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Good mornin’ Boneheads.

I have a very, very important meeting today at Centennial Golf Club in Carmel . So I won’t be around much, if at all, until later. Wonderful, wonderful place for a meeting. I’m going to channel my inner Graeme McDowell. Or maybe my inner Dustin Johnson.

As you know, tonight is the NHL awards show. As you also know, I’m not hyping it because I object to the location and some of the involved, ahem, celebrities. Not to mention the network televising it.

So I’m not going to talk about it.

But if you need a reminder of which players are finalists for the major awards (all voted upon before the playoffs, mind you), click here.

Once we get past this night, we can focus on the draft and July 1.

Fore right!

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  1. Jim Cerny has a interview with Sather going on the rangers website today. At least he’s alive.

  2. Tank The Season on

    I think a trade is in the cards and may not happen until the Rangers are on the clock to make their selection 10th overall.

    I don’t see us getting any UFAs unless it is an old guy like Demitra or Kariya who won’t break the bank for a 2nd liner.

  3. Tank The Season

    What is your fascination with Karia anyway? Signing Karia will be worse than Naslund signing
    Won’t break a bank? Karia made 6mil last season and didn’t even break 20 goals…anyway

    Big day for US soccer…people will talk about this game for a long time.

    USA! USA!

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    So the cap situation is a bit better for the next season. It looks like it’ll be around $58.8 mil. Plus, by exercising the option to extend the labor agreement, the cap will also allow for a 7.5-percent bonus cushion to cover bonus payments on Entry Level and over-35 contracts. We can only hope it’ll be used properly by our management. And signing Demitra or Kariya or anyone else older than 35 wouldn’t qualify for proper use imo.

    Let’s go USA!
    Have fun, Carp.

  5. It really is a shame that Kariya never stayed healthy enough to achieve his full potential. He’s not going to get anywhere close to what he was making (nor should he).

    Yes, it’s a big day for US soccer but for the fringe sports, and I’d include hockey as a fringe sport, unless the US team wins the World Cup I doubt anyone but soccer diehards will talk about it for anything more than a year even if they made it to the quarters or semis. I’m excited and hope they win and maybe win a match or two in the knockout stage, but 4 years from now the casual fan would be hard pressed to name more than 1 or 2 players from this year’s US squad even if they advance today.

  6. CTB-yup. On schedule. Looks like mrs’ will arrive first. Doesn’t matter, I’ll have to set up both anyway. I downloaded 4.0 OS last night. Looks very clever.

  7. Oh how I can’t wait to see the greatest Canadian hockey fan ever, Michael Buble, present at the amazing NHL Awards.

    The ESPY Awards are awesome, despite the fact that they show four hockey clips, and might nominate one hockey player for an award he wont win.

    But, just seeing the babes that go there is worth it.

  8. Tank The Season on

    Kariya is worth $3M a year tops. I’d sign him for that on a one year deal for some scoring depth.

  9. Blue Seat Horror on

    Tank, Rangers only win the award when they’re ex-Rangers or before they become Rangers.

    I think the best chance is to amputate Redden’s left leg, put a skate on the remaining foot, and let him play a few games and maybe we can put a Masterton on our shelf. Might also improve Redden’s game because then he won’t be able to chase the puck behind the net anymore.

    Just kidding.

    Redden’s going to Hartford.

  10. And don’t forget, that would have triggered his automatic option for 08-09…but instead we signed Redden and re-signed Rozi.

  11. By the way, are the Rangers bringing back the statue of liberty jerseys this year? I believe I read something to that effect some time ago.

  12. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    good call on not signing kariya or demitra!!!

    hope stan helps you out today!!!

    Off to work.

  13. One of the most dramatic goals I’ve ever seen in any sport. On my personal list (which admittedly doesn’t count for anything) it’s not quite as high as Matteau! Matteau! Matteau! or Parise’s goal this year in the Olympics but wow did that get everyone in my office jumping up and down, and I work in a very buttoned up environment.

  14. Tank The Season on

    Outside of Kariya and Demetra the only supposed UFA scorers are Frolov (I’ll pass), Kovalchuk (no way), Marleau, Ray Whitney and Keith Tkachuk (too old), and that’s it. There’s no wizard like Gaborik in that bunch.

  15. bull dog line on

    if they trade Gabby, and do not sign Kovalchuk, or Marleau, who exactly is going to score the goals? the way the NHL is today, you need more than one star player to be contenders. A team with an ELITE goalie, 12 third/fourth line players, and a soft D, is not going to cut it.
    we just watched that show last season.

  16. Who you guys hoping for in the draft Friday?
    I hope they will take either Connolly, Tarasenko, or McIlrath.

  17. I’m not saying they should trade Gabby, all I’m saying is that they shouldn’t sign any player available. Gabby said he “expects changes to happen”, but if they don’t, and he doesn’t like it, then he should ask for a trade.

    Gabby doesn’t call the shots. He might score a lot of goals, but clearly he has *NO* heart, and is another one of the players that thinks aboot money first, and anything else second.

    This isn’t opinion, this is fact, and he proved it. So, nobody get all whiny aboot how I feel aboot the guy.

  18. Tinordi would be nice if they drop back and get some seconds. I was a huge fan of his father. I actually have a Tinordi Northstars Jersey

  19. bull dog line on

    I would stay away from the Russians this year, to many questions about them. I like Connolly a lot, and there is a center named Ryan Johansen who could be the guy.
    ORR, when did Gabby not show heart. he is the first free agent they have signed that has produced. also I have seen you mention tanking the season lately, but you would not be willing to trade Hank. with Hank they will never be bad enough to get the picks you want/ in order to tank, Hank would have to go.

  20. Ryan Johansen could fall all the way down to 9-10, he would be a perfect pick. If not, McIrlath or Conolly. You take the best available, your team’s needs will change anyway by the time these guys are ready for NHL.

  21. Bull dog- there yo go on Johansen! Agree- size, speed and skills.
    Gaborik produced exactly as he was expected to. Can not blame him for anything. And I expect him to continue. Yes, Olympics didn’t help, but injuries happen anyway. He needs some help.

  22. Tarasenko is amazingly skilled and has grit. one of the most pure scorers in the draft and could fit beautiflly on a russian line of Anisimov, Gratchev and Taresenko. The tag line. also with Stepan , Krieder, Gabby and a third line of Dubi, Cally and Weise , 4th line Byers, Prust and whoever. I like that future line up

  23. Gabby doesn’t call the shots. He might score a lot of goals, but clearly he has NO heart, and is another one of the players that thinks aboot money first, and anything else second.
    This isn’t opinion, this is fact, and he proved it. So, nobody get all whiny aboot how I feel aboot the guy.

    Er, the guy was involved in almost 40% of the goals the team scored last season. There were many games where he was the only Ranger to create anything on offense. He got his big contract before the season, so I hardly think he was loafing it for an entire season and put up better than a point per game.

    And isn’t this the same guy you were bashing for playing injured for Slovakia in the Olympics? Where he wasn’t getting paid to do so.

    I think you’re taking one game, out of 82, along with propagating the comments of a coach that doesn’t always think before he has an outburst and using that to define a player that was as valuable as almost anyone in the NHL last year.

  24. Adam Z. June 23rd, 2010 at 10:50 am

    Jagr was robbed of the Hart in ‘05-’06.


    And the purpose was because if he won the Hart, it would have extended his contract 1 more year with the Rangers. Dont think that the media or those that vote on NHL awards didnt know what they were doing.

  25. Here it comes- a fresh, right from the oven, new conspiracy theory…CR- you never fail to amaze.

    Speaking has never been Torts’ forte. It gets even worse when he fails to think it through in advance. That line about Gaborik after the last game was out of line. If you are the only reliable scorer on the team, it’s pretty easy for the opposition to shut you down. Especially if you can put out Pronger and Timonnen on two different shifts. Gaborik won us plenty of games.

  26. We needed Gabby down the stretch, and he chose to play injured in the Olympics for his brash*tty team that couldn’t even get a medal, and because of wasting his time there, he hurt himself even more, and was almost useless down the stretch. Then game 82 came along and he did absolutely nothing. Probably still whining and crying aboot the failure Slovakia was in the Olympics.

    He needs to score goals, show up, and shut up.

    As for having a losing season, yeah, it’s what I want, but I do agree that it is nearly impossible if Hank is on his game all season long, unless he gets injured.

  27. Tank The Season on

    We all loved rooting for Chicago because they were a ridiculously deep team loaded with toughness and talent. Who cares that their goalie was unproven, it didn’t matter. Every player on that team was capable of doing what was necessary to win hockey games.

    If it weren’t for Hank and Gaborik I doubt the Rangers would have won more than 5 games all last season.

    Bottom line is we need a center and a couple new guys who can score more than 20 goals apiece. Oh and a physical presence on D that isn’t of the lazy, overpaid variety (hence my trepidation re: Volchenkov- I feel he’ll be Kalinin #2 – did you see his “performance” in the Olympics for Russia?)

  28. He scored 10 points in the final 10 games. He was instrumental in their win in game 81 of the season. With better players the team wouldn’t have needed to play do or die hockey for the last dozen or so games of the season, let alone the last game of the season where his coach chose not to use him with the season on the line in the shootout.

  29. Good afternoon all! Have you heard about this 5,000-hour match at Wimbledon that’s still going on??? man, if our guys had those legs!

  30. Torts made the right decision. Gabby sucks in the shootout, enough said. Regardless of whether or not Gabby shoots, we still lose the game.

    And how many goals did he score in the last 10 games?

    At least Dublowsky stepped his game up a little, until he went back to normal and disappeared in game 82.

  31. ilb – Sorry. I have put that same thing down on here in the past. So it was just a reheated conspiracy out of the oven! :) Wont happen again.

    This match is unbelievable! Isner looks dead, while Mahut looks raring to go, dancing around. Yet Isner keeps fighting. I am tired just watching this. Great performance from the US and England to move on today.

  32. Guess where I was last night? On that “stranded” Virgin Atlantic flight in Connecticut. At least I got home in time for that great USA soccer game and this all-time tennis match.

  33. You guys absolutely rule. Armies up sleevies. Fore shizzle. Stan the Caddy.

    I’m catching up and cracking up.

    Good evening, Sally!

  34. Yeah, CR, those two writers from every city who vote all conspired to screw Jagr.

    Josh was 25 when this tennis match began.

  35. Blogmama – I don’t know! It was 90-100 degrees in there for three+ hours! I was on the first bus back to Newark at 4:00 a.m., so I got home earlier than the people who made the news stories. :(

  36. but i have a feeling the cap raise just means redden is more likely to stick around

  37. Tank The Season on

    Eklund posts that Chicago has traded Byfuglien, Eager, and Sopel to Atlanta for “a player, picks and prospects.”

    Slats asleep at the wheel again. Spezza better be coming.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    When this blog started, I was younger than Josh. I am now the same age as Josh. Soon, I will be older than Josh.

  39. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Chicago to send Byfuglien, Sopel, Eager and Akim Aliu to Atl for 24th overall pick, 54th overall pick, Marty Reasoner and Jeremy Morin.

  40. Tank The Season on

    Hawks trade Byfuglien, Eager, Sopel and prospect to Thrashers for 1st-round pick (the one they got from the Devs), a 2nd-round pick, prospect Jeremy Morin and M. Reasoner. Confirmed deal per Pierre Lebrun’s Twitter.

    Fire Sather anyone? Nowhere to be found when we could have gotten Byfuglien…….

  41. Tank The Season on

    LOL at Sather’s interview:

    “It’s like a house of cards, someone makes a deal then someone else makes a deal, so it’s kind of hard to predict what’s going to happen (with free agency),” said Sather. “You have to look at the market and see who’s got the money, who’s got the (salary cap) space. And you see teams making some big trades the past few days that takes some of them out of the free agent market. But you know there are going to be some players out there that we’ll have the chance to sign.”

    I hope this doesn’t mean Marleau or Kovalchuk….

  42. i’m not going on the major conspiracy bus as cr
    i do think that Jagr was rooked that year
    deserved it over Thornton who went from a struggling boston team to a talented one in san jose
    so, of course, his stats and stature went up after the trade.

    the only bias i wonder about is that thornton is canadian while Jagr is not
    you could just go with the idea that mike milbury broke into the voting envelopes and changed the votes due to his unbridled hatred of Jaromir!!

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Most interesting part of that interview:

    “Sather defers to Gordie Clark, the Rangers Director, Player Personnel, when it comes to the draft. Saying that he “trusts his staff”, Sather presides over the draft day table, but allows Clark to make the decision as to who will be drafted by the Rangers.”

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Thornton got it because people just looked at the point totals and saw Thornton had more than Jagr and said “case closed.”

  45. Tank The Season on

    Incoming “Patrick Marleau has signed with the Rangers. 6 years $45M” on July 1. And he will go on to score 24 goals and add 28 assists in 82 games.

    But we couldn’t get Dustin Byfuglien who is on the verge of being an All-Star.

    Wow is it painful to be a Ranger fan.

  46. sather couldnt come up with something better than that for byfuglien? are you kidding???!!!

  47. Tank The Season on

    Marleau made $6.3M this season. I stand corrected, Sather will give him a 7 year, $56M deal.

  48. NYR13

    Would you want to give up the 10th overall pick for Byfuglien, who hasn’t done much in the regular season??

    I wouldn’t. Trashers didn’t need that pick since they have a top 5 or top 10 pick.

  49. I still love ya Carp! Just to clarify, those 2 writers from every city didnt have to conspire, it’s naturally ingrained to hate NY. I dont want to continue this any further. I have gotten my act together on here, and wish to remain sane.

  50. yes i would..but the thrashers are giving up the devils 1strounder to get him 24th overall

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    No, no conspiracy theories. Just a bad decision. In fairness, San Jose was 8-12-4 and riding a 10 game winless streak (0-7-3) before they got Thornton and 36-15-7 with him, including an immediate 6 game winning streak. They also finished their season with an 8 game winning streak (although they lost the last game of the season). He also turned Cheechoo into the Rocket Richard winner.

    The Rangers, meanwhile, finished their season on a 5 game losing streak and had a 6 game losing streak coming out of the Olympic break. Jagr did not finish strongly after getting rocked by Ruutu. That probably weighed into the decisions of some of the voters.

  52. Exactly. They can afford to give up a 24th overall pick to take a chance on Byfuglien.

    NYR can’t give up a 10th overall pick for him. Wouldn’t be smart.

    At least I don’t think it would be. He might have been dominant in the playoffs, but he was pretty invisible for most of the season, and the first half of the playoffs.

  53. Jagr blows away every Ranger on this team.

    How many guys on NYR can half ass it during the year, and still manage to score 25-30 goals, 70-90 points? Then he would turn his game up in the final stretch of the season, and actually show up for the playoffs.

    Too bad we couldn’t win a Cup while he was here.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Just looked over the numbers from that trade. Great deal for Chicago in clearing space. Almost 4 million cleared on that deal. Plus the return was pretty good, a 1st, a 2nd, and a very solid prospect (Reasoner is worthless).

    I think Atlanta overpaid here to get a guy that had a couple of good games in the playoffs. I don’t think Byfuglien is worth that much at all. The guy still hasn’t scored 20 goals. I don’t think he scores 30 more than once in his career.

  55. i doubt its a chance on a guy like byfuglien. 6-5 and 250 with a mean steak. he can score 10 goals next season and still produce more than the 10th pick in the draft. i guess 11 playoffs goals mean nothing?

  56. It means nothing when we’re not good enough to get to the playoffs.

    You can say now that he can produce more than a 10th overall selected player, but a year or two from now you never know.

    Like Doodie said, he had a couple of good games in the playoffs. That doesn’t mean he’s worth what the Trashers paid for him.

    Hawks definitely win that trade.

  57. Tank The Season on

    No word on Spezza yet. If Sather makes a trade it’ll probably be for him, otherwise he’ll just blow money on UFAs who can’t possibly live up to their contracts yet again.

  58. The Rangers are going to trade up in the draft……and pick the toughest,meanest D-man in the draft.that should be around the 3-5 pick.

  59. If the Rangers move up they are going to draft Nino Niederreiter. They have enough D-man.

  60. Hawks over paid,big time.That trade was made on one playoff series.The guy had 10 goals all year.

  61. Tank The Season on

    ORR – it’s known that Ottawa wanted Dubinsky in the package for Heatley but Sather either refused to offer him or insisted they take Rozsival and that’s why he went to SJ.

    I’d offer Ottawa Dubinsky, Girardi, and the 10th overall pick in 2010 for Spezza and the negotiation rights to Volchenkov. I doubt they’d get more for him from anyone else. If they took Gilroy instead of Girardi, even better. Staal is the keeper, Girardi is not.

  62. sather
    throws 5 year and 25 mill at volchenkov mark it down. we could have used big buff hes the type of guy u need in the atlantic div

  63. Holy Geez. What a huge trade. I saw Byfuglien dealt in blockbuster and hoped that it was to the Rangers. :(

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    “i guess 11 playoffs goals mean nothing?”

    When 6 of them came in 3 games and you go the first 8 games of the playoffs and first 5 games of the Finals without a goal, then it doesn’t mean much. It just means you had a few good games.

    He had a good series against San Jose, but then again, so did most of the Blackhawks.

  65. I would trade the 10th pick in the draft for Big Buff straight up. No way they’ll get a better player than that.

    jpg, there definitely is a Canadian vs. Eurpoean bias in the voting and in other NHL matters. And doodie’s right about people just looking at the point totals and picking Thornton.

    OK, CR. It’s dropped. I respect the new and improved CR.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree. the more I look at this, the more this trade is Bowman working his magic and Atlanta continuing to make TERRIBLE trades.

    They basically traded Kovalchuk, a prospect, and a 2nd rounder for Bergfors, Byfuglien, and a prospect.

    Great deal guys!

  67. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    I hope you guys arent going to be upset we didnt get a piece of those players. The rangers dont need more role players they need legitimate top 6 star players.

    Too bad its not happening this year or the next without some dumping of redden and drury

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    If Sather stands pat this summer, I’ll be much happier than if he went after a big name. Honestly, the best moves I would want to see him make are Redden in Hartford, and Rozsi for anything. A low budget team might have interest in his 5 million cap hit but 4 and 3 million salaries for this year and next.

    Nashville, here’s looking at you, especially since he wouldn’t be expected to be more than a 2nd pairing guy there. He’s also a veteran to pair with one of their younger studs and could be sold to fans as a replacement for Hamhuis.

  69. A lot of people watch Buff in the playoffs, and think he’s this amazing player, but the truth is, he’s pretty average. The Hawks don’t need him. They’ll still be the same team.


    You really think that there is no chance that any forward NYR drafts in the first round can statistically be better than Buff?

  70. Carp and Doodie

    i do agree with you that there are those who look at point totals and just go with that.
    (it usually seems to be the case when the dman of the year is awarded)

    as far as the milbury conspiracy theory…hopefully you took it as the joke that it is.

  71. For you guys who missed the Chris Nilan Interview last night, I have to say it was one of the best interviews I’ve done.

    The candid way Chris Nilan answered my ridiculous questions on the radio show while he was fishing for trout is something to admired.

    Also, Ithink it’s a great move by the hawks to trade Byfuglien while his stock is so high.

    Lundqvist and Avery meet season subscriber Pics.

  72. That little segment was really funny.. Scotty Niedermayer with a cheap shot at the end! How appropriate! lol

  73. I used to think OV was funny, but he tries way too hard now. It’s just an act.

    Funny bit with Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf. Good thing Getzlaf left his hat the whole time. He has one of the worst bald spots Ive ever seen on a 20+ year old. Poor guy has Costanza-syndrome.

  74. ORR
    if we only knew each other we might be the most negative ranger fans out there.

  75. i wish they would tell what each trophy awarded for…

    Martin Brodeur wins William M. Jennings Trophy… for?? Most donuts consumed? Not everyone watching the awards know what the trophy is for…

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BIG BUFF is a big body with an good shot. He dominated untill he ran into Pronger .The guy is a Dustin Penner and a trip to the cup proves that ya get the payday if ya take yer team far and ultimatly win the cup. His chemistry will be LARGELY missed and now teams like Vancouver will be ble to run over them next playoffs. Trading BUFF will hurt Atlanta ( cuz really he sucks) and hurt Chicago ( the big cog ).

    Jason Spezzzza come on buddy , we need youuuuuuu!!! Guys pure skill and youth!!!

  77. orr
    they are a bunch of losers. we will never get anywhere until some contracts are gone

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , yer just homesick and miss our boys. I know ya dont mean it. Why are ya here…to talk to us guys!!??? NOPE ,yer here to vent yer grievences on how we lost in game eight frickin two in a shoot -out. Come here my bro..gimme a big ol Ranger hug!!! You too Cr9 lets all hug!!!!!!!

  79. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Rangersssssss!!!!!!!!

  80. How many games do we play against Atlanta next season? I wonder how long will it take for people on this board (and for Big Buff lovers around Rangers community) to hate the guy after he runs Hank a few time and turns into a real Rangers killer?

  81. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gee, way to suck up to Sidney, Mess! Sather might be ordering you to trade for him in about 10 years.

  82. speZzZza NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR maybe yer right about his shot but he did knock in a few goals. Chicago got weaker and smaller . Chicago wins the cup and trades away its “cog” ? talk about stuiped managment. Ya win the cup ,dont ya try to resign one or yer most important pieces? BIG BUFF walked over teams and everyone noticed. Chicago management is weak. If it wasnt for them being losers and getting Kane and Toews that franchice would be still waiting on the cup. I like seeing them win but they are no better garbage then the scum sucking penguins.

    Id accept it if Sather got Spezzzza and he ditched Dubi..i’d live with it. Do I have a choice? No .Would I do that trade..yes.

  83. GREG

    In my opinion this trade doesn’t change a thing for the Hawks. Offensively, they’re pretty much the same. They replace a physical forward with a defensive forward.

    I don’t know why you think it’s a bad move. Trading Buff was great, cause now that they shed Buff, Sopel, and Eagers salary, they can keep Versteeg, Sharp, and the more important guys. They are more important than Buff by far.

  84. They rushed the award winners so they could start the freakin movie WILDCATS???? are you kidding me?

  85. I would definitely not trade the 10th pick for Buff but would definitely trade a high first pick if I already had a top 10 anyway just like ATL did.

    Think about a line with 6’6 – 240 lbs Antropov and 6’4 – 250 lbs Buff ….. pretty scary


    Atlanta is trying to butts in the seats by having the first All-Black Hockey team!!!

    Buff, E.Kane, Oduya, Aliu ….. maybe they might be interested in Brashear, Laraque, or Ray Emery, after all it is HOTlanta ??

  86. Poor Buff, going from a sold out arena to one where 10,000 fans are disguised as seats!

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER! linda. Everything he does is wrong. Everything he doesn’t do is also wrong.

  88. ORR has chastised someone for their comment. Now I have seen everything!!!!

    seriously thanks ORR. You saved eric from a newspaper….and thanks for the mea culpa eric.

    Sorry all, I can’t abide by the “show” that is this ceremony. passing.

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    ‘94 Rangers vs. Oilers on MSG+

    Wow! Sather is coaching the Oilers. Ahhh, the good old days…

  90. I thought the awards show was MUCH better than the one last year…last year they brought Chaka Khan!! OK?!

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    So- Big Buf is gone! It’s a shame but SOMEONE was going no matter what. At least they got some Cap relief, swapped it out for draft picks. Hopefully some good young Black Hawks will come of it. I didn’t expect Sather to get involved, he can’t absorb any Cap dollars himself. Although that #10 pick would have been nice for Chicago.

    Anyone think Sather would like Huet?

  92. Czechtheout!!!! on


    I am sure you will see this post so I will answer you as to why I would move up to draft a guy like Fowler. I only comment on players I have watched play personally. I’ve have yet to see Gudbranson play. But from what I’ve read, he is a slightly more physical version of Marc Staal. That may not be a bad thing but in my opinion, Not worth the third or fourth pick in a draft. You are advocating for Mcilrath who is nothing more than a tough stay at home damn which is again not a bad thing but also not worthy of a high draft choice. In Cam Fowler, you have a franchise defensman who is big, is a great skater, and will be the other offensive threat from the back end that every team needs. His physical game is very underrated at least from the wjc games that I watched. This kid beat the crap out of the Canadian team in both games. He also plays big time in big time games. Watch him in the finals of the wjc and the amount of minutes he logged. He is also NHL ready and we should be so luckynas to get this kid. The tough kids like Tinordi can be had in the second round.

    In closing, I just want to add that although you said you were not picking on me,(even though you were) I think we must raise the level of discourse when we debate about our favorite team.

  93. conspiracy theory on


    what is your opinion of boston getting the czar of discipline’s son on their team. surprised you are not ranting about that one

  94. Olga Folkyerself on

    You want to get rid of your 1.7 million 20 goal scorer? He was tied for second on the Rangers in goals. I bet the Black Hawks will trade you Marty Reasoner for Dubinsky. at 1.2 million, you would save some Cap space, too.

  95. Dublowsky must be traded away before we lose him for nothing.

    He’ll probably have a good season this year, but since he’s a UFA, he’ll be able to go to a Cup contender, and he’ll leave NYR behind, since they’re going nowhere.

    Just watch!

  96. please dont try to goad me into ****. Thanks. That was a decent deal by Boston. As for Theodore, just looked at his picture, very cute indeed.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    “since he’s a UFA, he’ll be able to go to a Cup contender, and he’ll leave NYR behind, since they’re going nowhere.”

    If Sather is still here, it sounds like a smart plan…

  98. i’d trade him for young assets not has beens. i’m not saying dump him for nothing. just want him traded to improve team especially the effort game in and game out.

  99. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    speaking of penner…..don’t say that name around slats he might get an idea……..

    we have plenty of d-men??? Be specific, we have plenty of SOFT d men, we have ZERO tough physical guys so if we trade up to get one, it is a good trade!!!

    that buff trade was great for atl in my opinion.

    murray says he won’t trade spezza after 01JULY because than they have to pay him a 4mil bonus.

  100. i do want to be rid of him but not for no value in return. just like some here overhype him there are probably a few nhl gms that would do the same. just like the gomez deal we just need to find one suc*er

    so i repeat is dubinsky traded yet

  101. is reporting the Rangers have traded Sanguinetti to Hurricanes for a 6th this year and a 2nd rounder next draft. Another Sather bust?? Why are they giving up on this kid so quickly??

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