Noise, noise, noise


Blah, blah, blah, blah, LeBron James, blah, blah, blah, LeBron, blah, blah, blah, Kovalchuk, blah, blah.


Tonight, thank God, the LeBron speculation stops, and then the LeBron fallout begins. It’ll be a news story with its own legs for weeks to come, months or years if he lands in New York.

Don’t know when, or if, the Kovalchuk stuff will ever end. Helene Elliott at the L.A. Times is reporting today that the Kings have closed the door, and that this time they may have locked it behind them, as Kovalchuk continues to demand $10M per season. I don’t think he’s getting that, at least not in North America.

Blah, blah, blah.


I read the fabulous piece in Sports Illustrated last week, about the tragedy, the disaster, in the Gulf of Mexico. This is really what we should be discussing. It’s been pushed to the back of the news by alcoholic celebrities and, of course, LeBron, blah, blah.

And I am certainly not making light of the situation down there.

But here’s a little well-deserved mockery of  BP. It cracked me up, in a dark way.

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  1. this would be extremely unlikely but I wonder if Kovalchuk would consider taking a 1 year 10 mil contract. It would fit under the cap if Redden is waived, Brashear traded and Girardi replaced with an Anders Eriksson type.

  2. what would be the point of that?

    we’re trying to build a team for once, not “go for it” here and now.

  3. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    JSut let this Kovalcrap end already

    so sick of hearing about it, talking about it, and it holding up other palyers from being signed

  4. Tank The Season on

    Kovalchuk is all about the $$$- Which he will get in Russia – Just let him go there so we can sign whoever it is we are going to sign already (Stempniak?).

  5. There are two things that make me question Kovy’s drive to win a championship: his outrageous contract demands, and the amount of time he willingly spent playing in Atlanta, which during that time never, ever looked like they were going to contend for anything.

  6. salty

    well i see it in 3 ways, even if its 10 mil its only for 1 season so it has minimal impact on prospects as our really good ones aren’t really NHL ready yet (Grachev, Stepan, Krieder, Werek etc.)

    playing guys like Callahan, Dubi, Anisimov, Zuccarello on a line with Gaborik or Kovalchuk means automatic increase in points which can only help their development.

    The Rangers could trade Kovalchuk’s expiring contract at the deadline for a huge return in prospects/picks that would allow Sather to complete freedom to make a trade in the offseason to bring in a star player as well as the cap space to bring in another star player.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    UKRanger, he’s going to Miami. It’s all over ESPN and other websites. Unless he changes his mind at the last minute, it’s Miami.

  8. Doodie – i couldn’t care less about LeBoring, i was just thinking about the Drury/Gomez signings and how this would be typical Dolan again to throw a whole boatload of money at 2 guys and expect them to win championships…

  9. why would LeBron fly to NY to tell the world he is going to Miami or Chicago???

  10. What would be the point of having him for a year?

    If we had a contending team, maybe but not even close.

  11. Nelson

    b/c adding Kovalchuk but only for ONE and i repeat only ONE season is good for the prospects and the farm system.

  12. nelson

    anyone familiar with the tri-state area knows that Greenwich CT is pretty much NY

  13. bull dog line on

    I want Kovalchuk with the Rangers, and I would not give him 10 mil per.I believe what Carp said yesterday, that the Rangers were never in it. because if they were they would have signed him already. no other team has the resources the Rangers have. if they wanted him, they would have him already.

  14. Espn is located in Bristol, CT so I’m not sure why people think him being in CT has anything to do with NY Knicks. That being said, I hope he goes with the knicks.

  15. Bristol, CT is an hour and a half from Greenwich CT.

    ESPN would have done the show anywhere in the country for these ratings…the boys and girls club in Greenwich that caters to underprivileged kids from the NYC area is a perfect backdrop for his signing with the knicks

  16. Eric (the fake) on

    “The Rangers could trade Kovalchuk’s expiring contract at the deadline for a huge return in prospects/picks that would allow Sather to complete freedom to make a trade in the offseason to bring in a star player as well as the cap space to bring in another star player.”

    Yeah i’m sure the 29 other teams are going to be lining up to trade for someone who has turned his summer Free Agency into a comedy act. He wants $10 million in a long term deal this summer, he’ll want it next summer as well.

    You’d be lucky to get a 3rd round pick.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s going to CT because of it being close to ESPN. Why Greenwich and not Bristol? Because all of the proceeds from his Lebronathon are going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and there just happens to be one in Greenwich.

    It’s Miami.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    ESPN could do it anywhere in the country but it’s easier for them to put together a last minute major broadcast closer to their home base than it would be in a more remote location where they would have to fly people and equipment.

  19. “No other team has the resources the Rangers have.”

    What does that mean? Having loads of cash isn’t of much relevance if you don’t have the cap room other teams do. (In any case, there are a few other teams with similar financial backing, no?)

    If you mean playing resources, whether to play with Kovalchuk or to use as assets to clear cap room, that’s patently not the case.

  20. Oleosmirfzo…I hope u are right. If espn wasn’t involved at all then the location would be more significant as far as possible knick connection. To me it just seems to have moe to do with being closer to espn hq and limited time to get everything set up for hour special. Again, I hope u are right because knicks will be pathetic with no lebron and a max contract to Amare.

  21. Bull Dog ..

    Slats wanted Sundin awhile back and didnt get him so thats not that great of an argument for not landing Kovalchuk

    The only thing we would have to do in order to sign Kovalchuk and stay under the Cap (+10% summer cushion) is hold off re-signing Staal until September (like Dubinsky last year) when we can demote Redden and Voros officially.

    We currently have 7 million in Cap Space plus the extra 5.5 million Summer cushion. That is Plenty for Kovalchuk and Girardi until September

  22. My sources are telling me it will be kovi to the Miami heat and lebron to the khl…you heard it here first and do with it what you will…e5.

  23. If the Rangers can sign Kovalchuk to a one year deal and then trade him at the trade deadline, I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s like getting value for free! That’s why it would never happen. Seriously, why the heck would a star player accept a one year contract with a rebuilding team? Of course they are going to trade him at the deadline. Such a contract would without a doubt come with a no trade clause.

  24. Until my Asian friends get Affirmative Action passed for the NBA, I will not care where Lebron signs.

    Kovi to Jersey? KHL?

  25. Somerset:

    Sign Kovi.
    Wink at Staal. He knows payday is a comin’.

    Sept 1: Down to Hartford for Redden. It makes it now a BARGAIN to have Kovi.

    Sign Staal.

    We are 50 goals better, perhaps more if you add in the weakness of Dredden on d)
    with a moderate increase of a cap hit after we subtract Dredden.

    It’s a no brainer for me; who, incidentally, has no brains anyway.

    “He’s always wrong; that’s what so right about him!” (Mrs. Seamus about her hubby)

  26. Though I would be in support of a long term deal if they can afford it. As somerset pointed out, the Rangers have the cap room to do it + sign Girardi and Staal once Redden is waived. It doesn’t leave much room for depth signings, however, which are needed at D if Redden leaves (I don’t think too many young D can play at one time). Still, the Rangers aren’t in it to win now, they are in it to win in 3 years. By then Rozy and Drury’s salaries should be gone and the Rangers will have the cap space to resign all their new youth, plus 1-2 signings, plus Gabby and Kovy still in their primes. If Kovy will come for 8-9 mil/season for 10 seasons, I’d do it.

  27. ESPN would have flown to the moon, to do this show b/c of all the ratings.

    there are boys and girls clubs all over the country and ESPN had these plans days probably weeks in advance and they have the capabilities to fly to the Boys and Girls Club in Akron to do this show.

    yet he chose to do it, in Greenwich CT which is 30 min away from MSG and an hour and a half from ESPN studios isn’t what I call close…man that would be pretty cruel to all those underprivileged NYC kids to come to their center and tell them he’s going to CHI, MIA or CLE

  28. Carp, I read about the first paragraph of that article in SI and then ditched it.

    I read about the gulf tragedy in the local newspaper, online and get the news updated on TV. I want a sports publication to take me away from all that. I subscribe to a sports publication to read about SPORTS. Sports is a diversion from the carcillo that happens in everyday life. I don’t need for a sports publication to add to it.

    As for Kovalchuk, he’s not going to sign for one year. If he was going to do that, he would have been signed by now don’t you think?

    I don’t really care where he goes. Let him go play hockey in Russia. He can buy a lot of borscht with $10 million.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    “ESPN would have flown to the moon, to do this show b/c of all the ratings”

    They would have, but it’s cheaper and easier to drive an hour and a half.

    “ESPN had these plans days probably weeks in advance”

    LeBron contacted them out of the blue a couple of days ago. There were no plans. ESPN was given three or four days to put together an hour-long major television special. It’s just so much more convenient (and cheaper!) for them to do it within driving distance.

    Don’t you read news reports? It’s Miami.

  30. Bristol is not an hour and a half from Greenwich. It’s smack in the center of the State, and you could drive border to border and cross CT in an hour and a half.

  31. mike K

    if Kovy is seriously thinking of going to Russia for 10 mil, why not NYC???

    and why wouldnt he waive his NTC if the Rangers were going to move him to a real contender as even with Kovy we are not true contenders.

    granted this is just wishful thinking on my part as it would never happen but would be nice

  32. Imagine the money Kovi could rake in if he were to suceed in NY? Wow. Far more than just the 10 mill in salary.

    60 mill, 6 years. He is 28 years old and a superstar.

    Playing alongside Gabby and Lundqvst would be nice.

    The salary is a killer until you consider what it becomes sans Redden. That works for the first 4 years out of 6. I’d love a 4 year deal, but he appears to want longer.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Too bad about Stoudamire. They could have just kept David Lee for a lot less and had, in my opnion, a more complete player (and far less injury prone). Mike D’Antoni continues to be the worst decision made by Donnie Walsh.

    I hope Lee signs with the Nets. I’m ready to switch allegiances once they come to Brooklyn for as long as Dolan owns MSG.

  34. doodie

    come on, do you really think LeBron couldnt have got them to fly anywhere in the world…

    no way he inconveniences himself to fly to Greenwich just to do a 1 hour appearance…

  35. and there are news reports every minute saying something else…

    i mean its all bullshit really

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    “Imagine the money Kovi could rake in if he were to suceed in NY? Wow. Far more than just the 10 mill in salary.”

    Not really. NY or not, it’s still just hockey. Unless the league gets behind him like they have with Crosby or Ovechkin, it won’t mean a thing.

  37. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I went to UMAss Amherst and could do the drive from long island to school in 3 hours.

    Had friends that went to Yale and the drive was 1.5 hours from Long Island.

    NO WAY it takes 1.5 hours to Bristol from Greenwich

  38. Doodie – why is it an hour long? Surely it only takes a few seconds to say “Its Miami” or “Its the Knicks” are they doing some sort of “This is your life” cr8p or a Larry King ESPN special where LeBoring cries about how hard it is to earn so much money?

  39. If the Kings backed out because of their concerns for problems the huge cap hit Kovalchuk would create, then what do you think would happen to the Rangers? This doesn’t make a bit of sense! We need to dump salary just to get role players who might help us while our youth develops, not to take a huge gamble that Kovalchuk will be another Messier which I guarantee won’t happen…

  40. blueshirt in paris

    sure when your 21 and driving 90 on the highway…ESPN guys in trucks drive at more reasonable speed considering the equipment liabilities and the fact their arent college kids

  41. Don’t want Kovalchuk. How about getting Bobby Ryan or that UFA still available from LA?

  42. I don’t think Frolov would be a good bet either as he is a similar type player to Zherdev…

  43. Mister Delaware on

    “I went to UMass Amherst …”

    We totally beat you then stormed the court on ESPN2 in 1999.

  44. Tune in tonight for ESPN’s airing of the Lebron-athon. For just $30 million dollars you can help your team can sponsor a two time MVP that has been given all the media attention he could ever want before he event stepped on an NBA court.

    The only thing that would make me want to bang my head against a wall harder than this protracted mess is if Brett Favre took over the last 50 minutes of the press conference to waffle on his decision to come back to the Vikings or not.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    UK: I imagine Lebron won’t say a word until at least thirty minutes in, if not longer. The first 30 minutes will involve discussions of his career, his personal life, experts making predictions and saying where hw ould be the best fit, and maybe some charity words on Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He comes on stage, talks for 5 minutes about who he is and where he’s come from, then says he’s going to Miami. then he takes questions for another 5-10 minutes, then 5 minutes of expert round-table talk, broadcast over.

    I also expect A LOT of commercials.

    Oh, also, I won’t be watching.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    CT, I’m hoping Favre makes his decision like 5 minutes before the Lebronathon airs. Or Barry Bonds comes clean on steroids. Some kind of massive story that will just suck all of the wind from LeBron’s sails.

  47. The remaining 55 minutes of the LeBron special will include Kovalchuk’s announcement of where he’s going to play. Secretly, LeBron and Ilya are in cohoots to drive Kobe and Sidney crazy with all the media attention they are getting. They’re actually starting their own league on Mars.


  48. Also, I can just imagine the rates that ESPN is charging for a spot during the LeBron special. They have to be astronomical.

  49. Right now our hands are somewhat tied till we bury Redden’s contract. We can go 10% over the cap till the start of the season though, but we might do better by trading for someone we need. The UFA pool is a bit dried up, no?

  50. all i have to say is if Lebron goes to Miami, he can never be considered one of the all-time greats.

    going to Miami with Wade and Bosh, isnt a challenge. Its taking the easy way out and I will have no respect for him.

    If he isnt willing to challenge himself and try to win Cleveland a title, overtake MJ or be possibly the great athlete in NY basketball hell even NY sports history, then he will never be a great one no matter how many titles he wins in Miami.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    No UFAs left worth signing except Kovalchuk and depth defensemen. I’d like Andreas Lilja.

  52. But does this seriously not demonstrate where hockey registers on the interest level of the general public? A single player can orchestrate an hour long “drop everything, where were you when?” media-fest just to say where he’s going to sign?

    And the NHL gets VS to broadcast half the games for the best trophy in team sports.

  53. Gift of GAB-orik ( LBJ to NYK!! ) on

    Greenwich CT, Bristol CT, Trumbull CT….. they all have ties man. CT is basically NY though…. Captain Clutch will deliver the other ‘King’ to NY!!

    That would almost be worth his $7 mil a year.

    If it is solely about winning… he goes to Miami.
    If it is about family and loyalty… he stays in Cleveland.
    If his EGO (and it’s huge) wins… he goes to New York.

    3 mentalities… which one is strongest?

    What if LeBron hadn’t skipped college? HISTORY WILL BE MADE.

  54. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    So I guess ESPN has some big hour long press conference thing going on tonight. From what I understand it is to announce they are going to start carrying the NHL again.

    That is good, hockey back on a real network!

  55. Did Toronto just sign another D-man??? I guess Kaberle really is being traded or they are finally demoting Jeff Finger

  56. Gift of GAB-orik ( LBJ to NYK!! ) on

    Apple is releasing a limited edition iphone for LeBron… it only vibrates though cuz he has no ring.

    Also… rumors are in MAY work in a limited number of cities. Steve Jobs will appear on CNN at about 10pm to tell you where it will work…

  57. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    so if bieksa is available via trade, would you guys go for him and what would you give??

  58. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    also, did the guy we got from the fishies in that trade, niemi I think, play in the prospect camp? How did he do? Still think that deal is a bit odd!

  59. so if bieksa is available via trade, would you guys go for him and what would you give??
    Wade Redden

  60. Bieksa is a good Dman coming off injuries! I’m not sure what it would take considering Vancouver is deep on D…

  61. ITAR-TASS reports-

    Breaking News:

    LeBron James will hold a press conference tonight to announce that he and Ilya Kovalchuk will be exchanging last names. James and Ilya made that decision last night after going fishing together on Brighton Beach. Stay tuned for the official announcement from James Kovalchuk and Ilya LeBron.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Players don’t develop by getting points, they develop by playing. Adding another top-winger doesn’t get them any more playing time.

    This is the first year the Rangers really might finish bottom-8 in the NHL! Just let it happen. Get a decent draft and start rebuilding next year (last years of Rozi and Drury contracts). Someone accurately bashed you for trying to trade kovalchuk’s “one year deal,” who do you think is going to want that Brashear contract that you said can be traded?

  63. I just realized that LeBron is his first name! lmfao!!
    Goes to show how much I care about basketball!

  64. Leethhalloffame on

    Lebron & Ilya can kiss my carcillo. Bring on the football season – let’s go Jets.

  65. Gift of GAB-orik( proceeds to go to charity) on

    I didn’t know LeBron, Kovy, and Favre all had the same agent.

  66. I am telling ya, just wait for the special appearance of Kanye West, insisting Meadowlark Lemon was the greatest basketball player of all time!! Either that, or Favre deciding between boxers or briefs for a hour

  67. Leethhalloffame on

    Text Size

    OTTAWA, Ont. — Country superstar Carrie Underwood and Ottawa Senators forward Mike Fisher are to get married this weekend, CTV Ottawa reports.

    CTV says the couple will get hitched at a resort that will be shut down exclusively for the “Fisher-Wood” wedding.

    But the location of the wedding is being kept secret and most of the guests don’t even know where the wedding will take place.

    CTV says the guests won’t find out where they’re travelling to until they show up at the airport on Thursday and are given tickets to their destination.

    Among the guests are Fisher’s teammates, Chris Phillips and Chris Neil.

    Fisher proposed seven months ago, just days before Christmas.

  68. All these idiot media outlets can talk all they want were LBJ is going but in reality nobody knows what his decision is, it’s just propaganda.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Best recent hockey proposal was Mike Comrie. Google the pictures if you haven’t seen them. I’m sure that’s not what actually was happening, but it’s still REALLY funny.

  70. “I imagine Lebron won’t say a word until at least thirty minutes in, if not longer.”

    It’s already been announced that he will say where he is going in the first 10 minutes.

  71. What a byfuglien carsillo hartnelled Kovy’s mind,asking that kind of money? Or is thinking that he is better than Redden? …Wade, explain him…

  72. The Rangers don’t need another mercenary in it just for the pay day. I say pass.

  73. rod gilbert on

    Lebron Miami-bound, or so they’re saying. That’s probably why Dolan had the Stoudamaire PC today – who cares? I don’t in the least, except for how it might affect the rangers.

    Speaking of which, here’s a little positive – heard, regardless of how the IK thing shakes out, and I haven’t seen a single mention of it anywhere.

    But supposedly one of the things the Rangers were trying to do was get Kovalchuk to team him with Anisimov, who they’re very high on (and whom Messier raves about). They think this will be a breakout year for him.
    I happen to think it’ll require another year for anisimov to put it all together, or an inordinate amount of ice. But IK should would speed things up!!!

  74. Ilya James? That’ll fly well on Brighton Beach…You guys have totally lost it, that heat wave is finally showing the damage..

  75. Whether intentional or not, arguments about how far it is from Bristol aside, Greenwich CT is 100% Knicks territory. Allan Houston lives there. Michal Nylander used to live there, as did Theo Fleury, and some of the current Rangers and Knicks also probably live there. CT has much lower real estate taxes than NY and Greenwich is this extremely affluent suburb that is 30 minutes from NYC – and if your driving is such that Bristol is 30 minutes from Greenwich (its not ita an hour and a half), then Greenwich is 10 minutes from NYC for you. So for Lebron and his camp to announce this in Greenwich simply cannot be considered insignificant – either he is signing with the Knicks or he is the least considerate athlete around.

    Anyway, much more concerned with how well the Rangers’ youth manages to do in camp, how integreated into thwe lineup they end up being and where this leaves us at this time next year.

  76. oleosmirf – sorry man, I just don’t see why he would take a one year deal and then play trade roulette again. Why not take a long term deal at 9M per instead? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    He’s not old. He’ll still be great when the youngins develop, and let’s be honest with ourselves – players like Kovalchuk just don’t fall into your lap – just getting a player like that is an accomplishment in and of itself, independent of what you pay him. If the Rangers can afford it, I see no reason not to tie him up long term, even at 10M per year. In two years, when Redden, Drury, and Rozy are gone, that’s 18.5M – I’d rather have Kovy and 8.5M over those three.

  77. guys, it’s a good hour and a half from Greenwich to Bristol and I don’t even know why I’m being dragged into this conversation. And there’s always traffic and construction that makes it longer.

  78. i never said it would happen, i was just throwing it out there.

    i have no desire to sign Kovalchuk to any contract unless it was for only 1 year. im more than happy taking this exact team into the season…

  79. Lebron is better than Ilya. He can score 50 points in one game. It takes 82 for Kovalchuk to do the same. Sign him up, Slats!

  80. Good point ilb… we should sign a few basketball players to play for NYR since it is so easy for them to score points! :)

  81. Carp-

    On the last post you said “then told me a few things that convinced me.”

    Anything you can share with us?


    lol @

    “heard from my sauce”

    Is that bottle talking to you again?

  82. Doodi

    screw mapquest.. I was born raised and worked in CT for most of my life, and I criss crossed that State so many times, my tires are all backward. I inspected half the properties in CT over those 35 years, and I know it like the back of my hand…and all the ins and outs. No way.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    July 8th, 2010 at 2:55 pm
    guys, it’s a good hour and a half from Greenwich to Bristol and I don’t even know why I’m being dragged into this conversation. And there’s always traffic and construction that makes it longer.”

    Screw Carp too?

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    fran, maybe 35 years ago when there was significantly less traffic it was less than an hour and a half.

  85. MikeyMcD!CK on

    if LeBron signs with the knicks it will be the death of the new york rangers. Dolan will care soooooooooo much less about the rangers than he already does now..

  86. raj in india on

    lebron is going to the knicks. the announcement would have been at the espn zone in nyc but that recently closed.

    book it dano

  87. markus naslund was a classy player..good for him! just would’ve like to have seen him in ny earlier in his career

  88. Doodie, You didn’t think it would happen?

    Nucks fans love him, and he put up really good numbers for them. Makes sense.

    If the Pens don’t retire Jagr’s 68, then they’re fuggin fools. He was a great Penguin, and a lot of idiot Pens fans seem to forget that.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Ehh I guess so. I think it speaks more to how bad their franchise is that he’s their all-time leading scorer.

    Also, they didn’t win anything while he was there, except one year late in his tenure they took a division title. They only won 2 playoff series during that time.

    I don’t know, I just expect more for a retirement.

  90. he definitely deserves his number being retired in vancouver, he was a great canuck. he only played 2 years with an elite goaltender (luongo), and those were his 2nd and 3rd to last years of his career.. at the beginning of his vancouver stint mclean was on his decline and battling injuries, splitting time with corey hirsch, arturs irbe, etc., in the middle he had garth snow, dan cloutier, alex auld… not his fault that that team didnt win a cup

  91. TheMessiah94 on

    Please, someone tell me what Lebron has ever won in the NBA. Nothing. Same thing that Kovi has done in the NHL.

    That said, I hope he goes anywhere but the Knicks. I don’t want Jim Dolan to ever experience another happy moment in his life.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s still much more than Kovalchuk has done in the NHL. I think one year he had a piece of the goal scoring title. That’s it.

  93. Naslund leads the Canucks in Goals and Points I think … Pretty Crazy !!! I would have thought Linden would pretty much have all their records

  94. I can’t believe it’s taken my molasses brain this long to figure this out, but here’s a question? Why are so many troublemakers named Ilya? Just a thought :)

    (I kid moï dorogoï drug, I kid!!!)

  95. So the Rangers let PAP, Sangs, Heikinen and Locke go ???

    Gonna be a long season in Hartford !!

    Wait … They’ll have Redden to put in 50-60 points … Nevermind

  96. Yeah, I think they’re making him a video for his new rap single.

    I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but I heard enough to remember that rap is, was, and always will be garbage!!!

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule and everyone else sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Lebron James after-show-party at my place!!!! Bunch of guys comming over with game vids of Lebron . We are making it a “Lebron Night” and a few buddies are wearing his jersey too!!! We are watching the show FER SURE!!!! Then after watching vids of Lebron we will play the NBA10 game and IM LEBRON!!!!! I won his rights the other night and now my buddies want a redraft so maybe they can get Lebron. Popcorn and chips are ready for the big announcement!!!!!
    OMG this day is bigger then the OJ Simpson car chase day!!!

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule and everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on


  99. ORR, I’d rather toss my TV out the window, and follow it. PLEASE don’t come to NY!!!!

    I hate that I even know who the situation is. (will not give him a capital s.)

    I do not know what GTL is….sorry. Goodbye to LeBron?

  100. Greg, LMAO!!! Sigh, I wish we still had a Knicks blog here, though that wouldn’t move you guys from this one anyway :) Please all, promise after tomorrow morning at least I can NEVER read his name here again….Hartnell!

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on

    This NBA thing is like when Selanne,Forsburgh,Fleury all joined Sakic in Colorado. Its kinda like it. I think Ray Bourque was another addition too.

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on

    ummm Momma , laurel …pssst , I have a quik pet question to ask. Lets make it quik so no one sees this. ( looks around the room)…My Cat Spoooks , yeah remeber her? Well is it BAD that shes addicted to Tim Hortons Double Doubles?
    Am I a bad daddy for giving her some. Just a tea spoon usually every time.

  103. Rod Gilbert on

    How’s this for conflicting reports.

    Heard one where Rangers were upping their offer to $8.5m per but holding to a 5yr deal.
    The other was almost exactly as was Carp’s, Rangers never really in it, not going to be in it.

    My friend also passed along this nugget, which I’m really starting to believe.

    By the time this thing is over, everyone involved will look stupid, including the team that signs him.

  104. This is nothing like what has been done in the NHL, or any other sport for that matter.

    It’s BS! How can three players who are all the best at their positions go to the same team?

    What a bunch of losers. They’re just not good enough to win it on their own, so they have to join forces and create a super group.

    They’re not the Justice League, they’re the Leigon Of Doom, and I hope they fail miserably!

    I’m glad I’m not a basketballs fan, or else I’d be ballistic! You’d never see garbage like this in Hockey!

  105. CCCP, spasibo! But I have no idea what you said after that :)

    (Greg, shhh…I had to look up what that was. WHAT!!! COFFEE! Don’t complain when Spooks tears up the house :) Define “every time.” If it’s laced with enough milk, um, I suppose. Gee, wonder how she got addicted dad?)

    Rod, my money’s on Carp. Don’t know your sources, but my George still stays with blogfather.

  106. Are youse going to watch ESPN BC? Or is it a radio talk only? LMAO, it’s getting even funnier. So, he kept it all big secret and planning to inform all the involved teams a few minutes before that show, and yet he booked multiple hotel rooms in Miami for this weekend to celebrate. Under his name. Is he really that dumb?

    Btw, someone is looking for newspaper….

  107. Well Laurel… maybe you can ask your Russian teacher what that means


    yeah, i liked that one too…mofo being boo’d everywhere he goes!

  108. with the Kovalchuk drama, I’m wondering what it might be like when (if) Crosby, Ovechkin or Malkin hit the market. NOTICE THE IF… i’m sure Crosby and Ovechkin will be locked up before that, but just for arguments sake ;-)

  109. Rod Gilbert on

    I don’t care who gets the story, I just want to know what it is!

    BTW, only at the Garden would they use their former GM (Isiah Thomas), whom they fired amidst a strange situation, to try to recruit the biggest FA out there. It’s unbelievable.

  110. ilb, yes, to your first question. he’s also as ego-filled as the Gulf is with oil

    as for your second comment, um, that would be Leo? :)

  111. Ovechkin is locked up for like next millennium!

    Malkin on the other hand will be FA in few years…should be interesting…since he’ll be another big name (Russian) player available…maybe.

  112. accdg to Shero, the Pens are going to sign a 3rd line C and use Staal on the wing this year. they spent their big bucks on 2 dmen

  113. Rod, I just want the story to end! It’s like the byfuglien Twilight saga….

    CCCP, my Russian teacher is called Mr. Interweb and he’s being no help!

    Linda, interesting question. I hate, hate to say it, but at least some of those guys have an actual championship under their belt.

    Let be clear though. Under no circumstances do I ever want Crosby on our team. None.

  114. Laurel, you know they’d at least investigate the possibility.

    I feel bad for Knicks fans though. They suffer under Dolan along with us, and now they have this charade also.

  115. Linda, I hope that investigation turns into a cold case…

    And fair point. I and others may not care, but some poor misguided non-hockey fans do :)

  116. Rod Gilbert on

    the good news is once he signs somewhere, there will be such a flurry of activity from all these teams that’ve been waiting, it’ll feel like July 1 all over again.

    Except I won’t have 3 days off coming.

  117. i just hope we dont see another Kotalik type signings…would love to see them just go to town with the guys we have now

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on

    Momma , yeah 2 sugars and 2 milk is a double double . 3 times a week or so. I’ll have to control her mooching.

    Mr T , dont worry ’bout Malkin. He old already ( HAHA) in hockey life now a days. Koval-KHL ,Malkin , OV are still in their prime but are really expensive. We have Grachev . Hes big powerfull and young. Fast ,Hungry and Cheap!!! Now I should be boasting of Cherapanov cuz he was our guy. Him and Grachev!!!! We gots just Grachev now and im a big fan of his!!! He has a spot open for him and Stepan. There are spots every where!!! This teams youth is exciting. Thats a good thing!!

  119. paulg in sunrise on

    Kovi is a guarantee. Grachev stuggled in the AHL last year, so he is at least a year from being very good and maybe more than three should he EVER get to 40 goals in the NHL. Kovi is a guarantee. Sign him. fill out the rest of the roster with the kids, who are cheap, but sign him. consequences to the signing would be losing avery (no biggie) redden (finally) and potentially the dubinsky/rozival combo trade we have been hearing so much about. that scenario opens up more room for kreider and grachev and stepan and weise. way more exciting and fun.

  120. The world is about to stop spinning! The sky is about to fall! The Oceans are about to flood the earth!

    The Decision…is next.

  121. CraigWeather on

    Whatever…we all know he’s going to Miami.. EVERY FREAKING SOURCE is saying the same thing… MIAMI. Eh..who cares…

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on

    WOW is this what the world has come too? I thought Ive heard everything when I heard Brittany Spears half eaten sandwich was sold for thousands of dollars on ebay.

  123. the special is so he can make it dramatic…everyone thinks he’s leaving, he has a “change of heart” and he comes out like a hero…

    its called great PR

  124. paulg in sunrise on

    it is great PR because i hate basketball, could care less about the decision, but yet i am curious because it is what everyone else is talking about…so just say it already

  125. CraigWeather on

    This is sad, truly sad. I mean really? A special dedicated to where an athlete will sign? Puke..

  126. The NBA should ban this from happening. This is like performance enhancers!!

    Eh, but what the fugg do I care. As long as it doesn’t happen in the NHL, I’ll be happy.

    I hope those three dorks never win! Bwahaha!

  127. I hate basketball…can’t stand LeBron James and this pathetic need to make his decision so IMPORTANT that we need a prime time tv special devoted to it…Can’t stand a sport populated by overpaid, ignorant fools…Can’t stand how he’s going on about how this is a “tough” decision when we all know he’s only looking at the dollar signs and is now gonna party in Miami with the rest of the Tony Montana wanna-bes…

    But I AM smiling…

    Because Lil Jimmy Dolan LOST today.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  128. paulg in sunrise on

    who is jim gray and why does he get the interview, that guy is an old hack – carp should have done it

  129. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on

    Lebron should have had Bosh and DW there giving him high fives with a little scrimmage or something. Geeeze I paid money for this!!!!??? Wait…free tv , no ..My cable bill isnt free!!! BOOOOOOOO sounds like an Oprah interview!!! All this talking no Rangers!!???? This sucks . Im outta that channel!!!!

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on


  131. CraigWeather on

    You heard it here first….redden gets buried, girardi or gilroy gets dumped….and we sign Kovalchuk.

  132. Is it over? So the Knicks tanked two season for this? Bright decision..But what else is new?

  133. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers rule & everyone else sucks!! " … says Greg L. on

    my sympathies to azzlander fans …your team sucks!!!

  134. Oleo,

    If I’m reading u right then u were wrong twice today about lebron. This morning u said it was definitely knicks because of where announcement was taking place. Just a bit ago u said he’ll stay in Cleveland to be the hero.

    Anyway…now I can ignore basketball again the way it should be. I think rangers hold tight for a bit and then ditch redden yo Hartford or trade and get Richards or some other #1 center. Unless a kid like stepan really steps up and then u just ditch redden anyway for some other piece of the puzzle.

  135. darren dreger speculates that if a trade isn’t made soon, Simon Gagne might be placed on waivers. would you guys take him if he was available?

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Seething Sather sees something so simple somebody somewhere should suggest something simple so Sathers something is seen.

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers Rule!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Say that 5 times really really quik!!!

  138. paulg in sunrise on

    Gagne – edmonton would grab him immediately i would think – islanders too – never would make it to rangers for them to decide

  139. Johnny LaRue on

    No brainer. Florida: zero income tax. New York: highest state and city income taxes in the nation. How’s that soak the rich mentality working out?

    Probably one of the reasons that the Rangers have to overpay for everybody is just to make up for the enormous extra taxes that players incur earning a paycheck in New York.

  140. paulg in sunrise on

    thats actually a very good point Johnny.

    In fact in the next CBA i think the state income tax teams get a cap credit in that states income tax % – for NY thats like 15-20% – hell thats like signing Kovi without dumping redden

  141. Kevorkian of sports… the only difference is that most of Kevorkian patients wanted to die and died peacefully

    we don’t want to die but Dolan is killing us anyway and in the most painful way possible!

  142. It’s not that simple, Johnny…he would still make more money in NY- the local endorsement opportunities for him would be much greater in NY than Miami…

    Anyway, one big drama is over.

  143. If a team picked him up we would only be taking a hit for half his cap hit of 5.25mill right? so that would be 2.625mil cap hit, i would do that if it got around to the rangers but i doubt he would make it that far, even with him being injury prone, he is a skilled enough player to take a chance on for that price and under contract for only this coming year

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, that’s only reentry waivers. Regular waivers would be the full cap hit.

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    So, from what my friend tells me, the Lebronathon went exactly as I said it would. About 30 mins in he makes his decision, and he went to Miami.

    Knicks tanked two seasons to give a max deal to a worse version of a player they already had.

    I hate you Dolan.

  146. ilb, they tanked two seasons, and terribly overpaid Stoudamire for this.

    Ugh. And they’re talking about Carmelo “Cheech & Chong” Anthony next year.

    Jim Gray is the most overrated interviewer in TV. But they couldn’t afford me.

  147. Tank The Season on

    Florida is also a debtor heaven. If LeBron blows all his money and goes broke, their Homestead Exemption prevents most creditors from selling his house.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    Seeing replay of LeBron interview. He says organ-eye-zation like a Canadian.

  149. 3 Markers in a Frame on

    Ok, now we can officially change ‘piece of carcillo’ to ‘piece of lebron’!

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    No Lebron for Dolan. Beautiful! Dolan’s name should be Chokesonknicks…

  151. Lol, LeBron wants to win, apparently, so why would he come to a group of losers like the Knicks?

    And why would Kovalchook want to come to a group of losers like the Rangers?

    And why does a guy like Sather get to live so long and ruin lives? All the diseases and sicknesses that this world has to offer, and this guy has a clean bill of health.


  152. 3 Markers in a Frame on

    I blame him for the whole circus he’s created and for taking the easiest road and not being man enough to play under pressure in the city like NY.

  153. Olga Folkyerself on

    3 markers- That is the biggest bunch of carcillo I’ve head uttered here in a long time… Congratulations.

  154. Olga Folkyerself on

    head= heard. And after considering Greg and ORR, that’s quite an accomplishment…

  155. “3 markers- That is the biggest bunch of carcillo I’ve head uttered here in a long time… Congratulations”

    That is the biggest carcillo I’ve head as well.

    He’s a poos for not having the balls to stick it out with his team. And supposebly they had a good team, but just couldn’t go all the way. It fuggin happens.

    He’s screwed now. Even if he wins it all with the Heat, everyone will always say that he couldn’t win it without the other two guys.

    Whereas a guy like Kobe Bryant went through a similar situation, stuck it out with his team instead of asking to be traded, and now has won back to back championships.

    This guy is a loser, and can’t win it on his own, so he has to form a super team. If this happens in the NHL one day, I will poison someone!!

    And I can’t stress this enough! I *HATE* basketball, and basketball players! I’m just throwing in my two cents.

    Now, I guess we can talk aboot boring Soccer again, huh?

  156. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    the thing about dolan telling slats do what ever you have to to get kovi now that the basketball dude went to miami isn’t funny.

    If gagne made it to us on waivers….NAB him!!!

  157. LeBron said that, for him, FA experience is very humbling…hhmmmm…I wouldn’t use that particular word when describing hijacking of national media.

  158. If Kovalchuk is even considering the KHL because of the money isn’t that a pretty good indication that a Stanley Cup isn’t that big of a deal to him? I don’t think I would bother to sign a guy like that.

    Besides, has history ever shown that signing a big name free agent can make a mediocre (at best) team a legit Cup contender?

  159. I didn’t know Boogaard has suffered with back problems and had a concussion last year causing him to miss about half the preseason and about 5 games to start the season.

    Many commenting on at that time thought he was done.

  160. Goalie

    HOw insightful! A point that I’ve always tried to make, which fell on deaf ears.

    So what would you rather, 4-5 20 goal scorers or one 60 goal man at incredible salary scale? Hmmm?

  161. Maybe the Garden will be more aggressive now that Lebron is going where the is no state tax.

    Perhaps Dolan tells sather: Get me that Russian!??

  162. is dolan buying up Brighton Beach? It’s not Miami Beach…….too bad he’s not selling his sports teams, he is what their records say they are, a loser…………….so is his NYR gm……………

  163. Hockey Rodent did massive research to show aging players production into their late 30’s in response to possible 12 year (or more) contract to Kovalchuk.

    I’d love to have him but NOT longer than 6 years

    The problem with the stat? Only top players continue on the ice at 38 or 39. They are rare and not part of the norm. Most players are retired by then.

  164. Why is it these big free agents never want the challenge of turning a perennial underachiever into a winner?

  165. LI RangerFan on

    UK – because it is easier for these big FAs to *not* take on such a challenge (and risk failing). They actually get paid obscene amounts of money to choose otherwise. It’s a shame really…

  166. UK Gaborik & Lundqvist can’t do it alone. They should sign Kovalchuk or get Richards. Not sit with what they have.

  167. bklynblue – i’m thinking more LeBoring than Kovy, he could have stayed with the Cavs or gone to the Knicks and tried to inspire them to a championship.

    Kovy would definately make this team better possibly a contender, i’ve no arguement there.

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