Order of selection, rounds 2-7


From the NHL:


LOS ANGELES (June 26, 2010) — Following is the current order of selection for rounds 2-7 of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, to be held today at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles (1 p.m., ET / 10 a.m. PT, NHL Network, RIS, NHL.com):

Round 2

31. Edmonton
32. Boston (from TOR)
33. Florida
34. Columbus
35. Chicago (from NYI)
36. Florida (from TB-BOS)
37. Carolina
38. New Jersey (from ATL)
39. Minnesota
40. NY Rangers
41. Dallas
42. Anaheim
43. Chicago (from CGY, optional)
44. St. Louis
45. Boston
46. Carolina (from OTT)
47. Colorado
48. Edmonton (from NSH)
49. Los Angeles
50. Florida (from PIT)
51. Detroit
52. Phoenix
53. Carolina (from BUF-SJ)
54. Chicago (from NJ-ATL)
55. Columbus (from VAN-BUF)
56. Minnesota (from WSH)
57. Phoenix (from MTL)
58. Chicago (from SJ-OTT-NYI)
59. Florida (from PHI-LA)
60. Chicago

Round 3

61. Edmonton
62. Toronto
63. Tampa Bay (from FLA-LA)
64. Calgary (from CBJ)
65. NY Islanders
66. Tampa Bay
67. Carolina
68. Buffalo (from ATL)
69. Minnesota
70. Los Angeles (from NYR)
71. Dallas
72. Tampa Bay (from ANA)
73. Calgary (optional to EDM)
74. St. Louis
75. Buffalo (from BOS)
76. Ottawa
77. Colorado
78. Nashville
79. Los Angeles
80. Pittsburgh
81. Detroit
82. NY Islanders (from PHX)
83. Buffalo
84. New Jersey
85. Carolina (from VAN)
86. Washington
87. Atlanta (from MTL)
88. San Jose
89. Philadelphia
90. Chicago

Round 4

91. Edmonton
92. Florida (from TOR)
93. Florida
94. Columbus
95. NY Islanders
96. Tampa Bay
97. Boston (from CAR)
98. Buffalo (from ATL)
99. Minnesota
100. NY Rangers
101. Atlanta (from DAL)
102. Columbus (from ANA)
103. Calgary
104. St. Louis
105. Carolina (from BOS-ANA)
106. Ottawa
107. Colorado
108. Calgary (from NSH)
109. Los Angeles
110. Pittsburgh
111. Detroit
112. Toronto (from PHX)
113. Montreal (from BUF-PHX)
114. New Jersey
115. Vancouver
116. Washington
117. Montreal
118. Tampa Bay (from SJ)
119. Philadelphia
120. Chicago

Round 5

121. Edmonton
122. Toronto
123. Florida
124. Columbus
125. NY Islanders
126. Nashville (from TB)
127. San Jose (from CAR)
128. Atlanta
129. San Jose (from MIN)
130. NY Rangers
131. Dallas
132. Anaheim
133. Calgary
134. St. Louis
135. Boston
136. San Jose (from OTT)
137. Colorado
138. Phoenix (from NSH-CAR)
139. Colorado (from LA)
140. Pittsburgh
141. Detroit
142. Washington (from PHX)
143. Buffalo
144. Toronto (from NJ)
145. Vancouver
146. Washington
147. Montreal
148. Los Angeles (from SJ)
149. Philadelphia
150. Atlanta (from CHI)

Round 6

151. Chicago (from EDM)
152. Pittsburgh (from TOR)
153. Florida
154. Columbus
155. NY Islanders
156. Tampa Bay
157. Carolina
158. Atlanta
159. Minnesota
160. NY Islanders (from NYR)
161. Anaheim (from DAL)
162. Edmonton (from ANA)
163. Calgary
164. St. Louis
165. Boston
166. Edmonton (from OTT)
167. Carolina (from COL)
168. Nashville
169. Los Angeles
170. Pittsburgh
171. Detroit
172. Vancouver (from PHX)
173. Buffalo
174. New Jersey
175. Vancouver
176. Washington
177. Anaheim (from MTL-PIT)
178. Ottawa (from SJ-DAL)
179. Philadelphia
180. Chicago

Round 7

181. Edmonton
182. Toronto
183. Florida
184. Columbus
185. NY Islanders
186. Tampa Bay
187. Carolina
188. San Jose (from ATL)
189. Minnesota
190. NY Rangers
191. Chicago (from DAL)
192. Anaheim
193. Calgary
194. Nashville (from STL)
195. Boston
196. Ottawa
197. Colorado
198. Nashville
199. Los Angeles
200. Pittsburgh
201. Detroit
202. Toronto (from PHX)
203. Buffalo
204. New Jersey
205. Vancouver
206. Carolina (from WSH)
207. Montreal
208. Buffalo (from SJ)
209. Philadelphia
210. Chicago

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  1. Ahem, folks….new post? It’s lonely here. One more thing: once the new season starts and opposing players begin crushing the net and using Hank as a bench, we will be very happy that he is in the system. Unless, of course he is playing.

    Anyway, back to tennis. Later.

  2. just to answer a previous post. yes, I saw Fowler play numerous games in the World jr tourney and the memorial cup tourney. fyi, those are the top jr competitions in the world. and also fyi, his team won both of those tourneys. now , his jr team was loaded in Windsor, but for team USA to beat the canadian jrs on their own turf was a tremendous achievement. and Fowler was very impressive in those world jr games. he was not as impressive in the memorial cup tourney, and that may have been what sunk his stock a bit

    overall, I have never seen McIlrath play, except those brief highlights. I don’t know how he will fare in the NHL. I hope he turns out to be a real good one. but I do know that Fowler will be a top pair dman in the nhl for many years in Anaheim. bank on that

  3. ORR,

    lol @ your comment about still the same team and I do agree that the team as a whole can make us fans feel hopeless. But it seems to me that a large part of nyr fanbase wants to be negative about anything and everything….” staal isn’t physical enough” “let the kids play” “you can’t have a team full of kids” “we should have drafted fowler”

    I agree that sather has dug a huge hole for us with thehorrid contracts he has handed out but the negativity can’t or shouldn’t be applied to each and every move the team does or doesn’t make.

    Like I said about fowler…how many other teams passed over him but it’s only sather that’s an idiot for not taking him??

  4. Joel,

    good response and you clearly gave an informed opinion, but like you said…fowlers stock fell for a reason and it’s not because sather is an idiot.

  5. Oh yeah…mckllraith had the second hardest shot in prospects game at just shy of 92mph. Not bad for a “goon” eh?

  6. Fla is really doing well at this draft. a nice trade and lots of good picks so far, including McFarland

  7. paulieplatypus on

    Hey bonehead sports fans, I love ya! In Gord Clark we trust??? Like Wicky, I’ve been thinking that the Rangers might trade a prospect inorder to get a 3rd round pick? But although it seems that most scouts think this years draft is very deep, most prospects appears years away from the NHL. So I doubt most NHL GM’s would trade a prospect who’s much further along in their development for a player not yet drafted, unless they really want that draft pick or player.

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