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Happy Flag Day!

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That’s what the calendar says June 14 is.

For some of us, that date means something else, of course. [1]

Quick story. I had bought two tickets to every playoff game in ’94 because so many friends had been asking for them. So now the Rangers are up 3-1 and my accountant and another friend are begging for tickets to Game 5. They flipped a coin. The winner, my accountant, got Game 5. The loser got Game 7 if necessary. The loser was really unhappy … until June 14.

I also clearly remember that, though I wasn’t invited to the party at the Auction House — it was for players, organization members, close friends and family — a bunch of the players said if I showed up I could come in. Well, the problem was that I couldn’t even get near the door, and there were bouncers out on the sidewalk who didn’t believe me — I imagine a few of the other several thousand folks clogging up the entire city block tried to say they’d been invited, too.

As I started to walk away, a limo pulls up. Stanley is in the front seat with the chauffeur. Messier and his family are in the back. Messier puts his big paw on my shoulder and brings me right in, past the bouncer who hadn’t let me past. That was sweet.

I’m telling you, we in the media (most of us, anyway) don’t root for the teams we cover. I don’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re not happy when a special group of people succeed, and that team was loaded with great people. I don’t have to name the names. You know who they are.

So today, on Flag Day and another anniversary, why not tell us your memories of June 14, 1994. Where you were, what you remember.

Also some people here don’t like the fact that we celebrate ’94, still. Well, what in Holy Hell are we supposed to celebrate? 1989? 2003?


An aside: June 14, I believe, is also the date that Roger McDowell spit on Kramer and Newman … though they thought it was Keith Hernandez.

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