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Difference between hockey and hoops

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In the fallout of the LeBron clown show:

1) Maybe now Knicks fans won’t cheer him when he comes to MSG and beats the living tar out of their team. You would never see hockey fans do something like that. Oh, they might cheer a Messier or a Leetch or an Eddie Giacomin when he returns as an opponent, but once the game starts those guys are the enemy.

And MSG’s hockey fans have always treated the greatest players in the game as villains. People who argue for balanced schedule say fans want to see the great players. Yeah, well, I remember many nights when Mario Lemieux was scratched because of various ailments, and the Rangers fans would cheer the announcement. You guys already have a great dislike (putting it mildly) for Sidney Crosby, and you quickly developed one with Alex Ovechkin the last time the Rangers were in the playoffs.

You would not cheer an opponent because of his greatness, as Knicks fans do with LeBron, Kobe Bryant, in the past Michael Jordan, as they’re slapping up 40 or 50 in your face.

I think that now changes with LeBron. I think he gets booed roundly in New York next time he comes in. And I think he might need extra security in Cleveland.

2) He said “Organ-eye-zation” like a hockey player last night. Hah.

3) I like the way all the ESPN basketball experts all of a sudden had sources telling them it was Miami, after Steven Smith broke the story that LeBron would be going to Miami with Wade and Bosh. Now it was the “Decision” show and all of a sudden, their hosts all had sources saying Miami, although none of them would come right out and say “He’s going to Miami.”

4) The Heat web site, hours after the announcement, still didn’t have a word on LeBron’s decision. It had a story in which they were close to signing Wade and Bosh. Are you kidding me? And this morning, still no story. Just two one-paragraph statements from Pat Riley and Wade.

5) Rangers fans should be happy that LeBron didn’t come to the Garden. Otherwise your boys would forever be on MSG-Plus or MSG-4 or whatever on nights when the Knicks were playing.

6) This can’t possibly be good for the Sunrise Panthers.

7) How is it that the biggest city in the world can’t come up with better celeb/fans than Spike? Worse, how is it that the Garden decided Isiah Thomas would be a good guy to help in the LeBron chase? What, Bryan Trottier and John Muckler weren’t available?


I’ll be back later. See youse. (and, no, it isn’t what you’re thinking).

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