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I see we’re still talking about LeBron … er, Ilya Kovalchuk.

Will this ever end?

Well, I’ve said all I can say about it. I wrote around July 5 that the Rangers should at least consider it, that this kind of talent comes along only once in a while, that he’s only 27.

Then I was told flat-out that they weren’t involved, and that they wouldn’t be.

Then I started seeing the salary he’s commanding, and worse, the number of years. I don’t think the Rangers should be in for that price or for that lone, nor do I think they can afford to be, inside the salary cap. So I wrote they should stay away.

I don’t know what to think. And obviously, I’m not alone on the fence.

Would he help? Absolutely. He fills the biggest hole the Rangers have, and would eliminate a lot of those nights when they can’t score more than one Gaborik goal. He gives them a second first-line player to go with all the other third- and fourth-line guys they have. And when you get a legit first line, some of those guys now playing first line can slide in OK at No. 2 line positions.

Would he hurt? Absolutely. He will cripple them capwise for years to come, and when he’s in his 30s and not scoring big numbers of goals anymore, he will be a detriment on the ice and a cap-clogger off the ice, and his contract will look worse than Drury’s. During his entire contract he will prevent them from adding mid-salary role players and defensemen, and immediately will force the young kids to be good, and quickly. And maybe down the line they will have to trade some of those young players in order to be able to keep others.

I think, ideally, you build your core then add the superstars. Because you can’t do it the other way around. No team in history has bought a core and succeeded. Dozens have built a team almost ready to contend, then added super-skilled parts later, and won.

So I’m still on the fence. Fortunately, I don’t have to make this decision.

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  1. This is my Estimate 2011-2012 Roster (already contracted players and re-signs)

    We have plenty of room for Kovalchuk …

    Redden and Rozsival would be gone and I think Dubinsky would probably be traded to make room for Stepan to Center a line

    Of course we would need a couple of Depth guys to round out the roster, definitely a Veteran D-man

    2011-12 New York Rangers

    Ilya Kovalchuk — $8,000,000 – estimate
    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ryan Callahan — $3,500,000 – estimate
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Artem Anisimov — $1,900,000 – estimate (similar to Dubinsky’s first contract)
    Mats Zuccarello-Aasen -($850,000)$1,750,000
    Derek Boogaard — $1,625,000
    Erik Christensen — $925,000
    Derek Stepan — $820,833
    Evgeny Grachev – ($262,500)$816,667
    Brandon Prust — $800,000
    Dale Weise -($80,000)$700,000

    Marc Staal — $4,000,000 – estimate
    Daniel Girardi — $3,325,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,900,000 – estimate
    Ryan McDonagh -($425,000)$1,300,000
    Michael Del Zotto – ($212,500)$1,087,500

    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Martin Biron — $875,000

    SALARY CAP -$59,400,000
    PAYROLL – $56,687,500
    BONUSES- $1,830,000
    CAP SPACE -$4,542,500

  2. $100 mil spread over 17 years is a cap hit of less than %6 mil (deadden costs more) , and can be front loaded so the last years are easy to get out of. Where there is a will, there is a way……. he’s worth more than redden, rozival, and drury combined. Look up their cap hit.

  3. from Everson, NY Post;

    The Ilya Kovalchuk Saga has gone silent, but there are indications that other NHL teams besides the Devils remain in the chase for the unrestricted superstar.

    The Devils likely are the leading candidate to sign the 27-year-old. They made a major commitment by renting him in February, and have redoubled their sincerity. The Post reported yesterday that the Devils have made a front-loaded offer of 17 years worth more than $100 million, of which $100 million is guaranteed in the first 10 years of the contract.

    It does not appear that any signing anywhere (accompanied by a TV show, a la LeBron) is imminent, and a revolutionary Russian offer might still capture the prize. The Islanders previously indicated interest without making an offer, and the Kings were in twice.

    Still, there are believed to be other unspecified and silent teams still in the chase.

  4. In order to get Kovalchuk for that cap hit you are going to need to give him 10+ years which is ridiculous for a player of questionable character.

    not to mention that means saying goodbye to a huge fan favorite and gritty possible 25+ goal scorer in Dubinsky.

  5. Rod,
    You shouldn’t make blanket statements and then allude to them as being your predictions or inside knowledge. Unless you wanna share your sources.

    ‘Yes, Ilya Kovalchuk wants to play here. I’ve heard it – over time – 6 different ways, in spite of what Carp was told – which again, I don’t doubt for a minute.’

    95% of the players in the league wanna play for NYR because they get treated so well and the travel is easier.

    “People need to realize Kovalchuk considers himself a great player, and feels he doesn’t get the recognition an Ovechkin or Crosby gets. He wants to win & he wants the stage.”

    Of course Kovy thinks he is great. Zherdev thought he was worth $4 mil per.

    “We KNOW (via their own paper, Newsday) the Rangers were interested in him at the deadline, simply makes sense they’d still be interested because now they don’t have to give anybody up to get him.”

    I bet MORE than half the teams in the NHL inquired about Kovy at the deadline.

    “Also told you who (Anisimov) the Rangers envision him playing with. They’ve teamed up previously in international competition, though it was short-lived as Anisimov broke his (thumb?). This is perhaps the most exciting part.”

    Just because he is Russian? Where was their “short lived” linemate gig? Some pond in the Ukraine?

    “Sather has wisely waited until the market, the actual market and not just the starting point demands from Kovalchuk’s camp, has materialized.”

    Ummm. . . No. This is nothing more than due diligence. I bet 27 other GM’s have done the same thing (sans Pheonix and perhaps Pittsburgh).

    “Lamoriello’s $117M offer is media-spun fantasy, though I don’t doubt LA getting into the $100M range.”

    EVERYTHING we have heard since NJD were eliminated has been MEDIA-SPUN FANTASY!!!!

    “And there is treachery everywhere right now, I’ve heard as many as 8 teams taking a serious look. So no guarantee Rangers nab him even if they go full trottle.”

    Straight out of Eklund’s vernacular.

    “But for the last time, the Rangers can afford him, certainly on their own (they just signed a b-baller I never heard of for $100m) and under the cap when Redden is banished, as everyone knows he will be.”

    FINALLY!!! I actually agree here. It may be crazy. Franchise suicidal perhaps, but I agree.

    No more condescending “AS I told you” posts please. Reveal your sources, or be treated like Eklund.

  6. Carp, just remember that the cap hit of the proposed deals out there are not as high as what was previously thought. Front loaded deals (10 million per) that have very low salary amounts following it will average out to a more manageable salary cap hit… that WON’T handcuff the Rangers.

  7. I give up. This is the lamest UFA summer ever and I’m just bored to death with this Kovalchuk thing. I think the longer he waits the more likely it is he’s going to the KHL. But in general, at this point I no longer cared what happens as long as our first line isn’t the infamous

    Prospa-Christensen-Gaborik combination. :(

  8. cw,

    I can re-post too!

    Are you that DENSE? I cannot get friends, long-time friends, in trouble with their JOBS just to satisfy your curiosity.

    Your tone is OUTRAGEOUS. I’ve taken the time to try to impart some knowledge as best I can without being too specific.

    Last week Carp told us “No way, No How, Never”. But now there are contrarian reports, right?

    Believe what you want, but don’t get an attitude w/me!

  9. Honestly, the toughest year to fit him in would be this year. You have to demote Redden and find a way to get Brashear of the Cap(trade a pick/prospect as a sweetener) but it can be done

    Then over the next few years, you have Drury and Rozsival coming off the Cap and essentially it will be …

    Gabby, Kovy, and Hank making the superstar bucks (over 6 million)

    Callahan, Staal, and Girardi making the 3 – 5 million contacts

    Everybody else should cost 2 million less and not to mention all the Entry Level guys (875k) we have coming up the pipeline like Grachev, McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider, etc that are locked in for 3 years

    We are in fine Cap Shape – no worse than anybosy else and Way better off than teams like Chicago, Calgary and Philly

  10. Here is a 3rd party opinion/observation from one of the most sober and thoughtful writers from the blogosphere, Spector’s Hockey:

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s several problems with the Rangers chasing Kovalchuk. First, the Rangers currently have about $4 million in available cap space, and the Kovalchuk camp is reportedly seeking $10 million per. Even if they demote Wade Redden to free up salary cap space it’ll still eat up far too much of that cap space for next season.

    They currently have two forwards under contract (Gaborik and Drury) for the next two seasons earning over $7 million per season. They currently have over $45 million committed to 13 players for the 2011-12 season. They also have over $6 million per season tied up in Redden, and while they can demote him to remove his salary from their cap space it remains a gross mismanagement of money despite the deep pockets of Rangers ownership. Forwards Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan could become targets for offer sheets next summer as restricted free agents, especially if they have career-best performances this coming season. Ominously there’s also talk the league could seek to lower the salary cap ceiling in the next round of CBA negotiations with the NHLPA in two years time.

    As much as Kovalchuk might help them on the ice in the short term, the long-term financial consequences would adversely impact the Rangers roster in the long run, with the end result being a team with three or four expensive stars lacking a sufficient supporting cast to elevate it beyond mediocrity.

  11. Is that you, guy with NO inside insight (and there’s a LOT more, btw)cause you had to be a JERKWEED for no reason?

    Beach here I come! BYE!

  12. i find it hard to believe that a fan posting on a blog has all these inside sources in the Rangers organization…

  13. Cwgatti …

    I know you are just quoting an article, so this isnt directed towards you.

    Our Cap situation is not bad at all. Obviously, Redden sucks but IF we get Kovy, Redden is gone !!! there is NO WAY to sign Kovy without that move so its a moot point

    Who cares about Rangers the “gross mismanagement of money despite the deep pockets of Rangers ownership” – its only because we are the Rangers that people use those “garbage accusations”

    What about Washington sending 5 miliion dollar Nylander to the Minors?? *and he has a NMC and they still did it* or Huet’s rumors of being sent down for Cap Relief ??

    Team’s will continue to do this as long as there is a Cap – its childish to pick us out just because we are a desirable place to play and have the funds to entice the Superstar players

  14. I’m a get Kovulchuk guy. He’s the most dynamic free agent on the ice, and with the young guys we have coming up we should have some decent contracts against the cap in the near future.

    If you start with Gabby and Kovalchuk (btw I would put them on separate lines) I think you immediately become a contender (not a favorite, but in the conversation). Would you trade Redden for Kovalchuk? Of course…I think we can all agree that there is risk involved, it’s just one I would take.

  15. somerset,
    No offense taken. I just thought it would be nice to see an outsider’s take on the spin.

  16. Rod,
    You shouldn’t assume that you are the only person that has sacred connections to the organization.

  17. the Rangers are not a contender even if we sign Kovalchuk.

    Lets say the Rangers sign Kovalchuk to a lifetime contract, where is the #1 center, and the experienced d-man. Considering how shaky Del Zotto and Gilroy were in their own end, its hard to see them being that much better in 1 season.

    they need time to improve, same with Anisimov and co. signing Kovalchuk or anyone just to be competitive in the next 2 seasons is just stupid.

  18. Tank The Season on

    I think if Kovalchuk signs, Gilroy and his $2.5M hit get traded to the Bruins who wanted him last summer, and Redden and Rozsival get buried in Hartford to give us cap flexiblity.

    MSG was ready to throw the universe at LOLBron, and have had higher payrolls in the past. If Dolan wants Kovalchuk he will do what is necessary.

  19. oleosmirf
    July 11th, 2010 at 8:49 am
    if the Rangers sign Kovalchuk, they might be able to afford him this season but they wont be able to in 2011-2012.

    unless of course you are fine with one of Callahan or Dubinsky leaving


  20. One thing to consider:

    Locking up this Kovalchuck now, prohibits us from getting any Kovalchuks in the next 10 years (or so). Maybe there is some 16 yo. lottery pick that Gordie Clark has his eye on right now. . . . . . .

    Yeah, RIGHT!!!

  21. I don’t think Rosival would get sent down to Hartford. And I don’t think this move would be for this year, or next year…it’s a good move for the next 5-7 and then you start to worry about it.

    As we can attest, skill is the hardest thing to acquire and we have a chance for 2 of the top 10 skill guys in the league…

  22. cw,
    I DON’T think I’m “the only one with sacred connections”!!!

    I don’t CARE what anyone else knows, or thinks they know.
    I KNOW. And I’m no Eklund Bro.

    Now for the last time, be a good guy and have just fun envisioning this 2-3 years from now.

    Kovalchuk-Anisimov-Grachev (who is already a freakin MOOSE @ 6-4/230).

    The Rangers have….

  23. Rod,
    I would LOVE that line. Believe me. Who cares that grachev had a hard time in HARTFORD. He is a LOCK at 1st line wing on Broadway. And of course Anisimov who was a 4th line standout, should make that jump EASILY!!!

    Cause you said so.

    Listen, I don’t mean to bust balls, but you sound boorish. Why don’t you just privately email Carp with your connections, and when It comes true you get your props.

  24. Rod,
    I have to admit tho, YOU are the one poster who actually has me thinking that this Kovy deal is a strong possibility. You are making a strong case for sure.

    So give yourself credit for that for sure. And if KOVY is a Ranger, I will personally meet you at a nearby bar and buy you beers.

    Your wishful thinking is getting me excited for sure.

    Now I have to go to the beach. Kick ass day in Montauk by the way.

  25. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    I think with a huge contract and huge money he’ll disappear like some of the others.

  26. oleosmirf
    July 11th, 2010 at 10:13 am
    In order to get Kovalchuk for that cap hit you are going to need to give him 10+ years which is ridiculous for a player of questionable character.

    not to mention that means saying goodbye to a huge fan favorite and gritty possible 25+ goal scorer in Dubinsky.


  27. cw,

    What makes you think I care about YOUR props? Hysterical!

    If you were a serious hockey person, you’d know that Anisimov’s production was among the best for NHL rookies per his TTOI. That’s what teams do with their players, project and map their depth charts accordingly.

    Grachev’s story is a bit ore complex but VERY promising.
    Have you actually seen these guys play? Because I have pretty extensively, and we’re not exactly talking Josef Balej here.

    There you go again, re. wishful thinking.

    Listen when I FIRST said Rangers were interested, which hasn’t been reported anywhere else until today, I thought they had other plans. I was told they had a lot of alternative ores in the fire.

    The very first thing I ever posted here was that MSG had a Grand Plan (Isiah! Ha!!!) of Lebron, Kovalchuk, of renovating the Garden and returning to prominence.
    Well, at least far as I know they’re still renovating :)

    And I didn’t do anything except state facts about the NYR & Kovalchuk. He sells himself.

    Oh yeah, Montauk? Meet me at Shagwah’s, I’d like to bop you in the nose!

  28. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    no kovy
    no kovy
    no kovy

    Why dont we solve our own internal probelms and cap issues and holes in our roster before going out and spending it on a primadonna goal scorer who doesnt back check, and who will cripple us FOR YEARS with his salary

    Spectors blog hit the nail right on the head

    and for the 100th time, LARRY BROOKS is a tottal IDIOT!!!

    The minute they signed kovulchoke, his next days article would be about how were crippled by his pay.

    Sorry Carp or anyone else, dont care how respected he is, LB Should be writing for US weekly or Star magazine, cause all he likes to to do is criticize and gossip

    BTW I call him out EVERY time he does thi son his twitter page. he only responded once, no wonder torts hate him


  29. Rod,
    It’s SHAGWONG, and my sister tends bar there. Come meet me anytime. We will have a beer. I will tell you all you need to know about hockey. Bring some of your “connections”

    I probably know them.

    And my offer still stands: I buy the beer in Kovy comes to NYR.

    Geez I am so excited!!! I am gonna finally meet EKLUND!!!!!

  30. cccp and the real mikey –

    two of the worst things about this blog

    aw someone doesn’t like dubinsky and it bothers you. tough. get over it.

    i think the two of you were among those wicky was trying to trade last night

  31. oh and go get your shine boxes to use language that the two of you would understand. you can work side by side

  32. Haha, I’m sure Im not the first to tell you you’re a ****.

    Maybe sometime(and also let the record reflect I refrained from any cheap remarks about your sister!)

    Now it’s too nice a day for this.

    As Rick James would say, enjoy yourself!

  33. nose picker

    my silly retarded friend…same goes for you…if you dont like Dubinsky then get over it and stfu

    and at this point I am more amused by picking on you than you are by picking your nose!

  34. BTW, whoever it was the other day who defiantly posted “DUBLOWSKY!” had me cracking up!

  35. Rod,
    Send me your email address. I wanna invite you out for a beer. Let’s let bygones be bygones. What do ya say?

  36. you see…in the last 2 minute you assaulted about 4 or 5 different people on this blog… and you called me the worst thing about this place? check yourself kid…

  37. Rod,
    Geez, why so sore? I know no one likes to be called out as a fraud, but don’t take it so hard? Violence? That has to be beneath someone who has so many important connections ;-)

    My sister is fair game. I threw it out there, make all the silly insults ya like. Don’t hold back. I called you a fraud (Eklund), you shouldn’t pull any punches.

    Anyway, she has better connections to the Rangers than YOU (Eklund) will ever have.

    Enjoy the beach. Where are you swimming, East River?

  38. thanks to somerset for setting the record straight ive been telling everybody if we dump a few players our cap is fine even if we sign kovi.people should learn how to go to capgeek and work out the so sick of hearing that we are crippled with the cap.

  39. You want to pump me for information!

    I’m trying to give you some, except some guy keeps needlessly attacking me!!! No hard feelings man, we’re all just fans dying to know, ya know?!

    Seriously, already noon. Gotta go.

  40. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I am sensing a great deal of dissention and animosity among fellow boneheads. Chill…we are all on the same team. have a typo in your posting. Just sayin.

    As I stated before:

    we need a goal scorer
    we have a excellent goaltending
    we have average to better than average (and young and improving) defensemen
    we have size, defense and playmaking forwards, but only one goal scorer

    either get Kovalchuk, or if not we can get 60% of Kovalchcuk (maximum 30 goals out of 50) for 40% of the salary (under $4 mio versus over $9 mio) by signing Frolov instead. He is also goal scorer on the young side.

  41. cccp

    i trashed you and mikey.

    i said orr in response to the dublowsky comment. i agree with orr and was not trashing him. was agreeing with wicky about trading some from here especially you and mikey

    not my shoes need a shine. get to work

  42. The White Plains Batman on

    Anisimov didn’t play with Kovi at the World Championships, he was centering Lisin, Afiniganov (who they should try and sign for dirt cheap for one year), Tarasenko, and some KHL dudes.

    Honestly, a 4-5 year deal is fine for him. They’re gonna have a lot of salary in two years when Drury, Avery, and Rozi are all off the books. I personally wouldn’t do it but if they can trade a Rozi and waive a Redden, then make it so.

  43. kovaltine is one piece for this season, than a center and a top D man by next season. By year 3 they are a real contender for more than 1 season.

  44. get him

    kovalchuk on this team and they are a pretty good team. worry about losing dubinsky and callahan in the future. who knows if they will continue to improve or plateau.

    kovalchuk has many faults but he is a scoring maching and that is a real asset. we have 1 guy gaborik who is a scoring machine…kovalchuk makes everyone better indirectly by having guys like dubi etc play against lesser competition and therefore they can be more productive.

    if the rangers are sending down redden which they should do they should try to sign kovalchuk…

  45. cwgatti ,
    by the way, I posted on here yesterday that spector quote and i agree with spector, please no Kovy. The guy played for atlanta with hossa and how many playoffs did atlanta play and win. Last year the devils were flying until Kovy was traded to the devils and than the devils played horrible and got knock out in the first round. Kovy is a guy who takes over a minute shift and is a puck hogger. I truely hope the devils sign him so they can be cap stricking (which is hard to believe Lou would do this) so the rangers could possibly sign parise when he become a rfa.

  46. I would much, much rather see the Rangers ego after Parise next summer as opposed to betting the whole farm on Kovalchuk. Parise plays a great game, and he’s a competitor. He’s a sniper, but he can’t carry a team on his own like OV or Crosby. Those are the guys you give max contracts to. Besides, even though Gabby’s great and he’s one of the two players that make the team worth watching (the other being the King), but we already have one floater, we don’t need another. Especially not for ten million a year for 30 years or whatever outrageous terms Kovalchuk is after.

  47. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    The dolan and sather mantra is to spend at any cost to win now and don’t worry about the future.
    They haven’t won anything,but why worry about the future 10 yrs down the road if they sign Ilya ?
    Who knows what the cap will be if there will be a cap and the state of the league?

    So if they can sign him they should , why worry about the future?

  48. dan you think lou lets parise walk? and then you think he wants to be a nyr? how many ex-debbies have worked out as nyr? kovaltine is not a real ex-debbie in case that’s the response.

  49. onecupin70yearsand counting

    so you want to keep doing the things that have been the main reason why we only have 1 cup in 70 years and counting.

    i mean talk about hypocrisy…

  50. Does anyone seriously think Lamoriello would not do whatever was necessary to re-sign Parise?

    Seems like more than wishful thinking for the Rangers to have a strategy based on being able to target him as a RFA when there’s a decent chance he won’t even get close to hitting RFA status next year.

  51. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    My big thing is that the Rangers for as bad as they were last year were not that bad on defense. Even with how bad rosival and redden are.

    The reason they lost that last game vs Philly and countless others during the season was because they couldnt score. How many games did hank play stellar and give up maybe 1-2 goals for us to come out empty handed?

    If they could somehow buy out Drury or give up a 1st and a 2nd to move him somewhere we could have something along the lines of this:


    Tell me you dont think that that line up there could win against he best in the league with Hank in net?

  52. LW3H, I agree but if the devils sign Kovy to that ridiculous contract there is a possibility they won’t be able to sign Parise. My point was that I would take Parise any day over Kovy.

  53. Why do I get the feeling though that Kovy doesn’t want to play for the devils. They have made as good an offer as he will get and yet Kovy hasn’t signed.

  54. And Lamoriello would take Parise over Kovalchuk too, so he wouldn’t sign Kovalchuk to any deal that jeopardised his chances of retaining Parise.

  55. Is there an indication from Kovalchuks people to let us know what he wants? He has been offered a boatload of money and years from NJ. Does he NOT want to play for them? Is he pricing himself OUT of the league?

    I can’t figure out what he wants since it appears that he has been offered both the big bucks and the long terms that most seem to want in today’s world where greed has become a virtue.

  56. I’ve received this email every day since July 1(before actually)

    Blues “in it to win it”; now approaching $90M/9yrs.

    LA not NJ main competition.

    Rangers “nowhere near” as serious. Sorry.

  57. As mentioned earlier this year would be the worst year for the cap to sign Kovy. But you clear out whomever you have to do it. If you have to send a 2nd round pick to turn Rozi from a pig into Megan Fox for picks coming back then you do it and get him off the cap. Same for Brashear. If Avery (along with Redden) needs to be banished to Hartford then you do that as well. As much as we pay the bills as ticket holders they are not going to be able to pass along their contractual mistakes to us until they start winning. Which will not be for a long time unless they get Kovy. Sometimes you have to spend money to make more money, no?

  58. Tank The Season on

    Kovalchuk is holding up the entire FA market now…

    Frolov, Stempniak, Kariya, Guerin, Modano, Wellwood remain among forwards.

  59. Good post Carp-

    “Who cares about Rangers the “gross mismanagement of money despite the deep pockets of Rangers ownership” – its only because we are the Rangers that people use those ‘garbage accusations’ ”

    I don’t care that other people say it, I care because it’s true and it’s hurt us

    $100 mil spread over 17 years – assuming that would ever fly, leaves you with nearly $6M of dead money for possibly ten years or more

    and the fact that it’s better than several other bad deals (Redden,Roszi,Drury) makes no sense

    You just leave yourself with a small window to win relying on young low priced guys as the supporting cast

    Dubi, Cally, AA are RFA’s after this year MDZ the next but your going to need other guys as well

  60. That would be cool if Kovalchook went to the Blues.

    As for “Dustinksy”, I don’t like it. You need the “B” in there, because it’s the most important letter in his name.

    Therefore Dublowsky is the best name!!

  61. By the way, I just want to say that I would give bone marrow to Dan Carcillo if it meant Parise was signing with NYR.

    I’ve always respected him as a player, but after the Olympics, I’m officially onboard the Parise Love Train. I love that guy! You’re not the only one, Greg.

    It’s a shame he has to be a Devil, and probably will always be one.

  62. nosepicker-

    I happen to like Dubi and you don’t -no big deal.

    But you’ve never posted anything other than anti Dubi remarks.

    Why is that?

  63. For anyone thinking that getting Kovy disrupts the youth movement then I would argue that it actually helps the youth movement. Fast forward to 2012/13: Gaby, Kovy, Dubi, Cally, AA, MZA, Grachev, Stepan, Kreider, Werek, Horak (?), Prust, Weise, BooBoo, Staal, Girardi, MDZ, McD, Undertaker, Pashin, The King, and Johnson. Or something like that.

  64. slightly off topic but sports related

    RIP Bob Sheppard, the voice of the Yankees. Even as a Mets fan (yes, torturous sports life for me) I loved hearing Mr. Sheppard announce players as they came up to bat, or into the game. Very awesome, distinguished baseball voice, and by all accounts, a very classy, man.

  65. Sather's Dead on

    i dont know Orr, maybe you think the B is the most important letter but phonetically Dustinksky sounds a lot more like Dubinksy than Dublowsky

  66. Tony …

    Exactly !!!!! When you put all your money into a few players it will obviously force you to have to round out the rest of your team with Entry level rookies and cheap veterans.

    I dont understand why people dont see that??

    Drury has this year and next year and thats it. Redden will be demoted this season (if we sign Kovy). Rozy will probably be gone at the deadline if we’re not in a playoff position.

    Our Cap situation is not that bad once you get rid of Redden

  67. Thanks for posting that Lin. He’ll be missed and forever in the Hearts of ALL true Yankees fans.

  68. Somerset, and it’s the players we all want to see in the next couple of years anyway. Most of them will be RFAs and will be restricted in salary so you really have 3 big contracts, only a couple mid-level contracts (Dubi, Cally, MDZ, AA, and Prust since Staal and Girardi are already locked up), and the rest RFAs. It’s really only this year and next year that it’s a real problem but doable.

  69. The way I see it, if we sign Kovalchook, it forces Slats to deal with the current problems, like Dreary, Blowzy, and Dredden.

    It would be nice to get rid of all three and replace them with Chook.

  70. ORR, that’s exactly correct. It’s not the young guys that get dealt with, it’s the bad contracts that they are forced to eat to sign Kovy. BTW, I’m a Dubi fan. Write it down: over 25 goals this year if he stays healthy.

  71. Linda- He was also the NY Giants PA guy for quite some time- he had a very unique voice, something special about his unrushed delivery


    Tony/Somerset -sort of an oversimplification, I’m all for playing the young guys but who will pan out? can you fit them moneywise? A lot of questions and you lose flexablity

  72. I’m not really interested in what Dublowsky does this year. I’ll wait until he signs a semi-long term deal proving that he truly wants to be a Ranger, for the amount that he deserves, and prove he’s not only in it for the dough!

  73. ddebened, good questions, but you know what? You’re getting them (these young players) whether Kovy comes here or not because that’s the ultimate plan. The better question is are they better with or without Kovy? Remember this: 1) worst 10 year win/loss record in franchise history; 2) 2 playoff series wins this decade; 3) 4(?) playoff appearances since the end of the 1996/97 season; 4) no playoffs last year with basically the same going into this coming year (without Kovy). what exactly are we trying to protect by not signing Kovy? The cap will be going up over the next few years and you address the cap on a year by year basis. I would love to have to gut the Rangers after winning a Cup, ala the Hawks.

  74. Yup, RIP Bob Sheppard. One of the true gentlemen in the world, not just in sports … and perhaps the most famous behind-the-scenes guy in all of sports history.

    The Voice of God!

  75. Linda, we’re waiting for your 2 cents

    I have no doubt Dubi scores 25 this year.

    -Redden- can be banished to Hartford regardless

  76. I agree, Kovy or not, I do not want to have to watch Redden play in a Ranger’s uniform ever again. Just awful and disinterested.

  77. If Dublowsky doesn’t score 25 goals, at ther very least, then he should get traded.

    He needs to step it up. He also needs to beat up Mike Richards, because one time out of four or five isn’t enough!

  78. Go to – Chicago is still alot of trouble, esp now that Hjamelersson was just “offer-sheeted”.

    Patrick Sharps’ days are numbered now that he got his “Day with the Cup”.

    If we dont get Kovy (which is unlikely anyway) – I say trade that 2nd Round pick we got for Sangs plus a weaker prospect to Chicago for Sharp.

  79. I like Sharp a lot. My plan B if not Kovy was always Richards at the trade deadline to take a lesser cap hit but I was asking for Sharp before this offseason if not Kovy. Would do well with Gaby.

  80. Orr

    Huet is definitely gone because they need that money to re-sign Niemi and I think Corey Crawford will be their backup.

    Campbell is like our Rozsival. Yeah you could demote him or trade him but who you gonna replace him with ?? Especially in their case because they cant spend any money to make improvements

  81. Can someone tell me why Boogard only had 9 total fights all season last year ??

    He better triple that number for the money we are paying him

  82. About the only thing I can totally get on board with here today is that Dubi’s nickname must have the B.

    Kovy’s demands are sorta getting on my nerves.

  83. Boogaard averaged 48 games played over the last 4 years

    and 6 minutes per game last year

    money well spent

  84. now Simon Gagne would be a great pickup although the chances Philly would do that are practically zero.

  85. Philly is 1.5 OVER the cap right now … they got 2 get rid of someone …. its either Gagne or Carter

    Holmgren doesnt know what the hell he’s doing over there

  86. somerset, Boogaard apparently got caught and hurt with a punch (don’t know if it was a concussion or not) and didn’t fight the rest of the way. That’s according to Darren Pang moments after the Rangers signed him.

  87. ddeb, you’re gonna have to do better that to beat somerset as the official bonehead numbers guy :) But interesting nonetheless.

    FYI all, tomorrow is a very special day ….

  88. Blogmamawesomesky it is

    I can’t compete with Somerset, LW, ilb or a host of others regarding the numbers stuff. But I know damn sure they can’t copy and paste like me.

  89. Cw,

    Just got a note back from a friend (RE. St Louie) saying ‘Remember the Stamkos occurrence’, which is what we ended up calling it, as it wasn’t quite an incident yet very strange nonetheless.

    Now if you don’t know what that is I’ll explain it.
    But let’s just say people are talking……

  90. Another display of my cut and paste skills

    From wikipedia:

    ta ta

    Possibly a shortened form of “hakuna matata,” a now well known Swahili phrase for “there are no worries.” Swahili being one of the languages spoken in several countries making up the area that became known as British East Africa.

  91. More comedy. Sheesh (though Papa Drury’s IS funny!).

    For those of you unaware – and apparently that’s almost everyone – the Stamkos episode, if you will, was the clearest indication we’ve had in a VERY long time that, opposed to conventional wisdom saying he has a lifetime deal and complete carte blanche when it comes to running hockey operations, perhaps Glen Sather does feel the heat from ownership, and/or was concerned at season’s end about missing the playoffs and being replaced/canned.

    How else to explain a GM who hides in his ivory tower all year and never speaks to the press (excepting those MSG-owned and a few other very rare occassions)suddenly going on the record to discuss an under-contract player on another team, and quite clearly on background supplying the names of his own players he’d considered trading, all so he could look busy for his boss?

    That’s some kind of borderline tampering, not to mention potentially affecting the confidence of his own troops, and for what?

    BTW, to go back to something CW & I haggled over before,
    of the players mentioned at the time (Michael Del Zotto, Evgeny Grachev, Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky and Dan Girardi)it’s telling the only one listed yet not yet in the NHL is Grachev.

    Long story short, with STL supposedly pushing hard for Kovi my bud says don’t be surprised if Sather uses this as another chance to impress. Unless he’s already re-upped his deal, which no one knows. So there.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    somerset said;
    “Can someone tell me why Boogard only had 9 total fights all season last year ??”

    Yeah he was hurt but it don’t matter…NOBODY wants to fight him!!!! He’ll clean yer clock!!! Oh sure some young rookies vying for a spot maybe…until thier goose gets cooked. Just remeber Somerset when yer the heavey weight Champ ya have to “pick” yer spots wisely. You cant go running after guys.

    Im still reading the Rod Gilbert ( aka EKLUND) vs CWgatti .

    OK OK , none of my bizness but did youse guys just stroll off anutha blog and came here to fight?? Rod is saying stuff and cwgatti is freaking out cuz he thinks Rod is acting like Eklund. Rod sees no such thing and wants to punch cwgatti in the face at a bar. cwgatti is now making “nice nice” but in all fairness to Rod ,CWgatti shouldn’t have acted all spazzzy on Rod for Rod saying stuff he heard on here.( deep breathe).

    ddeb , you can compete !!! Fer sure man!!

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    TO KOVALCHUK or to NOT KOVALCHUK , that is the question.

    Yes .


    whynot ….well no cash for Dubinsky,Staal and AA coming up.

    Drury is like $7 million bucks right? Hes gone in 2 years.

    So you Staal, Staal ( I always wanted to say that) and the rest for 2 years and give ’em Drury’s cash!!!!! Sign Kovy ( with Redden cash)for 10 years and in 2 years he replaces Drury’s salary give ‘er take a few million.

    Gaborik and Kovalchuk gives us respect. I’d buy that.

    Gaborik and Hank are our top dollar guys , they need scoring relieve from a Kovalchuk …thats just smart bizness.

  94. Zz,

    If you’re going to be 3rd man in, get it straight.

    I was going to punch CW in the nose, after I mauled his sister!

    Now that’s a joke, as I thought CW and I left off on pretty respectful terms (though we’ll have to see what he says when he returns :)

  95. How aboot someone just finds Hank and asks him if *HE* wants Kovalchook or not.

    At the end of the day, this is his team. What he says, GOES!!

    “Papa Drury’s!?!?”

    You got it! He was late, so it was supposed to be half off, but the delivery guy was so boring and dreary that he put me to sleep and took the full amount. Theif!

  96. I have to admit, the more I think aboot Kovalchook in red, white, and blue, the more I get excited aboot the season. It would just be cool to see a guy like that, with all that talent, play for NYR.

    He would be like Jagr, just younger.

    It’s not going to happen, but I’m just saying, the whole scenario sounds pretty cool.

  97. Greg -LMAO

    goose gets cooked
    nice nice

    You’ve got a gift man.

    I don’t know but Rod makes me feel like I’m listening to Donald Sutherland’s character in ‘JFK’

  98. and fyi, that was only one part of the Stamkos thing.

    Lots of people thought it might be some type of retaliatory strike for TB backing out on a looooong talked about LeCavalier deal.

  99. oleosmirf
    July 11th, 2010 at 1:11 pm
    onecupin70yearsand counting

    so you want to keep doing the things that have been the main reason why we only have 1 cup in 70 years and counting.

    i mean talk about hypocrisy

    the rules have changed often during those 70 years. there was no free agency through the 70’s and very limited in the 80’s. montreal and toronto had territorial rights to local players before the 70’s. so how can you possibly say that we’ve been doing the same thing for 70 years. do some research before you write.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ….ORR , I never did love Zach Parise . Nice suddle way to rub in the bet . Good job!!! For the Record Zach Parise did have a good olympics but so did Dmitra …Parise would last longer then Piggins on this team.

  101. Chris Says SELL SELL
    July 11th, 2010 at 1:17 pm
    My big thing is that the Rangers for as bad as they were last year were not that bad on defense. Even with how bad rosival and redden are.

    The reason they lost that last game vs Philly and countless others during the season was because they couldnt score. How many games did hank play stellar and give up maybe 1-2 goals for us to come out empty handed?

    If they could somehow buy out Drury or give up a 1st and a 2nd to move him somewhere we could have something along the lines of this:


    Tell me you dont think that that line up there could win against he best in the league with Hank in net?

    they won’t buy out drury this year and he has a full no movement clause which includes all trades.

  102. ddebened
    July 11th, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    I happen to like Dubi and you don’t -no big deal.

    But you’ve never posted anything other than anti Dubi remarks.

    Why is that?

    BECAUSE I USE OTHER NAMES FOR OTHER THINGS. like side show sean, etc

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “I don’t know but Rod makes me feel like I’m listening to Donald Sutherland’s character in ‘JFK’” said by ddeb.

    Maybe it is him!!!????


  104. Sather’s Dead
    July 11th, 2010 at 2:56 pm
    i dont know Orr, maybe you think the B is the most important letter but phonetically Dustinksky sounds a lot more like Dubinksy than Dublowsky

    i like the middle part of orrs nickname for dubinsky. perfectly fits

  105. nosepicker-

    No need to shout- I appreciate you saying your other posting name

    You’re going to agree on some players and disagree on others -no biggie

    But, why would you need a different name for different players?

  106. there are/were a few

    some names i see from my drop down menu (not all inclusive)

    brew wins – to tweak cr9
    nose picker – to tweak the dubinsky love fest
    side show sean – to criticize avery
    conspiracy theory – also to tweak cr9
    first – for the few times i’ve been first
    orrs evil twin – if i want to post a fake trade

  107. Yay !!!!!! Laurel says Im the “Official Boneheads Number Guy”

    Does Rangers Report need an new Accountant that has no experience in accounting??

    I could fudge my way through it.

    Please God, No Demitra – Once Kovy is signed Frolov would be looking like a Better and Better option for our Top 6

  108. Quick trigger guys, good job; Just got this;

    “its all over……. Kings got him…nearly a done deal….
    Rangers offered what they could afford, but IK didn’t want it….. glad he’s not in NJ….”

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This is like via Ranger web site eh , if ya wanna know my sourses you can contact me at web site

    Ryan McDonagh and Stepan seemed destined to be champions as they tore through the NCAA tournament with Wisconsin last year. They made it to the final, where a Boston College team that included (other Rangers prospect) Chris Kreider ended their run.
    Known as one of the best shut-down defenseman in college hockey, McDonagh will have a chance to follow in the footsteps of fellow blueliner Matt Gilroy in jumping from the NCAA title game into an NHL roster spot.


  110. *2 guarantees next week – mark it down*

    1. Sharp gets traded, “since he got his day with the cup” and Hjalmersson offer-sheet needs to be dealt with

    2. Rangers sign Frolov the same day Kovalchuk gets signed

  111. Let me once more just say what a HORRIBLE mistake this is by Glen Sather.


  112. According to Gord Miller, Kings categorically deny Kovalchuk rumour.

    Still some detail$ apparently to iron out.

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Kovalbooooooooo!!!!! Kovalshmooo, Kovalshmuck, Kovalsucks, Kovaldump, KovalChoke, Kovalbust, Kovalbuck, Kovaltank, Kovalpunk and Kovalchump !!!!!

    Sather should be comended actually. He didn’t go after the “big name” .

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Above statement is on contingion that Kovalchuk signs with any other team then The New York Rangers. Any one gotta problem ..ya know the drill email me at

  115. If we don’t get Kovy and we sign Fro-Loaf than please shoot me twice. and then again…

  116. Shoot me too. Better yet, how aboot you set me on fire just as I jump on Dredden’s back.

    Least I can do Is take us both out.

    Does cocaine and fire make a bad mix?? I don’t want to cause a massive explosion!

  117. Rod, hate to break it to you, buddy. Sather and the Rangers are not involved in Kovalchuk. Just asked again today.


  118. So instead of Kovy we’ll pay $5M to Fro-Loaf or $5M to Stempiak or whatever waste of money they can come up with? Go to plan B and trade for Sharp. And if that doesn’t work then wait until the trade deadline and get Richards.

  119. Tank The Season on

    Good. Now we can sign Stempniak, a NY state native, to a contract that make SENSE.

  120. Carprod gilbert on

    Carp man, take it up with Larry Brooks, he reported the opposite this very day.

    Last things I heard on the subject I posted, Rangers essentially out.

  121. As I asked previously, I would love any kind of statement explaining their apparently unsuccessful position on the subject.

  122. Im in favor of signing any Top 6 forward as long as it makes sense contract wise because that will ultimately mean Redden will be gone.

    My list in order would be:

    Frolov, Ponikovsky, Stemphniak, O’sullivan, Afnioganov, Demitra, then Comrie.

  123. Just read that Greg Moore was signed by the Flyers and Andrew Hutchinson was signed by Pitt.

    What is with the other Atlantic Div teams signing our throw aways??

    Zherdev, Shelley, PAP, Moore, Hutchinson

  124. Tank The Season on

    Simon Gagne and Marc Savard are both available via trade, their cap hits are 50% of Kovalchuk and either can likely be had for Gilroy and draft picks.

  125. Rod you’re a beauty

    Blues “in it to win it”; now approaching $90M/9yrs.

    LA not NJ main competition.

    Rangers in

    Rangers out

    “its all over……. Kings got him…nearly a done deal….

    Take it up with Larry Brooks

  126. Ponikarovsky would be good for this team. Frolov, Stempniak, and especially Afinogenov or Demitra would not be. Hopefully they won’t pull the trigger for the sake of doing it – with the exception of Kovalchuk it’s slim pickins this year.

  127. leetchhalloffame on

    If Kovy doesn’t re-up with NJ old Louie Lam gave up a lot for very little in return. Very un-Lou like.

  128. ORR, the Kovy rumors are dying!

    Greg, you are lighting up your honorary FB Wordtionary tonight my friend!

    btw, TR, if you see this, belated :( I missed the earlier thread to comment

    ddeb, it has nothing to do with the lion king :)


    P.S. I asked for comment on Gagne earlier….hello?

  129. I have no problem with the posting of rumors or speculation and no doubt there have been some twists and turns in the process but you play it off like you’re someone in the know.

    Then you want wipe your hands clean and say you were just posting what Larry Brooks said.

  130. gagne too much $ no thanks. Philly is in a $ mess let them get less than zero for him.

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ” honorary FB Wordtionary ” whoaaa sounds important!!! Is there really such a place? Is it a myth like dry land?

    Yeah Rod , make up yer mind . Im getting dizzzy!!! Are we in or are we out!!!???? Dude , if youse gots conections…ya better hop to it cuz if and when this story breaks , I want you on top of it!!!

  132. laurel
    belated what?
    also i told you about demitra ages ago right?

    once again apologies all around for not bein around. lol

  133. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    Wow, what a frakking long day!!

    First things first…Happy birthday to linda (today) and TR (tomorrow)!!!!

    I have read a few things over the past season on Grachev and from what I hear, he kind of sucked it up in htfd. Anyone have any insight??

    what do you hear/think of grachev??

    In case you missed it from last thread, the sullivan think was my fave on that followed by avery of course. What was yours?

    Out of the list posted, poni may actually be the best fit for us. Gagne would be a nice add. So would richards from dallas, or bieksa.

  134. From Puck Daddy’s 10 NHL teams that still have significant need (surprisingly, we’re not there, but we are in the Islanders’ kinda):

    New York Islanders: Reaching the cap floor
    The NHL cap floor next season is $43.4 million. The Isles have 20 players under contract and a payroll of $35,717,567 via Cap Geek. (Thank you, Alexei Yashin!) A new contract for Matt Moulson will help, but they still need to add some dollars to their cap. How about Cablevision vows to build the Isles a new arena in exchange for a Wade Redden trade?


  135. spider
    i caught that today

    its not my birthday tomorrow, lol. dunno where that came from.

  136. Kovalchuk is the best goalscorer post-locked next to AO. I would trade anyone but Hank to get the cap space to get him!

  137. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    well crap, I saw it on eklund’s site apparently! My apologies!!

  138. wicky
    that guy is always postin bogus rumors. lol. he got me one time when he said alf was comin back. obviously it never happened. bastard got my hopes up.

  139. Wicky – the Sullivan one is definitely up there – what are the chances of that? and the guys girl giving the thumbs up to boot lol

    the missed open net was pretty wild

    and I never thought about with the Milbury incident, but the thought of that guy having to go home with one shoe was pretty funny

    Avery was classic – great link

  140. happy b day linda and tr!! my day is thursday. and jeez this blog is funny lately. i dont feel so bad for mispelling words with some of youse guys here. holy carp why is kovalchuk taking up 99 % of teh conversation here. screw him. we have mza!!!!

  141. Tank The Season on

    Gagne is worth a shot. If he can stay healthy he can score 25-30. Like I said, Gilroy and a 2nd should be enough to get it done.

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Happy Birthday Lindaaaa youse da woman!!!!

    TA TA Momma!!!!!

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Tank , No ex Flyers plz. Makes me wanna puke.

  144. my b-day is thursday, and wtb wick? poni? nooooo. i rather have stempniak!!! na j/k, they all are avg. demitra would probably work out better cause he has played with gabby before so at least that top line would have chemistry. so with prospal and demitra, with gabby, it would be the czechoslovakian united air(line).

  145. ddebened,

    Don’t comb through what I posted and cherry-pick to try and make it look inconsistent, because it was perfectly consistent. That’s being a real punk.

    I didn’t post a single item saying anything positive – positive in the sense the Rangers WOULD sign Kovalchuk – for over a week, because I never received anything, until Larry Brooks came up with that this morning(which made me suspicious more than anything). The last thing I can remember saying about a week ago was Rangers were considering moving their “offer” to around $8.5m. To this moment the only actual numbers I got, from two different places, were the same 5 yrs, $40m I started with.

    As for this afternoon, LOOK AT WHAT I ACTUALLY WROTE:

    “LA not NJ main competition. Rangers “nowhere near” as serious. Sorry.”


    And when someone else posted a link to TSN/Twitter announcing the deal done, I posted the contents of an email I’d just received. As the deal hasn’t been finalized, it turned out to be MORE ACCURATE if you’ve since read Darren Dreger’s quotes from Dean Lombardi.

    IT READ; “its all over……. Kings got him… nearly a done deal… Rangers offered what they could afford, IK didn’t want it. Glad he’s not in NJ”

    “Take it up with Larry Brooks” was what I wrote to Carp,
    who for some reason decided to tell me again Rangers weren’t interested, that he’d just asked them. Fine.
    They’ve been saying TO HIM that all along, and will certainly continue to do so if Kovalchuk becomes a King.

    But I stand by what I originally said. They were after him at the deadline, they considered him again for July 1.
    Im not going to look to lean on Larry Brooks as a second source, I don’t trust him myself.

    But what I wrote about any info I received was consistent and accurate.

    And you guys are about as unappreciative a bunch of MFers as I could imagine, not a freakin’ kind word…

  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    cwgatti , you guys should make a bet ? Yeah bet him!!! That always works for me…well kinda :[

    Bet him man!!! Do it!!! If someone makes ya him!!! Only way to do it with out fighting in some bar!!!! Make it so if hes wrong he has to post that hes gay or something.

  147. hey greg-zo, gagne would be good to have bro. its not like carcillo or fartnell. i actually dont mind him. briere pisses me off. richards does and pronger. but of that team, gagne, asham, carter,leino and giroux are all swell guys.!!

  148. its not my birthday tomorrow guys
    damn eklunds ruinin my life, lol

    did sundin sign in ny yet?

  149. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Rod you Moron , I said some positives to you the other day as well!!! Look it up !! I said wanted to hear you and what you had to say. Next time you blast “us” ya better not refer to me cuz yer being a ungrateful turd.

  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Happy Birthday TR!!!!!! yeah Gagne no to bad for a Flyer. Why would he sigh with such a pathetic scum organization? Really now..The Flyers!!???

  151. Greg L.,
    Rod Gilbert is too easy. Make long shot claims, and try to look like genius if it actually happens. EKLUND>Rod Gilbert. I would have some mercy if he actually put his nam to it. Even his first name.

    Whatever. He got a rise out of us.

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ..they won in game 82 man , game eighty frick’n two !!! In a shoot out of all things!!!!!! ARRRRGHHH , I hate shoot outs!!!

  153. thanks gregzo. its not very fun though. another year thats all. another year gone watching the rangers suck it up. thats what sucks about a summer birthday. you get to reflect on what an awful year its been!!

  154. Montauk was GREAT this weekend. Great weekend. Just got home from an outdoor show at Gosmans. Awesome time.

  155. I was hangin out with two Lithuanian hookers who SWORE that Ilya was going to KHL……

  156. what i dont get, is we all know we CANNOT sign kovalchuk at all until either reddn is demoted, or a trade made involving some big contracts. we just cant. until some serious moves are made to clear space, theres nothing imminent on kovalchuk and the rangers. he wants to win a cup, evidenced by the teams involved with him. teh kings and devils. 2 teams who have greater chance of winning than we do. he couldve went to nassau or atlanta for money. he wants a cup even if some people think its just money, its not. he is worth alot of money no doubt, but what happens if grachev or one of other promising kids turns into a 30 goal scorer? we have a chance to rebuild and to stop teh cycle of overpaying free agents. it just doesnt work here for some reason.

  157. Tank The Season on

    I don’t think Grachev will be very good. I am higher on Krieder and Stepan.

  158. The worst thing about the Rangers is how mediocre they always are. By NY standards they may “suck” but the truth is they are always very medium. So they never get good draft picks and the never really become legit contenders. Yet they can always afford decent enough free agents to keep up to that mediocre level.

    I can’t really be for signing Kovalchuk because I can’t see it improving them enough to be legit contenders. Just doesn’t seem like he’s the type of guy who could raise the overall level of the team up enough.

    On the other hand, is not signing him admitting they are not close? They did just miss the playoffs. Flyers did get to the finals. How much time do they have with Lundqvist? I don’t know, I think I’ve said before the only hope I see for the team is if few young players exceed expectations.

    I think they might have a better chance of getting a championship team together (in a few years) by riding out the bad contracts and trading the valuable veterans. And I’m certainly not saying I see this scenario happening, but I have to admit my interest in the Rangers has traded over the last year or so because it never seems like they can break out of the same pattern.

  159. Yeah CW, a “long shot claim” that just happened to be VERIFIED in print in the NY Post today.

    Now slander Brooks (who I have mixed feelngs about but still is one of THN’s most influential people), or do whatever the hell you want.

    You’re not worth talking to.

  160. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    thanks for the response!!!

    Happy MO Fo’ING birthday (early) bro. I mentioned your nappy wet towels in the last thread!!!

    really sorry about the birthday thing.

    I think I dated one of them in college……Oh wait, she was latvian, nevermind!!

    what up bro?

  161. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    thanks for being a great teammate, but I eklunded!!!! Damn!!!!!!

  162. Agree with Greg…im sick of the shootouts…too much awarded for something too different from normal game flow…regular season ties are totally fine and OT games late in season would be even more dramatic…the thing that makes NHL so special with regards to OT is that they play until they score in the postseason which has produced epic games.

    why all the Dubinsky hate? Let this kid develop further…he gets more confidence, and he is going to really shine…he plays hard, but has above average skill…when tortarella first came on Dubi was so vital…thats because we were pressuring everywhere…then we had to go back to D-type play and dubi was stunted…Dubi was really flying in that style…i dont want to lose him.

  163. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    ummmm hello????? Anyone????? Am I being punished??? Is this eklund’s site?

  164. i also have a concern with regards to MDZ…the kid is super talented, and we haven’t had someone that can thread long passes like that since Leetch…when i watch him skate he seems to expend so much energy to go minimal distance…i guarantee they focus on this kid’s power skating…he is missing an explosive first few steps at this point. His stride needs tinkering me thinks.

  165. wicky (Crease Clearing Blog Goon) on

    whew, that was close!!

    I agree with zzzzLGRzzzzzz as well. The skills competition blows!!! I also think that 4 on 4 blows in OT.

  166. leetchhalloffame on

    Don’t trade within the division – it can and will only come back to bite NYR.

  167. wick, I’m flattered.

    Linda, happy 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good night, youse guys.

    Good night, Sally!

  168. “Kovalchuk appears to have no other solid offers.

    The Kings reportedly have offered two deals: 12 years at $63 million and 13 years at $84.5 million.

    It’s believed his agent also asked for a low salary and high signing bonus to be paid in the 2012-13 season — the season that could be lost to a lockout if the NHL and the NHL Players’ Assn. can’t agree on a new labor deal. Salaries would not be paid during a lockout but signing bonuses would have to be paid.
    With no other NHL team willing to give Kovalchuk a contract for more than a year or two and Russia’s KHL his least-favored option, the 27-year-old left wing’s options appear limited.

    The Kings hope they can soon clinch the deal with terms they consider reasonable, maybe eight or nine years for about $8 million per year.

    –Helene Elliott

  169. Tank The Season on

    I still think the Rangers should sign a guy to a 3 year deal who is interested in helping now + being a part of a contender once some of the kids are ready.

    Of all the guys who are still out there I think Stempniak best fits that bill. US born. $2.75M a year for 3 years for him would make sense.

  170. If anyone wants to read Rod’s sources i suggest you look on Twitter. Tweets from @darrendreger, @ helenenothelen, @NYP_Brooksie, @Real_ESPNLeBrun, @TheFourthPeriod, @Panger40, @SpectorsHockey, @TSNBobMcKenzie…etc..etc…

    Keep going the way you’re going Rod, we’re all having a good laugh at you!!

  171. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Did anyone notice the header today reads like this if you take out the “E”

    Moron Ilya !!!! HAHA Carp!!!!

  172. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Happy Birthday Linda!!!!! May the Rangers be with you , always!!!

  173. orr, saved by the bells on. its the early ones with miss bliss and without jessie,slater and kelly dubinsky. err i mean kerpowsky!! btw, i dont get the duby hate either. was he on the ice when gabby was getting pounded too? oh i think he was but was wrestling with some other guy. he scored 20 in 69 games. much better and is improving every season, at least in points. i thought cally was the more stagnant player actually. he is slowly becoming drury jr. i dont care really cuz i liked drurys game before he stopped producing, and as long as callys tenacity to fight for pucks and his shot gets better, he will be on this team a long time. but in less games, duby put up more goals and points than cally. hes also bigger and can create more offense. cally seems maxed out honestly. 3rd line and pk for him. duby however has soem playmaking skills and some offense and is also pretty good defensively too. dont know why hes bashed on here when hes better than alot of other players weve had or have now in teh past few years. he still makes less than cally also.

  174. ok he held out for little more money last season. yes, that wasnt good when it cut into training camp, but he stepped right in and was fine. you could see he improved on some areas of his game. i just dont care about if he shouldve taken a discount to prove himself first, because its done and he did have a standout year. he was blockin shots like dury on the pk,(where he got hurt) and he was scoring much more consistently than 2 previous years where he had those long droughts. but yea, i do hate that combover. who does he think he is where he can get away with a haircut liek that? this isnt north dakota buddy. people care here!!

  175. Good morning all!

    Well, I see you got the party started early last night.

    and happy NOT birthday to TR! (p.s. I was talking about Voros. is my sweet very sad?)

  176. Oh yeah, Greg, we’ve been telling you to join the boneheads FB group for ages. yes, there is such a place, beyond the moon, beyond the stars…..

  177. i mean montana. j/k wick. im in iowa so i cant talk.

    rod- keep the inside info comin buddy!! i dont care who your sauce is. when me and my sauce get together, all kinds of crazy stuff comes out

  178. Boston is in a lot of cap trouble right now as they need to sign Seguin and Wheeler.

    I wonder if the Rangers could possibly swing a deal for Wheeler or Bergeron. Even Sturm or Ryder would be a nice addition on expiring contracts but not really worth giving anything of importance in return.

  179. One Ranger Love on

    I was just reading The Dark Rangers most recent blog post, and noticed he compares if the Rangers were to sign Kovalchuk to being doubly as worse as it was signing Kotalik. Personally I don’t even see how you compare the two. The both have eight year careers currently. Kovalchuk has scored 40+ goals in 6 of those seasons and has never scored under 20 goals for a season. Kotalik has had the same amount of time in the league and has only scored over twenty goals three times in his career and never over 30 goals.

    Seriously mind blowing stuff, how do you compare the two?

  180. sauces….ha!

    All, I just heard from our pal ilb, whose brother has been diagnosed with a serious illness and is undergoing surgery this morning. He asks that all the heads keep their fingers crossed and send good wishes. How can things go wrong with bonehead love right?
    I’ll let you know how things go later when I hear from him.

  181. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Thoughts out to ilb and his family.

    Also, i’d like to extend Happy birthday wishes to Linda, she’s 27 today!!!

  182. ilb- i’ll be prayin for ya buddy. seriously hope he gets better. few days ago my father who is going through some deep depression afetr losing hsi wife in june, almost died., he drank too much and he takes certain medications you cannot mix alchohol with. he did it anyway, and went to the hospital after i calle dteh ambulance. his bp was 55 over 35. he was pale with blue lips, he lost all his bodily functions and was very close to dying.and he never drinks. ever. i know this isnt related at all to your brother, but please pray for my dad too. i will pray for you n your bro. take it easy buddy. your a good friend

  183. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Kovalchuk is not coming to NYR, he want way too much money. If there was an offer from the Rangers (which we can presume there was) it was not anywhere near what LAK can offer.

    Kovalchuk has wanted to be a King since the start, it was just a matter of time. I think they used the NJD and the NYR to push up the Kings numbers. But it might have backfired and now we are seeing the results.

  184. Couple things…First, Rod talks a good game, I must admit… But anyone who claims Gilroy, Dubinsky, a third, Voros and Hillier for Bobby Ryan and Eminger was ever being seriously considered by anyone except Glen Sather skipping through fantasy land …well…let’s just say my confidence is shaken.

    Second, the Shagwong is a hole. No offense, cw. If you’re going to eat in Montauk, hit Dureya’s for three chix lobsters and a pound of shrimp(hit a beer and a sunset at the Montauket while your over there), nail a twelver of PBR at the beer store behind the circle and score a pound of butter at the IGA. Dinner for two and a great buzz for under $50 or what you’d pay for five drinks and tip at the dickwong.

    Back to hockey…I’m really hoping IK signs today because I’m sick of this garbage. He’s making LeBron James look good at this point…

    Now onto a question that pretty much seems like a given around here these days…WTF is Sather going to do with REDDEN? Carp and most everyone out there is saying he won’t be with the organization much longer. And fans seem to think he’s Hartford bound…well…that’s interesting, because I can’t recall a $6.5 million player EVER being sent down to the minors…in fact, the only guy that comes to mind is Kasparitis, and he had many other issues besides a bad contract(which still wasn’t nearly as costly as Reddens). So Rod, Carp and all you other Ranger pundits…how the hell is this supposed to go down? And in fact, is Redden gone by next season? That’s my concern, not where some over-inflated ego lands his big dumb Russian ass.

  185. Phil

    i think it all depends on whether Rozsival will be back or not. The Rangers (including 1 spot for McDonagh or another prospect) have 8 NHL defenseman on the roster.

    if Rozsival gets moved then Redden is definitely staying but if Rozsival is staying then i think there is a very good chance Redden gets waived.

    All indications are that it’s McDonagh’s job to lose and that Gilroy and Eminger will be the 6th and 7th d-man. I think its possible that Redden and Rozsival make the team but i think its a forgone conclusion that Redden and most likely Rozsival as well, will be gone this time next season.

  186. “if Rozsival gets moved then Redden is definitely staying but if Rozsival is staying then i think there is a very good chance Redden gets waived.”

    I think we’re waiving Redden

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    If we don’t find something else to talk about soon, I’m going to Koval-upchuck.

  188. The last bit I posted was from the LA Times. WTF?

    This place is a looney bin.

    Goodbye & Good Luck.

  189. Linda is "27" on

    Morning Boneheads and all!!

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It means a lot to me! You guys are da best!! Love yas

    Also, thoughts and prayers for ILB and his bro and families, and Grabby and his dad and family also.

  190. Happy Birthday Linda

    So your another year older? Don’t let it ruin your Kiribiti Independence Day!

    This day in history:

    1962 – The Rolling Stones perform their first ever concert, at the Marquee Club in London
    1967 – The Newark riots began in Newark, New Jersey.
    1979 – Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park Chicago, IL

  191. Phil,
    I live in Montauk, and you are right: Shagwong is a dump!!! I only go there to see my sister who is a bartender there for the next two weeks. She is moving on for the same reason you mentioned. Dureya’s is GREAT!!! My buddies (who also play hockey) own the Montauket. The best food in Montauk, is at the Clam And Chowder House (Westlake) On Westlake Road. A lot of ex Rangers make the rounds in Montauk. You would probably run into one if you spent enough time out here.

  192. I’d like to add something to this conversation re: our forwards.

    None of us really know where guys like Kreider or Stepan are going to fall into place once they become a pros. These two guys could become top-line centers. Which means three and four years from now, when their rookie contracts expire, the Rangers will need the money to sign them long term.

    My point is we don’t know what the future has in store for Grachev, Anisimov, Del Zotto, McDonough and will need money to resign them when the time comes, plus money to sign another winger to help Gabby.

    I think Sather believes Stepan, Duby and Kreider are going to stabilize the middle of the ice and will need the extra money to sign a guy like Malkin or another stud winger in the next 2-3 years when he has a better handle around what the kids can do.

    If the Kings sign Kovy I am glad.

    The last thing this organization needs is another long-term, high priced UFA based on my arguments above.

    I honestly believe this team, as currently constructed, basically the same team from last year, but younger, with a better backup and hopefully with a better offensive year from Cally, Duby, Anisimov and Drury, can make a push for the playoffs and build on it for the following season.

    Enough with the “win now” mentality. We have pieces in place within the organization to build on. No sense in rushing to sign a player who will hurt our chances of holding onto those pieces in the future for the chance to win a round in the playoffs. This organization has not established itself yet to be in any way in need of a player like Kovolchuk, who can push you over the edge and compete for the Cup. Not right now.

  193. Ole – I tend to agree…but there doesn’t seem to be any ‘official’ talk (so to speak)about him getting moved…

    noonan – if we were gonna waive him, wouldn’t we would have waived him by now? I ask honestly…because that’s something I still can’t get over: That Wade Redden has NEVER been waived by the Rangers, and that’s usually the first sign a player ain’t coming back to the team…but the Rangers have never even floated that test balloon, which leads me to believe the beat writers are getting us all excited for nothing.

    Seriously, as Ranger fans…which would you be more excited about: Kovalchuk becoming a blueshirt or Wade Redden and his salary(all of it) leaving the organization. In my case, I think I’d be more excited about Redden leaving, which is a sad commentary on the state of team.

  194. C-ya Rod, although based on yesterday’s “i’m off to the beach. BYE” comment which was followed by another one 25 minutes later – i’d better say c-ya very soon!

    My take on the King Kovalbron scenario is he knows LA is his best option, Lombardi knows his team is the best option and he’s sticking to his guns so that he has some protection from a possible cap reduction in 2 years time and possibly making sure there is no “Sochi clause” added to the deal.
    Either that or Jay Grossman is setting up a Kovalchukathon TV show on Versus to announce the decision!!

  195. Mister Delaware on

    “why all the Dubinsky hate? Let this kid develop further…”

    Because he’s probably the 2nd most talented forward on the team but (through no fault of his own) well below the typical talent level for a team’s #2 forward. And people like to complain.

  196. If our $5,6,7m players actually played top pair D or top line minutes there would be less pressure on Dubi and less expectation. I also think the fact he played with Jagr makes some people think he is a (potential) top line forward, but in reality he’s a 2nd/3rd liner.

    Are we the only team in the league who pays $18.5m to its 4th line center and #4 and #6 D-men?

  197. cw – funny story…I was at the Surf Lodge a couple years ago…pretty hammered…or rather very hammered. I think I’d been drinking since noon or so…and we were sitting at the bar next to a group of guys. I didn’t think anything of it until they left and my gf was like ‘don’t those guys play on the Rangers?’ Some other guy at the joint confirmed it…I know one of them was Valiquette…but I was too hammered to really care at that point…..Montauket is awesome…just I hear it’s for sale…and I hope whoever buys it doesn’t gentrify it like they did the Surf Lodge…not that there’s anything wrong with that place…I just like the Montauket the way it is ;)

    vogs – good point…and it’s one of two explanations for Sather’s inaction in a bullish market at this point. I’ve long contended Sather thinks he’s got all the pieces he needs in the system…It’s one of the reasons why I think he opted not to go after a top-flight center this last year or so. But who knows? It could just be that he’s an incompetent boob…

  198. Leethhalloffame on

    Does anybody think a Mark Staal for Bobby Ryan (both unrestricted free-agents) trade would be good for NYR?

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    “Does anybody think a Mark Staal for Bobby Ryan (both unrestricted free-agents) trade would be good for NYR?”

    I think everybody does, and Anaheim would never make such a stupid deal.

  200. Rangers forward roster come opening night, baring any injuries.

    Gabby, Drury, Avery, Dubinsky, Callahan, Prospal, Christensen, Prust, Anisimov, Boogard, Weiss, Boyle and MZA hopefully.

    Stepan I think starts the season in Hartford unless he is gang busters out of the shoot, but right now they have enough centers.

    Eventually that roster will include, Stepan, Kreider & Grachev in place of Prospal, Weiss/Avery and Drury.

    Add a power forward left wing to go with our young defensive corps and I like the way the roster is shaping up for the future.

  201. I’m not sure about Mark Staal, but I know Marc Staal isn’t an unrestricted free agent.

  202. Both Staal and Ryan are RFA’s – and i dont think the Ducks would ever make that trade.

  203. vogs – Boyle and MZA would be the ones with jobs to lose i think. I could see Drury manning 4th line and PP/PK time in order to give Anisimov, Stepan and Christensen the 1/2/3 Center positions (not necessarily in that order) if Stepan blows them away at camp, plus Grachev could push MZA for his spot if he can use his size and score. With Voros gone it also gives Weise and Byers a better shot at cracking the 3rd/4th lines.

  204. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Re-Sign Staal
    Trade for Partick Sharp with PIcks
    Demote Redden
    Fill out any open roster spots with youth


    Is that so hard?

    Top line Center
    D Upgraded
    Brought back worhtwhile veterans from last season

    See how it goes


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