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We kind of said it all yesterday. And with the picture Larry Brooks paints today about the salary cap, well, it doesn’t appear much more can happen other than signing Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Brandon Prust unless a cap-clearing trade or other transaction happens first.

The Redden chip — a one-way ticket to Hartford — can be played in September, but not before.

So we wait. There are certainly more free agents out there, though none of the affordable ones would be a huge upgrade over what the Rangers have — mostly second/third line types.

Here’s my column from The Journal News and today (Doodie and I were thinking the same thoughts, as I’m sure others were, when the Boogaard signing went down).

I also want to thank you guys for doing amazing numbers here yesterday. It was good to see so many of the Bonehead regulars come out of  their summer hibernation.

It was a long day (I had “lunch” at about 8:30 p.m.) but well worth it.

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  1. re-post

    I would say Boyle’s main competition is Chris Drury!

    I love how Slats contradicts himself:
    “Don’t think we’re totally done. We’re still looking. Sticking with the philosophy of trying to build our team from within. We want to leave some space for some of these (young) guys to get in here.”

    Still looking, but trying to build from within? How will we give our youngsters an opportunity if all the available slots are given to UFA’s?

  2. CJ from Buffalo on


    Thanks for your top notch coverage yesterday. I couldn’t watch TSN yesterday but I was here all day and wanted to say thanks!

  3. Jay Riemenschneider on

    If we all chip in I’m sure we can afford to open up a contract for Sather. I’ll toss in $50 to start…

  4. Weird July 1st huh? I have no idea what direction this team is heading. They said they were getting younger, and Shelly for the Missing Link was a start. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if the Rangers went to camp just like they are today with 2 minimal signings? Wouldn’t be interesting to see Stepan, Grachev, McDoughnah, et al all in the pre-season? And all the talk would be “Well, DelZotto made the jump, why not these kids?”

    Didn’t the Blackhawks just win a cup with a bunch of hungry kids?

  5. cw, I agree that this is the right way to go … you want to try to build a team that is going to be good for a while. then you can add pieces to that and maybe contend once in a while, instead of trying to force-fit free agents together and attempt a run while before their contracts expire (that never works).

    If they’d done this 10 or five years ago, maybe they’d have a contender now.

  6. True Blue 23 on

    Ive heard there is a rumor that rangers are talking to Frolov? Please tell me its not Zherdev part 2… I think the way things are now we just have to move on with our youth and start bringing them up…..

  7. should be an interesting camp…you know torts is going to work these guys real hard…hopefully some of the kids make the team and get ice time during the regular season….hopefully anisimov has a big year

  8. One move that makes sense to me, both teams, and hopefully Sather would be to trade a Dman (GIRARDI!!!!) to Columbus for Filitov. Didn’t Tyutin and Girardi play as a strong pair in NYR? Didn’t girardi emerge as a bona fide NHLer paired with Toots?

    No brainer if Filitov would agree to come over.

  9. NorthCountryRanger on

    So the Boogaard signing is bad b/c shelly should have been a big part of our offense? That’s some pretty flawed logic… and by the way if we are counting on our 4th line for more than 5 shifts a game and goal production we’re already screwed. I like the move. There i said it. He is the biggest baddest dude in the NHL and NO ONE wants to fight him. He would destroy Orr and has destroyed shelly at least 3 times out of the 5 they’ve fought. I for one think it will be very interesting to see those 2 continue their rivalry at Rangers flys games…The Boogy man is to be feared and we will all learn that…He can hit too and is mobile…Carp is way off on this one.

  10. Did you know the minute I knew Kotalik was not gonna pan out? It was the moment he complained to Torts about his “shin splints” last summer.

    Torts training is geared for the kids anyway. Maybe Torts and a youth movement are better match than many want to admit.

  11. I admired the hell out of Shelley. I have seen him go after this big bastard, and he held his own. And Shelley fights guys at the right time. Too bad he couldn’t stay at MSG, but it didn’t work out. Wo would have thought the 2010 UFA class was the “Year of the Cementhead”!!!!

  12. Rozi couldn’t be traded for that rat that Mellanby killed in the Florida Panther locker room. The Panthers would make us take the rat and SALARY back!!!!!

  13. Good morning, Carp! I’ve missed you guys!

    Congrats CJ! Going to the Bisons game tonight, will you be there?

  14. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    As it stands right now by my count, there are several spots open on the roster:


    Gabby, Drury, Cally, Avery, Dubi, Prospal, Artie, Boyle, Christensen, Voros, Boogaard, Stepan (Prust is still in limbo)

    Redden, Rosi, Del Z, Gilroy.

    That’s 18 players total.

    Now count Staal & Girardi being resigned – 20 players
    Voros & Redden Sent to Hartford – 18 players
    Boyle not a lock for 4th line – 17 players
    Rosi being traded if it happens – 16 players Total

    Also you could say EC isnt a lock becasue if one of the kids impresses he could be sent to the minors as well

    So 15 players who are absolutely on the opening night roster are as follows:

    Gabby, Drury, Dubi, Cally, Artie, Avery, Boogaard, Prospal

    Staal, Girardi, Del Z, Gilroy

    Hank & Biron

    So that leaves spots for:

    4-5 forwards
    2-3 Defensmen

    Just saying there are alot of unknows and alot of possibilites going into camp as well as other trades that the old moron can and probably will make

    And possible players to make the team:
    Gracehv, Stepan, Weise, Byers.

    Gonna be an interesting summer.

  15. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    All we learned after yesterday is we will still be mediocre this season. The Rangers will tease us all season, go on runs where they win 7 or 8 in a row, then drop 20 of the next 30.

    We’re almost the worst team in our division. And even in a soft eastern conference(teams 4-12 are all interchangable) we can stil miss the playoffs again. Maybe Sather would be fired then, and maybe we’d get a top pick. Maybe. ::sigh::

  16. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    the good news is 3 years from now, the Rangers will have a ton of cap space, and the Undertaker will be ready for Broadway!! Let’s go 2013-14 Rangers!!

  17. Eric (the fake) on

    Sad thing is the Rangers will never get a true top pick.

    They’ll be just good enough to be better than the truly horrible teams out there so will continue to get the 7-12 range of draft slot.

  18. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Carp – great job as usual these last couple of days. You’re pretty much the only blog I read now. I’ve gotten my friends to read it as well. It’s pretty entertaining as well! I’m sure all boneheads will agree.
    I wonder if we’ll see a little McIlraith/Boogeyman scrap in September!!!

  19. Even if we finish last, we’d probably still get the last pick in the lottery with our luck.

  20. I don’t think the Rangers orginization like’s the word rebuild. Maybe they think it will hurt ticket sales or what not, but thats what this team is doing, and that is the only way you can get more competitive in today’s league. This requires a bit of patience on the fans part, and good drafting. The Rangers have above average prospects imo. I hope they bring them up. Even with the growing pains.

    Im optimistic. One more yr with the same group builds relationships and better play on ice. How can you ask a bunch of new guys to bond for only 9 months and then break them up for a whole new bunch of guys.

  21. NorthCountry, I have no idea what you’re talking about … I just think that how they arrived at Boogaard, and for the money it cost them, it’s ridiculous. They’d have been much, much, much better off keeping Orr … who, I guarantee, doesn’t fear Boogaard one bit.

    Boogaard can’t play at all. Which means he won’t get on the ice. And I have no idea what type of person he is, but Shelley meant a lot to that team’s chemistry at the end of the year. That’s all I’m saying. I wouldn’t have done Shelley for three years. But I wouldn’t have done Boogaard for $1.65M either. I would have kept Orr all along.

  22. Carp, hindsight is always 20/20.

    At the time Orr signed his 4 year deal, the NYR were not willing to offer him anything close to that.

  23. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    yup Voros is still “Technically” on the team

    but we all know he;s HArtford bound or traded if its at all possible

    still lost of open spots

    Carp what are your predictions as who will be on the opening night roster?

  24. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    stfraw: I like the way you think

    Thsoe two moves and I’d consider it a successful offseason

  25. there’s rumors flying that vancouver and columbus have a deal on the table to send bieska to ohio for filatov.

    if filatov is being dangled for a defensemen slats needs to get in on this and offer up girardi.

    he’d probably come cheaper than bieska and he isn’t as prone to taking penalties as him either. can play a similar role.

    adding filatov to this organization would be huge even though i don’t think this team is tough enough to protect him until he bulks up more.

  26. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    MSG and the Rangers used to be a draw to the UFA, now that the money has dried up and the team isn’t competitive ufa’s are heading elsewhere..
    Just like the Knicks who have the cash but lack the players.Star players are drawn elsewhere , they don’t need NY.
    Dolan and his posse

  27. Souray on waivers?!?!?! Redden on waivers next?!?!?! Redden for Souray trade coming up when they re-enter?!?!?!

  28. I wouldn’t be against the Rangers picking up Souray. I know Ken Daneyko said he’s not a team player, but Ken Daneyko says a lot of things.

    Also, I really hate to say it, but if the Devils are able to ink Kovalchuk, they’re going to be looking pretty good next season. Volchenkov and Talinder were good pickups.

  29. Carp,
    In hindsight you are right, but NO ENFORCER should be signed that long. One broken hand or one broken face and you are stuck for 4 years. Boogard got this $$$ because the music stopped and Sather had to get the last chair.

  30. Good morning, boneheads!

    Orr should’ve been kept, agree. Anything else is irrelevant. I don’t blame Sather at all for not willing to keep paying a goon at 36-37. Important for team chemistry? Perhaps. He was here for 2 months, he is still a mercenary. Confirmation? He signed with the Flyers. There is no loyalty to this team. Grow your own, that’s your team chemistry.

    If Boogard doesn’t work out, he is gone to Hartford. No cap hit. Small moves, little relevance. Prospal was more important, and both sides did very well, I thought.

  31. i was so happy yesterday when rumours of a trade between the rangers and calgary. thought it was finally done and that the nose picker was traded. once again hopes dashed. then again there is always today. please slats get er done. trade dubinsky.

  32. CJ from Buffalo on

    Thanks Sally!!! I will not be at the Bisons game tonight. Is tonight the game with the BPO and the fireworks after the game? If so it should be a fun game! Have fun!!!

  33. As usual Carp is right. The days of the fighter only is over. You gotta be able to play hockey today. The Boogeyman may be able to fight, but not from the bench or in the press box.
    Orr was the best person for that job.

  34. Happy Lunch hour guys.

    cw, good to see ya! CJ, congrats on your top o’ the heap!

  35. plain and simple if ur basic role is to fight i wouldnt sign them for longer than 2 yrs and not more than a mil.

  36. NYRanger4Life on

    ILB = Well said. The amount of stir this caused in blog nation was remarkable. We’re talking about a 4th liner who could be banished to Hartford at any point.

    No way ANYONE is trading / taking on Reddens contract, so a swap with EDM is out of the question.

    He either plays in NY next year or retires. I think Redden is too proud a guy to ride the bus in Hartford for the next 4 years.

  37. Blueshirt in Paris on

    i wonder if we are talking with Willie Mitchell.

    At this point we might be able to get him at a decent price.

  38. ilb,
    Orr was not homegrown. Of the 3, only Shelley could play a lick of hockey. Orr was an anklebender that couldn’t even skate. Boogaard is a better skater than Orr.

    Although that is like saying a turtle is faster than a sloth. . . . .

  39. Tank The Season on

    Now it’s just a matter of waiting for certain guys’ prices to come down.

    I personally would rather the Rangers had space open at the end of next season where Brad Richards and Joe Thornton are UFAs. There is no one of their caliber available now. If we are not trading for a center I’d like to see Derek Stepan get the chance to roll with Gaborik and see if he is as good as they say right out the gate.

  40. OMG. Are we gonna be calling Souray “SORRY” if he lands on Broadway?!?
    and SORRY!!! haha I LOVE IT!!!!

  41. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I agree with both sides on this shelley thing. I wanted him back because of the intangibles he brought along with him on and off the ice (you cannot judge all players values by statistics folks, you just can’t). That being said many of you want us to get younger (I’m not on that train, if younger makes us a better team i’m for it, but I want to win and if older vets make us better, screw the youth) as a team, and shelley was 34 and it was a three year deal that was wanted so slatipuss let him walk.

    Slatipusss then had no choice with signing boogaard. With our system having zippo good big fighters in it, slatipuss could not fill that role from within. Did he overpay? Yes, probably by half a mil or so. But like I said before if that is his worst transgression with UFA’s, I’ll certainly take it.

    welcome back!! And yes, some of the euphoria in the house from the awesome first round draft pick was lost when we did not only miss out on volchenkov, but we did not address any physicality or grit on the blueline at all. My hope is a trade is brewing, or a UFA signing is coming.

    Lastly, no way NO WAY staal deserves over 3.5 to 4 mil per season, that would be a worse contract that boogaard’s. Maybe on his next contract renewal, but seeing what the free agent d received for contracts (except gonchar who was overpaid IMHO), staal doesn’t deserve as much as they got. Girardi is on crack if he thinks he deserves 4 mil per and slatipuss is on crack if he A) gives him more than half of that per year and B)retains him at all… the bum.

  42. ilb2001: “Orr should’ve been kept, agree. Anything else is irrelevant.”

    When Orr was let go and Brashear was signed, Sather’s logic was that while Orr could fight and fight well, Brashear would not just fight well but also score several more points than Orr could. In other words, Brashear was an all-around better hockey player than Orr.

    Obviously, it didn’t work out that way. And Brashear should never have been signed because he is not NYR material, especially after that hit on Betts (good for him that he made it to the Cup finals this year, by the way). I was so happy every time Brashear got booed in the Garden.

  43. nobody’s taking Redden!

    as for the 20/20 hindsight, well, we (me and many of you) all said last year, on July 1, 2009, that the Rangers should have signed Orr for four years, $1M per instead of Brashear. We were 100 percent right then. Which kind of makes us right now. I don’t think that’s hindsight.

    They got a bigger, worse, version of Orr for a lot more money and the same number of years. Tell me I’m wrong.

  44. I for one am really excited that we pretty much are bringing back last years team.

    I was getting really tired of our top scorers from the previous years not being re-signed, then adding 7-8 new guys and then everyone complaining about not having Team Chemistry.

    The way the team is constructed … It heavily relies on our younger guys stepping up to play bigger and bigger.

    MZA isnt a definite to make the team (he has a two-way deal) – he very well could play in Hartford to get used to the North American game.

    I really wouldnt mind signing Exelby as our 7th D-man – he should come pretty cheap

  45. Blueshirt in Paris …

    I was saying that a few days ago. Brashear and Rozsival could be traded to Cap Floor teams because Rozy’s hit is higher than his actual salary and Brash’s hit stays on the books even in the AHL so he’s not taking up a spot on a young, rebuilding team

    I could see swinging a deal to the Blues with JD there

  46. Carp – both Orr & Boogaard can’t score but I think Boogeyman is a better fighter, don’t you think? I’m not trying to justify his contract but I think he can beat anyone in tough Atlantic Div. And I’d take Boogaard over Shelley anytime. It’s only 500k, don’t think that matters so much for our cap space.

  47. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Bobby Orr is Colton’s agent. Orr is Staal’s agent. recipe for trouble.

  48. Don’t some of you guys understand that when you purchase someone (NHL player), who is low in supply (top three tough guy in the league) on the open market (unrestricted free agency), it is going to cost you more money?

    This is basic economics. Scarcity of a product and high demand leads to higher prices.

    Colton Orr was on the open market. He wanted to go to Toronto, so he went. Did he like New York? I’m sure he did, but maybe he wanted to play in Toronto. None of us will ever no. Glen Sather can’t force anyone into signing in NYC if that player is UFA, unless Sather pays him more money.

    As far as Jody Shelley goes, I would have love to have kept him. But yeah, the guy is 35 and if I am the Rangers and the biggest baddest tough guy is available UFA, then I sign him long term, which they did.

    If you’re upset about overpaying Boogard $500K, you don’t understand free agency. In many of your minds there are no other teams on the market bidding for the guys service. That’s just not reality.

    I think Sather did a fine job this summer. He signed the players who performed well last season, other than losing Shelley, who is a better fit for Philly anyways because that team is ready NOW to win the Cup. And he he filled the hole we had behind Henrik.

    If Weiss and Grachev can play this year and Drury can bounce back along with Cally, we will have a tough, competitive team.

  49. RangersSteven on

    They overpaid for a goon, but who cares. The issue with this team is we still only have one bonafide top 6 forward, Gaborik.

    Who is going to be his Center?

    Like Brian Burke says, someone has to score. I like Cally and Dubi, but outside of Gaborik, we have no other offensive stud.

    You cannot compare the Rangers to the Hawks. When they Hawks sucked, they got high picks in Kane and Toews. When the Rangers get high picks they pick ____ for the most part and are picks where never #1 overall.

    With all that said, the team is still trending in the right direction. They may be able to do more once the season starts and Redden can be sent to Hartford.

  50. Oilers have the balls to waive Sheldon Sorry, who has talent when healthy, and can dominate a PP.

    But, the Rangers don’t have the balls to waive Dredden, who is useless in every single way.


    I’m betting that he’ll be a Ranger soon. Slats was interested in him at the deadline, so maybe he picks him up.

  51. Off topic here, but does anyone else feel certain the Knicks will land zero free agents? I mean, come on, you’re Lebron James, or any of the other guys, and Jim Dolan, Donnie Walsh in a wheelchair and Mike D’Antoni show up to try to sell you on NY. I’m not sure if I’d buy an iphone from those 3 guys. Hope I’m wrong.

  52. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I would take a flyer on souray as well (redden is gone regardless in september to htfd, i’m 85% sure). I think rozy is trade bait at some point. I do not think girardi is worth anywhere close to 3 or 4 mil and I’m not sure on gilroy’s future here. Staal seems ridiculous with his salary demands (if they are in the 4 plus million per year range). Our d corps needs serious help.

    I’m fine with looking into sutton, mitchell, exelby, or like d men to help our club out!!

  53. Carp, nice write-up…
    Every time I read the Orr to B-hole to Shelley to Boogaard fiasco…I just get sick…

  54. CARP,
    You are right in hindsight about Orr. But who would have thought that the only goon available would be Boogard? At that point, Boogy had all the bargaining power. I think it is crazy too. Sather felt he had no choice. Would LaRauque have been a better choice?

    And reaaly, I think Glen is having a little penis envy, and the big tough guy will get him through another playoffless season.

  55. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    yep, twitter over capacity…it is probably from all those 140 character suicide tweets coming out of brazil.

  56. Tank The Season on

    Here’s what I think happens with Souray:

    Edmonton puts him on waivers to see if someone will simply take him for free. Of course, nobody will claim him and his $5.4M cap hit over 2 more years. Once he clears waivers, expect him to get dealt to us for Rozsival, who will cost Edmonton less real money to buy out and at less of a cap hit. That’s the only way they will be rid of Souray short of burying him in the minors and paying his full salary. Of course our cap hit goes up $400k but the hope is Souray can be better than Rozi at this point in time. The Rangers are probably the only team that would take him.

  57. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    the good news is if we claim souray at full price off of waivers, we know at some point we are moving a big salary that none of us want here.

  58. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well there is only one thing worse then sucking and not making the playoffs…

    …sucking, not making the playoffs and getting beat up during!

  59. Tom Foolery on

    Staal is a joke if he wants $4 mil. Plain and simple. He has not earned it yet.

  60. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Souray… in my thinking, would have been a Ranger last year if not for the injury. So i’m sure this was a foregone conclusion he would come this way.

    Who’s shocked if it happens?? not me.

  61. CTBlueshirt on

    Not sure how much it’s been discussed, but the danger with the Boogaard deal isn’t the money or even the years per se but rather the precedent it sets for future negotiations with both RFA and UFAs.

    At this point why would any future FA dealing with the Rangers want anything less than what Boogaard is making?

  62. CTBlueshirt on

    Here’s something to ponder…

    Next year the Rangers will be paying $9.5mn to 3 guys that scored a total of 2 goals in a collective 168 games last year.

  63. Gotta hope that Renney can convince the OIL that they need Rozi or Redden. . . . .

  64. Blueshirt in Paris on

    CT its been beat to death…

    Precedent it set by comparable positions/roles.

  65. CTBlueshirt on

    Right, so if a guy that plays only 5-6 minutes a night, on a good night, is getting $1.65mn why would even a 3rd liner negotiate for a penny less?

  66. RangersSteven on

    Sign Garnet Exelby or Andy Sutton. Both are mean defenseman, who hit. I would take either of them with a short term deal if the $ is right – figure 6th or 7th defensemen.

    The D should look something like this:

    Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, Rosizval, Gilroy, McDonaugh/Sauer and a veteran.

  67. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well using that methodology goalies play the whole game and should get 10min+

  68. Blueshirt in Paris on

    If that 3rd line player can play 3rd line minutes and beat up anyone in the league they would get more…more then a 3rd liner that couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

    Different skill sets have different market prices.

  69. CTBlueshirt on

    Of course goalies are a different story.

    It’s not so much a stretch to say that every future FA that negotiates with Sather is going to point to the Boogaard deal as their bottom line.

  70. RangersSteven on


    They overpaid for Boogard, but you cannot compare a figher with a 3rd liner. There are very few legitimate heavyweights and Boogard is one of them, as is Orr. There are many third liner-types out there – look at all our draft picks :).

  71. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Boogaard- 1.65 (Enforcer, maybe skates on Gabby’s line, or 4th line)

    Christensen- .965 1st line center!!!(maybe??)

    Drury- 7.05 (2nd/3rd/at times 4th line center)

    Redden- 6.5 (soft, declining skill wise, yet somehow gets big minutes)

    Dubinsky- 1.85 (had to practically beat it out of Sather, gritty player, good upside, homegrown, treated like crap)

    if that doesn’t sum up the state of this team, i don’t know what does.

    Top to bottom, it’s a mish mosh. They throw 1.65 at boogeyman, but Dubi has to hold out to get 1.85. Really??

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks for the shout out Carp! I think your column hits it on the head and articulates the full argument perfectly.

    Sather is a buffoon.

  73. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Why is it so hard to understand the difference in FREE AGENTS and RESTRICTED free agents?

  74. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    according to gross, mcdonut wanting to wait til next week to make a decision.

  75. I agree with Rangers/Steven….I would take Exelby or Andy Sutton , short term. They would be a 2 or 3 on our team right now.

  76. CTBlueshirt on

    Of course it’s a different skillset, but the role of enforcer, particularly in today’s NHL provides the least value to a team. If $1.65mn is the minimum value on the roster then every player should be paid in excess of that.

  77. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I thought buffoon was the italian goalie???

  78. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    If colby armstrong was on the Rangers, he’d be a top 6 forward.

    so would lombardi, cullen, kariya, koivu(either one), frolov etc….

    Some of those guys could be top 3. SCARY.

  79. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    off topic, I’d like see the rangers bring in ulfie as an assistant!

  80. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Sather would throw him out in a NY minute to get Kovy.

  81. Blueshirt in Paris on

    CT I guess that point can be argued. Apparently there are still some people that build teams professionally that feel it has value.

    And about 99% of people here were screaming for just that last year when this team was walked all over.

    Maybe its to appease Gabby, maybe it to provide our kids some protection, maybe it to sell more Boogieman merchandise. I dont know about you, but my NYC mentality cant deal with a team of losers and ‘kitty cats’. Just losers I can deal with and have been doing so for some time now ;)

  82. would girardi and brash for souray make sense?

    if girardi wants 3mil and brash makes 1.4 its only 1mil sal difference and we dump huggy

  83. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    i doubt EDM would have ANY interest in huggy.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Gift of Gab, I don’t think Frolov should be on that list. Frolov would be top 3 on a lot of teams. If he had a good work ethic, he would be a superstar. He’s just lazy.

  85. McDonut is worrying me. I think he’s too scared to admit to NYR that he doesn’t want to be a part of this organization.

    I can’t blame him. It’s hard to be a fan of them, but at least he’s getting paid!!

  86. ThisYearsModel on

    Perhaps we can make a deal where we claim Souray on re-entry and trade Rozy to Edmonton for a pick. This way only half of his salsry hits our cap and we are rid of Rozy’s

  87. lol orr. this is literally from lebrun
    *A year after bestowing a ridiculous contract on free-agent thug Donald Brashear, Rangers GM Glen Sather was at it again. This time, he signed former Minnesota ruffian Derek Boogaard to a four-year deal that will pay him the absurd amount of $1.625 million annually. Seriously. Never mind getting a center to play with the Rangers’ most important player, Marian Gaborik (the team ultimately brought back quasi-center Vinny Prospal late in the day with a one-year deal). Never mind fixing the mess that is the Rangers’ blue line. Never mind making the playoffs or challenging for a Cup. Never mind*.

  88. WEATHER ALERT : Hot as hell in AZ !
    gonna be 115+ today. I feel like a dish of baked ziti sitting in the oven.
    Anyway, let’s go rangers !!

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    McDonagh is just weighing his options. He doesn’t want to sign if he won’t make the team. I think what makes the decision difficult is that he’s going into his senior year. If he was this far along in his development going into his junior year, he would have already signed. But his degree is so close, it makes it more difficult to pass.

  90. Tank The Season on

    Edmonton determined that their best-case scenario is that somebody take Souray off their hands for nothing but his cap hit. It ain’t happening. If they are looking to save money, they’ll deal him to us for Rozi whom they can either play him (and he should do fine paired with Smid) or buy him out.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam Z.: Sather didn’t do too badly yesterday. But his signing of Boogaard just goes to show that when it came to signing Orr or Brashear last summer, he blew it!

  92. Tom Foolery on

    First, there were no free agent centers available. Second, we are not challenging for a cup this year. Third, the Boogard contract is not going to affect any moves the team really wants/needs to ultimately make.

  93. BiP – people may have been screaming for toughness, but there’s a difference between having a tough team which sticks up for each each other and just having a no-talent lunk like Boogaard lumbering around to no effect for five minutes a game. How much protection do these players offer any more? A topic Carp has raised on more than a few occasions in the last year.

    I’m with CTB – if there is competition between GMs for a “top three heavyweight” that jacks up the price in free agency, then I think they’re all overvaluing their “talent”. I don’t understand the contracts Orr, Shelley and now Boogaard have got, UFA or not.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    “Third, the Boogard contract is not going to affect any moves the team really wants/needs to ultimately make.”

    It does from a salary structure point of view. They are paying Boogaard 1.65 million to fight maybe 15 times and play 5 minutes a game? Now look at Marc Staal, playing 20+ a game as our #1 defenseman. You think he isn’t going to look at that contract and think he shouldn’t make at least 3 times that?

  95. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    apparently lebrun doesn’t understand the salary cap. quick to pull the trigger on insults without thinking. Moves would have to be made PRIOR to getting a top center due to our constraints. And one of the problems is on D, which he also thinks needs work. We can’t do both. Not with our dead weight. Nevermind him being intellegent. nevermind.

  96. >>according to gross, mcdonut wanting to wait til next week to make a decision.

    You know what? I’m tired of that kid already. Send his butt back to college; I’ll drive him, myself.

  97. CTBlueshirt on

    I’m not saying that the enforcer role has no value. Just that it has the least value to a team.

    Obviously the biggest asset that an enforcer brings to a game is deterrence. But that is awfully hard to quantify and with the instigator rules it basically neutralizes the effectiveness of an enforcer if they aren’t on the ice when any liberties are taken with someone like Gaborik.

    Even a guy that will play 12-14 minutes (+/- if they play special teams) and contribute maybe 25-30 points a season can say that have more tangible value to a team than whatever role Boogaard will be doing.

  98. Tank The Season on

    There are no re-entry waivers until the Fall. Anyone who goes on waivers in the offseason and is not claimed remains with their team.

  99. i just lost caller of the year on nhl live to jimmy in illonois.

    very upsetting. i try and get a voice across for Rangers Report

  100. Tom Foolery on

    Doodie, I really disagree with comparing RFAs to UFAs. There is a reason the system is set up that way. When Staal is an UFA he can try to break the bank. As bad and overpaid as Redden has been, he at least has an accomplished resume from his Ottawa days. He was able to use the system to his advantage and find an idiot to overpay him.
    Staal has done nothing to deserve $4 mil at this point. Just because he’s the best defenseman on one of the worst defenses in the NHL doesn’t make him great.

  101. NorthCountryRanger on

    Why are you still talking about Orr? that’s over and done with…Yeah I agree we should have just kept him instead of going through a revolving door of enforcers. That was not possible, for whatever reason, so shelly was the best of the goons we had last season. So let me get your argument straight…you think shelly’s role on a team that had a good run at the end but ultimately missed the playoffs last season automatically endows him with a three year deal? I respectfully disagree and think that you are being very close minded when it comes to the subject of Boogaard. He may not be a big goal threat but that is not the fourth line’s job!!!! you seem to think that shelly’s points were so important and i agree some were, but don’t you think there will be some use in front of the net for a 6’8″ winger in the more offensive Tortorella’s system? I believe that you are correct that they got cornered into getting Boogaard and probably had a bidding war with Edmonton, but at the end what do we have? A guy who is a monster and will protect Gabby and Zucarrelo and Mr. Head Down Anisimov…a guy who runs a fighting clinic in the off-season and is personally friends with Gaborik so that may make his defense of our star all the more vehement. Never mind the offense if he can pass the puck and move it out of his own zone I’m happy. Think of a fourth line of Boogaard, Boyle and Prust…Who’d want to face that line? Especially when we play Philly. Granted that assumes prust is signed and Boyle makes the team but it is still a scary thought for anyone coming into MSG. Maybe this moves makes it so that they stand up for each other and stop watching as their top line players and goalie get run at. As for your indictment on him as a horrible player I’ll reserve judgment as i have only seen him play a handful of times…I just think that this can turn out to be a positive as we’ve got a real legit heavyweight now, not one past his prime…

  102. Why do people want to trade for Souray? I dont understand, its the stupidest thing we could do, wahtever the trade is, Redden for Souray, Rozsival for Souray, it leaves us in basically the same cap situation, the answer is simple, to send redden to hartford, not to trade him for another overpaid contract and be in the same situation with a little bit of a better player, just send him to hartford to have cap room to make a trade for a forward this year during the season or use the money for next summer in the offseason.

  103. Mister Delaware on

    I hate everyone! Everyone sucks! (Insert “funny” player nickname!)

  104. Orr,

    ESPNLeBrun Asked Ilya Kovy if he would sign with NYR, he said “not if Avery’s there”

    Where did you see this?

  105. vogs,

    NHL free agency is not necessarily an open market for many different reasons. Here’s one: most teams are not bidding on enforcers at all. The supply of “elite goons” does not matter when only a handful of the dumbest GMs are shopping for them. Sather was bidding against those other idiots and then he was bidding against himself. As one of those GMs put it, he got out of the bidding when Sather’s offered money became “silly.”

  106. Ha, nah, I like Orr. He is one of us, just a bit disgruntled, but it’s understandable. I am not going to knock him for difference of opinion. He is a Ranger fan, just an angry Ranger fan. Maybe the angriest Ranger fan, LOL.

  107. I still really think a trade is coming that is going to add a good player, get rid of two of our players, thus opening up a spot or two for kids competing at camp.

  108. ORR, you’re like the Lindsay Lohan of the blog!! Any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right ;-)

  109. NorthCountryRanger,
    I think everyone would want to face a line of Boogard-Boyle-Prust. In fact, coaches would be licking their chops to get their top lines out against a line that has no shot of scoring and can’t skate quickly enough to defend or even get in position to hit their opponents. So yes, I bet every single opponent on the Rangers schedule would love to see that fourth line get serious minutes.

  110. The boogeyman was only brought in for the 6 Flyer Games so we don’t have another Dale Rolfe or Gaborik incident. It may not seem like much now but when playing the Flyer games we will be glad ole Jimmy Dolans money went to good use because it is probably all we will have to root for.

  111. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    i joined the twitter world, don’t know if you guys are on it… @bleedblueshirts.

    Orr did raise a question even if he didn’t now it… If Sather had a shot at Kovalchuk, and the expense was Avery(other than big bucks) who here thinks it would happen??

  112. Haha, I don’t know aboot angry. I used to be the angriest Rangers fan after they would lose.

    Now I’m even Steven with what ever happens, win or lose.

    It will be good for my health 20-30 years from now.

  113. If any player would only come to a team if another player was removed, then I would not want them on my team. End of story. No one player is bigger than the team, no matter what. What will that player want next then? Forget it.

  114. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Ok, I will try a different approach.

    You are the GM, you set your salary structure based on the individual who has the most value for the team (suspending reality for a moment and saying there is no such thing as restricted FA and salary cap)

    So obviously goalies are the highest paid…then who next? ok maybe your top scorer, then top defensmen, then maybe your second top scorer, 2nd dman, third scorer…down the list (to enforcer obviously)

    But the problem is you priced them based off of your team, not their market value. So me as another GM sees your third scorer would actually be my best scorer (guess i am the GM of the Rangers)and actually he is under priced due to how you valued him. So now I offer his a boatload of money, you lose him…the same will happen over and over in this situation.

    that is why the economics is a league trend to market value. because it is just that, an open market (for free agents). Now throw in restricted and its a whole different show. they can think you am worth more then that person but in reality you aren’t because you aren’t in the same market.

  115. DarrenDreger

    Higgins. 1 year. $1.6 to Florida is done.

    scooby found a new team

  116. NorthCountryRanger on

    think about fighting anyone on that line. That’s all i was saying FOURTH line means SMALL MINUTES yes i get that people.

  117. Orr, I was just as angry as you, but I have two kids now that have totally mellowed me out. Speaking of mellow, they have re released mellow yellow the soda, and this weekend, they will have dr pepper throwback with real sugar, and I’ve had it, and it is amazing! Do it. Anyway, if you want to mellow out and be less angry, have a few kids, LOL.

  118. ORR, only in the attention department! LOL and did you ever find your banana nestle quick?

  119. >>Staal is a joke if he wants $4 mil. Plain and simple. He has not earned it yet.

    When your profile is on MSG Network five times a week, it makes it that much easier for your agent to ask for the moon.

  120. NorthCountry,
    Who cares about fighting that line? Look at how Blackhawks “fought” their way to the title or the Red Wings “fight” every year. They do it by not putting oafs on skates. Remember the 260lb Byufglien outskating all of the Rangers on the ice last year for a breakaway goal? Scenes like that will be more and more common as the Rangers refuse to adapt to a more athletic league.

  121. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    linda, the search isn’t working for me…you’ll have to track me down!

  122. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    and i got carped!! haha first time!!

  123. not working for me either Gab, been trying for a while! I guess you need to have ‘BIEBER” in your name to be found lol

  124. CTBlueshirt on

    Most importantly, where is the open competition for young players going to be?

    The forwards on the roster for next year will presumably be:

    C: Christensen/Drury/Anisimov/Boyle
    LW: Prospal/Dubinsky/Avery/Boogaard
    RW: Gaborik/Callahan/MZA/Prust(assuming he signs)

    So you’re basically giving someone a chance at a 4th line winger role? I think Boogaard and Prust won’t dress every game so quite possibly you’ll have 13 forwards? Given how little Torts uses his 4th lines it really doesn’t make sense for any prospect to be on the team if they’re getting table scraps for minutes.

  125. Banana Quik is disgusting! They use to use that to torture the terrorists a few years ago.

  126. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I agree with nasty on both the trade and orr.

    Ulfie deserves a profile on msg!!!!!

  127. Eric (the fake) on

    Can someone enlighten me on who this MZA player is? Where did he come from?

  128. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    gift o
    yep, not finding you either, wicky229 is mine.

  129. Gonyrangers11 on

    Just cause Souray gets waived doesn’t mean he is getting sent to the minors they are just giving a team a chance to get him for nothing, we could waive redden all we want no one would even consider taking him cept maybe the flames between kotalik and jokinen its like they are a bad contract graveyard

  130. nose picker on

    its almost dentist time (tooth hurting or for the slow 2:30) and he’s still here. very disturbing. TRADE DUBINSKY NOW

  131. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    If i were a sane and logical rangers fan, I would quit whining about one….ONE forward and be a bit more concerned about the WHOLE d corps (except for mdz) if I were you.

  132. As long as Renney is there, Strudwick will be there. I think he might even offer him a job as an assistant coach at some point, if he decides to retire.

    I always liked Strudsy. Nothing but class.

  133. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I don’t think you will see prust scratched in a lot of games. I would also play him on 3rd, not 4th line.

  134. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    hey orr
    how do you download the most current rosters on NHL10???

  135. >>Studwick would make a good coach.

    Because he was already useless of a player when he was with the Rangers. I could never understand fans’ fascination with that guy.

  136. Peter – does it make any difference to you if Donnie Walsh was on the wheelchair or not? I’m sure it didn’t make any difference to Lebron. C’mon.

    I’m 100% sure Knicks WILL land if not Lebron himself (which I believe they do) than some decent FA. I heard if James leaves Cleveland it’s gonna be the biggest stage only which obviously is New York City (and noty Newark or Brooklyn).

  137. Real_ESPNLeBrun

    RT @walsha: Defenseman Milan “Juice” Jurcina and forward PA Parenteau have both signed 1 year contracts with the New York Islanders

  138. NorthCountry, let me sum it up in three words: He can’t play.

    I agree that once they needed to replace Orr, and then Brashear, and then Shelley, Boogaard was an OK choice. Too much money probably doesn’t matter. But he can’t play at all.

    And, guys, Staal is their best defenseman … until Del Zotto gets another year or two under him … by far. He is going to get in the neighborhood of $4M, if not more. That’s the going rate. Whatever you think of him.

    For the record, I think he’s a borderline first-pair defenseman, certainly not Mr. Shutdown that they make him out to be on MSG, and certainly not in line to win the Norris. Maybe someday he tops out as a Kevin Lowe type.

    But he’s their best by far right now, and he’s going to get paid as such.

  139. Nightmare on 34th Street on

    5 words: Neither can Shelley or Orr

    None of these guys are good, that’s why they have to fight. None of them can skate well. None of them can score. None of them can pass. Who cares? If you’re going to get a fighter, shouldn’t you pay for the best one / the biggest body?

  140. one more thing, NorthCountry, where did you read or hear that I said Shelley deserved a third year?

  141. “I could never understand fans’ fascination with that guy”

    He was a good “locker room guy”, who can play either on the 3rd pair D unit, or on the 4th line, and always stuck up for his teammates.

    Unlike the majority of the losers on NYR, this guy actually cared. He might not have been able to provide offense, but he had heart the size of Dreddens mountain of cocaine.

    And you don’t have to be a Hall Of Famer to be a good coach. Just ask Gretzky.


    NHL is done for the year, I believe, so there wont be any roster updates. I think they’ll allow you to play online, but probably by next month they’ll kill the online play, forcing you to get the new NHL11 game.

  142. Still talking Boogart? For the amount of hits he created on this blog, he already earned his contract. And he hasn’t even been on the ice yet :-)

    Staal is getting his $4 mil plus, no doubt. Girardi’s demands ( if you believe LB) are perplexing.

  143. Nightmare on 34th Street on

    This weird nostalgia for Orr, coupled with the overrating of Shelley, is making everyone freak out about this signing way more than they should.

    Was the Boogeyman overpaid? Absolutely. No one can deny that. But comparing Orr, Shelley and Boogey based on things other than dropping the gloves, literally makes no sense to me.

  144. Nightmare, if the coach can’t use them in a one-goal game, what good are they. At the end, when the Rangers finally played decent hockey for a couple of weeks, it was largely because they were able to use a fourth line to grind out a few shifts, to bang and forecheck and keep the puck in the offensive zone, thus wearing down the opponent and giving the Rangers some in-game momentum, and giving their top three lines a breather.

    If the fourth line can’t play, you might as well dress nine defensemen.

  145. Nightmare on 34th Street on

    “Unlike the majority of the losers on NYR, this guy actually cared. He might not have been able to provide offense, but he had heart the size of Dreddens mountain of cocaine.”

    I don’t understand this either. Voros seems to care, and gets along well with everyone in the locker room, overcame a ton of adversity, but no one minds when we waive him.

  146. Aren’t you surprised nothing’s cooking with Kovalchuk? Can you say bidding war? Unless someone is trying to clear the cap before the deal is submitted to NHL…

  147. Nightmare on 34th Street on

    Carp I understand your point, but with Torts as coach don’t you think they’re going to work with him so that he can be put in those situations? I don’t think they’re just going to give up on even trying to teach him to grind it out.

    I guess, for me, the money is what’s way more upsetting than the player.

  148. Studwick knew his role and played it well. You can’t win with a bunch of superstars or 3rd liners thinking they are superstars, doesn’t work that way.

  149. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    fishies making their blueline a bit better at this point than at the end of last season……wake up sather please address our blueline softies!!!

  150. Nightmare on 34th Street on

    Also, look out for my book: A Nightmare on 34th Street: A long year on the Long Island Rail Road.

  151. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    4 mil plus on staal at this point is just as ridiculous as 1.65 per on boogaard. If staal gets that every person here that is complaining about boogaard’s contract better be doing the same about staal’s.

  152. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen enough games to even say whether Boogart can skate or not…has anyone?

  153. Your opinion

    “Colton Orr — the most feared, devastating fighter in the league ”

    My opinion

    Boogie the most feared,but he never touches the puck and he averages 3 min of playing time.

    And it may be a Waste of money -unless he can play hockey. Olympics got great ratings. Don’t see that stuff there.Problem with NHL is you never know if Refs will get it right. Usually the wrong guy pays a price like Gabs. This may still happen.

    Detroit won cup w/o enforcer.Pitt ? Ditto. Actually the enforcer usually sits the big games out.

  154. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    ok, well going to spend boogaard like money at the grocery store so see everyone later!! Let’s hope the rangers do SOMETHING while I’m gone!!!

  155. If you have “team” toughness you don’t need a enforcer.
    This team does not stick up for each other. Just look at our star player getting his ass kicked by Carcillo & Girardi watching from 6 feet away. shame, shame shame !

  156. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Strudwick rocked the porn ‘stache pretty well.


    The thing with Voros is that he took so many bad penalties, and unfortunately for him, the team couldn’t kill them, which is why he was then dubbed “Virus”

    Also, I think the love affair sort of stopped after he stopped scoring. It was a combination of a few things.

    But, he does care, and I wanted him in the lineup all season long, as long as he didn’t take penalties.

  158. stfraw –

    No it wouldn’t and you were right to call me out as that was completely inappropriate on my part. Oddly if Walsh were pernmanently in a wheelchair I never would have said that, I think it’s just the present of him being a bit banged up along with Jimmy Dolan and D’Antoni. I’m actually a Knicks fan and hope you’re right (hearing now that Stoudamire is coming) but I think I am really struck again by how far both of these organizations have slipped under Dolan and it is really because i think he finds it too difficult to objectively see that someone is underperforming and make a business decision that works. (not to say it’s Walsh’s fault but Isaiah was left alon to run the Knicks into the ground for way too long)

  159. Just like Tony said, this team needs team toughness, not a few tough players. These idiots can’t wrap their minds around that concept, which is why they’re always getting bullied.

    Everyone thinks that drafting an 18 year old kid, and signing a talentless goon will automatically make us tougher. Ha! I’ll be looking forward to everyone’s comments when Hank is getting run, getting a snow shower, and teams are targeting Gabby, and everyone of importance on this team.

  160. shaggimaggi on

    TSN reporting that P.A. Parenteau is gone to the Islanders….
    600 000 bucks for one year….

  161. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Nose picker – Your an idiot

    YEah lets trade one of the only 3 guys on our team who can actually score goals and who we are paying less than 2 mil for

    great idea

    Dubinsky aint the problem on this team

  162. I’d trade Dubi for Sharp but that ain’t happening. The Hawks shed everyone else so they could keep him.

    I’m not sold on Dubi. He’s been paired with Jagr and Gaborik so far and hasn’t been outstanding. Has been invisible on multiple shifts. He needs to turn it around this year, this is a contract year so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

  163. Uruguay scores 1-1 Forlan…Ghana keeper looks like Marty Brodeur during his last playoff game last season :)

  164. Eric (the fake) on

    PA Parenteau to the Island.

    All the guy did was score goals when given a chance – guess that isn’t needed.

  165. Parenteau was great on the shootout, but not quite ready for more than 3rd line status. But he’ll probably still score the shootout winner for the Isles against the Rangers this year.

  166. You know, I am watching Boogaard highlights on youtube and the ONLY thing I could possibly see this guy accomplishing on the rink is killing someone. I can’t find him doing ANYTHING that resembles hockey. He hits guys away from the puck (including a vicious hit on Prust), he breaks helmets with his fists, and he never seems to be in the play. What the hell is Torts gonna do with this neanderthal?

  167. I only saw one Orr v. Boogy fight. 10 years ago but Orr looked like he got the better of him.

  168. What the hell is Torts gonna do with this neanderthal?


    Torts will place Booger by the logo in our locker-room to make sure NOBODY step on it!

  169. I’m not sold on Dublowsky either. He does have talent, and could be sort of a Zajak kind of player for us, but with that being said, in my opinion, he’s more interested in following the money.

    Trade him before he leaves for nothing.

  170. shaggimaggi on

    Eric, thats what I am saying…

    Islanders are very busy today signing Zenon Konopka from Tampa, Parenteau from the Rangers,Milan Jurcina from the Caps and Mark Eaton from the Penguins the last two hours…

    It´s seems to be that they want to go all the way next season :)

    to the basement:)

  171. Why all of this trash talk about Dubinsky? Sure he can probably improve, but even at his current level of play he’s the third best forward on the team behind Gaborik and Prospal. Dubinsky is not at the end of the depth chart we should be concerned about.

  172. good, maybe we can pull a Pittsburgh or Washington and get a top 3 pick in next years draft and maybe the year after. I have more confidence in Gordie Clarke than I did since Sather has been a GM.

  173. shaggimaggi on

    Our former friend Higgi went from Calgary to Florida..

    I guess a little bit warmer these days :)

  174. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Who is the Eklund guy? All of his tweets talk about a ‘big trade’ coming…but nothing ever comes.

    Does he just post this crap ever few hours so if something does go down he can claim he broke it?

  175. Well done Frenchie in Paris !

    For how much was it ???? one year 425 000 and three cuban cigars from Honcho Glen ??????

  176. Today there were some news that one of the best retirement homes in NYC metropolitan area would only accomodate Honcho Glen, when the Rangers would miss the playoffs for three straight seasons, so we have hope for the 2012/2013 season..!!!!!

  177. Blueshirt in Paris on

    More Ekland…

    Oh boy, three teams need to stay tuned…don’t touch that browser.

    look for a major flyers trade soon. Something is up. Big time.

    I am also hearing about a possible trade the Kings have with an eastern conference team should they sign Kovalchuk

    I am hearing just now, that Kovalchuk and the Kings may have just gotten very close to a deal…holding on….

  178. I feel like this a huge knee-kerk reaction by Slats to the whole Gaborik fighting Carcillo thing. He went and got Shelley, but didn’t want to give him the 3 years(and I wouldn’t either). So he turned around and signed the other heavyweight that was available without even checking to see if the guy could actually play hockey. Typical Sather, not doing his homework on players, just reacting to the latest bad news. It’s a never-ending cycle with him.

  179. I also have reason to believe that Booger and Butt-Chin will both leave NYR since their contracts end on the same year, and they’ll live happily ever after with their pet Voros.

    As long as they keep him out of sunlight and don’t feed him after midnight, he’ll be alright.

  180. NYP_Brooksie
    .Rangers re-sign Group II winger Brandon Prust to two-year deal worth $800,000 per….

  181. One thing I think we should all try to remember is that the player makes the decision, not vice versa.

    You know the Flyers have a good story to sell. The Rangers on the other hand, do not.

    If I am Shelley, I go to where I have the best chance of winning a Cup at this point in my career, because he doesn’t have many years left and has no Cups to his name. So why sign with the Rangers?

    So try and keep this in mind when coming to conclusions about where a player signs.

    Boogard is a different story. Younger, NY might be attractive to him, playing for Torts might be attractive to him, younger team might be attractive. I say give it a chance.

    I say the Rangers sign Staal and trade Girardi for a draft pick or two (he was undrafted) if indeed Girardi wants a ton of money. That would still leave them with DZ, Gilroy and Rozival as puck movers.

  182. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I trust Prust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ahhhhhh back to the good old days ….when players tell the GM “WHO” they want!!! Gaborik for GM!!!!!

  183. bulldog. That’s the point. if you were going to have a guy who could fight and do nothing else, you should have kept Orr.

    this guy makes Colton look like Bobby.

  184. staal is 23 and a heck ofa player.

    the nly bad move was overpaying for Boogard and in relative terms it is minor.

    anyone that thinks that boyle or some other schmo is on the team so a guy like grachev or stepan do not have spots if they play well is clueless. If grachev, weise, byers, stepan, mcdonagh(will sign), show they can play the rangers will send down or waive any of the non descript placeholders ie(boyle, voros, etc.)

    they were a avg team last year and do lack top end scoring absolutely. the only top end scorer is kovalchuk…he wants $10 mill per yr. Insane.. Dubi, cally, all the young guys can improve, are they going to be the gretzky Oilers? No but they have some upside guys…….

  185. I love how there’s about 1,000 posts about Boogard and what he’ll mean to the team. Meanwhile that Lebrun quote hit the nail right on the head- This team has 1 top 6 forward. They don’t have a #1 Dman. They can’t score goals, they can’t play defense well enough to compete with the top teams in the NHL, they’ve done nothing to improve the powerplay for like the 13th year in a row. And all we have to discuss is a 4th liner who isn’t capable of doing anything but fight.

    SO basically it comes down to this. Unless either Anisimov, Stepan, or Assan come out and morph into a 30 goal scorer this season, we’re going to be mediocre, horrible in the same areas and incapable of either being good enough or for that matter horrible enough for anything good to come out of this season. Henrik will be stressed out and unrewarded for his efforts.

    Also, I’m sure that any shades of decency we see from people on this roster will once against just be dismantled next summer when Sather either refuses to pay someone to show he’s in charge, or makes an awful trade for a guy that everyone thinks is horrible except for Sather. Aren’t we lucky that he sees the things that all the other morons (every fan, assosciate, media member, analyst, player, and NHL employees) just aren’t talented enough to see. I mean hell, this is GLEN SATHER. he built a dynasty in Edmonton 87 years ago!

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