Not a bad show


And I don’t mean the NHL Awards show. I mean my big, big, big meeting at Centennial Golf Club in Carmel yesterday. I love that place. Except it eats my lunch, as I had a Dustin Johnson-esque back nine after a very decent front.

But you shouldn’t care about how many times I putted from one side of their perfect greens to the other. So here’s a hockey note: Holding a meeting of their own, according to my sources, at the same place at the same time, were Bobby Sanguinetti and Corey Potter. Also, one former three-lettered Rangers enforcer is a fairly regular there.


As for the show from Vegas, well Jay Mohr was way funnier than I expected (my expectations were pretty low). Snoop was as out of place and inappropriate as I thought he’d be. The Getzlaf-Ryan skit was hilarious. And though I love the Beatles, and I like GooGoo Dolls, that lead singer in that metal band absolutely ruled the night (anybody know the name of that band?). Wow.

Didn’t mind seeing Sausage Lips go without an award, except for the Messier award.

What I did mind was the players being shoved off the stage because Versus had to get to a Goldie Hawn movie that is decades old. Why would you stuff in all that peripheral entertainment and limit the show to 90 minutes? WTB? Do you have a bull ride or a deer hunt to get to? If you can’t fit 100 pounds of baloney into the bag, get a bigger bag. Or remove some of the baloney. That dance troupe that did the Beatles compilation could have been cut out. The GooGoos could have gone. Snoop, well, he shouldn’t have been involved in any way, shape or form in the first place.

But don’t take the time out of the players’ hides. They are the show, not the idiot in the earrings doing the moronic interviews up in the balcony. Not Snoop. Not the caveman. If you want to make it about entertainment, fine, but then you have to allow time for the entertainment and the, you know, awards.

Not to mention the number of times they screwed up the pronunciation of a name, and how may times their timing was completely off — like when they introduced some unknown guy while Alex Ovechkin was speaking; and when they said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Jeremy Roenick and Eddie Olczyk” and then cut to commercial.

PS, those ads for Las Vegas than ran every five seconds (about as often as the potato ads), they sure made Sin City look like  a wholesome vacation spot for the family, eh?

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  1. Doodie Machetto on


    I’m very unsurprised to hear that Renney is after Girardi. That was one of his guys. Trade him straight up for one of their underperforming young centers, like Patrick O’Sullivan.

  2. I thought Jay Mohr was terrible. He made me feel awkward and embarrassed, and I *don’t* like that!

    When he started doing impressions, you can tell how desperate he was.

    Nothing but has-beens there. Terrible show.

    Anyway, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned on the previous post, but the Hawks traded Colin Frasier to the Oilers for a 6th round pick. More space cleared.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    He didn’t play well last season, makes 3 million, and if RFA next year. They might be willing to part with him over dumping draft picks on an offer sheet.

  4. Doodie, Fair point on Marty and the Jennings, I actually totally forgot about that one. Shows how much I care for that award, lol.

    And thanks.

  5. The Hawks better have some decent young prospects in their system because with them having to sell people off cause of their cap hell, they are going to need lots of bodies for next year.

  6. It’s Laurel’s Birthday today!!

    Happy Birthday, Mama!! A truly special person!!! Enjoy your day!!

  7. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    27?? i didn’t think it was possible at LoHud…. i thought 26 was where time ceased to exist… sort of like Peter Pan… only different.

    My universe is crumbling with such news, everything i knew to be true was exposed as a lie.

    If this keeps up, the Rangers will trade Gaborik for DiPietro.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    that makes sense…. it is after all, Carp’s universe… and by his authoritive degree…. we are all 27!!

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    This is starting to scare me. We are all 27? How long until “His name is Robert Paulson.”

  10. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on


    If the rumor is true about Zherdev, wouldn’t it make sense for the Rangers to give it a shot for the league minimum??

  11. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on


    Holy crap man…. i thought that thing wouldn’t end until hockey season started!!

  12. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Hello ALL!!

    Back from my honeymoon and look slike I didnt miss too much

    have to say, missed my blog btohers and sisters

    LEt GO rangers!!

    So whats everyone thinking old uncle crazy is gonna do at the draft?

    Whats the hold up with resigning Staal already?

    And does next yearsa team look alot different except filled with youth from within our own organization?

    Will Redden be buried in HArtford?

    So many questions, and Im dying for some more Ranger news!!

  13. Gabby, the way they talked about him after he left … that they didn’t want a heartless guy like that in the room … and the way Tortorella talked about the room on breakup day … I’d be very surprised if he/they would take Zherdev back or free.

    though he’d be better than Kotalik, Higgins, Lisin, Jokinen and so many of the other clowns they’ve brought in.

  14. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I believe in second chances… who knows if Torts does… but Z at the league minimum has to be a smarter and better move than trading or signing just about any other player at millions of dollars a year.

    Avery was brought back, and Torts ripped him in the media… so i suppose there’s always a chance?

  15. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    hmm… not sure how accurate that is… i’m trying to verify

  16. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    it seems Arkells played at the 2009 awards…. i can’t seem to find a list of bands that played this last show.

  17. This isn’t Torts’ team. Slats wont give him the freedom he wants, so I don’t think Torts has anything to do with the decision to bring Nicky Z back or not.

    If Slats wants him, he’ll get him. Hopefully at the league minimum, because that would be great.

    But, If he has a good season, he’ll probably do what Dublowsky will do, and leave for the better contract.

  18. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on


    Shinedown was the band. Not sure if they’re Canadian, or Penguins fans…. i’ll have to write to Bettman and inquire further!

  19. Marleau signing takes that temptation off the board for Sather. Good news!

    Welcome back REALMikey! Hope it all went well (the wedding and the honeymoon).

    Shinedown is really really good, imo. Love their music.

  20. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I’m not a big soccer fan… but watching the World Cup, i’ve noticed a lot of guys barely get touched, then go crumpling to the ground, and staying down faking injury. What a bunch of clowns. I hate diving in Hockey, i think i hate it more watching these ‘athletes’ roll around on the ground… especially towards the end of the game.. what is that? The football equivilent of taking a knee?

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a big problem in soccer. The USA is actually at a disadvantage on the world stage because they don’t really do it very much, if at all.

    Honestly, I love soccer, but that carcillo drives me crazy.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I think someone also will pay Jokinen.

    Also, sleeper pick for being overpaid: Matt Cullen.

  23. Sather's WrapUp on


    Mrs. Glennie: Come on, Honey. Wake up Glennie, dear. …

    Uncle Glennie: Snort! Huh? Wha? Oh my God! What a horrible nightmare I had! It was awful! I dreamt that for 10 years I was trapped in Holy Hockey Hell. We couldn’t even make the playoffs- everybody wanted me fired. All the players stopped playing. The owner was camped out in my office every day, demanding for me to do something. My own staff was all out to get rid of me! They were hundreds of people out in the streets screaming and yelling for my scalp. Whew, at least now it’s over. It was all just a bad dream…

    Mrs. Sather: (running her fingers gently through his hair) I’m Sorry, Glennie. THIS is the dream. When you wake up, you’ll still be General Manager of the Rangers.

    Uncle Glennie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I haven’t seen that confirmed by anyone with substance. Also, he can’t officially sign until July 1.

  25. >>Honestly, I love soccer, but that **** drives me crazy.

    FIFA is the one that has ruined the integrity of the game. They’ve almost taken tackling out of the game entirely. They’re so desperate for more goals that any slight contact with an attacking player results in a foul and yellow card. Knowing this, a player will go down very easily to draw the foul call, then will start rolling and grabbing his face to get the opponent booked as well. This is no different from what NHL players are doing these days with the hit from behind, or when a stick gets near their head. If FIFA wanted to clean up this black spot on the game, they would start suspending these clowns.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Msmuds, the whole trade was analyzed and debated here yesterday. Get with the times!

  27. Michael D #96 on

    So no Marleau for us. We’re not taking Jokinen back. Plecanec re-signed in Montreal. Who’s the #1 center that we’re gonna get for Gabby?

  28. Tank The Season on

    No first line center being available through UFA means a trade is coming.

    At least now we never have to worry about getting a second Drury in Marleau now that he resigned.

    I’m now pretty sure that Sather is all in on Spezza.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    It would have to be a big market team for Spezza. He’s due a 4 million bonus on July 1 and Murray has openly said this won’t be a repeat of last year with Heatley. If they pay Spezza’s bonus, he’s staying in Ottawa.

  30. Tank The Season on

    My offer for Spezza is Dubinsky, Girardi and the 10th overall pick. That’s paying value which Ottawa won’t get elsewhere.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t pay that for Spezza. He’s shown that he has thick skin, saying the fans got on him Ottawa. You think NY would be any better? Redden gets booed when he gets a point. Jagr was our leading scorer and people were riding him for not scoring even more.

  32. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    Spezza’s contract is $7 mil through 2015. WHY THE HELL would we want to take that on? we already have massive contracts. Unless we unload Redden, there is no way to comfortably take that contract on

  33. Tank The Season on

    Doodie- your alternative is to go into next season with Erik Christensen as your top center.

    Or you sign Old Man Modano to a one year deal to give Stepan time to develop (he ain’t ready yet) or sign Doug Weight.

  34. Tank The Season on

    Grachev ain’t ready. I think Stepan will make the team before he does.

  35. Tank The Season on

    Ok so your choices now for UFA centers are: Modano, Lombardi, Comrie, and that’s it.

    If Modano can provide leadership and put up the same numbers Prospal did this season I’d think about signing him for 1 year for less than what he made this year. If anything he’d help the young guys.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Nobody. Wait on our prospects or a better free agent. This team is going no where, first line center or not.

  37. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    I’d rather see young guys have experience, and a chance to develop, than to do what we’ve historically done and overpay for big names to come in and get us nowhere. As constructed, this team, this season, is not constructed to be a playoff winner. We need more than just a 1st line center to be a solid team. Calling up Grachev or Stepan isn’t the answer either. But bringing in Spezza at $7 mil is putting a band-aid on a bullet hole.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Tank the season, for a person with the handle that you have, you are sending quite a different message with your posts about buying up a big name center.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d give Comrie a tryout if he can’t find a taker. I’m sure he will find a taker long before we sign him to a tryout, but if the opportunity arose, I’d give it to him. In the right situations, he has shown thta he can play at a pretty high level. Not a true #1 center level, but certainly closer to that than any of the guys currently in our system.

  40. Happy Birthday to Torts and MDZ also! No more “19 year old defenseman Michael Del Zotto” pinings by Joe!

  41. NO, NO, NO to Spezza. Unless you somehow convince Ottawa to take back Redden and then you couldn’t say yes fast enough.

  42. I share a birthday with Torts?? I don’t know what to think of that….happy d-day MDZ!

    Carp, you can keep 27. only 26 candles on my cake thanks.

    Thanks for the wishes all. makes me feel tremendously tremendous… to continue my day off!!

  43. watching the re-broadcast of the nhl awards on nhl network
    and whoooooooooooooaaaa it’s bad!!!

    although i do like roenick’s line about being with milbury for four hours would make anybody cry.

    Shinedown was AWFUL!!!! what a cookie cutter patchwork assembly line hard rock band. sheesh! throw in a little kid rock, a little edge by having dreads on the drummer…
    i’ve heard better songs by local bands that get paid by a couple free beers and whatever they make from admission at the door.

  44. Late to the party, eh? Happy 26th, mama. I know Carp makes the rules, but I’m not getting newspapered. My nose isn’t far from Sam’s as it is…

    Marleau’s gone. That makes the whole center situation very interesting. I think if he signed with the Rangers for that money, that’d be too much.

  45. happy 26th/27th birthday Laurel!!!
    (whichever age you prefer, it’s yours!)

    i’ll have a drink later tonight in your honor.

    did you pick up the new Bruce dvd? just got it today.
    have heard very good things about it.

  46. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Carp and Mikey:

    Wedding was amazing (my band played at the end of the ceremony) and the honeymoon was a relaxing, drunken, food filled trip.

    Me and the new Mrs. REALmikeyNJ are sad to be back to reality, jobs, bills, etc, but good to be home.

    So whats this? Renney wants Girardi?
    How about Redden?

    I’d still take Souray for Redden if that was still available and possible

  47. No to Kaberle..this is Rozi/Redden part deux

    Glad Marleau is of the table too…

    no to heartless players but yes to brainless coach? Sign Niki Z!

  48. no doubt we are in on kaberle. dubi going there will be the center piece.

    kaberle and rozi have a lot of expereince together for the czech republic.

    i would be shocked if we werent one of the 5 teams

  49. Unreal. Not only did I Sybil, but am wicking on my b-day. Hmmmm. Nah, I’m sticking with 26 :)

    ilb, smart man!

    jpg, thanks pal. and of course! it is beyond tremendously tremendous. cats hide under the bed when I put the volume at 11. nothing beats live, but this sure is the next best thing. sigh…..I do heart my Bruce!

    OK, TA!

  50. ORR

    I would DRIVE dreary to toronto if it meant hes gone. 2 years left on deal for drury kaberle has one

  51. You’d think Burke would take that deal, since he thinks so highly of Dreary, and he’s been wanting to get rid of Kaberle ever since he took the job in TO.

    I can see it happening, but maybe Dreary wouldn’t accept the trade.

  52. Drury would never accept a trade from NYC… Drury loves NYC! Unfortunately, NYC doesn’t feel the same…

  53. the 3 musketeers

    drury rozi and redden

    2 years 2 years and 4 years.

    when does this nightmare end.

    someone save us

  54. NYRanger4Life on

    Kevin D –

    The author of that post is clearly smoking crack. 225 WEST 83rd street ain’t the upper EAST side…

  55. hey!
    did i get carped?!?!?

    all i did was add a link to a site.
    (it was a megan fox pic that i thought ORR would enjoy)

  56. hey Nasty

    if you’re around,
    did you play all of your Pearl Jam philly cds?
    my sister was playing her copy and found out she got
    2 of disc one of Oct. 27th


  57. jpg, sorry about that. it wasn’t me. it was the spam detector … pretty sensitive about links lately. i approved it, but it went in at the time it was originally posted (above).

  58. thanks carp,

    not a huge deal
    just surprised
    and confused
    (and i can do that all on my own without any help!)

  59. JPG

    Yeah, I saw that pic the other day. I wonder if she’s really a hockey fan. That would add a whole other level to her hotness that I might not be able to handle.

    By the way, I just want to express my excitement, because tonight Futurama returns after almost 7 years!!!!! Woo hoooooo!!! Bender FTW!


  60. Gretzky in 2010, even after that buffalo wings record, would probably be the best first line center on our team…

  61. Czechtheout!!!! on

    Who ever posted the Kaberle trade proposal that had Dubi in it, you are joking right?

    Might do the dubi girardi for spezza only. No first round pick. At that point, Redden and blowzy need to be moved. That is a good thing. Would also bring back Z for league minimum.

  62. of course Gretzky will the best first line center on our team…because we dont have any first line centers! lmao

  63. ya know ORR
    if you’re going to fantasize,
    just go all the way with it
    pretend she knows power play stats during
    our ’94 Cup year.

  64. Gift of GAB-orik( NOW SIGN ZHERDEV!!! ) on

    Orr… if she’s wearing a hockey jersey she’s not naked ;)
    though i would enjoy seeing that image!

    CCCP, hilarious!! was she born in 94 lol

    and the Gretzky comments are pure gold.

  65. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I think we should take a flyer on pouliot.

    Kaberle would be a huge mistake. only way I want kaberle is him straight up for rozy then we trade him.

    Happy b day mama!!!!

  66. Tank The Season on

    Of course it’s in our collective best interests to not get a center and tank every season for draft position until Redden is gone but I’d prefer if the Rangers weren’t painful to watch come this season.

  67. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I do not want a team that is just horrible with kids that can not normally crack the line up. sauer, potter, sangs, could not get in the line up. Byers has been up a couple of times and not done anything to impress. locke??? People list all these prospects that will fill our orster next year so we can…………… we can what?? Not succeed? Not play well??? Have a low cap total??? Get pummeled and abused on the ice nightly??? Yep, give all these kids the dan blackburn treatment, great idea!!

    I’m all for having some young guys, but I want my team competitive and at least fighting for a playoff spot every season. And if that means only a couple of DESERVING young players get in the line up because the other players in the line up give the team a fighting chance, then that is how I want my rangers constructed.

    I see absolutely ZERO saviors in the system. ZERO first line forwards and ZERO first pair or physical mean d men. Hell we don’t even have a back up for hank in the system……a roster full of OUR prospects….seriously????

  68. I want a roster full of prospects so we can lose every game, ahaha! It’s better than missing the playoffs by a single point again.

    Who knows, maybe some of those guys will surprise us and be pretty good.

    Either way, this team as it is *SUCKS*! And they’re not going anywhere.

    Slats obviously wants to change the team, so lets see what he does to make them better. More mistakes coming, stay tuned.

  69. ok, nobody liked my richards proposal the other day. so here another one. the sharks are up against the cap bad right now after marleau signing. only 7 forwards signed and no goalie. they have only 13million left under cap to fill out 8 roster spots. they could be willing to listen to offers for cap relief.

    so, i would like to see an offer for joe pavelski. it might cost us some prospects but i think he is worth the offer. 25 yrs old and a 4million hit for four years. coming off 2 consecutive 25 goal seasons and a good playoffs.

    make an offer, if the sharks dont bite nothing lost. (no pun intended)

  70. okay, i’m probably very late on this but i haven’t been around much. so, for anyone else who missed it.
    from Zipay:

    So long, Enver Lisin (RFA, news updates)
    Tuesday June 22, 2010 1:53 PM By Steve Zipay

    RFA Enver Lisin did not receive qualifying offer. Confirmed, but not surprising at all. ‘Ghost’ roster I posted here a month ago didn’t have him on it. The right wing didn’t dress for 17 of last 22 games. Wonder if Lisin, 24, will be KHL-bound?

  71. san jose just signed pavelski because they really like him not to dump his salary. they can fill in roster with 1 million dollar guys

    they cleared plenty of room with blake and the goalie plus cap increase 2 million

  72. ok lets say that the sharks fill the roster with margin talent and a marginal goalie to fit under the cap. what does the roster look like then? one and half lines of nhl talent and the rest minor leaguers? 2 and a half defensemen and 3 or minor leaguers? no backup goalie. what kinda team is that…….? oh yeah the new york rangers

  73. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Happy 26th Birthday Momma!!!!

  74. all kidding aside, the sharks have to sign devin setoguchi who is going to make a lot more than $1million an year and they need a legit nhl goalie which isnt going to be as cheap as you think.

  75. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If I had a million dollars….

    I’d need a trillion so , If I had a trillion dollars Id buy …

    The New York Rangerssss!!!

    Megan Fox for the season ( not playoffs cuz we need to focus) and make her Captain of our new ice girls!!!

    Edmonton Oilers Ice Crew!!!

    Season tickets for every bonehead!!

    Laurel gets a Million dollars!!!

    Get rid of Redden,Drury and Rozi!!!

    Buy Lohud ….hehe

    The Azzlanders and the Devils and sell them to Canada!!!

    Bring back the 3rd jerseys!!

    Buy Jagr back!!!

  76. Just a little vent real quick: We had Allan Houston, one of the classiest guys in the NBA, and even though he couldnt ever play again, he never retired to save us the $20 million. But Rashweed just up and retires to save them $13 million. It’s like their teams play jedi mind-tricks.

    Celtics: “Rasheed, you will retire and save us $13 million. It is the right thing to do.”

    Rashweed: “I will retire and save you $13 million. It is the right thing to do.”


  77. i just suggested that the rangers take a chance on brad richards cause he is a play maker that is in the last year of his contract.

  78. Brad Richards in the last year of his deal?

    If so, why not go after him, depending on what we send back to them. He is very talented.

  79. yeah thats what i said but it was shot down by people who think spezza is a better option. i disagree. they are two different players completely

  80. nyr13

    I dont know the specifics of Richards versus Spezza. But you’re right, why attain more bad contracts like Spezza if Richards is attainable and is a free agent after the coming season.

  81. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    They are both better options than anything else we have. I like richards. Certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him here.

  82. i think he would mesh well with gaborik or with cally. the question i had is what to give up to get him? is it dubi? or is it a top prospect? or picks? or a combination of both. i cant see the stars wanting salaries back so the dream of roszy or redden going is not real.

  83. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I think they might take rozy….maybe, but if not him, girardi or gilroy plus maybe AA or dubi

    If we end up with one of nino, mcilrath, or johanson (last choice) in the first and lil bueke or tinordi in the 2nd, i’ll be somewhat happy.

  84. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    i’ll tell you who has NO interest in rozy, me!!!!

  85. If you could get rid of Rozi for an expiring contract with talent, you do it in a heartbeat. Sounds too good to be true, though. What could the Stars see in Rozi, a great 3rd pairing Dman!

  86. Tank The Season on

    This is the worst UFA crop ever. This draft will see more trades than normal.

  87. I still can’t believe he was re-signed. Slats signed Dredden to that pathetic deal, and I thought he would be done, but then he re-signs Blowzy for a pathetic deal. Unbelievable, this guy.

    Horrible summer.

  88. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!) on

    I agree 100% on that. I saw redden and was like well at least we don’t have to deal with rozy and then………………BAZINGA!!!!!

  89. wicky (Hugo Stiglitz!!!!) on

    absolutely the funniest show on TV, Love it!!

    oh, and a bit off topic here but i think shinedown’s song heroes is lyrically one of the best songs I have ever heard.

  90. wicky

    I always love new music, so I’ll have to listen to that song. Thanks! I just started watching the past 6 episodes of BBT and it is TOO FUNNY! Going to have to get it on DVD. BAZINGA!

  91. I’m surpised that Byfuglien is traded by the Black Hawks.

    Guess they didn’t think they could afford him. Was this expected at all?

  92. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    At the Awards when the Hawks came out holding the cup ..I knew Buff was traded and said “wheres Buff??” It is really funny ,stuiped funny that they promote the guy ..he plays his heart out and then gets ignored in every celebration that the Hawks do. Like the Awards. Buff was ignored cuz now hes on Atlanta but if it wasnt for the Big Buff ,the Hawks wouldnt of gotten past Vancouver. Chicago is a sad sad organization .

  93. Sorry Greg, i’m with Orr – good move by the Hawks. Buff was not the player we might think he was – we all see the highlight reels of him parked in front of the net battling and scoring some big goals and making a few hits but the fans who watched him week in week out are the ones who are flagging up his lack of impact or effort in the regular season and I think Bowman has maximised Buff’s value by trading him at the height of his powers.

    Getting the 2 picks for him is a coup, and they now have a cheap 4th line center to replace John Madden too. Sopel and Eager are easily replaceable. Chicago is going to contend again next year and possibly for a few more years to come.

    If only our roster problems were so tradeable!!

  94. wicky – I can understand your desire for a physical D-man (or ten) and I like Volchenkov, just not for the $4m+, 5yr+ deal somebody will overpay him.

    But Exelby, as far as I can tell, has only ever been a fairly marginal player on a bad Atlanta team and a marginal player / healthy scratch on a bad Toronto team with a horrendous defense in the first place. Lundqvist wouldn’t get killed by opposing forwards if he had to play behind Exelby and Brendan Witt (aka Rich Pilon with a horrid contract and longer hair), true. But only because he’d kill himself by November.

  95. Looking at cap stats, CHI have spent $50m on their top 6 forwards, 3 d-men and a goalie, which leaves about $9m to fill out their roster with kids or UFA bargains.

    The difference is that those 10 guys (apart from Campbell) they are paying salaries and getting the expected returns – we are paying $13.5m to a 3/4th line center and #5/6 d-man. Until 2 of those contracts are gone we are not going to have the same structure in place, and looking at the possible UFA crop of next summer Slats should be looking at spending this season freeing up as much cap space as possible, giving the kids a chance and saving his $$ up for those guys (Semin, Thornton, Richards, Chara, Markov). Then hopefully our youngsters will have a year of experience under their belt and we can complement them with one or two experienced free agents and take a run at the cup, instead of taking a run at 8th place every year.

  96. I wouldnt go for Exelby and unless we can move Roszival or get rid of Redden, Volchenkov would be too big of a cap hit.

    Mike Sauer should be given the chance now that he is injury free, he is that type of player and i think if they show some confidence in him he will reward them, I also think the time is now for Bobby Sanguinetti.
    Give them both a shot and let them gain some experience i say.

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