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Here is the Rangers’ release on the draft:

Blueshirts select  5  forwards and 1 defenseman

New York, June 26, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather, along with Director of Player Personnel, Gordie Clark, oversaw the club’s activity in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft on Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  The club, which held six picks in the draft, selected five forwards and one defenseman.

The Rangers began the draft Friday by selecting defenseman Dylan McIlrath with the 10th overall pick.  The 6-4, 212-pounder skated in 65 games with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the Western Hockey League (WHL) this season, registering seven goals and 17 assists for 24 points, along with 169 penalty minutes.  He received Moose Jaw’s Most Improved Player Award for the second consecutive season, establishing career-highs in games played, goals, assists, points, penalty minutes, plus/minus rating (plus-20) and game-winning goals (two).  McIlrath was selected to participate in the 2010 Canadian Hockey League (CHL) Top Prospects Game on January 20 as a member of Team Orr, and he finished second in the Hardest Shot event at the Skills Competition with a 91.8 mph shot.  The Winnipeg, Manitoba native entered the 2010 NHL Entry Draft as the sixth-highest ranked defenseman and 17th overall among North American skaters in the final Central Scouting Rankings.  The selection marked the fourth time in the last six years the Rangers have chosen a defenseman in the first round.

The second day of the draft saw New York choose five forwards, beginning with the selection of Oshawa (OHL) right winger Christian Thomas, son of former NHL player Steve Thomas, in the second round with the 40th overall selection.  Thomas led Oshawa with career-highs in goals (41), points (66), power play goals (16) and shorthanded goals (four), and ranked fifth on the team with a career-high 25 assists.  He ranked among the league leaders in several goal-scoring categories, ranking seventh in the OHL in goals, and tying for second in the league in shorthanded goals and sixth in power play goals.  His 41 goals were also the third-most among all players drafted in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, behind seventh overall pick Jeff Skinner and second overall pick Tyler Seguin.  Thomas began his 2009-10 season registering four consecutive multi-point performances, tallying nine points (three goals and six assists) from September 18 at Sarnia to September 27 vs. Sudbury.  He recorded a career-high, 17 multi-point efforts on the season, including his first career hat trick on February 5 at Kitchener.  Thomas finished the season riding a six-game point streak from March 5 at Kingston to March 13 at Peterborough (six goals and three assists), which included a career-high, five-game goal streak that ended with a two-goal performance on March 12 at Ottawa.

In the fourth round at the 100th position, the Rangers tabbed Florida native Andrew Yogan from the OHL’s Erie Otters.  Yogan, who became the first player born and raised in Florida to be drafted by an NHL team, established career-highs in games played (63), goals (25), assists (30), points (55) and penalty minutes (97) this season.  The Blueshirts then selected forward Jason Wilson of Owen Sound (OHL) with the 130th overall pick in the fifth round.  Wilson registered a career-high 17 goals and 18 assists for 35 points in 46 games this season.  He ranked second on Owen Sound with six power play goals and 101 penalty minutes.

With the sixth round pick acquired from Carolina earlier in the day, the Rangers selected forward Jesper Fasth of HV 71 Jr. in the Swedish Jr. league with the 157th overall pick.  Fasth tied for first on the team in goals (23), second in points (49) and third in assists (26).  He also made two appearances for HV 71 of the Swedish Elite League.  The trade, which sent defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti to the Hurricanes, also includes Washington’s second round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.  New York closed out their 2010 NHL Entry Draft by selecting forward Randy McNaught from Saskatoon of the WHL with the 190th overall pick in the seventh round.  McNaught registered 12 points (six goals and six assists) and 163 penalty minutes for Chilliwack and Saskatoon (WHL) this season.

Overall, the Rangers selected five forwards and one defenseman, five from Canadian junior hockey leagues and one from European hockey leagues, and four Canadians, one American and one European.  The average weight of the Rangers draft picks was 195 pounds, while the average height of the 2010 New York draft class was 6’2”.

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  1. wicky (We OBVIOUSLY need a complete team of crease clearers!!) on

    1000 crease clearers!!!!! (second)

  2. 3 is way too much if you’re including fossils like witt. 2 is probably too much as well unless they can move and do other things

    of cup teams and finalists in last 10 years which teams had multi crease clearers and who are the players and teams. of each teams top 6 guys not counting the 7th or 8th guys.

    you have to know that the rules of engagement has changed post lockout.

  3. Tank The Season on

    Will McIlrath, Thomas, or any of the other new guys be at the upcoming prospects camp?

  4. wicky (ILB is NO girardi!!!) on

    at least
    again, you do not understand the point I am trying to make. I am basing this on OUR CURRENT crop of d men. Which is way soft, so to balance it out I would add 2 to 3 rugged guys. If one is witt, then fine, I never said I wanted him in the top pair or getting 30 minutes a night. You are making a lot of assumptions here that are simply not correct. I think of detroit and two rugged guys (kronwall and stuart), the pens had gill (a pylon) and orpik just right off of the top of my head. I would have to see the other rosters before I could name the rugged guys on them.

    I am talking overall toughness of the d corps, if it is way soft (like ours) you need more (quantity) rugged guys to change it. If the d corps as a whole is tougher, more rugged (like the hawks) then you do not need (quantity) like other softer d corps. I am talking the Rangers here not a broad generalization of how every organization should be stocked with rugged d men.

  5. wicky (ILB is NO girardi!!!) on

    btw, yes the rules of engagement did change post lockout, but the ways of the game have not.

  6. We need to make sure McIlrath keeps it cool then during the camp. He can damage a couple of smurfs we just drafted :-)

  7. oh i understand what you’ve been saying over and over and over again. i simply do not agree that more than 1 is necessary. others can pick up the slack, staal etc.

    sorry but the rules changes put many of your beloved crease clearers into the minors (witt) or retirement (hatcher) or to to be used as traffic pylons.

    being big is good as long as reasonably tough and can skate and move the pick. not at all talking about a defense full of gilroys or ozolinchs just like i don’t want a team 1/2 full of witts or half witts.

  8. I can agree with the newb on one thing, this kid wont make much of a difference if he’s sitting in the box every game, potentially costing us games because of minors.

    And it doesn’t matter if you have one crease clearing D-man. Hank will get run game in and game out, and nobody will fear this kid. That’s just the new NHL.

    If we had three tough D-men, then maybe it would be a different story. This team is soft, no matter how you look at it.


  9. wicky (ILB is NO girardi!!!) on

    Well, I certainly would not say they have to be big huge guys, I’d be happy as hell with kronwall from detroit or orpik and i would not consider those guys hatcher big. You just seem to be so stuck on names. I could care less who the names are, pick a physical rugged guy and I am fine with it. Staal got beat in a fight by semin…semin, I’m not sure at this point he is the one to be picking up the slack. That being said, he is young and I would sure as hell hold on to him if possible and get him a rugged guy as a mentor and maybe at some point in the future he can pick up the slack. If that mentor is witt, fine with me or sutton or whomever. It just is not rozy, redden, girardi, gilroy, or mdz (no offence to mdz who is clearly a young stud d man).

  10. well big difference between kronwall stuart and orpik on 1 side and pylons like witt, who every team passed on waivers, and sutton.

    i actually had less problem with this 1st pick than most as the forwards i wanted were all taken.

    but to take a crease clearer and i mean any crease clearer (poster boy is witt) just for that sake is not something i want to do. rather 1 good one than 3 bad ones.

    of the cup champs which of their guys were crease clearers

  11. I think Slats goes for Lombardi, and Volchenkov. Anything else will be through trade.

    Obviously he’s being pressured by Butt-Chin Gabby, and the last thing he wants is his most important player getting frustrated with the team.

    I, on the other hand, couldn’t give any less of a brash*t what he wants, and expects.

  12. I wouldn’t be suprised to see Dimitra in training camp. That’s Gabby’s buddy and former teammate. I’ve heard Brad Richard and Marc Savard rumors but I doubt they have the cap clearing strategy for one of those guys.

    Hope we don’t lose Staal.

  13. wicky (ILB is NO girardi!!!) on

    I agree on those guys. Here is a tweet about the coyotes:

    RT @kausatoday: Talked to Phoenix GM Don Maloney and he didn’t sign optimistic about re-signing Lombardi, Michalek or Stempniak.
    at least
    As far as the hawks go, they are a team as a whole on d that I would say is physical and rugged, with seabrook and keith being the leaders, but boynton and hjarlmson (sp?) were also a physical players and sopel can get dirty as well. So five of their guys IMHO were more rugged than what we had (campbell being their exception).

    Once again, I am not saying that rugged physical d men will win us the cup next year and that is not all we need, but it will be a huge help in making us more competitive and a better team. We have ZERO physicality on the blueline and the organization knows it, that is why they passed on offencive minded d men to draft mcilrath, who I thought was the correct choice and who I thought they would take. You have to have rugged guys that are not afraid to clear the crease, throw big hits, and get dirty on the blueline to be succesful IMHO. The number that is needed depends upon the overall grit of your group of d men, right now….we could use a few.

  14. So let me get this straight, the 2003, 2 from 2004, 2006 and 2007 1st round draft picks for the Rangers are no longer with the organization?

    Guys that are supposed to be at the very least top 9 or hopefully top 6 forwards or top 4 D that are basically swapped with a marginal player to be named later (return for Jessiman), no one still in organization (return for Montoya and Korpikoski now that Lisin has been non-tendered), most likely the 55th-60th pick in 2011 and very late pick this year and the unfortunate death of Cherepanov.

    Staal and Del Zotto look to be a decent return to par for 2005 and 2008 and hopefully Kreider turns into a center capable of putting up 70-80 points otherwise we can expect to continually be given healthy doses of MSG Original programming of The Summer of 94 and the top 10% of Top 50 Moments at MSG will remain the same for a long time.

  15. there are 2 centers now available for trade. Savard in Boston and Ribeiro in Dallas

    Savard was of course a Ranger long ago.

    both are talented but small, good on the PP setup spot

    Dallas wants a dman in return. give them Rosival. he and Ribeiro make about the same money

  16. i’d take ribeiro for rozival in a second.
    also….a guy like Witt couldn’t hurt for a season.

  17. Tank The Season on

    My guess is the Rangers will sign Demitra to be this year’s Prospal. I would be leery about paying Lombardi or Stempniak big money as they are unproven. I want no part of Kovalchuk, he is NOT a “winning player.”

    I am hearing Prospal may retire.

  18. i bet Volchenkov can be had for 5 million a year. 3-year deal, 15 million…i’d do it

  19. Flyers will end up with either Nabby or Thomas. That’s for sure.

    I’d go with Nabby. Thomas is overrated.

    And Volchenkov is D.C. bound. It’s inevitable.

    Slats can only make mistakes through Free Agency, that much is clear.

  20. wicky (ILB is NO girardi!!!) on

    I think he agreed to go there and philly gave up like a 7th round pick for him.

  21. i guess Flys think that ELITE goalie can make the difference for them…i bet they know all about whats it like not having an ELITE net-minder

    Good night, Billy Bob!

  22. I checked three different sites of winners and losers in the draft and every site claims the rangers are losers which doesn’t surprise me at all considering the rangers drafting under the Sather regime. Let’s face it people. The future looks bleak for the rangers.

  23. Ribiero isn’t guaranteed to move. They’ve been talking about Richards who has the more lucrative contract being on his way out as well. My guess is that if they were to have their choice they’d prefer Richards because of the Torts factor. I think his cap hit is around 7 million. If they could rid themselves of Rozsival/Redden I wouldn’t mind that considering he’s a legit #1 center and only about 30 years old. But who knows at this point.

    Don’t know if you guys have discussed it previously btw, but i’ve heard that Lisin won’t be qualified and that Sather may not move quickly enough to keep Shelley. Not happy about that last part. I don’t know why toughness and defense aren’t ever a priority

  24. Alright, the Flyers made a good decision to go after a real goalie than Tim Thomas. :)

  25. One half hour and it’s time for England to rip the scummy Germans apart! Germany, Wayne is comin’ for Roo! (Sorry, The Sun)

  26. wicky (ILB is NO girardi!!!) on

    girardi wants a 4 year deal at 3 mil per according to brooks…wow. I don’t think he is worth it. Slats is playing his game with players now and it sucks if we end up losing prust and/or shelley, big mistake.

    Later all, off to work!!!

  27. >>One half hour and it’s time for England to rip the scummy Germans apart! Germany…

    OK, I’ve decided to root against England in this one. Two reasons: David Beckham!

  28. Upson made up for his terrible defending in the first thirty-five minutes.

    Ooooh, England just got cheated on a second goal.

  29. They screwed them over. It was clearly in. What a ****** joke. S bag officials cant get the job done correctly. Lazy fat worthless officials cant get in proper position to make a correct call. To he ll with all of them.

  30. The English forwards need to go at the German defenders in the penalty box and force them to foul. That’s how to give the referee a chance to make up for his robbery.

  31. It’s just so tiresome. Forget about conspiracies. Refereeing and Umpiring is just horrific. They are all terrible and there are rarely any consequences. Jeff Triplett in the NFL blinded a guy when throwing the flag, and because the player that got blinded threw him down for it, the player got suspended. The guy actually lost is sight because a worthless official, and somehow the worthless official gets off scot-free. If I had my way with Jeff Triplett…

  32. ugh!

    who honestly wants lombardi on this team? NO THANK YOU.

    and volchenkov? ain’t happening. he’s headed elsewhere.

    savard waived his ntc yesterday and the two teams on his list are ottawa and toronto. on july 1st he’ll have to add 3 teams to that list which is why boston will be waiting to deal him. the rangers won’t be on his list. boston doesn’t have to move him. they aren’t going to take a garbage deal for savard and he won’t end up a ranger.

    we have a better shot at landing ribeiro or richards out of dallas but even that is slim. i can’t imagine any of the guys in dallas being thrilled about having to play with sean again.

    i’ll say it again, i don’t think we’re going to make much noise this offseason. this may be the first year in just about ever that we promote players from within the organization.

    …and this years draft? a snoozefest, especially for ranger fans.

  33. one more thing, as of right now, the flyers aren’t going to land nabokov. he wants waaaay too much.

  34. This is what happens when the score was tied 2-2, but instead England had to press being down 2-1.

  35. And if anyone wants conspiracy, England was given a similar goal to the one disallowed today, around 50 years ago against Germany. The referee, on his deathbed, when asked if it was actually a goal, responded with “Stalingrad”

  36. Oh, the referee was Russian, btw. I feel absolutely sick watching this. I really didnt care who wins the World Cup, but to see Eng. get cheated out of a goal, and now getting ripped to shreds on the counter is just sick. And Wayne has done nothing at all this entire World Cup.

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