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This afternoon brings the official release of the NHL regular-season schedule for 2010-11. We know that the Rangers will open in Buffalo Oct. 9 and their home opener will be Oct. 15 vs. Toronto.

The schedule is to be released after noon.

Also later this afternoon, the Hockey Hall of Fame announces its Class of ’10.

Does anybody have an opinion on whether Eric Lindros belongs in the Hall?

See youse later.

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  1. I like Lindros but he’s not a Hall of Famer!! To short of a career as a top flight superstar. No Cups. Sorry Eric

    Oh Trade Rosy Please!!

  2. Lindros is borderline. Before the concussion stuff, he was a dominant player who forced other teams to change the structure of their lineups to cope. As for Philthy not getting the cup… that has more to do with not having a goalie than not being a good enough team.

    Still, when the concussions happened, he fell off quickly because he couldn’t play his game any more and became a perimeter player. He is really a unique case. Remove the injuries and he is in easily.

  3. He played 760 games and scored 865 points. Wow. Considering his fall off, that is really impressive.

  4. Leethhalloffame on

    Lindros borderline at best. He was a upper echelon player but didn’t stay healthy long enough to make it to HOF.

  5. Even in his heyday – when he was admittedly a beast – you could argue that Lindros wasn’t even the best power forward on his own team. To wit, Lindros didn’t have a single 50 goal season, while John LeClair (who, incidentally, is also on the ballot) had three in a row, part of five straight with 40+ for him.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Leclair and Bondra? Really? I think the only real slam dunk in that first time listing is Joe Nieuwendyk. 3 cups, 560 goals, 1100 points, Conn Smythe in 99, Calder Trophy in 88, King Clancy in 95, Olympic Gold Medal in 02, All-American in college, Hobey Baker Finalist.

    That’s the best career out of any of the players listed.

    After him, I’d think Turgeon before Bondra and LeClair. the only blemish on Turgeon’s resume is that he never won the Cup or any realy hardware (Lady Bing once). 500 goals, 1300 points, almost 1300 games.

    Leclair, like Mike Richter, is a definite for US Hockey Hall of fame, but not the real deal one in Toronto. 400 goals, 800 points, 900 games. Big deal. He had some good international accolades, but nothing to write home about in the NHL.

    Bondra has 500 goals and nothing else.

    Amonte and Lindros shouldn’t get a whiff.

  7. I am hardly a Lindros fan, but Bondra scored about 30 more points than Lindros while playing 300+ more games. If Bondra is in, then Lindros should be. He also scored more points than LeClair while playing in 200 less games than him. LeClair was a solid player for 3 seasons, played with Lindros and became a star, then stopped playing with him and became average again. We all hate Lindros, but if Bondra and LeClair are in, then Lindros should get the nod as well. I am cool with him not making it, but it would seem strange for the others to make it and not him.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    The other thing that should keep Lindros out is character. He is a dishonorable crybaby. That alone should keep him out.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, I should also note that Leclair was a supporting player for the Montreal Cup in 92-93. He did have 2 OT winners in the Finals, but was otherwise a depth player. Sort of like their Stephane Matteau.

  10. Doodie, I didn’t say I thought they deserved it. I said I think they’re going in. I don’t think a lot of guys in deserve it (Clark Gillies), and I think some who are out do deserve it (Kevin Lowe).

    How is Gillies better than LeClair? Put LeClair on Bossy and Trottier’s left for six or seven years, then do the math.

    and I didn’t mention Nieuwendyk. My bad. I think he’s in.

  11. Nieuwendyk is, IMO, the only guy on the list who 100% deserves it. Turgeon is close, but I never think of him when it comes to thinking of the best players during his career. He is just somewhere in the background.

  12. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Bondra 500 goals, that should get him in.

    Nieuwendyk should get in no problem.

    Lindros, no way.

    LeClair, no way.

  13. Good morning, Carp!

    CCCP, I missed Dubi bashing? I’m not gonna go back to look, I’ll just assume Orr was having a bad day.

    The Rangers are coming to Buffalo the day after my birthday! That’s exciting!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    dshea, I think that while he was never a top 10 guy, he was a top 20 player for a LONG time. That impresses me more than Lindros or Leclair being dominant for 3 or 4 seasons.

  15. Nieuwendyk, Turgeon, Bondra. The last nomination will almost certainly give Don Cherry a stroke.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m curious, who are some of the players that had been passed over in recent years. I seem to remember there having been 2 or 3 really strong classes in a row. There are probably a couple of guys that are more deserving than this group.

    Carp, I agree with you on Lowe. It’s very hard for a lowscoring player to get in these days, even if he does have 6 Cups.

  17. Tank The Season on

    Does Richter or LaFontaine belong in the the HoF?

    Im thinking of the ’96 USA World Cup of Hockey team.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, a lot of players on the passed over list I would take over all of those guys (except Nieuwendyk):

    Andreychuk, Gilmour, Ciccarelli, Lowe, Oates, and Cammi Granato should all get in.

    Other players that aren’t in that I would consider ahead of the current crop of first-year elligibles (other than Niuewendyk):

    Mogilny (not just for his play, but for his historical significance as an early Soviet defector), Pavel Bure, Vinny Damphousse, Phil Housley (if he wasn’t such a piece of garbage he would probably be in already), Dave Taylor, and Dale Hunter.

    I’d actually probably go with Turgeon ahead of all of those guys too other than Mogilny, Bure, and Housley.

  19. Lindros if you use the Neely comparison should be in. his stats are amazing considering GP. I would say YES with my brain and NO with my heart kind of like when I decide to go for root canal.

    Because of my anti-Islander bias I could never consider Turgeon. Phil Housely was a guy who could play both center and defenseman ala Red Kelly. No way on Mogilny since he self-imposed a “work slowdown” during contract dispute in Buffalo, to me that is not HoF material.

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