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There doesn’t appear to be anything close to last year’s deck-clearing Scott Gomez deal or the Dany Heatley talks of June 30, 2009, going down tonight, and from one horse’s mouth, nothing major is expected to happen tomorrow involving the Rangers and the free-agent market.

I guess they will announce the Derek Stepan signing tomorrow, and I imagine they’re working on a deal with Jody Shelley before he hits the unrestricted market. They will surely sniff out a backup goalie — though there are plenty of them available, and no need to rush into that fray. Erik Christensen, meanwhile, might want to think about what happens if he’s not interested in the two-year, $750,000 offer from the Rangers and then doesn’t get a better offer somewhere else. Would the Rangers’ offer still be there?

Personally, I think $750,000 is a bargain for a guy who could play minutes on the top two lines. On the other hand, why should the Rangers go much higher … other than they probably will have to pay more to plug that relatively small hole.

But I’m getting the feeling that the Rangers won’t be in it for Ilya Kovalchuk, and that if he really wants $9M per or more, there won’t be a lot of teams in it, either. The old saying, though, is that it only takes one team.

The fun begins at noon Eastern time. Or Leastern, as we like to say here.

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  1. Screw EC – I’d rather have Vinny Props back if we’re paying somebody a million dollars between the two of them

  2. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    Anything over 4 mil per year, I don’t match and take the picks for staal (at this point on an offer sheet that is). No offer sheet, I don’t pay the guy more than 4.5 period.
    At this point it would seem stupid to me to trade for volchenkov’s rights unless you are just trying to move a potential salary (ie girardi). If it was a week or so ago, yes, trade for his rights, but less than a day away….silly!
    A big fat no to nik Z or paul martin (please please please no more vanilla d men, we have so damn many now)!
    thanks for looking out!!!!

    HA HA out carped the carpinator (almost got me!!!)

  3. There are certain Wingers that dont need Star Centers to play with …. Gaborik is one of them and so is Kovy

    Itjust so happens we dont have Star Centers


  4. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    so teams still can not talk to UFAs until tomorrow at noon leastern? Correct?

  5. Repost: The guy who plays John in MickeyM’s video is William Daniels. I saw him twice (twice!) during my last trip to LA. (St. Elsewhere anyone?)
    Sorry, just had to share that.

    ha ha! I got carp’d and so did wicky, so this post doesn’t count!

    ThisYears v, roc….hmmm. we’ll see, and surely debate.


  6. Mama, those of my generation will know William Daniels more for being ‘Feeney’ on “Boy Meets World” than for this movie.

  7. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    two a bit off topic things…

    first, ESPN the magazine rated all 122 pro franchises, Our NEW YORK RANGERS…………..104th, one spot behind the fishsticks!!!

    second, anyone else here like to see 2 points for a regulation win, 1 point for an overtime/skills competition win, and absolutely 0 frakking points for any loss.

  8. I don’t get the love for Christensen. The guy sucks. He had, what, 8 goals? Playing on the top line he had 8 freakin’ goals and people are extolling his virtues and the chemistry he had with Gaborik? If he had such great chemistry wouldn’t he have put up a carillo load of assists, at least?

    Let him go. Players like him are a dime a dozen.

  9. Didn’t know you started a new thread so will re-post this.

    Kovalchuk’s not only a bull, but he’s got an edge, isn’t afraid to go after people or drop’em, nor throw the body – nor stick up for his teammates.

    It’s not that hard to check YouTube and see for yourself,instead of this ridiculous internet thing where the same baseless bullsh*t gets repeated over & over.

    Did anybody critiquing Kovalchuk’s playoff performances acutally watch the games? Cause the guy busted his ass every shift. Just so happens his team was flat and got beat.

    Look at the long term history of the player. Drafted and expected to carry a new franchise with little-to-no-help for quite some time, he met, then exceeeded expectations.

    Except for coming up one goal short his first season (29 in just 65 games), he’s basically had 8-straight 30-plus goal years, 35+ in 7 straight, 40+ in 6, and 50+ twice.

    642 pts in 621 games. Also, 12+ PPGs in 6 straight years, including 27 in 2005. And that’s with teams keying on him, which presumably would lessen with Gaborik manning the opposite side.

    He’s also a total workhorse, 76+ games for 7 years straight (how’s that for a jinx?).


    Numbers aside, he gives the Rangers program maybe it’s best chance to FINALLY turn the corner, and then live or die largely on what Sather’s picks and trades bear.

    Let’s see what info trickles out, but Messier, Leetch & Co. had BEST be waiting on his doorstep when the bell rings.

  10. OK folks, off to somewhere that isn’t in front of a computer. Sleep well tonight and don’t let the July 1st nightmares haunt you :)

  11. You could also look at Kovy as insurance if Gabby gets hurt. I’m not saying it is the right move to make to go after him, but there are pros and cons to getting him.

  12. Wicky, the new Eminem album is insane. The guy is back with this one. Wordsmith and a killer delivery. It will make you forget the last two albums. Also, check out this guy Shad K out of Canada. With lines like, “I roll with clever broads with goals like Federov.” Got to love guys that throw in hockey references. Ha.

  13. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    for everyone’s enjoyment (carp, I hope this is ok, bit of profanity in it so delete the post if you need to)

    The one around 6:48 is for carp and some of youse!!!!

  14. Tank The Season on

    It was Versteeg and a prospect for Stralberg, Paradis, and some other prospect. Chicago must be clearing space for something, my guess is a defenseman.

  15. Why couldn’t Slats get Versteeg. I don’t know much aboot the two prospects the Leafs gave up, but I know that Stahlberg or what ever his name is, was a pretty decent forward with potential.

    Slats was too busy rubbing his mole instead of doing his job for once!

  16. Shattenkirkheadzo the situation on

    This kid is sick of hearing about the blueshirts supposedly being quiet on day 1 of free agency. Is this the word being put out by the Sather camp? I find it hard to swallow. Since when have they even been quiet on such a day? Something big will happen..mark headzo’s word….

  17. Tank The Season on

    Versteeg being dealt now basically guarantees the Hawks sign Paul Martin tomorrow.

  18. Blue Seat Horror on

    Goodluck Johnathan for GM.

    You heard it here first.

    When the Nigerian team performed poorly and got booted from the World Cup the Nigerian President suspended them for two years.

    Now that’s accountability.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Knicks meeting with Lebron in Ohio tomorrow. That should keep Sather from getting the green light on anything major.

  20. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    I think sather will miraculously pull a signing or two out of his ashtray tomorrow , he always does.
    I don’t care where lebron winds up .

  21. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    reworked my schedule to get the next two days off, suuuhhweeett. (slats better not disappoint!)

  22. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    twitter link

    Thinking Rangers will try and sign UFA goaltender Johan Hedberg tomorrow afternoon. And yes, it’s a little more than just a gut feeling…..

  23. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Who do ya love?….who do ya love…hahahahahaaa I want kovaljunk. Hey , If we get Kovalbust tommorow …then i’ll stop saying Kovalchump and other names about him.

  24. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    …for a wholeeeee week!!!

  25. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    The whole week was for ORR saying those homosexual sayings about his lovers to be on long island.

  26. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA just kidding ORR , Come on Spezza train!!!!!! We can afford him by dumping Redden and whater means necsse..nessesary.

  27. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    5 posts in a ROW!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  28. Kovalchuk? How? Why? …How??

    I think we may get a surprise or two tomorrow… but no splashes… we’ll see?


  29. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    COME ON RANGERS LETS SCREW THINGS UP and get BOTH Spezzza and Kovalchuck !!! WE scored both Gomez and Drury when we didnt think we would . Lets trade everyone and have the BIG THREE . SPEZZA GABORIK KOVALCHUK . Lets pull an NBA free agency trick!!!

  30. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on



  31. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    SELL THE FARM , that way our first line is…

    LW – Kovalchuk
    C – Spezza
    RW – Gaborik

    Sharks went far with only 3 guys. Tampa bay won with only 3 guys.

  32. The White Plains Batman on

    William Daniels was also the voice of KITT in Knight Rider although him and Haselhoff never met while the show was on.

    I’d like the Rangers to get Michalek and Stempniak from Phoenix and leave the rest of the opening for kids (Weise, Grachev, Stepan, McD, Valatenko). Wouldn’t cry if they got Willie Mitchell or Joe Corvo for dirt cheap.

    Hedberg is a must.

  33. according to Spectors Hockey:

    The Calgary Flames attempted to re-sign Christopher Higgins but he’s going to test the market.

  34. Kovalchuk at $7 mill or less is ok, else pass.

    staal is not going anywhere the guy is a 23 yr old stud………

    he is larry robinson deux.

  35. Haha, Piggins testing the market.

    Maybe he’ll sign with the Islandorks to play with his boyfriend DiPietro, or his other boyfriend in Toronto, Phaneuf.

    What a loser that guy is. Honestly, there has been a lot of pathetic Rangers, but he was embarrassing.

  36. hold the anch-kovys on

    Kovalchuk will either sign with LA, NJ, or StL. because those are the teams who have shown any interest in him

  37. The only name i want the rangers to be signing tomorrow is Demitra for a year or two. Maybe Zbynek Michalek or Willie Mitchell for a nice stay at home defenceman and replacement for Redden/Rozy when they finally are shipped out of new york.

    A thrashers friend of mine (hes russian, so he loves kovalchuk) said that Kovy is a very talented player with great hands, but he takes shifts off (like we knew) and does not play hard in the board and in the corners (big surprise). Besides, his skillset pretty much overlaps most of what gaborik has. We don’t need another sniper, we need a pivot or two and some bite on the backline.

  38. Did anyone read the Grachev interview today?

    This sounds to me like the kid is ready to take the step up – maybe Sather should take heed and save the caps space and give the kid the opportunity. At least with Grachev and Anisimov we have 2 guys with the size and skill and potential to be 1st or 2nd line centers. Maybe a splash for a certain Russian compatriot scoring winger wouldnt be such a bad thing?

  39. This is going to be one of the longest days of my life…..the time difference for me means i started work at 4am ET and will be leaving work at (12pm ET) UFA o’clock for a 45 minute drive home, by the time i get home my twitter feed will have gone mad no doubt!!

  40. Higgins had a bad year for sure, but I bet he is one of the better UFA signings. He played himself into a very affordable contract last year. He was battling himself last season because he was trying too hard. He wanted to succeed at MSG. His father is NYFD (and probably the BEST amateur player I have ever played with. . . or seen for that matter), and he put too much pressure on himself. I bet he redeems himself this season.

  41. here comes the

    saku kovu 3 year 14 mill dollar deal.

    anyone else see this mistake coming

  42. Higgins is a decent player who will thrive as a 3rd liner and PKer for someone willing to ignore last season.
    He tried his hardest, maybe too hard, he should never have signed here in hindsight, too much pressure from lack of goals from elsewhere in the team and the pressure he no doubt put on himself to fulfil his fanboy dream at MSG.

    I could live with 1 year of Demitra as long as he’s not in the way of Grachev, if hes ready, or Anisimov moving up the depth chart.

    Today (and the following few weeks) will be a real sign of whether the youth movement is in effect.

  43. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Thanks for link bklynblue but you must be one of the 5 people that are a paid subscriber to

  44. a 3yr contract for an over 35 player would be a huge mistake. 52 points in 71 games last season for Koivu though, $4m for one year would be acceptable (based on the assumption we can develop a 1st line center from inside the organisation by next year?).

  45. thanks for the link, if we could read it – care to post the story for non-subscribers?

  46. uk ranger

    it was meant as a joke for koivu. that would be something this pathetic gm would do.

    u cant think i was being serious

  47. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I bet they disabled cut and pasting from the site to try and make more money…how else are we gonna pay for Kovy

  48. “Rangers won’t be big free agent spenders

    Originally published: June 30, 2010 8:29 PM
    Updated: June 30, 2010 8:42 PM
    Quick Summary

    Expect a quiet, if not deathly still, few days for the Blueshirts.
    Glen Sather, pictured in 2004,

    Photo credit: Getty Images | Glen Sather, pictured in 2004, of the New York Rangers.

    * Toronto Maple Leafs winger Colton

    Best hockey fights of 2009-10

    While one half of Madison Square Garden’s sports division has been in the midst of a frenzied LeBron-athon, the other half is taking a more subdued and less costly approach to NHL free agency, which also begins Thursday. One reason: The Rangers did not spend the last two years clearing massive cap space.

    Last summer, for example, the Rangers traded Scott Gomez and his long-term, $7-million contract to Montreal, and a day later snapped up sniper Marian Gaborik, who delivered 42 goals and 86 points in 76 games for his $7.5-million paycheck. The roster is still listing from deals with significant cap hits: Wade Redden ($6.5 million), Chris Drury ($7 million) and Michal Rozsival ($5 million).

    Couple that with a shallow free-agent pool for offense, with most high-end players being re-signed by their clubs or tied up long-term. The exception: Ilya Kovalchuk, who will command about $8 million a year. The Los Angeles Kings have been speculated as leading the pack to sign Kovalchuk, who finished the season with the Devils.

    So expect a quiet, if not deathly still, few days for the Blueshirts.

    With 14 players under contract, the Rangers are under the $59.4-million salary cap by about $14 million and are focusing on signing their main restricted free agents, defensemen Marc Staal and Dan Girardi, who together will cost about $7 million, and unrestricted forward Jody Shelley, who arrived from San Jose and added some leadership and muscle. Pencil Shelley in for about $850,000. Erik Christensen could add another $750,000-$800,000 and restricted free agent forward Brandon Prust $575,000.

    Both Glen Sather and John Tortorella have targeted a veteran backup goalie to spell Henrik Lundqvist, who appeared in 73 games plus the Olympics last season. Among the candidates: unrestricted free agents Johan Hedberg (Atlanta), Antero Niittymaki (Tampa) and Martin Biron (Islanders). Let’s assume that adds another $1 million, which leaves less than $4 million for a few more skaters.

    No wonder the front office is hoping that prospect forwards Evgeny Grachev, Dale Weise or Derek Stepan and Wisconsin defenseman Ryan McDonagh (if he forgoes his senior year and signs), impress at camp and grab a job. Another boost could come from Mats Zuccarello Aasen, the 22-year-old Norwegian wing who scored 40 points in 35 games for MoDo of the Swedish Elite League.

    With a summer cap of $65.3 million, teams can push the envelope, but must be at $59.4 million by October. Theoretically, the Rangers could sign a player to a multimillion-dollar deal if, in fact, they have already decided to demote Redden, 33, to Hartford during training camp, thus removing his cap hit. The brass also could fish for a reasonably priced center (Phoenix’s Matt Lombardi, Anaheim’s Saku Koivu) and a veteran defenseman, such as Henrik Tallinder.

    Given the parity in the East, deals at February’s trade deadline for an expiring contract could fuel a playoff push. In the 2011 free-agent market? Centers Brad Richards, Joe Thornton and Mikko Koivu, left wing Alex Semin and right wing Martin St. Louis.

    The Dolan family owns controlling interests in

    the Rangers, MSG and

    Cablevision. Cablevision owns Newsday.”

  49. Rod Gilbert on

    That’d just figure, Pavol Demitra, he of the 3 goals last year.

    Another Sather Special, because the genius always knows something the rest of the world doesn’t.
    It wouldnt surprise me if Sather did sign and actually get something out of Demitra, at one time a dangerous player.
    But that’s not the point.

    Let’s remember where we are, which is 10 (or is it now 11?!) convoluted years into one of the most miserable, unsuccessful and mind-boggling executive tenures in sports history.

    And now, with a dynamic, 27-year old impact player available for the taking, one who addresses a specific and undeniable need, we’re supposed to trust the likes of Sather & John Tortorella that we’ll be saved by a backup goalie and who, Evengy Grachev, with his 12 goals in Hartford? Please. This just has to be a smokescreen.

    If it comes out the Rangers weren’t serious bidders, Sather should be HANGED on the spot.

    Instead here we are, a decade into the rebuilding-while-remaining-competitive-while-accomplishing-neither timewarp, after the NHL and AHL clubs have both missed the playoffs, after having traded everyone from Brian Leetch to recent No. 1 draft picks, without ANY front-line talent (excepting Gaborik, who was signed as a UFA) – on offense or defense – anywhere in the system or on the pro roster.

    Here’s hoping it gets better.

  50. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Interesting tidbit from the post and might answer why we overpay for FA.

    (NYS has)saddled top-earning New Yorkers with the highest state and city income taxes in the nation, soon to be 12.85 percent on top of the IRS bite. There is no state income tax in Florida. On a five-year contract worth $96 million — what he’d get from the Knicks or the Heat — LeBron would pay $12.34 million in New York taxes. Quite a penalty for the privilege of working in Midtown.

  51. Tank The Season on

    Honestly if Brad Richards and Joe Thornton are UFAs next year, I’d pass on Kovalchuk and wait to go after one of them.

  52. Happy Canada Day everyone!

    Oh wait, it’s July 1st, too, and Sather is still running this team. Erm, happy thursday then?!

  53. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I dont think California is much better…but we got Brighton Beach!!!

  54. CTBlueshirt on

    Blueshirt in Paris,

    That’s why a lot these athletes don’t declare their permanent residence in NY. You only need to continually reside in Florida for 6 months to qualify as a FL resident. Derek Jeter was under the spotlight a few years back for an alleged tax claim from NY even though he’s technically a FL resident.

  55. Tank The Season on

    They have accountants and lawyers to take care of tax related stuff.

  56. Christensen better wake up with a clear head and take the offer the Rangers are giving him.

  57. CTBlueshirt on

    Christensen can walk. I’d rather break in guys from the farm system.

    2.5 hrs and counting!

  58. *With Redden’s demotion or Rozy’s trade:*

    I’d like Kovalchuk, Michalek, Prospal, Hedberg, and Prust

    *NO Redden demotion or Rozy trade:*

    I’d like Lombardi, Michalek, Prospal, Hedberg, and Prust

    However, I think Demetra is Broadway Bound

  59. bull dog line on

    what is the infatuation with Lombardi? 1 decent season in his whole career. I’ll pass, thank you.

  60. If they are willing to demote Redden then Slats should be at least kicking the tires on a deal for Kovy, but not for 8-10 years, 4 or 5 at most while the guy is at his prime.

    Lombardi did play 1st line with Wolski and Doan in PHX so could fill the #1 center role, and he’s 28 again so just hitting his prime.

    2 hrs 23 mins till Sather o’clock……tick tock

  61. NYRanger4Life on

    From John Giannone’s twitter page:

    “Interview w/ Glen Sather tonite on Hockey Night Live,11 pm on MSG.Topics include NYR needs, possible youth movement, Staal & yes, Redden.”

    Should be interesting!!!

  62. This just in: Sather signs Eric Lindros to multi year contract. He said it makes sense dollars and cents wise.

  63. For all of you who want to sign Kovalchuk. He’s a great goal scorer but he’s not worth 9 mil a year. This team has enough salary problems with Redden, Rosival & Drury. With them being overpaid they make everyone else Stahl, Shelly & Christensen all want to be overpaid. That means this team will never be able to overcome the cap!

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam Oates is the Assistant Coach in NJ. Maybe we can get him to be our first line center.

  65. Get us a quality backup goaltender, a physical stay at home defenceman, 2 top line scorers and let all of the rest of the roster be made up of the kids competing for jobs. Let the best kids play and they will be hungry. Keep Prust and Shelley.

  66. Jack Florham on

    William Daniels greatest role was that of Dustin Hoffman/Benjamin Braddock’s father in one the all time greatest movies ever, The Graduate.

  67. Carp – we should have run a competition again, each person has to name 5 UFA’s we think Slats will sign/re-sign/trade for on July 1st.

    At the moment i’m leaning towards:
    Shelley (is Slats delaying the deal to avoid giving a pick away to SJ?)
    Anders Eriksson

    1hr 55 mins to go…..

  68. So I just flipped the month to July on my Rangers calender that I got at some game during the regular season and lo and behold the featured Rangers for that month…R&R!

  69. Despite what he brings in terms of goal scoring, I really hope the Rangers don’t sign Kovalchuk.

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