It’s Go Time! — Free agency edition


This will be the thread for today’s free agent signings, to be updated throughout. If it gets too big, we’ll start a new one.

So here we go:

Tampa trades Andrej Meszaros to Philly for a second-rounder.

Rangers  announce the signing of backup goalie Martin Biron for two years at about $900,000 per, according to multiple sources. TSN saying it’s $1.75M over two years.

Can you say tampering?

Boston re-signs Dan Paille, according to TSN. Two years.

Zipay reporting a Rangers-Flames trade. No idea what that’s about. Kotalik?

Rangers re-sign Christensen. Terms to follow. Two years. Brooks says it’s around $900,000, $950,000.

Rangers announce the signing of Derek Stepan, which we all knew was coming today.

Ottawa signs UFA Sergei Gonchar for three years, $5.5 M per.

TSN saying Flyers are in play for Kovalchuk; may have to trade Carter; re-sign Coburn (2 years, $3.2M).

Aside: Bettman just said everybody likes Versus coverage of NHL. Ummmm. Everybody? Anybody?

Several reports: Calgary trying to get Savard from Bruins; and may sign Tanguay. RDS saying the Tanguay signing is done. One year, $1.7M.

Don LaGreca just said the fans love the shootout? WTB?

NHL Network says Carolina signs Anton Babchuk, 1 year, $1.4M. He played in KHL.

TSN saying that Pittsburgh will sign Paul Martin from NJ.

We’re not going to bother chasing every minor re-signing of RFAs, OK?

Bob McKenzie says Lighting signed Martin St. Louis to a four-year extension, $22.5M

Pittsburgh signs Zybenek Michalek, five years, $20M.

RUMORS ARE: Ryan Callahan is involved in that trade discussion with Calgary!


Montreal signed former Rangers G Alex Auld for one year, $1M.

San Jose signs Nittymaki for two years, $4M.

Toronto signs Colby Armstrong for three years, $9M.

Philly signs Sean O’Donnell for one year. Is he 50 yet?

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  1. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Marty Biron’s deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year.

  2. It’s go time. Let’s Go Rangers? And Orr, pls not too many false signings, my heart can’t take it!

  3. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Actually, make that Biron signing a just a shade under $900K per year.

  4. TSNBobMcKenzie Marty Biron’s deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year

  5. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    thank you sir, may I have another!!! (and a happy Canaada Day to you!!

    because none of those guys is in his weight class (prust) or suck (byers) or so on!

  6. TSNBobMcKenzie Actually, make that Biron signing a just a shade under $900K per year.

  7. Not a fan of the Biron signing. But, what ever. It’s going to be another one of those years where we lean on Hank, and he has another secret injury he’ll complain aboot after the seasons over.

    Anyway, I guess Dreary is happy. We’re brining in yet another one of his buddies.


  8. biron for 900k is a nice investment. hedberg prob wnated too much and chance to play more

  9. stevezipay

    Rumors out of Toronto: Rangers-Calgary trade

    UH-OH!!! Something is going down.

  10. Linda, hows the summer treating you! you see the top game winning goals on MSG tuesday night, i have the itch need to hear Sam Rosen’s voice sooner than later how many more days!

  11. Rangers-Calgary talking? Don’t tell me we’re getting Kotalik back. Please,god, no.

    Now if it’s Iginla, I’ll listen.

  12. very nice price for Biron.

    HEdberg would want at least a Million and Auld was signed to a million last year

  13. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    I would have preferred hedberg, but biron was my second choice, so i’m ok with it!

  14. there’s nothing in calgary thatshould interest this team.

    i don’t see a deal to be made there unless sutter really does have dementia and he takes redden or rozi.

  15. TSNBobMcKenzie All of yesterday’s waiver wire guys have cleared. Preissing, Pandolfo, Peters, Nokelainen and Dawes eligible to be bought out.

  16. yeah, where is that fool who used to come on here and say that Dawes was going to be an all star in calgary?


    he is a bust, bigtime

  17. Slats is feeling pressure from Butt-Chin Gabby. So, he might have a busy day.

    I know this though, this is the earliest Slats has been up on July 1st.

    He’s usually up around 4-5 p.m after a lengthy bout with a coffee and cigar

  18. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    I wonder with mezaros, is coburn going to be available???


  20. apparently CGY may be clearing space for Savard.

    I think we re getting Stajan .. I hope its not Langkow

  21. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    he is up early because the market is thin thin thin!!!

  22. Biron…

    # The Rangers are going to give me an opportunity to be able to do that.” less than a minute ago via web

    # “… Really looking forwad to playing with Henrik Lundqvist and working with (goalie coach) Benoit Allaire….” 1 minute ago via web

    # “… Looking forward to joining back up with Chris Drury, a great guy I played with in Buffalo…”

  23. this is scaring me.

    langkow? hell no!

    stajan is pretty bad as well.

    if we end up moving dubinsky for stajan i’m going to puke. talk about a lateral move…

  24. TSNBobMcKenzie Darren Dreger reports Sergei Gonchar has signed in OTT for three years at $5.5M plus a NTC.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    EC probably thought his phone would ring at 12, and panicked at the silence.

  26. Nice day for us so far…hopefully Slats doesn’t ‘blow it” later, right Doodie?

  27. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    there you go, nevermind about coburn…..there has to be a salary leaving the flyers!!!

  28. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    wow it’s iggy’s birthday today……here’s your present…..

  29. NYP_Brooksie Surprised Slats increased offer, but let’s face it, gaping hole in NYR middle…

  30. puck daay has a great live chat going. i will try to post here anything of interest

  31. TSNBobMcKenzie RDS reporting Alex Tanguay to CGY.

    RealKyper 925 000 per for Erik Christensen NYR 2 year deal.
    2 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    Retweeted by NYP_Brooksie and 4 others

  32. I don’t think that Gonchar was the same after getting that knee injury from Ovechkin

    very risky to give him 3 yrs at age 36 and a bad knee

  33. FIM is back. Guy finally came to his senses.

    Gonchar to OTT for that? Seems like they could have re-signed Volchenkov for that deal.

  34. 900 – 950k is still a good price for a guy who averages .50 points a game for us in 40 some games.

    He could very well pop in 15 goals and 40 some points next year for under a million dollars … not bad in my view

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    “Nice day for us so far…hopefully Slats doesn’t ‘blow it” later, right Doodie?”

    I certainly hope so.

  36. TSNBobMcKenzie Savard to CGY for Regher is a serious consideration for both teams, but Savard has not yet been asked to waive NTC by BOS. Stay tuned.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, look at Philly’s defense: Pronger, Timmonen, Coburn, Mezsaros, and Carle. All of them would be on our first pairing.

  38. you think Pashinin hits … wait til Valentenko comes at the Main Training Camp.

    How great would a Pashinin, Valentenko, Volchencov blue line look like???

    Russian Freight Trains

  39. Rumor of Savard to CGY, per TSN…could we be in on a three-way deal there and get savard?

  40. TSNBobMcKenzie Also worth noting, Regher has a no movement clause so lots of moving parts on this one. But the two teams are most certainly discussing.

  41. Braydon Coburn done in PHI. Two years, cap hit of $3.2M per year.

    So does Staal really deserve much more than that?

  42. Savard at a $4 Mil Cap his is a bargain. Never should have shipped him out of town when we did but thats 20/20 for ya.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    I hope against hope that he does not “blow it.”

    Just for you Adam Z.

  44. Re: Tampering

    Can an AGENT negotiate “hypothetically” with a team without the players “knowledge”?

  45. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    not really, but most here will say so because he is “home grown”

  46. >>Bettman just said everybody likes Versus coverage of NHL. Ummmm. Everybody?

    Isn’t Bettman a lawyer? Why would anyone believe anything coming out of his mouth?

  47. AGrossRecord C Erik Christensen’s deal with #NYRangers reportedly is two years for $1.85 million.

  48. Fugg Shelley!

    The guy *never* wanted to be here. You can tell by the look on his disgustingly ugly Dick Tracy villain face after he was traded here.

    Stop talking to him. Stay on Prust, and forget this freak of nature.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, think about this for a minute. You are on a 1st place team that is considered by many to be a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. Then you get traded to a team that is just as likely to finish 5th from last as it is to scrape into the playoffs. Would YOU be happy?

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I met Bettman when he came to speak at my law school. What a rotten little man.

  51. if they don’t get a dman today, then you know that they are still wedded to dRedden , dagnabit

  52. On capgeek – the Flyers have the least amount of Cap Space.

    Their goalies are Leighton and Boucher

  53. Michabenjamin on

    ORR Do you ever get tired of posting your stupid fake trades. You look like a 12 year old ass.

  54. TheFourthPeriod: Lightning has a couple offers out there for d-men… Habs want Ellis, but weighing options… Matthew Lombardi getting lots of interest

  55. Doodie,

    With all respect due to the San Jose Sharks, while they may have been a 1st place team, the stigma that team has created in the past few seasons is quite a burden to bare and as has been their track record in their recent history, regular season success has never translated into postseason success. They have been a top team in this league for years, coaching changes, personnel changes haven’t broken that stigma much less as enhanced it.

    With that said, I personally wouldn’t be happy.

  56. >>the shootout/skills competition sucks!!!

    I think the bigger problem is with the point system. OT/SO games are worth THREE points, while regulation time ones are TWO. What kind on nonsense is that?

  57. If you subtract Voros’ money we have 12.2 million left with 16 players signed

  58. C’mon, Slats, actually do something smart for once and get Shelley and Prust done. And put Schoney on the line with Volchenkov while you are at it.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    JBytes, I agree. Either make regulation wins 3 points or make all losses worth nothing.

  60. TSNBobMcKenzie Deal is not done yet, stress that, but Paul Martin eager to sign in PIT and PIT eager to sign him. Working towards that. Stay tuned

  61. C’mon Volchencov or Michalek !!!

    I wanted Lomabardi but not since EC re-signed … would rather have EC i guess due to chemistry

  62. “This Orr guy is a #$!#$@ moron! Glad he isn’t in charge”

    Wahhh, waaahh. Gullible baby! Hilarious!

    Paul Martin to the Pens will be good only if they get Armstrong. Beavis & Butthead FTW!

  63. What if you made a regulation win 2 points, loss 0 points, OT win 2 points, OT loss 1 point, SO win 1 point, SO loss 0 points?

  64. Mister Delaware on

    “What if you made a regulation win 2 points, loss 0 points, OT win 2 points, OT loss 1 point, SO win 1 point, SO loss 0 points?”

    It still leads to different games having different values. That’s the problem. Make every game worth 2 for a win or make regulation wins worth 3 if you want to keep handing teams 1 for not losing in 60.

  65. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    let’s not reward losers, 2 pts reg win, 1 pt ot/skills competition win….that’s it!

  66. Sather: LeBron can you skate?
    LeBron: Not Really, why?
    Sather: Like you can? Or is it a no?
    LeBron: Well yeah i guess i can a little bit
    Sather: 6 year 30 mill?
    LeBron: What??
    Sather: Welcome to NY LeBron ill get you, your jersey
    LeBron: What just happened?!?!?!

    30 minutes later

    TSN reports that LeBron James has signed with the New York Rangers in a surprising move. 6 year 30 million dollars, LeBron has never played hockey before and barely knows how to skate. Position still remains unknown.

  67. >>what was the Rags-Calgary trade?

    Matt, are you a Rangers fan? I’m asking because of your use of “Rags” to refer to our beloved team.

  68. TSNBobMcKenzie TBAY Lightning tweet: They have signed Marty St. Louis to a four year extension.

  69. Michabenjamin on

    No ORR I don’t fall for them. Even for those who do, what do you get out of it?

    This is a online community and you look like the village idiot who laughs at his own jokes.

  70. Wicky- since you seem to have good mojo going can you vary your screen name and use dump Redden or dump Rozi from time to time. lol

  71. wicky,

    you’re right but I’d rather award the losers OT as much as the winners of a SO and not reward the losers of a SO at all. Too many teams play for the shootout.

  72. reporterchris: #hurricanes let go scouts Greg Stefan, Phil Horner and Mario Marois.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    The Babchuk pickup is probably the biggest improvement any single team has made, aside from the Gonchar signing.

  74. Normally people who complain aboot it are angry because they continuously fall for it.

    You’re a baby. Most here can take it as a joke, but the wittle whiny dork has to cry aboot it. Cry me a river.

  75. oh boy..

    Are they kidding?


    Sportsnet’s Roger Millions hearing Ryan Callahan could be on his way from Rangers to Calgary

  76. Michabenjamin on

    Oh you’re a PhD now in Psychology?

    It’s the same damn joke everytime and it’s not even funny. It’s old.

    I pity you.

    That is all.

  77. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    Sportsnet’s Roger Millions hearing Ryan Callahan could be on his way from Rangers to Calgary

  78. CassieCampbell

    Talk out of Calgary now that Ryan Callahan could be on his way here?!

    BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

  79. Cally in Calgary?

    *Dramatic Pause*


  80. Wow that was unexpectedly long..thought it would stack bad for stretching the screen.

  81. Callahan wouldn’t be enough for Iggy! Regehr maybe as earlier reports had him going to Boston for Savard…

  82. Regher and Cally’s salaries don’t match.

    Regher makes about $5 mil

    Cally about $2 mil

  83. If Cally goes that is a DAMN shame.

    He’s our future captain after Drury is gone. Sather can’t let him go.

    Can he?

  84. Brooks just posted on his twitter that Cally’s not involved in the Flamers deal.

  85. Regehr is a defensemen who’s 30 years old over-the-hill and basically Calgary’s Wade Redden.

  86. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    if michalek got that contract, I wonder what volchenkov is going to get?

  87. Michabenjamin on


    # ORR..Bring The Amberlamps! June 27th, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Bruins trade Savard, Krejci and next years first round pick to the Sens for Spezza & Foligno and next years 3rd round pick.

    Good trade!


  88. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    regher is NO redden!

    I wouldn’t mind taking a shot at belanger (but the EC deal may have prevented it)

  89. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Do you know how bad of a trade that is? Who is going to score on this team besides Gaborik?

  90. Wyshynski: BTW: The teams that have said they’re not interested in Kovalchuk are the Leafs, Rangers, Blues and Avs. Now watch one of them sign him.

  91. JUST GOT WORD: There is nothing to the Callahan rumor. The exact wording: “Complete and utter horse-carcillo.”

  92. The days leading up to the deadline, and July 1st are the same to me.

    I thought you were done with this? Nobody wants to read your constant whining, get over it already. You were gullible enough to believe the lies, yet again. It’s not the end of the world. Now, move on wittle baby.

  93. TheFourthPeriod: Offers on the table for Paul Martin, Dan Hamhuis and Ray Whitney… talk picking up for Stempniak, Cullen, Lombardi

  94. Robyn Regehr is a pretty decent Dman. I could live with a trade like this! It would be better than some of the doozies we’ve had in the past. I could live without it as well. Still would rather get Volchenkov…

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    “would you do Callahan if it was Regehr? I would.”

    I would easily. Regehr is a GREAT defenseman.

  96. regerhr has over 5 mil cap hit. not a chance to trade for him with redden still here

  97. ORR’s been doing that stuff for what, 3 years? He’s caught me twice in the time i’ve been posting, then i wised up.

  98. NYP_Brooksie Could be wrong but total absence of info re Kovalchuk leads me to believe that Lou is in there pitching.

  99. Michabenjamin on


    The only thing I’ll give you credit for is being good enough at being an ass to the point where you sucked me in to conversing with you.

    But then again, you consistently show with each post how good you are at sucking.

  100. TSNBobMcKenzie Antero Nittymaki is a SJ Shark. ..

    TSNBobMcKenzie Colby Armstrong has signed a three-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  101. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    damn, armstrong to leafs. Definitely a burke type player!

  102. TSNBobMcKenzie Joel Perrault signs with VAN, 1 year, $510,000 one way contract.

  103. 7 years with the Islanders is too short, it would have to be a 15 year plus contract…lol

  104. “Can you say tampering?”

    Carp, WTB does that mean??????????? Somebody just alerted me to that line to try and incite my anger. It worked.

  105. CTBlueshirt on

    Purchase of new pen to be decided on by Nassau County officials, meeting to convene in August…2015.

  106. Per Steve Zipay

    Dubinsky + 2011 undisclosed pick to Calgary for Matt Stajan + Chris Higgins

    Higgins was reportedly seen crying after this trade was announced.

  107. A Guy Who Writes Fake Rumors on

    A player for a player who is much worse or has a bad contract! LOL!!!!!!!

  108. Angry Goldfish on

    How are the Flyers signing all these guys, does the freakin cap apply to them?

    Who is going, Hartnell or Carter?

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