Ilya > Gaborik? (updated)


I’m not sure the Rangers should be in it for Ilya Kovalchuk. I’m not sure they could possibly afford him and still have enough cap money to have 18 skaters on a given night. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make them a contender. But I am also pretty sure he gets them into the playoffs and is young enough to still be around when some of their prospects become actual NHL players.

And I am not saying with any conviction that I think it would be the right move, at this time, for the Rangers to try to get him.

I am just throwing this out there, though, because those who don’t want Kovalchuk are painting him as some sort of loser who disappears in big games.

I think he might be better than Marian Gaborik. I think, in the NHL world where the top two players are Ovechkin and Crosby, and then there are the Datsyuks and Malkins, Kovalchuk fits right beneath them on the superstar ladder, and probably just ahead of Gaborik.

And please don’t tell me that Gaborik distinguished himself in big games last year, though there were only, what, six of them all year?

This isn’t knocking Gaborik. I think the Rangers got exactly what they paid for last season. He played most of the year healthy, he scored his 42, he carried the offense … sometimes literally.

But I think Kovalchuk is probably the better player. Gaborik is a faster skater. Kovalchuk is a bigger, tougher guy to defend, and he plays better on the other side of the blue line, and with more of a snarl.

In his eight seasons, the more durable Kovalchuk has scored 29, 38, 41, 52, 42, 52, 43, 41 goals, and as many as 91 and 98 points.

In his nine seasons, Gaborik has scored more than 38 goals twice. Most of that has been due to his health. Some of that was the suffocating system under which he played in Minnesota.

Again, I’m not knocking Gaborik at all. Not a bit. He was worth what the Rangers paid him last year, and he’s in his prime, too.

I just think Kovalchuk might be a better player. Kovalchuk also scored 27 PPGs one year for the Thrashers. Where do you think the Rangers would have finished last season with a 20-PPG guy?

One thing I know: The Rangers are going to struggle again this season to score more than one or two goals on any given night. Maybe struggle more than last year.


EVENING UPDATE, 7:07 P.M.: According to Andrew Gross, RFA Dan Girardi has filed for salary arbitration. Last year, Nick Zherdev went to arbitration and the Rangers walked away from his award, making him an unrestricted free agent. I don’t think there’s any way that happens with Girardi.

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  1. Carp I agree with u 100%. I would love to have Kovy but the problem is cap space. It seems like teams around the league are not looking to add any more.

    Do u think Rosy is on the team opening night?

  2. toxic contracts on

    toxic contracts
    July 5th, 2010 at 11:28 am
    in 2 years these guys will be all gone


    also gone as rfa probably


    only toxic contracts left would be


  3. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Yes, I just thought the article was kind of funny and besides carp got the shot out in it.

    I agree with you on the last thread. You still on FB? If not shoot me an email

    So this came off of bleacher report. Does anyone have any idea what espn article it is talking about??

    I’m not sure how true these next two rumors really are, but here you go. has reported that the Rangers may be trading for a top-line center (Brad Richards name came up in the article), and may be close to signing Alexander Frolov (who flew to New York on the 2nd of July). Again, I do not know how true those two rumors are, but it sounds pretty intriguing.

    oh and FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

  4. id offer rosi and a prospect not a big one for filatov. demote redden and sign kovy.
    the rangers cant win with redden on this team and im not hatin on him. if sather offered me that deal id sign it too and u guys would hate me as well.

    in the future we can have the spy line grachv aa and filatov

  5. bull dog line on

    you want to free up cap space for Kovalchuk. 2 simple moves, walk away from Girardi, and waive Avery. they do not need either player. yes I know Girardi was on the number 1 pair, but he is not a number 1 pair guy, he’s a 5 or 6. Avery has not been useful since they first got him.

  6. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    I think sather and dolan would love to have another big name not a big star ,those are rare , but another big name.
    So go for it sather,we waited 54 years once ,we have plenty of time.

  7. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I think rozy is dealt at some point before then (maybe souray).But probably a 50/50 chance. I don’t think he makes it the whole season regardless. Personally I want him gone yesterday!

  8. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    walking a way from girardi is fine, hell i’d rather at this point, but I honestly think avery cares more about wearing the sweater than most of the other guys on this team, I would get rid of him. Just an opinion though.

  9. You get Kovy on the NYR only with an organization that wants to win because you dress the best 20 players you have on any given night. How you get him is you subtract the player(s) we all know about because he (they) have shown, on the ice, no commitment to win on a nightly basis, and then he fits in under the cap with ease. I don’t know how any organization, sports or otherwise, is a healthy body when you have people at the top of the pay scale that don’t do the job. It just breeds a losing culture. It’s time for the NYR and CV to realize that. I won’t spend another year watching this team otherwise. And on top of that, if Wang and the Isles are really in on this, losing him to the NYI would be an even bigger travesty.

  10. If 09/10 is indicative of where these players are currently at in their careers – Gaborik > Kovalchuk.

    IMO, Gabs is a better passer and has a better nose for being in the right spot around the net. While not perfect, he’s still a MUCH better 2-way player than Ilya. In Ilya’s case, playing in a Devil’s system for a full year could reverse that and he might end up equal to Gaborik in that regard.

    In no way is Kovalchuk worth 3mm more/season than Gaborik, IMO.

  11. Tank The Season on

    I posted in the last topic what it would take to get Kovalchuk and I am not convinced it is worth it.

    Sather would do better I think to sign someone capable of scoring more than 25 goals (even if they didn’t do it last season) when their price inevitably comes down as the summer drags on.

  12. bull dog line on

    its time for you to get off the fence with Kovalchuk. you have been hinting about what you think but haven’t said it yet. Its OK to say it. you think the Rangers should sign Kovalchuk. go ahead say it!

  13. i dont want Kovalchuk. besides the part about it not fitting under the cap unless both Redden and Girardi are gone, how about that Kovalchuk disappears in big games and hasnt won anything.

    right now the Rangers roster (assuming Girardi and Staal sign) is completely set which just doesnt happen going into camp.

    Expect some move (probably a trade) to happen

  14. Different players. If they play on the same team, that would be difficult do defend against. One is more finesse, fast skater and an outstanding finisher. The other one is more of a power forward with one of the better shots ever. They are similar in one thing- none requires a true first line center. One needs space, the other one needs people to stay away from his skating. Both are very productive.
    And yes, I’m on the record to say it, sign him if the money is right, that is 9 or less. Perfect situation for NY- they’ll make the playoffs and still let all young guys grow. Don’t worry about the summer cap, they can have Staal and Girardi signed verbally, but the contracts don’t have to submitted to NHL until hue cap space is cleared- Glen can work on some trades etc.

  15. bull dog, if I was sure one way or another, I’d say it. I don’t know.

    oleo, yeah, Ovechkin hasn’t won anything, either. Leetch never won anything until ’94, and never again. Gaborik’s certainly never won anything. That’s a weak argument.

    And I think Redden’s gone in September. That’s why it might be possible to fit Kovalchuk under the cap.

  16. I think it’s premature to evaluate Kovalchuk’s playoff performance- he played in Atlanta. The Devils team in April couldn’t beat an amateur team from Midtown….

  17. Kovalchuk has been in the NHL since 2001 and has never even won a playoff series, yet some of you want to give him a cap killing contract for 8-10 mil a year for 8-10 years.

    carp even if you waive Redden, that’s not enough to fit Kovalchuk unless you get him at 8 mil exact not to mention the fact that Leetch and Ovechkin are special players.

    If Kovalchuk can be had for what Gaborik got, fine but to pay him 25% more for twice as long is absolutely ridiculous.

  18. NorthCountryRanger on

    We should go for it… pull a NY Yankees type movie and swoop in and sign him away from 2 division rivals. After NJ is reluctant w/ money and a piece of the facade at that other excuse for a NY team’s rink falls on Kovy i think he’ll welcome the Rangers as a potential suitor. And to the person that a few posts ago said that Ilya was quoted as saying he’ll only come to the rangers “if Avery isn’t here” i’d like to see the article you read cus i feel that its a business and for around 9-10 million a season i’d just plug my ears with money and go out and score goals. He’s a great scorer in his prime and all we need to do is bury redden or roszival and be under the cap in september/october…..oh to dream…

  19. bull dog line on

    with the way the game is being played today, the Rangers not only should sign Kovalchuk, they badly need him. there is know one in the system that has star potential, and if there is, they are a ways away from realizing that potential. Kovalchuk is a no brainer, salary cap be damned.

  20. For all the intracacies of cap space, what it would mean to the nyr rebuilding plan, etc, its actually a real simple question. Does “ovalchuk improve the hockey club?

    Since the answer, even for the chicago blackhawks would be an unquivocal yes, there’s really no debate, only the question of whether its possible to get it done…

    Btw, no question IK is the ‘better’ player of Gaborik, whom I admire quite a bit.

    Gaborik is a pure cherry-picker. Kovalchuk is a freakin engine for your offense that plays in traffic and boosts your team’s pace.

    I don’t think there’s any question he’d make this kids push that much harder, not to mention they could learn quite a bit from hi.m.

  21. instead of signing Kovalchuk for a ridiculous contract, you wait till next offseason and sign Mikko Koivu and David Backes who will probably cost slightly more per year than what Kovalchuk alone will get.

    add those guys along with Gaborik, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov and the other prospects like Stepan, Werek etc. you have lots of potential and thats not even talking about a defense of Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, McDonagh etc.

  22. For the Cost of Redden and Voros you could have Kovalchuk … where’s the argument ??

    Also, there is no guarantee that MZA makes the team this season (he is on a 2 way contract) – so there is an additional 1.75 million of space.

    Honestly, our cap situation isnt that bad when you take Redden off. Drury is grossly over-paid and Rozy is slightly over-paid but EVERY TEAM has players like that

    Then, you have Hank and Gabby who earn what they’re paid and the rest of the team is really, really solid in what they earn.

    Demoting Redden and paying that money to Kovalchuk puts us at the top of the Conference

  23. I would be surprised if Kovy ended up in a Ranger jersey. Forget the huge hurdles the organization would have to overcome to sign him – it’s obvious he wants to play for a contender, which is why he turned down 100 mil offer in Atlanta. Before the postseason, the Devils looked ready to make a deep run. The Rangers are in, I don’t know, their third rebuilding year? He wants to get paid and he wants a championship. The Rangers can only do one of those things for him.

    That all being said, I don’t think it’s a great idea to sign him, but having Gabby and Kovalchuk on the same team probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  24. Plus, it scares the Carp out of me to think how awful this team would be if Gaborik got injured for any length of time.

    A 1-2 punch of Gabby and Kovy would be ridiculous – plus you got Hank in net and our young and up and coming D Corps …

    Pretty Deadly in my book

  25. If we’re talking about effectively trading Redden and someone else (Rozy, Danny G, whoever) for Kovy, then that’s a hell of a trade you have to make. Then when Drury, Brash, Voros, and whoever come off the books, that’s another $10M to fill in spare parts, along with kids coming up.

    After Redden, Rozy, Drury, and Gomez, spending big bucks on someone useful for a change would be nice.

    Also, Kovy was on Atlanta his whole career. Of course he’s never won anything. Sheesh.

  26. somerset

    MZA has 800,000 in bonuses so his cap hit isn’t really 1.75 mil.

    with Voros, Redden waived and assuming Girardi and Staal make 6.5 mil between them and designating Byers and Brashear as the only healthy scratchs, the Rangers have 8.390 mil in cap space.

    do you really think you can Kovalchuk for that?

  27. If you believe in this rebuilding, in these specific kids, then you belive the Rangers WILL be a contender sometime in the next 3-4 years (and then they’ll need a Kovalchuk!)..

    “Ovalchuk IS a longterm answer to what appears to be a longtern need, unless someone shows me the stud scorer they’ve been hiding…..

    Is it possible they honestly anticipate 30+ from the hobbit they signed? Could be…..

    But why take a chance? Get me KOVALCHUK! ;)

  28. even if the Rangers did find a way to get cap space for Kovalchuk, 10 year contracts are absolutely insane.

    look at Chicago having to trade all their RFAs b/c of Hossa and before you tell me how Chicago won a cup, yea but they also have Kane and Toews who the Rangers dont have in their system so a CUP aint happening this season anyway.

  29. demote redden dont sign girardi for 3.5 mil

    and there is the kovy money.

    not that hard. mcdonaugh steps in for redden sign a mid level d for girardi spot

  30. all this chit chat about Kovalchuk and RANGERS?

    From the outset one has to wonder what possible advantage Kovalchuk would see in coming to a team that is demoralized, has displayed gross incompetence game after game last year, a team that he has personally embarrassed on the ice, and team that seems on a trademill to irrelevance as far as a standing in the NHL east.

    And if this is not flying in the face of the “let’s speak no evil of OUR team” thinkers position..pray tell which eastern teams will the Rangers be replacing come next spring, under the present situation?

  31. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    at this point, I’m leaning a bit more towards signing him than not. I agree with a lot of you about no guarantee that MZA or stepan make the roster (I would be more inclined to think MZA makes it and stepan uses his one year of junior eligibility or htfd to start with).

    I agree with carp about redden being gone in september. I also think if slats does sign kovy, staal and/or girardi will be traded.

    With or without kovy and whether we trade staal and/or girardi or keep them, we still have a soft as hell blueline and need to find a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man or two back there.

  32. also why would the Rangers sign both Prospal and Christensen if they were planning on signing Kovalchuk.


    i dont think they signed Christensen to be a healthy scratch nor would they prevent any young prospect from making the team out of training camp. Unless one of those forwards is on the move, the moves so far have pretty much signaled that we arent going for the cup.

  33. The White Plains Batman on

    I’d rather get a Stempniak/Frolov or some 20-goal guy for $2.5-$3 million for 2-3 years than Kovalchuk for $10 million for a decade but it’s all about conservation of contracts.

    To save money, send some of the poorer performing guys like Redden, Voros, and even Avery to Hartford and replace them with the McDs, Valatenko’s, Weisse’s and Byers of the world.

    I’ll be pretty ticked if Boogard blocks Weisse. Boogard is fine but has no more ceiling, Weisse needs to be with the Rangers this year.

  34. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    One other thing that bothers me a bit, many gripe about the signing of boogaard or the having of an enforcer on the roster at all, but if princess dubi or cally would play meaner with more of an edge or if we didn’t have a marshmallow blueline or if we had a winger that got top two line minutes with a bit of size and anger in his game (armstrong or malone come to mind) we might not need an enforcer type with overall team toughness, but as it stands the only guys that you can count on to stand up for teammates (prust, avery, boogaard) will get crap for minutes because this team is soft and the coach is an idiot on this particular subject!

    Ok, I’m done, back to your regularly scheduled debate!!!

  35. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Enough of the cap killing Kovy contract talk. Think about this…

    If Kovy was under contract, and not a UFA, and Atlanta(or Jersey) dangled him as trade bait, how many teams you think would get in on it?

    IF… and i’m saying IF… we signed him, yes it would cost alot of money, but he’s a goal scorer, a sniper, and YOUNG. He could play 1,2,3 or however many seasons in NY. OR…… we could try it out for a few years and TRADE him. You don’t think he would attract trade offers in 2 or 3 years??
    It may not be a fit in NY, he may not want to stay in a few years…. but you have options.

    Kovy on the roster makes the Rangers better than Kovy not on the roster. period. He’ll make a difference, that much is fact. Watching him and Gabby on the same team would be magical, and all of us will cheer if he scores.

    Redden is cap killing,declining skillwise, and has no trade value… Kovy, at just about any number, would be the exact opposite.

  36. NorthCountryRanger on

    oleosmirf are you a devils fan??? maybe a pisles rooter? Or maybe you just don’t understand what Kovalchuck would bring…you’re a fool f you don’t think we should try and every post you make is more ludacris and shows this point even more… KOVY ON the 2nd line??? behind DUBI????? wake up man.

  37. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Would someone please post the wolfpack roster here, so some of these people would learn another name besides byers, am I the only one that watched this career minor leaguer play games with the rangers this past season??? I wish him all the best, he seems like a great guy, but that punching bag offers nothing to this team from what I saw!

  38. Agree 100% Carp.

    It might be a ton of money he’s asking for, but he’s a superstar.

    He is a 40-50 goal scorer on a team where he doesn’t get much help, and all the defense is focused on him. He’s right up there with the Crybaby’s, Ovechcant’s, etc.

    You can’t blame him for not being in the playoffs more. Blame the GM.

    That’s a ton of money though, and unless both Dredden, and Blowzy are gone, It would be tough to give him what he wants.

  39. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    gift o gab
    send me another request on twitter will ya….thanks!

  40. Tank The Season on

    Stempniak or Frolov are two of the guys I’m thinking of. They’re not washed up like Kariya, Demtira, or Tkachuk, and provided their demands become reasonable we could get both of them for less than what Kovalchuk will be paid in one year. And yes, I’d rather have those two together than Kovalchuk, and I think most of us would.

    This was our lines would be something like this:


    This was we have a more balanced offense then relying on two guys only who can score.

  41. kovy decision today look snyrangers blog.

    kovy back to devils for 7 years 60 mil.

    if it came down to devils or isles i personally would like him to stay with devils.

    having the isles get him would make us the worst team in the div.

  42. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    yep… NY Post saying Kovy expected to resign in Joyzee… 7yr/$60 mil

  43. bull dog line on

    thats just great, Kovalchuk back with the Devs.
    that puts Kovalchuk, and Parise, Crosby, Maklin, Carter, Richards all in our division. the Rangers, they have Gaborik, and the ELITE one.

  44. NorthCountryRanger on

    tank you forgot about MZA in that lineup and yes anisimov…maybe even stepan?

  45. ORR

    with your lineup i am curious to know if that was true sather has been preaching to us for weeks then they will get younger and have spots for the kids.

    again i dont see with resigning of prospal and christy where will there be spots for kids.

    stepan kreider playing on a 4th line is a waste playing 8-9 mins a night.

  46. bull dog line on

    wasn’t Orr’s lineup, it was tanks. I am with you Orr, that lineup is depressing.

  47. NorthCountryRanger on

    hope all of you who didn’t want kovy here enjoy watching him plow us for the next seven years 6 times a season…

  48. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    The Isles may not have a bonafide superstar… but they play with passion, and a chip on their shoulder… and they want to win. If half our roster had half their passion, we’d give 110%, 100% of the time.
    60% of the time… it works every time.

  49. sign Ovechkin lite…period
    maybe he would have some chemistry with anisimov and grachev…

  50. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Don’t be surprised if Toronto kicks our butts this season. I’m getting depressed about our current state of affairs. We’re WAY behind in the East. Washington, Pitt, Philly, NJD, Boston, heck even MTL.

    We suck.

  51. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Burke makes Sather look worse than incompetant. He’s going to make Toronto legit inside of 4 years.

    I can’t say enough how bad Sather is at his job.

  52. Eric, exactly. Re-signing a hack like Christensen was a waste.

    If he gets first line minutes, I might be crying a lot more during the season than I usually do.

    I’d rather have Kovalchook sign with the Isles. At least when they’re beating us, we can say that “Kovalchook is the reason”, instead of saying Okpiggo, and DiPihippo are the reasons, which is embarrassing.

  53. the reason i had Kovalchuk on the 2nd line is b/c that way you would have 2 great scoring lines.

    did NJ have Parise and Kovalchuk on the same line? What about Marleau, Thornton and Heatley, or Crosby and Malkin?

    either way everything the Rangers have done so far indicates they are not going after Kovalchuk and Redden will be here to start. I think the team we see here is pretty much the team we are going to start with.

    Do i think Kovalchuk makes us a hell of a lot better yes, but do i feel he is worth his current asking price, no.

  54. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    When your projected top line center gets paid under a mil a year…. you have to laugh. Because if you don’t… you’ll want to find a tall building. Then jump off of it.

  55. I guess in the end, the trade is worth it, since he’s re-signing for a multi-year deal.

    I figured he wouldn’t want to play in that boring trap system. I never saw this one coming.

    Poor NYR. What do we have? Money grubbers who can’t show up when it matters, and a bunch of 3rd liner losers who have almost zero impact on this team, and the hope that some prospects can carry this team.

    Anybody ready for gray hairs this season :P

  56. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Something odd about that report. They’re saying he could sign “as soon as monday” If he is going to do it, why is it not getting done now?
    Personally…. i’m starting to think his agent is playing with teams to up the ante. If he’s not signed, teams can still make offers, and he could get more, and the Devils can get caught with their pants down.


  57. Tank The Season on

    Kovalchuk just can’t be fit in under our cap. Frolov and Stempniak would make much more reasonable and cost effective additions. I’m waitin for the Kovalchuk domino to fall so we can see what the Rangers will really end up doing. My guess is we can get both Frolov and Stempniak for a combined cap hit of less than $7M per. Stempniak had a great walk year- Frolov not so much.

  58. I would rather see the Rangers tank this season, get a top 10 pick again and let the prospects get experience now and next offseason take the cap room from Redden, Prospal, Brashear, Gilroy and move Rozsival (thats 15.5 mil in cap space btw) and go out and sign one of the best C and best W available.


    prospect-veteran D

    Then when Avery and Drury are UFAs in 2012 you replace them with a top FA and a prospect like Stepan. That is how you build a winning team…

  59. NorthCountryRanger on

    funk frolov i’m tired of dealing with these maybe 20 goal scorer “mercurial” eastern europeans let that piece of carcillo go play in siberia and see if that lights a fire under his underachieving butt. Much rather see the Rangers not make those moves for more mediocrity and maybe put together a trade for a better scorer…but then again we know what will probably happen… a team of 3rd liners and gaborik and lundy…hooray for mediocrity!!

  60. Patrick Kane lead Chicago with ‘only’ 30 goals, but they had 6 guys with 20 or more goals.
    11 guys with 10 or more.

    Gabby had 42. I don’t think it’s far fetched to think that Dubi can get near 30 or for AA and Cally to hit the 20’s. MDZ consistently in the teens.
    We need guys across the board to step up the production and some of the ‘prospects’ to emerge.


    I fully agree, we need more grit. But I have to laugh at you calling out Cally. He is one of the few guys that actually provides some skills AND toughness. While neither he nor Dubi are big fighters they are the least of the problem. Yes, Dubi needs to more consistent with the physical aspect of his game but he won’t be intimidated (nor will Cally) and he has stood up for his teammates. (When Gabby was dumped into the boards for instance).

    I do like Prust and I will admit that Avery has stood up in that respect.

  61. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Post changed the Headline… now says Devils front runner… before they made it seem the deal was as good as done. Interesting. Somebody jumped the gun.

  62. NorthCountryRanger on

    Oleosmirf—why tank the season? it isn’t even september yet and you’ve given up on our season and our hope is MIKKO KOIVU? are you drunk at 2pm or just hungover from yesterday? Actually i think hallucinogens would much more explain your last post

  63. ThisYearsModel on

    Gonna be a long year. Pens, Flyers and Devils with significant upgrades. Isles continue to improve. Rangers still drowining under idiotic contracts thanks to the Genius. The next Cup or 2 from the Atlantic won’t be lifted in the Garden. Tortorella plus inexperienced young players. This season will resemble an 82 game long train wreck. Terrible to watch but unable to take your eyes off.

  64. Tank The Season on

    Stempniak scored 28 goals last season – 14 of those in the 18 games he played with Phoenix after they got him. He is probably worth $3M a season. Frolov is worth about the same.

  65. Tank – Stempniak had a great (and completely unsustainable) post-trade streak, *not* a great year. His career to date doesn’t make him worth that.

    Throwing $3m+ deals at 2nd/3rd line players like him, Kotalik-style, is arguably more damaging to a team like the Rangers than breaking the bank for someone like Kovalchuk. Not saying I’m in favour of signing Kovalchuk – on balance, I’m not – but if I’m picking between your options…

  66. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    we have to make sure to drag on our death over 82 games. Wouldn’t want to end it too soon… we have a sell-out streak to continue!

    That’s the biggest crock of B.S. Sold out arenas don’t have all those empty seats!!

  67. howiehockey on

    Memo to Slats: go ye to Ottawa and get that first line center, Jason Spezza…would require some salary dump, but it’s doable.

  68. northcountryranger

    we dont have the horses to win a Stanley cup, at least not yet. our defense is young so that means there will be learning curves but has lots of promise. instead of signing veterans to help us sneak in every year how about we develop our own young stars so we can actually be a top 4 team in the east instead of 6-8 every year.

    Mikko Koivu is a hell of player and if you ever watched him play you would know why. If he had the talent around him, he’d be much more well-known. 67 and 71 points the last 2 seasons.

  69. Tank The Season on

    Any forward who hits free agency and is under 35 years old and has scored 20 goals in a season before will not sign for anything less than $3M a season unless they are desperate.

    I’m going into next season with the assumption that Grachev (needs to adjust more to the pro game and had a poor first year with the Pack) and Stepan (needs a year to dominate as an overage junior or in the AHL) are not ready to jump into the lineup for us. Ditto for MZA.

    That being said I would not give Stempniak or Frolov a multi-year deal.

  70. prospal, avery, and christensons contracts are not toxic, whatever that means.

    kovalchuk is probably better then gaborik but the are both rea lgood.

    kovalchuk at $7 mill per is doable and would give them 2 premium offensive players but looks like the debbie’s are getting him back.

    rangers will have no more difficulty scoring this year thne last and I think they will score more this year.

  71. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    worth nothing…

    Tallon in CHI got BLASTED for his salary moves, and the contracts he game out. It essentially cost him his job. Funny how that same team won the cup. Yes they got dismantled after that… but they won. All NYR would take that this season. or next season. Or any season.

  72. i love the doom and gloom crowd. pens, flyers, and debbies upgrade. really….

    who did the flyers get and loss that they upgraded? same for the other teams…

    every year the experts tell us who won the offseason and 9 times out of 10 the yend results never warrant the hype.

    bloggins should be changed to the correct term whining……

  73. last Irecal kovalchuk was on the debbies last year.

    spezza is not worth getting.$7 mill + players would need to be moved.

    the beauty of kovalchuk is iw would have cost only $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    pittsburgh has no secondary scoring.

    I like toronto’s moves personally…

  74. i would rather the 3rd line Winger be a prospect like Zuccarello or Wiese and maybe see Grachev midseason than sign a FA like Frolov or Stepniak.

    being a 6-8 seed in the playoffs every season is not acceptable, we need to build a consistent 96+ point team and fillers like Frolov or Stepniak don’t achieve that.

  75. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    I’m not even going to waste my time listing specifically who went where. The Flyers are a better team than the Rangers. Last season, and (up to this point) this offseason and coming season. The Devils upgraded their D big time, and if Kovy re-signs there you know the rest. Pitt is a good team, and added some good pieces, one, whom the Rangers would have liked to get.

    So point summed up… we’re almost the worst team in the division on paper. On the ice… we might be the worst.

  76. frolov would be perfect for the whiny foolish rangers fans. he is a enigma, soft, sizzle and no substance. yep give him 5 yrs and $5 mill per.

    classic.. I live in LA frolov is a better zherdev, slightly better. NO THANK YOU……..

  77. Tallon got blasted more specifically for the Huet and Campbell deals – neither of whom exactly tipped the balance between the Hwaks winning or otherwise last year – and the qualifying offer snafu that led to Versteeg and Barker (among others) getting deals higher than otherwise would’ve been the case – clearly, partly responsible for the salary/cap dumps post-Cup win.

    Nobody would argue Tallon didn’t make several other smarter moves that built the team into a contender – alongside sucking for several years.

  78. NorthCountryRanger on

    I’ve watched Koivu play the bottom line is that you think that he can turn this team around and Kovalchuck wouldn’t…that just shows how laughable your point is right there!

  79. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Are you serious Stuart? Pitt has no secondary scoring?

    Pitt had 11 guys score double figures in goals.
    4 who scored 20 or more
    oh… and they have a guy named Sid, and a guy they call Geno. better known as Malkin.
    They also had a D man who had 50 points.

  80. Frolov put up twenty something goals and still got scratched a few times by Lombardi in LA right? Sounds an awful lot like Zherdev to me.

  81. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    and Frolov wants the same overpayment Z wants.

  82. Carp,

    While Kovalchuk has put up those numbers, he did have a linemate named either Dany Heatley or Marian Hossa for 6 and a half of his 8 NHL seasons.

    Gaborik has yet to play with anyone as talented as either.

  83. Tank The Season on

    Frolov and Stempniak won’t get any overpayment… They were not snapped up on day one of the UFA “frenzy” probably because their demands were too high. So their agents now wait by the phones. Such is the reality of the cap era after July 1 comes and goes.

  84. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I do not think cally stands up enough for teammates (especially for having a letter). I DO NOT expect him (or dubi) for that matter to have 15 fights a season, but on certain occasions like the gabby incident or say hank gets run a few times in a game, certain players that play top two line minutes or top 6 d men, should be going out of their way to make a “statement”. They don’t, so then I go back to my statement about meaner and with more of an edge. I don’t think cally is a bad player at all, but do you think gravey would have not made a statement if something like that happened (no one compares to graves, but I am just saying). My point is cally isn’t that kind of player, neither is dubi really, niether are any of our top two line forwards or ANY of our 6 d men…..subsequently the problem with this team as a whole and the way the coach sets up lines, which I was trying to convey in that last post.

  85. Mr. Carpiniello !

    Do you really honestly think that Mr. Glen Sather the general manager of Live and President of eternity is capable of swinging a deal of this proportion and signing Ilya Kovalchuk.. ????

    Do you really honestly think that he wants to dump Wade Redden in September giving him a multi year deal because he think is the best defenseman since Brian Leetch ?????:)

    How can you really think to write about it just mentioning the idea of Kovalchuk ????? :) ??????

    Mr. Carpiniello you are definitely a dreamer !!!!:)

  86. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    ” You may say i’m a dreamer…. but i’m not the only one “

  87. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    We can all dream!!

  88. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    The Rangers problems cannot be solved in a short time. And certainly can’t be solved given the current decision makers. Our owner clearly doesn’t give a crap about the state of the franchise, as evidenced by our moronic GM, his ineptitude, and continuing failures to construct a quality team. Yet he remains in his position even after multiple years of sub-par hockey.

    For every Jagr/Gaborik… there have been 20 Higgins,Kotaliks,Brashears,Reddens,Gomezs etc.

    In the real world, if you don’t produce, you’re not in charge. Until Dolan cares about hockey, or the Rangers, and kicks our useless GM out on his behind and gets somebody who can skillfully construct a roster, we will continue to be a rag-tag group of players, with maybe one or two superstars here and there.

    We will not win cups, we will not dominate our division, we will have false hope in a team we all know could be so much more.

  89. rod gilbert on

    See nothing about late nyr offer, includingg lebruans twitter.

    That someones idea of funny?

  90. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    The Blackhawks were the most irrelevant team(or one of) in all the NHL, until the ownership transition, and some quality drafts after years of poor hockey.
    Pittsburgh was also awful, got a great draft crop, malkin fell in their lap, and they put a good roster together.

    It can be done. Just not by Sather. Not anymore.

  91. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I think you fell for one of orr’s clover ploys

  92. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!

    That was for zzzzzzzz

  93. Gift of GAB-orik( Gaborik+Wolf Pack Roster=WIN!! ) on

    I think Sather needs to do us all a favor and step aside. Or fall down stairs. Either way.

  94. I dont understand the point of signing Frolov, Stepniak, Ponikorovsky or any of these fillers.

    and yes NorthCountryRangers i would rather have Koivu than Kovalchuk b/c of the thing called the salary cap. having Kovalchuk, Gaborik, Drury all the same team for the next 2 season means you cant afford to acquire anyone else.

    our defense is too young and inexperienced to win a cup regardless of who we have up front. Let the kids gain experience then bring in the top goal scorers.

    throwing money at big name players doesnt equal winning in a salary cap world.

  95. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    wow, clever, not clover (I didn’t look rather clover with that typo)

  96. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    wow, I should sober up before work huh……sheeesh!!!!

  97. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    just send you a tweet and “F’d” that all up with typos as well

  98. Guys,

    I am a big reader on this blog but do not post much, love reading all the fun stuff here from the boneheads…and of course long time Ranger fan since I was a kid,…anyway…some people may not like what I am going to say but here goes…FIRST STEP IS TO GET RID OF SATHER!!!!

    THEN…I think we need to consider trading Lundquvist….before everyone gets all crazy, listen to the reasoning…we are always going to be in that middle of the road position for the next years….never being that bad to get first draft pick, but also never going farther than 1st round…as we saw this year…we had two teams in the finals whos goaltending was suspect, but had killer offense and big blueliners pushing them through….we trade henny we get 2-3 first/second line players plus probably a dman…then we use Biron plus the few better prospects we may have and we will get through….sorry had to be said and feel sooo bad about it because Henny is the best, like I said nothing will get better until Sather is gone though…

  99. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on

    haha wick,

    yea probably need to tell grandpa no more cough syrup.

  100. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on


    Lundqvist would get a high return i’m sure, but i doubt 2 or 3 first/second line players AND a d man. We’d be taking so much more salary than was going for one, and secondly… there would be a riot outside of MSG.

    Without Hank, this team is garbage. Plain and simple. Maybe that’s good 4 or 5 years from now, with a few lottery picks, maturation of young guys, and a trade or two… but we can do that without giving away the house.

    Trade Hank, and we might as well not even watch hockey for 4 years.

  101. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    yep, I’m going to head out and operate a motor vehicle, maybe some heavy equipment, and then handle a firearm or two..

  102. May be right about the salary…and I guess the team wil always be garbage as long as sather is around…but still think if done properly would work…if we trade king 5 yrs from now who knows where his stock would be…

  103. Prospal-Christensen-Gaborik


    even though its pretty much the same team we finished off with last season and garbage Redden is still here what we do have is young players improving and great chemistry which should have us competing for the 8th spot and then if we are still in the race we waive Redden and use that 2nd rounder we got for Sanguinetti to make a trade or if we are bad, we waive Redden anyway trade Prospal, Girardi, Christensen, Biron for picks/prospects.

    then this offseason we get a stud in the draft and a hell of a lot of cap space to instantly make us contenders in 2011-2012

  104. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on


    This team will be pretty good in 3 years in my estimation. Guys in our system will be NHL ready, and we have a TON of salary coming off the books by then. Stepan, McDonaugh, Grachev, AA, Krieder, maybe Borque, and ‘the undertaker’ can be on the roster. Hank hopefully is still healthy, and things are looking up.

    Trading Hank now, will only prolong our bad years. We don’t have any solid goalies to play 2 or 3 years. Zaba, Johnson, Biron… not ready to be the number 1.

    But if Sather is still here in 3 years, i’m sure he’ll screw it all up.

  105. bull dog line on

    Still no centers or skill, OLEO, where is the skill going to come from.
    Rob, trading Hank is the fastest way to rebuild, not the slowest. I would trade him in the right deal . if they keep him there just going to continue being mediocre, he is to good for them to ever bottom out with him in nets.

  106. its the what ifs I am afraid of…and the Sather curse of losing/trading all of our talent…

  107. Decision Day for Kovalchuk could be Monday
    Monday, 07.05.2010 / 12:35 PM / NHL Free Agency 2010
    By Phil Coffey – Sr. Editorial Director

    Jay Grossman, the agent for free-agent winger Ilya Kovalchuk, said on his Twitter account that the winger’s decision may be announced Monday.

    “Ilya Kovalchuk looking to make decision on his future today,” Grossman, who has kept a low profile during negotiations, tweeted a little after noon ET Monday.

  108. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on

    Hank steals more games for us than i can count. Trading him might get 1 bonafide top 3 player. I wouldn’t trade him for a D man. Maybe the ‘right’ deal comes and you can get a top 3 forward, a top 3 d, and a 1st rounder. Then when we go from giving up an average of 2 goals per game, to giving up 4 or 5… we’ll still lose. we don’t need to panic now… we’ve dealt with the mediocrity for multiple years. Waiting 2 or 3 more won’t end the world.

    I’d rather have Hank in 2 years, with loads of cap space and a talented young core that’s been together for 2-3 years, than sell him out for a guy who’ll score 50, but we still get blown out most games.

  109. The New York Post is reporting that according to one source the Devils “have the inside track” to sign Kovalchuk to sign a six-year, $60 million contract.

  110. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on

    the Devils can’t pay him 10 mil a season unless they move someone else.

  111. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on

    the ny post also earlier said the deal was done. So don’t read to much into it. I think Kovy’s agent is scrambling to get top dollar, by leaking false reports to various media sources.
    The Kings felt they were getting played, they backed out. The Islanders as now being reported, never officially offered Kovy 10 years 10 mil per.

    So… who the heck knows.

  112. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on

    Grossman notoriously is secretive about negotiations and intent. He’s tweeting a decision will come later? c’mon.

  113. bull dog line

    those players are not available this season. Getting Frolov doesnt put us ahead or even on par with Pitt, Phi or NJ.

    I am well aware that this current team lacks the top level talent but I dont see anyone besides Kovalchuk (who we arent getting) on the free agent list.

    maybe Anisimov or Dubinsky are ready to break out. Id rather try the young guys than overpay for someone who isnt a real difference maker.

    Now Sather is a master at making trades, so maybe he brings in someone on an exprining contract like Brad Richards but I dont see any forward on the FA list that appeals to me (besides Kovi)

  114. Islanders signed Ilya Kovalchuk for 17 years contract worth of 144, 767012, 46 Million contract according to …

    Rick Carpiniello !!!:):):)

  115. Gift of GAB-orik( He can sign Russian snipers. In French ) on

    Richards may be expiring, but he’s still getting 7.8 this season. I don’t want ANY part of that. He’s no Kovy. He’s not worth that money. not this year, not next year, not ever.

  116. Trading Lundqvist is the worst possible thing that this team could do. Worse than trading Callahan, Staal or Gaborik. It makes absolutely zero sense. I think anyone who suggests that’s a good idea didn’t catch enough games this season. Hank was the only thing standing between this team and 29th or 30th place. Trading away your best player (and make no mistake, he is the best player on the team) is the same as tanking for a draft pick. It’s ridiculously stupid.

  117. gift of gab

    if we have the cap room and its an expiring contract, does it matter how much he makes???

  118. Dan LD

    i think that was his point. trade Lundqvist rebuild and we get top 5 picks.

    nevertheless, i disagree as goalies like Lundqvist are too rare to trade.

  119. Report: Red Wings target Modano
    Monday, 07.05.2010 / 2:43 PM / NHL Free Agency 2010
    According to, the Detroit Red Wings are making a concerted effort to bring Michigan native Mike Modano back home.

    “They’re selling it pretty hard,” Modano told the web site. “Having a team like Detroit really interested in me is flattering. I could have some fun playing with some great players and a great organization. There’s a lot of upside to it. But for me, I need to figure out in my head what I want to do.”

    Last week, the Dallas Stars announced they would not re-sign the 40-year-old Modano, the top scoring American player in NHL history. (1,359 points and 557 goals).

    “He’s a local boy, a [future] Hall of Famer, yeah, I’m interested,” Detroit GM Ken Holland told the Detroit Free Press when free agency began last week. “We’ve had good success through the years in getting the most out of players that are nearing the end.”

    Mike Modano on Broadway ???????????????

  120. rod gilbert on

    If its anything less than signed, gotta swoop in now and try to blow him away.
    8 yrs, 74m, just enough so nonbelievers can scream their heads off, little enough rangers could get out in 3-4 yeears.

    Don’t beg him to come. Challenge him to lead us to a cup. If he declines let him go play in the swamp. Make that the newer swamp.

  121. Here goes “trading Hank” idea again…Rob C, bull dog- can you be more specific in terms of who we can get for Hank, and which team would be involved? Perhaps if you are able to put that list together, you may realize how bad that idea could be.

    Bigmouth- I sense that you have some real usues with Carp. Unless you’re trying to be funny…

  122. no matter what player the Rangers get, I believe we are still behind Philly, Pitt and NJ.

    I dont think Frolov, Stepniak, Ponikrovsky, Selanne, Modano or anyone you can think of the FA list will make any difference whatsoever THIS SEASON. I think Kovalchuk at least gets us into playoffs but not very deep into it.

    b/c of that I want to see as many young players as possible and if we miss the playoffs so be it…

  123. the Hawks won the Stanley Cup. then, because of the cba cap rules, and the poor mgmt of same by previous Gm Dale Tallon, they had to dismantle the depth part of their team.

    gone are Byfuglien, Versteeg, Ladd, Madden, Burish, Eager, Fraser, Sopel, Boynton, Johnsson

    that is why it is necessary to be careful how you hand out contracts. and it is the bonuses that also figure into it, even including bonuses for awards won, that get you into trouble.

    the good news for them is that they won the cup for the first time since 1961, similar to the Rangers ’94 triumph.

    and also the good news is that their core stars are all locked up. but they will definitely have to get bigtime help from young untested players on their bottom lines and d pair to approach this years’ playoff success. I do not see a repeat

  124. One reason we dont score so much is that half of our defensive core are too inept to pass to their forwards or put them in a position to make a play or are too afraid to take the body to get the puck back. There’s a lot of stick waving when the opposition cross the blue line but no-one really steps into oncoming forwards to get the puck back so we tend to get on-rushing forwards coming in at speed and getting deep into our zone with the puck and setting up a cycle instead of having to back-check as our guys turn the play around and head back the other way.

    If we had one guy who could play top pair D and force the opposition to slow down or think for a second when crossing that line its a different game. McDonough sounds like a shutdown guy but i still think we need to look for a guy to do what Pronger, Orpik, Blake etc are good at.

    Sure Slats should make an enquiry and maybe even offer a few years at $8m per, Kovy is an incredible scorer but we also need to make sure we deal with our soft underbelly otherwise we’ll be looking at the back end of 5-4 and 4-3 until we sort our D out.

  125. Things are much better than folks think.
    Youth who played well now have more experience.
    Callahan went to SCHOOL by playing with the big boys this year
    Lundqvst: more rest, better play
    Boogeyman: will make fans cheer and Gabby glad
    Youth surprises to show…

    If we unload Redden Rosi we get cap room
    If we unload Redden Rosi and Drury…well, wow!

    Redden to Hartford
    Rosi in a trade?
    Drury: Great player, overpaid, body worn down due to style.

    How can we get rid of his salary?

  126. h2

    its amazing how some rangers fans especially on this blog, keep clamoring for these big name stars despite the fact that it has plagued the Rangers for years and lead to nothing but early round exits.

    the Ranger finally have a great farm system and have a roster full of homegrown players with many many more on the way. No need to rush the rebuilding process lets just let it happen.

  127. Callahan, Staal both have major years this year.

    Dubi: continue to press forward.

    Boogerman puts fear into guys, especially the disrespect shown Lundqvst and Gabby.

    Anisimov? Could be fun
    MDZ: major step forward

    Gilroy will be better conditioned to the long season and will skate well.

    We are a young and up and coming team.

  128. seamus

    I am very excited to see what our young guys do this season. 55+ points from Dubi, 50+ points from Cally and 45+ points from Artie would be great for this team.

    imagine if Zuccarello Aasen becomes a great young player or if Wiese comes in and has a nice rookie year.

    Our defense is shaping up to be one of the best in the league with Del Zotto, Staal, McDonagh, all under 23. Gilroy has potential.

    If we give them a chance we might have a foundation to build a consistent stanley cup contender…

  129. Booger turned down money to play at the GARDEN!

    UFA year is usually a player’s best…Shelley was fading until the last part of the season. He has his financial security now and will protect his jaw and body.

    Boogerman will have his name chanted, be on cheesey Long Guyland used car commercials, and stop the ice storm in front of the net. Opposing teams will think twice about liberties.

    HE TURNED DOWN MONEY to be with us! Most guys fear NY.

    He may be nutz, but he is what we needed. THIS was a great signing by Sather.

    While Shelley is Philly’s Brashear, our guy will be erasing the timidity we saw too often on Garden ice where teams came into our home and gave us black eyes. A rested Lundqvst and a confident Gabby will both prosper because of Boogeyman.

    Mark the words of himself. You are going to love this guy and love hearing the Garden faithful chant his name beginning with his first fight.

    28 years old.

    Shelley is old. Fighters go quickly at a certain age. too many punches. Funny, though, it seems to happen to them RIGHT after the UFA signing.

  130. Seamus – i think we’ll see a lot more from Anisimov, MDZ and Gilroy now they have that first season under their belts.

    I hope that Grachev, Stepan and McDonough all get a good look in camp. If Slats cant move those 3 contracts then he needs to blood the kids so that when Drury and Roszi are off the books in 2 summers time we have a young but experienced team.

  131. oleosmirf,

    exactly. We are a YOUNG team with some of the promise now realized (Staal) and our defense, when we send Redden to hartford, will improve.

    Remember: someone ALWAYS had to babysit Redden on his defensive pairing. This handicapped us.

    Lundaqvst was overworked and run many times. Avery put us a man down REPEATEDLY.

    Redden and Rosi constantly took the penalty of the lazy skater: hooking.

    We are young, and now we are TOUGH.

    Look for Staal to play meaner.
    Look for Callahan to be stronger.
    look for Dubinsky to be nastier.
    Look for Anisimov to take the next step
    Look for gilroy to be in pro condition, not college
    Look for Boogeyman to jar some fillings.
    We wanted youth and now we got it.

    Look for the swagger to return to Broadway that we have not seen for many years.

  132. Mark my words

    devs sign kovy by end of the day

    tom the rangers sign frolov 4 years 20 mil

    that would be a disaster

  133. The White Plains Batman on

    There’s no reason this team can’t make the postseason. Incorporate 2-3 more young guys (McD, Valatenko, Weisse, Grachev, Byers, MZA) and sign one of the desperate 20 goals scorers (Stempniak, Frolov, Alex P) for a bargain when no one wants them, and call it a day.

    Take out some of the underachievers on this team as well.

    Two good things to factor; Henrik will rest more with a proven backup, and the schedule won’t be so crazy as last year so hopefully guys like Prospal and Rozi won’t be tired by December.

  134. “but i still think we need to look for a guy to do what Pronger, Orpik, Blake etc are good at”

    We have the almighty McIlrath to beat up an entire team with the flick of a wrist.

    Apparently McIlrath is supposed to be our Sauron. He’s the one crease clearing d-man to rule them all.

  135. we have not, traditionally, given kids a shot in camp. Last year was GREAT. I think even MORE kids (the ones just mentioned) all have a fair shot at camp.

    Grachev: what if he contributes 15 goals?
    Anisimov: 15-20
    Callahan 20
    Dubi 20

    Spread it around and we can be a solid team.

    We can fix the holes in defense by moving Rosi and sending Redden’s contract to Hartford (if he is not in the substance abuse program).

    I worry about being saddled with Drury. He is shot from the blocked shots and tough play.

    Can he be moved??

  136. rod gilbertv how some try to paint with broad brush as if all BIG NAMES have been disasterous. Was mess? Gretz? Jagr? on

    Is the grossman thing real?

    Now I can’t tell…


  137. we don’t need frozlov…we have our own youth program and we will get scoring…

    I am hoping the days of overpaying vets is done.

    The fighter was different. Gabby was a risk of health.

    the kid in Russia under contract was a calculated risk that may pay off next year. (he should just stay here and “defect” if we can still do that sort of thing!

    I would have been angry to see Shelley given 3 years here. I know what he did for us last year, but I also know the pattern of 35 year olds on UFA years…no thanks.

    We have plenty of talent.

    I’d buy a playoff ticket right now. We are going to make noise in the playoffs…Philly also taught us all that surprises happen.

  138. trade everybody now!!!! for picks!!!

    hey ilb, hows it hangin? stay thirsty bro.

    wick, im not on fb anymore. my sister kept posting pics of me and videos of me i didnt like, so i got off there. she posted a vid of me driving through oklahoma back from texas through a bad t storm and floods. the vid has me cursing and yelling and i told her stop posting stuff like that and pics but she didnt, so i deleted my account. i only talked to few of you boneheads and some friends back home, but i can always talk to u guys here. ya know.

  139. besides my prediction that Alex Ovetchkin blows out a shoulder celebrating his goal by ramming himself in the glass like an idiot, I would also like to add that Boogerman gets a long, long suspension, breaking all records for lengthiest suspension.

    Cindy SCREAMS in the face of Drury, late October, and Boogerman challenges him. Cindy, knowing that his teammates will jump in, agrees.

    Problem is that Avery blocks the others from stepping in.

    Result: jaw wired shut for 6 weeks. No way to whine while the jaw won’t flap.

    Boogerman becomes a star.

  140. signing Frolov would be a huge mistake.

    why have a cap hit of 5 mil for Frolov, when Dubinsky’s cap hit is 1.75 mil and he only had 7 less points in 12 less games.

    why sign a center like Lombardi’s 53 points for 4 mil when Christensen at 900K gets you 40 points over an 82 game period

  141. Christensen may prove a pleasant surprise.

    This is one thing I know:

    With the roster as is, given the kids’experience from last year, we may struggle for goals, but will be improved from last year.

    Lundqst will be better rested.

    We will score more than we did last year.

  142. i mean think about it, the money we save from bringing back Prospal and Christensen on the cheap saves us a lot of cap room.

    for those of you following the Lebron watch…its like the Rangers are putting a weaker team out and saving cap room this season, to sign 2 max free agents in the 2011 offseason.

    waiving Redden just to sign Frolov is useless…wait till McDonagh is ready and send Redden to HFD and call him up. id rather wait a year and have my boy Koivu or Joe Thornton or whomever the Rangers decide than jump the gun and get Frolov or some other mediocre filler just so we get the 8th spot and lose to Crosby.

  143. Devils, fyi, afer getting Arnott and his $4.5 mil cap hit have only $4.7 mil to spend with only 18 roster players signed.

  144. We don’t need to derail our youth movement.

    Even as youth continue to grow, we will score more goals than last year.

    Pardon me if I don’t get too excited about the Lebron Tour. It’s a bit sickening to watch.

    The last report had him staying in chicago with 3 or 4 baby mommies and God knows how many kids.

    Have we ever seen anything like this circus?

  145. debbie does contracts on

    Kovalchuk will NOT sellout the arena in Newark. that is evident. he may have increased attendance ever so slightly late last season there, but he was no savior either at the box office or on the ice

    and the contracts that Lou has handed out are going to leave him in a big bind when he wants to re-sign Parise etc

    don’t forget, he went over the cap before, and had to get the Sharks to take Malaprops’ contract in return for a #1 pick I believe. so he is very much a Tallon lite

    Lou has already committed $40 mill to the 11-12 season. that’s right, not just next season, but the following one, 11-12. Lou has already committed $40 mill WITHOUT counting Kovalchuk, Parise, Langenbrunner, or Arnott. or the rest of the roster fillins.

    now, add those 4 into it, and you easily have more than 20 mill more. not counting the rest of the roster spots to fill out the team.

    the Debbies will be in Malaprop hell again, and they will be looking for a Sharks type bailout once again.

  146. Wow. That’s awful about Probert. The poor guy sure had his demons. I remember that Colin Campbell fought him when Campbell was an assistant coach with the Wings. I remember Joey Kocur fighting him when he was with the Rangers, and how long it took Kocur to get over it because they were such great friends.

    Of course, I rememeber the two fights with Tie Domi, and the heavyweight belt. I remember when Troy Crowder beat him, how it got the attention of the whole hockey world.

    One of my all time favorites was this one:

  147. waiting for more than just radio station reporting on it
    but if true
    sorry to see probert go…and relatively young, too.

  148. DEBBIE

    Apparently there’s a brash*t-load of Russians in Newark, and they’re all ga ga for Kovalchook.

    I remember hearing Chico brag aboot how ticket sales increased when he was traded there.

    So, who knows, maybe the Crock will be filled with a couple of Devil fans and a bunch of Kovalchook fans.

  149. The Only way I see Kovalchuk fitting into the lineup is by demoting Redden AND trading Girardi and replacing them with cheaper players (McDonagh and a Veteran 7th man)

    Ilya Kovalchuk — $8,000,000
    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Vaclav Prospal – $2,100,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Brandon Dubinsky — $1,850,000
    Mats Zuccarello-Aasen ($850,000) $1,750,000
    Derek Boogaard — $1,625,000
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Erik Christensen — $925,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,667
    Brandon Prust — $800,000
    Dale Weise – $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000

    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Marc Staal — $4,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Michael Del Zotto- $1,087,500
    Ryan McDonagh — $875,000
    Pavel Valentenko – $850,000
    Garnett Exelby — $800,000

    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Martin Biron — $875,000

    ROSTER SIZE – 24 (really 23 excluding Brash)
    SALARY CAP – $59,400,000
    PAYROLL – $61,396,667
    BONUSES – $2,507,500
    CAP SPACE – $510,833

  150. That was a tough year for Fedoruk! No sooner did he come back from getting hurt there, when a certain Colton Orr put him out for the count!!! Carps Probert-McSorley fight is classic though! RIP Bob…

  151. somerset

    the one thing i question is why would they sign Christensen and Prospal if they planned on signing Kovalchuk or any other FA. That means no room for any forward prospect whatsoever making the team.

  152. OLEO …

    Both play Center so I dont think it matters what they do with Kovy. Having Vinny and EC on Cheap contracts creates insurance if players like MZA, Weise, or Boyle cant make it

  153. somereset

    Tortorella, Sather and Clark have all said that the Rangers plan on continuing their youth movement. Christensen is not a 4th line guy and is on a 1 way deal so i doubt they signed him just for depth.

    If the Rangers are going after a top line forward, one of Dubi/Cally/Avery/Anisimov would be leaving and those 4 guys are 99.99% staying put.

  154. The White Plains Batman on

    R.I.P. Bob Probert. They were just showing Probert vs. Domi 1 on MSG the other night.

    I think one more guaranteed 20 goal scorer is all they really need. I’m fine with Frolov at $3 million, or Stempniak at $2.5, or Alex P at $2.75.

  155. Oleo …

    If the Rangers dont get Kovy (which they’re not). I think they still are in the market for a Top 6 Forward whether its Frolov, Demitra, Ponikarovsky, whoever.

    The “Young Guys” the Rangers talk about making the team are more on Defense than Offense in my opinion or maybe 1 O and 1 D ….. they are not gonna let 3-4-5 young kids make the Opening Nite Roster.

    McDonagh will make the team as long as he signs, then you have possibly Valentenko (Torts will Love) and maybe Weise OR Byers but not both

    Grachev, Stepan, Pashinin, are all too young to make the Opening Nite squad IMO – thats not to say they arent Mid-Season call Ups

  156. besides the debbies being in cap hell they are a ancient team..

    i think lamoirello does not like you unless you are 30+ or Kovalchuk..

    arnott is 35, tallinder 32, etc…

  157. You also have to take Marty’s age in to consideration if you are Kovy. Is he going to sign there long term when Marty is on the downside of his career. I really wonder how much that comes in to play here.

  158. somerset

    lets say the Rangers sign Frolov here is a sample lineup:


    that means the Rangers have 0 guys from HFD coming up even getting a real chance to earn their way onto the team (that means no Wiese, Byers, DuPont, Zuccarello), something Tortorella would never allow. He loves competition.

  159. nose picker on

    still no trade of dubinsky. highly disappointed in sather. get it done NOW

  160. santa claus and easter bunny on

    do you believe in us too

    July 5th, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I am very excited to see what our young guys do this season. 55+ points from Dubi, 50+ points from Cally and 45+ points from Artie would be great for this team.

    imagine if Zuccarello Aasen becomes a great young player or if Wiese comes in and has a nice rookie year.

    Our defense is shaping up to be one of the best in the league with Del Zotto, Staal, McDonagh, all under 23. Gilroy has potential.

    If we give them a chance we might have a foundation to build a consistent stanley cup contender…

  161. santa claus and easter bunny on

    i see we have another believer in us

    July 5th, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    exactly. We are a YOUNG team with some of the promise now realized (Staal) and our defense, when we send Redden to hartford, will improve.

    Remember: someone ALWAYS had to babysit Redden on his defensive pairing. This handicapped us.

    Lundaqvst was overworked and run many times. Avery put us a man down REPEATEDLY.

    Redden and Rosi constantly took the penalty of the lazy skater: hooking.

    We are young, and now we are TOUGH.

    Look for Staal to play meaner.
    Look for Callahan to be stronger.
    look for Dubinsky to be nastier.
    Look for Anisimov to take the next step
    Look for gilroy to be in pro condition, not college
    Look for Boogeyman to jar some fillings.
    We wanted youth and now we got it.

    Look for the swagger to return to Broadway that we have not seen for many years.

  162. RIP Bob. Man, I hate it when they go young.

    Promised myself I’d stay off computer this weekend, but just had to check in. Man, I love (most of) you guys!


    and Aves….that’s all I’ll say for now :)

    ilb, I love your posts my friend.


  163. i would like Girardi back but only for 1 year. We are going to need a veteran next offseason when we are ready to contend.

  164. Oleo …

    I dont think Boyle is a lock to play 4th line Center. I think He will stay with the club all year, but may be a healthy scratch depending on how well players like MZA or Weise or Byers plays.

    I see the lineup being more like (not in positional order)

    Gabby – Christensen – Dubinsky
    Callahan – Prospal – Frolov/Kovy/Demitra
    Avery – Drury – MZA/Weise/Byers/Hartford Guy
    Boogaard – AA – Prust

    Boyle/Byers/Prust/Weise/MZA whoever doesnt make the lineup that particular Day as Healthy Scratches

  165. somerset

    no way is Anisimov the 4th line center this season. makes absolutely no sense for his development. only reason he was 4th line center was b/c of the playoff race.

  166. Oleo …

    That where AA said he feels more comfortable last season. He may be bumped up to the 3rd line instead of Drury but I really dont see him getting a lot of Top 6 minutes.

    Unless we sign some Russian forward like Kovy or Frolov or if Grachev makes the team and maybe they try and spark some Russian chemistry or something

  167. If Brashear was worth 1.5 mill, what will people think Boogeyman is worth when he KO’s his first opponent, puts fear in the hearts of those who would take liberties with Lundqvst, and is Gabby’s personal bodyguard?

    He will be one of this year’s pleasant surprises. Someone who took LESS money to be here.

  168. Tank The Season on

    No Kovalchuk announcement tonight per his agent..

    Devs probably have to clear space to make it official.

  169. i thought that a team could go over the cap right now
    but get under the cap by a certain date in september or october.

    so, whoever it is, couldn’t they just sign kovy now and just deal with salaries later?
    it should make their trading any worse since it would be an open secret now or later that players need to leave the building.

  170. Tank- no, they don’t. Devils are $4.7 mil under the cap plus they can go an extra $5.94 mil over the summer. Unless the are planning to sign him for more than $10 mil per, they can sign him now, clear space later.

  171. Tank The Season on

    Teams can only exceed the cap by 10% ($5.94M) over the summer.

    If we were to sign him then we could risk losing Staal to an offer sheet.

  172. Anisimov is projected as a top 6 guy. giving him 6-8 minutes a game is absolutely ridiculous. he’d be better off in HFD than on the 4th line.

    12g and 16A last season as a rookie. He should bump that up to at least 15 G 20 A this season and playing with Boogaard and Prust is not what a playmaking center like Anisimov is here for.

  173. Tank The Season on

    Per Eklund the Devs right now do not have enough space to sign Kovy to the 7 yr, $60M deal.

  174. Tank- Eklund needs to figure out the anatomical difference between his own elbow and his… Or look at the current CBA. His own site lists Devils at $4.7 mil under the cap..Plus 10%.

  175. well the Devils do need to at least discuss how to get under the cap, decide what player(s) to trade etc.

  176. If Anisimov wants to stay on the 4th line, then clearly he isn’t worth keeping around.

    He’s supposed to be a big part of the future for us.

    The kid was getting compared to a young Datsyuk by many, for the love of pete!

    But, I’m sure the reporters sort of misquoted him. I’m sure he’s not willing to play on the 4th line, and wants to be a bigger part of the team.

    I’m hoping he can take that next step this season.

  177. Someone on Gross’s blog said this about Girardi arguing his case in arbitration:

    “he’s played every game since the 08 season, and he has a knack for weak wrist shots that evade large number of players in front of the net!”

    I got a chuckle out that

  178. By the way, Girardi’s temporary departure from the list of immediate signings (his decision may not be available until late July-beginning of August), makes it easier to sign Kovalchuk AND match any possible RFA offer to Staal up to $4.5 mil. The Rangers at the moment have around $13 mil available inclusive of summer allowance.

  179. i want to see what the young guys can do. give me Zuccarello Aasen on the 3rd line RW, Anisimov 2nd line C, Christensen (even though not really young) top line center and get the young guys on the PP!!!

    worst thing that can happen is we suck, sellers at the deadline get lots of picks/prospects in return and we get a top 10 pick.

    best thing is we have a young team good chemistry and sneak into playoffs

  180. Fugg Christensen! Put him on the 3rd line where he belongs.

    Dublowsky, and Artie should be 1 & 2, in which ever order fits them best.

    As for being sellers. If we’re in a similar position as last season, or even further back in the standings, I think Slats has too much pride to give up.

    So, no selling.

  181. Tank The Season on

    By filing for arbitration, Girardi gave up his right to sign an offer sheet with another team. The Rangers reserve the right to walk from his arb award.

    Now Staal is the only player we have who is subject to being offer sheeted. So, if we sign Kovalchuk, even for a cap hit of anywhere from $7-$8M BEFORE signing Staal, the Caps will immediately float Staal an offer sheet that we will not have the cap space to match, and we’d lose him for what will probably be late draft picks in their respective rounds.

  182. well if we are in same position, that pick we got for Sanguinetti gets traded for a rental.

    i would rather sell…8th spot in the postseason isnt very appealing to me, when 10th place means top 10 pick in the draft.

  183. well if we are sellers at deadline aka trading Christensen, Prospal, Rozsival, Girardi then i think top 5 pick is easy.

    a top 5 pick to me, is more important for LONG TERM success than sneaking into the playoffs.

  184. Tank, Staal isn’t getting an offer sheet.

    orr, and jpg, don’t read anything into Girardi’s arbitration. he’s not going anywhere.

  185. then with all that cap room after Girardi, Redden, Rozsival, Prospal, Gilroy, Christensen (about 17 mil) you can sign a top C, top W and a top D-man.

    factor that in with guys like Gabby, Dubi, Cally, Anisimov, Grachev, Staal, Zuccarello, Del Zotto, McDonagh, and the prospects like Stepan, Werek, McIlrath, Kreider, Bourque and all those guys we get in next years draft.

    that is how you build a championship team

  186. Tank The Season on

    Carp, If Staal won’t get an offer sheet, then there is almost nothing stopping us from getting Kovalchuk assuming the Rangers want him bad enough.

    Unless there is some kind of Machiavellian scheme to let the Devs re-sign Kovalchuk, then sign Zach Parise to an offer sheet that Lou consequently won’t be able to match next offseason, or if we want Thornton or Richards over Kovalchuk…

  187. Quoting oleosmirf from way early this afternoon:

    “instead of signing Kovalchuk for a ridiculous contract, you wait till next offseason and sign Mikko Koivu and David Backes who will probably cost slightly more per year than what Kovalchuk alone will get.

    add those guys along with Gaborik, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov and the other prospects like Stepan, Werek etc. you have lots of potential and thats not even talking about a defense of Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, McDonagh etc.”

    In my view – that’s exactly the right kind of thinking and the exact type of players that I’d go after. Perfect.

  188. I don’t see how the 10% cap relief helps here.
    With 5.9 ‘extra’ for the 10% overage, and 7.9 free at the moment, that’s 13.8 total.

    Even if Girardi ends up going to arbitration (unlikely), the latest there’s an announcement is August 5/6 or so. Presume that the cap hit for Girardi and Staal is 7mm (which might be a wee bit high – but by most accounts seems reasonable).
    That only leaves 6.8mm left for Kovalchuk. If they were to sign him, they’d have to move someone, or several “someone’s” in order to fit him – ’cause he sure ain’t signing for under $7mm…

  189. dbmaven

    in my opinion, Mikko Koivu is the best kept secret in the NHL and isnt that far behind Pavel Datsyuk. Great faceoffs, great leadership, great defensively. heart and soul of the Wild

    what he’s done the past 2 years in Minnesota is very impressive especially considering his linemates aren’t that great. Put him in between Gaborik and Dubinsky and he’s gonna have a phenomenal season.

  190. Gift of GAB-orik ( Kovalchuk is the new Favre ) on

    No decision made tonight… adds more credence to my thought that his agent is making a play to kick up the pot for Kovy. Either the Devils are trying to clear up space and/or pull of a trade(all info seems to show they CAN sign him right now and clear space later) one can only assume his agent bluffed the timeframe to get another team involved.

    Anyone else think the Devs could be getting played here?

  191. well Carp
    you know that slats isn’t a big fan of a player who gets an arbitration hearings. i can’t remember the player who was shocked at how slats slammed him in the hearing. maybe it was just posturing but…

    unless Girardi has some more defined role this year then it doesn’t matter much to me if he’s gone due to rangers not meeting his price or trading him for….
    he’s been such a rollercoaster or promise, fulfillment and carcillo.

  192. Tank The Season on

    Avery was the one where the arbitration got nasty- Sather called him “a reasonably effective player who can be a detriment to his team.”

    Zherdev got buried even worse.

  193. Mikko Koivu is the perfect type of No. 1 center the rangers need, instead Sather will blow his money on signing drury to a contract extension until 2032

  194. Frolov = Zherdev. He is not worth more than $3 million per year. Good offensive talent. No heart. No help in the playoffs. End of story.

  195. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I Love Gaborik!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I just heard Bob Probert is dead!!!????

  196. unless there is FA out there that makes us better than Pitt, Phi, NJ then there is no reason to sign them.

    i understand Kovalchuk is a damn good scorer but I dont think its a great move for the future of this team.

  197. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    So how are you guys going to cope with last place in the east this season?

    I will probably drink more when I watch games

  198. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I Love Gaborik!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Bob Probert is an icon . He was the toughest SOB and his legacy will always live on . RIP BOB , hockey is gonna miss ya!!!!

  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard is our Probert!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The guy wasn’t that old either.

  200. last place in the east is fine by me…

    get possibly 1st overall pick and get a stud goal scorer to build this team around.

  201. I am trying to post of Megan Fox wearing a Hartford Whalers shirt and it won’t let me :( Anyway, google it.

  202. Olga Folkyerself on

    “So how are you guys going to cope with last place in the east this season?”

    I’m going to root for the Black Hawks to repeat as Stanley Cup champions!

    And For Dolan to FIRE SATHER!!!

  203. hey Nasty,
    for some reason the link with Megan Fox got carped.
    it may have happened last time.

    oh well……just google her name with the word ‘whalers’ and links come up.

  204. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard is our Probert!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Chicago sold its whole team!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! The Black Hawk suck again!!HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

    Nasty1 , yeah that was posted weeks ago on the blog…no worries.

    Oleo , keep dreaming, this team is not even close to making it to last place. The Rangers are NOT bottom scum like Chicago that only benifitted from being GARBAGE.

  205. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard is our Probert!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Chicago management sucks!!!!

  206. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard is our Probert!!!! " … says Greg L. on


  207. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oh yeah, Greg you’re right. And yet, as bad as Chicago is now, they will finish 30 points ahead of the Rangers in the standings…

  208. Olga Folkyerself on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz. What does this mean? The Rangers will be sleeping through another season? Sweet dreams and another ninth place!

  209. I know I’m late, but wanted to chime in on the death of Probert.

    First, as much as he was a fighter, he wasn’t without skill. I believe he scored 30 goals one year for Detroit – that’s pretty impressive for a “heavyweight”, and lets face it, he was THE heavyweight for quite a few years.

    From most accounts, even though he had his demons (drugs/alcohol), most of the guys who played with him say he was a great guy who would do anything for you. That usually seems to be the case – the guys who try and bash eachothers’ skulls in on the ice tend to be some of the best guys off the ice.

    I wonder if Tie Domi and him continued their apparent dislike for eachother off the ice and into their retirements. I recall see a Raucous Rangers episode where they interviewed Domi and Probert and there still seemed to be some tension there on Probert’s part, while Domi seemed to concede that he was a little immature at the time and just trying to prove himself.

  210. Olga Folkyerself on

    Probert had that rare combination of fighting skill and scoring ability. Not too many people had that. An early Stan Mikita was another one. Probert was one of the good ones. And a Black Hawk, too!

  211. I’m amazed by the number of people in favor of seeing this team place last to get the first pick in the draft. How can you possibly want your team to be in last place? That’s ludicrous. Let’s see where the Oilers end up with their first pick overall – I bet it they won’t look much different four seasons from now. That’s besides the point, though. I just don’t understand how any Rangers fan could actually want to see the team place. It’s mean two mediocre-to-bad seasons, fair enough. But I just can’t imagine going to a game and wanting the Rangers to lose for the sake of drafting high. Actually, I can’t imagine wanting the Rangers to lose for any reason, ever.

  212. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Dan, that’s because there are a couple of morons on this blog. They want to tank the season before it starts! I bet they like to cut themselves just to watch it bleed…

  213. I mean, everyone has a different opinion. What I’m saying is, there’s hope with this team. The current roster, the one that we’ll be watching next season, certainly isn’t built to win a championship, maybe not even built to get past the first round. But there are some really quality players, including two elite ones (Hank & Gabby) locked up for the next few years, as well as some very, very promising players coming through Hartford and juniors. Stepan, Kreider, Borque, McDonaugh, McIlrath, Weise, Grachev, Byers, Kundratek, Johnson – if half of these guys make it to the NHL, we’ll be in pretty good shape. Anisimov is poised, in my opinion, to have a break out year. Cally & Dubi will be scoring twenty apiece for the next few seasons. MDZ will be Mike Greene with actual defensive capabilities. Gilroy will continue to develop, hopefully with the Rangers.

    The point is, the youth movement is for real. These are talented players who are going to come along. They’re not going to win the Cup next year, but I think they’ll be contending for it in the near future.

  214. santa claus and easter bunny on

    another believer in us

    Dan LD
    July 6th, 2010 at 1:03 am
    I mean, everyone has a different opinion. What I’m saying is, there’s hope with this team. The current roster, the one that we’ll be watching next season, certainly isn’t built to win a championship, maybe not even built to get past the first round. But there are some really quality players, including two elite ones (Hank & Gabby) locked up for the next few years, as well as some very, very promising players coming through Hartford and juniors. Stepan, Kreider, Borque, McDonaugh, McIlrath, Weise, Grachev, Byers, Kundratek, Johnson – if half of these guys make it to the NHL, we’ll be in pretty good shape. Anisimov is poised, in my opinion, to have a break out year. Cally & Dubi will be scoring twenty apiece for the next few seasons. MDZ will be Mike Greene with actual defensive capabilities. Gilroy will continue to develop, hopefully with the Rangers.

    The point is, the youth movement is for real. These are talented players who are going to come along. They’re not going to win the Cup next year, but I think they’ll be contending for it in the near future.

  215. the last place crowd are the usual 10 or so whiners who complain about every move always. they also think crosby’s are available every year in the draft.

    they have no idea whom are the top prospects for next year and what kind of ceiling these guys will have. they also have no idea what team will underachieve have terrible injuries etc.

    they think this is a giant rotissiere/fantasy game……

    the flyers made it to the cup and beat the rangers for the playoffs on the last game of the season, they forget that minor detail also….

  216. Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny, that’s really clever. Anyway, there’s a team across the river that could use a few more fans. And spare me the whole “I’ve been a season ticket holder in section [somewhere in the 400s] since [sometime prior to 1994].” Me too, and I’m not a complete cynic about the team I like and spend my money going to see. The prospects are legit, and so are younger guys. If you don’t know that, then you’re not watching closely enough.

  217. Rod Gilbert on

    Lots of people just say “rebuild”, “rebuild” because they think it’s the only hope after so many Sather miscues, or because they think it’s some foolproof, critique-proofway to approach team-building.

    truth is, there are any number of ways to build HIGHLY successful teams, using whatever means necessary.
    NFL teams do it all the time. NBA teams dramatically re-shape their rosters, sometimes in 24 hrs.

    Everyone loves homegrown players, but they’ve got to really be able to play or you’re going nowhere, especially in hockey. “A” players are a must, and we’re NEVER in a position to draft’em.

    Right now I’d have to say the Rangers have 1 3/4 A players, Hank and frequently but not always, Gaborik.
    Not enough.

  218. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    If girardi gets awarded anything over 2 mil per, I let him walk!!!!! Just my opinion! I think he made 1.6 mil last season. I would get rid of him regardless. We need more sandpaper back there. I certainly don’t think boyle is a lock for a spot either. This whole kovy thing is just too much drama!

    Let’s go Rangers!!

    Night jim bob!

  219. Tank The Season on

    Some fighters were known to be good guys off the ice (Barnaby, Grimson, Shelley, Domi, Parros, Orr, Oliwa) but others not so much…

    For what it’s worth, you may remember that Boogaard was the guy who hosted a “Hockey Self-Defense” camp/clinic for kids that got in the news a couple years back….

  220. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard is our Probert!!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dan , IZZY is right …MORONS!!!

  221. Wicky – it wont go to arbitration, Girardi is looking for 4 years in the $2.5-3m range and apparently there isnt a chasm between him and Slats so he might just get it.

  222. I think the biggest appeal to the Rangers tanking the season is Sather might actually get enough heat to leave the job (i say leave because i think it’s a given by now that he isnt going to get fired.) A really poor season allows him to blow up the team and some of the vets/worse contracts (maybe even fetch a really great return for dubinsky at the deadline), bringing up more kids that we are looking forward to seeing and being in a great position to better this team for the future.

    Take a look at the Stanley Cup Champs since the lockout.
    06 canes
    07 ducks
    08 wings
    09 pens
    10 hawks

    4 of these 5 teams had picked in the top3 in the 3-4 years preceeding it obtaining TOP talents (staal, ryan, crosby/malkin/fleury, toews/kane/barker). Granted bobby Ryan was not on the cup team, but the ducks were handed a gift in Getzlaf, and they traded their 2004 pick for Pronger in the cup year. The wings are obviously an anomaly because teams drafting that low rarely if ever get the talent they do through their farm system.

    Basic point is this: If you ever want the Rangers to become a powerhouse, they’re probably going to need to have a couple poor seasons (or one really bad one) or hope their recent draft picks are WAY more talented than where we drafted them (stepan, grachev, kreider, etc)

  223. This is not to say that i want the Rangers to tank, but i certainly wouldn’t be upset (or surprised) if they went down this road for another year or two.

  224. Wicky and Calad

    Both of you have made some very cogent statements, that I find myself in total agreement with ( rare for me).

    Well thought out and presented. One thing that no one seems to have glommed onto however is the dynamic that top performing farm teams in the AHL, always seem to give birth to very good performers in the NHL for their parent team…I;m not going to try and name them all but the Hershey Bears and Boston is one that stands out.

    Now look at Rangers and Hartford…how has the Pack been doing over this past few years? Eh? It;s not the kids on the ice…they are performing for the most part up to their talent level…it’s the front office at the highest levels that are the problem. Selection of players, selection of GMs, selection of coaching staff ( a real snorker here) that’s where the problem is. If you have a Yugo, and prepare to match it against a Beamer, all the paint and ad promotion isn;t going to make it an even match up.

    Ironically, it seems that the Rangers Scouting staff has been doing well for them – it’s what happens after the scouts have made their findings, that the decay commences.

  225. paul g in sunrise on

    I agree with Carp – rangers need kovi – subtract redden, avery and rosival and replace with kovi and cheaper defenseman, Mcdonagh and free agent D at $2M and it will be fine

  226. “I’m amazed by the number of people in favor of seeing this team place last to get the first pick in the draft. How can you possibly want your team to be in last place?”

    Those same people are the ones that will be whining the most because the team is in last place. You can’t satisfy them no matter what the team does. If they won all 82 games they would complain that they didn’t win by enough goals.

    I have never hoped that my favorite team in any sport came in last place or hoped that they lose a game. It just seems kind of dumb to me to wish that your team is lousy.

  227. i dont wish for the team to be bad but signing free agents just so you can come in 6th-8th place is not how you build a championship team.

    you would think you guys would learn after all these years that signing these free agents year after year has done nothing for us.

    sometimes you need to go backwards, to go forwards…

  228. NorthCountryRanger on

    hey Oleopessimist the conference finals were played between the no. 7 and 8 seeds in the east…once you get in the playoffs offer a new second season that you just can’t seem to grasp…playoffs are the goal first and if you should be so lucky division title, then conference, title then cup… its sequential. You act like a no. 1 draft pick automatically equals a cup w/in 4 years…I got news for you and all others who think like you here…the NHL isn’t run by EA or yahoo sports knuckleheads the best teams have a dynamic called chemistry that is human nature and thus the hardest hurdle to jump. That is the thing all of you pedantic observers fail to grasp. These are not computer simulations or robots who can be placed in a seemingly good combo and theres a cup. They are human beings with problems and insecurities and the like. I think those indicting out upper management particularly at the Hartford level are on the right track. Maybe our team just doesn’t bring up the guys with the right intestinal fortitude…

  229. NorthCountryRanger on

    oh and on the same note the flyers almost built a championship team from a frankenstein goalie situation and a rash of injuries near the end of the season. Because they had the right combo of players with the right attitudes they went far and overcame a lot to be w/in 2 wins of the cup. They didn’t sit back, they signed pronger in the off season…with the right players who perform in the right situations you can build a winner many different ways. You saps here advocating tanking the season are shortsighted at best for only seeing our salvation as lying on this path of gloom and cellar dwelling. Have some pride show some team spirit and either wish your Rangers well or get to liking another team you insatiable fools.

  230. the flyers completely underachieved the first half of the season and were a much better team than their record but if you want to talk about the flyers.

    Richards, Carter, Giroux, Van Riemsdyk are young players under contract that give you lots of production but at a fraction of a cost. That allows them to have the cap room to afford Gagne and Briere and Pronger and Hartnell and Timonen and Carle.

    the more quality young players you have, the more cap room you have to bring in players through trade and FA.

    signing players that are just enough to keep you in the race and keeping your young talent from developing in hopes that you upset the top teams is a terrible strategy and clearly hasn’t worked for us.

  231. Blueshirt in Paris on

    ‘Avery put us a man down REPEATEDLY’

    True he was one of the top players on the team for taking penalties.

    He was also the top penalty drawer on the team by a mile.

    At the end, he was a wash..took:25 / drawn:26

  232. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    sucks about probert, the man could throw them!!! Condolences to his friends and family!

  233. jpg
    July 5th, 2010 at 11:59 pm
    an interesting take on Probert from joe lapointe

    going no further, I can tell you that Hockey Goons profile is one of a very abusive childhood, and their marriages are marked in domestic violence and substance abuse. After retirement, it gets worse. The spouse suffers as do the children. It becomes almost impossible to turn off the competitive drive; even in childrearing. “Why can’t you control them? They listen to me!” and it becomes another form of competition that is difficult to disengage.

    They’re not all like this, but many are, and it is part of the territory. Mike Tyson was a great fighter because his adrenaline rushed at violence since childhood.

    Thanks for a good article.

  234. Blueshirt in Paris
    July 6th, 2010 at 10:16 am
    ‘Avery put us a man down REPEATEDLY’

    True he was one of the top players on the team for taking penalties.

    He was also the top penalty drawer on the team by a mile.

    At the end, he was a wash..took:25 / drawn:26

    Thanks for the stat. however, like penalties called, it is the quality of the penalty in quesiton that changes things.

    For instance: Teams have accused the NHL of deliberately slanting odds in Pittsburg’s favor the past few years.

    Philly fans ridiculed us a few years ago, but then experienced the same thing.

    After the refs have decided the game via power plays, they often have meaningless “give backs” so that, in the end, it looks like a “wash”.

    Lundqst was overworked by Avery’s antics so even if he drew as many as he took, it seemed, anecdotally at least, that when he took penalties it ended up hurting us. He knows refs don’t like him, yet he continues with his mouth.

    He has given some flashes but for the most part, he is a waste of ice time, even if the fans love him.

    Boogeyman is going to make the fans forget Avery.

  235. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I don’t think that your whole team should be consisting of just free agents, but If I need a certain kind of player or players on my roster because I do not have one in my organization, I would try and go out and get one instead of going oh well, guess we don’t have a player like that. You still need to fill team needs by whatever means necessary. I also think in hockey and to a lesser degree in american football, intangibles or non-measurables if you will, play a HUGE part. It isn’t always about a stat line for a player.

    I also think there is nothing wrong with an 8th place finish. The whole regular season is played to make owners money and get teams positioned for the playoff. The goal is to get into the playoffs when the season starts and then win the cup. You can not win the cup if you are not in the playoffs. I would rather see my team make the playoffs as the 8th seed every year with a chance to win the cup than finish in the bottom 3 teams in the league with a chance to draft ovie or daigle.

    Anything can happen once you get into the playoffs, as teams throughout history have shown, including the flyers and canadiens last year, so why not try for that chance? If we squeak into a spot on the last day because of a stupid skills competition, at least we are still in it with a chance to win. I hate the skills competition!!!

  236. Doodie Machetto on

    I wonder what Sather says about Girardi in his arbitration.

    Personally, I’m glad he went to arbitration. Those things always are ugly and the player usually leaves once the arbitration award contract is up. Too bad we won’t be rid of him sooner.

  237. Strange, I can only post here on AOL now. Firefox isn’t working.

    Anyway, Charlie, you said “It just seems kind of dumb to me to wish that your team is lousy”. The team is lousy. It’s the same team on paper minus Girardi and Staal for now.

    Other teams have improved, or addressed some desperate needs. NYR has signed a guy who’ll play 4 minutes or less per game, and probably be a healthy scratch often.

    Look, If NYR is winning, as a fan I’ll be happy, and root for them, but at the same time, if they’re losing, then good. I’m only 20, I can afford a few bad seasons, but I would prefer a better reward [1st overall pick] instead of a pick that can go either way.

  238. wicky

    because I want to build a team that is a perennial division winner or at least a top 5 team in the east.

    im not saying don’t sign any FAs but signing guys like Ponikorovsky, Frolov, Zherdev, Stepniak are only marginally better than what we have now.

    The only FA i would sign is Kovalchuk but even with Kovalchuk we are not winning a cup THIS SEASON with such a young and inexperienced blue line as well as below average centerman.

    If the Rangers sign Kovy (which they dont seem to want to) I hope they do so with the right expectations and not try to trade the farm at the deadline…

  239. Sorry, Carp but youre off your rocker if you think Kovalchuk is better than Gaborik.

    Gaborik has a 1.11 PPG average the last 5 years, Kovalchuk has a 1.09 PPG. Theyre both TIED with GPG average at .058.

    Gaborik played in a defensive system for most of his career with Wes Walz and Andrew Brunette as his centers. Kovalchuk played in Atlanta for the same duration and youd think the ice was tilted the way they never paid any attention to their defensive zone.

    You might be the only person in hockey who actually thinks Kovalchuk is better at defense. Thats on par with thinking Redden is going to make a comeback.

    Then theres that whole playoff argument. Well… when the Devils won the Cup in 2003, do you know who led the playoffs in scoring for most of it? Yes, Marian Gaborik. He finished with 9 goals and 8 assists in 18 games, good for 17 points and SECOND in the entire playoffs. He carried the surprise Wild to the WCF against the Ducks, and being the only team in history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in consecutive series. Niedermayer and Langenbrunner finished with 18 points in the playoffs.

    Gaborik has 22 career playoff points in 29 games (12, 10).

    I think you need to re-evaluate Gaborik vs. Kovalchuk bud.

    Lets keep in mind, Gaborik had the 23rd best season in Rangers’ history last season with the next best playing being Dubinsky. Id like to see Kovalchuk score 42 goals with a Prospal and waiver wire pickup (Christensen) while playing in arguably the toughest division in the league.

    No more SouthLEAST division for Ilya Kovalchuk. Lets see how much better he fares in the Atlantic, a real division.

    Do I even mention who plays a better team game?

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