July 1 on the horizon


It is now nine days until July 1, and if you don’t believe me, just pick up the New York papers which have been counting down since, I don’t know, April? (It’s actually 11 days, including today and July 1, but there are nine days between today and July 1, I guess).

Problem is, this July 1 reminds me a bit of July 1, 1997, because of LeBron James. In 1997, all of MSG’s efforts were aimed at Patrick Ewing, who would be a free agent. This year they’re aimed at King James, only about 1,000,000,000 times more so. And I wonder if that will at all affect what the Rangers try to do that day. I wonder, if the opportunity to do something big arose, if the Rangers would have trouble getting the go-ahead from upper management/ownership, because they’ll all be in Akron or involved with James and his agents.

If I had to guess, I’d say the Rangers aren’t likely to do anything major this July 1 anyway. The cap won’t let them, and one big player isn’t going to make a huge difference, and they’re kind of on the right path with the youth, and … well, haven’t they learned their lesson yet?

But I clearly remember Mark Messier being kicked to Vancouver. The naive will still say he went for more money. The fact is, he went because he was told in many ways that he was no longer wanted here. One of those was the way the Knicks took care of Ewing on July 1 and let Messier sit by idly for days thereafter.


MSG Network tonight launches it’s “Hockey Night Live: Summer Ice” series on which it will show old games every Monday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. Now, I fully understand where MSG is coming from, but this being a Rangers blog, I must warn you that the network now is responsible to the Devils, the Islanders and their fans. Thus only every third game, or so, will be a Rangers game, starting Wednesday, with Adam Graves scoring his 50th and 51st goals in 1994.

Some of the choices are also barely classics: Gaborik and Del Zotto scoring their first goals as Rangers; Lundqvist getting his first playoff shutout against Atlanta. But the idea is good, and I’m sure any hockey in June and July and August can’t be all bad, right?

Also, tomorrow’s MSG “Countdown” revolves around the top 25 “Cheapshots” in games involving the Rangers, Islanders and Devils. Of course, we can expect that none of the Rangers, Islanders or Devils will be doling out the cheapshots.


Forgot to mention in the previous post about the week ahead: Tomorrow the NHL regular season schedule comes out!

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  1. I’d like to respond to those who feel my anti-Snoop comments have anything to do with race: Idiots.

    Good morning, Sally!

  2. carped! re-post:

    i would presume (= hope) that Slats is working on getting Staal’s contract sorted (possibly Girardi’s too) and spending his time with Gordie Clark to make sure the draft is all planned out.

    He’s then got a week before UFA bidding begins so he still has a week to exclusively negotiate with all our FA’s before deciding how to waste any remaining cap space on useless bit part players.

    Of course he could just be parked outside Redden’s house in an un-marked sedan waiting for the moment when he comes out to pick his morning paper off the lawn and……not that i wish him dead, i’d just prefer to think that next time we see Redden on the ice its because we had the misfortune of watching an episode of “Dancing on Ice”….

  3. i wouldn’t count on Staal getting done any time soon. It’s a negotiation. It will take time. Time is the only bargaining chip an RFA has.

  4. Hey Carp! Love the insight into the Mess/Vancouver situation and the ownership of the Knicks/Rangers. Too much distraction in this organization. Huzah!

  5. catching up from yesterday … Larry Brooks’ wrote Giddyup at the end of his column, about John MacLean. A lot of you thought that was a Seinfeld reference, and Larry is a Seinfeld fan — “Moops, Moors, Moops” … but the Giddyup was a slap at Sather, who said MacLean had lost his giddyup when he banished MacLean to the minors.

  6. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    thanks, I was the one who wrote the seinfeld reference thing. But, obviously what you said fills in the blanks. No offence I hope you are wrong about us being silent in free agency, we need some help (unless it comes via trade of course). Why hasn’t shelley or prust been signed yet (good question ILB)??

    I pretty sure redden has lost his giddyup (if you get my drift).

  7. This MSG thing being beholden to the Devils and Islanders as well. Well, it’s not like MSG+ (or is it MSG2?) Has much going for it this summer? Why can’t they concentrate on the other two teams and leave MSG to their prime teams, the Rangers and Knicks. The Dolans have done more to diminish the importance of the Rangers to this city than ANY of the bad teams they’ve had.

  8. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    because it would make me feel better!!!!!

  9. The NY Sknickerbockers are fooling themselves if they think they’re getting that James guy. I don’t watch basketball often, but I do know that the team is worthless, and is going nowhere any time soon.

    Why would a superstar want to sign with a team like that?

    Anyway, I hope when July 1st comes around, all the major free agents sign on that day. And I hope all of them sign West.

  10. Carp, I hope that parallel between 1997 and now is nothing more than that. On the other hand, it could be a blessing so they can’t overspend again. They need to stay with the plan-don’t trade away your young players. A couple of tough Dmen, scoring help, but nothing major. Kovalchuk will be a huge mistake in a long run- he will help them get in the playoffs and sell more tickets, but it will totally kill our cap situation.

    I mentioned Shelley because he is an UFA. After July 1st he can sign elsewhere. No need to lose him, he fits well. Unless they are planning to sign Laraque. If they make that dumb move, I think CT will become the toughest state in the US pronto.

    Staal, Girardi, Prust and Co. are RFAs, no rush there. That group will and should take some time.

  11. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    we all sit here and bag on slats, but I think a lot of trades will happen these next couple of weeks, and would find it hilarious if we end up with big buff from the cap dead hawks and horton or spezza somehow. Ol slatipuss would look like a genius!

  12. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I like the number of tough d men you talk about, two is correct!! Mrs wicky says hello!

  13. Tank The Season on

    I think the man we have to somehow get is Iginla.

    Failing that I would not be surprised if Joe Thornton gets offered to us at the draft,

  14. Carp, was Messier merely kicked to Vancouver or was it that they were gunning for Joe Sakic?

    If I remember the details correctly it was $21MM for 3 years. However the deal was extremely front loaded and it would have basically paid Sakic $17MM in his first year with salary and bonuses. MSG was hoping that the Avs couldn’t match the heavy salary.

    Then what I remember hearing was that the ownership group of the Avs was tied to the studio that released Air Force One (GET OFF MY PLANE) and that turned out to be the biggest popcorn flick of the summer that year thus giving the Avs enough $ to retain Sakic.

    NY lost Messier (let him walk) and lost out on Sakic and then had to get by on a Gretzky that had been thumped and bumped by the Flyers and Devils in the playoffs and held their breath on La La La La-fontaine until a collision with his own teammate finally did him in.

    It’s an interesting chain of events to consider. Had the Rangers not lost out of Sakic, slotting him in as the true #1 center and rightfully put Gretzky down as the #2 so he could get away from tougher D match-ups would that have maybe extended the Great One’s career another year? Being their best forward by a mile, Gretzky was constantly the focus of defenses that had clearly caught up to him during the last 2 years of his career.

  15. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    big bird to gabby…….hmmm


  16. Horton sounds intriguing, but I’m afraid Tallon will ask for too much.

    Hello to mrs wicky and I hope she was nice to you on Father’s Day and took care of all diaper changes yesterday :-)

  17. CT- you are right. Sakic signed 3 year offer sheet for $21 mil including $14 mil signing bonus. They were absolutely positive that Colorado would not have the cash to match. Until that movie. At the end Smith received that famous fax with middle finger….

  18. Losing out on Sakic and then having Gretzky retire the next year (along with Lafontaine not even playing a full season in NY) really sent the franchise on a downward spiral.

    I applauded the effort to get Sakic, although I had my concerns about the ability of the Rangers to surround him with talent and certainly not the likes of talent he enjoyed in Colorado.

    Within 2 years of that non-deal, the Rangers were basically Brian Leetch, a diminished Graves and an increasingly injury prone Richter.

    Man, what a depressing timeline.

  19. I don’t want Iginla. Maybe if we had a team that can win the Cup now, and desperately needed a leader and someone who can be the final piece of the puzzle, then I’d take him.

    Rangers are not winning anything anytime soon. There’s no point in trading youth away for a 30+ year old guy.

    I don’t think the Flames would trade him anyway. Actually, It would be dumb to trade him.

  20. ilb, were you among the lucky ones to be getting your iPhone 4 this Thursday? The AT&T store in my office building assures me I’ll be getting mine but I was reading on gizmodo that plenty of people that pre-ordered even on the 15th were told there might be delays in delivery (I’m doing an in-store pickup).

  21. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    ha ha, you know good and well she did!!!

  22. CT- that move, presumably, also sent the league into the tailspin of overinflated contracts that eventually ended up with our current CBA. I’m not sure it would not end up that way regardless, but some people still blame the Rangers.

  23. CT- according to Fedex tracking number I will be getting mine on 6/21. So will mrs ilb. Yes, I was able to talk her into getting the new one too. She was still using my original one from 2007.

  24. Tank The Season on

    CTBlueshirt, there was another wrinkle to the Sakic thing. On the next to last day before the Avs matched, they told Neil Smith that he could have Sakic if he gave them Kovalev and worked out a deal rather than take the Rangers’ first round picks. Smith refused to give up Kovalev because he was so high on him and he believed the Avs couldn’t match.

    I think Smith’s refusal to give up Kovalev for Selanne, Shanahan, Sakic, etc when he had the chance may have set the franchise back more than the Redden signing. He overestimated the value of a gut who has made a pretty impressive NHL career out of showing up to play 50% of the time.

  25. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I guess I just don’t see the miraculous franchise saving players in our system that others do. I mean I understand we have some good talent and I’m not arguing that, but it just doesn’t seem to be blue chip. Do we have all star forwards in the making or top two d men? Or is everyone in our system 2nd or 3rd line forwards and 2nd or 3rd pair d men?

    If that is the case, why the hell wouldn’t you want to trade average or slightly above average NHL talent to be for proven very good or great NHL talent?

  26. Tank The Season on

    Oh and when we finally DID trade Kovalev, it was to get Petr Nedved back. Ouch.

  27. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    from twitter a couple of minutes ago….Slats better get off his cigar and get this done!!!!!

    Anton Volchenkov will not be re-signed. Will hit the market July 1. His rights could be dealt before then.

  28. Redden and the rights to 1 week at Slat’s AB cottage (must bring own towel and bed linens). Get it done!

  29. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    if you are still out there (or someone else with nhl savvy), is there any way to have more than 5 fights a game, seems like I max out at that number!!!

  30. I think the Pens or Caps are going to really make a run for Volechenkov. And if you were him would it be that hard to choose to go to them over the Rangers?

  31. WICK

    I think if you’re versing a rival, you can have 5-6 fights. I’ve never had more than 5 or 6.

    I think in NHL 06 or 07, after a certain amount of fights, the two goalies would go at it. It was kind of cool, but also kind of fake.

  32. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    ok, I was trying everything after the whistle, but couldn’t more than matching minors. I wish the game had too many men penalties. I remember the goalie fights, they were pretty cool!!!!

    no, I wouldn’t blame him, but I bet if we traded for his rights he would still sign with us, but just a hunch!! I read somewhere that the caps said they were not interested in signing him…take it for whatever it’s worth!!!

  33. Sorry if already mentioned but Andrew gross tweets of possible interest between rangers and Chicago and he drops two names…bug buff and rosival. Not sure how that helps the hawks as they take more salary in that scenario.

  34. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    this great tweet from twitter:

    Attention Glen Sather: RT @SunGarrioch: Anton Volchenkov will not be re-signed. Will hit the market July 1. His rights could be dealt before

    Obvious we have a HUGE roster hole that needs filled!!!!

  35. Could you imagine the terror that Big Buff would reign on MMMAAARRRTTYYY. It would be an odd situation for Brodeur as he’d finally not be the biggest guy on the ice.

  36. Well Wicky if we can’t laugh at the Rangers, because a) we’re not amused anymore or b) Slats hasn’t signed 2nd tier players to all-star deals in a while, we can at least laugh at fellow Boneheads.

  37. “It would be an odd situation for Brodeur as he’d finally not be the biggest guy on the ice”


    That would be cool. Big Buff with NYR. But, I can’t see Chicago taking on a big contract, especially when a loser is attached to it.

  38. “Being their best forward by a mile, Gretzky was constantly the focus of defenses that had clearly caught up to him during the last 2 years of his career.”

    Really, CT? Gretzky put up a 23-67-90 in his second-to-last season (leading the league in assists), and put up 62 points in 70 games of his final year. Seems like the defenses still had some catching up to do.

    For what it’s worth, Gretzky IS on record as saying he would not have retired if the Rangers had landed Bure at the ’99 deadline, as we very nearly did.

  39. The rangers have to figure out how to improve!! They can’t go into next season with the same team.

  40. Adam,

    True, Gretzky at his “diminished” state was still better than just about anyone at the time not named Jagr, Sakic or Forsberg but remember he had 60 or so games with Lafontaine putting up about a point per game. The next year when it was almost exclusively Gretzky his totals fell dramatically.

  41. Gretzky’s PPG average in his final season was .88, compared to 1.1 the season before. A drop, sure, but hardly a dramatic one.

    A big part of Gretzky’s decision to retire, I believe, is the 12-game stretch he missed that final year. We went something like 6-3-3, and guys like Nedved played their best stretches of the season. That’s when all the talk started that Gretzky should hang them up.

  42. I’m not doubting that Gretzky was still a very good player when he retired. He probably could have put up decent points the next year as well but he scored only 9 goals his last year. He had his injuries and while a player that puts up .8 points/game let alone 1.1 pts/gm in today’s NHL is seen as a very good contributor. but compared to a guy that was used to putting 1.5 to sometimes over 2 pts/gm, falling below even 100 points probably was a clear sign that age was catching up. And I liked the fact that he went out with a reasonably decent season rather than try to force his body like Lemieux did in his final year even if Mario’s body was already more brittle than ice in a toaster.

    But the best players in the game were either bigger and stronger (Jagr and Lindros) to a degree that Gretzky’s guile could no longer compensate for or the great goal scorers were quicker (Sakic, Selanne, Kariya). And facing the prospect of another losing season with the Rangers probably muted his desire to continue playing as well.

  43. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    best part of the gretz retiring was the fact that ulfie came all the way back to NY for it and brought a tear to his eye!!!

  44. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I’m not saying I want this to happen like this, but does anyone else think slats would trade girardi to the sens for the rights to volchenkov???

  45. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    modano says he might play one more year….for another franchise…uh oh!!!

  46. CT, in your first timeline thing with the Avs, you forgot one more depressing part … it began the Muckler regime.

    The thing about Gretzky is, how much time did he have to spend with Heartbeat Harvey on one wing, and/or Tim Sweeney on the other?

  47. Volcheckov will never sign here. Unless we give him Dredden’s money.

    He’ll go where his Russian friends are.

    Don’t even bother trading for his rights!

    And I’d hate to see Modano on NYR. He has a hot wife though.

  48. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I’d rather spend redden type money on a guy like volchenkov because at least you know what you are getting consistently out of the player. That being said, he isn’t going to require redden money, but maybe rozy money and I would def rather have him than rozy!!!!

  49. LMAO @ the Muckler regime…

    Who TB is Tim Sweeney?

    I remember Harvey fighting someone and punching himself out unconscious when he missed one punch and hit his face against the ice….

  50. bull dog line on

    this anti Dubi stuff has me baffled. the guys bashing Dubi are the same guys who miss Blair Betts.

  51. >>…the guys bashing Dubi are the same guys who miss Blair Betts.

    And let’s not forget Dominic Moore and Jed Ortmeyer.

  52. Frankly if you wanna see classic ranger games you should bookmark my site ! For instance today I posted a march 2nd, 1980 game between the Rangers and Bruins. it’s a game where J.D wears his goofy Lone Ranger mask !

    Also, Tomorrow I will be interviewing Chris “Knuckles” Nilan on Blueshirt Banter Radio

    It can all be found at http://www.rangercrisis.com

    Ok enough with the shameless self promotion. Looking forward to the Ranger draft party Friday any of you boneheads going ?

    Hope you are having a good summer so far Carp & Friends

    Love, Peace and Chicken Grease

    The Mouth

  53. I don’t miss Betts. I got bashed because I said that any prospect can do what he can do.


    Money like that should be spent on someone who can add offense to their game. He’s not an offensive guy.

    But, I do agree, in this day and age, he’ll get Blowzy type money just for his physicality alone. Komisarek was the same, as well as Orpik.

  54. Heeeelllooo boneheads!!

    Back from a few days in the ADK’s last week and a relaxing break from everything. It’s amazing how much you never realize you need a break until you get one. The alarm going off this morning was NOT welcome, at all.

    So, how is everyone? Did I miss anything exciting/important/newsworthy?

  55. Zip reports that our home opener is Friday 10/15 against Toronto…looks like we open on the road this year.

  56. Johnny LaRue on

    Nine days until July 1st. Well, today’s almost over and the weekend goes by fast. If you account for meals and sleep it’s like three days really. It’ll go by like that.

  57. This summer will go by so fast, and it will be October before you know it, or at least for me it would. Of course, because there is nothing to look forward to this season, which is why summer will go by in a flash.

    When you really look forward to seeing something, it seems like it’s a lifetime before you see it.

  58. good afternoon all! looks like we open up in Buffalo Saturday October 9th and open up at home with the leafs the following friday…full schedule out tomorrow around noon!

    the countdown begins LETS GO RANGERS

    did we trade captain clutch yet>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>? someone make my summer happy and get rid of chris

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    “Then what I remember hearing was that the ownership group of the Avs was tied to the studio that released Air Force One (GET OFF MY PLANE) and that turned out to be the biggest popcorn flick of the summer that year thus giving the Avs enough $ to retain Sakic. ”

    I thought they had sold the TV rights to their games to FOX to get the extra money.

    “The thing about Gretzky is, how much time did he have to spend with Heartbeat Harvey on one wing, and/or Tim Sweeney on the other?”

    Don’t forget future HOFer Niklas Sundstrom. Even that dreg could pop in 24 goals with Gretzky passing him the puck.

  60. John MacLean played with Gretzky a fair amount as well if memory serves, and he scored 28 in 98-99…I don’t think he scored 28 goals the rest of his career.

  61. Joe Sakic – that could’ve been a great Rangers story!

    Btw, not sure if this is coincidence or not but in NHL10 game, open scene, first person to lift the Cup is Joe!

  62. Well, Slats may not have gone about it in the best way, but history certainly bore him out on that one.

  63. Have we traded for volchenkov’s rights yet?


    No, but i heard Jagr is coming back and he wants the “C” back!

  64. carp, are the rangers (sather) talking to the hawks about a trade? they are obviously in salary dump mode. versteeg or sharp? eklund reporting that byfuglien may go but i doubt that.

    sharp for dubi and draft pick or sharp for sanguinetti and lesser prospect?

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “sharp for dubi and draft pick or sharp for sanguinetti and lesser prospect?”

    How are those deals even remotely similar? Dubi, an established young player with a 20 goal season, capable of playing center and the wing, good on faceoffs, hits, has size, and a draft pick, compared to Sanguinetti, who hasn’t done carcillo in the NHL, doesn’t know how to play defense, and has been passed in the depth chart by like 4 or 5 guys that arrived after him, and someone thats actually LESS of a prospect? At this point, Sanguinetti IS the lesser prospect.

    It’s all moot though. Chicago wouldn’t make either of those deals.

  66. Big Buff would be quite an intriguing acquisition since he can play both defence and offence.

  67. I wonder where all these imaginary trades come from, ‘heads?
    I always try to look at it this way: If I’m a GM, would I do it?

  68. Johnny, not when you sleep on the foldout couch.

    Doodie, Adam, the point was the disrespectful manner with which MacLean was demoted, and to where.

    So who would you NOT trade for Byfuglien?

  69. Good evening, Carp! Happy summer!

    Rode my bike to Canada cause their beaches are nicer. It was a lovely way to celebrate the solstice. Did I miss anything?

  70. Sally…wusup!! You missed some serious Dubi bashing!


    there’s only one untouchable player that i wouldn’t trade for Byfuglien(from current roster), it is our ELITE goalie…everyone is disposable.

    A bit off topic

    On Saturday i went to see Jonah Hex…i wish i didn’t! worst movie of the year… and every time camera would show Fox she looked like a glossy/polished picture in a magazine… her plastic surgery is sooooo obvious! sorry ORR…i think its time to find someone new to worship…

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I was referring more to how good Gretzky was, making good players out of wastes. I agree that Sather displayed his typical lack of class in how he demoted MacLean (not that he demoted him, just how).

    As for who I wouldn’t trade for Byfuglien: Hank, Gaborik, Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, MDZ, and Anisimov. To be clear, I don’t think Byfuglien is that good. I think he is very inconsistent, coming up every now and then with a monster game, but then disappearing for long stretches of time. He thrives in a secondary role as a 2nd/3rd line guy instead of a first. It’s just that our roster sucks so much that there are only 7 guys I wouldn’t move for him.

    I also wouldn’t move any of our more heralded prospects, i.e., Grachev, Stepan, MacDounough, and Kreider.

  72. Unless management does something no one foresees, the rangers should continue their dedication to inward development. Nearly every recent move has reaffirmed the team’s slant towards building from within. If not for the unfortunate and tragic death of Cheraponov, we would have potentially another offensive threat which we desperately lack. Assuming that we lose some of our not so fleet of foot players why can’t the Rangers put in place a team that pressures the puck everywhere. That is how we can neutralize better talent. We have the goalie, and potentially the defense to make this happen removing certain unnamed players. I think management too often forgets that NYers love their defense. We would totally get behind a team that puts forth maximum effort, similar to some of the teams post lockout, even if they aren’t tally a great number of wins. There rreally is nothing cooking for us in the way of UFA, so they are going to have to implement a better system of play.

  73. Byfuglien will score 5 goals for NYR. HA!

    You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what would probably happen. But he’ll score 30 if he goes elsewhere.

  74. No, but they might need to shed some salary with the position they’re in.

    Which is why guys like Versteeg. Sharp, etc are rumored to be moved.

    I feel bad for them. They proved they have a team that can win now, and they’re going to lose important players because of bad contracts like Campbell and Huet. At least NYR sucks, and we can wait the contracts out instead of getting rid of important guys (as if we have any)

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Season …no exhibition…straight to season!!!! wait!!! Gotta wake up management and ask whats going on. Looks like wese got new ideas and new players again. When will this revolving door stop? Do we want it to stop? I like getting new players!!! We need to keep Dubi or trade him for someone better? Maybe? Lots to think about .Its all on Sather and his “haters” will hide when were winning ,then come out when we are losing.Typical but thats life. Will new rookies make the team again? Do we morgage Hanks and Gaboriks prime for growning pains or our new youth? What do we do? We have dead weight to deside on …soon!! Sure glad its the off season…time to relax!!

    Gretzky played with garbage the last few years so he retired.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangerssssssssssssss!!!!!! come back!!!

  77. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago has some bad contracts, but they managed to win the Cup with them. The Rangers are close to the Cap limit with nothing to show for it but “wait for 3 years for the bad contracts to go away”. You say NY sucks like it’s a big advantage to be lousy. That’s Sather type thinking… “We are at the Cap limit, thank God we’re so lousy or we’d have to get rid of somebody good”

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Great topics today guys. Ive enjoyed reading ’em.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA OLga , Ive never ever heard ya NOT mention the word S-a-t-h-e-r in any of yer posts!!! High-larious!!! Your a riot man!! We really need to shake this team up ? Bring in new manangement right now? Or do we wait till we start losing?

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Sather and his “haters” will hide when were winning” BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! PRICELESS!

    At this rate, I can do all my “hiding” in Times Square.

  81. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Or do we wait till we start losing?”

    Where you been Greg? We’ve been losing since your Hero came to New York… (To be fair, we were losing before then too).

    There. I didn’t say Sather once.


  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Hawks have talent, Rangers barely have talent. Huge difference.”

    So… Who’s fault would that be ORR?

  83. Good evening all!

    Greg, you said it my friend. haven’t had time to digest them all, or comment today, but scrolled through…rangerland is never off season at the Report! (dare I say, this is one of the best Ranger blogs ever ? :)

    Sally, if that’s what you really did today, harnell! good for you girl!

    wicky, cccp, aka cthreep, doesn’t hate you!?
    T you better not hate wicky….:)

    Some of you have been keeping mama busy elsewhere. Time to sign off and say Ta!

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Toronto sucks …dumb management!!!

    Dallas sucks …Modano must go ,Philly sucks!!! NYI sucks again!!! Buffalo you must go!!! Habs are in rehab ,Carolina is washed up ,Panthers still have a team? Chicago ..next cup in 100 years now (better enjoy it you bandwagonjumpers),Detriot ..no Yzerman ,no cup. Edmonton ( the place no one wants to go) Vancouver is now cursed (ty 1994) La has the Lakers…thats all!! Coyotes ..come on fold already!!! Calgary is dumb ..really dumb. NJ devils suck and are the heaviest team. Boston , you guys are pathetic. Penguins are has beens, back to the bottom feeding. Atlanta is a joke . Ottawa is useless ,Alfie should stop making promises. Washington couldnt buy a cup if they tried. Stop always passing to ov!!!Tampa bay …trade Vinny already!!Colorado no Joes. SJ hasbeens..wait NEVER beens!! Ducks ? Thats a stuiped name!!! Blues always sing the “blues” Nashville ,im embarassed that you have hockey!!! NEW YORK RANGERS … you guys are cool !!!! WOHOOOOOOOO!!! Best team on the planet baby!!

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Every teams sucks but the Rangers..there I said it!!!

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    TY Olga , I honestly think that every team has its flaws .

  87. NYI might suck, but at least they’re in a better position. They’re getting a pretty good draft pick this year, and will probably get another good one this year.

    I wouldn’t mind being in their position. Honestly, I’d give bone marrow to Brian Austin Green just to have NYR finish in last place for the next three years.

    Deary, & Blowzy would be gone, and Dredden would be on his final year. We would have three potential superstars, and the team would be in really good shape.

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA Cr9 , they sucked so bad every team took e’m lightly. They only had Faith .They only got that far cuz the whole league is balanced so even the garbaged team can do well. All you need is alot of lucky,heart,determination,some skill,patience and faith to win the cup.The flyers as bad as they are did have alot of those qualities so it got them far but ultimatley ousted and exposed as the garbage they were.

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Flyers ALWAYS suck. In a 30 team league I have them 31st. Right Behind the Montreal Maroons.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOO OLGA!!!! I second that motion !!

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    How can you possibly wish for the Rangers to finish dead last three years in a row?

    I was roasted for saying the Rangers are my second team, and you want them to be 30th. Go figure.

  92. Worst part of the Sakic Drama was …

    Those five first-round draft choices the Rangers held on to by not getting Sakic? They turned into Manny Malholtra (1998), Pavl Brendl (1999), Jamie Lundmark (also selected in 1999 in a trade with Tampa Bay in exchange for the first pick in 2000), Dan Blackburn (2001), and the 2002 first-round pick, which went to Florida as part of the package for Pavel Bure.

    When does that ever happen where one player is better then 5 first rounders combined???

  93. Doodie, I would shorten your list. Inconsistency aside( name one consistent player on our team), he brings one dimension that our team doesn’t have now, nor it has it in the system- big, mean, difficult to move presence at the net. Willing to engage. The Flyers had no choice but use Pronger against him. Leaves more room for scorers.

    I am probably higher on Dubinsky as a player than a lot of boneheads, but I’ll tell you this- he is tradeable if the right move is available. At best, he will be a solid 2nd line center. So will Anisimov. And most likely Stepan and Kreider.

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I guess If the NHL didnt have the Rangers ,Id hate every team but still love hockey. Maybe I would be KHL bound…?

  95. I can understand Olga having the NYR as his 2nd favorite team. After losing Jaro and watching this slop perform, I can see a need to have a different team to enjoy your favorite sport. And Olga said that the Hawks were a favorite of his for a long time. Not fairweather at all.

    Wishing the Rangers to finish 30th 3 straight years is not fairweather, but misguided. First, I only hope our team loses every game if after watching them for 30-40 games during a season, I make the determination that they have no chance to win the Cup. Then I want the highest draft pick. I hate finishing on the outskirts of the playoffs.

    The Pens made their future by throwing away seasons intentionally and getting number 1 draft picks. If Crosby was available in the draft again, Id say I hope the Rangers finish last.

  96. “How can you possibly wish for the Rangers to finish dead last three years in a row?”

    To some, saying NYR is your second team is just being a fake fan, and a bandwagoner. Me, on the other hand, I only want what is best for the team that I only root for. Finishing last three years in a row can ensure a better future. Even if Slats is still GM. It will take a complete mental patient to screw up with a first overall pick.

    Though, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

    Also, I’m only 20, so losing three years of NYR hockey in my life is not much of a problem. Unless some unforeseen incident were to occur.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , you can’t wish for the Rangers to be last cuz we are not SCUM like the Azzlanders. You cant seriously be jelous of all thier ” being a loser” prizes of all the high end draft picks ? Truth be told , that organization jerseys suck and me in a million zillion trillion years would NEVER EVER EVER don an islander jersey!!! Id never evy them for being losers? ORR , we could never even come close to finishing at the bottom like the azzzlanders did. We are too respected by the other teams that no one take the Rangers lightly. NO ONE!!! Our team is treated like we are like a power house but really we are not. Being a Ranger is alot more than you realizing ORR , really now ..ya can NEVER even put us in the same shoes as the Azzlanders..? thats fictional talk.

  98. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    what the hell is a jaro??? isn’t it pronounced giro???

    I don’t think we are in a horrible cap situation, not great, but not bad.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    somerset ….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! that the worse reality news ive heard in awhile!!!! Five..fi…five waisted picks. I wanted Joe perty bad.

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR- remember there was an exception to my Chicago First statement. It was valid only until Sather was gone from the Rangers Organization. If it was a difference between getting 3 #1 overall picks, or Firing Sather and letting someone competent run the Club, I think getting rid of Sather would get us to the Cup sooner.

    Don’t forget, in your scenario Sather would be making those 3 picks.

  101. you know for every Cup winning team like the Pens and Chicago (bottom feeders for years). There are teams like the Red Wings and I’d hate to say it …. Devils that win Cups based on smart decision-making

    You dont NEED to be a bottom feeder to win the Cup

    It’s COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS to EVER wish purposely tanking on your favorite team. I’m only 28 and have witnessed far too many Rangers non-playoff seasons for my liking already

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR ;
    Every team playes the Rangers tougher then the Azzlanders. When teams take thier trip through NY they alway play the garbage goalie for them and we get the first string. Other teams “feel” better beating us then the garbage azzlanders.
    Beating the Rangers probally feels better then you think ORR .This make “US” Rangers play harder. We get the best and it usually makes us play pritty hard. We fight for our pride and NOT being a loser. CR9 and ORR , I will not bow down and be SCUM .I dont care . If we happen to be scum , ok then but we will never be and Ill never let other teams walk on the Rangers. New York Rangers ..greatest team of all time.

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sorry CR- I’m arguing with ORR and talking to you at the same time. My error.

    And somerset is saying the same thing as me, only better. If the Rangers had smart decision making, we’d be contenders for the Cup, not bystanders.

  104. I didnt say Im for dumping seasons right now. I was when Mike Dunham was our starting goaltender. Right now, we have the greatest goalie in the world, a guy who can singlehandedly win us a Cup with a couple extra good defenseman around him. We cannot continue to waste years of Henrik in his prime, in which he plays 70+ games.

  105. Here’s what I’d do if I were Sather. I tamper under the table with Ovechkin. I promise him that if he demands a trade to us, I would allow him the entire 2014 Olympics off from the Rangers to play in the Sochi Olympics, with pay. I also promise him that he can take time off whenever he chooses to. How’s that for underhanded dealing?!

  106. Somer, those teams have good GM’s who can make their teams better each year, no matter what happens every July. Slats can’t even make toast without burning the bread, and he has completely burned this team for years.

    NYR needs to be bottom feeders. To me, it’s the only way they’ll surely become dominant in years to come.

    It’s totally worth it.

    Where have we gotten these last 3-4 years not counting this past season?? Nowhere. Same result every year. I’d rather finish last than get beat in the first round of the playoffs each year.

  107. There is a good chance that most of Nino, Skinner, Granlund, Tarasenko, Campbell, Johansen, Forbot, McIlrath, Burmistrov, and Etem are going to be available between picks #10 – #15 ??

    Then I’m trading down our pick to Boston for their 15th and a 2nd round pick.

    All of those guys are pretty even and we could use the additional picks

  108. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR- you’re almost there. Just say it. You’ve already opened the door….


    Come on, they all know it. Just say it. you’ll feel better.

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The Rangers wont get any high picks and we will never tank . We will always stay respectable so no ORR , we wont be tanking or firing anyone any time soon.

    Heres a record that proves we aint tankers :

    New York Rangers regular-season record (1926–present) GP 5730 Wins-2440 Losses-2407 Ties-808 OT-75

    New York Rangers postseason record (1926–present) GP-417 W-197 L-212 ot8

    All-time regular and postseason record GP-6147 W-2637 L-2619 T-816 OT-75

    Statistics above are correct as of April 11, 2010.

    New York Rangers bottom feeders!!?? HAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA thats a good one.

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA ( just fell off my chair)

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the season already!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …hey wait a min. If we have a horrible year this year our regular season record could slip below 500 !!!! That would be sad. Big year boys ,gotta build on that record!!!

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Slats can’t even make toast without burning the bread”

    Don’t be crazy, Sather doesn’t make his own toast! He hired someone to make it for him, and THEY burn it. And, he gave them a 7 year, $6 million per year contract to do it…

  113. You guys would die trying to live through 3 dead last finishes. You barely survived this season! FIRE SATHER!

  114. Not me. I was begging for a 29th place finish, and we were so damn close at one point. I think with 10 games left, we were 5 points out of 28th or 29th, and we blew it. And for what? For a 9th place finish, as predicted.

    I’ve been saying “Fire Sather” for so long, that I actually throw up in my mouth when I think aboot the words, let alone utter them.


    When did I ever say that NYR were tankers? I just said that they need to be bottom feeders now, because they’re not going anywhere in these next few years, so why settle for 9th place finishes, or 1st round exits when you can get a great pick in the draft through a bad year. It’s worth it to me. I can be patient.

    And who cares aboot past statistics. I don’t see what they have to do with the current garbage we see on the ice now.

  115. By the way, three terrible years would mean Slats gets fired, instead of him retiring.

    Not just that, Dolan would be so upset over being forced to fire his butt-buddy, he would then become depressed, and would be too mental to do his job, and he would resign.

    Then we’re really in business!

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER, and you won’t need three terrible years…

    Do you even know what “tanking” means? It means deliberately losing games to improve your drafting position. How did you expect the Rangers to lose 10 games at the end of the season? Natural Talent?

  117. Tank The Season on

    Somerset – the 2002 pick could have been Alexander Semin to make things worse.

    Hey Carp, can we please get a “Does Eric Lindros belong in the Hall of Fame?” poll question?

    I’d vote him in.

  118. I don’t know why I used to use the word “tank”, because I never actually said that I wanted them to deliberately lose games. I just wanted them to lose.

    As for those final games, I was up and down. One week I was rooting for them, because they just seemed like they were going to get to 8th, but then I would wish for them to lose.

    Now, I really hope they play terrible. At the very least, I would want one year of horrible hockey to get a first overall pick.

    And even If Slats gets fired, and the GM that takes over manages to get rid of Dreary and/or Dredden, it still wont be enough. I just can’t see this team doing anything for a few years. Unless some of these prospects turn out to be major talent, and make an impact right away.

  119. Olga Folkyerself on

    So ORR, you don’t want them to tank, you just want them to actually BE the worst team in hockey for the next one or three years? There’s no other way to definitely get that 1st overall pick. Worse than Florida? Worse than the Blue Jackets? worse than the Islanders?

    Towlie, you’re the worst Ranger character ever…

  120. Yeah, I’d prefer them to legitimately lose. If they deliberately tanked, then it would be hard to be a fan of this team. Fugg Gabby, Dublowsky, Dreary, etc. To see guys like Hank, Cally, and the players that matter actually throw away the season would be sickening to me.

    What’s so wrong aboot that? Honestly, does anyone think this team can do anything for the next 2-3 years? The only way this team changes for the better is when the big contracts are gone.

    I admire a fans commitment to the team he loves, but it means you’re delusional.

  121. Olga Folkyerself on

    How about just rooting (hoping, praying) for a new GM/President that is smart enough to trade for one of those top picks? It can be done, Boston did it. Or smart enough to recognize and acquire the best managerial talent in hockey? How about buying the best coach for the team? How about buying the best scouts in the business? That isn’t covered by Cap restraints. You can spend as much as you like, you only have to buy the best. Dolan can afford it. He was paying 80 million in salaries before the Cap limits. What if we didn’t have a GM that consistently acquires old vets with bloated contracts? How about a new GM that doesn’t have to save face, and buys out those horrible contracts or buries them in Hartford? Is that delusional?

    Why wish to be the worst team in hockey to get a high draft pick? It doesn’t have to come to that. Just hire someone that knows what he’s doing.

  122. wow…

    I’ve got to be totally honest. The conversations that I have witnessed going on here in recent days are very…..mind-numbingly stupid.

  123. I guess people cant discuss things or points of view without being called stupid.

    Im just going to say this re: Greg, Orr, and Olga.

    I want Sather gone more than any of you. I might even be willing to land myself in prison to oust him as our GM. (As long as I got Directv and was assured my high-knee would be unharmed :) )

    But I will never go into a season hoping or thinking we will lose. In sports, you just never know. Dubinsky could be a superstar next year. Who knows, maybe that old pig Sather will actually make smart decisions this offseason. Maybe he’ll dump Redden to the minors and make wise cap-related moves to help us in the short and long-term. Maybe after a year under Torta’s system, maybe our guys will have the stamina to play an entire 60 minutes and entire season under the system. Anything is possible.

  124. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR- I’ve butted heads with you, ORR and Greg on many occasions. FIRE SATHER has been my mantra from my first day on this blog. So you and I must be tied in our desire to see Sather gone. :) After 10 years, Sather has run out of “maybes” in my book. It will not change as long as he remains. That is the sole reason for my defection to Chicago. I would still root for the Rangers even when they play Chicago. They are going to need the points more. In the remotest possibility that the Rangers EVER win a Cup under Sather, my response would be “You idiot, What took you so long?” Unfortunately “Anything is possible” sounds like a Lotto Ad. With about as much chance of success. When Sather is gone, the Rangers can move on. Not before.

  125. Olga

    Understandably so. I created a horrible image of myself because of anger issues and my craziness. Im glad we can discuss things.

    First, I dont consider you cheering Chicago to be a defection from the Rangers.

    Second, Sather should be gone. Without a doubt. He made a couple good moves, Jaro and Henrik being the only 2 that pop into my head immediately. And 2 good moves in a decade of tenure aint good enough.

    But we have what we have. And it’s not going to change in the near future. We, as Rangers fans, have to hope for the best rather than expecting the worst. It’s perfectly okay to cheer on the Blackhawks as a second team.

    Look at it this way. I dont know if you are a fan of other NY teams, but all of my teams have had poor management for years. And in recent years, it’s starting to turn around. The Yankees finally have a plan in place for the short and long-term. The Giants and Jets also. The Knicks also. The only NY team left that needs to right the ship is the Rangers. You just have to believe.

    LOL @ Lotto Ad! :)

  126. Olga Folkyerself on

    I like the Giants, used to root for the Yankees and basketball is irrelevant. The way it is, Black Hawks are now first, SATHER’S Rangers are second. Remove Sather, and I’m coming home… I believe Sather ruined the franchise, and there is no hope until he’s gone. That’s the best I can do…

  127. Olga Folkyerself on

    Apparently the blaze went out before it really got started. Why bother with a comment like that?

  128. bull dog line on

    good to see the three amigos back at it last night. not one meaningful point made between the 3 of them.

  129. Tank The Season on

    I too believe it is just not possible for this team to compete on any level until Redden Rozsival and Drury are off the books. Honestly we need to bank as many high picks as possible until they’re gone and Evgeni Malkin can be signed as a UFA on July 1, 2014 which is also when Redden’s contract is up.

  130. Oh, so we are tanking 3 seasons now? Why don’t we tell them to play golf and raise their kids instead of playing hockey until 2014?

    Buldog- who defines whether the points made are meaningful or not?

    Good morning, boneheads!

  131. If Bull doesn’t agree with your opinions, he doesn’t think they’re meaningful. There’s really no way of settling this. It’s all opinions, and they’ll have to wait to be proven. It’s not like I don’t want the Rangers to win the Cup this year, or next, but the fact is it’s just not going to happen because we’re just not good enough.

    I actually thought on some level, Olga would agree with me, purely out of his hatred for Slats. It seemed like he was barely slapped on the wrist for this seasons failure, so who knows how many years the guy is willing to go.

    This is like giving birth or adopting. You either get it on with your wife and wait out the 9 months watching her stomach get huge and her emotions go nuts, or you just adopt a kid. Not that adopting a kid is bad, but you never know what’s wrong with the kid (Watch Problem Child and forget the ending)

    Point being, having a terrible year may seem bad, and make you all emotional and whiny, but at least NYR will give birth to a beautiful new 1st overall pick. Or you can adopt all the free agents, or players through trade, and try and go with it now, and potentially fail. Seems worth it to me.

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