Deserted Isle?


The Islanders have all sorts of cap space, and in fact need to spend money to get to the cap floor. And they have a bunch of good young players who could eventually be a core of a terrific team if they could plug holes with elite free agents.

GM Garth Snow is now saying they’re in it for Ilya Kovalchuk. Maybe they are one of the few, if not only, teams who could afford Kovalchuk’s $10M-per asking price. But could anybody imagine Kovalchuk leaving Atlanta to go there?

There was  a story written by my buddy Arthur Staple in Newsday today about how bad the Nassau Coliseum is for attracting potential free agents.

In it he says that the Islanders offered both Paul Martin and Dan Hamhuis more money than Martin got from Pittsburgh (five years, $25M) and Hamhuis got from the Canucks (six years, $27M). Martin reportedly asked Snow about Nassau Coliseum, and the Lighthouse project, which is still just a proposal.

“Garth was honest with him,” Ben Hankinson, Martin’s agent, told Newsday.  “Garth said the team was there for five more years. And I could just see it in Paul’s face . . . That building is going to be a huge hurdle for Garth to overcome with free agents like Paul.”

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  1. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Not today IZZY!!!!!

    off to work, you guys keep slatipuss from doing anything stupid please!!!!!

    Oh, BTW (this is for you izzy)……………..wait for it………………FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “…the team was there for five more years.”

    And then they’ve just finished paying Yashin and will have only got six more years of DiPietro’s deal left. Things are looking up!

  3. How are you Izzy?


    It’s actually kind of fun watching the scummy Germans rip apart the “best player in the world”

  4. wanna get Alex Semin bongo style slapped down by a scummy German there twinkletoes?

  5. Honorably Carped
    IK motto:
    (And it is true) – Happiness is not in a Money… it is in it quantity. We like it or not, but Kovalchuk will NOT try on Rangers uniform anytime soon, period. There are just three ingredients in his mind for signing with a team: 1.Money, and 3.monie. We have none of it for his appetite at least. Besides, after all his interviews in English and Russian, I have an impression that on personal level he is extremely sleazy, arrogant SOB,who on a top of that doesn’t like Rangers as organization(not just understandable, standard Avery hater). Saying that, I addmitedely will hate to see him 6 times a season in any uniform,Islandorks in particular.

  6. Predictions:

    I’m expecting Avery to show up out of condition, wearing women’s clothing. I think by Nov. 1, he gets a “conditioning” stint at Harford after taking too many bad penalties.

    I see Redden in the NHL PA substance abuse program.

    I see Boogyman becoming a fan favorite after KO’ing a bunch of fighters and teams take less advantage of us physically

    I see Staal being elected to Team Canada or All Star this year

    I see Callahan with 5-8lbs of muscle added

    I see Anisimov suprising us with more O

    I see Gilroy adjusting, physically, to long schedule -possible trade bait

    I see MDZ scoring like he did last year in early season

    I see Lundqst better year due to rest

    I see Prust agitating the way we hoped Avery would have

    I see a few surprising youngsters

    I see us in the playoffs, continuing our youth movement, going into the 2nd round.

    I see Washington making moves to give Oveckin a chance at the Cup, but upon celebrating his first goal of the year, dislocating his shoulder while slamming it into the boards. He returns a few weeks later, but alters his style of play to avoid re-injuring, but cannot help himself, and throws himself into the glass, which reinjures the now weak shoulder, and cripples his career. He goes on to average 20 goals a season, playing for 7 differnt teams.

    I see Manny Malhotra scoring a hatrick against the Rangers.

    I see Sanguinetti doing well, chipping in 10 goals and 30 assists regularly.

    I see Drury worn out and going into early retirement (or Hartford)

    I’d buy a playoff ticket now. We will be in.

  7. Kov to the Island makes us the worst team in the division if we aren’t already.

  8. the isles had a great draft this year,besides that midget from entourage,but as an organization they seem doomed.

  9. Not saying Kovalchuk is the most selfless, team-first player in the world, but if it was *only* about the money with him, why wouldn’t he have taken the deal Atlanta offered him (which it seems unlikely he can match in free agency) or gone to the KHL already?

    As has been mentioned elsewhere, taking the Hossa route and signing a one-year deal and increasing his options as a UFA next year isn’t looking all that bad an idea.

  10. Yeah, uberrace germans humilliated and defeated chegevarian argentinians and their crackhead coach.

  11. SeamusO
    Nice written, wonderfull prediction.I just want to add:
    We see Carsillo carsilliate all over the ice everytime Boogieman steps on…

  12. CR9,

    I asked before and never saw a response…care to explain your “scummy German” statements?

    I don’t see why that stuff is allowed on the board Carp??

    4-0 win by die mannscaft!!!!!

  13. >>Yeah, uberrace germans humilliated and defeated chegevarian argentinians and their
    >>crackhead coach.

    It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch. I’m not a hateful person, but my gosh, I despise that country with a passion. I really enjoyed watching Germany mow the pitch with their faces.

  14. you’re right, Joke.

    CR, cut it out.

    Seamus, if that stuff all happens, I’d buy a lottery ticket, not a playoff ticket.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  15. 100% Joke,put any other nationality after scummy and all hell would break out.CR9 is just being crass tho,shes harmless really.just ignore her.

  16. Blue Seat Horror on

    Great post Seamus.

    The one about Ovechkin scares me because Wash scores like six goals a game when he’s not in the line-up.

    I’ll one-up you. I see Shelley scoring a hat trick against the Rangers…primarily assisted by Betts.

  17. Don’t think this has been mentioned yet…what the hell is Joe Mich’s reaction going to be when he sees how *BIIIIG* Boogaard is?

  18. Carp,
    thanks for the quick response…I don’t blame you for it happening. Freedom of speach and the Internet are like gasoline and a match.

    Just to be clear…I love Germany and their team but it doesn’t mean I have to hate other countries, but I do dislike many other teams.

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    2 things I can’t stand: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

  20. Oh man, i thought Hacklund’s “biiig trade” rumor was going to come true.

    I actually wont mind the Islandorks getting Kovalchook. That would mean that we’ll definitely be the worst in the division.

    But, I’d rather see the Kings get him.

  21. >>Netherlands is my second fave football team.

    I’m rooting for a Holland-Spain finals. I want a new winner.

  22. Blue Seat Horror on

    IF the Islanders get Kovalchuk it only makes them better than the Rangers on paper. He’s a good player, but that doesn’t make the Islanders a better team. It’s going to take a while for the kids in the Mausoleum to learn how to play with Kovalchuk, and it’ll be interesting to see if Tavares has an ego about not being the only hero in town anymore and how the kid handles it. Islanders getting Kovalchuk is a good sabotage move. I’m all for it.

    I like that the Rangers have kept their core and will have a chance to actually gel as a team instead of starting over with a new team. This may give the Rangers a chance to get an even better start out of the gate while the other teams struggle to find their chemistry. Sure, in the end when said chemistry is achieved they may pummel us but I’m looking forward to the first few months, and we’ll take it from there.

  23. Blue Seat Horror on

    No disrespect to Boogaard. By pummel I meant on the scoreboard, not when the gloves are dropped. We have an edge in that respect for the 9 fights he will have this year.

  24. oh, I forgot to add that Larry Brooks mentions the bus stop fight at least 3 or 4 times to tell us that it doesn’t bother him and its not the reason he is being negative on Torts.

    Besides that, the Boogerman KO will start the chants in the Garden. He will do some goofy used car commercials and become a fan favorite. Then, the next year, riding high on endorsements, he tries to score more, fight less. This backfires horribly and lands him a stint in Hartford where he either demands a trade, or humbles himself, comes back to the Garden, and takes out the insult on the jaws of Philly enforcers, much to the cheering of Gabby, who goes on to break Jagr’s single season scoring record.

  25. Haha, Brooks mentions it all the time because it’s true. He’s trying to play it off like it doesn’t affect him at all.

    Those must have been some dark days at that bus stop. Maybe MSG should profile him instead of the NYR players.

  26. he islanders blueline is bad real bad. they ae small and bad…kovalchuk is perfect for the islanders, he is a scoring machine, but is not good on the big stage.

    he is a very good player but his contract will be an overpay and will hurt for at least 1/2 the term….

    good for them, no impact on the rangers long term. rangers need to continue to build from within and if they send dredden down they will have money to make moves during the season..

  27. Souray cleared waivers.

    Avery. Now there’s a roster spot that needs opening.

  28. thd Flyers are going to get only a draft pick or prospect for Gagne from LA. i say that because it says that they are moving Gagne to free up $5 mill in cap space to pursue Turco and re-sign Carcillo and Powe. they won’t have that cap space if they take nhl players in return

  29. “Souray is injured as often as Dipietro. that is why teams are down on him”

    I get that, but I at least he can provide something when he’s healthy, but Dredden on the other hand provides nothing while healthy.

    If Tambellini has the balls to waive Souray, then Slats should as well. But, I guess we’re not that lucky.

  30. Wade Redden not only prefers to play in geographical cities that have snow…but he also handicaps his D-pairing because at least one player out there has to be resonsible.
    this baby-sitting affect hurt us a lot last year.

  31. Dreger still thinks LA for Ovaltruck

    “A few hours of sleep and the consensus based on texts and emails sent my way still has Kovy going to the Kings, regardless of Isles push.”

  32. Rod Gilbert on

    So Kovalchuk got his bidding war.

    Not happening for NYR, right? Anyone hear a peep? It’d have to be the quietest negotiation ever.

    Obviously some don’t like Kovalchuk and never wanted him here. But I’d think done right he would’ve taken the Rangers program to a totally different place, almost immediately.

    The only conceivable way to get in & win now – assuming that giving ANY player a $114m deal or so ISNT near worth it – might be to go short term, but blow any competition out of the water; 4 years, $50m type thing.

    Swallow the rest of the hideous Sather contracts clogging the life out of this roster, and spend the other $30-40m or so buying out the deadwood, maybe Frolov and a cheap D-man.

    Then lets ALL the kids play with IK, Hank, Gaborik, etc.

    I’d much rather spend a $100m that way.

    Would be interesting.

  33. I see some complaints about “another mediocre year” and the way things stand- I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Just as long it’s because the young guys are in there. Play them early and often, play them to the detriment of the ‘big club”.

    Just not to the point where it hurts the kids’ development.

    Erik Christensen- nice guy, flashed some stick skills here and there, but no jamm, no battle – at first I was WTB with his resigning.

    On second thought, I have no problem. He’s a cheap stop gap, keep the seat warm guy for when Stepan’s ready.

    As Carp suggested, you want a core of talented players that can play a competitive level and be sustained.

    That core must come from within, then fill a need here or there with a FA. But this puzzle is in the early stages.

    Our “core” is too few and still developing. No big FA signing is a good thing, it wasn’t going to put us over the top.

    Play the kids. Lets see what we’ve got, clear the deadwood from the roster by any means possible, and go from there.

  34. Cut it out? WTB! You gotta be kidding me. It’s a joke from one of the Die Hard movies. With none of my other teams still in the World Cup as of yesterday, Im pulling for Germany to win.

  35. unfortunately Redden is not going anywhere this offseason. If im the Rangers, I let Wiese be the 3rd line RW and lets see if the young guys can break out.

    If February comes around and we are in the playoff hunt and Dubinsky and/or Gilroy havent significantly improved i would package them both along with the 2nd rounder we got from Carolina and get Brad Richards.

    regardless of how the season turns out, we would have lots of money coming off the books and we could then afford to sign Mikko Koivu to be the top line center. Factor in the prospects like Stepan, Grachev, McIlrath, Werek etc. and its a great foundation.

  36. I don’t know how these things work, but I think if we send him down to Hartford, we are better, cap wise, then waiving Redden….is this correct?

    Also, last year was a very good year for us. This year, will be even better. We have what we have all wanted: youth.

    If we can unload some dead weight, all the better.

    I’d rather lose with kids and have hope; then lose with millionaire primadonnas who only throw checks at the bank.

    We are looking at a season of improvement and getting to the 2nd round on enthusiasm alone.

    Also, with the proper rest, Lundqvst can surpise anyone. We may bow out in Round 2, or we may have the ride that Philly had.

    I am more optimistic about this team than I have been since 1997.

  37. paul g in sunrise on

    if McDonaugh signs – then you will see two new young guys. Weese (sp) will have a chance to jump. Stepan will have a chance but may benefit from minors (if allowed). Redden is a waiver wire monor leaguer to help with cap pressure. Avery just will not win a spot because Torts doesn’t like him all that much. Problem is he is untradeable because of reputation. A cup contender may like him for jam in playoffs and his potential scoring threat, but I think he is done as a ranger – i like him, just think he is done. Thats an $8.45M cap subtraction filled by at the most $1.9M. means more money to spend or trade for in camp after first cuts.

  38. Tank The Season on

    Souray will be traded within the next 48-72 hours. Edmonton now knows they must take money back to rid themselves of him, question is how much money.

  39. Kovalsuck would not fit at all in NYR for this reason. Torts forechecking system, which demands relentless skating and movement, is completely the opposite of Kovalsuck’s game. he is a lazy, opportunistic stand-around type of player until he gets the puck. that does not mesh with the Torts system

    and if the devils can’t improve with him, then certainly few teams will.

    a total waste of cap space, unless you are simply trying to fill seats, like NYI or LA, which has an up and coming team, but still is not a 41 game sellout and is competing with Lakers for attention in the building

  40. Avery is not going anywhere and nor should he. His 15G 20A on the 3rd line plus his intangibles make him perfect for us.

    Right now our forward lines are:


    I just cant see Sather being satisfied with that.

  41. Rod Gilbert on

    The Rangers would be better served from Avery’s position
    if they could find similar production with a real defensive conscience (more in the mold of Esa Tikkanen) instead of Avery’s lame and frequently embarrassing antics.

  42. CR9,

    when you said scummy Germans repeatedly before I asked you to explain why and/ or to stop saying it. I never saw your reply and therefor thought you were still just repeating it. If you were making a random movie reference then you should make that clear. Sorry for taking it out of context but you have to see how that doesn’t look right without an explanation.

    Die mannschaft for the world cup!!! (likely)
    NY Rangers for the Stanley cup!!! (not so likely)

  43. kovalchuk would be a great improvement her. idk what ur talkin about. he scores goals ok. that helps the team win. the only reason he wouldnt fit here isnt because of torts., screw him. its because of his outrageous demand for a huge contract. and we just dont have the cap space. thats all.

  44. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    The Isles 10 year contacts are jinxed.
    And , there are only a couple of players who merit a 10 yr contact. Cindy and AO.

  45. how often did ATl win with Hossa and Kovy. how often did they win with Heatley and Kovy. how did devils do with Kovy, Parise, etc etc

    sorry, but the facts don’t match up

  46. I really want McDonagh to sign. I haven’t seen Weise play, but from the ’20 Prospects’ stuff, I like the fact that he provides a Cally like energy and he doubled his numbers in Hartford last year- 28 G – not too shabby.

    Don’t send Dubinsky anywhere.

  47. this is Dubinsky’s last year to prove himself. If he doesnt improve and show why he has all this hype then he is absolutely expendable.

    at some point he going to have to do more than just play hard and look cute

  48. billybleedsblue on

    Hey Boneheads, anybody gotta link to a video feed of the World Cup Game that’s on right now?

  49. Dubinsky needs to learn the pass the puck a little more. I’m sick of seeing him try to get it done by himself. Especially when he doesnt get it done a lot of the time.

    As for Weise, he didn’t look anywhere near NHL ready when he came up during the home stretch. Torts had zero confidence in him at the time so he’s really going to have to show something to have a shot. Really can’t believe PAP is gone when he was the only yoot who showed some top 6 promise with the big club.

  50. Dubinsky is not a UFA so he doesn’t have that luxury….

    although im not giving Dubi 3-4 mil a year if he doesnt show any improvement…give me Mikko Koivu who will give us 70+ points

  51. Random crazy theory-

    In the strange world that is my mind I just have this feeling that Jody Shelley offset or counterbalanced a strong Avery personality that may have some players uncomfortable. I just don’t see how a guy that put off so many teamates on other teams is a positive presence.
    Maybe he’s on his best behavior because he really wants to be in NY. Only taking a cap hit for half his salary is a good thing but his on ice contributions are really spotty as well. When he’s good he’s been very good but he really picks his spots.

    His priorities as I see them:

    1 Fashion stuff
    2 Social networking
    3 Hockey

  52. Dubi had in 69 games,,,,,,,,20-24=44 and a plus 9

    Cally had in 77games,,,,,,,,,19-18=37 and a minus 12

    and I love Cally. but people are being way too hard on Dubi compared to the stats

    and he is moved around too much by Torts, from Center to wing, from line to line

  53. they are here to play hockey, not hold hands and sing Kum bay yah.

    When Avery plays his best, the Rangers win plain and simple. Not to mention he costs us practically nothing. He doesn’t need a babysitter or veteran leader. That is all bullshit the media makes up to get a story.

    When Marian Gaborik isnt the only one on the team that can score goals on a regular basis, then we will be in good shape…

  54. Joke

    No problem for the misunderstanding. Calling a nationality Scummy like “scummy Germans” would be tantamount to racism, so I understand that you took issue with it. I dont read all the comments on RR all the time, so I never saw your question. I apologize.

  55. billybleedsblue on

    Thanks 43ver. I’m trying to figure out how to get it to work on this computer…am at work, many soccer fans here…and I’m having difficulties. I think I figured out which links but there’s no flash player on this computer and I’m getting errors. Oh well…Thanks!

  56. Exactly boogy-

    Dubi had 7 more goals and only 4 fewer assists in 13 less games than the previous year. And you have to think that it took a few games to get back in sync after comming off the hand inury. I think his passing has improved and will continue to do so.
    What bothers me is that his hits were way down.

    “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.”

    -Fred Shero-

  57. he led the team in game wining goals with 5.

    he led in shorthanded goals with 2

    one area where he needs a lot more is PP assists. he had only 4 PP assts

  58. If we’re comparing Dubinsky to Mikko Koivu…

    Koivu is three years older and before scoring 67 and 71 points the last two years, his first three NHL seasons saw him get 21, 54 and 42 (though the latter in 57 games). And he played four years of pro in Finland and the AHL before that.

    Dubinsky’s first three years: 40, 41 and 44 (in 69 games).

    I wouldn’t expect Dubinsky to become as good as Koivu, who is strong defensively too, but let’s not pretend Dubinsky is a total failure in comparison.

  59. billybleedsblue on

    despite my lack of russian, I got that far…for whatever reason, I restarted the browser and now I think it’s loading! Awesome! Hope it works! Thanks again! Fire Sather!

  60. noone said Dubinsky is a failure but some Ranger fans believe he is a star in the making.

    considering he gets top 6 minutes, he has every opportunity to play at a high level consistently.

  61. oleosmirf –

    Well I agree – just go do your job. Avery just needs to do his more often.

    BTW – Statistically, I think the Rangers actually played better with Avery out of the lineup last year, as opposed to previous years.

  62. Some people on here think that he (Dubinsky) is totally useless and must be disposed off immediately. “They” claim that Dubi doesn’t give his all in every game… whatever that means…on a team with such GREAT consistency…you know.

  63. Just watch Dubi on the puck along the boards. He’ll get cross checked from behind getting knocked to one knee pop up and still have the puck. He’s getting better and better at breaking off the boards with the puck and doing something positive with it.

  64. CCCP – but Orr says he’s only in it for the money and doesn’t like his hair. Are you saying that counts for nothing? :D

  65. So the Rangers now have the toughest guy on the block – all our ‘soft’ issues are solved.

    This team doesn’t need tough guys that play hockey. It needs hockey players that are tough. Accomplish the task at hand, but you may need to give or take some punishment while doing so.

    I just don’t understand the emphasis on signing an enforcer each year. (and giving him money close to what you grudgingly give one of your more talented home grown players)

    Other than entertainment value I just don’t get it. And I like like a good fight, especially a spontaneous one out of raw emotion or when sticking up for a teammate.

    I just don’t believe one guy that plays 5 or 6 minutes- no matter how ‘bad’ he is, has that much impact on a game. Players shouldn’t feel it’s ‘that’ guys role to stand up for a teammate.

    That said, I honestly haven’t seen Boogaard play much, but it seems he can hit in addition to fight -which in my eyes is more important than fighting. So we’ll see.

  66. I for one don’t think Dublowsky is useless, he has talent, and can be a good player. He has loads of potential, but I just don’t like the guy.

    It’s all aboot the money, as I’ve said before. Forget missing training camp, it’s no big deal, as long as you get the money you want. Bouchbag!

    Lets see if Marky Marc pulls the same BS.

  67. That was like NHL rules when you’re defending a 5-on-3: anything goes. No way was the ref ever going to give another penalty for the foul on Fabregas after all that. But the encroaching was far worse for Paraguay’s penalty, so just about fair in the end…

  68. LW3H

    everyone is in it for the money (see Kovalchuk, he’s not in for home discounts!), so that dont count..

    but the hair thing…i don’t know…that’s a tough one! It must count for something cuz combing so much hair every time isnt easy!

  69. i could careless about Boogaard. 1.6 mil or 1.0 mil is the same in the long run.

    600K is not enough to prevent any team from getting who they want.

  70. fire sather on

    people fall too easily for the trap that mgmt pulls. Sather leaks info to the media to portray players he is negotiating with as greedy. then the public buys into only one side of the story

    it is done all the time in many cities by team mgmt

    when you hear how mgmt portrays players at arbitration hearings, you will know that they call them every bad name in the book, they harp on every negative stat they can emphasize, all done for money reasons. it used to be that the owners were greedy. now both sides are greedy, but mgmt has the added gun of being able to leak negative info

  71. WHEW! That was a close one for Spain. I doubt they’ll be as fortunate against the big machine that is Germany. Casillas will be very busy.

  72. the Rangers would have to waive Redden and let Girardi walk in order to fit Kovalchuk in under the cap.

    just dont think he has the mentality to be a winner.

  73. Blueshirt in Paris on


    Some i trust are now saying the Flyers and Avalanche are in the Kovalchuk race.

  74. Eklund would say the Hershey Bears are in on it if he could make more money from it

  75. dbed- i like duby hes a good player who has some power tyo get to the net, and his board work is damn good. he has a better shot now but needs work on decision making. sometimes he should pass when shoots and vice versa. but i agree his hair is just obscene. i hate him now

  76. hes not gonna be an all star. hes gonna be a 2nd line 20-25 goal guy 50 point maybe 60 at best. i for one never thought hed be anything more than that and i havent seen people here really make him out to be a future star, but some people said without jagr hed struggle. well, he had his best season last year after he got a nice raise and without jagr. he played 10-11 less games than cally too, so i do like his effort. but if he would only get a “regular” haircut, or trim like drury does,or even the jarhead avery look, then id love him much more

  77. jagr shouldve helped him grow a mullet. then have him put some brill cream in it and slicked it back to streamline it and make his head more aerodynamic. easily score 50 more goals

  78. please no kovy to isles. this makes perfect sense they need to get to cap. they instantly will finish ahead of us and within 3-4 years be a top 5 team in conf.

    i have the feeling with the way the east is looking with tampa and atlanta improving we will be around 12 or 13 of 15 teams.

    the problem is we started our youth movement 3 years to late and we still cant guarantee spots for some of these young players.

    its the same freaking team on paper today as last season

    we suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  79. i think Kovalchuk to the Isles is great. as much as we dislike them, having them move would suck for the rivalry.

  80. its ok eric, we got biron and boogy. plus the hobbit and the best of all, christensen!!!!!!!! thank the hockey gods we got him back

  81. if we “suck” but Dubinsky, Callahan, Zuccarello-Aasen, Gilroy, Del Zotto, Staal, Girardi all improve then its a good season.

    next offseason Redden will be waived, more young guys will be added and a #1 center aka Mikko Koivu will be brought in and in 2011-12 when Drury and Rozsival’s contracts are up we can add another star player to compliment those 2 imports and the core of homegrown players.

  82. id like to see the isles get kovalchuk. they already have some nice talent. they could be pretty good.

  83. as of right now we don’t have a single spot for any rookie forwards on this team. something is going to have to give if any of them are going to actually have a shot at making the squad.

  84. so some of the players we had will be in hartford like boyle,voros, and i think there will be a trade so there will be some spots or else we will be stuck with teh same team basically.

  85. stepan most likely will be in hartford for a year. same with grachev. unless both are just outstanding in camp i dont see them making the team. i do think however both will get playing time in case of injury or poor performance. besides those 2, who would make the team? byers? weise? mcdonut maybe but when EC and vinny were resigned, along with prust, im guessing that maybe just 1 of steppan,kreider,grachev or weise will make it.

  86. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Well, I don’t think comparing cally and dubi is exactly fair. I could be wrong here but dubi spent far more time on the top line or two than cally did.

    I also think that the coach isn’t really the best for this team the way it is constructed. Avery will never be as effective of a player for torts that he was for renney. I certainly don’t want to get rid of avery, I think his intangibles (if torts would let up a bit) are far greater than most other players, and at half his salary, we should keep him. This team lacks top 6 forward talent and physical d men, you really need to roll 4 lines continuously. He just doesn’t. He doesn’t make in game adjustments well IMHO. If gabby is getting roughed up or doesn’t have space, you don’t put him on a line with prospal or EC or dubi, you put prust or avery or someone that will physically intimidate guys or atleast get them off their game (avery).

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalbuck!!! " … says Greg L. on

    eric said;
    “holy christ if kovy ends up wit isles i will cry. thats the one team i hate more then anything in sports.
    they would be light years ahead of the rangers”

    Light years!!??? Aww come on Eric , The last few weeks you have not been supporting the rangers at all!! You comming here is not supporting, yer venting . Yell at yer wife but stop dissin the Rangers. Azzlanders are a pathetic club who will waste last year #1 pick and Kovalchiks carrer. Azzlanders will always play second fiddle to us.

    Darren , I will reply to what yer saying shouldnt reply to mine .Correct cuz if ya do , I”ll put your head right back up yer arese. If you had a creative brain maybe Id actually give ya a C+ for effort but way ive seen from you …you get a “D”. Enjoy.

    Gabby will never break Jagr’s record, or pass Graves. He just doesn’t have what it takes.—said by ORR

    HMMMMM I keeping this one handy!!!

    Cr9 , I saw your post about “Scummy Germans” and I thought for a second and said ” heyy Isn’t my Mom and dad german!!??” Yeah I have German in me and never got really affended cuz I know how you “roll” . I have ‘nt watch any World Cup but If I did Id cheer for England first ,then Germany.


    Salty dupis

    ORR ,buddy do you like anyone? HAHAhaha!!

  88. Being still optimistic,I’m afraid, unless something drastic happened(Fat Rabbit from “Chomping” hat)which is highly unlikely, our beloved team will look next season like expensive, but semi-old hooker without make up in Nevada ranch.(no offence to hookers intended).

  89. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Glad you liked it mama, just being honest in my assessment.

    So I just watched TSN’s 10 hardest hitters in hockey and for your enjoyment here are the top ten starting with #10…..kronwall, kaspar (not the missing one), phanuef, marchment, blake (rob obviously), neely (still whining about the ulfie hit), potvin (yes, he sucks), clark (wendell), lindros, and…………………………………….stevens (scott of course).

    there were ten best of the rest as well (you guys re going to love one name on the list and I am not making this up) in no certain order….lucic, sarich, vlad the impaler (konstantinov), jovo cop, boogaard, JR, exelby, boughner, morrow, and I think the last one was peca.

    there you go for your amusement!

  90. i’d love miko koivu as a ranger…
    hopefully by time he is a UFA drury will decide to retire and free up cap space

  91. Sorry Blogmama, SeamusO’s “I see” post inspired that childhood flashback.

    Just figured you’d roll with it

  92. Hey Grabby-

    LOL Yes, “thank the hockey gods”.

    What are the implication of sending EC down if someone in Hartford emerges?

    I have a real positive feeling about Stepan, just seems like he’s a winner.

    We’re talking about 4 on 4 prospect scrimmage but I like that Stepan and Grachev seemed to have some chemistry.

    and how McIlrath liked playing with McD and that McD really enjoyed the camp, don’t let him get away.

    Why wasn’t Valentenko at the camp?

  93. Really? Well then how about–

    Baby, Baby stick your head in gravy, wash it out with bubble gum and send it to the Navy.

    ..let me know when you catch your breath ;)

  94. don’t know if anybody’s interested, but MSG is showing The Boys on the Bus, a documentary about the late 1980s Edmonton Oilers. It’s supposed to be pretty good, with lots of future Rangers involved. Right now.

  95. ddeb- honestly, i dont think EC will be sent down. he was pretty good and the money he makes, it would seem like hes expendable, but he has the skill to play with gabby and had some chemistry with him. gotta remember that the first 10 or maybe more games he played with us was on teh 3rd line and when given a chance he did good. but yea stepan seems like a winner cuz he just won something lol. i do see him being on the team definitely by next season. and sure will get some time when artie gets decapitated. but youre right i can see EC with his confidence issues beinga potential problem and if he doesnt produce would eb one of the easier choices to replace. even if he is a center

  96. Thanks Carp. Rub it in why don’t ya…

    hey ddeb, I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

  97. “So I just watched TSN’s 10 hardest hitters in hockey ”

    You can tell the person that put that together isn’t very old. Didn’t anybody hit before 1980?

  98. i also think boyle could be sent down and avery playing 4th line while stepan takes his spot. thing is, if prospal plays wing, boyle is sent down, and then you have duby,artie,and ec still as centers. then theres drury. we actually have too many centers. unless u put prospal,duby and ec on teh wing, then where would stepan fit?

  99. Nice Mama-
    and for anyone that played in the street
    Car, Car, C- A – R, stick your head in a jelly jar

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalbuck!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wicky , I liked your assesment too . SeamusO’s posts were beuty!!!

    Quiet on the old Free Agent front…

  101. Thought Dubi was going to be on the wing. Maybe Drury should be too although a decent faceoff man and good defensively in the center.

    Man this show is hokie. LOL 1987

    Regarding Wicky’s comments on Avery – Torts denies he is holding Avery back. Seems to me that Avery needs to push the envelope, if Torts then punishes Avery he’s gone to far. But he’s smart enough to know where the line is but maybe not disciplined enough.

  102. ddebened
    July 3rd, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    Random crazy theory-

    In the strange world that is my mind I just have this feeling that Jody Shelley offset or counterbalanced a strong Avery personality that may have some players uncomfortable. I just don’t see how a guy that put off so many teamates on other teams is a positive presence.
    Maybe he’s on his best behavior because he really wants to be in NY. Only taking a cap hit for half his salary is a good thing but his on ice contributions are really spotty as well. When he’s good he’s been very good but he really picks his spots.

    His priorities as I see them:

    1 Fashion stuff
    2 Social networking
    3 Hockey


  103. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    guess no one did according to that show.

    I don’t believe torts to be honest with you. I think avery, if playing effectively, is going to take some penalties. If torts says dumb penalties or benches him after one, then torts is not letting avery be effective, subsequently I don’t believe torts.

  104. nose picker on

    not counting on any deals until tuesday. will tuesday be get rid of the nose picker day. get it done sather

  105. not crazy, contrary to what may be popular belief, I’m not blind to Aves’ faults, but I disagree about him not being a positive presence. He and and Hank were the only leaders in the locker room for a good part of the season, and he seems to have quite a fine relationship with the players, at least most I’d say.
    Shelley was hardly with the team long enough for any issues involving him to be put on Aves’ shoulders.

    Just my falling asleep at my work desk on a saturday night opinion….

  106. the rangers will be better off when selfish sean is outta here. he is a cancer in any locker room and is selfish on and off the ice.

  107. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I agree with mama, avery was one of the two leaders on this team last year. Even the guys in the press talked about it when he called a couple different players only meetings (along with hank) during the season.

  108. Bored – Of course, but not celebrated. How many months have 28 days?

    Wicky – how often has Avery been benched? I remember him not dressing once (and coming back with one of his better efforts.)

    Thing is, it’s pretty transparent, if he sits him Torts can’t claim he’s not holding him back. It hasn’t happened much.

    I’d rather him play on the wrong side of the line and sit occasionally than play how he did more often than not last year.

  109. all of them. some even have 2 or 3 more

    i was interested in seeing orrs answer.

    or mensa greg

  110. Orr’s no dummy just a little headstrong in his misconceptions regarding some things

  111. Greg just leads with his heart sometimes -no problem with that

    So he won’t be dethroning Anamika Veeramani anytime soon -who cares, he loves his Rangers

  112. Orr, defending you in a kidding kind of way, just think you get a little inflexible in your opinions

  113. Don’t worry bored, everything came out smoothly, if you really wanted to know.

    I was actually aboot to mention that, but I decided that there’s no need to gross anyone out. NYR already grosses us all out.

    NYR hockey is a good diet, by the way.

  114. Well we have a seer in Seamus, and he is quite eloquent about he must have been touched by the wee people.

    Well I have things that I see too, tho not quite as many nor as well deduced as the seer saw, but here goes:

    I see a somewhat better year for Gaborik, ( presupposing no injuries), and as rather typical season for Callahan. I see an improvement in Christensen, and also in Gilroy. I see a somewhat subdued Ovechkin, this season and in fact he seemed on his way there last year as he plateaued to a notable degree from his explosive earlier ones. I see a better season ( and more interesting one) for the Isles,

    I see Philly jumping into the fray at the outset and running up some early kills, and dominating for the early part of the season.

    I see the Bruins surprisingly tentative to begin the season, but gradually increasing the tempo, I see Montreal stumbling a bit out of the block, nut the Leafs roaring.

    I have trouble envisioning what the Rangers will look like because I don;t know what they’re capable of. They certainly didn’t play up to capability very much last year.

    If they still display the disdain for body contact and they still make amateurish passes, and avoid the blue paint area, then I see a repeat of last season almost verbatim.

    I see the Devils really opening some eyes once the first puck is dropped however.

    Buffalo is a quandary to me.. nothing appears in the crystal ball, nor the same with Senators.

  115. BTW

    I still believe Kovalchuk to be a figment of someone else’s imagination, as to overall effectiveness, and overall value to a team vs what he expects to be paid ( and also what they are willing to pay him.) He’s a better than good power forward – but he’s not the Divine Wind for Pete’s sake.

  116. ORR-
    Opinions – well you know how the saying goes. Just don’t afraid to change them. It’s not a sign of weakness.
    Dubi’s a good player -one of our better players. He’ll get better still and the contract stuff is just business.
    No reason to assume he’ll just jump at the money. He grew up a Ranger’s fan as is his father.

    Pick on someone else’s hair!

  117. Demote/Trade Redden,Sign Frolov and McDonagh and we got a pretty strong squad

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Alex Frolov — $4,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Vaclav Prospal – $2,100,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Brandon Dubinsky — $1,850,000
    Mats Zuccarello-Aasen $1,750,000
    Derek Boogaard — $1,625,000
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Erik Christensen — $925,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,667
    Brandon Prust — $800,000
    Dale Weise – $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000

    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Marc Staal — $4,000,000
    Daniel Girardi — $3,000,000
    Ryan McDonagh — $1,750,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Michael Del Zotto $1,087,500
    Pavel Valentenko $850,000

    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Martin Biron — $875,000

    ROSTER SIZE 24 (23 really excluding Brashear)
    SALARY CAP $59,400,000
    PAYROLL $60,471,667
    BONUSES $2,507,500
    CAP SPACE $1,435,833

  118. Frolov and McDonut wont make this team any better. Frolov will be good for 20+

    The team will still suck.

    Forget spending money! Lets the kids play! This team is going nowhere until the three muskrats are gone, as well as Slats.

  119. Im curious … how many “kids” does it take being on the opening nite roster for it to be an official “letting the kids play” season ??

    Because my roster above has:

    1st year players- McDonagh, Weise, MZA, and Valentenko
    2nd Year players- AA, MDZ, and Gilroy

    that’s 7 out of 20 opening nite spots to players with 2 years or less experience

  120. If people want more “kids” than that on the roster … they should probably watch college or minor league Hockey

  121. Actually, I guess you’re right. There isn’t many spots that are available.

    What I’m saying is, don’t sign anyone, fill in the spots with a prospect.

    They’re better off with the playing time than any loser who can’t help the team.

  122. Tank The Season on

    I still think our next signing will be Demitra or Frolov, once their price comes down.

  123. we have been watching minor league hockey – only the pay scale has been changed

  124. haha … at least last season you’re right.

    Frolov at 4 million could be a steal –

    I mean he is a guaranteed 20 goal-60 point guy when given a fair chance to play and he is in his prime.

    No to Demitra but I would say absolutely to Frolov for under 4 million and to Zherdev for under 3 million

  125. Orr – regarding McD, your thinking short term, no? we shouldn’t be though

  126. Good night Carp-

    Using Roszi as an example

    For us the cap hit for Roszi is $5M, his average over the length of his contract. He’s due $4M this year and $3M next year.

    For a team acquiring a player is it the average of whats left on the contract, in this case would it be $3.5M.


    Is Redden’s contract the worst in sports history??
    6.5M 10/11
    6.5 11/12
    5 12/13
    5 13/14

  127. ddeb – No, cap hit (or AAV as the pros seem to be slowly indoctrinating into us…) is fixed over the lifetime of the contract, so Rozi would still hit any team acquiring him for $5m, even though they’re only paying him $3.5m per.

    Only exception (I think) would be where a player is acquired via re-entry waivers.

  128. The Dubi bashing is getting rather redundant, and bordering on obsessive.

    Enough already. Getting sick of reading same B.S. every single day. Think of something new to say.

  129. Hartford Whalerpack on

    There is lots of redundancy in the comment area of this blog. Especially when readers cut and paste comments from a previous blog post.

    I’d like to see the Isles get Kovy, he’s a monster player and will only make them better.

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