It’s Go Time! (updated)


Well, sort of.

To keep you guys busy until 7 p.m., here’s a Taylor Hall video his equipment company sent out.

Good to see everybody’s favorite Uncle stopped by for a wrap-up in the last thread. Maybe I’ll repost it in this thread for those just joining us.

I don’t exactly know how to go about posting tonight, since I’m pretty sure everybody who cares will be watching it unfold on TV. Maybe I’ll put up all the picks up to No. 10 for those not near a TV. After No. 10 I have to write something for the paper. So I’ll pretty much give you the pick and let you discuss … as you are wont do to.

Have fun.



(sorry this is late, got caught up in some work stuff).

1. Edmonton, Taylor Hall.
2. Boston, Taylor Seguin.
3. Florida, Erik Gudbranson.
4. Columbus, Ryan Johansen.
5. Islanders, Nino Niederreiter.
6. Tampa Bay, Brett Connolly.
7. Carolina, Jeff Skinner.
8. Atlanta, Alexander Burmistrov.

The Rangers are going to get a pretty highly-ranked player here. Right?

9. Minnes0ta, Mikael Grandlund.
10. Rangers, Dylan McIlrath.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Please do, CARP, as I am in the UK and cannot watch. I am hoping for Tarasenko……if he has agreed to come over. Or a trade down for more picks.

  2. bull dog line on

    No Russians this year. to many questions. hope for Connolly to fall, if not draft Johansen. they need goal scorers, so Skinner is also an option.

  3. Have fun, ‘heads. A little busy tonight, can’t join you. But I’ll be following the draft using my iPhone. Please make sure this schmuck doesn’t do anything dumb this year.

  4. please let tonite be the night that one of the 3 musketeers is gone.

    someone anyone take rozi or redden.

  5. zipay at twitter

    rangers table in middle of the floor already talking with don maloney.

    prucha is coming home lol

  6. Sather's WrapUp on


    Episode MMX – The UFA Star Wars
    With Uncle Glennie – Sith Happens

    Hello Ranger Fans!!! It’s Uncle Glennie- Hero, after only ten short years, I’m still here at your service! Free Agency is upon us once again. Time for some more of that ol’ Slats magic! I have the whole staff with me, and over the next few days we’ll be discussing the strategy for improving…

    (Garden Announcer) “YOUR 2010 NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!”

    Uncle Glennie- Hero (UGH from here on): I told you! The WHOLE staff is here… I love that announcer! He’s my wife’s brother you know….

    OK Gang, let’s get started… Now as we look at the existing team, what kind of players do we need to fill the gaps in the Rangers line-up?

    Muck: We could use a First Line Center.

    Torts: We definitely need a Backup Goalie

    Shoney: ABR.

    UGH: What the heck is ABR?

    Shoney: Anyone But Redden.

    UGH: Now wait a minute there, a lot of people think Redden is old, slow and lazy, but they haven’t watched him play. Really, he’s just the opposite- lazy, slow and old…

    Voice From Hallway: Get a hard-hitting crease clearing physical defenseman!

    UGH: That’s a real Bonehead idea…

    Mess: How about a new Captain!

    Keenan: How about a new Coach? I’m not too busy…

    UGH: Slow down… Maybe it’s better if we just list all the strong positions we have on…

    (Garden Announcer) “YOUR 2010 NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!”

    (Crickets chirping)

    UGH: Well, don’t all talk at once… I guess it’s a good thing I kept last years want list.

    1.A Superstar’s Younger Brother.
    2.An old player with head trauma
    3.Any player from New Hampshire.
    4.Recovering Alcoholic

    Muck: OK, Let’s just go with that then. We haven’t filled any of those spots since Marcel Hossa, Eric Lindros, Hugh Jessiman and Sandis Ozolinsh.

    UGH: Done. That’s enough work for today, boys, who’s got the cards?

    Next Time- The Farm System

  7. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Anutha draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on


    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  8. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Anutha draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on


    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we get to pick a new guy!!!!!!!

  9. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Anutha draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Good evening to all~!!!!!!

  10. Don’t have access to damn Versus. Any suggestions how to see it using laptop, please?!

  11. nhl trade rumors…..there are no Rangers rumors, except the annual interest in Souray.

    And this piece of info.

    If Jason Spezza isn’t traded by July 1, he won’t be dealt. It has nothing to do with a no-trade clause, but it has to do with the $4 million bonus he is set to make on that date.

  12. wicky (mcilrath) on

    twitter says spezza may go to flames for langkow and regher.

    sens and canucks are trying hard to get physical d men…pay attention slats.

    hey zzzzzzz, what’s up.

  13. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Anutha draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO YO , heyyyyy wicky and the wicksters!! Today the Rangers get younger!! beutiful.

  14. wicky (mcilrath) on

    just saw gudbranson interview on nhl network, and i changed my mind….talk about character, I would take that kid first overall without a doubt!!!

  15. scott cullen of TSN in his mock draft has Nino Neidereiter going to the Rangers. not bad

  16. wicky (mcilrath) on

    love the optimism by the oiler fans.

    does that little kid remind anyone else like the kid from bad santa??

  17. bull dog line on

    Renney speaking,I hope Hall knows how to manage the puck and have 5 in the picture.

  18. Ah the classic Tom Renney interview. He’ll get an opportunity, we’ll follow the system….

  19. Does anyone ever say the city was a terrible host? Why must every team thank them? And Sather won’t thank anyone. He’ll just grunt a few times and announce their pick.

  20. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Does Redden have a son in the Draft? Glather will grab him in Rd 1!

  21. Or more likely someone will fall to them and they will trade down for something like Sheldon Souray and a 5th rd pick in 2011.

  22. Czechtheout!!!! on

    Classic Renney! The kid is drafted as the number one overall for his play as a wing and Renney is already converting him to center. Way to screw with the kids head right away heyena!

  23. Hall won’t score in his first game and Renney will scratch him for a week. “He’s just looks tired. He needs to play at a certain intensity that we are not seeing consistently”

  24. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Anutha draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    WHO CARES ABOUT FLORIDA …come on , lets see our pick!!!!

  25. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Starting to feel alot like Christmas…

  26. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Yes I was Linda. Good catch! It’s been awhile since I posted. I am out of practice. Let’s hope for Nino!

  27. Czech, i noticed the other day but with my sleep deprivation, i thought i was ‘not’ seeing things lol

  28. at least we have the frodo from modo to skate arounnd with gabby. those 2 are gonna be roommates in the icu in bellevue for years to come

  29. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO Whos da bosses kid is a Rangers fan!!!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  30. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mikey …shes too young!!! What is she now? 40!!??

  31. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Is that “E” from Entourage or did the Rangers trade MZA aka the Hobbit to the Isles?

  32. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Who cares …poor kid went to the losers team. How do ya cheer on Captain Highliner?

  33. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Perfect fit for a Long Islander: “Yo Nino – get the Camaro”

  34. So if the Isles brought E up maybe we can have have Tim Robbins come up and rant about how terrible America is. It would be a perfect Garden clustf*ck

  35. wicky (mcilrath) on

    if slats trades now, we know he wanted nino. He better stay and get dylan

  36. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Azzlanders suck ..another kid to hate. Not Nino pizzas fault ..he just went to a stuiped team.

  37. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Cuch – there’s his annoying commie wife Sarandon available too.

  38. CR9 at a friends house! on

    My power went out at 6:56 pm so I had to go somewhere else to watch the draft! How aboot that!

  39. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    What a cocky a-hole connolly acts like. He deserves to be driven head first into the glass by Avery.

    Sorry CCCP – didn’t mean to offend commies

  40. We have enough D in the system. They need to take Skinner or the Russian at this point.

  41. Czechthemout!!!! on

    That skInner kid sure looks good in his rangers jersey. Kind of at home. Too bad he is slow and small. He also does not fit the style that Torts is trying to instill in the team. That means he also might get picked.

  42. >>Yzerman sounds so nervous.

    To the point where he even said “our no coach”, before correcting it to “our new coach”.

  43. Czechthemout!!!! on

    burnistov weighs 120 pounds! He will never weigh more than 160 pounds. Please no!

  44. Gotta be a Russian now. None of the top scores slipped. Although I can see them going for Fowler.

  45. skinner and niederetter taken. nooooooo!!!!
    please pass on puck-moving d-men and pick McIllrath!!!!

  46. anyone see aylssa milano there? still FINE. said she grew up a rangers fan before moving to LA

  47. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOB M had Skinner at #10 , looks like were getting a better pick with out moving up.

  48. I got a million dollars on Minnesota taking Forbot or Bjugstad since they are from Minnesota. It really just depends on ATL taking Fowler.

    But I have a feeling ATL takes Etem or Burmistov

  49. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , ya cried wolf wayyyy tooo much . Nice try.

  50. CR9 at a friends house! on

    the bruins wanted to trade to the 4 pick for Fowler.

    we better take him.

  51. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    wow , this is crunch time..who ta pick!!!????????????????????

  52. wow, never thought we’d get Fowler

    I like that…if they do it. watch them go for tarasenko…

  53. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tatanshenko hahahaa I bet if sather really does suck.

  54. Talent Analysis
    Fowler is an offensively oriented defenseman in the mold of a Scott Niedermayer. He is an excellent skater and puck handler, and his instincts and hockey sense are as good as any defenseman in his draft class. Fowler isn’t all offense, however, as his play in his own end is usually solid.

  55. there must be some schizophrenia or bi polar disorder with fowler if he hasnt gone yet. seems too good to be true. i mean, he was rated 3rd right???

  56. bull dog line on

    if you go by the ratings, it has to be Fowler, but keep an eye on Bjugstad.

  57. wicky (mcilrath) on

    slats takes campbell then trades hank to the blackhawks and gets campbell from them all because he had a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup today!!!

  58. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    I think McIlrath deserves a look too. He’s the biggest badass out there & god knows we need it.

  59. Take fowler please. Send redden down and trade rosi. I’d live with the growing pains of staal mdz sangs girardi fowler and an inexpensive veteran d man

  60. Russian right winger Vladimir Tarasenko checks in as the number two European skater after posting 24 points (13 goals) in 42 games for Novosibirsk of the KHL this past season.

    Tarasenko had a great 2010 World Junior Championships, tying for the team lead in goals (four) and third in points (five).

    NHL Director of European Scouting’s Goran Stubb: “Vladimir is very effective around the net with his excellent overall skill level and vision. He is a strong, mobile skater with a quick shot. He is not only a sniper, but also a good passer and playmaker. There are no real weaknesses in his overall game and he will be one of the most interesting prospects at the draft.”

  61. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    8 stuiped comercials , ARRRGHHHHH!!!!!!

  62. CR9 at a friends house! on

    Love how Versus goes to commercial right before the NYR pick. And how Pierre Bruins Maguire had to make mention that Staal and Del Zotto were gifts for the Rangers.

  63. CR9 at a friends house! on

    what a ******* ***** ***** joke. Just a white loser with a pretty face.

  64. CR9 at a friends house! on

    That’s exactly what you want out of a defensemen, a guy who takes himself out of the game for 5 minutes with fights.

    Fowler fell to us, the Bruins wanted him at number 4, but we waster our pick.

    I hope Im wrong, but the day this pretty boy plays with the Rangers is the day I stop talking about hot guys.

  65. Thats horrible … could have traded down to get him

    Why wouldnt you take Fowler ???

  66. CR9 at a friends house! on

    Another NY team that ignores conventional wisdom and goes with the likes of McIlRath. The Red Sox take the best available with the highest ceilings. And here we are…

  67. What the hell happened? I can’t get video feed but every forum/chatroom is “WTF” OMG DIE SATHER DIE

    WHO DID WE DRAFT??!??!!?!

  68. CR9 at a friends house! on

    I know absolutely nothing about any of these prospects, but this guy wont even play with the Rangers EVER!

  69. don’t do it Messiah. You never know until four years down the road … not that I think this was a brilliant pick by any stretch.

  70. im switching sides to the islanders…rangers are just wow….damn….now im so pissed off to go to work…

  71. CR9 at a friends house! on

    From listening to Bruin Maguire, McIlrath can hit people and is tough, but has no offense.

    So basically, we got a guy with the ceiling of a hard hitting defenseman with no offense. “He doesnt make good decisions” LOL!

  72. wicky (mcilrath) on

    one of the two safest picks in the draft.

    at least slats is smart enough to realize a major weakness in the organization!!!

  73. they better take tinordi or beukeboom tomorrow or i’ll be mad as a can o’ bees!

  74. Bob McKenzie:

    Moose Jaw Warrior defenceman Dylan McIlrath is a big, physical, mean and tough defensive defenceman who is the unanimous choice of scouts surveyed by TSN as the “toughest player” in the entire draft. He had 19 fighting majors this season and didn’t lose too many, by all accounts. Say no more.

    NYR def needed a guy like McIlrath. However, we totally could have traded down and STILL got him. I don’t mind the pick, just don’t get the process…
    I also think we could have gotten a big guy farther down the draft or via free agency. Fowler & Gorman will be playing in the NHL before this guy does…

  75. i wished they picked tarasenko instead…..mcilrath?????????????? and fowler is still in there

  76. wicky (mcilrath) on

    we should have traded down to 13 or so though to get him…..apparently a lot of people think less highly of gormley and fowler.

  77. All you guys and linda that hate this pick,read up on this guy.TOUGHEST guy in the draft.Hits everything in the crease.and takes on tough guys to protect his tough guys.
    GREAT PICK====

  78. chuck- yes, but is he the best pick available? we could take fowler or gormley and use him to trade if we want a different player. i know we neeed size but this was a dumb pick.

  79. Sather is a moron. the kid is tough, but years away from ready for the NHL. meanwhile Fowler is MDZ with size and closer to NHL ready

  80. TheMessiah94 on

    Jae: McKenzie also said that McIlrath is “not a terribly skilled player”.

  81. So McIlrath is a poor decision maker with poor skill sets, but loves to fight. Woohoo. Just when the NHL is changing the head shot rules to punish the goons. Tough guys are easy to find, but skill is not. Sather likes guys who are grateful to him; skilled guys have too much self-confidence. Can the entire Rangers management team be traded for a 7th round pick?

  82. I dont see how you pass on a guy who in EVERY MOCK DRAFT went either 3rd or 4th overall.

    At 10th overall you take a Goon ????

  83. absolutely pathetic. in the first round, with a top ten pick, you look for elite talent. end of story. And it was right there. they passed on fowler and it is a decision just like 2003 all over again. this guy won’t play an NHL game for years, if ever, and tough defensemen come out of nowhere all the time. nothing elite about him, and our organization is devoid of elite players. but that’s ok.

  84. Everyone pissed and moaned about how soft the team was last year, and now that we draft a tough dman you all piss and moan about that. Unbelievable. Like drafting Fowler or Gormsley guaranteed anything because some talking head had them rated to be drafted higher.

  85. wicky (mcilrath) on

    couple twitter posts

    McIlrath mean D for organization bereft of physical D

    Rangers draft tough D Dylan McIlrath and immediately issue bumper stickers that read our draft pick can get the bejeebies out of your pick.

    here goes fowler

  86. Wow this place never changes. for a year on here I’ve been hearing “we need a hard hitting Dman. no more softies” now they draft the guy deemed the toughest SOB in the ENTIRE draft and yall are whining that they didn’t take a guy that’s dropping drastically despite his skill because HES SO FREAKIN SOFT! Gormley may have been a better choice but we just got the toughest Dman we’ve had in NY since the Beuk and Ulfie days.

  87. clowns relax. none of you as well as the talking head experts have ever seen him play.

    get back to me in 5 years on if this pick stunk.

    the rangers have drafted very good the last few years…

    cherapanov, grachev, DZ, staal, kreider, stepan, etc.

    stop whinning

  88. speZzZza? NYR ZzZz " OUR draft pick plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHHAAAA !!!!!!! Everyone thought Fowler and we get the undertaker. We do have Wickys type of player. This move could help Hank. Prust ,Shelly too . Rangers wont be pushed around.

  89. wicky (mcilrath) on

    Rangers draft tough D Dylan McIlrath and immediately issue bumper stickers that read our draft pick can beat the bejeebies out of your pick

    this is the correct tweet

  90. CR9 at a friends house! on

    Oh well, Im not going to get angry over it. Maybe Slats knows what he is doing, or knows more than I do about the kid.

    Who knows, maybe the kid will be something in 4 years. Ciao all!

  91. By the way- wanna know why I love this pick? Pierre Mcgwire thinks it’s awful! lol which means we’re in good shape.


    This is a guy that can probably be drafted later in the first round. We had a 10th overall pick, and it should have gone to the best player available, not a borderline goon.


    Not only that, at least if we traded down, we can pick up some draft picks in the later round, because I doubt anyone was drafting that kid within the next 5-10 picks.

  93. Tank The Season on

    If McIlrath turns out to be the baddest mofo in the NHL it will be a great pick but who knows. We need a feared player or two on our team but still would have been nice to take someone with talent. We are godawful at drafting forwards anyway.

  94. point is, we couldve traded down to get this clown. u always get the best available player. its not like this kid is a center, which we need. hes a d man, just like fowler, who will probably be in the nhl for a long time, and much earlier than the goon

  95. they tried interviwing mcilrath, but him and sather were off in the kiddie section playing with blocks and drooling on themselves

  96. bull dog line on

    great pick, they already have a bunch of soft puck moving Dmen, and you guys(and Linda) wanted another one. please!

  97. It’s possible Slats knows what he is doing, but since he has been a disaster for the last 10 years, that theory is pretty unlikely. What happened to scoring and power plays? Getting in extra fights is meaningless. Crosby, Parise, Richards, and Tavares will run rings around this guy. Good thing they’re not in the Rangers division. Uh oh.

  98. I Wouldnt have a problem with the pick if we traded down to 15 for him and gained another pick.

    Gordie Clark just said 2 days ago “you take the best talent available in the 1st round” and “you dont draft to address weaknesses because they can change by the time these kids are ready for the NHL” ….

    how is Mclrath the best talent available at #10 ???

  99. I dont see why we didnt pick fowler based on talent alone… we do need a guy who can protect hank… he has all kinds of great nicknames from reading about him and he is a fan favorite so i guess thats good

  100. leethhalloffame on

    This Rangers fan tired of pansies wearing the sweater and opposing forwards setting up shop without fear in front of Henrik loves this pick. We have enough young d-men who show no physicality at all.

  101. bull dog you must have some kinda of crush on me because you sure mention me alot.

    I made NO COMMENT about the kid except for giving him a nickname, so kindly stop mentioning me with things i did not say.

  102. wicky (mcilrath) on

    was it me or did the rangers actually have his name on the back of the jersey???

  103. There had to bea league memo asking teams to not congratulate Chicago Blackhawks. It’s too weird that NO ONE has mentioned them.

  104. Maloney with the smart pick.

    That’s what you do with high/semi-high draft picks. You pick the *best* player available, damn it!

    Stupid Rangers! If I didn’t piss blue 24/7, I’d be a hell of a lot more tempted to switch teams.

  105. Even Beukeboom was drafted 19th overall in his year. YOU DONT take players like this in the top 10 when you have elite talent on the table still.

    If he was the Rangers guy, they could have traded down and got an extra pick in the process

  106. JB

    Maybe teams don’t appreciate the fact that they deliberately tanked to get guys like Kane and Toes, and because of them and others, they won the Cup.

    Or maybe people just don’t watch the Cup finals If they’re not in it.

  107. Even if Sather doesn’t know what he’s doing, I doubt anyone of us here knows better.

  108. bull dog line on

    I am sorry if I have offended you some way, I did no realize you were so thin skinned. I promise not to mention your name again, I will ignore your wonderful comments from now on.

  109. wicky (mcilrath) on

    here is a link (whether you like him or not) on mcilrath stats and slats little blurb

  110. not knocking the kid, just where they picked him with better talent available. if he takes 3 or 4 years to get to the nhl, then who will he be protecting, Henrik’s son??

  111. I think thats why most are upset on here. Not so much the pick but where he was picked

    MIKE IN IA …

    you mite be on to something with the Volchencov comment ??

  112. “If he was the Rangers guy, they could have traded down and got an extra pick in the process”

    Exactly. Which is why Slats is just an overall dumb GM. I hate this guy with such a devilish passion. I want to light his hair on fire and rip that mole out of his face!

    Besides, isn’t Staal supposed to be our big physical D-man? Maybe Slats is losing confidence in him.

  113. wicky (mcilrath) on

    thanks girl

    WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Filling a organizational need!!!

  114. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on


    WTF are the Rangers drinking ? they sure aren’t thinking.They should have drafted another goalie.

  115. could be somerset. ya never know why we really picked hi. i mean, i do like that hes big. hes tough. but for a 10th overall? cmon. hes got no offense. and while being something we do need in toughness on d, i just dont see why we couldnt get him later on, or even someone else in the other rounds. id take fowler just because hes a much better trade option if they want to incluse him for a center.

  116. lol I really don’t know why everyone’s so up in arms. It’s not like we had a top 3 pick and this is what Sather got us. If Staal, Girardi, MDZ and Sanguinetti are all in the fold then Fowler wasn’t a priority on the list of tools this organization needs to acquire.
    The problem at hand is still trying to get out from under some awful awful contracts.

  117. >>Besides, isn’t Staal supposed to be our big physical D-man? Maybe Slats is losing
    >>confidence in him.

    From what I saw this past season, MDZ looked more like a physical defenceman than Staal did.

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