Rangers trade Voros to Ducks for Eminger (updated)


Blog reader tr-808 deserves credit for the scoop on this one.

The Rangers  traded Aaron Voros and minor-league forward Ryan Hillier to Anaheim for D Steve Eminger.

Here’s the official release from the Rangers:

New York, July 9, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the Rangers have acquired defenseman Steve Eminger from the Anaheim Ducks, in exchange for forwards Aaron Voros and Ryan Hillier.

Eminger, 26, skated in 63 games with Anaheim this season, registering four goals and 12 assists for 16 points, along with 30 penalty minutes.  He ranked second on the Ducks with 99 blocked shots, and third among Anaheim defensemen with 102 hits.  Eminger finished the season, recording 14 of his 16 points in his final 36 games (four goals and 10 assists).  He established a career-high, plus-five rating and recorded two points (one goal and one assist) in a 5-2 win at Colorado on March 31.  The plus-five rating tied Anaheim’s team record for plus/minus rating in a single game.  In addition, Eminger skated in his 300th NHL game on November 14 at Detroit.

Eminger, who helped the Kitchener Rangers (OHL) capture the 2003 Memorial Cup en route to being named to the tournament All-Star team, established career-highs in assists (21), points (26), games played (71), and tied his career-high in goals (five) in 2008-09 while splitting the season between Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Florida.  He led Tampa Bay defensemen in assists (19) and points (23), and ranked second in goals (four) prior to his trade to Florida, in exchange for Noah Welch, on March 9, 2009.  Eminger also established a career-high with two, three-point performances that season, both coming against the Florida Panthers on November 18 (one goal and two assists) and December 26 (one goal and two assists).

The 6-2, 210-pounder has skated in 346 career regular season games in seven NHL seasons with Washington, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Florida and Anaheim, registering 15 goals and 70 assists for 85 points, along with 301 penalty minutes.  Eminger notched his first NHL goal as a member of the Washington Capitals on October 10, 2005 vs. the Rangers.  He tallied his first career point with an assist on November 26, 2002 at Toronto, and made his NHL debut on October 11, 2002 vs. Nashville.  In addition, Eminger has registered one goal in five career NHL playoff games.

The Woodbridge, Ontario native was originally Washington’s first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

Voros skated in 41 games this season, registering three goals and four assists for seven points, along with 89 penalty minutes.  He signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2008.

Hillier skated in 22 ECHL games with Charlotte and Wheeling this season, registering two goals and five assists for seven points.  He also skated in four games with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).  Hillier was originally selected as the Rangers third round choice, 84th overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.


EVENING UPDATE, 7:09 P.M.: To shed a little more light on this trade, assistant coach Mike Sullivan (who’s in charge of the defense) coached Eminger in Tampa and really likes him. They see him as a third pair, second-PP guy.


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  1. Interesting. This gives the team some needed depth on D. Also, as long as Staal gets signed, I’d say that this signals the end of Wade Redden (YES!).

  2. absolutely fantastic move as Eminger is a legit defenseman not a healthy scratch

    Goodbye Wade Redden!!!!

    but there has to be a follow up move to that. Does Sather really go in with idle cap space…cant see it…

  3. this upsets me cause aaron was a great person. i hope he gets a chance to play now.

  4. Yup, good team guy, beloved by his teammates (especially those who matter most — Lundqvist, Gaborik, Avery).

  5. Carp, I think you have to change your description of the deal…Hillier is going there, not the other way around.

  6. i had a feeling you would be CCCP!!

    nice point Carp. He loved being a Ranger and seemed to give his all. Unfortunately for him, this team needs more skilled guys. Best of luck to Everlast in Anaheim

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Good trade. Look at his numbers and size and compare to Girardi. Puts Girardi’s contract in a whole new perspective.

    I think Anaheim saw Ryan Hillier and wondered how we stole him from them without their knowing, then traded us Eminger thinking they were getting a great deal for him. Wait till they realize their mistake and they have Aaron “Avery’s Buddy” Voros and an ECHL player (other than Voros).

  8. ChrisOD

    if they get rid of Rozsival and Redden, no way Kovalchuk is coming in…that means this team is going to very very young and way too inexperienced in the back to make any noise in the playoffs even with Kovalchuk…

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    that last post should have just read Hillier instead of Ryan Hillier.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW Girardi resigned and a trade in one day? Looks like Slats just got back from vacation.

  11. I actually watched Eminger for a season when he was a 17-year-old in junior for a pretty bad Kitchener Rangers team (Derek Roy plus a load of rookies and stiffs).

    Obviously, we’re nine years down the line, but then he was more a puck-moving D-man than somebody who played up to his size (sorry, wicky…). He was a first round pick a year later in what I seem to remember was a weak draft and has obviously bounced around the league a fair bit since. Can’t really hurt too much as a depth move, if nothing else.

  12. Eminger is exactly what you look for in your 3rd pair d-man.

    Is it possible that Rozsival and Redden can both be gone????

  13. thanks guys

    i wish this didnt happen.
    aaron was a really cool guy off the ice. very down to earth and always friendly (to me at least).

    he wanted to be a ranger, he was a great locker room guy. he did what was asked of him on and off the ice and never complained about not playing.

    i really hope he gets a chance out in Anaheim.

    i know a lot of you are going to say he sucks and yadda yadda. i dont care.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    8 D-men?
    Something’s happening… perhaps a trade and dump? Move Dredden down and trade Gilroy? Or does Gilroy just to go wing? Perhaps Staal will be signed and moved for a forward? Something’s happening…

  15. Wow, just found out in press release Voros return after bone cancer surgery in 2003. Never knew that. I take back my malicious Sather aimed post before about Voros. Good luck Aaron!

  16. Agree With TR on

    Aaron was a real stand up guy, and he seemed like a great team player. I know he will be missed by Avery and co., however I am hoping this signals more playing time for him (and a reactivation of his Twitter account…he is also one of the better Tweeters!!)

  17. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    *Eminger notched his first NHL goal as a member of the Washington Capitals on October 10, 2005 vs. the Rangers.*

    alot of guys firsts are against us! Need to score a goal? Play the Rangers!

  18. I think Voros had a lot of heart, and always did what was asked of him to the best of his abilities. He came in and played hard after being scratched for very long stretches, and was one of the few players to answer the bell when it came to dropping the gloves. Not a great fighter, but a good team guy. Hopefully, he’ll be a good fit on the Ducks, who, since the Burke days, have had some sandpaper on their team. Maybe he’ll end up on a line with George Parros, which would probably be a pretty good fit. Best of luck to him.

  19. it’s been a while since i’ve been here, but i’m so sick of hearing about lebron james and i really miss hockey even though it’s barely july! ugh!! i’m gonna miss voros. he was a good guy and had a lot of heart, unfortunately though that’s not enough to make it in this town. i’m glad nyr is stocking up on D-men, but it’s not like any of these young guys are gonna play anytime soon. get real. nothing big is happening. maybe we can pay a little more attention to hockey now that lebron is with le-heat.

    p.s. did hank get the C yet?

  20. something is brewing…you can feel it.

    i just hope Dubi and Cally are staying.

  21. hey YERGS…still waiting for the rest of your 30 things better than Sather comments lol ;-)

  22. >>Goodbye Wade Redden!!!!

    Known to me as Rade Wedden. Look, since the guy misplays defence, it’s only fair that I should misspell his name.

  23. even if we waive Redden, that means McDonagh is currently slated as going to HFD.

  24. >>Aaron was a real stand up guy, and he seemed like a great team player.

    None of that got the Rangers into the playoffs, did it?

  25. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    Tweeting Hank in his Euro Bathing attire is a one way ticket out of town!!

    I’m gonna miss him personally… he would have done anything for the team.

  26. If we were playing oddsmaker on PTI here would be my odds for Redden and Rozsival being sent down to Hartford:

    Redden: 99.9% (dont want to say 100 and jinx it)
    Rozsival: 0.1%

    The only way Rozsival will not be wearing a Rangers jersey to start this season is if he is dealt, and i’d say theres about a 10% shot of that happening before the season starting.. if he plays solid first half of season I could see a team possibly dealing for him near the deadline but I think people have to start realizing what the coach and management think of Rozsival as Carp always points out, they think of him as a reliable d-man who can handle alot of minutes, hes not going anywhere, yet, lets just be happy Redden is most likely on his way to the Wolfpack

  27. JBytes, well, no, but neither did Gaborik or Lundqvist or Del Zotto. or for that matter, over many years, Richter, Leetch, Messier and Graves.

    They didn’t miss the playoffs because of Voros.

  28. rangerfan32 on


    “even if we waive Redden, that means McDonagh is currently slated as going to HFD.”

    Unless Rozi is part of a upcoming trade?

  29. since Voros was waived, adding Emingers adds 1.25 mil to the cap. Assuming we resign Staal we will have about 1 mil left to work with.

    Now common logic now suggests Redden is a goner so that leaves an estimated 7.5 mil to work with…

  30. AGrossRecord

    #NYRangers GM Glen Sather on RFA D Marc Staal: “If somebody gives him an offer sheet, we’re going to match it.”


    #NYRangers Sather: “We’re still moving forward, we’re not finished. There are other opportunities still out there, moves we’d like to make.”

  31. rangerfan32

    yes which is why i think something is brewing. Def not Kovalchuk but something is brewing.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I think this gives them flexibility. There will be no pressure to force guys that aren’t ready into the lineup. I think if anything, it spells trouble for Gilroy.

  33. haha yeah sorry about that, i got really lazy towards the end of the school year there. i think rather than 30 things, i’ll just have them pop up every once and a while.

  34. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on


    Megan Fox divorcing Brian Austin Green would make Orr happy.

  35. On the ice, Voros is not big loss. The team said that they were looking for a sixth/seventh defenseman and now they have one. Voros is easily replaced. I can’t comment on how nice a guy he is – never met him, never will.

  36. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    and yes, the Flyers announced the Zherdev signing, it’s on their website.. though financial terms not immediately available.

  37. lol thats true Gift!

    they did tr


    Ex-#NYRangers Nikolai Zherdev signs a one-year deal with the #Flyers.

  38. well said, ddebened.

    LeBron James. Just wanted to get it back into the conversation.

    and gibberish.

  39. A Steakhouse XT Burger to cheer ORR up- delivered, no walking in the rain necessary

  40. Carp, thanks again.

    Can you elaborate on “then told me a few things that convinced me.”?

    If not I understand.

  41. something is really strange here.

    on one hand the Rangers are saying their rebuilding yet they just positioned themselves to possibly rid themselves of both Redden and Rozsival.

    I wonder if the Rangers could make a deal with Boston for either Blake Wheeler or Patrice Bergeron (forget Savard that contract is insane).

  42. Finally, we have the puck-moving, crease-clearning, 1st pair defenseman that this town hasn’t seen since ivan baranka patrolled the blue line.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    (forget Savard that contract is insane).

    You mean insanely good, right? That’s one of the most capfriendly contracts in the NHL.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    “Finally, we have the puck-moving, crease-clearning, 1st pair defenseman that this town hasn’t seen since ivan baranka patrolled the blue line.”


  45. Savard is 32 coming off a bad concussion and has 7 years left on his deal

    what happens in 2-3 years when you wanna get rid of him?

  46. Savard is 32 coming off a bad concussion and has 7 years left on his deal

    what happens in 2-3 years when you wanna get rid of him?


  47. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on

    it smells of rich mahogony.


  48. so the Rangers are going to have Savard and Redden in HFD together…thats not realistic at all.

    what is gonna happen is you will all be killing Sather for having an oft-injured former star taking cap room away from “enter potential FA” here

  49. Gift of GAB-orik ( Proudly re-signing with Boneheads! ) on


  50. rod gilbert on

    Hmm, sather speaks, finally, a day after lebron. Signing and a trade.
    Has dolan given the ok that nows its our turn to tcb?

    So sather would like to do more, kovalchuk desires to play in ny…..
    Still hearing it won’t happen,btw.
    San jose n edmonton our next duming grounds?

    Voros had a great start w. Rangers, never regained it or was given too much of a chance(certainly more than many have had though. Anybody have his and jamie lundmarks ttoi?

  51. Carp- sather is saying there are moving forward and there are more moves they are looking to make. Other the Breasher,Redden and Rosy who are they looking to move?

  52. “Megan Fox divorcing Brian Austin Green would make Orr happy”

    Yes, that would. Fox is falling off my babe list. I don’t mind that she got married, but she had to get married to someone I’ve hated since I was 7 or 8. Ugh!

    As for the Steakhouse, Eh, I’ve been pretty happy with this Orchard Chicken Salad sub from Subway. It’s been getting the job done.

    But, to answer your question, Lin, I’d be happy if they got rid of Dredden, and Blowzy, and did nothing. No signings, no trades. Just let the kids play!

  53. ORR, one of the two may be gone by the time we get to camp. Keep hope alive!!!

  54. wow, all day cliff lee was going to the yanks, he’s now officially a texas ranger. WTB is going on???? LOL

  55. Would that be Jon Voight’s LeBaron?

    well crafted, Gabby.

    dde, I’d probably better not say.

    Ro, don’t know. but he could have moved forward minus Prospal, I guess. Otherwise, this team’s going to be pretty young.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    “Savard is 32 coming off a bad concussion and has 7 years left on his deal

    what happens in 2-3 years when you wanna get rid of him?”

    Savard’s cap hit is 4 million. His salary the last three years is 1.5, 525k, 525k. Easily buried in Hartford. Hell, the guy would probably retire rather than play in Hartford for 3 years for 2 million. Since he is under 35 when the deal goes into effect, the cap hit vanishes. Think of it as having him for four years at four million. Savard has continued to show that he can compete at a high level. Yes, he did get that bad concussion, but it was his first, and he recovered fairly quickly.

    He’s a premier playmaking center. Gaborik would easily pot 50 with Savard as his pivot. Even as his play slows in years 3 and 4, he will still be a solid #2 center and a great veteran to have for our corps of young centers (Dubinsky, Anisimov, Stepan, Kreider). For 4 million, its not terrible.

    As I said, years 5-7 are play it by ear. If he still has anything left in the tank, let him play. If not, send him to early retirement like Naslund.

  57. Linda-
    You’re not straying away from the subject of hockey, are you? Expect to be reprimanded! : )

  58. Future Yankee Cliff Lee. Just like future Yankee Steven Strasburg.

    On the Fourth, there were all these tributes to Steinbrenner’s 80th birthday in the New York papers. And I don’t want to speak ill of the ill, but imagine if he had a salary cap? He’d have been run out of town and would never have won anything.

  59. if we were a playoff team that was just 1 top line center away from winning i would agree.

    but even with Savard, we are still too inexperienced in the back to make any noise in the playoffs.

  60. Funny thing CCCP, I just sent him a message, I haven’t heard from him in a while.

    You’re a good man Eddie!

  61. Pass on Savard

    Rod Gilbert-

    Where has Kovy said he wants to play in NY? You’ve said it more than once based on a facetious tweet that was meant to be a poke at Sather.


  62. Doodie – agree his deal is relatively palatable, but Savard has had at least four concussions according to his profile page on TSN.ca and he missed 24 games after the last one. Hardly “fairly quickly”.

  63. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Not necessarily Carp,

    Jeter, Pettite, Posada, Rivera, Cano, Gardner, etc… all products of the Yankee system…

    In comparison to what the Rangers have produced in comparison I think it speaks for itself.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, you are right. 4 concussions. As for 24 games, for as severe of a concussion as it was, 24 games was VERY quick. That kind of hit ends careers.

  65. still bringing in a 32 year old does nothing for a team that is rebuilding. i understand he would be great for Gaborik but it would be all for nothing in the end.

    I would love to see them swing a deal for Bergeron instead. He is 24 and huge upside. They need cap relief and i wonder if a prospect and a 2nd rounder is enough.

    You give him 1 season and if you wanna keep him long term, resign him or trade him at the deadline and get the prospects/picks back.

  66. Good guy off the ice, not the reason we didn’t make the playoffs ….blah blah blah. Fact is he can’t skate below avg. fighter, worked hard, can’t shoot or pass. Good Bye boarder line nhler

  67. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Once again, Doodie has stood up for me (last post regarding over paying for Girardi) and once again I agree with Doodie that this trade spells trouble for Gilroy.

    Carp…no way McDonagh goes from the NCAA into the NHL. He is signed for the post Rozival-Redden era.

    I think there are more trades coming becuase we have too many Defensemen. If we can trade Rozival and Gilroy then McDonagh will be given a chance. Simple math…DZ/Girardi/Staal/Redden (because of contract) are 4 locks…now add Eminger and 5 out of 6 are pretty well set.

  68. McDonagh is going to be given every opportunity to make this team. This is one of the top defensive prospects in the game.

    He is more defensively responsible than Del-Zotto and Gilroy were last season…

  69. I think Eminger is not going to be a great help to us at the blueline – look at his numbers and his inconsistent play – he came into the league with very high hopes and it looks as though he has some flashes of good play and also makes some bone-headed moves in the D zone – humm, I guess the Rangers have never had that in a D man before, so lets try this as an experiment!!

    I only hope that this is the beginning of a much larger trade here – with eminger and a few others headed out the door – but of course, we are talking the Rangers here

  70. Zherdev got $2m from Flyers, but his signing means they have to give up Gagne. I see it as a step down for them. equal talent, but Gagne was much better as a team leader than headcase Zherdev.

  71. so long you stumbling doofus,hope noone feels the need to pick up his stack when it comes to losing fights.13 fights,3 wins 4 draws and 6 beatings…tho remember how this board went crazy when he bloodied Bradley?
    adios peoples chump!

  72. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    how the byfuglien does the NHL salary cap work ?

    So the Flyers sign Zherdev (btw, earlier reports says he wanted $4 mio a year, and he ended up with $2 mio !!), when they already are over the payroll cap . So instead of $1 mio over , they are $ 3 mio over. How does that work?

  73. nah,my bad,i got all pumped up watching droopy voros wailing on poor Matt Bradley(imho the only frequent fighter as unskilled as Aaron)
    Lets Go Rangers!

    BTW someone mentioned Boogaards concusion and back problems,find me one guy in the nhl thats played for more than a few shifts that hasent had either of those problems,come on!

  74. Sad to see Voros go. I always thought he was a nice guy. Apparently well liked by most Rangers players. Why another defenseman? I thought we were going to go with the youth we have in our camps? Thanks Glen

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This team is gonna be great to watch , speed , youth , Fighting ,Hitting and great saves by Hank , Goals by Gaborik , Better back up goalie ,No Voros,Piggins,Kotageek and no Oli “cant score in the shoot out” jokanen!!!!

  76. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    we could only hope!!!!

    rangers trade girardi to flyers for gagne (Ha ha, just kidding)

    I agree with TR, if the majority of our roster (I won’t name names) played with a 10th of the heart that voros did, we would be one hell of a better team. I hope he excels in the Ducks sweater and wish him the best of luck.

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …hard to believe we lost out in game 82 man in a fricking shoot out of all things!!!??

  78. whos gonna be at the home opener?locking up Boogaard vs Orr,looking for a KO with Orrs no defense style playing into the hands of The Mongoloid!nighty night Colt!

    lets Go Rangers!

  79. “great team guy””lots of heart”
    sounds like when they say an ugly guy/gal has a “Great Personality”what else is he gonna offer!
    Cya ya tomatocan.

  80. so we traded 2 minor leaguers for a 7th defenseman. seems fair.

    Soooooo….d pairs?
    The Next Bobby Orr & Danny G-Money
    Rosey & Dragonball Z
    Big Mac & Eminger/Gilroy? (Fries and a shake?)

  81. Orr and Boogaard haven’t fought in 10 years. When they were minor leaguers. Orr got the decision if you were wondering.

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nawwww Voros was never good enough for alot of youse guys.
    For a player to excell in NY , ya have to be cheap ,score goals in all 82 games. Never lose a fight, always be the 3rd man in a fight ,Never board someone and cost us the game,Dont be old ,Overpaid, Dont say ya love NY ,Dont have a long contract . Never dmand more money ,Dont be Captain and when ever a goal gets scored on us…say it your fault not Hanks.

    You see , Voros never really had a chance here in NY . Gaborik scored all our goals in the early part of last year and everyone was bitching. He slowed down and peeps said he sucks? Gaborik was BURNT OUT , Olympics or not Gaborik back was soooo tired from carring Piggins and half the clowns who could nt score!!!

  83. Orr was Koed twice last year,name a legit top 10 HW with that on his recent record.(Shelley,Carkner)
    Orr is in love with his own power(i love his wide open style btw)it will be his downfall(concusions)

  84. carp…on your previous post..i was at the game nov2,1975 when eddie returned(he was hardly gone,)…i wa also at the game two weeks later vs. the same eddie-led red wings…it was a long time ago,but im pretty sure it was business as usual for the fans…goodbye eddie but now you’re a wing…unrelated to that on halloween night 1976 the rangers played the red wings.after the game outside the garden there was wild activity going on…we wondered what it was..scalpers all over…well it was for frank zappa…it was his halloween show…we scored tickets,got a nickel bag(it was the 70s),and saw a great show…ah the memories

  85. ok glen go back to fishing until September, less is better with your knowledge……..who wipes your brow?

  86. btw Rod Gilbert cant even carry TR-808s Jock….sucker!!!!

    BeatMaker-StoryBreaker,chicka wah-wah!

  87. Tony In AZ,looks like its time to bust out the turtlenecks,gonna dip to 107 there this sunday..!brrr!

  88. Cliff Lee is a Ranger, a texas Ranger, for now.. until the offseason when the yankees make a ridiculous offer that cant be matched.. baseball does need a salary cap, until then the NHL and NFL are much better

  89. emj, nickel bag? what’s that (wink, wink);)

    To shed a little more light on this trade, assistant coach Mike Sullivan (who’s in charge of the defense) coached Eminger in Tampa and really likes him. They see him as a third pair, second-PP guy.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    The trade needed no light shed. It’s a great deal. Sather continues to trade much better than he handles free agents and the draft.

  91. Glen Sather does not handle the draft at all. Gordie Clark is in charge of that

  92. hows that for a shift!(if i do say so myself)i elbowed Voros,fake glove-dropped Orr,slashed Tony in AZ,and straight domi/ulfied rod gilbert!,must be all the sun i got today!
    Lets Go Rangers!

  93. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I honestly do not know that much about eminger, but he doesn’t seem to address the real fault of the blueline at this point, lack of grit. He does apparently add to the vanillaness.

  94. well Emingers got 2 things going for him,hes got great hair and a sweet tan,watch out VinnyProps!

  95. morg, i think you’re totally missing the point. The guy was barely a fourth-line player. but if some of the other guys on the team played as hard or as tough as he did, they’d have been a lot better off. I’m not saying they’ll miss him. Not one bit. He’s dime-a-dozen. but he showed a lot more heart than some others, and more consistently.

    I’d rather have a guy who fights and loses than a guy who won’t fight.

    I’d want no part of Savard and his concussion-waiting-to-happen and especially his contract.

    Tank, I still think this has nothing to do with Gilroy.

    Johnny, they had it flown in from Newfoundland. It was more succulent than even I had hoped.

    Chris, so they produced the Core Four 16 years ago, and Robinson Cano since? Don’t give me Gardner.

    Ogie, we did discuss it. I don’t know if I’d say Probert was a great guy. He sure had his problems, and sure endangered a fair amount of people along the way. But he was well liked and respected by those who knew him.

    My favorite hockey T-shirt: Give blood, fight Probert.

  96. Carp,if Im reading all your not so hidden hints(which i didnt pick up on when you where dropping hints about the health of Brashes right hand/wrist last season),im taking it that 1,redden is dunnzo,and 2 Rosi,our second pp d man,are,is outy.
    hmm am i close?

  97. Rod Gilbert on


    I hear stuff all the time, whether I want to or not.
    I’ve received more emails in the past few weeks than I can remember, and some of these same people were telling about things like the signing of Brian Skrudland!

    Dreger’s not the only place I heard it about Kovalchuk, which is why it doesn’t take much to put two and two together.

    Use your head. If he really wanted Russia or NJ or LA, why hasn’t he signed?

    And some of the supposed details about the incentives bandied about were getting so complex they might have involved the NHLBOG.

    They’ve been talking to Anaheim for weeks, though I heard it it was Bobby Ryan they were after.

    And I’ve told you twice now about Edm & SJ as potential partners. Avery (excellent)and Rosival (not so excellent – always liked him – but probably necessary)likeliest to go.

  98. paul g in sunrise on

    SO long as there is no ink on Kovi’s contract, he is still in play. Besides the fact that I think the Rangers should move the deck chairs to sign him, has sather ever passed on a free agent signing that everyone at TSN would love to laugh at – Kovi is the next opportunity.

    Sather does very well in trades so give him credit there its deserved (sp). This was a nice trade.

  99. On Voros,im just stirring the pot, i was one of the ” hes gonna replace avery”types when i heard of his signing,and definetly agree with you on your points about playing hard,and stepping up.100%.

  100. morg, I’m not dropping any hints about this kid or Rozsival. I think Redden is dunzzo, though.

    watch that, Rod.

  101. rod, in addition to the warning about the language …

    1) How could the Rangers possibly get Bobby Ryan?

    2) The reason Kovalchuk hasn’t signed is he wants too much $$ for too many years. Plain and simple. He’s not coming here.

  102. It seems obvious that Redden is gonna be dropped to Hartford. But that sets a bad precedent for signing UFA’s in the future.

    Players may think twice before signing with Sather for fear of being banished if the team sucks.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    “Glen Sather does not handle the draft at all. Gordie Clark is in charge of that”

    Exactly. What kind of GM doesn’t handle the draft at all? I hired this guy so I can vacation all year long.

  104. Theoretical here.

    Anaheim comes offering us Bobby Ryan, but they want Marc Staal included in the deal. What else do you give up/ask of Anaheim for this deal?

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Calad: Absolutely nothing. I snatch it up in a heartbeat and never look back.

  106. cw,

    He’s not being banished because the team sucks, he’s being banished because HE sucks. If I was a player I would want to play for a team that puts the best guys on the ice, regardless of what they’re paid.

  107. cwgatti

    thats nonsense…The Rangers gave Redden time after time in order to get back to his former self. His coach had his back and never through him under the bus.

    He is being banished b/c he has been terrible in all aspects of the game…

  108. Doodie, i’ve heard of Leroy Brown..sorry ;-)

    and wasnt Buddy Ryan the coach of the Eagles??? hehehe

  109. cwgatti,but i think other UFAs will easily buy the “but look at how he played”angle,because,well..look at how he played!

  110. Chuck,
    I agree 100%. Redden is awful. I am just saying that the rest of the Rangers stink too. In this case as a Ranger fan, I would be all for Redden going down. I just wonder about the perception around the league. No other big ticket player has been buried in the minors have they?

  111. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    the geico commercial with the drill sgt therapist is a riot!!!

  112. off to see Jack Johnson,in Hartford,future home of Wade”the snoman” Redden,btw…
    Lets Go Rangers!

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh. Hmm. Anyone they want other than Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Gaborik, Lundqvist, MDZ, or any of our top prospects.

    If any of the above-mentioned players were involved, there would have to be more coming back the other way. And under no circumstances would I move MDZ or Gaborik there if Staal is part of the package because they wouldn’t be able to offer up the right pieces to make the deal worthwhile. I think the same is probably also true of Stepan and McDonagh.

  114. i saw that Carp wrote eminger being seen as a 3rd pair and 2nd pp unit guy, he better not take away time from Staal getting power play time, this year has to be the year Staal gets at least an OPPORTUNITY to succeed offensively, ala being put on the power play more than one minute per month

  115. “he better not take away time from Staal getting power play time”

    Maybe if that pin-head can put the puck on net instead of shooting wide, or fail to break his stick, then maybe he’d get more PP time.

  116. Rod Gilbert on


    Ryan’s an RFA, obviously not part of trade talks.
    He’s been considered though. Rangers are/were fearful about someone signing Staal to an offer sheet, which is probably why Sather came out and addressed it today, saying they’d instantly match.

    Kovalchuk may not be coming, I’d have to say probably not. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t try, in spite of what you reported.

    Nor have you offered an explanation (official or otherwise) why they can afford to thumb their nose at IK, when he’s only asking for a little more than Chris Drury!
    And again, cap space is not the issue. The whole world knows Redden is Wolf Pack bound.

    Sorry. But I’m not taking any crap from that guy – or from you! :)

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    “Maybe if that pin-head can put the puck on net instead of shooting wide, or fail to break his stick, then maybe he’d get more PP time.”

    I agree. I’ve been saying it for his whole pro-career. The guy needs to work on his shot. I’d say at this point though, he should work on putting muscle on his frame and using it.

  118. Would a Ranger competitor dare to offer Staal an outrageous contract just to spite the Rangers so that they would be in further trouble with the cap? I’m not sure who would do it (Flyers maybe?), but they would have to be able to fit the salary on their team in case Sather goes back on his word and doesn’t match it.

  119. I could see the Islander signing Staal to an offer sheet. They are loaded with youth, need some NHL ready D, and need to hit cap floor.

    Boy would that piss some people off!!!

  120. Rod Gilbert on

    To show how complicated the IK thing is, not only does he have two agents that are sending mixed signals for their own reasons, but ponder this one; Is Lou Lamoriello stupid?

    Say he really has no interest in bringing IK back.

    Does he have an interest in driving up his price anyway? Sure, if it means he strains the cap of one of his competitors.

    All of a sudden Lou Lamoriello is offering $117m deals? Cmon.

    BTW Carp, at least I wasn’t discussing illegal substances ;)

  121. cwgatti

    if the islanders are willing to give up the compensation for Staal let them have him…

  122. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    i’d throw dubi or AA in on the ryan deal if that was what it took. Certainly girardi. if someone signed staal to a sheet, i’d say thanks for the draft picks and have a nice day!!

  123. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on


    excellent statement here “I’d rather have a guy who fights and loses than a guy who won’t fight”

    well said my friend, well said!!!

  124. speaking of illegal substances, most of the people on here are on heavy drugs judging by their comments

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    Islanders putting an offer sheet in for Staal: that would be pretty ballsy.

  126. I know. I meant to put Buddy Ryan (or Buddy Epsen in parentheses). I fixed it.

    bklyn, it sounded like you were calling me out on the line about Mike Sullivan. I was just telling you what I heard.

    Rod, I didn’t thumb my nose at that at all. Several times I made the argument for (and against) getting Kovalchuk now. I just reported what I was told.

    What are illegal substances?

    Nobody’s making a ridiculous offer for Staal … and if they were dumb enough to do it, they’d be stuck with him and his cap hit while the Rangers would take the compensation. It’s not happening.

    Rob, IMO, Staal should never be on the power play.

  127. Not saying it will happen. Kinda Taboo actually. But couldn’t you just imagine?

    It’ll keep these boards going for a while!!!!!

  128. thanks for your opinion.. kid dominated in juniors, not sayin he would dominate in the NHL but that doesnt merritt an opportunity, ud rather make him a solely shutdown defenseman forever and never see what he could do offensively? whatever, to each his own

  129. Cannot wait for Redden to become captain for the Wolfpack! After a game I’ll even buy him dinner at the Max Downtown if he brings his hot wife.

    If Staal wants too much I say let’s get compensation for him. His last name alone adds nearly an extra million dollars to his contract.

  130. shouldnt have said dominated but he was really talented offensively and could go coast to coast, and could score goals.. he can shoot, regardless of what some of you think

  131. Marc Staal, who apparently is all of a sudden viewed as a garbage defenseman on this blog

  132. I dont know carcillo! on

    As per a source close to the kovolchuk camp, after watching labrons decision last night, and hearing that lebron feels that it takes an entire organEYEzation to win from owner to players down to the janitorial staff, it is believed that ilya is close to joining is good friends D-wade and chris bosh in miami.Reports are flooding in that ilya is set to sign a 5yr 100k contract to sweep the left side of the court in miamis American Airlines Arena.When questioned why he would turn down 100mil, ilya broke out with” Money dont mean a thing, I want multiple rings doo wop doo wop doo wop doo wop” President and Gm pat riley was asked with the pending signings of D-wade, chris bosh and king james, how they could possibly fit ilya under the cap. Pat responded by saying ” i know of 3 underacheiving ticket takers that could be demoted to bathroom attendants to clear up some room!

  133. leetchhalloffame on

    Pencil in Zherdev for 40 Flyers goals – 30 against the Rangers alone.

  134. Rob, don’t you know? They are all garbage. Dubi, Gaborik (after all he only scored 42 goals, pfffft), Avery, Staal, Girardi. It’s a wonder how they didn’t lose all 82 games!

  135. I don’t think ANYONE said Staal was garbage. I don’t think ANYONE even alluded to Staal as being any less than very good.

  136. Staal will be signed. Girardi won’t be traded. Redden, I still am iffy if he’ll be sent down. The Rangers love to give that veteran just one more shot instead of a kid who has yet to prove himself.

    myself, i’d rather have a kid who has yet to fail than a veteran trying not to keep failing.

  137. yea really charlie that is the attitude on here its the doom and gloom crew.. and someone will comment back saying its the “realisitic” view but its not, they act like there isnt a bright spot on the new york rangers at all

  138. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    ok, so my question is twofold. First, if we are trading (only trade I think I have heard of is the souray trade) for someone, who goes? I mean if it is souray at some point, do we send one of the R’s and who (does brash get included)? Could we trade a gilroy or girardi and a forward for bieksa?

    Second part, in the quote from slats earlier, he said they had moves to make yet if possible, but he was relatively happy with the d corps (don’t know why), but wanted scoring. Who would we trade for if he is looking for scoring to help gabby? Gagne? who else? or is it a free agent signing like frolov if not a trade? Where does the cap space come from?

    Who honestly has a secured spot on the forward lines besides gabby? If MZA and say stepan are in, who is out besides boyle probably?

    (sorry guess that was three questions)

  139. Ah, but wicky, we all know you’d put Staal on waivers just for the chance to put a second-hand poster of Garnet Exelby on the Rangers blueline. (Joke, I think…)

  140. people are willin to let staal go if someone signed him to an offer sheet, nobodys gona sign him to an offer sheet bc hes going to be signed with the rangers soon, and second of all hes not going to get crazy money, hes going to get what he deserves, and for a long time, which is good for the rangers organIzation in the long run

  141. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    three parts, not three questions.

    thanks rob, got a bit behind there on the posts.

  142. And I think you’re seriously overrating Bieksa if you think it’d take Gilroy/Girardi and a forward to acquire him.

  143. the only way Redden doesnt get sent down now is if they trade Rozsival…

    although now that we have Eminger (who will be playing not 7th d-man) they could both be gone.

  144. I would think a trade for Gagne would have to be for draft picks or minor leaguers. If Gagne is traded it’s to open up cap space. I don’t think they can take on players in return.

    I don’t understand why Edmonton would want Redden and I don’t see where anyone would want Brashear. He’s beyond worthless. Redden for Souray wouldn’t make sense to me for Edmonton.

  145. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    LMFAO. I like staal a lot, but he should get the money girardi got and girardi should have got the money stuart form the bruins got. I think staal can be one hell of a shutdown guy, but he honestly has to play a hell of a lot meaner than what he does. If he doesn’t have that in him (some guys don’t). Then he is still a good d man, but not worth what the rumours are he is asking for. I truly think he needs a vet stay at home d man with an edge to guide him for a year or two.

    Just an opinion though!

  146. in my opinion, the secured forwards, can’t say what lines:
    Gabby, Prospal, Dubinsky, Christensen, Drury, Callahan, Boogyman, Prust, Avery, Anisimov.

    Avery is probably the least secure of that bunch cuz Prust does about the same thing but younger and better. my opinion only of course.

    Fighting for the last 2.5 (Boogy is only half a spot) spots:
    Stepan, Grachev, Boyle, Weise, MZA, and there could be a suprise someone out of camp like Horak maybe

  147. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    on bieksa, not saying he is worth all of that (he would automatically be our best d man though), but you would be clearing a d spot (girardi or gilroy) for him and I thought the canucks were looking for a forward for him, but I might be wrong there.

  148. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    cross check
    I can’t remember which one of the R’s was rumoured to be going for souray last year at the deadline.

  149. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    staal has better upside, but right this second bieksa is better IMHO.

  150. looking at the guys i said above…i’m thinking that Boyle will be traded to give room for Stepan. there, i started a rumor.

  151. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I heard a rumour that the rangers were trading boyle to make room for stepan!!!

  152. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    did you guys see that the rangers were going to trade boyle to the stars for stefan?

    you could be correct on that one!

  153. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Alright Stepan!!! Free agent suck…why? cuz there free , everyone knows free stuff is garbage!!!! Gaborik is the only one that is worth it. We waited 2 years for him!!!

    Rob , this team is sweet and Staalsie rocks. Who said he hasn’t worked on his shot this summer?

  154. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    wholly frakking hot, it is 94 effing degrees here. About 30 degrees too high. I hate summer!!

  155. Czechthemout!!!! on

    All of you guys who are all excited about this trade, please settle Down! Steve Eminger has been on a bunch of teams in his five seasons in the NHL. This guy is ultra soft. I watched a game earlier this season where he refused to go into his corner and take a hit to make a play. The Ducks asked for Voros and a complete waste of a prospect who can’t stay on the ice in the ECHL! This guy will not be anything more than camp fodder.

    As for Mike Sullivan liking him. Well that would explain why he is no longer a head coach.

  156. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    Cross check
    I heard the flyers wanted to give a first rounder for him, but dolan told slatipuss not to do it. He said for him to hold out for a fifth rounder because 5 is more than 1.

  157. I think you’re looking at a 3rd rounder for Boyle. I heard he completely shut down some of the best offensive talents in the AHL playofss this year.

  158. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    oh that is great more marshmallow on our blueline. Vanilla gets more vanilla!

  159. Hey that was a pretty sweet goal Staal had going coast to coast against Florida.
    They were losing 1-0 after 2 and he scored 18 seconds into the third they won 4-1

    They were 5 games left and the Rangers were desperate for points.

    He just willed it.

    Also 3 of his goals came in the last 7 games.

  160. czechthemout, i think more people are excited about eminger coming here for the fact that it may have “put the nail in the coffin” on redden going to hartford, as someone referred to it before, more than excited about what a great player eminger is, u know what im sayin?

  161. even if eminger is ultra soft, its still not as soft and as bad as redden, and certainly not as costly

  162. yea staal came on offensively at the end of the year for sure, showing signs that he can be not JUST a defensive defenseman in the NHL, but offensive minded as well… you know they can still do that in the NHL, play both sides of the puck.. its not like this is the MLB where we have left handed hard throwing specialist relievers that only serve on purpose, guys can do multiple things believe it or not.. prety sure pronger is a shutdown guy and a power play guy, and a few more dmen in the NHL.. but marc staal nah now way he cant handle that

  163. Czechthemout!!!! on

    By the way, Girardi is being grossly overpaid! He is nothing more than a 2.5million dollar guy at best. Staal should be getting no more than 3.5 to 4 million. I just hope Sather doesn’t start one of his scrub signing binges like usual. He always talks about giving the kids a chance to play but in truth, he just jams the roster with scrubs who stand in the way of kids like Weise,Dupont,Byers and others.

  164. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I do think redden is just bad, same with rozy. Neither one is worth anything close to what they are paid (we could say that about a lot of player though). I will say one positive thing about redden, at least he will drop the gloves occasionally and show a bit of character (a small bit).

    That being said eminger at his salary is waaaayyy better than rozy or redden.

  165. Czechthemout!!!! on

    I hear you Rob M. Like I said, I just hope that Eminger does not stand in the way of Mcd making the team. You will recall that Potter should have made the team two years ago but was sent down in favor of Strudwick.

  166. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    depending on who the other 5 d men were, I would certainly take strudwick over potter.

  167. Just because Staal is “offensive minded” doesn’t mean he’s good for the PP.

    Some people just can’t handle the pressure of a PP. Look at Blowzy. He’s the only d-man in the league that has said he doesn’t like playing the point on a 5 ON 3!!


  168. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    staal got beat down by SEMIN in a fight….SEMIN. I’m just saying perhaps he should work on his physicality and protecting the crease a bit more before he tries to become leetch (or pronger). He is after all a DEFENCEman. If you guys want a forward so bad, why not start a petition to sign frolov or something.

  169. I think he can handle it, i think its more of torts wanting him on the ice against the opponents top forward line as often as possible and on the first PK unit, so therefore PP time would burn him out, but give him at least some, i mean an extra couple mins on the PP and a few less even strength mins arent gona kill the guy.. just my opinion

  170. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Glad to see the Flyers make a mistake with Zherdev

    I like the Rangers moves so far, I hope we sign Frolov

  171. Burn him out?? Burn him out???

    Old man Pronger plays a brash*t load of minutes at 30+ years of age. Staal is in his 20’s! If he’s getting burned out, then that easily, then he’s got a problem.

    “staal got beat down by SEMIN in a fight….SEMIN. I’m just saying perhaps he should work on his physicality and protecting the crease a bit more”

    Can’t agree more. He needs to hit the gym, and get his “Schwarzenegger” on.

  172. 1st were praising Voros now we like Boyle? Just because these guys wear NYR blue and good guys doesn’t mean we should ever have them on the team. Complete LOFT. Stop with the blinders on folks these guys suck even for a 4th line. BTW we can get a whole lot of guys that are willing to fight,but is that how Pitt & Chicago just won their cups. It’s not 1974 anymore. Thank Mr.Buttman for that.

  173. Rod Gilbert on

    wow, Tank, that’s a pretty high ceiling.

    You couldn’t go near Lowe w/o getting speared!

    Seen none of that viciousness from Staal.

  174. hedberg – not sure anyone was praising Boyle. My comment, for one, was an entirely facetious poke at what it took to acquire him and Sather’s rumoured (and entirely inaccurate) reason for doing so.

  175. We have a 4th line that won’t get many minutes, so it’s good to use a guy like Boyle on the line instead of a prospect.

    I can care less aboot the guy, but I’d rather have the wasted minutes on him than a guy like Stepan.

  176. lw3h Orr thinks its worthwhile keeping him, that’s what I was commenting on

  177. I’ve said that about Staal, too.

    If he turns out anything like Lowe, that would be fabulous, wildly successful. But he reminds me of Lowe — not in nastiness yet (except vs. Ovechkin). Has some offensive skills, very good passer, very good in own zone, takes his man out but doesn’t squash him. Has some of Lowe’s competitive fire, too. And he was one of the most competitive SOBs I ever knew.

    But of all the better defensemen I can think of, that’s the closest comp in terms of skills set and size.

  178. Hedberg, Who do you want on the 4th line?

    This team doesn’t have scorers, the top line will be getting most of the 4th lines time, so like I said, why waste a prospects time?

    That’s my point.

  179. Reality Bites.

    Redden: 75 2 12 14 +8 27PIM 17:31/G

    Eminger: 63 4 12 16 +1 30PIM 19:28/G

  180. Rod Gilbert

    if Wade Redden made 1.25 mil a year, noone would be complaining about him either.

  181. Going back to the hyena, renney, (gosh, do I miss bob..the guy was hilarious..where is graves9??) they have been doing their best to destroy any semblance of offensive output from Staal. Let’s forget offense for a second…at times our power play was a disadvantage for us…let’s just keep staal out there as a means to prevent short handed goals…play a 1-2-2…with staal standing on our own blue line and only coming out to ever so gingerly tether the occasional breakout pass.

  182. I think based on last years scale that if Staal signed an offer sheet that we did not match and the salary were between 3 and 4.5 M the compensation would be a 1st and a 3rd.

    You guys would be happy with this??

    Does anyone have a link to the current compensation scale?

  183. Of course, huge difference in $$$.

    Just keep some perspective on Eminger when you see the Rangers & Mike Sullivan talking about how he’s going to push their D corps to be better, etc.

    I’ve never liked or understood the visceral reaction to Redden.

    Somebody offers you an insane contract, way more than your worth, are you supposed to not sign it?

  184. YOu know, every once in a while in a trade like this one of the tradees that til the Trade occurred was relatively undistinguished, yet goes on and turns out to be an unexpected fine performer.

    I’m not saying that this will happen, but let’s face it..Voros had plenty of shots at showing something of value, and routinely failed to do so. At worse it’s a draw….

    and this brings me back to the still unanswered great question:

    Which would you rather have, 4 or 5 20 goal scorers, or one
    60 goal scorer?

  185. with the burning out i was talking about what tortorellas theory probably is, certainly not what mine would be

  186. “if Wade Redden made 1.25 mil a year, no one would be complaining about him either.”

    his wife would. she would have to cut way back on the shopping.

  187. Fran-

    I answered that (maybe before you asked it) when I pointed out that Chicago’s highest goal scorer was Kane with 30, but they had 6 with over 20 goals and 11 (I think) with over 10.

  188. ddbebed

    Hmmm interesting…..puts me in mind of a Stalin response to an under officer who cautioned that the Americans had much higher quality to their armored divisions than the Soviets had…Stalin quietly replied….”Quantity, has a quality all of it’s own”


  189. dde, they wouldn’t even blink before matching an offer like that. It would have to be $5M+ before they considered not matching.

  190. Fran – so I guess you think we just got ourselves another 20 goal scorer in Eminger? ;)

    top notch loser- oh man you can be rough Orr lol

  191. Wicky,

    Semin did not beat down Staal. Staal had him in a headlock and lost his edge, and then Semin’s slap happy hilarity ensued. I hope you were being facetious.

  192. wick, u think thats bad, well, its about 90 here in my house!! my A/C broke 3 days ago, just gotta wait till tommorow for the guy to fix it, but damn 3 days straight of getting 2-3 hours sleep a night and waking up in a pool of sweat.

  193. Did you actually just compare Redden’s stats to Eminger’s and insinuate that he’s no better? Some of you guys are delusional. This kid can PLAY DEFENSE! He’s in his prime, and has something called INTANGIBLES that he can contribute with. The bulk of you here cry about these moves. Unless it’s a 50 goal scorer or the next Brian Leetch you don’t want them on the team. WAKE THE HELL UP! You really don’t understand how thigs work. This move makes us a better team. Be thankful for steps in the right direction. We’re starting to have a solid young group on the blue line and it looks like Redden could actually be gone. That move alone makes us better than we’ve been in 2 years on D.

    Some of you forget that role players and secondary/thirdsy guys are very much a part of winning teams. Not every move has to be front page worthy. Bottom line- even if Kovalchuk signed tomorrow HE wouldn’t even make us a championship team. So stop acting like every damn player we sign/trade for is supposed to be the missing link to the Cup.

  194. I don’t know If I’m being rough. We had a problem, but it was so long ago, I just can’t remember what it is.

    As for the Pin-Head Staal was Semen fight, I thought that Staal had his jersey, but since he didn’t have his strap hooked up to the jersey, Staal kind of lost his grip.

    Could be wrong, but I do remember some saying that Semen should have been thrown out of the game because of the jersey.

  195. Carp-

    Quite a few posters stated they’d rather have the compensation picks. I hear what you’re saying but I was just throwing that out to see what other thought of his value.

    Yeah an offer to the point where we decline would probably bring greater comp though.

  196. yea it does. im gonn a go take a cold shower, then run out naked, put some towels on my bed, and just lay there with a fan blowing directly on me!! yes, what a great idea.

    oh, and great nice trade for eminger. reddens a goner. i would think of any prospects to make it, it would be mza and mcdonagh. kreider,stepan and grachev will probably get soem games and prob all 3 will be up next year., aves is gone,prospal is too right? if there were more trades to be made, then who knows, but as of now, there just arent many spots worth putting any of those kids on, like teh 4th line.

  197. i’ll be back manana guys and girls. wheres mako??? later guys. oh and cccp, thanks for teh blueshirt banter link u put up yesterday. stuff was hilarious. especially teh chatroom u guys were hysterical. mouth was great also

  198. How does this Eminger trade make us better??

    I get the fact that Dredden may be the odd man out officially, but that still makes Eminger our 7th D-man.

    With Dredden gone, there will be a very minor upgrade on D, depending on McDonut, and if he’s truly ready to play in the NHL, and be successful.

    *But*, who’s scoring the mudda fuggin goals??? Nobody!! That’s who!!

    Same team. Same end result.

  199. Fran – If my History Channel watching serves me right our Sherman tank couldn’t match the German Tigers but we sure as heck out numbered them.

  200. getting rid of Redden doesnt make us better, but it gives us cap room for the trade that is brewing

  201. Jeez. You don’t want the compensation picks because the Rangers’ D can’t afford to lose a quality contributor.

    And I’m not the world’s biggest Staal fan either.

  202. the compensation for stealing RFAs is extremely high…too high to make it really worth it…

  203. Grabby – just rub some Vicks VapoRub all over your naked self before sprawling in front of the fan and you’ll be good to go

  204. RFA Compensation Scale for 2009 (im sure its very similar if not idential to this season)

    994,433 or below None

    Over $994,433 to $1,506,716 Third-round choice

    Over $1,506,716 to $3,013,434 Second-round choice

    Over $3,013,434 to $4,520,150 First-round and third-round choice

    Over $4,520,150 to $6,026,867 First-round, second-round and third-round choice

    Over $6,026,867 to $7,533,584 Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice

    Over $7,533,584 Four first-round choices

  205. side show sean on

    sean had a terrible season and it was solely his own fault. selfish and focus is on off ice activities. the sooner his contract ends the better

    Daniel J.
    July 9th, 2010 at 1:24 pm
    I believe Avery could be an important and vital part of this team. I think there are issues between Avery and some teammates and possibly Torts as well.

    He’s a tremendous skater, physical and energentic. When fully engaged he can be a game changer, whether it’s getting an opponent off his game or creating open ice and scoring opportunities in the offensive zone. I think he disappeared last year when he saw this team going nowhere because of a lack of consistent effort from teammates. I think there are issues in the Ranger locker room that remain unresolved. This is the cause of lack of team chemistry, sticking up for each other and the inconsistent team play. Avery strikes me as a heart and soul guy who’s a better player when he’s part of a TEAM, something sorely lacking with the Rangers.

    and they had a great record down the stretch without sideshow sean

    July 9th, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Funny how NYR miss the playoffs the year Avery isn’t in the lineup down the stretch

  206. Marty Broduer: ““Trust me, I get more calls from my buddies, fans and people I know asking, ‘What’s going on with Kovy?’ He’s going to make his decision and hopefully it will be the right one for us. It looks like if it’s the NHL it’s going to be us, but who knows?”

    Better to defend against Kovalchuk on the Devs powerplay for the next 6-8 years than the other way around, right?
    Heaven help us.

    BTW, when’s the last time anybody added up Glen Sather’s money? Went back and looked at old articles from when he signed in 2000, reported as $5m per year + CVC stock options.

    That’s probably between $50-$75M that man has made for horrendous decision after decision after decision.

    In Year 10 of his rebuilding plan, both his AHL & NHL squads missed the playoffs. He still has no clearcut frontline prospects on offense or defense.

    And he’s about to pass on Ilya Kovalchuk WHY?

  207. Who knows if Kovalchook is even interested.

    Maybe he doesn’t want to be part of NYR because of Torts. These Russians can be babies when they’re yelled at.

    I’m sure Slats made an offer, and he declined. I mean, how can Slats not make an offer? This is fuggin Slats we’re talkin’ boot!

  208. Orr- (doing my best Billy Bob Thornton) ummm hmmmm -regarding Lecavalier that is.

    Kovy is a hoa, he passed on 100M – a 100 frickin million dollars- and without having to upheave his family (although honestly I don’t know his family situation)

    And it’s not about winning, I’m not buying it.

    How much could you want? – how much could you need? I don’t want players like this regardless of how good they are.

  209. Tank The Season on

    So now it seems that Sather wants to make sone trades rather than sign any more UFAs. Makes sense.

  210. Wow…funny/weird

    I havent been around much at all, but just came here to say I saw Voros a few hours ago in the east village….no shit.

    Didn’t know the guy got traded until now though. Saw him standing outside some bar with this tall skanky (very skanky) blonde..he was talking on his cell with that soft lisp of his, explaining himself to someone.

    It was just funny cause for the rest of the night I was thinking about how this guy is on record saying he “never wants to live in another city” and how delusional he is to think he’ll have a career in NY much longer.

  211. Salty-

    Would’ve been great if you could have broke the news to him. He’d want to fight you and you could’ve slapped him around a bit.

  212. He’s a big guy (no surprise)…and it was exciting to stop him in a remote area… but I still recognize the guy as a laughing stock for the most part. Did he ever win a fight?

  213. will the Kovalchuk saga ever end? the dead horse has been beaten so much already…same talk for weeks… as much as I like Kovy to play for us, at this point I wish he would just go away!

  214. mmmmmm let me get back yo you on that one Salty.
    Gotta respect his willingness but there is just something about his inability that has me confused

  215. That’s not to say I thought we were ever in on Kovy. I believe Carp, I’m just saying enough already!

  216. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Game eighty fricking two in a shoot out? Of all things…
    now Zherdevs a Flyer!! Im gonna puke Philadelphia cream cheese!!!!

  217. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    No decision yet on Kovalchuk …awwww thats just too dam bad. This is what happens when GM’s DONT give in. Its good for Kovalchump cuz GM’s are not buying into his huge contract demands. When his price comes down , we will nab him up . I still say hes KHL bound.

    Graves9 was one sick puppy , sure glad someone shot that dog.

  218. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    no no no no no no no NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO it was game stuiped ,frick’n ,retarded eighty stinking gawd dam two !!!! …um can I say gawd dam?

  219. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    geeze now im gonna need anutha dime bag… Yo Brashear!!!! You there bro??? I know I know ya got dumped , how was I to know? You keep stopping in here and I’ll keep sticking up for ya bro…gimme a big bro hug!!!! Yer still a Ranger untill ya get traded or retire.

  220. CCCP – I think I’d give him a marginal decision on that one

    Kind of funny though, what was the Ad before YouTube shows the fight something about Mary?

  221. If we assume it’ll take an offer in the $4.6m to $6.2m average salary bracket to Staal for the Rangers to even consider not matching, the compensation would be first, second and third round picks in the 2011 draft.

    As teams have to possess their own picks in those rounds to be able to make an offer (i.e. picks acquired via trade are not eligible), the following teams cannot be considered as threats to do so, regardless of how much cap space they have:

    New Jersey

    So, over a third of the league couldn’t try to sign Staal (or somebody like Bobby Ryan) even if they wanted to, short of paying an additional price to re-acquire the original pick(s) they are missing.

    Kind of interesting how many third round picks are thrown around like confetti by GMs, when losing one means you lose the ability to use offer sheets to a large proportion of RFAs – just having the threat of being able to do so must be of some value, in terms of driving up prices of comparable players.

  222. deb

    That’s true but Stalin made this statement during the cold war when some of his FM’s had a look at our
    Abrams, and the little old Sherman had long since been off the inventory.

  223. side show sean,
    I don’t know what you are getting at by quoting me about Avery. But you can quote this:

    “If Avery doesn’t get scratched in the Washington series, the Rangers win that round.”
    July 10th, 2010 at 6:55 am

  224. Perry Pearn says be patient with Redden, he has 4 more years to prove himself.

  225. Good morning, boneheads!
    I do agree that not trying to get Kovalchuk to play for NYR is a mistake. Look, in two years those types of long term, front loaded contracts may not be allowed. And that’s one thing that still separates big market teams from the rest of the league. And again, Kovalchuk in the line up doesn’t interfere with our rebuilding sentiment. He is still young. And would you rather let McDonagh, Stepan , Kreider etc. develop within the system that can barely make the playoffs or within the highly competitive one? He’s been available for awhile now, there is a reason he is still around. At least give it a try and match, or go a little above the NJ’s offer. But I do believe that Carp is right, they never even wanted to get into it. Sounds like from one extreme to another- they used to overpay for big names, now, all of a sudden, they have no interest. This one will not be available, because of his age, any time soon.

    Voros is a great team guy. And made a lot of friends. But the truth is, he wasn’t going to play for this team anymore. He is better off in Anaheim. I think it was a good trade. Eminger is still young and has some steady numbers. But he isn’t the most physical D-man. So the still haven’t addressed their most glaring deficiency on the back end.

  226. cw,

    Yeah, amazing how Larry Brooks is suddenly seeing the light;

    “The Rangers have this September to demote Wade Redden and they have this summer to get Kovalchuk. No one of similar value will be on the market next year.

    Sather has serious issues with the summer cap that will demand creativity in order to solve. The general manager might have to surrender a No. 3 in order to get Donald Brashear’s over-35 charge of $1.4 million off the cap, but if that’s what it takes to clear the space to land Kovalchuk, so be it.

    Kovalchuk is likely to make his decision within the next 48-to-72 hours. The window is open for the Rangers to sign a talent the likes of which they won’t otherwise have the opportunity to add for years.

    Dolan made his play for LeBron. Now it’s time for the Garden to turn its attention to Ilya. It’s time for The Show to come to Broadway.”

  227. I wonder if we could get Patrick Sharp from Chicago.

    They are having major cap problems and need cheap players. I wonder if the Rangers could get Sharp for something like Gilroy, Wiese, Boyle and a 2nd round pick.

  228. orr- the 4th line should be Prust,Bogey,Eric C any higher lines for those guys we are in trouble in the talent department. Good bye to Voros and see ya to a slow prodding, no hitting big, but nice guy and he looks good on casino night and gave me a autograph BRIAN BOYLE

  229. hedberg

    Boyle is guaranteed a spot on the team, at least as a healthy scratch.

  230. I don’t get Larry Brooks. Sometimes he screams what an idiot Sather is for going after every big name free agent. Then a month later he screams what an idiot Sather is for not going after a big name free agent.

    Now, we all know that Sather is an idiot, but Brooks plays both sides of the issue.

  231. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    cause Larry Brooks, is an idiot
    I dotn care how respected he is in the hockey world, the guy is freaking bi-polar

    one day its hwo can we sign kovalchoke, kill the franchise and the cap, the next day, we MUSt sign him

    Some times he needs to shut uup

  232. If you believe Brooks (and his impeccable sources [smirk])on a factual basis, then the Devils increased their offer from the widely-publicized $60M (for 7 years) to $117M (lifetime).

    A $57M increase!!!

    Based on what? Lower then expected KHL offers and the LA Kings dropping out a 2nd time?

    Uh, yeah, ok.

    Far more revealing I think is a Yahoo story Im chasing supposedly quoting IK’s Mom as saying he definitely wants to stay in NHL, where the writer not once but 3 times indicates it’ll be NJ.

  233. Tank The Season on

    LOL at Brooksie saying we need to get Kovalchuk. There are no scorers like him slated to be available next year but there may be a playmaker or two. But if the LOLBron debacle taught us anything, it’s that you can’t pass up on getting players to field a competitive team to wait until you can sign “this guy” or “that guy” who either may not be available or will want to go elsewhere. The last time the Rangers had “plans” to sign someone who will be a UFA years down the road was Gomez and we all know how that turned out.

    Maybe clearing the deck to sign Kovalchuk is not such a bad idea.

  234. reginald dunlop on

    How about unloading rozsival on looking to cut costs dallas for brad richards……saves them couple million and gets # 1 center set up man for gabby and point man on pp

  235. God bless the internet. I’ve not only seen that story about IK’s mom repeated a hundred times, but even really responsible reporters like Andrew Gross from the Record has cited it on his blog.

    Yet I cannot find a link or version posted on Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog, where it supposedly originated, so have to believe it’s some jerk’s idea of fun.

    That said, the writer mentioned (Dmitry Chesnokov) did just break the Zherdev to Philly story.

  236. 4generations; 4cups on

    reginald, why is Dallas looking to get rid of their #1 center for a #3 or #4 defenseman or at best a first pair (???) defenseman for them? I mean, look at it like you’re Dallas, i’m not taking Michal Rozsivals’ salary for absolutely nothing. If we sent a promising young prospect, then I’m sure talks would change.

  237. Richards will ne a NYR as soon as his current deal expires. . . .unless Torts is fired.

    From a great site Spector Hockey:

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: Didn’t we discover during the last CBA that the Rangers efforts to bring in top talent inevitably failed to make the team a playoff club? And isn’t the Rangers more pressing need right now is a quality center for Marian Gaborik’s line? If the Rangers actually pursue Kovalchuk by burying salary in the minors to free the cap space to sign him it would seriously handicap this team for years to come whilst doing nothing to address the Rangers actual roster needs (a top line center and a skilled puck-moving defenseman). I’m not knocking Kovalchuk here, merely pointing out he’s not what the Rangers need.

  238. Ok, last one from me, then off for some R&R:

    See, I keep getting stuff like this, making me believe NYR WON’T land IK (which sucks, IMO).

    Heard Rangers were VERY close on Gilroy, Dubinsky and next year’s #3 to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan…. Anaheim backed out at the last second and the Eminger/Voros swap was all that went down…. that deal would have been Gilroy, Dubinsky, Voros, Hillier for Eminger/Ryan…..

    Have fun kiddies.

  239. i definitely think Rozsival and or Gilroy could be on the move.

    now does Rozsival, Gilroy and a 2nd rounder appeal to Dallas? maybe but most likely not

  240. Rod,
    Where did you hear that? Eklund makes this stuff up too ya know?
    I could almost see it happening, but with Staal as the Ranger center piece.

  241. Gaborik does not need a top center, the NYR need scoring. Kovalchuk would really help in the scoring department.

  242. Ok, then read Eklund.

    I’m done trying to engage you guys, only to hear that garbage!

  243. I’m aware GMs don’t always mean what they say, but Bob Murray has said he has no intention of trading Ryan and there’s still another couple of months before there’s any great pressure for RFAs to get signed (offer sheets notwithstanding). So call me a sceptic on that “deal”…

  244. Rod,
    it’s one thing to blurt things out. It’s another to have FACTUAL info. NO ONE believes that Gilroy and Dubinsky and a #3 are gonna land you Bobby Ryan. Mike Milbury wouldn’t even do that on his drunkest day with his head lodged up Don Cherry’s A**!!!

    If you would have invented Staal and a prospect/pick I would have played along.

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