Calling all Boneheads (updated)


Ok, youse guys. I’m going to be on vacation next week, and while I’m not going anywhere (other than several meetings with Mr. T) I probably am not going to be posting every day.

Which brings us to a very popular episode we began last summer: Guest blogging.

If you’d like to do one, you’ll have to let me know.

And this will test your reading skills, because you cannot believe how many people couldn’t follow these simple instructions last summer.

1) Don’t tell me in the comments section below.

2) Drop me an e-mail at to let me know you’re interested. Don’t write your guest blog yet.

3) In the e-mail, please include your screen name and your real name.

I will schedule several of those who are interested to run during the two weeks beginning July 19. Unfortunately I will not be able to get to everybody, but I will have a few more weeks to fill later, and before the season.

I would ask you keep your posts within an arm’s length of hockey, that you keep them clean, that you keep then succinct (relatively brief — 8-10-12 paragraphs). In the case of Sally, well, it doesn’t even have to be paragraphs or words.

And I will need to have your posts the night before they are due to be published.

Those who posted last summer might get another shot, but at the start I’d like to have some new voices.


Eighty-nine days until Opening Night.


EVENING UPDATE, 5 P.M.: Got this from the Rangers:


New York, July 12, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with right wing Jeremy Williams.

Williams, 26, skated in 77 games with the Grand Rapids Griffins of the American Hockey League (AHL) last season, registering 32 goals and 31 assists for 63 points, along with 55 penalty minutes.  He established AHL career-highs in games played, goals, points and shots (210).  Williams ranked eighth in the AHL in goals, and tied for fourth in the league with 14 power play goals.  He also led the Griffins in goals, points, power play goals and shots, and tied for the team lead in assists.  Williams recorded 14 multi-point performances, including his second career AHL hat trick on April 10 at Chicago.  He posted a career-high, seven-game point streak from December 9 vs. San Antonio to December 19 at Texas, registering nine points (five goals and four assists) over the span.  Williams finished the season riding a three-game goal streak (six goals), including back-to-back multi-goal games on April 10 at Chicago (three goals) and April 11 at Milwaukee (two goals).  He notched his 100th AHL goal on December 9 vs. San Antonio, registered his 200th AHL point with an assist on December 15 at Peoria, and recorded his 100th AHL assist on December 26 vs. Chicago.  Williams also skated in his 300th career AHL game on February 13 at Houston.

In 2008-09, Williams split the season between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Marlies (AHL).  He registered five goals and two assists for seven points in 11 NHL games with the Maple Leafs.  Williams tallied his first NHL multi-point effort with one goal and one assist in his season debut on December 8 vs. the NY Islanders.  He recorded five goals in his first six games with the Maple Leafs following his recall on December 8, including a goal in each of his first three games.  With the Marlies, Williams ranked second on the team with 27 goals and fourth with 40 points in 46 AHL games that season.  He also led the team and ranked fourth in the AHL with a career-high 19 power play goals.

The 6-0, 195-pounder has skated in 325 career AHL games over six seasons with the St. John’s Maple Leafs/Toronto Marlies and Grand Rapids Griffins, registering 122 goals and 121 assists for 243 points, along with 248 penalty minutes.  In addition, Williams has recorded nine goals and two assists for 11 points in 31 career NHL contests with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He notched a goal on his first shot on goal in his NHL debut on April 18, 2006 vs. Pittsburgh.

The Regina, Saskatchewan native was originally selected as Toronto’s seventh round draft choice, 220th overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. I don’t want Boyle on this team next year. Yes, he’s huge and skates faily well. But for his size he’s not nearly the physical presence he could be and should be. I’d rather see a prospect get experience. This team needs grit and sandpaper, not another marshmallow.

  2. Daniel – i agree, i can see Drury manning the 4th line next year (plus PK and PP time) to open up slots for Anisimov, Stepan and Christensen to center the other lines (if Stepan proves worthy of a shot in camp)

  3. Christensen is an interesting dilemma. He’s signed for two years, right? I think if he plays with confidence then we haven’t seen the best of what he can do. His contract isn’t that expensive and he could develop into an inexpensive gem. I’d like to see him get an opportunity to show us something.

  4. From the Grand Poo-bah himself:

    “We still have some options out there,” Sather added about getting a top-line center. “Christensen came on very well last year and played very well, I’m not going to rule him out. *At the same time, there’s no guarantee he’s going to be the guy to take the job.* Prospal can play center. Stepan is smart enough to play there.”

    My opinion – Christensen should be buried in the AHL. He’s horrible.

  5. Stepan is more than likely not making the team and Christensen has absolutely zero chance of being waived…they just signed him!!!!!

    and why would they get rid of Boyle? He’s kills penalties, he’s huge and he has some scoring ability. Even if he’s just a healthy scratch, there is no reason to waive him…

  6. oleosmirf,
    Dead on.
    Sather is trying to catch lightning in a bottle with EC. He only has to be competent at his pay and it’s a success.
    Boyle will be the highest skilled 4th liner on the team. He is going nowhere.
    Stepan is a few years away. Clicked nicely with Grachev in PRACTICE, will get at least a year to hone those skills with Grachev in Hartford.

  7. From the gist of what everyone is saying about the team’s capabilities with just a bit of this one and a bit of that one,( desired pickups for the team)…..I do believe that a lot of you folks have either completely forgotten,( or refuse to recall) just how badly this team played-the-game last year. From shortly after the first month, most of their games were performed at an ECHL level, with a few notable exceptions.

    It’s gonna take close to a face lift, and transfusion to get beyond last season’s foillies.

  8. From the gist of what everyone is saying about the team’s capabilities with just a bit of this one and a bit of that one,( desired pickups for the team)…..I do believe that a lot of you folks have either completely forgotten,( or refuse to recall) just how badly this team played-the-game last year. From shortly after the first month, most of their games were performed at an ECHL level, with a few notable exceptions.

    It’s gonna take close to a face lift, and transfusion to get beyond last season’s follies.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    haha… don’t tempt Carp.

    he said everything two times two times.

  10. Any Kovie rumors today?

    I’ve been busy working (really, seriously, honestly, I swear, Honest to God)
    and may have missed news…

    Lance appears D.O.A., which I blame personally on George Bush.

    Dolan is manning the guitar and playing “baby I wuz born to run” while his audience of Garden employees feinging smiles and applause.

    The NBA is ignorning Affirmative Action Lawsuit filed on behalf of Asian Americans.

    Maine is about 90 degrees which for us, is really hot and our bodies are not accostomed to it.

    The Mets continue to make me remember the good ole days at Shea Stadium with Lindsey Nelson, Ralph Kiner, and Bob Murphy.

    Joe Namath, Mark Messier, Yoko Ono, Walt Frazier and Gary Carter all chuckle at Lebron’s lack of courage.

    No one wants to go to the Islanders, which stinks for their fans.

    Larry Brooks will continue to take veiled shots at Torts and will be incessant in his attempts to use the media to undermine him.

    Other than that, anything new on the Kovi front?

  11. :)

    As much as I’d love to do another guest blog, I’ve been trying to make myself draw Stevie Nicks riding a dragon for, like, HALF A YEAR now. Also my alphabet has stalled at M for about a year. Motivation is not my strong point.

  12. fran

    I am aware this team was not very good last season and we arent going to be much better this year and frankly I dont care.

    a fresher Lundqvist and continued improvement from the homegrown players and maybe a Zuccarello-Aasen surprise is enough to get buy.

    You need to build a core first before you bring in outside help, not the other way around…

  13. Just move christen and drury to wing.
    boom. problem solved

  14. Tank The Season on

    After much pondering, I am officially off the Kovalchuk fence – and have touched down on the “NO” side.

    Why? It’s simple, really. All you have to do is ask yourself one question: “Does Ilya Kovalchuk make the players around him better?” No. Messier, Gretzky, Forsberg, Lemieux, Modano, Yzerman, Sakic, Fedorov, and Francis did this. Of course, you say they were all centers and Kovalchuk was a wing. Well, how about Ovechkin, Jagr, Neely, Tkachuk, Kurri, Anderson, Shanahan, and St. Louis?

    Those guys I named are guys you could build around. Those guys in their prime would potentially be worth a cap-constricting long term deal. Kovalchuk? Not so much.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, speaking of guest-bloggers, what is Sam Weinman up to these days? Hope he is doing well.

  16. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Fan comes from the word Fanatic, with according to Meriam-Websters dictionary is defined as *: marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion*

    though at times, we are often critical. It comes with the territory. We hope in our heart of hearts, that we win every year, knowing full well it’s not possible. We get teased with wins over teams we ‘shouldn’t beat’, and angered by losses to teams we ‘should beat’. That’s why they play… on any given night, any team can win.

    We have high expectations every year, in large part due to where we are, and what market we’re in. NY can’t and won’t stand mediocraty or failure. Though we’ve gotten a huge dose of that thanks to MSG. The Dolan legacy in NY is one of immense failures. Multiple losing seasons, missing the playoffs, and trying to buy out of it. The ineptitude of the GM’s of the respective teams(Knicks, Rangers) is so stifling i could choke on it.

    Isiah Thomas was a colossal failure. He was the Knicks version of Sather, except he apparently sexually harassed a female worker, got sued, and ran out of his position. Except he still has Dolan’s ear. What does that tell you?

    Sather has hung the Rangers out to dry with his moves year after year. For every 1 good move, it is supplanted by 10 bad ones. Overpaying aging ‘stars’, and watching them wither and die on the Garden ice like flowers with no water.(Gretzky being the exception) Losing season after losing season, until the Jagr era, when we almost had a chance… and then off he goes, and we go back to average… or below. Yet he still has his job, and a seemingly blank cheks at whim. What does that tell you?

    It tells the story of an owner out of touch with sport. It speaks of a missing link between owner, and GM, that cannot be bridged with money. It speaks of a failure to recognize talent, or lack thereof, and the fortitude to admit to a mistake, and correct it. It speaks to the fact that due to the market, and our insatiable appetite for drama, we continue to fill the arena and fatten his pockets. The rich get richer off of the pains we endure to watch our beloved teams night in and night out.

    We debate every move, we analyze every stat, streak, and possible outcome. We voice our opinions, and offer ways to fix what is broken. But what is broken we cannot mend. We lack the power to change at the level it is needed. Yet we still continue to buy the jersey/hat/shirt, get in our car, or on the train, and fill the arena. What does that say about us?…….

    We are fans
    We are fanatics
    We are the Ranger faithful.
    For better or worse.

    I’ll dream of the next ’94.

  17. Yeah…how’s Sam? And what about Jane? Those two would make excellent guests!


    It’s my sister’s birthday today too!

  18. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on


    Happy birthday Linda! congrats on being 27 again!

  19. Linda is "27" on

    awesome CCCP! wish her a happy birthday for me please

    and great idea about sam and jane doing guest blogs! Sam was already gone before I found you guys, and jane was always awesome to read!

  20. I will definitely check with Sam. I don’t think Jane could do it … she’s working at another web site.

  21. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    :) thanks Linda, i didn’t intend it to be that long… it just kinda came out. Like Jerry McGuire’s mission statement… except i’m not taking the fish.

  22. Coach Beeblebrox on

    CW – “Stepan is a few years away” Don’t bet on that one buddy. Stepan is darn near ready now. The kids is 190+ pounds and is smart as a whip. He will be in the NHL this season, if not out of camp, then at the first sign of an injury.

  23. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Boyle is a joke, he’s horrible. He was outscored by every 4th line center in the NHL in more TOI. Blair Betts kicked his butt last year in scoring and people could not wait to get his offensively anemic game out of town.

  24. Thanks Coach,
    I know he is good, I just didn’t realize he was THAT close. Playing an NCAA season, then an NHL season is like comparing a walk around the block to a hike across the Alps. I bet he has a hard time surviving a full AHL season. But from what I have been reading, he may be a real bona fide NHL player. I have been trying to follow the kids more closely. Prospect Park has been my source for info. They need an editor over there. The writing is very hard to read on that blog.

  25. Coach,
    No one said he was great. Just said he is the most talented of our 4th liners. He can play PK. We weren’t comparing him to any other NHL teams. If we were to do that, there would be a lot of other Rangers we would be calling “jokes”.

  26. Tank The Season on

    I think the only UFA we should think about is Stempniak. However, you’d think he would have just gone to the Sabres on July 1.

  27. Anybody hear those leaked Mel Gibson rant tapes?

    I knew the guy had some issues, but he’s out of this world. Psycho killer!!

    He’s in his 50’s, but maybe we should have signed him instead of Booger, especially now that his acting career is over.

  28. while I agree that Boyle isn’t great, it serves no purpose to have a top prospect playing those four minutes a night, especially a skill guy playing with the other ham-hands on his wings.

    plus Boyle is a pretty good PK. I’d leave him there, even if it means one of the kids stays in Hartford for a while, getting first-line minutes and experience.

  29. Linda is "27" on

    ORR, with the crazy rants he’s had the past few years, he either has to go back to Australia, or live in a van down by the river!

  30. Paul G in Sunrise on

    Boyle is a great fourth liner and servicable penalty killer. Best part is he only costs around $500K on the cap, so even if he sits press box – he is cheaper than some alternatives. he may get moved but not likely to be waived. my 2 cents

  31. Paul G in Sunrise on

    Great fourth liner because of his salary – not skill – just for clarification

  32. Tony, it’s bad enough that you agree with me. If you start saying I’m smart they’re going to come and get you.

    Linda, how’s the 27th going?

  33. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    I agree on boyle probably not going anywhere. He makes like 500k or so. Depending on how the rest of the off season plays out, he may not be in the starting line up, but I don’t think he will be waived or demoted…a healthy scratch is possible, but with the big club.

    ILB and Grabby
    best of luck with everything going on with both of you!!!!

    once again, Happy Birthday!!

    once again, sorry I eklunded!!!

    Still not sure I’m sold on grachev, from what I’ve read!

    We still don not have the right kind of d man on our blueline currently!

    you should do guest bloggers again sometime, that was pretty cool!!!

  34. Linda is "27" on

    Carpy, the 27th is pretty quiet right now, we celebrated on Saturday and the man is at school.

    Thanks Wicky XOXO

  35. Coach Beeblebrox on

    CW – Re: Boyle – I understand what you mean about him being the best 4th line option. But he’s only that, if you don’t take a kid as a serious option for that role. For instance a kid like Stepan, might be a viable option for a 4th line role. He’s a real character kid, super smart and can flat out play the game. Point is it depends on how your 4th line is going to be used. If you use it well, it can be a development role, as Detroit has done with Helm.

    The Rangers don’t have top line talent, so they need to play the talent they have, no matter how young and green. There is no danger with learning at the NHL level, if you have good teachers. The way the Rangers handled Anisimov last year says a lot about their commitment to go with youth.

    As far as Stepan, he may not be 100% NHL ready, and I have no doubt that if he played in NY he’d hit the wall like all the young college kids do. But that’s okay because he will learn. He’s not the kind of kid where the development is so fragile, he’s not Lundmark. Stepan is a kid that lives for hockey, and those kids can handle not being “stars” right away.

    The Rangers are a better team with Christensen, Anisimov, Stepan, Drury down the middle than they are with Drury, Boyle being the bottom two. Like I said, they don’t have the top end talent, so they are going to have to wait for it to arrive.

    Maybe Boyle proves me wrong, and has a great camp. After all he’s still only 24 years old, and those big kids take a long time to develop. But he had a lot of chances last year to do something, and he rarely did anything.

  36. Coach B – maybe OK, if you’re giving that prospect 3rd line minutes, but I can’t see much point in him getting 5-8 minutes a game alongside Boogaard and Prust.

    And Darren Helm basically played two full seasons in the AHL around a few NHL callups before last year. He was only more prominent because he played a pretty big role in the playoffs before he’d cracked the regular season lineup.

  37. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    cool vid, but who was the little kid in it scoring the goals on that big ice surface??

  38. Linda is "27" on

    lmao, as kypreos is in a Leafs jersey, the blurb says “and the Rangers kyprios is the one who ends up face-first on the ground”

  39. Joekuh - The Decision...when will Drury do another "clutch dump in" ? on

    I’d rather Step learn in the AHL. Drury will never consistently play 4th line while a captain. And I dont think he’s ready to play 3rd line yet, that should be Anisimov’s spot. Now that I think about it though, who’s our 2nd line center?

  40. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Brad Richards! haha i keed i keed.

  41. Happy Birthday Linda!

    ILB and Grabby- sending prayers/good wishes your way.

    I’m soooo very tempted on the offer to guest blog.

  42. maybe its b/c of the awesome background music in that MZA video, but i have high hopes now that we could have a potential superstar.

  43. Hey, I’m the frodo from modo, the hobbit from Norway, and i’m comin your way to wish Linda a happy birthday. My dekes are ridin dirtay, i put the icing on the cake like i’m sorbet, but its your day, and everyone here should get up and scream out, till their vocal cords burst and they sound like lil weezy, but i think i can speak for erybody when i say, like minime and dr. evil, this blog completes me.

  44. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    here from k allen via twitter

    The Blackhawks say they’re matching the Sharks’ four-year, $14 million offer to Niklas Hjalmarsson.

    Now is the time to go after sharp or brouwer

  45. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    and next tweet

    Source tells @Real_ESPNLebrun #Blackhawks are shopping former #Sabres dman Brian Campbell. LeBrun doesn’t believe contract is movable.

  46. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    and then:

    My ESPNChicago colleague Jesse Rogers believes Patrick Sharp could be in play as well now and he’s much more easily moveable… We’ll see

  47. mama, the actual raps i write wouldnt be able to be published on this blog. haha. I would do it tho. would just need sum topics

  48. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    i’ll say this, i know EC and prospal were not signed to be waived for the up coming season, but if a cap strapped team like the hawks wanted a low priced vet to fill out a roster and either one or both could be traded for a sharp or brouwer from the hawks, or gagne or maybe stafford from the sabres, well thanks but see you two later!!!

  49. Hmm, not sure, Carp. I’d have to think about it. There is such a thing as too much Beninati, as hard as that might be to believe.

  50. Carp, just emailed you that i’d do it. plus i wrote it already just for fun. lol

  51. While the Kovalchuks are touring LA, Grossman shared lunch with
    Sather, Jim Dolan, and another individual, thought to be Cablevision money man Steve Mills.

    That’s a lot more than some of you miserable people deserve to know.

  52. The only reason Prospal wasn’t traded last season was because they didn’t want to dishearten the kidzzz. He’s a valuable asset and I wish the Rangers tagged him for two years.

    You can get exactly what he’s thinking through his facial expression in the interviews. Funny guy

  53. Man if the Hawks were shopping Sharpe I’d take him over Kovalchuk any day of the week.

  54. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    while you are entitled to post here like the rest of us and I have no problem with you sharing your insight and opinions like we all do, there is no reason to slam everyone here because you have a beef with some. I can only guess that if you keep slamming everyone here a shine box will eventually come your way. Just relax a bit on universal insults!!!

  55. twitter

    121 million over 16 years (7.56 mill cap hit) Kovalchuk signs with LA 1 minute ago via web

    Krys bukowski

  56. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    haha… some people stop at nothing to get their kicks.

  57. Linda is "27" on

    ORR is such a card!!

    Thanks for that link Mickey, interesting reading, especially the comments

  58. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Rod should make like the banner and go hang from the rafters. Actually… that’s more dignified then some people deserve.

  59. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Cross check…

    are you pretty happily miserable??

  60. Wickyy,

    My post said some, and thanks for inviting me to a public forum.

    You weren’t so concerned with decorum when I was talking hockey and being savaged, which happened FIRST.

    that last post was a goof, btw.

  61. Personally I get a bit uneasy using the word “great” and Boyle in the same sentence.

    But if so, do you think a trade to the Pens for Dupuis, or to Philly to get Betts back would be in order?…or even Sjostrom?

  62. Linda is "27" on

    don’t you be stepping on my grounds Gab lol ;-)
    hoping for a birthday carping lol!!

  63. And speaking of great announcers I recall Mel Allen, and Red Barber, and even Dizzy Dean who was quite comical.

  64. WOW, ORR you are a dousche!!!

    You went all the way to creating a Twitter account to impersonate NHL.COM and report that Kov signed with LA.

    WOW, get a life!!!

  65. I found the comments rather intriguing as well. Lots of great points made and then a tangent of epic proportions that reminded me of a few conversations I’ve had myself with others when I was leading confirmation retreats. The entire thing made me think, I will say.

  66. when did this blog turn into a bunch of guys whining about getting caught up in hijinx or because noone believes their ‘source’ information? if you’re going to act like a total arse, that is your perogative, but don’t expect people to treat you with a shred of respect

  67. I haven’t been on this blog since the season ended mostly because I lost interest in the overall content and the inane comments found here. I’m gone until September. Hopefully some of this silliness will stop by then.

  68. Vitaly, what the fugg are you talking aboot? Learn how to read, DD mentioned that twitter account. All I did was provide a link. Fooled another one!!

    “lol fran, dont mention Dupuis!! you just opened the door for ORR! lol”

    I was aboot to mention it but you just stole my thunder!!

    Also, Rod’s been stealing my thunder.

  69. the second i saw Dupuis, i figured i had less than 30 seconds to comment lol. I know he’s one of your favorite ex-Rangers ;-)

  70. Yeah, too bad he couldn’t be such a Hall Of Famer in the 6 games he played for NYR. Bwahaha!

    I still can’t get over that comment. Like Dupuis actually helped the Pens win the Cup, ahaha!!

    Any prospect could have filled his skates and done the same if not more.

  71. “While the Kovalchuks are touring LA, Grossman shared lunch with
    Sather, Jim Dolan, and another individual, thought to be Cablevision money man Steve Mills.

    That’s a lot more than some of you miserable people deserve to know.”

    Could it just as easily be a meeting about. . . . .

    ?????? I thought you were leaving this site?

  72. I mean Jay Grossman’s office is in Briarcliffe Manor. I know that is one hell of a long flight to meet Slats!!!

  73. Danny Markov, Radulov, or could he be negotiating a deal for Brian Leetch to return to the NYR in a full time capacity?

    Jay Grossman represents ALL THOSE GUYS and more.

    . . . . or they could just be having lunch.

  74. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    i tried to make a reference to savaging being pretty miserably uncomfortable… however, i was carped twice tryin to post it. (sorry linda!)

  75. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Kovalchuk meeting team brass in L.A. and his agent is fine dining in NY? Seems a touch odd.

  76. Oh good grief. When will this saga end!!!!!!!!

    on another note, i haven’t heard back from ilb all day, but I’ll give you an update as soon as I hear.

  77. “Kovalchuk meeting team brass in L.A. and his agent is fine dining in NY? Seems a touch odd.”

    If it is even true. I heard a quote from LA’s GM. “He (Kovy) is just here to meet us. He isn’t signing anything”

    Who knows? I don’t claim to know. I know I am gonna buy Rod Gilbert a few beers if Kovy becomes a Ranger. That’s all i know.

    That, and Rod is gonna “bop me in the nose” when he sees me at Shagwong.

  78. Gab, maybe he’s taking in the sights and sounds of LA with his Russian agent ;-)

  79. since when people so touchy-feeling? and you call yourselves hockey fans? damn kids…relax… nothing is wrong with a little humor during long hot off-season summer!

    P.S. and if any of you still get fooled by ORR posts then you have nobody to blame but yourself!

  80. Kovalchuk should just sign with LA already. Jeez. It’s beyond old and boring by now.

  81. after the Lebron incident and all the new nicknames they came up with, i think we should call Ilya WILLYA (sign already)

  82. I wouldn’t be so down on the state of this team right now.

    If you look at the east with Washington, Philly, NJ, Montreal & Pittsburgh the Rangers are not going to compete with these teams any time soon.

    So why not build your team around five first round picks in McDonough, Staal, Kreider, Del Zotto and McIlrath.

    Add to that list Anisimov, Stepan, Grachev, Callahan and Dubinksy.

    Hang onto Henrik, Gabby and Boogard and the team has a nucleus to build on when the contracts for Gabby, Henrik and Boogard expire.

    If I am Sather I am stockpiling picks and making Cap room so that when it comes time for this team to need a player of Kovolchuk’s caliber they have the room to get him to support the foundation.

    I think this team will be better this season than last, which isn’t saying much, but I say that knowing we have draft picks and youth playing instead of hired guns and that we have solid prospects in the system for the future.

  83. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Kovy going to meet them… for what? They gonna sell him on how close Disney is? How much Sand is at the beach? what else would they talk to him about besides their hockey team, and money? I’m thinking any agent would want to be there.

  84. Typical. Neither gross nor anyone else asks the nyr why they’re NOT interested in ik.
    Brooks documents contact between sather and grossman yesterday, doesn’t follow up with anything at all today.

    Shoddy coverage like this is HOW glen sather has been able to destroy the team we all love. Not a word from the nimrods on wfan, who prefer to talk college basketball and derek jeter hangnails. And on and on it goes.

    Cw, I tried to engage you like a gentleman, you opted to be whatever the heck you are, I prefer not to try and describe it.

    Since you’re near gosmans dock find the shortest pier and take yourelf a long walk.

  85. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on


    did you really just use the words ‘boogard’ and ‘nucleus’ in the same sentence?

    That MAY be a bit of a stretch there.

  86. lmao, i think he meant the nucleus being the young guys in the previous paragraph! You’re hilarious Gift!

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    I know my eager fans, but sadly, it’s true. I want to let some of the other commentary prospects on this blog to get a chance to show their stuff in the big leagues.

    Also, there really is nothing that is interesting enough to talk about. Good luck to those who do guest blog. It’s a pretty terrible summer discussion-wise.

  88. Tank The Season on

    Jeremy Williams was signed to replace Corey Locke who went to Ottawa. It is a AHL signing.

  89. ddbened

    No I didn’t see that apellation used regarding Boyle.

    if this is true, I wonder why he did such a terrific job last season of hiding it.

    And how did he get so wonderful in just this past off season?

  90. LMAO


  91. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    oh… ok then that’s different. My eyes wouldn’t actually let me read ‘boogard’ and ‘nucleus’ in the same sentence… i had to cut and paste. It was too much for my poor brain to handle.

  92. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I heard Grossman represents Dolan’s band.

  93. Rod,
    “Cw, I tried to engage you like a gentleman, you opted to be whatever the heck you are, I prefer not to try and describe it.”
    Look, I am just being Devil’s advocate. You have me thinking about this, I have to admit. You are very compelling in your posts. But I am trying to be logical. I am just presenting counterpoints. You say you have insiders. You will have the last laugh if it is true.

  94. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Maybe we can ship Redden out for a new Fender guitar.

    ” No Stairway? DENIED “


    The guy is a spoiled little brat who INHERETED 2 pro teams. He is a total loser. If he were born into most of our neighborhoods, he would be the bum that still lived with his MOM playing his guitar too loud in the basement bedroom they built him. I guess he would be like most Islander fans.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    As many of you are already aware, Chicago matched the offer sheet on Hjarlmarsson. Accordingly, salary will have to be moved (or they walk away from Niemi and sign a cheaper goaltender).

    Two questions:

    1) Would you trade for Patrick Sharp?
    2) What would you give up?

  97. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I appreciate use of the word buffoon. It’s got a certain old school flavor to it.

    He may know cable, and how to run a newspaper/internet news business… but he don’t know JACK about how to properly run a sports franchise.

    He’s not a hockey guy. He’s a wanna-be rock star.

  98. Doodie,
    I love those lines of thinking. How long is Sharp locked up for? How much? I would assume a prospect would go the other way. Because of the salary problems, right?


  99. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I would ABSOLUTELY trade for Sharp. I’d give up my club option for 2012-13, and my negotiating rights with the KHL.
    On a serious note… not sure what i’d give up… but i’m sure it would cost us a Dubinsky, or young D prospect.
    Sather, for one reason or another, seems totally enamored with Dubi.

  100. Dubi’s not great. In fact, I PLEADED with NYR to trade him a couple years ago when he was over valued. But if CHI has a salary problem, they are only gonna take a prospect/pick(s) in return. At least I wiould assume as much.

    Is Grossman his agent?

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    I would get creative with it. Figure out a way to take Huet in addition to Sharp. That way, the return wouldn’t have to be too much and we could walk away with Patrick Sharp. Sure, our cap space would be pretty tight, but a few carefully placed waivers and we’re good again.

  102. Sharp is a reasonable addition the the NYR. Sather should really be looking into this. It has been talked about for a long time.

    ‘Can anyone give us a little scouting report on Sharp?

  103. I wouldn’t give up Grachev for Sharp.

    It’s not worth it. Grachev has potential to be a really good forward with massive size and strength.

    Sharp can’t help us now. He’ll add more goals, but we’re still not winning the Cup with him.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, if I were Dolan and I was seriously interested in building a winner, I would use my vast financial resources to offer cap-pressed teams a chance to trade away unwanted contracts. Imagine if at the beginning of free agency, we told Chicago that we would take Huet off of their hands for the price of a first round pick. Wouldn’t they have jumped at that instead of trading away half of their team?

  105. Again, you have to consider the window to win a cup with Henke in net. And to a lessed degree, Gaborik too. They are your bread and butter. This is why Kovi rumors intrigue me. It would be nice to have our own version of MALKIN-CROSBY-FLEURY-supporting cast. 3 superstars in their prime.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Sharp is 28, with 2 years left on his current contract at a cap hit of 3.9 million.

  107. lmao, now bob ryan is grilling dolan in regards to the Isiah Thomas stuff! What fun stuff on my birthday!!

  108. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I enjoy around the horn. It’s entertaining… although i like PTI alot more.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    For the record, a salary dump trade like the one for Huet is the only trade I would consider. Huet and Sharp for Erik Christensen. Bury Huet in the AHL, so it’s basically a Sharp for Christensen trade. You get the idea.

  110. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    in biological terms… haha. in that case… i’m hoping he gets some of Gaborik’s skills via osmosis.

  111. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I didn’t realize we were going to dust off our junior high and high school science books!

    Perhaps E.C. and become Jason Spezza by way of diffusion. Then we can have a #1 center with low pay!

    Imagining EC with Spezza’s contract is enough to make my body engage in reverse peristalsis.

  112. bull dog line on

    would not trade a roster player, or prospect for Sharpe. the Hawks are desperate, offer the extra 2nd round the Rangers have next season for him.

  113. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    I know we can fit evaporation into the discussion of Redden’s hockey skills.

  114. i like the Jeremy Williams signing. in 08-09 he had 5 goals in 11 games and before that scored 3 goals in his first 3 NHL games all over the course of 3 seasons.

    a nice replacement for Corey Locke…

  115. Cw,

    I never boasted of having ‘insiders’, just presented info and hopefully a bit of insight.

    You’re the one obsessed with – rather than the infomation itself – where it’s coming from – telling me to reveal myself and all that nonsense.

    I understand full well how the internet is, you’ve got guys actually making money off sites claiming to know whatever, plus a million others who get off on this stuff.
    I could care less, and it’s why I’ve rarely posted anywhere ever.

    I thought, after having read Carp for a long time (without trying to make us both feel old!) and having checked this site on & off, that I’d seen some pretty serious hockey talk. Some people who’d appreciate what MIGHT be going on.
    Next thing I know, I’m getting this childish treatment and no hockey talk in return. F that.

    Truth is, rumours, for lack of a better word are one of two or three things. Nonsense, discussed or aborted deals, or premature facts. Until something becomes official it’s obviously impossible to know for sure.

    But think back how many deals, big and small, you’ve caught wind of before they ever happened. Quite a few I bet.
    In fact, almost always if you know where and how to look, and frequently nowadays only if if you can see the whole picture and read through PARSED LANGUAGE (i.e. “The Rangers are not in it for Kovalchuk; not now. not later.” Right. Because they’d already made inquiries and preparations but now aren’t willing to go that high for whatever reason, some of which be ugly. What else are they going to say?)

    At the same time, understand they run their PR dept. a hell of a lot better than their team, and know full well telling everyone a blanket “we’re not interested” – in a media market where hockey gets treated like freakin’ roller derby – is just going to fade away as “stories” go, as so many have before.

    Never mind that it’s likely the most attractive UFA ever we’re talking about, one who happens to fill a desperate long-term need.

    And one who, if you read the reports (particularly from the LAT and Helene Elliot, who has LA’s numbers cold)is not going to sign a deal that Rangers COULDN’t have EASILY afforded.

    And so it just makes no sense – as have the thousands of useless Sather transactions (yippie, Jeremy Williams!)and non-transactions – and it’s really pissing me off!

  116. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! )
    July 12th, 2010 at 5:26 pm
    I appreciate use of the word buffoon. It’s got a certain old school flavor to it.

    He may know cable, and how to run a newspaper/internet news business… but he don’t know JACK about how to properly run a sports franchise.

    He’s not a hockey guy. He’s a wanna-be rock star

    he does not know cable his dad does. he’s just a rich guy who inherited his dads wealth – dad is still alive and he’s the one who built the empire

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The leaf is the primary site of photosintheasis in plants.

    Happy Birthtime Linda!!!!!!!

  118. Doodie Machetto
    July 12th, 2010 at 5:34 pm
    Honestly, if I were Dolan and I was seriously interested in building a winner, I would use my vast financial resources to offer cap-pressed teams a chance to trade away unwanted contracts. Imagine if at the beginning of free agency, we told Chicago that we would take Huet off of their hands for the price of a first round pick. Wouldn’t they have jumped at that instead of trading away half of their team

    and we could have done that with 1 guy. summer cap is only 10 percent above season cap and can’t send down guys until sept

  119. Think what you want aboot Fluery, but the guy has taken his team to the Cup finals twice, and has some 40+ win seasons, If I’m not mistaken.

    Crosby, and Malkin may be great, but they can’t keep the puck out of the net.

  120. the difference between the Rangers and Kings is that the Kings already have a core of good young players, the Rangers don’t.

    you have to develop a core first before you can go out spending that kind of money and while a player that scores like Kovalchuk wont be on the market, there are guys that might be just as valuable when factoring things like leadership, defense and heat.

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Easy on the Jeremy Williams bashing ..hes a Saskatchewan boy!!!!! Rangers just keep getting all Sask on us!!! Saweeeet!!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    “and we could have done that with 1 guy. summer cap is only 10 percent above season cap and can’t send down guys until sept”

    I don’t understand your problem with what I am saying. In September he goes down, problem solved.

  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …something just dosn’t seem right . Kovalchuk!!!! There !!! No body had said that name in hours!!!! AHHHH Kovalchuk!!!!

  124. Important stuff first: ilb’s brother came out of surgery great, he’s talking and smiling, and they expect a 100 percent recovery. yay! I told ya bonehead love is like magic!

    now: Lordy I hope he doesn’t come here ever. How the hell do you make a nickname out of Hjarlmarsson?!

    Without proper photosynthesis in Sather’s brain, it will be forever before the Rangers grow into a Cup-winning organization.

    Rod, you agree with folks on a lot, and people like your insights. can we give the rest a rest, please!? or should I just give up asking?

  125. Leethhalloffame on

    Jeremy Williams – the final piece to the next NYR Stanley Cup. Go Uncle Glen!

  126. Doodie Machetto
    July 12th, 2010 at 6:36 pm
    “and we could have done that with 1 guy. summer cap is only 10 percent above season cap and can’t send down guys until sept”

    I don’t understand your problem with what I am saying. In September he goes down, problem solved.

    BECAUSE the 10% limit in summer is not that much. so can only do your strategy with 1 guy since guys like redden are here already. and sharp and huet earn what over 8 million. that would probably put us over the summer cap.

  127. If this team were run by a committee randomly selected from this blog….ohhhh. I shiver at the thought even in a heat wave..:)

  128. maybe not. chicago did better with the father dead when the son took over. can’t be worse right

  129. Who the hell is the voice of “Joe” on Family Guy?!? That F***ing guy is in EVERY CARTOON KNOWN TO MAN!!!!! My kids are watching Scooby-Doo and Joe the crippled ex-cop drunk’s voice is in it!!

    Has anyone else noticed this?! And is Jay Grossman his agent?

  130. Answer me this:

    There is a limit to how many pro contracts (total contracts) he NYR org can have. What is that total #, and how many does the NYR have right now? I think that will have an effect on who/how we trade for guys.

    Someone with knowledge of such matters help me please?

  131. “cw…isnt it patrick warburton???”

    Hell I don’t know. But he must be one UGLY actor. No one gets that many parts, yet you only hear his voice in animations.

    He does have a great and distinctive voice.

  132. Wow. That video sure makes Dubinsky look good.

    Um. My take: I like him as a player, but he needs to take fewer shifts (preferably none) off. And it would be great if he could get his goal total to a point where they don’t all fit on one highlight clip.

    And, as it stands now, he’s potentially one of their best forwards. Maybe second best.

  133. cw, you are taking over for wicky and mike in ia tonight! and btw, with all this Montauk talk, um, my mailbox is waiting for my invite :)

    anyhoo, I think the answer to your question rests with somerset, the Official Boneheads Numbers Guy.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    “BECAUSE the 10% limit in summer is not that much”

    The 10% limit covers all of Huet’s salary and right now, we’re about 4.5 million under the actual cap (not the summer cap), so that covers Sharp, with about 500k to spare. The issue is having enough money to resign Staal, which, based on Girardi’s ludicrous contract, will cost something in the 4.25-4.5 range.

    For argument’s sake, let’s say we did this ahead of free agency. First, you don’t bring back Christensen. That’s about a million in space. Send one of our smaller contracts back to Chicago to be buried, like Voros (obviously we don’t get Eminger from the Ducks later on, hardly an actual problem). That’s another million. Don’t resign Prospal: an extra 2.1 million. Now you have 4.6 million to make it happen with Staal. And you wait until the beginning of the regular season and you bury Huet and Redden, and you’re 11 million under the cap.

    Alternatively, do with Staal what was done with Lunqvist a couple of years ago: sign a lower one year deal and then sign a larger extension the following year. So, say you tell Staal, look, take the 3 million this year, but then you’ll get a big extension. It would be easy with the 11 million in space created by Redden and Huet’s demotions.

    Even if the deal wasn’t for Sharp, just take a first rounder to bury Huet in the minors. That’s the kind of thing big money teams should do at the beginning of the season to stockpile draft picks. You’re telling me that a team like Colorado wouldn’t forfeit some value to rid itself of John Michael Liles? Or Anaheim of Jason Blake? Or the Devils of Roston or Zubrus? Or Nashville of Legwand?

    My point is, there would be a market for those kinds of services during the season, looking ahead to the following offseason.

  135. Linda, you are correct. And cw, as you can see from Linda’s link, um, he is far from being one ugly actor. has his own show on now, in fact…but the voice does get him other work.

    “would be great if he could get his goal total to a point where they don’t all fit on one highlight clip.”

    great line Carp. Sure you don’t want to spend your vacation in your bvds in front of the computer? I’m sure mrs. carp would love that….

  136. Too many J. Williams’ in the league. We’ve got Jason Williams, Justin Williams, Jeremy Williams. I just hope we weren’t better off with Robin Williams. There’s a highlight reel moment. Robin Williams having to wring out his knuckle hair after one shift with his hands in a pair of hockey gloves.

    And Lin- stop lying to everyone about your age. This 27 stuff isn’t fooling anyone. We all know you’re only 25! <3

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Like it or not but Dubinsky would be my Captain right now .

    He beat Richards ( Pukey Flyers Captain) He attacked Crosby ( pukey Pukeburghs Captain) Dubinsky should be a Captain too!!

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cwgatti , did yer Blueshirt bullitin subscribtion run out? Its free to post here!!! Its the only site ORR hasn’t been banned from!!!

  139. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Good video Blaze

    I find it amazing that there are actually some people who for some reason seem to bash a kid who has improved his point total in every one of the three seasons he’s been here. This kid’s development was stunted by a carcillo coach. He was moved from line to line. Position to position to “get this or that guy going”. Unlike Girardi and some of the other fluff on this team, he sticks up for his teammates. And this year he broke the 20 goal mark in only 66 or 69 games. If you extrapolate those numbers, it is about 26 goals and 65 or so points in only his third year in this league, on a team with virtually very little offensive support. I predict you will see around thirty goals and thirty five to forty assist this year from Dubi as he enters the prime of his career at the age of twenty three.


    I agree with you that he needs to not take some shifts off. Than again, you could say that for just about every player in this league.

  140. Tank The Season on

    Sharp is a center who is fast and can score 20-35 goals. He gets back defensively. In short? He’d be the best center on our team. He put up 11-11-22 in 22 playoff games. He is 29.

  141. cwgatti,

    I’m not sure what the Rangers have but the league limit is 50 contracted players and 80 players who they can own the rights to, total.

  142. not about to see some 2 minute video showing the few things the nose picker has done well in his career.

    trade the bum


    he should be captain like i should be president of the united states

  143. the nose picker is more than 23. not that difficult to check facts like that before you post

  144. how many 20 goal scorers are there with a cap hit of under 2.0 mil and have yet to hit their prime???

    why on earth would you get rid of Dubinsky???

  145. because he’s a retard…cant you see? someone plz, smack nose picker across the face with a dirty shoe for me…

  146. For the record:

    I’ve never dissed Dubi.

    nose, glad you’ve stuck with a name!

    all, ilb thanks you for all your thoughts. Dang, I sure miss him here!

    Doodie, nice job :)

    OK all, gotta go..TA!

  147. Greg naa man, sorry bro we went 0 and 3.

    Game 1, the Sabres were living the ‘High Life’ cuz it was Miller Time. Ryan was just a little ‘eliter’ than Hank. We fell 1-0

    the Fishsticks were up next, and pbbfew don’t you know it? ole’ PAppy with the winner in the Skilz competition.

    The ‘Leaves’ were after that -we seemed to have this one in the bag
    -really controlled the play even if the score was only 2-1 after two periods,

    Then in the 3rd Boogey chases down Orr and they scuffle – he gets the extra 2 and just like that PP goal -it’s tied 2-2.
    That seemed to set the Leaves on fire cause they were buzzing but Hank made some huge saves.
    Then with about 3 minutes left there’s a shot from wide, low circle -I don’t know how but it got between the pipe and Hanks pad.
    It was kinda of a so.. Anyways I have now clue why Boogie was on the ice in that situation.

    But hey we’ve got 79 more games left, right? And some the kids looked good too.

    Oh, and yeah the Boogey man definitely got the best of Orr, cuz I knew you were wondering.

  148. Woo hoo, Jeremy Williams, two years younger than Gaborik but couldn’t make the Maple Leafs. Hartford didn’t make the playoffs either — what amazing depth the Rangers have. Maybe Tortorella can “work” with him and destroy the minimal confidence he already has.

  149. yea lets trade Anisimov for Sharp and in 2 years his cap hit will be gone and we still wont even have gotten past the 2nd round.

  150. cccp is a punk who resorts to insults and threats when someone picks on his favorite player. its easy to be so brave behind the computer.

    picks is no pun intended.

  151. CCCP is definitely not a punk. He’s a coat checker.

    your no pun intended was pretty funny!

  152. James G, I wouldn’t worry about this J. Williams spending a lot of time in the NHL.

    chech, yes, but he noticably does it and he should be better than that … especially since he looks up to a certain former No. 9, and I don’t mean Bure.

  153. i do think Williams is a great pickup for Hartford.

    Grachev-Stepan-Williams anyone?

  154. Hey, everyone! Long day. Thank you for all you thoughts, my brother is recovering well and it certainly looks like he is going to be fine.

    No way I can catch up with all posts, but what’s with all this Dubi bashing? He is far from perfect, but he just turned 24 in April. Excluding Jokinen, he was #3 point getter on our team, he led the team with 5 GWG and was +9. To put in perspective, NYR paid Gaborik around $86K per each point produced, Dubinsky was paid around $39K per point. If you don’t like him personally for whatever reason, don’t marry him, but don’t say he has no value to the team. And don’t suggest he be traded just because.

  155. the guy was a holdout and often takes games off. so yes keep him if you want another greedy role player who thinks he’s better than he is. or amybe just maybe we can get something good for him if we package him with a pick or another young player. gotta give to get.

    i vote to trade dubinsky NOW before its too late

  156. That’s great news about your brother, ilb. You were getting a lot of positive vibes and prayers from the ‘heads.

  157. Thanks, everyone! Trust me, it’s really great to get back on the blog after the day I had and talk Dubinsky, Kovalchuk, rumours, listen to all the BC, your friendly bickering…Thanks for keeping this place warm, Carp.

  158. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Hey butt picker, he turned 24 in April , that makes way older than 23, your right. Trade him!

    You are such a fool!!!

  159. neal of dallas
    MPS of edmonton plus a pick
    koviu of minnesota
    setoguchi of san jose
    would have liked versteeg

    or traded as season goes on to a team expected to be near bottom of standings for 1st round pick. now based on the love many have here for him there might be an nhl team near bottom of standings interested. get a top pick plus opens some cap room with dubinsky slated for another increase in pay and possible holdout. if given an offer sheet next summer i might very well take the picks and run.

  160. ilb

    oh yes good news on your brother

    speaking of brothers are cccp and czechthemout one and the same with the crass insults

  161. (CBS) The Kings may be on the verge of one of the biggest free agent signings in team history.

    Sniper Ilya Kovalchuk is in town working on a deal with the Kings and as of 5pm pacific time, no deal has been reached.

    It is believed Kovalchuk is asking for a 10-year, $100 million deal; L.A. is rumored to be offering a 13-year deal for around $85 million.

    No deal is expected to be announced today.

  162. Czechthemout!!!! on


    Why do you insist on almost lobbying for Stepan and Grachev to play in Hartford? I ‘ve seen Grachev play only during the pre season and a few ahl ga,es last year. Also saw some of the 2009 wjc games. While he looked real good at the Wjc, he did not wow me in the pre season. Hopefully, that will change this year. I will reserve judgment on him until then. As for Stepan, the team seems to think by all accounts that he has a good chance to make the team this year. As for me, I watched him play a lot for Wisconsin. I also watched him at the WJC this year where he dominated play at both ends of the ice. He did not win the MVP of that tournament but should have. He was outstanding. He was a lot more impressive than Grachev was. Even though Grachev was good. Once again, i’ ll reserve judgment until I see what he does in the preseason. I just think you should see what happens and decide for your self at that time.

  163. Oh, wow! Nice list, picker. You really value him very high. Which one of the mentioned teams’ GM would be dumb enough to make such a trade?

  164. i said as part of a package not by himself.

    some teams have cap issues right and with guys free agent status can not get equal value.

    koviu is free agent next year
    dallas has huge cash issues with owner in dollar trouble
    chicago obviously had major cap issues

  165. This just in from the NBA:


    NEW YORK, July 12, 2010 — Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has been fined $100,000 for inappropriate comments regarding Miami Heat forward LeBron James.

  166. I was in the pool! on

    If Boyle can be taught “the ways of the fist” by Booger, then I say keep him. A little more toughness and grit from him and he will be an excellent 4th liner for that price.

  167. comparing a legend top 5 player all time holding out to unproven guy holding out. seems fair to me.

  168. The Dubi-bashing on here is way off the charts. I’m sorry, but all this venom directed at Dubi is not warranted at all.

    This Orr character and his constant Dubi-bashing has become redundant.I often wonder if its starting to hinder the enjoyment of others from visiting this blog. Its certainly has limited my visits here. I used to come here 4, 5 times a day.

    Its a sad state of affairs.

  169. C’mon, are we comparing Messier and Dublowsky??

    Let Dublowsky put up Messier numbers, or somewhere close to it, and lead his team to a couple of Cups before he pulls this greedy unprofessional BS!!

    Blaze, do you take your shineboxes in blue??

  170. the entire nhlpa is greedy, as proven by the fact that they are begging that dirty blankety blank Fehr from the baseball union to run the nhlpa. (see the article on yahoo nhl)

    this is the same crumbum who sat there and lied under oath defending those steroid baseball liars. he also caused the cancellation of most of a season and world series with a 7 month strike

    slobbering over this slob is beyond stupid for nhl labor peace.

    they got rid of a guy who actually knew hockey and was a reasonable, thoughtful and knowledgeable union head, Kelly.

    the players are now as bad as the owners when it comes to greed, and that is hard to do.

    good luck avoiding another work stoppage in the next few years.

  171. blaze

    is it ok when other guys get trashed constantly. sather, tortarella or some other players. but boy pick on dubinsky and we get “its not fair it ruins my enjoyment of the blog”

    agree with orr go get your shinebox.

  172. Tank The Season on

    Fedorov I believe held out too at point, he was a backup captain on Detroit.

    Devils had their fair share of holdouts.

    Lindros of course, that lead to us getting him, he was one of our assistant captains.

  173. Tank The Season on

    Not surprised Dan Gilbert was fined, Carp, although to him I’m sure it was worth it. His Anti-Lebron manifesto was epic and did you see what he did to the price of the LeBron fathead? Priceless.

  174. Rod Gilbert II on

    Guys, big update on Rod Gilbert I’s previous report that “Grossman shared lunch with Sather, Jim Dolan, and another individual, thought to be Cablevision money man Steve Mills.” They did not share lunch, they shared a couple appetizers but all got their own entrees. You’re welcome, ingrates!

  175. i feel like the sean avery of the board getting under some “peoples” skin.

    well to each his own and i will continue to ask publicly for the nose picker to be traded.

    as for the shinebox comment i find it interesting that some ask for others to get their shinebox but don’t like it when the tables get turned. oh well. such is life.

  176. so let me get this straight… nose picker will defend Sather and Dolan but will bash Dubinsky to no end?? i rest my case…the kid IS retarder


    Dubinsky cant put up Messier numbers because Dubinsky doesn’t have Gretzky, Kurri, Anderson, Coffey and such playing with him…but dont say that Dubinsky is the worst forward on this team just because he takes some shifts off…watch Gaborik float around…should we trade him too?

  177. And it’s way worse when a god damn kid is pulling this carp, as opposed to a veteran.

    But, all these guys, Messier, Federov, they put up good numbers. Dublowsky on the other hand, has yet to do so.

  178. CC, that doesn’t matter. It’s not like Messier was an average player who got lucky playing with those guys.

    Also, I’ve never said Dublowsky is the worst forward on the team, and I’m not even that big a fan of Butt-Chin Gabby and I never defend him to anyone who bashes him cause he deserves it after the BS he pulled in the Olympics which clearly screwed up his game down the stretch.

    All for a piece of garbage Bronze Medal which that pathetic excuse for a team couldn’t even win.

  179. CCCP
    July 12th, 2010 at 10:56 pm
    so let me get this straight… nose picker will defend Sather and Dolan but will bash Dubinsky to no end?? i rest my case…the kid IS retarder


    Dubinsky cant put up Messier numbers because Dubinsky doesn’t have Gretzky, Kurri, Anderson, Coffey and such playing with him…but dont say that Dubinsky is the worst forward on this team just because he takes some shifts off…watch Gaborik float around…should we trade him too?

    nah not defending sather or dolan. just notice the hypocrisy of the dubinsky fanboys complaining about him being ridiculed but its ok to ridicule others.

    and you just posted probably the dumbest comment of the year comparing dubinsky to messier. well at least you’re best at something.

    my sneakers got dirty golfing the other day. so come on now cccp go get 2 shineboxes one for you and one for blaze and do what you are qualified to do.

  180. dolan and sather are not “others” …those two arent even people and there are PLENTY of reasons to bash them as many times as anyone wants

    i didnt compare Dubi to Mess… but supporting cast doesn’t hurt even if your name is Messier

    and your shine-box comments don’t count since you’re not a bonehead but a d*ckhead.

  181. RGII,

    That’s was neither funny nor insulting.

    You can do better than that!!!

    Or as Theo Fleury might say (actually did say, while hollering @ a ref one night), “Cmon, show some sack!”


  182. i did not realize this was the cccp blog and that you made all the rules. full of yourself much? what an a**

  183. Everyone… Can we please end the personal attacks? We’re all fans of the same team,and even though we all have differing opinions on players,ownership, and management, we still have that common bond. Why revert to name calling and online bogus tough guy threats? I was under the impression that we were all smarter than that.

  184. what gave you that impression, Linda? :P i kid i kid! Yes we all love the Rangers but do the Rangers love us??

  185. covered another 4 day music fest
    and my brain and body are still somewhere on a mountain top in west virginia.

    3rd year there and so many weird things happened to me this time…but that’s for some other time. maybe.

    on to more important things:

    glad your brother is doing fine after surgery.
    continued get well wishes.

    okay back to work or some attempt….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  186. a few hours too late to the dance.

    I don’t believe anybody was comparing Dubinsky to Messier. I wasn’t.

    But the question was, and I quote: Do leaders skip training camp just because they want more money?!?!?

    The answer was, Messier did.

    so yes.

  187. That being said, it’s a little different when a guy like Messier is doing that.

    He’s earned the right to do something like that.

    Dublowsky is not Messier, and will never be anywhere close to the player he was, and he hasn’t proven anything in his short career.

    That is my biggest issue with this comb over nerd.

  188. czech

    Grachev struggled mightily last season in the AHL and i’m not sure Stepan is ready for an 82 game season in NHL after playing just half that in the NCAA last season.

    If they prove worthy of making the team then by all means include them but as of right now they are most likely slated for HFD and a mid season callup…

  189. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dubinsky was tied for second in goals, and third on the team in points, all for 1.7 million, and he had to hold out to force Sather to pay him. I think he earned it.

    Trade him? If brains were taxed, ORR and nose picker would be getting rebates…

  190. He had an average year at best, and had the balls to hold out. Yeah, he really earned that right.

    But, apparently it’s acceptable for a kid to hold out for the entire training camp.

    Real nice.

  191. Kings’ officials quiet about details of Ilya Kovalchuk’s visit

    The free agent toured the Kings’ El Segundo practice facility during his first face-to-face meeting with Kings’ officials since the team began pursuing him July 1.
    By Helene Elliott

    9:51 PM PDT, July 12, 2010

    Ilya Kovalchuk toured the Kings’ El Segundo practice facility Monday and his agent met with General Manager Dean Lombardi much of the day, but club executives were mum about their talks and gave no indication they were near an agreement that would put the two-time 50-goal scorer in a Kings uniform next season.

    Kovalchuk, the prize of this summer’s NHL free-agent class, flew from his Florida home to Los Angeles on Sunday night for his first face-to-face meeting with the Kings’ brass since they began pursuing him July 1. He was expected to take a look around the area and try to decide whether he would feel comfortable living here with his wife and three young children — and whether the Kings’ up-and-coming status might be enough reason to back off his 10-year, $100-million asking price.
    Even if a deal is reached it likely wouldn’t be announced until after Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All-Star game in Anaheim.

    Tim Leiweke, the Kings’ governor and chief executive of the team’s parent company, AEG, declined to comment Monday. Lombardi did not respond to several requests for an assessment of where the Kings stand and whether his talks with Kovalchuk’s agent, Jay Grossman, will continue Tuesday.
    Grossman has been silent about his client’s status since last Monday, when he said via Twitter that Kovalchuk’s choices had been “narrowed down.” Much has changed since then, including the Kings’ return to the negotiating table. They twice walked away after deciding they couldn’t fit his salary under the cap, retain their core players and add the players they will need to become a Stanley Cup contender.

    Kings captain Dustin Brown said he met Kovalchuk at the rink Monday and was impressed. “I like him. He seemed like a humble and good guy,” Brown said at a launch party for his DLO23 sticks and clothing line.
    He added he doesn’t know where the talks stand and is not involved in the process.

    Center Jarret Stoll also met Kovalchuk, as did defenseman Matt Greene. “It seemed like he cares about being here and hopefully playing for the Kings,” Stoll said. “He wants to win, and that’s the most important thing for anybody to say and to think.”

  192. Olga Folkyerself on

    it’s acceptable for a kid to hold out for the entire training camp.

    Yes, if you’re dealing with an idiot like Sather.

  193. Oleo, unless I’m blinded by anger, he missed the entire training camp, and didn’t come back until the final pre-season game.

    And he started off the season pathetically because of it. While he was holding out for a little extra cash, he was missing out on working with his potential fuggin linemates.

    That’s it!!! I can’t talk aboot it anymore, it angers me!

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    You sure hold a major league grudge for such a minor event. JC Almighty, get over it! Move on!

  195. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather held out for 8 days too. And he only offered $700K to begin with.

  196. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on
    Stanley Cup don’t you wanna go
    Come on
    Stanley Cup don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet home Chicago

  197. So Carp…the ramblings of a select few over-running your comments section in which you obviously were “late to the dance” for…. this is what you want for your blog?

    What just took place in this thread…would have never in a million years been allowed if Sam were still here.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but certain posters that flood your comments section each and everyday have been known to be banned from other blogs/message-boards. Obviously, you either just don’t care…or you are actually amused by the mental midget syndrome. Are you content with what transpires here on a daily basis?

    “is it ok when other guys get trashed constantly. sather, tortarella or some other players. but boy pick on dubinsky and we get “its not fair it ruins my enjoyment of the blog””

    I myself have beefs with certain players. Make a comment, state your case, move on. No need to re-hash it every single day. I just find it highly annoying that the 1 or 2 times every few days or so I come here, its always the same theme in regard to bashing Dubi. We’ve All read it a thousand times over the past year. We get it. Orr hates Dubinsky.We got it loud n clear the first 100 times. The venomous comments directed @ Dubi, I just find them completely unwarranted.

  198. Olga Folkyerself on


    Apparently, during a heated argument about Dubinsky, nose picker was punched in the face. Phlegm at eleven.

  199. “I often wonder if its starting to hinder the enjoyment of others from visiting this blog”

    If that was what you often think aboot, then you need to step outside and live a little.


    The nice tan I have from being out on my boat all weekend affords me to “often wonder”.

    Boy, things are really going down hill when I feel the need to respond to such inane posts.

    I think I’m done.

  200. Blaze, you don’t realize how pathetic you sound. You really need a life.

    This is what blogs are meant for, you dope. Stop trying to speak for other people, as if you own this god damn place.

    And I’ve been here since Sam was here, and he never had a problem with me. He gave me my freedom, as long as I didn’t cross the line, which is exactly what Carp does.

    Wahh, wahh, I don’t like what people are saying, I don’t like reading/hearing the same things, wahhh.

    Get over it, and get over yourself. Pathetic!

  201. By the way, what other blogs are you reffering to??

    BB was the only other Rangers blog that had as much people as RR. The other one’s had barely any people, and was full of trolls.

    Then BB+ came along, and the people that actually had a brain came over here instead of paying for an opinion I could have gotten from a fuggin six year old Rangers fan.

    Like I’ve said in the past, this is the only NYR blog that actually has posts during the summer. You wont find that anywhere else.

    No blog can match this one.

    In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop…*stop* *your* *whining*!!

  202. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR, huh, yeah
    What is he good for
    Absolutely nothing
    ORR, huh, yeah
    What is he good for
    Absolutely nothing
    Say it again, y’all

    ORR, huh, good God
    What is he good for
    Absolutely nothing
    Listen to me

  203. Carp- enjoy your time off or “The Summer of Rick” as I like to refer to it. Don’t get sunburned and atleast consider growing back the ‘stache? You haven’t had it since the Rangers were actually a good team. The two may be linked!

  204. Tank The Season on

    Anyone think the Sharks will sign Staal to an offer sheet having lost out on Hjalmarsson?

  205. I think the Sharks did that because he was an RFA of a conference rival and they knew it would make Chicago’s team worse next year – ie. they now need to move Campbell or Sharp and there will be a line from here to Timbuktu with varying offers for Sharp, the only offer for Campbell will be to swap him for Redden!!

  206. back from anniversary vacation. i recommend turks and caicos to all of you. credit to my wife who allowed me to us the internet and check rangers report twice a day so i am up to date with all you boneheads.

    ilb glad to hear to the news on your family.

    hard to believe i leave thursday morning come back last night and the kovy saga continues. please let it end already.

    is the 3rd time the charm with LA.

    I like the eminger for voros deal… redden adios u loser

  207. no team would give Staal an offer sheet. The only reason the Sharks did it was b/c Chicago is in extreme cap trouble.

    no team is going to give the rangers, 2 1st rounders, a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder to sign Staal.

  208. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb , take care buddy!! I never heard any details but I really hope things are getting better.

    Dubinsky is the only one on this team I’d trust as Captain.
    Right now , strip Drury and make the New Era …Dubi!!!!

    We always look for that HUGE center..that all great hero . We have him .Dubinsky!! Hes not huge but his heart is. You dont think he can be a Messier…email Messier and ask him.

    No Kovalchuk , we have Grachev!!!!

    Marc Staal will be a force this year.

    Rangers are always “holding out for a hero” this time the hero is in our own house!!!!

    Call me crazy but when I vision heart ,skill ,speed and power…I see Dubinsky. Im proud hes a Ranger . Hold out or not.

  209. Olga, I’d love to see you locked in a room with Slats. You’d probably jam yourself in the corner of the room, crying your eyes out.

    Now *that’s* PPV worth paying for.

    At least you’ll have me to think aboot, since you always do. Ahaha!

    Greg, the only one on this team that is a true leader is Hank. Can you honestly see that lockeroom not only listen to Dublowsky, but give two brashit’s what he’s saying?

    With Hank, it’s different. The guy is the be all end all of this team. Without him, they’re all the way in the bottom of the trash.

  210. enough with this garbage…Dubinsky is a good younger player but quit comparing him to Messier.

  211. Couple of things…

    Doodie – If the Hawks were desperate enough to trade Huet that they’d include Sharp in the deal to the Rangers(so presumably the Rangers would bury Huet), then why the hell wouldn’t they just send him down themselves? Just my opinion, but Sharp is going NOWHERE. He’s part of that critical core the organization keeps talking about.

    Tank – Williams will NOT replace Locke, who was a center. Williams is a winger. Were I to guess, he’s insurance if MZA doesn’t make the team…or a replacement for Lisn, who is obviously not being resigned(GREAT deal Glen…sure glad we gave up a former first rounder for Tortorella’s whipping post).

    To you guys still thinking IK would be good in NY – here’s the big question: What does he bring to the table that Gaborik doesn’t? Does he solve the need for a top-line center? Does he improve the defense? Will he be fighting over the puck with Gaborik(a puck-possession forward)?

    blaze – that’s one of the reasons I don’t make much of a habit of reading through these threads…though I’ve burned much of the morning doing that today(and yesterday). Such is life in the cyberworld…Like others are told when they call for a modicum of decorum: You can always go elsewhere…sigh…

  212. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank the “Tank”s ,Tanks a few games like usual . Great example seeing the leader continuosly giving up bad goal. Soft goal after soft goal. Hank as valuable as he is …is NO Captain!!! Why do ya think we have a good back up now.

    Dubinsky and Callahan are the only two guys who actually give a ratz azz about the Rangers.

  213. Dubinsky does not warrant this much fodder. He is neither good enough, nor bad enough to command this much attention.

    I am anxious to see who goes where in the coming weeks. I wouldn’t expect IK, but Gange, Sharp, etc. should be the sources of constant banter this off season.

  214. Orr, crabbing about Dubinski not practicing with his potential linemates is a farce. Just when was there any set lines that he played with? With your temperment you seems like someone who would hold out yourself. UFA’s have very little leverage and he used what little he had to his advantage. So what! In the end it all boils down to being to being Sathers fault for all the players he overpays. Sther could have offered what he ended up paying sooner so no training camp was missed. Dubinski was trying to get his share. He is as good or better than those being overpaid and Stahl’s situation is almost identical. It happened almost a year ago get over it.

  215. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Thanks George!
    PS.make room for the Dolan’s and sather please.

  216. Can you think of another owner that is even in his class? In any sport? And is it any wonder that he was probably the most successful owner in sports history, buying the team himself? Look at the fool’s that inherit the their teams (cough-cough Dolan), that just drive them into the ground.

  217. NYRanger4Life on

    Very sad day in NY Sports indeed. The Boss was a legend, and single-handedly turned the Yankees into a modern day dynasty.

    There will never be another Boss. The only other current day owner who reminds me of the boss is Mark Cuban, and that is a reach. He’s a bit more outspoken, but he still will do anything and everything to buy / err build a winner.

  218. “Williams will NOT replace Locke”

    I’m sure he means his *goals*.

    Steve, it’s a number of things, it’s not just him. It’s his retard of an agent for talking him into that position, and Slats for being cheap. But, as dumb as Slats is being, he is smart for not letting kids walk all over him, and bend over backwards for them, cause it’s just wrong. They need to earn it.

    I don’t understand why he’s willing to throw out millions to losers like Dreary, Dredden, and Blowzy, yet, it seems like he doesn’t panic at the thought of losing a younger player that has somewhat of a bright future.

    I know there weren’t any set lines, but he was supposed to be the number 1 guy, and play with Gabby, and early in the season he looked lost, and it took him a little while to get going. I blame that on his hold out. His training camp pretty much took place during the season.

    Despite what anyone thinks, I really am over it. I can care less aboot the kid until he re-signs.


    He didn’t deliberately tank those games. He gave up some pathetic goals down the stretch, I’ll admit that. That Leafs games where he gave up a pathetic goal in OT, is one that stands out. Who knows what would have happened if we had that point.

    And you think Hank doesn’t care aboot the team? Are you high?

    But, I would not care as much if I were surrounded by people that don’t care. Look at the guy, he has no help. This team has no scorers, no defense, no physicality to protect him. It’s sad.

  219. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Sad day fro Sox fans as well.. Who will they focus their hatred toward now? RIP

  220. maybe today is the day he gets traded

    greg want him for captain. he can’t even motivate himself and you want him to lead others. that is beautiful

  221. sad to hear that the Boss died. As a kid and METS fan, we hated him, but he put together winning teams…

  222. With all venom sent towards Dubinsky recently, it really sounds like a jilted ex is hanging around. Jeez.

  223. Tank The Season on

    RIP Mr. Steinbrenner- you brought us years of entertainment and you did what was necessary to deliver a winner.

  224. any commentary on the Ranger signing of the 26 year old career minor leaguer? Something brewing in the trade winds? Other than that, I don’t see the sense in it.

  225. i dont understand why people want to get rid of Dubinsky. His cap hit is 1.85 mil and he had 20 goals and 24 assists last season in only 69 games…that’s 24 goals and 29 assists over 82 games.

    Is Dubinsky going to put up numbers like Crosby, Richards, Carter, Tavares or Parise highly unlikely, but that’s not the type of player he is. He is still easily a top 6 player and those type of numbers plus the fact he is only 24. Trading him makes no sense for a YOUNG AND REBUILDING TEAM!!!

    Dubinsky should get us 25 goals and 30 assists next season, which is absolutely great for us.

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