LeBron to MSG? Maybe, but not Ilya


Still nothing to report on where Ilya Kovalchuk will land.

Except this:

He’s not going to be a Ranger. They aren’t in it, they never were in it, and they won’t be in it. Book that.

The odds-on favorite remains the Devils, though it’s hard to imagine what’s holding it up, unless there’s a mysterious second team. LA is out. The Rangers, again, were never in. The Islanders said they were in, but leaped out.

But my friend Tom Gulitti, over at the Bergen Record and the mega “Fire and Ice” Devils blog, wonders if the Devils will do the typical thing and announce the Kovalchuk signing on Thursday, when LeBron James makes his decision public, thus getting Lou Lamoriello’s club the least amount of publicity possible for the buck.

It remains a possibility that LeBron and Kovalchuk will be playing in the same arena next year … but only if that arena is in Newark. Because while LeBron is a longshot to sign with the Knicks, Kovalchuk will not sign with the Rangers.


Meanwhile, yesterday’s signing of Ryan McDonagh to a pro contract was a bit wrongly analyzed. Some think it means bad news for Matt Gilroy. I think otherwise. I think Wade Redden’s a goner in September, based on John Tortorella’s break-up day remarks about fixing the room and the need to get younger, and some other hints. I think the Rangers are still high on Gilroy, who should have been expected to have a tough rookie year after learning to play defense in college, then skipping right over the minor leagues.

I think Gilroy will be one of their six defensemen, and McDonagh will have a shot to be one of those six, too, and with Staal, Girardi and Del Zotto, and barring a trade of Rozsival, well, that leaves no room for Redden. Except in Hartford, where his salary-cap hit disappears. Poof.

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  1. How can you be so sure the Rangers are not in on Ilya? You quote no sources, no nothin’.

  2. Rod Gilbert on


    Heard the same about them being out around midnight; believing it this time, unless it’s just one more media manipulation (we’ve seen several in this episode already).

    I don’t believe for a single second that they were never in it.

    If true, it’s the same old CYA routine by this incredibly lame front office, make it look like they were never really interested (No? Why the hell not?).

    Also heard it’s NJ or St Louis, barring a last minute offer.

    Lamoriello has the edge but wants to withhold announcement because he needs to $hed and doesn’t want to do so from a weakened stance.

    Make of it what you will folks.

  3. considering one spot in the top 9 is always up for grabs, once the Rangers signed Christensen and Prospal it meant no room for Kovalchuk without someone going in the opposite direction.

    unless we make a trade, the only addition i see is a veteran d-man…

  4. oleosmirf sure. they cannot sign Kovalchuk because Prospal at $1.1 and CHristenson at $950k have been signed. SUre.

    those guys could never be traded because those contracts are so outrageous and exhorbinant same with Dubi, Cally, Anisimov, and about 6 other forwards……

    Not every ranger has zero value on the market……..

  5. Tank The Season on

    If nothing else, passing on Kovalchuk puts the Rangers in prime position to steal Parise out from under Lou next summer. Signing Kovalchuk means Lou won’t be able to match an 8 year, $64M offer sheet to Zach.

    So if we were never in on Kovalchuk, will we sign another top 6 forward or just go into the season without essentially replacing Jokinen?

    Kreider Stepan and/or Grachev won’t be ready as far as I can tell.

  6. Rod Gilbert on


    Your not wrong in your analysis, just remember how incredibly impotent they are when it comes to thinking about next year.

    Ask yourself, WHY after months and months and months of complete silence on the issue of Kovalchuk – both on and off the record – has the writer (and I’m not questionning Carp at all here)NOW received word from somewhere that they were never in it and Kovalchuk won’t be a Ranger?

    CYA, that’s why. They make me SICK.

  7. Tank The Season on

    Maybe the smartest thing to do is to go into the season with spare cap space, play some rookies, see how we do, and have the flexibility to go out and add a Brad Richards or someone like that at the deadline if it looks like we will make the playoffs for some unfathomable reason.

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    I never figured that the Rangers were seriously in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes. Sather has hung too many albatrosses around the Rangers necks (Drury, Redden Rozival) along with high contracts given to Gaborik and Lundqvist. The money just isn’t there to take on another 7,8 or 10 million contract that Kovy is anticipating. Sather has handcuffed his own chances of getting anything substantial from this year’s Free Agency.

    Just chow down on your toxic contracts for a few more years, and pray Sather is gone before he can lock up the next round of UFA albatrosses.

  9. On Kovy- Ek says were in so you know we are out.

    Carp – i dont like your negativity about LBJ coming to the knicks. We all have to believe man.

  10. Actually Lebron and Kovalchuk would not play in the same arena – The Nets still play at the Izod center until they move to Brooklyn.

  11. Tank – I’m willing to bet Parise is re-signed by the Devils long before next summer, regardless of whether they end up with Kovalchuk or not.

    Not saying teams shouldn’t make plans based on potential free agents a year down the line, but various talk on here along the line of “It’s OK, we can just wait until next year/2014 when Parise/Koivu/Malkin will be free agents” seems a bit optimistic, to say the least.

  12. Warren Mason on

    I think you are really going out on journalistic limb with your Kovalchuk comments, Carp. I do not assert that the Rangers will sign the high-priced winger, but can you definitively say Slats has not kicked the tires a bit since his price tag dropped?

    I enjoy your blog, but I feel you sometimes position innuendo as fact which is not journalistically responsible. I feel strongly that if reporters do not have a source, even in this era, that they should not float an opinion as truth. If you have a source who wishes to remain anonymous, I believe that you should frame the information in that context.

    With information exchanged at the speed of light in this digital era, it is easy for a strong opinion to take on a life of its own as a fact. Some blog will report that the Rangers “aren’t in it, they never were in it” and the next thing you know USA Today reports it.

  13. “Actually Lebron and Kovalchuk would not play in the same arena – The Nets still play at the Izod center until they move to Brooklyn.”

    No, that’s patently false. The Nets will play in Newark, NJ this upcoming season NOT the Izod center.

  14. Could the delay in any announcement from the Devils be because Sather is making a run at Kovalchuk?

    CAP room can be found…especially in September when Redden goes to Hartford.

    Imagine losing Redden (addition by subtraction), keeping the youth movement going AND adding Kovalchuk for NOT that much MORE money than Redden??

    I am curious as to the source that the Rangers were NEVER in it for Kovalchuk. Its a confident statement.

    Regardless, addition by subtraction is a factor with any d-man (just about) as a reasonable replacement for Redden. Rosival’s contract should be looked into for a trade, in order to unload it.

    Drury…this is a tough one. Does his “no move” clause include Hartford? What about retirement?

    It would be a marvel to see all 3 contracts gone.

  15. Lebron is milking this for all its worth and then some. A one hour ESPN special? ugh.

    It’s being held in Ohio.

    I don’t know what Dolan put into this, but I’d rather see his energy going after Kovalchuk in exchange for Redden’s contract…it is hard to believe that the two contracts are not that far off in terms of CAP hit. If we can take two sub par players and equal Kovalchuk, it is a home run for us.

  16. I have a question to throw out here:

    In salary arbitration, does anyone think that after Girardi’s side finishes their presentation, that Sather’s side will be silent and simply roll the tape of:

    Girardi standing by to watch Gabby take punches to the face?

  17. LI RangerFan on

    Hahaha; LOL @ Seamus:

    “…simply roll the tape of:
    Girardi standing by to watch Gabby take punches to the face?”

  18. Seamus O – I love that video reference – that would be hilarious.

    Warren Mason,
    Back off dude – Carp is always subjective, and offers his opinion, praise and criticism fairly evenhandedly on all issues. To say a reporter cant offer his opinion and thoughts on a blog(his own blog none-the-less) is ridiculous.

  19. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I kinda agree with Warren, I was wondering too if this was just an opinion (albeit an educated one) or Carp knows something further from sources.

    I don’t think Warren was attacking Cap whatsoever and in these days of rampart unfounded rumors (which I know Cap does not contribute to) it could easily be picked up as ‘Cap is reporting that NYR and not in the Kovie sweepstakes’.

  20. Warren Mason- I’m sure Carp appreciates your lesson on journalistic integrity and proper writing techniques. You need to give him a break, he is only 30+ year experienced rookie. But for your information, people who know his writing will tell you that he rarely, if ever makes such a strong statement unless his knowledge on the subject is absolute. Therefore, from this blog’s point of view, he didn’t even have to “frame the information in that context”. We know.

    Folks, Parise will NOT be available next year as FA. Lou keeps who he wants to keep.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  21. SeamusO
    July 7th, 2010 at 7:51 am
    I have a question to throw out here:

    In salary arbitration, does anyone think that after Girardi’s side finishes their presentation, that Sather’s side will be silent and simply roll the tape of:

    Girardi standing by to watch Gabby take punches to the face?

    lmfao!! dude, somebody shouldve made a parody of that like the “history will be made” commercials. ohh the possibilities. yea, it would be embarrassing for us fans, but its just too damn pathetic that its funny.(cue piano) “doo doo do, do doo do doo, dadad da” what if gabby hadn’t boinked mrs girardi?”, also, i’d l,ove to se a parody of that commercial about redden and at the end, it says, “history will be wade”!!

  22. Oh, good..Was going to tell you to slow down since I’m yet to have my coffee :-)

  23. stuart

    the salaries of Prospal and Christensen have nothing to do with why Kovalchuk was never coming here. Every year in training camp, the Rangers (and most other teams) reserve one spot on the top 3 lines for a prospect/training camp invitee. If the Rangers were truly interested in bringing a FA in, they would have done so before bringing back Prospal and Christensen. Considering how quickly they were resigned shows

    Grachev, Zuccarello, Wiese, Byers, Stepan, Krieder, Werek etc. all have a shot to make the team (some better shot than others). Prospal, Gabby, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Christensen, Drury, Avery are all guaranteed spots on the top 3 lines. Boogaard and Prust are guaranteed spots on the 4th line as well.

    If the Rangers were to sign a FA (regardless of cost), that would mean every single prospect and every fringe veteran would be competing for 3 spots the team, the 4th line center (probably Boyle) and 2 healthy scratches which more than likely dont include a prospect. That isnt how a Tortorella training camp works…

  24. its not fair how girardi gets blamed for that. it clearly wasnt his fault. hes not the only one who wasnt sure what was expected of him by torts. but after that whole thing was cleared up, you could tell it just ate away at girardi, and when hartnell ran artem in the 2nd to last game of the season, who stood up for him? i loved seeing him drive hartnells face into the ice.

  25. considering how quickly they brought back Prospal and Christensen shows they were never really interested in any UFA forwards.

    If the Rangers do sign a FA, or make a trade one of those 8 “guaranteed” players will be going elsewhere.

  26. All I know is this… the action sure is in the Atlantic with a Kovolchuk signing by the Devils.

    Although it won’t change much. The Rangers will still need to be better than…

    …Washington, Pittsburgh, NJ, Philly, Boston, Montreal, Buffalo and Ottawa if they plan on making the playoffs…

    Even then, without a #1 center who can carry the load or a top notch top 6 forwards that can force the other team to change up its lines, the Rangers will not be doing much in the postseason.

    Philly has plenty of top line talent in Carter, Richards, Briere, Hartnel, etc. The Rangers have Gaborik…

    We will really need Kreider, Stephan, McDonough and our pick this year to pan out if we think we’re going to compete in the east at all in the near future…

  27. bull dog line on

    It is more than just that 1 play gerg,
    Girardi has peaked. he is soft on the puck, offers no offence, and is often indifferent on the ice. let him go!

  28. Good point, Oleo. It also allows them to start the season with some reasonable cap margin. A novelty for this team. Having said that, I doubt they are done. They may still be looking to add some toughness on defense and, perhaps, an elusive first line center. The latter worries me a bit- that may come in at the expense of some of our prospects.

  29. gerg,

    why is it “clearly” not Girardi’s fault for not intervening for Gabby?

  30. Leethhalloffame on

    The best thing said so far here today by a landslide – “Redden will go to Hartford.”

  31. bull dog line on

    agree with all you said. the high skill players in the conference was the main reason to go after Kovalchuk. since it does not appear he is coming to the Rangers, that is all the more reason to force feed the prospects,especially Stepan, Grachev. the Rangers are going to need to speed up the process in order to compete in the near future.

  32. ilb2001

    there are 3 scenarios i see happening: 1) the Rangers acquire a top line center on an expiring contract lets say for arguments sake Brad Richards for Dubinsky, Byers and a 2nd round pick.

    The Rangers go into the season with this exact team and either 2 things happen 2) the Rangers are buyers at the deadline and look to acquire a top level player or 3) the rangers are sellers and Girardi, Christensen, Rozsival, Prospal are all on the move and replaced with guys like Stepan, Grachev, Wiese, Sauer, Valantenko etc.

  33. “Actually Lebron and Kovalchuk would not play in the same arena – The Nets still play at the Izod center until they move to Brooklyn.”

    No, that’s patently false. The Nets will play in Newark, NJ this upcoming season NOT the Izod center.

    Oh, I did not realize that. Apologies to both you and Carp

  34. Tank The Season on

    We can either sign Kovalchuk now and try to field a competitive team while Gaborik and Lundqvist are in their respective primes, or sit back and collect potential lottery picks until Stepan, Kreider, Bourque, McIlrath, and Grachev become NHL players, the Redden/Drury/Rozsival contracts come off the books, and Malkin hits the open market- because honestly the Islanders will get better before we do.

    If the Devils feature Parise and Kovalchuk, the Isles Tavares and Moulson and whoever else, the Flyers with their crew, and Pitt with you-know-who, the Rangers have a better shot at finishing last in the division than anything else.

  35. Bull Dog – I forgot about Grachev… lets hope he pans out soon, he had a poor season last year, but it was his first year in the pros, so lets hope he continues to develop and can help next season. I don’t see how he can go from scoring 12 goals in the AHL to being a NHL player this year.

    I think the Rangers are betting on Kreider and Stepan as their future top forwards. I think both players have the ability to turn the organization around if they get the talent they need around them. Which means Sather will need to sign some quality UFA next offseason for a couple years to help groom them.

    Sather will also need to sign a tough UFA dman to groom McDonugh and this years pick.

    I think this team needs to assess their development over the next two seasons and the see where they.

    But I pass on Kovy… he has never shown he can carry a team and we have too much money wrapped up in other contracts right now.

  36. seamus – girardi has fought in the past, hes not afraid to drop the gloves. he said after the incident that he didnt want to take a 3rd man in penalty. and torts comments afterwards didnt give a ringing endorsement for our guys standing up for each other. id need to go and find the exact quote, but it looked to me like dan wasnt sure what coach wanted him to do.

  37. It’s funny to read posts from “UFA Crackheads”.

    “Why can’t we get KOVY?!?!?! Who said we can’t get KOVY?!? Who is YOUR source?!? You have no journalistic integrity!!!”

    Geez. If I am Sather, I would keep an eye on Bobby Ryan. If the Ducks and Ryan are at an impasse, I would expect Slats to deal from a position of strength and deal Staal and picks for a top line player.

  38. And does anyone really see Girardi with the NYR if he goes through arbitration?

  39. Please,
    Stop defending Girardi. He BLEW IT!!! He will never live that Carcillo-Gaborik incident down. Ever. I don’t think he will be here next year anyway.

    Hope he likes Aneheim.

  40. I think our #1 draft pick along with giving Gilroy more money and giving McDonagh a crack at camp could = Wade Redden new captain of the Wolfpack! Hell bring up Sauer or Potter or anyone if McDonagn can’t hack it.


  41. i believe that next season is when the Rangers will spend money. Prospal, Christensen, Rozsival, Redden, and Brashear will be gone and that amounts to roughly 16 mil. Also Gilroy and Girardi will be gone too (thats another 4 mil) Now Dubinsky Anisimov and Callahan will be RFAs so some of that money will go there but that still leaves plenty of cap room for a top line center (Thornton, Koivu, Bergeron, Richards) and top 6 winger (Semin, Backes, Ryder, Miettinen, Laich etc.) and a top 4 d-man (Chara, Jovanovski, Markov, Brewer, Kaberle, Pitkanen, etc.)

    Obviously you cant get all 3 of some of those but a good combination that fits under the cap is very possible and would make us very very good and still young and upcoming

  42. Rod Gilbert II on

    Hey guys, I just got word that Kovalchuk is definitely looking to sign a contract and that he wants money in exchange for playing hockey. He is reportedly adament about this. Take it for what you will!

  43. oleosmirf,
    makes complete sense to me. Sather has to know the Rangers are going NOWHERE for the next 2 years.

    Drury/Rozi expire, then the sun will rise again.

  44. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Approximate Volume = 32oz

    “Maybe if I drink the entire contents, some of these posts will make more sense.”

  45. I simply can not understand all of the people on this blog who want the Rangers to pick up Kovalchuk. These are the same people who wanted us to tank or rebuild from within. Expressing interest more or less signing Kovalchuk is nothing more than the Rangers going back to the days of signing the biggest name out there for no reason other than because they can, abandoning any plan that they had. We’ve done this year after year, decade after decade. We, long term, are better for not having Ilya Kovalchuk.

    And as someone said before. Zach Parise is a lot more of something I want on this team than Ilya Kovalchuk is.

  46. Wade be Gone on


    Ha that’s a hilarious idea, can someone who knows all that technology put one of those history will be made commercials on for Redden? Just rewind a bad play of his (should be plenty out there) and then the final screen says ‘History will be Wade’ with the background being a Wolfpack logo.

    I think everyone would love that…..

  47. cwgatti

    if our young guys keep progressing, i see no reason why we cant be very good in 2011-2012.

    as for this season, we aren’t going to be very good even if we make a move but the potential is there if young guys like Dubinsky, Anisimov, Callahan etc have breakout seasons…

  48. No offense meant to anyone but it’s time to get over the Gaborik/Carcillo thing. There were about 17 other guys that coulda done something and didn’t. To keep going on and on about Girardi not doing anything and thus deeming him expendable is ridiculous. We could do a whole lot worse as far as a young Dman is concerned

  49. I like to see the devils sign Kovalchuk, hopefully to a huge contract. This way next year the rangers can sign parise. I rather have parise than Kovalchuk.

  50. I’ve just read an exclusive on twitter saying that its 100% certain that Kovalchuk will be playing his hockey in

    wait for it

    nearly there

    ice skates!!!!

  51. I think we need a Larry King special before he retires, where Dan Girardi talks about the night he let Gabby take a couple of punches while he stood and watched (and didn’t give away the powerplay and earn himself a game misconduct for 3rd man in….).

    He’s a young guy, when he’s playing with another competent D-man he’s a good 2nd pair guy and worth $2.5-3m a year. Sign him up, ship Redden out and we have 5 very young guys on the blue line and Michael Roszival. Imagine what they’ll be like in 1 or 2 years time….imagine what it will be like if we can keep them as a unit, let them settle into regular pairings and roles, add McIlrath in 2 years and it could be the envy of the league

  52. I am for rebuilding, and I am for picking up Kovalchuk, under the right conditions.

    We ARE rebuilding with youth AND it is going well. If we send Redden (4 more long years) to Hartford, that ALONE almost gives us the $ for Kovalchuk.

    With K, Gabby, Lundqst and a lot of youth, we look good. We need a center, I know, but it would be fun to have two top scorers both under 30. Wow!

    No 10 year deals, though.

    I think if you use Redden’s numbers, it works and fits into a plan to be competetive THIS year. Kids that played well last year will step it up this year.

    Redden was a HOLE for us, who leaked wins.

  53. Thanks, for telling me how to do my job.

    This is not my opinion. It is fact.

    The Rangers are not involved in Kovalchuk’s free agency. They never were. And they won’t be.

  54. My fear is that not pursuing Kovalchuk means that Dolan is not willing to swallow Redden’s contract, at least not this year.

  55. So Carp, what you’re saying is, the odds are starting to tilt away from the Rangers as being the team to land Kovalchuk. I get it.

  56. DarrenDreger

    Kovalchuk should simply declare, publicly his want to play for the Rangers. I bet Slats would clear the deck and make it happen.

  57. I for one will be glad when this Kovalchuk media circus is over! I just can’t see the Rangers being involved in this when there are more pressing issues to address. I’d laugh if he signs with the KHL…

  58. Whoa! Darren Dreger does not play, he’s as locked in as anybody.

    Now, does that jibe with what carp has & this (below)?

    As a public service – and because a few people here were cool – I’ll repeat what I was told this am, and those who want to poke fun or get nasty about it for no reason can go scratch themselves. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    Rangers told IK $8m for 5yrs and not a penny more.
    IK thought Rangers would cave, thus the holdup.

    Instead Rangers now saying they were “never in” because their offer was never big enough for them to truly be “in”.
    Barely plausible deniability.

    Ask yourself too, why start negotiating with Frolov (as per several reports), then stop if they weren’t in on Kovalchuk?

    And how could they not ever have been in on Kovalchuk?


  59. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Yeah what the hell is it with Darren Dreger saying that?

    WHy NOW does Kovalchoke have a desire to play in NY?

    Pass on him, buidl from within, go as far as we can this year with what we have, we could be suprised by some of the youngsters

  60. Doodie Machetto on


    Maybe you should tell him how to do his job… by getting his shinebox.

  61. the Rangers have no room for Kovalchuk or any other FA on their roster right now unless of course you think that the Rangers will go into training camp with a set roster or trade one of their bright young players to bring in a vet.

    the Rangers are rebuilding thank god…let it happen…

  62. Maybe they haven’t made him an offer, just flirting with him. Either way you cut it, I don’t like it!

  63. Warren Mason on


    I did not intend to tell you how to do your job. I posted my opinion about one aspect of your blogging style and I stand by it. With your no-nonsense matter-of-fact blogging style, it is sometimes difficult for me to tell the difference between a well educated opinion and information from a source.

    As mentioned, I do enjoy your blog a great deal and you have a proven track record as an experienced and entertaining journalist. I expressed my view because the power of blogs and twitter have created a journalistic environment in which off-the-cuff comments become facts; several of which have had repercussions (e.g. the Jeff Carter/ Scott Hartnell fiasco in Philly last year).

    Since I have gotten way off subject and I am quite certain that my view is in the minority here, I will refrain from further posts on this subject. Thank you for acknowledging my opinion and for working so hard on this fantastic Rangers blog!


  64. Does anyone else follow Darren Dreger(from TSN) on twitter? He just made this post, and it has me very confused.

    “Kovalchuk should simply declare, publicly his want to play for the Rangers. I bet Slats would clear the deck and make it happen.”

  65. i am still confused why people think that getting kovalchuk (not i am not saying they will or will not) means the young players will not get a chance. in fact it is the exact opposite.

    if the rangers sign kovalchuk the only thing that is for sure is that either redden or roszy will be gone in sept. leaving a open spot on defense for a young dman to step up.

    also, the signing still leaves the team without a center so there is plenty of room for any of the young centers to step up or get more ice time (anisimov this year, stepan in future)

    people, its not like they are signing an old guy past his prime (fleury, kamensky, holik) he is 27 and proven to be a tough player who scores and is deadly on the pp.

    2011-12 rangers

    dubi anisimov gabby
    kovy stepan grachev
    cally chrstsen krieder
    prust drury boog

    staal mdz
    roszy gilroy
    mcd mcilrath

    id take that

  66. Hartford Whalerpack on

    I want to be entertained when I watch the Rangers. I want to see goals scored — that’s why I’m for the Kovalchuck signing. Want youth on the team? There is still room. Even without Kovalchuck this year’s forward lines are mostly the same guys as last year save for one or two spots. It’s not like we’ll have an entire line of rookies.

  67. Don’t count Kov’s out from the Ranger prospective. Anything can happen with Slat’s in there. But Kovs might feel after a possible signing they don’t have enough in the tank to be competitive for years . It all depends on the log jam they have in the defense. Was MDZ ready last year? I guess Torts thought so. Where is their shut down defender ? They may need some older players to make the playoffs. I believe I saw Staal making a key errant pass against Philly in a crucial late game.

  68. Thanks, Warren. I must add that I am still getting used to this www-world, where so many sources are dubious, and they’re like you-know-what’s: everybody has one.

    I would never have put the above post in the newspaper, nor would I have been allowed to put it in the newspaper, because I didn’t cite a source — and at my paper, we don’t use anonymous sources unless it’s an enormous story, and even then we have to jump through hoops with layers of editors to clear it.

    It’s extremely different in blog world. And I fully understand how things spread like wildfire on the web. I once had an April Fools prank picked up by a number of sites. I also was the first to confirm, for example, that John Tortorella was being hired as coach, and that was something I never could have gotten into the paper without naming a source

    so, when I present something as fact here — and this is fact — it’s quite different. And I fully understand that often my opinion sounds as if I’m stating fact. That’s why I try to include phrases such as “I think” when I state opinions.

  69. Freddyhamptons on

    I am all for it…. Dump Redden in Hartford and you almost have the $$ right there… Don’t listen to Carp, he has been wrong before and will be wrong again…

  70. Blueshirt in Paris on

    In fact one can make the argument that Kovy coming here would require the dumping of larger contracts and back filling them with cheaper entry level ones.

  71. Good morning all! Can someone, anyone, please sign Lebron already so I can stop hearing about it. And that kinda goes for Kovy, too, though at least I care about this deal. (sorry Knicks fans!)

  72. nyr13

    because Chris Drury is the captain of the NY Rangers and will not be playing on the 4th line ever.

    if Kovalchuk were to come here is a POSSIBLE line combo


    that means not a single forward prospect like Zuccarello, Grachev, Stepan, Werek, Wiese, Byers, etc. would get any chance to make the team…

  73. Laurel, you’ll have at least one of your wishes tomorrow. With any luck, BOTH ‘dramedys’ will be over tomorrow. ;-)

  74. Fair response from the author. Warren’s question was fair: its good to have sources cited, or opinions given as opinion…

    fair enough.

    my opinion is that Redden will be in Hartford.

  75. From PuckDaddy. Anonymous hockey agents discussing Glen Sather and his July 1st:

    Biron Aside, The Rangers Are Clueless

    Finally, every agent panned the Derek Boogaard signing as the worst of the summer so far — although one agent placed the Olli Jokinen contract right with it.

    They agreed that 4 years and $6.5 million for a player with both a history of concussions and a decline in fighting totals was a confusing move. They also felt that the Rangers, more than any other team, were a franchise without a plan during this summer’s Frenzy.

    “Keep Glen Sather away from the switch,” said one agent.

    I didn’t know Boogaard had concussion problems. Interesting to note that he will spend 50% of his time on the rink taking blows to the head.

  76. Why would Kovalchook sign here to be centered by an AHL journeyman, or a kid, on a loser team no less, and take a paycut on top of all that?

    He can go to LA for a pretty penny, and play with proven players that can make life easy for him, or he can go back to Atlanta for the amount they originally offered, and he can play with the guys he is used to playing with.

    Makes more sense. He wont sign with NYR! If he does, I’ll let my dog bite my face!

  77. I found this article to be interesting;


    Marty Biron Set The Goalie Market
    Last summer, Biron misjudged the goalie market and saw his opportunities disappear as players like Dwayne Roloson(notes) and Nikolai Khabibulin(notes) were aggressive in finding new homes. He ended up taking a one-year deal with the New York Islanders behind Roloson.
    This summer, Biron was one of the first players to sign, with the New York Rangers: 2 years at a miniscule $1.75 million. According to one agent, his signing affected every B-level goalie’s price tag during the Frenzy: “He undercut almost all of them by coming in at the number he did.”
    True enough, there was only one goalie that signed for at least $2 million against the cap this summer thus far: Antero Niittymaki(notes) with the San Jose Sharks. Meanwhile, Evgeni Nabokov(notes) and Marty Turco(notes) remained unemployed.
    There were about 10 goalies for six spots, according to another agent. So it was a buyer’s market.
    Biron Aside, The Rangers Are Clueless
    Finally, every agent panned the Derek Boogaard(notes) signing as the worst of the summer so far — although one agent placed the Olli Jokinen(notes) contract right with it.
    They agreed that 4 years and $6.5 million for a player with both a history of concussions and a decline in fighting totals was a confusing move. They also felt that the Rangers, more than any other team, were a franchise without a plan during this summer’s Frenzy.
    “Keep Glen Sather away from the switch,” said one agent.

  78. cw, when the Rangers signed him the guys on NHL Network — I think it was Pang — were talking about how he lost a fight badly last year and didn’t fight again after that.

    can you say Fedoruk?

  79. the Rangers have a plan…its called rebuilding and they have a top 10 farm-system in the NHL.

    as for Boogaard, no player making 1.65 mil a year can be that bad of a contract. That contract can be off the books in a second and has no impact at all cap wise..

  80. and what’s with the Girardi hate? if he wants too much let him go but jeez yall are harsh.

  81. I agree with you as far as the Boogaard contract. He is young enough to bury in Hartford if need be. Shelley was not. I don’t think it was a bad signing, like most others.

  82. Carp,
    This is why I said the deal for Orr would have been just as bad. Lose one fight, and some of these guys never bounce back. Orr was rocked by Shelley and he was quiet for a while. Imagine being on the hook with a guy like that for 3 1/2 more years? I loved Orr, and Renney got A LOT out of a guy who is an absolute ankle bender. But 4 years is WAY TO LONG FOR ANY GOON!!!!

    . . . . except for the late Bob Probert. YouTube is FULL of Probert fight videos where he gets beat then comes back in the next match up and evens the score. Just ask Domi and Troy Crowder. But there are no more Bob Proberts left in this world. . . .

  83. oleosmirf

    avery can be put on fourth line where he belongs


    no movement means just that. no trade or sent down to ahl. so anyone with full no movement must approve any move

  84. If I were Sather, I woul;d have stocked up on the Ashams, Carcillos, etc. of the world and built team toughness through guys who can actually play an NHL shift. A fourth line of Prust/Carcillo/Asham with Boyle as a center or even Avery who has played center will be much more effective than that neanderthal Boogaard running around once a week for 6 minutes.

  85. oleosmirf

    exactly my point when loking at your lines i have been saying for a few days here.

    take kovy off your line combos and throw one of those kids there means again where are there spots for young kids. the ANSWER IS THERE ARE NONE. MAYBE ONE.

    so sather says he will get younger on paper this minute its the same freaking joke of a team. maybe mcdonagh comes in for redden but up front we have room for maybe 1 new face of the kids.

    boogey boyle prust 4th line no kid there nor should we want a kid playing 5 mins a night.

    3rd line avery dru and probably prospal again no kids.

    if these kids arent playing 1st or 2nd line duty and going through there growing pains then my point is go after kovy

  86. sick of lebron if he comes here this place will be a circus every day.

    please for the nbs haters stay in cleve

  87. This reminds me of last summer, getting Brash*t. He was knocked out cold by Wade Belak, and after that, barely fought, and that’s the reason why he was sent to Hartford! The piece of carcillo was not doing his job.

    We’ll see if Booger really understands his role. It’s not like he has anything to fall back on, haha, all he can do is fight.

  88. no Avery will not be on the 4th line getting 6-8 minutes a night nor will Brandon Prust be playing center.

  89. Russostrib

    RT @helenenothelen: Kings and Kovalchuk are “re-engaged” Lombardi says. Kovy to make first counter-offer. This gets stranger and stranger… 9 minutes ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by stevezipay and 1 othe

  90. And now…we have Kovalchuk talking to LA again. This is never gonna end!

    @helenenothelen Kings and Kovalchuk are “re-engaged” Lombardi says. Kovy to make first counter-offer today.

  91. when does this kovy circus end again. please go to kings or russia and stay away from east other wise come here since we wont be in a full youth movement

  92. well, if its winning Lebron is after, then he’ll either be going to Miami to play with Wade and Bosh or coming to NY to play with Stoudamire, because with only him the Cavs aren’t winning anything. Not sure how Miami can pay all 3 and fill out the starting 5 with anyone other than guys on this board, but that may be irrelevant.

  93. eric

    these are the forward lines i expect going into the season.


    I expect Brashear to be a healthy scratch who only plays against Philly as well Byers, Dupont or Wiese getting some games as well…

  94. I knew Kovalchook couldn’t resist LA. It’s just meant to be.

    Especially since his girlfriend looks like one of those typical trashy blonde beach rats with the bad fake boobs and the horrifying lip injections.

  95. Why doesn’t anyone have Prospal centering the 1st line? He played pretty well at center.

    I’m officially on the “scew EC” bandwagon. He should be ont he 3rd line, where guys like him belong.

  96. Honestly, I don’t think LeBron goes to Miami. First of all they can’t fit 3 max contracts, I don’t see these guys take pay cuts. And secondly – they do not fit together. Lebron wants the ball and Wade wants the ball so how do they play together? For me it’s either Cleveland or New York.

    Sorry for LBJ off-top.

  97. One more thing – Kovalchuk apparently thinks he’s LBJ of NHL. HE’S NOT. He should’ve taken Thrashers offer.

  98. Hey, I found a first-line center!

    @kausatoday Washington’s Michael Nylander is on waivers today. His salary this season is $3 million, but his cap hit is $4.875 million.

  99. Orr

    over a full season Christensen would have averaged 16 goals and 35 assists which still isnt great but at that cap hit, it is a bargain. I just feel that Christensen and Prospal played the best with Gaborik compared to Prospal and Dubinsky.

    The Rangers have made every indication that Christensen is their 1st choice to center that line and unless something changes, I will roll with that..

  100. Tank The Season on

    Jeff Schultz resigns with WAS $2.75M per 4 yrs. That’s what 23 points and +50 gets you.

    Girardi and Staal ain’t getting that.

  101. “especially when he’s never touched a pair before too!”

    If that’s what you think aboot on your down-time, then I’m going to personally ask Kovalchook, or LeTool James to buy you a life, since they have so much cash!


    I like them natural, as long as they don’t shoot milk like a super-soaker.

  102. I don’t know who this is as a reliable source, but:

    @Jay_Gold_ CONFIRMED: SKA St. Petersburg (#KHL) – (G) Evgeni Nabokov – 4 years – $6 M. per season.

  103. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    Ok, first…..there is one thing I hate as much as baseball…..basketball. I wish they would permanently cancel both those seasons.

    right on the button as always!!! The rangers will add at some point one way or another.

    This girardi gabby thing. First of all gabby dropped the gloves first with carcillo (giving him the same number of fighting majors that girardi had and only one less than cally or dubi). I honestly have no problem with carcillo fighting him since gabby dropped them first (if you don’t want to lose, don’t fight). That being said who gives a crap if torts wants him to take a 3rd man in penalty or not, defend your teammate (and top scorer). Torts way of coaching sucks, i’d rather have keenan!

    Girardi did the same thing during that line brawl with the flyers a couple of seasons ago. He was paired with toots then (the one where the official got cut by toot’s skate), everyone pairs off and is willing, but girardi and his flyer never quite dropped them and after the game girardi was like yes, I was getting ready to go if he wanted to then it got stopped.

    Umm, yeah, right, cut this softie or trade him and the last thing he needs is a raise!!!

    kovy back on with kings??

  104. “The Rangers have made every indication that Christensen is their 1st choice to center that line and unless something changes, I will roll with that”

    Which is why this team sucks, and will be yet another waste of a year.


  105. huh

    whether you like it or not, Avery is not playing on the 4th line…


  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery can be sent to AHL. He has a no trade clause, not a no movement clause.

    Remember when the Stars waived him? The only reason he didn’t go to the AHL immediately is because they didn’t have an affiliate to send him to.

  107. ORR, the NBA provides salary incentives for free agents to stay with their current team; hence, in a ‘sign-and-trade’ scenario, they can earn more dollars since they technically re-upped before the trade took place.

    As for Kovy, I find it amusing that all of us get so excited for July 1st, yet less than a week later, so many start complaining that they’re not enjoying the process.

  108. Orr

    its fans like you who are too short-sighted to build a team properly that hurts NY sports especially the Rangers. How many signings like Kotalik will it take before you learn…

    yes Christensen is a way below average top line center but his cap hit is 900K where as the best FA option will cost you 4 years 16 mil.

    would you rather have a below average center for 1 season and the ability to sign 2 star players next season or would you rather overpay for Frolov and only be able to afford 1 star player and 1 decent player next offseason.

  109. Sign and trade is golden in the video games world.


    Huh? I’m short sighted because I don’t want an AHL 3rd line center as our first line center, or because I don’t want to sign a useless veteran as a 1st line center.

    Umm, I think that’s called using your brian.

  110. oleosmirf,

    my lineup was for 2001-12 AND stepan kreider and grachev were in there so im not sure want you were saying.

    anisimov, grachev, stepan, and krieder are the only REAL prospects the rangers have! and they are in my lineup! the others are just 3rd liners or AHL career guys. you are dreaming if you think the rest will ever become top 6 NHL talent.

    2011-12 rangers

    dubi anisimov gabby
    kovy stepan grachev
    cally chrstsen krieder
    prust drury boog

    staal mdz
    roszy gilroy
    mcd mcilrath

  111. you aren’t listening

    you are so focused on Christensen that you are ignoring the fact that these free agent multi-year signings affects the salary cap in future seasons.

    adding an additional 3 mil to the cap next season means that you can only afford to sign 1 star player instead of 2 when it really matters.

    yes keeping Christensen makes us worse this season, but not signing Frolov, Ponikarovsky, Stepniak etc. makes us better in the long run

  112. nyr13

    so Stepan will jump right to the 2nd line center, Krieder will be the 3rd line RW and Grachev will be the 2nd line LW McIlrath will be 3rd pair d-man without ever even playing a game in the NHL…

    thats not how it works buddy…

  113. Nabokov can now be the first goalie on the Western and Eastern Hemisphere to finish in first during the regular season and then suck in the playoffs and get tossed in the first or second round.

  114. here’s something to lighten the mood

    from dan patricks show:

    1. I would love to see Favre announce his retirement at 8:55pm on Thursday night.

  115. If we’re really dredging up the Girardi/Gaborik/Carcillo thing yet again…

    Yes, Girardi didn’t cover himself in glory, but the season before he took an instigator penalty jumping in on Mike Richards after he took a big run at Zherdev, so it’s not correct to portary him as someone who’ll never step up for a team-mate like that.

  116. Wow, GREAT place for Zherdev, couldn’t be happier about him going to Philly. Will be great to see him fail there!

  117. oleo,

    if they are the top prospects that you say they are they should have the ablility to do that…the way everyone describes the rangers prospects you would think they are equal to crosby or malkin or the sedins so why not?

    just because they are lsited on that lineup as 2nd or 3rd line doesnt mean its in stone. ok how about christensen as 2nd center and stepan 3 with krieder and cally? better for you? you all want youth movement…others want kovalchuk. im giving you both in this example

  118. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Zherdev will be nasty with Richards, Briere, and Carter… i’m almost sure of it. He’ll have a 65-75 point season, Jason.

  119. nyr13

    im assuiming you are fairly young but no the Rangers prospects are not Crosby or Malkin

    they need time in HFD before they come to the team. Krieder and McIlrath wont be here next season.

  120. I’m sure Nicky Z will dominate us. That’s how it goes!


    You’re not listening! I don’t want EC, I don’t want Frolov! I want nobody! I just want prospects to fill in the blanks.

    I wonder If Greg will take the “Z’s” out of his name now.

  121. Gift of GAB-orik ( Kovalchuk is the new Favre ) on

    Kovy is playing the Devils… and probably loving it. The longer this takes, the worse it is for the Devils.

    Side note… i’m going to hate watching Zherdev torch us this season. You know he’ll play his hardest against us.

  122. Can’t we fit the Czech-mates under the cap? They were a proven combination!!!!

  123. Zherdev trying his hardest isn’t exactly the most inspiring thing to watch. I’m sure Gagne was a bigger factor in the Flyers/Rangers games than Zherdev ever will be, so that move looks fine to me. I’m not surprised, though, that another GM was willing to take a chance on Zherdeve. The talent is there…

  124. Niki Z a Flyer? Good for Kolya… Laviolette will get the most of Niki…He’ll be a good fit for that team, which is full of offensive talent unlike CBJ or NYR…

    I can see it already…a wicked wrist shot over Henrik’s glove…watch out Rangers fans…another Rangers killa is born!

    P.S. Has Lebron James been hit by a bus yet?

  125. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Zherdev only had 15 goals in Russia and is only a top tier player half the time. Did we all forget watching him when he was a ranger?

    have fun in philly not backchecking as Gabby blows past you up the ice

    Still wish F head SAther never traded Tyutin for Z sorry a%%

    Glad he’s not an option for us

    And why is everyone making line combos?

    LOTS of stuff can and will happen before we know who is even on the opening night roster

    I guarantee you, a few vets from last years team will have to fight for there jobs from the youngsters, and I for one am glad that SOME youth may make the team

  126. Dan

    The talent is there but 3 NHL coaches haven’t gotten it to come out consistently over 60 minutes for several games at a time yet.

  127. 3 NHL coaches haven’t gotten it to come out consistently

    who? Two defense suffocating coaches and one emotionally unstable idiot for a coach? Niki Z will find his groove…

  128. IMO, the Flyers losing Gagne will hurt them more than anything else. They were a different team when he was in the lineup. And Zherdev ain’t replacing him.

  129. oleosmirf i did not know you were deciding who plays where. let tortarella decide. he might very well move avery to 4th line to make room for a kid. tortarella is not a big avery fan

  130. TheREALMikeyNJ on


    you couldnt be mroe wrong

    Either way we would have had more solid of a D corps with Tyutin on our team then without, and Most likely Dredden never would have come here, as we almost certainly woudl have resigned Tyutin, and he was homegrwon

  131. Sure Niki isnt Gagne but there’s no reason Z cant score 30 goals and have at least 60-65 points on a pretty talented Flys team. That is not bad at all…plus Niki is much healthier than Gagne.

  132. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m not sure what the line combos will be, but i do see a glaring problem with the ones that have been posted.

    Drury was essentially assigned 4th line minutes the last 20-30 games last year, and Torts even said “Drury’s role has changed, he and we have accepted that.” Booyakashah! 2 years until freedom.

  133. huh

    avery is not a 4th line player, he wasn’t last year and unless his offense disappears, he wont be there this year either. he was 7th on our team in scoring last season btw. 15 goals 20 assists is perfectly fine for the 3rd line.

    and i expect Christensen to have inflated numbers playing with Gaborik and traded…or not play well and become a healthy scratch…either way I dont see him on the team next season

  134. they did win in the past but Laviolette is a different type of coach… type that Niki might benifit from.

  135. oleosmirf

    avery is no good. tortarella knows it too. i fully expect him to go to fourth line and a kid to get his spot on top 9 forwards

    thankfully in two years avery will be gone. maybe before if we ship him to hartford.

  136. Line combos are easy – as of now, it’s exactly the same as last year, aside from Boogey replacing Shelley.

  137. all this hand wringing about Christensen, as if the Rangers were dealing from a powerful hand, and that there were actually better options for them at this point in time. If so – name them.

    EC came here with a rep, and he showed that he was easily as competent and skilled as the rest of this team, and though he was no smasher in the physical department, we knew that from outset. He hasn’t the build for it.

    We also know that the next coming of Adam Oates wasn’t to be had, so who would the Rangers have selected in his place?

    I don’t believe that he’ll be any worse than he was last year, and he just might be somewhat better. At this stage, any improvement at all from A N Y O N E this season is to be hailed.

    If I had my druthers, both Mara and Morris would still be here, Redden gone down, Rozy gone, Girardi gone, and a slew of kids out there. ( Wings do this.)

    But man I sure wish they had a sound instructional set of coaches. I’ve seen enough of Boyle. He’s been pegged. I do believe that the life of this team will be decided by the defense this year. ( And I would not be surprised that at some point during the season they just might sneak McIlrath in for a couple of games, just to see how he looks – how he matches up.

  138. Tyutin is alright, but either way, he would have been traded or he would have just signed with another team.

    We have too much depth on defense to keep a guy like him. He was worth dumping.

  139. Hi all…hope your summers are going well.

    The Rangers are like the US government. Throw all the $$ they can at a problem to try and find some short term solution (which ends up being useless.) Kick the problem down the road and hope it eventually goes away.

    It is whack-a-mole management at its finest. There is no long term vision.

    That is why when ORR’s entry above says, “I want no EC, no Prospal, etc…give me Grachev and whomever else,” it is EXACTLY what they SHOULD do but NOTHING of what they will ever do.

    Three reasons:
    1) No one is coming to MSG to see Grachev play…now. Dolan knows this.
    2) No one has the patience in NY to build a team from scratch. Anyone on this blog willing to forgo this season?
    3) Sather is the most useless GM in hockey and arguably the most useless GM in sports. Nothing new.

    (1) and (2) are not new concepts but need to be mentioned. (3) is nothing new and unfortunately not going to change without an act of God.
    I am not saying no playoffs in 2010-11. I am not saying Stanley Cup Champs either. I am still enjoying golf and the summer.

    What I find comical is everyone STILL putting line combos on this blog and here it is July 7th. That is hysterical.

    Everyone is an armchair GM.

  140. Tank The Season on

    So if the Rangers had no interest in Kovalchuk, what are they going to dp?

  141. Has anyone stopped to wonder whether Kovalchuk might just want to play for a CUP CONTENDER? So what do the Rangers wow him with as team mates in this direction…..’Come and join our list of immortals, and be a part of this glorious Cup Finalist shoo in…hmmmmm????

  142. I think it’s almost official. The scary part is, I think Hacklund from Hockeybust.com called this an hour before it happened.

    So, this means we’re officially targeting Kovalchook! Or it just means that Hacklund got lucky…


    Don’t people want to come to MSG to see Hank, or Butt-Chin Man?

  143. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    quite honestly avery should play on the line with gabby. It will never happen, but that is where he should play. The more ice time he gets the better he is. He has the shot and skill to put in 20 goals. If he is playing 3rd or 4th line minutes, his game will never be at its best. He may not be a first or second line player on most teams, but on ours, that is exactly what he needs to be.

    Do any of us think gabby will play worse with him on a wing with EC, prospal, or whom ever at centre?? I actually think it will give gabby more room than if any of our softies are on his opposing wing.

    Torts needs to get over whatever “issues” he has with avery and use this roster to its potential (however good or bad it may be)!!!

  144. wicky

    i agree with you however Tortorella would never do it. next season, I think there is a better chance of it happening…

  145. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Avery is not going to Hartford so accept that.

    Even him and Torts acknoledged last season he had to find the right fit between agitator and player

    But there ARE spots open on our roster for youngsters.

    Look at it like this, forget who is def going to be on the roster and look at the maybe’s:

    Voros – almsot 100% going to Hartford
    Boyle – Going to have to fight for his spot
    Prust – Not guatanteed anything and can be sent down
    Christensen – if someone in camp blows the coaches away his job is in jeapordy, he’s still gonna have to earn his spot
    Boogaard – going to make the team out of camp obviously but can be sent down at any time

    So basically these guys in my opinion and minus Voros are competing with Stepan, Grachev, Weise and Byers for spots

    Other than that I dont think anyone else is going to be looked at as a serious contender to make the team

    These would be the players DEFINITELY on the opening night roster:

    8 Forwards: Gabby, Dubi, Cally, Avery, Drury, Artie, Boogaard, Prospal

    2 Goalies: Hank & Biron

    6 Dmen: Staal, Girardi(As long as they both resign) Del Zotto, Gilroy, McDonough, Rosival. (Redden sent to Hartford)

    That’s 16 players total

    6-7 open spots depending on if Torts learned his lesson and will carry a 7th Dman this year

    I honeslty would be happy to go with our D corps if Staal & Girardi resign, Mcdonough makes the team, and rotate whose playing worse as the 7th dman.

  146. Christensen and Prust are both guaranteed to be on the team. their play last season ensures that barring a complete meltdown during training camp, they will be here.

    Christensen is the early favorite to be the top line center, things can change but he’s a top 9 player unless he’s just awful.

    That leaves 1 spot and that probably goes to Zuccarello-Aasen although i still think they will carry Wiese or Byers as well.

  147. Blueshirt in Paris on

    You are kidding yourself with all of these ‘sending down’.

    Technically you can, but these players are on one way contracts so now you have to pay them full salary plus the ones you call up. Not to mention they have to clear waivers and if the kids dont work out they will have to clear re-entry waivers to come back and then not only can we lose the player but then be on hook for 1/2 salary.

    Voros, Brash and hopefully Redden will be about it to be sent down.

  148. bull dog line on

    you guys have to stop with this Avery should be a first liner nonsense. he is the most overrated Ranger next to Staal on the team. yes, the first time they traded for him he was grate. but since then he has been nothing but injured, and ineffective. he is a side show, nothing more, nothing less. they would not miss him for a second if they got rid of him.

  149. paris – right on. i have no idea how what mike nj is suggesting will come to be or even close to that.

    and rissmiller too on sending down. although brashear will still count on the cap

  150. ilb-
    I don’t want to call you a liar, but how can Carp have 30+ years of experience when we all know he’s only 27 years old? : )

  151. Avery, when he is on his game, is one of the most effective agitators in the league. With some speed and skills. But he needs minutes and some freedom to be effective. And you have to accept some amount of penalties. Wasn’t his fault last season. Torts said it at the beginning- he was on a short leash. He can’t play his game being on a short leash. They need to find some middle ground.

  152. bull dog line on

    Avery hasn’t been on his game in 2+ seasons. you can make excuses, and blame Torts, but the blame lies with Avery. he needs to on his game no matter his minutes, and line mates, not just when it suits him.

  153. i think Tortorella now understands that in order for Avery to be effective he is going to have to live with these dumb penalties every now and again.

    it is impossible for Avery to play at his best, if his antics are reeled in.

  154. well all those wanting the kids to have a chance, i gave you one spot of guy to be moved down the lineup. sideshow sean. can’t have it both ways people

  155. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I feel like this has been beaten to death. Avery drew more penalties then anyone else on the team last year, 26 to 19 (Cally) and per 60min played Avery draws 1.9 penalties, Cally was almost half less at 1.1.

  156. Avery needs to play right on the edge, and sometimes dangling over it in order to put the opponents off their game – ie Kovy, Brodeur etc..
    Him and Torts have had their get to know you time now and we need to start seeing some results otherwise whats the point in having him? Without the agitation he’s just another 3rd liner who can score 12-15 goals and they are 10-a-penny, especially on our roster….

  157. 11 goals and 20 assists for Avery is slightly lower than his career averages, which is perfectly fine for an agitator on the 3rd line.

    I expect him to have somewhere between 35-40 points. if you add in his ability to completely throw off the opposition and at a very cheap cap hit, i dont understand the problem.

  158. I think Boogeyman was an excellent signing. He WANTED to play here
    He is only 28
    He is anxious to prove himself
    We have not had a real enforcer
    Lundqvst will benefit
    Gabby will benefit

    Had he been 35+, it would have been horrible. He will win fans over with a few knock out punches.

    We’ve been picked on too much. I’m sick of Philly beating us AND beating us. I’m sick of guys who park in front of Lundqvst and nothing happens to them.

    This is one signing I love. 1.6 aint that bad.

    I think he will win us over the way MSG thought Brashear would have. We were ready to be won over when they brought Brashear in…clearly, we have been intimidated and battered and bruised.

    No more.

    Staal will play mean. Prust will, too. Callahan, with 8lbs of new muscle…

    But the fists of the Boogerman are going to change the atmosphere on the ice for us. Low cap hit; we have OUR fighter for the next 4 years. Atmosphere in OUR house will change.

    Solid fighter. Great signing.

  159. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Avery’s TOI was only higher then Lisin, PA and Artem. Could explain the drop.

    Hard to agitate from the bench. Lord know he tries but it is not effective.

    Problem is he use to draw twice the amount of penalties then he took, but we all know the refs really came down on him. so yeah now he is an even player, not effective in the drawing part anymore. Not to say he is not effective at all..he draws attention and has the possibility of getting people off their game.

  160. Avery may be a pain in the butt, taking penalties & stuff but everybody loves him. I don’t hear any DRURY, DRURY chants at the garden ! I say turn him loose & let him be the player he was when we got him.

  161. not really…none of the top forward prospects other than Dupont Byers, Wiese and Zuccarello are NHL ready. Byers, Wiese Dupont are projected 3rd/4th liners and Zuccarello is the favorite to start as the 3rd line RW.

    If we blocking someone like Grachev or Stepan, i would see your argument but those guys wont be here to start and Byers and Wiese don’t project high enough to warrant a spot.

  162. Blueshirt in Paris on

    If it is true that the Rangers were never in it that would surprise me in two ways.

    1. Tomato Face never met an overpriced FA he didn’t like


    2. It might be devious but if the only players in it at this point are the Devils wouldn’t it make some sort of sense to drive the price up on them a bit…create more of a tough cap situation for them?

  163. Obviously it’s an open book as to which prospects are ready to make the jump this year, but I’d be surprised if MZA, mainly because of his size, doesn’t need at least a year in Hartford to get accustomed to the size of players in North America. Sink or swim, this kid is going to get knocked into next week a fair bit, which is going to take some getting used to.

  164. Orr, did boogerman turn down more money from Edmonton to sign with us??

    I WOULD LOVE to add Kovalchuk to Ranger blue IF the contract is 6 years or less. We can clear room by sending Dredden to Hartfort Sept 1 and can play summer games and wink wink with other money/contracts until then.

    On a high contract, what does it come to for us, if we subtract the Redden contract??

    Suddenly, it looks great.

    We are young, up, and coming. He can score in NY and make a TON of money in endorsements. He knows that. In NJ, we’re not even sure they have media coverage or anything more than an ATT signal there.

    He could score 50 goals and own the place here.

  165. I think this is why Warren asked for a reference or a source to “we were never in it” claim…

    As written, it didn’t sound like an opinion to me, but a report.

    I think it would be GREAT to have him. Maybe Mess spoke to him…just before he inked up with the Devils…

    Yeah, adding 50 goals along with our now rested AND protected goaltender AND our youth taking the next step…
    yep, it makes for a very good year for the Ranger faithful.

  166. Zuccarello Aasen was the MVP of the Swedish league and was very impressive in the Olympics and world championships.

    going to HFD would to nothing for him, as it would be a step down from where he dominated last year.

  167. Orr, I think Boogerman is going to be embraced by the fans the first time he rattles someone’s fillings; just the way they thought Brashear was going to. Given the money, his age, AND our need to get tough, I love it.

    I’ve been against wasting space with a goon but last year was just too much. We were beat up, insulted, and beat up some more. The last time I felt we stood up for ourselves is when Shanny fought Brashear.

    I think Girardi is a decent d-man, but nothing more. He’ll never live down watching Gabby get hit, though. NY is a tough place and players who don’t LOVE to NY get eaten up by NY and have no place here. (see the long trail of UFA’s who signed and faded).

    But Messier is one who can say: If you win in NY (win over the fans), you will receive more than you dreamed for.

    Look at Avery: he won over the fans taunting Marty and he is still riding on that (and versus Dallas) but other than that, he has been as awful as his black and brown suits.

    He may get his botox’d face punched in this year if he doesn’t play solid agitator hockey. I don’t expect much beyond 3rd liner, but Torts is not a big fan of his. When someone says they like someone “personally”, it means a lot of negative.

    I love our youth and enjoyed even some of the losses last year because youth got ice time, which has been so rare for us in the past decade.

    If every young guy takes a step forward, we are already better.

    If we add in rest for Lundqvst, as well as protection,
    AND addition by subtraction (anyone instead of Redden)
    we are a good team.

    Add in a 50 goal scorer who is NOT small…

    I’d say that we are going to have a lot of fun this year.

    I will say this about Drury: look how he responded to his 4th line demotion minutes last year: he may be old and worn out, but he still has dignity. He has what Cindy will never have.

  168. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Boogie also brought back our offer to Minnesota giving them the option to match since he wanted to stay there. Not saying he does not want to be here, just that he didn’t wake up with a dream of going to NYR.

  169. Oleosmirf, I would be really surprised if even in Hartford, MZA gets the time and space he’s used to getting in the Swedish Elite league. The European game is less physical and played on a much larger rink. A guy who is 5’7″ is going to need time to adjust to much larger players in a much smaller space. I just don’t think he’s a lock for making the team.

  170. so Girardi is a bad defenseman b/c he didnt wanna take a penalty in a crucial game just to protect Gaborik, who never should have fought him in the first place.

    Girardi is fine

  171. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Jump from SEL to NHL…

    Players retained approximately 78% of their ice time when they went from the SEL to the NHL, and 57% of their per-game scoring. However, if we compare scoring on a per-minute basis, giving each player 22.2% more ice time, they retain 72% of their scoring

    that’s approx 16 goals…he is staying. we got nobody on that side to put that amount in the net.

  172. Blueshirt in Paris on

    and that’s only on 55 games. so project it out to 82, he could hit 20. He can also play point on the PP

  173. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Another interesting stat… Top 29 average time on ice for the entire league were all defenseman…except for MZA who was 17th.

  174. Blueshirt in Paris on

    and for the 4th post in a row….not sure I saw the details of the McD deal but cap geek has him at

    425,000 + bonuses = 1,300,000 cap hit for 3 years

  175. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    What about Carolina getting Corvo at 4.5 for 2yrs?? Where were the rangers on this? Should have got him and Dumped Girardi

  176. when was the last time a player 23 and under put up those type of numbers in the SEL?

  177. Blueshirt in Paris on

    That tells me he fully expects to play in the NHL and was promised as such. He wasn’t leaving college to play in AHL for 67,000 per year.

  178. SEAMUS

    I’ll definitely embrace him, and hope he can destroy some other goons, but if I had a choice between keeping him or letting him go, I wouldn’t think twice, and I’d send him packing. I just can’t accept that contract.

    “some buzz on twitter that Kovalchuck is singing in the KHL”

    What will he be singing? The Million Dollar Man theme song??

    Money, Money, Money, Money, Moneeeeeee-a-eeeyyy!

  179. It would crack me up no end if Kovy went to KHl after all this hubbub!!

    oh, so many posters on here who I adore today, and you know who you are :)

    gotta run….ta!

  180. I think Ilya will go to the KHL. That’s the only league that will pay his demanded salary.

  181. Orr, I just have this image of you sitting on your computer, completely naked, with Rangers Report open on one screen, and (insert illicit web site here) on another. And I LOVE it haha.

  182. From what i read about MZA he is a stocky guy and scored a lot of goals from in front and is not afraid to get in where it hurts – dont write him off or assume he is a perimeter player just ‘cos he’s short.

  183. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    When we aquired Brashear ..I googled his fights. I was impressed how he “controlled” fights and won. I stumbled apoun some great fights to see if Brash was in ’em. He fought Chara and ORR and he did rather well. I stumbled on Boogaard and I said wow!!!! I knew we just aquired Brash but I was watching Boogaard destroy guys. I was thing ” gee man I wish we got this guy instead!!”

    Well we do now. Life is grand.

  184. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If ya were to pay a goon cash…Boogaard is the best.

    I’d rather over pay Boogaard then be pushed around this year.

  185. Brash*t isn’t a fighter, lets not call him that. They have a word for what he does, it’s called “loving”!


    Please don’t think aboot me naked! But, you’re almost spot on, minus the naked stuff. The only site I visit is the one in my name. They have good material there, and it’s safe for work since they put stars over the nips. Very trustworthy.

    I almost got Kaspar fired once, because the site I used to have was not safe for work, and he pulled it up for some reason. Funny stuff.

  186. Do you think when Boogey is playing the other team’s goon is begging his teammates not to do anything stoopid so he doesnt have to go out and face the wrath of the Boogeyman?

    I think we still need a hard-nosed d-man who is going to stand up for Hank and help defend the crease on the PK.

  187. oleosmirf

    Girardi isn’t a “bad” defenseman…he simply isn’t an involved defenseman.Now it’s true that Redden wrote the book on uninvolvement, but Girardi is an apt student.

    Girardi really has something to prove to the MSG crowd this year, and that is that he deserves to play for this team. By his performance of last season ( or most of it) he has a lot of catching up to do. I’ll be convinced when I see it.

  188. ( Oh, and by the way…it has nothing to do with his non involvement in the brawl.)

  189. Greg, we’re still going to be pushed around.

    And Booger will be forced to take a penalty, and that’s *exactly* what teams try to do.

    Nothing will change. This team just isn’t tough enough as a group, because they’re so small, fragile, and weak!

    Bogger doesn’t change that at all!

  190. “Savard wants out of Boston/Mutual feelings & being heavily shopped according 2 Jimmy Murphy from ESPNboston.com on Fan960 today!” – Cassie Campbell

    i’d take marky marc back in a heartbeat.

    even more appealing is that we could do this pretty easily. the bruins are on the record stating they don’t want salary in return. they want picks and a prospect for savard.

    1 – send redden to hartford.
    2 – send the bruins a package of picks and a prospect.
    3 – receive marc savard and have him center the top line.

  191. rod gilbert on

    I think there’s some pretty amazin stuff goin on with the kovalchuk sweepstakes (tired old phrase., but can’t call it a fiasco yet)….

    Will wait for new thread

  192. Re: Zherdev

    You sure they don’t mean the Phantoms? Russian is hard to translate sometimes.

  193. another reason to put avery on 4th line

    July 7th, 2010 at 4:39 pm
    Zuccarello Aasen was the MVP of the Swedish league and was very impressive in the Olympics and world championships.

    going to HFD would to nothing for him, as it would be a step down from where he dominated last year.

  194. Girardi absolutely MUST step in and start throwing blows. Why?!? It’s F***ING GABORIK!!! Not Anisimov. There should be no second thought about it. The Ranger meal ticket was getting pounded. Girardi MUST get involved. He will never live it down. EVER. We will be talking about that 30 years from now.

    I do not see him here after arbitration.

  195. Why does everyone who puts up lines keep saying ” I expect to see Prospal-Christensen- Gaborik”??

    They weren’t that good together last year and were split up. Pray to the hockey gods that they’re not our best option for a trio that makes up the “first line” (which is the title that will be given to any line Gaborik plays on since he’s our only legit 1st line player)

  196. cw- if that was even close to being accurate people would still be talking about how Messier and company didn’t do a damn thing during the 96-97 season when Gretzky was getting pounded and abused. Carcillo happens sometimes. He screwed up. No player is flawless. Stop trying to turn your opinion on Girardi into fact.

  197. Richards > Savard > Christensen

    Hopefully Stepan or Anisimov show themselves to be atleast “close” to being the first line center of this team.

  198. huh

    Zuccarello Aasen is already slated as a top 9 forward. Just b/c you dont like Avery doesnt mean his going to the 4th line or will be waived.

    they arent sending Avery down to make room for some overpaid FA or Dane Byers.

  199. Im down for bringing Savard in to play with Gaborik, give them picks and one prospect whos never played an NHL game

  200. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , This is where you are wrong.

    Booger changes EVERYTHING. If you two guys (uk Ranger) really dont get it.You think this is twiddly wings we are playing? Seriously…One fight ,one hit or one shift is all the Boogyman needs. When our young stars ..Stepan , Grachev and other see this ..they will go crazy!!! Ever see how a team acts when they have a guy on thier team that will “police” the scene ? Small guy grow a pair of you know what and instantly become tough.

  201. unless you’re john tortorella you don’t know that

    July 7th, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Zuccarello Aasen is already slated as a top 9 forward. Just b/c you dont like Avery doesnt mean his going to the 4th line or will be waived.

    they arent sending Avery down to make room for some overpaid FA or Dane Byers

  202. rob

    would you trade a number 1 + werek for savard

    i would not but that is a prospect and a pick

  203. i dont need to be Tortorella to know that Avery isnt starting the season as a 4th liner.

    besides your personal bias, there is nothing that would indicate he is going to play on the 4th line…he’s too good offensively to only play 6-8 min a game…end of discussion.

  204. absolutely not would i trade Werek and a 1st rounder for Savard.

    if they want to get rid of Savard that badly, im not giving up more than a 2nd rounder and Dane Byers.

  205. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “When he has the puck, he just doesn’t dump it in, he is smart with the puck,” Grachev said of Stepan. “He is a good play-maker and he can also score. It is really enjoyable to play with him. I’d like to play with him one year with the Blueshirts.”

    Who wants expensive free agents?

  206. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Marc Sarvard and Chris Drury , 15 million bucks for the pint size centers ??? This is the A-T-L-A-N-T-I-C division!!!! We need small centers like we need more 3rd or 4th line players. Our new center can’t be puny Christensen, Savard,AA , or anyone who doesn’t have a) size b) skill

  207. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    At 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, Grachev is a powerful specimen on the ice. Combining his size with strong skating ability, impressive natural skills, and a love for scoring goals, it’s easy to see why the Rangers want to see Grachev raise his level of play enough to reach the NHL this season.

    – prospect central

  208. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Who needs Kovalchuk when we already have one.

  209. Doodie Machetto on

    Greg, Savard’s cap hit is only 4 million. He has one of the best contracts in the league.

    I’d gladly deal a 2nd rounder, a decent prospect, and Girardi’s rights.

  210. Greg, you were all for Brash*t, and you said he’d strike fear in all of the oponents, and nobody would screw with Hank.

    Skip to a year later, after a season where we were contanstly bullied, here you are saying the same exact thing, except Brash*t is replaced with Booger.

    Sound familair?

    “Girardi absolutely MUST step in and start throwing blows. Why?!? It’s F***ING GABORIK!!! Not Anisimov”

    I think it’s dumb to stick up for one guy, but not willing to stick up for the other. If I were on the ice, I don’t care if it’s Butt-Chin, or Artie. You stick up for them!

    And the more I think of it, I can’t blame Girardi for not sticking up for Butt-Chin. It was a 1-0 game, and we desperately needed the points [clearly], and if he would have jumped in, we would have wasted two minutes, and have been down a man, and a d-man.

    Gabby deserved the beat down that he got. I wish he still would have stuck up for him, but at the same time, he made a semi smart decision.

    I’ve officially forgiven him for the event.

  211. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “He’s a machine,” fellow Rangers prospect Derek Stepan said of Kreider. “When you play against him you can’t catch him. I learned that lesson the hard way (in college) when I went flying into the boards and was unconscious for 25 seconds trying to catch him. Playing with him (at the World Junior Championships) you see that he’s a great teammate, a great guy, a great skater, can shoot the puck, just a great hockey player.”

    -Prospect central

    This team is primed for speed and power Ala , Grachev ,Kreider and Stepan.

  212. a 2nd and a 2nd, and a guy like byers
    or a 2nd and a 3rd and a prospect, maybe theyd take ray bourques kid?? shouldnt need to give up a 1st, rather give up 2 non first round picks and a prospect

  213. Who needs Kovalchuk when we already have one.


    Greg is riding high his “optimistic choo-choo steam-train”!

    dont jinx the kid! :P

  214. byers is a minor leaguer not a prospect. when teams ask for prospects they expect to get just that.

    take off the red white and blue glasses when you propse deals

  215. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dodo….how decent of a prospect? Who are you refering too? I do like your deal but im interested in whom you deem “expendible” considering we lost Cherry,Blackburn and got Hugh. Our draft picks are now golden..we can’t afford to lose anyone for a pint size Savard. I do like Savard though but realisticly we should trade Drury for him hahahaa!!!

    Gaborik is better then Kovalgreed…why?

    CUZ Gaborik scored more goals . Period.

  216. Rod Gilbert II on

    Hey guys. I’m also hearing some really interesting stuff but I’m not going to say what it is until someone else says it first, at which point I’ll confirm that was what I already knew but wouldn’t write. So you have to wait. Sorry.

  217. would you

    that should tell you how much im willing to give up for Savard then. if they are that desperate for him, a 2nd rounder and a young 4th liner is a fair return.

    someone mentioned Girardi’s rights. I like that idea as well.

  218. On durability alone Kovalchuk is betetr than Gaborik…

    and then there’s is creativity, physical play…ability to actually control the puck and not cough it out on regular basis… what else…have you seen Gaborik deke or at least try to deke once last season? i havent… sorry, but Gaborik is one dimensional…

  219. Yeah, what CCCP said! Butt-Chin is good, but he’s one dimensional. Kovalchook is a better player, through and through.

    “a 2nd and a 2nd, and a guy like byers”

    Haha, I if I made that trade in NHL10, my PS3 would spit in my face.

    Byers is a 4th liner. Far from a “prospect”. And this isn’t a loser we’re talking aboot, Savard might be coming off a concussion, but he has talent. They’ll want someone who at least has the potential to be a solid NHL player.

  220. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , I was wrong. I was wrong about Brashear . I was wrong about the Rangers making the playoffs. Brashear is garbage and I never saw enough of him to make an accurate judgement.
    Heck , I was even happy to see us have Jessewoman when we got him. I liked him…every time I bet or do something it goes to Carp. I won that one bet…one bet with you and thats it!!! Im cursed dude. You cursed me and now when ever I bet , I lose .

    CCCP( T) yeah don’t confuse my optomizism with insanity. I really do believe Grachev will make the team and score more goals than Kovachuk…haha yeah…any takers?

    ..btw Olga the ship jumper , ill take that Chicago bet too!!! When you lose ya have to say “Hire Sather” instead.

  221. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rod Gilbert , stop being a dumbazz and spill the beans. Anyone whos questioning you is probally a moron so don’t worry ’bout it!!!!

  222. Rod Gilbert on

    Hey, whoever the loser is posting as RGII, you’er a tw*t.

    I’m trying to give you some info & insight, that’s all. You don’t like it, scroll past.

    But if you don’t think it’s a bit odd that after just about a week of total silence regarding the NYR & Kovalchuk that within 12 hours there would be two (contradicting) stories, or accounts, or blurbs, or at worst (in the case of the ultra-reliable Darren Dreger), weighty opionions on the matter, then I’ve got news for you. You are wrong.

    Here’s another tidbit you presumably don’t have, or at least didn’t take the time to post. Guess you save your efforts for being a wiseass.

    From the LA Times (1 hr ago);

    The Kings, who became “reengaged” in talks with free-agent winger Ilya Kovalchuk on Tuesday, according to General Manager Dean Lombardi, have received a proposal from Kovalchuk’s agent, Jay Grossman.

    However, the proposed deal is so complex — and the ramifications so big from the Kings’ perspective — that they are not expected to respond for at least a day and possibly longer.

  223. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gaborik’s “One dimension ” is better then all 4 of KovalchuMps!!!

  224. Greg, it means you’ll be wrong again. It’s not Booger vs Brash*t, who’s tougher, it’s all aboot the fact that teams don’t care if you have a goon, they’ll still do what ever they want.

    All he can do is make sure the other goon doesn’t try anything, and kick his ass. Other than that, Booger is useless.

  225. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is more dangerous then Koval-KHL . Period.

    If NJ aquired Gaborik instead of Kovalbust …The Devil would have had INSTANT scoring. Kovaljunk is not. Kovalwaste was useless. He actually made NJ worse!!!
    Marian Gaborik is pure ” Talent” a gem . He has poise and finesse. Koval-punk ‘s got ovechkins ego with Zherdev’s skills….$3.5 million tops.

  226. boogaard isn’t useless…he provides entertainment to the fans hopefully 15 nights a season. avery’s not putting fans in the seats anymore. the rangers won’t be boring every night…a lot on here call them boring, now the gm gets a guy who isn’t as boring and the fans complain.

    remember it is an entertainment business. sure all the seats are sold, but real bodies in those seats buy beer, hot dogs, jerseys, hats, etc. me, i like the beer with the pretzel rod in the handle.

  227. but i expect a big year out of Brandon…Prust, who will really be the big fan favorite over boogie or avery.

  228. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , you don’t get it…Booger does NOT have to be on the icve to be effective. On the bench he will have an impact. Booger creams some guy and goes to the bench….His team mates see this. Ya get it? Our players “watch and learn” get it? Watch and learn Drury…ya dont get the same outta it do ya? Watching booger will make alot of our players braver. Even notice “little” guys act tough when theres a bigger guys around? Booger doesnt even have to do anything and our guys will go snake trying to show “boogy” they appreciate him. You may not appreciate him but our team will.

  229. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Boogaard feels loved over here..nice contract ,Gaborik and a new Conference!!! He will be on everyones mind. They dont call him the boogyman for nothing.

  230. Orr basically did the same things that Booger has done, no change in the team.

    It’s just the way it is.

    And Gaborik is not more dangerous than Kovalchook. Ask any player in the NHL in the Eastern conference.

  231. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Booger would ” EAT ” Colton Orr. Boogaard is top of the food chain and comparing Orr to him is crazy.

    If Gaborik went to the Devils instead of Kovalchuk , the devil would have been better. You can’t deny that. You can’t .Gaborik is more of a team player and is more gifted. Period.

    …adorable um …..next question!!!

  232. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CHOMP CHOMP !!! Eat Colton Orr and spit him up!!! Brashear is a blob of slow sloth goop ….Colton Orr with Brashear is no Boogaard.

  233. the way Gaborik carried this team last season was truly amazing. he had a career year playing with a combination of Prospal, Dubinsky and Christensen.

    id like to see how Kovalchuk would do in the same situation…or would he demand a trade?

  234. “instant scoring”!!! lmao. i know its just cuz gabbys a ranger. but seriously id have to say kovalchuk is a guy i would rather have on the rangers. no doubt gabby has lethal wrist shot and very good hands, and is quicker skater. he is a true sniper. kovalchuk is bigger,stronger,more durable, and is about even with gabby with scoring, might not be as deceptive and be able to get a shot off as fast, but hes much more consistent because hes healthy. and gabby wasnt exactly mr clutch either especially that piss poor showing in the final game of teh season

  235. cmon greg, u know if kovy was a ranger and wasnt so damn greedy, youd be defending him too. lol. ur a true ranger fan. very admirable how you back your team.

  236. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ole ole ole oleosmirf is right!!! Excellent point . Dmand a trade no doubt a boot it!! Gaborik is God .

    HAHA Mike , yeah not so funny when Colton Orrs skating ’round with one arm CHOMPED off!! oh Yeah , one big bang from Boogy and ..sets the game tone. I haventtt evennnn talked ’bout Prust. ohh don’t get me started. Ohhh yeah BIG MCIlrath the reaper!!! no wait thats Stu Grimson.
    …Frankensein man Mcilrath is comming too..beware . Stu Grimson btw is what Boogaard is now. The champ. Oh sure Laraque could pound Boogaard but no one else can. CHara ?? well..hes a freak of nature too as well.

  237. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mike …I said that if ..big if ..If we get Kovalpuke , I’ll stop calling him names and defend him. Im just calling a spade a spade my friend.

  238. Haha

    @tpanotch I’m on “holiday” as the Canadians say, but I can tell you that Zherdev got married on SUN and people are having trouble reaching him

  239. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Leave Greg alone, damn it!

    Greg is our token Ecklund! He comes on here and takes pot shots at my predictions on gomez and drury bust signings (3 years ago), Brashear bust (last year), Rozi/Redden bust (2 years ago), and seems to get every prediction he makes BACKWARDS… but we still love him for it. Right Greg?

  240. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , It will change the team .

    Brashear = Garbage ,human garbage. A slow slothed beast with long arms that hold and hug tight!! Its true nature is aggresive but usually hibernates around 60 – 65 games a year. It only eats once so ya gotta be lucky when ya buy yer game ticket.

    Boogaard = Top of the food chain in fighting. Meaner,bigger then everyone. A prairie boy who hitz hAArd!!! Will wear the Rangers jersey with pride,passion and honor . Make sure you don’t miss the action…coming to a rink near you …The Boogy Man!!!!

  241. i know greg. i was being serious. i like that you are so passionate about teh rangers. i am just saying, if i could pick one of teh 2 to be on teh team, miainly the only things that make me choose kovalchuk is that hes a consistently high goalscorer, same as gabby,m except gabby has health issues. thats all.

  242. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah yeah come out of the wood work and rub it in will ya Mr Truefans . I was azz backward and had worse luck then Sather on some of that stuff. I was in favor of Gomez and Drury ,even though I hated Drury for “killing us” with seconds to go and Gomez being the guy Jagr swiped at and hurt his shoulder …making us lose in the playoffs. A 1 armed Jagr was better then half the stiffs in this league .
    I didnt like those guys but knew at the time they were TOP FREE AGENTS . At the time. No one knew they were garbage.

    Um sorry Drury but your good but only worth $3 million tops. Take a pay cut and demote yer captaincy and then you’ll get respect from everyone. I thought Tom renny was more of a volleyball coach ( I sure got flack cuz I said womans) but I supported his way but in the end I got tired of his lack of PP and always playing the 4th line.

  243. going on vacation till monday night year anniversary with the wife.

    when i get back kovy will still be out there and versus will carry an hour long special

  244. Rod Gilbert on

    BTW, heavy Knick buzz they got LeBron, supposedly even NBA players are tweeting it now.

    Francessa on WFAN responsibly acknowledged no one knows for sure, but said station was getting calls from everyone they knew, most who work in the NBA. Whatever.

    While the logical thing to think is it might hamstring any potential Rangers spending – whether FA’s or issues like Wade Redden – there’s a flip side which says Dolan wants the Garden (with its renovations) and its teams to finally re-emerge after all these miserable years.

  245. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thanks T !!! Load the gun Torts!!!

  246. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Alright this show is starting to suck …these guys on here are morons!!!

  247. paulg in sunrise on

    if kovy wants to play for rangers than sign his ass now. if room needs to be made, then make it. unless you have the first overall pick, 40-50 goal scorers are not often available. I hope that the delay is because the rangers (Sather) needs to drop a contract or two. if the rangers have almost $8M in space but need to make room, then make room. Only way to get space until september is through a trade. In my mind, Boyle is expendable ($500K) that makes $8.5M. that should be enough. need more room (and trouble finding a home for Rosi who we should keep unless we get a vet d-man in return) then move trade Voros plus a pick for a prospect – just get him off the books. Once we get to september then Redden can be waived and girardi and staal signed for his money.

    maybe i am crazy

  248. Stolen from The New York Rangers Blog:

    Flyers beat writer Anthony SanFilippo tweets that Zherdev’s KHL team (Atlant) says the deal with Philadelphia is complete.

  249. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA MIKE , you can’t spell!!!!

  250. ryan from saratoga on



    “Complex” structure of Kovalchuk contract subimission to Kings almost certainly relates to–get ready for this term again–lockout season. 21 minutes ago via web


    Reliable Source: Kings have offered Kovalchuk 12-year deal for AAV of $5.3M. Not going to happen. Might open door for short-term options. 3 minutes ago via web

  251. oleosmirf, at first I thought we were not on the same page, but after reading today…mama love to you! (right?)

    eric, happy 1 year bud!

    ORR, haven’t said this in a while, but down boy…

    wicky, always my pal!

    I want everyone to save their July lines and see how they play out. Carp, maybe that’s a very cool, but complicated contest!

    Is KOVY and The Other Guy signed yet!!!!

  252. LMAO! Greg, you telling someone they can’t spell is like, well, there is no metaphor for that! Gee whizzle sticks!

  253. James G ,
    When did Gretzky w\ever get treated like that? Let me tell you: NEVER. Girardi going to arbitration means he is gone anyway. The Rangers are short on D (believe it or not), but I see Sather holding Girardi below asking price, arbitration getting nasty (his toughness will be questioned), and the 2.5 milhe was expecting will be used on a better player. Possibly Souray. You may even see Girardi packaged in a deal to Edmonton.

  254. leetchhalloffame on

    Give up nothing for Savard – he’s one concussion away from forced retirement.

  255. Sather is going to wait to resign Staal until September when he can Demote Redden …

    In the meantime with that extra 10% cushion the Rangers could sign Girardi at 2.5 – 3 million and Kovalchuk to 7 – 8 million and still be cap compliant

  256. paulg – how does dropping a guy making minimum salary help with the cap. a team need 20 players at least, maybe 1 or 2 subs so any replacement for boyle will make the same amount

  257. paulg in sunrise on

    have to resign girardi (after arbitration – didn’t the rangers play hard ball with the king some years back and then after Jan 1 extended the deal so it would count toward the future caps) – rangers don’t have enough NHL d-men even with McDonagh (who will have good and bad days – see Gilroy last year). resign girardi, resign anders erickson (i know he’s old but steady as a 7th spot play and will be relatively cheap).

    if i am blogging then it must be so you think you can dance on tv again

  258. paulg in sunrise on

    once you get to september you can waive a contract and it comes off the cap, but not until then. I understand that there would still need to be 20 (22) guys, but room can be made, just need to be creative. money can be saved with Redden and a potential Rozival move. Rozi has a very $ friendly contract, his cap hit is higher than his actual $ salary so teams looking to make the minimum or have no cap issues in small markets may like that type of contract. There are ways to make this work. 40-50 goal scorers are just tough to find and if he wants to play here then make it happen. the point is to make the numebrs work now and them rework them in september. like i said – i may be crazy.

  259. I dont know carcillo! on

    With the drafting of mclrath, I think the message is clear to the players,the pansie attitude has to stop! I feel that as a group they will play much tougher than last year. Hell if the hobbit makes the team im sure he will knock anyone on their collective aasens if they run the king!!

  260. paulg in sunrise on

    Kovi is Boyles replacement. and i forgot – avery (who i like but not for even the half rangers pay $1.9M) can be waived to free up another space for two entry level contracts – boogard is not a full timer even at that price so two youngsters can be used. just thinking out loud. love the rangers.

  261. paulg in sunrise on

    this show is going to kill me – now my wife is not even watching as it plays in the background

    MZA is roughly the same size as that guy in Tampa Bay – oh yeah Marty St. Louis – he is pretty good. inch for inch the best in the NHL? Who is to say MZA is too small. If he can play … then he can play

  262. paulg in sunrise on

    why would Girardi get more than Joe Corvo $2.25M per season – that would be an appropriate arbitration award

  263. i agree paul g. just not on kovy. the guy just wants too much money. i would love to have him here, and having him on lw playing with prospal and gabby is very tempting but i just cant see it ahppening. if sather didnt screw us we couldve had him.

    cccp( T!!), thanks for the link to mouths show. pretty funny and entertaining. the chatroom was hysterical,

    greg!!! you too much. orr digs the “teh”. its teh new the!!!

  264. mcilrath was a crappy pick. shouldve got fowler. i think he’ll be a nhl’er one day, but not anything like shea weber, the guy who he wants to mold his game after

  265. A couple of good quotes from Brooks’ Twitter:

    “Ilya Kovalchuk will be announcing his decision on Versus. What? He already did but no one was watching?”


    “Hard to believe more folks arent entirely revolted by shameless display of NBA egos than are drawn to it. Maybe its the hockey culture in me”

  266. but who knows, i have more faith in this pick because clark scouted him. sather doesnt even introduce the players teh team drafts! he must have stage fright and camera shy. hes pretty much a decaying corpse anyway. hes the undead . hes like the kinda smart zombie ‘Bub’ from that campy movie day of the dead.

  267. and what are you doing up so early ilb?? you better get back in bed, this is teh time darth slatipuss usually climbns out of his coffin and stalks the streets of nyc and iowa!!!

  268. tank- dude i was drinkin a glass of water man!! u made my laugh and start coughin!! dont do that shat when im drinkin! as soon as i read that i laughed, choked, spit out the water, burped and then giggled and snorted almost simultaneously

  269. Be careful with your trachea, Mikey. You damage that, you won’t be able to spell “a” properly. Your “the” is already shaky..

  270. i hope u were joking tank. lol. i think sather wouldve grabbed him up july 1st at noon on the dot if he hadnt screwed up so badly with the cap. his only chance of redeeming himself even slightly is sticking with the draft process and using the kids. it sucks for us who want to be competetive every year like the wings but we gotta deal with a rebuild of sorts. not a complete one but still, i know it sucks. i wish kovalchuk was a ranger too.

  271. ughh im going on a posting spree again. ilbzo, i was doing so well too. i got serious ranger report withdrawals man. help me!! i relapsed!

  272. ok bones, bonettes, and “what”. im out. be back for teh circus again tommorow. nite ilb, and rememebr, lock your windows and if u see darth slatipuss floating around your window asking to come in, just make a cross with your 2 pointer/index/butt scartching/nosepicking fingers and he’ll fly away screaming. and as for you mr tank teh season, you do the same. i dont care if he promises to sign kovalchuk if u let him in, he will steal all your cigars and drink all your jameson.

  273. If the Rangers had Greg’s passion as a team they would be awesome to watch. I lov your passion Greg never give it up always believe that anything is possible

  274. uh ohh. its like the movie ‘fatso’ where dom deluise invites his 2 fat sponsors over and junior puts a lock and chain around the fridge and pantry. then they get goin talkin about food, one thing after another and they go all boogaard on the fridge and start a feeding fenzy!!! be careful man. ive been there. and im back again!! every time i try to leave, they keep bringing me back in!

  275. Rod Gilbert II on

    Hey guys, don’t listen to regular Rod Gilbert, I’m twice the insider he is. To prove it, check out this non-breaking news quote that I’ve posted!

    @(a secret source on Twitter): “Ilya Kovalchuk is DEFINITELY playing hockey in 2010. And 2011! Book it!”

    Wow! Talk about info & insight!

    (Of course, if Rod Gilbert I comes through with his “pretty amazin stuff” and is no longer waiting for the new thread (search those 3 quoted words together, he actually said that almost 5 hours ago), I might look bad! Whoa!)

  276. gilbert II- ehh, im kinda not sold on the wholedefinitely playing hockey idea. and i also heard from my sauce, that he wont be signing with the rangers because dubinsky wouldnt give up his number 17. kovy said something like, “avery wears 16, and i wanna wear my 17 so i am 1 better than avery. but duby said, u can be #71, and be 55 times better!!, but he wouldnt do it.

  277. paulg,

    I think it is way easier said than done in terms of “being creative” in developing salary cap space. Sure you can dump Redden which is an obvious solution but moving Rozival is definitely more difficult.

    We have a 40-50 goal scorer in Gabby, sure having another would be wonderful. But do not sacrifice the youth movement for another “elite” player. I would gladly take 2 or 3 young and cheaper 20 goal scorers that can grow and develop in the system.

  278. Sooooo… [No Kovalchuk signing] I got the World Cup Finals I wanted – Holland vs. Spain. That should be quite an interesting match. Let’s Go Holland!

  279. I just got word from my source that Kovalchook is planning on switching LeBrainless James’ hats with NHL teams, and which ever one he pulls out, is the one he’ll sign with.

    As for James, he’ll just have to deal with an awkward moment, and then cause mass suicide in the streets of New York.

    Take this for what it is!

  280. NYP_Brooksie

    Not confirmed but Ive been told Devils’ offer on table to Ilya is 4 breathtaking lifetime deal that will get him the $100M he’s sought.

  281. Tank The Season on

    I’m not saying I want Kovalchuk, all I’m saying is there’s got to be some reason why we haven’t signed a top six forward to replace Jokinen yet.

  282. most of you have been admitedly wanting Kovy with your “this is how we make space for him ” scenerio’s or just secretly … completely ignoring Slats when he bascically hinted at no big signings and talking about brining up kids ….so i guess we’ll see

  283. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Holland vs Spain? I thought it was the Netherlands… and who are the Dutch?

  284. getting ready to leave for 530 am flight for anniversary trip with wife

    had to check one last update and now on twitter




    speak with you all monday night. will kovy be signed yet?

    i bet he ends up in nj again

  285. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    this blog is just pure anarchy during the offseason!

    You of all people should know mcilrath was the absolute right pick.

    Anyone who thinks prust does not have a roster spot locked up needs to stop sniffing glue!

    good night erin!

  286. The younger Thomas, who at 5-foot-8 resembles his father in physical stature, scored 41 goals for a woeful Oshawa team last year. Only two first-round choices, Tyler Seguin (48) at second-overall and Jeff Skinner (50) at seventh, scored more goals than Thomas, who is reputed to have an NHL shot and can score from anywhere on the ice.

  287. wick- i was half joking. i just wanted to get your attention! haha. no, i like mcilrath. i think at best hes like willie mitchell though, not shea weber. but hey, i just hope fowler doesnt become rafalski or whoever he was compared to for the ducks. .

  288. Tank The Season on

    Kings say they’re done with Kovalchuk.

    At this point, I hope he enjoys the KHL because they’re the only ones who will pay him what he wants.

  289. ive been sick of kovalchuk since the trade deadline. kings already said they were done and now theyre saying it again?? i dont understand why lebron and kovy or whoever gets so much damn ttention. there just people, not gods!! this whole espn circus is pathetic. they need to stop worshipping this guy. kovy can go to khl. i just hope this free agency is over soon.

  290. I really dont see the Rangers going into the season with 7 million dollars in Cap Space so …..

    a) We sign another Free Agent like Frolov, Demitra or Ponikovosky

    b) Redden doesnt get waived holding back another Prospect like Sauer, Potter on in this case Valentenko … which is depressing

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Vaclav Prospal -($1,100,000) $2,100,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Brandon Dubinsky — $1,850,000
    Mats Zuccarello-Aasen -($850,000) $1,750,000
    Derek Boogaard — $1,625,000
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Erik Christensen — $925,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,667
    Brandon Prust — $800,000
    Dale Weise -($80,000) $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000

    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Marc Staal — $3,500,000
    Daniel Girardi — $2,500,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Ryan McDonagh -($425,000) $1,300,000
    Michael Del Zotto -($212,500) $1,087,500
    Pavel Valentenko -($265,000) $850,000

    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Martin Biron — $875,000

    ROSTER SIZE – 23 (22 actually with Brashear in Hartford)
    SALARY CAP – $59,400,000
    PAYROLL – $55,021,667
    BONUSES – $2,932,500
    CAP SPACE – $7,310,833

    *I used MZA, McD, Weise, and Valentenko as my rookies, but you could pretty much swap out any rookie for rookie salary as they all are pretty much the same still giving us 7 million in Space*

  291. heres gordie clark on mcdonagh: “I remember back in that draft year, I would say he might have given the single most impressive performance I have ever seen during the testing at the Combine,” said Clark. “It was like a man working out against boys. I think you can still see that in his play.”

    he wasw also said to be mainly a shut down d man, very good in his own end and when given the chance, can create some offense. but mainly, his game is to play against opposition top lines and shut them down. hmmm, what does that say to me? well, i think i may be jumping the gun here, but with mcilrath and mcdonagh pretty similar, and then staal and girardi who are maybe more offensve than the other 2, it seems that maybe staal or girardi will be traded. probably girardi.

  292. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    2010 New York Rangers Prospects :

    Randy McNaught is 6 foot 4 , RW, 20 yrs olds and Jyri Niemi who is 6 -3 and plays Defense , 20 yrs old as well …both play for the Saskatoon Blades .

    I have the chance to keep a closer eye on these two and I will scout them as they play again for Saskatoon and hopefull they make it on our club in a few years!!! Rangers are getting bigger !!!! Lots of Saskatchewan boys in New York , beutyyy!!

    Aww Tanks Ria !!! Much appreciated and you too Mikey!!!

  293. Tank, if Kovy wants just money – its the KHL, if he wants money and simply to play in the NHL its the Isles, if he wants to compromise on the $$ with a chance to win the cup, its the Kings or Debbies, otherwise i can only see St Louis or Phoenix with the cap room but are they real contenders? they may get into the playoffs with him.

    I dont think we can be in for him as even minus Redden and Voros we’d be so tight against the cap if, as expected, we need about $7-7.5m to get Stall and Girardi signed.

  294. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    somerset , good job !! Im outta here for now. ( do I pull the famous Laurel??)

  295. mike in IA …

    Thats why I dont get why they passed on Fowler. Staal and Girardi are pretty much shut-down guys. McD, Potter, Sauer, Kundratek, Valentenko, Pashinin are all more Defense than Offensive

    The only offensive-minded guys we have in the system are MDZ, Gilroy and Niemi to a lesser extent.

    Besides the “running Hank” and “standing by Gabby getting mauled” I really think we could have used a Fowler more than McIlrath

  296. Doodie Machetto on

    “Holland vs Spain? I thought it was the Netherlands… and who are the Dutch?”

    You’ve got the hen, chicken, and rooster. Rooster goes with the chicken. So who’s having sex with the hen?

  297. Rod Gilbert on

    I don’t doubt for a single second Carp was told – by someone in a position to know – that the Rangers aren’t in it for Kovalchuk, won’t be in it, etc.

    It’s a classic carrot and stick strategy.

    Hours later Darren Dreger – who along with TSN’s Bob McKenzie does nothing but break stories & transactions before they hit NHL central registry – tweets that this is where Kovalchuk desires to play, and all he needs to do is say so.

    This after a week of complete radio silence. This after we know the Rangers were interested in Kovalchuk at the trade dealine, as was leaked/documented in their very own paper, Newsday. But we’re supposed to believe now that we don’t have to give up any talent for him, we’re not interested?

    What I want to know is this, and no disrespect towards Carp intended whatsoever, unless it was a ploy, where do the Rangers get off NOT being interested – and issuing such a blanket statement – considering their pathetic record in 1-goal games (.371).

    I’d like to see Carp obtain a statement – on or off the record – explaining that.

  298. mike in ia,
    I have been saying Girardi is gonna get dealt since he elected arbitration. If he agrees beforehand, then he may stay. . . . for a little while anyway. Sather doesn’t like guys going thru arbitration (Domink Moore, Zherdev).

    And like it or not, he will never live down that Gaborik incident. Edmonton would be a nice place form him to thrive and forget aboot that little incident.

  299. One Ranger Love on

    Wow, just saw that Kovalchuk is trying to get 10 mil for 10 years from the Kings. Wow, that is some big time cash, and I know he is good and all, but I am not even sure he is worth 10 mil.

  300. Rod Gilbert on

    Oh. I see.

    I guess that’s why they have salary-dump deals waiting with Edmonton and San Jose.

    Cause it’s all one big joke.

  301. Rod Gilbert on


    Are you Canadien? :)

    Let’s just see how it plays out. Might very well turn out they do nothing, and then everyone can go on thinking the Rangers were never in it, etc.

    But it doesnt mean they never tried.

  302. Rod,
    I agree. No one is saying that there were never any “feelers” out there from NYR to Kovy. Just saying that it is nearly impossible to believe that Kovy would take a discount to play at MSG. Kovy could get all NYC has to offer by playing for the Devils. . . .who are BETTER and can pay him MORE $$$$$$.

    You are not out of your mind to believe that he NYR would consider Kovy. The NYR have UFA lust in their collective DNA. They can’t help themselves. They just can’t pull it off this time.

  303. Rod, all due respect, but the Dreger remark was off the cuff, and was mocking of the Rangers more than reporting on Kovalchuk. And I’m pretty sure he said “if Kovalchuk” wanted to be a Ranger, not that he wanted to be.

    As for what I posted yesterday that sat so poorly with a few of you guys, it wasn’t leaked or anything like that. I finally had an opportunity to ask somebody who knows, and who wouldn’t lie to me, if they were in it for Kovalchuk. He said no, they aren’t and weren’t and wouldn’t be.

    then told me a few things that convinced me.

  304. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I said before it would be bad management NOT to be involved. even if there was no genuine interest you cant let Devils be the only bidder. Make them pay and put themselves in a tough cap spot.

  305. Apparently Versus has a Kovalchuk signing special scheduled for 9pm tonight..!!

  306. The only moves the rangers should be making is dumping those ridiculous contracts that that idiot sather gave out and sign Staal.

  307. Unlike the Knicks with Lebron, Dolan probably doesn’t feel like the Rangers need Kovi in order to revitalize the franchise. The Garden will still be full for Ranger games regardless of result. MSG ratings will not fluctuate much. Sure he would like more playoff games and the bounty that brings, but not at the cost of the Kovi price tag.

    Like I said before, he’s probably not willing to swallow the Redden contract in Hartford. So maybe that’s the determining factor that Carp was told.

  308. somerset

    I agree that the Rangers wont have idle cap space and for that reason, i suspect Redden is staying here to start the season and if his poor play continues he will certainly be waived by season’s end.

    the only other scenario I see is the Rangers making a trade for a player with a large cap hit and an expiring contract.

    this would be extremely unlikely but I wonder if Kovalchuk would consider taking a 1 year 10 mil contract. It would fit under the cap if Redden is waived, Brashear traded and Girardi replaced with an Anders Eriksson type.

  309. Carp,

    I’d never doubt you man, been following you forever.

    But trusting that front office (after all that’s transpired over the years, in a delicate thing like this)? Can’t do it.

    Besides, I again just received a ****load of info on how it was an unprecedented (request and in response an) incentive laden deal and now the ball’s essentially in IK’s court, as the Rangers won’t budge.

    That not only coincides with what I was told originally, that both Sather and Messier were adamant that Kovalchuk indicate he was in it for more than the money, that they wanted him to “bleed Ranger Blue” and all that, but reports everywhere show IK to be pricing himself out of the market, or at least pushing it to the absolute max.

    I don’t know guys, but it’s fun to speculate, and we’ll see soon. This thing seemed to have peaked yesterday.
    And I’ve got to get some work done!

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