalism when Mr. Steinbrenner passes”

    And I wake up to the news today, disheartening to say the least. There’s no words to describe what a tremendous loss he and Mr. Sheppard are.

    As some writers pointed out, Mr. Sheppard will be able to announce Mr. Steinbrenner into heaven :)

  187. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know what I liked about Steinbrenner? He wanted a winner so bad he would do anything that he thought would get one. Managers didn’t work out? Bring on the next guy. You want the best players? Pay for them! Anything to win!

    And we have Dolan. Meh.

  188. Olga, yeah, $8.8M and only like $126,000 of it was his. He had all these partners, and eventually bought them all out.

    But I will say this. He never operated with a salary cap. I don’t think he would have won jack carcillo with a salary cap.

  189. Exactly, Olga. He wanted to win. “Winning second, second only to breathing.” He not only wanted to win for himself, but wanted to provide a winner to the fans of New York.

    He didnt always make the best decisions, and sometimes made poor character decisions, but it was always in the spirit of trying to win and trying to be better. He never settled.

  190. And you’ve gotta make attacks on him, Carp. For what reason?

    He won in 1977 and 1978 without a major payroll discrepancy. He won in the 1990s without a major payroll discrepancy.

    Why should their be a salary cap? All it does is hurt NY teams. Nobody gives the Yankees any discounts. And with the state taxes and cost of living, other players can afford to take less elsewhere.

    And the Yankees pay the “Yankee” tax and revenue sharing. Also, the late Carl Pohlad, owner of the Twins, had more money than Mr. Steinbrenner, and chose never to spend it on the Twins, because he viewed the Twins as a business only.

    As they said about Lebron, he would have lost $2 million per year in NY, with Florida having no state income tax. So that allowed him to take $108 million from Miami. (I am not saying that’s the reason he didnt come to NY. Just pointing out the discrepancy.)

  191. Mr. Steinbrenner was probably only the 10th richest owner in baseball.

    And if the Marlins could win the 2003 World Series with a small payroll, then so could Mr. Steinbrenner’s Yankees. Keep your hate of Mr. Steinbrenner to yourself. That’s an order. :)

  192. Goodnight all. The Rangers will have brighter days in their future. Heaven just got a whole lot greater these past few days. Goodbye, Mr. Steinbrenner, you were a truly great man that everyone should aspire to be.

  193. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp- you’re right, If Big Stein had a Salary Cap, he probably wouldn’t win anywhere near as much. But he spent it, and he won. Now Sather had a few years in NY without a Salary Cap and he couldn’t even make the playoffs. It makes Sather’s comment when he was in Edmonton about winning every year with the Rangers money even more… (ironic, stupid, tragic, asinine, ostentatious, egotistical, all of the above)

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    And like Steinbrenner, that’s what Rocky Wirtz wanted to do for Chicago- give them a Hockey Champion. And in a few years he did it. All it took was for old man Wirtz to drop dead, and a person that cared to run the Black Hawks.

    Old man Wirtz was like Dolan is with the Rangers, in it for the money, and who cares about winning? You gotta have a desire to WIN! And Dolan and Sather don’t have it. Never will.

    That’s why I now prefer to root for Chicago. When someone with a desire to win starts running the Rangers, I’ll root for them again. If Dolan doesn’t care, and Sather doesn’t care, why should I put my heart into the Rangers?

  195. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    Home from work and now going to bed so good night mary ellen!!

    Nice laurels mama!!!!

    How about some love for ranger fans in Montana for crying out loud???

  196. One last thing: I heard today that Mr. Steinbrenner was a bit of a conspiracy theorist and very very superstitious… Sounds familiar!! Love you forever George.

  197. George Steinbrenner's Ghost on

    You know as painful as it is I had to let a few people go over the years. Yogi Berra, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Houser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemmon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Buck Showalter, … uh, tut!, . . .George, you didn’t hear that from me.

  198. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rushing a Russian !! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 said ” Greg ,You gotta stop with this attacking people because they have a second favorite team. ”

    Cr9 , I already warned Carp about Olga so you let me do my own thing here. Anyone can have a second favorite team , who cares but to spout the garbage about another team just wont fly here. No stepping on the logo . You cross that line alot my friend so you should n’t go there . You almost getting banned from here. I have never came close . Even though Carp hates my favorite team , I like his honesty and crazy notion that Avery’s scratching didn’t cost us the series against Washington.

  199. Blogmomma
    Thanks for the nice words. To me there’s no such thing as “big” words…they’re just words that fit the situation.
    I’m not puttin on the dog, it’s the way I think. I owe it to my Mom who taught me to read before I went to kindergarten, and she started me off with Agatha Christie mystery stories. I love to read..I can enjoy a good book more than anything on TV except sports. If you ever want to leave your kids a fine legacy..interest them in reading for pleasure( it will also enlighten them about many things.) My grand daughters always carry a book or two with them wherever they go, and if there is any down or waiting time, they simply open their fave book. There’s six of them by the way.

  200. It’s raining in my kingdom. Too hard to wake up. Lethargic “Chompin’” still asleep and, I’m afraid, he will till September.

  201. greg- im not from iowa, im just here in iowa now. lol. grew up in NY the first 26 years of my life. but tbh, ive been more into hockey and the rangers since i moved here. i cant tell you how i wish i had gone to more ranger games but i just couldnt get crazy for them during those dark years. i sure watched on tv, but only went to 2 games from 99-2003. i am tellin ya, if you get to ny one day, make sure you go to a game ok. of course i know you would lol. we have to do the next bonehead festivus/beard contest/picnic during the season. if we can all meet up at penn station before and see a game, then hang out after, i would definitely go.

  202. ddeb- my dads doin ok now, thanks. although with his heart defects and congestive heart failure, and him dealing with losing his wife, idk how “ok” he really is. i can tell you his attitude on life has changed dramatically. hes never been a very affable fellow. but he is in need of some kind of support group. hes got that angry at the world thing goin on and dont want to see him get into a fight or any trouble. hes a hot head sicilian and if one of these hicks say the wrong thing to him, he’ll tear this town a new one. lol. yea, so hes good but hes still not good, ya know what i mean. haha. im tryin my best to help him get through this depression.

  203. also gift o gab forgot wicky. hes a prospect in montana(from canada??? ny or montana, idk) i do know hes a french canadian and big guy that can whip some ass on the blueline. me and him would be the bash brothers from mighty ducks 2.

  204. no Bull Carcillo ..i actually dreamt I was watching the 1st game of the season and Ilya jumped on the ice in Ranger blue and was playing for NYR ..i was like waaaahhhhh tttt???

  205. it doesnt really matter how long this drags out, i could care less b/c Kovalchuk ain’t signing here.

  206. k back to line combos. my predictions for lines to start the season:



    as of right now, thats how i see the lines. of course there will most likely be some demotions or trades, but stepan sems like the only fwd prospect ready to play a little in the nhl besides grachev, but i think grachev is given at least 1 more year in hartford. both will most likey get time due to injuries.in fact, mza might not even make it. if grach is better in camp and preseason, mza could be the extra fwd as a healthy scratch, but at his size i see him going down with injury at lest once. im not sure we signed mza for ahl though. maybe just some serious competition for grachev and stepan.or even weise. as ya get to the lower 2 lines, you could easily slot one of mza or weise/byers/dupont in there. i know they will carry an extra fwd in there but maybe they use gilroy on wing and a 7th d man and have mcdonagh as our 6th d man. omg the possibilities are endless!!! this is so fun, i dont know why everyone doesnt talk line combos 24/7 here!! cmon heads lets do some lines!!

  207. there is no way McDonagh will be sitting in the press box. If he makes the team, which Im sure he will, then its to play every game.

  208. Frequent reader; infrequent commenter on

    Carp: someone might have already made this point above, but I think your 4th point in your post explains your second point. Love the blog, but the commenters are a bit of a clique that can seem impenetrable for a newcomer.

  209. What is up with the arse-hattery going on recently? Not just here, but it seems to be permenating everything and everywhere.

    uhh, morning folks!

  210. Frequent reader; infrequent commenter

    i definitely agree as there are always a few people who think they run the place (that happens on any blog though) but no reason to feel intimidated…i mean its the internet not face to face…

  211. Good morning, boneheads!

    Everyone is welcome here. Come in, share your thoughts. That’s what this blog is for. Forget about that clique. Be civil. Be nice. Respect opinion of others. We tend to tease each other anyway, so don’t get offended. And welcome to our community.

  212. Tank The Season on

    We will probably make a trade as soon as the Kovalchuk saga ends. Could be Simon Gagne. Philly wants draft picks.

  213. I think we’ve discussed that issue at length. Nothing is new. Carp runs the blog, with mama’s help. Period. But also realize what’s unique about RR: people have been here for long time. They know each other. Often in “real” life. They became friends. So if someone comes in and instead of giving their hockey thoughts, attacks a person for their opinion, it’s just natural to expect that attack will not be accepted that well. That place also likes occasional gibberish. Get on board, everyone! The more, the better. I’m going to start right here: if anyone who came on and felt that I offended them for whatever reason, I do apologize. And if you tell me your name and when it happened, I’ll apologize personally.

  214. Apparently Hossa and Sharp are available from the Hawks …. Time to make a trade

    I’d rather have Sharp, but I honestly think it would cost us less to go after Hossa because of his ridiculous contract.

  215. It’s Wednesday and my prediction for this week hasnt come true yet but I still got time

    Frolov to the Rangers

    Sharp will be traded

    all before Sunday

  216. Tank the season

    I definately agree that a trade is coming. Im not sure Philly would trade Gagne to a division rival though.

    If im the Rangers, I would try to acquire a good young player that can be part of their core going forward. Dave Bolland, Patrice Bergeron, Blake Wheeler, David Krejci are some names I would be interested in…

  217. Ilb
    Ah, my dear friend. You are such a nice “peacenik”. How about people whose only goal is to get under someone skin, who are deliberately rude and insulting, internet “bravehearts”, turning to whining crybabies after all when obvious solution for them is just one index finger click away?

  218. Excellent news, ilb. So glad to hear!

    I’ll take a serving of Sharp, please and thanks. :)

  219. Good morning all! It’s a glorious new day!

    Greg, you’re tremendously tremendous!

    spider, that’s what I get for trying to read at night without glasses. duh.

    CR, I see you made up for recent absence last night :)

  220. Chicago is in dire straits… they needed Hossa like this place needs another whiner…Hawks could’ve gotten the same production out of Prucha…

    they sign Campbell when they already had Keith, Seabrook and Byfuglien …then they sign Hossa to insane contract when they already had Kane, Sharp, Towes and other valuable pieces to win… talking about insecure franchise

  221. Let’s have a prediction blog!!!

    I predict. . . .

    Let me think aboot it. Whoever wins gets to join the CLIQUE!!!

  222. I was in the pool! on

    Is Byfuglien in Atlanta now? I’ve been real busy but how did I miss that.

  223. I was in the pool! on

    Chicago is in dire straits… they needed Hossa like this place needs another whiner…

    4th line whiners at that.

  224. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The big difference though between Sather and Chicago? Chicago wins, Sather doesn’t… Chicago made some mistakes, Sather makes way too many.

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