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From the Rangers:


New York, July 2, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward Brandon Prust on a new contract.

Prust, 26, skated in 69 games with the Rangers and Calgary Flames last season, registering five goals and nine assists for 14 points, along with 163 penalty minutes and a plus-nine rating.  He established career-highs in goals, assists, points, plus/minus rating and penalty minutes.  He also notched a career-high, three game-winning goals.  Prust made his Rangers debut on February 2 at Los Angeles after being acquired from Calgary along with Olli Jokinen, in exchange for Christopher Higgins and Ales Kotalik, earlier that day.  He finished the season with 25 fighting majors, ranking third in the league and ninth in penalty minutes.  He tallied a career-high, five-game point streak from April 2 at Tampa Bay to April 9 vs. Philadelphia (three goals and two assists), including the game-winning goal in back-to-back contests on April 2 at Tampa Bay and April 3 at Florida.  Prust recorded four points (three goals and one assist) on the Rangers season-high, six-game road trip from March 25 at New Jersey to April 6 at Buffalo.  He notched his first goal as a Ranger while skating in his 100th career NHL game on March 10 at New Jersey, and recorded his first point as a Blueshirt with an assist on February 6 vs. New Jersey.  Prior to joining the Rangers, Prust led Calgary with 98 penalty minutes and ranked second on the Flames with a plus-six rating at the time of his trade.

The 5-11, 195-pounder has appeared in 115 career NHL games with the Rangers, Calgary Flames and Phoenix Coyotes, registering six goals and 11 assists for 17 points, along with 296 penalty minutes.  In 2008-09, Prust began the season with Calgary before being traded to Phoenix along with Matthew Lombardi and a first round pick, in exchange for Olli Jokinen on March 9, 2009.  He was dealt back to Calgary, in exchange for Jim Vandermeer on June 27.  Prust made his NHL debut on November 1, 2006 at Detroit, as a member of the Flames, and he tallied his first career point with an assist on October 11, 2008 vs. Vancouver.  His first goal was the game-winner in a 4-1 win at Phoenix on October 25, 2008.  Prior to turning professional, Prust captured the 2005 CHL Memorial Cup as a member of the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).

The London, Ontario native was originally selected as Calgary’s third round draft choice, 70th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. stuart
    July 2nd, 2010 at 5:50 pm
    staal is 23 and a heck of a player.

    the only bad move was overpaying for Boogard and in relative terms it is minor.

    anyone that thinks that boyle or some other schmo is on the team so a guy like grachev or stepan do not have spots if they play well is clueless. If grachev, weise, byers, stepan, mcdonagh(will sign), show they can play the rangers will send down or waive any of the non descript placeholders ie(boyle, voros, etc.)

    they were a avg team last year and do lack top end scoring absolutely. the only top end scorer is kovalchuk…he wants $10 mill per yr. Insane.. Dubi, cally, all the young guys can improve, are they going to be the gretzky Oilers? No but they have some upside guys…….

  2. bull dog line on

    I just think it is a lot of bluster about nothing. Orr, Shelley, or Boogard, they are not going to play major roles anyway. so I could care less which of them plays for the Rangers.

  3. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I think Lombardi would have been a good pick up at that price and upside.

  4. Prust was a sparkplug for us after his aquisition last year, so I am glad this got done. Since I live in London Ontario it makes me feel pretty good to see one of our locals on my favorite team…

  5. stevezipay: Back on track. Minor car issue. Told that Brandon Prust’s two-year NYR deal is about $1.6 mil total

  6. Blueshirt in Paris on

    3.5M X 3 for Matthew Lombardi to Nash

    Supposedly was 4+ yesterday.

  7. check out Philly’s cap situation. they make the rangers look like a well run operation.

    6 more years for a 35 yr old pronger……

    they are better then the rangers but made the playoffs by 1 point over them and always seem to be making big moves..

    ryan parent for the right to talk to hamhuis…….

    take the I hate sather out of it…the rangers have more young talent then in many many years..

    staal, dz, girardi, gilroy, possibly mcdonagh, and some guys in minors or juniors on D.

    dubi, cally, prust, anisimov, gaborik(27), and then grachev, weise, buyers, stepan, kreider, werek, etc on the front line as players or prospects .

    i tend to think within 2 or 3 years we will be a very good team..I will continue to dream that..

  8. According to TSN P.A. Parenteau to the Fish Sticks? Somehow happened under the radar? Anyone have an opinion on this one?

  9. LI RangerFan on

    Wild – I saw that as well. Think it’s terrible; P.A. played such a good role in his limited time in the NHL last year. Not sure why the Rangers let him walk.

  10. PA was not making this team…and if he did, we’d be in same sad shape as last year.

  11. Mitch Fritz # – LW
    Tampa Bay

    * Age: 29
    * DOB: 1980/11/24
    * POB: Osoyoos, B.C., Canada
    * Height: 6-8 Weight: 258lbs
    * Shoots: L

    Derek Boogaard # – LW/RW
    NY Rangers

    * Age: 28
    * DOB: 1982/06/23
    * POB: Saskatoon, Sask., Canada
    * Height: 6-8 Weight: 257lbs
    * Shoots: L
    * NHL Seasons: 5

    price difference, BIG…..

  12. Steve MacIntyre # – LW

    * Age: 29
    * DOB: 1980/08/08
    * POB: Brock, Sask., Canada
    * Height: 6-5 Weight: 250lbs
    * Shoots: L

  13. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Maybe the fact that his only major league experience was 20 games with the Islanders has something to do with his low price.

  14. Blueshirt in Paris on

    and he was on a entry level contract…maybe had something to do with it.

  15. repost:
    One thing I think we should all try to remember is that the player makes the decision, not vice versa.

    You know the Flyers have a good story to sell. The Rangers on the other hand, do not.

    If I am Shelley, I go to where I have the best chance of winning a Cup at this point in my career, because he doesn’t have many years left and has no Cups to his name. So why sign with the Rangers?

    So try and keep this in mind when coming to conclusions about where a player signs.

    Boogard is a different story. Younger, NY might be attractive to him, playing for Torts might be attractive to him, younger team might be attractive. I say give it a chance.

    I say the Rangers sign Staal and trade Girardi for a draft pick or two (he was undrafted) if indeed Girardi wants a ton of money. That would still leave them with DZ, Gilroy and Rozival as puck movers.

  16. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Wow Steve MacIntyre has 44 games experience.

    Are you just pulling these out of your vuvuzela?

  17. Rod Gilbert on


    Gagne earns $5.25m.

    Flyers could be clearing out space for Kovalchuk.

  18. partial score on

    Dreger tweeted that Jurcina and PA Parenteau were signed by New

    and it ended like that, so was it Isles, Rangers or Devils?

    now we find out it was Isles

  19. how many points does that million dollar goon have in his career? give me a break, a waste of cap dollars again……. a cheap goon accomplishes the same goal………

  20. If the Flyers do somehow get Kovalchuk, they will be in worse cap shape than us and still have mediocre goaltending! Grant it, their D is a beast though…

  21. You would think at least Jeff Carter as Kovalchuk won’t be giving a hometown discount! I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rangers take Carter off the Flyers hands, but I think hell would freeze over first…

  22. The Flyers would have to dump a lot to pay Kovalchuk that kinda moolah! Yikes!!!

  23. ORR, you’re a genius :)

    stuart, I agree with you on the young talent. I don’t expect a parade next year, but can hope, always hope for the future, as long as the young talent doesn’t get hartnell’d up in our system.

    I’ve been thinking about the Boogy deal…I’ll withhold total judgment til I see him perform in blue. Yes, we need an enforcer, but I don’t think just ONE guy is going to keep Hank’s face free from ice shavings, or deal with the rest of the rink….especially him with his expected limited ice time. Orr, Shell, Boog…whoever, it takes more than one in my humble opinion (but yes, scoring ability would be lovely :)

    OK, just offering my small thoughts since I’ve been too nuts at work to keep up here.

    P.S. Hooray Vinny! I know some of you disagree, but I’m happy.

    P.P.S. Hope you all have a great long weekend. ilb, I hope you don’t get called while on call. I have to work 4 to midnight tomorrow :( if anyone’s around……

  24. Tank The Season on

    I don’t think Kovalchuk will sign anywhere until the start of camp when whatever team he wants to go to can bury enough players in the minors to have the space to sign him.

  25. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    excellent signing in prust!!

    Thanks ILB!

    Would somebody please tell me why the hell you guys think byers actually belongs in the NHL??? Quit listing him as one of the “great young players” who is going to make this huge difference and needs to be playing on the Rangers this fall. The guy makes voros look like joey kocur. You want weise, fine. Grachev, fine. Byers????? give me a break!

  26. Sather would be a decent GM if he wasn’t allowed to sign or re-sign players and was just in charge of trades. Getting Avery, Prust, McDonagh, and dumping gomez, kotalik, cliche

  27. 10 million dollars for 10-12 years?? HOLY FREAKIN CARCILLO! who is going to be able to carry that load? Does anyone think he might be persuaded by the KHL?

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I trust Prust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    How would you feel about your team if ya won the cup and then lost most of yer players in the off season ?

    Im 1994 we won the Cup and then in the off season the bottom started to fall out. Keenan , our coach , our leader ( besides Mess) had been packaged in a trade with Tikkanen !!??? How the holey hell can ya trade a coach too!!!?? Anyways…the Strike snatched any momentum we had , then those stinking Devils won after the strike shorted the season. We had no time to break in a new coach and we lost …no repeat.

    Chicago with all its glory…barely won the Cup and then UNLOADED a key core of players. Chicago is done. Wont win the cup again for a long long time again. Like Carolina , winning then unloading Cullen and a few other key pieces . Stopping them from ever comming back. Oilers had Pronger and lost but ditched him the following year and now the Oilers are scum scapers with a #1 pick. Tampa Bay won the cup but then ditched its star goalie and has never been back sinse. The Blackhawks are champs right now but it wont last. The guys gone are key guys and that club is back to square 2 .

  29. That kind of money could sign 2 or 3 decent forwards IMHO! Thats Ovechkin kind of money, and I don’t think Kovie is as good as Ovie! I know a contract like that would kill our team even if we get rid of a couple of our albatross contracts…

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I trust Prust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Momma , I agree with you on Vinny!!!Im happy too !!

    He is back ..older and oranger then ever!!!

  31. In a salary cap world it will be very difficult to build the kind of dynasties like the Oilers, Canadiens, and even (dare I say)the fishsticks had. I guess the key would be to sign a core group of good players long term, and build around them the best that you can like maybe Detroit! Long term contracts could be a killer though as we all know if the players do not live up to their potential…

  32. Is it so hard to congratulate Sather when he does a good job in the off-season that we (as a group) have to bicker over giving Boogaard an extra 300-500k ????

    Most of us say .. “hide Slat’s checkbook” – “what old veteran is he going to sign to a ridiculous contract” – “why cant he just say no and stick with our guys”

    It’s only Day 2 of Free agency and Thats EXACTLY what he did this off-season. Addressed ALL holes in our lineup by signing a back-up, swapped out Tough Guys, re-signed some veteran leadership, brought back unexpected mid-season additions from last year

    Give him Praise when Praise is due – The biggest contract he dealt out was 1.6 million a year for the LEAGUE’S BEST TOUGH GUY on the OPEN MARKET when the price is inflated

  33. Tank The Season on

    The Hawks loaded up for a Cup run, they knew they’d have to blow it up this offseason because of the cap situation. I don’t even know that they will make the playoffs this season.

  34. Besides the demotion/trade of Redden and re-signing Staal and Girardi, I would like to see another veteran D-man signed as the 7th D-man

    Someone cheap that is expected to play 30-40 games and help guide the young Blueliners we have.

    Someone like Exelby, Corvo, Hnidy, Mottau, or even Anders Eriksson again.

  35. Greg, I’m buying stock in Orange Kiss tomorrow :)

    stuart, stop being so reasonable! :)

    laserman, I don’t recall your handle here regularly (wow, “handle,” very old school)….so forgive me if I’m wrong when I say welcome to the Report and keep those comments coming!

    If I am wrong, which is often :) so I’m told, forgive me again. Just trying to be friendly!

    OK all, TA! til tomorrow….

  36. Vancouver only has 1.9 in cap space left and hasnt re-signed Mason Raymond yet

    Offer Sheet Anyone ??????

    Im REALLY surprised Demitra isnt a Ranger yet

  37. Greg, the Hawks are still in good shape. As long as they have Kane, Toes, Sharp, Bolland, Keith, and Seabrook, they’re in good shape. Also, they’ll have a healthy Hossa, who is good for 40 goals.

    Look at the Pens when they won the Cup. All they had were Crybaby, Milkman, Staal, Kunitz, Guerin, and Gonchar, and the rest were 3rd liners, and half way decent d-men.

    It may look like the Hawks are in trouble, but they’re not.

    They still have to get Niemi and Hjalmarsson under contract.

  38. heck with you haters(carp)last i knew hitting and fighting are still part of “playing” the game,those two things this mongoloid Boogaard does very very well.

    looking at the schedule with our newest “toy” in mind i see a potential for 3 fights with Orr 1 with Gillies and 1 with PL3 in the first month!nice!
    Not to mention a rematch with DJ King in St Louis,and a battle of Godzilla/Rodan proportions in Boogie vs Macintyre,woot woot!
    now mind you will we be 6 and 3 and ready for our plummet into the basement of the leastern conference,but our goon will have been rippin stuff up!

  39. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Raymond would not be a bad pick up, he seems like a decent two way player and has serious wheels.

    Hell NO to demitra!!!!

  40. Seriously, If I’m a team that has loads of Cap Space, I’m poaching some of these guys from Cap-Strapped teams

    BOS – Wheeler, Stuart
    PHI – Carcillo
    CHI – Niemi, Hjalmersson
    CGY – I. White
    VAN -Raymond, O’Brien

    its July 2nd …….. How can teams be so short on cash already ???

    And we think we’re in Cap Hell

  41. Tank The Season on

    I have a suspicion that Gilroy will be traded for some reason or other.

  42. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    Gift o gab
    got your follower request in my email, but cannot find it on my twitter page???? Had the same problem with TR and can not figure it out. I’m not ignoring you thought.

  43. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    he’s been tweeting some, but don’t know about here.

  44. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    that last post was for you carp about TR. sorry it wasn’t very descriptive.

  45. sorry, there’s my Italian heritage coming out…

    he’s very busy with work OR he’s a very busy man lol
    readers choice option

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I trust Prust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    NEW SOLUTION: What do ya think Carp?

    One thing that is really starting to irk me is the new found ” smart clubs staring over” find themseves in last place and boast how they have the top pick . There has to be a way of punishing teams for tanking. Maybe give them the top pick in the waver wire or first day of free agency just for them. To give the worst team the top draft pick is stuiped and promotes a losing atitude ( see ORR) . The top draft pick should go to teams that do make the playoffs .
    This way the clubs that make it have a chance to “start over” and grow again within the team. The teams who dont make the playoffs get exclusive rights to free agency and maybe even a higher Salary cap so they can get a “quik fix”.So they are not pathetic. Seriously how many fans wanna wait 5 years to collect 3 – 4 top picks?( besides ORR)
    Teams that are last place do NOT deserve to get the top pick cuz it take years for a pick to develop , Leaving that team in the running again for the top pick ala Quebec and Chicago. This promotes teams WANTING to lose to get the reward. The only reward that other teams wanna see the crappy teams get is….a quik fix in the free agency. Not a paved way to youth!!????

  47. Greg,
    Also, I would rather not reply to anything you say, but if you’re going to outright call someone stupid at least spell it correctly.

  48. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    reading all of the followups about the ending of prospect camp I still have no idea if this mcdonut guy is a puck mover or a hitter or something in between. Kreider seems like he will be ready in a year or two, this Mikhail Pashnin kid seems ready now, but has a year left in the KHL. Stepan may have a spot on the club this year (at boyle’s expense I’m guessing), and mcilrath is probably 2 seasons away.

    That being said we really need help on our blueline now!

    you rock!!!

    how ya been bro??

  49. we should have signed konopka for one year like the isles did then give boogey 4 freaking years.

    konopka had 265 pim and even won 62.5% of faceoffs.

    will boogey ever take a face off no.

  50. McDonagh is a two-way defenseman. No other d-man in the Rangers system at any level has the potential to be as complete a player as him.

  51. souray will be here tom.

    how does waivers work. is it based on standings last year.

    its usually standings at time of day during season so i assume its the final standings

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    “The top draft pick should go to teams that do make the playoffs”

    So, Sather still won’t get the first pick?

    FIRE SATHER!!!!! He can’t even finish eighth…

  53. Thanks Blogmama! Been reading this blog for awhile but have only posted a few times. I know a few names from BB but mostly new faces. Nice blog here!!!

  54. Tank The Season on

    Eric- we’ll get Souray but not via a waiver claim. He was put on waivers by Edmonton based upon their pipe dream that someone will take him without sending money back their way.

    Once he clears waivers then he will be traded to us with Edmonton taking salary back. My guess is Gilroy (if he no longer fits in the plans) and maybe someone like Voros, if not straight up for Rozsival. Maybe we insist they take Brashear. There may have to be other players/picks involved.

  55. “The top draft pick should go to teams that do make the playoffs”

    That’s just dumb. Can you imagine the Pissburgh Penguins, along with Crosby, Malkin, and Staal, would finish 1st place for the next three years, and would be able to draft Kane, Stamkos, Tavares, etc.

    It’s just unfair. Maybe a team deliberately tanking is unfair, but this day and age, I doubt teams actually do that.

    I think Buttman has said on his pathetic excuse for a radio show, that he has always debated a lottery draft including all 30 teams, which is interesting.

    I think it’s better off the way it is, in my onion.

  56. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    this could get bad:

    RT @Real_ESPNLeBrun: Isles GM Garth Snow confirms via text to ESPN.com that he’s involved in Kovalchuk talks. Wow !

  57. eric – i see you’re advertising some of your tickets. i can’t pay full price since i don’t think the team is up to par. maybe 1/2 price or a bit less. would like opening day and chicago for starters. so give me your email if interested in selling


  58. That LA Times story saying Kovalchuk wants $10m over 10-12 doesn’t sound right.

    Maybe it’s the Kings – in their hometown paper – trying to scare off anybody thinking of taking second look, etc., so they can wrap it up.

    Yes Kovalchuk did pass on Atlanta’s $100m offer but I’d be realy surprised if it was that type of deal he ultimately signs; think it’ll be more like $70-84m for a lesser term.

    And if it is in that range, there’s no way Lamoriello goes for it, leaving just a handful of clubs, LA, maybe Toronto, Philly, and perhaps us.

    I’ve hated their guts since I was 11, but I do admire the way {Philly has gone all out the last 10 years or so whenever they think someone can help them. That’s a far cry from the Neil Smith post-cup years of paralysis, when he refused to do anything, and the intermittent insanity of Sather, who goes from handing out blank checks like candy to lettng his team die a slow death by not getting them help at the deadline.

  59. Whoops, forgot the Isles; haha…

    Wouldn’t stun me, there’s been buzz about them taking a look.

    And they’re pretty good at giving out $100m deals!

  60. Tank The Season on

    If the Islanders throw a 10 year max deal at him, he’ll take it. LA won’t go that high and Charles Wang and Garth Snow are known to do crazy stuff like this.

  61. Tank,

    Ya think? I’d guess if LA’s in the ballpark he goes for it, and the Isles offer would only help him extract more from the Kings.

    Then again if Isles sell it to him right, maybe…

    I never care what teams spend, except how it affects the cap.

    But that’s a LOT of bread.

  62. Why go to the Isles though? The Isles and the Trashers are basically in the same boat. Wouldn’t he rather go somewhere he’s used to playing instead of starting over with a team in the middle of rebuilding?

    Seems strange to me. I thought it would be a no-brainer going to the Kings since they apparently have the room to sign him, and are a piece or two away from completing a potential Cup winning team.

  63. oh yes those figures are probably in the ballpark. don’t forget, Kovalsuck turned down a $100 mill offer from Atl a year ago

    he is a greedy moneygrubber loser. I say that because he was a loser in Atl, then people said but if he’s on a decent team he will etc. then he goes to a decent team and loses in the first round. and you know what those debbies looked like in that series? just like Atl did vs the Rangers a few years ago. I like the Kings, I just hope they don’t ruin their team with him

    the post that called him another Yashin for the fishsticks is about right on.

  64. Tank The Season on

    The Isles will throw more money at him at the Kings if Wang becomes fixated on getting him, guaranteed.

    It’ll be Yashin all over again.

  65. Kovalchook might be a loser in the sports sense, but A) the Trashers were never good enough, and deep enough to support him, and B) he never played in that boring defensive Devils type defense before, and I think it dragged his game down a little. Oh yeah, and Brodiva is a playoff choker, so that didn’t help.

    He is a moneygrubber, I wont deny that. If he wants to make money like that, he needs to prove himself.

  66. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I think he wants to go to the fishies because after the draft a bunch of people here said they were going to become islander fans. He obviously is just chasing the ambulance!!!

  67. Some guy is all over the net claiming he heard Darren Dreger, normally ultra-reliable, on 590Fan in Toronto saying major deal (something like Carter and Gagne for Kopitar, Brown, Quick and Jack Johnson)in works between Philly and LA, contingent on Kovalchuk signing with Kings first.

    I’m trying to find the audio before I believe it, but all this is wearing me out.

    Usually where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there hasn’t been ANY regarding the Rangers, so unless Sather is being quiet as a mouse and is going to stun us, I have to think IK is landing elsewhere. Happy 4th.

  68. I’d be surprised if Kovalchuk ended up on the Isles. And if he did, I don’t think they’d be that much better than they are right now. After Tavares and Okposo (who I would love to see on the Rangers), they have basically no depth. Matt Moulsen would be in Bridgeport if it wasn’t for Tavares. Kovalchuk, in my opinion, is not the kind of player that can hoist a mediocre team on his back and carry them past the first round of the playoffs (think what Jagr did for the Rangers in 06-07 and 07-08). I think his contract demands are his not-so-subtle way of saying he’ll split for the KHL if he can’t get the money he wants in North America.

  69. that is totally false because I have Dreger’s tweet page, and all he talks about is the Isles offering 10×10 to kovalsuck

    there is not a word about any trades or trade rumors today

  70. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    twitter news:

    Rangers and Frolov rumors are heating up. Read more about it tomorrow on the site.

  71. Bwahahahaha!!!

    That’s a terrible trade!

    Carter is a goal scoring baby, and Gagne is as fragile as Forsberg’s nut sack, and they’re going to manage to get the Captain of the Kings, an up and coming goaltender who’s coming off a career year, an awesome American Olympian D-man, and arguably their most important player, for those two?!?!

    My fake trades are at least semi believable!

    You know what would happen if you tried to make that trade in NHL10?? Your game would freeze, and you’d have to bring your PS3/360 to Gamestop for some repairs.

  72. “Carter and Gagne for Kopitar, Brown, Quick and Jack Johnson.”

    That’s insane if it’s true. No way they’d give up Johnson AND Quick.

  73. DANLD

    Moulson was actually pretty good for the Isles, and it wasn’t only because of Tavares. In fact, when Tavares lost his game in the middle of the season, Moulson was arguably the best player on the team.

    He didn’t get much of a fair shot with the Kings after that one season.

  74. Tank The Season on

    I heard Gagne to the Panthers for Vokoun was rumored, and then the Panthers will sign Nabokov.

  75. playoff choker on

    I hope that happens because I can’t stand nabokov. i hope he ends up in that empty arena in sunrise fla

  76. Tank The Season on

    I’m not opposed to getting Frolov provided the contract is reasonable.

    We could do a lot worse than him.

  77. Maybe Kovy wants to go to the Isle because he likes PAP’s sweet-ass shootout moves ???

  78. looks like Kovalsuck is going to the Isles, and it looks like Gagne is going to the LA Kings, accdg to the LA Times

    “They could also lose out on Kovalchuk. A source who is familiar with the situation but isn’t authorized to speak about it publicly said the New York Islanders were offering Kovalchuk $10 million a year for 10 years to become the centerpiece of their team and their campaign for a new arena. The source said the Islanders, who are about $9 million beneath the cap floor, were close to finalizing a deal with Kovalchuk.

    That would be a stinging loss for the Kings, who had believed their progress and young core made them a desirable destination for free agents.

    Also, a report by CSNPhilly.com said the Kings are a likely trade destination for Flyers winger Simon Gagne. However, they can’t take his $5.25-million salary for next season until they know if Kovalchuk will be on their payroll.”

  79. Nabokov is a choker of the decade! I don’t care about his playoff record with the Sharks but that loss to Canada in the past Olympics was one of the worst if not the worst Olympic performances ever!

    P.S. Kovy to Isls rumors are making me sick!

  80. NorthCountryRanger on

    holy carcillo if the pisles get kovy they might just stay on the island and their mutant fan base may just have something to cheer about…maybe…

  81. holy carcillo on

    also looks like Flyers still want Turco too

    from CSN PHILLY—-

    “It is believed the Flyers would deal the 30-year-old Gagne to Los Angeles.

    The intent here appears to be to clear $5 million off the Flyers’ cap so they can re-open talks with goalie Marty Turco and have enough cash left to re-sign both Dan Carcillo and Darroll Powe.

    Aside from their obvious Flyer ties, the Kings are considered a prime target area because both general manager Dean Lombardi and assistant GM Ron Hextall are huge fans of the 10-year veteran, who is among the most likable Flyers on the roster and a fixture in the City of Philadelphia.

    Lombardi denied to CSNPhilly.com earlier on Friday that a major trade was in the works with the Flyers.

    Every indication is nothing will be settled until after the holiday weekend.

  82. I live in LA. they are not trading Kopitar no chance.

    the rangers are not getting souray zero chance.. he has a long contract for mucho dinero…

    just to depress everyone dredden has 4 yrs $6.5 per on his deal, roszival only has 2 yrs $5 mill per…THe roszival deal is only $3 to $4 mill over reasonable…

    If zucarello can play he will be on the tea,. guys that should not make the team are; boyle, voros, and we will see…

    the islanders if they get kovalchuk will have more talented forwards at the top end but there defense is laughable and not young and tiny…

  83. Souray’s contract is 2 more years at 5.4 per. That is the same as Rozsival’s. In which case, we can either move Rozy for Souray or we can get souray on re-entry (if he makes it there, which he probably won’t) and bury redden/rosy.

  84. holy christ if kovy ends up wit isles i will cry.

    thats the one team i hate more then anything in sports.

    they would be light years ahead of the rangers.

    why not do it if your them. need to get to floor fanbase dying to be relevant need seats to fill arena

  85. im not even concerned with the improvement the Isles may see if they add a franchise player to a young core of kids. I just don’t wanna hear their moronic fans flapping their gums for the next 10 years.

  86. I don;t know how you others feel about this but I believe that Devils have quietly improved their team tremendously this coming season, and should be considered among the more dangerous opponents for any eastern team this season. Despite Martin,…and Kovalchuk.

    BTW…did any of you get the impression that Kovalchuk was really not that significant a factor for the Devils during the
    last weeks of the season while he was with them? Maybe I was expecting more, but I get a sneaking feeling that he may be just a wee bit…over rated?

  87. Rozi and Souray have similar cap hits, but I know Rozi’s pay is lower than the hit. May make him tradeable to cash strapped teams. I don’t know Sorry’s actual pay/cap hit these next two

  88. Tank The Season on

    Rozsival’s cap hit is $5M for the next 2 seasons but I think he is owed something like $6m in real dollars over the next 2 years. Souray’s cap hit is $5.4M for the next 2 years but he is owed $9M in real dollars over that span.

  89. Sather No More on

    In all likelihood it will be another rough year Ranger fans but I agree this team has some potential in a couple seasons. Hard to believe it’s been so long since they made a legitimate run.

    Beating a dead horse here but…Bury Redden, trade Rozi. Gives you some cap flexibility and opens up some room for kids. You accept a losing, re-building year but give the kids a TON of playing time.

  90. CARP – Any take on McDonagh’s parting comments? I know he said he’d sit on the decision over the weekend. But there’s some suggestion that if he really wanted to sign or rather sign here, he would have done it when Stepan did.

    Yet, I read some of his comments and it sounds like he’s on board. Most people I’ve talked to think he’s gone if he’s not signed this year. What’s your educated take?

  91. wicky (Byers does not belong on the big club..GET OVER IT!!!!) on

    I think mcdonut goes back to school for one more year.

  92. IK motto:
    (And it is true) – Happiness is not in a Money… it is in it quantity. We like it or not, but Kovalchuk will NOT try on Rangers uniform anytime soon, period. There are just three ingredients in his mind for signing with a team: 1.Money, 2.money and 3.monie. We have none of it for his appetite at least. Besides, after all his interviews in English and Russian, I have an impression that on personal level he is extremely sleazy, arrogant SOB,who on a top of that doesn’t like Rangers as organization(not just understandable, standard Avery hater). Saying that, I addmitedely will hate to see him 6 times a season in any uniform,Islandorks in particular.

  93. Kovalchuk’s best years are behind him. He worked his way to UFA and will receive, from someone, the big ego money he is expecting. Human nature being what it is, especially in a long term contract, Kovalchuck will protect his body more and production will be nice, but not at that top tier level he has played at.

    Some talented superstars have it in their blood to play hockey blood and guts on a pond. Others are more for the money. Few have it both ways.

    Russians don’t generally have the drive to match their talent. Alexi K was difficult to teach. Imagine some of these Russians had they possessed the heart of a Callahan??


    The Islanders gave quite a contract to their goalie in order to satisfy their fans. Did they learn anything?

    I feel sorry for Islander fans….rough going. I have relatives that are die hard Islanders…

    it ain’t much fun for them these days.

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