No Kovalchuk for Isles


Now that the Islanders have dropped out of the Kovalchuk sweepstakes, you have to wonder who is in it besides the Devils. Perhaps the LA Kings are still involved, and were just posturing when they said they were out.

Could it be that the Rangers make a late push?

I doubt it.


Here is the list of players who filed for salary arbitration yesterday, from the NHLPA.


I think this was posted on an earlier thread … but here’s the best story about Bob Probert, who died suddenly yesterday. It’s written by Joe Lapointe, the former hockey beat writer from the Times, now at AOL Fanhouse. Joe knew him pretty well.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on


    I wonder what Sather says about Girardi in his arbitration.

    Personally, I’m glad he went to arbitration. Those things always are ugly and the player usually leaves once the arbitration award contract is up. Too bad we won’t be rid of him sooner.

  2. I’ve been getting Carped since last night. and I finally get a post through, and I’m Carped

    Anyway, Charlie, you said “It just seems kind of dumb to me to wish that your team is lousy”. The team is lousy. It’s the same team on paper minus Girardi and Staal for now.

    Other teams have improved, or addressed some desperate needs. NYR has signed a guy who’ll play 4 minutes or less per game, and probably be a healthy scratch often.

    Look, If NYR is winning, as a fan I’ll be happy, and root for them, but at the same time, if they’re losing, then good. I’m only 20, I can afford a few bad seasons, but I would prefer a better reward [1st overall pick] instead of a pick that can go either way.

  3. I’m a little surprised of all the good-riddance opinions on Girardi, who is not going anywhere, by the way.

    I’m not a big Girardi fan, either, but you can’t just lose one of the guys off your first D-pair without replacing him.

  4. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    Thanks CARP!!!!

    re girardi from last thread, I agree!

  5. I think Girardi and the 3.5 mill tossed around is not sitting well with fans. He had some ups and downs last year but so did others…anyone stuck babysitting Redden could not play with a clear head.

  6. Tank The Season on

    I can’t see the Rangers pulling it off, and it may be best to wait until next summer for Thornton, Richards, or an offer sheet to Parise.

  7. Long time no post, Boneheads! Finally decided to look at the comments today, and saw Carp’s reference about Girardi.

    Can’t say he’s much to write home about, and I don’t mind the Rangers keeping him, but he made 1.6 mil last season, and is set to earn salary this season. IMHO, he’s never going to be worth more than 1.5 mil per season.

  8. Blueshirt in Paris on


    Regarding you post in the other thread.

    Yeah those stats cant really tell you if the game was already over at that point…and although I agree with your assesment to a point, I think it would really average out over a whole season.

    interestingly, last year Malkin has the same ratio of taken/drawn as Avery does.

    interestingly (but should come to nobody’s surprise) a few seasons ago Avery drew twice as many penalties as he took. twentieth in the entire league, 6th drawn per 60min.

    And even more so, a few years ago Crosby led the league in drawn per 60 by a huge margin. Last year he was +60th and almost equal to his taken per 60; I think it is catching up to him.

  9. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    The fact that girardi is on our first d pair says a lot about how lousy our d corps really is. To me girardi is nothing special, he isn’t horrible, but for 2 or 3 mil, there are other guys I would rather have on d that are team needs (a rough physical hard hitting crease clearing d man or two), not another vanilla d man. Just an opinion.

    a top three pick could get us ovie……or daigle!

  10. Blueshirt in Paris on


    I dont really think they were ‘in it’ in the first place. They made some calls then floated it out. win win for them. Fan base gets excited and then they can use the ‘see nobody wants to come to this dump’ excuse when trying to get leverage for the new arena to be built. We have already heard multiple times that they offered more money to FA but the declined to go there.

  11. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    wasn’t trying to nitpik you or anything and I agree with your assessment of our centre and blueline for sure!!!!

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I understand the team would likely eb made worse with Giradi’s immediate departure, however, I do not like that the team is trying to commit to him in the long-term because I do not think he is that good of a player. I would rather they bring in a guy for one or two years as a place holder for other players.

    Some defensemen I would like instead of Girardi that could be had without breaking the bank:

    1) The Beard
    2) Jordan Leopold (too late)
    3) MA Bergeron
    4) Joe Corvo
    5) Garnet Exelby
    6) Carlo Colaiaccovo (too late)
    7) Andreas Lilja

    Not saying that any of these guys are necessarily better than Girardi (although most are), just that I would rather have them on the team for the next couple of years instead of him.

  13. I agree they probably weren’t really in it. Unless Kovy wants the most cash he can get, all else be damed. Then they certainly have cap room that most others don’t.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d also rather that they bring back Anders Errikson. One thing about our team that I really dislike: only two cup winners (Prospal and Drury). Errikson would make three.

  15. doodie, i agree with you … but everybody around msg, including the coach, the GM and all of the network folks, seem to think he’s something special.

    he’s better than half of the D-men they have, which isn’t saying much.

    and they won’t just say goodbye unless he gets a ridiculous arbitration award, which I can’t imagine happening.

  16. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I agree with your statement, but not really anyone on your list except exelby. I think his hypothetical vacant spot needs to be filled by a physical rough player and that type of player only. No puck moving pp specialists that play a positionally sound game!!!!

  17. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    just curious, can you trade a player that is going to arbitration?

  18. I’d love Mara back if he could take Girardi’s spot. I don’t see it happening though. Girardi isn’t BAD, he just isn’t very good, either.

  19. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    Here is kind of a cool link. It let’s you see team salary cap hits per position…(mind you some rosters are not complete yet with players under contracr ie only 4 d men with a 10mil cap hit) the rangers of course are bottom 3rd in d men (same as quality) with 4 under contract, top 3rd in forwards (not same as quality), and number one in goalie (softies not included).

  20. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    i liked mara as well, but i don’t think torts does, so I don’t see him coming back.

  21. A point to consider in signing UFA’s, especially Kovi in this case.

    Won’t the Rangers have to pay Kovi or any top UFA more to play here as compared to a team like Pittsburgh, Washington, Los Angeles et al.? These are either youthful, established teams or youthful and quickly improving teams that have excellent chances to go deep in the playoffs. Compared to the Rangers who are most likely going to struggle just to make the playoffs. Wouldn’t Boogaard have taken less to play for Pittsburgh etc. and won’t the Rangers have to pay Kovi more to play here where his expectations of a championship are diminished?

  22. Id take Girardi back at the right price and for only 2 years. 4 years is too much and we are supposed to have some yound defencemen on the rise. We also should have never let Mara go in the first place

  23. if girardi is asking for 3.5 mil u let him walk. thats too much for him.


    i realize he is the first pair d but at that price its overpaying again. the market will call for him to get that but his level of play is not a 3.5 mil dollar player.

    the more and more kovy sits out there i say make a run at him.

    i was against it but with dru and rozi up in 2 years and redden being waived u have to figure go for it.

    u need 2 top talents and sprinkle in the kids and there we go

  24. Maybe Sather can find another team that is as enthralled with Girardi as he is and make a trade. MSG probably thinks that he is special because he was undrafted and signed as a free agent, so he has exceeded expectations more than anybody on the team except for Lundqvist perhaps. With these defensive prospects the Rangers keep drafting, signing Girardi long term would be a mistake, since I’m fairly certain that they won’t get rid of Redden, not this year at least.

  25. With Staal and Girardi not signed I think the Rangers brass minds would explode if they had to think too hard about squeezing Kovy in. Plus it’s really not dooable.

    Only the Rangers would have their #1 pairing not signed but have their goon locked up for 4 years.

    Derek Boogaard for Dummies Video

  26. hey Carp,
    i put up the joe lapointe link
    (nice to know we think alike…at times)

    as far as Girardi,
    don’t hate the guy but it wasn’t just a matter of him having to cover up for redden but he was up and down when paired with Staal as well.

    it was supposed to be a year when he was either going to break out or at the very least be a more steady presence and he rarely was. and don’t you think he was on the first pair for the same reason that Christensen was on the first line?

    (man, i sound like i’m writing sather’s script at the hearing)

    i wouldn’t mind keeping him but it’s according to the price and options. for example, could it be better to have a cheaper shut down veteran dman with Staal that would allow Eric to move up in the offensive zone without as many worries?

  27. jpg, you mean Marc … and I am also of the opinion that Staal should not be moving up in the play very much.

    yes, Girardi’s on the first pair, when he is, by default in my opinion. if he’s your shutdown guy, then you have a problem. ditto for Christensen as first-line center.

    but he’s not going to get a giant award in arbitration and the Rangers aren’t going to let him walk away.

  28. Tank The Season on

    You can trade a player who elects salary arbitration theoretically but as a practical matter you can’t because the arbitration goes forward if the new team can’t sign him and the new team is at a disadvantage in the hearing as not having a first-hand case to chew the player’s demands down.

  29. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I wonder if Redden knows he’s abotu to get sent to HArtford?

    Does anyone think he’s busting his butt this offseason so he doesnt get demoted or is he jsut sitting by the beach with his wife not caring casue he’s getting paid 6mil no matter what.

    I’d love it if Redden Showed up at camp with a big nasty go-tee, beefed up with a couple more punds, and hitting everythign and everyone

    I knwo its never goign to happen, but you’d think even a high paid proffessional athlete has some self respect to want to get back to what he once was

    Either way its a win win for us: come to camp same as last year, go straight to hartford free the cap space up, Come to camp with a chip on your shoulder, nasty attitude, in better condition, earn your spot & some of your paycheck

  30. The Mouth: With Staal and Girardi not signed I think the Rangers brass minds would explode if they had to think too hard about squeezing Kovy in.

    Maybe Kovy is the main reason both Staal & Girardi are not signed yet? Think about it. Rangers are negotiating with Kovalchuk to give him what he wants (and what Devs won’t give him) and then will ask both “D” for “home discount” ;)

  31. What is missing from this discussion of ‘first line’ defense is the fact that just because you play in on the first line doesn’t mean you’re one of the two best players on defense. Girardi plays with Staal and plays well with him but he’s not the second best d-man on the team.

    It’s Rozsival, much to fans chagrin. As Carp has pointed out, the coaches like and rely on him. You need depth on D and Rozsival provides that. Frankly, I thought he was better than Staal through the second half of the season.

    Once Staal gets his $4m+, he’ll be overpaid just like Rozsival…….

  32. I used to see many snide comments about Mara, and he’s too this or that, or not good at something else, but the bottom line was that he was one of our best defensemen, game in game out all the time he was here.

    I was amazed that he was shunted off and Girardi kept.

    Mara was a professional NHL defenseman, who knew his position, his job, and he brought the work ethic and grit to the job. He stood tall for his team mates, and he covered his position, and on the rare instances when the bench genius allowed Rozy to come off the ice on PP, he did well at the blue line.

    One thing that he was superb at was little noted nor rarely commented on – his handling of fast skating, clever handed forwards like for instance Kovalev in his own zone. He didn’t stand and poke at the puck or give him a one time shove and then skate away…he skated with him shoulder to shoulder, with his stick extended into the line of action, and stayed with him wherever he went. This usually prevented that forward from getting off either a shot or a pass, and eventually he ran out of ice room. Find me a Ranger D who has mastered this technique today.

    I’ll never stand still for criticism of Mara, while this team is in the disarray it is now. ( And Morris is another one who should have been kept.)

  33. Please no Kovalchuk. Nothing against Gaborik as he is the man and that signing was genius in hindsight but we already have one “floater” on the team.

  34. >>its 103 in NYC & Nj too Tony
    >>IT is brutal

    I’ll take this over -20 any day.


    When Mara played he stuck up for his teammates, played hurt and was still better than our most overpriced defender on a bright day. I miss Tyutin as well :(

  36. No kidding around – I did hear, from someone who hears stuff but is not necessarily a huge insider – that the Rangers are actually in on it and are offering 5 years at $8 million/year to Kovalchuk. Make of it what you want, and not sure how they’d pull it off. This is not what I would consider a great inside source but also not Eklund either, just someone who’s been right a bunch of times.

  37. I liked Mara. The Tyutin trade was horrible. Girardi has some balls wanting 3.5 a year… he should get 2.5 ad not a penny more. He is a top 6 D-man on most teams in this league but while we’re stuck with the R&R twins along with 2 rookies last season, he became a top 2 D-man. If this team continues to build from within and get rid of one of the R&R twins, he becomes a top 6 by the time the contract he wants is over.

  38. Any chance the Rangers could sign a guy like Max Afinogenov? I know he had an up-and-down few years in Buffalo, but he performed well in Atlanta, and he can skate pretty well. I think he could help the team, and wouldn’t come at too high of a price. He’d probably help in the skills competition, too.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Those guys are a dime a dozen (Zherdev is in the same boat… and besides the Sabres [whom Zherdev is reportedly talking with], I’d bet their agents are talking to the exact same teams).

  40. Doodie Machetto on


    I agree entirely. MSG loves the guy and he will be back. I’m just explaining my thoughts on him and why I would say good riddance if given the chance.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, has there been any word on Eriksson? I thought he played well for us down the stretch.

  42. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think it’d be great to have The Bearded One back if for nothing else than to see the next round of Mara vs Kaleta.

    Regarding Afinogenov…probably pass because our track record with Sabres retreads is not very good. (Maybe Biron will buck the trend).

  43. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    OK, if there are “cap-geeks” out there, please explain in simple terms how the Devils can sign Kovy when they don’t have that much cap room.

    I figured the Icelanders would get him based on being the only team with the cap room

  44. just let girardi walk…
    sign exelby, he at least hits..OR try to trade for Bieska, Vancouver is desperate to dump some dmen
    Think if Kovalchuk signs with NJ…all that means is they can’t afford Parise next year…and Parise would look perfect in Rangers blue…

  45. cyber ranger on

    no on afinogenov, he is another kotalik/zherdev…

    and while im at it, no on any forwards not named kovalchuk. we need producing 1st and 2nd liners, not more underachieving 3rd liners or lazy/over payed mercs.

  46. Afternoon all! Heat index is 101 here and I have tix to a baseball game tonight. I fear I might melt there.

    Had a busy weekend, including wrenching my back. Advil is now my best friend in the entire world.

    No to Kovalchuk! I’d be shocked if Giradi gets more than 2.5 million.

  47. garnet exelby is the most overrated defenseman out there. there is a reason he was a healthy scratch so many times in his career.

    all he does it hit people and nothing else…there is more to defense than hitting people…

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    “OK, if there are “cap-geeks” out there, please explain in simple terms how the Devils can sign Kovy when they don’t have that much cap room.”

    The rumored deal is 7 years for 60 million, which works out to about 8.57 per. They currently have about 2.9 million in space, plus the 10% offseason allowance granting them an additional 5.9 million. That gives them 8.8 to work with during the offseason. That allows them to sign Kovalchuk now.

    As for fixing their cap before the regular season, they need to dump about 5.6 million before the season starts. They have already waived Pandolfo, clearing 2.5 once the . This leaves a need for 3.1 million in space. At that point, it becomes about salary dumping. I imagine Rolston becomes a trade chip or they demote Salvador and trade Langenbrunner or Zubrus.

  49. Blueshirt in Paris
    July 6th, 2010 at 11:01 am
    Regarding you post in the other thread.
    Yeah those stats cant really tell you if the game was already over at that point…and although I agree with your assesment to a point, I think it would really average out over a whole season.
    interestingly, last year Malkin has the same ratio of taken/drawn as Avery does.
    interestingly (but should come to nobody’s surprise) a few seasons ago Avery drew twice as many penalties as he took. twentieth in the entire league, 6th drawn per 60min.
    And even more so, a few years ago Crosby led the league in drawn per 60 by a huge margin. Last year he was +60th and almost equal to his taken per 60; I think it is catching up to him.

  50. there is zero chance they would trade Langenbrunner, their captain and leader.

    and as for the cap, it was nicely laid out in a post yesterday. they are in cap hell the following season,11-12, as well, if they sign Kovalchuk.

    Lou had to give up a #1 pick to get out of cap trouble before, so he isn’t so brilliant as he thinks.

  51. Sather and Cam Hope are probably just going to walk into the arbitration meeting and go “look, the guy spends more time on his knees then a mid west school girl on spring break in Cancun. 2.3 million. tops”.

  52. Redden came into camp last year saying he wanted to reclaim his dignity and prove his worth to NY.

    How’d that work out?

    Hartford bound. It is THE solution for a player no one wants AND it frees up cap space to go after iyla.

  53. I’m surprised the Devils waived Pandolfo. Always seemed like a fixture in NJ. I highly doubt they trade Langenbrunner. Now that Lemaire is gone, there’s no more friction there.

  54. If we dumped the salaries of redden and Rosi would you then want to go after Kovie?

    I would.

    Rosi replaced with young d-man. Redden replaced with 12 munchkins.

  55. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    thanks doodie and jt

    so basically they have to purge some of their players that are under contract, i.e. Rolston, Zubrus or some other pretty good, pretty highly paid players.

    I think the Rangers, in spite of three of the absolute worse contracts in the NHL (Redden/Drury/Rozival)are in pretty good cap condition. The future is very bright.

  56. “When Mara played he stuck up for his teammates”

    Only when he managed to stay out of penalty box for those lazy penalties he was always taking.

    PASS!! I liked Mara, and he showed a lot of heart, and I loved hi sbeard, and when he said he believed they can come back from down 3-0 following that win at the Garden, he made a believer out of me.

    All that aside, I can’t live with his lazy hooking and holding penalties, and neither will Torts.

  57. yea Mara was a good lockerroom and heart guy but as a player hes gettin to much credit on here, hes on the decline and was never that great to begin with, ill pass on him and quickly

  58. Girardi played a little bit with Redden last year, which is tough as all have pointed out, he also played with staal sometimes even strength, but on the PK most often and they did a great job, one constant for the rangers the last few years (a good PK), but for a good portion of the season girardi was paired with del zotto, an offensive minded rookie defenseman, who played great for us at times, but, like any rookie, had some bumps too and was caught pinching at wrong times or was leaving his d partner out to try, which is girardi.. i agree that girardi could have played better last year but he could hav played worse too, he is better than what people are giving him credit for on here, im not gona say waht hes worth bc i dont know what hes worth, and just about every nhl player is overpaid at least somewhat, 3.5mill is probly too much but with comparisons to other similar defenseman 3.5 or a little less may be what he gets.. him and staal will be apart of this defense for years to come, along with del zotto, mcdonagh, as the younger guys progress i think girardi will be more of a 4th defenseman, a stay home guy, and hes not bad at that, and then when rozsival is done in 2 years maybe there will be room for a nice free agent, whether it be a shutdown guy or a puck mover, depending on how the younger guys pan out…

  59. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Ryan Mcdonough signing going to be announced today

    PEr SNY

    Bye bye Redden Nice knowing you and your horrible play

  60. I would not miss girardi if he goes. I was never a bit fan of his, but after his gutless performance in Philly he can go away for me. No reason to waste $ on a average defender on his best day

  61. I wonder how much of the Girardi bashing is because the kid didn’t jump into the Gaborik fight?

    Let’s be honest, Gabby picked that fight himself and got his butt kicked. I’m not saying Girardi was right to stand there and watch, but I don’t think a decent young player needs to be run out of town either for Gabby’s brain fart.
    No doubt Girardi learned the hard way.

    In my opinion he’s a serviceable defenseman. Is he a top pair guy, no. Is he a total bum, no. The problem (like so many rangers) is his soon-to-be-new contract. At $500K he’s a bargain. At $3 mil, he’s overpaid.

    If the arbitration award is ridiculous, which I doubt it will be, wave goodbye. But that’s a lot of D minutes to replace, and I don;t see who’s gonna step up to do it. But I can’t blame him or any athlete who tries to get as much as he can. That’s the business.

  62. its exactly why so many people on here r trying to run girardi out of ny or are ok with girardi not bein here, bc he didnt jump in for gaborik, not because of his play, regardless of what people say.. he messed up, he felt terrible, maybe if every game wasnt so huge for the rangers and they could considerably solidify a playoff spot before the last day of the season then maybe girardi woudlnt have thunk twice about stepping in, but he knew how important wins were and thats waht probly made him not step in, either way he should have stepped in but it shouldnt be the reason for him not being a ranger the next few years, imho

  63. if redden gets sent down like we are all hoping that leaves us with
    Del Zotto

    or will the 6th dman b somebody like Potter, or Sauer.. what do you guys think.. Heikenin is gone right hes goin back to Europe?

  64. Gilroy should be playing wing. he has more skating and puck skills than many of the Ranger wingers, and he was a forward until he changed to d in college simply because that was the only spot open there.

    it would be dumb to not use him at wing. he clearly has the skills to play there and it is his original position anyway

    he simply is not physical enough in front of his own net to be a dman

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “not because of his play, regardless of what people say..”

    I’m saying it purely because of his play. On a good team, the guy is a 3rd pairing defenseman, if that. He is going to be paid much more than that. He doesn’t deserve it. Good riddance.

  66. I feel Rangers might trade for Langenbrunner… 1st line center – isn’t that what we need?

  67. langenbrunner is not a center. he is a RW. almost always has played on the wing

  68. Langenbruener is not a 1st line center. He is drury plus size. Good leader. Good penalty killer. Good two way center. Not the playmaker the rangers need. Why would the devs trade their captain to the rangers? Doesn’t make sense

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