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I’m not even going to pretend to have any expertise on the prospects for next weekend’s draft. You guys probably all know more than I do. So I’d need a shinebox if I was going to pontificate.

However, just got off a conference call with Rangers director of player personnel Gordie Clark and assistant Jeff Gorton. Here’s some highlights:


“The best way to characterize (the draft) is it may not be deep in real top end players, but it’s very deep in players who will end up playing in the NHL. … Lots of guys who are going to play on top three lines and top six defense.”

He said the Rangers have a list of “A” rated players and that whichever of those is still available at No. 10 is the player they will pick. Also said this draft could offer the opportunity to move up or down, but that any trade would likely happen as the first round unfolds, on the draft floor.

Gorton on the draft after Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin:

“There’s a bit of a falloff. … Sometimes you say there’s four, five, maybe seven guys, and then it falls off. This year I’d say there’s two guys clearly better than everybody else, then depending on who you’re talking to, which is us, there’s another 10 guys you could probably throw a blanket over.”

They said that in the top 20 of this draft, a guy you have rated 19th could go sixth, and vice versa.

On Vladimir Tarasenko, whom many believe could be their pick, and about whom a question would be whether he will leave Russia and sign, they said that they have had scouts talking to him, and that their scouts have been right on in such discussions with Anisimov, Grachev and the late Cherepanov. So they will know about Tarasenko’s intentions before the draft.

Some comments on other projected picks:

On Brett Connolly: “Highly skilled guy as an underage player, in the same conversation as Hall and Seguin. Unfortunately for him he’s had some injuries and played less than 20 games, so somebody’s probably going to be pretty fortunate that he falls here with that kind of skill”

On Nino Neiderreiter:  “From Switzerland, one of those few guys who have come over and played in the Western Hockey League and had a great year. He’s a goal scorer and a big body and he’s going to be a good player.”

On Nick Bjudstad: “A big specimen type kid who has a lot of skill, a lot of talent. A Minnesota high school kid, which always makes a little harder evaluation on people, so it’s a tougher projection. But by all accounts, he’s got a  lot of skill and a great skater and a bright future.”

On Jeff Skinner: “He’s a goal scorer who had a great career in junior and had a great year. If you add it all up he had between 70-80 goals including playoffs and the tournament in August … he’s a very good player. He’s a little bit undersized but he’s got pure offensive talent. Maybe one of the best natural scorers in the draft. He’s going to be a pretty high pick.”

They were also asked about the Hobbit, Mats Zuccarello-Aasen.

“Very, very talented kid. We saw him do the same thing last year in Switzerland. I went over with Anders Hedberg and saw him do his thing over there, and he duplicated it again this year. Jim Schoenfeld and Glen Sather were able to come over with me, and obviously Mark Messier was with Team Canada, so we’ve had a lot of eyes watch him in the worlds and Anders watched him during the season in Modo …

“A very, very talented guy with his head and his hands. To be a guy his size … he has three very special things. His head, his hands and he’s got a great heart, because he competes. He has the things you need to be a smaller player trying to make it in the National Hockey League.”

On the controversial Kirill Kabanov and his maturity issues: “Obviously he’s had a bunch of incidents happen to him. He’s at Moncton and it didn’t go well in a playoff game and he ended up flying home. We were there for that game and basically he was on the bench, he got yelled at by his teammates and he never came back out for the third period and a few days later he’s on a plane back to Russia. There’s a lot of talent there. Like all kids in the draft we have to do our due diligence about their character. I know we always here about the Russians’ character issues. It’s the same for some other kids in this draft and we have to know that too. For sure, Kabanov has some issues that  you’d better do your homework before pulling the trigger and drafting a guy like that.”


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 5 p.m.: (or is that evening?) The Rangers just announced they re-signed Kris Newbury. Here’s part of the release:

Newbury, 28, skated in 18 games with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL) this season, registering four goals and 14 assists for 18 points, along with 61 penalty minutes.  He tied for the Wolf Pack lead in scoring with 18 points in 18 games after joining the team on March 6 at Hamilton, following his trade to the Rangers from Detroit, in exchange for Jordan Owens, on March 3.  Newbury, who ranked 11th in the AHL with 205 penalty minutes, registered 10 multi-point performances on the season, including five as a member of the Wolf Pack.  He also posted a season-high, eight-game point streak from March 21 vs. Providence to April 7 vs. Worcester, registering 11 points (one goal and 10 assists) over the span.  Prior to his trade, Newbury appeared in 52 games with the Grand Rapids Griffins of the American Hockey League (AHL) this season, registering 11 goals and 22 assists for 33 points, along with 144 penalty minutes.  He led the Griffins in penalty minutes at the time of his trade, and ranked third on the team in points, tied for third in assists, fifth in power play goals (three) and ranked eighth in goals.  In addition, Newbury registered one goal in four NHL games with the Detroit Red Wings this season, tallying a goal in his season debut on December 14 vs. Phoenix.

The 5-10, 205-pounder has skated in 48 career NHL contests with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings, registering four goals and three assists, along with 64 penalty minutes.  He made his NHL debut with Toronto on December 23, 2006 vs. Washington, and notched his first NHL point with a goal in his fifth game on January 1, 2007 vs. Boston.  Newbury has also appeared in 395 career AHL contests with Hartford, St. John’s Maple Leafs/Toronto Marlies and Grand Rapids Griffins, recording 80 goals and 172 assists for 252 points, along with 936 penalty minutes.  He established AHL career-highs in games played (74), goals (22), assists (38), points (60) and penalty minutes (215) during the 2005-06 season.

Prior to turning professional, Newbury appeared in 306 games over five seasons with the Belleville Bulls and Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), registering 122 goals and 184 assists for 306 points, along with 621 penalty minutes.  He enjoyed his best OHL season in 2001-02, leading Sarnia with 62 assists, 104 points and 141 penalty minutes and finishing second on the Sting with 42 goals en route to being named as an OHL Second Team All-Star.

The Brampton, Ontario native was originally selected as San Jose’s fifth round pick, 139th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Meshuggah1902 on

    any word on the Ryan McDonagh negotiations? If there are any. What the hold up with the Stepan signing?

  2. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    thanks again carp!!!

    FIRST BTW!!!!!!

    Nothing on mcilrath???? hmmmm

    repost from carping:

    thanks, I wasn’t sure. I haven’t seen any of mcdonut (thanks orr) so not sure how he plays. The other guys haven’t really impressed me with what I have seen (opinions vary). We need physicality back there and none of them really seem to have it, but maybe I just haven’t seen enough of them. Kind of like the byers thing, I mean everyone said he is going to be awesome and I saw him get in 2 fights at the NHL level and lost both.
    Is valentenko still in our system? What kind of d man is he?

  3. I can’t find anything on McDonagh…

    Sounds like Nino will be gone before number 10. I have a feeling Clark didn’t really mention a word about the guy they are actually targeting. Things change very fast during the draft day, so no one really knows.

    Congrats on first, wicky. And I don’t think you were officially carped.

  4. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    thanks and I’m so use to it, I not sure when it is official or isn’t. I just take my carpings!!

  5. @Meshuggah1902: They can’t announce the Stepan signing until July 1st. McDonagh says that he won’t sign until after he attends the prospects camp (post-draft).

  6. Did gordie really use the word “specimen” in terms of a potential rangers draft pick? Let’s not make that mistake again!

  7. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    here you go carp from twitter:

    Read: Gordie Clark On Draft Prospects – The Great Rick Carpiniello of the Journal News was just on the conference ca… http://ow.ly/17LuE7

  8. ilb, he was asked specifically about those prospects. He didn’t volunteer any scouting reports other than those about which he was asked.

    ptnyr, the word “specimen” was the first used in Rangers lore to describe Messier after he took his physical exam in ’91, and moments before the button was pushed on the biggest trade in team history.

  9. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    hmmm, where is linda?? I wonder if the whole fire sather spat got to her??

  10. I’m glad to hear Gordie Clark say “This draft could offer the opportunity to move up or down, but that any trade would likely happen as the first round unfolds, on the draft floor”. If there was ever a draft I would trade down, it would be this one.

    I would trade my 10th pick for Boston’s 15th and 32nd especially since we dont have a 3rd rounder and Boston has 4 picks in the Top 45 i think, and would now have 2 in the Top 10

    With the 15th pick we could still get Granlund, Forbort, McIlrath, Etem, or even Jack Campbell if you wanted to go the Goalie route

    Then we would have picks 32 and 40 to go and get Brock Beukeboom and Kabanov if he falls to the 2nd round

  11. Maybe this was posted before but…this is a funny article

    i know some people (including me) like Sean Avery (as a player) and someone(not including me) is in love with Sean Avery…we wont point fingers at that someone…ahem

    but seriously…look at this picture…tell me what you guys think lol


  12. Good evening, Carp! 2-4-1 wasn’t bad. Sometimes I still can’t believe how cheap beer is here after living in the city…

    I just got an email from Linda while typing this and she’s fine. Maybe she caught a little blogitis? Not sure.

  13. Has Avery been wearing a burka (a Brian Burke-a?) while on vacation? Or was he trapped in a mailbox in the desert?

    wicky – I sense you are keen on crease-clearing D-men…but you don’t draft McIlrath based on the needs of the team now, when he might be 2-3 years away from becoming an NHLer. If he’s the player the Rangers rank highest when it comes to #10, fine, but that seems doubtful based on the rankings I’ve seen.

  14. LW3H

    That’s pretty funny…trapped in a mailbox in the desert! I thought Avery was supposed to be some sort of a style guru…especially after that internship @ Vogue lol

    I think he was wearing the same glasses at the Bonehead-palooza…Sally has a picture with him and those terrible glasses.

    He think he’s better than us??

  15. Would anybody be down for a Zherdev return?? He could probably be had for less than 2 million, and he wouldnt have the pressure of having to be “The Guy” to do all the scoring like he had to when he was here before.

    Could be interesting having Gabby, Zherdev, and MZA in the top 6

  16. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    I think the bridge has been burned with Z, but i’m just guessing!

  17. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    off topic question for all the NHL10 players out there. Can you get hank’s actual mask on the game? and if so, how?

  18. Niki Z is a great and a smooth player when he wants to be…he’s a much better puck handler than Gaborik and IF Niki can reevaluate his work ethic he could really give Gaborik run for his money.

  19. Is it too early for line combos???

    I think it was Wicky who said we could get Corvo and Z.Michalek probably for the same price as Volchenkov, and I really liked that idea so my 1st Summer Roster for the 2010-2011 season will be ….

    Dubi – Prospal – Gaborik
    MZA – EC – Zherdev
    Avery – Drury – Cally
    Prust – AA – Shelley – Boyle – PAP

    Staal – Girardi
    Michalek – MDZ
    Corvo – Gilroy – Sangs or Potter as rotating 6th D-man with Gilroy

    Hank – Hedberg

  20. *Byers not Boyle*

    Voros and Boyle should either be traded or demoted for some younger players

  21. any lineup with him on first line will not make the playoffs. it is that simple.

  22. Chris Drury is at the Yankees game! His son is wearing a Jeetie Jersey! Oh captain, my captain!!

  23. Good evening all!

    CthreeP, amazing find!! (ha, I just gave CCCP a new name!)
    Yes, he wore those same glasses at warren boneheadfest! WTB? Sigh.
    And Gravey, still grand, no matter what anybody says.

    Newbury, um, roc, double LOL.

  24. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    I didn’t say that, it was someone else (don’t want to accept credit where credit isn’t due). And I would rather have the hammer than those two personally!!

  25. wicky, I know….thanks!

    CthreeP, oh yes, you are!

    CR, your way is accurate, but my way is much funnier :)

    CR and all, when it’s slow maybe I’ll tell and get a debate going. But for now, I’ll keep it a secret between me and Carp (he knows)

    I will say one thing. Not Holik. Interesting….why do you keep picking him and I don’t?

  26. CR, nope… why would I want Voros to be taken out as a Ranger?

    Try and play again! I am so disappointed in you all….I just may re-explain who and why soon, but I am enjoying your guessing! hmmmm…. a lot of you have stronger feelings about Holik than I do….:) see previous post…

  27. Carp…thanks for the Messier reference. I wasn’t aware of that. The most recent reference just didn’t turn out so great with Hugh Jessiman.

  28. Its pretty obvious that if Brett Connolly is still on the board, NYR will take him. If he’s gone, i wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with either Tarasenko or Burmistrov.

  29. You all are sad, sad…though wicky, I dig your new name!

    I think ilb got it right, it was 88, Hodge! Not! ha ha ha….this is getting kinda fun.

    blaze et al, thanks for your real hockey comments. keep them coming….

  30. Hodge didn’t cross my mind at all, mama…

    So, have we started the new lines that include udrafted players yet?

  31. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    I’m going with players that played against the rangers prior to coming here….you know someone like pilon or kaspar maybe (someone that wronged a ranger first so mama wanted them to get drubbed).

  32. kocurKO put up some photo links that got stuck in moderation. when I approved them, they went up above to the time he posted them. so if you want to see them, scroll up to 7:58 p.m.

    Good evening, Sally!

  33. Heartbeat Harvey.

    Rico Fata? wasn’t he on the team last year? No. 81?

    Mama really has you guys guessing. Do you want me to tell you?

  34. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    I personally would like to keep guessing (with a bit of a hint like cccp and I asked for earlier) for a while. Nothing to do until the France game tomorrow!!!

  35. i was thinking that too, wicky…and i think ulfie is a pretty good guess…holik or kaspar…i dont know, i think mama is playing with our emotions here!




  36. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    didn’t figure you would (chicken)!!!!

    just curious carp, you ever do any fantasy sports leagues?

  37. Wicky

    France need a win tomorrow…they played horrible in a previous game…i fell asleep watching it!

    What do you think of Spain losing today? I thought they played well enough to win…Swizz got a lucky break

    So far, Germany looks the strongest.

  38. ilb, I know, just busting your chops (capish) ? fyi all, not Lindros or Hodge (88).

    wicky, never ulfie!!

    you all, not about the decade….it’s not historical it’s personal!

    (sorry, but who started this anyway??!! I forget.)

  39. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    yep, they have to win tomorrow or draw with like a 3 to 3 score or something or they will be really behind uruguay on aggregate!! Spain played to the level of their competition (sound familiar??). Yep, germany looks the strongest for sure. I like klose. He reminds me of the american player who had the mohawk that was always good on headers (mathis maybe?)

  40. It’s Chris Drury, right Mama?

    He insulted Avery on Avery’s way out the door after his first stint with the Rangers.

    That’s why it’s personal.

  41. Carp, re: Mama really has you guys guessing. Do you want me to tell you?

    I know you won’t! Or I will newspaper your nose with a Sundsy TJN!!!

    ha ha ha..nobody’s even close except for one person……(1 out of 2, fyi)

  42. This is so much fun! Carp, if it’s slow sometime this week, maybe I post my choices and let the heads discuss? Or not, your call….) let me know via non RR e-mail.

    Til then, keep guessing al!

  43. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    Whoever wins gets an autographed copy of the TJN’s hockey preview sports section signed by mama and carp!!!

  44. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    thank the gods it isn’t ulfie…..not sure what I would have done!!!

  45. CthreeP, you should’t need a hint! I told you earlier, pay attention to mama and you’d know. That’s a huge hint…

    At some point, I’ll tell and we’ll discuss, Til then, TA!

  46. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    a little help here from the intl. man of mystery would be nice, I think cccp and I are floundering!!!

  47. wicky, hmmm, forgot about McLean, but no… btw, “TJN’s hockey preview sports section…”


    and i just wicky’d….shucks….:)


  48. CCCP, I think Laurel missed that comment … which is probably a good thing.

    wicksta, I used to play Rotisserie baseball when it was first invented, and was in a whole bunch of hockey pools when I was on the beat. Now my fantasy sport involves me actually making a birdie.

    And a copy of TJN hockey preview? When was the last time TJN had a hockey preview?

  49. LOL @ CthreeP and Carp.

    Mama should take that as a compliment, because she’s supermodel gorgeous!

  50. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    nice, I was just curious….figured you were pretty good at it!

    that’s two!!!

  51. Laurel

    i love you too!


    Stevens is a really good guess… I believe some time ago mama was sharing some story with us about Stevens.. a personal story that is! i think you got it!

  52. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    might be right on stevens, guess I had the wrong end of that collision!!

  53. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    ok kids, i’m out got to rest up for france tomorrow!!!!!

    good night mary ellen!!!!

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