Don’t hold your breath


Did youse all wake up early this morning and run to look under the tree to see what Sather Claus had brung youse?

Well, relax, it doesn’t start until noon (NHL Network will broadcast TSN’s coverage of the frenzy starting at 2 p.m.).

And, relax, I don’t think the Rangers are going to be doing anything big.

But they should be relatively active on a smaller scale.

So stop working and stay here all day (just kidding; I don’t want you to lose your job and not have access to the company computer).

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  1. fudgenuts! I was carped!

    Despite what he brings in terms of goal scoring, I really hope the Rangers don’t sign Kovalchuk.

  2. he is Ovechkin lite…will he take a shift off here and there? Yes but he is scorer which this team needs BADLY!!!

    he did not fit in the Devil Dog plan and it was very surprising that Lou went after him…he is 27 entering his prime…do it!!

  3. stop working? OK, I can do that.

    (kicks back and opens up a beer to go along with my bagel)

  4. Looks like Gonchar is going to hit the market today too – that could complicate the bidding for Paul Martin and Volchenkov a little….(different types of D-man i know, but if you’ve got $5-6m to spend who do you take a run at?)

  5. I think Kovalchuk is going to sign with the LA Kings. The first thing Sather should do is to figure away to get redden and his contract off the team.

  6. Get us a quality backup goaltender, a physical stay at home defenceman, 2 top line scorers (1 already being Gaborik) and let all of the rest of the roster be made up of the kids competing for jobs. Let the best kids play and they will be hungry. Keep Prust and Shelley.

  7. Blow off Redden and Roszi and lets go after the Russian triumvirate of Volchenkov, Gonchar and Kovalchuk!!!

    Screw tha cap!!

  8. Happy July 1 boneheads! Wonder what kind of early bday gift Uncle Glennie is going to have for me this year…oy!

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike Modano will end up here. HE’S A PROVEN WINNER! HE’S RATED A 92 IN NHL ’97!!!

  10. I’d actually have no problem with Modano coming in cheap to be a 4th line center, PP guy, and filling the veteran leadership role that we lack with Drury, Redden, Rozy, etc. Sort of filling the role of Shanny and Fankist (if he’s gone). Cally is good but young. Gabby doesn’t lead for crap.

  11. Mike Modano should get a job in the front office along with Mark Messier, Michael Moore, Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Mann, Mickey Mantle and John Wayne

  12. I don’t agree that a 27 year old player is just entering their prime. If anything they are at or near their peak and are due for a decline within the next couple of seasons.

    Now as far as that means for Kovalchuk, maybe he goes from a 45-50 goal scorer to a 35-40 goal scorer.

    He’ll still be a good player, but I would be very surprised if he’s still putting more than 40+ goals in the next after he reaches 30.

  13. Find backup goalie, get Shelly and Prust resigned, maybe go after Volchenkov and try to figure out how to get rid of R & R’s cap hits…

  14. CT, tell me what great player peaked at 27.

    Linda, is it your 26th today???!!!

    Good morning, Sally!

    tomg, I think Redden to Hartford in September is already a done deal.

  15. Blue Seat Horror on

    Happy FA Day Everybody!

    Carp, I’m not only running to the computer to see how Sather has weakened us this year. I also want to know how the teams around the Rangers have strengthened!

    Sign Tom Preissing to help elevate Redden’s game! I’m hoping it will work as well as signing Kotalik helped Drury’s game.

  16. Good morning, boneheads!

    July 1st is a big day in my field. New academic year starts today. New resident doctors, new medical students. Won’t be able to spend much time at the computer. Make sure the genius doesn’t do anything dumb. And wicky, or Linda, text me if anything substantial happens anywhere today. Thanks. LGR!!

  17. I think Slats will demote Redden in September just because he’s the main reason he can’t make much of a free agent splash or trade dealine acquisition – which is Slats most fun times of the year!

  18. Besides, when Kovy comes here he won’t be 27 anymore. He’ll be 26 like everyone else. Where else is he gonna get thet deal?

  19. so then only sign Stall for 4 more years and let him go because by then he has peaked…27 is prime…6 years 8 mil per…the guy has heart and I think he should in the playoffs that he cares, plus he’s built like a Brick Kremlin, guess the movie reference!!

  20. Blue Seat Horror on

    This is sick, but there’s a part of me that hopes someone hits Staal with an offer sheet so maybe it’ll teach Sather to stop dragging his feet resigning our RFAs. We’re always the last the resign and I hate the wait. I hear about the other teams resigning their RFAs before July 1 and I feel like the only kid at the ice cream truck who doesn’t have a cone…because my parents are on the welfare. And I can’t have none. Want a lick? Psych.

    I’m sure there are perfectly sound business decisions as to why Sather waits to sign (because he’s so good with money), but it doesn’t help me get my ice cream.

  21. Blue Seat Horror on

    Yes, fine, Happy CANADA Day everyone. I was going with FA Day to try to draw the American TV audience to this blog and improve our ratings. Bettman made me do it.

  22. Carp,

    Gretzky scored all of his 200 point seasons before he was 25.

    Lemieux had most of his monster seasons from 25 and younger.

    Orr’s career was effectively done after 27.

    Brett Hull never scored more than 50 after he turned 30.

    I didn’t say they fall off dramatically after they turn 27, but even the career trajectory of the greatest start to take a downward trend in their late 20’s.

  23. Hot off the press, this just in…..Sather in negotiations with Theo Fluery on a comeback. Check back later.

  24. Particularly when you consider that guys like Kovalchuk enter the league when they’re 18-19 years old. Having, 8 or 9 seasons of wear and tear on your body start to take toll let alone when they’re pushing a dozen years in the league by the time they hit 30.

    Again, I’m not saying that after 27/28/29 these guys fall off a cliff, but to expect them to get better after that age is defying historical trends. Most of the top scorers in the league this year were 30 and under and in the case of guys like Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin they’re even under 25.

    Like I said, Kovalchuk can probably put up a couple of 40 goal seasons when he’s 30/31, but to expect him to hit 50, especially with only one world class player as complimentary talent (who would probably play on a different line at 5 on 5 and isn’t a center) is a bit of a stretch.

  25. Hey all.

    I don’t think we should be bending over backwards for Girardi, the guy is an average at best NHL defenseman. If he wants too much, see ya Danny. I won’t miss your awful positioning and 3 body checks in 3 seasons.

    And I gotta say, I have a feeling Sather will do something that we either love or hate, there will be no in-between today. Is there ever on July 1st with him?

  26. Orr’s knees were shot
    Lemieux had Hodgkin’s lymphoma and back injuries
    Gretzky was still a freak after 25
    the man had 130 points at 33, 102 at 35 and 97 at 37 and 90 at 39…come on those are killer #’s! maybe not for Gretzky but any one of us would love to have those #’s froma Ranger.

    if Kovy averages 35 goals per year you wouldnt take that? Who else on this team can do that…Not even Gaborik can say that because of his health issues…

    Go for it Cigar!!!!!!

  27. hello fellow ranger fans i am here and getting ready to settle in. working from home today yeah right


  28. Obviously a “down” year for Gretzky still ranks high in the scoring charts, but that’s my point. He was still great, but not as great as his Oilers heyday.

    And yes, Lemieux and Orr were very injury prone, but again the main idea is that even an elite athlete’s resiliency doesn’t improve with age.

    Plenty of other sports see their best players peak by their late 20’s, you’re starting to see that in baseball where since the clean up of rampant PED usage (I’m not going to stick my head in the sand, I know it still exists just without the same proliferation as the 90’s) the better players are 30 and younger. A few years back Curtis Martin became the oldest rushing yards champion at age 30. Many of the top players at this year’s World Cup are in their early to mid 20’s. Especially with the way that salaries are structured and the need to optimize production from their younger players, hockey is becoming no different.

  29. 30 minutes till the Kovalchuk sweepstakes begin – will it be a one horse race (LA) or are there a re few dark horses waiting in the wings…..?

  30. Atl had Kovy and Hossa, and they were terrible. Atl had Kovy and Heatley and they were terrible

    it is a team sport

    the Rangers are weak at center

  31. As much as I agree about Girardi, he still is better than the 2 R’s and comes cheaper. McIlrath is at least a year away, and after Delzotto and Staal there is nothing much. Volchenkov would be a good signing IMHO…

  32. CT, I knew that Gretzky was going to be exhibit A as soon as I typed that. Let’s not forget, at 27 he got traded to LA. And, yes, he was a freak.

    Let’s talk about your average star players. They don’t go downhill at 27.

  33. What’s an average star player?

    And if you’re paying Kovalchuk the chunk of change he’s going to demand don’t you want to get something more than average star player? Perhaps top 5 in the league?

  34. He’s not the best ever, but he’s the best ever to become available as a free agent, at this stage of his career. Like I said yesterday, other greats will become free agents but will likely not be “truely” available; they will be locked up in their prime by their current teams.

    Let’s consider a couple of things:

    Will he, even with this roster, bring a few more wins?………easily. Maybe we don’t have to flirt with the last week of the season, let alone the last game to make the playoffs. And yes, I want playoff hockey even if it’s only to gain experience for the young guys – racing improves the breed.

    Do we have anyone on the roster or any prospects that can reasonably be expected to develop into someone remotely close to his ability?………not a chance.

    How many times last season did we all say this team lacks talent and can’t score? How many times did it seem Hank had to pitch a shutout for the Rangers to have a chance at a win?……Kovy instantly changes that.

    Torts wants to play a style that this team can’t play. Here’s your horse coach.

    Could be a once in a generation opportunity. Rangers would be stupid not to at least explore the possibility.

  35. CT the general rule is that most athletes will peak between 25 and 35. Obviouisly wear and tear has an effect on some players and can cause them to drop off a little earlier, especially those who have had an early start to their big league careers. For every Orr there is a Messier (99 points age 35!).

    Positions like Goalie can be classed a little differently as their job is more mental and reactions based and those things get better with practice, although it still relies on some athelticism a goalie can easily be at his peak in his mid-late 30’s.

  36. Tank The Season on

    Eklund has us as in on Boogaard if Shelley walks due to the Risebrough and Gaborik Minnesota connection. The Boogeyman can’t be worse than Brashear, right?

  37. thenyrangers

    Dylan McIlrath shakes building with bone rattling check
    2 minutes ago via mobile web

  38. >>hello fellow ranger fans

    Um, we’re “Rangers fans”, meaning we’re fans of the team [New York] Rangers.

  39. I’m going to make one point and I would like someone to prove me wrong…Rangers sign Kovalchuk he becomes a top 3 player in the entire organIzation…Hank, Gaborik, Kovy in any order you want.

  40. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    no argument. Kovalchuk signs on ANY team, he’s a top 3 player.

  41. I’d take Biron … he will want to “stick it” to the Flyers and Isles, if he gets the chance.

    Could work out nicely.

    My wish list (in order):

    Kovalchuk (not gonna happen – but i can wish?)
    Volchenchov (not gonna happen – but i can wish?)
    P. Martin
    Z. Michalek


    Shelley (could take or leave, the rest are a MUST in my book)

  42. Again, 27 isn’t the strict dividing line. Use the range of late 20’s to 30.

    Steve Yzerman, never scored more than 100 points or 50 goals after 27.

    Fedorov had one season where he even averaged a point per game after he turned 30.

    All but one of Messier’s 100 point seasons came before he was 30, similar stats for Jari Kurri.

    Paul Coffey scattered a couple of 70+ point seasons after he turned 30 but his best years were before that.

    Pat Lafontaine was very productive until 28, then got hit with injuries but had one good season at 31.

    Jagr had his one season revival at 33/34, but absent that year he was looking very worn down a couple of years before that.

    Two notable exceptions are Joe Sakic and Ron Francis.

  43. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    do far the best I can tell from what i’m seeing…..biron to rangers, sutton back to isles, and mezaros to flyers… I can tell, oh hamhuis to try free agency.

    will do!

  44. dore33,

    no argument. Kovalchuk signs on ANY team, he’s a top 3 player.

    exactly my point…he is a stud and that is the type of player you pay big $$$ for…not the reddens and fleury’s and all the other disasters this team has thrown money at…he is a top player who would upgrade this team and with him gaborik and Hank you build around them…

  45. wicky (Please say not to paul martin!!!) on

    ok, so with orr’s post, guess I might be wrong on mezaros!

    good point about avery

  46. wicky (Please say not to paul martin!!!) on

    ok, maybe I was right!

    Meszaros to Flyers for a 2nd. Confirmed.

  47. I dont get signing Booegard when we have cheaper, younger guys like Boyle, AA, Byers, Prust, and Weise to play the 4th line

  48. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    I for one, would be pissed if they shipped Avery out. He’s effective, plain and simple. Plus, he can skate, score goals, and throw the best players(Kovalchuk included) off their game. You need guys like that. Though… with AA, Grachev seemingly almost ready, Stepan, Krieder, and assuming Prust/Shelley come back… the stable is pretty full, and where would Avery fit?

  49. UK,

    I think 10 years is a bit too wide of a range for athletic careers. And while I admit that players are certainly capable of putting up a season or two of great production after they turn 30, but to expect them to consistently improve upon or even maintain what they do at 23-28 is unlikely. Without some sort of “enhancements” the inflection point in their productivity occurs.

    It’s simply the way salaries are structured these days in many sports. The teams control the players for the majority of their peak years and then as an FA you find other players to pay for their historical production and not necessarily their future potential.

  50. wicky (Please say no to paul martin!!!) on

    because none of those guys is in his weight class (prust) or suck (byers) or so on!

  51. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Marty Biron’s deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year.

  52. Bob McKenzie TSNBobMcKenzie

    Marty Biron’s deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year.

  53. i agree if biron gets more then auld we should have stayed with auld.

    curious to what biron will get

  54. TSNBobMcKenzie: Marty Biron’s deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year.

  55. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Per McKenzie twitter…

    Actually, make that Biron signing a just a shade under $900K per year.
    less than 10 seconds ago via web .Marty Biron’s deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year.

  56. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on


    .Biron. 2 yrs just under 900K with Rangers.

  57. 12:04. Has anything happened yet?

    I jest, I jest..

    Say No to Kovalchuk and Martin.

  58. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    not exactly news… but from Gross,

    #NYRangers officially announce signing of Wisconsin’s Derek Stepan.

  59. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    rangers and calgary? we gonna swap more baggage?

  60. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Stajan? Bouwmeester? i don’t think i like anything that can come out of calgary.

  61. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Darren Dreger reports Sergei Gonchar has signed in OTT for three years at $5.5M plus a NTC.

  62. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .Told Christensen deal is 2 yrs for between $9-950 per. Checking.

  63. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    RT @RealKyper: 925 000 per for Erik Christensen NYR 2 year deal.

  64. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Tanguay to CGY, possibly Savard to CGY also.

  65. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    ok ok… i’m taking a break. Lunch time approaches!!

  66. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    Still talking with Shelley, but doesn’t look good…
    4 minutes ago via web

  67. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .Tanguay signs with CGY, 1 year, $1.7M with NMC

  68. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .Michalek to Pitt. 5 year, 20 mil.
    3 minutes ago via UberTwitter .Z. Michalek to Pitt. Done

  69. Gift of GAB-orik( SATHER NEEDS TO BE PRUCHA'D ) on

    .People. People. Ryan Callahan is not going to Calgary!

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