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  1. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I know it’s only talk… but rumors are circulating that the Rangers are considering Vinny L. I really hope that isn’t true. I’d rather see them make a move for Jeff Carter, who apparently is being shopped by Philly.

  2. Carter – yes please!! $5m per, 25 years old, good point producer
    Only problem being, what do Philly want in return? They need a goalie and cant take on any big contracts due to their cap situation, so they will be looking for picks and prospects i would think.

    Would you trade our 1st rounder and Bobby Sanguinetti? If thats all it takes , yes please!!

  3. NYRanger4Life on

    Does anyone in their right mind think that Philly would actually trade ANYONE of value to the Rangers??

    No SHOT.

  4. hey ah! I haven’t posted in awhile! I am looking forward to the draft. Flyers are not dealing Carter. They just know he is expendable when the right (Well, dumb) team comes along and offers way too much for him. He cannot produce by himself. If we get him all we will be talking about is getting someone who can pass it to him. But I can be pessimistic in my opinions about many players…

    Anyone going to the draft party? I am leaving philly for nyc tonight for a family party and I’ll be free around 7pm. So I plan on going to this draft party if it’s worthwhile!

  5. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Rangers are not getting Carter, they are not getting Lecavalier. They are however going to make a play for Kovalchuk. The old coach got himself a good scoop. Rozsival will be traded, Redden will be waived, and Kovalchuk will be signed to a 4 year deal at around $7.5 million per year. I know, I know, you will all doubt me. And I might be wrong. Nevertheless, I might also be right! Oh yeah, they are also going to draft someone. This I guarantee!

  6. I remember Bobby Clarke being really pissed that we took Bobby Sangs with the pick right before them. Maybe there would still be interest there???

    We take Sangs, they get Giroux as a plan B … who wound up getting the better of that deal huh ??

  7. I don’t think Philly automatically dismisses making any trade with the Rangers. Philly is not worried about the Rangers. Despite squeeking into the playoffs ahead of them, I doubt they see the Rangers as a true threat. They made it right to the finish line and fell short. They can/should be a cup contender again next year. Their goal is to fill their needs and if they see value in anything the Rangers have, they won’t hesitate.

    That said, I doubt we have what they need to make a Carter trade happen.

  8. Today should be the most interesting day for trades with all the GM’s in one place and still having their top picks available to throw in on a deal.

    Yes Carp, when i read it back to myself i thought it would be a steal, going to take more than that to acquire Carter. I think the Flyers may not have a choice who they trade with, as not everyone is in a position to trade due to the cap so dont rule us out because we are a division rival.

    Quote from Brian Burke says he is on the lookout for roster players, not picks in return for Kaberle and that anyone on his team is available.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    The Flyers have expressed interest in a starting goalie… not sure who has one to move… Nabokov is hitting free agency, as is Chris Mason… so they may not have to deal Carter. Not sure why he’s being shopped other than to see what they can get in return, and if it sparks interest.

    Kovalchuk…. well i suppose it’s possible, no doubt Jersey would like to get SOMETHING out of that situation, considering they gave up some young guys to get him, they wouldn’t want to see him walk for free.

  10. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I could see Philly making a trade with the Rangers if both clubs thought it was benefitial. If the best option is a division rival… so be it.

  11. I think Philly is going to be tight on the cap as they still have to re-sign Coburn, Hamhuis and Carcillo ($8-9m), plus find a starting goalie ($5m+) and a couple of depth D-men. Moving a $5m salary like Carter’s frees up enough space to re-sign the rest and leave some money for a good goalie (Turco or Nabby).

    If i was them i’d want rid of Gagne, but Carter will fetch much more in return and with Richards and Briere they have their 1/2 centermen already.

    I say if we havent traded for Carter by 7pm ET tonight we wont be as we dont have much to offer but some prospects and our 1st rounder, unless we start including Cally, Dubi and MDZ in deals?

  12. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    alot of teams were looking to sign Gilroy… i’d put him in a deal for Carter.

    I would be comfortable with our #10 pick and Gilroy for Carter… maybe even Gilroy and another player. I wouldn’t however, package Dubi or Cally or MDZ in any deal for Carter.

  13. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I agree with UK, if it’s not done tonight, i don’t think it gets done either.

  14. will all of you stop with carter. its not happening. the flyers will not TRADE him to the rangers. even though the rangers arent a patch on the flyers rear ends it still wont happen.

    the most logical thing is trade for richards in a deal for one year and hopefully move rozival in that deal.

    no savard and carter forget about it.

    no spezza for the next 5 years either

  15. Guys (and Carp),

    My friends and I are in the championship of a Seinfeld Trivia Tournament that’s been going on this month in the city.

    I will say that I will carry the Bonehead spirit with me to the championship tonight. I have no idea what the prizes are, but frankly, I’d do it for nothing.

    This one’s for the blog!

    Oh and our team name is “The Better Babkas.” I think my favorite team name from the semis was “Uncle Leo’s Crime of Passion.”

  16. Eric, we’re in a different era now. Only certain teams will have what Philly wants and the cap space to take him, they would prefer not to trade him to a division rival but if thats the best option they would be stoopid not to.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, then you don’t trade him. It’s that simple. You move someone else. You don’t trade a potential franchise player to a division rival unless you are getting PAID. Example: Phil Kessel to Toronto.

    Someone else will pony up on Carter if they are really looking to move him with a package that the Rangers wouldn’t match.

  18. I found an article that says that Tim Thomas is considered to be age 35 when his new contract was signed. That means he cant be dumped to the minors to get the cap hit off the cap.

    I cant imagine any team wanting a one year wonder 36 year old goaltender with no goalie fundamentals whatsoever. Especially when the Cup was just won with Niemi. Why absorb 5 million cap hit of Thomas, who only played well in one year, and won the Vezina as a result of his terrific year and the jersey he wore.

  19. Tank The Season on

    I heard rumors re: Savard and Spezza. I’d give up the 10th overall pick for Spezza. He’d probably be worth it.

  20. Spezza cap hit is 7 million, thats 14 million for 2 players, Gabby and Spezza. That’s a lot of cap to be absorbing for a team with very little talent outside of those 2.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    CR9, correction, thats 40 million for 6 players (Spezza, Gaborik, Drury, LQ, R&R).

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think I’d give up the 10th pick for Savard, but I’d give up the 2nd rounder, Sanguinetti, and Girardi’s rights and/or Gilroy.

  23. 40 million for 1 superstar, 1 above average player, a top flight goalie, a 3rd defensive pairing, and a great penalty killer. Geezus!

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    I will be happy if we get through the next two days without adding another fading former star that will further choke the cap space. We really should add a couple picks if we can.

  25. I know all of you will disagree, because “no salary cap” never helped us in the past.

    I will put forth that the only reason why no salary cap ever helped us was because of poor personnel decisions.

    This is why having a salary cap really screws over the NY team. Because the NY team has more money or is willing to spend more money than any other team.

    If the NHL had remained with no salary cap, it would have only been a matter of time before the Rangers made quality decisions with the use of their money. And FWIW, Sather would have been fired a long time ago, because the failure without a salary cap, is worse than failure with a salary cap.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    I like Savard. I think he still has a lot left in the tank, is a true #1 center for Gaborik, and his contract is amazing. If I were Sather, I’d make serious inquiries.

    Probably the biggest misuse of our youth in the last 20 years.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    CR9, Sather has had infinitely more success with the cap than without. He ran this team into the ground in the 4 years he was at the helm without it.

  28. That’s my point. Without the cap, Sather would have been fired for his failures a long time ago. He gets the benefit of the doubt today because of his mild success in recent years with playoff appearances largely due to Jagr/Henrik.

    Point is, without a salary cap, and with a good GM who knew how to assemble talent, we’d be among the top teams in the league.

  29. Nyet to Savard! I do not trust his health; he’s one hit away from forced retirement.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Every player is one hit from forced retirement. That’s the nature of the game.

  31. Tank The Season on

    Spezza is arguably worth $7M per. We are hampered by having a roster loaded with guys who are paid that or close to it and are not worth it.

    Today is gonna be our day because July 1 will bring us nothing.

  32. >>Every player is one hit from forced retirement. That’s the nature of the game.

    True, but some players are more susceptible than others, due to their injury history. Signing Savard, an already smallish player, who recently sustained a severe concussion, is simply asking for trouble. I’m just not willing to take that chance. Non merci!

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Tank the season, why are you itching to buy players when your handle is “tank the season?” You’re sending mixed messages!

  34. Correct assessment, JBytes. Savard is more susceptible to a career ending injury. A normal hit that might not injure a healthy player might end Savard’s career.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    And if his career is over his cap hit comes off the books. I think he’s fine. He doesn’t have a history of concussions like Lindros or anything like that. It was one violent hit to the head.

    And JBytes, for speaking French, I’m going to just assume you will surrender.

  36. Tank The Season on

    Doodie – I can’t think of another handle (I will at some point) and we need a center period.

  37. I think most of us would trade Girardi but I think the Rangers are extremely high on him so I dont think that would actually happen.

    Gilroy is a waste of space (esp for 1.7 million) IMO. I think some rebuilding teams would trade for him

    Rozsival has a higher cap hit then actual salary so he can be traded to cap floor teams

    Dubinsky has been in almost every trade talk over the last 2 years and is probably our best asset to acquire a high-priced player.

    The ONLY way I see Redden being traded is to Edmonton (Tom Renney) and we would have to take back Souray, Moreau, or O’sullivan – all rumored to be on the verge of traded or bought out

  38. Eric – I with u Richards is the guy they need to target. He only 30 and has thrived under Trots. Plus on his walk year. Make it happen Sather!!

  39. Sather's WrapUp on

    Episode MMX – The UFA Star Wars
    With Uncle Glennie – Sith Happens

    Hello Ranger Fans!!! I’m Uncle Glennie- Hero, after only ten short years, I’m still here at your service! Free Agency is upon us once again. Time for some more of that ol’ Slats magic! I have the whole staff with me, and over the next few days we’ll be discussing the strategy for improving…

    (Garden Announcer) “YOUR 2010 NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!”

    Uncle Glennie- Hero (UGH from here on): I told you! The WHOLE staff is here… I love that announcer! He’s my wife’s brother you know….

    OK Gang, let’s get started… Now as we look at the existing team, what kind of players do we need to fill the gaps in the Rangers line-up?

    Muck: We could use a First Line Center.

    Torts: We definitely need a Backup Goalie

    Shoney: ABR.

    UGH: What the heck is ABR?

    Shoney: Anyone But Redden.

    UGH: Now wait a minute there, a lot of people think Redden is old, slow and lazy, but they haven’t watched him play. Really, he’s just the opposite- lazy, slow and old…

    Voice From Hallway: Get a hard-hitting crease clearing physical defenseman!

    UGH: That’s a real Bonehead idea…

    Mess: How about a new Captain!

    Keenan: How about a new Coach? I’m not too busy…

    UGH: Slow down… Maybe it’s better if we just list all the strong positions we have on…

    (Garden Announcer) “YOUR 2010 NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!”

    (Crickets chirping)

    UGH: Well, don’t all talk at once… I guess it’s a good thing I kept last years want list.

    1. A Superstar’s Younger Brother.
    2. An old player with head trauma
    3. Any player from New Hampshire.
    4. Recovering Alcoholic

    Muck: OK, Let’s just go with that then. We haven’t filled any of those spots since Marcel Hossa, Eric Lindros, Hugh Jessiman and Sandis Ozolinsh.

    UGH: Done. That’s enough work for today, boys, who’s got the cards?

    Next Time- The Farm System

  40. and this is why Chicago is a model franchise, and will be for a long time

    Chicago 11 picks in this year’s draft –

    Rounds of Picks 1,1,2,2,2,3,4,6,6,7,7

    Overall Pick #s 24,30,43,54,60,90,120,151,180,191,210

    NY Rangers 5 picks

    Rounds of Picks 1,2,4,5,7

    Overall Pick #s 10,40,100,130,190

  41. >>And JBytes, for speaking French, I’m going to just assume you will surrender.

    You’ll be a lot safer if you just assume that I’m a polyglot.

  42. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    Spezza is arguably worth $7 million?? He played 60 games last season and was 23-34-57.

    Dubinsky had 20-24-44
    Prospal had 20-38-58

    COMBINED they don’t get $7 mil.

    Spezza is a good player… just not for us.

  43. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!) on

    Chicago’s picks look like mine at the end of this season for me on NHL 10. I’ve got 3 firsts rounds, 3 seconds and 3 thirds (just thought i’d share folks).

    Uncle Glennie
    Hilarious dude, I like that boneheaded idea about the d man btw.

    from your last thread, I do not want 10 crease clearing d men. If we had ten, I would be wanting a couple of puck movers. That being said you MUST have a mean physical couple of guys on the blueline (which we don’t). So for everyone’s enjoyment here is a sample of my ideal blue line: (bear in mind that these are players I am thinking of names that match styles of play, the guys could be substituted, as long as the style of play matches)

    the hammer/mdz
    tollefsen/(sangs or a rookie/young puck mover..gilroy)

    now those are not for the next 10 years obviously, but a guy like witt…physical, mean, to show staal the ropes for a year or two, staal/mdz are the long term pairing if you ask me, but you guys get the idea….two physical guys with edge, 2 all around guys that are not afraid to get dirty if necessary and two puck movers.

  44. the Hawks have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds. they will re-load their topnotch young team. agree with CCCP. they will be good for years to come.

  45. Rangers should draft either:
    Niederetter- future power forward
    Jeff Skinner- compared to Mike Richards
    Dylan McLlrath- raw, mean d-man

    and no on Carter and Lecavalier
    ps- Flyers traded Lindros to Rangers for Kim Johnnson, Pavel Brendly (ha!) and a pick…so yeah…they’d trade with NYR again

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey look! We still have those players on UGH’s list:

    1.A Superstar’s Younger Brother: Marc Staal
    2.An old player with head trauma: Donald Brashear
    3.Any player from New Hampshire: Sam Weinman
    4.Recovering Addict: Carp gets upset when people suggest him.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    miked, that’s because Lindros was sitting out and said he would only play for the Rangers. Better trade him there than just get nothing and wait out his contract.

    Carter would attract a handsome sum from around the league.

  48. “Gudbranson is a talented defender with enough of a mean streak to keep opponents on their toes. His game is a combination of skill, toughness and leadership that most teams desire in a defensive prospect”

    Erik Gudbranson is a tough dman who probably will go 3rd. too bad they can’t trade up to get him

  49. I think Paul Martin and Z. Michalek could probably be signed for a little over the amount of money Volchencov would want.

    I think its the smarter move to try and get a pair of veteran D-men thru UFA (instead of just Volchencov) especially if Rozy and maybe Girardi will be gone

  50. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!) on

    shows you how unrealistic it is, but i was able to have a roster that looks like this with all the draft picks I mentioned…………lapierre, gabby, avery, brunstrom, lombardi, prust, shelley, dubi, cally, AA, spezza, kesler, big buff, and armstrong. on d i have, jack johnson, staal, mdz, tollefsen, volchenkov, jurcina, and a rookie i drafted at the beginning of the season. Goalies hank and leclaire.

    I have only 300k in cap space avail.

  51. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!) on

    I want no part of martin, he is another girardi pure and simple……a 3rd pair guy.

  52. Seriously though, how good of a Defensive Corps would we have if our top 5 were (leaving one spot open for a rookie)…

    Staal – Girardi
    P. Martin – MDZ
    Z. Michalek – Rookie

    Martin was hurt almost all of last year but put up 32 pts and a +20 in 73 games in 2007-2008 and 33 pts and a +21 in 73 games in 2008-2009

    Michalek led the league in blocked shots in 2008-2009 with 271 (40 more then #2 Brett Clark) and was 15th this year in blocked shots but he missed 7 games

  53. D next season please….
    Del Zotto- Girardi or Roszival ( we should only keep 1)
    7th- rookie
    wishful thinking if we could dump redden, trade gilroy

  54. I love that dark blue Spanish jersey!

    Spain vs. Chile, is anyone watching that game?

    Chilean goalkeeper made a huge error and gave David Villa a nice gift!

  55. Watching the World Cup i just realized that soccer referees are the worst in the world! What a shame…Fifa is slowly turning into a joke.

  56. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!) on

    yep, they are really the worst, they have killed me this whole WC.

    Islanders pick in first round available???? interesting.

  57. Even with six their points, Chile runs the risk of not qualifying for the second round if Switzerland can squeeze a win from Honduras. That would hurt!

    These referees have ruined the World Cup. There’s no doubt about that.

  58. bull dog line on

    would any of you trade Marc Staal to Edmonton for the number one overall pick! it would leave a hole on D, but would give the Rangers a young potential star in Hall or Seguin.

  59. I think I would trade Staal for the 1st overall pick. I think, I’m not positive.

    We’re so deep on Defense that I might be comfortable with trading him for a potential star like Hall or Segal.

  60. >>would any of you trade Marc Staal to Edmonton…

    Bye-bye, Staal! I would send him packing for a top-5 pick.

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    Do you really think Edmonton’s GM is that dumb? Sather works for US now, y’know…

  62. I dont think Staal could get a number 1 overall pick but I would definitely do it if it could.

    Then, I’d trade with Boston for the number 2 because I like Seguin better.

    So we trade Staal and get Seguin and probably Blake Wheeler for swapping picks ……. Not bad at all

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR- you were happy to see the team tank for three years to get a #1 overall pick. And you’re not sure you’d give up Staal for it? The only drawback to that deal would be that Sather would be doing the picking.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    “would any of you trade Marc Staal to Edmonton for the number one overall pick! it would leave a hole on D, but would give the Rangers a young potential star in Hall or Seguin.”

    Yes, and Edmonton would NEVER make that trade. If it wasn’t for the fact that there are two guys, both of these guy would be as hyped as Crosby. They detract the hype away from each other, but the fact is, these guys are studs. I think Hall ends up with the better career.

  65. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    There’s a falloff in talent from the 2nd pick to the 3rd and beyond. There’s a few who can be solid NHL’ers, but according to alot of scouts, only Hall and Seguin are touted as ‘game changers’… so i wouldn’t part with Staal for a top 5 pick… but i would for a top two pick.

  66. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    They are not hyped as much as Crosby was. Crosby was labeled as the ‘next one’, and thought to be another Gretzky. NOBODY is saying either Hall or Seguin is even remotely gretzky-esque. Not saying they won’t be studs in the league… but the Hype is not even close to Crosby levels.

  67. Orr

    My own question exactly. Girardi is a one note player, and he’s long since played his. I do not see what many others seem to see in him. He has been floating for the better part of two seasons now, and he has only spurts of NHL type activity. I simply no longer trust him.

  68. Apropos the thought mentioned before, Gilroy did not exactly cover himself with glory last season, but he was doing what he thought that the Coach wanted of him. Turn him loose to be his natural self and mate him up with a “covering” defenseman, who can be a sound wingman for him, and let’s see wht he can do. ( How wouldd every one like to see him move to another team, and reach stardom under a coach who has the brains to do this? It’s happened numerous times before with Ranger players where they stumbled under a dope here, and went on tto stardom elsewhere. ( Dare I mention Savard?)

  69. Can we trade Staal for the #1 overall and then Lundqvist for the #2? I’m totally in for that!

    I’m being sarcastic.

  70. Is any one else tired of waiting for these prospects to mature? I mean, we need to draft some guys we have a chance of seeing immediately. They drafted Sanguinetti 3 or 4 years ago and he’s yet to make it to the show!

    Oh and Staal for first overall in a heart beat!

  71. bull dog line on

    Chicago is not done dealing. they want to keep Sharpe, but are said to still be willing to move Versteeg. I like Sharpe better for the Rangers, but I would certainly want to be in on Versteeg.

  72. bull dog line on

    as I am sure you know, the Rangers tend to make every possible excuse not to promote there prospects. Ericcson instead of any other young D man in Hartford, Grachev, Byers, and Weiss, buried all season in the AHL.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    GAB, I’m saying the hype would be like that if they didn’t cancel each other out. Think about it. These guys are being hailed as heads and tails above the rest of the draft class. Now imagine there was only one of them, and this guy was CLEARLY the #1 pick the way these guys are 1 and 2. It’d be like Crosby. It’d be a news story.

  74. From Fat-Boy McKenzie’s tweeter

    @TSNBobMcKenzie. NYR & EDM make trade. Penner & O’Sullivan for prospects & picks.

    @TSNBobMcKenzie. NYR sending Grachev, Werek, Sanguinetti, 2nd round pick + Girardi’s negotiating rights to EDM

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “They drafted Sanguinetti 3 or 4 years ago and he’s yet to make it to the show!”

    That’s because Sanguinetti is looking like he might turn out to be a bust. He was up for a couple of games and just showed that he doesn’t even remotely understand how to play defense.

    Now, the only reason I won’t openly accuse him of being a bust is that no other defenseman from that draft has made an impact at the NHL level other than Erik Johnson (although Carolina may have uncovered a gem in Jamie McBain).

    BTW, next pick was Claude Giroux.

  76. Orr

    Sometimes you are a real a..hole. I thought that deal was legitimate. Idiot. :-)

  77. chiming in for a second
    (have to miss our first round pic and comments
    due to a previous commitment)

    here’s my question that maybe someone much more knowledgeable can answer
    the Rangers have been seeking puck moving dmen for a few years
    other than MDZ’s overwhelming offensive skills put him about others
    why hasn’t the team moved towards any stay at home types to pair with someone like Sangs who isn’t quite together in the defensive zone. kind of a balancing act.

    i know that dmen take longer than forwards to mature but it would seem like a way to move things forward.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, when they took him, I wasn’t crazy about it. In recent years, there has been something about local guys playing in NY always ending up dogging it. But it was early, so I said, give it time. But ever since then, it’s just been a non-stop string of events that demonstrate that the organization doesn’t think very highly of him. Paramount among them is MDZ’s selection the next year and his making the team ahead of Sanguinetti. Likewise for Gilroy’s signing and making of the team. And there have been a lot of other guys that got the look ahead of Sanguinetti: Potter, Sauer, Reitz, and I think Heikkinen got the look this year before Sanguinetti, but I might be wrong.

  79. bull dog line on

    here is my thought, and not just on Sanguinetti. sometimes you just have to give a guy a shot. the Rangers tend to make there own guys have to prove more before giving them a chance, but if they acquire another teams prospect, they give him a shot right away. Prust did well, but would it have killed them to give the same opportunity to Byers. PAP is a good AHL scorer, but that is all he is, I would rather have seen Grachev get that same cup of coffee that PAP got. the list goes on, so I am saying is I would like to see Sangs get an actual chance before we declare him a bust.

  80. As long as one person falls for it, it’s a success!

    But, remember last time I “made up” a fake trade. It came true. I called Kovalchook to the Debbies an hour before it was announced, or even rumored.

    So, expect Souray, or Penner to be a Ranger by nights end!

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    They gave him a shot this year and he was rotten. Clearly not ready for the NHL. You can’t keep throwing a kid out there if he is clearly not ready. It hurts his confidence and hurts the team. I’m just not sure that he has what it takes. 2 years in Hartford so far and still has no concept of how to play defense.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Definitely not Penner. He played well last season. They won’t move him. Souray could be moved (not saying here, just in general).

    I’d love to get me Patrick O’Sullivan.

  83. onecupin 70yearsand counting.. on

    All this talk of trades and picks guarantees that the upcoming season will be another doozie.
    Count on Sather to do something stupid..
    I can hardly wait.

  84. what will uncle glen have up his sleeve tonite.

    i said it once and i will say it again.

    i want rozi and sanguinetti and future pick to dal for richards. dump rozi and his 2 years 5 mil and get rich for 1 year no long term commitment at 7.8. we add about 1.8 in salary.

    get it done

  85. That is the challenge Sather faces this off-season in trying to *gently* restructure the Rangers and continue to integrate the young prospects the organization is developing onto the NHL roster. The organization wants to give youngsters a chance to make an impact at the NHL level, while at the same time realizing that adding a key veteran or two could also be imperative to provide leadership and help the team return to the postseason.

    “If you are going to give certain kids the opportunity, then they have to play,” explained Sather. “But they have to be ready to play. *You can’t force it and put them on the team before they have earned the opportunity.”* Glen Sather


    Sather never seem to allow the chance for our own to have a legit shot at the roster spot with the stray dogs that he usually signs to take that spot instead of our own kid…so you know he’s full of shit! (sorry, i miss that word and felt like saying it! what you gonna do, ban me? :P )

  86. i don’t understand the love for O’Sullivan. He’s a guy the Oilers fans can’t wait to rid themselves of.

    I’m excited for tonight but we’re not going to make any blockbuster deals. I’m expecting a rather quiet night from a rangers perspective and I’ll be quite happy if we land Tarasenko.

  87. and honestly, there aren’t any “reliable” ranger rumors out there. we’ve been incredibly quiet on the trade front and i expect it to stay that way.

    we aren’t landing VL (thank god).
    we won’t be trading with dallas for richards or ribeiro.
    we aren’t in on carter, the flyers would never deal him in division.
    there’s no need for o’sullivan (we need top 6 forwards not bottom 6) or souray unless the oilers take redden and or rozi.

    if anything i could see us making some kind of minor deal with phoenix because you know sather loves maloney.

  88. Czechtheout!!!! on

    I will make a prediction. If Sather can’t trade up for Nino, he will stay put and draft Jack Campbell the top ranked goalie. A good prospect to be sure but definatly not a top priority when you have 7 million committed to your current goalie.

    The Savard rumors, are stupid. They will not trade the 10th pick for him. I also want no part of a 34 year old player who has 7 more years on a contract.

    As for Carter, not gonna happen. Not because they wouldn’t trade with us but because we don!nt have the assets to do the deal without damaging our future.

    I would do a Richards for Rozy deal. Not sure Dallas would. Rozy has two more years left at 5 million per.

    My wish is for the Rangers to trade up two or three spots and draft Nino. I have seen him play and believe he is NHL ready from day one. I believe he will be mainstay on this team for many years to come and more importantly, help us right away.

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