Independence Day (updated)


Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!

I was watching the PGA Tour event in Philly yesterday and they kept showing all those historic places and things, and the one that got my attention was the Liberty Bell — still cracked, jeez, you’d think somebody might fix it by now.

But it sure makes you realize how historic a day Independence Day really is.

And to celebrate America’s birthday, on a hockey blog, well, there’s only one photo that pulls it all together. Here it is, from Sports Illustrated’s famous cover.


Not expecting any hockey news today, but you never know.

If you need something to read, here’s Kevin Allen’s post-July 1 Winners and Losers column from USA Today.

Enjoy the day, celebrate. But don’t drink and drive. And don’t drink and attempt to light fireworks.


MORNING UPDATE, 10:55 A.M.: According to Larry Brooks in The Post today, D-man Ryan McDonagh will sit down for serious negotiations with the Rangers this week and the plan is for him to sign and turn pro, rather than return to Wisconsin.


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  1. Happy 4th guys and gals. be safe out there tonight.

    Carp will you be attending the fireworks at Mamaroneck Harbor tonight? I think we’re going down early to avoid parking wars.

  2. Johnny LaRue on

    Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue.
    The U.S.A., The Flag, and the Rangers too.
    To Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of a Cup.
    And to our friend Carp, who bring us all up.

  3. Anyone catch the special on MSG last night about the Edmonton Oilers?

    I think it was called Boys on the Bus.

    It was pretty cool seeing guys who would eventually play for us when they were in their prime!

  4. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Happy 4th to everyone. Especially thanks to the troops out there and to those who have served, we wouldn’t be here without you!!!!!!!!

    Nice post Johnny!!

    If you go by what books says, guess some of us were wrong (myself included) about mcdonut going back to college. If he does sign, I would guess he is in the top 6 (still haven’t ever seen him play so I have no idea how good or how he plays) at redden’s expense at the very least. Also meaning that there may be cap space for some sort of deal (but maybe not a roster spot at this point) for slatipuss to do something.

    Brooks’ article said mcdonut played in the WJC (if I read it right), I watched it, just don’t remember him playing.

  5. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    Please don’t put the Rangers in the same sentence with the UNITED STATES.

  6. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    here’s a link for your enjoyment:

    I thought the training in russia thing was kind of interesting/funny for some reason.

    One other thing about brooks’ article from earlier. Saying the rangers we’re going to look for a 6/7 dman later in the off season (I may be paraphrasing a bit here). I think that is a VERY bad idea. We do not need a repeat of the semenov fiasco right before the season starts with only on potential physical guy on the roster then we don’t get him for what ever reason and we are soft as marshmallows back there again. Regardless of anything else, slatipuss needs to get sutton or exelby or mitchell (if healthy) or someone under contract sooner than later.

    Off to work, have a great day everyone!!!!

  7. The White Plains Batman on

    Matt L-I caught most of it. It was really cool to see Gretz, Mess, Kurri, etc. in their mid-20s before that team got modified and later ripped apart due to financial reasons. It was a few years before I started watching, and great catch of how the NHL was from 86 and 87.

    Wish they would’ve done some more on Reijo R. getting traded to the Oilers. I know he wasn’t part of the core but he was part of that run.

  8. Johnny, I’m wiping away tears. Thank you.

    Struggling to find a Fourth of July Seinfeld reference, but there was this episode:
    “You’ve got to mulch. You’ve got to.”

    Good morning, Sally!

  9. It’s kind of interesting that the Rangers D consists of Staal, Girardi, Rozsival, Del Zotto, Gilroy, Redden, McDonagh. That’s 7. And, they are looking to pick up a 7th D-Man on waivers. Hmmm. Is it a forgone conclusion that Redden is a goner? We all assume that’s what they’ll do to clear cap space, but is it a given? Could it be that they don’t think Gilroy will make it as a Dman?

  10. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Happy Bithday America (and Mike Knuble)

    I think Gilroy gets another chance this year.
    I think we go into the season with more or less the same Defense as last year (Staal/Delzotto/Rozival/Redden/Gilroy/and probably Girardi)

    I hope more of the kids make the team this year at forward (Grachev/Kreider/Stepan/etc)…

    I think Dubie and Cally and Christensen will score more this year. Of course, I always think the Rangers will win the cup.

    The off season always brings out the most optimistic feelings for us true blue fans.

  11. as compared to the dredden, dreary, blowsival posts.

    we all have our least favorites and guys we want out of here. for me its the nose picker. trade him now sather

    July 4th, 2010 at 6:21 am
    The Dubi bashing is getting rather redundant, and bordering on obsessive.

    Enough already. Getting sick of reading same B.S. every single day. Think of something new to say.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA, and Happy 4th Boneheads! Hope youse have a great day! Be safe!!

  13. I’ve never said anything about Dubinsky here, so allow me.

    He’s the poster boy for the Sather years, a non-descript No. 60 pick, a strange combination of limited skill and entirely mediocre and inconsistent results.

    I’m sure he’s a nice kid but I’ve been counting the days till he’s jettisoned. And if the long trail of rumours is any indication, Sather’s just waiting for the right deal to do it. Hopefully he can include Avery too.

  14. “Enough already. Getting sick of reading same B.S. every single day. Think of something new to say”

    Boo hoo. Just because you don’t agree with something, you get “sick of it”. But, I’m sure you love the Blowzy, and Dredden bashing. Hypocrite!


    Actually, you know what I realized? Boogaard and his brother have a school that teaches kids how to properly have a hockey fight, not just how to pound someone, but to defend themselves. Dublowsky can now learn how to fight.

    Maybe that’s why Booger is getting so much money, because Dublsowky is paying a portion of it that goes directly to the school. This all makes sense now.

    Happy 4th of July!

  15. 1. Booger Man becomes a popular fighter and is on TV commericals alot
    2. Dubi scores 24-30
    3. Callihan with 5lbs more muscle continues
    4 Anisimov solid year
    5. Redden plays for Hartford where there is more snow
    6. Avery joins him there, early November
    7. Lundqvst shines with frequent breaks
    8. Staal paired properly, is meaner and tougher
    9. Our only old guys are Drury and TurboTan Prospal
    10. MDZ shines
    11. McDonaugh great start, falters due to conditioning; picks it up in Hartford
    12. Grachev 21 goals solid

    2nd round playoff

  16. Johnny LaRue on

    Carp, there was a July 4th reference one time when Kramer thought they had just been to see the fireworks the week before but actually two months had passed.

  17. bull dog line on

    no 8, paired properly, Staal is meaner and tougher. LOL.
    maybe a meaner and tougher poke check.

  18. why all the links to the play 1776. if we wanted to see them all we could search on our own.

    last i knew this was a hockey blog with occassional seinfeld

  19. Happy Fourth of July, boneheads!

    I don’t think Dubinsky is the problem on this team. Nor he is a ticket to Stanley Cup. He has certain skills and I believe he will get better. I also think that he is better off playing on the wing and going to the paint, picking up some garbage goals. He also is our rare homegrown, young player. That counts for something. Having said that, he is expendable. If the right trade becomes available, he could be package. I wouldn’t trade him otherwise. And the right trade doesn’t mean some over the hill veteran who is overpriced ( VL etc).

  20. what- still here? It’s a 4th of July, remember? It’s a free country. Don’t like the place, don’t come back… Tony, any shine boxes left? Or have they all melted in AZ?

  21. the 1776 links were posted several times a few days ago and by my calendar that was not the 4th.

    you can stick the shinebox where the sun don’t shine. maybe your buddy cccp can help.

  22. The longer that Kovalchuk saga continues, the more it makes me believe that he isn’t even sure he wants to play in NHL or take the big money in Russia. I think if the length of their offer was longer than 4 years, he would’ve been gone.

  23. Tony …

    It’s not so much my advice as it’s more Rodney Dangerfield’s i guess

  24. By the way, the other night someone mentioned a very unrealistic trade between the Kings and Flyers, and that Dreger was on a radio show spreading the rumor. According to him, he was never on a radio show, and it’s totally untrue.

    We can all enjoy our 4th of Julie now!!

  25. Tank The Season on

    Gaborik whined that he wanted Boogaard, we got him.

    This means oDemitra is probably incoming once he lowers his money demands.

  26. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I think I would send staal to the ducks straight up for ryan (hell, might even throw in a sweetener if that is what it took to get it done). This whole boogaard thing makes me curious on one level… much leeway does torts get with ice time with some players? Does he have to look over his shoulder for keenan?

  27. Tank The Season on

    Once the Kovalchuk domino falls, we have to get Staal and Girardi resigned (if we plan on keeping them) before we can sign Demitra, because we can’t put ourselves in a position where another team can sign them to offer sheets and we would not have the space to match.

    The old veteran guys may also be camp invites too as is usually the case in the cap world.

  28. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    oh well, back to work!

  29. Wicky-

    Datsyuk is a 4 time winner of the Lady Byng. Obviously Boogaard wants to brush up on his gentlemanly play for the Rangers.


    of course the rigors of the pro schedule and travel will take it’s toll but..

    From the Rangers 20 Pospects:

    McDonagh is a tireless worker, whose incredible fitness level made him a favorite of scouts ever since his draft year.

    Gordie Clark, the Rangers’ Director, Player Personnel, was awed by McDonagh at the 2007 NHL Combine, where teams had an opportunity to interview players and test their physical fitness.

    “I remember back in that draft year, I would say he might have given the single most impressive performance I have ever seen during the testing at the Combine,” said Clark. “It was like a man working out against boys. I think you can still see that in his play.”

    .. who do ya see winning the 7th race at Monmouth Park? ;)

  30. from

    According to Dmitry Chesnokov the Boston Bruins are believed to have interest in former Ranger Nikolai Zherdev who is intending to return to the NHL this season.

    and a quote from a Toronto Sun/Steve Simmons article:

    “Did you know that John Tortorella made it clear he didn’t want Mark Messier anywhere near the dressing room of the New York Rangers in the second half of the NHL season? Doesn’t sound like Messier is about to replace the should-be-replaced Glen Sather any day now”

  31. Smart move by Torts. Mess would have rubbed off on the team, and they would probably cry during games.

    It’s bad enough that they’re a bunch of wussies! No need to throw tears in the mix.

    And you people say that Torts is a bad coach! Pff!

  32. I made forward lines just for fun:

    Prospal – Christensen – Gaborik
    MZA – Anisimov – Grachev
    Dubinsky – Stepan – Callahan
    Boogaard/Avery – Drury – Prust

    Extra/Hartford: Weise, Boyle, Voros

    Might have Gilroy try forward too if Valentenko can make the team besides McDonagh at D.

    I’d rather have Prust on the 3rd line but I don’t see it happening.

    Definitely a squeeze at the forward position heading into camp.

  33. Why is everyone automatically popping MZA not only in the lineup, but in the top 6?

    Has this guy proven anything yet?

    He reminds me of Andreas Jamtin. When Aves signed with Dallas, everyone had this guy on the 3rd line, calling him “Avery’s replacement”, yet the kid never came close to making the team, and barely played a season in Hartford.

  34. i put him in the top 6 since he is a scorer…it’s either there or he’s in hartford adjusting to NA game

  35. now there’s a bet i don’t want to win

    However, Jamtin wasn’t MVP of anything, didn’t shine at the Olympics, and didn’t have guys like Forsberg, Naslund, and Nik Sundstrom saying he was NHL ready.

  36. A bit of comic relief in that USA Today article:

    “Interesting available sleeper for bargain shopper: Chris Higgins. He’s 27 and he’s three seasons removed from scoring 27 goals.”

    Yeah, he’s a sleeper all right. Watching him puts you to sleep.

  37. The thing with Jamtin was, just because he was a Red Wings prospect, everyone kept going nuts aboot him.

    I remember the posts two years ago, some were saying “Oh man, this kid is a Wings prospect, he’s the Swedish Avery, I can see him providing at least 20 goals, and working the front of the net on the 2nd PP unit”

    Funny stuff. I hope the hobbit can produce, but I wont get my hopes up.

  38. Normally I do not make predictions. I don’t do so because I don’t believe that the predictor has enough info ( usually) to realistically expect a hit.

    But I’m gonna go out on a limb with Kovalchuk this season.

    I have no idea who picks him up or how much he signs for. But I will predict that whichever team he winds up with will not
    win the cup, nor possibly even make the playoffs without a titanic struggle…if they make them at all.

  39. Tank The Season on

    We can’t sign Kovalchuk. If we did someone could sign Staal to an offer sheet tomorrow and we would not be able to match due to lack of cap space. My undestanding is we couldn’t fit Kovalchuk in until the start of the season when Redden and/or Roszival can be buried in the minors. Anyone know how much cap space we have right now including the 10% “summer cushion”?

  40. ThisYearsModel on

    Not looking forward to Kovalchuk being in our division. What if he ends up on the Flyers? I wish he would end up outside of our division. Of course, Slats could trade Rozt for a mid-rounds pick and sign Kovalchuk for the Rangers. means that the youngsters would bet a good shot on D.

  41. Tank The Season on

    Well we have about $12-13M in summer cap space as per capgeek.

    Basically unless we can get Kovalchuk’s cap hit below $6M, one of Girardi or Staal would have to be sacrificed. If Staal signs for $3.5M and Girardi takes $2.5M then we have $6M for Kovalchuk. If you want all 3 of those players then Redden AND Rozsival must be buried in the minors.

    So it would have to be a 12-year-wink-wink Hossa style deal.

  42. Tank The Season on

    More likely what happens is McDonagh signs an EL contract and Gilroy promptly gets traded to Boston.

  43. Someone elsewhere pointed out that ex-Ranger Jan Hlavá? lead the SEL in goals scored -playing 17 fewer games than MZA no less.
    Still looking forward to seeing what the Hobbit can do.

    I predict the world will NOT end tomorrow.

  44. Tank The Season on

    These are like the only scenarios upon which we can get Kovalchuk:

    1. He accepts $85M over 12 years with all the real money paid in the first 9 ($7.08M cap hit) and one of Gilroy, Staal, or Girardi is gone from the roster immediately prior to him signing, and any Group II we plan on keeping is signed prior to him signing. I think this hinges upon McDonagh signing.

    2. He waits until AHL contract burials can happen to sign with us.

    I don’t see it happening. He’ll be Ilya The Islander.

  45. I don’t mind if Yashin, err, Kovalchuk goes to the Isles, Avery can knock him off his game easily enough.

  46. I think a lot of guys underestimate Kovalchuk. He’s no Yashin. I’d put him in the top 5 players in the league. I still don’t think he’s worth what he’s asking. If there was no salary cap, then maybe $10 million isn’t so bad. After all, the Rangers gave that to Bobby Holik. Well, maybe not $10 million, but…

  47. So Gagne waived his NTC (why?) – and where could ge be sent that would meet with his approval? LA maybe?
    Kovalchuk’agent denied that he said the Flyers were in on Kovalchuk. hmmmm

  48. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Who the hell is JC???

  49. Johnny, I actually thought of the reference, but it’s not really a line.

    “That was the Fourth of July.”

    “Oh, I really think you’re wrong.”

  50. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    oh, ok. Well we cover everything else, might as well cover mythology as well.

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " RA RA RANGERS RULE!! " … says Greg L. on

    Torts wanted Mark Messier to stay away during the playoff run ??? So why they can lose in Game eighty seven in a bloody frick’n shoot-out!!!????

    HAHA Messier tears….ORR ,ya do know im only answering this cuz its about Messier. Your just trying to be funny but some peopole thing yer serious. Messier tears are Passion . You dont know what that is? Have you ever loved something so much that when ya left and came back , people cheered. People cheered and Messier cried. He would never cry on the battle field . You would nt know MR ORR cuz you never saw him play. I modeled my playing after him and my passion comes from Messier. A real man wont hide his tears cuz he knows already that his emotions are far bigger than his pride. I wish our “new” Rangers had Messier passion and tears . I sure know Jagr did.

  52. cyber ranger on

    looooong time lurker, i remember when vinnie poo used to post here for those who can remember back that far, first time poster

    its a pipe dream but what if darth sather is try to get staal signed so he can sign kovy. that way he doesnt risk losing staal to an offer sheet. would probably have to trade rozy as well to make the numbers work and still keep who we need to keep. would explain why its taking so long. sather has been far too quiet.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " RA RA RANGERS RULE!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wha ….? I did put game 87 . Game eight-frick’n-two man, I cant believe I never saw that typo , thanks. 82 , game 82 , not eighty seven!! Eighty 2 !!! Did I mention shoot out? In a shoot out of all things!!!

    ORR , Messier was crying cuz he loves you and me and our beloved Rangers. I ‘d have Messier our coach/Ass Gm anytime with either Brian Leetch or Ritchter as GM.

    How come the players from Detroit are the only ones who will take a pay cut to stay with thier club?

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " RA RA RANGERS RULE!! " … says Greg L. on

    …and ddeb , I got a tear from hearing that you got a tear!!!

  55. i would rather go se the new vampire/werewolf/chick flick/”full moon?” than have to watch the same damn lineup as last year. get kovalchuk damnit. i dont care if we lose staal. mcdonuts better anyway

  56. Tank The Season on

    I posted the only 2 “realistic” scenarios where it is even possible for us to take Kovalchuk. We’d have to sign him to a 12 year deal which would pay him $10M a year for the first 7 years and $3M a year for the last 5 – total of $85M and 7.08M cap hit.

  57. I prefer CR9’s 100 year plan

    Orr- lol, ever hear about the boy who cried wolf?
    you’ll have the scoop one day and no one will buy it

  58. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    man, seeing all the love here just brought a tear to my eye…oh wait, that was the bottle rocket exploding in my hand!!! Well, either way, I teared up as well.

  59. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    did you say orr is sending in the wolf?? That’s all you had to say!!!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " RA RA RANGERS RULE!! " … says Greg L. on

    Messier has a tear then it gave it to ddeb then I got a tear that made Mike get a tear ..were Wicky saw love and he got a tear…

  61. Kovalchuk now needs to show whether is he is looking for the money or the glory. I like what LA are doing in that they seem to be semi-publicly going after an alternative (in Gagne), it should leave Kovy with no doubt in his mind that LA have maxxed their offer to him.
    LA could feasibly trade for Gagne for 1 year, or re-sign Frolov possibly, and then pick someone from a good crop next year to replace him (Richards, Backes, Semin, Thornton, Bergeron).

    As for the Isles, well they are offering the max for 10 years but would you sign for a team who’s biggest cap hit this year is for Alexei Yashin, 3 years since he last suited up for them? He might as well have stayed in Atlanta and taken their money if he wanted his April and May on the golf course and not competing for a piece of the pie.

  62. I am wondering,
    If MacDougnah is as good as Prospect Park is saying he is, does this mean there is potential to trade Marc Staal to Aneheim for Bobby Ryan? Do you think Slats would do such a thing?

  63. ryan was the 2nd overall pick behind crosby in teh same draft as staal. ryan was a late bloomer there. kind of. but yea, no way staal would be enough to get him.

  64. Rod Gilbert on

    Darren Dreger Tweets: RT @ChrisBottaNHL:
    “Lombardi says the Kings are out in race for Kovalchuk, but of course they’re not. Just tired of being played, for now.
    Botta points out Lombardi has used media in every major negotiation.”

    NY Post headline is “Devils Close In” on Kovalchuk, indirectly quoting GM Lou Lamoriello’s interest as “unabated in the 27-year-old”, and noting “Kovalchuk likely would reject out of hand any offer below $8 million in annual salary”

    Also saw reports supposedly from Russia saying Kovalchuk was offered $38m for 4 years but wants $40M.

    Somebody wake Glen Sather.

  65. sather has stuck to the plan guys. besides boogers overpayment by not much, hes basically got us a backup who will keep hank playoff ready if we get there. and got prospal back for the same price after a great season. only things he needs to do is resign staal, demote redden, resign girardi, smoke stogie, drink jameson, wipe mucklers drool, wipe messiers tears, wipe mine,gregs,ddebs and wickys tears, wipe his own butt with ‘whats’ face. tell him every free agent winger besides kovy is unavailable, cuz he cant afford him anyway, demote drury to 4th line, give drus spot to stepan. give grachev a shot. mza could be in hartford more likely than not. so thres grachevs spot

  66. I think LA are taking the right approach, theirs will be the best combination of money, chance to be a franchise star and chance to win something. NJ may have a little better chance of winning the cup in the next 2 years, the Isles will offer the most money and term and i’m sure one or two other teams have had a sniff but given the choice i’d plunk for Kopitar, Doughty and Jack Johnson to be my running buddies for the next decade….

    As for us, i’m hoping McDonough signs and this spells the end of Redden’s tenure on the blue line. This would at least offer some legit proof that big contracts do not guarantee you a place on the roster and also reassure us that the youngsters will get a chance.

    We’ve got a nice little core coming through over the next couple of seasons with Stepan, McDonough, Kreider, Grachev, Werek, Pashnin, Bourque – lets hope a few make it in September and the others follow soon after..

  67. Exactly Mike, don’t wake Darth Sather, keep the lid on the coffin!!

    Anyone heard any rumblings about Staal and/or Girardi yet today?

  68. Rod Gilbert on

    Rangers Winning % in 1-goal games was .371.

    In 2-goal games it was .389.

    Right. Ilya Kovalchuk couldn’t help, because he’s a lazy overrated russian asking for way too much $$$.

    Besides, sometime in the 2015-2016 season Chris Kreider (or insert your favorite prospect here) is going to really find his game, we’ll actually make the playoffs in a league where more than half the teams do, and all will be well.

    It’s a sin how drastically Glen Sather has lowered Rangers fans expectations.

    I’d bet anything Henrik Lundqvist wants Kovalchuk.

  69. Rod – welcome to the new cap-era NHL where you cant buy a team you have to grow one…

  70. Rod Gilbert on

    Oh yeah?

    Who exactly is the 40-goal scorer the Rangers are growing?

    Rangers can fit IK under cap with relative ease once they demote Redden.

    True, you don’t buy a team, but you do buy this player.

    Then you put all your young guys around him and – instead of just praying to make the post-season for the next 2-3 years – you contend for and hopefully win a championship.

  71. Was Gaborik enough?

    Look, Dean Lombadri, who’s ALREADY built a terrific young team, thinks it’s a wise move to sign Kovalchuk.

    He may not be able to sign him, but he’s sure tryin’.

    Same goes for Lou Lamoriello, also a pretty good GM.

  72. Rod – its not that i dont rate the guy, i just dont think he’s the answer to breaking our continued mediocrity.

    The only way to move this team forward is to subtract one or two guys on defense who have contracts which are not commensurate with their position in the team and/or performance on the ice (surnames beginning with R). We then need to make sure we have a steady flow of youngsters coming through each year to fill out the roster and you then keep the cream of the crop and trade the rest for more draft picks and bring them through etc…. In between this you can add one or two free agents that you cant find in your own talent pool – we already have Hank, Gabby, Dru all on approx $7m per year, plus R&R taking up $11.5m between them so at the moment we cant do addition without subtraction.

  73. Tank The Season on

    As I said before Kovalchuk is not going to wait until we can demote Redden (just prior to season starting) to sign somewhere unless he has no choice in the matter.

    Which is why I think he will be an Islander, as they are the only team ready willing and able to give him his money without having to make any other move.

  74. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    morning all!

    Here is a copy from part of an article from prospect park (carp gets a shout out and I guess I wasn’t losing my mind when I said mcdont wasn’t on WJ team after reading brooks article)

    This Sunday it was about telling us that Ryan McDonagh was going to sign with the Rangers. Sorry Larry that is no scoop for you as anyone who was at the Ranger prospect camp saw that by the end of it; McDonagh knew what he was going to do.

    It does not matter if it is correct or even close to being accurate, Larry Brook’s job is to get you to either buy the Post, get you to visit the Post or do as I am doing here talk about his work. If he can get people to do any of the above then he has done what his employers expect of him to draw attention to himself and the Post.

    At the same time though what is wrong about how he goes about his business is that he gives the real reporters like Andrew Gross, Michael Obernauer, Rick Carpiniello, and even Steve Zipay a bad name. See they work hard at getting their facts right and reporting the news with as much accuracy as possible.

    When one of them makes a mistake you see them own up to it and admit it to you the Ranger fans. It takes a lot of courage in today’s web word to own up to your mistakes cause you know there are going to be those who will trash you for it.

    Brooks will rarely ever own up to his mistakes or wild rumors no matter who they hurt or how wrong they are. Let us see if Brooks will acknowledge that Ryan McDonagh was not a member of the Under-20 Gold Medal winning team.

    That is way too big a mistake to let slide as McDonagh is 21 and was not eligible to play on this year’s team. It is funny too how about a month ago it was Brooks who was reporting that McDonagh had no intention of signing with the Rangers.

  75. Good morning, boneheads!
    Mike, LMAO at your wiping spree. Agree with all of it, stage by stage.

    Kovalchuk can be fit under the cap, unless he wants more than 9 per year. And the Rangers can front load it as very few teams can. And if they do, that doesn’t exclude playing all of our young guns. They can still grow and be successful. He may not bring the SC right away, but in a few years when all our prospects grow, they’ll still have Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Hank and everyone else. All our toxic contracts will be gone by then too…

  76. Wicky, good stuff…I was doubting that too, one would think all of the boneheads would have noticed him on WJ. One ting though, LB has made mistakes before and he HAS admitted to that.

  77. toxic contracts on

    in 2 years these guys will be all gone


    also gone as rfa probably


    only toxic contracts left would be


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