McDonagh turns pro


Looks like the Rangers’ D might have gotten a new member. He’ll still have to make the team. But he’s certainly got a good chance to do that.

From the Rangers:


New York, July 6, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with defenseman Ryan McDonagh.

McDonagh, 21, skated in 43 games with the University of Wisconsin Badgers this season, registering four goals and 14 assists for 18 points, along with 73 penalty minutes and a plus-22 rating.  He ranked second on the team in plus/minus rating, and ranked third among team defensemen in assists and points, and fourth in goals.  In his third season with the Badgers, McDonagh established career-highs in games played, assists, points and penalty minutes.  He tallied an assist on the game winning goal in the National Semifinal game vs. R.I.T. on April 8 to help Wisconsin advance to the National Championship game vs. Boston College.  McDonagh finished the tournament with two assists, and was named to the All-West Regional Team.  Earlier in the season, he tallied a season-high, four-game point streak from October 30 vs. New Hampshire to November 7 vs. Minnesota, registering four points (one goal and three assists) over the span.

The 6-1, 222-pounder skated in 119 career NCAA games over three seasons with Wisconsin, recording 14 goals and 32 assists for 46 points, along with 174 penalty minutes.  In 2008-09, McDonagh finished fourth among Badger defensemen in assists (11) and points (16), and tied for third in goals (five).  He was named to the Academic All-Big Ten Team and the WCHA All-Academic Team, and was chosen by his teammates as winner of the Fenton Kelsey, Jr. Most Competitive Player award.  As a Freshman in 2007-08, he was named to the 2008 WCHA All-Rookie Team after leading all first year defensemen in the WCHA and tying for first among all Wisconsin defensemen with a career-high, five goals.  He also tied for third in the conference among Freshman defensemen in scoring with 12 points.  McDonagh made his collegiate debut on October 12, 2007 vs. Notre Dame, and tallied his first career point with the game-winning goal on October 19, 2007 vs. Robert Morris.

Prior to his collegiate career, McDonagh was a two-time All-State (Minnesota) and All-Conference high school hockey player.  He was named 2007 Minnesota Mr. Hockey after registering 14 goals and 26 assists for 40 points in his Senior year at Cretin-Derham High School.  As a Junior in 2005-06, he helped lead his team to the 2006 Minnesota State, High School title, earning All-Tournament accolades during his team’s title run.

Internationally, McDonagh has represented the United States in several tournaments, including the 2009 World Junior Championship where he registered three assists and tied for the team-lead with a plus-five rating in six contests.  He also captured a Silver Medal with Team USA at the 2007 World U-18 Junior Championship, registering three assists in seven games.

The St. Paul, Minnesota native was acquired by the Rangers, along with forward Christopher Higgins and defenseman Pavel Valentenko, from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for forwards Scott Gomez and Tom Pyatt, and defenseman Mike Busto on June 30, 2009.  He was originally Montreal’s first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.


Please ignore an earlier link that had Kovalchuk signing with the Devils … it was TSN picking up a day-old Post story that was speculative.

Far as I know, he’s still out there (and loving every minute of it).


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  1. Tank The Season on

    Now that our 6th D is playing on an ELC, does this mean we can dump a defenseman and sign Kovalchuk, Girardi, and Staal?

  2. Carp,

    That article was written yesterday and there have been more recent stories refuting that is a done deal. His agent has also come out to say that Kovalchuk still hasn’t made up his mind.

  3. it shows how little Dolan cares about the Ranger fans that he is unwilling to swallow Redden’s contract and bury him in the AHL, but he is willing to throw untold millions away on bb players

  4. thanks sather for continuing your reign of error, the debbies will finish ahead of the nyr again because of your genius. ………….RETIRE………………

  5. Hartford Whalerpack on

    I’ve never seen McDonagh play but from what I’ve read I’d take him over Redden — and I don’t even care if he has mid season NCAA-fatigue a la Gilroy. Redden out, McDonagh in!

  6. Ooops. Never mind about Kovalchuk. I was in such a hurry to post it that I didn’t notice it was a day old … sorry.

  7. Good to see McDonut sign. I was starting to think he didn’t have any desire to play with this team.

    But, If this means Gilroy is getting traded, then that’s just pure BS.

    That’s a terrible message to send to your younger players. To just throw them aside for not having a good enough year, without giving them a chance, while other pieces of carcillo stay in the lineup!! Sickening!!

    Time to do what is fair. Send Dredden to Hartford where he belongs!

  8. I definitely don’t think it means Gilroy getting traded. I think it’s the final nail in the inevitable Redden coffin (to Hartford in September).

  9. this signing has more to do with them being unhappy with Gilroy’s second half play, or in case Girardi gets a big arb award they can walk away. I doubt it is about Redden, who should be buried in the minors, but probably won’t except as a last resort move because it would point out Sather’s big blunder in signing him to that contract.

  10. True Blue 23 on

    not sure what the big deal is but besides Michalek I didnt see anyone on the board that would give us a great improvement (Volchenkov was not an answer)… lets just roll with the young guns this year and see what happens….

  11. Staal, Delzotto, Girardi, Gilroy and McDonagh doesn’t sound bad to me! Sign a veteran Dman, waive Redden and trade Rozsival! End of story, the D is set till McIlrath is ready!

  12. LMAO @ Carp trying to be the first to break the Kovalchuk signing!

    I still think Kovalchuk to Devils is a mistake…that team is old and Kovalchuk will be crying in two years that he wants outta there.

  13. Carp

    what info have you heard regarding Redden being waived? or is it just a feeling you have?

  14. nyr, i think you’re completely wrong about that. they are not unhappy with Gilroy at all. and the plan, I’m almost sure, is to bury Redden in September. Sather is not afraid to get rid of mistakes: Holik, Kasparaitis, Gomez, Brashear, Kotalik, Higgins.

  15. I agree Carp, it definitely means the nail in the Reddin coffin. Buh bye you waste of space and money.

  16. leetchhalloffame on

    Great news on McDonagh. Saw him play in college and he’s got a chance to be a physical, shut down NHL d-man. Can see him and McIlrath eventually curing the Rangers soft d problem. Henrik just has to live long enough to reap the benefits.

  17. Yeah Matt, I’d like that boat to be a little more physical but without R & R, at least it won’t sink… :)

  18. rod gilbert on

    So carp, have you received word kovalchuk is off the board? Because I saw it elsewhere that you had and am now confused (nothing new there). Tnx.

  19. i like the post from earlier about moving gilroy to the wing. i said this last season when he was sent to hartford…i thought that was when it would happen. why not give him a shot there? he skates and has good offensive insticts.

  20. the only thing is everything Sather has done in his past suggests that he wont allow idle cap space.

    if he waives Redden, you know he is going to do more than just sign Staal and Girardi. I would rather put McDonagh in HFD to start, then waive Redden when McDonagh is ready then waive Redden now and have Sather hand out another bad contract just to eat up cap space…

  21. I hope you’re right, Carp.

    It’s just unfair to throw away a prospect just like that. He didn’t do anything wrong, at least not in my eyes.

    I mean, what happens after this coming season, Mcdonut doesn’t do enough, so we trade him to make room for McIlrath, and on and on.

    Like I said, it just sends a wrong message, and this organization is already filled to the lip with wrong messages!!

  22. I hope you are right, Carp, but it is too bad that Dolan is not willing to get rid of his mistake, named Sather.

  23. Hartford Whalerpack on

    I said at the beginning of the season Gilroy should be moved to forward — Byfuglien started off on D and the coaches moved him up…look at him now! Granted, they are different style players but the sentiment is the same.

  24. I think Ponikarovsky would be a good fit on this team. He put up really decent number during the regular season with the Leafs. Definitely stumbled a little bit after being traded to Pittsburgh, but you can’t probably just chalk that up to him not being used to all the whining and diving. Maybe they’ll go after him when Kovalchuk lands wherever he’s going to land.

  25. Gilroy WAS a forward, his entire career, until he went to college, where the only spot open on the team was on D, so he tried to make that adjustment for a spot on BU.

    so moving Gilroy back to his normal, career position is a correct move, not a desperation move.

  26. Best news in days!
    I don’t think they gave Gilroy one year after college trial and he is gone. He is here to stay. He does have skills that are difficult to find on our team. Girardi is staying too. My guess, he is going to be resigned just before his arbitration date, probably 3 years at $11 mil.

    Doodie- he is a first rounder, so per CBA, 3 year entry level at $875K per

  27. I always read and never post but getting McDonagh, Mcilrath, and Boogaart in my eyes toughened up our defense. not this year but deff within the next 3 seasons. we have enough young guys, we need some reliable veterans. again we have no offense besides gabby but atleast our defense wont get run over game in and game out.

  28. Good news!
    i remember a couple months back nhl network was showing a behind the scenes draft special,they showed McDonagh getting checked out by various teams doctors and trainers.
    After McDonagh left the room the trainers and DRs went crazy over him,and his physical development,and maturity.
    hope he makes the team.
    Lets Go Rangers!4 more months till its go time!

  29. rod gilbert on

    Well, guess ill pass along what I heard, time will tell (maybe) if there was anything to it.

    Heard IK was choosing between 2 teams, NJD & NYR.

    Devils still have offer on table that’s been reported by NY Post at 7 yrs, $60m.

    Ranger offer at 5 yrs, $40m. And IK doesn’t want to play w/Avery.

    Make of it what you will.

  30. >>Ranger offer at 5 yrs, $40m. And IK doesn’t want to play w/Avery.

    Let him sign with New Jersey then. I hate it when these professional athletes are acting like a bunch of junior high school girls.

  31. there is not a single argument i find compelling enough to bring in Ponikarovsky.

    why would i sign him for 3 years 9 mil when i have Zucarello-Aasen for a third of the cost.

  32. Rod- doesn’t add up. Shorter term and for less money per year? And he doesn’t want to play with Avery. What is there to choose?

  33. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Great news in Mcdonaugh! I’ve watched him play over two dozen games in the last two years. Including the WJC in 2009. He is going to be a mean shut down dman who will develop into a thirty point guy.
    Like I said, great news!

  34. Rod
    Why would Kovy leave so much money on the table to play in NY? It’s a third of what Atlanta offered. I gotta believe the Kings offered close twice as much. I would love to see it happen but that rumor doesn’t make sense.

  35. rod gilbert on

    I don’t know – its not even close and hard to believe – though – definitely prefer not to get attacked for tying something which could or could not be a premature fact.

  36. If that’s true about Kovy, I find that hilarious.

    Why would you not want to play with a guy as annoying as Avery? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

    If they’re on the same team, he won’t get driven nuts like he did in the 2007 playoffs. I’ll never forget how crazy he went at one point and dropped the gloves in the corner boards and just jumped on Avery like an animal (if my memory serves me correctly, the Beard was close by and defended Aves…man I miss the Beard).

  37. Niiice. So Carp, you think they’re going to go with an even younger blueline than last year? If Redden gets das boot we look like this on the back end

    MDZ- McDonagh
    Rozsi- Gilroy/ufa/prospect

  38. rod gilbert on

    Also heard Lebron is going with a 2-yr deal to return to cleveland, after which
    he’ll presumably go to the nets when their new building is ready.

    If true, msg has a lot more money than they would have otherwise.

  39. rod gilbert on

    Hey morg, go buy a vowel (we can’t curse here, right?)

    Said make of it what you will.

  40. This just in: Kovalchuk said (dont want to name my source…ahem, ahem… “ORR”, but it is pretty reliable) will sign with the Rangers only if LeBron signs with Knicks and Sam Rosen dyes his toupee blonde.

  41. simmer down oldtimer,you said make of it what i will,…smelled alot like carcillo,so there!

  42. Tank The Season on

    I think for the Rangers to sign Kovalchuk he’d have take something like $100M over 13 years where he gets paid $10M a year for the first 7 years and then $5M a year for the last 6 for a cap hit of $7.7M per. This will lock him up until he turns 40. If we do that then we can sign Staal and Girardi then bury Redden come September and be good to go.

    However, it is known that he wants more money than that, and this is less than what he already turned down from Atlanta. I gotta believe Lou is stealthily working on something, and I have a feeling some team we haven’t heard all that much about re: Kovalchuk may be in on this as well.

  43. wow if Redden is really discarded Gilroy becomes our weakest D(as i look at James Gs lines),wonder if that added pressure will help or hurt his development.
    BTW no way! in regards to making him(Gilroy) a wing,we need centers!maybe he can work on his faceoffs?lol!

  44. Gilroy isn’t getting switched back to forward. especially at center. And speaking of centers, I just wanted to type what I’ve been thinking but haven’t posted- Christensen better put up or shut up this year. He’s lucky there was still a deal for him on the table after his first refusal. He’s going to have to do more than make a couple pretty plays courtesy of playing along sign Gaborik. This team sucks at center. Tho maybe Biron will inspire captain clutch and we’ll get 30-30-60 out of him this year! haha all aboard the Druuuuuuuuu express!

  45. well we don’t need centers, per se…we need a top line center. as far as center (natural or has/can play) we have:
    Christensen, Dubinsky, Prospal, Stepan, Drury, Boyle, and even Grachev was a center at some point in his past.

  46. i understand that Christensen is below average at center but what are the other options???

    i for one would rather save valuable cap space for next season and have a less productive player than overpay for someone like Lombardi and wonder how we can get rid of him like we say about almost every FA signing Sather makes

  47. bull dog line on

    and if Avery were in the way of signing Kovalchuk, well than good bye Avery.

  48. how pumped would youse be to see Stepan,Weise,Grachev and McDonagh make this team,i for one would be super pumped!…,super-duper pumped!

  49. and off topic, any topic, can you believe channel 5 in NY took off the Simpsons at 7pm for Craig Kilborn???

  50. I have a very inside source and he’s not saying anything cause its probably not done yet and im sure he isnt thinking about telling me till after everyone else knows anyway

  51. in other off topic news: Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to 90 days in prison! Too bad it’s not for life.

  52. i dont see lots of spots open for a stepan and grachev to make the team along with kreider. if these kids make the team playing them on the 4th line for 6 mins a night is a waste. if there not top 6 forwards which they need time then we all know the rangers wont let them play and get 16-18 mins a night

  53. eric

    that reason you just mentioned is exactly why I dont see the Rangers making anymore forwards signings (unless one of the forwards gets shipped out)

    the Rangers are not going into camp with 0 spots open on the top 3 lines for a prospect…

  54. Rod Gilbert on

    Christ! Just because those were the numbers I was told does not mean it was the Rangers final offer.

    Infact, logic dictates it wasn’t, as it wasn’t even close to the NJD offer.

    Kovalchuk’s agent did say he was looking to make a decision tonight. Far more likely that was their initial offer and they’re awaiting the Rangers final offer before deciding.

    And as for the Avery thing, who knows? Could have been mentioned, not demanded. Could never have happened.

    I do remember something like Joe Murphy onc going for a tryout with the Rangers and Neil Smith (or someone else in front office, not 100%) throwing his skates into the river near the practice rink. Crazy stuff happens sometimes.

    For sure anything else I hear Ill keep to myself.

  55. Gift of GAB-orik ( Kovalchuk is the new Favre ) on

    Kovalchuk is the new Favre. And Carp….
    1, got the book! awesome!
    2, hilarious comment about stoudemire to the rangers, doesn’t play any D!!! hahaha

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    NO WAY Rod , keep telling us ..Im listning!!!! Anything you find out..WE wanna know!!!

    Eric , your thinking like the old Rangers ..WAKE THE FIRTRUCK UP already or ill shake you up!!! The spots are OPEN man…Sather said…We all see it. The Rangers are young young young so climb aboard folks!!!!! I see positives positive and more positives. The spots are there Eric ..the Rangers are going to be a young tough fickle team.

    HAHAHAHA Carp , ACE sure told you!!! Gaborik is better!!! I like this Ace guy!!! NorthCountryRanger is awsome too!!!! Great Rangers fans are comming outta the wood work…beutyyyy!!!

  57. well if there’s no spots for Stepan and Grachev then trade the guys in those spots already! for draft picks so we can take 2 or 3 more Undertakers. really.

    and Kreider, whenever he turns pro they better make room in a hurry!

    imagine if we actually had a line of Grachev – Stepan – Kreider this season???

  58. 1994 champs the Edmonton Rangers on

    i no the rangers have a good amount of d-men but y not sign Mitchell i would love seeing his physical play and he chips in on the o not to often but sorta like staal.

    and how do u guyz no kovy’s talking to te rangers ive legit been looking for like hours on 1 source and i cant

  59. 1994 champs the Edmonton Rangers on





    del zotto-rozi


  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Put it this way ..Kovey isnt talking to the Rangers…Sather is talking to Kovey. Sather always gets his man and hes up to his tits in Kovalchuk right now!!!

  61. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    bull dog
    You would get rid of avery if he was in the way of signing lindsay lohan’s prison release!!!!

    I don’t think boyle’s spot is secure at all. A forward might get moved (as well as a d man or two) if the right deal arises.

    Question, was it redden or rozy rumoured to go to edm last year in the souray deal??? I still think that souray deal may happen. Not saying I’m for it, just saying.

    don’t sweat it, post what you hear.

  62. Can everyone please stop putting Christensen on the top line, for my sake at the very least.

    It’s becoming depressing to see so many fans in favor of putting Pee Wee Herman on the top line.

  63. I dont know carcillo! on

    Im glad the kid signed, hopefuly the end of wade!! I guess that this finaly puts to rest some of the things ive read on different ranger blogs, that Mcd had some entitlement issues, and that he would only sign if he was assured of a spot on the big club.He has already mentioned in several interviews that whatever the rangers feel is best for his development thats fine with him, and that starting out in the minors wouldnt be the worst thing in the world.

  64. hartford wolfpack on

    yes in connecticut

    July 6th, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    well if there’s no spots for Stepan and Grachev then trade the guys in those spots already! for draft picks so we can take 2 or 3 more Undertakers. really.

    and Kreider, whenever he turns pro they better make room in a hurry!

    imagine if we actually had a line of Grachev – Stepan – Kreider this season???

  65. Czechthemout!!!! on

    People, please stop kidding your self. At least some of you. EC IS NOT a top line center. He isn’t even a second line guy. What he is is a fourth line borderline third line center who can occasionally pitch in for a few games on the second or first line. That’s it! He has reached his ceiling as a player in this league. I know that many of you on this blog have bought into the “let them develop in the AHL” thing that the Rangers are selling. The reason for this is that Sather does not trust his own draft picks and would rather play someone elses castoffs than his own kids. Hopefully, with Tort’s urging and with Gordie Clark’s first two drafts, this sentiment is changing.

    As for this season, I predict that Derek Stepan,Evgeny Grachev and if he turns pro,Kris Kreider will join them this year to form a potentially good Kid line. I base this on watching all three of these kids many times over the last two seasons(1 for Kreider). They just about ruined Grachev playing him with the many scrubs in Hartford. Also being coached by the incompetent Ken Gernander did not help him. Hopefully the organization has seen the light on this.

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Not even a little bit…thats because hes so called “injury prone” right? Do you mean on talent alone? Or heart? Cuz ACE did have some valid points. Your take on this has me thinking.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wicky , were talking about Kovalchuk not even a little bit (alot better) better then Gaborik. Carp thinks this. Im thinking Gaboriks injuries make him the lesser player but Ace did have valid points. Carp , If Kovalchuk is this good ..why not trade Dubi( if need be),send Redden down to aquire him!??

  68. u guys see this

    lebron making decision on espn at 900 on thursday night an hour long special. he has requested sponsorships and proceeds go to charity.

    what is this a circus.

    i hate the nba

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …only in America!!! ( In a Don King voice)

  70. I really have a feeling that this Kovy decision has been delayed because of McDonagh’s Decision. I think the Rangers are the front-runners on this.

    I think THE ONLY WAY we bury Redden is if we get McDonagh to sign – He has signed and now that makes Redden really expendable.

    Sather will not go into the season with some 7-8 million in Cap Space so guess who that will go to … Kovalchuk

    This signing will force Staal and Girardi’s price to come down a little to fit comfortably under the cap.

    McDonagh -> Redden demotion -> Kovalchuk -> Staal/Giradi “Hometown Discount” signings

  71. Gift of GAB-orik ( Kovalchuk is the new Favre ) on

    I think Kovy’s agent is trying to make something out of nothing. If Kovy wanted to go to LA, in my opinion, it would be done already. The Isles don’t have a shot, Sather probably has a chubby while throwing his checkbook at him.

    I said it before… i’ll say it again…. i think the Devils are getting played pretty bad in all this. I could be wrong… but it is suspicious.

  72. Gift of GAB-orik ( Kovalchuk is the new Favre ) on

    This just in…

    Kovalchuk says he won’t make a decision until LeBron makes his. And he wants to wait and see if D Wade stays in Miami.
    If Bosh ends up in Cleveland, Kovy has threatened to go play in an obscure Italian hockey league.

    This Free Agent nonsense is ridiculous. All they want is the attention, and national headlines for a few days(or weeks) and our story crazy media gives them exactly what they want. AN EVEN BIGGER EGO. ‘news’ agencies become conspiracy theorists, and take any obscure angle they can to make a story out of nothing. LeBron’s high school coach one knew a kid from Seattle… so there is rumor he may sign with the Sonics….. gimme a break. This is old news already. Kovy, LeBron, and the other divas need to make up their mind, take their millions of dollars, and GO PLAY THEIR EFFIN SPORT ALREADY.

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Somerset sounds spot on about this. I really can’t see /picture us having Kovalchuk and Gaborik . I guess crazier things have happened. I really can’t see it happing but if it does…ORR has a week of Azzlander love taliking to do!!! HAHAHAHAA!!

  74. Gift of GAB-orik ( Kovalchuk is the new Favre ) on

    can you imagine if Kovy signs with the Rangers? Joe Mich’s head would implode about the though of both of these guys great hands, and explosiveness, and fast legs, and explosiveness, then watching them explode with speed after the explosiveness of their hands. What a russian mancrush he’ll develop.

  75. bull dog line on

    if getting rid of Avery means freeing Lindsay Lohan, than I am all for it.

  76. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I’m not sure if it’s a kovy signing or not, but I do think the mcdonut signing leads to some sort of signing/trade!

  77. Good night, Carp!

    Sorry I haven’t been around much. Had a friend visiting from Tel Aviv for a week, been back and forth between Ithaca, working, getting silly, having fun. Miss you, boobears.

  78. omigod!!
    anyone watching The Daily Show

    john stewart and julianne moore are discussing the knicks
    then he brings up the team’s owner and points out that dolan
    also owns the Rangers
    and compares what he’s done not to the degree of a crime against humanity like hitler but…

    don’t have exact details so maybe someone will see one of the repeats. the talk happens as soon as she sits down.

  79. Ok, for you fine fellows who asked;

    Heard St. Louis was a player.

    Remember Dave Checketts is a principal owner (and always loved big names when at MSG) and JD’s there with a TON of cap space.


  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Just wanna remind everyone that Scott Stevens is a turd . He sure could hit ( todays game his all would be illegal)
    His sick head shots and “bully” behavior is what got him alot of fear but as for skills? He had none. He couldnt score a goal even if it was empty. He couldnt pass and was slow. How does such trash deserve anything? Scott Stevens never fought and beat guys up. He was a wimp. Cheap hitz and ugly face . Yeah thats Scott Stevens.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers are getting better..!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh btw , The Devils suck!!!!

  82. Gaborik >>>>>>>>>> Kovalchuk, CCCP.

    Give me 5 good reasons why Kovalchuk is better and ill give you 10 reasons why Gaborik is better.

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