Who’s afraid of July 1?; RIP Willie Huber


It used to be a day of excitement and anticipation, like Christmas morning. Now it’s about dread. Nobody is sure what the Rangers ought to be doing Thursday, or might do, but a lot of you are understandably nervous.

Because a lot of things could happen July 1, and a lot of those are bad.

So I’m going to make a suggestion to  Glen Sather and Co., and use the same word George Costanza used when pitching his idea for a sitcom to NBC executives: “Nothing.”

To which the president of NBC replied” “What does that mean?”

Honestly, if the Rangers did absolutely zero on Thursday, I think that would be fine. I also wouldn’t mind if they dipped their toes into the pool and came out with one or two upgrade-type players … guys who are better than what they have at any position, but not at the ridiculous price of a, for example, Ilya Kovalchuk, who is going to want $9 million or something in that ‘hood.

I know the Rangers are in desperate need of top-line forwards and first-pair defensemen. But even if they get one of each, they’re only a team that can contend for a playoff berth. So I say, stay the course.

The course was good last year, even if the result was not. The course included incorporating more youth into the lineup, and there’s more (Evgeny Grachev, maybe Ryan McDonagh) coming behind it.

Stay that course. Then in the fall, take Wade Redden’s contract off the cap books by sending him to Brashear country, the city with the crooked mayor. And if you can trade Michal Rozsival, do that. Then continue to develop the kids, see what you’ve got this year, see if John Tortorella can cultivate it (if not, he’s out) until the next wave (Chris Kreider, Ryan Bourque, Ethan Werek) start to produce NHLers. By then, you’re getting to the end of Chris Drury’s contract, too. And you will have all this youth and all this cap space, and then, who knows, maybe you can have something that resembles the Chicago Blackhawks, not a patchwork collection of players that can’t contend for the big prize.

So for now, this July 1, I’d take a look at players like Matthew Lombardi (age 28) and Colby Armstrong (27, but apparently headed to Pitt), or any of the under-30 guys who might fit with Marian Gaborik on the top line, if they will come for a reasonable price. Once they start talking $5M per and more, walk away.

Then I’d take a look at my own guys, and re-sign Marc Staal and Brandon Prust, try to re-sign Jody Shelley (or another legit enforcer) and maybe even Vinny Prospal if the market brings nothing else, and maybe Eric Christensen. I’d re-sign Dan Girardi, too, unless I could trade him. I think the Rangers could definitely use an upgrade on defense.

As for McDonagh, I get the feeling he’s testing the water before he makes like he wants to sign. He has leverage in that he would be going back to a great situation if he returns to college for his senior year. I am guessing that he wants some assurances that he will have a job, and that he will play, and that he won’t be in Hartford (with Redden and Brashear).

I think the Rangers are still high on Matt Gilroy, even though he found himself in street clothes in the stretch drive. He needs work. I think they have bigger plans for Artem Anisimov this season. So I don’t see what good it will do to bring in older, expensive free agents to push these kids down. Let them grow into something big together. Then you can spend whatever Jim Dolan has leftover after the Knicks’ shopping spree to make a good team better next year or the year after.

I just don’t think that happens by signing one player to a gigantic contract this year. Signing a Kovalchuk or another offensive star improves their chances to make the playoffs, no doubt, but it doesn’t help the goal of becoming a Cup contender. Staying the course might accomplish that.

Maybe I’m wrong about that. I don’t know. You could argue that signing Kovalchuk now gives you two top threats for the next four years, and though that will tie up your cap space for that time period, you can then build around them with your youth. That’s a gamble the Rangers’ management has to consider, I suppose. In other words, two years from now, would you rather have all these young players and cap space and hope there’s a player of Kovalchuk’s caliber on the market; or would you rather have Kovalchuk already in hand, all the young players, and no cap space?

Here’s the sure thing: We can expect the unexpected on Thursday.



AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:05 P.M..: Sad news. Willie Huber passed away at the age of 52.

One of the most misunderstood and underappreciated Rangers ever. Booed often because of his size and his lack of real toughness. If he’d been 6-1 instead of 6-5 or whatever he was, maybe the physical stuff wouldn’t have been expected. He was a terrific puck-handler, passer, shooter, pretty good at moving people out of the crease, too. Just not a banger and not a fighter.

And this: He was a good, good man. A guy his teammates truly liked. I knew him pretty well, and he was a gentleman who never complained about the booing. He will be missed.

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  1. Terrified, petrified, possibly horrified! :-)

    Since all the attention of the Garden brass will be centered on the Knicks, will anyone there care what Slats and Co. does, or doesnt do?

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I hope Doaln is too preoccupied with the Knicks to OK anything Sather wants to do on July 1

  3. That might be a good thing. Maybe he won’t be able to get the OK to make a mega-signing because everybody is in Akron.

    By the way, I heard this. Does anybody know about this? In the NBA, they can negotiate with any free agents on July 1, but they can’t sign them until next week? Is that right?

    Good morning, Sally!

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Knowing Dolan, Sather will call seeking approval and Dolan will just say OK rather than take time to review it.

  5. … they can have an agreement on or after July 1st but can’t officially announce it until July 8th

  6. I’ll add this here since this crowd has so many fun and cocky opinions.
    I don’t want to sign ANY veterans unless a #1 C and\or a physical D. Otherwise lets just promote Grachev, Weise, Byers, DuPont, Zaccarello Aasen, Sauer, Valentenko and maybe McDonagh, and then expect the coaches to actually coach, teach and lead. The worst and most disapointing members of the team last year were the coaches. No contest. Worse than Redden, Lisin, Brashear or Avery on their worst nights.

  7. LI RangerFan on


    I am with Linda – “Terrified, petrified, possibly horrified!”; All of the above…

  8. Kovalchuk would be a waste of money. He never shows up in the playoffs. Why would the Rangers give him 8-9 per year just to score 40 regular season goals and disappear in the playoffs? That is a lot of money to guarantee the opportunity to be knocked out in the first round.

  9. I could see a few minor signings. Not the least of which would be a backup goalie.

    What was wrong with Auld anyway? Why not just sign him for 8-10 games he is gonna play anyway? He has NHL experience. I keep hearing that the Rangers need a backup, why not him?

  10. on McDonagh “He has leverage in that he would be going back to a great situation if he returns to college for his senior year” this is not true his team had 8 jouniors and souphmores leave to sign nhl contracts which means there coach is pulling his hair out right now looking for replacements will he get a lot of playing time yes will he get a degree maybe will his team be in the frozen 4 again I doubt it

  11. Tank The Season on

    I think money better spent is to wait for Malkin to become a UFA (2014) and sign him. Pittsburgh will not likely be able to keep him and Crosby. Crosby is a UFA in 2013.

    You can sign a Demitra or Kariya as a stopgap if the money makes sense.

    I’ll pass on Kovalchuk. I just don’t see him getting it done for us.

  12. Another thing I wanted to get off of my chest:

    A few years ago, I lobbied for trading Henke for Pronger. I was ripped for it pretty hard. Did Pronger not just play in his 3rd Stanley Cup finals in 4 years? With Michael Leighton/Boucher in net?

    Does it seem that the Rangers will win a cup in the near future (as long as Henke is in his prime)?

    Does Henke have a no trade clause now?

    You could probably net quite a bounty for Henke. . . . .

    Just sayin.

  13. I would stay the course and not sign anymore free agents. According to an article by Larry Brooks not to long ago, sather stated that he wasn’t signing any big free agent and would develop the kids, time will tell, don’t bet on it.

  14. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Dolan wants to get some guy named Lebron Kovalchuk to play at the Garden…

  15. And how is Gordie Clark get credit for being such a genius? He drafted studs in NYI, but wasn’t he picking at the top every year?

    That said, I have no problem with McIlrath. If he grows like most 19yo, he should be a feakin monster by the time they actually teach him to play.

  16. That’s a good idea, trade the first goaltender who actually wins games since the days of Mike Ricther.

    Why don’t we just trade teams and become the Islanders!

    Some of you guys are incredible!

  17. >>…I am guessing that he wants some assurances that he will have a job, and that he will
    >>play, and that he won’t be in Hartford…

    McDonagh wants job assurance?? Whatever happened to good old competing for and earning a roster spot? His attitude of entitlement is exactly why the underachievers on this don’t feel the need to put in the effort every night. I do not know this young man, and he’s probably a great kid to his family, but he certainly is getting on my very last nerves with his antics.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    dshea, he had 2 goals and 4 assists in 5 games this year, leading the Devils in scoring. He had that one bad year in ATL in his first and only other playoff experience, but so did their entire team. Marion Hossa, who is a pretty solid playoff performer, had no goals and 1 assist in that series.

    Kovalchuk has 3 goals and 5 assists in 9 career playoff games. It’s a bit of a drop from his regular season production, but I wouldn’t call it “disappearing.” Either way, I think it’s a little early to say he disappears in the playoffs.

    There are a lot of reasonsnot to sign Kovalchuk, but I just do not buy the “playoff performer” one. Too small of a sample.

  19. >>Anybody know what kind of player Chara was at McIlraith’s age?

    Weren’t both Chara and Pronger awful when they broke in the NHL?

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    “Did Pronger not just play in his 3rd Stanley Cup finals in 4 years? With Michael Leighton/Boucher in net?”

    Yeah, with the much stronger Philadelphia roster that only had questions in goal and it’s third pair on defense. Wasn’t Pronger completely neutralized in the last 4 games of the Finals?

    Also, the Ducks team he played for was stacked.

    The only real upstart team he was on was the Oilers.

  21. Weird, as unlikely as it is and improbable as it may be and it simply just won’t happen, I want the Rangers to win the Cup this year, but that’s just me.

  22. I bet a lot of people thought that way when the Nordiques had to trade Lindros. The Nords HAD to trade him, so that is a different case, but the return would be the same. Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, Mike Ricci Steve Duchesne, and a 1st round selection (Jocelyn Thibault) wouldn’t be a bad return.

    Unfortunately, there are a ton of UFA goalies out there that may hurt the value now, but in January when the Rangers are battling for 8th place AGAIN, I could see Henke’s value as high as it will ever be.

  23. “Either way, I think it’s a little early to say he disappears in the playoffs”

    He disappears when it matters. He was almost a ghost in all those elimination games he’s been a part of, except one I think.

    Also, he needs to score goals, and he hasn’t done that in the playoffs.

  24. Carp,

    Excellently written post. It shows why you are one of the best following the Rangers! I completely agree: It’s better to have to young guys grow and then add the big free agent later.

  25. Carp,

    I had this convo the other day with a friend and it sounded EXACTLY like your post. Spot on stuff I totally agree! I think we need to develope. We are obviously not winning the cup this year, or next and so on…so i think we grow this season instead of contend to fall short like we always do lately

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “McDonagh wants job assurance?? Whatever happened to good old competing for and earning a roster spot? His attitude of entitlement is exactly why the underachievers on this don’t feel the need to put in the effort every night. I do not know this young man, and he’s probably a great kid to his family, but he certainly is getting on my very last nerves with his antics.”

    First, you have to understand that he would be leaving college before getting his degree. So right there, he won’t just leave for nothing, but only if he can make the big club. Second, he wants to know that there will be an available roster spot to compete for. He can be better than Redden or Rozsival by a mile, but we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will play on the big club ahead of them. If it was just “best man wins the roster spot” then you MIGHT have a point, but the truth of the matter is that it isn’t. There’s no sense of entitlement. Just a balancing act of it being worth missing out on his degree to compete for a roster spot that isn’t even available. If he is definitely not going to be a part of the Rangers, why not spend a year playnig college hockey and getting his degree instead of riding the bus in Hartford?

  27. I hope McDonagh finishes school. Another year of experience under his belt, he’ll get to lead the team, and he’ll come out next year 100 percent committed to the big club. I don’t see a downside.

  28. Tank The Season on

    Kovalchuk ain’t worth the contract he’s about to get. I’d say he’s worth between 7.5M and 8M a year but he’ll get more than that and the term will be close to 10 years. No thanks. If the Devs wanna give him that, good for them.

    He’s not a hardcore competitor like Ovechkin or Malkin or Datsyuk.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, it’s been NINE games, 4 of which were on a TERRIBLE Atlanta team comprised of a roster of players that had mostly never been to the playoffs before. Look how long it took Pavel Datsyuk to become a consistent playoff scorer, and that’s on good teams with good playoff culture.

    It’s just too early to say anything about Kovalchuk in the playoffs.

  30. Adam – My understanding is that a downside of not signing McDonagh now, is that next spring, if he doesn’t sign quickly, he can become unrestricted come August…

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam Z. The downside is that his skills may regress if he isn’t challenged by the college game.

  32. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Today’s waivers: Oystrick (ANA), Moreau, Nilsson, O’Sullivan (EDM), Fedoruk (TB), Brashear, Rissmiller, Voros (NYR). All buyout eligible.

  33. All are buyout eligible:

    Voros would be 400k in 10-11 and 300k in 11-12
    Rissmiller would be 333k in both 10-11 and 11-12

    Don’t know about Brashear

  34. I’m already starting to dislike this kid. Is he honestly nervous that he wont be able to compete for a spot against the likes of Blowzy, and Dredden?

    If that’s the case, then this kid is a loser.

    He needs to get his brash*t together. This organization woes him nothing. Shut up, and sign the contract and compete for a spot!

  35. He’d be the captain of the team and contending for a national championship against the cream of the crop of U.S. college hockey powerhouses. Hardly think his skills would erode in that setting.

  36. Why would we buy out any of the three? They all come off the books after this season, and then we’re done with them.

  37. Brashear would be 866k for this year only (Per Larry Brooks)

    I say they buy out Voros and Brashear and it gives Rissmiller the chance to play elsewhere if he gets picked up.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    “He’d be the captain of the team and contending for a national championship against the cream of the crop of U.S. college hockey powerhouses. Hardly think his skills would erode in that setting.”

    They won’t be contending. Too many players left to play pro.

    O’Sullivan interests me.

  39. o’sullivan is terrible, guys.

    he was one of the “worst” players in the big leagues last year. he had an absolutely miserable year.

    why bring him in to play on the third or fourth line when we have byers, weise, dupont all ready to make that jump.

    i’m going to be PISSED if we sign POS.

  40. I’m not a CBA expert, but I think if its needed to free slots vs the 50 contract limit, we should buy out all 3

  41. Hey All…if McDonagh goes back to college this fall, he’ll become an UFA August 15 2011, meaning there’s likely zero chance of him signing this time next year. It’s now or never, I suspect.

  42. Am i the only one who laughed when reading “the organization woes him nothing.” ?

    Jason, Brashear can’t be bought out. He’s a 35+ contract.

  43. Joekuh,

    You’re right, I misread Brooks article, he can only be bought out if someone picks him up off of waivers. Thanks.

  44. Also, good thoughts Carp. The Rangers cannot afford Kovalchoke, nor can they afford any other ‘star’ player (ie Spezza). Sather’s mode of rebuilding to me is ass-backwards – rather than biting the bullet and finishing in the bottom 3 for a couple of years and getting the chance to draft a Taylor or Tyler, he seems intent on finishing in the middle of the pack and adding youth that way. It’s a painfully slow way to rebuilding, but let’s not forget Sather architected teams haven’t won a thing since the late 80s, so I suppose I shouldn’t be overly surprised.

  45. Good post Carp. We have no choice but wait and see.
    I don’t want Kovalchuk, but not because of his playoff performance- honestly, we don’t have much knowledge about his playoff experience, he basically doesn’t have it. But he is a game breaker, those don’t become available too often. I just think his contract will be too much for this team to handle.

    But, just for a discussion sake, I’ll ask you this: how is his signing and developing our kids are mutually exclusive? In fact, if you sign him, they will have no choice but develop and promote the youth. They won’t be able to afford anything else. That will require dumping both Redden and Roszival. After that, let’s just promote the kids. There is no true first line centers available this summer anyway. That way, in a couple of years if one of our young guys works out (AA, Kreider, Stepan) and the D-corp, including the Undertaker, comes through, we will have Kovalchuk, Gaborik, Hank and the rest. Thoughts?

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    nyrcc O’Sullivan was not nearly as bad as you are making him out to be. I admit, his career has stalled a little bit, but a lot of players recently have had revivals in NY. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him click with Gaborik.

  47. My estimation with the McDonagh situation is that he is probably looking to get a contract like Gilroy. That way, if he is sent to the AHL, he is still getting his NHL salary. I would bet that is the entire issue.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    “I don’t want Kovalchuk, but not because of his playoff performance- honestly, we don’t have much knowledge about his playoff experience, he basically doesn’t have it. But he is a game breaker, those don’t become available too often. I just think his contract will be too much for this team to handle.”


    As for your other argument, it’s an interesting one. Very interesting point.

  49. 1994 champs the Edmonton Rangers on

    i say the rangers go after dominic moore who will help win faceoffs and who knows maybe gaby can play with him he played with christensen so come on.

    but i think their gunna def. sign demitra cuz who knows has played with gaborik for slovakia and in minnisota.
    and i have a strange feeling their gunna make some sort of trade today or tomorro like wat they did wit gomez last year.

  50. Doodie – Kovalchuk does have good playoff stats. He just seems invisible during the playoffs… even when he scores. That is probably clouding my perception of what he actually does. When I see a player who is seeking the kind of money he is, I expect that player to be a complete difference maker who carries a team. If he was seeking 6-7 mil, I would say he is worth it (though, not for the Rangers to go out and get). I am hearing 9+ mil… no thanks. He isn’t worth that for ANY team.

  51. Does anyone know what has happened to Cheechoo? His numbers were awful last year for playing 61 games. Saw the Senators placed him on waivers. He might be able to be picked up for cheap.

  52. Several reports are saying former Ranger Willie Huber passed away yesterday of a suspected heart attack. He was 52.

  53. July 1 and Glen Sather go together like oil and water. Which is, not at all.

    I’m praying that Dolan will be so focused on Lebron that he ignores all calls that have nothing to do with Lebron.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    ddshea, like I said, there are a lot of reasons not to take him, but just saying that he “disappears” in the playoffs is just not convincing me at this point. Too small of a sample.

    Jahoba and Adam, Cheechoo never really recovered from a double hernia surgery he had in 06-07. He was always slow, but now he’s too slow to even compete.

  55. Hey, guys, I’m just speculating on the McDonagh situation.

    He didn’t say that he wants those assurances. But I don’t blame him if he wants a one-way deal (same money, if he’s in the minors or not) and if he wants to know if he’ll have a shot to make the team or if the plans are for him to start the season in Hartford.

    He does have leverage in that next summer he becomes a UFA if unsigned by August.

  56. Borrowed this quote from Zipay yesterday:

    “We need some help right up the middle on our backline and center ice,” said Tortorella. “It doesn’t have to be a 35-year-old veteran, it could be a kid, but you have to live with the bumps. I’m anxious to see Stepan (a center) play and see what he does, and McDonagh (a defenseman). As far as where our philosophy’s going….we want to add with our youth and not a veteran guy at the end of his career.”

  57. >>i say the rangers go after dominic moore who will help win faceoffs and who knows
    >>maybe gaby…

    Third-liner Dominic Moore? I hope you were being facetious.

  58. Carp – Well said.

    As for Willie Huber I will admit I was less than enthused with his play here.

    He was a terrific puck-handler, passer, shooter, pretty good at moving people out of the crease…I must have missed those games.

    I am sure off the ice what you said are true…RIP

  59. McDoughnah sees the picture perfectly clear:

    With the Rangers, his road to starting is gonna be hindered by Rozi and Redden. He will ROT in Hartford the way Sather does business (Sanguinetti?). Then, IF he gets his chance and performs well, he has to go the Marc Staal route.

    If I were him I would do the camp, ask for the MOON ($$$$), and go back to college if it isn’t enough. Come back as a UFA (if that’s how that works) and sign with ANY NHL team that is willing to pay him what he wants.

    Look out for yourself McDoughnah. Slats does.

  60. not thinking much about hockey right now.

    my Newfoundland Jack just died in surgery today. ruptured spleen and his heart with arotopathy couldn’t take it.

    just so sudden. spent last night in emergency. took him to vets for possible surgery today and…

    Jack Black Kerouac joins Shugarie Bleu Ranger (our beloved golden retriever who lost last year) in doggie heaven.

    sorry to bring things down but i thought i’d share with the group.

    (oh yeah…and fire sather!)

  61. >>He does have leverage in that next summer he becomes a UFA if unsigned by August.

    Do the Rangers get compensated with a draft pick if McDonagh walks?

  62. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    Sather’s hypothetical “leverage” does nothing but sour otherwise excited players. The Rangers are a historical franchise… ufortunately, there has been limited success these past 9 years, and guys who should be excited to play for them, get a bad taste from Sather’s low-balling, and hard ball tactics. I understand it’s a business… but there are plenty of teams willing to snatch up alot of these players, who I feel are being mishandled.

    I’f i’m Marc Staal… business or not, i’m insulted right now.

  63. >>sorry to bring things down but i thought i’d share with the group.

    We’re talking about a dog, right? I see…

  64. From yesterday:

    At my ex’s place, as I was leaving, this kind neighbor guy punches this idiot obnoxious trouble-making neighbor right in the face. This specific instance was the fault of the kind guy – a Rays fan; however the obnoxious guy is always starting trouble – Red Sox fan.

    Wife of obnoxious guy calls cops; I go to kind guy and say “I’ll tell the cops that he shoved you first. im the only unbiased witness”
    Kind guy says “are you sure you wanna do that. that’s lying.”
    I say, “absolutely, but if it ever comes down to Boston and New York, you best be going for NY”
    He says “Absolutely. Thanks so much man. My wife wouldve killed me if I got arrested over this.”

    It was worth the hour out of my day to screw obnoxious Red Sox fan guy over!

  65. omg, im so sorry for posting my stupid story. i didnt see the post of jpg yet.

    So sorry JPG. Thats horrible. At least he’s in a better place.

  66. 1994 champs the Edmonton Rangers on

    are the rangers going to target Paul martin they need a d-man and the love those devils dont they(Holik,Gomez,etc..)

  67. Sather's WrapUp on

    Uncle Glennie- Hero: Here we are, Ranger Fans, today is day five for the management team, just one more report to go…Now Torts, what about all these UFA’s? Let’s see your recommendations for our own UFA’s first then we’ll know what we have to spend.. …

    Ranger UFAs:
    F Olli Jokinen, You’ve got to be Jokinen….
    F Corey Locke, Who?
    F PA Parenteau, Put him in a box with a sign “In case of shootout, break glass”
    F Vaclav Prospal, That’s My Boy! I bet we can lowball him again.
    F Jody Shelley, Give him Brashear’s old number… it saves us buying a jersey.
    D Anders Eriksson, Offer him the league minimum, a bottle of booze and a hooker.
    D Corey Potter, give him a 2-way contract and never let him near NY.
    G Alex Auld, Tell him Zaba is going to start the season, then lowball him.
    G Matt Zaba Tell him Auld is going to start the season, then lowball him.
    G Steve Valiquette, Throw him in the Hudson River and toss him an anchor.

    UGH: Torts, what did they replace your hip with, your brains? What else you got?

    Torts: I know what we don’t got, the money you blew signing Brashear, Redden, Drury, Rosival. Now’ there are some pretty good players available this year; Kovalchuk, Spezza, Nabokov, Iginla, Gonchar, Volchenkov, exactly how much Cap Space do we have left?

    UGH: Forget it. We couldn’t even afford to buy their hockey cards. Thank God MY salary isn’t capped! Everybody is running scared at what I’ll do on July 1. Why is that? Have I ever screwed up before? (dead silence, all eyes rolling up to top of head) Lion for a day, I am!

    You know, if I was in Edmonton with this Salary Cap, I could win the Cup every year…

    Next Time- Dolan out the Blame

  68. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    hahaha! excellent!

    in case of shootout, break glass… that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard all week.

  69. Fugetaboot Dominic Moore. Let him brag aboot Harvard to some new team.

    I like what Torts has in mind. Just forget the old guys and bring up youth.

    I hope Stepan can make the team this year. And I hope a lot of the younger guys improved, obviously.

  70. Boston Cream Pie? on

    CR9- So sorry JPG. Thats horrible. At least he’s in a better place.

    After that story, anybody that’s not your neighbor is in a better place…

  71. Stay the course, with a lameI-ass bunch of projected 2nd and 3rd liners?

    Ill ask again….. when exactly did Ilya Kovalchuk become Kenny Hodge?

    Sather is insane if he doesn’t do everything in his power to sign this, likely the best player on the open market for at least the next 5 years.

    It doesn’t cost talent, only cash,NYR can’t afford NOT to try….

  72. Brash for cash on

    great tweet by Bob McKenzie

    “NYR on hook for Brashear cap hit NO MATTER WHAT, even if abducted by aliens (35+ rule). But they can save a few $ cash on buyout.”

    even if abducted by aliens, lol. too bad those aliens don’t abduct Sather too

  73. I think Stepan really needs a year in the AHL first. McDonagh can actually step in the 5th or 6th spot and be effective. Anisimov needs to graduate from the 4th line. Drury, Anisimov, Dubi. Doesn’t leave any place for Stepan but the 4th line and that won’t work because his game won’t work with those guys. The only way Stepan stays with the Rangers is if he can be the guy who has chemistry with Gabby. Move Drury down to 4th line and PK. Anisimov on third and Dubi on second. That is only if Stepan and Gabby have some ridiculous chemistry. Stepan wasn’t even on the first line for Wisconsin, so thinking he can just walk into the Rangers line up is unfair to him. I think he spends one year with the pack and then moves up with occasional call ups during the season.

  74. 1994 champs the Edmonton Rangers on

    Rangers should sign demita and tanguay cheap just for chemistry.

    drury=tanguay and throw in cally

    gaborik=demita and throw in prospal or duby

    and both these guys mite sign relle cheap like vinny dd last year i say go for it both 1 year deals

  75. Stepan may likely be assigned to a Junior team to play a full length season, vs top peer comp. He’s just 20, with only 2 years of college.

  76. no way should Drury be playing center. he is too slow and lacks puckhandling mobility

  77. please NO old f*rts. yeah Demitra had a good playoff game or 2, but please no … IMHO I’d put AA between Gabi and Dubi

  78. Adam, you are correct, But the aliens refused to claim Brashear off of waivers as well. They said people are still scared of aliens, but nobody is scared of Brashear.

  79. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Please, Glen Sather, pick up Zbynek Michalek and Matthew Lombardi and just walk away. A dashing speed centre on a line with Dubinsky and Gaborik would be amazing (if dubi really plays a power forward game). Kovalchuk will go somewhere, who cares where because the guy doesnt win. If we didnt have albatross Redden on our hands, we most likely would have been able to provide the salary dump that the Blackhawks needed to acquire Byfuglien, and Ben Eager. What if WE traded the Blackhawks some guys like Brian Boyle with some picks in there we would have been able to take on Buff/Sopel’s contract plus Eager who would fit great. Sopel is an upgrade over Redden and half the price.

    Disappointing. Please, Lord. Don’t have Sergei Gonchar sign with the Rangers for 4 years. He’s old. We’re screwed if he gets hurt.

  80. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    From Arthur Gross’ twitter…

    At #NYRangers prospect camp, Ethan Werek drops gloves with D Mikhail Pashnin, angry about something earlier in scrimmage. Yells at Russian.

  81. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Carp, Why would you have any desire to bring in injury-prone over-the-hill Demitra? I was a big fan of his in STL, but jeez, those days are long gone. I’d just like to see somebody with a step of speed join Gaborik.

    Lombardi is lightning.

  82. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    according to Zip, it was a hit from behind that prompted the scrap.

  83. Slats or Fats on

    love how Sather goes to war financially against his own homegrown Rangers kids, but hands out overpaid multi-millions and perks and ntc clauses etc like candy with no second thought or hard bargaining to any vet UFA (or UFO for you abducted aliens) who can barely stand up on skates

  84. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Sather isnt as bad as Darryl Sutter. He traded for somebody he had to buy out at the end of the season, for a good product in Brandon Prust. “Heres some money, now, kick me in the leg and break it so i cant walk for a year”

    At least its not that bad. At least Matt Stajan isnt out #1 centre.

  85. elsie – Since Stepan signed a pro deal, I don’t think juniors is an option. Even if he didn’t sign the deal, I don’t think the Rangers could have put him on a juniors team. He is either with the Rangers or the Pack this year.

  86. 4Generations, I wouldn’t. But they might, as somebody suggested. I was just commenting on that suggestion.

  87. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Ugh, I just don’t get why some older folks don’t care to wise up to new systems? There are a lot of older folks steadfast in their ways of not using the computer, its really similar to the GMs in the league that have not understood that the way to win the cup is youth, franchise faces and veterans because theyre either cheap or ridiculous expensive. Is Marc Staal REALLY not re-signed yet? Can they REALLY not negotiate this? The one player we’re so high on, and they stiff him?

    I just dont get it.

  88. jpg, sorry to hear about your loss. I know the sadness of losing a beloved dog as well and it’s never easy.

    RIP, Willie, too.

  89. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    RIP Willie Huber. The Gentle Giant indeed! I wish I had a dollar for every time I yelled “Hit ‘Em, Willie!”. I liked him anyway…

  90. Doodie Machetto on


    According to Brooks, this isn’t like Dubinsky last year. They appear to have made Staal a legit offer (somewhere around 4 years for $14 million) and Staal is the one being unreasonable.

  91. Izzy,
    I like this gentle, soft part of you…
    and RIP Willie, indeed. It’s always sad.

  92. Please, Glen Sather, pick up Zbynek Michalek and Matthew Lombardi and just walk away.

    That sound like something an intellegent man would do. With that said it won’t get done

  93. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    We all know the first offer is usually never the best offer, or the one that gets settled on. The team shoots low, the agent shoots high, they meet somewhere in between.

    It does seem low however… i think somewhere around the $3-3.3 mil per year mark is fair to both sides.

  94. bull dog line on

    hey if the Rangers could sign a 27 year old winger, who in 7 seasons, has scored 29, 38,41,52,42, 52 again, and 41 goals, do you think they should do it?
    why Lombardi, what’s he ever done?

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    “It does seem low however… i think somewhere around the $3-3.3 mil per year mark is fair to both sides.”

    Slats has already offered him somewhere around 3.5! Staal is looking for MUCH more based on his use this past year.

  96. How has Torts lived up to his contract & paycheck? Oh that’s right — it doesn’t matter if you’re management.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    What bothers me is we have let 3 really good coaches get past us by being locked in with Renney and/or Torts: Quenneville, Tippett, and Laviolette. Although, to be fair, we could have had Laviolette instead of Torts.

  98. They shoulda handed this team over to JD back in the day.

    I know I’ve said the Savard thing was a no brainer but I honestly get the feeling that Sather’s going to worry about his own guys Thursday. I think they’ll pick up Demitra and I think they may grab a guy like Excelby for D if the price is right.

    The blueline is just too weak. They can’t rely on rookies if theyre looking to improve it. It has it’s benefits but Lundqvist can’t be hung out to dry for yet another season. No matter what they do it all boils down to the same thing- Redden and Rozsival are in the way.

  99. and I agree Orr. I mean how does that negotiation go?

    “I’m a Staal brother!”

    “yeah..the only one who hasn’t won a Cup, what’s your point?”

    “well…..that just means I’m next. now pay me 21 million dollars for my 27 points per year!”

    “you aren’t your brothers. nor are you your agent.”

    “well all I have left to say is: knock knock”

    “who’s there?”

    “Interrupting cheese”

    “…interrupting che

    “CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!” :::runs for the door.

  100. when staal sees redden and rozi making more thats why he wants more then 4 yrs 14 mil 3.5 an avg.

    i dont blame staal for asking for the moon.

  101. Sign Kovi! He’s the real deal. Pay the $2 dollars and ditch Redden.

    This is a no brainer. a 27 year old superstar gives you a balanced attack and does not stop the team from bring up the kids. Jeeze – Gomez and Drury for around $7 million but not Kovi for a few bucks more?!!!!!

  102. I agree, eric. I don’t blame Staal, and I don’t blame Dublowsky. But, they need to be team players, and do what’s right for the team.

    Dublowsky acted like a fool, and now Staal is doing the same.

    It’s all Slats’ fault. He put this team together, and the old guys are rubbing off on the younger guys.

    That’s how it will be for a long time, until Slats goes. It’s sad.

  103. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I can’t blame the players… the nature of free agency and rising salary caps does nothing to quell the notion that you need to take as much money as you can as quick as you can.
    It’s hard to be a ‘team player’ when money flies around the league like it does. Guys go for the money.

    If guys on the Rangers were ‘team players’ and commited to winning with THAT team… they would re-work their contracts, and take LESS money to give the team more flexibility, it’s been done before.

    But that goes against the principles every agent in sports preaches to their clients.

    Drury wants to win in NY?? then re-work your deal and take less money, same to Redden.

    He can do the same with 5 million as he can with 7.

  104. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Some people live in la-la land.

    These players are not Ranger fans, they are hockey players being paid to play for a team.

    How many people here would take less pay at work so the company they work at could be the best importer/exporter in the world? I know two people that wouldn’t…me and Costanza.

    And keep in mind when you do take less pay the company turns around and throws millions away for the executive xmas party.

  105. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    work is different… there’s no stanley cup at the end of the year. These guys fight together to achieve the same goal. If they wanted to, they could take less. Except none of them want to. I’d take more money if they offered it to me, even if my performance didn’t justify it. But i’m not a Ranger, or a Blackhawk, or Capital.

    Team is a concept that exists on paper, and as words in the locker room. Team doesn’t equal $$, free agent does.

  106. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    plus, nobody in corporate america ever thinks they get paid enough, or their appreciated enough. Everyone wants more money!!

  107. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well if the Stanley Cup is the goal then Staal should demand a trade. But he hasn’t so we should be questioning his motives of wanting to stay. He wants all that money and doesn’t even care about winning a Cup.

    you can spin it anyway you want but at the end of the day its a job for them. It is different for a fan. Dont confuse the two.

  108. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    Serious things first…
    Really sorry to hear about your buddy. Like mama said, it is always tough. Best wishes and keep your chin up!

  109. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    Im not sure here, but I believe the NHL players can not rework deals. The NFL can, but NHL can not.

  110. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    No spin required. If they wanted to take less money, they could. If they want to try and get more money, they could. Staal came up with the Rangers, and he obviously wants to stay. What he thinks his services are worth, and what Sather thinks, are obviously different. Sather doesn’t want to overpay… unless of course it’s a UFA, and you spend $7 million for a center who has scored 30 or more goals once in his career,(Gomez) or twice (Drury)

    For a fan, it’s a joke to see players get treated like garbage, for the players, i imagine it’s no less insulting. But hey, it’s business.

  111. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    Perhaps you’d rather spend $1.5 million for Brashear, when we could have kept Orr. Or $3 million for Kotalik. Or Jokinen, Higgins, and the list goes on and on.

    Don’t confuse my original statement. Taking ‘less’ money is not part of their individual agenga. They could, but they won’t. The lines are blurred… what is a ‘fair’ contract these days?

    I’d love to see someone step up, take less, and let the team sign another complementary player to help the team succeed.
    I won’t hold my breath.

  112. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    July first …scared??? Nawwwww why be scared. All the peeps who are scared are just fickle fans who always look at the negetive side. Never happy ,always upset at something.

  113. hey ORR…do you have a nickname for Staal yet? Looks like your boy is pulling crap even worse than Dubi did last year…

  114. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Now is the time, the Rangers can defiantly dump off Rosival to a team looking for a guy who might preform better in a place that gives him less pressure.

    That and having Redden banished to Hartford in Sept. give us a great chance of not sucking so hard.

  115. CC

    I had Bathroom-Staal from last season. I think maybe I’ll stick with that.

    In my opinion, what Dublowsky did is a little worse. He’s only using Gabby, so he can mooch off him, and get even more money at the end of his short contract. Then he’s out the door once he can’t get it.

  116. Staal – greedy troll? Sounds kind of fitting at the moment… :P

    How’s Dubi using Gabby? I don’t get it… not like Gabby made Dubi better (or anyone for that matter)Don’t you still have to skate and score goals and get points? Dubi had a decent season on his own.

  117. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    Great write up. I agree for the most part (lombardi and armstrong) and a back up goalie might be nice. The only FA I would spend above 4 mil per on is well, you guys know who it is so I won’t even say it.

    I more curious about any trades that may happen in the next few days.

    I am certainly not scared of 01 JUL. I hope the roster changes a bit. As far as young players go…who ever thinks byers needs to be on the roster should stop sniffing glue. this link below sounds like this kid is the real deal (I have not heard of him before, so thought it was interesting) nice comment by slats in the article:


    I would like to see a 4th line on the team with a fighter with decent skills (shelley) and a young centre and young winger. It would force torts to put up or shut up about injecting youth, give some younger guys a little freedom without liberties getting taken with them the majority of the time. It would also give us a team that is fresh during the later parts of the season as he would roll 4 lines like late in the season.

  118. I think a lot of you guys miss the point. Staal isn’t being selfish. That’s the way it is. That’s how negotiating goes under the CBA. That’s why they have contracts and why they have agents. That’s why they don’t just say, well, defensemen make X amount, left wingers make X amount, etc.

    He isn’t doing anything different than what Gaborik did, or what Lundqvist did, or what Graves, Richter, Messier and Leetch all did when their contracts were up. He’s negotiating for the best deal possible.

    And you all would, too.

    It might be selfish if it came down to the team’s inability to sign another of its own players because Staal’s contract would put them over the cap. But that clearly isn’t the case, not when they’re paying Brashear $1.4 and Voros $1M and R&R those God-awful sums, and when they’re even possibly thinking of adding another UFA or two.

    Not the case. Staal should get as much as he can get. It’s not being selfish. That’s hockey. That’s sports. That’s business. I would do the same.

  119. Johnny LaRue on

    Very sound reasoning, Carp. You could do something in sports. Maybe the general manager of a baseball team.

    What did you do today?… That’s a show.

  120. It doesn’t even have to be general manager. How about an announcer? You know how I make those interesting comments during games?

  121. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    maybe you could do like live web chats or something, you could have people submit questions to you and then you could answer live ……………..DOH, never mind!

  122. Carp

    I totally get it, trust me… I only say this to poke at ORR a little since he (and many others) were and still slam Dubi for what he did when it came time for a new contract… I’d be squeezing all I can as well.

  123. staal is doing what every athlete wants and thats the extra dollar. its a shame we cant overpay him and give the extra mill because we have r and r taking away his money.

    staal at 5 mill much better then rozi

    blame sather

  124. Tank The Season on

    Don’t know if you guys caught this but Cheechoo got bought out by Ottawa. He can now take his rightful place in the dictionary as the definition of “flash in the pan.” Or go to the KHL.

  125. Dublowsky signed a short two year deal so he can mooch off of Gabby, and pick up a brash*t-load of points, and by the end of that short contract, he’ll cash in with another team.

    It didn’t go that way cause he started off the season completely invisible since he wanted to be an idiot and hold out and miss the majority of training camp for his own selfish scum-bag reasons.

    Bouchebag! Hate him, and hate every athlete that does brash*t like that.

  126. why do you guys believe brooks about staals offer. brooks just throws stuff against the wall to see what will stick

  127. jpg's Sister on

    I agree with Carp, I think Matthew Lombardi would be a good fit and he’s 28.

  128. Lombardi is a waste.

    Guys like that don’t do good on NYR. That’s just the way it goes.

    I mean, how many times does this have to happen before everyone realizes it’s not worth it.

    And don’t say “what aboot Prospal”. That guys whole career has been a pattern of good season, bad season, good season. He was due for a good season, and he had a lot to prove after being embarrassed by Tampa.


  129. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Carp “And you all would, too.”

    Yup if your not in the business of yourself then you are a fool…

  130. I don’t want to get into a rant here (and no, I’m not channeling Dennis Miller, cause I’m not). But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it briefly again.
    Most sports salaries make me sick.

    yeah, yeah, free market, blah, get what you’re worth, blah, shortish careers, uh uh, team can pay, so take it….give me a break.

    I love my team, and I want the great ones, and good ones with a future to stay and get paid. But PLEASE! Nobody cry to me how even $2 mil a year ain’t enough to live on. Just do not. And $5 or $7 mil or more…shut up. and forget other sports! NHL, NBA, MLB! Argghhh!!

    sorry, maybe that was a rant, but this is one reason why I hate this time of year.

    that said, I would like Mr. Staal to be signed? :)

  131. Tank The Season on

    Lombardi has never broken 60 points in a season and scored 20 goals exactly ONCE in 06-07. He is 28 years old and has 236 points in 444 games. That’s NOT first line numbers nor is he likely to produce them.

    That being said, he’ll probably get a 5 year, $20M deal. Hopefully not from us.

    This has to be the worst UFA crop ever.

  132. So glad I sold high on Cheechoo in a fantasy keeper league.

    Would like to see Shelley and Prust re-signed before July 1 if nothing else to take cap room away from Sather’s pursuit of a UFA, and they’re good guys, too.

    The only way Brashear’s contract comes off of our cap books is a trade. :(

  133. Laurel – What about Latrell Sprewell rejecting a three-year, $21 million contract a few years ago because it was “not enough to feed his family.” And then…he got nothing.

  134. hahahaha. a guy at the new Yankee Stadium just got hit in the face with a ball because he was on his phone. that can’t happen enough.

  135. per snyrangers

    christianson rejects rangers 2 yr offer. testing the market. shelley negotiations begun.

    heres my take on christianson. last year he made 750k. if the rangers would have qualified him they pay him for 1 yr 825k. the rangers didnt want to pay him 825k so they say we wil give u the extra year and prob offered him 2 years 780k.

    he says no thanks will test market.

    he will be signed for 1 yr at 900k by another team.

    if they wanted him back pay the 825k and call it a day to nickel and dime over 75k is a joke.

  136. Blue Seat Horror on

    Carp, feeling perky tonight.

    Blogmama, good point on the ridiculous athlete salaries. I’m tired of those athletes taking all the money and leaving us average civilians with nothing. I think we should hold out like Staal and Dubinsky. If the athletes would take less they could lower ticket prices (ha ha ha).

  137. lombardi for 2.5 might be worth it however since he is the best center out there someone will offer 4 years 15 or 16 mil.

    at that rate run the other way.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    “Drury wants to win in NY?? then re-work your deal and take less money, same to Redden.”

    Pretty sure it’s against the rules in the CBA. Also, the NHLPA would murder him.

  139. Tank The Season on

    Christensen is a journeyman who cannot be considered a 1st line center on a real team.

    He seems like a good guy and he played decently for us but if he walks then so be it.

    I would however try harder to keep Prust rather than deal him. He can play.

    I would be OK with signing 3 UFAs only: Boogaard, Demitra (one year only!) and bring back the Legendary Bearded Wonder (who should have gotten an “A” if not the “C”) as it doesn’t look like Montreal want him back.

  140. good evening all! Carp great post!!! and i totally agree…do nothing let the knicks focus on lebron/wade/whoever-i do not care just let the rangers develop their core……..did u mention the end of drurys contract oh make that day come already please!

  141. CBA doesn’t allow any contract to be reworked once it’s signed for the length of it…

    If it’s true about Christensen, he is done with Rangers..
    But he could be the second best available center after Lombardi..Sad situation wirh this year’s UFAs

    Mama, agree on salaries..But it is what it is.

    Even within the new CBA teams with money have an advantage. The Rangers, for example, can afford to eat some sallaries up in Hartfod. As well as front load some long contract the way that not too many teams could.

  142. Blue Seat Horror on

    Doodie, if, theoretically, Drury were to go ahead and renegotiate his contract and the NHLPA did indeed murder him, would his cap hit be taken off the books since he is under 35?

  143. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Thats sweeet Carp!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! A serves ya right!!! Having an car accedent is one thing cuz ya dont wanna see anyone get seriously hurt from being on their phone while driving…but to hear about a guy yakking on the phone during a ball game and getting hit..is high-larious!!!

  144. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, are the Wolfpack going to have the highest salary payout in the history of the AHL this year? (The Grand Rapids Griffins came a close second last year paying for Nylander).

  145. a player can not renegotiate his contract once he signs it. a team can not either. seeing way too many posts asking for something that is impossible under this cba

  146. Honestly, how pathetic are these big name NBA free agents?

    They all might try and “join forces” and take a pay-cut, just so they can all be on the same team and win a championship.

    What a bunch of losers. They shouldn’t even be allowed to do that. You’d never see that in Hockey. Hockey players actually like the challenge of going to a team, and trying to turn them into a Cup contender. And if they do leave, because they’re unhappy, they don’t go and call all the best available free agents, and try and go on a team together.

  147. Here’s something to bank on- Sather is going to try to work a deal with Maloney out in Phoenix. Much like the loop hole that Lou Lam found to get rid of Mogilny, Slats is gonna trade Brashear out to the ‘yotes for a dman they don’t want to pay and both players will get buried in the minors while their salaries come off the payrolls of the respected teams.

  148. brashear counts against whichever nhl team he is on burying him in minors still counts against that team

  149. it IS against the rules. you CANNOT re-work contracts in the NHL under the current cba. period.

  150. Spider, oh pitty poo hoo over Sprewell! how can he live!

    ilb, i agree, it is what it is. doesn’t have to make me happy :)

    Blue Seat (my old school friend!) sadly, that will never change…Ranger fans will pay no matter what. and with the corporate suites et al, no worries for $$ :)

  151. Hey, let’s leave Sprewell alone. He actually choked a coach. Too bad he didnt choke Jeff Van Gundy.

  152. On the topic that Mama has brought up, I personally have no problem with the players getting all the money they do. They earn every penny of it. And I also have no problem with the Yankees/Rangers charging exorbitant prices to see games. If they can make money and people are willing to pay them, then that’s fine with me.

  153. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , oh how are you wrong. NHL players would join forces , ahemm Colorado had a collection .Didnt Karya take a million to stay, Selanne too? How about this ORR …Drury and Gomez joined forces as free agents and BOTH went to the Rangers.
    If the NBA players wanna do it..why not? Really now..no NHL player wants to go to a loser team. NEVER ,ever. hem hem Eric Lindros.

  154. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    Yes, there was a rumour floating around a few days ago that we were trading waiver wire guys with the coyotes, it was brash for vandermeer. Forgot where I saw it though and I didn’t think to post it.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, if, theoretically, Drury were to go ahead and renegotiate his contract and the NHLPA did indeed murder him, would his cap hit be taken off the books since he is under 35?”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Funniest thing I’ve seen here all offseason.

  156. Teemu Selanne is UFA…i would love to have him on this team…i know he’s 40 but he can still score goals! One of my all time favorite players!

  157. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    belanger is out there as an UFA. Isn’t he the guy who pulled his own loose tooth out on the bench during a game??

  158. reginald dunlop on

    Hey Carpy, good little Willie Huber story for you…..before game 5 at the spectrum in 1986…..the old man reminds me whatever happens do NOT cheer because in enemy territory and sitting in stands behind bench…. well all through game….sitting on hands…. then big Willie cuts in from point picks up puck and rifles it into net..well who stands up and goes beserk?????? ha ha ha

  159. LMAO GREG!!!

    Dreary, and Blowmez??? Kariya and Selanne??? Kariya, and Selanne didn’t even have good years there, and didn’t score a goal in the playoffs. What kind of comparison is that??

    I’m not an NBA fan at all, I can’t stress that enough, but I do know that all of these free agents like Lebron James, Dan “Herpes” Wade, the guy from the Canadian basketball team, and the guy from the Phoenix basketball team, and so on, are all superstars.

    Would you think it’s fair if the Pens, Craps, and Canucks were all getting eliminated in the playoffs each year, and then Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, and Luongo all decided that they should join forces, take a pay-cut and join a team with a half decent support system, and go and win a Cup together???

    Basketball players are weaklings! I don’t mind going to a new team that you can help win, but to call up all the free agent superstars, and try and join a team altogether, it’s just pathetic to me.

    It would be totally different if a team drafted all these guys, but that’s not the case.

  160. Christensen has got to be kidding right?? That guy was 1 step away from playing in Antarctica for the rest of his career … we give him a final chance when NO ONE ELSE would and he rejects contract offers ????

    What a Slap in the Face !!!!

    I felt the same way last year with Antropov … Toronto could barely get rid of him … we take him … give him a chance, then demands 5 million a year … then takes 4 million in Atlanta ???

    These players are disgusting

  161. Antropov has a pretty good season though. I was pissed when Slats gave all that money to Kotalgeek, but wouldn’t give it to Nicky Z or Antro.

    Christensen is another one. He used Gabby, and now he’s trying to cash on. Fugg off Pee Wee Herman. Don’t worry, there’s “no worries”

  162. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    I’d rather have shelley, but my guess is if shelley doesn’t work out, slats will be all over him!

  163. wicky (Let's Go Rangers!!!) on

    so what you are saying is if we still had colton on the team in the 2nd year of a 4 year deal, you would rather waive him or sent him to htfd and have a young guy up???

    Just curious!

  164. Yeah, I like Orr, but goons should get anywhere near a million bucks just for fighting, and hitting. Fugg that!

    Teams don’t need fighters, and there are teams that already proved this.

    But, we’re not those teams. We’re small, we’re weak, we’re pathetic!

    The New York Smurfs live on!

  165. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA ORR , “WE” are not weak…you may be weak but I know we are not. The guy whos name is ORR hates goons and doesn’t think they are worth anyhing. Now I have heard it all!!!

  166. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    HAHHAHAHAA weak…um we just sighed mr 19 fights and have Prust and shelly ,dumping another goon in Brashear….

  167. Yeah, that 19 year old kid is sooo tough. His toughest fight will be popping his cherry. If he fought Carcillo right now, I think he’d get the carcillo beat out of him. Let the kid grow his man muscle before he starts fighting tougher guys.

    You think this team is not weak? It’s the same fuggin team that got bullied all last season, and we don’t even have Prust or Shelley under contract.

    Weak! Small! Pathetic! Nothing has changed yet. All we did is draft players. That doesn’t change a thing.

  168. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Pathetic!!?? …whaaaa??? huh? cuz…of..???? We are not Pathetic nor of we even close to it. Taking it up the arse from all the retarded fans around this league for years man!!! We have been taking heat from other fans cuz the Rangers are so pathetic they buy all thier players. That my friend is a crop of carp crap. Sorry to say that but our team is far from being even remotely pathetic. This team is in great shape with a few bad contracts , that is all. This team is the coolest team in the league..name me one other and ill tell you how I feel about that team. Rangers rule ..always.

  169. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Seriously man , this team has taken alot of flack and I aint buying it. You keep selling but I wont be buying.

  170. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    So what , we were pathetic for losing all those years in the 60’s , 70’s and 80’s and being called “buyers” and people laughed at the Rangers all the way from Canada . People knew New York could never tank. We HAD to buy. This organization has so much class have the people who slam the team dont have a single ounce of it. Try looking at NY from another persons side and see how they feel about us. I have seen 20 years of Ranger bashing and Ranger love. I am on the love side and anyone else can go suck eggs.

  171. Thankfully, I wasn’t around for the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, so I wouldn’t know anything aboot NYR at that time.

    This team is just flat out pathetic. The majority of these losers can’t even get motivated to give more than 50 percent.

    The proof is in the puddin.

  172. Olga Folkyerself on

    “This team is in great shape with a few bad contracts , that is all.”

    And the Titanic was in great shape except for a few leaks, that’s all…


  173. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , you Olga and Doodie have such a hatefull look on the Rangers that it shows yer passion but the way you 3 do it..it shows no class . ORR , your view has a place for sure but dont lose sight that this is our team and we have to protect it. Its like a little brother ..you know hes a little weak and if someone picks on him..you do something aboot it..capeshh? ( that aboot was for you)

  174. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Kings…??? HAHAHAHAHA thats a joke. Pathetic..La King are pathetic. Probally the most useless franchise ever besides the Winnepeg Jets.

    Chicago…??? HAHAAHAHAHA bandwagon jumper!!!! That team is done. No more cups. Hossa is a goof , most useless piece of garbage. Great PK and back checker…over priced. What is cool about Chicago again… I forgot…?? UM….They got cabby robbing Kane? Toews? ooh wait…..Duncan Kieth!!!! wow hes cool. NOT. Chicago ..i felt sorry for them . So did you. Admit it. Chicago only was cool when they had Larmer and Roenick and maybe Stan Mikita and Espo.

  175. Kings might be in the best shape out of any team in the league. That team has an insanely good future. They might even add Kovalchook.

    Hawks won a Cup, and have all the pieces they need to contend for future Cups.

    You will never admit it, but you’d give up an arm and a leg for NYR to be in one of their positions.

    And I’ll tell you this, If my little brother was giving out a brash*t-load of money to a bunch of losers, I’d kick the carp out of him.

  176. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Chicago is an original 6 team . So I have to give ’em a little respect for an losing organization. Face it, Chicago are losers. They always lose in the playoffs, always. Except for this year . Thats it. Chicago sucks again..just watch. The Black Hawks playoff history is one for losers. Even the Habs are cooler. Least the Habs were winners. Boston are a bunch of losers too. That hockey team was once good…just one time. Boston and Chicago are only respected by me cuz they are original 6 ‘s but other than that WHOM ever cheers on them are losers/bandwagon jumpers .

  177. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    The Kings do have a future but its only cuz they sucked forever..oh wait!! The Kings did have Gretzky ,Mcsorley and did make a perty good run for the cup . As soon as Gretzky left..that club turned pathetic again. ORR , the LA LAKERS are cool , the LA KING are not. Seriously man LA KINGS are not cool. Try as they might but they will NEVER EVER step out from the Lakers shadow.

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    You got it all wrong, Greg. I love the Rangers! I do. I just can’t stand to see Sather KILLING them year after year. And I refuse to support him in cold blooded murder. (in his case, guilty by reason of insanity)


  179. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Laker girls…hot!!! Laker fans..great!! LA KINGS!!???? HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG dude , they wishhhhhh!!!!! LA KING? WISH someone liked them. I bet they would be perty happy to hear that they have one fan in NY!!! LA KINGS are a joke…really man. A Joke.

  180. Olga Folkyerself on

    Run down the Stanley Cup Champions all you want. You won’t raise the respect for the Rangers one bit by doing so. It just makes you sound stupider than usual.

  181. Greg isn’t serious, he’s just too much of a fan to admit that this is all true. I respect that.

    And you’re right, the Kings are where they are because they sucked. That’s what I’m hoping for NYR. Nothing but pure suckage, so they can get a couple of high picks that can turn this team around by the time the three big contracts and hopefully Slats are gone.

  182. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Now Olga! I don’t think “stupider” is a real word. Try “asinine”. You can get it past the sensors, and if you want to mean “more asinine”, you can use asiten or asitwenty depending how much stupider he really is…

  183. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    ” stupider than usual.” wow thats a smart statement.

    Don’t cry to me Olga that the Chicago Blackhawks are a loser organization that finaly won the cup . I guess after a record high of not winning the cup and they are now good? What a crock of carp. Chicago is only good now cuz they were losers like the Penguins. The Penguins are far better ( I dislike the Penguins) then Chicago ever has been. Chicago is such a loser organization and dont tell me now they are the best …The Blackhawks never ever win man. They lose every year. Chicago , exept for this year have alway sucked. Always.

    Olga I like when ya said ya loved the Rangers. I know ya do and I really liked how ya put things.

  184. Olga Folkyerself on

    a record high of not winning the cup? Chicago, 49 years?

    Sorry to inform you but 54 years is the record for teams still in existence. Guess who owns it?.

  185. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Hugo , go look in the mirror and repeat your names 5 times . Ill wait here ..go do it now son.

    ORR , I know LA KINGS are trying to turn the tide and who knows ?? You cant change the past and alot of teams sucked really really bad. Sadly enough the Rangers really never suck enough to get the high end draft pick . I know exactly what yer saying ’bout tanking or sucking. Our club just cant do it. I can name a few clubs who where losers and now have beifitted. Washington being one too. We cant do it. Even if Dolan sells the club and Sather retires..this club cant and wont ever do what ya want it to do..become losers and get the #1 pick. We would have to trade Hank and Gaborik to make your plan work. I would be willing to do that. Id go along with you on this but others wont do it. They wanna keep Hank and be mediocure. Ya see?

    The Rangers with or with Sather will continue to be class of the NHL , too bad all its fan arn’t.

  186. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOO who wants to be a BLACKHAWK!!????? BUZZZ time up!!!! NO ONE!! HAHAHAHAHA who wants to go to the Rangers??? EVERYONE!!!!!

    RANGERS RULE and Chicago are 1 cup wonders . Amazing how a pathetic club can win? wow maybe we should go talk to the scum Flyers and ask them how they almost beat the high mighty Blackhawks. Even scum like the Flyers have a chance. Dollars to donuts Chicago does make it out of the first round. Chicago is a team every feel sorry for. The Hawks are proff that in this league ..losers get rewarded. Reward this year….The Chicago BlackHawks!!!

    oh BTW BUFF was traded…stuiped GM over there. Just ask us when hes runnin over Gaborik.

  187. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Sorry for all the typos , ive been LMAO !!!!

  188. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg- I can appreciate your Rangers loyalty, (not really) but you sound like someone that has inserted a hand blender into your skull and put it on “high”.

  189. Byfuglien = Most overrated player in the 2010-2011 season

    Atlanta will dominate with his 15 goals and his 18 assists

    Greg, If you were a Hawks, Kings, or Pens fan, and then the Rangers won the Cup, you would be here saying “Rangers suck, theyre pathetic, they bye Cups, they can’t win on ther own talint” etc.

  190. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    Cherapanov was our “gem” to our future and it has hurt us. More then anyone will ever know. Dan Blackburn and Hank…could have been beutifull. Can’t forget Hugh …these tragic happening are FATAL ..we are paying the price right now.

  191. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " Almost free agent frenzzzy " … says Greg L. on

    None of those clubs has had the devestating things happen like we have. Atlanta lost Snider ( Heatly too) Saku Kovu had cancer along with Mario. Amazing stories of the two coming back was great for both clubs. Where is OUR amazing story? HOW CAN YOU RECOVER Dan Blackburn? Bring back Cherry??? You cant !! It happen and we are paying for it..it is what it is. NO ONE has any right to slam the Rangers after such tragic happenings. Cuz no of them gives a flying firtruck about us. Losing them means more to me then you guys I guess. What ever . I wont argue a mute point.

  192. What does losing Blackburn and Cherepanov have anything to do with this topic?

    Who knows if Blackburn would have been a true starter, and who knows if Cherry would have lived up with the hype.

    Maybe if Blackburn stayed healthy, then we wouldn’t have drafted “Hanky”

    Regardless, this team sucks, unless Slats makes some amazing moves, which he wont.

  193. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg is off in Never-Never Land again.

    Don’t expect Slats to make any amazing moves, after 10 years, he’s going for the record.

  194. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Maybe I’ve lived in France too long but player salaries don’t make me as sick as the money the owners make or the companies that advertise with them.

    They make lots of money on the product and without the players, there IS no product. And what most of them have is pure talent and skill, and there is a premium for that.

    So the money is there and I don’t begrudge them for trying to have some. Lord knows they were screwed for long enough as owners lined their pockets.

  195. All professional athletes make an insane amount of money. We can debate it forever- they shouldn’t make more than doctors and blah blah blah. Bottom line is it is what it is. The NHL is the lesser of all the evils too. (MLB, NBA, NFL).

    I always loved that scene in Jerry Mcguire when he asks Cuba Gooding jr. “cmon it wasn’t always about the money was it?….was it?!” and he’s just smiling thinking about how it WAS! lol. Some of these guys do what they do because it’s what they love. But all of them treat it as a business which it is.

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