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Live highlights of this evening’s conference call with Glen Sather:

On Shelley discussions, and Boogaard signing:

“I wouldn’t say I turned to Boogaard.  I got the indication speaking to Shelley’s agent  … we were only interested in doing a two-year deal because of his age. I got the feeling it was going to be a problem because he wanted a three-year deal … we liked Shelley, he was a good guy with the team … didn’t want to get tangled in a three-year deal.

“Derek is the biggest and the toughest and we needed that presence … too many times lats year we saw guys scraping snow in  Henrik’s face and I didn’t like it. I don’t think we’re going to see that happening any more here.”

On Biron so quiclkly:

“We targeted him from the beginning. Benoit Allaire knows him quite well. He’ll fit well here.”

On Staal/Girardi:

“I don’t think it affects their deals at all. We’re still going to sign those guys, They’re going to be here, we have room in the cap to sign them.”

“Don’t think we’re totally done. We’re still looking. Sticking with the philosophy of trying to build our team from within. We want to leave some space for some of these (young) guys to get in here.”

On Stepan:

“He’s come into camp,l he’s 190 pounds, he looks physically mature. … he looks like he’s ready to make the move. We want to give him the opportunity.”

“McDonagh looks very good. You could name a half dozen. Kreider is very close. He has to make a decision on whether he wants to stay in school or come out. There’s quite a few kids here we know are going to play.”

“I think we’re much better off than we were. It takes a while to get to this stage, especially with some of the bad luck we’ve had.”

“We were disappointed we didn’t make the playoffs last year, but it’s a learning process.”

On Biron: “Henrik could get hurt and we wanted to be in a position where we wouldn’t fall apart if that happened.”

On Prospal: “Remember that he had knee surgery halfway through the year.”

On Christensen: “I think Erik’s a guy who has all kinds of untapped ability. When you look at the free agent list there weren’t a whole lot of center icemen who were going to be available.”


Marty Biron:

“We were looking for a fit, I was looking for a placer to be comfortable and to regain what I lost the last two years. Two years after the lockout … I thought my stock was as high as could be … I ran into some roadblocks, and I feel like I lost some of my edge. … Going to the Rangers with Benoit Allaire, … I felt I could go up the hill ias opposed to sliding away a little bit.”

Went to Allaire’s camps as a young player. Knows him for years, and worked with his brother, Francois, for a number of years. Spoke with Allaire today and “he’s excited. I’m excited.”

“I think that I can play any role a team wants of me. The role with the Rangers will definitely be more of a secondary role…. but I’m doing that as the best insurance policy in the league. If I can commit to that role 100 percent I can get back to a situation where I’m not going to be waiting for a phone call for three weeks like I was last summer.”

Said he knew what his targeted spots were, so it was able to happen quickly. “No question the Rangers were an organization I wanted to be a part of.”

Last year, his pregnant wife and three kids stayed in Buffalo, which was very difficult. With the two-year deal, his family is already putting things in boxes. “We’re all really thrilled about that.”


Derek Boogaard:

On Gaborik factor: “Me and Gabby go back from when the team drafted me when I was 19. We just built a relationship from there. It was sad to see hm go last year.”

“When you’re on the ice (in NY) you’re on center stage. You can’t hide that. You have to play to the best of your abilities and I’m ready to do that. There were other teams out there today offering contracts. To be able to play with Gabby again was definitely a push (toward) New York.”

“I’m going to play the rough style of hockey. I can skate really well and keep up with the play and get in on the forecheck and create room for the skill guys. I’m not afraid to do what I do.”

“It’s one of those things. New York knows what type of player I am and what I bring to the table. That stuff will look after itself next year.”

“I love doing what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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  1. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on


    AGrossRecord #NYRangers GM Glen Sather said he didn’t want to give Jody Shelley 3 years, which is what Shelley wanted.

  2. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    is this where he announces the signing of Alexei Yashin???

  3. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    ” scraping snow in Henrik’s face and I didn’t like it. I don’t think we’re going to see that happening any more here.”



  4. wicky ( We are "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    repost from my third carping

    Hearing tough guy Raitis Ivanis to Calgary. 2 year deal. 1.2M. / Also and Tim Jackman with a 2 year deal to Calgary 1.1M
    with jackman in, is regher on the move??

  5. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    TSNBobMcKenzie DAL agrees to terms with Adam Burish, two year deal, $1.15M AAV

  6. And here comes the Sather spin. What a shock — he secretly knew the right thing to do, and no one else understands that. Those darn players always asking for more money.

  7. Since Boogard will only play 2 minutes a game after October, doubt if he will be too influential. Where’s the power play?

  8. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    comments make me think trade is coming to clear some space

  9. so its Hank, Gabby and a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners again. oh joy.

    at least Voros isn’t our worst player anymore.

  10. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers GM Glen Sather confident there are enough roster spots left for team to get younger next season.

  11. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    I think it is like average annual value (I really have no idea, just made that up)

  12. Ask Sather if the Rangers can’t get the players they want because players don’t want to play for Tortorella?

  13. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    Voros cleared waivers again yesterday. He may be Hartford bound also, especially now that Boogaard is here

  14. Linda, if Voros goes to Hartford will Aves kick him out of the cool kid pack? ;)

  15. wow we seem to be going with the same team from last year basically. only good thing is sather didnt overspend too much like we all thought. best case scenario is some more kids get into lineup. another 10th place finish especially if gabby goes down. expect 12th or lower. good draft pick next year probably. but sather will draft a goalie. lol.

  16. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Boy I got my hopes up for some cap clearing and decent signings today.

    I guess Ill be rooting for the #1 pick this year.

  17. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    well i think he was on Hanks poopy list for posting those Memorial Day pics lol!! So yea, it might happen. And since Gabby like Boogie, he’s the new member of the cool kids club lol

  18. True Blue 23 on

    after not scoring enough last year Bbooggaarrdd was our top priority this off season so there is no snow scrapping in hanks face…Pathetic…

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    FIRE SA….ooops HAHAHAHAHAAAA !! REPOST , Ive been Carped!!!! How exciting , my shirt says I did too!!!

    HAHHAAA Calgary… what a bunch of clowns. Our team is not as bad as everyone is worried about. I love the concern and passion on here today!!! Rangers have guys like sather and alot of players everyone hates…Big deal. People hate me , ORR ,Cr9 and some hate CCCP . People hate Carp and some are jelous of Josh. The point is no one like everyone. Im the same . Some People hate Drury and most people hate Redden . The hate with never stop and the love wont either. Even with sather running the show Olga still comes here , cuz when yer a Ranger fan ..theres no other place to be.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    “Voros is 100% going to Hartford. Prust,Boogaard and Avery. Enough said”

    Why was Avery mentioned? He never fights anymore and when he did he used to get his puny little ass beat. Avery is a punk, plain and simple.

  21. wicky – why would signing Tim Jackman have anything to do with Regehr? It’s not Barret Jackman.

  22. Repost:

    I’m so done with Shelley. He wanted 3 year deal, he didn’t want to sign with the Rangers..Whatever. He is a Flyer now. Period. So much for a good locker room guy. When Boogard pops him, I bet you it’ll be worth 500K.

  23. Torts doesn’t like players taking penalties. He has a history of punishing goons. Ironic. Looks like another season of Tortorella rants. Woohoo.

  24. “Why was Avery mentioned? He never fights anymore and when he did he used to get his puny little ass beat. Avery is a punk, plain and simple.”

    He’s the only one who went after Carcillo. And he won that one.

  25. Avery, when is able to play his game, is the best instigator in the game. He can draw penalties for us, and has a bit of scoring skill, to go along with great speed.

  26. Does Malhotra’s deal really have NTC? I guess we can draft well after all…And Muckler is still an idiot. There were some peculiar deals today, but nothung beats Oli’s.

  27. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    “I think we’re much better off than we were. It takes a while to get to this stage, especially with some of the bad luck we’ve had.”

    Bad luck we’ve had… geez, who authored said luck??

    Still nothing on Prust.

  28. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Andrew Raycroft to DAL, as per The Stars. Two year deal.

  29. So they’ve committed to paying Boogaard 1.6 mil to sit in the pressbox for every game after November? Stellar. This team is such a joke and it bums me out. This wasn’t a great free agent pool, but when the team doesn’t even make the playoffs, nothing should keep them from making a trade or two – obviously, the current team doesn’t have what it takes for the post season. Instead I’m thinking we’re in for another year of hockey that is, at best, mediocre. And it’s going to be the same cast of characters. Except the decent back up they signed, who will never play because Torts is going to ride Hank for another seventy games. But hey, who’s excited for the Prust-Anisimov-Boogaard line!

    It’s going to be another long season.

  30. reginald, he is a better player than whoever will be the No. 1 center this year. No doubt in my mind.

  31. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Cullen got 3 years at $3.5M from Minny

  32. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    kc July 1st, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    At least we’re not Calgary. That’s the only good news.

    ********************************** LMAO!

    gonna use that as my facebook status if its ok with you KC

  33. reginald dunlop on

    thanks Carp……….that’s what I was getting at……send voros and his 1 mill to hartford…..and redden 6.5 to hartford and theres spezza’s salary

  34. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Not so good stat for Boogie… 2.9 penalties taken per 60 min would lead our club by a lot last year. Aver was #2 for players that played regularly at 1.9. But Avery also drew 1.8 penalties per 60. Boogie is at 1.4

  35. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    yes, my apologies, he played forward fo the isles, not d.

  36. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    from twitter

    reporterchris: #coyotes GM Don Maloney said Matthew Lombardi’s contract demands are “off the charts.”

  37. Finally realized Sather’s master plan for draft day is to sign whomever he can between 12:00-5:00, go over talking points to defend himself for 6:00 conference call, then dinner reservations at 7:00. It’s the exact same every year.

  38. Blueshirt in Paris on

    So much for Lombardi..;but then again we are talking about Sather

    Maloney on Lombardi negotiations: “What he was looking for from us was off the charts and that was the hometown discount.”

  39. Repost of a list (figures courtesy of of current or most recent cap hit (prior to today’s signings) for enforcers/frequent fighters around the league – acknowledging that not all are comparable by age, skill, size etc:

    Parros $0.9m
    Boulton $0.6m
    Thornton $0.8m
    McGrattan $0.5m
    Koci $0.6m
    Boll $0.7m
    Barch $0.6m
    May $0.5m
    Stortini $0.7m
    McIntyre $0.5m
    Ivanans $0.6m
    Staubitz $0.6m
    Boogaard $0.9m
    Laraque $1.5m
    Belak $0.6m
    Letourneau-Leblond $0.5m
    Peters $0.5m
    Brashear $1.4m
    Neil $2.0m
    Cote $0.6m
    Bissonnette $0.6m
    Godard $0.8m
    Janssen $0.6m
    Fedoruk $1.1m
    Konopka $0.5m
    Orr $1.0m
    Hordichuk $0.8m

    So again, why is any one-dimensional tough guy worth more than $1m per when virtually all his comparables aren’t close to that? Most feared fighter? Maybe, but you couldn’t get some minor league schlub at lt league minimum to do almost the same thing?

  40. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Uh cause you pay a premium to have the ‘heavy weight champ’ then some no-name scrub.

    Laraque and (dont laugh) Brashear were household names…so is Boogie and the money is still in line with them. Lets just hope we get more for what we paid then Huggy.

  41. Like the moves losers. Prospal and christensen were not overpays. Boogard irrelevant, 4 yrs yes money no biggie the guy is 27. shelly is 34..

    they still have all the young forwards. see if Kovalchuk has reasonable price else pass. The cap issues are not as bad as they have been. Can send dredden to Hartford also if need be.

    they are young and going to get younger and moving in the right direction but whiners do what you do best….I mean complaining of a christenson $950K per yr 2 yr signing is a joke.

    they are counting on; dubi, cally, gilroy, mdz,staal, weise, byers, etc to continue to improve and the team. there were no game breaking forwards out there except Kovalchuk.

    Ray whitney is 38, saiku koivu, who for how much?? They have 9 d men that are NHL ready today..staal, girardi, mdz, gilroy are improving clowns……

  42. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Lombardi didnt go anywhere yet..;they tried to re-sign him but his demands were crazy.

  43. like lombardi is going to be a 70 point guy? no friggin chance yes he skates fast whipttydoo.

    stepan, grachez, wiese, byers, etc. 2 of them need to make the team.. that is how you get better or you get a once in a generation talent to come as a FA like gabby or kovalchuk…

    boby ryan is a elite talent also the rest are just guys. Dubi is better then 80% or more of the forwards signing today…

  44. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    Dump Redden & Voros in Hartford And Id’ still consider it a successful summer

    Our Needs/What has hapened:

    Staal/Girardi Resigned – Tomato face says its gnna happen

    Backup Goalie – Biron

    replace Shelley – Boogaard

    Banger Dman – To be determined

    Demote Redden & Vor0s – TBD

    Promote som eof the kids – TBD

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Sorry LW3H , but BOOGARD is worth more then all of ’em . He is the heavey weight champ and strikes FEAR in other teams. You wanna go to the minors and find Mitch Fritz? He and any other goon cant make it in the NHL . McIlrath will make it when it come to young minor leaguers aso were up in that catagory too!!

    People have to realize , we have a young team and the additions today are vidal.

  46. I’ll believe they send Redden’s fat contract to Hartford when I see it.

  47. BiP – Yeah, I’m being simplistic and I’m aware there’s a premium. But a premium of $0.5m plus and a four-year term for someone who esentially can’t play? I can’t believe enforcers are so hard to obtain that the price could possibly be that steep. It’s completely irrational. If the price got jacked up because other teams were in competition for Boogaard, then there are some (almost) equally stupid GMs around.

    And Laraque and Brashear’s “names” haven’t stopped them being effectively dumped out of the league before their premium-inclusive contracts expired – along with Fedoruk’s being bought out yesterday.

  48. Is anyone else sick to there stomach over the day we have had. Did the team improve or get worse. I don’t get it!!

  49. don’t worry glenny is not finished, at least not in his feeble mind……..

  50. Greg – And the immense fear Boogaard brings to opposing teams in his five minutes a game has helped Minnesota in what tangible way, exactly?

    His pretty bad defensive stats? His kneeing suspension? Minnesota’s recent playoff success? Concussions to Burns and Bouchard? His own facial injury and concussion?

  51. The rangers lineup as of right now:


    Staal-Danny G


    Where are kids playing. How did this team improve? Its the same damn TEAM!!

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!!! We got Saskatoon boy BOOGARD!!!

  53. TheMessiah94 on

    So what’s going to happen with Brashear? AFAIK, we’re still paying his $1.4 million/year next year. So with Boogaard we’re now paying $3 milion a year for 2 players that combined will play 4 minutes a night?!?! Oh, Glen….

  54. His pretty bad defensive stats? His kneeing suspension? Minnesota’s recent playoff success? Concussions to Burns and Bouchard? His own facial injury and concussion?


    yeah but he’s HUGE! :)

  55. weird how quiet the kovalchuk front is, right? LA/NJD? where is he going? If we can sign him and send down redden/voros et al then I’m pumped…didn’t we sign gabby last year at around 8? I was at yankee game so i think it was around then when i found out (and i was refreshing here on blackberry furiously)

  56. i step out for an hour after the tsn show ended at 600 to grab some dinner with the wife but this is a a disgrace.

    we have the SAME FREAKING TEAM


  57. essentially 3 mil to boogey with him taking brash is contract.

    why i ask why we have the worst gm EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  58. paul g in sunrise on

    This is going to sound very unpopular but I think Avery is done with the rangers. Torts never really warmed to him and his almost $2M cap hit and roster space is valuable to front office to allow “kids” to make line-up. Also younger apparently means d-men. I hope that Sather will finally dump Redden in the minors and trade the very tradeable contract of Rozival. Finally, would love to have Kovi…chances of ever getting poven goal scorer this way is rare, last year notwithstanding. Kovi Gabby 1-2 punch is pretty darn good.

    Carp – great coverage – only one with the conference call wrap up – you the man

  59. I truly hope that this team will suck as much as I hope they will, because we desperately need a top 3 pick in next years draft.

    I don’t know who the young potential stars are, but hopefully one of them will be on NYR for the 2011-2012 season.

  60. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    DarrenDreger A ton of interest in Chris Higgins. Could happen tonight. Some of the teams interested are trying to make moves to make room for him.


    i guess a stoned forward who shoots wide is in high demand eh

  61. paul g, in order for that to be true, some other team would have to want a winger who holds the puck way too long then turns it over.

  62. roc, to be fair, Redden’s gone in September and McDonagh takes his place provided he signs. And I thnk there will be the opportunity for Grachev, Stepan, maybe Kreider, and others up front to win a spot from a veteran.

    but I wouldn’t say this team is improved other than MZA and a new, better backup goalie.

  63. TheMessiah94 on

    It’s waaaaaay too quiet on the Kovalchuk front. I really think the Rangers are going to sign him. Just like last year when there was no hint of signing Gabby, and then Uncle Glennie swooped in. Come on Glen… start swooping!

  64. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    so would everyone agree with Sather if he did the following before the end of the day?

    Resign Staal & Girardi
    Sign Kovalchuk for 8 mil per
    Sept. – dump Redden & Vorso in Hartford
    Trade or keep Rosi either way
    McDonough takes Redden spot
    Remaining spots not guaranteed to eterans to be fought for in camp

    How woudl you all feel about that?

  65. What bad luck is Sather referring to? Mediocre players not living up to undeserved and bloated contracts?

    Only bad luck (and very sad incident) is the death of Cherapanov.

    Giving out terrible contracts every off-season is not bad luck; it’s bad team management.

  66. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Eric Nystrom signs with MIN, three years at $1.4M per year.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Who dat , are you serious? Cherry’s death has hurt us BAD and BlackBurns injury set us back too!! This franchise has had some bad luck and your ignorence makes me wanna puke!!!

  68. Angry Goldfish on

    Free Agency is like going shopping, some things you get on sale(Biron), some things are not on sale (Christensen) and some tbings you overpay for (Boogy), but overpaying for Boogy isnt a deal breaker.

    Things still on the shopping list – #1 Center, and Reliable Hard Hitting D-Man.

    #1 Centers are in short supply, so this year may not be the best time for that. (Savard or Spezza may be too costly)

    Reliable Hard Hitting D-man can still be had.

    Be Patient – I think Plan B may be Kovalchuk (why else would he still be waiting to sign)

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    woo wooooo feeellingsss!!! Oh btw the youth alone comming in is better then any garbage bought today . Our team ‘s chemistry is still intact.

  70. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    ORR, i posted the twitter link that rumor was on because it was so hilarious… Drury and Cally

  71. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    TSNBobMcKenzie As per MTL Canadiens, Dustin Boyd signed to a contract.

  72. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    Not quite sure what the hell all of you were expecting with all the “young players” on the opening of free agency??? Were we going to sign a bunch of young players from other teams???? If you want to be upset about something, be upset that our blueline is still soft as hell and hope that some of them get traded for some grit back there. I think carp is right, mcdonut will be taking redden’s spot (or another guy will) by september.

    You may hate slats on free agency day, but you have to admit he has a pretty good record of unloading bad contracts (even if it was his fault we had them) recently. Why don’t we just wait a few days and see if maybe rozy, redden (still think he is htfd bound), girardi, gilroy (I think his contract is a bit high), or brash get dealt.

    So the guy you all hate overpaid on one contract (according to most of you) by 500k to 600k and you are bitching this much??? seriously???

  73. TheMessiah94 on

    It’s waaaay too quiet on the Western Front. Offer Kovalchuk $110 million over 15 years, it comes to 7.3 million on the cap. Maybe Uncle Glennie has figured out a way to finally do something right.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Well…yeah you can use it . I like Stuart’s way of putting things , wtg man!!!

  75. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    Word I’m getting, and this can change in a heartbeat, is that if Ilya Kovalchuk is going to sign in Los Angeles, it will NOT happen tonight

  76. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    I’m not sure who tweeted earlier about it, but someone said they thought gagne had played his last game as a flyer.

  77. 90% of people on here would find a way to whine and complain no matter what NYR management did today
    Alot of the same team is here but Redden is most likely done, thats a huge plus, theres no kotalik/higgins here like there was last year, who knows whats gona happen with Avery, im not counting on boyle being in the lineup everynight, and they havent resigned prust yet, theres going to be opportunity for young prospects on this roster, and that is what everyone has been saying on here for the rangers to do in the last couple years, build within. Now they stay pretty quiet on a July 1st and theres complaining left and right, its inevitable on here, plain and simple..

  78. paulieplatypus on

    I’m glad Slats was able to remind yall of his “plan” to build this organization from within. Unlike most of you on this site it seems, I’d much rather see young players like Steppan, Kreider, Weiss, Werek, Grachev, McDonaugh, Kundratek, McNaught-:), etc… Then see a Rangers GM go out and sign expensive UFA’s who’s overall play will most likely melt and wither into unproductivity from all the ridiculously overburdened pressure the Blueshirts faithfull always puts on each and every new ariving $$$ UFA.

    This guy Boogaard looks like he’s by far the best fighter in the NHL, with even a little bit of skating skill. Boogaard’s game might even make a contribution during the playoffs… Watch this clip (especially Jacques Lemaire’s press conference at the end of the clip.) showing how Boogaard made a big difference in this particular playoff game.

  79. Sather actually spoke? It must have been via a galactic worm hole or something.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA Linda , I was thinking Linda sure knows her stuff , she sounds like Bob McKenzie!!!!

  81. Do we have any info that Redden is most likely getting sent down to hartford? What makes us think that? I hope its true just don’t want to talk myself into it again and then be crushed…

  82. Carp, I have two very important question to ask !!! I have to admit, that I have lost totally the interest in the NHL the last couple of months, never saw so few games in the playoffs than this season…( I didnt see any of the conference or Stanley cup finals this season, which was the first time in nearly 20 years….!!!!

    1. Do you really think, that the Rangers really can be sucessful under the tutelage of Mr. Glen Sather the president and General manager of Live ????????

    2. Do you really think that there is a real competition in the these days going on in the NHL by the word of competition, when you listen to the Commisioner in the afternoon and when you have a system in place, where you as an owner or general be forced to sell always big puzzles of your championship winning teams you wont be able to fit it under the salary cap ??? Do you really think that its good to have always a different Stanley Cup winner, because after the word of commisoner all 30 teams need the same chance to win the cup doesnt matter if they work good or not ???
    What do you think about the level of play when the league always tries to implement the best player to 30 teams either to have a league with 24 teams having much a better core group of talent =??????

  83. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    i’m not sure boyle is in the line up either.

  84. i dont mind they did nothing big i have a problem though with the contract of boogard when we still owe brash 1.4
    essentially we are paying 3 mil.

    with this roster and bringing back prospal why let all the kids play and finish 15th in the east.

    leafs thrashers panthers tampa all getting better on paper prob pass us.

    no reason for prospal in this div taking space of a kid.

  85. “90% of people on here would find a way to whine and complain no matter what NYR management did today”

    Umm, yeah, because Slats can’t make a good move.


    Don’t believe any Dredden rumors. Odds are, he’s gonna play out his contract.

    I just can’t see Slats doing what needs to be done.

  86. wicky ( We are still "positionally sound" on D!!!) on

    seeing the dollars that some of the UFA d men went for today, I don’t think staal is worth more tahn 3.5 to 4 mil per.

  87. I know there are here a lot of guys with deep roots for the Rangers and I would probably start a tough discussion but how can you be still a Rangers fan when you get fooled years and years now from an owner and and a president and general manager of live who clearly think more on their respective deep pockets of money instead of the sucess of the

    NEW YORK RANGERS ????????????????????

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Eric…Eric ..Eric….Boogaard is a beast. Enough said. FAN SCREAM HIS NAME .

    Koala , 2 very very important questions…

    #1 Your not a Ranger fan so who cares what Sather is doing.Are you pretending to be a fan?

    #2 Your view on the NHL sucks , can you go back to eatting Eucalipcus leaves and stop depressing me?

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Koala you suck …shoeshine box here you come !!!! TONY !!! GET THE BOX!!!

  90. Czechthemout!!!! on

    So far this has not been as terrible a day as so many here seem to think. You can nitpick about not giving Chad Johnson a shot at the back up job. You can also find some fault with slightly overpaying a goon. You can also take issue with bringing back EC an VP instead of giving Stepan and AA the top two center spots. But at the end of the day, Scumbag Sather did not screw up as much as I thought he would today. Besides, if Stepan shows he is up to the job as I believe he will, it should be easy to get rid of EC. VP is still an effective player who can play in any position on the offense.

    What I really hope happens is that at least five or six kids shown that they belong, forcing Sather to dump some more of the garbage still on this team. I think this team is at least 3 to 5 years away from any kind of contention. So if we finish in the bottom three this season, I for one will be willing to wait as long as I see them building towards something.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , remeber the Spezza thing..or wait its Kovalchump!!..You will say you love Diepetro huh?

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    KOALA , RANGERS RULE and you Suck!!!!!!

  93. Greg, it was Kovalchook.

    And Koala has a point. I’ll always root for them, but my preference is for them to lose every game for the next two years, so they can

    A) Get back to back top three picks in the draft

    B) Force Dolan into finally firing Sather

    This organization doesn’t care aboot their fans, and the majority of the players don’t give a flying fugg aboot us either. So, remind me why we should all be so attached to the group of losers we have to see year in, year out??

    I wont make some other team my number one team like Olga did, but still, I’m not going to give 100% as a fan, because these scumbags don’t deserve it.

    And I also wish that the Ranger fans that hate Slats and Dolan so much finally stop paying money to go to games, because at the end of the day, that’s what’s keeping Slats his job.

  94. Eric what have the florida panthers done to improve? they traded away one of their better scorers for dennis wideman, whos good but they cant score and gave up nathan horton, and they traded ballard for grabner and some other young guys, they arent much better if better at all than the team they were last year. we have to hav faith in our young guys coming up, alot of other teams hav had success with their young guys playing, look at the avalanche last year.

  95. wicky (dr. ruth would describe ranger fans like this.....) on

    Dr Ruth says romance is like being a ranger fan:

    It really depends on the kind of person you are if you can stay rooting for the rangers or be a ranger fan or not. If you are that person that would date someone then at some point get married to them and if they over time after a few kids or something become less physically attractive but you always stay faithful and loyal to them and do not cheat on them despite of all the more attractive options out there, then you are probably a true blue lifelong ranger fan.

    If you are always looking out for someone better or more attractive and are not loyal and cheat all the time, you might be a bandwagon fan or just always looking for attention or just something to complain about, and not really a true blue rangers fan.

    disclaimer from dr ruth….this does not apply to orr!!!

  96. Orr,
    unfortunately, being a true fan means you support your team ALWAYS. Not when it is easy. I’ve been a fan since 79. Alot of bad years but it was all worth it on June 14, 1994. I know it sounds naive to say that but it’s what being a fan is about. If you prefer that they loose then I don’t see you as a real fan. Just my opinion that nobody asked for

  97. I know, it’s far from over, but as of almost 9pm, how many young prospects did they exactly trade away today? None. Didn’t we all want them to stay put?

  98. wicky (Our D is still "positionally sound")!!!!! on

    sorry, long day just trying to add a little humour!

  99. I think a lotta people feel that being a fan of the team means hoping that they get what they need to be successful and unfortunately for us that means that this team needs to hit rock bottom and get a decent pick.

    I’m glad Prospal is back but other than that I just have to say that I hate Sather and I hope he isn’t GM much longer. that’s putting it nicely for the sake of the blog and outa respect for Carp- if you wanna hear my true opinion on things stop by my FB page

  100. I like signing Boogaard. The BEST at his craft. Better than Orr. Better than Shelly.

    BUT. 4 years is WAY, WAY, WAY too long for a fighter. Brash hurt his hand in preseason and was a waste of 2 years. Orr got KO’d by Sheely and wasnt the same for a month (even longer by my estimation).

    Goons need to be hungry, too. I hope Boogaard doesn’t lose his appetite for destruction now that he is set for 4 years.

  101. I’ve given everything to this team, even when most fans were not optimistic going into the season, or the playoffs, I always stood behind them and rooted for them. Even when we were down 2-0 against the Sabs, 3-0 against the Pens, and when we blew the 3-1 lead against the Craps.

    But, I’ve reached the point where I can’t take them anymore. They don’t care, and at the end of the day most of them think, “well, we might have lost, but at least I’m making some great money, no big deal”

    They don’t care, so I don’t care.

    And James G hit the nail right on the head with his post. Now, I hope someone takes a nail, and hammers it into Slats and Dolan’s skull!!

  102. I really want a young homegrown team. so, if sather does little I am happy. if most of the spots go to young homegrown kids, to blend in with a few vets like Gabby, Prospal etc., then I am fine with it. I think that kids like Stepan and McDonagh will develop nicely and help the team if they get the chance.

  103. ilb

    i am fine by keeping the kids however the deal for the goon is absurd when u are paying brash.

    why prospal if u want to get younger. play all the kids

  104. If you don’t care why are you here? You obviously care. We have all been here or at MSG when things were bad. But what I am trying to say is you have want your team to be good and successful. Rooting for them to loose is a waste of energy

  105. vanc is overloaded with dmen. will probably have to trade Bieksa, who is tough and pretty good, but has a penchant for taking bad penalties.

  106. Linda scared by the ghosts of july 1 on

    ORR, you’re possibly the youngest on here, and he’ll outlive you!

  107. Sather’s “plan” to go young is because he can’t afford anything else! And yes, fans complain because they don’t fall for it anymore.

    Sather is running a hockey ponzi scheme — he overpays players, then dumps them somewhere else, and re-signs new bad contracts, and sells them to the fans every July like this time he knows what he’s doing. Enough.

  108. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    Clean house, bring the young guys in and trade hank at the deadline, rebuild fresh.
    By the time this team matures hank will be past his prime.

  109. Eric,
    The deal for Boogard is absurd regardless of Brash’s deal. The Rangers were going to be paying Brashear to play in Hartford whether they signed a pugilist or not.
    To those who condone the $1.65 million spent on an enforcer, remember Brashear wasn’t fighting too terribly when Tortorella let him go, but he was killing the team with his inability to do anything else for the team [complete inability to skate, pass, score]. Boogard is a much better fighter at this point in his career, but he too can’t do a thing besides fight.

  110. koala, 1) no. 2) the current system ensures that most of the NHL will always be mediocre, if not all of it.

    One more thing, Spezza is now gone. Ottawa was due to pay him his $4M bonus today. The only reason they had to trade him was to avoid the $4M. Once it’s paid, they won’t trade him.

  111. eric- this is NY. You can’t put the team of kids only and not be competitive. They need to sell big tickets. Not yours, but expensive seats bought by big corporations. They need some proven veterans. Prospal’s deal is good move by both sides.

    Goons are irrelevant. They wanted Shelley, he wanted three years. They didn’t feel he’d be effective at 36-37. He said:”No 3 year? Screw you! I’m going to the Flyers. I’ll show you next year!” Sather probably figured:”Oh, really? Meet Derek Boogard!” Something along those lines.. Childish, but probably true. 500K will not make that much difference…

    The point is, the kids are still here. And they have some time to grow.

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Free agent Spenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    wow , quite the game wicky!!! We tied it up …Wes Cates!!

  113. Thanks Carp !

    That was the answer I am looking to get. I dont like any kind of mediocrity at all and that is what the NHL became since the lockout since they have installed that cba…!!!
    Now you know why I am not longer here, and that is not because of you…

  114. Great job today Carp, Boneheads, and everyone else!! Wonder what tomorrow holds ;-)

  115. Carp, isn’t that what we thought last year wtih Heatley too though re: the bonus?

  116. Too much for Boogaard! He may be the best, but that was said about Brashear last year by some people. At least we don’t have to charge some of these past bad signings against the cap, like Rissmiller and Voros with dueling three-year contracts at a million dollars per year.

    The rest of the moves so far today are decent. I can’t complain about Biron. He’s good for the “room.” Glad they didn’t give those Malhotra, Jokinen, or Shelley contracts.

  117. I think it’s possible that Ottawa was forced to hold off until the dust cleared on UFA Day because they didn’t like the offers they were getting…

    The signing bonus is a big deal though so it will be interesting to see if he does get traded anyway… I wouldn’t bet money on it that’s for sure…

    I thought Boogaard got too much length for someone who spends a lot of time not just in the penalty box, but also the players box upstairs… he finds ways out of the lineup, I just hope it was just a rough stretch in his career. I don’t mind him as much as the length of the deal.


  118. Also… it may not happen anytime soon… and it may not happen this season at all… but one of these days, there will be a deal for a proven player now that it seems like the organization is much deeper than it used to be??


  119. McDonagh IS NOT playing next season. He even said he is finishing up college/ his degree.
    And why are we assuming Redden will be off books? Anyone think Uncle Glennie will actually do what is right?

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "BOOGAARD - instant fan favorite!!! " … says Greg L. on

    July 1st, 2010 at 7:17 pm
    and some hate CCCP
    wha??? hates me?? ima bite you!

    Remeber that guy who said Russian ‘s smell? You and he really got into it and Im perty sure he hated you.

  121. I counted…1,400th!!! whoo hoo!

    what a day here! work prevented me from joining the party (hartell!) but I’ve been trying to read everybody’s thoughts and keeping up on the trades.

    wow. and glennie speaks too! next thing you know, they’ll have peace in the middle east and the gulf spill cleaned up.

    still trying to get my head around the day. hope to chime in tomorrow.

    Of all the comments though, I have to give a shout out to wicky as dr. ruth. AWESOME dude!

    And Carp, my captain o captain….what can I say. Someone find me another Rangers blog that had that this kind of discussion today. Can’t? Didn’t think so. Heads rule!!

  122. Blue Seat Horror on

    Thanks for the heads up on Hockey Night Live, eric.

    For the Harry Potter Watchers, anybody else think Butch Goring looks like Valdemort?

    Very depressing to hear Dave Maloney suggest that since Girardi has arbitration rights he’s going to get 4mil, which means Staal will want just as much, so that’s 8 mil for Girardi and Staal, and 20 mil for Girardi, Staal, R&R.

  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "BOOGAARD - instant fan favorite!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. girardi and redden were pretty popular with renney, maybe oilers will be dumb enough to maker a deal.
    Redden, rights to Girardi for Souray

  125. Blue Seat Horror on

    I don’t understand how the brothers Sutter are still employed in Calgary, unless….

    This just in from Elkland

    A contact very close to the inner workings of the NHL told me Calgary is planning to move to Phoenix when Phoenix moves to Winnipeg (e8).

  126. miked….wishful thinking. nobody’s buying Redden, We are stuck, one way or the other. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly eat those words for breakfast, and I don’t even eat breakfast.

  127. Who hates CCCP? The guy is awesome! We cant fault him for being a fan of Chelsea! :-)

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    $1.65 million is too much for Boogaard? Someone has to pay for those extra vowels…

    Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel… “o”
    Vanna, turn over the letters.
    _ o o _ _ _ _

    Pat, I’d like to buy another vowel “a”

    _ o o _ a a _ _

    The clue is “Halloween Protector”

    I’d like to solve the puzzle-


  129. Just realized that Joel Lundqvist was taken in the 3rd round while Hank was taken in the 7th round in 2000 ….. Ironic??

  130. Good night, boys and girls. It was quite a day here at the Festivus blog.

    Good night, Sally!

    Where the hell was Sally?

  131. -pre-kovalchuk signing playoff predictions for next season:
    East: NJ, Pittsburgh, Philly, Buffalo, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, ATL
    West: Vancouver, Detroit, LA, Anaheim,St. Louis, Chicago, Colorado, Minnesota
    Cup finals: Canucks over Devils

  132. My prediction for the Cup finals next year…

    LA Kings vs Boston

    Quick has his playoff experience, as do the rest of the young Kings, and they have all the pieces in place to make a strong run to the Cup Finals. If they do manage to sign Kovalchook, then that will send them over the edge. I don’t care aboot his short past playoff performances, because he’s a superstar, and he’ll live up to the potential in LA

    And if Seguin lives up to the hype, and Horton can stay healthy, and consistent, then that would add even more power to the team. Who knows what will happen with Savard, but I think who ever they get in what ever potential deal will help them, maybe Regher? Also they could get someone of some importance for Thomas. Who knows.

    That’s my pick. I’m done for the night. I’m looking forward to more disappointment tomorrow!

  133. Olga Folkyerself on

    My prediction for next year-

    Blues Brothers

    Come on
    Stanley don’t you wanna go
    Come on
    Stanley don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet Home Chicago

  134. Olga Folkyerself on

    How about this one: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies- So Long Toots, (Bound for Chicago)

    So long Slats, bound for Chicago, it’s been Hell
    You had your chance to win, you know damn well
    You know I gotta leave, before your next spending spree
    And the Rangers come crashin’ to the ground

    So long Slats, bound for Chicago, you’re all done
    It just as might as well be Toronto or Washington
    Tonight Hawks won the Cup, New York’s nowhere, you’re used up
    But playoffs to watch where the Black Hawks game is sound
    They made a member of me
    So long Slats, bound for Chicago now

    So long Slats, bound for Chicago, it’s just not right
    I can’t stay as long as you run things, it’s just not right
    And that’s the final straw, and you’ve been the worst of all
    But you keep spending all that cash for those old guys

    So long Slats (bound for Chicago!)
    So long Slats (bound for Chicago!)
    So long Slats, bound for Chicago now

  135. You are too funny Olga!

    One of your best ones was calling me Uniqueer! Ive turned that into a joke amongst friends.

    I’ll grade the Rangers offseason acquisitions based on looks at a later time :-)

  136. Dont know if anyone heard, or even knows about the kidnapping and freeing of Jaycee Dugard…

    Her family is getting a $20 million settlement from the state of California(?) for negligence and such.

    I have to wonder if there are people involved in the settlement that wished that Dugard never escaped and/or died without ever being found, rather than costing the state $20 million.

    I have to imagine there are sickos out there that care more about the money than human life.

  137. Sign Frolov and Offense is somewhat decent

    Frolov – Christenson – Gaborik
    Dubie – Anisimov – Prospal
    Avery – Drury – Callahan
    Boogaard – Boyle – Prust

    MDZ – Staal
    Girardi – Rozy
    Redden – Gilroy


  138. “The Lavender Menace was an informal group of lesbian radical feminists formed to protest the exclusion of lesbians and lesbian issues from the feminist movement”

    LOL! WTB! But Im not a lesbian! :-)

  139. oh, above quote via Wikipedia…

    Hard to believe – I know – but Im actually not gay or bi!

  140. Matt

    Frolov is another Zherdev…Why overpay for Frolov if Niki Z is willing to play for league’s minimum?

  141. Hmmm…If Nikki Z is willing to play for the league minimum, I wouldnt mind taking a flyer on him. Maybe Torta is just what Z needs to succeed and get his ass into gear.

    And personally, I’d love a guy similar looking to Orlando Bloom back on our team!

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    Matt- can’t see Christensen as first line center at the start of the season. I know they re-signed him, but he’s just a place holder until they dump Redden and get a real one…

  143. Hugo Folkyerself on

    “The Lavender Menace was an informal group of lesbian radical feminists formed to protest the exclusion of lesbians and lesbian issues from the feminist movement”

    I told you that you were wrong Olga, you never believe me…

  144. In all of Boogey’s quotes he’s politely left off the bit about “and no other GM was going to offer me anywhere near 4 yrs and $1.65m per!”.
    So Hank will get 6 minutes of protection and the other 54 minutes he’ll just have to put up with the soft boys allowing him to get run?

    I’ll bet Slats is thanking the lord (again) for the Sutter’s at least stealing some headlines from him!

    I’m hoping that bringing back Christy and Prospal means they can build on last year, which wasn’t too bad, but not yet 1st line material. It also makes me think that Grachev & Stepan are at least one more year away.

  145. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Word is he had another 4 year deal on the table, from Oilers I think…but they couldn’t/wouldn’t match the dollars.

    But reqlly in the end is probably +/- 300k…people are making this a bigger deal then it is. But I guess after years of seeing crap from Sather we have a low tolerance.

    I juts hope Boogie is supported when he gets here. I would imagine its hard to go smash your fist on someones face to try to get the crowd that is booing you into the game.

  146. Um, Glen

    Flyers just ate your lunch.

    Didn’t want to give Shelley 4 years? What were you afraid of? ( That someone might criticize you for making a foolish deal? I know…you were afraid that someone might have asked for Roszival or one of the aging stars in Hartford. Good heavens ! We can’t have that ! Not in- ah, rangerland. But…they got the big guy they needed. Once he mixes in with the rest of this team of immortals, they’re on their way. Bring on the season. Still no available Center on the horizon it seems, now that Modano is rumored adrift. Were you him, would you rather play for the Wings during your by by season.. or come to rangerland?

  147. Again, Boogaard isn’t the end of the world, but there is also the chance he can be Brashear redux. The contract is too long.

  148. More importantly, could Sather turn Girardi into Filitov? Remember: For each blunder Sather makes, he pulls off the equally minor miracle.

  149. Blueshirt in Paris on

    cwgatti, not really since it is not a toxic contract and can come off the books very easily. Plus I think there still is somewhat of a market for Boogie compared to Brash due to age.

  150. My problem with the Boogey signing is not that we signed him, as its good to have a legit enforcer, but that he’s overpaid by $500k per year which could/should have been given to Staal.
    If rumours are true Staal and is being offered $14m over 4yrs, Slats could have saved $2m and made that a $16m over 4 years offer which i’m sure would be close to what Staal is asking for.

    Its a shame that one of the most famous arenas in the world, in one of the greatest cities in the world continue to host 2 of the most dysfunctional franchises in the world – mostly because the owners only care about revenue and profit

  151. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well I see your point but I don’t think Staal should get 4mil per year…not yet.

    IS he worth it? Maybe his market value is that but the way things are, he is not to get paid true market value at this point in his career. His day will come but fir right now he is being offered much more then his qualifying…I think its pretty fair.

  152. Rod Gilbert on

    As best I can piece it together, Kovalchuk is mulling offers from LA, NJ (pushing hard to re-sign him), and “one other eastern team”, perhaps the Rangers, maybe Philly.
    One LA Times story says the other eastern team wanted last night to put together their best offer, with Kovalchuk supposedly wanting to sleep on it as well.

    Then we had a brief flurry of reports/rumours about a deal w/Calgary, and there was supposedly a quote from Darryl Sutter yesterday saying “it was all up to Glen”, but I haven’t been able to track that one down.
    BTW, Didn’t we go through a strange (and very public) 3-day waiting period when those two hooked up on the Jokinen deal?

    Guesstimate? If the Rangers are the other team tendering an offer to Kovalchuk, perhaps they’re waiting to see how it shakes out. If he chooses LA, maybe they pull the trigger on a trade for Iginla, where it sounded like Calgary would get 2 of 3 from Staal, Dubinksy, and Callahan.
    Also saw a bunch of (unsubstantiated) stuff saying rangers wanted back a d-man and/or were refusing to part with both Staal and Callahan.

    We shall see.

  153. Paris,
    What I was implying is that the NYR would have another goon with an unmovable contract. I suppose the Rangers could easily bury Boogaard in the minors (unlike Brash). But one has to remember that burying UFA signees that don’t pan out (i.e. Redden)in Hartford sends a bad message to future UFA’s that may sign with the NYR.

  154. UKranger,
    I believe that the MSG ownership IS NOT concerned with making a profit. I believe that Dolan had this empire passed to him, and is more concerned with guitar, his buddies (Slats, Issah Thomas,) and hookers than he is about business. He is a bufoon. If he wanted to make money, he would go hard for Lou Lamorillo, Ken Holland types that are RELEVANT to today’s sporting world.

  155. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Agreed. Hate to into these things thinking worst case scenario but with Sather leading the charge…well you understand.

    I still think its movable to a certain extent. RE-entry waivers which puts him at 800k and attractive I would think. Also taking back some dead weight in a trade to make up for the premium.

    I still cant beleive Rissmiller hits our c

  156. Rod Kovalchuk is cheaper than getting Iginla, but whatever the genius gets done if it’s really an either or. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  157. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I still cant believe Rissmiller hits our cap for 1mil and nobody screams about that.

    Guess we need to move on and scream about other things.

  158. rangers look pretty much done signing anybody except staal and girardi it looks like. unless a trade happens, just not enough space to. sather said the kids will be given their chance. if there was any big players to be signed, they wouldve done that first, and hell no to frolov. for what? 20 extra goals and some more ultra soft players up front. zherdev too. screw the punk. we arent going to win anything but a few more games with them here, maybe, and those are the type of players you get once you already have the top line talent to compete and need just some extra support incase of injury and will not make this team a stanley cup contender, so why bother?

  159. Blueshirt in Paris on

    ah true my bad.

    But guess the point is there have been much worse signings the Boogie. Just seems everyone is fed up and has little tolerance. I am one of them but I know when we are in the cellar next year at least I hope we wont be getting our butts kicked as well.

    Im not a big Sather fan but if he signed Shelly for 3 years people would have jumped on that. Had he let Shelly walk and not replace him, people would have jumped on that.I think he didn’t have many options.

    If we are going with more kids they need to be protected as well and not taken advantage of. Maye Artem can keep his head on

  160. Blueshirt in Paris on

    He is on the books for another year…but does not hit the cap as was pointed out

  161. Rod Gilbert on

    Bklyn Blue,

    Obviously, in not having to part with any talent/assets, Kovalchuk sure is ‘cheaper’ (and younger), which is why I thought he was easily the best option for them if they’d decided to “Go Big”.

    That said, if it is Iginla they’re angling for, I can’t help feel a similarity to when Messier was acquired.
    That’s not to compare their accomplishments, there really is no comparision. Just in terms of where the franchise is (though the 1991 Rangers, with Leetch and Richter already on board were more promising, IMO) and the styles of the two players.

    Anyway, if forced to guess, I’d say we end up with neither.

    But I’d maintain they do need something serious here to turn the corner. Boogaard ain’t it.

  162. Rod Gilbert on

    Congrats to Sather, btw, for FINALLY realizing it’s not a good idea to kill your franchise goalie through overuse,
    as he did to Richter.

    Now let’s see if he puts his foot down when they lose a few straight and tortorella is scared for his job and tries to give Hank the nod after he faced 150 shots in 3 nights.

  163. People seem to forget that the team probably expects (or hopes might be a better word) Zucco and Stepan to be playing this season. So, who goes if those two make the team? I’d say Christensen is the odd man out at center if Stepan makes the team. Who does Zucco replace?

  164. At the moment i see our 4 lines as something like this – i’m not saying Christy is by any means a 1st line center or that Anisimov is our 2nd, but based on last year and the expectations that the Hobbit is a goalscorer this is how i think it would play out as of now.

    Prospal – Christenson – Gaborik
    Dubie – Anisimov – Hobbit
    Avery – Drury – Callahan
    Boogaard – Boyle – Prust

    Of course, this could all blow up if Slats signs another UFA or trades for another forward.

    My biggest concern right now is that we have essentially the same 6 d-men we finished with (if you ignore Eriksson) and they are too soft and too error prone.

  165. The Columbus Blue Jackets might be dealing Nikita Filatov, according to The Fourth Period’s David Pagnotta, which is mildly surprising because all indications were that they were happy letting Filatov and new coach Scott Arniel start fresh.

    That said, several teams will surely call on the forward, who has star potential, especially since the market for top-six forwards is slim.

    One interesting connection was made by the Columbus Dispatch’s Aaron Portzline, who wonders if the Vancouver Canucks would be interested in Filatov, perhaps in exchange for Kevin Bieksa. The Canucks may be looking to dump one of their high-priced defensemen, and the Jackets need some immediate help on D, so the pieces seem to fit. But it’s all speculation at this point.

    rosi for filatov do it

  166. Screw Filatov, we should be looking at Vancouver, they need rid of a D-man or 2. They have 8 and the top 6 earn at least $3.1m each. My bet is they will move Bieksa or Erhoff as neither has more than a year left, both will be UFA’s next summer and teams are looking for either a hard-nosed guy like Bieksa or puck-mover like Erhoff.

    Slats should be in on any talks for Bieksa, he fits the bill for what we need and can handle big minutes, he also has 31 play-off games under his belt (13 points).

  167. Apparently, people in Vancouver are disenchanted with Bieksa now ,as his play has declined, possibly due to those tough injuries.

    Rissmiller isn’t charged against our cap since he has been in Hartford, but he does count against the offseason cap. He still gets paid a cool million, though.

  168. I think our priority now is to get whatever RFA’s we can under contract, and maybe see if we can get a good dman by trade if possible. Still being handcuffed by R & R’s salaries doesn’t help any but hey, you never know!

  169. Paris – I agree. Once Shelley demanded the 3rd year, this was a total no win situation for Sather. We would be ripping him no matter what he did. As I said yesterday, it’s a bad contract but will have little impact in the big picture.

  170. I think the Nucks fans are being a bit hard on a guy who was forced to miss games last year because he got cut by Petr Prucha’s skate when flattening the guy, then came back and scored 2 goals in their season finale and 8 points in 12 playoff games – i thought Ranger fans were fickle!!

  171. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Im actually hoping that Torts Sully and SHoney live up to there word this time around and actually award spots on the roster to people who deserve them.

    IF the Hobbit or Stepan or Gracehv look liek the real deal and are ready to play then I dont care who gets dumped in HArtford, jstu put the most competetive team possible on the ice.

    And if Del Z & Gilroy are locks on D, and we resign Staal & Girardi, I still see Rosival involved in a trade and Redden either being demoted to HArtford or Traded( I know but TOmato faced pulled off trading Gomez)and hopefily MCdonough signing and leaving college

    Goign to be aninteresting Camp this year.

    And this really hasnt been talked about but who says Boyle is a lock for the 4th line?

  172. I would say Boyle’s main competition is Chris Drury!

    I love how Slats contradicts himself:
    “Don’t think we’re totally done. We’re still looking. Sticking with the philosophy of trying to build our team from within. We want to leave some space for some of these (young) guys to get in here.”

    Still looking, but trying to build from within? How will we give our youngsters an opportunity if all the available slots are given to UFA’s?

  173. Now that Souray has been waived by Oilers, when does the drum beat begin for the oft wounded warrior?????????

    And as for this Booger…did he ever play for Florida?

    I don,t believe that I’ve ever seen him play – what’s he like?

    Incidentally the last time I saw the Predators play they were giving the Blackhawks (YOu’ll pardon the expression –
    ..tit for tat during the playoffs and frankly I felt the Hawks were lucky to have come out of that series intact.

    That is a very fast – a good team with a very sound coach.

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