Rangers draft Christian Thomas; trade Sanguinetti


Here’s his bio from NHL.com.

We’ll have more in a bit.

I am not going to be able to be around the computer for every pick today, but we will do our best here to wrap things up and catch up.

Boy, they’re moving pretty fast here. Gotta like that.


The Rangers’ web site has some video interviews with Sather, Clark and McIlrath.


The Rangers have only three picks remaining: No. 100, No. 130 and No. 190.


For round-by-round, pick-by-pick draft lists, click here.


Here’s the announcement of the Sanguinetti trade, from the Rangers:

New York acquires a 2nd round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and a 6th round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft

New York, June 26, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has traded defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti to the Carolina Hurricanes for Washington’s second round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and a 6th round pick, 157th overall, in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.
Sanguinetti, 22, appeared in 61 games with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL) this season, registering nine goals and 29 assists for 38 points, along with 22 penalty minutes.  He led all Hartford defensemen with a career-high nine goals, and tied for first among Wolf Pack blueliners in points and ranked second in assists.   Sanguinetti skated in five games with the Rangers, making his NHL debut on November 27 at Tampa Bay.
The 6-3, 190-pounder has appeared in 150 career AHL games over four seasons with Hartford, recording 15 goals and 69 assists for 84 points, along with 68 penalty minutes.

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  1. again, if he’s tough like his dad, I don’t care how tall he is. … think Pat Verbeek. Would you rather have a 6-2 Lisin type or a Verbeek type?

  2. This kid will be good. THey say he has lots of speed and great work ethic …. He’ll get bigger


  3. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " I feel a draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    WTG Rangers!!!!! Hard to say whos who… I know all will be watching the Cam Fowler VS McIlrath debate unfold. This could be the biggest draft bust since Hugh Jessewoman debacle!!!!

  4. The Rangers have only three picks remaining:




    so it will be a while before they go again.

  5. So the Rangers take the biggest guy in round 1 and the smallest guy in round 2 … kinda odd

  6. If the Rangers haven’t picked Kabanov by now, they will not be. They are usually not afraid of taking Russians.

  7. I don’t know about that. Kabanov seems to be made of kryptonite. Has the talent, but seems to be a head case. His junior team doesn’t even want him.

  8. i loathe the isles more then any team in sports and i have to be honest there future is much brighter and if they win a cup it will kill me.

    i know we won in 94 but i wont be able to deal with them winning in the future.

    nino kabanov taveres okposo bailey not bad in 3 years

  9. FLA has 3 picks in the first 9 spots in the 4th round … Tallon is doing a good job

  10. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " I feel a draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA CCCP got rid of his NHL network so he cant watch the draft.

    New guy for NEW YORK!!!!

  11. Eklund has a rumor the Rangers are looking to deal for Versteeg …. 3 million a year for 45 points …. pass.

    Dubi puts up 45 pts for 1.9 a year

  12. Tallon is a great talent scout. the only problem with him is he hands out ridiculous contracts that get the team into cap hell. they need to have a business guy do the contracts in Fla, let Tallon find the players

  13. so we traded Brian Boyle for 5’10 – 162 lbs Jordan Weal …. I’m okay with that

  14. Booo, why the hell would he draft Christian Thomas? What an idiot.

    Just kidding, but seriously, this kids size worries me. I’m tired of midgets. But, we’ll probably draft a big goon in the first round next year, ahaha!

    Trade Dubi now, before he walks away for nothing. Versteeg would be nice, but for who?

    And it’s pretty sickening that we have only 5 draft picks, and we missed the playoffs. We should have more.

    Slats = Doggy Doodoo (Burt Reynolds quote)

  15. Versteeg is very talented. he is overpaid like all the tallon contracts, but he had fewer points because he was on the 3rd line in Chi to balance out their lines. he did not get the top line ice time because of Kane Toews, Hossa, Sharp, Buff etc etc

    he played with Bolland who is more of a defensive center and shooter, not a passer

  16. If Christian Thomas has any type of work effort like Steve Thomas did, this kid will do well, very well.

  17. The only person I see Chicago taking is Dubinsky for Versteeg. Less of a contract and similar point production

  18. yeah. Im actually more excited about Thomas than McIlrath … is that weird??

    Galiev or Conz in round 4 !!!!

  19. OMG – another smurf! I guess it’s easier to understand the first round pick when the 2nd round pick is a midget.

    You gotta like someone whose nickname is “The Undertaker”.

    He will grow and learn, and a lot of opponents will be “learning” also.

    Any truth to the rumor that after hearing about the Rangers’ first pick, Carcillo quit the Flyers to take up curling?

  20. WOW … Rutherford just said he made a trade on TV. Sangs is definitely expendable if McDonagh signs

  21. If Sangs was traded for picks, what a crappy deal. Carolina only has 2 6ths and a 7th pick left

  22. Yet another waste of a 1st round pick Bobby Sangs was.

    When will a Rangers fan step up and poison Slats? I’d do it myself, but I’m allergic to his presence. Luckily he’s never at the Garden, so I don’t have to worry aboot catching Slatipusitus.

  23. Carolina only has Pitkanen and Gleason under contract for next year …. maybe Rozy is involved with Sangs???

  24. Greg

    I appreciate your concern about me not being able to watch the draft… i would like to let you know that i did NOT cancel the NHL network yet! so…HAHA right back at you, bro!

    Why didnt we take Kabanov?? I dont care about his head…he’s still a kid and the head issue could’ve been worked on! He’s clearly one of the most talented players in the entire draft! Garth Snow is not as stupid as he looks…Isls got a total beast in Nino and now they get Kabanov who will light up Rangers net for years to come!

  25. Im leaning towards the goalie Conz, Phillip Lane (from Rochester, NY) 6’2 – 194 RW, Patrick Cehlin 5’10 – 172 from Swededn and Sebastian Wannstrom 6’1 – 180 lbs from Sweden

  26. any sources/links on these sanguinetti rumors?
    and Roszival for Huet? I dunno about that….Huet is pretty bad. Would rather have Biron as a backup for $2 million a year, rather the 5 million + Huet makes to ride bench.
    Wonder if Chicago would deal Sharp for Roszival and Gilroy

  27. yeah, I also noticed that Sather is about 1000 cakes heavier than he used to look. he has to be weighed at the truck stops now

  28. no comments on other draft picks.
    man, either we’re slipping at Bonehead Central or everyone is having a much livelier day than me.

  29. I knew Sangs was not a real prospect anymore. Anytime I saw him, he did nothing to impress me or even get my attention. To get anything for him is good at this point. The Rangers are flush with better D prospects than him.

  30. If Sanguinetti thinks he can compete for a job in Carolina, why exactly was he not given the opportunity to compete for a job with us, given the existence or nonexistence of Redden.

  31. The US will take this match. They have Ghana on the back foot in the second half.

  32. Tank The Season on

    If for some reason we can’t re-sign Staal or Girardi then we can trade them. I’d keep Staal over Girardi.

  33. I swear if Sather nickle and dimes Staal…..

    Staal should get a 4-year deal at 3 million each. I think that would be fair

  34. This Homer John Harkes just expects multiple penalties in a knockout game. What a weasel. For there to be a 2nd penalty in the US favor, it will have to be something absolutely outrageous.

  35. I’m watching on Univision; I can’t take those American announcers. If Harkes is complaining on that last play, the referee should have called Altidore for fouling the defender. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll stop complaining soon because Ghana is DONE.

  36. i dont think Harkes was complaining…he simply said that he saw plays like called and not called for penalty shot…and it was a close play

  37. I didnt mean to make it out as such. Harkes was not complaining, more saying “it could have been a penalty”

    But IMO, Harkes should know that a team most likely cant receive 2 PKs in the same game unless it’s an egregious offense.

  38. I give the Ghana kid a lot of credit for staying on his feet after getting bumped. That goes isn’t scored if he went for the foul.

    By the way, this is the overtime format I’d like to see in NHL playoffs – one full period of OT, regardless of scoring or not.

  39. wicky (Nailed it , and we still need another Crease Clearer) on

    good call on sangs a couple of threads ago! He just seemed to be like most of the other ranger d man prospects, very vanilla. Not overly great offencively not overly physical, but not just horrible.

    at least
    just on my lunch so don’t have a lot of time to retort to your typical uninformed opinions on apparently what you think I said and what I have actually said (typed). This repost is from a couple of days ago from a different thread in a conversation with a couple of other bloggers:

    wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!)
    June 25th, 2010 at 1:02 pm
    Chicago’s picks look like mine at the end of this season for me on NHL 10. I’ve got 3 firsts rounds, 3 seconds and 3 thirds (just thought i’d share folks).
    Uncle Glennie
    Hilarious dude, I like that boneheaded idea about the d man btw.
    from your last thread, I do not want 10 crease clearing d men. If we had ten, I would be wanting a couple of puck movers. That being said you MUST have a mean physical couple of guys on the blueline (which we don’t). So for everyone’s enjoyment here is a sample of my ideal blue line: (bear in mind that these are players I am thinking of names that match styles of play, the guys could be substituted, as long as the style of play matches)
    the hammer/mdz
    tollefsen/(sangs or a rookie/young puck mover..gilroy)
    now those are not for the next 10 years obviously, but a guy like witt…physical, mean, to show staal the ropes for a year or two, staal/mdz are the long term pairing if you ask me, but you guys get the idea….two physical guys with edge, 2 all around guys that are not afraid to get dirty if necessary and two puck movers.

    Now if you read carefully, I think that covers everything. Now If mcilrath is one of our rugged d men, then just ONE more would be fine, but if he is in the system and not on the big club then we need TWO more IMHO.

    Now how tough was that sweetheart? Do you need someone to hold your hand or walk you through that so you understand better????

    Seriously, shouldn’t you be on the devils blog or something, you really have no byfuglien clue!!!!

  40. wicky (Nailed it , and we still need another Crease Clearer) on

    man, we need an equalizer soon!!!!

    later folks, LGR and USA!!!!

  41. Whats with all the giant guys the Rangers drafted?? Most of them are 6’3 or over or under 5’9 … kinda weird

    Alot of the Notes on every draft pick is “Good speed, good stick handling, Good Work Ethic, Sticks up for teammates/willing to drop the gloves”

    Overall, they were definitely looking for Character but I think the whole “gabby getting into a fight/needing better teammate thing” was blown a little out of proportion.

    Thomas and Fasth are the snipers from this draft and I really like how Fasth jumped from 71st to 33rd in the Euro rankings

  42. Im really shocked that Conz wasnt selected after being the 3rd ranked Euro Goalie


    I don’t get it. He is one of NYR’s core young player and he has been raising his point total every year.

  44. What is wrong with Ian Darke and Harkes??

    Every team does this. If the US were wasting time like this, you’d be cheering it. Get over it.

  45. the dumbest so-called sport in the world. offside is not determined by a line, but by where the defense is, no one knows how much time is left in a game, overtime is not sudden death, players constantly diving and faking injury, etc etc

    what a joke


    He only wants money. He’ll leave next season to get what he wants.

    I don’t want losers like that on NYR, because that’s what half the team is full of.

    Hopefully Staal wont do the same, and he wont hold out and miss out on training camp like the comb over bouchebag did.

  47. Congrats to Ghana! USA was dominating the game, and shortly after tying it up, they changed their approach and started kicking the ball deep each possession, as was Ghana. But Ghana happened to get rewarded on a ball over the top on a 1 on 2. And that’s the difference. The poor US defense.

  48. I feel a little bad, but now I can take joy in seeing this punk Alexei Lalas look glum. LOL!

  49. >>and referees who don’t owe explanations when they wave off goals and make crazy calls.

    And none of that happens in hockey.

  50. well, in hockey they have to at least tell you what the penalty was, and on whom, and when they disallow a goal they tell the fans why … even if they were completely wrong.

  51. Why do people in the US think it’s so cool to flaunt ignorance? Strange mentality, really!

  52. Some quotes from our boy Sather per Zipay twitter.

    Sather on Wisconsin D Ryan McDonagh: With Sangs gone, “seems like it would be a wise move to come out now.”

    Glen Sather on RFA Marc Staal talks: “Not a wide gap, a chasm”

    Carp, do you think the Staal negotiations are normal considered this is the only time when the team has the upper hand?

  53. JBytes – It’s a way of life in the US. False arrogance, omniscience, omnipotence. There’s a reason why we are hated across the world!

  54. don’t know what you mean by normal … I only know that he will be re-signed. It could be done right away if they just give him what he wants; or it could go right to the end of training camp if they want to play hardball. He has no other leverage.

  55. yes, the team has Hand
    it always seems that they use Hand when it comes to their players and seemingly create bad feelings
    open the checkbook for UFAs who usually do not deserve it.

  56. well..at least in futbol they dont hide from fans the nature of the injury…you know…those lower/upper/middle/ body injuries

    also, I hate the way players fall down and fake injuries and that’s pretty low and ruins the game… but it’s not illegal and teams use it to their advantage as a part of the strategy to kill time and break to flow…
    In hockey when a player holds the puck against the boards to kill time…we call him a hero!

  57. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    Sather the diamond cutter ruins another diamond in the rough.

  58. Carp, football referees don’t owe fans any explanation. They don’t even have to answer to players on the pitch. Some of you are complaining about the sport as if someone is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch it. Football is not basketball, not hockey, not baseball, not that other thing you folks call American football. Stop trying to impose those rules and expectations on it.

  59. JBytes – You dont have to argue the merits of football. Clearly, football is the greatest sport in the world. There isn’t even a question.

  60. Tank The Season on

    The more I think about it, taking McIlrath 10th may have been smart when you think about it like this: 8 forwards and 1 defenseman were taken ahead of him. Do you want the 9th best forward available or the 2nd best defenseman? This guy had to have been more than a goon to be ranked 15th by TSN.

  61. Tank The Season on

    This assumes there were valid reasons why Fowler and Gormley hadn’t yet been taken by #10 though.

  62. Why do people get so whiny when people bash Futfungusball?

    Anyway, I’d think Staal would show more class than Dublowsky did, and want to get this over with before training camp begins. Why would anyone want to have this kind of distraction before the season starts. That just shows you that they care more aboot money than winning. It’s heartbreaking!

    I’m not worried though. Staal will do the right thing.

  63. wicky from your 4:33

    it is you with no clue. your constant whining about crease clearing defenseman was sorta cute about 2 years ago. now you’ve expanded it to more including pylons like witt.
    i think you care just about physical violence and really don’t care if the team wins or not.

    your bs is no longer cute and hasn’t been for quite a while

    now go get your shinebox

  64. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    From Gross’ twitter…

    “Not good. Reports from LA are that #NYRangers GM Glen Sather calls talks with RFA D Marc Staal “A chasm.””

  65. at least – If you cant use your real handle to criticize someone, it is you that needs to get your shinebox, pal. Now go criticize someone who cares what you have to say!

  66. Orr – Yuck! That wasnt who they interviewed on ESPN a few minutes ago. Whew! She must have been made up quite well for the ESPN interview. I feel ashamed for my previous comment now about her!

  67. at least
    a crease clearing dman is much needed, especially when our dmen stand around and look at opponents crashing into our star goalie or taking 1,2,3 swipes at a rebound.

    i don’t know the whole story about witt but i do know that when we play the isles i wish that we had a dman with that nastiness to keep opponents at bay.

    and i agree with ORR
    don’t see what the big deal
    now, Melissa Satta
    that’s another story!!

  68. Why do people get so whiny when people bash Futfungusball?


    Because most of the American crowd do not understand the game of football…and when you don’t understand something then you really have no room to criticize

  69. JBytes, I’m not complaining, I’m not interested, and I’m not watching. I don’t care. I’m not putting down the merits of soccer/futbol. Not at all. I love to watch my nephews play.

    I was just making a point about the referees. It would be so easy for them to be crooked when they can make any call they want and owe nobody an explanation … and I’m not even pretending to have a clue about what happened on the infamous disallowed goal. I don’t.

  70. LMAO @ the idiot who said wicky only cares about physical violence and not about whether the team wins or not. Do you know the person at all? And do you have a name?

  71. just been reading his whining for at least two years. he may or may not be a great guy and is your friend but his hockey thoughts here are over the top. maybe too many pucks to the head? he was pretty dismissive earlier as were you with the idiot comment so i figure the pucks to the head is fair game.

    maybe you need a shinebox too

  72. Sangs was never going to be a Ranger anyway,not after his (menstral) cramp display in traing camp last summer. No heart.

  73. bull dog line on

    I hope the Rangers stay firm on Staal. he hasn’t proven anything yet, despite what many here believe. right now he is a slightly above average Dman, with no physical presence. not that Mcilrath is going to be here this season, but I think that pick was definitely was a message to all the Ranger D, but particularly Staal. message being you are all to soft.

  74. Funny how all of a sudden we all become the greatest evaluators of someone’s hockey thoughts…

    Sanguinetti has been steadily falling down on our d depth charts. Another wasted first rounder. I realize that it’s better to get something for him than nothing at all, but 6 rounder this year and Washington’s 2nd( read- late) rounder next year?

  75. every soccer player=diving actor faking injury
    ian lapperiere(hated flyer)=brain contusion,back on ice in a week
    this i why i will never watch soccer

  76. after reading someones same mantra time and time again and now multiplied to be more than 1 it is not hard to see

    oh and yes i do have a name. you can call me at least

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been saying it for a while now: The organization didn’t like Sanguinetti.

  78. Tank The Season on

    Sanguinetti was a bust and we all knew it. Too many years without getting a sniff.

  79. “Because most of the American crowd do not understand the game of football”

    What is there to understand exactly?


    That’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t watch the game. Footfungusball players are more girly than Basketball players, and that’s saying something. But, they don’t bring guns into their locker rooms, I’m assuming.

    Either way, overall it’s just boring to me. I’m a speed demon, I prefer action, which is why Hockey is the only sport I’m actually into. Woman’s Tennis, and Volleyball I can only watch for one reason :)

    But, to be fair, Tennis is enjoyable sometimes, but the Men’s matches are just too long.

  80. “Because most of the American crowd do not understand the game of football”

    What is there to understand exactly?



  81. Tennis is a great game, ORR. Even more enjoyable to play than watch.

    I guess Gilroy is staying.

  82. ILB, he’s staying until at least Thursday. ya never know what Glen is planning ;-)

  83. Gilroy should stay. He didn’t get much of a fair chance down the stretch.

    Everyone gets on Torts for every little thing, even if it’s not his fault, but the only thing I didn’t like is how he handled Gilly.

    He should try him as a forward. The kid has some nice speed, and has a good shot. If he can’t play D, then he can’t play D.

  84. Baseball, Basketball, American Football and even Hockey…what do all of them have in common?

    You have to use your hands to play these sports…

    Soccer is different in that sense because you can only use feet and head. That is why most of the American crowd doesn’t get this sport…I didn’t mean understand in terms of rules of the game (though, many people don’t know the rules either) I meant in terms of the way the game itself is played.

  85. bull dog line on

    Gilroy was handed a job last year, and he did not do much with it. I would like to see the Rangers make him earn it this season.
    Orr, I am not a big fan of changing guys positions, but I agree with you on Gilroy, he has forward instincts.

  86. It’s a lot easier to hit the ball with a stick or throw the ball threw the hoop or run with the ball holding it in your hands…since the day we born we are thought to control things with our hands…not with our feet… you know what i mean?

  87. Linda

    True, but mainly you control the ball, or the puck with your hands. In soccer no hands allowed at all! :P

  88. bull dog line on

    I like soccer, but I think the reason most Americans do not like the sport is the diving, the poor refereeing, and the very conservative style most of the big teams play. All can admire the skill, and athletic ability these players have, but they don’ get to see it enough.

  89. I do admire the athletic ability of footfungusball players, and other sports. That being said, a lot of fans of the sport make the game out to be this sport of gods, and everything else is just basic, and there’s no comparison.

    My main issue with the sport is it’s lack of speed. I watched the last two minutes of that USA game, and It just so slow and boring in such a desperate time.

    But, it’s only my opinion. Everyone is into what ever they’re into. I wont judge. Unless of course you’re into beastiality, then there is going to be some issues :)

  90. ;-) CCCP. For the life of me I can’t get into it, but they are tremendously conditioned and skilled athletes

  91. Aside from bad refereeing… I BELIEVE that soccer isn’t liked in US because it’s a foreign sport!

    Something similar to going to Paris and looking for Mcd’s to have a burger… fear of accepting different things.

  92. I agree, Gilroy deserves another chance. And he needs to earn it. He has skills that are painfully lacking on this team. I remember the goal he scored against the Devils during preseason. Not only the goal was impressive, but how he was able to retrieve the puck from difficult pass ( don’t get me started on passing skills of our team) and moved towards the goal to score.

  93. ORR

    Last two minutes of US game (90 minutes of regular time + 28 minutes of extra time) isn’t a great way to judge the game. US players were exhausted! Not like they can go for a change to sit on a bench for a while and come back again…

    Have you seen second period of that game? If you had, then you wouldn’t be saying things like “slow and boring”

  94. how much conditioning is needed for a dive?

    as much as it needed to use a syringe to shoot up with HGH :)

  95. I’ve watched a whole game before. It was Italy or some team in the World Cup, and I was half asleep.

    I’m not ashamed to say this, but at one point I sat with my five year old cousins, and played Barbies with them. That’s how bored I was.

    In my defense, they had a box of Cupcakes that they were hiding from everyone, so I had to go and get one, so I was forced into the situation, but I was very accepting.

  96. Marc Staal – 23 yrs old – 82 GP, 8 G, 19 A, 27 pts, +11


    Seabrook – 25 yrs old – 30 pts – 3.5 million

    Quincey – 24 yrs old – 29 pts – RFA this year

    Letang – 23 yrs old – 27 pts – 3.5 million

    Shultz – 24 yrs old – 23 pts – RFA this year

    K. Russell – 23 yrs old – 22 pts – 1.3 million

    *Staal shouldnt ask for more than 3.5 million a year TOPS !!

  97. Geez, pressed submit by mistake…

    There is a reason why soccer is the most popular game on the planet. In terms of it being a foreign sport in US- I don’t know if that’s the reason for it being unpopular. It originated in China, so it should be unpopular anywhere else.

  98. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    Nice to get home from a long day at the office and see some poster who shows up recently under some “name” and says they know everything “I” have been “whining” about for two years. Odd how that works, and again you have trouble reading apparently, but that’s ok. You have the right of free speech (great country we have here). You really should get your information correct before you spout off at the pie hole.

    Most of the folks here have some subject matter that they feel is relatively important to the success of the team or just like to talk about it a lot, so I suppose it is all “whining” to you.

    Tell you what, why don’t we let everyone else here vote on whether or not you or i get the shine box??? How about it??

  99. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    I’d have to pick the footy over baseball any day!

  100. I have to think a big reason for soccer’s worldwide popularity is because it’s cheap to play and therefore more people are exposed to it.
    You need a ball and that’s it. Kids can use a pair of tin cans to mark the goal and it can be played in a field or an empty lot.
    Once you’ve played a given sport you are quicker to appreciate the nuances and skills required of that game.

  101. don’t think so about the vote. you post here all the time and this place is clickish. still remember your other pearl of wisdom touting an upper tier for boneheads.

    like i said before your 1 track mind on crease clearing defenseman used to be kinda cute before you ruined it wanting half the defense to be those pylons. also like you said above i’m entitled to my free speech here doncha think.

  102. The reason soccer is the most popular sport in the world is because it is cheap to play. You just need a ball or some other round object. Really helps in countries where the general population has no money. Hockey is only popular where ponds freeze. I respect the ability of soccer players, but they have ZERO honor. These guys flop at the drop of a hat. Also, a sport is only as good as its officiating. Soccer officiating is a scam. They are pro wrestling with a ball. The lack of player toughness and obviously crooked officiating are things that the average American just won’t deal with.

  103. I thought it was cliquish, not clickish. And I thought Rich’s name was Pilon, not Pylon. But what do I know, I’m Russian

  104. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    at least
    Not only do I think you deserve your free speech, I spent 5 years at war defending it. Your perception of things is atrocious if you really got anything legit out of the upper crust comment. Not only that, but apparently you need to read the post again that I copied for you and do it slowly and carefully or should I outline it for you because you seem to to stuck on something that isn’t even there.

    And you are welcome BTW!!!!!

  105. you posted other stuff asking for 3 of them not just what you chose to copy here. over and over and over again.

    road pylon as in does not move.

    plenty of others fought too not just you. assuming you are telling the truth and i do believe you there, thank you

  106. bull dog line on

    did you really just compare Marc (poke check) Staal, to Brent Seabrook. sorry, its not even close, Seabrook is head and shoulders better than Staal.

  107. I think we should drop the issue before it gets out of hands. The bottom line is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Right or wrong. And none of us is always right. But attacking someone personally for giving their opinion isn’t what this place is or should be about. I suggest we move on. Anyone agree?

  108. wicky (We OBVIOUSLY need a complete team of crease clearers!!) on

    Well, Ill go back for the past 2 or 3 years for you and copy everything for you if that will make you feel better. Quite honestly this statement ( I do not want 10 crease clearing d men. If we had ten, I would be wanting a couple of puck movers) should clear everything up quite well for you. It is about balance and not too many of one kind or another of d men. Our d corps is soft, we need crease clearers (also size with scoring touch on the wings, a #1 centre, a back up goalie). Again, that statement should clear it all up for you unless you are just wanting a fight!!

    Regarding your next statement about others fought too, really, you don’t say. If you think for one second I do not care or acknowledge those who have sacrificed everything with me before me or after me so we can all blog here you SERIOUSLY mistaken!!!!!!

  109. wicky (We OBVIOUSLY need a complete team of crease clearers!!) on

    I just wanted to take that burden from you for a while!!!

  110. ilb – this coming from the guy who got into the middle of it calling me an idiot. that is beautiful

    wicky – i read the latter one differently. that you would be content with 10 crease clearing defenseman – an exaggeration obviously but so is 3 of them. 3 of them and this team has no chance to ever succeed. even 2 is pushing it if they are pylons like witt.

  111. >>germany and england tomorrow should be interesting.

    You better believe it! I do not care for either team; I can’t decide who to root against yet.

  112. wicky (We OBVIOUSLY need a complete team of crease clearers!!) on

    me either, i think klose is on hell of a player, but I just want a great match.

    at least
    3 may or may not be too many, if one of them is a clearer like pronger, no, 3 is not too many (offencive skills as well as clearing ability) it really depends on the other d men of the corps as to how many clearers I feel the team needs. As it it currently comprised (SOFT) 2 is a must and 3 wouldn’t hurt. Is taht how it should always be, not in my opinion. But again, it depends on the personnel.

    as far as ILB goes, well he sure in the hell is no girardi (enough said)!!!!

  113. >>The lack of player toughness and obviously crooked officiating are things that
    >>the average American just won’t deal with.

    Lack of player toughness? Are you kidding me? Football is about skills and finesse, not about machismo. Gee whiz!

    And as for the referees, I’m sure there are NO shadiness in any of the American sports. None what-so-ever!

  114. Oh, wow, how did we manage to get almost 200 posts out of selecting Thomas and trading Sanguinetti?

    Tough choice, Jbytes. I think I’m going against Germany.

  115. 3 is way too much if you’re including fossils like witt. 2 is probably too much as well unless they can move and do other things

    of cup teams and finalists in last 10 years which teams had multi crease clearers and who are the players and teams. of each teams top 6 guys not counting the 7th or 8th guys.

    you have to know that the rules of engagement has changed post lockout.

  116. Why would some of you care so much if us Americans don’t like soccer? Bye the way Its not fear of accepting something different.The sport is just plain old boring.God Bless America.

  117. I don’t think Sanguinetti was given enough of a chance with the Rangers. Is this a sign of trading away youth again or that the Rangers are secure in their d men or there is another trade in the works?

  118. My son was a really good hockey player,( was offered a shot at going to the Winterhawks by Minny,quite a number of years ago, but he didn;t have the “fire in the belly” for the game…to him it was just fun. He was at heart a Hunting and fishing type -still is…does his big game trips with Bow and Arrows…?? go figure.

    He dabbled at Soccer in Hi school like most kids, but never took it seriously. Personally, I always figure that any game that was played on a field that was only slightly smaller than Rhode Island, was too boring to take seriously. I do however feel that these guys do get hurt..they have no bodily protection that I’ve been able to see, and I imagine it is a jolt when some one kicks you in the shins.

    I remember when Franz Beckenbauer came to NY..that was supposed to ignite the game over here…never happened.Too many other sports of a top flight nature to spend cash and affections on a game that is run run run up and then run run run down.

  119. over here…never happened.Too many other sports of a top flight nature to spend cash

  120. _over here…never happened.Too many other sports of a top flight nature to spend cash_

  121. /over here…never happened.Too many other sports of a top flight nature to spend cash/

  122. \over here…never happened.Too many other sports of a top flight nature to spend cash\

  123. over here…never happened..Too many other sports of a top flight nature to spend cash

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