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Not a bad show

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And I don’t mean the NHL Awards show. I mean my big, big, big meeting at Centennial Golf Club in Carmel yesterday. I love that place. Except it eats my lunch, as I had a Dustin Johnson-esque back nine after a very decent front.

But you shouldn’t care about how many times I putted from one side of their perfect greens to the other. So here’s a hockey note: Holding a meeting of their own, according to my sources, at the same place at the same time, were Bobby Sanguinetti and Corey Potter. Also, one former three-lettered Rangers enforcer is a fairly regular there.


As for the show from Vegas, well Jay Mohr was way funnier than I expected (my expectations were pretty low). Snoop was as out of place and inappropriate as I thought he’d be. The Getzlaf-Ryan skit was hilarious. And though I love the Beatles, and I like GooGoo Dolls, that lead singer in that metal band absolutely ruled the night (anybody know the name of that band?). Wow.

Didn’t mind seeing Sausage Lips go without an award, except for the Messier award.

What I did mind was the players being shoved off the stage because Versus had to get to a Goldie Hawn movie that is decades old. Why would you stuff in all that peripheral entertainment and limit the show to 90 minutes? WTB? Do you have a bull ride or a deer hunt to get to? If you can’t fit 100 pounds of baloney into the bag, get a bigger bag. Or remove some of the baloney. That dance troupe that did the Beatles compilation could have been cut out. The GooGoos could have gone. Snoop, well, he shouldn’t have been involved in any way, shape or form in the first place.

But don’t take the time out of the players’ hides. They are the show, not the idiot in the earrings doing the moronic interviews up in the balcony. Not Snoop. Not the caveman. If you want to make it about entertainment, fine, but then you have to allow time for the entertainment and the, you know, awards.

Not to mention the number of times they screwed up the pronunciation of a name, and how may times their timing was completely off — like when they introduced some unknown guy while Alex Ovechkin was speaking; and when they said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Jeremy Roenick and Eddie Olczyk” and then cut to commercial.

PS, those ads for Las Vegas than ran every five seconds (about as often as the potato ads), they sure made Sin City look likeĀ  a wholesome vacation spot for the family, eh?

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