Go Time!: Free agency, part II


New thread … the other one was getting too long. For earlier transactions, etc., see the previous post.

Just a thought: that three-year deal for Gonchar — an over-35 contract — could turn out to be worse than Redden’s. That number never comes off the salary cap books, even if they send him down or buy him out or whatever. It’s like Brashear’s deal. Only longer and for more money.

TSN: Manny Malhotra to Vancouver, 3 years, $7.5M, no-move clause. Wow.

Phoenix re-signed ex-Ranger Derek Morris, four years, $11M. Wow again.

McKenzie has G Dan Ellis going to Tampa for two years, $1.5M per. Done deal.

Another Wow! Philly signs Jody Shelley right from under the Rangers’ noses, three years, $1.1M per. Bad move for the Rangers. Good move for the Flyers. This one will have repercussions five times a year, or so. The Rangers will miss him. Their room, which Tortorella talked about on breakup day, just got worse. That said, the third year, if not the second, could be ugly for the Flyers.

ESPN says Paul Martin has signed with Pittsburgh, as rumored earlier, five years, $5M per. Holy cow!

According to Darren Dreger, the Rangers have signed ex-Minnesota tough guy Derek Boogaard, the Boogeyman, to replace Shelley! All reports: Four years, maybe as much as $1.65M per. For a guy who hasn’t scored a goal in four years! And, as many of our great Boneheads have pointed out, they could have just kept Colton Orr for four years and $1.1M per year last year. He’s a better enforcer, no worse a player. But they had to have Donald Brashear, then they had to replace him with Jody Shelley, and now they get a more expensive version of the guy they let walk last year. Inexplicable.

Confirmed contract for Boogaard: four years, $1.65M per. Every sentence I type lately knocks me off my chair.

Anaheim signs Toni Lydman for three years, $3M per.

Phoenix signs Ray Whitney for two years. Another 35+ contract that never goes away.

The TSN guy just said that Edmonton had four years on the table for Boogaard, and bowed out when the money got too high. So that might explain how/why the Rangers went to four years.

Ottawa’s Bruce Garrioch — who throws a lot of stuff out there — reports that Calgary is trying to bring back Olli Jokinen at 2 years, $3+M per. And that would top anything that has happened today, wouldn’t it?

TSN’s Steve Simmons: “If Daryl Sutter signs Olli Jokinen he should be fired tomorrow.”

Devils replace Paul Martin by signing Henrik Tallinder for four years, $13.5M.

Edmonton signs Kurtis Foster, two years, $1.8M per.

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  1. CTBlueshirt on


    Re: CCCP’s Twitteratti: Kovalchuk to Islanders 7 years.

    Purchase of new pen to be decided on by Nassau County officials, meeting to convene in August…2015.

  2. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    wow, manny got that…..lombardi is getting like 8 mil per

  3. way too much money for malhotra.

    this means lombardi gets 4 mil prob and he made 1.8 last year

  4. Per Steve Zipay

    Dubinsky + 2011 undisclosed pick to Calgary for Matt Stajan + Chris Higgins

    Higgins was reportedly seen crying after this trade was announced.

  5. UGH

    kausatoday: In the bargain hunting aisle, Chris Higgins is drawing plenty of attention because he is still only 27.

  6. Can we please ****** quit with the fake deals and god damn ****??

    Where is Zipay reporting Dubi for Stajan???

  7. lmao @ still only 27. AND SHOOTS WIDE!!! get the boy some contacts and target practice

  8. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Z. Michalek to PIT. Tanguay to CGY, Savard possible to CGY… movement happening.

  9. CTBlueshirt on

    Higgins doesn’t fit into my discussion on peaking at age 27 (or thereabouts) because well…he never really had a peak.

  10. If that old man brought Chris Higgins and his ripped body back to NY, he needs to be put out to pasture immediately. And since nobody else will, I’ll make my way up to NY to put him out to pasture myself and land myself in prison!

  11. TSNBobMcKenzie Hearing Derek Morris signs for four years, $11M in PHX. Working on confirmation.

  12. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Zip did tweet a rumor of a CGY/NYR trade… i can’t imagine for who.

  13. LI RangerFan on

    Late to the party…

    Re: the Biron signing.

    Not sure I like this one since this is the same guy who left Buffalo because he was unhappy being backup to Ryan Miller. Does anyone think he’ll feel differently being backup to Lundqvist?

  14. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    How in the world can Maholtra get a 3yr no trade clause and 7.5 mill?

  15. Sather just gave the wrong Kovy 7 years 70 million!!!! The dummy gave it to Alex Kovelev ….Geez

  16. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .RT @MurphysLaw74: Derek Morris 4 yrs 11 mill re-signs in Phoenix #nhlfa Confirmed

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    “Purchase of new pen to be decided on by Nassau County officials, meeting to convene in August…2015.”

    Charles Wang is threatening to accept a pen from Kansas City.

  18. Just saw Katherine Dolan on NHL Network. She is about as fugly as Jim Dolan’s reign over the Knicks and Rangers. Some laughs, please…

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Real_ESPNLeBrun: Mike Modano via text message says he’s not close to signing anywhere at this hour

  20. AGrossRecord The end of the Jody Shelley era? @Russostrib: I’m hearing enforcer Derek Boogaard is minutes from signing somewhere.. long-term

  21. LIRanger, he had to know the deal before he signed … and if he wants to be a No. 1 he should have gone elsewhere.

  22. PuckCentral Unlikely NY then IMO RT @kuklaskorner I’m hearing enforcer Derek Boogaard is minutes from signing somewhere.. long-term

  23. No, not concerned about Biron. Maybe he’ll change his attitude playing in the greatest city in the world.

  24. CTBlueshirt on

    Hehe, Doodie. I heard KC has had a pen for years, just waiting for someone to move out there to use it.

  25. Hey Carp, isn’t Marty St. Louis’ deal an over-35 deal too?
    Or is that different because it is an extension?

    For fan’s sakes, the NHL/PA should limit over 35 contracts to one year deals or scratch that damn rule.

  26. NYP_Brooksie Regarding @Russotrib report that Boogaard is minutes away from signing: if deal is done, its not with Rangers

    and thus ends to boogaard to rangers thoughts

  27. NYP_Brooksie: Regarding @Russotrib report that Boogaard is minutes away from signing: if deal is done, its not with Rangers

  28. CTBlueshirt on

    NYP_Brooksie: Regarding @Russotrib report that Boogaard is minutes away from signing: if deal is done, its not with Rangers

  29. sorry Dore!!! but just think, you can sleep safely in your bed knowing Redden is still manning the blue line…for now ;-)

  30. I don’t think Boogaard would be a great addition. I think he’d end up watching from the press box a lot.

  31. If all Boogard is is a tough guy, we dont need him. Im sick of signing tough guys. What we need is tough physical defense, and Avery to be the instigator we all know he can be.

  32. hilarious

    lebron talk on nhl network

    tsn do they realize they are simulcast right now

  33. ok this is the NHL Network…who the Byfuglien wants to hear about basketball?

  34. Eric I am watching the same thing…It is carcillo. If I wanted basketball info I would not watch the NBA network. Does the NBA network have the NHL on it???

  35. NHL Network is airing a TSN feed. TSN is not just a hockey network. It’s well within their right to talk about the NBA.

  36. TSNBobMcKenzie I am hearing Paul Martin could end up in L.A. or Pitt. Hamhuis is also in the mix in PIT.

  37. this just in Lebron to the wings.

    Quote from Lebron “I love the big nets it is so easy to score”

  38. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Jody Shelley to PHI on a three year deal worth $1.1M per year.


  39. Lin, I was going to drop another “Rock” quote, but hoped someone would do it for me.

    We’re on the same wavelength today. I’m even taking after you, and cooking!

    Do you believe in miracles!!! Yesss!!

  40. philly stinks


    Jody Shelley to PHI on a three year deal worth $1.1M per year. less than a minute ago via web

  41. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    slatipuss really blew that one!!! Look out for boogaard now for huge dollars or term

  42. CTBlueshirt on

    Shelley for 1 year at the price ok, but no way is he worth taking up the roster space let alone the cap space for that much.

  43. Tom Foolery on

    Good move by Sather not matching that.
    I thought Philly had cap problems? They’re throwing money around like drunken sailors.

  44. ThGeneralissimo Good riddance – no sissy names on my team. Next up? Buh Bye Marian! RT @TSNBobMcKenzie Jody Shelley to PHI on three year deal

    *************** lmao @ this guy

  45. If that’s what Shelley was able to get on the market, I’m more than glad he signed elsewhere. If a big, talentless lunk like Boogaard gets anything approaching that, please God, don’t let it be from the Rangers.

  46. fake trade news is a pain, but it gets the juvie poster the attention he seeks.

  47. he signed because no one in their right mind would sign a 34 year old enforcer for 3 years…Not even Slats…

    Philly will never change…they will put a band aid on the goalie situation and try to be as tough as possible…this year was a total fluke!

  48. seamus, we’re past that at the moment but I’m sure he appreciates the attention you just gave him ;-)

  49. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    wonder if flyers are getting rid of carcillo or aasham?

  50. Yep, that’s too many years for Shelley. But the Rangers are really going to miss him, and there will be repercussions whenever the Rangers and Flyers play.

    They’d better get the Boogeyman or another big enforcer.

  51. DarrenDreger Joey Crabb just signed with the Maple Leafs. 2 way deal

    all i can think of at the moment is Mr. Krabbs from spongebob…sorry

  52. You guys got a great back up in Biron. Stupid Sabres missed their chance to bring him back. He won 13 in a row his last year here when Miller was injured. He knows his place now after the Philly experiment… BTW get ready for some hilarious sound bites from him. He’s great! As usual the crickets are chirping in the Sabres front office.

  53. TSNBobMcKenzie Ellis is done in Tampa Bay. It’s a two-year deal.

    our boy is very quiet

  54. “seamus, we’re past that at the moment but I’m sure he appreciates the attention you just gave him ;-)”

    Worked for me. I think I’m starting to like it better when someone complains instead of fooling someone.

  55. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    TSNBobMcKenzie: Ellis is done in Tampa Bay. It’s a two-year deal.

    Habs fans are going to freak

  56. NYP_Brooksie Regarding Jody Shelley to Flyers for 3×1.1: inexplicable blunder by Rangers.

    INEXPLICABLE says Brooks

  57. NYP_Brooksie: Regarding Jody Shelley to Flyers for 3×1.1: inexplicable blunder by Rangers.

    I’m sorry he is a thrid and fourth line player…how many cups has this guy won?!?

  58. I do my best, Linda.
    Thanks for bringing the attention to me, and subsequently to him.

    I just signed online

  59. A Guy Who Writes Fake Rumors on

    An “inexplicable blunder” to not give 3 years at over $1MM per to a guy who cost a 6th rounder, and not even a current year 6th rounder? Yeah?

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    The bright side is that Anisimov probably won’t have to worry about Shelley.

  61. If the Rangers signed Shelley for three years at 1.1 per, Brooks would be saying exactly the same thing.

  62. :) Linda

    Same with the April Fools stuff…I hate it.

    I am concerned seeing both Dubi and Callahan’s names bantered about.

    Imagine Callahan with Dubi’s size? Or Dubi, with Callahan’s drive?

  63. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    some players you can not put measure a players value by stats

  64. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .No deal as of yet, but Rangers are targeting Boogaard.

  65. Brooks does his best NOT to mention, too often, the “fight” scene with Torts.
    It’s sad.

  66. Wicky, Shelley was a stand up guy who did a decent job while here. great interview also.

    SLATS!!!!!! Whats up your sleeves? besides your arms?

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    They didn’t give Orr 1 mil for 4 years, what makes you think they were going to give Shelley 1.1 for 3? The thing that still boggles my mind is why they ever gave Brashear 1.4 for 2.

  68. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Wow you gotta envy the move Ellis made. 2 Years 1.5mill each, the warm Florida sun, no media pressure, a young up and coming team.

    Not everyone can be that lucky

  69. Malhotra made a decent career for himself and ended up a solid team guy. Good contract, no trade clause; good for him. We didn’t do him any favor rushing him.

  70. Is Boogaard good at anything but enforcing?

    Is he a defenseman? A good defensive one?

  71. martn and michalek not a bad day for ray shero and the pens.

    overpaid for michalek but the 2 of them make up the loss of gonchar.

    they will take a run for the next 3-5 years until they lose malkin

  72. What is it with the Rangers and their obsession with enforcers???

    How about defense, Slats? Meh…

    How about scoring, Slats? Meh…

    How about coaching, Slats? Meh…

  73. Tom Foolery on

    I love how Shelley suddenly became an irreplaceable part to some people. When did this happen?

  74. Because he could “skate and score goals.” That could be their worst signing ever. And that’s saying something.

  75. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    Boogaard is a LW. He already knows how to protect Gaborik. And he’s a BEAST. i’m all for it.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Shelley is an enforcer, nothing more. Sure, his line with Anisimov and Prust was our best line down the stretch, but that’s more of an indictment of the rest of our roster than proof that Shelley is a superstar all of a sudden.

    Yup, his 2 goals will be missed!

  77. LI RangerFan on

    Carp re: Biron

    That is exactly my point – not sure this was a good signing on the Rangers part based on Biron’s past history…

  78. wicky I agree but come on this guy hasnt won anything…this isnt Adam Graves we just lost. We are a team filled with 3rd and 4th liners…plus he is 34 will be 35 next year…no thanks…EC added more than he did and signed for less, years and $$$…only 2 goals last year and yes they were big but not worth 3 years 3.3 mil.

  79. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    my cut and paste skills are top notch. I’m a top line typer looking for a NMC.

  80. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    Would you like the move if they get Boogaard?

  81. he’s not irreplaceable. But he must be replaced. And it will probably cost more, and the new guy probably won’t be as well received by his teammates or as important to the chemistry as Shelley was.

    But, no, he’s not irreplaceable.

  82. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .Boogaard to the Rangers is done.

  83. CTBlueshirt on

    Flyers don’t need goalies. They will punch out the other team before they can shoot the puck.

  84. Bob McKenzie TSNBobMcKenzie

    Darren Dreger reporting Boogard to the NYR is done.

  85. boogard made 875k last year will ask for a mil and prob get it from rangers after shelley got 1.1

    then it would be a mistake not to have signed shelley

  86. I wouldn’t mind so much us losing Shelley to another team, but to the Flyers? Now we’ll really overpay someone else to keep teams like the Flyers from creaming us! Boogard and McGrattan are just pugilists, nothing more, but we need to sign one of them or Gaborik will have to be benched for his own safety when we play the Flyers…

  87. Thanks for the info, Gift.

    Im just tired of enforcers.

    This is a quote from Slats via Brooksie

    Slats: “Im not interested in scoring or defense, Im interested in enforcing…that we are not a playoff team.”

  88. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    c’mon Linda… keep up!! lol
    If i were a UFA next season i’d get mega bucks!

  89. Larry Brooks NYP_Brooksie

    Regarding @Russotrib report of Boogaard 4 yrs/1.65M per—-it’s going to be the Rangers. less than 20 seconds ago via web

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s my question:

    Last year, they let Orr go for Brashear because they said Brashear was a better skater, better on the puck, and a better forechecker. Obviously, that turned out to be a mistake. Then, they go get Shelley, who actually was a better skater, better on the puck, and a better forechecker. But now they let Shelley walk, and are looking at Boogard… who is the just like Orr in that he is pure goon, nothing more.

    There’s no plan. No vision. Just lunacy.

  91. >>ps, if not for Shelley, the Rangers don’t get to the shootout in Game 82. Sad as that is.

    Translation: if not for Shelley, Rangers would have a Top-5 draft pick.

  92. Chris Says SELL SELL on



  93. ThGeneralissimo PS – i’ve obviously learned my lesson from Don Brashear last year.

  94. Jeeeeeesus…If it really is 4y/$1.65m per for Boogaard as Brooks has just hinted, that would be certifiably insaaaaaane.

  95. He’s had no goals in the last 4 seasons. At least there’s nowhere for him to go but up! LOL!

  96. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    As of the end of the 2009-10 NHL Season Boogaard has gone 222 games without scoring a goal which is the longest active streak in the NHL. His last goal was scored against the Anaheim Ducks on January 7, 2006

    Whos ready for more pain and suffering circa 7pm every other night or so this Fall-Winder?

  97. Mister Delaware on

    Quite possibly the best summary of the Sather era as of late, Doodie.

  98. Well there you go! Boogard will definitely make people think twice about running a Ranger knowing that the Boogeyman is lurking…

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    To reinforce my prior post: we could have just kept Orr for four years at 1 million per!

  100. Boogaard
    Position: LW
    Birthdate: Jun 23, 1982
    From: Saskatoon, SK; Canada Height: 6′ 7″
    Weight: 270lbs

  101. Holy Carp! Lots of stuff to redden through..

    No more Shelley makes me sad.:(

    And the Boogeyman? Are we moving onto collecting old Wild players instead of old Oilers?

  102. JPLS The Boogeyman and The Undertaker are now #Rangers… Sounds like some kind of wrestling tag-team. #NHLFA #NYRangers

  103. Boogard is 28 years old.

    I cant believe another enforcer for another 4 years…

    Can Boogaard enforce Brashear to retire and take his cap hit off of our team?

  104. i told youse that it would cost more to replace Shelley than to sign him. But they lowballed and lost.

  105. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    shelley for 1.1 is better than boogaaard for 1.65. That being said, slats put himself in that position and had no choice .

  106. NYP_Brooksie Rangers have no space yet spend it on Boogaard, a guy who cannot play. Counter-balances smart Biron signing

  107. Geezus, if we are so high on enforcers, why not just sign The Enforcer, Arn Anderson?

  108. What a waste of a signing. Can we dump Boogaard to the minors, before the ink is dry :-)

  109. my son was shooting video for Portland Pirates when Brashear came up and played…he was awful both on and off the ice.

  110. contract for boogard is too much, but i like the guy. watched him here in Houston when he was with Aeros, good enforcer.
    Shelley…36 year old…3 years 1.1 million per…bad signing and O’Donnell? Philly likes toughness….everywhere but in net

  111. CTBlueshirt on

    Orr at 4yrs/1mn per would have been a better deal. Way to throw bad money after bad players Slats.

  112. We could sign these guys, dump them to the minors, and try to win the AHL playoffs…

    And also set a record for most penalty minutes in a season in the AHL with Brash and Boogie together!

  113. of course TPCH is shaking his head at ANYTHING the Rangers do

    come on yeti… DO SOMETHING AWESOME

  114. sucks to lose shelly but i wouldnt give him 3 years at that price either. we need an enforcer though, bad.

  115. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I dont mind Boogaard at all, a little pricey, but he’s onyl 28, vs Shelley @ 35.

    And we need a tough guy on the team, we learned tha tlast season when Brastrap didnt do anything

    An di woudl NEVEr want to be in a foxhole with larry Brooks. One minute were nto tough enough, next minute why are we getting an enforcer

    YEah yea he’s respected, but still an idiot

  116. I actually liked Orr. I thought it was a mistake last year to let him walk for $1 million a year.

  117. That better not be true about 1.65 per year
    How does that make sense if shelley just got 1.1
    But in sathers mind he’ll be saying to himself im saving .05 mill this year after having brashear for 1.7 last year, to make himself feel better.. thats awful
    it better be 1.3 at the VERY most

    Hes gona bury anybody who touches gaborik though regardless of how much he gets, the garden faithful will definitely enjoy fights much more than last year

  118. explain this to me

    last year we lose orr for 4 yrs 4 mil to tor and then we overreact and get brash and are still on the hook for him. this year we lose shelley who we liked for 1.1 and we turn around and sign boogard for 4 years at 1.65.

    2 yrs in a row we pay goons to make up for the loss of the 2 we liked.

    we are techincally committed to 3 mil to goons with boogard and brash

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam Z., I’m beginning to clear my throat on Sather’s day. The B word, and I’m not talking Byfuglien.

  120. this boogard signing is ruining my excitement that im having for getting to use my ice cream maker and meat grinder later

  121. You guys are talking about Jody Shelly as a goal scorer? are you kidding me? He scored 16 goals in his 10 years as a pro and 5 in the last 3 years. He’s 34. Boogaard is a monster, he’s 28 and costs 500k more then Shelley a year. Not the end of the world at all.

  122. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    NYP_Brooksie Rangers have no space yet spend it on Boogaard, a guy who cannot play.

  123. Hey, the positive is, we’ve got ourselves a nose picker and a boogie!

    Now Dubi can pick Boogaard!

  124. stevezipay FYI, Boogaard made $1.2 last year….Might have been better off with two or three years, not four

  125. Boogard is fine, but might be nice to focus on how to score goals or prevent goals.
    Sather again proves that there is no plan, just a reaction to the last thing that was on his mind.

  126. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    PRust Boyle-Boggaard

    Thats a nasty fourth line, little bit of scoring with PRust & BOyle, LOTS of Forecheck, and Boogeyman hitting and fighting

    And this is the 4th move we’ve made today Orr

  127. Letting Sanguinetti go bothered me a lot. Watching Redden not only screw up, but force his partner to babysit and not jump into the play was bad enough…but knowing that Sanguinetti led hartford d men in scoring and that we had redden was too much agita

  128. Seamus that sounds kinda high for a hockey player, even at that height. thats a lot of weight to move around lol

  129. Chris Says SELL SELL on


    Boogaard’s new contract: Future buyout candidate, 2012.

  130. Would anyone trade for Brashear since he is an expiring contract?

    I mean, I did hear today that Jeff Carter would not be enough to get Tim Thomas (even though he nothing more than a dead-weight contract)

  131. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    he isn’t supposed to score goals, that was the great thing about shelley, he could pot a few.

  132. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    And Booggard made 1.2 last year so it basically a qualifer were paying him as he dodnt get much of a rasie, jsut longer term

  133. I would have rather kept Shelley, but Boogard will pound the snot out of anyone who tries to run our better players. Wish he could do something other than fight though!

  134. Carp – I’ll post that list of cap hits for NHL tough guys again. Yes, Shelley had to be replaced, but there’s no reason at all for a pure goon to get anything near what Boogaard appears to have signed for. You could plug any schmuck from the minors on your roster to just fight for a miniscule price in comparison.

  135. If we can put fear into a single oppenent for the first time in many years, it would be nice. Boogard may be a good fit. 28 versus Shelley 36 but the size is something. Christiansen is not small. Prust?

    maybe we can dump Avery!

  136. Gabby must have forced Slats into signing Boogaard. Especially if his bff Voros is gone.

    Ugh. Not happy with today’s moves at all.

    Biron = Waste
    Christensen = Waste
    Boogaard = Dumb contract

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, can we get a new post to gripe about the Boogard signing? As a suggestion, can your post include a discussion of my critique about the Orr-Boogard transition?

  138. AGrossRecord #NYRangers deal with Derek Boogaard: 4 years for $6.6 million = Overpayment. Colton Orr at four years, $4 million looking better and better.

  139. Insanity and panic are reigning again the Rangerland. Not that this is news, but holy wow is that a horrific deal.

  140. Biron – good signing at good price.

    Christensen – useful 3rd line center at pretty decent price

    Boogie – bad signing, but does provide the nose picker the ability to pick him!

  141. “Shelley, and now they get a more expensive version of the guy they let walk last year. Inexplicable.”

    Like I said, Sather should have quit before he hurts himself.

  142. again since we have nothing else to discuss we are focusing way too much on these 4th liners….shelley for 1.1mm for 3years cya later pal…maybe he was a good lockerroom player i have no idea but i am not losing any sleep over him leavin….especially with torts these 4th liners could end up playing less than 5 min per game…boogards will now come out on the ice drop the gloves 3 minutes in to the first perido, then sit in the box for 5 (maybe 10, maybe 15) then sit on the bench for other 10 then play one more shift for the period…

    Carp, how long was shelley in town a month?-he was average his first two works and then gained some chemistry down the stretch with prust and anisimove cant argue against that..then obv scored a big goal against philly but lets not get crazy here, focus on bringing prust back he is the bigger piece of this puzzle he can fight and has a lil skill

  143. Of course Torts will get annoyed when Boogard takes a penalty and won’t let him off the bench.

  144. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Orr you cry so much you shoudl put a dress on

    Who would you rather have singed as a backup? HEdberg for 2 mil a year to play 20 games?

    What other 2nd-3rd line stop gap center was available if we didn’t resign Christensen?

    Shelly turns down our offer who do we get to protect Gabby?
    Bring Brashear back up?

    There’s not alot out there

    At least Biron and EC were cheap, not thrilled about the cost for Boggaard, but it is what it is and he’s younger and bigger and fights better than Shelley

  145. Boo.

    Change the Guard already, they’re Dollin out too much money for these idjits.

    Glen is so out of touch. DAVE Maloney could do better, or better yet, BOB!


  146. Am I the only one not upset about Boogard? Shelly at 3 years to Philly is something they will regret.
    We need a goon.

  147. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    I have heard nothing about volchenkov going to ANY team….any one else heard anything at all???

  148. I was upset at Brashear That was awful. We got a fighter at his prime age, 28-32. I didn’t want colton orr to go but I didn’t think it would be too hard to replace him…until we signed Brashear. Then, I rooted for him to knock out Sather.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not just Boogaard, Seamus, it’s what Boogaard represents: total mismanagement by Sather. Is Boogaard really 650k more valuable than Orr?

  150. someone mentioned elsewhere that Orr WANTED to play for TO, so maybe the Orr conversation is just a moot point.

  151. MIKEY

    A) I’d rather have Auld as a backup. Biron looked pathetic last season. And it’s not like our defense is any different from the Islandorks.

    B) I can care less aboot Pee Wee Herman. I never wanted him back. And I’d take any prospect over him.

    C) I don’t know if you know this, but ONE MAN doesn’t stop a whole fuggin team from bashing your star players brains in. Lets pay a goon a million+ dollars a year to fight another goon, and take penalties, and not contribute any offense, or even defense for that matter.

  152. booogaard will play 3-5 mins a game and make 1.65 what a joke

    why am i a season tix holder.

    please someone buy some games from me

  153. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    I’m not upset about the player signed (it was a must, but the dollar amount is tough). Slats put himself in this position by not resigning shelley, but like I said several threads ago, when boogaard became available you had to know slats would let shelley walk and sign him.

  154. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    and yes Slats shoudl be poisoned, shot, hung, fired, retire, get hit by a bus, get hit by a train, or fall out of his office window

    anyone of these options I would gladly accept


  155. Love how the Rangers manage the salary cap. It must be hard to find a lawyer in NYC to help. Of course if you only hire old cronies, that might have something to do with it.

  156. sharks are no better. they gave Wallin a $2.5 mill with NTC for a washed up third pair dman who they already saw play lousy for them last season

  157. That’s the point exactly Doodie. I have no problem if the Rangers did now want to bring back Shelley for 3/3.3, but than don’t freakin give Boogaard 4/6.5 immediateley right after Shelley signs because than you look like an idiot.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    Linda, even forgetting Orr. How is Boogaard filling Sather’s stated reason for bringing in Brashear last year of being good on the puck, faster, and a better forechecker? Shelley ACTUALLY filled that description. Instead, he reverted back to another pure goon. And really, they don’t get more pure goon than Boogaard. 255 games, 2 goals.

  159. Lin, you might be right on that. Maybe he didn’t want to come back.

    Either way, we shouldn’t be paying these goons so much money. This isn’t the old NHL after all, they’re not needed.

  160. I see the sense in that they HAD orr, let him go, and could have gotten shelley done earlier…

    …and I won’t argue against the money issues; Sather and CAP sense do not get along well.

    I guess Boogard for a more reasonable contract would have been more palatable.

    Well, we can send Redden to Hartford, but Drury’s contract and Rosi’s are still eating up a ton.

  161. Doodie, the saddest part about the entire Brashear episode is that HE WAS HIS OWN AGENT!!!! He got 2.8 million dollars representing himself!!! WTB was Sather on??

  162. NYP_Brooksie Rangers would be best served by having 0 cap space available on 7/1.

  163. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t call Boogaard equal to or worse than Finger. Finger’s contract was MUCH worse.

  164. this team is a disgrace and its pathetic we waste our time on this moron sather

  165. 3 years for Shelley is too long…we did the old guy fighter thing and were burned. Philly will regret it.

    Are they interested in anyone who can’t fight?

  166. i like the boogyman hes a killer. Saw a great number of his fights he is gonna be a great protector of Gabby and who ever else we sign. I agree that the amount is a bit high but….

  167. They just said on TSN that Boogaard got his face hurt in a fight and after that, didnt fight the last 5 games of the season.

    He had to have all sorts of work done on his face, and may be gunshy about fighting now.

    So we spent 4 years of cap space on a potential gunshy bum.

  168. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Is it possible that Shelly didn’t want to come back? Prefer playing for a contender?

    If Slats could not sign him and didnt fill the gap we would have crucified him.

    I do agree that was a high price to pay but I do feel better that we have him.

  169. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    There is no justifying this singing. This does not address anything with this team…

  170. well, dan ellis is happy to be in Tampa lol

    dellis39 Very excited about signing in Tampa…looking fwd to playing with my ex-partner and great friend Smitty

  171. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    brooks is just pissed because boogaard is just another guy to beat him up at the bus stop!!!

  172. TheREALMikeyNJ on


    Auld sucked jsut as bad and cost more $$

    IF PEE WEE isnt singed whose playing center if the kids from hartford arent ready?

    And look how great we played last year when we had ZERO fighters on our team

    I dont like the cost of Boggaard either, but an enforcer is still needed

  173. Shelley didn’t want to be a part of this team anyway, I don’t think we had a shot at re-signing him.

    He wants to win a Cup, and NYR is not winning the Cup this yeaar, or next year, or the year after that.

    By the time we get semi good enough to get to that level, he’ll retire.

  174. Seriously, I would love to know how those negotiations went with Sather and Boogaard’s agent. What has this guy done to get a 4 year deal? The 4 year deal just basically tells you that once Jody left, Sather felt DESPERATE to get an enforcer and he had to seriously overpay to do so. As others have said, no plan whatsoever.

  175. i dont have a problem with the Shelley non signing or even Biron as a backup…but 4 years for a pure goon??? come on how does this guy have a job? he has to be one of the worst FA evaluaters in the history of sports!!!

    It seems for every 1 good thing this guy does he counters with 5 bad ones…

    Bring back Neil Smith at least he cared about the fans and the organIzation…

  176. The better the Pens make their team, the better for us.

    The fact that anyone would take Savard and his 4 million cap hit for 7 years is absurd…

  177. So, a back-up goalie, a 3rd liner playing first fir this team and a goon that may be afraid to fight. Great day so far for Glen Sather. He should leave the office early and go play some golf now.

  178. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    I just wonder about this calgary thing, if it is legit at all. I mean they need a center right, might be dealing a d man back……what centres to the rangers have to trade???

  179. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone saying that Shelley’s contract length was too long: it was not a 35 and over contract. He and his cap hit could retire/be buried in the AHL.

  180. this mismanagement of player choices / salary negotiations is atrocious. does every agent in the world have compromising photos of slats or something?!?!?!

    july 1 has been the worst day of the year for like 15 years now. can someone please kidnap slats on june 29 next year and let him go somewhere around aug 15.

  181. TedSheckler on

    ugh…what a great move to make on the first day of free agency to let us fans know that literally NOTHING has been learned from past failures. It’s nice of them to dispel any hope early on these days though, instead of leading us all on. Year #15 of Ranger fandom for me, and I still can’t believe some of the things they do.

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam Z., One more boneheaded move by Sather today and I think I’ll be ready to declare it.

    I may still, but I’ll wait until the day is over.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m shocked how much they spent on Whitney. For a little more they could have kept Michalek.

  184. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Again, I agree its not the best signing but if a 35 yr old enforcer gets 1.1, then is 1.6 that way off for a better enforcer age 29? I know they paid a premium on this contract but by what? 200k? 1 extra year?

  185. I’ve been anti goon for a long time but am tired of seeing us beat up. Gabby was the last straw; well, actually, Larry Brooks at the bus stop was the last straw. Anyway, If we are going to lose to Philly, I would at least feel better if we gave them a black eye.

  186. TSNBobMcKenzie As @capgeek points out, Whitney’s deal is a 35+ contract and PHX on the cap hook no matter what, even if aliens abduct him or he retires.

  187. Sather’s real plan is to tie up the Rangers with boneheaded contracts for the next few years so no other GM will want to take over this mess, thereby making Slats the only option.

  188. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    taking a line from Carp back in January-

    I really dont know why we put up with being Ranger fans.

  189. CR

    If you want this team to win, then it has been a terrible day. They actually got just a little bit worse.

    Boogey is a downgrade from Shelley.

    So, we’re still the same loser team. I’m waiting for Greg to defend NYR!!

  190. Forget about worst talent evaluator, he is the worst decision maker.

    Why give a goon 4 years? If you cant sign one goon for 1 or 2 years, move on to the next goon. There has to be at least 1 goon out there willing to take a 1 year deal.

  191. SuperLarrio on

    i dont post often but thought this was funny

    as per tsn’s reporter in edmonton…The oilers were interested in boogard, even offering him 4 years but pulled out when the money got into “silly” amounts…

    sums up the move for me

  192. agree with ORR

    this day has been awful. biron and christianson i could live with this shelley boogaard disaster is a joke.

    we are committed to 3 mil for brash and boogey

  193. somebody pointed out that NYR now have Undertaker and Boogeyman. They also have the nose picker and the booger.

  194. Why does Sather always lowball his own players, but live in some fantasy world where players from another team are secretly amazing and deserve bags of gold?

  195. How is it obvious that Gaborik has any say in personnel decisions? Show some proof. Give a link to a quote by somebody involved with management or by Gaborik himself. It’s just a stupid idea that Gaborik pressures Sather to anything.

  196. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    Not seeing who I want yet, but I’ll defend the rangers because they are still my team (I might not defend slatipuss and the money he throws around, but I love the rangers regardless of who is on them or or who is running them)

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    Would I really do a worse job then Glen Sather? I couldn’t. And I’d do it for a living stipend; no salary. C’mon Dolan, give me the job.

  198. Jagr pressured Slats into bringing in guys that he wanted on the team.

    That’s all the proof you need.

    You think all the teams superstars have nothing to do with July 1st, or the trade deadline. They’re always involved.

  199. You don’t think Crosby or Ovechkin has some influence on who is brought on? If you don’t you are dreaming.

    Now obviously Sather isn’t forced to do anything but when the teams best player speaks up about something then its a good thing to listen/consider.

    The more likely factor is the former GM of the Wild who brought boogey on now works for the NYR.

  200. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    trader glen may get rid of brash soon via trade….don’t be shocked if he trades him to some drunk.

  201. The Puck Drops Here on

    I hope Messier is taking notes…. what NOT to do when it’s his turn!

  202. And this is a guy that got the brash*t kicked out of him by a goon. You really think he’s not asking for someone who can fight those goons??

    It’s no coincidence that it’s one of his former teammates too.

    This might not make sense to you, but it’s not so far out of the realm of possibility.

  203. lmao @ some of the stuff there…

    Drury and Dubinsky… uh… i am sure drury would NOT waive his NT/NM c to be traded to calgary!

  204. TedSheckler on

    Charlie – that’s how things go around here.

    Step 1 – Make up a half-assed rumor:

    Did Gabby and Boogard play on the same team? Yes! That’s 100% proof that Gabby forced management to spend insane money on the guy.

    Step 2- Repeat rumor as if it were truth ad nauseum. Others will see it and assume you’re working on solid facts.

    Step 3 – Rumors become truth. Proceed with using the new truth when scapegoating the target later in the season.

  205. # Oilers close to trading Souray to the East. New Jersey Devils being mentioned. 18 minutes ago via web

    # Source: Jody Shelly did not want to re-sign with the Rangers. Was offered the same deal as Derek Boogard.

    Twitter SportYLmedia

  206. So, what you’re saying is that you have no proof at all. It’s a ridiculous statement that you can’t back up, but to you it’s obvious.

    I’m going to go hit the titleist for a while and get away from this nonsense.

  207. Oops sorry Linda. I clicked on the link and didnt remember that it came from you. My bad.

  208. Boogard is ridiculous. Slats somehow doesn’t know ^&*( about signing the right kind of enforcer. Amazing.

  209. eric, here are some of the highlights

    Oilers close to trading Souray to the East. New Jersey Devils being mentioned. 15 minutes ago via web

    Source: Jody Shelly did not want to re-sign with the Rangers. Was offered the same deal as Derek Boogard.

    # Source: Rangers looking at Marc Savard only if Dubinsky and Drury get traded to the Flames. about 1 hour ago via web

    Source: Rangers looking at Marc Savard only if Dubinsky and Drury get traded to the Flames. about 1 hour ago via web

  210. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    edmonton wants toughness and to get rid of souray…….just maybe brash gets dumped in that deal (unfortunately that might kill any deal for the hammer)

  211. The rangers have over three million dollar in cap space wrapped up in two goons (Boogaard and Brashear). And they still are worse in that department than they were two years ago with Orr, as some have pointed out. Inexcusable!

  212. Jagr didn’t pressure Sather. If anything, he was shocked that Sather wouldn’t re-sign Nylander and took Drury and Gomez. And even if Maloney tried to build around Jagr, that was actually a good team. Since Maloney left, the signings have been a disaster.
    And if Shelley didn’t want to sign with Rangers, what does that say about Tortorella?

  213. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    offered same deal and turned it down. So can all the ‘pundits’ relax with this signing? We did what he had to do. end of story.

  214. Michabenjamin on


    I love how within only a few hours two others voice my same feelings.

  215. NYP_Brooksie As of this moment, Rangers will be cap-charged with $3.05M for Boogaard and Brashear.

  216. i’m still laughing at the drury/dubinsky calgary thing that was posted on that twitter

  217. that twitter report is idiotic. no way shelley turned down the same deal Boogaard got. if he didn’t want to play for the Rangers, why was he negotiating with them up until he signed in Philly? c’mon.

    cross check charlie, i’m totally jealous.

    Good to see a lot of our Boneheads coming back today.

  218. “I love how within only a few hours two others voice my same feelings.”

    LMAO, two hours later and you’re *still* on this. Here’s a thought, if Slats doesn’t waste for remainder of the money he has left, I’ll ask him to buy you a brand new life.

    Then you can have some fun.

  219. #Staal Wart July 1st, 2010 at 3:37 pm
    the insane are running the asylum!!!


  220. SunGarrioch Olli Jokinen close to signing with the Flames. Working on a two-year deal.

  221. when is sather going to retire? seriously what the hell? its not even funny anymore. i still cant comprehend why he signed redden.

  222. according to zip

    jokinen back to flames for 2 years very close

    i want proof from shelley saying he got offered 1.6 and said to rangers i dont want to come back

  223. This team is garbage! Save yourselves and root for another team until Sather and his cr@p signings are finally gone from broadway. 10/11 Rangers will not even sniff the playoffs! Nor will the 11/12 or the 12/13… Thanks Glenn – ya p.o.s!

  224. kc be careful how you use the word boneheaded-we will not be besmirched! lol

  225. Hi Linda!
    Yes CR…I do believe Sather qualifies.
    These are dark days as Ranger fan…

  226. im out here too Carp, just not posting. in the middle east right now, but going to stay up and wait and see what happens. iginla as a ranger eh, instead of drury and dubinsky. sign me up.

  227. from espn chat
    Scott Burnside:
    Ah, it wouldn’t be free agency if the Rangers didn’t inexplicably blow their brains out and so we give you Derek Boogaard and his four-year deal worth $1.65 million annually. Ha, ha, ha. Worst contract of the day by a country mile. And the day’s only half over. Take a bow Glen Sather, your reputation remains in tact.

  228. I got it…Flames sign Jokinen and we trade callahan and dubinsky for him…let Calgary do the negotiating…that sather what a genius!!!

  229. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Carp, define negotiating.

    Rangers: Shelly, we will give you 800K for 3 years
    Shelly: No thanks
    Rangers: Ok, well how about 900k?
    Shelly: No thanks
    Rangers: Wow you are really playing hard ball, what do you want?
    Shelly: Philly is giving me 1.1k for 3 years
    Rangers: Ok, we will match that.
    Shelly: No thanks, im going to a winner.

  230. Lol, Dark days are right. This team is going to be so bad this season.

    Eric, If I were you, I’d sell your season tix. I don’t even go to the games anymore unless I get free tix. They’re not worth the money.

    I bought a USA Kane jersey over a Rangers jersey. This team doesn’t deserve any amount of money because the majority of them are just flat out losers.

    Poor Hank. I feel bad for the guy.

  231. lol, maybe we get iginla….and *gasp* Savard.

    I havent yet looked up Iggy’s contract and cap hit.

  232. not happening, lev. good to see you.

    are you listening to this Jokinen talk with Calgary? Holy crap.

  233. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    right after the Gaborik/Carcillo incident… ALL of you would have welcomed Boogaard with open arms. Don’t act you you wouldn’t.

  234. Wheew! Orr…Brashear…Shelley…Boogaard….

  235. Eric (the fake) on

    I don’t think anyone is questioning Boogard in general. Its the years/money amt. You should have been able to get him for 1/2 what he signed for.

  236. this drew keys guy is saying deal up in the air, all up to glen. oy vey. i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing hahah

  237. Bring back Prucha on

    @Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA’D )

    Not for 4 years at 1.65 per!!!

  238. The Flames and Olli reunited?! WTB!

    The NBA insanity must have filtered over to the NHL.

  239. Bingo Orr! I gave up on this team after Graves night a couple years ago. Turns out it was the right move – they have done nothing but disappoint since. I am now and always will be a Ranger fan and still watch every game – only difference is i do not get emotionally involved anymore. When they get scored on i usually just laugh… a few yrs back i would have freaked, started yelling and scared the cr@p out of everyone and everything in my house.

  240. RangerSwede on


    Rangers and Flames deal up in the air. Source from Flames says “it’s all up to glen”

  241. I welcome Boogaard BECAUSE of that Gab-Carc incident. Bet he wont do it again.

  242. darryl sutter and glen sather the 2 of them should be locked in a room without liquids and food .

    how do they run teams

  243. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    best tweet of day so far:

    Jokinen & Tanguay back to Calgary? That’s crazier than a crap fight in a monkey house!

  244. “right after the Gaborik/Carcillo incident… ALL of you would have welcomed Boogaard with open arms. Don’t act you you wouldn’t”

    Not me. Gabby deserved the beat down he got for dropping the gloves with Carcillo.

    We don’t need a goon. I thought that McIlrath was supposed to be our “savior”, the toughest guy in the whole league, and everyone would fear him.

    You don’t need goons in todays NHL, and you certainly don’t need to pay one this insane amount of money.

  245. TSNBobMcKenzie Henrik Tallinder signs in NJ. 4 years x $3.375.

    ThGeneralissimo I wanna be Moe! RT @BladesOfFunny Glen Sather, Bryan Murray and Darryl Sutter. The Three Stooges of UFA day. #flames #sens #nyrangers

  246. Sather wants to acquire Jeff Finger and move him to center, so he can give us Finger in the middle

  247. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    1- TSN HATES the rangers, so of course we’re getting blasted.

    2- 1.65, 1.4, 1.52, 1.2…. who cares? We didn’t sign him for 4 mill a season, and it’s not a 7 year contract.

    Shelley is gone. We can woulda, shoulda, coulda all we want. He’s gone. NEXT.

    Boogaard was there, we needed to get tough, he’s a beast. If he scores ZERO goals, but Gabby doesn’t get laid out with a season ending injury, and Hank doesn’t spend time on his back other than after making a crazy save… MONEY WELL SPENT.

  248. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the Jokinen talk is trying to bully Sather into making a trade for Dubinsky.

  249. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    “2- 1.65, 1.4, 1.52, 1.2…. who cares? We didn’t sign him for 4 mill a season, and it’s not a 7 year contract.”

    Come on Gift, this team has so many holes that you go for the one that contributes nothing to the game but 5min in the box every night??

  250. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    Shelley leaving made a hole. It was plugged.

  251. CTBlueshirt on

    You don’t think Crosby or Ovechkin has some influence on who is brought on? If you don’t you are dreaming.


    Then why haven’t they gotten a bona fide winger to play long term in Pitt the past couple of seasons?

  252. RangerSwede on


    Rangers offer Boogaard for Jokinen.
    half a minute ago via web


  253. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Needed a backup…. that was done too.
    Needed a center…. they re-upped E.C.

    Need a big physical D…. Undertaker in a year or two.

    Like it or not… we filled holes.

  254. Doodie Machetto on

    Lou made a panic move in Tallinder. I’m shocked. That might be the worst signing he’s made in a decade.

  255. hello all

    we are committed to 3 mil dollars for goons

    brash and boogaard its a freakin joke

  256. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Boogard jor JOKE-inen? If this is true, and happens, I quit.

  257. Why do people think that signing a goon will stop players from targeting a star player?

    I’ll remind you all aboot that when Gabby is getting bullied.

    The only reason why you don’t see Crosby, and Ovechkin, and guys like that getting destroyed is because they never put themselves in a position to get destroyed.

    We’re a midget team, and having Boogaard, and potentially a 18-19 year old who might be tough will not change that. Soft!

  258. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    you do when your Glen Sather.

  259. Its official im done with this team..LET GO KNICKS! LET GO KNICKS! oh wait..they didnt sign LeBron yet…. **** (goes back into hiding)

  260. “2- 1.65, 1.4, 1.52, 1.2…. who cares? We didn’t sign him for 4 mill a season, and it’s not a 7 year contract.”

    had we saved 750,000 dollars on boogard we could have used it for bringing Staal back. and 4 years is not really a short term deal especially if the signing is a bust.

  261. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    If you you don’t want milrath to be purinton, then he isn’t your “goon”. I do not want mcilrath fighting all the goons, could he? Yes. I have probably been the biggest mcilrath supporter here, and he is big, mean, and tough, but If he has to fight the occasional heavyweight, fine. But I sure the hell hope he is playing a smarter game than just fighting heavyweights and that is it.

    Mcilrath WAS NOT drafted to be a goon!!!!!!!

  262. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but $1.65 for 4 years for a goon?
    Does anyone know if he’s good in the locker room as they say Shelly is or I have to say was.

    Sather is just, just………………

  263. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    I’m actually OK with Boogaard. I’m not OK with Joke-inen. unless someone else is coming from Calgary(Bouwmeester/Iginla) and Drury agrees to to to CGY, i have no other idea why CGY and the Rangers are still talking.

  264. ORR – I totally agree. It’s not like Boogaard will ever be on the ice with Gabby. You need a tough guy who can play on the same line as him, like the role Adam Graves played for Messier.

  265. “Then why haven’t they gotten a bona fide winger to play long term in Pitt the past couple of seasons?”

    That’s easier said than done. It’s hard for a team like that to bring in bona fide wingers unless by trade. And even if they do so, it will be at a cost.

  266. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    McIlrath is 18 and I doubt he will be donning a Ranger jersey in the next couple of years.

  267. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Who was the person who said Gabby had no input?

    Per Russostrib tweet: Boogaard: One of the major reasons he’s going to NY was Gaborik; one of the first calls he got

  268. wicky (Say yes to Volchenkov!!!) on

    wow, never thought I would read this

    It is rare that I am afraid to report a trade rumor, but what Calgary may be about to do is terrifying.

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